UFC Vegas 79 Deep Dive

In this article, we will be diving deep into the main event of UFC Vegas 79, where Raphael Fiziev takes on Mateusz Gamrot. But before we get into the details, don’t forget to smash the like button and sign up for the weekly UFC pickums contest at Pub Sports Radio.

Main Event Breakdown

Raphael Fiziev, 30 years old, stands at five foot eight with a 71-inch reach. Mateusz Gamrot, 32 years old, is five foot ten with a 70-inch reach. Fiziev has a two-inch height disadvantage but a one-inch reach advantage.

Fiziev has a record of four wins and one loss in his last five fights. He has secured knockout wins against Hoinato Moicano, Brad Riddell, and Rafael dos Anjos, as well as a decision win against Bobby Green. His only loss came via decision against Justin Gaethje.

On the other hand, Gamrot has a record of three wins and two losses in his last five fights. He has a submission win against Jeremy Stephens, a knockout win against Carlos Diego Ferreira, and a decision win against Arman Tsarukyan. His two losses came via decision against Guram Kutateladze and Beneil Dariush.

Striker vs. Grappler Matchup

The main event matchup between Fiziev and Gamrot is a classic striker vs. grappler matchup. While Fiziev is known for his striking skills, Gamrot is a skilled wrestler who will likely look to take the fight to the mat.

Fiziev’s Takedown Defense

Fiziev has shown excellent takedown defense throughout his UFC career, with a 90% takedown defense rate. He has successfully defended against 41 takedown attempts in his eight fights and has been controlled on the ground for only 8% of his UFC career.

Gamrot’s Wrestling Skills

Gamrot, on the other hand, has attempted an impressive 82 takedowns in his seven fights, averaging 14.32 takedown attempts per 15 minutes. He is a committed wrestler who will likely look to take Fiziev down and control the fight on the ground.

The Challenge for Fiziev

This matchup presents a new challenge for Fiziev, as he has not faced a wrestler of Gamrot’s caliber before. While Fiziev has faced opponents who attempted takedowns, they were primarily strikers and not dedicated wrestlers like Gamrot.

The Importance of Conditioning

The fight between Fiziev and Gamrot is likely to be a battle of conditioning. Fiziev’s game plan will be to keep the fight at a distance and utilize his striking skills, where he excels. However, if Gamrot can successfully take Fiziev down and control him on the ground, it will be a different type of fight that will test Fiz iev’s cardio and conditioning.

Fiziev’s Cardio Concerns

There have been instances in Fiziev’s previous fights where his cardio has been a concern. In his three-round fights against Bobby Green and Marc Diakiese, Fiziev noticeably slowed down in the later rounds. He was outlanded in the third round of both fights and showed signs of fatigue.

Gamrot’s Wrestling Pace

Gamrot’s relentless wrestling pace could be a significant factor in this fight. With an average of 14.32 takedown attempts per 15 minutes, Gamrot will likely be constantly pressuring Fiziev and looking to take him down. If he can implement his game plan and keep Fiziev on the ground, it could be a challenging night for Fiziev.

The Five-Round Aspect

One interesting aspect of this fight is that it is scheduled for five rounds. This means that both fighters will need to have the conditioning to go the distance. While Fiziev has shown signs of slowing down in three-round fights, Gamrot has proven that he can maintain a high pace for 25 minutes.

The Betting Odds

Currently, Fiziev is the favorite with odds of -155, while Gamrot is the underdog at +135. The odds reflect the belief that Fiziev’s striking skills and takedown defense will be enough to secure the win. However, the five-round aspect and Gamrot’s wrestling skills make this fight a close and intriguing matchup.


In conclusion, the main event matchup between Raphael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot is a classic striker vs. grappler matchup. Fiziev’s striking skills and takedown defense will be tested by Gamrot’s relentless wrestling pace. The fight is scheduled for five rounds, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the matchup. While Fiziev is the favorite, Gamrot’s wrestling skills and conditioning make him a live underdog. It will be interesting to see how Fiziev handles the takedowns and if he can keep the fight standing. Gamrot’s wrestling skills and ability to maintain a high pace for 25 minutes could pose a significant challenge for Fiziev. The betting odds favor Fiziev, but Gamrot’s plus money line offers value for those looking to bet on the underdog.

As always, it’s important to do your own research and analysis before placing any bets. Both fighters have their strengths and weaknesses, and anything can happen in MMA. This main event matchup has the potential to be a close and exciting fight, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.

what is up everybody Welcome to Pub sports radio and welcome to stat diggers for UFC Vegas 79 we have matteus gamron
going against Raphael fizziev and uh yeah this is going to be a card that
ends a a very very long 17 week stretch
um it’s been it’s been wild it’s been a grind it’s been non-stop you know fights after fights after fights and uh Wheezy
we finally did it we made it to the end 17 weeks in a row we’ve showed up every week win or loss and uh yeah one more
week to go before we get a week off finally after months four months four months and not and like
Brady you and I are the same and that we really don’t even take days off it’s
really a seven day a week process for us to putting out this content every week
so that’s the end that’s our entire summer you know that we just went with with barely even having a day off much
less a week off so this was um this was a grind I don’t ever want to do a
17-week stretch again ever in my life you know uh if this could never happen
again I would definitely be grateful 12 is enough you know we were we were we
were hurting last year after 12 weeks in a row this week they they stuck enough an extra one in there which is
unforgivable in my opinion and if I ever find out whose idea that was and get in the same room with them I’m gonna put
wrath on them like Raul Rosas Jr put on Terence Mitchell last night so um but um
it’s it’s good to be be at the end of the at the end of the line here week 17 of this stretch the very first fight of
the night that we get to talk about tammyers Vidal versus Montserrat Rendon starting off hot and getting hotter from
there the return of Mizuki in a way after three years the return that nobody asked for and nobody wanted but us USC
fans we got it anyway Brady but it feels good to be here man like we’re here
every week you know we’re here to break down these fights every week the night after the card It’s a Grind doing it but
we know that the the audience appreciates it and we love them for it so good to be back on public Sports
Radio tonight yeah for sure I mean we have one week left Weezy but we can’t mail it in we
can’t mail it in just yet and uh Nara Shashi um It’s a Grind man I mean I
don’t think you understand just you know showing up week after week and uh me and we have to get our research done like a
Sunday for stad diggers and that just it kind of sucks because instead of watching football I’m like watching
tomorrow’s Vidal tape so um you have to get to grind and I’m glad to finally get a week off there all
right everybody before we get started I do want to shout out the chat here with the first one in here is lpx he says oy
what is up lpx we got kiwi in the chat we got Kristen we got Clyde Olajuwon we
got Michael Pablo we got brown belt Dave we got uh cool Stein in the chat we got
Justin we got pink in the chat we got kv-o-a-t-h-e MMA ice Viking uh who else
we got in here we got Winner’s Circle we got Zion what is uh everybody uh
scenarius I see you as well all right Wheezy let’s talk about the card last night um very very fun card I like the
whole um Noche UFC I like the fights from top to bottom um yeah I mean I think the fights were
very very fun there were some weird outcomes though we had the no contest in the lucerita fight we had the jaw on the
main event but um I really enjoyed last night’s fights I had that kind of pay-per-view feel we got to watch for free so uh Louisiana I
know you had a really good week last night how’d you uh do last night and then also what were your thoughts on the fights overall
yeah good night for me last night up 2.21 units tracked um I lost one unit on
the Josh friend money line he was looking pretty good in the first round but then spinning back fist in the last
five seconds of the first round absolutely shattered his nose did you see that dude his nose turned on and
went like a faucet and his mouth was wide open for the rest of the fight and then I mean my God what a performance
Again by Roman hopolov this dude is an absolute sniper on the feet and he’s got
so much power really great performance there cost me a unit I had 1.25 units on
the Tracy Cortez money line um I had been saying all week that she was going to be the much better Striker
people think that jazz divisius was going to be the better Striker because she had the length but you know the numbers show you how how bad defensively
she is she doesn’t move her head off the center line and Cortez picked her apart from range and actually got her first
win in the UFC without getting any takedowns you know so it was in interesting to see her show a little bit
of Versatility there um I had one of the juiciest far away is one of the squarest parlays
Brady but I got it early in the week at really good odds I had the Josephine Knutson to win uh money line I had the
under 1.5 rounds in the Campbell versus Reyes fight and I had the over 2.5
rounds in the Cortez versus Jazz division fight uh plus 148 I had two
units on that that’s a 2.96 unit hit I lost a quarter of the unit on Josh
Friend by submission um I lost a half unit on um Alexa Grosso
to win by decision uh draw there I thought chevchenko won that fight uh
48-47 I thought that was actually pretty fairly clear that chevchenko won that
fight but um the reason Brady I made that bet at plus one I’m sorry plus 370
was because I knew if that fight went the distance there could be possibly be some chicanery in favor of Alexa gross
so on Noche UFC and that’s exactly what happened pushing it to a draw and still
Alexa Grosso so she’s still Champion but I lose my bet there so yeah but up 2.21
units I’ve hit two greasy four-legged parlays in a row so that was really nice
uh the ass shaving of the week has been shaving ass for several weeks in a row
um really good night for me uh and then my thoughts on the overall fights it was
a shame that the chyrese um lesser to fight ended the way that it
did it was a shame in my opinion that um the Grosso shevchenko fight ended the
way it did I really did think and I had I had the bet on Grosso to win by decision I wanted her to win that fight
I wanted her to get you know some judges favor but it just didn’t work out you know like it was a it wound up being a
draw but I thought Valentina definitely deserved to win that fight Kevin Holland
kind of just cruised didn’t show a whole lot of urgency and madelina got that decision win there very close fight but
um yeah I mean I I like Tracy Cortez’s performance I thought Josephine Knutson
was awesome I thought she had a great performance people were mad because she didn’t finish marnick man but I mean he
whooped her ass for the full 15. I mean there was no point that marnick man was anywhere even close to being in that
fight so really good performance there really had a great time watching the fights thought they put on a great card
um really enjoyed it how about you man I know that you had an absolute monster night dude yeah it was it was so crazy I
even had to give you a call after after one of the bets I I had it was a very good night glad you had a good night wheezing you’re starting to get on a
roll which we like to see you know hopefully go into the break with some momentum um but yeah I’ll start with my losses
first so I had uh one unit on the Ral roses Junior submission at plus 120 and
of course he goes out there and knocks out there into Mitchell um so that was that was fine but I needed the under one and a half we’ll
talk about that in a second I had Fernando Padilla inside the distance one unit plus 100 uh the Padilla round two
and round three props and then the sub sprinkles I just keep losing money on Kyle Nelson fights I mean I I don’t know
if I you know have to start giving Kyle Nelson some respect or he’s just really good at kind of just slowing down the
fight making it very very boring and Padilla a guy that’s typically you know a very fast-paced guy in your face guy
lots of volume very dangerous he kind of fought Kyle Nelson’s game so ended up being a very boring fight but great win
for Kyle Nelson in a close fight but it is is what it is then I also had a and
then those were all the losses pretty much so I had a draw on the Valentina shevchenko fight
um so I waited till Saturday to place the the bet on Valentina I got her at -145 so I was happy about the line I got
uh to be honest it played out a lot closer than I expected um you know do I think she won yeah but
it was a close fight and I guess what rubbed me the wrong way was the the fifth round getting scored a 10-8 for
Alexa Grosso and had it been a 10-9 for Alexa gross if shipchenko would have uh
won that fight but you know it is what it is the judges they’re corrupt they suck and it can be expected we talk
about it pretty much every week and there’s nothing that’s going to be done so it is what it is but I had two parlays um the first parlay was Rob
rosace Jr under one and a half partly with the the chariz Lucerne under two and a half the lucerita uh leg voids
which kind of sucks but you know gained 0.53 units on that and then the other partly was Ral roses Junior Terence
Mitchell under one and a half partly with uh the Reyes Campbell under two and a half uh for 1.5 units gaining one unit
there I had a half unit shot on the friend copy love fight ending in round
two and round three and it ended round two so 0.5 to win 1.75 on the fight to
end in round two uh pretty much because Roman copulov has had 10 Knockouts and 90 of those ended in the second or third
round so he kind of takes his time you know starts to get going later in the fight and he ended up finishing friend in round two so played out exactly how I
thought um and then I had this is probably my the highlight of my night Wheezy Lupi
godinez back on my good side you know me and Lupi um there was that that situation earlier this year or late last
year where she decided to uh not wrestle Angela Hill and it broke me a little bit
as a man um and then I said listen you know if she doesn’t wrestle at least read
something’s wrong you know either she’s hurt or she’s just stupid and she went out there and beat the brakes off of
Elise Reed it looked like you know Elise Reed stole Lupe godinez’s lunch money I
mean it was it was ridiculous um and then Lupi godina’s almost subbed her at the end of the first round couldn’t quite get it at least read show
toughness and then Lupe godinez went out there and subbed Elise Reed in round two at a half unit on the inside of the
distance plus 150 and then a half unit on the sub plus 340 for a big hit there and then this was the biggest win of the
night for me it was the uh the zel Huber fight I had one unit on zellhuber inside the distance plus 140. I had a quarter
unit on zel Huber round two plus six hundred and then I added 0.15 units Zell
Huber round two submission plus 1800 so that Zell Hebrew fight gave me like
5.35 units in profit and then I had uh Tracy Cortez by decision one unit plus
155 so 9.28 units tracked and then I hit a six layer parlay which ended up
turning into a five-leg parley because the charez um leg there but I had Ral roses Junior round one uh Campbell’s Reyes fight
won’t start round two Josephine Knutson decision Lupi godinez money line and
then chefchenko grass over one and a half it was like a quarter unit to win about 1.5 so over over 10 units total
last night enjoyed the fights um did not enjoy the lesserta outcome and didn’t
enjoy the main event outcome but I enjoyed pretty much every other outcome
yeah I mean the fights were super fun and I mean they’re way more fun when you win Brady and we both definitely did
that but I mean you almost putting together 10 units and that’s with um some money taken out of your pocket
in my opinion with that with that uh shovchenko decision I mean it was a close enough fight you know uh and both
of them had two big rounds you know gross ordered a big fifth round and a big second round
um chefchenko had a big third round and a uh a pretty big first round too you
know so I I just thought that you know it kind of came down to how you scored that fourth round the fourth round was
the closest round to the five but um yeah I mean giving Grosso a 10-8 in
the fifth but not giving shevchenko a 10-8 in the in the third is kind of weird but it is what it is you know you
we we we’ve come to expect it at this point we gotta expect it especially when we’re laying shock and if we’re
expecting a good decision we got to expect uh some bad scorecards at least they got it right with Cortez and I
didn’t even watch the Cortez fight the second and third um she won that fight right
oh yeah she won that fight she she outstruck um Jasmine for the entire fight but Jasmine was the one who was
wrestling Tracy didn’t wrestle um she attempted to take down later on in the fight like in the last minute of
the third but um she was fine just kind of like staying at range with Jasmine because Jasmine’s kind of a punching bag
at range to be to be fair um at distance the numbers just aren’t there she couldn’t hit water if she fell
out of out of a boat and then not only that you know um she’s just not accurate enough for at
range but she did land some decent shots on Tracy and Jasmine’s got a chin because Tracy was Landing some nice
straight shots on her and I mean just Jasmine ate him like a flapjack like like nothing so very very good fight
there but yeah I thought Tracy won that one 29-28 but a couple judges added
30-27 for Cortez and I felt that was a bit uh generous because there was one
round where Jasmine got um a takedown or two and had a good amount of control time and it was fairly close on the feet
I thought Tracy did better work on the feet but it’s like they just ignored the fact that that Jasmine got takedowns
fair enough um I’ll have to go back and I would say I’d go back and watch it but I don’t really have time to but yeah I’m glad
Cortez got it done that was a spot me and you really liked um last last night there but yeah it’s been a good year
thus far Weezy um I’m plus 60 units with a 19 Roi this year so um I’ve kind of
changed my strategy trying to lay less juice look for some big money props and it’s been paying off hitting some of
these like sub two sub three tickets and I should have had Kennedy sub 2 against Devin Clark I had I had my finger over
the trigger I didn’t pull the trigger so I I should be up another 10 units but I didn’t quite get there so that sucks but
um but yeah we have a UFC Vegas 79 to talk about we can’t mail it in just yet
we have one more card to go how many fights on this card 12 11 11 so far yeah
all right goodness gracious all right um I say we get into it and we’re gonna
start with tomorrow’s Videl going against Montserrat Rendon we got Videl
she is 25 years old five foot six with a 68 inch reachman don’t 34 years old five
foot eight with a 68 inch reach we have Videl uh nine years younger two inch
height disadvantage same reach there Videl she is 5-0 in her last five fights
she made her debut against Ramona Pasquale won that fight by first round knockout as far as Rendon she’s five in
her last five fights or only five fights and she’s gonna be making her debut here Wheezy take it away like uh like
literally take it off this card I can’t I don’t have that power I don’t
have that power here but we got this is I mean if you liked the Holland Jack
delva matalino match up boy are you going to be loving this one here two high-level Fighters here tammyers Vidal
25 years old Montserrat went down very new to MMA she didn’t make her MMA debut
until she was 31 years old um she’s 34 now so but she’s undefeated
you know in three years and she’s beaten decent opponents you know like um
veteran Journey women you know five and four four and three those kind of type
of opponents most recent win by Split Decision over Brittany cloudy
um so here’s what I’ll say about Rendon right she’s a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt as of the Michaela Rampage fight so
she might be a brown belt by now but I mean she’s at least a purple belt she’s a triathlete and a swimmer so she’s
always been an athlete for her entire career and you could tell just by looking at her she’s got a six-pack
she’s long she’s lean she’s strong and she’s got fantastic conditioning she
goes at uh the same pace for the full three rounds and she’s not slow I mean
she is slow with her are striking for sure but you know she she definitely does push a pace and she’s always
counter striking when her opponent is throwing um she looks for body lock trips when
she tries to get her takedowns um and she seems kind of like comfortable everywhere you know she’ll
have entire fights where she doesn’t really attempt any takedowns and just kind of count on her striking and like
in the Michaela Rampage fight you see her going to the wrestling a lot but uh not a lot of finishing power here for
for Monster Rock and then for tomorrow tamiris you know she’s they call her the
tractor you know and she’s kind of that’s kind of like her style she’s gonna try to you know like she lost she
lost the fight to um aylin Perez where she wound up getting the win because England got disqualified but
um tomorrow’s Vidal kind of tries to do to her opponents what Aylen Perez does
to their her opponents which is just kind of you know bully them use that
size use that strength get in the clinch maybe get a takedown or two and just
kind of like force a sloppy grindy fight and I think that’s what we’re gonna see
out of Vidal here but Rendon has got really good conditioning he’s kind of
good ever well she’s not I mean the Striking Brady is not good on Mount surette Rendon she is slow
slow right um and that’s gonna be a little bit of a problem here but like I said she’s very
busy so while she’s slow she’s gonna stay in your face she’s gonna be throwing a lot of Val uh Val um volume
and if you’re not the one walking forward she’s gonna be the one walking you down
so you know I I like there are certain things that I like and one of them is
great conditioning and good pace and montserock definitely has both she’s undefeated in her career this is
probably going to be a pretty close fight because when you watch the tape on Vidal nothing stands out Brady you want
to laugh dude yeah I do Ramona ascual right not one of the best UFC fighters
that’s ever been in the promotion she went 0-3 and got cut
Ramona asked while not known for being a sniper right I mean like he wouldn’t be
like he is a sniper but at range she was 10 for 10 against Tamaris Vidal Tamara’s
Vidal showed zero percent distance striking defense so like
are you really laying minus 250 . on Tamaris Vidal who only has eight
professional fights you know she’s okay you know she’s just okay what
are we supposed to do with the win over ascual I I don’t understand
what we’re doing here Brady I don’t know what’s up with this fight but right now can I interest you in Tamaris for now at
minus 250. no no no you cannot but I do want to address you just said that I
gotta interrupt you you just said at the beginning of the show that you changed around your strategy this year and the
reason that you’ve been on fire is because you’re laying minus 250 on unproven women’s favorites is that not
what you said that that might have been what I said am I putting words in your mouth or did you
I might just like am I starting to lose it completely and I didn’t listen to anything you said it’s been a long and
maybe I did say it it’s been a long day and didn’t get much sleep but I don’t know easy um I do want to address this in the chat
though we appreciate the chat as always but we do not appreciate just ridiculous
comments like this arashi saying she almost finished her that’s why that’s a 10-8 if you think the Grosso fifth round
was a 10-8 something something’s wrong so no no comments like that are to be tolerated thank you very much nor Sashi
um but yeah we usually we have uh let’s see Videl currently sitting at minus 250
she opened up minus 275 and Rendon opened up plus 235 currently sitting at
plus 210 and I’d be shocked if I I bet on this fight just just shocked
shock yeah I I mean I didn’t mind what I saw at a random but she’s not
spectacular anywhere you know conditioning and wanting to win isn’t just that isn’t enough at this level
most of the time and you know we got to point out tomorrow’s for dollars is almost 10 years younger and that is just
something that you know you don’t want to get in the way of that kind of Stack too often here uh even though Rendon is
a very good athlete and doesn’t have a lot of tread on the tires and she showed out okay on the regional scene but yeah
I think this I think Fidel probably does win this fight here I and like I said I’m I don’t think I’m getting near it
either dude you can’t I mean you can’t um y’all acting like plus 200 is enough
on the other girl The Bookies don’t work like that I’m not sure what that means
yeah I I mean well I mean I think he’s just saying like you know we’re kind of talking down I’m kind of talking down
Vidal and he’s saying like well but yeah I mean are you betting Rendon at plus 210 and I’m not yes yeah you know but I
I guess I maybe he could get there if it gets a little bit higher but nah I would I would feel a lot better if I had no
money on this fight Brady you know what what I think wheezing what’s that and
and I I think some people don’t understand this sometimes passing’s okay I had multiple people last week believe
it or not saying I’m gonna bet on Terence Mitchell and I said listen it’s okay to pass the
time to fade Raul Rose Jr will come you don’t need to bet every fight and this is a fight you just don’t need to bet
yeah dude I mean like Rosas beat him like he stole something yeah he came out
like Molly McCann in England I mean like that was that it was that kind of a
performance man El Mariachi Loco stand up he got it done Brady he did not [ __ ]
around in there at all he fought pissed off and uh Mitchell obliged Mitchell
threw down with him as well yeah he did I hope they give Mitchell one more fight
I say Terence Mitchell versus Shannon Ross would be a hell of a fight yeah dude I’ve Loved I I might bet on
Mitchell there I don’t know depending on where the line is like I’m not laying juice on them right you know but
I guess it just depends on where the line is but that that’s that’s why we got to get Brady a matchmaking job that
would be a great one there I would make some hilarious fights some hilarious like Jim broney versus kimbroni but
it’ll be fun you know oh it’ll be it’ll be very fun all right let’s move on to the next [ __ ] what is going on a Mizuki
in a way versus Hannah Goldie um yeah we got Mizuki in a way 29 years
old five foot three with a 65 inch reach Hannah Goldie 31 years old five foot four with a 61 inch reach we got in a
way uh she’s two years younger with a one inch height disadvantage and a four inch reach Advantage so we have Mizuki
in a way who is three and two in her last five fights um she lost to Verna Jana robot by decision beat uh Beyond
Pereira by decision she beat uh yanan Wu by a split decision that was her debut
and at this point it was a very long time ago I think that was the car where
it was started like three in the morning I think that might have been the card where uh Zhang Whaley Knocked Out
Entourage in like the first 60 seconds something like that I’m pretty sure and then she went out there and lost to Amanda lamosh and at that point that
fight was like two three it was a long time ago as far as Hannah Goldie she is um one or yeah two and three in her last
five fights made her debut I think against Granger lost by decision lost a decision against Diana balbita she beat
Emily Whitmire by submission and then she knocked out she got knocked out by
Molly McCann um yeah I don’t know uh I guess I mean if Dixon was in here which Dixon’s not in
here he would bring up the only fans fade which is honestly very relevant it’s actually been working out quite nicely even uh what’s his face the
pleasure man even had an only fans which um you know that should have been the the entire sign right there Hannah
Goldie is on that only fans as well we just don’t know what Mizuki in a way is going to come back and and look like
after a two three or layoff but I have a feeling she’s gonna come back and probably beat Hannah Goldie here the
problem is the price tag she’s a pretty oh my gosh pretty significant favorite looks like money even just came in on her and she’s minus 300 now Wheezy what
are your thoughts on this one here yeah you know I mean like mizuki’s still only 29 years old and she’s got 20
professional fights and over 225 minutes in the Pro cage so you know mizuki’s a
veteran and she’s been in there with some you know she went to a split decision in a five-round fight with beardage Handler robot she’s good you
know she’s really good but then all of a sudden it’s like two weeks later she’s going or two fights later she’s going to
a split decision with Wu yanan who lied about being in the Wu-Tang Clan and then
made me look like a prick because I was saying that I thought that she was affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan made an
ass out of me too you know which I don’t appreciate um and and so with Mizuki on a
three-year layoff I guess you know in order to really get a feel for whether we’re gonna bet this fight or not and I
I hate to spoil a surprise Brady but I will not be betting on this fight
um we gotta find out why she was gone for three years you know because like she could come back looking even better
than she did in the past and you know like I said this is somebody that that went you know in a close fight with
Amanda Lemos you know she she won a lot of time in the clinch in that fight she fought smart you could tell that there
was you know a game plan there that was uh for in a way that was keeping her
safe not letting um Amanda do what she does best which is strike at distance so
um yeah this this should absolutely be Mizuki all day long four inch reach
Advantage Big Time experience advantage over two years younger uh the better
finisher she’s got nine submission wins in her career and um she’s been in there
with just a much better level of competition even at the UFC level and then pre-ufc it’s not even close so yeah
I mean this should be Mizuki all day but when you’re looking at Mizuki in a way
who’s been away from the cage for three years and then you look at the first fight tamiris Vidal who’s just not
somebody that you lay minus 250 on you parlay these two together you don’t even
get plus money you know so last week you know we were calling I was saying you know Noche UFC juice to the tits this
week it’s so far it’s it’s UFC Vegas 79 Jim broney versus Jim broney
yeah 100 um but can I interest you in a
tomorrow’s Videl Mizuki in a way parlay minus 114.
baby wow how about no how about I’m going on vacation this
week you all can worry about who wins this fight because I I promise you the one
thing that you can count on is that your uncle Wheezy doesn’t give a [ __ ] you’re mailing it in on this fight yes
sir I am I mean like I think in a way he’s gonna win but am I weighing minus 300 on somebody that’s been away for
three years the answer is no yeah no I I agree
um she should win this fight but I mean that’s a massive layoff I’m gonna I want to look at the like exact
exact time she’s been I mean she’s been so inactive but the thing is like the last time she fought she was like 26
years old so in theory you know as long as she hasn’t been just I don’t know doing whatever I mean training and stuff
right she should be making some pretty significant improve like we could see a pretty good version of Mizuki in a way
here the LA oh my gosh yeah the last time she fought it feels like yesterday Weezy it was three years ago against
Amanda lamosh her last win comes almost four years ago against yanan Wu who is
not affiliated with uh the Wu-Tang Clan so can’t really take into account that win too much so yeah long layoff
um in theory you’ve expect improvements but you know I think she probably beats Hannah Goldie here minus 300 now though
on on BET online Sportsbook yeah that’s that’s just a tad wide for
your uncle Wheezy yeah um I I you know I do like to just take shots on on women’s underdogs you know
when I think that they have a path to Victory but I’m I mean just I don’t see Hannah Goldie being very good at
anything right now I just haven’t seen it from her you know at the UFC level so
yeah I gotta go with Mizuki here but not laying the minus 300 next well if this
was about who has the better uh you know Instagram game and only fans I think Hannah goody would be behind this uh a
thousand I mean her Instagram game is is very good yeah it is it is and uh usually you want
to it’s it’s just that that inverse relationship between good Instagram game
bad performance in the cage your mind yep I can’t tell who’s the
more handsome fighter to be honest in this ah it’s I’m going with Jess I’m going with Jess
I think that might be the better the better looking fighter in that picture yeah yeah it’s a haircut you can set
your watch to Brady you gotta love that those are some uh two good looking ladies right there I’ll tell you that
yeah like Hannah’s a lot taller than her too I’m kind of surprised because I didn’t think Hannah was well Hannah’s
listed at five four she’s actually one inch taller than Mizuki so not bad
not bad but uh yeah I think we should absolutely just uh just move on to the
next yeah to uh to a really high level athlete here in Jake fat Collier
is that the next fight yes sir God God
um yeah we got Muhammad Usman going against Jake caller we’re actually talking about this fight last night a
little bit but uh we got Muhammad Usman he’s 34 years old six foot two with a 79 inch
reach Jake Collier is 34 years old six foot three with a 78 inch reach same age
there Collier one and China advantage and a one inch reach disadvantage Mohammed Usman he is four and one in his
last five fights made his debut against Zak palga won by second round knockout and then beat uh junior tawfa by
decision as far as Jake Collier this guy is one in four in his last five fights decision lost against Carlos Philippe
submission win against Chase Sherman in the most hilarious fight I’ve ever seen uh decision loss against Andre arlovsky
a knockout loss to Chris Barnett and a decision loss to Martin budai so when I
was looking over the stats Wheezy I looked at Muhammad usman’s stats and I just I laughed out loud this guy has
like a 19 a striking accuracy at distance this guy’s Landing less than one strike per
minute like I’ve never seen mean stats that bad in my life so you know right
away you get kind of intrigued because you know Jay Collier is the dog and Jake Collier 100 lands more than one strike
per minute and then you think to yourself can I can I really put money on on Jake Collier and I’m not sure I
really want to do that um so yeah to take it away Wheezy like take it off the card
I can’t do that again and I mean you gotta hand it to Jake Collier you know I
mean like if diabetes hasn’t beaten this man yet you know then I mean come on I
mean like he he you gotta believe that he’s gonna be around it for a while here and here we are again against Muhammad
the motor Usman with that stunning 1.29 distance strikes landed per minute
19.3 distance striking accuracy this this gentleman couldn’t hit the floor if
he fell out of bed Brady I mean it’s so bad and like while it’s at
distance striking range I mean Collier is gonna be just so much better than
Muhammad now Muhammad does have a little bit of power he knocked out Zach paoga he landed one good shot uh Zach not
known for having a great chin but it was a clean shot clean knockout um so you know I mean whenever whenever
you’ve got a heavy weight fight you know there’s going to be that variance where you know somebody can really suck but
Land one big shot that could end the fight so you always have to worry about that but look at Jake Collier’s last
five opponents Brady Carlos Felipe doesn’t wrestle at all Chase Sherman doesn’t wrestle at all
Andre Arlovski doesn’t wrestle at all Chris Barnett doesn’t wrestle at all Martin budai should wrestle a little bit
but he doesn’t really wrestle at all and then I think before that I think we saw him fight aspin all and and get knocked
out so one thing that we really don’t know about Jake Collier is how is that
um how’s that takedown defense going to look at heavyweight because we need to kind of know that that’s a little bit of
information that would be really nice to have is you know I mean because like you
look at the difference in body type here between Usman and Collier you know one
guy’s been at the doctor the other guy’s been at the buffet you know and uh and
and I mean usman’s just like a slab of you know marble they have on top of you
you know uh we saw how much problems top I had getting up you know and even at
some Regional scene footage you’ll see Usman going out there and wrestling and winning minutes with his wrestling and I
think that that’s got to be the path for him here he doesn’t want a box of a fat cow here I mean Collier is much faster
than him uh on the feet um neither one of these guys is particularly great
um in terms of their uh distance striking defense but you look at fat Collier 17 distance strike attempts per
minute while for Usman it’s 6.7 there’s no volume there this guy is like so low
volume on the feet so this this is Striker versus Grappler Brady if if if fat Collier keeps his skin ending
um you know and if and if diabetes doesn’t get to him but by the way in I I think that he absolutely wins this fight
but if usman’s able to mix in that wrestling and we see fat Colliers take down defense not holding up dude it’s
gonna be hard to get that Usman dude off of you man so I I mean uh this could
absolutely go either way and the lines kinda close but is it Usman who’s a
favorite here Brady yeah Usman is a is a favorite he’s currently minus 150 and
Colliers Plus 130. yeah I mean I I wish I knew how Colliers
take down defense is going to hold up but I don’t yeah I mean
qualier at plus money is tempting but what scares me is one of these guys has
power and that’s Usman caller has no power whatsoever and one of these guys has cardio and that’s Usman Colliers
Hardy Is Not Great especially if he’s going to be wrestling the whole time like we saw what happened in the Barnett fight he gassed out instantly you know
when having to do any wrestling whatsoever um so yeah I can’t I probably can’t get
the Jay Collier but I’m not laying chalk on Muhammad Usman here and yeah Marcel
um I think it was Marcel mentioned in the chat like Collier used to be a welterweight and I pulled up this this
photo that’s him on the left there at 185 and uh that is uh Jake Collier at
Plus or 265 and then this this reads sometimes I forget that Jake Collier
used to fight at middleweight your boy got thick with like a peach with a peach Emoji I don’t know I don’t get the peach
Emoji but um yeah your boy got thick is is what he said there um yeah I man I don’t know I mean in if
this fight plays out on the feet for 50 minutes Jay Collier looks minus a thousand but Usman should wrestle and my
concern is if Usman does get on top of Jay Collier you know does Collier get up I’m not so sure he does and I’m pretty
sure he probably gases out as well so it’s probably a dogger pass but I can’t lay money on Jay Collier after the
Barnett fight and even the buddai fight he just looked off he looked gas down he looked tired but I don’t know
um I think passing is probably the smartest option I’d say yeah you know it’s all it’s tempting in
any kind of fight like this especially like a Striker versus Grappler to take that plus money side because then you can and especially when it’s the striker
because then it’s on the grappler to get those takedowns and if they don’t then then you made the right play you know
and a lot of times you know you there might be something in the way of them being able to push a wrestling heavy
game plan for the full 15 so I mean if you’re on that Collier side I totally
get it because there’s absolutely a path here for him he Stuffs the takedowns keeps this in the center of the cage
he’s gonna he’s gonna beat the [ __ ] out of Usman yeah 100 percent
all right Wheezy um no Netflix show idea with that one or no uh no dude you know I mean I these
guys I’m so my feelings are starting to get hurt I’ve been feeding Netflix gold idea after gold idea after gold how do
you not do the fat cow your fat Barnett buddy cop show what’s in charge over there you know I
mean like what I don’t I don’t understand it but you know at this point I think what I really need to do is just
get one more last really good pitch together and just give it one more shot
but I I don’t have anything in the chamber right now who hits harder taffa or Collier act
accordingly taffa or Collier tapa it’s a lot harder
but come on I mean Alpha’s got no grappling game we know that Collier’s
got a bit of a grappling game even look at the long-term numbers 13 UFC fights Colliers attempted 21 takedowns he’s had
31 attempted against him but he’s winning 54 of the control time position so above average takedown defense he’s
gotten seven of his 21 takedowns you know he’s not an easy guy to take down
and hold down according to the numbers um uh Collier seems like he’s getting
word I’m kind of getting that Vibe as well like he’s been looking like worse and worse which is which is interesting all right uh we appreciate you Josh you
can catch the re-watch all good all good thank you for hanging out all right we let’s move on to the next fight
hopefully no more Shenanigans and let’s get to uh a good fight there we go we got Jacob malcoon going against Cody
Brundage we got Jacob malkoon 28 years old five foot nine with a 73 inch reach Cody Brundage 29 years old six foot with
a 72 inch reach malcoon one year younger Brundage with a three inch height advantage and a one inch reach just
Advantage malcoon three and two in his last five fights made his debut against Phil Hawes got knocked out in 60 seconds
beat Abdul razak al-assan by decision AJ Dobson by decision lost to Brendan Allen
by decision super super super close fight and then beat Nick maximov by
decision as far as Cody Brundage he is uh two and three in his last five fights beat Dolce along the Boulevard by
submission knocked out treyshawn going the first round he got knocked out by Mikhail Ola zaychuk in the first round
he lost to Rodolfo Vieira by second round submission and then he lost to SD Dumas by
decision so yeah Jacob malkoon is as far as I’m concerned the biggest favorite on the entire card and I 100 agree you know
I think Jacob alcoons very good like even that loss to Brennan Allen is aging very well on a fight that he very well
could have won that fight um Jacob malkoon is a very good wrestler he’s a very good Grappler he has very
good control and he can go 15 minutes no problem uh Cody Brundidge she struggles defensively with the wrestling
offensively is not terrible defensively struggles with the wrestling struggles getting up struggles off his back
um struggles with the cardio struggles a little bit with the uh the durability as well so yeah I think it’s kind of
malcoon takedown rinse and repeat Cody Brundage probably uh jumps a gilly or two or three or four or five or six and
I think Jacob malcoon probably wins this fight uh way more often than not but yeah he’s a big favorite and I think
he’s only going to get bigger like I saw it last night and I was like yeah I might want to Parlay up Jacob malcoon
around like minus 450 something like that he’s already minus 525 and I think it keeps getting wider so
um potentially a good parlay piece but I think it’s going to keep getting wide it’s only a Sunday and he’s already minus 525 Wheezy what are your thoughts
on this matchup yeah I guess I kind of get the line right I mean Kobe Brundage has been awful every time his back hits
the mat usually he’s either gonna lose the fight or he’s going to lose that round I mean we saw Olex say check pound
him out as soon as his back hit the mat uh we saw um Rodolfo Vieira you know submit him as
soon as his back hit the mat every time his back hit the mat against cedricus Dumas it stayed there for long periods
of time same thing in the maximoff fight and we just saw maximov who out wrestled
Cody Brundage albeit that fight was on very short notice for Cody Brundage he
caught a ton of weight that week took it on less than a week’s notice and and actually had a pretty good performance I
think he won one of the rounds against Nick but we just saw malcoon just kind of like Cruise against man there and
easily win that fight so um malcune puts dudes on their backs and
that’s where Brundage looks the worst and brundage’s favorite offensive weapon is something that lands him on his back
um it’s a bad stylistic matchup for Cody but I will say this
how about Cody Brundage my first round knockout we’ve seen malcoon lose like that we’ve
seen Cody win like that and Cody hits hard dude and he’s trained over there at
factory x with some really phenomenal kickboxers like Dustin Jacoby um so why not Cody Brundage maybe lands
a big shot early in this fight and uh Malcolm does not have a good chin there’s a reason why he’s shot 67
takedowns Brady in 60 minutes of UFC cage time more than more than a takedown
attempt per minute of cage time and let’s not forget let’s not forget Brady
that this man already has 59 control time so he’s controlling his opponents
like 36 minutes of that 60 minutes is that he’s in the cage and uh in those 24
minutes that he spent or I’m sorry 20 minutes that he spent at distance striking range he’s shooting 67
takedowns so malcoon knows that he doesn’t have a great chin and he shoots the takedowns
in order to mask that I think that maybe the best way to play the brondage side
is to know that Brundage is a good wrestler he’s got 74 takedown defense in his own
right and if he can stop a takedown or two land a big shot you never know man maybe that’s how Cody wins this fight
but the line is where it is for a reason malcoons using that wrestling using it
very well and dominating with it yeah I don’t think I’ll get to the first round knockout just because in the last
fight against SC Dumas I mean I’m not making up these numbers Cody Brundage
attempted one strike in the first round one strike in the first he landed it so
100 give him that in the second round Weezy Cody Brundage landed zero strikes
he made William Knight look like a high volume max all the way and then in the third round Cody Brundage landed two
strikes I mean Cody Brundage went three for ten on significant strikes so if you’re
betting that first round knockout prop and he only throws one punch I mean I don’t I don’t know but like you said the
lines where it’s at for a reason um maybe a potential partly piece but I doubt I’m parlaying anything on this car
but yeah malcoon should probably get it done here and probably buy a dominant decision yeah and just keep in mind uh
Cody was controlled for 668 of the 900 seconds he had more Guillotine attempts
than he did significant strikes to land in that fight and that’s why he puts himself on his back with that Guillotine
and then he just he does he doesn’t have the ability to get up from there so it’s it’s a bad thing you know it’s a bad
combination of when you’re when your favorite weapon puts you into the worst place where you perform so he’s gotta
he’s gotta figure out how to at least get to that to a dominant position with
that Guillotine get to a hip with it so that if you’re not gonna finish it then you can maybe get to that you know get
some control time get on top but um you know like if like if that’s I
feel like that’s his path here you know because it’s gonna be really hard to out wrestle uh Jacob Malcolm the guy’s just
really good I mean that’s what he does best yeah and I think uh Brundage is coming
in here on short notice so Malkin was supposed to fight uh kisrev your guy
yeah his wife who’s gonna show up uh about once every three years for a fight
um that’s what he’s been doing lately that’s like the pace that he’s been on he he pulls out more than Peter North
did in the 90s and then uh if they haven’t had a replacement of Robert
breyzek was supposed to step in and then I guess Brundage is the next guy up so malcune has been uh preparing for two
different guys at this point in Brundage is the third it looks like yeah yeah I don’t think a lot of guys are looking
for a Jacob malcoon fight right now I mean it’s kind of like a it’s kind of like a renat fakradinov fight you kind
of know what’s gonna happen um yeah mark it was pretty good um you know I thought he might have been
kind of a bum you know after the Haas fight getting knocked out in 60 seconds but no he’s he’s proved me wrong looking
really good in the al-assan fight the Dobson fight the Brennan Allen fight he looked really good and then the max mod
fight so he’s been looking really good he’s only 28 years old so I think malcoon has a pretty decent ceiling here
all right uh we’ll move on to the next fight and we have Tim Means going against Andre fiallo we got Tim Means 39
years old at six foot two with a 75 inch reach Andre fiolo 29 years old six foot with a 74 inch reach if y’all know 10
years younger going to have a two inch height disadvantage and a one inch reach just Advantage uh Tim Means is two and
three in his last five fights he got a decision win against Mike Perry and Nicholas dalby he lost by submission to
Kevin Holland he lost by decision uh to Max Griffin and then lost by submission against Alex Moreno Andre fiolo two and
three in his last five fights knocked out Miguel Baeza knocked out Cameron Van Camp and got knocked out by Jake
Matthews Muslim salikov and Joaquin Buckley so yeah I was actually at uh Tim Means last fight against Alex morono in
uh in Charlotte and I said it all week I think Tim Means you know the durability is completely gone you know this is a
guy that used to be so durable you know known for that durability and then as of late it’s just it’s just not there and I
bet morono inside the distance and even about the sub as well because Tim Means has been submitted like 10 times in his career it’s ridiculous I don’t think
violo Subs him but I think the olive probably knocks him out here if y’all a decent sized favorite
um one guy I actually think both guys their durability is very very questionable but you know fiallo is
younger by 10 years fiolo hits harder um I think fiolo probably gets back on
track here not gonna lay the price tag but I think like an under um the fight doesn’t go could be a very very good
look here you know with the durability issues of really both guys these guys get finished a ton so I might look like
an under we don’t have the props out yet which is weird like we don’t have the props out for the first time in a while but uh give me an under here I think
Viola probably uh knocks out Tim Means and Tim Means probably should call it a career this guy has so many fights I
mean how many fights does this Tim Means have like 47 49 fights at this point so
this can be his 50th fight I would like to see Tim beans kind of hanging up on a three fight skid here
um and maybe this is his last fight so um so we’ll see but give me Andre fiolo I think he probably knocks out Tim Means
I don’t think Tim Means has anywhere near the durability he once had Weezy what are your thoughts in this fight
yeah I mean I I think you summed it up perfectly here uh means is bigger a
couple inches taller one inch reach Advantage a lot more experience both at the UFC level and overall
um he’s uh he’s he’s a lot better to The Knockout by the way 19 and two to The
Knockout is Tim Means in his career while Andre fiallo’s 13-5 and he’s two
and three to the KO is fialio in the UFC while from while means is four in one to
the kale I think Andre fialio is awful I mean I
really do Brady I think he’s I he’s he’s a he’s a got a ton of power
right I mean if if he if he lands you know you’re gonna be in the you’re
going to be in a lot of trouble but as a as a guy when you look at it you know as a Capper and say like what what is this
guy good at he’s he’s basically a puncher’s chance in a human body that’s
what he is I mean he’s he’s extremely low volume he’s extremely inaccurate
he’s extremely defensively irresponsible he doesn’t grapple at all and his
conditioning is dog [ __ ] can I interest you Brady in Andre fiagio
at minus 192. I mean like I’m not doing it I’m not doing it and then and then so
I look on the other side and I say okay that means I’m taking the plus money right and yeah it’s a 39 year old Tim
Means I mean but means might wrestle here and if he
wrestles he might tire out fielio if he tires out the audio maybe he doesn’t get
knocked out and look I mean like fialio is owing one and decisions in his career
in the UFC and two and two overall the guy is not a minute winner you know uh
but eight six and one overall to the decision is is uh means and he’s six and
six in the UFC and we know that we can count on means to wrestle some you know he’s definitely beating the better brand
of competition at the UFC level when you put the when you put their win side by side and he’s a higher volume Striker
he’s more accurate he’s more defensively responsible so I mean I think there’s a
lot of things on pay on paper to like about Tim Means here but do you want to
bet on the 39 and a half year old guy who’s fighting a guy in fio who’s 10 years younger and let’s face it he’s got
a lot of power and like you said the durability always was there for means but now the but he’s 39 years old
there’s there’s cracks starting to show in the foundation of that durability so it’s like
dude I would never lay minus 192 on Andre fio I really don’t care what UFC
opponent it is unless they’re throwing him in there against Shannon Ross you know I’m not make I’m not laying that so
this is probably a stay away but you know maybe the way I play this is fight ends by KO
you know or uh just a fight doesn’t go to decision or an under 2.5 if it opens at a fair price
me I think I’d rather pay like minus 190 for the under two and a half rather than
the the minus 190 for the fiallo money line and yeah I mean on paper there’s a lot of I’m sorry did you say there’s an
under two and a half line no I’m saying if it was like my if it was like the same price as the money line I would I would rather play the under because you
know fiolo I think is durability is trash as well so yeah I think somebody’s probably getting served here in this one
um should be a fun fight you know Tim Means always always brings it but you know that style you know he can’t fight
with that style now I mean getting getting uh hurt and club and sub by Alex morono who doesn’t really finish anybody
it wasn’t the best look um I think Max Griffin dropped him Kevin Holland club and subdom so uh yeah we’ll
see and uh Tim Means looks to be like doing a lot of coaching outside of UFC um he’s a wrestling coach for uh for a
high school so yeah we’ll see but uh I’m gonna pick the all of but you’re right I mean you can’t lay minus 190
um on this guy but he has power maybe that’s uh enough here so yeah Andre fiolo he opened up minus 145 he’s oh it
looks actually we’re using it like money just came in on Tim Means a big bet Tim Means is now plus 150 Andre fiallo minus
175 so maybe this line keeps uh closing on up yeah I mean it’s an interesting fight
for sure uh but we’ve seen a lot you know we’ve seen fialio show that he’s not very durable either and it might
even be means might even be more durable even at 39 right now than what we’ve seen from Fiorio at 29 so this is an
interesting fight I mean I think that but yeah that that just happened I mean fio when I was talking was minus 193 and
now he’s minus 175 so definitely a ton of money came in on Tim Means yeah fiolo’s been finished seven times
in 23 fights Tim Means has been finished nine times in 48 fights both these guys
the durability is not there and I think they’re gonna they’re gonna throw down and go to war here so I think the under could be a very good look yeah this week
um but yeah we’ll move on to the next fight and we have we got Dan argetta going against miles
Johns we have Dan argetta 30 years old five foot seven with a 68 inch reach we got miles John’s 29 years old five foot
seven with the 66 inch reach we got miles John’s one year younger same height and Dan argetta with a two inch
reach Advantage Dan argetta he is three one and one no contest in his last five fights made his debut I believe a short
notice up away class against Damon Jackson I think his uh stock Rose in that matchup where he had a very good
third round against Damon Jackson in a fight where we kind of expect Damon Jackson to kind of get this guy out of
there and that wasn’t the case and he looked really good you know in that third round and then he went out there and beat Nick Aguirre by decision and
then he had that no contest against Ronnie Lawrence um I think it was Keith Peterson
um stopped the fight when there was literally no tap at all kind of a weird weird stoppage there but no contest
nonetheless as far as miles John’s this guy is three and two in his last five fights a knockout loss against Mario
Batista a knockout win against Kevin Nativity dad and Anderson dos Santos a
submission win against John Castaneda and then a decision win against Vince Morales pretty uh uneventful fight there
so Wheezy solid fight here uh you know two solid wrestlers you know Dan arget is a guy that has looked pretty solid
lately I know there’s that no contest in his last fight but what are your thoughts on this fight here yeah poor
Dan argetta you know we got to get Keith Peterson some help Keith Peterson after
about a pack and a half of Lucky Strikes and about a half bottle of Jameson
absolutely falls into Ronnie Lawrence’s hand which is right above the back of
Dan argetta as God as our Guetta has him in a mounted guillotine this fight is this close to finishing
and a drunken Keith Peterson who’s perhaps a little bit woozy from even smoking too much falls into the hand of
Ronnie Lawrence causes it to tap and then and then stops the fight due to that Phantom tap we got to get Keith
Peterson some help Brady um and maybe I don’t know maybe we started GoFundMe maybe the reason we
didn’t see Keith Peterson in Vegas last weekend you know was because maybe he is in rehab now but hopefully we find Keith
Peterson the help that he’s so very much needs but let’s talk about this fight I
like Dan argetta a lot here uh Orland Park Illinois stand up uh Dan Dan argett
is a stud from the south side of Chicago really good wrestler uh downstate guy
you know so this guy is uh definitely got a good wrestling background we saw
him go out there and really dominate in the grappling exchanges against Ronnie Lawrence what easily won that uh
unanimous decision against Nick Aguirre who’s a very good Grappler in his own right a guy who fishes for submissions a
lot and with Miles Johns you got a guy with a really good wrestling background but that wrestling hasn’t really been
translating at the UFC level you see miles Johns is only two of 22 on his
takedown attempts he’s kind of he’s making Mackenzie darn like look like uh look like an Olympian in terms of her
wrestling and it’s strange because we know that miles is a very good wrestler but it’s just not translating at this
level and neither is the grappling efficiency for Miles Johns he’s got nine more takedown attempts than his
opponents do and he’s only got one more takedown than his opponents do uh miles
John’s showing 92 percent takedown defense but he’s getting out controlled 14 and a half percent to 11 so John’s
does not have very good grappling efficiency now argetta has twice as many takedown attempts as his opponents but
he’s still only winning 56 of the control time positions but we have to remember that our Guida took a short
notice fight up away class against the guy in Damon Jackson who’s a very
dominant Grappler and if you were to throw out those stats you’d see that our get has been a lot more dominant in the
in the last two fights where he’s been fighting at bantamweight miles Johns has got good boxing he’s got some power
we’ve seen him land a couple of knockdowns get a couple of Knockouts at the UFC level and he’s very elusive on
the feet he’s very difficult to find 75 distance striking defense that’s
about as good as it gets in any division really uh so he’s hard to find on the feet he can mix in the wrestling in
order to be a pest that way but tons of lateral movement this guy is just not going to stand in front of you but I get
the feeling at some point Arquette is just going to Sprint at him get his arms around him and then we’re gonna find out
which one of these guys is the better wrestler because John’s is is a very good wrestler for MMA as well but I
think our gut is going to be better um I think that his uh argeta’s uh one
of these guys that’s flying a little bit under the radar but when you listen to the people that are training with them you know they say that the dude is the
real deal and he’s wrestling and grappling is very solid and we saw him just kind of like completely dismantle
Ronnie Lawrence that was not even close and if Keith Peterson didn’t have a serious alcohol problem that’s an easy
win for argetta and he’s probably looking like a much bigger favorite this time around
um and you know John’s is 7-0 in decisions Brady
you know so the guy’s done a great job of mixing in that grappling and uh and
being defensively sound and when you’re defensively sound that’s usually the best way to win minutes because it just
means you can usually land just a little more offense than your opponents can due to how defensively responsible you are
but at this level I think that we’re going to see our gotta be the much more aggressive guy and I think he’s going to
be the more likely guy to win minutes in the grappling exchanges and check out the most important stat of this fight
Brady 74 of Miles John’s UFC cage time has
taken place at distance striking range for Dan argetta it’s 17 percent
our gut is gonna grapple and I would rather go with the guy with 60 take down
accuracy than the guy with nine percent take down accuracy even though argetta only has 50 takedown defense and John’s
has 92 percent takedown defense I think once this thing gets into the clinch we’re gonna we’re gonna see that our
Gutta is going to be stronger and the better wrestler and I think he’s more likely to win minutes but man I’m not
jumping at the price I mean miles Johns is a tough opponent and he’s pretty good everywhere he’s got great coaching
um I think he’s I I always remember John’s being a Fortis guy He’s listed at Marathon MMA right now but I don’t know
maybe somebody in the chat knows where he’s training for this particular fight yeah I thought he was a Fortis guy but
maybe he moved um yeah Weezy I’ve been saying it for a while now um I think a good solution you
know for some of these judges and in refs would be to I think you know having
a a guy outside the cage with a breathalyzer right and you have to in
order to enter the cage you have to blow a 0.08 or less and if you blow a A 0.08 or
less there you can enter the cage I think if if that happens we can uh we
will no longer see a lot of a lot of nonsense in the cage no pun intended by the way and same thing with the judges
like um I told you this story um a couple weeks ago where I was actually at UFC
290 and it was a very you know Hispanic crowd right we’re all rooting for you know the Hispanic Fighters and I was
heavily heavily drinking that night and I was so drunk that I actually scored
the Brandon Moreno fight 49-46 for Brandon Moreno against
Alexander Pantoja that’s how drunk I was so I think Michael Bell had to have been
just obliterated to give a A 10-8 in the fifth round to Alexa Grosso just
obliterated so um it’s not a bad idea you know breathalyze some of these guys
yeah but then then they could do all the cocaine that they want Brady and I promise you
cocaine was even worse than alcohol you know because that’s what that’s what the professionals do you know if they know
they got to be the breathalyzer test all right I’m gonna go see my cocaine guy and I’m gonna get high on the powder and
then you stay up for three days and then the judgment is even worse so uh yeah these Benders that these guys are on how
about we just make sure that they all have to do like the touching the nose you know if you follow the pen walk down
the straight line what’s the alphabet what’s seven minus four you know and
then we can go all right now you can get in there you know um other than that man I think it’s a
great idea Brady I’m absolutely in favor of it you know if if the athletes have
to prove that they’re not on steroids then the referees and the judges should prove that they’re not hopped up on
goofballs exactly I think that will eliminate some of these just wild wild scorecards these uh these wild decisions
from some of these judges in the cage like Chris tioni you know what was up with him last night yeah that was a
rough one man that was a rough one we’ve seen some bad ones dude the arm kind of fell and yeah he just instead of
grabbing it and being like hey is there anything any resistance here he just stopped it you know it’s It’s Hard In
the Heat of the Moment to make those to make those decisions when you were the one that’s in charge of fighter safety
you don’t want that guy to be unconscious you know in a ninja choke for 30 seconds before your dumb ass
finally stops it you know so I think some of these guys they err on the side of fighter safety and every once in a
while when you do that you’re gonna look like a complete [ __ ] yeah a lot of people were very upset
with uh with tyony last night that’s that’s for sure um but yeah we usually we have argetta
as you were speaking money just came in on him he’s minus 175 now and Miles John’s is plus 150 and like I said no
totals yet for anything which kind of sucks I wanted to talk some totals tonight but uh I guess that’s too much to ask for
hey we’re not mailing it in but guess who is that online mailing it in here
man so what’s wrong with that no totals yet um but you know they’ll probably open at some point tonight bet online
you know almost never Waits I don’t remember the last time that we haven’t had any totals for a stat diggers it’s
been a while yeah a long time it definitely has yep 100 all right we will keep moving on
we have Ricardo Ramos going against Charles Jordan good fight here we got
Ricardo Ramos he is 28 years old five foot nine with a 72 inch reach Charles Jordan 27 years old five foot nine with
a 69 inch reach Jordan one year younger same height and it’s gonna be Ramos with a three inch reach Advantage we got
Ricardo Ramos he is three and two in his last five fights a submission win against Eduardo garagori a knockout loss
against larrell Murphy decision win against Bill algio decision lost against ubar to hugov and then a knockout win
against Danny Chavez I was at that fight as well incredible knockout um as far as Charles Jordan he is three
and two in his last five fights a decision win against Andre yoll I think that was probably the best performance
of uh Charles Jordan’s career right there a submission win against Lana vanata a decision loss against Shane
Burgos fun fight there a decision loss to Nathaniel wood and then a decision to
win against Crone Gracie and and one of the worst fights I’ve ever seen in my life and just a performance that Crone
Gracie should be very disappointed in but yeah it was a really fun fight here too guys that love to go at it what are
your thoughts on this one here yeah some interesting stats here first of all Ricardo Ramos 5-1 indecisions while
Charles Jordan and his career two wins five losses and a draw in decisions so I
almost just done a better job of winning minutes as a professional here um and you know he’s got seven wins by
submission four wins by knockout five wins by decision so he’s pretty good all around Jordan a lot more of a knockout
dependent guy eight Knockouts four submissions and two decisions also in
according to my strength the schedule metric Brady uh hamos is definitely fighting the much better win loss ratio
competition and beating them as well gotta like hamos is grappling upside in
my opinion this guy’s attempting 4.4 takedowns for 15 minutes while Jordan’s
only attempting 0.62 Jordan only one takedown in 11
fights while Hamill says 17 takedowns in 10 fights so I think if there’s one guy
that’s got a lot more grappling upside it’s going to be homos but then if we look on the feet
um Jordan at distance about nine percent more accurate he throws about three more
significant strike attempts per minute then hamos does and he’s just a little bit more defensively responsible at
range as well um both of these guys have been knocked down um before uh for Jordan it’s twice for
hamos it’s once and we’ve seen almost like three knockdowns in 10 fights and finished two fights by knockout that
spinning elbow he absolutely loves that spinning elbow he will throw it over and
over and over again and if it lands ja help you you are going to sleep
um so it’s interesting man I think there’s a lot of reasons to like hamos here and both of these guys are about
the same age almost has got three inches of reach here he’s got
um a little bit um less overall and UFC experience than than Jordan but both of
the these guys are very young uh I love this fight this should be an all-action fight uh I I don’t even know
who I like to win here but there’s a lot of on paper advantages for Hikaru Ramos
so I think I’m gonna go that way but a one year and two month layoff Brady for
for Ricardo Ramos here so I’d be interested to know what that’s all about but uh yeah I’m leaning almost in this
spot so there’s been some really interesting line movement on on this fight here I
noticed so we have Charles ordain actually opened up plus 145 and that was a while ago at this
point and he was sitting around to pick him for a while like minus 105 minus 110 minus 115 right and then the last like
24 hours Charles Jordan has taken a lot of money he’s currently minus 145 and
then on the flip side um I just lost my spot that Ricardo Ramos
um was sitting around like a pick a minus 115 minus 110 right and now he’s plus 125 so money’s actually pouring in
on Charles jourdain here and yeah it’s kind of tough right like I like both these guys quite a bit I love the
Striking of Charles Jordan the one thing I don’t like about Charles Jordan has always been like that takedown defense
like horrible takedown defense 48 Ricardo Ramos is a black belt in BJJ and
Ricardo Ramos can strike as well so yeah I think this could be a very fun back and forth fight um I think I would lean dogger pass as
well I do need to research this one a lot more but um yeah there are some advantages for Ramos but uh it looks like money’s pouring in on uh Charles
Jardin here yeah a lot more active has Charles Jordan been for sure uh four less years
as a pro but he’s got one more Pro fight he’s got one more fight at the UFC level his last fight was four months ago
Hikaru Ramos’s last fight was 14 months ago so yeah I mean there’s reasons to
like both sides I think if it stays on the feet Jordan’s better I think if it goes to the ground camels is better but
hamos has faced the better brand of competition and um he’s he’s actually just a little bit
older than Jordan despite having been here longer by the way Ricardo Ramos has one hell of
a mustache um and I’m gonna pull it up here if this was a battle of a mustache man I think it might be a pick and
because Jordan has a good one as well like look at that like just just similar very similar but uh looks like Jordan has the the beard going on and
um looks like Ramos has the goatee going on there that’s it’s yeah they kind of look a lot alike in the
face actually they’re weird man yeah it’s weird it’s just like one guy’s got hair up here the other one’s got it here
on the chin goodness maybe they’re uh remember they’re twins I don’t know it is kind of
freaked me out a little bit but um yeah good fight good fight for sure all right
so let’s get moving on we have this is a very interesting fight to me we got Brian battle going against AJ Fletcher
we got Brian battle 28 years old a six foot one with a 77 inch reach AJ Fletcher 26 years old five foot Timothy
67 inch reach AJ Fletcher two years younger uh Brian battle with a three-in shot advantage and a 10 inch reach
Advantage Brian battle is four and one in his last five fights Mission win against Gilbert urbina a decision win
against Trey Sean Gore a knockout win against Takashi Sato a decision loss to renat fakerdinov and a knockout win
against Gabriel green as far as AJ Fletcher this guy is three and two in his last five fights he went out there I
think it was on the contender series got a knockout and I think it was in the first round as well and he lost to uh Matthew simmonsberger by decision in his
debut lost to angelusa by decision and then uh submitted femba garimbo in his
last fight there in the second round looked like a club uh so yeah this is a very interesting matchup for me because
Brian battle on paper has atrocious takedown defense sitting at 38 but then
again a lot of that did have to do with uh the Renault faculty enough we’re fogger native and out there and controlled him for literally 14 minutes
out of a 15-minute fight um on the feet you know Brian battle is going to have a massive height and reach
Advantage especially 10 inches of reach there so I guess it’s going to come down to you know whether AJ Fletcher can get
this fight down to the mat which I think he can um hold Brian battle on the mat and then also is AJ Fletcher’s cardio able to
hold up for 15 minutes because it’s going to be very tough to finish a guy like Prime battle so yeah very fun fight
here Weezy what are your thoughts on this one yeah very fun fight and Kristen in the chat mentioned that uh blonde
battle is a mythical creature man against uh against Gabriel Green in
front of his home crowd there in North Carolina that was fantastic that was really fun
um yeah battle’s a hell of a striker man and I mean like the numbers really bear it out we got about 15 minutes of sample
size for battle at distance 9.53 landed in only 4.77 absorbed he’s
Landing twice as many strikes as he’s absorbing that and that’s that’s amazing 51 accuracy but 51 defense does leave a
lot to be desired um he’s doubling up the volume of his opponents as well but the problem is
that you know he’s been it’s not just the focordino fight you can take this
guy down and and hold him there for some time you know it’s something that he struggled with his entire career but
most of the time he chose a pretty good get up game and if you keep going to that wrestling unless you’re a fock or
deanov type a guy that’s just gonna literally stick to Somebody Like Glue that’s not really AJ Fletcher’s game I
mean he can mix in the takedowns but I if I’m not mistaken AJ Fletcher is a
football background he does not even have a wrestling background so he’s not one of these guys that grew up you know
in a wrestling room um you know from a from a young age like like a guy like fox or Dino who’s
probably had born in a singlet you know uh this guy Fletcher is somebody who mixes it in successfully is a
well-rounded young mixed martial artist here I don’t know if we can count on Fletcher to take the renat fakradinov
path to Victory here but you know with Fletcher he that Avenue is going to be
open for him especially early in the fight try to win some minutes and we know that Fletcher’s got power we know
what that dude’s looking to take your hat off and if you let him in that pocket and he lands on one of those big
left hands you’re gonna be in in trouble so um I think both of these guys are going
to be live at distance striking range but it’s impossible to ignore a 10 inch reach Advantage here you know uh and
it’s impossible to ignore the distant striking numbers that that battle is putting up here in the same amount of
minutes that Fletcher is you know it’s Fletcher is just absorbing a lot more strikes so
um I’m leaning battle here I I think he gets back up when Fletcher takes him down and I love battles conditioning I
don’t love Fletcher’s conditioning especially knowing too that Fletcher’s three inches shorter and at a 10 inch
reach disadvantage here you kind of feel like futcher’s gonna have to wrestle and if he and if he imparts that game plan
early and is unsuccessful with it I think battle really takes over in the
second and third rounds because we’ve seen that dude’s cardio really hold up we’ve seen the guys output really hold
up and traditionally what we saw from him on tape was just him getting Wrestled a little bit early losing the
minutes early and then coming back to win those fights so um I I think that we’re gonna see if
similar style fight here I think maybe even battle gets a late finish against a very durable AJ Fletcher here but uh
yeah I like battle to win this fight yeah I mean if uh AJ Fletcher had three
round cardio I think this would be a pretty easy uh you know dog spot for me on Fletcher but he doesn’t I mean he
looked really bad in that third round against Matthew simmonsberger getting out grappled in that third round and
then the angelusa fight looked very very bad had nothing left in that third round whereas Brian battle like you said this
guy isn’t going to tie her out he’s going to put on a pace that a lot of guys can’t keep up with and I don’t
think AJ Fletcher is one of them with that said though I think uh you know AJ Fletcher or Brian battle could be a
phenomenal live bet spot I’m almost like certain that Fletcher wins this first round uh because I think Fletcher’s a
very good wrestler although he doesn’t have that wrestling background he can definitely wrestle he can definitely get fights down to the mat and Brian battle
has crap takedown defense so I think Fletcher probably wins the first round I just think as the fight goes on if I was
gonna start to wear on him make him work and I think Fletcher might make a mistake in that second or third get his next job so I like battle as well but um
I like it from a live bet spot and then I’ll also be looking at those late finish props and maybe like the fight doesn’t go as well I can see a battle
eight finish or or Fletcher is going to be dangerous pretty early yeah they’re asking in the chat you know
a battle has never lost or I never I’m sorry Fletcher has never been finished
as a professional he’s five in order to submission and four and order the KO so he’s never been subbed before but we
know that Brian battle four and one of the sub 3-0 to the KO so uh yeah I mean
it’s going to be interesting to see if somebody does get a finish in this fight I tend to think it’s gonna go over both
these guys are pretty durable um we’ll see though this is a this is a fun fight we started off kind of slow
Vidal versus Rendon Mizuki versus uh whoever the hell she’s fighting but it’s
picking up it’s definitely picking up from there man I mean how your fight week Brady
couldn’t have gone any worse and have not got any worse so yeah it it
was only uh a matter of time before it got better that is for sure but uh looks like we have about three fights left
Weezy we have Marina Rodriguez going against Michelle Waterson Gomez we got Marina Rodriguez 36 years old five foot
six with a 65 inch reach Watterson Gomez well 37 years old five foot three at the
62 inch reach we got Rodriguez one year younger we got Rodriguez with a three inch height advantage and a three inch
reach Advantage we got Marina Rodriguez three and two in her last five fights decision win against Michelle Waterson
Gomez a decision win against Mackenzie Dern a decision win against yanjao non a
knockout loss against uh Amanda lamosh and then a decision loss to uh Verna jandaroba as far as Michelle Waterson
she had a decision loss against Carla Esparza a decision win against Angela
Hill a decision loss to Marina Rodriguez a submission loss to Amanda lamos and a
decision loss to Luana Panera so I’ve watched a ton of fights you know me
and you both Weezy you know weekly for the last you know several several years and I I don’t remember you know what the
heck happened in their first fight it’s like that fight never happened in my mind and I’m 100 sure I probably watched
it but I have no clue what happened I’m assuming Rodriguez won but um you know I
have no clue I haven’t looked into this fight yet but apparently this is a rematch why is it being rematched um I
don’t know and my thinking is Wheezy that maybe the UFC forgot as well and they’re like okay let’s match these two
up and just completely forgot they fought because I I forgot this fight even happened uh let
me take a look and it looks like yeah Marina Rodriguez did beat Waterson and if I was like only two years ago so
why is this rematch happening it makes no sense but um I guess we’re gonna watch it on Saturday
it was a main event Brady oh God it was a five round fight it was a main event
and um it was basically like 49 46 uh
Rodriguez on two cards and then one of the judges headed 48-47 I think it was clearly it was a complete bum
um really what happened was that Rodriguez outstruck Gomez uh every round
except for one in the fourth round Waterson got to take down and got about three and a half minutes in control time
and landed some ground strikes but it was basically Marina Rodriguez just outlanding her at distance
the entire time the fight was at distance um and you could see why right I mean
Waterson Gomez negative 0.52 distant striking differential Marina Rodriguez
positive 2.12 uh just as accurate as Waterson but a lot more defensively
responsible and she throws more volume than Watterson and she also
um kind of lulls her opponents into throwing less uh Rodriguez’s opponents
are only even attempting 8.18 significant strike attempts per minute and Watterson Gomez are attempting 11.37
you’ll remember one of one of Marina uh Rodriguez’s opponents is Yan Zhao Nan
you know so she’s absolutely fought some good Strikers but she’s also fought a
lot of good Grapplers has Marina Rodriguez but Marina is going to be the better distance Striker here it’s going
to be up to Watterson Gomez to find the path to Victory than most people have found against Marina and that’s getting
takedowns get her to the ground keep her there win minutes don’t strike with her
and don’t stay in the clinch with her because if you’re going to be in the clinch or a distance with Marina you’re
gonna have a bad time um that’s where she does her best work she’s mean in the clinch she’s got a
little bit of power at distance as well Gomez 37 years old but Marina not that
much younger she’s 36. so yeah the rematch that nobody asked for but you
gotta like Rodriguez here because Waterson Gomez doesn’t really have the tools to wrestle uh effectively at this
level and do it for a long period of time but this is a three-round fight and not a five round fight so she can get a
takedown in two out of three rounds she could be a live Underdog but I think that uh Marina Rodriguez is a pretty big
favorite here and it’s it’s for a reason she’s probably gonna win most of the minutes at distance striking range and
win this fight by decision my question is do you think this fight goes to decision
yes I do then that is terrifying laying minus 300 with these judges these
corrupt drunk judges I mean because even like the waterson’s last fight she
outlanded Panera in every single round and they scored it for Panero there is a close fight but my goodness I thought uh
Watterson did enough but yeah this should be um Rodriguez all day but in a fight that is going to go to the decision it would
kind of scare me to lay minus 300 here yeah that’s not a good idea you know uh
and and I mean like Rodriguez is good but she’s not exactly putting massive stamps on her wins you look at that Joe
Nam fight man that was close that could have went either way and even the Waterson Gomez fight 49 46 48-47 on one
of the cards so it wasn’t like you know she just absolutely destroyed her for five rounds was it was competitive so
yeah minus 300 she probably she probably cashes that bet but I think it’s very
unlikely that she looks minus 300. if Marina can’t beat Waterson she’s
never getting the title shot um yeah I don’t really see her getting a title shot I mean she lost to uh Amanda
lambush by knock I mean imagine what uh Tatiana Suarez would do to Marina Rodriguez
I mean it would be it would be it would be a bad time yeah that’s what she does the whole damn division Tatiana’s
wrestling my God is it good she is she is good she made uh Jessica and Josh looked like a bum her last time out no
man I know I know I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next I hope she stays healthy speaking of a bum Weezy I have
one question for you okay is Dan ige a
bum and actually I am joking I do like Bryce Mitchell here quite a bit but uh yeah Bryce Mitchell’s a pretty big
favorite in this one so I think a Danny gay is getting counted out a little bit but we’ll kind of talk about why so
Bryce Mitchell he’s 28 years old five foot ten with a 70 inch reach Dan ige 32
years old five foot eight with a 71 inch reach Bryce Mitchell four years younger Bryce Mitch with a three inch height
advantage and a one inch reach disadvantage Bryce Mitchell four and one in his last five fights he had a submission win
against Matt sales a decision win against Charles Rosa he had a decision win against Andre feely a decision
winning against Edson Barbosa and then a submission loss against Elia deporia as far as Dan ige
um two and three in his last five fights a decision lost to the Korean zombie decision lost to Josh Emmett decision
lost to most were ever the web a knockout win against Damon Jackson and then a decision win against Nate land
where so we use the highlight of my my 2023 thus far was actually on the first
card of the year and it was when Dan ige believe it or not was a pickum against
Damon Jackson let me repeat that Dan ige was a pick em against Damon Jackson a
lot of people expected Damon Jackson to do probably what Bryce Mitchell is going to do here
um but Dan eggy was able to take a massive step down in competition and knock him out and then he goes out there and knocks down Nate Lambert several
times get the decision win really good win like when Dan ige is losing fights he’s losing to very good Fighters like
the last three losses Emmett Korean zombie evaluev very good losses there but I think stylistically this is a
pretty tough match if we’re Dan ige we saw with Korean zombie was able to do and the Korean zombie is a guy that he
does have a black belt you know solid wrestling but that’s not really his game you know Korean zombie was able to go
out there take down Dan ige so I think a lot of people are kind of expecting uh you know Bryce mission to go out there
take down Dan ige and uh do that across 15 minutes and I I agree with that
um but this line is getting a little bit out of hand for my liking uh looks like Bryce Mitchell and it kind of pisses me
off a little bit that I saw Bryce Mitchell as a at a pickum a couple weeks ago and I was like yeah I like Bryce
Mitchell against Dan ige and now as we speak right here today Weezy Bryce Mitchell’s minus 200 I think Bryce
Mitchell is going to be a very very very popular play here and I think this line is only going to get wider I can’t get
there at minus 200 but I wish I would have gone on it a lot sooner but yeah I think Mitchell gets it done I know and I
I can’t I don’t know if I can trust Mitchell Weasley like his he kind of scares me a little bit like you know is
in his interviews apparently he’s going through some things right now with his ex-girlfriend um he kind of freaks me out a little bit
but um he’s a really good fighter he’s a really good fighter really good wrestler and I think he should get this this fight done and by decision but um I I
don’t know if I like minus 200 I think Danny is getting a little bit disrespected here because Danny is a very good fighter Wheezy what are your
thoughts in this match up here yeah this is a fun one man I’m not exactly sure which way to go because I mean like yeah
it’s it’s Striker versus Grappler look if this stays standing you know Mitchell’s head’s gonna get knocked into the third row if if my if Mitchell’s
getting takedowns every round you know he’s gonna put uh Dan ige in a lot of really bad spots here but I think
there’s a couple things that we can count on number one Danny Gay’s durability so if you’re on that Bryce
Mitchell side better by decision you know been in the win by decision don’t don’t think that
he’s going to go out there and finish Dan ige um and then also the on the other side you know you kind of got to feel like if
ige is stopping takedowns here you know uh and can we really count on Bryce
Mitchell’s wrestling like how is it how has it been tested right do we care that
he’s taking down math sales no do we care that he’s taking down Charles Rosa
literally maybe the worst takedown defense we’ve seen since Carlos Condit right no do we care that he’s taking
down Andre feelie do we care that he’s taking down Edson
Barbosa’s got 11 losses in the UFC and he’s been taken down a lot in those 11
losses so if Bryce Mitchell’s you know take down uh accuracy doesn’t hold up against Dan
ige here I think ige makes this look pretty easy you know but we’ve seen
ige’s defense it’s sitting at 57.5 takedown defense not that impressive
um he’s got 50 takedown attempts does ige and he’s only had 40 attempted against him yet he’s only winning 36
percent of the control time positions because that’s how you beat Danny gay you know you get him down and you win
the minutes there either that or you’re just like a way better Striker than him and you’re going to win the minutes at
range you know so we’ve seen ige lose to some really good competition but he’s beating solid guys too and really he’s
fighting the better level of competition overall in my opinion his wins are are
on par with Bryce Mitchells but uh you know the guys that ige is losing to
there’s five guys you know I mean they’re all top-notch featherweights
here well I don’t really know where Bryce Mitchell is I mean like one thing that we saw Bryce Mitchell early in his
career when he was fighting Moffat when he was fighting Tyler diamond is that you know you can out wrestle this guy
you’re gonna absolutely out wrestle Bryce Mitchell so I don’t know that I can count on his uh wrestling here to
win enough minutes to a avoid the big shock from ige because we know that hege’s got a ton of power or B do enough
damage when this fight is on the ground have enough submission attempts when this fight is on the ground to make up
for the fact that he won’t be doing the damage on the feet here so I think it’s a very close fight man and I think maybe
the plus money on e-game might be worth a look yeah maybe
um and one thing to kind of back up what you’re saying you know ige’s takedown defense on paper it does look pretty bad
right 56 57 but um none of those takedowns came against
Mozart evlev he’s very very good and uh three of those takedowns came from the
Korean zombie and then three of those takedowns came from rasad vectic who’s a very good wrestler as well so he’s
getting taken down by by very good wrestlers and like you said if Danny is able to keep this standing it’s it’s not even competitive at all
um although Bryce Mitchell hasn’t proved his striking a little bit but my goodness I mean Danny is a very very good striker
yeah Mitchell’s striking isn’t that bad that’s for sure it’s getting better it’s a work in progress but he’s a young man
you know he’s only 29 years old but yeah I feel for the kid you know uh dealing
with a psycho ex-girlfriend is bad enough but like you know when she’s destroying fruit trees that all those
fruit trees ever do to anybody now what kind of a person does that you know go
after him you know like and you know you don’t even have to hurt Bryce Mitchell Bryce Mitchell hurt himself that dude
put a power drill through his own nut sack you know I mean like why do you have to go out there and tear down his
fruit trees you know exactly that doesn’t make any sense I mean whoever this woman is it’s time for you to come
to your senses you know destroying fruit trees you know you’re going to regret that when you’re older
I agree it’s uh it’s disgusting behavior for sure but yeah so Bryce is he’s
dealing with that and like I said like some of these some of these interviews from from Mitchell really they terrify
me but um he’s a good fighter like I’m not even convinced he trains at this point if you look at his Instagram all
he’s doing is just like on the farm I think that’s his training just just on the farm planting tree I mean does this
guy even uh go to the gym I don’t I don’t know but you know whatever he’s doing it seems to be working because this guy has improved Leaps and Bounds
over the last several years yeah he has and I mean like farming is hard work so I mean like I think some of
these guys would rather be in a cage fighting than working on a farm for 16 hours man it’s not easy but yeah this is
gonna be a fun Fight Man totally Striker versus Grappler Bryce Mitchell only spends 29 of his UFC cage time at
distance striking range while ige spends about 70 percent of his time at distance
striking range so it’s going to be whoever wins that battle who wins the Battle of where this fight takes place
that’s the person that’s going to win the fight speaking of working on a farm who was
that uh that one fighter that you said just works on a was that Yankee we were
talking about yeah yeah it was young I I I just guessed it because it looks like she’s been pulling a plow for her entire
life you know so I mean I don’t know if she’s a farmer but that’s a farmer’s
body right there yeah she uh definitely and I think Ariana karnalosi as well
yeah yeah muscles you know it’s like you’re
pulling [ __ ] out of the ground in order to get trapezius muscles like that and it’s stuffed with roots I mean like
Yankee hee I think I think I heard that one of her jobs in China was actually pulling out tree stumps with her bare
hands yeah I I think so as well she’s she’s freaking me I’m gonna get this off the
screen you’re freaking me out we just lost half of our viewers yeah I know um it was because of uh Sunday Night
Football or Yanko he I’m kind of leaning towards young to be honest that was that was terrifying
it’s horrifying to look at I’m I apologize to the audience there but uh yeah so yeah good fight I’m
curious to see where this line goes like how big of a favorite is Bryce Mitchell going to get like
is Danny gay a bum I don’t know is the above we’ll see minus 200 for Bryce
Mitchell plus 169 for Danny gay actually it just changed so Danny gay is now plus
170. so that had been a little bit of buyback but yeah Bryce Mitchell minus 200 ige plus 170 currently and yeah
let’s see where this line goes throughout the week yeah fun fight really good co-main event there high level
all right uh who was the Chinese female fighter that you just showed is she that
was Yan pihi yeah yeah Chinese yeah yeah not North Korean Chinese yep definitely
definitely Chinese there all right uh so now
I can’t pull that up Dixon um so now we’ll move on to the main event of the
evening before we get into it if you guys have not already be sure to smash the like button we do appreciate that
here on Pub sports radio also do you want to shout out the weekly UFC pickums
contest go to Pub Sports ready to sign up it it is free to sign up 100 to First
and that is a weekly ongoing thing there but uh yeah we have the main event
Raphael fizzyev going against matteus gamron we got physio 30 years old five foot eight with a 71 inch reach gamerat
32 years old five foot ten with a 70 inch reach because the other two years younger fizzy with a two inch height
disadvantage and a one inch reach Advantage we got physiev who was four and one in his last five fights knockout
win against hoinato moycano decision win against Bobby green at knockout win against Brad Riddell uh knockout win
against Rafael dos anjos and then a decision loss to Justin gaichi as far as gamrod he has three and or four in one
in his last five fights submission win against Jeremy Stevens knockout win against Carlos Jacob Ferreira decision
winning against Armin sarukian decision loss against banil Darius and then a decision win against Jalen Turner in a
very close fight Wheezy solid main event here we have a Striker versus Grappler matchup although gamrock can very well
strike himself but I have a feeling he’s going to be trying to get this fight down to the mat here yeah he better he
better because uh you know you don’t want to stand in front of Raphael fizzy if you can’t help it and you know fizzy
of his seen his good share of takedown attempts he’s seen 41 takedown attempts in eight fights you know and he’s
showing 90 takedown defense and he’s being controlled only eight percent of
his UFC career um but you look at the last five he fought a hinato moyakano who was still
in love with the box at that point he fought Bobby green who doesn’t really wrestle he fought Brad Riddell who will
wrestle some but he’s not a wrestler uh he fought Rafael dosanjos in a five-round fight and saw a ton of
takedown attempts in that fight and then he fought Justin gaichi who doesn’t wrestle so
um this is like the first time that he’s not only going to see a wrestler but like not a 40 year old wrestler in um in
Los Angeles but a 32 year old wrestler in Matteo’s gamrod who’s attempting
14.32 take down attempts per 15 minutes so this guy gamrod will absolutely
commit to the wrestling and because of that it takes you into a different type of
fight a fight where your your conditioning which is predicting an 84
percent distance striking ratio here because that’s where fizzy of spending his time right even though he’s had 41
takedowns attempted against him he showed 90 takedown defense and he’s very proficient at keeping fights at distance
striking range where he does his best work but he’s never been tested like
he’s going to be tested this time right he saw a 19 takedown attempts
um against against Rafael dos anjos but gamrox attempted 82 takedowns in seven
fights and he’s attempting 14.32 per 15 minutes which means that he if he had
fought gamrod in a five-round fight he would have seen even more than 18 takedown attempts and like I say from a
much younger guy you know from a guy with a lot less miles on the tire and for and with the guy that’s uh actually
got much better boxing right now than than dos anjos does it distance so it’s an interesting fight
um both of these guys have fought a very similar level of competition the strength schedule stats don’t tell us
much but Mateus gamron has 26 takedowns and he’s allowed one you know and
Raphael fizziev has two takedowns and he’s allowed four so we know what this fight is gonna be this is this fight is
gonna be busy of with with Cam rot sniffing his crotch probably for about a
full 25 minutes here um probably going to be a really ugly fight Brady and I think this one goes to
decision um and I think that it’s just greasy
could be uh it could be greasy man um you know gamron it has been in some greasy fights Dixon asking big or a
small cage it is a small cage which in theory you would think that you know favors uh the gamron you know the
wrestler there and uh we got Marcus saying he loves gamerat in this spot at plus money I guess what um intrigues me
the most is the five round aspect of this fight because we have seen fizzy have slowed down in the past in three
round fights he really slowed down in that Bobby green fight and he got outlanded uh 50 or 66 to 43 in that
third round even slowed down in the DIA Casey fight he slowed down in a third round the Alex white fight I will say
his cardio did look better in the RDA fight but you know you know Matteo’s gamron is a much different animal at
this point of his career than uh than a 30 7 38 year old RDA and then his cardio
looked I’d say better in the Justin Gage if I didn’t look amazing but it looked better than it had so I think he has been working on that and I guess it all
comes down to whether or not physiov is able to stuff a lot of these takedowns I’m with you I feel like this could be like greasy I feel like you know
obviously fizzy has an incredible Striker but gamerat’s a very very good wrestler with really good cardio really
good toughness can go 25 hard so should be a very interesting fight um we take a look at the obviously that fizzy m is
currently minus 155. Matthias gamron is plus 135 I love the takedown defense of
physiov but you know I would like it a lot more for him if it was a three-round fight you know I think I could count on
him to win at least two of these three rounds the the five round aspect of things makes it a little bit more interesting because uh gamron is going
to be coming after him at a very high Pace at a very high wrestling Pace as well and we know gamron can do that for
25 minutes whereas with physio I’m not 110 sure so yeah interesting matchup what are your thoughts on the line with
fizzy of uh sitting at -1 55 something like that yeah I I think the values on gamrat here because we know that not
only can the guy wrestle but we can count on him to do it you know gam Rock’s not coming out here 32 years of
age being like I had such great striking in this Camp I think I’m going to test
it against fizziev you know we know that if we’re getting plus money on Mateo’s gamrod that he’s going to go out there
and be Mateus gamrod he’s not going to go out there and willingly box against Physio and you can just see it in the
stats Brady 14.32 takedown attempts for 15 minutes I mean every minute in a
fight this guy’s averaging just under one takedown attempt so I think he’s gonna be there I think he’s going to be
in on the hips of physio I think he’s gonna push a different type of fight that physio’s cardio uh is not as
equipped to handle right and if he does that I think it’s going to be very greasy and then and if the way that I
think the fight’s gonna play out does play out I think it goes to a very greasy decision then you just can’t
predict what the judges are going to do and by the way I just want to say one thing
the judge who got the main event right was Sal D’Amato now the motto had the
perfect scorecard in the main event last night and his scorecards have been beyond reproach lately I would there’s
nothing I’d love more than to just get in here and trash that guy sell the motto but frankly there’s been nothing
to trash lately maybe somebody in the chat can remind me something in the last three months that’s been pretty
egregious by him but um it’s been the other ones now it’s been the other judges that seem to be getting it wrong
yeah that is a good point you know Sal damada at one point it was like a Dela bird like what are you doing in dela
bird and then it was Sal de motto and now it’s uh it’s Mike Mike Bell it’s Mike Bell’s turn to go out there and
just some ridiculous scorecards and I think I think a Mike Bell I’m not mistaken might have scored the the
Holland fight for Holland which people might have
so uh so there’s there’s that I don’t know what this guy’s watching yeah yeah man but this is this is gonna
be a yeah it’s gonna be a close fight so I I like the plus money on gamron I think that’s the better side
um kind of like the plus money on eBay I think that might be my first moneyline bet here is to go with Danny ige to stop
the takedowns yeah and in hindsight you know Danny again could look like a really good bet
yeah I have nothing nothing yet no bets yet gonna take my time this week
um I’m not mailing it in but you know I’m gonna kind of take my time I have a lot more research to do uh crazy saying
don’t forget gamra took that Turner fight on 10 days notice he did he did um was in Canada sorting his Visa during
fight week not knowing whether he was going to fight and still beat a six foot three lightweight on a five fight finish
streak a very close fight there but yeah he went out there on short notice and looked looks all there uh why wouldn’t we have the same game
plan in this fight yeah he will for sure and like I said we know
he can do for 25 minutes we’re not sure if fizzlev can uh do it for 25. so I guess should be a good main event here
solid card I mean the first three cards are like I don’t know like tomorrow’s Vidal
Rendon inaway Goldie and then Collier Usman but after that it’s a pretty pretty good guard it’s uh yeah it is
there’s some really good matchmaking here um some fun fights like battle Fletcher like uh hamos versus Jordan Mitchell ige
the main event’s great and then it’s fat Collier fight week always entertaining fights with fat Collier heck yeah so
yeah really happy with the turnout tonight guys we had over 125 30 of venue here consistently which is awesome for
you know an apex card like this and then also on football Sunday I’m not even sure who’s playing tonight
um and I I don’t I don’t really care to be honest but uh you know football’s a really big thing this time of year
um but yeah easy we did it we went through all 11 fights um let the people know your plans for this week I think you’re gonna be mailing it in by I think
Tuesday right and then you’re heading to Greece yes I think I’m gonna try to do just the tip tomorrow night on my
YouTube channel uh and break down this full card because I leave for Greece around uh 3 P.M on Tuesday and I’ll be
there for almost two weeks so um yeah I mean like once Tuesday comes
around you know that your uncle Wheezy is mailing in the MMA content for the rest of the week it will be mailed in
you’ll receive it in six to eight weeks um and then after that yeah it’s gonna be a week off a well-deserved week off I
can’t wait for it uh 17 straight weeks something I never want to do again as a content creator it was an absolute grind
it was very difficult lost my dog in this time you know got had covered you
know it’s it’s and and this was our entire summer but we got great gigs man I love breaking down these fights you
know it’s still work at the end of the day but man we’re lucky to be having jobs like this where we can do things
that we love to do 100 man I wouldn’t want to be uh you know watching you know tomorrow’s Vidal
tape you know I mean I love it I love it every every single second of it but yeah 17 weeks Wheezy this is week number 17.
I didn’t think we’d get here uh but we got here and we’ve had a lot of success you know you’re having a good year I’m having a good year it’s been a good
summer of fights September’s been solved thus far and then we have 294 coming up
um mahatchiev and uh Charles Oliveira the rematch and then we have 295 which
is going to be potentially card of the year I mean the ticket prices are I’m assuming so did you see that the the
cheapest price for 295 was like 900 for like nosebleeds like 900 yeah
uh Madison Square Garden it’s like 950 for like the cheapest seat possible for 295. yeah that’s New York pricing for
you there I mean like you can get an apartment for fifteen hundred dollars in Manhattan where your only roommates will
be 340 Rats the size of your you know I mean like New York is Bonkers dude
yeah so we got the 295 card Jon Jones steepe fight um so that should be good
and uh yeah so looking to end the year strong but yeah nice to have a week off all right
um so yeah that is about it I’ll be getting out my Dana voice Contender series card sometime tomorrow I’m not a mailing it
in yet still got to do the contender series there and then I’ll get my full car breakdown video Tuesday or
wednesday-ish thank you all for watching like on your way out subscribe here to Pub sports radio and we will see you
back for stat diggers not next week but the week after that and then the drafting show on Wednesday Weezy will
not be here but we have Monk and Gordo as well best of luck guys and talk to you soon see you later

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