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In this article, we will be discussing the highlights of the Thursday Night Live Show with co-host JohnnyKpicks. The show covered various topics related to the upcoming UFC fights, including the highly anticipated match between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. Let’s dive into the details!

Valentina Shevchenko vs. Alexa Grasso

The hosts started the discussion by talking about the upcoming fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. JohnnyKpicks expressed his belief that Shevchenko would win the fight, while the other host had a different opinion. They debated the factors that could influence the outcome, such as age and skill level.

JohnnyKpicks argued that Shevchenko’s experience and well-rounded skills would give her the edge in the fight. He also mentioned that Shevchenko had been on a winning streak before her recent loss, which motivated her to come back stronger. However, the other host believed that Grasso had a chance to win the fight. He pointed out that Grasso had shown improvement in her grappling skills and had the potential to surprise Shevchenko.

The hosts also discussed the age factor and its impact on the fight. JohnnyKpicks mentioned that age shouldn’t be a determining factor in this fight, as Shevchenko had proven herself to be a dominant fighter despite being in her mid-30s. However, the other host believed that age could play a role in Shevchenko’s performance and that she might not be able to hold on to the title for much longer.

They also touched upon the UFC’s preference for younger champions and the potential impact it could have on the fight. While JohnnyKpicks believed that the UFC didn’t care about the age of the champion and that it would be a win-win situation for either fighter, the other host thought that the UFC might favor a younger champion to promote the sport in certain regions.

The hosts then discussed the decline in Shevchenko’s performance in her recent fights. While JohnnyKpicks acknowledged that there had been a slight decline, he still believed that she had what it takes to beat Grasso. He also praised Grasso for her performance in her previous fight and acknowledged that she had the potential to win.

The discussion continued with the hosts mentioning other fighters in the flyweight division and their potential to challenge Shevchenko. They also talked about the upcoming Bellator fights and the talent in that promotion.

In conclusion, the hosts had differing opinions on the outcome of the Shevchenko vs. Grasso fight. While JohnnyKpicks believed that Shevchenko would come out on top, the other host thought that Grasso had a chance to win. They discussed various factors such as age, skill level, and the UFC’s preference for younger champions. Overall, it was an engaging discussion that highlighted the excitement surrounding the upcoming fight.

what is up everybody it’s Cody with blood Money MMA bets and I’m here
with my boy Johnny K Pitts how you doing Johnny feeling great got my beer in my hand
wait there it is ready to talk some fights and win some money um we were talking backstage a little
bit this is a tough card to bet on actually and I’m not really feeling super confident in a lot but hey we’ll
find some spots for you guys yeah man it’s uh it’s definitely a tough one like I mean they just keep giving us cards
that have 11 fights and nine of them or minus 500 so you and then not only that
a lot of them even on the um over unders are like mine is 250. like what what are
you supposed to bet that in The Bookies you see the the Cortez Jasmine over two and a half is like almost minus 500.
The Bookies make all their money off parlays and they’re just trying to push you into them like literally push you
into them it’s hard to find any like even money even on like over unders
um money lines anything but we’re still gonna find some good spots and we’re gonna we’re gonna kill it this week hell
yeah let’s see what uh we’re gonna say what’s up to everybody in the chat and we’ll
get right into this man I’m just tired bro I woke up I get up at 2 50 in the morning and then I didn’t even get home
until 6 15 no dinner no nothing so schedule
I will tell you that uh what is up shady is in the house man this is my dude
right here actually I’m going to show everybody a painting like that he sent me sent me a painting it’s freaking cool
as hell yeah I didn’t know what I got it yesterday and I opened it it’s freaking
Shady appreciate you coming out he said cook your dick it’d be a small meal oh
man I’m probably gonna get a yeah dude I don’t know what it is but
YouTube keeps demonetizing all my live videos but I think it’s maybe a few [ __ ] or something I don’t know I keep
doing it yeah but I know when I do them though like literally we don’t do anything different and mine are fine I
don’t know why I know the last I think two of them last two but not I don’t know about me and you bro I can’t remember about our Thursday night it’ll
be awesome Shady we appreciate you coming out supporting here Twitter everywhere man you’re awesome dude
Dick’s insider he said Cody bro I just got stung by a freaking bee in the ear what that sounds terrible
I hope that gets better than Dixon we don’t get like cauliflower ear or anything like that you might end up
looking telephone out of it dude going to the bar there you go and just start picking fights with everybody and just be like they’ll be like
chill yeah Shady Jenna Pat everybody everybody will show up now I’ll be here
The Usual Suspects uh this is a family-friendly show let’s 9 16 Dave what is up man he said lots of
heavy favorites on this card wondering who the parlay Buster will be it could be a couple of them man there could be
like two but then I could also I got one I got one that’s gonna happen we’ll talk about we’ll talk about it the parlay Buster it’s gonna be one I’ll tell you
how do we get there this is just it’s just gotta be Dave we appreciate you coming out grateful dude in the house
what is up grateful Duty son let’s go let’s go man appreciate you coming out like seeing all this stuff great for
dude post on Twitter all the time kiwi Brew what is up he said sure I’ll cheer all what is up man um appreciate you
coming out every single week too hanging out with us um can’t wait to see who everybody’s got on some of these I want
to see who’s who’s got some good underdogs this week because man this is a pretty crazy weird car to bet that’s
files dads and kiwi grew all at once what is up he said hey Eli Daddle has
Rosa sub uh 4.50 yeah
plus 350 for us that’s huge because he’s uh it’s minus 210 on yeah at the casino
I just went to yeah let’s see Reese what is up he said
what’s up everybody said I feel a chewy bet coming on you already know between Tony and Johnny you already know hey
I’m ready I’m ready for it I’ve been waiting all week practicing yeah yeah
it’s gonna be a good one um I think they got KO at uh 140 or 130 sub at four yeah
yeah yeah because yeah they make that up yeah exactly they have paid out on Gray
bets before worth insta yeah it’s definitely worth checking out John I know they messed up what’s up I was
gonna say they messed up one time on on um I think it was a Joseph Holmes Versus uh that bald guy that he actually beat
and they messed up the line in madowski yeah and they they messed it up and and
I took advantage of it it was it shouldn’t have been like plus 250 or something it should have been like plus 150. but I mean that’s huge it is
big big difference man Jenna Marie said Shady what’s up what is
up Jenna we really appreciate you coming out every freaking Thursday hanging out always boys uh real fight picks mptv
said God Thursday Night Live family in that order and God I mean MMA Jesus hey
okay we appreciate you coming out too every single Thursday night you’re supporting us coming with the good jokes
man that’s awesome just my two cents what’s up he said what’s up blood Money uh what’s up Johnny what’s going on man
we appreciate it spending the Thursday night man we only got two more days before this fight card
starts at like 7 P.M uh Eastern yeah six o’clock my time so yeah Jenna said what’s up
excited for the ladies rematch it’s gonna be a good one it’s gonna be a good one I mean Grassroots you know what I mean but
uh CJ UFC picks Cody must have forgot who the goat is
I just remember the last two fights as well uh she is good baby goat I mean she
ain’t Amanda you know she’s like I said the Flyway goat okay I’ll give you that one but if you can think about it man
she’s just beating up a bunch of terrible people she’s like the Anderson Silva champ man she just didn’t have no I mean
Lauren Murphy Lauren that’s who the UFC’s gonna give her I mean come on
that sounds good and a 13-week winning uh Street coming for your boy let’s go
unlucky number 13 though man that’s where I I get past the good you and
everybody check out uh CJ UFC picks on Instagram Twitter and YouTube putting out great bets
um man I haven’t been able to watch anybody’s stuff at all at work I have no internet whatsoever like the only time
is when I walk out to my car on a break and then I get like 12 minutes
yeah I got to watch a couple but not much tell you that this week has been crazy for me too so yeah Houdini beats
in the house so what’s up guys what’s up Houdini yeah Tracy is the Buster uh
parlay Buster Tracy but yeah I mean I think she’s gonna buff too
they’re going to be split on Cortez and Jazz do your Jazz your vicious yeah
maybe gonna be a close fight yeah it really is Trace Cortez talked about a
surgery and a recovery time before getting back in the gym this year she missed weight for the Kish fight too
which is suspect because she’s not big for that division she used to put in like 135 she is a lot of trouble making
125. um let’s see yeah yeah uh bunny hunter in the building what is up bunny Hunter
he said plus 7.5 on the Vikings um it will be a close game it might beat
Philly you can do a light sprinkle on the over 48.5 I like the over live bet
to get more more of a cushion oh yeah yeah it’s like so is Minnesota oh yeah yeah they could win that outright yeah I
like the over a lot I think both teams are going to score at least 20 20 points so and you know one team’s gonna score
like 28 so yeah yeah Robert in the building New York Robert what is up he
said just round out Saturday card is free let’s go yup yeah honestly this card’s pretty better than
293. yeah likewise I mean I’m looking forward to more like fight wise not bets
but fights I think there’s more better fights on this one than the other one oh but and Robert I didn’t dude I’m so
tired and my brain is not working I’m trying I’m telling it thank you for the donation dude I don’t know I don’t know
how I missed that I didn’t even see it lit up but thank you so much donation man um it’s awesome uh you don’t have to
do it but we really really appreciate it man and um yeah man save money on that card on uh
what are the UFC’s like 80 bucks now yeah terrible James and Amy what is up hi
guys joining you from work today Strickland was easy money he really was it really was I had to under I wish you
would have knocked him out in the first round like he was real close to stopping him too like so close like dude I had
three unders on the last card all three of them had knocked down and uh almost like a fight ending sequence in the
first round of all of them and then I’m just like watching the rest like oh my God but James appreciate you hanging out
and um watching watching what you can from work man that’s awesome I bet she cleaned up on Strickland that was that
was easy money but 400 or more yeah when it’s a tight fight can’t pick a winner I
like betting on uh the over rounds or no not going the distance yep I love that
too but on this man you can’t even uh you can’t even um mines are crazy yeah
even though over under bro I guarantee there’s like what three or four under 1.5s that are like minus 200 or more for
dudes like I could think of at least three off the top of my head right now under one and a half sir two minus 200
or more there’s one that’s almost minus 300 for the under oh
yeah they need to start putting together some good fights instead of just like yeah because it’s more of these are just
like one-sided it but dude I was literally gonna put in
something on Twitter saying here’s my Bellator parlay of the week and just do it right I was gonna do that it legit is
dude it really it is it really is it’s every week and but like I said like some of these people like you Padilla he’s
good but like I gotta see more out of him like he knocked out Juicy J but um like uh foreign
by putting guys at minus 400 so you’re like [ __ ] I can’t just straight bet him I got a part of a and like they want you
to do that but um not that confident on them to be honest not at all like I just need to see more
because Kyle Nelson’s experience and he ain’t really junking we’ll get we’ll get to that one yeah that one I’m telling
you telling you I made it if just in time I think you made it just on time
pick them we really appreciate you coming oh he said I am tired of this card it will be a great night of fights
yup 100 man it’s gonna be a good um it starts a little a little later which is
cool c-dub well ESPN plus yearly cost um yeah somewhat yeah it’s like yeah
like five bucks a month
what’s up Jaden what is going on he said what’s good crazy Strickland shocked the
world he really did yeah you did I’m happy he won to be honest like I lost money I I I had a winning or a losing
night because of him but hey
but like I said I had the under four and a half but you could tell kind of like after the first round it really wasn’t
going to go under but it was still just shocking seeing that I do like the over as well I’m looking at that
minus 140 it’s not too bad minus one and a half yep pink over under
so hard to get value on this car but these juice faves really should win anyone else have a third of their bets
on multi-leg parlays and happy birthday Pink Floyd too I believe it was yesterday the birthday bro happy
birthday if you know me and follow me on Twitter you know I’m I have at least half of my bets are parlays and then
this is the card for it to be honest um I have to pay or Fight Pass yeah I do too or yeah I
pay for Fight Pass freaking ESPN okay so is this one on just straight ESPN then is that why it’s free yeah I think it’s
on regular yes oh okay I have ESPN plus I I just watch it on there so that’s a chainco curse bro she’s getting it she’s
like she’s got the EA class too baby don’t worry about that they Madden this
ain’t Madden Curse [ __ ] no we’re past we’re past the eight minute Mark Cody
the first fight that I have for it is Josephine marnick Man vs Josephine
Newton Knutson um you can set this one yeah um I like Josephine here to win I know
both ladies are making their UFC debuts and they’re actually both making their debuts kind of on short notice I believe
man is making hers on more of a short notice because a lot of fights this card have been like fizzled out or people got
heard or withdrew this and that and they’ve been switching around a lot early on but um I like Josephine a lot I
think she’s got uh she’s got very good at striking she’s a solid Grappler she’s more so a kickboxer though she looked
really good on her Dana White Contender series and I I was actually kind of shocked that she didn’t get a contract I
know she didn’t get a finish but she dominated that fight the whole time and I mean for strawweight women like
there’s not really like a lot of finishing people out there so I mean she
looked really good she showed some grappling she showed very good striking toughness and she won and I thought she
should have deserved a contract but anyways Mary McMahon I mean she’s solid too but I just don’t think she’s on the
level of uh Josephine right now so I’m gonna get say Josephine wins this one
probably by decision and I’m kind of shocked I’m looking at the over two and a half and I think it’s
around like minus 160 180 and um I think that’s actually a pretty good bet both these girls I know man has like three or
four finishes but they’re in like in first three fights of her career against really low people they’ve all they’ve
only fought low-level people but um Josephine should be able she’s tough and but she only has one finish in her
career too so I mean I love the over in this if you don’t want to pay that minus 500 uh money line because she should win
probably 30 27 so I think it’ll be by decision yeah um
yeah I like uh uh Josephine striking man she’s got like a tiny kick of kickboxing and Muay Thai experience she looks super
physically strong has really good combinations good lead leg senior kick uh the Isis girl in the face right off
the bat really strong clinch and then she has pretty decent like offensive and defensive grappling and pretty decent
BJJ off her back for sweeps and to get up um Mark McMahon decent wrestling her
striking doesn’t seem all that great she doesn’t seem all that comfortable on her feet but she’s pretty good wrestling pretty good top game um I don’t think
she’s that dangerous on the ground as far as in submissions or anything like that she’s got a decent grounding him but um yeah overall I just think that uh
she she’s gonna she wants to wrestle get you know hold the girls down beat him up a little bit and I don’t think she’s gonna be able to do that in this fight
like she’s going to be like Josephine uh Newton uh isn’t all that big but she’s
gonna actually be bigger than her in this fight I think Josephine uh three inches yeah Newton or Newton whatever is
going to actually she can land some takedowns I watched Martin get taken down in on her last fight and then she
got she lost the first round came back and won the second uh second and third but it was against the girl that was like seven and five or seven and six you
know um give me Newton and I kind of like that under too man I really think that
she can you like the under I like the over well just because um the fact that I think that if she can
keep it standing I think that she could beat the hell out of marnik because like the last girl she almost finished that Isis Vander vent verbique or whatever
and that girl was like a world like a Muay Thai and a kickboxer yeah she was very tired of that by yeah yeah yeah and
I don’t think that morning man’s near as tough as the Isis girl and if she can’t get this fight to the ground um I think
she’s gonna take a beating so I was I was looking at that under I couldn’t bring myself to bet it but um can’t
blame anybody that did but this is a bad price yeah uh pick up MMA so she thinks she
can find a stoppage on the feeder I tend to agree with that yeah I mean I mean thinking about it now in our dating like
a tennis series fight like you said that girl was super tough I don’t remember her name yeah she probably like any normal
fighter like she probably would touch the finish out of uh yeah plus
124 right now the under the over is minus 160.
so more money is coming in on the under so I thought I had that wrote down
but yeah yeah um as like with the bed I liked than that one but yeah uh Jaden said Josephine
looked crazy good on the Kentucky yeah she did I was shocked she didn’t get a contract
uh nutsified I met the unders at plus 155 I think new Newton should finish her
here I agree with that does that’s a good line man has horrible striking defense for me uh to go on yeah pink
said on Newton’s tape study is super fun happy she got in the UFC and even more happy she’s not facing the L asthma
lucindo that was going to be a crazy fight yes Carlos gotta go with uh newts
by decision no bet though on this lower level of women MMA fight yeah she’s minus 700 at my Casino or 600. let me
see where she’s at now 600 minus 600. yeah I think yeah um if you didn’t get a contract then
they don’t like Contender series because she didn’t finish I think she would look for the finish in this baby yeah that makes sense I mean she was close though
and she showed like a good overall game like to me like if you sh if you yeah I don’t
even want to get into it Dana messed up on Dana messed up on that one because I can go on about it because I just think
at that time he literally gave contracts to everybody and then this was the one I’m gonna be a stickler yeah it’s like
what that’s not that’s you gave other people a contracts that shouldn’t have got it yeah
like like you put two world-class kickboxer and Muay Thai girls against each other they’re both from Europe both
top the like what you thought one was gonna finish the other like they’re both good they’re both tough exactly uh my
two cents said bunny Lebowski AKA fun uh fun newts and by TK oh I like it I like
it she is really polish training with comz out in them um verbique is a glory okay sir yeah
both of them though both of them got kickboxing and Muay Thai experience though the contender girls
um dad’s file said I got the unders in loopy fight as well that’s a sneaky
under I don’t know I agree with that um man looks so stiff when she fought on
Dana White Contender series and then she fought on Regional can and LFA and lost the first round got taken down and
controlled herself you know uh yeah yeah more money coming in on the under a
bookie’s dream so they can pay out on the over 2.5 through that dirty roads minus 160 for
the over though oh yeah yeah pick up said yeah she should have been signed for sure Dana’s we’re especially
a girl fighter like that the other girl could probably come fight in UFC and put on some good fights yeah probably
yeah compared to it like what they got I mean definitely Martin she’s better than
Martin man I think the Isis for Beaker would be oh yeah man that could have just ran that fight back oh exactly next
fight another one in the women’s trolley division Lupita godinez versus Elise Reed I’m gonna start this one Lupita
godina’s very improved striking her boxing’s looking better she had decent kicks even um really boxed up Emily decody in her
last fight and looked decent against uh what Cambio and then um I’m no wrestling when
she uses it and really goes after she’s got really good wrestling she’s got a good body lock takedowns on the ground
she’s got good good transitions good ground and pound um we haven’t really seen no good
submissions out of her yet she almost submitted uh Ariana carnelosi a couple times almost grounded pounding her out
but she’s a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and actually was able to survive um then you got Elise Reed who’s a
Taekwondo background girl she’s got decent punches decent power in her punches decent head kicks like front leg
head kick that’s what she hit uh Melissa Martinez with dropped her and she’s got pretty good striking really good
striking you know but I just don’t think she has any ground game like her her takedown defense isn’t all that great and then her Jiu Jitsu isn’t all that
great you got um she was she was finished by uh Sam Hughes who doesn’t finish anybody you know what I mean and
that was later in the third round then she was finished by um Loma look boomi who doesn’t get
finished by or doesn’t finish anybody she’s a monster though yeah she’s a Muay Thai and she submitted
um I just see this fight going I actually think because like Lupita even in the fights that she didn’t get to take down
she at least attempted a couple and I think if she attempts a couple here she’s gonna be able to get read down and
then she’s going to be able to throw a beating on her man I think she does get her out of here and I was at the kiosk and I had that uh put in for the um
godina’s under I must bet that today at plus 165. but I think you gotta look like one like her last one
like 10 over the last 11 fights have gotten a decision though dude like she’s not finishing anybody and then not only
that but when I look for a under man I like both people to be finishers you know what I mean I don’t think that
Elise reads has any chance to finish at Lupi unless she hit her with some crazy head kick so but um give me Lupita
godina’s I do think she finishes at least read at least Reed’s been finished in all three of her losses I think it
continues here and kind of mad I didn’t bet that but who do you guys yeah I’m on Lupita loopy um she should
win this fight on paper she’s the better fighter overall I even like her striking a little bit better than Reed like uh
loopy shows some really good boxing crisp like straights right down the middle good Combos and everything but I
just want her to implement a freaking good game plan because it bothers the
hell out of me that she only does one thing or the other and like she just sticks to it she’ll try a couple
takedowns and if she doesn’t get she’s like all right I’m just gonna strike like no you gotta if if you’re if your
opponent can that stuff take downs and she just miraculously stuffed too then you need to keep going you need to keep
doing it because she’s a very good wrestler and and she’s becoming a very good Striker as well so now she needs to
put together all of this together and I want to see it in this fight um I don’t have any bets on this fight
but um I don’t mind the under I think if loopy does get the wrestling going and
she gets this on the ground I do think she’ll be able to get like a ground impound knockout or maybe a submission
because Rita has no idea what to do when she’s on her back at all she can’t get up and she doesn’t know what submission
defense is at all so but if loopy wants to make this a boxing fight
or a kickboxing fight that’s where Reed’s good at so not to say that Reed’s gonna win but it’s going to be a closer
fight so to me like I’m just going to stay away I do think she wins and she should dominate this fight but I just
have to see it in my mind in my eyes that loopy can put it all together and
have a good game plan coming into this fight and then execute it as well maybe if things don’t go too well I want to
see it because I’ve been burned a couple times by her because she’s been you know crazy not doing something so I think
loopy wins though I’m gonna say by decision because she just doesn’t finish people whether it’s on the ground or whether
it’s on the feet so but she should win dominantly 30-27 like clear decision
though definitely dude shout out to Mario’s for the super sticker foreign
five thousand or something like that this weekend bam something big yeah something real big maybe oh yeah it was
like that’s awesome so appreciate the donation appreciate it you win another seven Grand this weekend
um or five to seven yeah something big four thousand or seven thousand something like that so um that’s a lot
yeah dude that’s a whole lot of the matter four seven that’s a lot for me so much um and appreciate this donation
so much and I’m and more than that is just you coming out every single week and hanging out with us hell yeah commenting with us and um
damn this Show’s brought to you by Marriott at this point yeah keeping the lights on oh yeah pick them MMA he got
the W said uh Dennis what is up so let’s go Jess oh man appreciate you coming out
hanging out with us on your Thursday night um Mario I’ve said Cody and Johnny I did
crazy last week thank you for the uh for your expertise plus 50 I was right in
the middle of four thousand seven thousand 500 bucks oh yeah oh dude that
is a that’s a giant win that is a giant one I ever win that
but that’s shout out to Mario I was a man killed it 5500 last week that is
awesome uh Pete Freud said I smashed chalk on loopy she spent these last fights striking and improved a lot yep super
well-rounded he should win he should win pink she should predominantly and just showing the Striking and win a striking
match and then this doesn’t finish anybody that’s when I I would be so mad if I had a ticket on loopy if she came
out there and won the box I’m like I would just throw my ticket up in the air and be [ __ ] this yes and Mary I was
married I was awesome that is awesome go loopy by sub for John can happen it
could happen yep if loopy gets her down she can finish she will oh yeah I believe she will because because Reed
gives up and she runs out of gas uh Luke can’t even finish a dollar menu burrito from Taco Bell that’s true she does not
finish anybody she finished uh Gomez but that’s it with that arm bar everybody finishes Gomez with an arm bar
though yeah true that true that she doesn’t like the wrestle anymore it is weird yeah that’s the thing and that’s that’s
what I’m kind of scared about not to say she’s gonna lose but I lay in it Manuel Miguel what is up says
she only wrestles with her coach Wayne Queen that’s what it is yeah she can throw hands
she’s not awful but she gets real cocky and then like she like standing up
should we talk [ __ ] and all that and then when she gets taken down she’s like folds man nope oh Jason that sounds like
something I wouldn’t even get through I won by
um nice hat Johnny says uh any action well it is what it is
it’s a Chicago Bears if nobody knows what this is and the Chicago Bears are probably one of the worst NFL teams ever
and I’m I made some very poor choices in my childhood I’m a White Sox fan I’m a
Chicago Bears fan and they’re and they’re awful and I it hurts my heart to
watch them but I’m still rooting for them I’m 38 years old I’m not changing now been fan for 30 years or more
it’s just one of those things you can’t change but you gotta go and then right after like the good Chicago team so it’s
like I was one years old I was one year old when they won the Super Bowl last year it’s awful sense in baseball you
have Freight TT there for a little while well I’m glad the Sox won in 2005 because I was 21 years old and I could
remember it so at least I got that going for me but man they’ve been awful ever since that though yeah for sure John
hago said watch him from Sweden that’s awesome I want to visit there Iceland Sweden all that um
baby Yoda bets what is up baby Yoda I was just looking at my I didn’t drive my
girlfriend’s truck to work today my car’s getting worked on and um she had a baby Yoda thing on the keys I was
walking looking at that today I said baby uh let’s see uh I was only put shoot
plus three units last week is good man plus anything on that card going with loopy here you’re gonna have a massive
wrestling advantage and read it reads kind of will she wrestle though is the question she could look minus 1000 or
minus 150. Anthony Rivera Medina what is up he said my biggest bet card of the
whole year confidence let’s crush it let’s go man here we go
um MMA says if Izzy had won I would have seen I would have been plus 14 units
last weekend that might have been up to but I couldn’t believe it man I’m okay with losing one unit to see Sean
Strickland win believe that either I know it’s just it’s crazy who’s he gonna fight next probably Izzy again or freaking no no
probably uh drikis those are the two people that they need
to choose from Yo Phantom smigo what’s up so what’s up boys let’s win some money this weekend let’s go we’re gonna
get it we’re gonna tell you um let’s see uh I got some good spots this weekend and we’ll live that you
know uh any action sportscast also everybody check out any action sportscast Channel look up his YouTube
channel that’s it right there subscribe right there any action sportscast look it up give them a subscribe man he’s
really good him and his boy put into work every single week for a long time and really deserve the the subscriptions
and um the views because they do good work so check them out said loopy good bets and everything follow them for
college football get started up he’s just great he’s a great Iowa predictor I
will football he knows everything about Iowa football everything yeah no [ __ ] why do you like why do you like Iowa
football I don’t know but he knows he wins every freaking week okay you’re good at badnam there you go bet in that
big ten or what’s it called the Big 12 now yeah big 10. yeah well they have like 14 teams in the Big Ten but that
doesn’t make any sense I know but yeah ever made Jesus in the house
Mr 8K in the house what up 17 nicknames yeah everybody check out MMA jesus420 on
Instagram Twitter and YouTube because he’s always putting out good work man and um give them some subscribe some
follows give them everything man he’s putting in a ton of work in the community too bunny Hunters thank you
bears for swapping picks and letting us turn off Jalen Carter and everybody’s giving you know what Deb did picture I
hated I hated that I wanted Jalen Carter yep excellent call last week Dev on uh
pick and Sean you were one of the few you know that was out there putting your name on it so congratulations on that MMA Jesus 420. John says under if you
guys come to Sweden maybe on UFC Sweden that would be awesome that would be even better that would be I if I if I end up
on that side of the world we’re gonna watch a UFC together and I really plan on ending up on that
I said [ __ ] I usually don’t win and even I won 110 on DraftKings let’s go that’s
a good win on DraftKings that’s a good win it’s hard I did one lineup on DraftKings with like whatever uh daily
fantasy or whatever and I I won like like double my money because I freaking picked Anton and they was the one that
ruined it remember I kept posting him like who’s gonna ruin this who’s gonna ruin it he freaking he ruined it yeah
for sure all right let’s get to this next fight Roman copy love versus Josh
Brown and I’m gonna let you start this one yeah uh I am all over Roman copy love here I think he is I don’t like the
I don’t like to use the word lock a lot but he is very close to that this is
this is like the very close to the L word of the of the car and I think he’s
gonna he’s he’s gonna destroy from from is okay but he’s not he’s he’s just okay
he’s like average everywhere and copy love is a very good Striker he’s got good power in his hands he’s got great
takedown defense uh frem doesn’t have a great wrestling to get copilob down and
then on the feet Prem does has no chance on the feet so I love copy love here I think he gets it done by knockout
eventually whether it’s going to be second round it could be first but I say second round maybe or early third round
um the only thing that I that could worry me is if friend somehow gasses him
out early on and then maybe he kind of falters a little bit but I don’t think that’s gonna happen because I think
friend is probably going to be the one gassing out first not Kobe lops so give me copy I’ll have to win second round
knockout I have him in a parlay I I think he’s literally probably the safest bet even even like the set in the minus
700s minus 600s I think this is the safest bet on the target
yeah man I agree with all that um Josh Brown just really ain’t that good you know he didn’t come from mixing martial
arts Jimmy picks yeah he’s just a big dude um decent kickboxing like he’s decent everywhere but not great anywhere
he’s not good wrestling he doesn’t have great Jiu Jitsu he doesn’t have great striking um I don’t think he’s gonna be able to
get copying off to the ground Capital has been training in Dagestan and he’s been looking really good with it like he
was beating the [ __ ] out of Puna Soriano he’s a state wrestler in Hawaii and he attempted a couple takedowns and
copyright’s hips looked excellent like I said he’s been he’s an excellent kickboxer that actually moved to
Dagestan the train there to get his wrestling and stuff better so I really like hopping off his striking’s
phenomenal dude Southpaw striking his jab is crazy yeah crazy leg kicks with with both legs
um crazy head kicks crazy left body kick it’s basically a giga kick man um the dude’s good and he’s he’s super
technical is is cardio he trains up in Dagestan like I said he’s like 6 000 feet up so his cardio is better take
down defense is good like Josh Bramley ain’t getting this fight to the ground he couldn’t take Jamie pick it down he was oh for three on eight thousand Jamie
Pickett um slowed down against Jamie Pickett didn’t even beat I know he missed wait but still you it doesn’t matter you
should destroy Jimmy Pickett yeah cop a lot man um he’s gonna be a lot faster than from striking slow as hell man he’s
he’s got bad defense like copy love can take frem down you know if he really wanted to he reversed Soriano and took
him down stopped to take down and then took him down but um yeah man uh I’m all over Capital off
here I actually put in my first max bet of five units 5.2 units doing two on Capital got him at minus 260. I ain’t
been parlaying but I’m like man I’m I’m I’ll pay the chalk on that because it was you know minus three something yet
but I just don’t think he’s good at minus 300 some because I just think he’s better than Josh Brown to ever say yeah
he’s minus everyone minus 310 right now and I still think that’s low I think he should be at least minus 400 at least
yeah for sure dude uh so yeah you got any bets on him
yeah I have him in a parlay um uh with someone coming up here and I
put about I put two units on that parlay I’m pretty confident in it yep yeah man um I think you can put them
with whoever on this one um but yeah everybody uh jumbo locals today guys sorry I’m late you’re good
man he said I’m at work but I couldn’t miss two weeks in a row so I’m here man and Grosso I like it yeah I think you
got marnick man is a big Underdog and grass was the underdog appreciate you sneaking off at work and or getting the
earbuds in just to listen to us jumbo Loco we really appreciate that dude for real and you’ve been coming out for years too so we love it everywhere Roman
loses I might disappear until the next year Roman should be minus 600. those are the facts yeah I agree those are the
facts how do you not submit pick it or at least don’t have a close fight with picking
and I was like this is crazy it’s Jamie Pickett yo Mikey my boy Mike Chef Mikey what is
up he said we have a we have 300 big ones on copy Loft that’s a ton for me oh yeah sure you got it dude we’re casting
over that’s Nike cash
unfortunately I am and they suck I know they’re awful but this is the hat that
is was chosen for this week uh pickum said his facial expressions never change
when he gets hit got a solid chin he does because uh Roberto cracked his ass dude he looked just fine yeah yep yep
he’s probably so he’s paraled he moved to minus 375 and then line movement break down to minus 320 I’m shocked yeah
some people I mean they must think that I’m just gonna wrestle him I’m not I’m not afraid to put more money down and
just do another parlay with copilov if he’s gonna stay around -300 but by the end of the week
Newton seemed pretty decent um yeah I know yeah easy love is definitely the play Daniel cover what is
up said yo yo what is up Daniel covert man appreciate you coming out hanging out with us again
um Jake Fagan said this card feels like it’s all about
um successfully identifying a couple of parlay bus dodged a lot landmines Mia has diggles in the house Mia has Giggles
what the heck is going on okay wait a couple of comments down why is she dragging on Johnny K
please yeah that’s that’s support I don’t see that
my girlfriend ever coming out here I mean and there’s nothing you know come
on man uh Pink Floyd said um with how Juiced
all the other lines are wise Ramen exactly because he’s actually fighting a UFC caliber dude
um I put 500 on the all Mexican parlay who’s all in all Mexican War a lot of them right right I literally
all of them yeah a couple that may lose though yeah that’ll pay out a lot though
um should be a fun car I appreciate you coming out Ryan as always the Highland decision I like where you’re at with
that Daniel I like where you’re at copy love plus the Huber is my favorite part of layout it’s my guy right there that’s
my guy you know I live I live up by Great America
I’ll buy you a beer nice what is that the park it’s a little bit north of
Chicago a little bit north of Chicago okay yeah you have to yeah I got five
straight bets man straight as they come you watch yourself Daniel Daniel it’s
easy um
impressive stuff I’m waiting for it to hit minus 300 then laying the bread now it gets back down to 260. mine is 310
right now I’m telling you it’s not the roll if you like some if you like a fighter throw a copy lab in there plus
money easy with any of them jumbo says I’m a restaurant manager so I can hide airpods
heck there you go heck yeah we do appreciate everybody like we get a couple people at work that have to speak
them in just to listen to us and do that that supports what’s awesome that keeps us doing the job doing this every single
week scared about assertive wedding definitely it’s a possibility minus 125 I like it Yep this should be
an easy one men’s lightweight Charlie Campbell vs Alex Reyes I’ll let you start this one yeah let me get there
real quick where are you sure um Charlie Campbell is making his UFC debut I know it’s going to be a little
bit on short notice but Alex Reyes is coming off of a six-year
layoff guys he hasn’t fought in six years I know there’s been some surgeries and uh injuries and stuff like that
um but this is a Charlie Campbell fight I don’t care either coming in a short notice
picking his UFC debut you cannot trust Alex Reyes one bit after six years away
you know in the first round he’s not gonna really he’s not gonna remember how
to fight until probably the third round that’s how long it’s gonna take for him to get back in the swing of things like
I don’t care if he’s been training for six years if you you have to get in there and actually do it Charlie
Campbell is actually very good he did kind of get a little too cocky and
aggressive and try to go for the kill against Chris Duncan in the Dana White Contender series but he’s very good very
clean striking very with power through with tons of volume um I mean obviously he’s a little
hittable but Reyes isn’t going to be able to knock him out I don’t think so he’s Reyes is 36 years old now
from what I’ve seen from him six years ago he is well-rounded but you you can’t
really go off of any of that because it’s that far off of what he used to be
so Carly Campbell is the pick he should get the knockout in the first or second round I mean it’s it’s almost a
no-brainer but I still like Kobe a lot better than Charlie Gamble yeah yeah I agree with all that man um
Charlie Campbell’s got some good hands dude this kid can box he’s a Sarah Longo guy he’s got pretty decent offensive
defensive wrestling and pretty good ground and pound and uh Jiu Jitsu from what I’ve seen good leg kicks and just
super fast hands KO power in both hands excellent um one two he’s got phenomenal
uppercuts he’s seen him cracking uh uh what was the dude’s name on the contender series before he got knocked
out by him oh Chris Duncan yeah Chris Duncan dude names are just not coming in my brain
right now okay um yeah with Chris Duncan um hitting him with all them uppercuts before he got knocked out and he’s just
looked good he’s at a good training camp um Alex Reyes his striking doesn’t look too bad he’s pretty I mean the stuff
we’ve seen six years ago like you know he kind of kind of quick striking decent striking
um you’ve seen him come out against Mike Perry’s last fight up a weight class on short notice and um get into a bra with
him for a little bit until he went to sleep from a knee but um he’s got good clinch knees himself and
he’s got fast hands he’s got decent wrestling offensive and defensive but he’s got pretty good Jiu Jitsu he’s got some uh pretty good amount of um
submissions and he’s finished or he’s got he’s got four submissions 9k always finished all 13 of his wins though so
he’s pretty dangerous both these dudes are dangerous that’s why the under is like probably the best bet on this but I like um I like Charlie Campbell and I
like Charlie Campbell by KO but I don’t know if it goes under one and a half dude this is so hard to find
to bet on because Alex Ray is 36 years old as it falls since he was 30 but could come in and still be pretty decent
we don’t fully know how good Charlotte Campbell is yet so like having money on this fight super tough I’m gonna say
Charlie Campbell gets it done inside the distance for stuff you were saying about dude being you know um as I fought in
six years it’s going to take him a little while to get into the fight and by then Charlie Campbell might have already ended the fight exactly so
um but it should be good while it lasts I really like the under on this so let’s see uh Danielson Josh friend will die
Jaden my boy says Charlie is a great fighter almost finished on Contender just got caught yeah I think he’s ready
to shine I do too I want to I want to see it and then um I have him get some more good fights in
the UFC I got Campbell by cannibalism the Lesser Reyes laughing Reyes Campbell
fight under 1.5 he might be the better Reyes he might be the the upper insurance after this afternoon
yep there you go I like the under though I like it but dude I’m traumatized with them under 1.5 now in them yes like I do
like the under one and a half in this too but I think I almost rather just do Charlie Campbell inside a distance it’s
gonna I’ll pay a little bit more but I’ll feel more confident okay Bunny’s Best Bets Edgar Roman
Fernando sorry Raul and Kevin Holland okay NFL Viking seven plus five and
hurry and use Cowboys money line as a lock parlay piece even mix it with UFC
who they’re playing who’s Cowboys playing what are the Cowboys playing this week coming in coming in hot AJ
comes into dissing the Bears he wants all the smoke listens if the Bears do not win this weekend they will be 0-3
because they lost they will lose next week they play the Chiefs they ain’t gonna be the Chiefs guys
yeah I know CJ’s got Campbell can’t trust Reyes too long hit the like smash
the likes bunny Hunter says man that’s what we gotta do he’s right there guys it’s free we know you’re having fun you
know you like this so just like it and then just support your boys support your boys come on yeah copy of all that minus
310 approving UFC fighter versus W yeah yeah you know yeah oh yeah yeah no
American handball talk please my boy Derek Izzy is a ham American handball yeah I saw that on Instagram
like goes everywhere and does tournaments Vegas everywhere do it any places you know he’s been doing it for a
long time that’s really cool under 1.5 I love it when it’s on a fight where one guy is coming out exactly they used to
hit no more like you hit a couple times like uh the last one I took I remember like that was uh uh Bautista versus
Benito Lopez he came back took a beating my fresh back to retirement Donovan with
the donation man appreciate the fight come on dude that is awesome he said let’s [ __ ] go Saturday yeah man we’re
gonna kill it we’re gonna kill it Saturday who’s your favorite bet on the card Saturday Donovan let us know have a
free one what is up silky B silky building appreciate you coming out hanging out man um
it’s I need to hit some good bets this weekend some good free ones what are the
um interception I’m thinking of football interception Campbell yeah inside a
distance props for Campbell I think he’s about minus 250 275 range but I haven’t seen it on
DraftKings I usually use DraftKings so they haven’t put out those yet but I see not in other places I’ll look real quick
I’ll tell you yeah um I like Campbell by KO to be honest his hands are so good
man that I really think that he can get him out of there and um with all the stuff like Johnny said about Reyes the
hand and took no real punches in a long time and all that dude another donation let’s go let’s go Dono height
hitting us with the five dollar donut I really appreciate it hell yeah really appreciate it and you just coming out
talking with us every week man um yep and that’s what we like that’s what we want we want people to come out
hang out with us and not not only that but we I know we’ve said it before but you got to hit one of us up in our DMS
and we’ll get you on one of the shows so Campbell
my KO is minus 235 it’s basically the my the under one and a half like it’s
basically the under so you have that extra I would like and a half rounds but then if he gets starched that’s why it’s
so tough something he’s gonna get a Dodge Cody come on let’s finish 13 all 13 of his wins he’s dangerous too he’s
got one minute to finish him yeah yeah yeah his kale props better
than the money line okay yeah Campbell bite I poke stoppage Eric oh God uh
Campbell by sub plus 850 does it got any other subs I know he trains a long going that he’s one of uh uh aljos main
training Partners Campbell let me see yeah he’s got zero sub wins
only chaos only putting hands on five KO wins yep
I think yeah minus 230 for a KO instead of paying the minus under or the under
one and a half it’s the same price right unless you really think Reyes has
a chance to win in a round and a half mind you
I can’t hate that at all yeah that’s free I think it’s free right
I don’t think I mean I don’t know if it’s free but it’s still oh it’s free it’s not like that three it’s not like that
last week that free money is dude I put that I put that out there too I was like what the [ __ ] is going on the DraftKings
know something that we don’t and clearly that’s crazy they did do you think you guys think let’s be
honest though do you think something was wrong with Izzy like do you think he had an injury there’s had to be something you don’t go for minus 700 and then to
make them plus 100 and then yeah I think that’s the one that’s the most perfect
bet they’ve had that DraftKings has ever put and it’s like they kind of knew I was like let’s take a little bit from
people so they don’t get too mad they just give them a 10 or 20 25 10 or 25 bucks tops I think someone said they had
a 50 Max bet like but most of them were tens and 25s yeah where’s uh matter of
fact okay I keep your Izzy bet let me get copy love at plus 25 or from plus
100 this week yeah please and thank you man so yeah it’s it’s uh it’s crazy
I don’t like doing those promos because I swear nine out of 10 times they lose like right like I swear to God every
time yup cam oh dirty Red’s a Campbell versus Reyes fight Stars round two plus 123 that might be you know you know
that’s not bad no that might not be bad maybe some maybe some wrestling from Reyes after he gets rocked a little bit
and doesn’t get knocked out completely he wrestles and controls for the round um Izzy boost for the win psychics like
crazy I knew they knew what they were doing yeah he said the DraftKings curse
is real is he bet against himself made more money than you if you won if
something happens dude Australia takes 45 of your paycheck
do they yeah Mack dessie put out that he literally like what he made and what
they took from me it’s 45 from the taxes in Australia 45.
half your money
Mike Perry used to talk about that when he owed a bunch of money in taxes he’s like he went down to like Peru and
fought he’s like they took [ __ ] 50 of my [ __ ] and then I came back to America you guys taxed me again he’s like
[ __ ] saying all this stuff yeah um man that was the weirdest thing dude like the Izzy just losing was weird but
then like DraftKings and they made it to Pro would just go minus 700 to minus a hundred no one all because like the
weird thing was like Izzy was minus like 500 and went up to minus 700 so it’s not like a bunch of money was coming in on
Sean and they were trying to even it back out like it seemed like all the money was on Izzy they said it had the most ton of money ever with him in it
and then they go here we gives you some more odds boots like it doesn’t make sense man crazy
yeah I do both I’ve met online and they would have let me down I would have bet 500 at plus 100 on Izzy all day well
yeah I would have been like here you go take my money I’m your huckleberry that’s what I would have said to him grab Kings better do one of those like
no-brainer Besties I love that movie [ __ ] yeah dude great movie I love that
movie better love it do you know who the best acting was in that whole movie
who do you think was the best actor let’s put it that way I mean
I like I mean I like the owl and I like Costner um who do you think who do you think
nothing wasn’t in that one or not art or uh Kurt Russell bro my brain is not working
you meant Kurt Russell right I can’t even think right now why is my
brain who Kurt Russell is yeah whoever played why he played Wilder white up there who who was better
your mind I don’t think that Val Kilmer was all that great and I just like Doc Hollywood
he was amazing if you like Doc Hollywood downstairs I like when he goes and gets
Johnny Ringo Johnny K Johnny he made that whole movie though he made that whole movie I can’t believe why I’m I’m
um blanking on like Kurt Russell liked his brothers other herbs and stuff down oh the marble man Guy what’s that guy’s
name I don’t remember his name you didn’t like Johnny well then uh Bill Paxton
and then Johnny Ringo was good I don’t remember his I don’t know his name though Belle Kilmer sold that movie like
he oh man he that’s the good one Robert um I actually think Charlie is not that
good but you don’t come back after six years at the highest level when he must have just had one one left on his
contract one fight left on his contract AUD what’s that what’s the AED from
Australian currency so you get more or some I just have to
Decay yeah 25 cap everybody’s happy because the Dude if they didn’t put a cap on it DraftKings
minimum bare minimum whatever they would whatever they would have let me probably
like at that I mean I was pretty confident and Izzy and then you give them at plus money pick up yeah
bro that’s what everybody does that’s the problem when we make a truck a navigator at work and they sell it in
China 250 000 bucks that’s what they say they get there because like you got they gotta make it then they gotta ship it
there then they pay taxes to get it in the tariffs or whatever and we don’t charge tariffs the most most people but
we pay taxes everywhere that’s why our shit’s so we used to America we used to charge tariffs and we used to get all
that good stuff but now we don’t I wonder why that’s a different that’s a different live stream that’s a whole different
live stream now we’re getting now we’re getting into punch list now we need to get Dale on because Dale knows Dale
where are you dale dale come on I’m getting fired up I’m on my third beer let’s go boys
I love Kurt Russell dude he’s good you know Tombstone fire classic for sure man
unforgiving you seen the unforgiving remember that with yup big trouble dude
where he falls off the boat that’s old yeah I love that what was it
I know what you’re talking about I don’t remember that movie though I love that ladies movie for me dude
when I was a kid watching that with the lightning I watched it all the time I think I actually watched it like
eight months ago and it still it holds it holds great I don’t know bro 80s
movies are [ __ ] good all right speaking of 80s movies men’s Flyway Edgar charas versus Daniel
lucerta um I’m gonna start this one we got Charles pretty good striking uh
pretty decent power good boxing um the not good defensive wrestling he can
get taken down very easily hit pole and Guillotine you see him do that against tatsiro Tara a bunch of times but he
almost got it in the third round dude he if there was 10 15 minutes would be uh he would be looking real nice right now
with the win over Tut zero but um other than that he he got I mean he dropped him lead left hook is nice you’ve seen
him hit tiara with that too that’s what dropped him in the first round but like I said he can’t really wrestle he’s hitable and he slows down in a second
you got Daniel asserta this dude is crazy man his striking’s crazy Spinning
Wheel kicks uh Southpaw that throws heat like right down the middle his punches a really straight really powerful really
fast he’s really explosive and um for three minutes you know he can do anything you need that guy to do and
it’s weird man he could have a good record in the UFC right now like decent because like he’s had a lot of his Fighters hurt handless sir or he had
altamarano hurt dropped him heard him but he just like doesn’t seem like he has that full finishing power for some
reason look how bad he had vegara altamarano hurt um the fight with uh figgy’s little
brother or older brother wasn’t wasn’t all that great but that ended quick but um this is actually a very tough fight
for me to call because like it’s like should Charles be minus 250 to anybody in the UFC and then like we don’t know
how good his straight like I know we like to fade Lacerta but I I mean like he’s not bad he just slows down and I
think that this Char is he’s a tough dude tough Mexican dude and I think that he’s gonna go up there and these dudes are going to bang it out like I don’t
think Charles can come out and just try to take lucerno down or slow him down or anything so these dudes are going to be throwing bombs and like one of them is
going to hit one of them’s gonna land I’m gonna say Chara is like Outlast Lucero and gets to finish but I’m not
even like very confident on that because these like like this sir does the better fighter he just don’t have that long a
gas you know what I mean but he could easily come out here and knock out Edgar Charles like the dude’s ten and five
um he’s had some good fights some bad fights but man dude I would not want to have money on him to be honest in this because
it’ll serve it come out Spinning Wheel kick his head off so I’m gonna take Chara say Outlast Lacerta but I’m I’m
just not that confident I’m worried about this fight yeah yeah so after every fight I like to update everyone’s
like every Fighter’s notes with anything that I see like I have like the the blank copy but then I’ll update it as
the fight goes on if they do better or if they do worse or whatever I haven’t changed anything with lucerita and this
is all it says super dangerous everywhere problem is he’s first rounder
bust that’s him in a nutshell like I haven’t changed that in like four fights or in the UFC haven’t changed it once
and I and I put it asterisk next to it because I know I didn’t change it and and that’s him in the nutshell like he’s
super dangerous everywhere on the mat on the feet but he’s got one round to do it
if he doesn’t he’s gonna lose charez he’s pretty durable he’s only been submitted
um he’s never been knocked out I believe he’s been submitted about two or three times let me look two times
he’s lost three decisions he’s never been knocked out so I believe chariz or
should be able to survive that first round now I’m not saying he will but he
should be able to and then win in the second round because Lucero gas is harder than Edgar does
um is there a chance that Lucero wins in the first round of course there is because he’s he’s literally one of the
I don’t want to put him up to the uh Marla Morales that stature of best first
round fighter but he’s up there because he’s amazing in that first round but then he just gases so I’m gonna say
Edgar gets this one done he survives and then he gets a quick finish in the second round whether it’s going to be by
sub whether it’s going to be by a knockout because Lucero is just going to be there basically as a zombie body
there to for Edgar to win by however he wants so I do like the under one and a
half I’m probably gonna play like fight doesn’t start round three because both these guys really don’t go to round three often and the third has only never
been around three I don’t think so right doesn’t start round three in a parlay boys and girls there you go
yep I like that man um I wanted to bet the under 1.5 in this
but my Casino would not release it and I was there today I even sat in a parking lot for a little bit trying to wait because they released like one at a time
like to do the main event then like that was yesterday then today they did two two more by like noon and they did three
more by four o’clock like just put the lines out man but um I agree just put
them out bro put them out man put him out
money line why not four losses time for a win right can’t lose them all and this
is like a big step down really kind of compared to Vergara and even ultimarano is proven anyways you know like UFC
winners like them dudes can win fights um why is my question does
uh Lacerta um sort of got a lot of quitting and he
really does after four minutes yep yeah any short notice too you probably guess out but he’s going to
win overtime surely yep the plus 180 man I don’t mind it I don’t mind that as an
underdog like he’s got a chance she might as well just bet him first round finish you know because I don’t
know yeah that’s true I just still had a little baby gas against uh Vega in the second round but for like a really
minute yeah you could run a mile with him vergera and Chelsea Chandler out here freaking running together
let’s see charez to win in a tough fight Victory against the third I like it super hard I never forget Jane Chelsea
Chandler don’t forget Vergara man that dude spin around the cage eight times well at least he was looking behind him
while he was right Chelsea did not and she ran into the post dude she knows she was done tiring her out
um yeah there’s some there’s something up here with her yeah I bet she wins her next fight I bet
you she wins her next fight um he’s not improving that much yeah Cody
Edgar is way better the Serta is not good and he quits he does but I’m just saying he’s so dangerous though so
dangerous isn’t what you’re saying Robert I get it
he just runs six gear yeah five five k RPM pacing even just a little would pay
it what he he’s a good fighter he’s there to round one let’s there to round
one is Plus 400. that’s not a Bad Bet no that’s literally
his win condition if you if you like lucerita to win round one plus 400 there
you go now let’s see does yep
next fight women’s flyweight Tracy Cortez versus Yasmin jervisius
um I believe you get to start this one right okay this is gonna be a fun fight uh both both ladies are very good
wrestlers they both have good takedowns they have good grappling um here’s the difference though
Jasmine’s gonna be a little bit I think she’s a little bit better in the clinch she’s stronger I think
her takedowns aren’t as like technical she do doesn’t relies moral in like her
strength and like trips and stuff but Cortez has the better like maybe double legs and single legs like that but
Jasmine is a dog she’s gonna be pushing forward for 15 minutes she can take all
any shots at all and Cortez does not have good striking so on the feet I actually think
Jasmine’s going to do way better than Cortez but on the mat it could be a
little dicey but both girls had pretty decent takedown defense so I don’t really know I think that just evens each
other out I don’t know what’s going to happen on the ground but I just favored Jasmine on the feet I think she’s
stronger I think she’s more durable she’s got better cardio and I think she has that like will and the grit to win
we’ve seen Cortez slow down in the third round in a lot of her fights I mean she’s usually won the first two pretty
dominantly but then she kind of slows down so I don’t know if that’s just because she’s tired I don’t know if she’s because she knows she’s up and
she’s kind of like like maybe I don’t want to say quitting but like just you know taking it easy
making sure she’s not gonna get submitted because she knows she’s gonna win but Jasmine’s gonna keep pushing no matter what whether she’s winning or
losing so I like plus money on Jasmine I got a bet on her I think she’s gonna get this one done very close decision though
it’s probably 29-28 maybe a split but I do see Jasmine in the later rounds
winning especially like rounds two and three maybe Cortez wins round one so I
like Jasmine though as a dog if you can get her at plus money I think it’s a great bet yeah um yeah man you you put out a lot
of information there Chase Cortez she has good wrestling she’s good like good timings on on her double legs time under
um timing it under the other person’s punches all that decent body lock takedowns but just like I said good
timing on them double legs she has good Jiu Jitsu on top or on the bottom decent striking but like she throws like naked
leg kicks she’s not actually her striking’s not that fast like her boxing’s not that bad but she has no striking defense like she’ll literally
just walk in kind of hands down and throw a leg kick and get punched in the face like two three times like Melissa Gatto was out striking her
um another thing in the Melissa goto fight where you see Melissa got it was having trouble even taking down like uh Ariana lipsky and that she was able to
take down and win the second round over Cortez and it look like Cortez just slowed down in that second round there
and then Cortez came back in the third round was able to get the takedown and just stay safe on top but uh
yeah it does seem like she slows down a little bit and I don’t like her striking I don’t think her striking is that good at all she has no striking defense and
she doesn’t move her head at all then you have Jasmine Jazz delicious she’s got good wrestling too she was you know
Russell Dom like on the Canadian freestyle team or something like that uh she’s got decent striking she showed
that it definitely looked improved against uh Miranda Maverick last fight and then her grappling has been looking great lately um
what was the one girl’s name she beat before uh dude my brain is now working
who’s the girl she beat the the Brazilian girl that she beat up Gabriel Gabriella yeah yeah when she beat me she
she got she got pieced up a little bit on the feet when they were standing on the feet but she landed a couple of these shots but her wrestling looks so
good there and then her Ground Control and her ground and pound um look phenomenal she’s gonna be two inches taller with two and a half inches
of reach I believe that Jasmine’s gonna have the better striking here which her striking ain’t that great but court but
like Cortez is not that yeah at all so she’s gonna have the Striking Advantage she’s gonna have the cardio Advantage
she’s gonna have the wrestling advantage in my opinion um she’s gonna have the size Advantage so
like the only thing I really think Cortez is better at is like Jiu Jitsu but it’s not like she’s just some Jiu Jitsu whiz she’s got like pretty good
sweeps and stuff but I like Jasmine Jazz delicious here man I think that um she’s gonna win the wrestling scrambles and I
think if she can just keep it standing that she’ll have better stand up than Cortez Cortez it’s not like I said dude
she literally like Cortez like we’re running with her hands out throw a leg kick and get punched in the face twice like what are you doing here but um it’s
gonna be a good fight I got her at plus 110 and I like her so yeah yeah I got her at plus uh 105. so nice I mean it’s
gonna be a close fight like this is gonna be a good fight but I just think there is a little bit of advantages on
the Jasmine side there’s more let’s put it that way then Cortez in this matchup I’m not saying Cortez is bad like I
think she’s a very good wrestler but and this isn’t this is just not a good matchup that she’s had in the past
like she’s fought a lot of people that aren’t wrestlers or aren’t don’t have
good takedown defense and she controls them when she’s on top and then she wins like that way but I don’t know if she’s
gonna be able to take down Jasmine she’s very strong very strong yeah bunny Hunter said I
hope I’m wrong for you guys but on film Cortez always finds herself on top yeah but God always kicking her down and then
but she hasn’t caught anybody like this though Stephanie Edgar but that was at 135 but she even reversed her a couple
times when was on top like that fight with Stephanie Edgar it was super tough what was the one there was one fight too where Cortez had trouble
she must split the decision with her because like yep she couldn’t get her she closed I think the cut to 125 is big
for for a Cortez let’s see Dad said I bet Cortez but have switched to JJ women MMA just feels like
dog bets at only at times yeah I bet the dogs yeah I better at plus 110 I like it
if Jasmine can keep it on her feet if I think she has better wrestling I think she can like she’s got more articulates
than Tracy I just like I like her I like her strength I think she can keep the takedowns and make sure she’s okay and
if she’s in the clinch she’s gonna be way stronger than Cortez and she won’t be able to go down to get those double
legs and single legs another thing is that go look at them burst that she was doing on Miranda Maverick like she was
going nuts she’s got a good clinch with clinched knees and then she was growing like good punches like against Mavericks she did not look that striking didn’t
look all that bad um I’ve never looked at Cortez’s striking I watched all the [ __ ] she’s slow she says decent boxing and she
throws naked ass leg kicks and then she tries to wrestle and if she mainly wrestles that’s the thing and then not only that but she’s got mental issues
been going on she hasn’t fought in over a year when Jazz has been out here fighting tough ass girls I don’t like I
don’t like to put that in my breakdowns but that’s another thing you gotta look at like we don’t know where her headspace is going to be and she’s been
in a lot of stuff like with the whole you know all that crap I don’t even want to get into it but Carlos got sir
Jasmine is like focused on winning yeah yeah um yeah Cortez pulled out against Amanda
hebos like on the scales let’s see I bet against Jasmine their last two fights and lost them all now I bet on her she
proved me wrong yeah sometimes man they they like some of these Fighters you just bet against them bet against them and then you you’re still watching
you’re like man I got it I don’t know um Cortez is a giant head it’s a nice head she’s got a nice head but she’s a
giant head uh Jasmine eats head kicks like it’s Fruit Loop she does but luckily Cortez ain’t throwing a head
kick though ever she but um Jasmine’s tough though dude she’s tough Jasmine
stand up is not good yet neither one of them is good but I think it’s better like dude if you watch Tracy Cortez’s
stand up and think that’s decent like dude I was just watching her go throw a
kick get her face punched off is weird and she hasn’t even fought like good Fighters yet you know like really good
Striker spots Edgar Justine Gish and freaking um Melissa Gatto so I don’t I
don’t know man I like Tracy’s High technical wrestling more than um Jazz’s strength Cortez has been moving and
evading better jab is slow and Strikes like I’m hitting the heavy bag yeah yep
Jasmine striking did look improved in her fight with Miranda it really did she was throwing some heat and at the end she was like flurrying on Amanda getting
up against cage them clinch knees like I don’t see Cortez though he’s got plus 105 I like that Chasey coming in with
the angry ex-girlfriend energy that that uh McKenzie during [ __ ] I hope not uh
gato fight was very Talent Cortez and after a layoff dealing with issues can competitive and conditioned awe fight
and always got the reversals yeah yeah but a gato don’t have good wrestling or like she’s got a decent Jiu
Jitsu but like if she had great wrestling anybody with even decent wrestling beats Ariana lipsky like I
watched Antonio Russell Ariana lipsky and finish her on the ground and that was the way to beat
that girl so it’s like I don’t know um she got reversals in all of them yeah
but none of them girls are as good as wrestlers as Jasmine or as big dude Jasmine’s a big girl too that’s that’s
what uh confidence level on on on a one to ten on I think that says Jazz uh well I bet
330 to win three I’m gonna go with the [ __ ] you know maybe like a seven as an
underdog I just want to watch tape dude I thought she was better everywhere other than Jiu Jitsu that’s what my notes say better I think Jasmine could
win seven out of ten times I don’t know where Tracy’s mind is at the moment because she was playing but
yeah yeah and Nelson be about that we’re about to get to him he could and I didn’t hit him
but uh you can parlay the over in this fight with the uh copy love yeah I like
that there you go easy nobody confidence level and Jazz one to ten I like her as well but not sold out I would say seven
yeah yeah you know six five or seven for an underdog is is high even six five I
mean I don’t accept I don’t expect her to walk through it’s going to be a close fight but I do expect her to like win
the grappling exchanges and stuff
but the judges will give it to Tracy I hope we’ll see uh this jazz versus Tracy
fight feels like a decision only type of bet um added Insurance on your bet yeah so if you like either side you probably
maybe even that Split Decision here this might be a back and forth crazy fight pickups that I think people aren’t
giving Jasmine the respect as a prospect if she’s 34 yeah and she’s been in in
wrestling martial arts stuff her whole life um I think we’re going to see a big jump in Tracy’s ability followed the same
move Henry did by cross training with the pit bulls yeah and she’s good she’s really good we’ll never see you we’re
gonna see you we’ll see next fight men’s bantamweight Raul rossos Jr versus Terence missile Mitchell Riley roses Jr
great wrestling decent striking looks like he’s scared to use it though he hasn’t wanted to strike with anybody
really he Panic wrestled the whole time with Rodriguez until he uh guessed itself out last fight but he does have
good wrestling he has a really good Jiu Jitsu he has good back takes he has Good Rear naked shows almost got a Mondo
Gutierrez and the Silverman stretch on um the contender series he’s just he’s
real dangerous Terence Mitchell um dangerous on the Alaska FC fight scene out there killing everybody that’s one
or four um getting them out of there you know quick in the first round but um overall
you know it doesn’t seem to have that much heart and um or that much talent to be honest like against Cameron Simon which is a tough tough dude
um he came out shot a takedown got Simon down Simon reversed him usually you can hold Simon down for the first round and
a half you’ve seen Stephen coslow do it a lot of people cannot wrestle him and um Mitchell had like two minutes of gas and
Simon reversed him and put him got him down in our uh Platinum out and just beat the crap out of him basically when
he was gassed out so yeah man um I’m just gonna be short with this I’m taking Raul roses Junior by by
submission and under the one and a half rounds I mean I think the first time that he gets in a good position in this
fight because maybe Mitchell he’s a bigger dude you know comes out and lands to take down and this and that but I was
going to reverse it we’re always going to choke this dude out another one and a half what do you got Jenny yeah I think Rose’s Junior gets this one
done Terence Mitchell’s you know he has a pretty good record if you look at it but if you really you know dive into it
it’s all on the Alaskan scene which I’m that’s a huge red flag to me I mean basically he’s fighting
four and one guys three and three one and two oh and two like these guys don’t
know how to fight let’s be honest uh Mitchell it doesn’t like to get to the second round either or a third round
definitely the third round he doesn’t get to the third round I think he’s only been to decision uh once and he lost so this fight is not
gonna more than likely not gonna go under or over one and a half I I got fight doesn’t start around three in a
parlay super safe parlay I think that hits Rose’s Junior should win this fight I don’t care if it’s gonna be by
striking or grappling he’s probably Gonna Be by grappling and wrestling as you can get this guy down and then
eventually get the submission when Mitchell probably gases out maybe it does go in the second round but it ain’t gonna be too much farther after the
second round hits so uh Raul is better he just is he’s 18 years old I know he’s
still young he can make some mistakes but I think the mistakes that he makes in this fight at least if he doesn’t gas
out kind of like he did in his last fight he should win like he made some mistakes
on a couple of other fights that we’ve seen where he got reversed but he reversed again because he was trying to
go for submission over position but those mistakes I’m okay with because he’s actually a really good Grappler but
the mistakes of going all out in his first big thing and you know
um gassing himself out I don’t like to see that but he’s 18 years old so you have to remember so the minus 700 isn’t
really the greatest look to do just in case but I think the under one and a
half is a good parlay piece I think uh fight doesn’t start round three is a good parlay piece and it’s it’s all under or better than minus 700 so just
take just take that think we’re all uh Rose’s Junior gets it done by submission
yeah I like it Daniel said he doesn’t believe Bros he said roast has been 18 for two years now man
he’s a little he’s a little weirdo yeah Johan said well I imagine if Rosas loses
again that would be crazy man yep Bounty Hunter uh bet online doesn’t let me
watch the games for free like they used to oh okay I used to get the football games and stuff up there
yeah fight is in the men’s featherweight division Fernando Padilla versus Kyle
Nelson I’ll let you start this one Johnny oh man so if we’re talk we were talking
about parlay Busters earlier and I think this might be the one boys and girls
um Padilla is very he’s very explosive like he’s super young he’s super dangerous he’s got good striking he’s uh
he’s aggressive he pushes forward he’s got good grappling but he’s not like one of those Grapplers where he’s gonna
wrestle you down and submit you he’s like a more of like an opportunist Grappler where if he gets taken down he
can reverse and get better positions or get or work off his back and get those submissions like he’s not really one to
go for the wrestling but he’s a very good Striker he’s got power you saw in his last fight against Julian erosa but
take that with a grain of salt boys and girls because Rosa doesn’t have a chin anymore we just we found that out and um
it was a very quick fight so we really didn’t get to learn too much about that other than erosa’s chin is not what it
used to be um Nelson though very well-rounded UFC vet he’s been in the game for a while
he’s good everywhere he’s not amazing anywhere he can mix in wrestling he’s got good cardio he’s durable like he’s
been finished later in the fights but a lot of the like a lot of we those finishes have he’s been up at
lightweight he’s he’s a featherweight like so this fight’s going to be at featherweight I think that’s gonna favor
him more so and I think he gets it done I think he’s able to survive the first round he may lose the first round so
this might be a good betting opportunity for live bets and just see how Padilla is going how he’s looking and see if um
Nelson’s looking good too but I think Nelson gets it done I like his experience he’s bought better
competition and I’m just not sold on Padilla yeah I know he’s dangerous but I want to see him more in the UFC this is
a good test for him and Nelson I think can Pat and be that parlay Buster that we were trying to say so I think he gets
done by decision though Nelson isn’t really the greatest finisher so but I think he can make it close and I think
he can get it done 29-28 decision yeah I don’t mind all the all the stuff
you said you broke down pretty good like Padilla man um really good boxing super tough dude’s never been finished in his
whole career um really good boxing really good Jiu Jitsu 10th Planet guys he’s super tall and long and skinny you
know for like six one for 145 pounds is crazy but he’s got he’s got excellent triangles off his back he just don’t
have no wrestling he can’t wrestle to get it there and he he doesn’t really have he has pretty bad uh defensive
wrestling but I don’t think he really cares to get taken down yeah he can remember if he’s good but he’s like doing that so yeah his striking’s good
he’s always coming forward uh he can take a shot to give a shot and he likes to walk guys down
and um he’s just he’s very durable uh good boxing and all that and he keeps a
very good Pace like he’s constantly coming forward and he’s constantly doing some Kyle Nelson like you said he’s pretty well-rounded he’s got pretty good
striking really good leg kicks his leg kicks are getting a lot better um his wrestling isn’t the greatest but
he’s got a really good cage control like he’ll just push somebody up against the cage and just hit him with knees and stuff it doesn’t even look like he’s
really trying to finish the takedown but he can burn a lot of time that way just like he did with um uh what’s uh Jai
Herbert and stuff like that but um this fight what this fight comes down to for
me is is Fernando Padilla is actually going to be the one like Kyle Nelson hasn’t got finished he’s watched a
decision in his last couple fights and stuff but he used to be like killer be killed like he used to usually get
finished in the third round like uh Billy quarantilo got him in the third round Matt Solis sales or Solis Harvey
say he got him in the third round because he had gas out and slow down but the last couple guys he’s been fighting haven’t really been putting too much
pressure on him you know what I mean like Jai Herbert they just did cage grappling the whole time and then the last one with Blake Builder he does a
whole bunch of nothing you know what I mean just moving around and throwing barely even throwing but uh Padilla
pushes that forward pressure and throws a lot of value so I’m gonna say that Padilla actually at some point he keeps
disconnect standing and he’s able to catch Nelson with someone they need to finish him or get like a club and sub
Man by like because I’m gonna call the third round because like I said that’s usually when Nelson will get finished he
usually goes pretty hard in that first and second he’s not going to have time to just hang out in this fight like Padilla’s going to be coming after him
right away so um I’m not I’m not like a million percent confident in it because I still want to see Padilla do something
I’m not that impressed with the Julian or Russell win because he just hit you hit Julian right and he’s going to go down so um but give me Padilla but man
you know um I don’t have any bets I do I I guess I mean just Padilla his line
ain’t too crazy that’s that’s what I would do I don’t um I don’t I just don’t like the money line for him I like yeah
he won I think a lot of recency bias is coming into play here with how he looked against Arosa a UFC veteran and another
he’s fighting someone kind of along the same lines the UFC veteran not really amazing but I think Nelson’s I think
he’s better he’s more durable and he’s more has a more well-rounded game
um I actually like the over one and a half minus like 130 minus 140. I like it I think that’s the I think that’s the
play if you’re gonna do it or if you want to take a shot on Nelson the win but minus 140 for the over one and a half I think Nelson can survive
I don’t think Nelson’s gonna get him out of there early but he’s gonna have to worry about Padilla in the first round I
think it’s the first if it gets to the second round I think it’s gonna hit easy I like that over one and a half I don’t
mind that at all that’s one bed that I’m looking at I just haven’t pulled the trigger Daniel set up padillo will have
to have a showcase when I mean yeah yeah I mean he he looks good you know it was
plus Eleven Hundred two leg one of my biggest cash that’s a big win with Durden Durden and uh Padilla and that
was it was probably easy money too man both of them dominated you know bunny Hunter said great take Yannick
I got Padilla decision Daniel said okay Padilla wins here but very close fight uh closer than the number six I agree
I’m not saying PDA can’t win this fight I just think it I think the line’s a little off and I think a lot of people
are just rushing to the window to bet Padilla after erosa like it that doesn’t
surprise like you have to show me more than that right see one minute UFC
experience knocking down to uh disturbingly chitty fighter with a dog shot yeah that for me I can’t blame
anybody but in Kyle Nelson he’s probably the best dog on this card as far as the big dog in my opinion he has the best
chance to I think he’s the biggest dog for sure yeah Lucerne has a chance but I
would feel more confident than Nelson could get it done Derek said just stop for dinner after arriving in Chicago
from Memphis better late than pregnant this guy appreciate you coming out and
Derek Izzy man um can’t wait to go hang out at another show with you man we’re all gonna have
to find like a Bellator or something to go to together Bellator is coming in Chicago in November are they is it a
good one though is it a good one um patchy mix uh Pettis is fighting
again I think Patricio is fighting again it’s not bad about it they just put out
tickets Nelson yeah in the third yeah that’s
Billy Q Billy Q does that yeah because Nelly’s been walking down he does put pressure on guys I love that over 1.5
Pickens right so Johnny’s right yep yeah
next fight men’s lightweight division Daniel zellhuber vs Christos Giagos
um you started last one I’m pretty sure I’ll start this one Daniel’s a Hoover man really good striking you know long
kickboxing uh watched him on the contender Series against umaida what’s his first name
uh Lucas Lucas Almeida dude my brain I’m telling you guys I’ve been up for like a slow long bro because usually my very
good fight there yeah um oh it was phenomenal Lucas I might have beat the [ __ ] out of zel Uber in the first round
dude hit him with so many Big Shots this kid’s durable as hell um you know the same shots that finish
trizano Hoover was just eating them and then he looked uh he looked good in the second and third came back and got that
win came into the UFC and fought terrible against Trey Ogden like a terrible fight very low a low volume
basically didn’t even do anything Trey Ogden got the win looked better in his last fight with um
Orlando bernata definitely in the first round when he almost finished but now he pretty much did finish but now they’re like dude
um even at one point venata curled up and the ref just let him keep hitting him and then bernardo’s like [ __ ] it I’ll come back in but uh it was it was a
decent fight but he should I mean he looked good his cardio looked great because he should have gassed out he threw he hit banana with like 110
significant strikes in that first round just trying to finish him but um ended up being able to win it out and get the
second and third round um but man I I was expecting a lot more out of him to be honest then you got
Christos tiagos who’s a well-rounded UFC that he’s been fighting forever he’s got good offensive and defensive wrestling
he’s got pretty good striking you’ve seen him with that left hook or I believe his left hook that knocked out Ricky Glenn Wright just like a lead left
hook um Ricky Glenn looks so bad that fight he
was minus like 250 too yeah I’m glad I didn’t bet him but it was that was awful
there’s your Charles right there thank you chariz man that’s gonna be the chariz he’s gonna come out but uh
yeah man um Diego stole good wrestling offensive and defensive really good Jiu Jitsu uh offensive Jiu Jitsu beds
defensive Jiu Jitsu he usually gets subbed out but he’s a strong dude he’s got decent cardio he goes really hard in
first and second round um and usually gives up the third like it gets like jakar close and and people
when he gets into third round but he’s a good well-rounded fighter and this is this is going to be a close fight because I don’t see Zoe Uber really
finishing the giago’s unless she hits it he hits him with something big in that first round but uh
oh man I think that this fight if I are pretty close too because zahoga doesn’t look like he’s that much of a finisher
in the UFC like he did drop banata but then once he didn’t finish him he didn’t look good yeah but then he like against
Trey Ogden didn’t do nothing he looked awful man they ran some big shots but
you have to remember too though this guy’s young I was at UFC debut he looked great again Luca though might is pretty
tough I mean he’s not green on the ground but striking like no but give me something I remember we were talking
about it I remember we were talking about this like after the Ogden fight we’re like man Zell Huber like he’s a go
isn’t he a Golden Glove like boxer or something like that so I’m like I don’t remember what they call it
like either okay anyways he’s like a really good boxer it’s like what the hell like he did not look at that at all
no um I’m I’m high on zeld Hoover on this fight
like yeah the his first fight in the UFC his debut was awful I bet him and I was
disgusted but he came out against Lando vanata who’s a better fighter than Trey
Ogden and he won convincingly that’s all I needed to know it was the Jitters he
got out of the way he’s still young he’s 24 years old he’s got very good striking and good
takedown defense um Christos I mean he’s solid wrestler that’s really about it yeah he looked
like a world beater against Ricky Glenn but it’s dude Ricky Glenn I swear to God
he was minus like five times slow like than usual like Ricky Glenn almost beat
[ __ ] Grant Dawson yep like he almost beat Grand Dawson and then Christos is
gonna look like that against him like come on that I don’t know what’s wrong with Ricky Glenn I don’t know if it’s an injury or if he if he just hit that wall
hey this ain’t gonna happen like that Christos is solid good solid wrestler but he needs to wrestle this fight and I
don’t think it’s gonna happen I think eventually Zell Uber’s gonna get that chin um and I think he also can win a
decision so maybe the first round is going to be the most questionable round but as the fight goes on I think zel
Huber is going to find that chin stuff to take Downs even more so than he can in the first and then uh because
literally Christos needs to wrestle wrestle Shane Russell Russell Russell Russell so it’s gonna be hard getting
down that big guy in zohubery he’s got he’s a huge guy to get down in that in that
um go ahead
knockout like late second or third round knockout don’t hate me here but I just
hope dude I just hope people do not get the um the old feeling we had down in
Nashville Striker doing this all his takedown defense is good but we never watched him
we never you know like Ludovic is better than Ludovic lines better than Christos
maybe but we don’t still knows I think he is grappling’s like though because we haven’t really seen anything
I think he said that about Baja mandas I was like 90 I was like dude something was wrong with him
something was wrong with him and we were stupid that’s what’s wrong with the man
um but yeah man I agree with all what you said um I guess I got the Uber in the parlay with um uh copy love that’s
my big parlay of the week like I think he wins I think those guys are great yup I think he wins I just I want to see I
want to see how that wrestling Stacks up here because like jago’s ain’t bad I remember one time I bet um oh
put up a way better fight than I thought John newquist in the house
appreciate the 10 Dono really really appreciate the donations coming out every week being an awesome dude to
donate and he said how about a dog who’s your favorite dog Johnny well I bet
Jasmine that’s that dog prices I still think you can get her a dog barely I
like Kyle Nelson to win I’m not very confident but I think he can get it done uh other
than that like I mean there’s a chance Lucero wins we were just talking about
that like there’s I mean there’s a high chance that he can win in the in the first round only so bet the first round
with Sarah plus 400 if you think he’s gonna win or could win
I would say those are my three when I like dogs when I want to bet a dog I want a junkyard dog and when I when I’m
talking about a junkyard dog I’m talking about Championship level Junkyard Dog you know
what I’m saying like just straight like like almost like they’re already the champion right now and a junkyard dog
and they’re at dog money it’s like who could you ever find that at plus money you know what I’m saying we’re not even
there yet Alexa Grasso that’s the dog of the car come on man and still and so
John I appreciate it you are higher you are high right now how many times you smoke tonight and still your girl’s 37.
she’s a Russian years and she looks fantastic at 35.
she got a nine pack I don’t even know how you get that but she got one doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter when she can’t
do anything but not [ __ ] squeezing all she can do is box she can’t do anything else she can squeezed like a
mom she got the jits oh okay she can opportunistic rear naked choke people
she did it twice in her career [ __ ] like it I like it congratulations congratulations she can’t finish anybody
else other than a rear [ __ ] choke let’s see we’ll see when DOTA with the
donation speed this [ __ ] he donating with my bedroom no we appreciate the donation bro Flynn
hey come on man I had Anton all right and Ty come on man how the how do you
survive with Petrino for three years you look like [ __ ] trash I’m never I’m never picking him or
betting him again I don’t even care who it is it could be [ __ ] Daniel acerta I’ll pick Daniels it’s like come on he
lasted longer with jailton almida I know it’s crazy two times as long
appreciate the Dono and the memories
and there was both ones the speedback one that looks though
uh John Santiago says soft but he fought good Fighters definitely have nine years
recently yes yes huge dude good point nine was six days yeah nine year age difference is huge um
yeah so Hoover’s definitely gonna have the gas tank uh Advantage too trains out of extreme train at a good gym now so
excellent Jim Nick’s sake there is a God Strickland the go looks like it’s ain’t
lying I’m happy Shawn O’Malley Sean Strickland and then Kobe Covington is going to become a champ what do you guys
what do we think about America it’s all America right there baby that’s oh and then you got Johnny Jones he’s
American man I know we need some more American Champs come on guys yup that question mark kicks are sick
other than other than Charlie olives I’m okay with him being a champion though yeah Klein is legit yeah yeah I like him
he call it man I was going so big he’s legit like we can’t be against him
anymore though dude we can’t bet against Pine anymore like he’s that like he’s solid you can’t we can’t do it we saw it
we tried I tried too many times and I lost against it can’t do it yeah laid big chalk on zahooper against Ogden
never going to trust him again he deemed him he redeemed himself though against
benata and but not as way better than Trey Ogden so it’s okay so everything’s
okay yeah my boy cucumber DRX end up building cucumbered
sorry I’m late guys this is the highlight of my day we appreciate you coming out Don me and Donnie we got a
little beat last week but uh we’re gonna come back big this week and hit big kid it’s only speed bumps yup he sent me
some big tickets he hit uh two weeks ago big big one so um we’re gonna kill it this week Don and
we appreciate you coming out every single week hanging out with us and making this a good part of our day and
your day and still see reeks knows what time it is Reese knows what’s up sorry
to even apologize you ain’t gotta apologize well once we break this down maybe I can change Reese’s mind because
I mean it’s a pretty simple cut and dry guys you can’t handle the d uh pick up
said I flipped from Anton to Tyson Pedro because it was even money and I took the UFC veteran yeah
pleasure man happens pleasure boy you know what they did you know Nate Brown I might have over hyped and
Pedro was way undersold because he was sick his last fight you know me and Diego’s we’re gonna go ahead and
Skip past that one now she says she knows she knows he’s on Chevy all right hey I
can’t I get a lot of my I get a lot of my picks and advice from Mia has diggles especially women’s fights I remember
because she knows who’s gonna win and every time I go against her I swear to God I I lose and I lose my money
she said Valentino at Bellator talking that marble Victoria stuff though I
remember that she even she likes Marvin Victoria she was like Victoria’s gonna do this
and new let’s see we’ll see if Tyson looked good plus 330 it um is how he
always wins yeah back out yeah good line I hope
um I got all Mexican parlay Chara chares the most on Mexican name I’ve ever heard
in my life godina Rose’s Junior and Grasso for plus 851.
that one’s like it all but yeah no you’re it’s looking good jungle you
know what you’re doing you know what you’re doing Mexico um round one uh godinez isn’t Mexican
yes she is she’s Mexican she is she’s lived in Canada yeah she’s legit Mexican
she’s born in Mexico and then the cartel was going to kill her family so that’s why they moved up and it’s weird that
they didn’t even go to America they were like one more country it’s like what if they’re still looking for him you know
what I mean and Alex just giving them out Witnesses screw America let’s just go right up again
yeah matter of fact today at work uh the almost the whole day I listened to Joe
Rogan with Brandon Schwab in them because I don’t have no internet so I just download them and uh it was the fight companion for the Nashville card
oh okay yeah I was looking at that line today for battle and Fletcher I got I got I
didn’t mean I gotta do tape study on that card the card’s tough I like this I like busy I like busy of busier than
that physio minus 135 it’s going down I’m like keep it going girl Mushroom in
the building he said what’s up Cody’s guy down here what’s up Johnny everybody check out mushroom MMA man he puts out
great shows puts out great content check him out on Twitter see the food he eats see the bets he put in he killed Dana
White Contender Series this weekend and overall he’s just a great dude so much pepper he puts on his egg it’s
crazy it’s crazy I love it so um Mushroom Man Mushroom MMA check it out
on YouTube and then tonight at 10 o’clock he will be going live on his channel giving out um predictions bets
has special guests everything it’s well worth checking out um great dude big part of the community mushroom MMA who’s physio fighting he is
fighting camera next week [Music]
I like her you know willingness to defend her units if you
want to say I’m sure um she’s caught a couple more bets out on me I’m I’ve I know anybody from uh what is Serbia
right like any time it gets them she’s definitely yeah there you go she told me
to pick him I’m like oh come on Samos now mine is 500 is gonna kill this guy
and just like I said he’s gonna first put what are you telling me I almost killed medic twice he almost did he did
so I’m sorry they dropped somebody in the first round and then they’ll get the finish and then
you’re like oh man like you know the tides are gonna turn you know it
yeah I hope he lays out I hope he lays out again I hate that I love wrestling amazing
takedown defense dude amazing what up he said what up y’all bunny Hunter said
Cody doubling down on Grassle seems like you’re reaching because of last week but I wish you the best the funny thing
about that is that you see the line plus 190 I don’t put that in two weeks ago that grasshold that was put in way and I
didn’t bet on Izzy did you see my post I put two thumbs down for both bets
the line’s so nice I hadn’t been a champ at plus 190 she’s Junkyard Dog junkyard
also point this out too there was one other person that that altered their
belt and also lost so yeah
pink it’s it’s disrespectful but she’s still gonna
win you know what I mean that’s just that’s just how that goes man it’s just don’t blow the lines up guys yeah don’t
make a dog nasty I don’t I gotta do tables that is
such a I gotta go that’s a tough fight how bad guy he gave looking really good
lately though yeah but I could see but his his kryptonite’s always been his takedown defense I know I know so it’s
like but if it stays on the feed we already know what time it is so um for ige versus ninja I guess it doesn’t go the
distance that might be a deal but I don’t know I mean then you just gotta say that egase finish it Mitchell because ige has never been finished
so I don’t know it’s sure we’ll get him no problem mushroom you already know what it is pretty good you get his
pretty good submission defense too when he’s taken down he’s good enough like he won’t get submitted I don’t think so
that would be great dude do a live football break it and do the be the commentators for it
yeah like uh I’ll take Chandler take Chandler all day with the broken leg and
all that stuff and the wrestling are they gonna be at 170 or 155. come on Jonathan oh he was on I thought we was
we was clicking tonight man we was we was talking clicking Jones
have a great time uh short guys always stuff takedowns on toddler Fighters easier uh so much
distance for taller fighter to cover those are that’s true yeah who’s cuter Grasso or Cortez oh that’s a I would
have to you know that’s a live thing I’d have to see him live talk to him smell you guys there’s a lot of things
see the perfumes man Victor Victory I gotta smell their hair I gotta hug them
just to see if they’re nice or not grossel is a junkyard dog though you
know what I mean uh Victor what is up he said hello gentlemen hello Victor what is up we’re
just talking about the the Bellator might have to figure something out
I don’t think so November 17th real quick because this is gonna be a good one next fight Kevin Holland versus Jack
Della out of Delana you start this one off this is a tough one
I went back and forth a lot on this one so we all know we all know these guys
I’m not gonna break it down I’m going to tell you this from what I remember
recency bias if you want to say Jack Dylan made some very poor choices in his
last fight and granted yes he had a cut twice in like two weeks and all that
stuff but he’s fighting a guy that’s a very good Grappler also you know Kevin Hall is not the greatest but he’s got
good grappling um but he just kept going for Guillotines after Guillotines and then
like I don’t like that I think that’s a bad fight IQ but this is going to be a different fight I’m gonna take it out
Holland is the more experienced fighter here he’s fought the better guys I think he’s dangerous everywhere so is Jack
Della here this is such a close fight like but I always like to favor
experience to but like these guys are like I’m still
debating like my pick to be honest like this is how close it is but I’m gonna go with Holland I’m just gonna say it right
now I’m going with Holland I just think he’s got the grappling Edge if Della
madalina makes a mistake what puts his head down or anything
crazy like that I think Holland can snatch up his neck immediately ameeve almost got him in a DARS joke
and dad that Holland is gonna wrap that up all day first second or third round
doesn’t matter so if it’s on the feet though I could see it go either way but I’m gonna go with
Holland he’s the bigger guy he’s got the longer range both guys are durable I think that’s my
ghost decision I like that bet better than picking aside might go with the decision or over two and a half you
still get plus money I like that bet both guys are super durable and you know
Jack’s gonna be like dangerous in the first round but Holland is more dangerous in the second round so if this
fight gets to the third round you know your BET’s hitting I just don’t see anyone like finishing one another so
give me Holland at plus money I’m not betting it though but if it gets up to like minus like plus 140 range then I
have to bet it this is a 50 50 fight so I don’t know it’s a it’s a that’s
probably the worst breakdown ever I just did but it is what it is because it’s that close I don’t even know who to pick
I picked Holland but it is I don’t know I don’t know who’s gonna win I like Jack Della I like him a lot
yeah oh I can’t get past the experience I like Jack Della I like his boxing I
like that um he switches stances smoothly I like that he works the body I like that he you know busts the face
open he busts people’s face like what he did to Rodriguez like he’s constantly touching people
um like I said not the best defensive wrestling he’s actually got like a judo background too like he grew up doing
Judo but it doesn’t really look he had a couple good trips but it got reversed right away in that last fight his jiu
jitsu’s not all that good but yeah really good boxing really good stance switching and um throws a lot of combos
but see the problem that I have with with Jack down the Mad Elena it’s his boxing and all this looks
awesome because he’s not really fighting like the best guys in the world so he can go out there and kind of take off he hasn’t been in there with anybody
dangerous yet like ramazan and me like even Randy Brown’s not knocking nobody out like none of these dudes are putting
any Pete Rodriguez none of these dudes are or any Roberts yeah like are giving
anything back to where he can just go was the closest fight that he had yeah and he had a really good fight with him
that was a bad guy he almost got arm triangle he I literally was just watching that the other day and and and
I thought he was gonna [ __ ] tap like he laid there in that [ __ ] iron triangle for like 20 seconds and he just
had his hand right here and he just like wasn’t moving wasn’t fighting and then all of a sudden just exploded out of it
Angelus is good but he’s not on [ __ ] Kevin Hollins [ __ ] level at all I
mean what would Kevin Holland do to Reese Reese McKee you know what I mean and like Angelus destroy him in the
first round probably yeah and Jack Della went second man
um like Jack devil has got good boxing right but like when he comes in against Kevin Holland Kevin Hollins got
phenomenal box Kevin Hollins five uh four inches taller with eight inches of reach the way to beat Kevin Hollins
never like I’m gonna go in here and out box Kevin Holland it’s like [ __ ] take this guy down because he’s wrestling
wrestle and out muscle him yeah yeah because he’s got phenomenal striking he’s got great boxing you know what I
mean he’s [ __ ] tough as [ __ ] he’s durable as they come like it the dude’s good then I mean I’m not he’s
not going to wrestle Jack Della here like everybody can think whatever but like Kevin Allen he he’s his defensive wrestling’s getting better but to think
that anybody just because you see Jack delegate taken down by basil that you think that that Kevin Allen is going to
come out here and wrestling I don’t think so at all but I don’t think either one of these guys are really going to wrestle I think it’s going to be a stand-up fight right
Kevin Allen has legit one one punch knockout power he does really good against boxers that are smaller than him
if you go watch his fight with Joaquin Buckley that was a [ __ ] masterpiece like he’s just picking him up he’s like
you got a booger in your nose wab just like piecing him up from a distance if you watch Jack Della um even going
against uh uh Randy Brown for like the first two and a half minutes Randy Brown’s just hitting a move and hitting and movement and Jack Della couldn’t
even get on the inside and on him then he finally backed him up against the cage and hit him with a big shot but we all know Randy Brown ain’t got no Chin
like he’s gonna he got knocked out by a hammer fist by [ __ ] Nico price Kevin Hollins got a chin Kevin Holland is
going to be the one boom jabbing one two doing all that and like he’s got phenomenal boxing he’s got crazy
knockout power Kevin’s never been knocked out cold other than the accidental head butt by Kyle Dawkins
yeah and then he got the the stoppage by by Wonder Boy Kevin Holland at 170 is a beast like
like look man I like Jack Della and he’s a beast but he’s not he’s not he’s not even the prospect I’m looking at coming
up like shot [ __ ] him up like Ian Gary [ __ ] him up like them dudes would be a very good fight I’m actually going to be
looking at Kevin Holland working himself up towards the championship more than Jack Della like Kevin Hollins way more
dangerous all around like Jack Kelly he could knock out Michael kieza but Michael Kiesza might be able to go out and just like what would you take on
keza and Jack Della maybe kieza can go out and out wrestle this dude for three rounds like we just seen them but like
Kevin Allen went out and just [ __ ] him up like Kevin Allen’s got excellent knees too that’s what he hit uh Michael
kieza with I just man I’m I just like to have an island here and just everyone I watched all the tape and I was going
back and forth and I’m just like the experience this is going to be a striking match in my opinion I don’t think it really goes to the ground
unless someone slips and then Kevin Allen has got eight inches of reach and we’re talking about a boxing match and Kevin Holland hits hard and he uses his
reach too so I like Kevin Holland man I I might have just put a bet on him at plus 130 earlier
am I not have posted it yet but like I said I like Jack Della but he’s a boxer dude that’s that’s his whole game is
boxing and if that if if like he comes out and Kevin Holland starts piecing him
up hits him with a big shot rocks him a little bit and his boxing ain’t working what’s his fallback game like what I
don’t I don’t know I like Jack Della but like I said I mean Kevin Hollins 30 years old and he’s a monster at 170 dude
six three with the 81. he’s way better wait and he’s got legit one one shot
knockout power too so I mean I just don’t know where Jack Della where Jack Della is like so much better at or
anything so and he hasn’t proved [ __ ] to me like Jack Taylor hasn’t proved he hasn’t beat nobody Angelus is his best
win and that was a [ __ ] really close fight back and forth I mean you could say Randy Brown is his best to win but
we all know who Randy Brown is at his stage in his career right now he’s 33 years old he doesn’t really have a chin
he’s not really that dangerous anymore um yeah yeah he’s got very low level guys after
that or before I’m sorry Dennis said I got Holland by decision I love it oh I
like that uh 9 16 days said I like howling here but he has a curse worries me yeah I’ve been beaten up yet
um I took JDM at minus 105 gonna be a great fight campaign I don’t mind I don’t mind anybody getting plus money at
any whoever they think is going to win if you got plus money then you’re doing it right or close to it like minus 105
is good you know Jack Roman over 4.5 main event is my parlay I don’t mind that Flynn I’m besides on the jack one
I’m with you on the main event and I’m I like that over yeah uh Victor yeah what’s up JDM is Dead
Island let’s go mushroom let’s go mushroom I love it love it uh sorry Cody
but I’m with Johnny Boy on the title fight I think sochenko has something to prove and the older the dog has one more
I think it looks like the gosh dang Leon Edwards versus he’s not slow come on man
that’s a Trilogy fight this is a this is just a rematch here come on yeah but no
that was like two five the trillion the other five is like seven years before so really just a two fight thing and it kind of was like Usman yeah
it doesn’t matter fought the perfectest fight she could fight at that time against Grasso last time she’s still got
it that wasn’t a perfect fight for her what could have went more that’s the thing and she was winning it was going
to be 2-2 going into the fourth no going into the fifth you mean I mean going in with it look re-watch the fourth round
yeah Valentina was out striking Grosso the whole time until she she’s gone well
you’re telling me the myth and then she got trying to choke her head off for a minute on a rear naked choke she don’t
win well if if if that happened with all the momentum on grass so plus 190 come
on if that happened maybe what
no no I’m saying it look at if she didn’t get to finish in the fourth round yeah yeah but it’s it’s yeah but we
don’t but maybe Grasso wins but I’m just saying before that happened Valentina
was winning the fourth round until she got on her back and then a sub happened
we’ll get to it we’ll get to it I think you guys at Connor Connor sober underrating I’m not underrating him
whatsoever good at all I think he’s very good Nate Brown said Holland at 170 he’s like Paul Craig at 185 that’s a
phenomenal what about Paul Craig at 205 oh yeah he went down he went down he went down yeah
um jvm only beat people that are below journeyman yeah like Kevin Allen’s really been in there with the like he
just grew up in the United States Kevin Hollins at 185 that’s correct Kevin Hollins the best journeyman fighter in
the UFC he’s what I mean by journeyman is he just takes whatever UFC gives him and if they pay him enough he’ll do it
and he’s just a prize fighter that’s his that’s him you yeah he doesn’t he doesn’t really he says he doesn’t want
the Bell but you know he wants the belt but he wants money that’s the thing that’s his number one thing is money I
want to win it’s not that he doesn’t want to take these fights and like lose he wants to win because then he gets
double of what he gets and the more fights he gets the more money he’s gonna get because that’s how they do it in the
UFC he’s got like 20 fights in the UFC it’s crazy he’s making like 250 000 just
to show up and then if he wins he gets another 250 000 it’s not even a pay-per-view he wants to win guys so
don’t look at it that way like he wants to win because of money not because of a belt he wants to win regular money yeah
so what he says yeah Daniel said don’t talk about Michael he has his mom Kevin Lee had to almost figure out learn the
hard way about that at the press conference and in the fight but it didn’t work out Holland has a lot of
advantages here for sure and then he’s durable like super durable um I’m not writing off JDM it’s just Kevin
Hollins really good I think people are saying I am not yeah I am not I like JDM and it sucks because I’m on the train
this is a tough one I was thinking about this Jack Della body shot KO hololens are over cans as well uh Kansas quitter
same exact thing happened to uh chiazza prior yeah man I like the other I do like Jack Della’s body work she has
always smoking I think I think if Jack wants to get a finish I think he needs to work the body
for sure yeah you know JDM never fought anyone like Kevin that’s for sure but Kevin fought a ton of dudes like JDM
Holland pieced up Jeff Neo to me third round yeah at 185 or no no
that might have been 170 back in the day that was like um Strike Force where where did they
fight at I don’t think it was like Bellator either um I see Jennifer Bella body shot
folding big mouth Alan beating Jeff Neal is all you need to see dude he’s a warrior he’s going to
take big shots but the thing is is like like Kevin Holland could come out and object Ella gets Reckless he could crack
Jack Della and just finish him heard him one time darsh choke boom you’ve seen ramazan and me throw him in the DARS
almost finished him um Holland ain’t that good homie he’s on
the SEMO Burger Francis Marshall badoya pleasure man yeah
oh Gary Come on Gary come on don’t be that guy here don’t be that guy here
come on Gary ridiculous I mean he I’m not saying he’s the next Champion but he
he’s he just named all these guys that never won in the UFC but Kevin Hollins won in the UFC and he’s he’s won and uh
170s look like an animal except again take away the 185. he’s taking every
fight because he wants to get money guys he if he’s at 170 that’s his bread and
butter he’s good you know Holland is too dumb for me he does fight dumb but I mean this one we
don’t have to worry about that he said John JDM was dumb as [ __ ] for jumping girl yeah yeah yeah dude that’s what I’m
saying if he even tries that on Holland Holland’s getting that neck yeah I’m I’m
with the dark choke Cody what’s a darts choke if it’s plus 3 000 I’m doing it ah
dude I need to go get in on that right we called it last time dude we should have we would have made we did it yeah
we are in the best bet show and we should have just done that I should have just been like you know what show Kevin
units you would have been back in the game back in the game I’m uh super
scared with this fight two of my favorite guys in the UFC I like them both too it’s gonna be good JDM knocks out cans all of a sudden he’s gonna be
hell and that’s what I’m saying like Colin is durable too I only got eight inches
I’m thinking I think he’s talking reach I think I think Derek Izzy’s Talk Of Reach here on Holland uh
Jessica’s down with him yeah yeah true that um dude mushroom with the 20 Dono he
said respect to two of the sharpest and realists in the community dude oh yeah appreciate the donation uh mushroom
you’re the man um like I said I can’t wait for your show here at pepper King the pepper King
the yellow King the pepper king that’s a good name man but dude appreciate that so much mushroom you’re
the man man what’s Hollister’s best win Ponzi that’s a good win that’s better than any of that jackass what’s Jack
Dylan Brandon Brown Miranda brown man older old Randy Brown
dude uh Ponzi uh what’s it what’s the other dude’s name that he knocked out uh
Buckley there’s a whole bunch of people kieza them are all they’re way better than anything that your boy ever smell
Jack Della is going to sleep Jack Dell has been knocked out submitted that’s
how the dude loses man his first two fights
dude’s only got yeah he’s gonna get [ __ ] up
I think I think Holland finishes him definitely he could see Jaden knows what’s up man let me check my little
Twitter poll that was my Twitter poll of the day
you see yeah you know when a champion loses their belt and then goes for a rematch there’s
[ __ ] 90 they lose they do the immediate rematch it’s like maybe 90 you
look crazy 90 Bros Usman in them
because recently maybe but not like overall so my Twitter poll was how does Kevin
Holland and Jack Della and so there’s about 200 votes
Holland by finish is 32 33 so a third Kevin Holland by decision is 26 so
that’s 59 or so pollen to win by either
decision or finish 200 people voted yeah Kevin Holland’s
gonna finish him he’s gonna go to Nate Brown I do not I do I didn’t even see this man I did not even see this I don’t
know how I missed through it but um I put it on Holland Grasso and Roman parlay with the Dell now Nate with the
Dono with the perfect parlay Hall in Grass 200 other than Grasso but I like
it yeah you like it with the grass so um let’s take out Grasso you’re good how
did I get all the way to the bottom like that um Robert said if Kevin fights smart he should dominate this ain’t no boxing
match it’s MMA everyone boxes him Kevin King um and the man exactly like Kevin like there never been a way to beat him
is to go out not strike Kevin Holly that’s why he’s got the 81 inch reach and he hits hard man that dude hits hard
by scummies it’s a good fight but Nate appreciate that man and everybody I like
this that parlay right there 200 dogs in the in a decent favor they didn’t even like one of the giant favorites I like
that one the Tyler tyler138 MMA I know I seen the Earth his YouTube his Twitter everything man
he puts out great pics great bets everything killed Dana White Contender series went 5-0 on that so uh everybody
check out 138 MMA dude he puts out great stuff we’ll be getting him out back on the show here soon too oh yeah you’ve
done like one pay-per-view show in like the last two months I don’t I don’t feel like we’ve been doing them really
um yeah what’s up mushroom uh the this fight I consider gambling right
appreciate you coming out to you um Randy Brown is is that good and nice
what’s uh what’s Good Fellas just got back to the house uh so was able to tune
in we appreciate that MMA premium everybody check out MMA Premium Too on YouTube
um on Twitter and Twitter and um appreciate you coming out spending this Thursday night with us Holland will win
in the clinch I like his clinch knees Duty that’s what he hit GL tiazza with man was a good me Lusa sucks and he went
toe-to-toe with you bro yeah Jack Della in there I’m trying to go the last 30 seconds of that last fight with Luca I
wanted you probably saw it online
I like it right yeah yeah Holland never been KO nope and he took everything from
Wonderboy jackets broke his hand and dude like go watch Randy Brown yes he
did hit Randy Brown Randy Brown’s got no Chin but dude Randy Brown was just piecing up Jack Della move around
piecing up inject Ella’s got the rain 73 inch reach man he’s out he’s got okay so
Kevin Holland man I think he holds up the only thing I’m worried about is in body shots I will say that now
yeah that’s how he has to win you know see I don’t know how I skipped
down like 20 comments somehow I mean yeah he does like game hit that’s for sure
yeah oh wait yeah so we already went through them JDM never fought anyone like Kevin
yeah yeah yeah yeah you already skipped through all these that’s what I’m saying yeah I don’t know
how that happened man um let’s see Gary what back to Gary’s [ __ ] talk you got another
one up there for me you never read the same one uh it’s definitely two two now now we’re
getting to some sense this is making some sense definitely too too referring to Grasso or chefchenko we’re about to
get to that too it’s about to be on actually let’s uh let me go through these room like I think uh
I read that one earlier but it is they’re both females it’s comparable yeah let’s go Holland beat yeah Jakarta
right there dude there’s a lot of Halloween jakar’s [ __ ] up check Della could you imagine what your car would do
to Jack Dela at 185 who’d take him down or rip his arm out why do I keep saying
jakar too yeah I know what you meant but yeah
[ __ ] alligator crocodile I think Alexa wins by TKO Chevy gonna avoid the
wrestling and get stuck by a better boxer truer word never been said grass still getting it done I can’t believe
how many people are suckered into bedding up oh come on dirty basketball yeah why so everybody’s high on JDM even
though he’s unproven an old tired I get really that good at all in the UFC
chocolate Ray and he was old time man he put some respect on chocolate’s name uh take that
guy’s Mexican guy take this guy’s bucks can go um he’s fought them and lost their journeyman yeah Grosso was tagging
Valentina and rocked her a couple times yeah if I was gassed in the third two is it dude the writing was on dude I bet
chefchenko and the whole time I’m like take her down take her down when she would get to take down I’m like yes bro she was getting
but she’ll be a little more prepared this time yeah I didn’t even see it man um journeyman like someone on a on a
journey sorry English isn’t my first language Kevin is gonna start soon that’s how I see it I really do think
that Kevin finishes him I really do because I think Jack Della comes in disrespected him a dude Kevin Hollins
got one hitter quitter Johnny K if Jack jacked out of the wins you need to drink a Bud Light obviously
this kind of a dog you want someone who has a better strength to schedule and a favorite who has a weak strength of
schedule JDM is very good but he would lose and bounce back yeah I mean this you take some losses you come out and be like oh [ __ ] I can’t actually I’ll box
everybody to fix some stuff up yeah it is it is Connor you’re not lying
it’s this is definitely the hardest call in the on the fight Holland doesn’t get knocked out ah here we go um it’s easy
kind of Holland decision hit me up Sunday let’s go Jeff Neal the waiter and he was working as a Hong Kong Jeff
Neal’s the man I’m happy we named off like eight to ten good Kevin Hall of
mine scary you’ve got you got it you got it after a while because Jack Della’s only got them on me wings I’m happy
Randy Brown that’s it you know uh uh dirty Reds is on the JDM I can’t blame
anybody for being on either side I I I’m talking crap but it’s going to be such a good fight man fight man um all right
there we go Connor I like it I just placed the bet on Kevin Holland I got him at plus 130. I haven’t posted it yet
but I like it man and then Kevin’s gonna be so much bigger and it’s gonna be a boxing match like
them dudes were boxing in a boxing ring I would take probably freaking Kevin then too like eight inches
eight inches of reach nice you know Gary
I am on drugs yeah facts there you go it is very close
we’re all on them Gary Freeman Gary Gary Machado let’s see
Machado bear um let’s see all right boys we’re going to get to
this because this is going to be crazy Alexa Grosso versus Valentina Chef tanker I’m going to start this one
up Alexa Grasso Champion Dog Warrior tough Mexican you know Viva La Mexico
type stuff naked choke phenomenal boxing
um what I really liked what she was doing in that last fight man I liked what she was switching to Southpaw and just piecing up chefchenko couldn’t do
nothing with her lead hand uh with grosso’s lead hand when she went to Southpaw dude her right hand was just piecing up uh chefchenko but she’s got
she she’s got okay takedown defense obviously like against most girls is decent shoshenko’s decent pretty good
wrestling you know especially different wrestling attacks so um she was able to get her down in the first couple rounds
but her Jiu Jitsu is good she never stops moving she never stops trying to get up and then um so she’s making
chefchenko work the whole time on that when they’re on the feet she’s the one coming forward throwing Combos and and
putting the pressure on changko like sochenko looked uncomfortable at every moment in that fight even when she was
on top just trying to hold down um Grasso except in the second round when she got to take down and then got the crucifix and all that like right away
she didn’t get really no damage off but she looked good there but other than that um I felt like chefchenko was like
backing up hold on for dear life in every round I’m like shoot for the takedown get the takedown because Grosso striking was looking so good
um then you guys chefchenko uh and and grass was five and oh it’s coming up the Flyway she’s looked really good here
she’s got excellent cardio excellent toughness she’s she’s only been finished one time but that’s by the by the real
woman go Tatiana Suarez who’s gonna be the woman goat when it’s all said and done but um Valentina chefchenko
obviously she’s the baby goat she’s the the 125 goat but man Gary I mean Gary
here’s where it look Gary should be coming in talking about Chef chanko’s record of who she spot with nobody at
125 dude that’s the worst division ever um but chefchenko is well-rounded obviously great kickboxing Muay Thai um
good kicks excellent spinning kicks chefchenko’s spinning kick it’s phenomenal
um sucks a what I don’t even know how to even say that but she does have good
boxing um obviously Southpaw she’s got good kicks good head kicks even you seem to get head kick Knockouts um good
wrestling she’s got decent timing on the double legs you can also do body lock takedown she’s got good Jiu Jitsu good transitions on top uh obviously super
physically strong but we can’t deny the fact that she’s 35 years old now she’s
been we’ve been watching her get worse over the last two years and not get she’s not getting better she lost Italia
Santos Natalia Santos ain’t even all that great she lost to her I don’t care what anybody says she lost Natalia
Santos and then she lost to Alexa Grosso I remember when I told you guys we did a live show and it was me you
Patty and somebody else and we were talking about chefchenko and I had a bet on her and I said I hope she wins and
then when she wins I hope she retires I was like because she’s 35 now you can tell like her legs have lost muscle if
you go look at her when she fought 2K again like three years ago what kind of shape she was in compared to now it’s
not even the same and then like like I said against Santos she didn’t look that great and then against Grosso she did
not look that great it was about to be two to two going into the fifth round if Grasso wouldn’t have got to choke and
actually submitted her and the round would have ended it would have been 2-2 going into the fourth with all the momentum on grass aside like like was
taking shitty shots in that that fourth round like shots from like six feet away just diving at her legs Grasso pushed
her away like I like Chef I like grass up here like here’s how I see it I see it like the Usman Edwards the second and third fight
where in the first fight Usman was fought the perfect fight was beating up Edwards that was his chance to win and
then Edwards got that that knockout right chefchenko wasn’t beating up grass so as much but she was winning up until
that point and then like I said even if she wouldn’t have got the submission that would have changed the momentum and made it 2-2 going into the fourth I
don’t know man I just think that that chefchenko is losing all their steam I think that um gospel is gonna get her I
think that uh Grasso is going to win a decision here and I think it could be like 49 46 maybe 48 47 because I’m not
dumb chefchenko’s gonna get a little bit she’s gonna take not gonna win four Cody here’s the thing chefchenko like I said
is 35 she’s not getting better what’s she go out and learn and got better what do you think in her 35 years in this six
months I will tell you what she will do better I’ll tell you Grasso she’s 30 years old
she’s the champion now she’s got more she’s gonna do better what do you mean the boxer
wrestling because she’s still 30 and she’s still at her gym where they only do boxing
she’s no she’s been training all over only do what you didn’t see the rear view
oh my God opportunistic grappling that exactly I forgot to mention that and and
that’s the last thing I’m gonna end with this is Grasso’s opportunistic grappling where you know it doesn’t matter it’s
not gonna happen this time because Valentine’s gonna win this fight because
she’s gonna be more focused when you’re winning and you’re winning and you’re
winning and you’re winning by Knockouts you’re winning by these crazy head kicks you kind of get a little hey I’m the
Champion you know maybe she took her a little bit lightly it could be but she was winning that
fight until opportunistic grappling came into play and I’m not I don’t want a dog Grosso
here she did a fantastic job and she won awesome well you also have to realize too re-watch that fight
the first round Grasso barely won that fight because she just landed like one or two harder shots damage it was a
close round round two and three were clear Valentina she was Landing the
better shot she had the better wrestling she was taking down Grosso at will no
fight at all there was no takedown defense at all which is a big problem in this fight for Grasso she’s not going to
be able to stuff those takedowns like any less that she wasn’t going to in in this fight Valentino is just the better
the better overall Striker she’s more diverse and she’s got the wrestling in
her back pocket that she can use whatever she wants I just think recency bias is a big thing
here like come on guys everybody was on Valentina the last fight let’s be honest
even you Cody I think you were on Valentina and you were like and then
Grasso won okay she’s gonna win this fight guys she’s gonna get her title
back no
can anybody give me the stats on one uh Champion talk to me when she’s like 38 years old
she was like she was literally density and stuff man she was literally Sean
Strickland strong Sean strickling strickling John John strickling I can’t
even say it never mind freaked my brain out I don’t even know I did I can’t even say it in my mind okay she was literally
yeah she was Sean Strickland ing
no she’s not I’m saying Valentino was literally Sean Strickland in her last
fight piecing her up the whole time until that spinning stupid bat kick happen even Grosso got a little bit of a
a lucky break when Herzog got him up for no reason in the third
round because valent or Valentina was doing ground a pound of stuff so to me I almost feel like it was a little bit
like hey we got to get Valentina you know let’s give Rosso a little bit of a edge because Valentine’s looking too
good right here I’m telling you this is gonna look crazy and Valentine’s gonna
win this fight I think it’s gonna go to decision though but it’s going to be 49 46 Valentina all day clear cut
book it right now buy the dip boys and girls buy it right now buy it she should
be minus 250 or higher this is a insane value on Valentina right now what’s the
last thing that comes to mind about Valentin shipchenko in your mind will I wake up
you don’t remember that minus 250 against the girl that just put her out I listen okay here’s another
thing because I [ __ ] I wake up for this [ __ ] I [ __ ] fell for this [ __ ] and I’m not gonna I fell for it I go
listen I go I watched I fell for it last time with [ __ ] newsman I go no he’s gonna come back out and he’s gonna do
the exact same thing that [ __ ] that’s a different fight at different people but listen I’m just different people the
betting reasoning I go he’s going to come back different styles I go he’s going to do the exact same thing as the
person too except I did yeah but this time though but when he went in there
what happened Leon Edwards made all the improvements now one time yeah but I’m saying and then
Camaro’s older and Leon Edwards like people can still be improving like everybody I can’t even I get it I get it
this is what I’m telling you they’re different Fighters I’m not even putting it in how old was Camaro when that
happened this just happened though that’s what I’m saying like nothing’s changed Valentina is six months older
who cares if it’s not like three or four years later you don’t you have he’s 38
years old there’s no okay she looked kind of bad in the Santos fight okay how
do you think Grasso will look against Santos I think she would beat Santa what’s up I
don’t think so what I’d pick Santos is not a finisher other than her Opera
opportunity grappling against Joanne wood and Valentina shevchenko he doesn’t
finish anybody Valentina is a finisher she can win by decision she can wrestle
she can strike she’s got leg kicks she’s got high kicks what does Grasso have opportunistic grappling and boxing and
she doesn’t really have the greatest striking defense either she was getting pieced up whole fight
rocked Valentina the first round yeah I mean she landed some good shots but you can tell she was getting out round two
round three and round four she barely won round one because she landed a
couple good shots in the cutter open right here that’s it otherwise it probably would have went to Valentina or
from uh wrestling though it doesn’t matter that’s why that’s why MMA baby MMA baby she’s got the better overall
game Valentina at minus 160 170.
he said he’s got grass dude there’s some weird grass don’t bet it because you’re gonna lose I
think comes in Valentino look like acid she was winning the fight until the spinning back kick what are you talking
maybe that’s true uh Valentina looks stiff as hell she was winning yeah
look at people coming to Jade and Grosso are you only doing Grosso is everybody
then why is she still plus money if this is so many people on Grassroots because one the one the one dude on Twitter that
bets real big probably went and bet chefchenko real big and Juiced up is his name gambo Andrew is it riding with this
baby but I’m telling you right now uh Russell’s gonna win this fight um see everybody
let’s go yeah we’re doing a should we bet [ __ ] yeah we got two units on at Valentino might have to get like [ __ ]
three shoes drink one out of a freaking Mexican shoe next week too and you’re gonna if I have a if I have a I’ll you
drink it out of a Russian Boot and I’ll drink out of a Mexican sombrero let’s
talk to like 38 for a woman it’s way older than 38 for male because she’s 38.
women’s she’s 35 but women start losing bone mass and osteoporosis and all that younger than men she is gonna be more
focused and all the pressure is on Grosso this time no all the princesses
she got nothing to lose like like a chefchenko if she loses her whole Legacy might be gone now you know what I mean
like Kamara Usman her Legacy is not gone she’s still a FlyAway goat look at what happened with Usman I was thinking he was the the 170 pound goat all this now
he loses the to Edwards twice and it’s already like uh what did he really didn’t you think that but didn’t you
just say that you know maybe uzman won that last one
the second fight no the third guy no he got B three to two clearly like like
like uh the younger Champion made more improvements anyway it doesn’t even matter it doesn’t even matter you can’t
even you can’t even like compare them together because one they’re totally different Fighters both of them you
can’t do it at all they’re not even the same so you can just throw that right out I don’t care about the sage agent
it’s a number maybe age is just a number baby come out with the same wrestling thing and their their opponent is
younger Cody Cody you’re you’re missing the point here who is the better overall fighter
it’s Valentina Craig said it Valentina grapple she will win he will win uh Pink
Freight said he agrees with 135. uh Grosso was beating her on striking
footwork value men was easily uh walking into it okay well I guess no one’s watching the fights and yeah looking at
the strike counts I guess okay whatever wolf tickets that Grasso already starts with a 63 edge with the age difference
Usman was injured um if it’s a close fight there you got
and now this time chefchenko has to take the title from the champ you know what I mean that that’s so funny don’t even
don’t even put that in there too but don’t you want a dog on Underdog
prices don’t you want a junkyard phone no like a championship level Junkyard
Dog no because I know who the better fighter is and if you’re gonna give me a minus 160 for the better fighter
everywhere if they was both 30 I would take chefchenko all day I would be like
she’s gonna go make improvements she’s gonna come back to me but she’s 35. we’ll get get ready to see exactly the
same thing except minus the stupid thing of like the the uh like Champions like
doing uh automatic turnaround getting their belt back I feel like this is just a baseball stack because you can make
any stat for baseball who cares I hope uh I’m just look at the tape if you look
at the tape you know who’s gonna win Valentina last time I seen Valentina she was
begging Grasso to not kill her she goes please don’t kill me I saw it and I saw you also pick Valentina as well so yeah
hey man I I learned you got to learn from your mistakes that’s the biggest come on about 30 degrees grass soap she
ain’t gonna win girl definitely Gary we can’t always agree we
gotta always does it we gotta we gotta it brings out good points you start thinking other stuff that’s why I enjoy
Gary even talking crap who was he getting me on all that the if Grasso wins
it’ll be greasy split a chefchenko win will be grappling clinch or brutal ground and pound stoppage okay or is she
doing the decision she can win either anyway he stops the wrestling and she beats up shrimp shank will stand it
clearly that’s all I think she didn’t gin do a last fight so how can you say that she can she didn’t win the Striking exchanges
look at the stats she put so much pressure on chefchenko that she had to wrestle the whole fight and then she finally got tired in the fourth round I
started taking shots game plan because she has the option Grasso doesn’t have the option she’s
grosso’s this week’s chepe number those are the facts oh Champion chepe really
worked hard to win that one all right put some respect on chepe’s name too plus 175 I got her plus one
let’s be honest Jack Jenkins was winning that fight until just a opportunistic grappling happened well it was about to
be one to one or one-to-one going in the third what were we talking about on that one too and the momentum grappling that
boy get your Wizard game down right uh that’s MMA for you yes you don’t mind
drinking beers out of shoes and I don’t like it you should have to drink will you send me one Craig
I ain’t buying one I’ll tell you that yeah dude uh yeah man get your money on
Grassle man let that line go up if you can yeah see just two cents I’m bringing in the real stats
though let’s be honest I like the overs I think the overs will hit don’t pick a side
I swear to God too because I might have bet the the fight goes to the decision they [ __ ] my Casino had it all jacked up
for the over 4.5 instead of like minus 130 there minus one I like that over I like the fight goes the decision I’m
looking at that as well I take minus 135 I think that is this as long as they ain’t gonna be a finish so don’t give
her no opportunistic [ __ ] traveling it’s gonna go to decision
see uh Cody that’s right but the older ladies can keep fighting because they’re not facing the strength and knockout
power men but like who’s the oldest lady that’s ever fought in the UFC that was [ __ ] doing that because I can give you a global done wrong but I’m saying
like who’s a 40 year old woman we see out here really do us oh is there a
firing firing whatever you say your name like 37 and she was doing the option close enough
she was bad yeah um but that’s true but I’m telling you dude that was a major thing go look at chefchenko’s thighs
from three years ago tonight that’s all I’m saying um I don’t like Grasso at all here but I’m getting a weird feeling they might
screw out on a decision if it gets there uh don’t forget they’re doing holy bet
based on grass so you’ll see Wisconsin to win if it goes to decision I think they’re doing it because Moreno lost and
they would have been all about Moreno I’ll be using them big ass words I get kind of confused Johnny I’m trying to
being confused I’m telling you who’s gonna win this fight
age is just a number not on that level though but I’m just saying the upper
level part at the lower level gender gender for gender that’s a that’s my
That’s Mike Valentino’s Telegraph as the fight went on yeah and she was still getting those takedowns
listen I think there’s a finish in this fight who gets it Valentina
opportunistic grappling Cody she Grasso has chance other than that it was a good win
for her I’m not taking it away it’s not gonna happen again she hasn’t finished anybody other than the opportunistic
grappling with Joanne wood pretty good it’s like one of her things
Calderwood sleeping wood sleeping uhenko spinning kick sleeping dude hurts okay
twice the craziest thing is when you watch her squeeze on [ __ ] uh Calderwood too her face is all white and
[ __ ] up like her squeeze must be crazy what sucks you know that so chefchenko
now these new shoes you were high as hell right now there’s uh there’s also
this that Val money line over the last 10 fights was priced nine out of ten uh she did wins nine out of ten exactly
Cody 11 fights in the UFC she has two
submissions no Knockouts and she’s a boxer yeah she’s gonna put them paws on that
she spot at 115 and 125 and she can’t get knockouts no she’s just piecing them up she’s a
choker opportunity
if you think she’s going to finish her why didn’t she just bet Grosso by myself I think she’s gonna box her up she ain’t
gonna win there’s no way Jeff’s got the KO abilities she’s got the sub building and she also has a
decision Equity I’ll take the minus 160 all day thank you God bless Anderson
Silva peak in that 35 and fighting The Matrix while everyone else at 35
Valentina starts to fall off cliffs uh proves why he’s the goal yeah I mean I don’t know a single girl that’s fought
late that like really good like I mean all of them like but dudes dudes can go
a little longer I like spider monkey too uh Yoder that
was my that was my girl for a while actually the older
are two and 24 and 26 [ __ ] rematches
I don’t care about that I know who the better fighter is it’s Valentina yeah but she’s old when you’re the women’s
flyweight it was both 30. okay see the goat oh yeah
yeah I was unveiled that’s what I’m saying but I learned my lessons I learned from my mistakes you did that
once too and you also lost ask me this if zero God is Sergey speedbo fight again ask me what wrong picking
yeah you’re probably gonna pick zero gone because you’re a switcher you switch it every time
well yeah of course because with the donut said Johnny is crazy Anthony is
gonna win I Know Where Your Allegiance live man was gassing after the third and Grosso is younger and Anthony Rivera
Medina I guarantee no Spanish blood at all I could tell you I know where it is Allegiance live this is just a good
honest you know comment and we really appreciate it I appreciate really for
real that is that is awesome and that’s that’s a right that’s the perfect super sticker there said seriously please stop
doing shoes yeah I’m gonna get it
mushrooms on grass so um I wasn’t bringing up he was on Val but I’m glad Johnny did
you need battery yeah but I mean I’m gonna call you out Cody come on man I
was on Gooseman the second time or third time against Leon I was realized like he’s good like Val’s gonna come in with
the same exact [ __ ] game plan and she used it perfectly the first time it didn’t work and just like Goosebumps and
now this time you can’t look at the uzman Edwards
thing yeah it’s a great comparison but you can’t it’s totally different uzman is literally like on his like on
crutches right now valentina’s not yeah she just took the fight a little less serious now she lost the belt she was
winning all these fights she’s won like 10 in a row before that or something like that and now she realizes this is
it she can’t lose this fight she’s the biggest doesn’t matter about the age age is the
number when you’re that high it doesn’t matter oh this has been a good show
well Holly is for yeah but Holly is like if you go look go look at Holly’s record Holly’s like three and seven in her last
ten fights that’s not even that’s not even a stretch if you go look Holly Holm is like three and seven in the last time
um you don’t gauge the age on outliers got to go off the media yeah and like
usually I wouldn’t but I’ve seen the digression in show Trinkle like now if I hadn’t seen like I didn’t see no digression in Kamara Usman so there was
no reason for me to be like in the third fight he’s gonna be a little slower and um Edwards is just going to be able to
stop the wrestling just a little more and that’s what I’m saying here like chefchenko ain’t gonna her striking didn’t get no better so she’s not gonna
be able to strike with Grasso like she wants to and then her wrestling’s not gonna get no better so the only one I feel like is going to be improving his
grass so she knows chefchenko’s game plan now Grasso could come out with a whole new game plan and [ __ ] up she
could come out offensive wrestling and start wearing on Valentina like a whole different but valentina’s unless she’s
just gonna stand and strike what’s the difference you are you are you are a reaching for straws right here there’s
no way is going to be never reach for straws I would never be sure there’s no
way grass is going to tell him out with a wrestle heavy game plan and no she’s
gonna do what she usually does and then it has all the options he can mix it up you think that you still will not she
will do what she does she will box and then maybe an opportunistic opportunity yeah
arthritis if you’re doing that uh do you think that the UFC wants the 35 almost
36 year old to become Champion again or do they want Mexico Champion 30 year old that they’re trying to build up Mexico
in that Kazakhstan or honestly I don’t think they care what the [ __ ] and there’s a whole UFC
made afterwards dude no I don’t think they care I mean I think it’s a win-win for either one that’s what I’m saying
they don’t care who wins it’s a win-win for both sides Effie’s right there um how old is Liz karucci yeah she might be
different she’s uh she might be an outlier she’s still one of the best yeah but that’s like wrong
yeah she’s not 30 years old Valentino but she’s not washed you’ve seen that you’ve seen digression though any
digression in the last two fights I think she’s had some tough matchup
especially against Talia that was a very tough matchup for her we need to we do we need to do that one time call one of
these Thursday night games just watch the thing afterwards we’ll get the U.S we can do it we could do it when there’s a break and then we’ll just be watching
this [ __ ] yeah a couple weeks uh Cody yeah I forgot you bet on Holly Holm yeah I
think I did what did I I did too I know I didn’t laugh against Silva maybe maybe
but you got to live and learn man I’ll go that oh I can’t believe I’ve been on that old lady that’s what I said right I thought I go God damn it he should have
won that uh Cody for what it’s worth I agree with everything you said in your breakdown of this fight I just think
Valentine Tina hasn’t fallen off as much as you’re implying as she will be laser focused she does look laser focused
immediately I’ll give her that and I’m talking I talk some [ __ ] because like I do like I just don’t think she’s there
yet she’s the more well-rounded fighter but I do think that the age is caught a really really I don’t think she’s there
yet though I get what you’re saying but I don’t think she’s there and I’ve seen a little bit of a decline I will say that but it’s not that much to the point
where I don’t think she can’t beat Grasso it was just mistake and Grasso opportunity
opportunity arose and she did great I don’t want to take that away from her at all yeah fantastic she got it done
amazing is she the first person she was losing that fight and she was losing that fight until I had the person who
ever seen Rock chefchenko chenko’s jaw gone we can Ching on because of her she didn’t get knocked down so I don’t think
she got rocked if she got knocked down what would happen and maybe yeah they always say yeah she did but she’s you up
for your thing you’re supposed to say she’ll get up again you know well no she won’t get up because she’s not gonna get knocked down in the first place
and still um let me try again how do you know you know he is
let me chime in if Grasso is just a boxer then how did she submit Val because she’s practicing her grappling
she has been this whole time with Diego Lopez you heard of Diego Lopez Karen
okay well good then Valentino will piece her up on the feet like she was doing for two rounds three three and a half
rounds let’s put it that way two naps are two what he was winning the fourth round
until that happened you see that that Drake put a million on chefchenko
I hope you put some money on chefchenko smash the like button these guys did their thing for us tonight smash it yeah
um I know Jenny’s got to work tomorrow oh she waited for about a spin and got her down she was just waiting for that spin the whole fight that’s her move
ain’t gonna happen this time so guess what no opportunistic grappling oh I hope she does but you see it again 24
out of 26. kept their title A lot of those are men just throwing it out there it’s
different are you sexist you’re being sexist right now no I’m just being honest I mean we you were just talking
about how often do we see 35 year old women and now I’m sexist okay
did I say that I called her 30. you did I don’t remember that you’re crazy
um Liz is one of the best let’s see all right um really really quick Bellator Bellator bombs who cares we got Aaron
coming up Jesus silver girls yeah and that yeah both yeah this is this division’s getting real good and when
when oh yeah there’s a lot there’s a lot of young flyweights coming up and Valentine’s not gonna be able to hold it
on for too much longer I’m telling you she might have to go up to 135. after this loss you think she’s gonna go
up to one Thirty no not a lot I think eventually she could and she could probably get the belt for a while
because 135 is not good old ladies they’re slow up there
I like that Hoover um other than the ones you said too
let me look real quick if I’m missing anybody um
I mean I’m weirdly confident in Jasmine I think she gets it done Jaden knows yeah and then Valentina obviously I’m
weirdly confident Jasmine or uh Valentina gets it done yeah I want I want her to win on a
Mexican Independence Day well you are going to get your wish Jayden you’re gonna get your wish I don’t think so kamuchi is okay but she was losing last
fight so she gotcha yeah she I mean she’s decent you know what I mean she’d be like top 15 in the UFC she’s still
doing her thing in Bellator but like that’s like the only one like if you really think about it who’s some old chicks that’s ever been doing anything
how old is she I mean she hasn’t fought in a couple years but she’s like 33 32 when she’s
doing it oh she’s older than that come on come on maybe she’s on all the juice though um it
doesn’t matter what YouTube Sean Strickland right there VCR repairman ain’t lying how old is she she’s 38.
yeah so when they was fine she’s like 34 when she fought Nunez and I mean she’s still fighting in Bellator she’s got her
ass whooped uh UFC once got to win yep uh what was
the chamber one the what channel oh yeah
I always do that he’d be like but not this time because Valentine is not getting knocked down you’re sure good
show I don’t even know if Grasso even has a knockdown in the UFC we are to the bottom Ty let’s see Tyler Tyron love
lady appreciate you coming out he said uh what my bad uh agreed great show
Rasheed said grass so winning or she rafo doesn’t even have a knockdown in
the UFC guys she’s just got choke out saying she don’t need to know she did you got two of them I’ll tell you I’ll
give you that more than that she’s a boxer who’s the last one
yo what’s up guys I don’t get to comment like that but I love both of your shows we appreciate that Antoine I’m saying
that right Willis we love these comments more than you know man because put a lot of work into
it and to know that people really like it and like like it that’s good stuff man it makes you want to care so we
really appreciate that everybody that that Pink Floyd that’s
wait just a number baby hey uh uh we’ll see man I hope at 35 is
the age for girls that’s the cutoff you can’t put a number on that 35.
everyone’s different everyone’s different come on guys any action sportscast Ryan Jordan Gary appreciate
participating all night my boy Don cumber cumbered RX
is playing with my mic it’s playing with my mind Rasheed said Kevin grass so copy life that was four years ago boom inside
round two um Antoine said uh you said it right man huh absolutely pronounced it like Anton
and Anton Antoine Anthony
dude you should have said that many many
just showing love do we appreciate that that is awesome appreciate everybody that’s commented I’ve seen some some
pretty good comments coming together new people too I appreciate you guys coming out we love getting new people so Pink
Floyd Gary Freeman Lenny again appreciate that donation man that is awesome
um Rasheed Don cucumbered Gary uh Gary Freeman Effie Ryan Jordan
um Pink Floyd Rasheed Antoine mushroom Tyron
they’re just throwing me off like my sister’s name Turin Tyron um VCR
repairman Jaden everybody John came out toilet face um who’s helping jumbo Loco
dirty reg uh Gary Freeman has been hanging out Craig Rob with my two cents
wolf tickets MMA VCR repair man we got Anthony
um you know he doesn’t have any Allegiance or Alliance anywhere I don’t I totally get dirty redge Tyler
everybody man all you guys are awesome anybody here hold on real quick I gotta go through the donations Robert thank
you for donating earlier Donovan thank you for the donation pick em MMA really appreciate the donation John newquist
you know we love the donation speed Mark and Anton he got me there did
Nate Brown appreciated Anthony and freaking Lenny and then um myri-offs
appreciate all you guys everybody this was a great show we will see you Saturday on um the newest member of the
team yeah Addicted come again addicted to combat Patrick and if you don’t know who he is check him out addicted to
combat on YouTube Twitter Instagram he does great work it’s going to be on his show this time since he’s our new newest
co-host on Saturday Saturdays before the fight so he’s starting it up right away
so we’re gonna have uh broke bets on there Lane if you don’t know them you’ll check them out too he’s a great guy
great guys so it’s gonna be fun and everybody man we really really really really really really appreciate you guys
coming out and we will see you guys later everybody check out mushroom show in nine minutes mushrooms check out his
YouTube channel it’s awesome see you guys

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