BMF vs BMF? Jorge Masvidal returns to fight Justin Gaethje?

Summary: BMF vs BMF? Jorge Masvidal returns to fight Justin Gaethje?


In this episode of “Tell the Tape,” I, your host Henry Cejudo, also known as Triple C, will be breaking down the upcoming fight between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. Many people are questioning whether Strickland has a chance against a fighter as skilled as Adesanya. In this article, I will analyze their strengths, weaknesses, and make my prediction for the fight. But before we dive into the details, I want to thank our sponsor, Cookie C, for their support. If you’re looking for delicious treats made with all-natural ingredients, be sure to check out Cookie C at Now, let’s get into the analysis.

Israel Adesanya: The Last Style Bender

Let’s start by discussing the strengths of Israel Adesanya, also known as “The Last Style Bender.” Adesanya’s greatest asset is his championship experience. He has become accustomed to training for five-round fights and performing under the pressure of being the best in the world. This experience gives him a certain drive and confidence that not many fighters possess. Adesanya’s striking is also a major strength. He is known for his ability to fake and feint, baiting his opponents into making mistakes. He is particularly skilled at using his legs to set traps and break his opponent’s foundation. Adesanya’s kicks are his biggest weapon, and he knows how to use them effectively whether he is in a right-handed or southpaw stance.

However, Adesanya does have weaknesses that can be exploited. His wrestling is a notable weakness, as we saw in his fight against Pereira. While he has shown the ability to get back up from takedowns, his wrestling skills are not on par with his striking abilities. Additionally, Adesanya tends to get kicked a lot, especially in fights where his opponents target his front leg. His wide stance leaves him vulnerable to leg kicks, and this is an area where Strickland could potentially capitalize.

Another weakness of Adesanya is his inability to mix everything up. While he is a skilled striker, he lacks the ability to seamlessly transition between different fighting styles. He relies heavily on his striking and does not have the versatility to mix in level changes, takedowns, or different submissions. This makes him somewhat predictable and easier to game plan against.

Sean Strickland: The Dangerous Underdog

Now let’s turn our attention to Sean Strickland, who is often underestimated by many. Strickland’s attitude and experience are his greatest strengths. He approaches every fight with a fearless mindset and gives his best effort, regardless of the odds. His experience includes fights against top middleweights like Kamaru Usman and Alex Pereira, which has helped him develop a durable and resilient fighting style.

Strickland’s boxing ability is another strength. He is confident in his boxing skills and believes that boxing is life. He has shown the ability to close distance quickly and land effective punches. His defense is also better than Adesanya’s, as he has demonstrated the ability to stuff takedowns and work off the cage.

However, Strickland does have weaknesses that Adesanya can exploit. His stance is a major issue, as he often stands too upright and lacks proper knee bend. This makes him vulnerable to strikes and limits his ability to defend against different fighting styles. Strickland relies too heavily on his striking and lacks the versatility to adapt to different opponents. He is one-dimensional in his approach, which can be a disadvantage against a well-rounded fighter like Adesanya.

Prediction: Adesanya’s Victory

In analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters, it is clear that Adesanya has the advantage. His championship experience, striking skills, and ability to set traps give him the upper hand in this matchup. While Strickland’s attitude and durability make him a dangerous underdog, his one-dimensional approach and lack of versatility will likely be his downfall.

I predict that Adesanya will not only win this fight but also stop Strickland. Adesanya’s ability to target Strickland’s legs and then capitalize with his hands will likely lead to a knockout victory. Strickland’s stance and reliance on his striking will leave him vulnerable to Adesanya’s attacks.


The upcoming fight between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland is sure to be an entertaining matchup. While Strickland has his strengths, including his attitude and boxing skills, Adesanya’s championship experience and striking abilities give him the edge. Strickland’s weaknesses, such as his stance and one-dimensional approach, make him susceptible to Adesanya’s attacks. Ultimately, I believe Adesanya will come out on top and secure a stoppage victory. Stay tuned for the press conference and the fight itself, as it promises to be an exciting event.

rolling with the Triple C imma make him
bend the knee rolling with the Triple C
don’t really count the Heat
so BMF versus BMF
and guys there is a huge interview right
now with uh George masford though is
George masvidal really done
I mean I think I think he’s at the point
where it’s a lot man do you imagine
trying to get close fighting for the
title for a couple times like losing and
then start losing like quite a bit
and then being in the sport and from
fighting in the streets of Miami back
backyard fighting you know back with
Kimbo Slice and doing all the above like
do you guys think that
George Mazda doll just like he he he’s
you know there comes a point where
things could still you wanna you wanna
do new things in your life because I’ve
been in that position I wasn’t fighting
freaking out in the backyards or things
like that but wrestling at a very young
age from from 11 all the way to
all the way until I literally retired it
was a year-round sport
um even even the first time I retired
from the UFC or from mixed martial arts
man you just want to go off and enjoy
other competitions kind of like I’m
doing now so I even enjoyed sharing my
knowledge and content with you guys but
if you’re able to entice
somebody who is willing to wake up and
have a violent fight like George
masvidol said the quote unquote this is
what he said he says man I would love to
fight Daisy actually that’s a fight that
I would love man I don’t got nothing uh
against him you know just that he beat
my boy D but I would love to fight Daisy
because of his style you know in other
words he’s opening the door he’s saying
yeah I’m done
but I’m not uh you know I’m the real BMF
I mean do you guys imagine how much that
fight would actually sell
I do believe that the BMF does carry
leverage now because at UFC did the
right thing after Mazda doll now they’re
giving it to Gucci gichi is one violent
dude you know who wouldn’t want to see a
matchup with George massadaw and Justin
so this beef guys goes even before the
BMF was even
I probably even considered because I I
want to say I believe at that time there
are calling George masford the street
Street Jesus and I think uh our street
Judas I forget which one it was and I
think you know knowing gaichi is very uh
he’s very Catholic like he loves the the
principal’s office he believes in God
but he was uh
you know he never really liked that
remembering him kind of mentioned it he
was like oh he’s just kind of rolling
with the flows like nah I don’t like it
so he went out there and actually set it
public like you know what I’m saying I
like to slap I don’t know what the hell
it was but what I’m trying to say here
guys is there’s a story line here you
know the fact that he said he had won
mazodar to put the to put the belt on if
he ended up doing it I mean that says a
lot you know he ended up knocking out
you know Georgia Mass adults you know
training partner one of his main
training Partners knocking them out cold
but there’s a story line I do believe
that there’s a big fight to be made
but I just don’t know if Justin gate she
is willing to wait
uh for that because I don’t just engages
one objective goal is and that’s to
become the absolute best in the world
he’s going to wait on Islam and uh
Charles Oliver what you got for me
Matthew so is there a scenario where you
think that Justin gaichi would want to
take the Payday the money fight and
fight mosveda defend the BMF belt before
he fights for the Undisputed lightweight
title or he’s just gonna wait and see
what happens in his next fight is for
the belt at 155 pounds
okay so they’re saying that the more
likely the fight’s going to take place
at that lightweight in the beginning of
the year now or the middle of the year I
imagine I’m talking about the
lightweight fight like the winner of
and Charles Oliveira is there an another
opponent did that maybe the UFC’s
looking at I think most likely gaichi
would be next unless Oliveira would win
and then there could be a Trilogy
between him and Islam or even
volkanovsky could fight Islam again if
he wins before gaichi gets a title shot
that’s right did you guys hear that
if Charles Boulevard does win there’s a
there’s a Trilogy ladies and gentlemen
so then what what happens there then
that can open up for Gay Street I know
Gage doesn’t want to wait because you’re
looking at me be potentially a year
until you actually fight
and I don’t think I don’t think just I
think just is blown away but I don’t
think he wants to wait
so I think for that reason I mean it’s
it’s different man when you think you
have something planned as a fighter or
in the UFC and things don’t happen
and that you just know that things are
just off so I like it though I say you
book it I say you get it going I would
like to see a BMF Justin gaichi versus
Jorge masito last question who do you
have winning that fight Justin gaichi or
Jorge who do I think was that fight
man I wanna I like them both bro I
really do I like them both but I just
think the viciousness of what Justin
gaichi brings
was just Second To None like he really
is man the the way Justin gaichi was
able to do physiev that said a lot like
I thought physio was going to do a lot
better than what he actually did but
Justin gichi has those leg kicks he has
that power but he has that tenacity and
I think that would be very problematic
for a guy like George Master though so
right now guys you know I got I gotta
leave with uh we just engage you to to
all due respect to George Mass adult but
either way guys I want to see it