UFC 292 Post-Fight Press Conference

um so yeah he looked damn good what did you make of the build up like at the press conference one Ian’s bringing up
the things that Neil said about like you know like oh when I whip my kids and Ian’s cutting them off saying like oh you don’t deserve to talk after saying
that what did you make of their build up that kind of came out of nowhere I don’t know that happens in fights man you you know you never know what’s going to
happen what people are going to say or what’s going to go on you never know you know where their head is leading into
these type of fights and you know fighting is a crazy business man I mean the the stuff that said it’s like
when I come in here after a fighting like oh my God he said this that’s why
I’m always like I don’t give a you know this is the fight game people say crazy stuff sometimes and and uh it just
is what it is and I I nobody in this room maybe I don’t know if anybody but pretty much I wouldn’t think nobody in
this room has ever been you know in a fight like these guys are in and and what kind of pressure under what you’re
thinking and it’s just it’s a different world man it’s different than playing a football game or a baseball game or
anything else in life you call obviously call that Wonder Boy he wants a five round Main Event Wonderboy has said like
I’ll fight the in Gary’s of the world is that a fight you would be interested in Wonderboy turn the fight down tonight there you go you talk to him right away
like right after listen we make fights man that’s what we do going further down uh Cheeto got another
big win Sean O’Malley’s called his shot like he wants Cheeto in December is that something that you now have to seriously
look at too following up the last question he asked me we don’t talk about fights in the fight
what do you what do you think Chris Wyman should do after that retire retire D I love Chris Weidman I love him I love
his family and I think you should retire uh we talked to doc d doc d thinks he blew his MCL ACL
he blew one of the CLS and uh you know guys just coming back from
a gruesome injury and and you know listen man father time is not our friend
at all but definitely if you’re a professional athlete it’s so if he comes up to you and says I want one more fight is that something you say like hey maybe
let’s talk about this first of all depending on the damage to the knee you’re talking another year
so I would I would say Chris I love you please please retire Dana right here to your right
um given kind of where Ian is right now in his build do you think it’s time that the UFC finally goes back to Dublin at
some point with him his headliner no not yet one more move then we go to Dublin gotcha and kind of sticking with the
locations you had expressed after Whaley’s last fight that I believe it was her last fight or maybe it was when uh yanjao Nan won that you want to go
back to China this year is that something that we should expect to see Whaley in in the near future probably
and then one more for me uh we talked to Joe Lauzon yesterday at a q a this is the first New England card you guys have held where there’s no new englanders on
it he said that he had hit you guys up a bunch to get on this card and he was told his Services weren’t needed um that
wasn’t the services weren’t needed the card was full at the time that he was asking we already had the card full gotcha so like you’re cool with offering
him fights if he wants to fight again I would like Joe to retire too you know what I mean it gets to the
point it’s like Chris Weidman we’re talking about Chris Weidman a minute ago Weidman reached the Pinnacle of the
sport and did it in spectacular fashion knocking out one of the greatest of all
time right and what’s now why you know what I mean to
come back and feel it one more time we felt it tonight and he blew his knee out and he’s gonna have to go through crazy
surgery again and recover from it it’s just like wow you’ve already done it all you’ve accomplished everything that you could
hope to accomplish in the USA and and saying that so his shoulders on
Cholo’s on at one point held like the most uh fight of the night bonuses or
performance bonuses or whatever it was you know he’s he’s been part of the ultimate he’s done he’s done so much in
the sport you get to an age where it’s just like come on guys and last one for me uh the tough finale
sometimes we see guys that lose the tough finale like that’s it for them they don’t have another UFC fight but Cody Gibson safe to say that he’ll be
sticking around yeah everybody’s blowing me up saying give them both a contract uh yeah he’ll be he’ll be sticking
around and actually I lied I have one more uh we didn’t hear from you after Corey sandhagen’s uh win recently
um I guess I just want to kind of figure out where you what you thought of it and kind of where he fits in in this picture yeah listen he’s a stud he he uh he’s
been apologizing to me Non-Stop about his performance he needed elbow surgery he hurt himself and I said kid every
fight can’t be the greatest fight you’ve ever seen your performance before that was amazing you stepped up and you took
this fight again on short notice stop eating yourself up man you know what I mean every fight you see is going to be
the greatest fight you’ve ever seen in every fight you fight can’t be the greatest fight you’ve ever fought you you one you’re in a great position heal
up get your together and we’ll get you back in there and you know you can erase everybody’s memories of of you
know people thought that was whatever people thought of it yep dinner yeah in the front a few
questions for you uh I know you don’t like to make fights so I’m not going to ask you about a specific fight but how
you did just say that you don’t want Ian to go to Dublin next I mean I do want Ian to go to Dublin
just not next yeah yeah man Square Garden he’s got to go okay that was a question I was gonna ask you an Irish
Irish is that like yeah you get him there there’s a blueprint for this and we got it so uh you you just talked
about Sean O’Malley saying how you know Pro the crowd was when I don’t remember the last time I saw a crowd be that
one-sided for a guy who wasn’t their Hometown since probably Conor versus Dennis Eva right here it’s true
um we always talk about who could be the next Kana Ronda Rousey Brock Lesnar what about beyond that do you see someone on
the roster possibly Sean O’Malley off today they could actually surpass that stardom of like a Connor and Ronda and
all those well it’s not about surpassing them it’s about who’s next and how and
you know when Conor McGregor uh you know exploded onto the scene he ignited Europe in other parts of the world and
now like Sean O’Malley coming in into Boston uh everywhere I went yesterday
and today everywhere and I’m sure you guys experienced this too hair shirts the whole deal I mean everybody
was wearing O’Malley stuff and you saw the reaction when he won tonight how the place just erupted
and and when you think about this I say it every Tuesday
the contender series is the best show on television the contender series is
incredible you know now we have two world champions from the contender series and multiple you know uh
up-and-coming stars coming off that show uh and and if you’ve now me and my crew
the hunter the matchmakers we’re we’re sitting at the office it’s 4 57.
jump in the car and we drive over the Apex every Tuesday and literally watch the baddest fights that you could
possibly see in most of the media guys that are here do it too it I I love the contender and the
contender is really the the uh this streamline to the world champion
red ship right now it’s awesome I think that’s a perfect transition to my next question obviously the contender series
is continuing to build stars um probably the biggest star since Sean O’Malley in my opinion is probably Beau
nickel I mean he’s got that that buzz around him he said he you know he’s gonna take some time off any idea when
we could see him back in Action 100 I know but yeah you’re you’re absolutely right I mean yeah Bo nickel uh Macy
Barber I mean you know Hill I mean so many people have come off that show the
list goes on and on um Kevin Holland um you know
I think you know the last last year it started and then this year from episode one and now the second one we just did
this thing’s trending worldwide now we do fights on Tuesday nights they Trend worldwide on social media so
um yeah so before these guys ever set foot in the UFC millions of people have seen them fight on the contender series
it’s awesome and then my last question you know what’s crazy I’ll tell you this too so when I first started the
contender Series right so we used to take the numbers we would judge guys by the numbers that
they pulled we had it had all the numbers written down on the wall in there on numbers that they pulled how many millions of people watched the
fight and O’Malley was from day one number one and my last question obviously we just
wrapped up the newest season Ultimate Fighter the finale was absolutely fantastic but what was your overall
thoughts of the entire show in general yeah it was a good season I mean ah since the spike days when we first
blew up and we’re pulling massive numbers and things like that the the the attention and the promotion
uh that ESPN has given this season of The Ultimate Fighter has been incredible so
um that was good especially like I said when you have a finale when’s the last time an Ultimate Fighter
finale was the fight of the night on a card like this in a city like this
so you’re really awesome yeah where do you think should be next for algerman
Sterling going into the fight week he was talking about potentially going up to 140. that’s probably what he’ll do I
don’t know has he been in here yet no yeah yeah I can’t but I if if you’re asking me right now I’ll bet he’s gonna
say I’m gonna move up okay yeah uh you would if he were to want say like an immediate rematch or something like that
he was a very successful Champion not even thinking about that right now okay and we also had a Michael Chandler here
um as a guest um he was saying that he kind of expects the fight with Conor to go down in in
December I wonder if there’s any update on that now that the tough season is he just asked me that too uh I’d say next
year and we also had Tatiana Suarez as uh as a guest she wants the next shot uh could
we be looking at her who said that Tatiana oh yeah yeah yeah no she’ll look good I I don’t know what we’ll say but
yeah I mean she’s a little badass too yeah buddy you’re right you mentioned
you know you want one more for Ian probably MSG in November but can you kind of confirm that next year all going
well there there will be a return we sure cans I guaranteed him we made a deal so you mentioned this
clarify may be happening next year why not December is that completely off the table at this stage like no is the asada thing a problem oh you’re
talking about Connor yeah Oh I thought you were asking me if if we would go to Ireland first if it’s off the table it’s not off the table and anything’s
possible but um I don’t know I I can’t you’re asking me questions I don’t have the answers to
why not December who the knows I don’t know we’ll see how this thing plays out about one more as well uh your your two
sponsors with prime KSI and low getting back in the ring are you gonna watch their fights and what do you think who KSI and Logan Paul oh oh they’re they’re
fighting again they’re back like they’re they’re fighting the same card oh yeah okay um I I I like Logan
I like Logan a lot great kid who in this room thinks that’s a great fight he’s fighting raise your hands
please if him and Dylan Dennis was a great fight I know he’s fighting nobody not one guy
being a question over here uh kind of a hypothetical obviously uh Sean is a big drop here he’s from Montana there’s a
big fan base so I’m in Montana any chance ever in history there might be a card in the treasure state well I love
Montana um I love that state um I never say never but we’re not
thinking about it right now dinner over here yeah any update on like
the heavyweight title Alex Pereira and ready to fight are they
ready to fight yeah I mean do you know when maybe I do not if I did we would
have announced it okay thank you Dana over here sorry
um I have to ask for the people in in Ecuador do you think Michael Morales will fight again this year and if so can
you tell us when I have no idea you know we’ve you know I’ve been here
too long when these are the questions you’re asking me now uh hey you know when this guy’s gonna fight what about that guy what do you got hey
how you doing good so uh I talked to the Drake The Great John anik and he thinks this uh the Patriots are not going to go
to the Super Bowl are we ready to reprimand him or what do you think about that that’s just rude
John anik are you crazy um I I would love to see them go to the
Super Bowl again but I say it all the time over the last 20 years the Patriots have given us so much joy and happiness you
know what I mean um we can take a little rebuilding time if we need to but um uh shame on you
John attic uh so uh question for me obviously you brought the contender series and uh sugar Shawn O’Malley
coming from that uh system and making create his way up to the championship but there are so many different
promotions like running combat with the great ULU negle who I work for and also uh like titanfc and a bunch of different
uh feeder systems like is there any like talent that you have your eye on or somebody that you’re going to be
inviting to The Container series that you have uh you know high hopes for or anybody well you know we’re in the
second week we got eight more weeks left of the contender series fair enough sir so yes spider we’ve picked every fighter
in the first two episodes we haven’t even yeah we’ve picked every fighter that’s fought on on the last two uh
episodes so I listen oh I love Tuesdays it’s it’s it’s my
favorite time of the week I love that show and I’m excited for the next eight weeks and yeah there’s tons of talent coming through you got an eye for talent
I have to admit that um but nevertheless um is there anybody on this card that popped out like uh I I and Gary was
amazing and is there anybody that like popped uh popped out for you on the card that you really that like really stood
out for you that you’re gonna move up or well I would say the entire undercard looked incredible I mean you know as you
got into the main car there are a lot of uh fights that people were highly anticipating but you know when you talk
about Gibson and Katana an unbelievable fight when you talk about uh Silva you
know there was just so many great fights on the uh Rodriguez
I mean the undercard was incredible fair enough thank you very much a quick one um any update on if you guys
are coming back to Atlantic City this year I know that was rumored for December
I don’t know you hope so he said I hope so yeah thank
you all right Dana right here down the middle yeah uh we spoke to Ian Gary early in the week and he said that he was surprised that fellow Irishman Paul
Hughes hasn’t been signed to the UFC is Paul Hughes on your radar at all do you know how many guys are surprised that
their guys they’re friends with haven’t been signed to the UFC yet I hear that every day um but uh you know with the contender
Series going on right now and uh with the amount of fights that we put on right now the other thing that’s
happened is we we’ve had it’s been a while since the injury bug has terrorized us uh like it has over the
last few months so if he is somebody that is that good and that we’re
interested in Sean and Mick will find him and bring him in here and Conor McGregor was tweeting after Kurt
hollabaugh’s win that he wants to see him rematch Lee Hammond from this season of The Ultimate Fighter is Lee Hammond
potentially going to get a second shot at the UFC I don’t know we’ll see and last one for me you said uh this event broke the bantamweight title fight
Pay-Per-View record do you have a current estimate on that number I do but that that belongs to ESPN so I don’t I
don’t give that out anymore but yeah it it it it crushed the record for for the bandwid championship
um yeah this this thing broke tons of Records the gate uh the pay-per-view
social media was massive too and now that he won I I get this is probably going to be even bigger
um and I guarantee we’re going to do an economic study on Boston you know the economic economic
impact that we had on this city had to be massive too for not a Celtics or Bruins game or
Patriots game you know what I mean so yeah thank you big night big night to
your left now given O’Malley’s meteoric rise right you know Snoop Dogg at the
contender series there have been a lot of people saying that he was going to be a champion really early on in his career
was there a moment where you knew that he would be a future Champion or you first thought that well I think people
thought that for a long time and then he got a lot of criticism after the Cheeto verify
um you can never tell in this sport man you’d never know how I listen to me don’t lie to me
how many people thought he was going to win tonight raise your hand
go on go ahead raise your hand don’t don’t be shy one guy two guys no yeah you
how many reporters are in here tonight uh Renee huh there’s 70 reporters in this room
right now one guy raised his hand that thought Sean O’Malley was going to win tonight right who the knows this
sport is crazy I mean anything can happen on any given night um and it happened tonight you know most
of you that follow the sport and are educating the sport said what everybody said how does he not get taken down and
absolutely destroyed on the ground how does he stop the takedown maybe he’ll stop it a few times but this goes the
longer this thing goes and the more he defends the takedown he’s going to be in big trouble and here we are in this room now talking
about how sean O’Malley is the champion so I I know you don’t ever really let’s
talk about Bo nickel that he brought up the other day a couple minutes ago he was great unbelievable once you start
once you crack that top five very few people make it into the top five right
it’s a whole nother ball game when you’re in the top five so
69 reporters in here said no one guy raised his hand and said yes
what the do I know you talked about wanting to do an economic study and this weekend especially in Boston it seemed like a
lot of green hair and a lot of country hats for the Morgan Wallen concert right um given the impact that Sean had have
you seen something like that around a city that one fighter can have so many people you know not since the rise of
Conor McGregor yeah not since the rise of Conor McGregor and Rhonda too Rhonda when Rhonda started to really take off
Rhonda had that buzz too Chuck Liddell given how well it did in
Boston would you consider coming back anytime in the near future I know that kovid really impacted things but anytime
I get an excuse to come back to Boston I’m coming believe me like I say when we go to all these cities and and you know
listen we’ve been selling out since you know since you could put people back in the arena again and there’s so many
places that we haven’t been um you know tonight you know we do these events we have lots of sponsors and
other people are here so people were hitting me up tonight when you’re coming back to Chicago when are you coming back here when you come back there so you
know so many cities that we got to get back to but I love this city
um I love The Encore um uh I love the food in the North End I
mean it’s just I I love the steak tips out in South Boston I’ll get back here as many times
as I possibly can awesome thank you thank you you guys done with me so Donut oh one
more yeah yes sir this is from China migu uh currently you know uh Whaley and Lima’s fight uh a check over 1.9 billion
views in China’s social media so however can either you know bring the UFC back
to China this year that makes me very happy sir I’m I’m happy to hear that and uh the answer is yes uh do you know when
I do not as soon as possible so uh you see really you know from 2018 uh when she got into
the uh UFC and now she improved herself very well uh who do you think who uh the
next Challenger for her I don’t know if this game we’re working on that right now she’s up next she’ll
be in here I think you should ask her who she wants to fight she’s the queen she’s the champ she’s a beast she could
do whatever she wants so talk to her cool
good all right choose up next have a good night boys
yeah that’s good
Welly congratulations thank you on the victory uh pretty Flawless performance you said a lot of Records I think even
uh Dana said you broke valentina’s record for significant strikes in a title fight so physically how are you
feeling and emotionally how are you feeling after that defense foreign
yeah I think uh I don’t really care about the record but the only thing a concern is just surpass myself the only
challenge or opponent to me is myself what are we gonna do every day is I made
the John Wayne Lee better than who I was yesterday she herself obviously she absorbed a lot
of strikes and Dana said like she showed toughness in there but she did throw up a lot of submissions especially in the first and near the end where any of
those chokes closed or tight at all
is not that deep so my neck he she didn’t really get my neck so it’s not
that dangerous to me so there is no Panic to me so I just uh
to pick home and try to escape from that situation were you surprised that she was able to absorb so many blows and
continue fighting foreign
was in here and we asked him who he thinks you should fight next and he said we should ask you who you want to fight
next so who would you like to fight next time
Sean O’Malley how about this I think I think you got um when I guess
when would you like to fight next I guess is there a date or time because it’s been a while since we had last seen you fight how active do you want to be
over the next year
yeah I started my training camp this time since March so I have left my home
for a couple months for such a long time so the only thing in my mind right now just return to home together with my
family thank you
that the tianis Juarez was here she wants the next title shot um wonder what
are your thoughts on her and do you feel like she deserves the next shot [Music]
yeah she’s good she’s undefeated she’s very good fighter I think she can be a
potential Challenger for the next the belt a few times they start looking up
and you know they hope to maybe get a second built is that something that you ever consider moving up away class and
challenging for a second belt
yeah uh so that was what I was thinking about just move up to fly away division
but so just let’s see what happens next in the 125 Division
and uh the belt will be disputed next month uh who do you have in the rematch between Alexa Grasso and uh Valentina uh
yeah like it’s just say who has the better performance who has better execution who has the better game plan
in the Arctica and when you talk about like potentially moving up to 125 do you see that in the
near future or in the future future like far far down the line is
everything is possible and unless you uh has said uh Sean O’Malley just curious what do you think
of his uh his afro the colors and all that his hair what does she think about Sean
O’Malley’s hair
oh very beautiful yeah right here uh Dana was in there earlier
it was asked about you fighting in China he said yeah for sure he wants that to happen soon uh how big would a fight
between you and a fellow countrywoman Yan shinan be in China oh God is
it’s not a thing I’m thinking right now the only thing in my mind right now just have a break have some rest and then
let’s let’s see what happens in for the next
I’m over here hello uh congratulations on the win um so as far as uh crowd reception is
concerned uh Boston gave you a huge reception everybody was very very happy when you won and also uh during the
weigh-ins they were all cheering you uh how did it feel to get such a great reception from the Boston crowd
congratulations yeah
yeah I Boston is amazing I love this city so much you know in 2019 I’ve been
here to watch an event and uh I I like here so then from that time I was just
thinking okay maybe one day I can fight in the Boston so when UFC told me how about we fight in Boston for this fight
I don’t say okay let’s do it and it’s kind of a tree a dream come true and you
know I it’s unbelievable that the people in the city yeah the audience in this
Arena tonight is uh they just gave me massive energy
I can I definitely can find five more rounds awesome uh so as far this is my
last question so fighting uh Yan obviously is China versus China she’s third ranked uh would you want to have
that fight in China obviously it’s gonna be yet much hyped much anticipated fight between two top contenders in in China
or would you you don’t care where it happens uh you don’t care if it’s a prime China if it’s here like where
would you want to fight to take place
yeah I think it doesn’t matter where we fight but just let’s see who I fight for
the next correct thank you very much thank you so much okay thank you
I’m not sure
so guys hello thank you first of all for coming back to talk to us I know it can’t necessarily be easy um you’ve had
a few minutes now to think about it just talk us through the emotions right now losing the belt losing it to guy like Sean O’Malley how are you feeling and
how do you think the fight went it definitely sucks I mean I’m not gonna lie about that
there’s a lot coming into this fight you know the quick turnaround everything
but I was happy to do it um no excuses Sean
hey he did a good job of the one thing I knew he would be good at is that step back counter and uh
yeah just a good shot man I felt like I saw something else I stepped in he capitalized on the one
mistake that I made and uh I paid for it I mean I felt like the fight could have still kept going to be honest I thought
I was I rolled over to try to come back up and I mean as soon as he stepped in I was fine but it was just one of those things
can’t be mad at the ref it is what it is man losing sucks it always does
um especially losing to him but honestly he’s a good fighter man a
lot of the things I I said coming into this fight I said I respect the skills I know what he’s good at I know what my
strengths are and uh he was able to capitalize on that tonight and I’ve been here before man I I mean a
lot worse though with Marlon Mirage and I was able to bounce back and put together a pretty good streak
um to even get the belt you know so it’s just one of those things Life Goes On and it’s what you have whatever you
decide to make of it you know it’s just one of those things and I’m gonna remember this night for a very long time and it’s going to fuel me for
just bigger and greater things Yeah you mentioned you know that he caught you with the one thing and you were very
good at giving him credit before this fight probably even more than some of the onlookers and pundits and stuff was
he in there was he as good as you’re expecting or in ways was he a little bit better than you were expecting was he doing things that you’re like oh he’s
better at that range than I thought or anything like that it was better than what I thought in his footwork and that
was one of the things I try to get guys to emulate because I knew that is a hard thing to do because I do it myself when
I go side to side but it’s different when someone else is doing it to you and you’re like I can’t
track this down I I tracked them down a couple of times but then he was spin out at the last second
when I I think I threw a sidekick and he was able to Pivot out beautifully um he did a couple things really really
well I mean I would have liked to have gotten down to the ground to really see how good he is down there but like I
said the one thing I knew um we were doing a good job of throwing
that overhand right into the takedown he threw the front kick and right after I was like okay I think I got his timing
and I I threw the left hand and as I was coming down he stepped back he hit a
beautiful counter right and it wasn’t kind of right I think it was a kind of right and it was clean man it
was clean and then us I I like I knew I was okay but it was one of those things I you know you’re
rolling around on the ground the ref doesn’t really know how bad you really heard I know the ref hasn’t really seen me in that position before so it’s kind
of hard to kind of give the benefit of the doubt definitely think it could have gone a little bit more but yeah credit what credit is due man Sean did a great
job he stayed disciplined man I didn’t want the fight to be boring I could have sat on the outside and just kept playing
the leg kick game but then I would have had all the criticisms of everybody else and I was like see this is the difference he
stayed disciplined to his game plan and I kind of let uh I don’t say
emotions but I kind of let trying to be a little bit more of um an exciting style for the fans play a factor you
know we’ve seen the Izzy yoel Romero fight we’ve seen we’ve seen bad fights before where it’s kind of like not much
happens because no one wants to make that grave mistake I made the mistake Sean capitalized I paid for it you
mentioned there that you felt the fight could get going because the referee didn’t know how hurt you were or weren’t her how hurt were you after the right
hand I thought it was fine I mean as soon as they like rolled over he came over to me I was like dude I’m good I
mean you asked me a question I did I forgot what state we’re fighting in I will say that that wasn’t like oh like
oh he hit me so hard I forgot I was like I legitimately just forgot where we were and did you think we were I I was like
we’re not in Vegas like I like it was like coming to Boston but not really one of those places that we really fight at
often so I wasn’t really I was like I know we’re not in Vegas but I didn’t want to give them an answer and then he’s gonna be like Oh no you’re
up bro you were really and then he asked me what years I was like 2023 bro I was like I’m telling you I’m fine I just really don’t remember that we
came to Massachusetts because it’s not a state that you say all the time but whatever yeah what’s next to your
Outreach you said in the cage um very thoughtfully that look if if he’s catching me like that 45 is could
do some damage too you want to get home and reflect I’m sure you’re not able to give an answer tonight but when you look at this and like you said you came from
the Mirage lockout to come back and win a title I’m sure that’s the motivation to do so again but do you do that at 35
or do you do it at 45. that’s one of the things we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about um
I mean I I would love to have a rematch uh
I just feel like even that first round like what do you guys think what did you guys score that first round I thought it
was very close I thought it was very close too but I didn’t know which way it was going towards I mean I know I landed a bunch of leg kicks
um he landed in one cross to the body and I got him on the cage at the end I think I landed like three punches to the
face maybe and that was like the round it was it wasn’t very eventful but I
felt like we were both trying to establish our rhythm in our range so I wasn’t sure like which way the fight was really going going into that second
round I would agree I think it was one of those rounds that they were gonna score it either way you know yeah so I don’t know I would like to see what the
judges scored it that would be interesting but yeah I I don’t know which way I’m gonna go with things I like I said I
would first and foremost love an opportunity to run that back and just to get some definitive answers and
maybe I could do I don’t say a better job because I feel like with the guys I trained with were phenomenal but maybe make it more
intentful to have guys that are giving me that look going side to side so I do
a better job of preparing for that because that ultimately was what the one thing I was concerned with
and it was the one thing that he did a great job with neutralizing my forward pressure where I was like you know what
let’s play Matador and I was trying to lull him in so that I could spin him to the cage but he didn’t really play the
game so it’s just one of those things a couple of tactical things that I think I need to look at and I think is a very
winnable fight I think he’s good at what he does I’m good at what I do so I’ll do would you say an immediate rematch is
what uh you would like the most that is 100 what I would like the most and it’s not saying like Sean doesn’t deserve to
be like he could go out there and beat me again and I think it just strengthens his case that he’s as good as he says he
is but I think I’ve earned I I would like to think that I’ve earned my right to get an immediate rematch
yeah and if you can clarify to people because everybody says oh you know he’s huge for bantamweight and obviously you
are but how hard are these weight Cuts Like can you continue to fight at 135 no
problem I mean you’ve made Championship weight all the time so I I mean I could do I really want to it’s not really I
wish we would just do like Kate side Wayans like an hour or 30 minutes before because guys won’t cut the weight that
we cut it just would be impossible and I think you’ll start seeing more people fighting up two weight classes I truly
do believe that the same thing like wrestling in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments you just can’t compete when you’re getting hit in the head
soup like severely dehydrated it just wouldn’t happen I think guys guys would
be smart enough to not do such a crazy thing but I could still make the way it’s just a lot harder and it’s a longer
duration of dragging out that way cut and trying to shrink incrementally
all the way until five week until I step on the scale and um you had been very open about the
August 19th day being a concern that you don’t know if your body was going to be ready you told us at media day that you
felt 100 but that’s obviously pre-fight now that it’s you know done um did you enter the fight 100 did the
immediate or did the quick turnaround effect uh your performance you think in any way I’m not gonna do that to Sean
I’m not TJ I’m not gonna I’m not gonna do that I I felt like I
had a pretty damn good training camp um I think it’s just the one thing that we probably left I thought we left no
Stones unturned that was the one thing we left on turn was the footwork what we thought we did a good job of it but we didn’t really
simulate it as well as I I thought we did and uh you know
um I felt good I’ll leave it at that I felt good no excuses man I I truly did feel like
it was my night and I made one mistake and I paid I paid for it thank you I was
on the front right here uh all three judges actually had you winning the first round ten nine oh that’s nice
that’s nice to actually win a close round I feel like whenever it’s a close round I don’t get it like I don’t get
the round scored for me but um that’s cool to hear because it makes me feel like the work we were doing in the first
round now it actually like it gives me a little bit more clarity going forward so that I know what type of tactical
approach I want to take because Sean is not a guy you can fight just going forward because he won’t give you the
opportunity to just sit and set his feet he doesn’t do that and that is one of the things I’ve been saying about him
for a very long time he has really good footwork and he has a really good one too and uh a good step back counter and
he does it well from both stances me I take you down I I think it’s
I think it’s relatively known what I do on the ground so um he was able to implement his green
plan and cause me to make the mistake in congrats to him he’s a world champion
now he can actually solidify I don’t say solidify himself
but he can actually uh credit where credit is do you know it’s one thing to kind of get catapulted into
that which without actually proving yourself but he proved it tonight and he
did something that a lot of guys couldn’t have done to me in a very long time and I think that’s worth something
to uh to note kind of jumping off of that um a lot of the narrative after media
day was or your last few meeting days is you were one of the few Champions this is like you know I could lose because a lot of these Champions they they come in
confident they say well I’m going to beat this guy and then move on to this but you’ve always been like I might lose like Sean might become a superstar after
he fights me so why has that always been your mindset why do you think other Champions kind of don’t carry that same
mindset I don’t know I don’t know what makes them tick I know for me if you keep it
real with yourself and I I think it helps you
make the dangers a little bit more real when you actually face reality that you
can actually lose when you go in there it’s a fist fight man it’s not we’re sparring with shin pads on bigger gloves
16 ounces headgear no no this is shin bone on forearms on your on your legs
the side of your head four ounce gloves pretty much bare Knuckles close to Bare knuckle as it gets you know it’s it’s a
tough sport so to pretend that you are this invincible thing I think is a little bit of a
disservice I I think it helps me stay humble and it helps me work harder because I know there’s always that
possibility that this guy can have his night and like I said I was like it has to be a cold night in Boston for this
man to be me and that’s kind of how I’m feeling right now it’s it’s been a cold week this entire
week out here in Boston that should have been the foreshadowing right there like hey man something’s up let’s uh try to
tighten some things up before we step into that octagon um but I think it’s just a good man mindset to have going in that you know
there is a possibility you could lose but how can you make sure you you line everything up and give yourself the best
opportunity to win last one for me uh they cut to you during Chris’s fight they would show you in the back was it hard watching that fight
ah not hard I mean the hard part was obviously his leg and seeing him get
kicked to the leg over and over like that was the hard part because I’m just thinking about health after he’s done
fighting and it’s always tough to see stuff like that and I know Brad because I trained down the extreme Couture
um he’s a cool dude and I’m just glad both those guys came out as healthy as they possibly could and hopefully
Chris’s legs aren’t as um aren’t as severely beat up as
it looked you know because that’s that’s unfortunate I think the guys had like 25 or 26 surgeries bro and that’s that’s
that’s a lot so hopefully he has a speedy recovery and uh that’s my guy man
he’s he’s always been Captain America to me someone I always looked up to he just felt like he was always Invincible doing
things that were Unthinkable and made it all possible like to see him doing that
kind of around my age group not really but kinda algeman up to your right speaking of
your teammates and your coach Ray and Al and marab I mean what you put together in this title realm was spectacular I
know it’s hard to process that now after a loss but I mean it was cementing yourself as one of the best Phantom
whites in UFC history and it was really the title run that put you on another level uh in terms of
your team I mean you must be very proud of what you guys have accomplished obviously you’re not done yet but what you’ve accomplished so far definitely
proud of everything man glass half full like I get I get choked out when I talk about
this like I
I don’t come from the best household you know so
so just being able to
find inspiration and other people and
kind of carving out your own path that’s the one thing I love about the support it’s uh it’s allowed me to do things my
way and man I life is good I got my family
I got my beautiful fiance you know I don’t want to cry on the
camera man it’s the things that matter the most in life you know the competition is
competition is okay but this has really helped change my life like I know the UFC gets a lot of
from like the fighters and stuff but if it wasn’t for them man I wouldn’t have the life that I lived today and
I told I told Dana that even at the the Wayne’s yesterday and and Hunter like if it wasn’t for them like half the things
I’ve done in this in the sport wouldn’t be possible and the things I’ve been able to do for my family bought my mom a house
doing a little real estate I own three houses now I’m I’m set in terms of financial
means you know this is just icing on the cake and I took a shot you know I took a
shot trying to come back and trying to do something unthinkable and
making a dream into a reality and like you know I fell short but it happens you know so
I’m I’m super proud of everything I’ve done no one can like I’m bulletproof man like no one can shake me mentally
knowing but myself so that’s that’s one of the things I would never get down on myself about I I’ve truly
earned everything I’ve I’ve gotten and that’s the most important and I just wish people would take
other people’s Journeys and you’re like yeah I play the heel and everything like I it’s all again to me like it’s like I
like having fun it’s a good time you know I’m from Long Island we break balls we like to just have a good laugh but at
the end of the day chase your dreams man because life is short I’m 34 now I started this game
when I was 20 years old I thought I was going to be the next youngest champion
um next to Jon Jones came up short and what a ride has been and knowing
that that door is going to close one day it scares me a little bit you know so I just try to make the most of every
single opportunity I can I remaining over here over here
um so can you see the positive cut the onions you’re okay man we all love you
um do you see the positives as far as what you have done as far as your Champion’s brain you fought top tier
Talent you broke box office records you did amazing things can we see the positives as far as your championship
ring as far as like everything you have done so far yeah I’m a glass half full
kind of guy I mean even in this I think most people would probably be really down on himself especially
you lose to a guy like that who freaking six nine tattoos and like that you’re just like how the hell but uh
glass half full man life is good it could always be worse than someone out there who’s complaining about things
that I have that they don’t have and I think that helps me keep things in perspective that it can
someone else out there always has it worse than we do and I think that’s the fortunate thing like you guys are all in
here doing something that you enjoy doing I hope and uh being able to go to events and watch great shows like this
it’s um nothing short of a privilege that we have in this country so I’m super proud
of everything I’ve accomplished everything I’ve done and uh I do hope for
to add a little bit more to my I I hate like using the word legacy because it’s such a weird term I feel
like it’s I feel weird saying it out loud but just more to my resume and everything I’ve accomplished in the
sport I’m I’m just I’m grateful um yeah I’m down right now but
it’s not down to the point where I’m gonna be like hiding from fans and like that I I don’t care about that like
people’s words can’t hurt me the only thing that could hurt me is the ones that are closest to me that’s my
loved ones you know so at the end of the day dust myself off get back on the horse I’ve done it
before and just go again you train under the uh the mighty Ray Longo Matt Sarah and you
have teammates like Angry Al and also uh marab Angry yeah yeah angry out um what advice did they give you uh
because they’ve been through the process obviously and they had the highest up highs lows of lows what advice did they give you especially after this
uh well we haven’t really I don’t think we really actually talked like that yet
just yet just you know it’s the fight game we get caught um and I don’t want to say I got caught
because I feel like that’s kind of taken away from Sean he studied he did what he planned to do
if I gave him that opening and he took it so it’s not really like getting caught he landed a great place shot and
you know I I made a mistake and uh he capitalized on it I think that’s just a game he plays a game of inches
you know I could have gotten to the leg and that could have changed things and maybe it’s him in here
on the sadder side of things you know so it’s all just keeping in perspective um we’ve all been here before we felt
what it felt like to lose to be knocked out to be finished in front of millions it ain’t easy man putting your heart on
the sleeve for the world to watch and judge and criticize but it’s the game we play It’s the game I love and uh I’ll be
glad to come out here and do it again thank you right here uh just one quick question for you
um yeah you come into Boston a New Yorker come to Boston is never really popular add in that you’re fighting an
Irish guy in a really popular Irish neighborhood um does the crowd ever get to you I know
you say you know you like to play the heel but I mean you’re still a human I mean when most of the crowd is is
cheering for him does that get to you a little bit no I mean I think it makes it fun there’s a there’s a good guy and a
bad guy I don’t know why I’m the bad guy but I’m the bad guy so it’s like you just embrace it have fun with it I mean
it’s kind of like a WWE kind of thing I think we’ve all kind of grew up watching that there’s always someone you love to
cheer for someone you love to hate and I think that’s what makes it fun
um I I don’t really look too much into that I I use the the booze to kind of feel me
you know and God I could have made that a boring
fight and it just just wouldn’t I probably wouldn’t be here right now but
it uh it is what it is yeah no it’s a short answer no the booze
don’t they don’t bother me if anything it’s um I’m glad the crowd actually has a reaction and it’s different when they
see me in the street oh we love you uh and then when they when I walk out to the Arenas Boo this man sucks and I you
know I enjoy it I braced it at the moment at the end of the day one day he knows No One’s Gonna Be booing there’s
no one going to be cheering it’ll just be me hopefully cheering for my kids on the sideline being a a happy Dad
you know so uh I think that’s what life’s all about man just taking the time out to smell the roses and uh I’m
definitely gonna be sure to do that after this tough training camp back to back and take some much needed vacation time
with my fiance she’s done with nursing school and we both just moved to Vegas
I think it’s time we uh go hang out go celebrate with some funk Harbor tonight it’s not really a celebration but you
know there’s other accomplishments and I’ll be in Sydney Australia to go watch the fights just be able to kick my
feedback unwind a little bit and be like you guys just hang out and watch fights talk a little and drink a couple uh
adult beverages thank you guys
foreign foreign
earlier this week you’re saying that it kind of did feel like your story needed to see you win this title on Saturday
but you still had to go in there and beat Al Jermaine Sterling you did that I’m curious now that you have the belt in front of you if it feels like it was
meant to be or if it feels a little bit surreal yeah it definitely feels surreal feels like I’m living in a I’m playing a
video game and I just got cheat codes and I’m like I’m a knockout alge on the second Saturday and it’s just like
it’s crazy you thought it would be the second yeah I I mean a lot of people kept telling me that I have a weird
feeling to be in the second I I had that feeling I don’t know if I ever said that out loud but I definitely I was like I feel like
it could be I feel like that fight could have kind of played out how I expected it to
um my main goal was to not let him let me let him take me down and I knew if I could keep it on the feet I would knock
him out he was in here earlier um praising your movement your side side moving your ability to spin away from the kick when he would go for it against
the cage did you kind of feel that if he got through the first round without being able to get you in the clinch or
down the second round he’d come out more aggressive and a bit more frustrated yeah I thought the longer the fight
stayed on the feet the better chance I had of knocking him out I knew it would get him frustrated him not being able to grab me
um I thought he was way too confident that he was going to be able to come in and just grab me I don’t know if he’s ever sparred someone as good as I am or
fought someone as good as I am I truly believe I am you know a level above most people in the Striking department and uh
I just felt like he was very confident because he had never experienced it wasn’t his fault he just never
experienced someone that fast in front of him when he landed the the right hand they put him down did you think and
that’s a wrap or did you think okay hold on stay composed get this finished properly um it’s so weird I just kind of allow
myself to be taken over by my higher self and it’s hard to remember certain moments in there because I feel like I’m
just flowing uh I do remember seeing his eyes roll back like three or four times
and I was surprised the ref didn’t step in not that he should have but I thought he could have
um but I was just so tough man he said quite honestly that you’d never had nerves like it right do you think
that was just because oh the title shot is finally here or was it algeman star what was it about it that made
tonight A nerve-wracking experience dude I haven’t grappled in six weeks I had a muscle strain and I literally couldn’t
grab on six weeks couldn’t MMA Spar um I was the main event in Boston there
was no shot I was pulling out but we we haven’t grappled in six weeks six weeks from the date from today I I hurt my uh
I had a muscle strain right under my rib and I couldn’t grapple and so coming into this fight fighting aljo every time
I did interviews and I was saying it’s life or death I cannot get taken down it was because I didn’t know if this would
hold up and it’s sore right now and I don’t know if it was from a kick or just from a little bit of scramble a
little bit of grappling we did but it’s definitely like there’s it’s not super painful but I definitely feel it so
um dealing with those mental demons coming into this fight knowing I was injured ish like I was I literally you
know we didn’t grapple one day in the last six weeks didn’t grab it all fight week and I kept saying in every interview it’s life or death if he takes
me down and I was I was kind of referring to that but I wasn’t you know gonna come out and say I’m injured
so to know that you went in the cage with the nerves and came out with that belt you must have a sort of sense of I
can pretty much do anything if I really put my mind to it yeah crazy sense of relief that it’s just like holy I
got through I didn’t get taken down and it’s like I knew the odds I knew I was capable of it 100 I’ve had really good
um you know sparring days before that where I was really good at not getting taken down so I knew I was capable of it
but I’m like the odds of me not getting taken down once in 25 minutes aren’t very high especially against such a good
Grappler so the fact that it just played out like that just mind-blowing you pretty much called your shot next
right you want to rematch with cheetah Vera and later this year yeah I thought you normally shoot a
promo but we’ll see I just just the way he acts he’s so annoying just like he’s
not funny and he tries to be so ugly dress is like an idiot it’s like God do I really have to give this guy an
opportunity but like well I’ll probably just go out there and whoop his ass make a lot of money so I could um
so yeah that could be it I also wouldn’t mind knocking out Javonte Davis and I know people are gonna go oh you want to
be Connor I’m telling you that fight is gonna happen
stick to MMA should you beat Cheeto would you need to do a Trilogy or would you consider that 2-0 no that would it
would be one zero I feel like we’ve never even fought that’s I’m not when I count my record of 18-0 now you know
that’s not even that Cheeto fight is not even on there that’s not even a it’s not a it’s enough in the sugar
State athletic commission completely cleared that of all everything and that’s that fight never even happened oh
Jimmy Sterling said he wanted to do an immediate rematch that that’s his like main priority um 45. these weight Scouts
are too hard no he says he’d like to fight next question
and uh as far as cheat though like obviously you guys have history but um how big do you think that fight can be
because I mean it seems that it can set itself up for like a big pay-per-view yeah this this was already what I’m
being told is the biggest bands and Phantom in fight in history it’s already already happened it was it was the biggest fight before the fight even
happened I was hearing this you know days before the fight this was predicted to be projected to be the biggest band to my fight of all time you guys think
it was because aljo was on there algebra versus Henry happened a couple months ago wasn’t no one said nothing about that so meavers Cheeto rematch would be
massive yeah how much do you think that belt’s gonna help you like boost your profile and start on like
what do you think the ceiling is here oh God all right billionaire status someday now
I I feel like uh you know I want to be uh I want to be out there gambling with
Dan this dude’s throwing around a couple quarter million dollars just for shits and giggles
and uh back to your comments are on jervanta um Davis boxing we’re talking about your of
course why not you want to cross over and box him I would love to he’s this tall dude I would love to go out
there and box him you’ve seen him in person right like you guys have had interactions I’ve never seen him in person no yeah how far do you see that
happening like in the near future I mean I I feel like it could happen sooner than later
um but I also know like okay you know UFC is down to get behind stuff like that if it’s big enough
I mean with that performance we’re getting close but maybe I have to go out there win a couple more fights win another Bell I don’t know if if he’s
even considered a big enough star for the UFC to let that happen um but it’ll happen and people always I
mean I said this was gonna happen years ago and it got so much saying I was gonna be the champ I’m gonna be the next
big star I’m gonna be this I’m gonna be that I got so much hate and for it but look look at look at me now yeah
Lassie are you getting any tattoos to you know I might get champ on my face somewhere yeah yeah Sean um I’m curious
how did you think the first round went uh in terms of I dominated dominated that first round he didn’t
touch me I ran into a door earlier this week that’s what my nose is red I was water loaded because fight we get a
water though drink so much water so I was getting up to pee in the middle of the night boom ran right into a door so that’s why my face a little bit red but
no he threw a lot of leg kicks uh a lot of them were just Shin to Shin so I’m like
I mean they didn’t really do much as far as like he shouldn’t I don’t know what’d
you guys think my goal was he didn’t don’t take me down the first round I’m Gonna Knock You Out so the judges all
three scored it for him ten nine well let’s go to the second round
[Laughter] and I’m sure you’re gonna get this comparison all the time but DC even
brought up the the split screen of your KO next to Connor’s KO with Aldo because it was the same cross and lunging in so
are you prepared for even more comparisons with Conor McGregor yeah I mean Conor’s a high level Striker and a
high level Striker I was even the warm like when I was in the octagon and he was making his walk out boom I’m sure
people will find the replays of it I was stepping back stepping back throwing that right hand the exact same way it
landed I say you make one mistake with me and I’m gonna find your chin and it could be over it was and outside of
Cheeto are there any other Bantam ways that even interest you in terms of like that like you see that like that could be a very big fight um like a massive
level gervante and Sean over here to your right um I
you were probably warming up for your fight did you see Cheetos fight tonight did you watch any of it hell no I’m not gonna waste my time watching that no I
was in the back I looked up about 15 seconds out of the whole fight I don’t really like watching fights before my
fight um I I did I looked up to see that he won I was like okay yeah this is
going this is this is perfect but uh how was it was it entertaining was it fun was it a Cheeto fight pretty technical
close boring okay um also I guess you know there’s
obviously since you’ve come into the UFC there’s everybody’s had an opinion about you how good is he when you get in there
and you do something like you did tonight I mean does that meet your expectations do you even sometimes exceed your own expectations yeah I
definitely just exceeded my expectations like to go out there and actually do it like that it’s crazy but there’s
still gonna be the haters on Twitter they’re still gonna be the bantamweights that are yeah but before I thought Peter
was like this dude’s not can’t be Peter it’s Peter Young you can’t beat him fight nalgia there’s I had like I don’t
know the odds but I bet I wasn’t a favorite in this fight going into it everyone was counting me out and then I go out there and do that I could fight
whoever next and it’s gonna be like yeah but so this is just how it is Sean just
to build off of that like you said you were big on the dog Dana asked the entire room out of 70 people who picked
only one guy over there picture everyone else picked against you um is that a Montana fella yeah
um that said obviously you know the experts were against you you know the betting
odds against you what’s your response to the people who dotted you uh it makes me laugh not because I mean to be honest if
I wasn’t me and I was looking at me versus Algebra I probably would have put money on aljo too like he was he’d be
Peter yawn twice once he beat TJ Dillashaw he beat Henry sahudo dude’s on
a nine fight win streak it was dominating the bantamweight division the best band point of all time
defended the belt three times and then I’m coming up my best win was against Peter yawn in a very very close fight
I mean the odds you know I would have probably bet against me too if I didn’t know me and know the confidence that I
possessed that said on the flip side when you look down in the arena walking on the streets I mean it seemed like
everybody was walking around with a sugar show shirt or some kind of some kind of thing supporting you uh what do
you have to say to these like you have this cult following of people uh what do you got to say to those fans I know the bantamweight Championship merch is
already going crazy right now um it’s crazy that just each I remember I
was at Connor Habib or no I was at I was at some fight and I was sitting in the stands like pretty high up in T-Mobile
and it was right when I got in the UFC I think it was after I fought a soccer mom and I was like there’s there’s gonna be
a time where I literally can’t even walk into this Arena without security and now just looking out in being the main event
seeing everyone wearing the sugar merch is Wild congratulations thank you Sean so I I
want to go back to when you walked into the Octagon because right you got to that TOP Step embrace the crowd took a
lap or two around and we were literally watching you practice that step back counter right man was that something
that you visualized as a fight Ender or something that you could really take advantage advantage of I mean punching
backwards is a skill not a lot of people possess and I can I can I can punch going backwards and I knew he was going
to be pressuring me and I know he likes to throw to shoot he likes to throw for me to counter so we can shoot under so I
knew he was going to be lunging in with shots and it really wasn’t even a bad punch that he threw it’s just I’m that accurate and sniped him I’ve
been saying it all week I’m a sniper I’m gonna snipe his chin I’m gonna find it and there we were but yeah that’s that’s
definitely a punch I visualized all week you talked about the feeling of relief
right once once the fight was called off what were the first thoughts through your head and what were you thinking
what was that feeling like is this real am I gonna wake up in my hotel bed be pissed off that it was this isn’t
real like was this really happening right now that really just happened the way I plant like pictured
it and planned it to happen I’m at a movie then I was like no this is real thank
you congratulations thank you Sean you’re right just you’ve we talked earlier this week about uh Helena coming from a smaller town and how it kind of
molded you so when you look back at where that career started you know fighting like like hotel conference rooms you know some different places
fighting three times in a month to where you are now with that belt just how can you describe this journey and where you’ve come from to get to this point
yeah it definitely wasn’t an overnight like this has been 12 years I started kickboxing when I was 16 years old and
then uh yeah and Montana moved to Phoenix and I was 18 and it’s been two days it’s like I’ve I’ve dedicated my
life to this sport I know you guys see the hair beautiful pink Lamborghini the you know
the houses and all the fun stuff but I’m I’m working I’m grinding I’m in the gym I’m you know I’m losing I’m getting beat
every single day so I can come out here and win and uh yeah so it’s but being
from you know Montana it was it molded me for sure does that does that grind
make this more special just knowing that it wasn’t an orthod 100 it would wouldn’t feel like this if I just got
lucky you know I don’t feel like I got lucky this is skill and hard work just look at the Timeline a lot of folks in
Montana holding watch parties at bars places like that what do you say to those folks back home I hope they were recording it because I want to
watch and then just last question for me just you know in that moment with your family and they’re big hugs for everybody all around they all get to celebrate just
how can you even describe that man yeah I’m glad they got you know good seats right there and we’re able to be in the
octagon with me after it’s a moment I’ve been thinking about for a long time and to see the just like
the shock on their fight on their face like holy he did it like it was really cool to be able to embrace that
with them thanks Sean congratulations congrats champ uh thank you one question for me in your humble opinion are you
gonna be on SportsCenter Top 10 tomorrow morning yes Sean over here uh congratulations on the
win um so obviously uh coming from Montana I that’s a big big fight State I
mean you got uh Kai Stewart who won the bkfc next question oh oh that kid sucks oh fair enough he’s in
my dance talking I’m like what I don’t even know this kid but nevertheless as far as that’s concerned
uh how did the people respond in Montana uh from your victory yeah I’m sure
they’re pumped you know I’ve I’ve have had probably 20 fights in Montana as
like has an amateur boxing kickboxing MMA I’ve been I fought literally multiple times a month for a couple
years and it was I got a lot of experience and a lot of confidence from those fights and how you feel being that
next Marquee name obviously everyone brought up uh kind of McGregor and everything like that you had three million followers on Instagram obviously
you’re very very markable gentleman uh but like how does it feel to be that next poster child for the UFC that next
poster kid and obviously uh that next Marquee name cha-ching
that’s what that means um feels good I’ve been telling you can go watch my interview before the contenders before I was even in the UFC
I said I watch this is gonna happen open literally basically explained how my
career is going to play out in a couple sentences here we are congratulations here you’re right um what is it about
Javonte Davis in particular that winds you up so much um he’s he’s the I mean I don’t really
follow boxing but I I’ve heard you know heard of Javonte Davis and uh I think he’s undefeated
you know I’m about to pay I want to I want to have crazy massive fights that
gets me excited I love that stuff and uh there’s I mean there’s no stars
in the bantamweight division Javonte you could consider him like almost a star and uh that that’s what
gets me excited me versus gervante would be massive T-Mobile or here it
a lot of the celebrities in the the crowd is not as well obviously of the the nelk boys Mike made like all these
different people I mean it seems like the the stars are in Force video as well yeah I’m you know I’m good buddies with
with Mike and the nelk boys and uh you know they’re proud waiting for me to come slam some happy dads right now