Adesanya vs Strickland Breakdown | Meeting w/ Dana | TimboSugarShow | EP.251

Summary: Adesanya vs Strickland Breakdown | Meeting w/ Dana | TimboSugarShow | EP.251

In this episode of the TimboSugarShow, Sean O’Malley discusses his upcoming plans, including a trip to Montana and a photo shoot in Texas. He also reflects on his newfound fame as a UFC fighter and the changes it has brought to his life. Additionally, Sean talks about his plans to start a coffee cart business and shares his thoughts on boxing matchups. Let’s dive into the details of this episode.

Trip to Montana and Texas

Sean starts off by mentioning his plans for the upcoming weeks. He mentions that he will be visiting his brother in Montana and helping him build their house. Sean plans to fly into Missoula and stay in an Airbnb or a cabin on the lake. He expresses his desire to spend time with his family and acknowledges that he hasn’t been able to see them as often as he would like.

After his trip to Montana, Sean mentions that he has a photo shoot with Rise Energy in Texas. He hints at some exciting news but doesn’t reveal any details. Sean is looking forward to the photo shoot and mentions that it will take place in Dallas. However, he also mentions that he is trying to plan a trip to Austin to attend the Kill Tony show. Sean is considering whether to go to Dallas first for the photo shoot and then travel to Austin, or wait for Rise Energy to finalize their plans so he can avoid multiple trips to Texas.

Reflections on Fame

Sean reflects on his newfound fame as a UFC fighter. He mentions that he has gained a significant number of followers on social media, particularly on Snapchat and Instagram. Sean shares that he gained around 400,000 followers on Snapchat in August alone, and his Instagram following increased from 2.9 million to 3.7 million. He attributes this growth to his recent fight and being the main event, which brought him a lot of exposure.

Sean acknowledges that being recognized in public has become more common since becoming a champion. He mentions that people of all ages and genders now approach him, not just young boxing fans. Sean believes that his distinctive appearance, with face tattoos and crazy hair, contributes to his visibility. While he enjoys the perks of fame, such as receiving free items and being able to go places for free, he also acknowledges the downsides, such as constantly being recorded by people.

Changes as a Champion

Sean discusses the changes he has experienced as a champion. Besides the increase in recognition, he doesn’t feel like a different person. He mentions that he still enjoys going out and having a good time, but he has noticed that he needs to be more cautious and not go too crazy, especially when he is at the club. Sean wonders if this change is a result of growing up or if it is related to his status as a champion.

Sean also shares his perspective on being a champion. He mentions that he has always believed in himself and lived like a champion even before winning the title. He doesn’t feel overwhelmed by his success because he has always known that he would become a champion. Sean believes that many people don’t truly believe they will achieve their goals until it actually happens to them. He mentions that he doesn’t have a big ego and doesn’t expect people to bow down to him. Sean believes that staying humble and continuing to train hard is important to maintain his success.

Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle

Sean emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He mentions that there are different kinds of highs, some of which are self-destructive and others that are beneficial for one’s health. Sean believes that eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep contribute to feeling good and enjoying life. He mentions that living a healthy lifestyle makes going out and celebrating more enjoyable. On the other hand, if someone lives a unhealthy lifestyle and then goes out and parties, it can lead to a downward spiral.

Sean also mentions the importance of balance in life. He believes that finding a balance between indulging in fun activities and taking care of one’s health is key. Sean shares that he enjoys celebrating his accomplishments, but he also understands the importance of maintaining good habits. He believes that celebrating an earned accomplishment feels different and more satisfying than just celebrating for the sake of it.

Starting a Coffee Cart Business

Sean discusses his plans to start a coffee cart business. He mentions that he has purchased a coffee cart from South Dakota and is in the process of setting it up. Sean plans to start small by offering simple drinks like Liquid Aminos and magnesiums over ice, which can be consumed during training. Once he gets the hang of it, he plans to expand and offer coffee as well. Sean sees this as a stepping stone to eventually opening a brick-and-mortar coffee shop.

Sean acknowledges that starting a business involves making mistakes and learning from them. He believes that starting small with a coffee cart will give him valuable experience and knowledge for when he is ready to open a larger coffee shop. Sean mentions that he has enlisted the help of a coffee expert to guide him in this venture. He acknowledges that starting a business requires investment, but he sees it as an investment in himself and his future. Sean is excited about the possibilities and believes that starting small will eventually lead to bigger opportunities.

Thoughts on Boxing Matchups

Sean briefly discusses some upcoming boxing matchups. He mentions that Terence Crawford lost to Dimitri Bivol and wonders if Crawford is undefeated. He also mentions that Earl Spence is seeking a rematch with Crawford, as it was part of their contract. Sean expresses his interest in seeing how the weight difference will affect the rematch.

Sean also mentions a potential matchup between Gervonta Davis and Anthony Joshua. He jokes that people will call him stupid for his thoughts on the matchup. Sean believes that Davis is a talented fighter and thinks the matchup would generate a lot of interest.

Closing Remarks

Sean wraps up the episode by mentioning a few other topics. He briefly discusses the potential health risks of vaping, citing an example of a friend whose testicles were affected by vaping. Sean also mentions the upcoming Crawford-Spence rematch and expresses his excitement for the fight.

He briefly mentions his plans to recover from his recent fight and emphasizes the importance of taking time to rest and recover properly. Sean also mentions his plans to move some things to the farm and mentions that the weather will be cooling down soon.

Sean concludes the episode by mentioning some promotional codes for his sponsors, including Via Hemp and Phillips Law. He encourages listeners to check out their products and services. Sean also mentions his Snapchat and Patreon accounts, where he interacts with fans and shares exclusive content. He signs off with his catchphrase, “Peace, love, deuces.”

Suga had initially planned to leave Las Vegas on Saturday. However, his flight experienced multiple delays. After each delay, he began to interpret these interruptions as a sign, even jokingly mentioning it as a clear message from Jesus Christ, suggesting he should remain in Vegas. Given the vibrant atmosphere of the city and the allure of the ongoing events, Suga decided to stay and continue enjoying the festivities, rather than waiting for the repeatedly delayed flight.

Suga had several important meetings during his time in Las Vegas. Who were these meetings with, and what was their significance?

Dominick Cruz, a respected figure in the MMA community, commented that “Suga O’Malley is as good as everyone wants him to be.” This statement is a testament to Suga’s skills and potential in the sport. Coming from Cruz, it signifies recognition and endorsement of Suga’s talent, suggesting that he has lived up to the expectations and hype surrounding him.

Before the press conference, Israel Adesanya approached Sean Strickland and playfully slapped his ass. In response, Strickland humorously warned Adesanya not to treat him the way he treated Paulo, another fighter. During the presser, Adesanya referenced this interaction, further highlighting their playful banter and camaraderie.

Israel Adesanya revealed that he wishes to achieve a submission victory in his MMA career. This aspiration indicates Adesanya’s desire to showcase a well-rounded skill set, as he is primarily known for his striking. In the context of his upcoming fight, Adesanya anticipates that Sean Strickland will employ a wrestling strategy. Adesanya’s mention of wanting a submission suggests he might be prepared to counter Strickland’s wrestling with submission techniques.

we are live episode number 251 boys Tim
couldn’t make it no he’ll probably show up late as always jokes he’s not usually late I don’t know what he’s doing he
can’t hang with the best of us we went to Las Vegas Thursday Friday
we’re supposed to get on our flight Saturday at noonish whatever get the first text it’s delayed now or no big
deal get to the airport get there delayed another hour delayed again and I was like that is a sign from Jesus
Christ himself that is more clear of a message than I’ve ever gotten in my
life to stay in Vegas he said he might as well have emailed me and said Suga what are you doing it’s Saturday and you
leave in Vegas I was trying to be a good boy that’s why I even had the flights booked for Saturday I’m just gonna go Thursday
Friday I got a couple meetings with the UFC meetings with Resorts World it’s gonna strictly state of business party a
little bit and go home Saturday as we’re leaving the the hotel we’re seeing butt cheeks
walk by and it’s just insane and we laughed we went to the airport checked
in and sat down and waited that flight got delayed again another hour that’s when I said
let’s go back we went back to Resorts World and we stayed we went to a little pool party we went to the club that
night and I was in crazy it was it was insane we’ll probably run getting a little bit of more detail of that when Tim gets
here if he shows up had a great meeting with Dana had a great meeting with Sean Shelby um gambled with Steve and Amron
um it was just an incredible weekend man incredible weekend party Thursday Friday Saturday
so if I’m looking extra cute today that’s probably why my aura ring said I was in bed from 8 30 P.M to 8 58 a.m so
I uh got home and recovered quite nicely and it was just a hell of a weekend
um was there fights this weekend I don’t even oh yeah there was didn’t watch yeah didn’t watch anything couldn’t even
couldn’t recap that it was good to see Steve though you know I don’t really get to see Steve much he was supposed to be here last weekend when we partied uh in
Phoenix he didn’t show up and uh but he was he lives in Vegas we went to dinner with him and uh John Shahidi and emeron
and Uncle Dana pop by it was incredible I don’t want to say too much because uh Tim’s not here and I
don’t you know we’ll probably recap a lot of that but uh if he doesn’t show up then I guess I’ll have to recap it we’ll
just get right into uh what should we talk about first there’s so much we got well I’m sure everyone’s just dying to
know the [ __ ] meeting with Uncle Dana went and Sean Shelby it was incredible the sugar State athletic commission was
there and uh approved of the the plan so I don’t want to release it because Uncle Dana is going to and he told me don’t
say anything so I won’t but I want him um sounds like incredible plans the UFC
has and I’m excited for it I said sounds good you know what I mean so
Uncle Dana said I think he said he’s gonna release it in like two weeks or something um which will be cool
yeah the plan for me plan for or yeah the plan for my next fight sounds [ __ ] incredible and I would love to
just spill the beans right now but I can’t I can’t do it uh maybe I’ll text Uncle Larry I’ll let him do it joke joke
jokes um what else was I gonna say it was something fire and then I forgot uh
um Sean Strickland Israel I saw you this weekend I just don’t see God again Tim’s not here we’re gonna probably cover all this
stuff but uh we’ll just read this one Donna Cruz reaction about The Throne O’Malley is as good as everyone wants
him to be thank you I appreciate that and that’s very accurate
um why are you looking forward to beating up Cheeto again well I beat him up the first time and everyone’s like oh
you got knocked out or something I’m like how do you even where do you even how do you even see that I don’t even know how people I don’t know what people
think that um so it’d just be fun to piece him up again
um cheeto’s good he’s durable he finds a way to win he doesn’t really gas out
he did look like [ __ ] against Cheeto um but you know we’ll see if that’s the
next fight daily data shows Aiden Ross nuclear leak of Nina ahead of Logan Paul’s fight Shoals asked
yeah I watched the scholes Pod with Logan pretty good I liked it
um the Dylan danis I guess the video got leaked and now everyone’s saying it’s not her did you even see it Garrett what
was it I didn’t see the video basically there was a there was a picture supposedly that Dylan has but no I
thought it was I keep seeing it’s a video that got leaked people like drama alert a bunch of these twitters are saying click on the link I uh it’s
Schultz talking about it with Logan specifically and that that’s where I got mine oh okay was that podcast no this
was this was after the pod yeah people are tweeting that yeah there was a video that uh yeah there’s a video that
supposedly got leaked I still haven’t seen it everyone I keep seeing people saying they saw it but they couldn’t find it
um over oh over 150 000 worth of value was reportedly stolen from God’s home during fight
that’s why I got my house [ __ ] lit up with security now because I’m like God you just can’t trust [ __ ] bro
and they see you’re gone like you know you can’t trust [ __ ]
um Trevor Whitman not in Rose oh she wasn’t not anymore just Pat Berry was
but Trevor Whitman wasn’t wow did you see her hand after it Jesus
that is wild uh Gone vs aspin all next sounds like it
I just for me I cannot pay attention the division for some reason even though they’re so [ __ ] even though
Aspen was a huge athlete I just for some reason just doesn’t pull me in to watch it
Israel out of Sonia recalls his first impression of [ __ ] Sean Strickland five minutes ago backstage Izzy walked up to
him and slapped his ass before the presser and Sean said don’t do me like you did Paulo and then Izzy proceeded to
call him out in it for the presser you see it during the presser where he was like he just said like I made you my
[ __ ] five minutes ago yeah yeah okay that makes sense Israel said what do you
what do I want in my career a submission oh I definitely want a submission I might be the first I know Sean Strickland’s going to wrestle he’s dumb
not to so I know he’s going to try and mix it up he’s doing this whole thing man dance and man dance he’s going to
crotch sniff that’s what he’s going to do what a strong Strickland is such a huge Underdog even
a bigger underout augment I was against aljo God if he wins I’ll [ __ ] prey jump
off a cliff onto my [ __ ] head jokes I just I watched the countdown yesterday
and Sean Strickland definitely doesn’t suck he’s not bad he’s good
I wanna I wanna say somebody can’t
any tools when it comes to like a straight striking match
is he I mean fighting’s crazy dude obviously like it’s just it’s the most crazy sport but
and everybody was saying Al Joe was going to win alge was going to allowed to win so for me to say Izzy’s gonna win Sean has no chance
I sound just like those guys so I’m not even gonna say that but from a from a
technique standpoint like they’re both Strikers Izzy’s a cleaner Striker he’s a more
he’s just a better Striker he’s a little bit quicker they’re just two different styles Sean Strickland has this kind of like Pace he hits pretty hard but he has
this like constant Pace to where is he kind of Pop shots moves like kicks moves
if I had if I had to guess I would say is he is he is he chaos him is he
finishes him um but it’s so hard to say it’s crazy Sean Strickland is on this account of every
practice is just sparring sparring sparring sparring sparring knocked out a spawn partner with a head
kick yeah um for Sean Striker could be the UFC champ that would be [ __ ] crazy
I mean as you would probably get a rematch just because they well who else would who else well Sean Strickland knew
champ maybe they no they don’t want strictly this Camp come on in Australia what is it what
does it see like 50 60 000 something crazy like that
yeah that’s gonna be fun um damn Tim’s just straight up not
showing up for work today holy he’s fired 10 30 you guys so me and Tim talk
we’re gonna start at 11. I just realized that’s why he’s not here yet he didn’t tell me that yeah so well Tim will be
here in 12 minutes and we’ll pretty much talk about everything but then we can recap everything we talked about with him Ian Machado Gary vows
I wonder why he took his girl’s last name Machado
I wonder if she made it you know what I mean or if she or if he was like no that’ll be
like romantic as [ __ ] I I’m dead ass I’m just curious like why
taking her last name that’s crazy I know yeah I just said it a little wild uh if
I was out wrestle Kumar Usman and Colby Covington Route 203 title I’ll [ __ ] wrestle down Joe
um Jorge I like this one I like this one Whatever as well reaction oh wait no just oh title win at UFC 292 weighs in
on disgust your ante Clash I got a huge shout out to Sean O’Malley as well said I thought Al Jermaine was going to have
his number yeah that’s true or just or Jorge’s thoughts on uh Javonte I’m always going to be with my brothers and
sisters in MMA Richard Vante I don’t know I wish they could have fights between those two guys like that that’s
what he’s been doing since he was a kid it’s not going to be nice you know I’d pay a lot of money to see the fight
actually as a fan I would love to see it it’s getting picked up a little bit it’s exactly what I wanted you know I say it
I say I talk about it talk about it talk about it and it gets picked up a little bit here a little bit there a little bit there Javonte bringing it up though if
you’re gervante and you see me as a massive Superstar one of the biggest
Superstars the UC champ in the UFC calling you out and I’m an easy fight
I don’t get I just don’t understand why some people don’t take easy fights especially when I’m the champ one of the
biggest names in UFC if some boxer was saying like I’m gonna
come to UFC and I’ll whoop Sean I say oh yeah let’s get it let’s do it
but yeah but Javonte has said anything about it but it I don’t think you can tweet from jail can you
I think he’s in jail once he gets out he’ll know but once he gets out someone will tell
him and we’ll see what he says um former UFC lightweight flyweight I mean Champion Johnson took home gold
medal at ibgf Master world brown belt tournament this week good [ __ ] from Demetrius and Aggie that’s fire Connor
and Ian sparring I saw that Connor I mean Ian’s just a big bastard he’s a big [ __ ]
yeah yeah he’s he’s a big big [ __ ] dude even at the fights when backstage when I
saw him again he’s just like uh that’s 170 right 170 he’s like six two
or something I don’t know Logan Paul left this point after meeting scumbag Conor McGregor he’s kind of just
disappointed to me as a superstar just because his drug problem whoa nothing wrong with drugs jokes the way he
doesn’t commit to anything the way he doesn’t back up anything he says the way he’s all bark no bite these things
bother me I get wise roads are still Dennis bro they’re both bad people there’s scumbags
like Connor I mean it’s CR he’s definitely not all bike no bark just because of what he’s done in
the UFC beat Aldo beat Chad Mendes beat Eddie Alvarez beat Nate Diaz he’s beat
some very good guys and uh he’s backed up a lot of what he said but then we got more famous later on in his career it’s
like you can’t he’s like taking risky fights it’s like ah do you risk I mean [ __ ] Habib
so but I get what Logan’s doing he’s trying to [ __ ] poke the bear poke the bear poke the bear Conor will I yeah I
don’t and Conor will never fight Jake or Logan he’s just he’s not even big enough like he’s thick as [ __ ] right now but
he’s still five nine like Logan and Jake are big [ __ ] dudes they’re big boys they’re not
little [ __ ] uh Alex paida versus Yuri targeted in December per Dana interesting
cop versus Kelvin gaslim targeted per Dana interesting
I saw I went into the war room where they make all the fights and I saw some fights up there they said hey make sure
you don’t record but they said uh I saw some fights some very very interesting
fights in October it’s a very very interesting fights in December
so saw some very interesting fights that I cannot talk about uh volganovski
directly challenged McGregor highlighting that he’s the only 145 former 145 pound champion he’s yet to
defeat Volk versus Connor at 155 Connor could not make 45 no shot ever he’s too
[ __ ] massive but Conor versus Volk at 155.
God that’s literally like Conor has to get him out of there in two
and he very well could yeah mate that thing is a [ __ ] nuclear bomb
um yeah yeah what’s an extra volky well I I
asked UFC kind of some questions they’re like he’s [ __ ] Volk and Izzy are always asking to fight always wanting to
get in there as soon as possible I was like [ __ ] yeah that’s sweet that’s that’s what I want to do that’s the champ I want to be get in there and [ __ ]
dude my left side of my my left side of my hand from Hammer fisting [ __ ] aljo’s face over and over and over again
is just lingering this [ __ ] uh I don’t know if it’s tendons or what but it’s just [ __ ] hurts like squeeze a
bottle I’m just I mean that doesn’t hurt me worse than I heard him man but uh UFC documentary the crew that was
following me around before the fight after the fight and stuff they showed me in Vegas this super like you know that huge thing they carry around boom it’s
the for the slow-mo camera they showed me slow-mo zoomed up all the way boom
hitting that right hand that kind of missed the shot a little bit but they were zoomed in on his face while I was
[ __ ] Hammer fisting him and you could see him like go out and then come back go out and come back
I don’t and I don’t think it will be really a question of an early stoppage after they show that footage that
close-up of his eyes going booming me punching him back into consciousness
crazy yeah you can see one of the shots that
landed in this cut you go it’s pretty it’s [ __ ] sweet footage
they showed me so yeah I don’t want to say too much of what else they shot but it was [ __ ]
it was sweet it was sweet uh yeah yeah how did you laugh when I put
me we had a talk with the boys we let Henry suit off the roster I’m just eating up Henry and he tries so
hard to tweet funny stuff and it’s just like there’s some a little bit of he he to it but it’s just like so bad but what
do you expect from someone not sure you know what I mean he tries so hard and he’s just I could he’s just asking his
buddies hey what’s like do you have anything funny I could tweet and I’m just [ __ ] firing off tweets and just
roasting them up and he’s just nothing to do about it well I’m just a better wrestler than than Henry and
that’s just I mean I I proved that it’s just fat numbers don’t lie I am a better wrestler than Henry and it’s just it is
what it is um I do have to apologize though because he is a lot more popular than I thought
I chill tweeted out who should try to Molly fight next and he got
aljame got 14 Cheeto got 51 rap got 24 and uh Henry got 12 so it is a lot I I
thought he would have got two ish one or two-ish so the fact that he’s you know 10 times more popular than I thought he
was I do need to apologize for that because he’s a lot I I didn’t think he would at least get all the way up to 12
percent um so sorry for that Henry and if you want to work on it like wrestling
defense or anything with his kids let me know I’m always here for you West Side Peoria baby let’s get it we can just [ __ ] work on some [ __ ] I can show you
a few things um but yeah um what else we got [ __ ] Henry’s
little dork let me pull up these fights this weekend because I don’t know
who uh Fox fighting except for Sean Strickland versus Israel at a Sonia
um early prelims for this fight Kevin Jackson versus okay wow some of these
guys that just don’t know their names this guy’s three and two Mike Mather
Mike massesa wow that’s a beautiful [ __ ] name
three and two versus Charlie skip that one not very familiar John
mcdessie versus Jamie malarkey Jack Jenkins wow there’s only three fights on the prelims I mean they’re the
early prelims but the regular prelims one of the three move to the main card uh
Tyson Pedro versus Anton turkosh
Justin tafa heavyweight versus Austin Lane Manel Cape was supposed to fight
um um what’s that what’s [ __ ] 25 his
name that trains with Izzy kakara France that would have been a sweet fight but he uh kaikara got hurt so Felipe dosanos
dos Santos 7-0 is uh taking the taking the Toronto’s
fight tied to a loss of 15-5 oh dude we knocked out Greg Hardy that was crazy I
was in the back warming up I don’t remember who I was fighting but that was [ __ ] sweet tizing Legend Alexander
he’s fine Alexander volkov 36 and 10. it’s a lot of [ __ ] fights 46 Pro fights that’s wild
oops um oops uh Israel out of Sonya 24-2 versus
Sean Strickland 27-5 I want to pull up Sean Strickland sure dog real quick the dude’s been around forever he’s been
fighting for a minute let me find a sure dog real quick
one sure dog oh yeah whatever happened to Tarzan does
he still come out to Sean Tarzan Strickland oh he’s only 32 what the [ __ ] he looks like he’s 50.
he’s coming off a huge win over a bus music oh my god of and then he beaten us arm my mom off I
don’t even know what the [ __ ] question for you on that fight with the week in context today is he fight a bus guy was
kind of similar style to Izzy lanky Striker it’s like I don’t see how strong
does it but what do you think on that I they’re just ah Israel is a snip we got a very
similar style he’s a sniper he’s very patient he’s not gonna really make too many mistakes a fight to fight obviously
you can get caught I don’t think Sean hits as hard as uh Alex pajera does I
mean just doesn’t look like he does he’s more of a volume puncher is he’s not really there to be hit he’ll stick move
move stick move um Sean Strickland got knocked out by a hitter in 13 seconds in the first round
um you know so I just don’t think I just don’t see how Izzy doesn’t beat him
um it’s crazy he’d be two random guys I’ve never even heard of for title shot
at least I [ __ ] worked for my time uh 27-5 a lot of experience 11 Kos four
submissions 12 decision wins versus Izzy’s dude let’s okay let’s look at
Izzy’s [ __ ] shirt off real quick let me pull this [ __ ] up this [ __ ] been just a legend in
the game I want to emulate my title defense of this dude all right let’s see Israel
I’ll scroll down a bit let’s scroll down a little bit we’ll start off when you see Rob Wilkinson not very familiar but
he beat Marvel Tori 2018 I watched that fight I was there for that fight with a sweet fight I actually
was there for the Brad Tavares fight in Vegas um again beautiful fight decision decision Derek Brunson TKO knees
beautiful fight B Anderson Silva beat kill Kevin Gaston in a [ __ ] crazy fight knocked out Robert Whittaker beat
yoel Romero knocked out Paulo Costa went up to 205 lost to yamahovich
um in a decision though I mean we still went five fives with him then
he uh came back down to his division beat Marvin Victoria again beat Robert Whitaker again
um beat Jared Cannon there then loses to Alex paeda then comes back and beats Alex paheda crazy [ __ ]
careers dudes had um but yeah I just don’t see I hate I hate even saying that because then if
something happens it’s like just I know how crazy fighting is Anything Could Happen
just don’t see it happening and I don’t want to I would love to see as he [ __ ] snipe him
I just want to see him dance like did a little [ __ ] tickety tockety on him God I wish I wish we could find that video that just keeps getting that
people keep hey papa keeps getting uh talked about Tim’s here ladies gentlemen
Round of Applause foreign
yeah coming have you seen that video with Nina yet the one or no that keeps getting people keep saying
that’s not actually her I keep seeing it on Twitter but I can’t find the video
you can’t see it ladies and gentlemen Tim Welch is here rattle plus I’m a Snapchat what the [ __ ]
I’m a beetle I thought it was a [ __ ] rat I think it’s ugly as hell that’s like your daughter
and I love her probably as much as you love yours my dog definitely
that’s that’s how it did when you say that’s how it digs me no I’m gonna tell Elena that you think she’s ugly that’s
how it digs me when you say that yeah but we can all look everyone can agree that Beetle’s ugly literally Beetle’s not cute Beetle bites
the [ __ ] at my feet I will I will post a pic people will be like she’s cute there’s no one in this [ __ ] gym right
now I think Beatles came on my hair’s coming out my braids are coming out but I’ll tell you one thing this episode’s sponsored by via hemp and if you haven’t
tried those via hemp Edibles v-i-i-a-h-e-m-p code TMS they have uh
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Edibles I don’t like doing any other Edibles they make you feel like crap I think they put a lot of garbage in most
edibles but give them a try and you’ll enjoy it thank you very much bye we had a little miscommunication this morning
because I thought it was 10 30 because you didn’t tell me 11. you told Garrett 11 and uh wasn’t in there so I’m telling Garrett like well let’s just [ __ ]
start to be here soon and then about 10 15 minutes he’s like oh [ __ ] Tim actually said 11. but no worries we’re
already you know we’re having a good pod it’s [ __ ] right here pot 11 and then 12 30 or one barbecue tomorrow you said
yeah I’d be down with that so what no problem though no problem oh so
there was a miscommunication there’s misreading on my part sorry about the [ __ ] when I say I swear I said 10 30. I
got here right at 10 30 ready to [ __ ] zippity-doo so that is my uh did you guys already talked about dinner with Dana and stuff uh not didn’t get into
any subject too much but uh let’s rip it out with Dana how [ __ ] crazy was that that we were sitting there well we
didn’t have he came to dinner late but yeah we didn’t talk too much about that how crazy was that just sitting there just bullshitting with us yeah having
some uh having some din with John John Shahidi and uh Steve will do it here hold on sorry sorry guys Tim’s dogs are
in here just hitting the cameras and [ __ ] around it’s no worries though that’s why we started I was trying to actually end the Pod
um before we got here right Tim said Elena’s ugly well and I
didn’t mean it I really didn’t mean it just came out because he said Beetle was ugly what the [ __ ] how did I read that 10 30.
that just shows how [ __ ] my brain is uh but but yeah we wish John Shahidi Steve will do it Uncle Imron uh having a
dinner and Steve pretty much ordered everything on the menu and we me and Steve and shook went outside smoke a
little joint and we shouldn’t have done that and we were eating bread we were eating mac and cheese we were eating mashed potatoes we were eating steak
cheeseburger even on top of all that you’re eating a Lotte had some bites of a cheeseburger and just went crazy and
then Steve at the end ordered some fried Oreos ice cream with the toffee butter cake
um with Brownie and ice cream oh yeah that was bad and it’s weird that
you could have full on just everything you could ask for for dinner and just be like about a puke and then dessert comes
and there’s just like a little spot that you can still stuff yup yup and then and
then Dana rolls up and just I mean he’s a celeb in Vegas obviously everyone’s getting pictures of him he’s always cool
about getting pictures with everyone and just gets the whole table hyped his whole energy it’s literally every time I’ve ever been
around Dana off there was no cameras he’s the same dude off and on camera just [ __ ] fired up and passionate
about whatever he’s talking about talking about stories and just telling just it does get you fired up huh gives
us good gave us some good advice because he’s been a celebr for a long time and just him and John Shahidi but yeah him
getting fired up but he looks like he’s like 30 years younger it’s crazy yeah whatever he’s doing yeah he definitely
looks healthy and you oh you can’t I think he said keto is what he’s doing eating keto fasted and doing keto and
stuff yeah he’s [ __ ] you don’t have that kind of energy if you’re not well actually I don’t know I feel there’s crackheads that have that kind of energy
he’s not a crackhead he’s just healthy he’s telling us about his morning routine
like red light pmf all the [ __ ] we do but he does it to an extreme like
because he he [ __ ] takes all the peptides and all that [ __ ] so does Steve I’m like Steve you’re 20 40 and you know
he said he could never live without it now yeah I think I think the peptides though I think they’re not like
not they’re not like steroids aren’t they so new like it’s CR it’s always scary with such new stuff you don’t know
the long term the long terms yeah but people like like Ben Greenfield this Dr Michael guy he talks about the peptides
and just how good they are it’s illegal for UFC fighters though what even are they uh like it there’s different ones
there’s different ones bp157 to heal injuries there’s this other one called ipamorolin and that makes you like
leaner it makes it just makes body already produces and you’re just getting more of it or is it [ __ ] that your body doesn’t produce and it just [ __ ] like
yeah I’m I mean God there’s just scientists that know but makes you sleep better makes your energy better I mean
if you’re having someone monitor your hormones and your blood work and they’ll get you dialed in the right way but yeah
that was fun having Dan Dan and then after din-din I’ve never played blackjack we go
there’s a private room and then there’s a private room in the private room and that’s where Dana Uncle Dana and Steve
were playing a little Blackjack we walked in and Dana was playing what thirty thousand dollar hands yep 100
000 in less than five minutes had to be less than five minutes yeah he rolled right in there just kind of dipped or he
walked around chit chatted with people and took some pictures and stuff a hundred thousand five minutes like it was nothing you can tell just how
experienced that gambling is because it’s like okay if you want to go big go big you’re going to end up losing if you keep trying to go big he rolls and gets
30 000 chips boom boom boom wins a couple’s hands 100K boom then stops but that was sweet that was freaking sweet
it was a good time yeah Steve says he pretty much hangs out with Dana every night they play that’s crazy yeah it’s I
could see Blackjack was fun it’s my first time playing Blackjack I would I mean we’re at the High Roller
tables and I was playing like 25 hands tried to go to the club after that and
just tried to sip a drink I just couldn’t I was too [ __ ] I mean I was too full Thursday night yeah we were like
let’s just go to the club we’re in Vegas [ __ ] it zuke’s lit Resorts World we’re [ __ ] at the hotel we go and I just
couldn’t even get a buzz yes so [ __ ] stuffed from that food
and I was burping like trying to talk to girls up oh yeah it was hard it was hard that Thursday night was fun we ended up
just going going to bed nothing too crazy Friday rolls around I don’t remember what happened yeah I
remember I got a lift I think Friday I got a lift I went to coach some of my students at the master worlds in Jiu
Jitsu con you wouldn’t have a meeting with the UFC how’d the meeting goes good Master did we talked a little bit about it but I mean I really can’t say too
much um I mean you heard Dana at dinner kind of running down kind of what the plan is and he was going to announce it and uh
he said he was he said he was working on something with you he said working on something massive yeah just with the well the with the
I don’t know if it’s the fight card or the location or the opponent he didn’t really give too many
details he seemed jacked about it he seemed [ __ ] fired up about it which makes me fired up and uh we went to the
mall we went to the mall we splashed we cert we uh used the Timbo sugar show card and got ourselves each a pair of
nice Versace matching glasses mine are white yours are black look fire those are sick [ __ ] glasses I look like I’m
from Star Wars which I like oh like a ghost is that a gay Star Wars character yeah that’s fire I gave Source here oh
that would no those are actually yeah those ones are sick I’m pissed that I didn’t take more videos of all the fans
it was another level of fans for you this this time at zoo I think it was
Saturday night when we went to the club we got um on the second floor we got to walk around
thousands of people in line and they’re just all yelling and Sean just raises you know I was thinking about I should
have ducked down let it go ahead and go and duck down [ __ ] I know we were I wish
we would have done that too and it was good about it because we could have hit out with security the whole time but you wanted to walk through and get pictures
with people and yeah I wouldn’t I mean [ __ ] if they’re real sugar fans and they just had that experience watching that
fight in Boston whether they were there live or watching it there on TV and they felt this crazy [ __ ] emotion for me
sleeping Al Joe and then they get to see me in person because a lot of people don’t think I’m real yeah I think I’m a
character they don’t even know I’m a real human and if you start the thing is if you start stopping then you’re gonna
be there for an hour hour and a half so if you see Sean you want to do it just like walking selfies yeah I’ve been
telling walking selfie walk because I can’t stop take a picture and someone’s shaking they can’t even open their phone
I’m just like walking self and walking selfie walking selfie that’s the way to do it but yeah though let’s get into the
it’s getting crazy we went to Drake Friday night [ __ ] and forgot about that Drake that was Friday Drake yeah Friday
night that’s right um was messaging Drake on IG because I mean we’re just tight like that he
messed me tell him with his lyrics yeah well I gave him a couple of bars that he spit but he messed him he said he almost died on his flight there
I said [ __ ] let’s celebrate you didn’t die but yeah we went to his concert Friday
that’s crazy like that place was pumping pumping for Drake him walking
out him walking I was probably my favorite part it was crazy um lots of sexy chicks lots of sexy
chicks darker chicks I like that a lot it was probably it seemed like it was 60
67 women yeah there’s a lot of chocolates a lot of a lot of females there like that
um but that was legendary you played a couple bangers I liked but we were
saying imagine if what if that was a we’re gonna get someone get so much [ __ ] hate for this what if that was a six nine concert in there just that
music does he do Arena’s like that six yeah I don’t know if he’s still canceled
or what huh but we went to the one in Miami the sign concert in Miami a long time ago
probably three four years ago whatever it was it was obviously that Drake’s when the fireworks would go off and then the whole crowd boom like everything was
just jacked Travis Scott was at the club Saturday night well Friday night after that we went ended up going to the club
a little bit had a good time they were playing EDM music which is kind of hard to Boogie to unless you roll and uh dice you know you
know if you’re rolling even then it’s like it was yeah it’s all right so Thursday night Friday I was like EDM
it’s good but I like it was I liked Saturday night that Dawn Toliver or something and uh the DJ was playing
more like Club r b hip hop that was fun
um oh at one point they played Superstar and I was able to walk around like a rapper because I’ve always wanted to be a rapper I don’t think well they they
put you on like there was the stage and then there was a desk in front of the stage you got up on the thing it was on
our Snapchats I’m glad they didn’t hand me a mic because I would have started trying to spit or to see I have some
combos like drinks yeah Drake a lot of the time uh a lot of the time he uh would just talk you know kind of with
some music in the background talk he’s just got like an iconic voice yeah so and I was but I was I was faded at uh at
the club I bet that was pretty crazy they had your off picture on all the big screens yeah and then Superstar coming
on this song just hit did way different now chicks were just flicking their beans [ __ ] shoving their hands up
their puss balls but uh yeah that was cool I was like God that was probably one of the highlights of my life because
I gotta feel like a rapper yeah but that was cool like a rapper I’ve always wanted to be able to spit bars you did a
good job on dancing and stuff I don’t know if I do the worm upstairs I just
feel like oh it kind of felt like I was in like that same feeling I get when I’m in the Octagon like I was just feeling I
wasn’t dancing but I was just kind of like feeling that [ __ ] it helped that I was on uh
alcohol I tell you what though I mean going to that Resorts World it’s the best [ __ ] ever literally the best you
don’t have to leave you don’t have to leave the club’s there phenomenal food is there
um the spa the weight room is so nice there it’s so pimp that is we’re so lucky to have that hook up yeah and
those [ __ ] sweets dude you just get in you open that door oh and you want to be the devil it is I
mean it’s Sin City man they make you feel like you want to be the devil oh God but when we’re working on our side
we were good well and whatever we did we apologize so we’re good now oh yeah forgiveness I already asked oh
so I’m good I didn’t even need to ask for forgiveness is the difference between me and you bud yeah well Jesus
sent us an email Friday I went I told the boys I told them we literally went or Saturday we went to the airport
checked in flight got delayed again that was more of a clear sign than I’ve
ever gotten in my life you know what I mean yep it’s like let’s just go back I
mean gosh we’re just so not conditioned for those late nights and those those little hoorahs but uh I mean I mean I
don’t feel too bad I got a good lift this morning got back good night’s sleep this morning lifted gotta run gotta
sweat you’re crazy I’m depressed again so yeah I’m definitely depressed as [ __ ]
I’m actually not too bad is the weird thing I didn’t drink so much I was drinking fiji’s the whole night staying
hydrated dude that’s such a game changer if you’re gonna be drinking you have to be drinking water too and on my way to
the room uh Saturday night I was housing some pizzas oh once I house those pizzas I was I mean I woke up feeling good I
was ready to go yeah the lack of sleep is probably the biggest thing I was just so [ __ ] just tired from the lack of
sleep but then I was like I’m Gucci man I’ll tell you one thing though Phillips law
over a billion dollars have been won for their clients um they came in some of the some of
their lawyers came in uh the other day and I gave them a little private in Jiu Jitsu and they came in pretty nervous they came in pretty nervous but they uh
they did it they did it and they had a good time that’s uh Phillips law for you ladies
and gentlemen and they have
recommended since 1993 so they’ve been around and over 1800 Google reviews official partners of the Arizona
Cardinals that’s Phillips law ladies and gentlemen back to the show um
um but we got a little BBQ it’s Memorial Day happy Memorial Day you know what I mean right Memorial Day or Labor Day
Labor Day that’s going to be later today the [ __ ] it’s Labor Day it’s Monday I keep thinking today is
Sunday we’re did we’re doing uh I think we’re gonna do a little bit of Smash Smash Burgers smash plus Smash Burgers
moving into the farm today I think I don’t know man are you gonna start staying there and stuff huh yeah I need
to I need to [ __ ] bring my cold plunger once I get my cold plunge wherever my cold plunge is I’ll start feeling like home even if I don’t use it
I’ll just as long as it’s there man the only thing that’s really hurting me right now is the side of my hand
uh I was telling the boys about the [ __ ] oh you didn’t get to see the slow-mo videos yeah no [ __ ] I wish they would send it over oh I’m
gonna ask him around if they’ll ask them to send it over I didn’t tell him it was up close dude it is
slow-mo in the most it’s 47k basically you know what I mean yeah what would you
[ __ ] taxed I’m uh looking up these fights for the weekend I didn’t even get to see him so cereal gone the dko Sergio
okay how did he get it was a body was it body kicks didn’t see it we missed it so that was a
real yeah I didn’t [ __ ] even yeah I didn’t see those either but real quick I didn’t get
to I didn’t get to watch the countdown yet I’m excited to watch it um they make it they make it look like
okay Strickland and you you see all I mean name one
countdown whether they didn’t make it like that yeah they did a good job they did a good job did you see Rose Nami in
his hand though no the picture oh yeah her finger was [ __ ] Jesus yeah I don’t really see much of uh to
recap on these fights tied to avasa it’s going to be interesting seeing him like he’s fighting volkov who’s six six yeah
that’s a scary dude and you got a left hook and you got a right hook and you got to figure out how to get in there
and get to that left hook or that right hook that’s great cray no I wouldn’t like that I mean [ __ ]
you’ve been having some nice bickers with uh Henry oh yeah we went over that I apologize he was a lot more popular
than I thought he got 12 of the votes on sales post I thought he’s gonna get two so I did apologize for that and told him
if everyone’s working on wrestling like some defense or wrestling Up Against the Cage I told him where we’re at yeah you know what I mean
yeah well I mean everyone it’s crazy everyone voted for Cheeto everyone wants to see that rematch yeah I mean it makes
sense like [ __ ] I mean we’ll see what the UFC says but um it does make sense well that’s what I
want if you ask me what do you want next I want you know I mean it’s a big one and it’s a tough one I mean it’s one of
the most durable Mexicans out there Ecuadorian oh yeah it’s okay Cheeto I got your back bro
fbff for Life G Ecuadorian what’s up with his eye did he get has it always
been like that it’s a Wandering is it someone said he’s been training on mushrooms and stuff been doing that I I
I should keep doing that Cheeto because it’s helping with the performances but I tell you one thing the kid is freaking
tough he’s durable as [ __ ] he has hard chins yeah so it’s not an easy fight I mean
and no one in the [ __ ] top 10 top dude not even the top ten top 15. you could even say top 40 Cody garbrandt
he’s I mean they’re you saw oh you saw morab outside huh yeah do you have any run-ins with him
some rap chain and he just came up to me and said much respect you should have locked up with him a little over under
let him feel a little it’s a trip or something the thing about you know I actually legitimately felt bad for
marhab I passed it he was in the cafeteria it wasn’t even at cafeteria hours it was
like 2 p.m like cafeteria is closed he wasn’t even eating he was sitting in the cafeteria at the ufcpi and I walked past
him he was just sitting there by himself went to did some physical therapy for an hour and then came back he was sitting
in the same spot algae was gone so and I felt bad for him like dude this is like
someone that needs a [ __ ] buddy yeah I didn’t say anything but I did I felt
bad he came up to me at one point I said much respect brother it’s like how could you not much respect it knocked out everybody yeah he’s I mean
he sees he seems cool Schmidt he’s always talking [ __ ] on him on the Instagram but then rap and they said
sorry love you and then rap says something nice back that’s so funny he seems like funny rap message is Schmitty
back and talk [ __ ] together I know it’s awesome you listen to Alger on Brad’s pod that [ __ ] was
funny bro and Brad said I mean Loki was kind of [ __ ] up but when Brad said uh
this part That’s so exciting other than me running forward if I didn’t run forward how does
that fight end yeah but you ran forward no I I know bang I know that was exciting bro I was so hyped I’m not
gonna lie I was so excited like I was at home bro that’s [ __ ] funny and well you got to
give props to uh um Bradley because a lot of people have
pods and they have they’ll talk to you like if you’re the boy and then that someone like that’ll come on and then they’ll
start but Bradley like backed you up 260. he is 260. no Brad did back up and he
didn’t push it too far and aljo handed it well too um but yeah that [ __ ] was funny Brad definitely had my back and I get his
point because I was like yeah but and he’s like yeah but he did beat you so it was like it was a good back and forth it
was actually a really good podcast and I was just like I don’t understand why people gravitate towards him he wears
chains and no well suit without his Kumar Usman it sucks because it’s like okay if you want to make bread actual
bread like life-changing bread and fighting you obviously you gotta work hard that’s number one but you gotta
become some Court of sort of character yeah NHL people so maybe people try to become
that character too late or it’s so fake because the internet’s so good at picking out when people are faking it or not they just are yeah and it has to be
genuine I feel like I’m genuinely a little [ __ ] weird but what if it’s not genuine and and people know oh he’s
acting his character and that character is like Colby that’s not how he actually is he’s just successful [ __ ] act in
that character yeah he is I wonder yeah would you but but if you were given
advice to someone coming up and I I genuinely think it’s the humor aspect of it because I can make funny
sometimes they’re a little cringy but there’s funny sometimes I make posts where I laugh like haha that’s a good
one yeah it’s the humor I think that makes people like me The Knockouts obviously the performances like aljo
never has knocked anyone out in his career I don’t think he’s ever dropped anyone in the UFC yeah but look I mean
look at Colby he’s not The Knockout guy either he’s the grinding but he’s also pushing the limit pushing the background
he’s saying [ __ ] up [ __ ] that aljo wouldn’t say if we’re just talking about
like alja wouldn’t say a morally I’m not saying that Colby’s is wrong for doing it but aljo as a person wouldn’t say
like he’d say that stuff and Izzy well Izzy’s performance is obviously people out and he’s also saying some crazy [ __ ]
which is kind of hard too and uh yeah I don’t know why it’s just like some people just gravitate towards other
people but I I do think a lot of My Success is from it’s funny like you watch our one of our
Vlogs or something it’s you’re probably gonna get a giggle out of it follow my Snapchat you’re gonna get a giggle out of it yeah IG post
uh yeah speaking of that you finally talked me into doing a Snapchat I wish I would have gone on there way way long ago but that is a perfect app to just
let some humor go it’s so fun it’s my favorite app by far because I can just snap 50 times a day most of them are
just kind of funny and then you can answer the questions from people stop my favorite app by far right now yeah I’m
enjoying it too check it out check it out Tim Welch Mt um does it show how many followers you
have now yet or not yet it was like 12 500. damn yeah you emailed that lady
yeah to help the admin stuff and yeah it’s weird because on the Snapchat when you do the public profile you don’t have
all the things right away the next day you’ll it’ll add something that you did it’ll start adding stuff and it’s still
hitting at the admin thing but I’m enjoying it yeah that’ll be good once you can have other people snapping for you off their phones that’s nice I knew
it was a I knew it was another app though that I was like I just wish I would have started six months ago but
I’m sorry you did and then in six months you can say I’m glad I started six months ago it’s crazy like the amount of
bread that you’re making on there is how much a lot of people make in a year I know
it’s [ __ ] I’m like oh that’s correct it doesn’t make sense my life doesn’t even make sense sometimes dude I don’t
get it you know what I do want to do though and maybe someone on here can help me look at my hair first of all is it fire it’s tightened up oh
I wanna I need to do because I went to Pi I got PT for an hour I’m like God I’m missing out on that physical I need
someone that can just come to my [ __ ] house I don’t want to go somewhere just come to my house three four times a week
and work on me someone that’s just milk and table or I do I wouldn’t mind
that being a sexy chick with a milking table at the end see but then you go you go into the sexy chicks like yeah I’d
rather it be like a kind of cute chick that’s not my type or what about older
lady older lady with some like a nice natural titty oh I’m just joking that’s [ __ ]
up I just want a respectable [ __ ] human being that’s good at their job to work on me if I’m being honest
that’s hot tell you one thing though that jet X whatever it is jsx that place
is nice bro it’s basically flying private yeah on the flight there
there was probably 20 people on it on the flight I mean even on the one back there was just one seat one seat
yeah it’s it’s [ __ ] game changer it’s and it’s not that expensive it’s really
not that expensive to fly basically private no security did you hear that no
security well I mean they have a security obviously but it’s not like you wait in line it’s so nice the game
changer the only thing is they don’t fly everywhere which kind of sucks yeah um
so that’s that but if we’re going to Vegas or I think even California is quick um always good to hang out with uncle
and Ron too he’s like perfect when he’s with us I can’t imagine going on a trip without
Uncle Imron because we’re always talking business we always get it’s nice because we talk business every day over the phone anyway we’re talking we had it me
and him had [ __ ] over an hour long conversation just me and him talking to business and then we had John Shahidi
come in and talk more business um and it was fun talking like deep business really learning about Equity
really learning about Investments like just being so lucky to be around those
guys that have like that much experience and just the advice they give it’s so [ __ ] good I feel so thankful every
time well I used to want I used to say I want to make 100 million dollars and Emerald’s like
you need you need a new goal really cool and I said I want to be a bit I want to
be a billionaire and he said that’s one that’s more like it and it’s funny I say that I even said it today and he’s like
good like and it wasn’t like haha or like
right now obviously it’s [ __ ] not even close not even like close at all to
that but make the Right Moves and that’s realistic and it’s just about
it’s about knowing people and uh being smart with your money and making the right moves but it’s oh sorry
I met this uh this brother this black dude at the at the club at the day party actually and he was saying his dad or
someone works for Showtime and he was like they they’re they’re actually been
conversation just brought up nothing serious at all but there’s been conversation at the top levels about
I don’t know who I don’t know how true but that was what I was told
dude uh I mean just being in that in that arena with Drake I’m like just
picturing that being walking out because the stage was kind of like his stage was kind of like a square like that’s what
the boxing would be like how many people would just bawl their eyes out if you dropped him
hey you want to find out I want to find out a lot of people would not be happy
yeah I told I told someone whoever when he gets out of jail to let him know though without gonna ask yeah and he
doesn’t even need to train you’re an MMA guy who doesn’t know how to punch yeah why would he train he doesn’t need to
um I’m undefeated in boxing yeah I remember I broke that dude [ __ ] jaw supposedly
um so that’s happening 2025 [ __ ] maybe even 2024 out of 2024
probably have that schedule that that was crazy being on the stage with those with those two guys Kurt and that
other Asian guy and just like I guess they do that every weekend yeah yeah we were at the club and this these two guys
the security was telling us they are there every single weekend
usually Thursday Friday Saturday yeah and they wouldn’t let any other
guys in I mean they let us in but there’s probably 10 girls yeah like the
sexiest girls too and I wonder if they just put a pounding on all of them I don’t know what I don’t know what
happened but it was funny because of the chick walked in they didn’t give a [ __ ] okay her out
meanly too and I was like that’s fine that’s fine yeah but I mean if you’re
paying for the table you’re paying for the bottles and you don’t want uh we gotta go out with uh Ron and his
family to the the it’s fuhu it’s called this restaurant in Resorts World and it’s so they ordered tomahawks Sushi
whole nine yards dude that shrimp that shrimp that we got in the first what is that called tiger shrimp I think dude I
could eat that every night yeah that is Incredible’s incredible restaurant it was uh it was good just it
felt like it was a little break didn’t do a vlog I mean it we’re working yep
but still it felt like a little break from the routine but now I’m pumped to get back on the routine that’s the thing too about balance is such a real thing I
I would say 90 of my life I’m just disciplined as [ __ ] in Camp I literally
was in Camp for about 15 weeks against al Joe like eating healthy training hard [ __ ] [ __ ] dialed six weeks out though
we did go to zuke for uh I had an appearance and there was the what else were there fights it was fight
yeah I don’t remember I don’t [ __ ] remember either but we did go out actually since six weeks out before the
fight which is rare I’ve never we’ve never done that and I got faded
and uh that’ll be up yeah but then it was right back literally the next [ __ ] boom right back to work
um but balance is such a real thing and people are like oh I don’t want you to go party don’t go party I’m celebrating
I understand the balance that it takes you can’t just [ __ ] party you can’t
just not do anything just be as disciplined as I am that balance I feel like helps me
become more disciplined because then I’m like okay I got that out the way now I’m not really craving it I’m not really
like I just want to go party with the boys it’s out of the way I’m good to go party with it without the boys until next
weekend yeah I don’t I truly don’t want to party right now ask me tomorrow well we’ll see but yeah I’m a little bit
burnt I’m a little bit burnt but I had a good time good time not a worry in the world balance baby it was freaking it
was good yep back to work Elena she [ __ ] missed her daddy last it was so cute she gave me a big old hug you see
how you see my snap of her this morning so I woke up [ __ ] just feet on top my
face she just kid like Danny went slept in the other room I don’t even know when she left but she wanted to [ __ ] sleep
in the other room by herself for the night because Elena was just on her all day for every day for three days Atlanta woke up see mommy didn’t see her and
then she’s like saw me came and just like hugged me and just slap on me oh my God it was the best feeling ever
I bet glad to be back to my poodles my house my big ass tree there was a big Monsoon it ripped my huge tree down not
the branch right or not the roots just like a couple of the branches huge huge Branch so I gotta get someone to come by
and I can come by and [ __ ] what we’re gonna do is saw it up I’m gonna call bibo or what yeah that’s
a good idea obviously your little cutest dog every little princess I actually so pumped to see my ass
that’s what I’m saying my babies they really really are and they miss their dad those poodles are the most loving
dogs in the world uh I think this weekend not traveling which would be good
um I got a planner oh go ahead I ordered this uh it’s called a coffee cart I didn’t order all the coffee stuff with
it but it’s a cart that’s going to come in I’m still building out room two painted the roof black got new floors
um painted the walls the mats are on the way so building that out this week and then the 6th 16th I think we’re gonna go
to the Montana Thursday to Sunday visit my brother get a little Airbnb help him build their house for a couple days damn
the witch day 16th Thursday to Sunday I’m thinking so the 14th to the 17th uh
yeah damn that’s fine are you flying into Great Falls I think I’m gonna fly into Missoula
and we’re probably just grab like uh maybe a little cabin on the lake maybe really have my brother come and stay
whatever or my dad come and stay I need to go see them I [ __ ] pissed me off how much I don’t see them I know it
sucks I don’t really come down here but well right now he’s building a house yeah the thick of the mountains that’s
crazy how many miles from like this do you know from like three but it’s this
back road like it’s not far but it’s far that’s fire and then other that travel
and we’re going to Texas um I still trying to figure out I have a photo shoot with rise energy because
we’re gonna do uh I can’t spill any any beans but I gotta I gotta do a photo video shoot with them in Texas that’s in
Dallas I believe but we’re trying to plan an Austin trip so we go and kill Tony
and so we can go and kill you God I’ll just wear my shades and sit but
I’m not say [ __ ] not laugh at [ __ ] literally not say or laugh at anything just
smoke a cigarette no I’m trying to figure that out I keep telling Tony that I’m gonna figure out I’m trying to but
I’m kind of waiting on Rise so I don’t have to fly to Texas back and then fly to Texas again I’m trying to boom boom
um Are You Gonna Wanna Go to Dallas with us and do that and then Danny yeah let’s let it rip let’s Let It ripe up Snapchat
trip dude Snapchat grows I I got like 400 000 followers in August
oh are you serious fight [ __ ] I got went from 2.9 to 3.7 million followers on IG
holy yeah that’s crazy this this fighting for the title it’s just like
and being the main event everyone sees it like all new eyes it’s crazy well
especially when they’ve released it right after like that’s just on her literally unheard of like that doesn’t [ __ ] happen well and everyone’s like
what has changed what has changed with being the champ uh what do you think what has anything really changed besides
socials blowing up that’s it um I’m way more recognized at stores
like from different jet people like it’s not just like the young box or the 20 year olds it’s like older
male and female everyone saw that fight it’s [ __ ] insane
um I definitely feel like I can’t go anywhere and it doesn’t help that I have [ __ ] face tattoos and crazy hair like
that doesn’t I mean probably plays a role in why I’m getting noticed but yeah other than that life’s I don’t I don’t
really know what would change I guess I don’t feel like a different person like the good things about having that status
is okay obviously get it in everywhere for free get all this free stuff but then the bad things would be as people
are videoing you all the time whatever you do yeah I definitely felt like at the club I had to be [ __ ] just like
not as crazy as usual yeah I also don’t know if that’s part of just like all right
grow up a little bit I don’t know I just sometimes get faded but uh yeah I I don’t know
I don’t feel like I’m like I’m the [ __ ] man like
bow down to me I don’t feel like that yeah I think that I think when that happens
I mean you just got to come and come to the room come into a comp training Let’s do let’s do let’s do six in a row with
some good guys feel how big the man y’all yeah no I [ __ ] I definitely don’t feel uh
I don’t feel like I have like this crazy ego but a lot of people
um there I I swear a lot of people don’t ever really believe or really truly think they’re going to be the champ and
then it’s like when it happens they’re like what the [ __ ] like I just I’ve known I was gonna be the champ I’ve been
living like the champ [ __ ] so I just it doesn’t feel that crazy and yeah I’m you go in the gym you
get [ __ ] get your ass beat a couple times you’re like all right I’m not [ __ ] um getting back to training though it’s
gonna feel so good dude there’s those different kind of highs those highs that are uh like um they’re self-destructing
your body and they’re but they’re still highs and they’re fun and they’re [ __ ] sweet but they’re self-destructing your health and then
there’s those highs that are improving your health whether it’s a [ __ ] plunge whether it’s hard
training whether it’s hanging out with your dogs your girl or there’s those kind of highs too that are actually
better for your health but like you said the balance is [ __ ] key yeah eating good feeling good sleeping good it’s
crazy how good and actually that [ __ ] feels yeah doing all that makes being
able to go out and party way more fun yeah if you just live this kind of shitty lifestyle you know and then you go out and just get [ __ ] up then
you’re even more [ __ ] up you come back you still don’t really have good habits it’s just like a downhill spiral but to
live healthy live clean do everything right and then go and celebrate it’s just different celebrating a
[ __ ] dub I mean you can always Celebrate life if you’re [ __ ] alive you have a reason to celebrate but but
celebrating an accomplishment an earned celebration they definitely hit different yeah earn celebration
definitely [ __ ] hits different and that’s what we [ __ ] did we are in that [ __ ] baby so let’s go out this
weekend and [ __ ] celebrate no the pool party that’s the thing I’d
like about when I wasn’t as famous but when I was still a little bit famous like at the pool party I was able to kind of [ __ ]
just get that Smash and jump in the pool and just be a [ __ ] freak and just like but now it’s just like I can’t even
go I can’t even move anywhere it which is cool I like it I’m not gonna say I don’t I like taking pictures with the
fans and people like what like I like that it’s cool but yeah you can’t [ __ ] do anything it takes three
people to get you to the bathroom uh Jake Paul said historic week incoming
I wonder what he’s gonna announce I must be I wonder what it could be like what’s the biggest fight he’s good at that he
it could be he could be like announcing he signed another fighter he’d be like Miranda Amanda Serrano versus you know
what I mean he’s got yeah that’s just him now true research shows vaping can shrink your
testicles and cause sperm counts to plummet dude I believe that you look at
warlike’s testicles I thought he was a [ __ ] girl yeah he showed us he said look how small my nuts are they were
just sucked in like a badge I was like I was like what the [ __ ] that’s crazy and it must be from vaping
there’s a lot of vapors this weekend um uh Crawford Spence I guess Spence is wanting that rematch
Earl Spence is wanting the rematch first Terence Crawford I guess that was in the in the contract and he’s saying that he wants it back that’ll be interesting I
wonder if the weight will be different he versus gervante made of Anthony co-main oh God that’s gonna get clipped
people will be like you’re so [ __ ] stupid dude yeah I am [ __ ] stupid
with a coffee cart you’re having are you like making a little mini coffee shop oh yeah that is yeah it’s a it’s a coffee
cart and and like you order it you it’s from South Dakota and you it can come with a sink it’ll come with a sink you
can add espresso machine all this stuff but you can bring it to a farmer’s market so I’m gonna train Smitty the best I can to run this thing and it’s
gonna be sweet I’m not starting I’m not starting straight off with the coffee though I’m starting straight up with the
um I mean Liquid Aminos magnesiums over ice so you can get it during training make a little and creatine and stuff
just simple powders once you get the flow of that going then we can possibly start with the
coffee I think it’s starting small like that and then when we’re ready we can start an actual brick and mortar coffee shop and I’ll have a good idea on just
what to do but I was researching I’m gonna have this coffee expert come and help he’s like that’s like the perfect thing to start those coffee carts are
still expensive though like without any of the stuff it’s six grand with all the stuff it’d be it’ll be another like six
grand totally I mean that is expensive but it’s not no for like an investing in yourself investing in like a business to
get going like that’s fairly cheap and we’ve been talking about coffee shops for so [ __ ] long so if I get this
idea and when we’re ready to go big we can go big and I’ll be like boom boom boom boom boom we’ll know a lot of [ __ ] yeah that’s that’s a good idea it’s so
much of [ __ ] starting out a business is just [ __ ] up making mistakes obviously you don’t want to but those
mistakes [ __ ] help in getting things going further and further and further
um even busting Mariah still or not too much I I do here and there I do in here there I don’t really save my my busts so
I don’t even know if they’re even worth the [ __ ] when I do yeah well I think you got to save them for a good amount of
days I don’t know how I mean I don’t know bro I feel like that’s not true in college when I when I went to donate they said
you have you can’t bust 24 or 48 hours before you donate and if you do then it
won’t pass interesting on my nut sack sweating boys I’m excited to get back to work uh I
need before I can even I got a [ __ ] straight up recover for your few days because that’s how injuries happen is
when you go out party and then you don’t sleep then you try to get back to work too fast but I’m gonna try to move a lot of [ __ ] this week
to the farm should be getting cool down here in a couple weeks thank the load Above All Right For Real uh Terence
Crawford so he lost to Dimitri Bibble also really I don’t know if a Crawford’s
undefeated Earl Spence okay okay yeah yeah I think I’m looking at canelo’s yeah canelo’s the only one because
Canelo says he respects Bud which I think he’s talking about Terence Crawford if you see his record he just beat one good fighter in Earl Spence
other than that I don’t think he’s been other great Fighters like Spence I mean
some of the guys canelo’s fighting it’s like that’d be a way bigger fight wouldn’t it is he way bigger than Canelo
or we should probably learn about boxing yeah no Canal is way bigger than Spence well Weight Wise but Spence I mean
canelo’s shorter but Spence is taller but smaller frame so going up would be
I know I know I know I do a sick mug shot too one of these days I’m gonna get a legendary mug shot I just gotta figure
out how to go to jail without it being too bad it’s just a quick little uh
no that’s [ __ ] up I was just trying to be funny God it’s gonna be clear say Shawn O’Malley wants to go to jail for
domestic abuse uh yeah tag Timbo sugar show you [ __ ]
[ __ ] yeah no [ __ ] it’s not uh the steiny Paw did good people like that yeah that one was funny Steiny’s a
[ __ ] character bro I love when he’s just trying to raise up the girls and those girls that really didn’t know us
so it was funny that it was like they’re like oh really I know it’s crazy those girl I mean it’s a lot
girls look for guys that have money it’s it’s [ __ ] up I mean is it I don’t know
I mean can you blame them really or no I mean you don’t want to [ __ ] it but it’s also like find someone that’s on
the come up and maybe like it I bet every girl is different I bet a lot of girls want to be self-sufficient but all
that a lot of girls would wouldn’t mind being a housewife security doing the laundry taking really taking care of the
house yeah and the guy pays for everything I mean definitely a balance everyone’s
different you know what I mean um what else you got going on the agenda we got the barbecue with the boys at one
um got some strippers coming over it too uh that’s about it man it’s Tuesday
helped Monday fight week jokes uh you got anything else to say about other than via hemp and [ __ ] Philip’s law
why him and Phillips law ladies and gentlemen I’ll tell you that much and in Phillips law you can call this number if
you want some free advice for our people 602-388-1669 they have an attorney
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your house so grandma doesn’t need to know where does she
um check us out Snapchat Tim Welch Mt just made it I’m gonna try to get Goofy on there and let it rip
Redhawk Academy always stuff going up there always that’s who I I mean where I respond to most people and
base love Deuces 150 251 I think 151. all right peace love
you bye