UFC 293: Adesanya vs. Strickland Full Card Previews & Predictions


We will be discussing the upcoming main event of UFC 293, which features Israel Adesanya taking on Sean Strickland for the middleweight belt. This is a highly anticipated fight, with both fighters bringing their unique skills and styles to the octagon. We will analyze their previous performances, strengths, and weaknesses, and make predictions for the outcome of the fight. So, let’s dive into the details and get ready for an exciting showdown!

Main Event: Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland

The main event of UFC 293 will see Israel Adesanya defending his middleweight belt against Sean Strickland. Adesanya, known for his exceptional kickboxing skills, will be looking to continue his reign as the champion. On the other hand, Strickland, with his relentless pressure and cardio, aims to dethrone Adesanya and claim the title for himself.

Adesanya’s Last Fight

In his last fight in April, Adesanya dispatched his rival Alex Pereira, sending him up to the light heavyweight division. Adesanya showcased his striking prowess and proved why he is considered one of the best in the middleweight division.

Strickland’s Recent Performances

Strickland has been on a roll, with ten straight main event fights under his belt. He has shown great cardio and the ability to last all five rounds. In his fight against Jared Cannonier, Strickland showcased his durability and withstood the early storm to secure a victory. He also accepted a fight on short notice at 205 pounds and emerged victorious.

Strickland’s Style and Game Plan

Strickland’s fighting style revolves around relentless pressure and volume striking. He excels when facing opponents who lack exceptional punching power, footwork, or cardio. However, against opponents like Cannonier, who possess these attributes, Strickland’s volume game plan may not be as effective.

Adesanya’s Strengths

Adesanya is known for his striking power, exceptional footwork, and good cardio. He has the ability to land counter shots with power and from different angles. Adesanya’s elusiveness on the back foot allows him to evade strikes and land effective counters. He has proven his ability to maintain his striking output throughout the fight, even in the later rounds.

Strickland’s Challenges

Strickland faces several challenges in this fight. While he may be a better grappler than Adesanya, the champion has shown great defensive grappling skills. Strickland’s volume striking may not be as effective against Adesanya, who possesses exceptional footwork and can evade strikes. Strickland’s forward-moving style may leave him vulnerable to Adesanya’s counter shots.

Predictions and Final Thoughts

While Strickland has his strengths and has been impressive in his recent performances, it is difficult to overlook Adesanya’s skill set. Ad esanya’s striking power, footwork, and cardio make him a formidable opponent. Strickland’s volume game plan may not be enough to overcome Adesanya’s elusiveness and counter-striking ability. Although Strickland may have a better grappling game, Adesanya’s defensive skills make it challenging to exploit that weakness.

In terms of predictions, it is likely that Adesanya will come out on top in this fight. His skill set and experience as the middleweight champion give him the edge. However, we hope for an exciting and competitive fight that showcases the talents of both fighters.


The upcoming main event between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland promises to be an exciting showdown. Adesanya’s striking power, footwork, and cardio make him a formidable opponent, while Strickland’s relentless pressure and volume striking pose a challenge. While Strickland has his strengths, it is difficult to overlook Adesanya’s skill set and experience as the champion. We look forward to witnessing this highly anticipated fight and hope for an entertaining and competitive bout.

the middleweight reign of out of Sonya it returns we’re going back to Sydney UFC 293 a lot of debuting Fighters It’s
a Fight Night pick special you’re not going to want to miss it keep locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
and just like that we are back off the very successful UFC Paris card the UFC
moves things forward and it is a Sydney fight card to get excited about the first time that the promotions return to
the Emerald City since UFC fight night verdum versus tybora back in 2017 is
there a lot of Sonya’s second reign as middleway Champion got that win back in April over his arrival Alex Pereira as
always one half of your host new X and Instagram at Craig Allen FNP with me to my left to your right respective socials
Matt Allen FNP we look at that main event Sean Strickland coming off of an unlikely Main Event Challenger type that
he got his last time out back in July against Abu samagametov Strickland dispatched him inside of two rounds so
now he gets that title shot dreika Stu Plessy where are you at bud Strickland gets that opportunity co-main event a
fun one at heavyweight 38 Knockouts between them in their careers Alexander
volkov looking to move up the ranks taking on Australia’s own tied to ivassa as I said five total debuting Fighters
we have one of those debutant to debutant Fighters early it’s Kevin giusette taking on Kiefer Crosby but a
lot of things to get excited about and of course three sophomore sightings on this one as well but overall it’s a
pretty flat pay-per-view card there’s only five ranked fighters on this one in total they’re making you pay to watch a
lot of filler and as Dana White’s Contender series Fighters continue to proliferate struggle with it the entire
roster these are the cards that you’re gonna get so one of the weaker pay per user you’re gonna have sandwiched
between some good fight nights with UFC Paris and UFC Noche on Mexican Independence Day I do like the top two
fights on this card though let me be a bit of an upwork because yeah this might not be the greatest pay-per-view of all time but Tui Foster versus volkov it’s
one of those fights for hey both guys are so well known in the heavyweight division at this point where hey it’s a fresh matchup it should result in a
really fun fight and I was Sonya Strickland I know a lot of people are kind of down on one half the main event right it should have been drinking stew
Plessy because of how good he looked against Whitaker but Strickland getting this title shot reminds me a little bit and I know it’s not a perfect cop
remember Damien Maya got the title shot against Tyrone Motley and they were like hey we know you’re not like really the
number one Contender right now but you’ve been in the top five for so long that you know what we’ll just throw you in there for Sean Strickland this is a
big opportunity for him but this is a fight that he’s been calling for for what feels like years so if he’s going
to be ready for it you’d have to assume it’s gonna be this weekend I think it will be a fun fight you gotta let us know who you have in the comment section
on this one 12 action pack fights again a lot of the debuts you know us for those videos just keep locked in with
fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it thank you
[Music] welterweight debutant square off and
meet in the Octagon in Sydney we have hex’s big time winner from 2023 the
middleweight and then Walter weight champ with that promotion it’s Francis Kevin giusette representing City
kickboxing he’s coming in here to take on former Bellator star it’s BDK Big
Daddy Kiefer Crosby and Matt it feels like forever the fighting Apex been talking about we started back in 2018
and it was doing interviews and little things with a lot of the Bellator Fighters and that’s when Kiefer Crosby
was making his name without promotion and wasn’t maybe the most uh awe-inspiring turn that he took over
there with Bellator he’s on a little bit of a win streak to start it off coming in out of Bama then he has that illegal
knee to the head in his American debut wins a couple of more and then loses a few and Crosby goes off onto the
sidelines and the weird thing for SVG Ireland’s own cross Cosby is not only has he kind of been in the shadow of
some of the bigger Fighters out of that gym maybe you think Gunner Nelson or of course Conor McGregor with John Kavanaugh and Owen Roddy doing the damn
thing in Dublin but when you look at Dublin’s own Crosby they tried to bring him down and wait as fights went along
so if you look at him over with Bellator two fights at welterweight two fights at a catch weight of 165 pounds two catch
weight fights at 160 and then he moves down to 155 in his final fight with a promotion it’s a losing effort against
Georgie caracanyan and if you go back and you watch that fight Crosby looking to close the distance they get up
against the cage Georgie what’s he known as bellators Nick Lentz that’s what he’s known as and Georgie’s also a former
featherway the World Series champ at one point a long time Bellator staple as well but Georgie’s trying to jump up
against the cage to pull Guillotine he’s not able to do it but in the end he wins out of the scrambles he gets Kiefer
Crosby down to the mat and he finishes them so Crosby was off for quite a while he goes out there and takes on one of
the weirdest fights I’ve ever seen against Brian lot ah and Joey who fought on Pride 34 one of my favorite Pride
cards Steve masigati with a mustache in the background watching but if you go back and you look at that card Brian LA
and Jose is losing to shinyayoki by submission so you think okay here’s a
guy kickboxing fighter that fought quite a few years ago and he’s gonna fight Kiefer Crosby do I have to sign up for
Centurion FC yeah and I felt weird doing it but I did it and Kiefer Crosby walks
out to uh the rocky road the Dublin song by The Dubliners we’ve all heard that song one two three four five and Kiefer
Crosby goes out there he looks worlds bigger than his opponent who is a very small stocky man I thought he I thought
his opponent Brian looked like us a small version of pizzoa Rafael don’t take away from that he’s not gonna have
that luxury in this fight is a big welterweight you go back and you watch that fight Crosby’s an orthodox opponent
Southpaw wearing his trunks on one side rolled up to his knees but on the other side down to his legs like he’s art
Jimerson with the trunks Crosby goes out there he throws his hooks he drops his opponent he gets into
a big time advantageous position half guard amount he’s Landing elbows into his ground and pound he gets the Win
Crosby then parlays that forward earlier on this year takes on Alex Oliveira you
can find that fight with rise FC it was an inaugural card on Kiefer Crosby’s YouTube channel and Alex Oliver has
landed good shots at the start but he always does that’s big Big Red Cross against Crosby but what does Crosby do
it’s a lot of the leg kicks it’s a lot of the hooks it’s a back and forth contest Crosby ends up wobbling Alex
Oliveira and then Matt for about two and a half minutes he beats the [ __ ] out of Alex Oliver who’s on absolute skate so
Crosby’s last Ash was back in July in a different sport it was a boxing
fight against Geordie Shore’s own Aaron Chalmers Kiefer Crosby final scorecards
in that one 250-45s and 148-45 weird card but Crosby look good in that boxing
boat so it’ll be interesting to see him moving from the squared Arena or squared cage to then back over to MMA he’s a
well-trained MMA fighter but when you go back and watch a lot of Kiefer Crosby fights it really is bite down on the
mouthpiece not necessarily brawl but he starts off every combo left hook right hook left hook so when you watch his
fights they are very entertaining sometimes he likes to strike himself into a clinch to get his opponent down
he might have some struggles against you set in those respects but Matt what can you tell us about Kiefer Crosby the fans
might not know I worry that he’s gonna be on the receiving end of the lot of the actual leg kicks in this matchup not that he can’t throw them offensively but
he doesn’t really check them either he will be very heavy on both feet because he does like using those boxing combinations and for Crosby he will have
a lot of success with them but when he does fight his Striker who is at least more technical than he is they have ample amounts of opportunity to get
their own counter shots off and that’s what he’s gonna have to really watch out for in this matchup he can’t just rush forward with Reckless abandon hoping to
land some of those shots because if he does get into a brawl Doucette has really good leg kicks himself and he does do a good job of circling off the
cage because he’s a bigger fighter so a lot of his opponents do either try to a take him down because he has a kickboxing background or B try to crash
that distance but he has developed some good counters for that has great knees at the middle as well but for Crosby I
do worry about his or I guess susceptibility to eating damage as he does move forward because if that’s how the story of the fight goes especially
early then Crosby’s just going to be eating a lot of shots if he’s not able to get that takedown and we saw that happen to Crosby in a second to last
loss against Charlie Leary over with Bellator and that was kind of a short notice type of fight thrown together
Leary’s one of those guys that was at a catch away to 160 that was kind of long in the tooth career-wise but everybody
over in Europe you know how tough Charlie Leary is that’s what the commentary Crosby probably should have
yeah if you watch it Crosby’s kind of closing the distance he gets hit by a Red Cross he’s on Beach Street for a
little bit and he’s winning that first round he was able to do a lot of really good work but Leary finds himself back
into it and as you watch the round continue Leary was able to cut up Crosby
and they end the fight after the first round they’re getting back they’re ready to fight Todd Anderson brings them the
doctor and there was a little bit of a cut and some swelling around Crosby’s right eye so it was called off it was a
TKO due to Dr stoppage but when we look at Kevin Drew said again this is a guy City kickboxing you see him with the out
of sonys of the world and so on and so forth but when you look at a guy like you said he grew up in France training
as a judoka and he made it very very far in the country Junior National bronze medalist in the discipline he was on the
French national Judo team and then when he reached 17 18 years old he moved down to Australia started training at
Absolute mixed martial arts that’s a gym that you’re gonna see Jack Farr Jenkins out of on this card and then eventually
over to New Zealand to train Otis ckb and when you watch these you set fights Matt again he’s a guy I struggle in a
couple of respects keeper Crosby gets hit by long-rangey Strikers Kevin G set striking defenses tall chin up in the
air hands out and giusette doesn’t really respond well to his opponents kind of crowding a lot of the Disney
and Landing a lot of the hooks now both these guys throw good leg kicks but you brought it up Kevin just set kind of
like a Jack Jenkins leg kicks are almost as bread and butter and if you do get into the clinch she said being a judoka
he kind of Waits and waits even his opponents they can hold him back up against the cage traditional takedowns
can take you set down but when he’s able to get some of those koshigurumus positions or those odd angle trip
takedowns jusette really is a master of those so again if you look at yourself he’s a master out there he can do though
if you look at you set’s record he has a 2019 finished loss to Jack Jenkins or not Jack Jenkins jacked Elemental Anna
we’ve seen gopher in the UFC he also has a split decision loss from a few years ago for the title over with eternal
against Caleb rydoat it’s a split decision loss I thought I was surprised that Rideout won that fight after going
back and watching it because you said does get hit quite a bit but there was a 50 45 in there 49 46 all for Rideout you
look at the last three wins over James Cromwell who was 0-1 then priscus
who was 11-1 39 years old on a three and a half year layoff and I thought okay
this is going to be an easy win really really close fight in that one and then if you watch he sets last fight I had to
buy fight TV to watch it against kit Campbell Campbell wins the first round second round is 50 50 and then she said
it’s able to get it done with the ground a pound in the third round there’s one thing she said does that I hate he throws naked leg kicks like he won’t set
them up with his hands before he’ll just throw throw throw throw and it can get quite repetitive to where okay if he
does fight an upper echelon Striker welterweight let’s say Jeff Neal somehow gets healthy at some point and ever
fights again he would be able to have a field day with someone like you said just because some of those motions are
quite repetitive so if Kiefer Crosby can start to tie some of those hooks on his entries to Land Based on some of those
naked leg kicks that maybe he could turn uh what would become a weakness into something very advantageous for him I
just think the speed is on Kevin’s you set side though so that’ll be something I’ll really watch for because I do think from the outside he’s gonna be the one
landing on Crosby as he does enter now if Crosby can get him up against the cage and continue to land from that point it’s a completely different story
but for the most part in the center of the cage I do that the movement of you said it’s gonna give Crosby some issue especially early on and you’ll see that
a lot with Crosby it wasn’t ever the biggest guy at Walter wait when he was moving down to lightweight it didn’t
work out there so we’ll see how he fills out at Walter wait in the UFC the stats that you see up there 5 11 to 6 2 74
inch reach four as you set to 70 inches for Crosby It’s Bellator numbers it’s
hex and eternal numbers we’ll see how they kind of line up in the UFC but when we have a look at the matchup Matt
Francis giusette is favored ever so slightly we have a look at the topology vote surprise us there to you you sound
a very proju set so I’m going to say over under 70 for the French fighter here uh I think he’s gonna win but I’ll
put it below 70. you’re gonna put it below set oh you sucker look at that so 807 total vote 69 juice set 79 by
decision for the 31 percent of Crosby 43 by decision 48 by knockout and if
anybody’s gonna sell this fight it’s not the fighter out of France very mild-mannered went back and watched interview you did with lesuel plus uh
and it was interesting to kind of hear some more of his background but Kiefer Crosby sells fights he sold a boxing
fight the main event twice the opening fight on this car and that’s why he’s a big sailor he’s a big seller and it’s
early in Australia you see you or she said here uh I do but I think it’s a close fight like uh both guys have very
clear paths to Victory if Crosby can get on the inside and use some of those boxing combinations then he has a great chance to win this fight I just think
he’s gonna eat some damage before he’s able to get into those positions so that’s why I haven’t you said I’m gonna go what you said ever so slightly again
jusette has poor head movement he gets hit a lot and he gets hit by Hooks and Crosby is able to really crash that
distance quickly so when I do look at this one it is a tough one but for me I’m gonna go with Francis Kevin giusette
ever so slightly let us know we have it down below in the comment section some big time debuts on this card the next
fight that game boomeran is sticking on Shane Young you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting
Apex we always say let’s get into it foreign
[Music] Madness in MMA when you’re in lose you
go home marinui it’s no longer smoking Shan young is going to be taking on a
fly Gabriel Miranda from Miranda a return back down to featherweight after three knockdown 4A against Benoit
Santini in his UFC debut Miranda a year removed from that loss back in Paris and
he switched camps that’s always a good thing right Miranda now representing Asher fight team in his native Brazil
most recently out of MMA Masters and I’ll throw some videos out there in pictures but Miranda’s still wearing
those MMA Masters trunks at his new gym it’s like having a sweater from an older people though in Miranda’s defense at
least that last loss does age question yeah it’s a giant apologist leap if you’re gonna say that because for
Gabriel Miranda is a really good fighter yeah we had a lot of things to say about Miranda
before that ufcd it was a fun re-watch on the fights for Gabriel Miranda now the first thing I’m going to show up
there is the fact that that for Gabriel Miranda if you look at his last fight and you just click on the event it was
uh what was it it was face the danger number 23. he took on a fighter that was five and five and Matt’s having a
problem what’s going on right now but I cannot stop tearing up my left eye I’m professional though so we can keep going
and for the audio podcast listeners they’ve really been thrown for a loop but if you click on Gabriel Miranda’s
last fight against one Diego scleria or squiera if you click on Face the danger
23 I’ll say it one more time it says right at the top a prompt from topology this promotion has been flagged by
topology promotion pattern of record padding and mismatches and less further Evidence emerges regarding the
legitimacy of this organization’s event any new boats to this promotion will be similarly flagged as will the topology
right tell them they face the danger isn’t on the up and up I’m just telling you that Gabriel Miranda I’m very
excited about him you look at his record he’s 16 and 5 15 of his fights by submission this guy is of course a
Brazilian jitsu black belt and if you go back and watch his fights he is super slippery on the mat it doesn’t matter
who he’s fighting it could be Joe from the grocery store it could be Benoit Anthony he really does put it all out on
the line his striking he just walks forward and throws the kitchen sink at his opponents he does a lot of body lock
trip takedowns which work more in women’s MMA than they do in men’s MMA at the highest level but you catch my drift
Gabriel Miranda is a very interesting fighter he can get held down on the mat he can struggle in certain positions he
is very very slippery though but my God has he taken on a paltry level competition on the regional scene he
certainly has I agree his grappling does look phenomenal on the regional scene but it’s really easy though grapple guys who are three and one oh and oh five and
five like those are the types of people we expect you to beat if you are eventually going to become a UFC level fighter like for Miranda he does leave
massive openings when he does try to strike so let’s say he ever fought somebody like a Jalen Turner fights in
this weight class for instance I know he’s like a ranked fighter but still Jalen Turner would have three times and put him down from like six feet away
just because that type of fighter he is so it’s really funny because Matt you said that Jalen Turner If Miranda ever
fought Jalen Turner at 155 three punches would probably equal three knockdowns but for Gabriel Miranda three shots
equal three knockdowns against button while sandini and I don’t disagree Santini is a very good fighter and
Gabriel Miranda beat some of the worst competition on the planet Earth when he was coming into the UFC again one
knockout and what is it 15 submission wins on the way those are definitely good when you look at Miranda who’s
fishing for the submissions against Anthony who wasn’t fooled now that’s a sign didn’t either took down Thiago
Moises and was looking for submissions in ground a pound but when you look at a guy like Miranda a good opportunity here
against a smaller fighter in Shane Young And if you look at young he’s looking for his first win since what 2019 he’s
three or four years and seven months removed from his wild fight against Austin Arnett we’re in the closing
seconds he lands out right hook the drop sauce in our nut like a sack of potatoes and they think the fight’s over but
that’s just the end of the fight period it was the end of the third round for youngest last three Ludwig Klein we knew
him for sidewinding head Kicks Will he finish Shane Young with one of those certainly did Young took on Omar Morales
he was on the wrong end of his decision there and Young’s last time out it was back home UFC 284 or at least close to
home it was in Australia not New Zealand but he loses that one the Builder was able to strike on the outside and work
in some of his wrestling and his control and that’s another thing with Shane Young it’s not that he always blew the doors off Strikers because that’s how
good his own striking is but for the most part he would be able to beat a lot of primary Strikers but in the last three fights I don’t want to say his
opponents have a lack of respect for him but they don’t seem to respect the power nearly as much and we have seen him moving backwards a lot more than we ever
did on his way up to the UFC or in those first few fights like when young is at his best it’s almost like a giant
Herbert fight right like he’s not gonna win all of them but they are going to be exciting if he is able to do what he wants to he’s going to move forward use
a lot of his own big Power shots but with young he has been just more welcoming to backing up in the advice
and that’s what I’m worried about it’s a little bit now Vulcan used to be looked great last week don’t get me wrong but
for young it does come down too if he’s the one leading the dance if he’s the one being confident moving forward then I do think he could go out there and
completely destroy Miranda on the feet because that’s the kind of power young does have when he has that confident kind of stands for them but if he is
just lackluster being on the back foot just taking whatever Miranda gives him then I do think Miranda for all of the
negatives there are and you’re right did he fight a high level of competition on the way up to the UFC no not at all the
worst yeah like a scout out they were putting it like a D minus probably if they were being respectful but for
Miranda the way that he was beating a lot of those guys that granted he should have been beating on the way up he does
have a great submission ability he does have a lot of variety to his submissions too and I do think that if he’s able to
get Shane Young on the ground especially if he’s able to evade some of those bigger shots he could get the win in this fight but this is the big issue I
have with the matchup Shane Young may not have been looking great as of late right he stumbled more than he’s Triumph
but I still think the worst version of Shane Young is still as good as one of the better versions of Miranda and maybe
that’s a step too far to say because Miranda does have there’s a good fighter locked away in there somewhere right like if the fight follows his idea
perfectly he can score a beautiful submission win I just think Shane Young and you’re gonna hate the term he got
that dog at him for Better or For Worse and I do think he’s gonna make Gabriel Miranda face adversity we know Shane
Young has that because he gets hit and test the majority of his fights now you don’t get to 13 and seven without kind
of withstanding a little bit of adversity two and four in the UFC is Shane Young debuted against Alexander volcanovsky in their respective debuts
lose that one by decision as a fight of the night second round knockout with his big elbow against boxing’s own Rolando D
his dad boxed his dad bad guy but when you look at it for Shane Young a bad
level competition on the regional scene that he beat but he also lost to Damien Brown and Guan Wong who came into the
UFC dropped Alex cacerra’s 1-1 fight and then rode off into the sunset a great what if and Eminem a lore just like
Manny Bermudez but he couldn’t make the weight anymore but when we look at a matchup like this man the same pick this
is going to sound counter-intuitive is a guy who’s lost three fights in a row his favor to win it that’s Shane Young we
have a look at the topology votes in this one Matt I’d love to see what the fans are thinking I’m gonna say over
under 65 for Shane Young in the fight I think Olivia over he’s gonna be over ever since the other way wow uh 945
total votes 69 Gabriel Miranda 29 by decision 59 by submission for the 31
that have young 73 by decision so Matt Gabriel Miranda last fight sandini in
tight he got hit he did and that could be what happens against Shin Young Young but I did say again
the same pick feels like young 65 takedown defense in the UFC it’s bent
it’s broken a bit but when you look at this fight Matt what’s the pick in the fight the fact that I’m about to pick a
guy who’s been yeah on a three fight losing streak this is the crazy thing and this is why ozmakers kind of know
what they’re doing if you just look at Gabriel Miranda’s record you’re like wow 16-6 he’s probably a really good fighter
there’s a guy in a three fight losing streak who’s almost a two to one favorite over him I’ve got Shane Young
in the matchup Matt you should never let odds dictate the pick I’m not I’m just saying isn’t that wild you would never
see that in other way classes where a guy is on a three fight losing streak fighting somebody who has a really shiny
record but that guy’s still the favorite just because of his experience I mean even though Gabriel Miranda’s lost Wayne
is over as I pronounced it Diego squieria a guy who’s five and five on a record a promotion that was flagged by
topology for being shady I will go Shane Young ever so slightly again I think range is going to be dictated by Young
in this one if Moran is able to kind of go out there play the Ryan Hall BJ pan and minari roll game we’ll see how it
plays out for Miranda but for me I’m gonna go with Shane Young we’re gonna get torched in the comments because the
fans over on topology at Miranda and you folks probably do as well but go back and watch some of the tape on these two
guys and be interested to get your thoughts on it none the less some big time fights on this card Matt a lot of
Anzac Fighters represented so you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
ufc.com is now going with one half of this fight by giving them one half on
his of his name on their website it’s no longer Blood Diamond to them it’s Mike Diamond and when you get down from Mike
matique the to Mike Diamond to blood diamond and then you got to go back a little bit it can’t be good blood
diamond looking for his first win in years he’s taking on the cffc welterweight champ Chuck Buffalo
Charlie radkey Matt I think this is a really fun fight because for Mr Buffalo
he used to be a lightweight he was bad at lightweight and then all of a sudden he becomes a welterweight he’s 3-0 in
that weight class he’s really gained quite a bit of stock there his last loss to Jacob Montalvo who’s pretty darn good
fighter before that you go down through the list even Radke’s losses they’re a little bit forgivable if you just go by
name value uh one back in Bellator to Chris Gonzalez who went on to do some pretty darn big things and Austin
Hubbard who was two wins away from becoming the LFA champ and then getting into the UFC so when you go back and
watch tape on both these guys Matt for blood diamond I mean he had the one fight and Glory it was a loss but a
really good kickboxing record what was he something around 52 and 14 with 17 Knockouts Diamond comes into MMA as a
man not as a 40 year old exactly as a man and diamonds able to go out there and get wins over less than Stellar
competition oh and oh a One and Two fighter an 0-05 who turned into a submission so that was
a good win for diamond on the ground and then he beat Dempsey at least one of the best names in all of MMA who was four
and one at the time and he’s now five and four but for Diamond even going back and watching the dim skilly’s fight he
gets held back a little bit Up Against the Cage withstand some adversity wins out in the Striking there’s a what 29
28s were out there in those Diamond fights but then you look at blood diamond in the UFC you have the
controller lost moment for Jeremiah Wells where he runs the opposite way into the cage and then runs himself into blood diamond you have to fight against
Orion Cosi where cozy wins the first diamond rallies in the second and in the third it’s a sloppy mess and cozy wins
on all three score cards so he gets it done but again we haven’t seen the best set of Blood Diamond he’s 35 years old
I’ve seen him Corner other Fighters that are on this card including Kevin juice set when he won his Welterweight Title
in his last matchup but for blood diamond in a fight like this you’re taking on Chuck Buffalo and Charlie
Radke’s UFC debut we can refer to him however we please I guess yes but when you look at rad key just on his
Instagram bio it is and I quote head Jiu Jitsu coach Team Evolution Naples
well that’s good he’s a black belt not disciplined coaching the jits and then if you look at Radke he’s trained at
multiple points in his career at VFS Academy in Illinois or when those guys are coming down to Florida so blah
Mohammed Matt Valley flow striking Ignacio Baja mundas and for this Camp it
seems like Radke went from Florida up to Illinois got that training in and now down to Australia so when you look at a
fight like this I’ve talked about the positives and negatives for both guys I haven’t gone through the fights for rad
Ki yet there’s a lot of red flags but it was a fun rewatch on the re-watch all
right this fight’s gonna go one of two ways it’s either gonna be terribly stale to watch or it’s gonna be fight of the
night like there is a chance where if Radke let’s say it Clips Blood Diamond with a left hook cause he’s got a filthy left hook on him and blood diamond is
able to somehow recuperate and fire back with his own shots that I think we will have a phenomenal fight ahead of us but you didn’t bring it up a little bit when
you referenced the fight against Cosi the diamond cardio concerns me especially if he’s having success at any
point because it does come down to that Goldilocks effect right I don’t think Blood Diamond has bad cardio per se
because at some points throughout the fight even in the second round he can’t fight at a very high Pace it just comes
down too can he Pace himself for those three rounds and actually make it worthwhile so that he doesn’t have like
you mentioned those big Peaks and valleys to his style because yeah you guys know I love basketball you know what’s never been said in the history of
the NBA this guy’s been bad for two seasons but at 35 he’s gonna come back and put on the performance of a lifetime
those words have never been Patrick Ewing when he got traded to the Orlando Magic even a magic fans weren’t saying
you know we’re getting 85 making Sensations like and I love Patrick Ewing shout out the former head coach of
George snow but for blood diving I have a little bit concerned that the holes are just so imprinted into his game that
we can’t really teach the old dog new tricks because at 35 years old at 170 yeah it’s not a weight class where you
often have guys in their late 30s early 40s having a lot of success especially now Fighters like blood diamond who is
such a specialist who has a lot of room to grow in the other areas of his game and if you watch the rack he fights I
said he’s three and on his last number of fights at Walter eight all four of his last fights were at Walter rate four
and oh there you look at the way and so he typically weighs in under the 170 I’ve seen him at 171 at one point but
169 and a half his last time out 168.8 he’s taking on Raheem Forest who was the
champ over cffc and early force is clipping him with the right hook Clips him with the right cross he stuns him at
multiple points Rocky’s able to kind of withstand some of the adversity and in some of the takedown attempts Rocky’s
able to get an advantageous position and by the end of it radkey is able to kind of hold his own and get the win if you
look at Rocky’s last number of fights before that he’s taking on Caleb Crump who look like Mike Pyle fighting out of
the sopas dance like the name of a kid who’d get trapped at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory it
was quite the hair and chick magnet Punk no longer with aew on the call for all these fights backstage stuff going on
allegedly a fight when you look at radkey in that fight against Crump it almost looked like a step back jab and
then crumps down and then the second strike that lay down goes it’s another it looked like a jab but there was a
little bit of a hook to it and he drops Crump again the trouble I have with Radke again the fight before the Crump
fight he’s taking on Jonathan piersma piersma was pressuring a lot of the action I know it’s a split decision win
for Radke but if you go and you look at it I had two rounds to one for Radke for sure but piersma with the takedowns
Pierson got the back at one point in the first round the fight before that Brandon Lopez is able to finish on a
three and two fighter and they’re fighting and shake them on Tavo it was all radkey in the first round he lands
an illegal knee in that one so they get back up and in the second round Charlie Radke is completely gassed and it’s
Montalvo getting him back and that was a lightweight contest against Montalvo but what I’ve seen out Iraqi again a
really good lead left hand you can throw it as a jab you can throw it as a hook he throws good right cross a good overhand right but he doesn’t throw in
combination whatsoever he throws a little bit of a leg and he’s very stiff he’s got yeah he’s got a big reset he
leads with his chin which is never good and his cardio is pretty darn suspect so
I’ve got a lot of red flags with Charlie Radke am I taking him to win the fight yeah but the other red flag in this one
for being a head Jitsu coach at a gym that’s awesome but I’ve seen him taken
down I’ve seen him held down and I’ve seen him in bad positions and his takedown offense isn’t the biggest Hallmark of his game show it’s like
excuse me Rocky tends to get into a lot of brawls Gerald shark parallel Charlie Radke Fury Pro grappling was supposed to
take on B Joe pifer Radke oh Joe mere shirt in so awesome to see that but my in this matchup Radke to be a debuting
fighter is a two and a quarter favorite we have a look at the top too though surprise to us there to you
I’m gonna say over under 85 percent radkey uh I’ll say under Chuck Buffalo
under 978 total votes 79 rag he’s 67 by submission for the 21 that have Diamond
59 by Naco Matt Charlie rag he fights a lot like Orion Cosi I’ll take him to win
this fight but a striking defense scares me Chuck Buffalo sounds like he could be an MMA fighter policeman Spaceman no he
sounds like he picked his nickname from listening to the song sick bubble gum by Rob Zombie anyone what rhymes with sick
bubble gum Chuck Buffalo that’s pretty good I’ve got Radke in the matchup it should be a fun fight though like these
guys I don’t think offer the highest ceilings in the welterweight division but this matchup itself should make foreign look for the Chuck Buffalo
Kimura Suite the guy loves it in his fights Matt a big time fight at 170.
both of us going with Chuck lavalo to get the win some big time fights in this card including Jack and Jenkins looking
to kind of pull ahead of the rest of the Australian fighters you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get
into it foreign
[Music] versus Sam Patterson at UFC Paris out is
Patterson and in on incredibly short notice announced on August 23rd by MMA junkie that Ultimate Fighter 31 rookie
the Lone Wolf no not Mike trizano it’s Lana Quinones is into this matchup for
Landon Quinones the fans probably know him I mean he debuted as a pro back in 2019 it was a draw on a Bellator MMA
series card to a fighter who went on to lose his next fight and then see you later that was it but for Quinones after
that draw a seven and one run all under the Titan FC Banner the one loss of
split decision to Muhammad naimov who went on to knock out Jamie Malarkey back in June that was a come from behind
winning that one and a performance bonus for naimov so if you look at it for kinones a wild career that he’s had
plenty of finishes on that record and if you consider his last two fights he had a layoff from 2020 to 2022 major
reconstruct attractive surgery on one of his knees but if you look at kinones the movement’s still there tricky Sidewinder
a couple of Big Time wins back in 2022 one over Ronaldo Acevedo who got really
tired in that fight and just exhausted and did him in and then yemi odawale where he was able to go out there and
have a very competitive fight Quinones ends up on The Ultimate Fighter season 31 coach Conor McGregor did what he did
at the end of the fight what did he say if you had to guess what you think he went because he wasn’t listening to
kinones did he go I know I know I know I know yeah he did that but kinones goes out there against Jason Knight AKA hip
Diaz and Canon is putting the pressure on him they’re having kind of a knock him out drag him out brawl Quinones gets
the takedown and takes himself into a triangle and he gets finished so for Quinones maybe not the greatest move but
when you look at kinones fights they’re a lot of fun and for nazarat hot cross a
channel favorite he came in on about a month’s notice replacing one of Matt’s favorite Fighters TAMU pocon to take on
marching held former Bellator season 10 lightweight winner you did way better than he should have the title Challenger
and Nazareth struggle with the takedowns but he dropped marching hell so losses to NAS or four Nazareth Hawk cross in a
10 fight UFC run six and four the losses Dan hooker Bobby green marching hell you
remember at least those including the Drew Dober fight where he did get finished but if you look at it for Hawk
Pros a wild knockdown ratio five to one he was knocking everybody down earlier
on and for Hawk Pros the craziest thing for me is wrestling defense remembers
fight against Alexander Munoz the wrestling coach from Team Alpha Male defends all those takedowns Matador and
I’m struck on the outside Hawk Prost in his last number of fights if you go back his last four
87 of 266 significant strikes that’s good for 32.7 have been to the body and
he’s up that number as a COC career has gone on so look out for the body shots from the counter-striking that is coming
from Nazareth Hawk cross and when you pair these two guys up I bet there’s going to be a feeling out process for
quite a bit of the first round seeing as not just being on short notice this fight but two tricky cell Posh Strikers
in this one as well and for Quinones John Annex going to be all over it because his head coach is Roger crawl
and I don’t know a guy that likes crawl more than John anik it’s not a yeah okay loves them I have a
really hard time with this fight because NASA and hack press is such an interesting fighter and I remember talking about this a lot before drink is
due Plessy who should be fighting on this card fought Robert Whittaker and it was hey Robert Whittaker might be 32
years old but it’s an old 32. and I picked Robert Whitaker to win that fight don’t get me wrong but I just wanted to
make sure people understood that hey he’s not really what his age is he is much older and perhaps Nazareth hack for
us he hasn’t even the kind of damage that Robert Whittaker has but he’s been around the UFC for an awful long time for a guy who is only 28 years old and
we really have seen him grow up in front of us because like you mentioned the majority of those losses like happened on pretty major fight cards and they
were pretty big fights that everybody does recognize and remember and for hack press you’re ready goes to the body more
but this is my thing with Nazareth is he ever going to really start making these major improvements to his game or is he
just gonna make these slight alterations because High Press now is still a very similar fighter he was when he initially came into the UFC he debuted at 22 and
for Hawk Pros he’s jumped around so many gyms there’s a couple of Fighters on this card they’ve jumped from gym to gym
to gym hotpross from Germany the TriStar to King’s MMA and in his corner for this
one he’s gonna have Felipe de la monicos the head coach at Gracie Baja HQ he was
in the corner of Cub Swanson didn’t really need him when he took on Hakeem dawadu he’s been in the corner of naming
Gracie a lot of those guys in Southern California but hot cross I think he’s just been kind of it’s just pulls in a
lot of directions this is my thing with nazrat but he wins fights what’s it normally come down to his phenomenal
hand speed like that is the thing that does make him very unique in this division but that’s something he has like that’s just he was born with that
he has great hand speed that’s not something he has picked up as his UFC has continued yes he used it in slightly
different ways people have the body shots it’s not like he’s going to the body like a prime Mike Tyson stopping guys that way like he’s just throwing
more of his volume to that one area but he’s always been a pretty high volume fighter to think about Nazareth though is he’ll have those periods where hey
it’s great flurries to the outside moving in but he’s not a great pocket fighter he can get overwhelmed in that
position but the thing about Nazareth is if he could just fight like he did against Marcia Casey more often he would
be right back to where he wanted to be like that was one of those performances where for everything you want to say about Nazareth if he could just look
like even 70 of the fighter he was on that very night that’s a really skilled fighter he closed the distance
effectively he landed massive power shots in his own right he was able to avoid some really tricky shots from
Marcia Casey in that matchup I know I haven’t talked about kyones much it’s just for hack press the the I don’t know
the limitations of his game but also his phenomenal strikes in other parts of his game have always made him a difficult
guy to predict nothing and a fight of the night for Hawk proston monk to New Brunswick Canada against Tebow
he also had a performance of the night bonus right around that time was back to back against Joachim Silva who co-main
an event in a UFC card this summer he blew the doors off him early enough he did so when you look at it for hot cross
the hands feed the soap on nature he’ll throw an occasional head kick but he’s pretty well a boxer for Lanny Quinones
kicks to all three levels you go back you watch these fights I was very very impressed because I thought okay a guy
that was on the ultimate fighter that loses his kind of first fight in the quarterfinals to Jason Knight well
that’s not good but then you go back and you watch the performance as a kid on his side and he’s going to be a guy like Kiefer Crosby kind of a tweener in some
of these weight classes first six fights for kinones kind of like truck buffalo buffalo 155 to 170. kinones first six
have featherweight if you find him on Instagram the end of his handle is 145 but his last four fights have been at
155 pounds and he seems to fill out the weight class pretty well both of these guys similar size Wise height wise
reach-wise so eager to see these two in the cage see what we get out of kinones if we see some of those takedowns like
we saw against Azevedo and odawale but yeah all three kicks or kicks to all
three levels and kinones has a really good leg kick and he tends to shore up and he doesn’t have a big wind-up reset
to it so when you look at the odds in the matchup favorite we have a look at the topology
votes Matt Hawk process a fan favorite not just on Fight Night picks but on topology surely I’m gonna say over under
80 percent going with Hawk price I think it’ll be over and it is over so 889 total votes 88
Hawk process 77 by decision for the 12 percent that have the Lone Wolf
51 by Naco Matt landed kinones following in the footsteps of yeah the only other
lone wolf that was in the UFC it was Mike trizano he went four and three can canones do better we’ll see who do you
have in the matchup I have Nazareth and a lot of it does come down to the short notice nature for Landon like you
wouldn’t know or you mentioned it August 31st is when this man was notified of the fight 23rd 23rd sorry thank you that
wasn’t that long ago and for Nazareth hack press he was getting ready for a very tricky fighter in Sam Patterson only a week ago so I don’t really think
he would have had that long pause throughout Camp to where he would kind of lose focus and I understand new opponent you are gonna have to train new
skills but for Nazareth I know I mentioned he hasn’t made massive improvements throughout his career but he was still a pretty good fighter when
he first came in and I still think he’s a decent fighter now it always has been the thing though every time you have a new Prospect kind of fighting somebody
in the top 15 years to go nazareth’s name is kind of in that category but he always feels like he’s one or two
fighters away so he’s gonna have to go out there and look impressive in this matchup this is a tough fight and I know Hawk crossed the four to one favorite in
the fight but when you look at kinones the strengths that he possesses he can strike on the outside with his kicks when he’s in tight he can land elbows
and uppercuts and he has good takedowns and for Hawk for us he was able to capitalize when John mcdessie in his
last fight gotten close he saw it in the second round mcdessi flies with his head out and his arm out for spinning back
fists and hot press over the top with a looping overhand left drops mcdessie but for the most part hawk process is able
to kind of figure things out weren’t the boxing so for me I will go with Hawk Prost it does feel like the save pick in
this one but if you guys have kinones you make sure you let us know I’d love to see these two guys square off on
Friday before the fights question mark kicks on Saturday final opportunity for the picks and predictions we get some
big time fights in this card if you’re going to keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
exciting lightweight Strikers go at it in Sydney we have Australia’s own Jamie
Muller key did he get knocked out in June you bet you’re he did he’s gonna be taking on Canada’s John mcdessie a guy
who debuted on UFC 124 in 2010 that was a GSP card brother and when you look at
it for John mcdessie since 2017 he’s fought one time a year so it’s like the
Great Pumpkin Matt it’s Fall pumpkin spice is back I’ve got it in my cup of happy mug and uh John mcdess he’s gonna
fight for his first time this year mcdesses last time out lost on all three judges scorecards all three rounds
against Nazareth Hawk Prost and if you look at it for mcdessie it’s been more wins and losses in the UFC since our
2010 debut to the tune of an 11-8 run the scary part for mcgessie is he had a
fight of the night way back when against Ross Pearson he’s gonna have to stare that man in the eyes this week because Pearson’s Jamie Malarkey’s head coach
but when you look at it for mcdessie you remember for that highlight you’re remembering for the low light of a
spinning wheel kick knockout against Lando vanata you remember him for his win when he’s coming off major knee
surgery against Ignacio Baja Mundus where he poured it on I know that’s a split decision win for mcgessi but if
you go back and watch that fight he crashes the distance and lands against the taller bigger rangier Striker when
you consider a fight like this Matt the question is why can’t make deci do that again smaller keep I don’t have a great
answer for mcdessie he’s kind of like an ostrad hot cross and the fact that he’s trying to tries there and then he
trained at what rufusport and then he trained at the MMA lab and then he trained a small gym in Southern Arizona
and now he trains a fight ready mcdesses bounced around a little bit in his training throughout the years but when
you look at a ferment deci generally good volume crashes some of the distance and makes it an ugly fight for Jamie
Malarkey when it becomes an ugly fight Matt some fight fans don’t like it when we say it but guess what
he gets put on skates and you saw that as last time out against Muhammad Naima
we threw the flags up there nobody believed this he got knocked out although his wrestling is striking was
winning that fight right up until again and also with Maliki I don’t think it’s as clear-cut as oh if you close the distance hit him he’s gonna just you
know go down he does have one of those weird chins where if he’s able to ease himself into the fight and not get cracked early he can have decent
durability like but what you just said he was having good durability until the second round
against Naima of short right hook and tight and he drops like a sack of potatoes but he sad fights where that
also doesn’t happen that’s my whole point with monarchy it just comes down to how hard you’re able to hit him there are some fighters who it’s just odd how
their durability works and Malarkey is one of them I don’t think he has a phenomenal chin I don’t think he has a bad chin I just think it comes down too
how many big shots is he going to eat before that big one ultimately knocks him out and perfect Desi he is a weird
fighter because he will also fight in some bursts he’s a lot closer to his opponent than a Nazareth hack pressed is who will be very long distance and then
close the distance with his feet whereas mcdessie does hold his shoulders very high he does have good striking defense
that’s a stat we always bring up every single mcdessie video but when he does decide to strike he will leave himself
open to be countered on some occasions and when he is in one of those kind of yellow Romero molds because I guess that
is how he fights a little bit when he is in his defensive mode he’s got the high hands he moves his feet quite well but when he is dedicated to his own offense
he can get clipped and Malik is a weird fighter too because again does he have great punch power no I think great to
step too far but he does have awkward power but if he’s able to land especially if you’re closing the distance on him he can hurt you with a
big shot the knockdown ratio for molar K in the UFC it’s two four to three against and if you look at it debuts
against Browder Dell it was a fight of the night monarchy worked in his wrestling in the last 51 seconds he gets
put on skates and then he continues on he had that fight against farazium where he’s working a lot of the wrestling and
I think that could be an X Factor for monarchy in this matchup he saw more than three takedowns against naimov
Prado Riddell and then the five takedowns against farazium and that was a big thing when he’s taking on a
shorter striker in Francisco Prado back earlier on this year in Australia you
look up Miller key goes over to the states in front of tens of fans in the Apex against naimov monarchy’s a minus
four what was it 435 favorite Naima five nine 70 inch reach kind of similar to
John mcessee in ways and if you look at it Maliki utilizing the wrestling good striking and then when he goes to close
the distance drop his hands and go in for a double leg he left his head out no defense right hand from naimov and he
drops and it’s over so if you look at it for Jamie Malarkey some awesome wins in the UFC we think of the common worthy
fight we think of the Devonte Smith fight but the losses they’re definitely a little bit chintzy mcdessie long in
the tooth originally out of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada they’ll build him out of Laval Quebec he’s like April Wine yeah I
mean from Nova Scotia they got transferred to Quebec but just between you and me he’s 11-8 in the UFC so Matt
we have a look at this one uh molar key get knocked out about three months to the day I don’t like that and he’s about
a two to one if John mcdesie walks out to Roller by April wide I will put every dollar I have and will ever make on them
that’s how excited I would be you’ll be like Jake Hager I got a phoner uh we have a look at the
topology votes Matt surprised us there to you I’m gonna say over under 80 percent monarchy
I can’t believe I think topology voters said over 80 but oh my goodness 990
total votes 91 Malarkey 78 by decision for the nine percent that I make to see 58 by decision and maybe the bull again
he walks out he sees Ross Pearson he goes not today boys I’m getting a win in
the land down under but for me I’ll go with Jamie Malarkey to strike on the outside he has struggled when people
have kind of closed the distance between him and Jesse you just have to go back to his second to last fight against Baja
Mundus to see where he could do that but I do have monarchy here I’ve also got a champion baller key again I think it’d
be awesome if John mcjersey walked out to April Wine it’d be really cool but I do think mid Disney or sorry Malarkey
could have more success in those medium range exchanges because mcdessi is much more of a puncher than he is a kicker he
will throw kicks don’t get me wrong but a lot of his success will be once he’s able to get into that distance and start using his unboxing combinations I just
think Malik is gonna be able to at least meet his volume if not exceeded we even saw the older fellow Michael Johnson
Rock and drop Jamie Muller key maybe John mcdeskey’s able to do that but both of us Canadians going with
a commonwealth member that’s a stretch and Jamie Muller key to get the win let us know Down Below in the comments
section who you have some big time fights including Jack Jenkins taking on chippy mariscal in our next matchup
you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it [Music]
foreign match up featherweight down in Australia
we have fire Jack Jenkins taking on chepe marascal this is a big time fight
down at featherweight a possible fight in the night between a guy who’s kicked multiple men’s legs apart that’s
aggressive and Jack Jenkins and for machine gun chipe marascal this is a guy that came in on 10 days notice replacing
Victor Martinez to take on your favorite Hammer fisted standing man Trevor Peak
and Matt chippy marskall look pretty darn good in that fight gets unanimous decision that fight doesn’t win fight in
the night somehow ilyatopodia beating the brakes off Josh Emmett that was a fight of the night but chepe Mara skull
looked very very good and we were definitely impressed by that a good Fighter coming out of uh Jim in
elevation in Colorado in America mariscal Who has fought some of your favorite Fighters beating some same
level of competition lost to some of them the thing for mariscal is he’s gonna give a tough fight to a guy
fighting in a bar to a a top 15 Contender he fights the same way every single time I felt terrible for her but
I was watching that Joe Anderson breed two fight and I’m gonna make a couple of examples but his fight against Jose marshkall who the nickname in that fight
was uh chepe in that fight you look at the referee and he stood absolutely no
chance but if your name is Curtis Thunder you’d think hey Curtis you’re gonna stand a chance so what happens
bre2 goes out there and before the fight even starts they go into the middle and they’re jawing as the ring announcer is
announcing uh Joe Anderson Brito he’s standing in there trash talking English
is not his first language and he’s absolutely going out of that life so Mr Thunder does his thing splits them up
they start to fight Joe Anderson rushes in there and when I watch him fight it’s either is this guy gonna glove tap or is
he gonna be like a dick on UFC 4 and are we going Spinning Wheel kick and Craig gets knocked out well it could be either
or but in that one they’re drawing they’re drawing Joe Anderson kicks him in the cup his opponent goes to grab his
cup Mr thunder goes all right stop and Joe Anderson goes bang bang and knocks
him and Wobbles him and then the fight starts back up Joe Anderson goes in there throws bombs goes body kick right
hook left hook knocks him dead so again I am very hyped up on Joe Anderson breed
too that’s just it’s a tough performance you don’t wait for miracle here’s the one thing I will say about him and let’s
just get full respect to both these guys I’m really excited for this fight I think this could be a fight the night by the time it’s over I don’t think the
winner of this is getting into the top 15 though if I’m being completely honest because for mariscal he has a great right hand he can throw it from any
position really he throws in hooks he throws it straight you know what the problem is though he doesn’t set it up all that well and he will overextend
with that one big Power Shot quite a bit and that’s something I do worry about when he fights guys and we’ve seen mariscal in the career of Juan Carlos
Hernandez who looked great last weekend kind of weave and intertwined because for mariscal 2014 immaf gold medalist at
the world championships in the lightweight you also had Carlos Hernandez winning a belt there you also
had one shorty Taurus and Amanda he boss all of those successful names at the
2014 imma of World Championships but for mariscal becoming a pro you go down through it and again as I said he’s
taken on a very very high level competition maybe he hasn’t beaten everybody but he loses to Gregor
Gillespie he loses to Bryce Mitchell he fought Carl Deaton is now in the UFC he beat Pat sabatini he beat Yusuf salal
but then he has losses to britu Garcia and Sean Soriano if you go back and
watch these fights from Marisol it’s the last time out Main Events LFA 153 that was his third LFA Main Event in that one
Mrs wait at featherweight that’s why you see 150 pounds there but in that one his
opponent beats him up in the first round and then he rallies in the second round and ends up getting the win if you watch
him fighting Jordan Beltran over with Kombat he gets the win there beltran’s record a little bit suspect he beats
Luke falter sock over the cage Warriors a cage Warriors won 3 33 they’ve had some California cards that was one of
those American cards and in that one falter sack lands some good shots but you end up having mariscal getting the
win if you watch mariscal’s Fight Against Sean Soriano and the fight against falter sack and the fight against Jo Anderson breed two I think if
you consider for mariscal he’s got a magnet in his cup for nothing it should be terrible because in the fight against Sean Soriano he gets kicked in the twice
in the first round Soriano loses a point but the biggest problem I have is a red flag in that cffc fight against Soriano
what does Soriano excel at the wrestling what Sean Soriano not good at wrestling
he’s a good Striker so mariscal had some success in the Striking Soriano took over in the grappling and by the end of
it round two round three mariscal was really shooting for some takedowns that were defended by Soriano who ended up
getting on top he lose the Steve Garcia again in an LFA Main Event mariscal has been a springboard for a lot of Fighters
that you know but again he’s picked up some really good wins in the past training out of elevation with tatsuru Taira in this one as well as just
engaging some other big Fighters so again mariscal looks amazing and for Jack Jenkins his last time out
it’s a win over Jamal emmers in one of the worst decisions in 2023 he wasn’t
that bad it was a close fight it wasn’t that close to the fight Amber’s first round emmers third round and that’s all
she wrote but Matt Jack Jenkins gets it done 30-27 for Amherst Troy winkapaw had
said 29-28 Jenkins by D’Amato and Lee MMA decisions 11 had scored at all 11
scored it for Emirates but when you look at a guy in Jack Jenkins it’s going to be a tough fight against a guy like Jamal Amish right because they’re both
good at the same things both good at leg kicks both good at boxing both good at wrestling defensively and offensively so
it was a chess match in that fight it was ultimately a bit of stalemate but when you do consider it for Jenkins he’s
able to go out there out wrestle Don sheinus the matchup before against uh Freddie Emiliano Linares he takes him
down he’s able to finish them and if you look at Jenkins on the regional Scene It is the boxing with the leg kicks to
break other guys legs to get wins so in a fight like this it’s definitely gonna come to down to the wrestling the
whirling dervish that is chepe mariscal and kind of the more technical but sometimes reserved version of Jack Jane
because I’m gonna throw a picture up there on screen he’s doing a UFC press event with tied to evossa and Alexander volcanovski they’re dressed like regular
guys Jack Jenkins wears a suit he’s just reserved Matt what do you
think about this fight I think it’s an awesome fight I think it’s an awesome fight too but this is what worries me about Maris skull especially based off
his last fight Trevor Peaks somebody who if you beat him you’re gonna look amazing and if you lose to me you’re
gonna look really bad so that’s why I have a hard time placing my expectations for Chevy mariskal in this matchup because if we do just get the best
versions of him from that matchup then we will get the volume takedown so we’ll get the crazy cardio he was able to demonstrate but
I think there’s other guys in the lightweight division you could probably do that to Trevor Peak now there’s other fighters who would get hit by 17
standing Hammer fists and just go down like a sack of potatoes but mariskell I think I’m glad you’re picking up on the
sack of potatoes keep it going but mariscal I do think looked like 20 better than he probably will the
majority of the time in that matchup just because of the way that Peak is going to fight with those looping shots and I do think the fact that his shots
are quite looping made it a lot easier for mariskel to evade those that Implement his own takedowns for us with
Jenkins a lot of that offense is coming from that close distance be it with the light kicks or the boxing combinations and when he is able to implement those
two things equally it’s gonna make it that much more difficult for mariscal to at least accept his entries and decide
when he is gonna go for some of those takedowns now I don’t think Jack Jenkins is going to wrestle mariscal I do think
we are going to get a very 50 50 match with the wrestling yes listen both guys are probably going to complete takedowns
by the end of it but I don’t think either guy is going to have the you know 11 for 17 type numbers that we will see
in some matchups more Rob DeVos Philly but I do think for mariscal again I just I want to get really excited based on
that last performance against Trevor Pete but the more I think about it I do think there’s a lot of other Fighters you’re probably replicating Jenkins
fights in a bit of a tie boxing way when he does throw his kicks because he holds his hands really high gives up the body
and he saw it against emmers 19 of 59 significant strikes were leg kicks and again he’s broken legs multiple times in
the past but when you when I look at this fight the one that I go back to for chepe marascal and I touched on it in
the original analysis it was the fight against Sean Soriano Soriano had success in the leg kicks and the offensive
wrestling Sean siriano is not a wrestler so when I look at mariscal there’s other fights like again he beat past sabatin
he’s high he’s fought such a good level competition and if you’re new to the channel I picked chappie mariscal to beat Trevor Peak and a lot of people tee
heed and snickered around that one now I know mariscal was a slight favorite in the fight he’s an underdog in this one
Chuck Jenkins is the favorite but this is there’s a couple of keys here mariscal is like a dog on a bone he
never gives up and I know these are kind of superlatives that I’m throwing around there but he trains that elevation I
know he’s going halfway across the world to take this fight against the hometown fighter he’s out of Victoria so he’s
making the trip as well but not nearly as long as that for mariscal but when I look at a fight like this we’ll see if
that really high guard the leg kicks if mariskal is able to switch his stances like we’ve seen and work in tight to the
body so again as I mentioned Jenkins has a pretty big favorite we have a look at the topology votes too the fans are
thinking on this one I think they gained and appreciation of America’s debut I’m
gonna say over under 67.5 for Jack Jenkins I’ll say over let’s say over oh
it’s way over 11 or sorry 1011 total votes 86 percent Jenkins 80 by decision
for the 14 that americaul 63 by decision and again chepe mariscal if he bites
down and gets mad it could be the Joe Anderson breed two fight or it could be the fight that he had his last time out so I think it’s a good one I’m gonna go
with a little bit more of the technique at a Jack Jenkins in the pick the safer one as it would be but what do you you
thinking here Jack Jake is is just a lot tighter with a striking especially defensively you bring it up the hands
are quite high for the majority of his exchanges and he does do a good job of digging to the body too with his boxing every now and then and I do think those
are the types of techniques that are at least going to keep mariscal on the back foot and not let him lead the dance like he was able to do for large periods in
that pig fight so I think this could be a really fun one their styles do match up quite well but I do favor Jack Jenkins in the matchup both of us going
with a man whose nickname is based off of a horse and fire jackets you think Craig’s Secretariat Allen would that be
fun New Brunswick Zone Ron Torino Legend and they have a statue of him on the name
your hand falls grass so some big time fights on this card Matt the next one black Jag taking on daowoon Jung You’re
Not Gonna Wanna Miss it keep it locked in with fight name picks we always say let’s get into it [Music]
time Banger at late heavyweight we got a couple of them on this card Black J Carlos alberg the former King of the
Ring Champs gonna be taking on Sadia well it’s just a Seda it’s delunjong and when we look at a fight
like this Matt I’m not gonna make a toner of musical references for this one but if you look at darwoon Jung and all
of his performances in the UFC a very shiny record he’s lost his lost two fights he’s not favored to win this one
it’s like Katy Perry’s Old hit guy’s hot and he’s cold and I never know what version of Da wunjong we’re gonna get
you look at the last two wins that he has over one Kennedy and zechuku close
the distance hand fighting Lanzo standing elbows he gets the win there one over William Knight he’s able to
beat him in every single faucet of the game and I know Knight went out on a bad streak and he lost outside of the UFC
since but when you looked at that performance from Don Jung you thought wow he’s able to overpower William Knight and do all of these great things
that’s awesome Jung’s performance before that that split draw against Sam Alvey where
Jung just you didn’t look great as it went on so for me with down Zhang the
Striking on the outside his boxing’s his best weapon his offensive wrestling is pretty good and when you’re taking on a
guy like Carlos alberg who is one of those kickboxers to the nth degree to a
certain range here at light heavyweight it could be tough especially if you look at Jung’s last two losses Dustin Jacoby
finishing them relatively early and then Devin Clark Jacoby we know the glory lineage Carlos salberg he’s won four
straight since he lost two Canadian zachiku so if we’re playing that tin foil hot MMA math well Jung wins because
he beat in zechuku and Carlos salberg lost but if you look at olberg’s recent string of performances beat ihor put
Syria beat Nikolai NE gu Mariano beat tafon chukwe and beat Fabio Sharon even
though auberg was looking like he was going to lose or was losing against Stefan he’s able to get the win there
it’s just for alberg we’ve seen him grow against the level of competition and for Doon Jung we’ve seen the opposite lately
so here’s the thing you’re telling me a guy on a two fight losing streak is
gonna go fight another guy the UFC wants to be a star and what’s basically his hometown I understand he’s from New
Zealand but it’s very very close to where he’s from and he’s gonna get a big pop from him he’s like wow it’s like
when I had him if you get fought Mike Milan in Vancouver who’s closer if you get who got boobs my point is if this
was boxing Carlos sulfur could be like a minus 7 000 favorite because if it goes to a decision he wouldn’t lose I speak
for Albert this has all of the recipes for hey Albert’s gonna win some crazy stoppage Victory now with me saying
those words it basically just guaranteed Donald Jung the greatest win of his career but I do think Jung is gonna have
a really hard time from that outside where we normally see him have a lot of success that’s the thing if you’re a striker on the outside that’s great I’m
really happy for you you know what type of Fighters you don’t want to fight if you’re a striker on the outside guys like Carlos Albert who use that distance
very well moved their feet very well and if they aren’t under the threat of either a massive puncher or someone it
could go for a high volume of takedowns which for Junk it’s been a weird mixed bag right in some fights he will have great offensive wrestling but we also
have seen him just not really use it at all and kind of be happy to stand on the feet and trade with his opponent so until I see John be very committed to
the takedown in this matchup it is difficult to see him a be able to set up those takedowns from range with his own
strikes and if he’s not able to get the respect of alberg and just finds himself shooting in from a further distance than he wants to well that’s just gonna help
the camera strikes the ballpark that much more and Jung he’s got to build it back up for Korean MMA obviously we saw
the zombie zombie zombie my eyes tears flowing but yeah crane zombie losing
here the other week to Max Holloway for John coming into the UFC standing Guillotine against how to see ibrahimov
he beat slow Mike Rodriguez these are building blocks he was a big guy over his heat he beat Hulk you know Hideki
sakine that guy a lot of fun fights not a young man a lot of crazy fights but if you look at it for Jung he hadn’t lost
from 2015 until most recently and that was a loss to heavyweight Roki Martinez
so it had been a while for da wunjang a really long win streak and if he’s able to get the grappling going the wrestling
going that we’ve seen in maybe the William Knight fight or the grappling to jiu jitsu against katas ibrahimov a guy
who was a boxer coming in then maybe Jung’s able to get the win I don’t like the line on Carlos salberg I know what
you said you know he is a fan favorite I guess like do you get your girlfriend to
watch a Carlos of course not yeah exactly good answer so when you do look at it for alberg he attracts eyebrows my
girlfriend’s on the same Planet as you please don’t be on TV Carlos alberg Matt uh 1093 total
topology votes 95 alberg 86 percent by knockout for the five percent of young
supporters 38 by decision 30 the 36 percent by knockout again if Jung’s able
to go out there and wear on Carla salberg we saw what happened against uh Kennedy and zachiko first round Albert
looks like a Dynamo second round he’s got no cardio and he gets finished by inzku Jung could wear on them Tire the
arm so go with their inflatable go even off fight just wear on them snap down City like you’re Tony Ferguson and make
it a boring fight and Jung could win if he’s able to slow down that timepiece I do like alberg on the outside with the kicks we’ll see how this one goes but
I’m going with blackjack I rarely say this I think Albert’s gonna win by stoppage I I just think he’s that
much faster than Donald Jung especially when Jung wins you’re gonna look like that’s fine I own up to it every time I
do look like a turkey but and I rarely make predictions like this Craig you also said Kennedy or sorry uh China was
gonna stop Michael little Zach so listen we all have predictions I’ve had a 135
odd predictions this year that have been wrong if you’re gonna pick out a few of them wait oh like you just tried to do
with me wait the mental gymnastics that are being played to my right I’ve got Carlos salberg and I do think he’s gonna
stop dying Joe a big time fight in this one both of us going with City kickboxings Carlos auberg do you get the
win Matt we moved on to the main card and it sucks we get some fights and
you’re gonna enjoy them we’re gonna break them down keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
they want you to pay your good money to watch this fight in the UFC 293 main
card ma we have Tyson Pedro taking on the pleasure man Anton tercali and in
this fight matzakali wins on Dana White’s Contender series 2021 in week one but he wasn’t B Joe pifer he had a
boring fight against Ocasio De Santos took him down on 11-14 attempts and it wasn’t all that fun to watch and this is
a turkali that was a Swedish wrestling champ he trains out of All-Stars with I
mean it’s back no time Vulcan who’s the mirror hamzat shamayev and the like to call his UFC debut on short notice at a
catch weight takes on gelatan Almeida gets submitted he had a fight of the night against Vitor Petrino as last time
out 30-26 and 230-27s some back and forth in the grappling Petrino was able
to get the win but for turkey we definitely haven’t seen the best of them he’s lost these two UFC fights looking
to get back to his winning ways and tricoli’s last win that was outside of the kind of zufa or Endeavor Banner he
goes out there against Constantine soldadov with brave throws the head kick that misses and then spins out of the
head kick and throws it back and knock so sold out of you knew turkey for big throws big wrestling actions and he is a
fun fighter when he can get his grounded panel going because unlike some of these other Fighters that are on this card on
the prelims that struggle with like their hit position and their overall top pressure kind of like Felipe de Santos
is higher up on this card after this fight turkali’s got really good top position he’s really heavy there and he
can land a lot of ground and pound it for Tyson Pedro he knew him for his Jiu Jitsu you knew him for his karate coming
into the UFC and from 2018 to 2022 he had that long layoff the knee injuries and so on he gets wins over Ike
Villanueva and Harry hun sucker wanted heavy weight one at light heavyweight his last time out he was a pretty darn
big favorite taking on Modesta spukauskas and in that one 30 20 that was a close fight actually
229-28s for bukowskis in the win and for Tyson Pedro it almost seems like he he
kind of slowed down a little bit as that fight went on against because yeah I’m not a big disc I should have won that guy should have won but that was a
really close fight I know you you bring up there was a 30 27 in there but like those guys were real Tit for Tat with
their striking Pedro did score a couple takedowns of his own in that matchup so it’s a much closer fight than how Craig
may have just described it as all I want to say this has been my problem with Tyson Pedro his whole career though he’s just kind of fought people at the same
level like when is the Tyson Pedro push really going to happen where we can get convinced okay are you kidding no he
fought Shogun that one time and that was really about an OSP that’s when they were trying to push Tyson page they were
but the problem was okay he got to that level had one injury and for the most part he’s just kind of fought guys who
are well outside of the top 15 and because they were trying to build him back I understand but he had multiple
wins there and bukowskis that’s a good opponent don’t get me wrong to people like us but a former middleweight moved
up to 205 and you having a close fight with him isn’t the performance that people want to see I just think for Tyson Pedro like when is it going to
happen where you are going to become that Contender who’s a former middleweight uh bukowskis no a story
Always a Lady my bad but my point with Pedro is he should have beaten guys like bukows because if we were going to be
convinced that he was that top tier Prospect I know he had that crazy fight with Khalil ramtry coming off The Ultimate Fighter he gets dropped by
Khalil in the first round of that fight and he’s able to get the rear naked choke win himself it’s just for Pedro he
has skills in every area of MMA be it on the feet on the mat or with his wrestling but he also has deficiencies
in all those areas too that we have seen taken advantage of and that’s why I’ve always had a hard time with Pedro is he a great Striker on the outside yeah he
is but we’ve also seen him get tagged by other good Strikers on the outside does he have good offensive wrestling of
course he does but guys like a little latifi were able to take him down multiple times in their matchup and he really didn’t have an answer for it and
even with his submissions we haven’t seen him just get convincingly overgraveled for the most part but he’s not so good at submissions to where it’s
oh it’s a one hit one kill when he’s able to get it on the mat I stick with Pedro there’s a lot of pieces to like don’t get me wrong but behind every
single one of those pieces that you do enjoy there is a weakness there as well well the two oh opening UFC wins for
Tyson Pedro Roundtree and Paul Craig both being first round wins those age really well in a vacuum you look at the
fight against cyberbank Safra was able to work the takedowns and then you have the submission win for Pedro you look at
the fight against OSP in the next fight he drops OSP and then he gets caught in that arm lock so again they build him
back up getting the wins over Villanueva and hun sucker and he was supposed to take on Zhang mignon who was a fighter
that fought on a one-time road to UFC card and then that fight fell out but if you look at it yeah the loss to bukowskis
for turkey a lot of the takedowns and even in his fights against her kelletics over with brave a 41 year
old Greek fighter he runs across the cage lands a flying knee gets a takedown I watched Anton tercali fight with rxf
in his opening Pro fight runs in fly knee works the takedown so that was a
big thing for turkey on the regional scene we’ll see what he’s able to do in this fight Pedro is a slight favorite
fighting close to home in Australia minus 130 favorite Oda City kickboxing if you look at it for the topology vote
in the Hat I’m gonna say over under 72 and a half percent Tyson Pedro I think it’ll be
under that and it oh it’s slightly under 1022 total votes 69 Pedro uh 59 by Naco
for the 31 that have turkey 60 by decision Matt I think Anton tercoli wins
one of the more boring fights you’re gonna find on this card and I’ve got the pleasure man to pick up his first UFC win I have tasted the pager to win but
if you can’t tell from the way that I’ve talked about this fight I’ve sold all my Tyson Pedro stock and I’m a guy who
still has invested in Dante Exum back in the league by the way with the Dallas Mavericks so I have pager to win the
fight because I think after college does get repetitive with a lot of those takedown attempts Pedro does have the other skills in his game to start
countering it with shots on the outside and at least maybe try to go for some submissions to make it uncomfortable so
he’s not so uh repetitive with those strikes but turkali has a great chance to win if he is able to rinse and repeat
with those takedowns then I don’t know if Pedro’s gonna have the defensive wrestling get back to his feet that consistently both of us are split on the
pick I’m going with the fact that I think Pedro’s gonna lose to another Swedish fighter and not going with The
Fighter fighting at home some out with Pedro me with sir collie some big time votes on this card including a rematch
and a fight that ended by an eye poke we have Austin Lane taking on Justin taffa
keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it [Music]
foreign if they fought before yep 29 seconds in
Austin lean Lane Lance two body kicks and a punch and then he rakes the eye of
Justin topha toffa can’t continue it was a very long layoff listen damn Wrigley audit did all he could do the doctor
that looked just like Bob Odenkirk said no he can’t continue he said he can’t see so ultimately not we get a rematch
of this fight and gosh darn it we talked a lot about it in the original time so let’s talk about Justin taffa and Austin
Lane do you like Tim Sylvia do you like Keith’s Herring do you like big nog if you consider this matchup mine this is
the most 2008 heavyweight fight that you’re gonna get in 2023 coming up this weekend with Batman Justin tawfa taking
on former NFL player and it’s real he’s a real NFL player Austin Lee and a man
who was drafted in the fifth round by the Jacksonville Jaguars and he had a cup of coffee with the Detroit Lions at
the end of his career but last weekend Zak ponga they said he played for the Houston Texans didn’t play it’s not for
them Austin really started games in the NFL and if you consider it I mean players to come out of Murray State
Quincy Williams also drafted by the Jaguars not a lot of Big Time Fighters or at least NFL players out of Murray
State John moranco there but a guy yeah a guy in Austin Lane that ran a four
five eight forty so while Frost Lane parlay that into an MMA career a lot of
really finishes fought Greg Hardy on Contender series loss picked up some more wins after losing his foot off
Contender series and then you had Lane coming in getting that big win his last time out and ultimately making his way
into the UFC beat Richard Jacoby we did a big video ahead of that on a contender series show so let’s throw it on over to
a clip from that and the comment was out there of how good Austin Lane looked on the scales this guy’s 6-6 at heavyweight
he has an 80 inch reach and Richard Jacoby six four seventy five entries I don’t know man I think you’re saying is
wrong but I’m not sold on Austin Lane either no honestly I vividly remember for being super for hyped up before he
fought Greg Hardy they were like hey this is the top ranked Southern uh United States heavyweight that’s what
they were calling of going into that show it was like one of those baseball stats where they’re like this guy hasn’t given up a run in the fourth of May in
six years but for Austin Lane he was really hyped up on his first entry into Contender series because he’s that big
intimidating looking heavyweight when he could fight on his terms under his rhythm he is really good but the problem
is guys get on the inside of his reach very easily and he’s not a durable guy once they do he’s not someone who can
then okay make the fight really ugly fight his way to the outside Circle off and then get his distance back if you
make it ugly there’s a very good chance that one of your shots can reach his chin at a certain point and if it does up until this point in his career he
hasn’t really shown the best susceptibility to get hit by shots like I remember the Frank Tate fight right
after the Greg Hardy fight too they were like wow Austin Lane he’s getting back on the train and what happened in that
matchup he also gets stopped so for Lane I think the skills are there but there’s also a lot of those pitfalls too that
the classic heavyweight can fall into when they believe in their own power a little too much and this fight’s really weird like again if if you didn’t know
Austin Lee was on uh season two of Dana White’s Contender series 2018 gets finished by Greg Harding 57 seconds and
I see it in the comments Matt from uh CT 710 saying Lane is so long but he does this thing where he leans in and throws
Combos and he’s gonna get caught and Dan Goldstein says Lane was catching butterflies after Hardy hit him instead of defending the next shot one shot will
Boop him not as the favorite and CT also finishing up saying if he was fighting a wrestler be free contract for his
opponent the the weird thing about this one yeah I think Austin Lane very good Striker when it’s on his own terms and
he hasn’t fought the best level competition either like you consider it his last two wins are really big he
finishes Juan Adams in the fury FC title fight in the fourth round you like to see that durability he beats Eric
Lunsford his last time out to defend the belt that was back in February his other losses he said Frank Tate won a great
Hardy one to Vernon Lewis who’s been good with LFA who’s been good with Bellator as well so Jacoby being an
accredited Striker out of Brazil low volume high power gets the takedown against Austin Lane that gets reversed
and then it’s Lane Landing the ground and pound now this is an awkward fight because taffa Junior tough was supposed
to welcome Austin into the OC at UFC 284 Lane is out due to a bicep injury I
won’t show it but you can go to his Instagram and see the muscle popping out if you look at it for Lane now he gets this opportunity against Justin tawfa
not Junior taffa and Matt this is where I’m gonna lead it off to you I will admit when I’m wrong and I will admit
when I’m wrong often out of Justin topha fights in the US people have watched their videos I’m too informed picking
Justin taffa fights year three and three we’ve been bad at picking Justin top off because he just fights in one of those
50 50 kind of styles you know what guys when you rely on the power like a guy like Justin taffa it’s gonna leave a lot
of holes in your game because you just rely on that one massive outlier Chris Davis is who I bring up all the time now
Chris Davis might have been on Adderall when he hit a lot of home runs but Davis was a guy who relied a lot on his power
and then when everything else started to fade away and he just had the power there wasn’t really enough left for him to maintain his spot at kind of the
major league level the two Chris’s Chris Davis and Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis Baltimore Oriole Chris Davis not Crush
Davis or or Crush Davis if you want but Chris Carter as well that played for Houston but this leads the league in
homers and a few years later he’s over well like Kyle schwarber is probably going to be playing for like a regular
like house leak here any day now because counts forever is a negative War player but hits a ton of home runs my point is
with Justin taffa he is one of these outliers who relies on his outlier strength which is good you want a guy to
do what gets him to the dance but when Tava does rush forward recklessly we saw that in his fight against Jurgen to
Castro right to the Castro closed his eyes and threw a right hand and it was still enough to knock out taffa what I
will say about Austin Lane though is I I know they bring it up a lot in the Greg Hardy fight but no matter what your thoughts of a great card he was he was a
really good athlete right like you don’t make it to the NFL without being a really good athlete Austin Lane at six foot six I do think has plus athleticism
he’s a big guy who uses his speed and uses his strengths quite well and he moves well for being such a big frame at
the heavyweight division he kicks wall and he closes distance really well but the thing that I do worry about with Lane is he’s a guy who stays for the
receipt to quote Teddy Alice when he throws a lot of his boxing combinations that’s how Craig Hardy was able to catch him but he throws a lot of those bigger
straight shots there is a detriment to having you know massive arms and being a really long ranging Striker when you
miss on some of those reindeer strikes you can get caught by counter shots now I don’t know if Taff is gonna have the
head movement to really be able to duck out of some of those initial shots and make him pay for them but this is one of those fights where I think it’s pretty
easy to lay out a game plan for how both guys could win I disagree with you on tafa in two respects because again I’m
too informed picking his fight so it’s not good but the breakdown of atopha fight yeah he overreached in that fight
that he had at Marvel Stadium his UC debut against the Oregon Castro the other two losses a really close decision
to Carlos Felipe and a close decision to Jared van deren Justin Toff was one of those guys you see it on screen 266 this
last time out he came in at 267 against Harry hun suck at hunsucker and he ended up getting the knockout win you look at
a guy like Justin tawfa and the thing that he does really well is undervalued an MMA now Dan Tom got me onto this and
all of a sudden it was like a switch in my brain Justin taffa in all six of his UFC fights 64 of his 180 significant
strikes landed are body shots and in the two losses that he has that aren’t The Knockout loss against Jurgen Castro 32
shots and 28 shots to the body against Felipe and vanity because they just put their heads together and threw boxing
combinations 32 of 74 strikes and 28 of 77. Justin tafa lands a heavy
preponderance of body shots and against the guy like Austin Lane who’s going to be head hunting we’ll see how that plays
out because if you’re ducking if you’re making any sud movements go to the body Lane can catch you on the way in with
those kicks with those really long hooks that he has now who has a speed Advantage I have a tough time saying it
in this one’s on the Range really if Lane can stay on the outside he’s just gonna be able to one who can pepper tap a little bit easier but on the inside I
didn’t Kappa even though he loot he throws those big looping shots they’re gonna be enough to land it’ll be interesting to see what we get
nonetheless and the big thing when I look at a guy like Austin Lane you watch a guy that throws so much Fury so much
power at you but he’s not like one of the up upper echelon guys at heavyweight he’s like one of them but he’s not like
a Francis and gone or Derek Lewis somebody that’s gonna plant their feet and throw that big Power Shot Lane’s
gonna throw it but he may be off balance on his front foot he might be off balance on his back foot and if he misses you’re at a position you get
countered you get knocked out if you land you look like jarzino Rosen strike and then you make your way all the way up to the top five so Austin Lane it
could be a very interesting uh career path he makes his debut at 35 so a little long in the tooth but it is still
heavyweight and if you look at it for Justin taffa an accredited Striker nonetheless and he is the younger man in
the matchup we’ll see how the weigh-ins make out for both guys because one guy’s missed the heavyweight limit so in the
original fight Austin Lane plus 160 Justin tafa minus 190 29 seconds of
action the body kicks they were aplenty from Austin Lane and as the commentary note it Lane needs to be able to keep
the distance laying the kicks toffee needs to be able to close the distance taffa gained 50 points he’s more of a
favorite now than he ever was which is wild but when you do consider or fight like this we both had Lane in the
original video who do you have now uh this is an oddly close fight I don’t know why either guys like Justified
their fact to be a favorite in the UFC because yes top is the more known commodity at the UFC level but Austin
Lane and they’re gonna bring it up a lot of the broadcasts you guys are gonna roll your eyes when I say it now guys a good athlete I know he’s 35 years old
but for a heavyweight he does move very well on the feet and he does land good straight shots I can’t believe I’m
switching my pick based on what 29 second fight like you said but I do think Lane does is going to have a
difficult time in that Medium to close range in this matchup and if taffex sells anywhere is once he’s able to get
like forehead to forehead chest to chest he can land really effective strikes from that position so I’m gonna go with Justin taffa ever so slightly but it’s
unregged heavyweight MMA guys anybody can win if they land one show 1065 total
topology votes 83 watafa 89 by Naco for the 17 that I’ve leaned 70 by knockout I
still have Austin I like the kicks on the outside that he was able to throw early but he landed three strikes the
non and then an illegal eye poke so we’ll see how the mind games play out a fight like that happened one time in a
UFC Main Event they rematched them on a main card it was Jeremy Stevens against the IRA Rodriguez and Yaya Rodriguez was
able to get the win in that one he was the eye poker in the first match Matt were split on the pick in this one a big
time fight in the next one we have the 10th ranked flyweight Manila cop taking on incredibly short notice UFC debutant
Felipe de Santos AKA lipae detona you’re not going to want to
miss it keep locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
[Music] originally to be number five versus
number 10 uh flyweight out is Kai Kara France due to some concussion symptoms
so in on incredibly short notice it was announced on August 21st that leapy
detona Felipe de Santos had a shoot the Box Diego Lima down in Brazil would be
taking this fight so now we’re in a funny funny Zone we’re in the Stephen
air Sig Zone and if you don’t know what that is Australia’s Stephen Harrison on about a week’s notice took a fight
against then number 10 David Dvorak who Manuel cop was able to beat in his last
win but if you looked at that fight airsegg we knew we had all the tools and all of a sudden boom you get that win
over Dvorak you’re in the ranking so Felipe de Santos looking to jump the queue he was originally supposed to be
on Dana White’s Contender series week three from this past summer against a tricky fighter in Luciano pajera who had
a bad weight cut so the Santos is out he’s on the sidelines and now he gets this fight now that fight was supposed
to be a couple of weeks ago so you go from cutting weight in Brazil you go to Vegas you get ready to weigh in now you
got to go from Vegas all the way over to Australia and try and cut weight again in two weeks but for Felipe de Santos
what I’ve seen of his fights this guy is a wild wild Striker when you watch Felipe de Santos fight he flicks those
front kicks out there from the Orthodox stance but with both feet he throws really long punches and there’s a lot of
pop on those he likes to offensively wrestle but when you look at a guy like Felipe dos Santos should the Box the
other Limas all the rage right now Charles Olivera Ian Machado Gary Alana
cemento Daniel Willy cat there’s so many fighters that dye their hair Platinum lawn and they go out there and they end
up fighting into the UFC and when I watched Los Santos I I kind of look at them more like a Matthias men dance to
the trains out of that gym even though recently they dyed their hair blue on top but a lot of pop at the end of their
shots a lot of Reckless abandon not a lot of good defense when it comes to other Strikers especially when they’re
fighting smaller Strikers that throw hooks that’s what it’s coming up but a lot of range and a lot of Pop desantos
fights like a 22 year old would fight in your head you know like he does throw the kitchen sink at you doesn’t really
worry about what’s coming back his way defensively did this guy just drink Polar Ice the night before I was gonna
say more like four Locos like dos Santos gets after it and again he does fight a little bit like a cowboy Oliveira to her
at that long range he will throw punches from both angles he does do a good job with both stances but he is a little bit
awkward with it and if Manila cop is able to judge that distance effectively on the outside and this is before he
even implements some of his own takedown attempts because I do think we will see some out of cop just to disrupt that Rhythm out of Dos Santos especially on
the outside when he’s using his own kicks but if cop is able to duck Perry a couple of those shots and meet him
halfway with a couple of his own overhands of right hands at all I do think it’s going to be able to hurt no Santos a lot more than what his shots
are gonna do to Manel cop but this is a tricky fight for medal cop because it’s a fight he should win and it’s the fight
people expect him to win and that’s always a difficult position to be in because for cop he had those two weird losses earlier on his UFC career to good
Fighters don’t get me wrong but they were fights that okay they kind of justify you’re at this level right now
you have to maintain your spot in this Division and 125 isn’t what it used to be right there was a time where 125 if
you lost they said goodbye to you no matter what ranking you were in the division but now it is a fairly deep division where you can see multiple
people challenging for the title one day except for cop it’s really important for him to not only get a win but try to
prove his spot in the division because there’s no rightful number one Contender right now at 125 pounds so cop let’s be
honest he’s probably gonna have to win one more fight after this if he does want to get into that title picture but he’s gonna look impressive in his fight
to then justify that number one Contender if he got a win over Kai Kara France that would have been that one
again you go from ten to five and then you’re into the picture of cop asthma reference he was the rise and banaway
champ over in Japan he had that win over Kya Sakura in their second fight kappa’s
guy a lot of wins he faced some early struggles over there and then he was able to withstand it get himself into
the UFC how that little bit of an athletic commission you saw to complication there not that long ago but
it’s lost when he was all over it against David dvorshak and that was where Dvorak started to kind of lose a
little bit of his luster wins over gulab and Odie Osborne before that so if you look at it for cop obviously the
weigh-ins are always a little bit of a question mark we see not so far in the UFC for
leapy Daytona I now go by the name of Daytona Jackie determo yeah kind of like
Jackie Daytona from what we do in the shadows but when you look at a guy like Daytona and is striking against some of
the smaller guys this last couple of wins a lot of volume poor striking defense good takedown offense poor
takedown defense good Jiu Jitsu but if you watch some of his fights like the thing that I noticed at a Dos Santos is
for as much pop as he has for being a taller bigger guy at 125 he doesn’t have
that tall man lean back with his head back and he if he is leaning at all it’s
always in pursuit of extra offense the spinning back fist a couple of fights ago he went spinning back elbow into a
spinning back first from the other hand he’s very very creative and you would think watching to Santos fights he burns
his tank in the first round I don’t know how he keeps it going in the second and the third before Locust but that’s what
we’ve seen in his last two fights and where he’s had a step up in competition against uh Rafael monturo split decision
win there and over Hugo paiva where he’s faced better guys they’ve gone to the decision but all the fights before that
are by finish so I don’t necessarily see a finish in the cards for a guy like the Santos maybe somehow he’s able to pull a
rabbit out of his hat a few weeks away from his 23rd birthday and win a decision against manalco but where I
referenced it I mean his last couple of fights a fight of the night wild one against paiva and again
you look at De Santos small guys in the pocket can hit him to
the body he does have a high guard and he he brings his elbows down well but where he gets hit he gets hit by hooks
to the body and he gets hurt quite a bit he gets hit by Hooks around his guard and that’s exactly the middle caught
game plan plus Kaka some of the fastest hands in this division so for me ma the
odds Yes Man all cop is heavily favored against a short notice debuting Fighters 22 years old in the air sex Zone we have
a look at the topology vote surprise to us there do you want me to say over under 95 percent copy uh under under
955 total votes 94 cop 26 by decision 65
by knockout for the six percent that have lipi De Santos or yeah Daytona
37 by decision 24 by submission I’ve been wearing glasses all day but when I
look at this fight Matt yeah I mean I’ll cop I mean Felipe de Santos it was a really fun rewatch this guy is absolute
Hell on Wheels but defensively he’s a liability to your team it’s like having
Dion Waiters out there so for me Matt I like Starboy but even in 2023 after a
few years on the Shelf teams want Dion hopefully he doesn’t eat those candies before he gets on a plane but who do you
have here I think dos Santos could have a decent future in the UFC if they at least build him up right because at 22
years old he does have a good base that you can improve on but he can’t just be matched up with other guys like Manel
cop immediately after this fight so I do think Manel has a great opportunity to win this fight I definitely think he’s gonna win it but I don’t think those
Santos could be one of those one and done UFC guys but we just kind of forget about after this matchup I think it’ll be a stock gaining loss but I do have
cop winning dos Santos might not win but let’s see if they give him Jimmy flick next both
of us going with Starboy and all cop to get the win got some big time fights Cole made a main event and they are on
the way you’re going to want to keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
[Music] at a combined 38 knockout wins between
them top 10 ranked heavyweights pair off in the co-main event if you see 293 coming up this weekend Australia’s own
Bam Bam tied to evosso looking to reverse fortunes off his last two losses
he’s gonna be taking on Drago Alexander volkov a man who got to the top of the
mountain with other promotions M1 Bellator but not so in the UFC and if you look at it for volca he went on a
crazy stretch a few years ago wins in a fight of the night against Stefan struve and then he goes out there against
Fabrizio ver doom and he gets bread buttered and he’s working in takedowns who is this volkov we never see him but
for volkov he was able to have a lot of success and since then it’s been a little bit of 50 50. he’s moving up in
the division to take on tied to ivassa who’s most recently lost to sittlegon in the OC Paris Main Event a year ago and
then Sergey pavlovich were inside of a minute he get dropped twice but that’s the number one contender so Circa hits
hard when you look at this fight Matt before that Tui Vasa was really moving you changed up camps he was training in
Dubai for his fights and he was looking amazing breaking the distance finishing Augusto Sakai finishing Derrick Lewis
making easy work of these guys so now he’s got a tough fight against the ever durable Alexander volkov who his last
time out that was the UFC free fight that they threw out there on YouTube he dispatched my guy Alexander Romano made
it look pretty darn easy too so when you look at a fight like this volkov training in the states for this fight
yeah with honey marks a guy who’s always been the bridesmaid never the bride but
when you look at a fight like this Matt I mean for volkov tall rangy he can cardio kickbox for five rounds let alone
for three and when you look at a guy like Tui Bossa devastating with his strikes especially if he’s able to crash
that distance oh without a doubt and that’s where I do think Tai is going to have a lot of success in this matchup when volkov does get backed up he is not
nearly the fighter I guess but he’s moving forward I would argue about Alexander volkov has one of the biggest differences in retreating and or with
his offense between retreating and leading the dance because when he’s moving forward oh my God there’s a lot you have to worry about the guy’s six
foot seven throws head kicks has good knees has great volume could throw from both stances which is quite unique for a
guy at his size and physique but the one big volkov was not blessed with when he was given all these other physical
attributes the guy’s not that fast he does kill you with his volume more than anything and it really is his pace and
his pressure to go along with that volume I remember being far too specific and getting way too cocky when he fought
Alistair over even I was like he’s gonna knock him out with the left hook oh my God he did it like that thing about woke
up when he did gain that mass after the Curtis blades fight and I’ll be curious to see what he weighs in at because the last few fights will sort of fluctuate
up and down not to the crazy like 20 pound difference not 266 like two evos exactly but for volkov it always has
been okay if he’s gonna fight at 265 he is more of that March down type of fighter to where he wants to use his
physicality a lot more but I think this fight comes down to How likely volkov is using those out the middle attacks he
does have good uppercuts when he’s able to get that like kind of dirty boxing half clinch he throws phenomenal uppercuts but that’s the position Tai
also has great offense from he throws good elbows over the top his hands are quite a bit faster than volkovs in that
position and that’s why I have a hard time with this fight I know Volcom he should be a favorite you know just based
on his body of work but I just think the one area he’s going to have a lot of success in is also going to open the
door for tied to evasive land his own power shots and I know Ty’s coming off a devastating loss don’t get me wrong but
volca doesn’t fight like Sergey pavlish if he goes in there with his hands up just marching forward throwing crazy
power shots then I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m wrong I think for volkov it’s going to come down too can you land the knees up the middle
when they’re at the long range to avoid some of the leg kicks of Thai to ivassa and can he make Taipei with the uppercut
When Ty does close the distance that’s it when you look at a guy like volkov whether he’s just got the one hand behind or the plum clinch he can mix
things up but those uppercuts are devastating the knees are a big deal the the different things that volkov’s able
to do at specific ranges at length he’s able to throw some of those leg kicks out there paw the jab landed as a jab
with the left hand or is the left hook he can really pop with his right as well and when you look at a guy like tuivasa
whether it’s his kicks I’d say they’re probably one of the underutilized portions of his game but they are pretty
good but he has absolute hammers in his hands and for two ibasa when was the last time we saw him back in uh
Australia I think it was off his loss when he took on Sergey Spivak UFC 143 at Marvel Stadium Whitaker versus out of
Sonya Spivak was all the rage up until last week days ago gone so so for Tui
Vaso we’ll see if he’s able to go out there against a longer reindeer guy in volkov Crash the distance and make it his own fight as he was able to do in
that run up uh you know with that win streak that he had now volkov is the favorite here in the blue Corner moving
up in the division so to speak as far as the rankings are concerned when we have a look at the fan vote over on topology
surprised us it is to you I’m gonna say over under even though he’s a HomeTown guy topology is worldwide like it’s
Pitbull Mr worldwide five I’m gonna say over under 70 volkov I think it’ll be
over I think it’s gonna be oh it’s under 1140 total votes 68 volkov 72 percent by
knockout for the 32 percent that have two evasa 89 by Naco Matt who do you
have in the matcha Tim I’m sorry buddy I know you watched these I have tied to avasta to win this
fight again Alexander volkov when he is at his best because he’s as most devastating it’s getting in close and I
know that sounds weird because he is such a long-ranging fighter but it can get outworked from those ranges we saw that in the serial God fighting I know
tuivasa doesn’t have the footwork of a Cyril gone but he’s got great light kicks on the outside we saw that in the JDS fight I know we lost that fight but
that was the first big step up in competition for tied to evasa I just think it comes down to the hand speed of
Tai and I think that’s what is the difference between these two guys so I expect it not to go exactly like the
Augusto Sakai fight did because Augusta wasn’t throwing nearly as much back at Tai as Alexander volkov will but if he
gets volkov up against the cage and puts that posture upright I do think those big Power shots are gonna be able to land tied to ivassa get into the UFC
often win over a guy who’s fighting for Glory in 2023 in James McSweeney won
that fight that was in Australia fought on that card that I talked about at the start of this video the last time the
UFC was in Sydney UFC Fight Night version tomb versus tibora he beat
Rashad Colter and that was a bonus winning fight then he beats Federal Oscar in Perth but the last two times
the tuivasa fought in Australia all the way in Adelaide he loses JDs and to Sergey Spivak back in Melbourne so Matt
we’ll see if he’s able to uh return to his winning ways in his native Australia for me I’m going with Alexander volkov
in this fight switching things up camp in the states for this one again I think he’s got the eye on the prize and he’s
going to be able to get the win my I can’t wait for the walkouts for both these guys because one guy is going to get booed into the ground and the other
guy’s gonna get some of the loudest cheers you’ve heard since every French fighter in Paris last week why do they
have Apex cards anymore budget that’s why Matt both of us split on the pick you’re going with Bam Bam Thai to ivassa
I’m going with Drago Alexander volkov back piece to win not the last time we had a fighter representing that country
for volkov with a back piece it was bogged it was Bogdan guskov getting absolutely sent back to that region some
big time fights in this card including the main event for the title Sean Strickland challenging won Israel out of
Sony you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with Fight Night picks we always say let’s get into it
Main Event UFC 293 it’s Israel out of Sonya taking on Sean Strickland for that
middleweight belt as always one half of your host to do a Craig Allen Twitter and Instagram Craig Allen FNP with me to
my left your right respective socials Matt Allen FNP and in this main event
it’s not drink a stew plus he was announced about a month ago By Dana White the Sean Strickland would be
taking this fight and listen that announcement sandwiched between his win in the main event against unlikely
Challenger Abu smagametov outside of the rankings and then this match up against out of Sonya Prada Sonia ten straight
Main Event the last time a fighter had 10 straight Main Events Matt it was the Korean zombie taking on Max Holloway not
that long ago tkz off into the sunset so when we have a
look at this fight Matt I mean for out of Sonya second run as the middleweight champ his last time out in April he
dispatched his rival Alex Pereira send him up to late heavyweight did he and my
when we look at this fight I mean for out of Sonya on the outside with his kicks and his kickboxing we know how good it can be and for Sean Strickland
we know how crazy the pressure can be yeah and he has great cardio and he can last all five rounds he saw that in a
fight against Jared Cannon here where was a really tight Affair more of the power shots at a Canon ear to the volume
of the Strickland but even after that on incredibly short notice Strickland accepts the challenge up at 205 pounds
taking on Master name of wears on him with the pressure he’s able to win that fight and again against magamedov
withstands the early storm in the first round to finish him in the second round and make him look like a chump so when
you look at this fight I know people are gonna have it either way a lot of people want to see Strickland win because they
just don’t like Israel a lot of signing they want some of that new blood like Shawn O’Malley winning the title when you look at a fight like this kind of an
unlikely Challenger you’re getting a look yeah plus 440 title Challenger they
don’t come around that often guys I can give two breakdowns out this fight I can give one that is quite reductive to Sean
Strickland and his ability to win this fight but I want to give that one first it’s a little bit more fun if Sean Strickland fights somebody who doesn’t
have exceptional punching power really good footwork or great cardio he looks like a world beater like let’s give Miss
flowers with those respects if he is able to just March forward it doesn’t really respect what’s coming back his way he’s gonna put on a clinic with his
own output with his own boxing combinations but if you wear a guy like a chair of Kate and ear and that fight was a close fight don’t get me wrong
it’s not like can’t never ran him over or anything then Sean Strickland isn’t as dedicated to that volume game and SEO
struck Kane in here but it’s not that same in your face type of striking that we normally see from a Sean Strickland and if you do have exceptional footwork
you can evade some of those strikes of Strickland because he does tend to come in on a straight line and really do it he does a good job of cornering his
opponent after the behind those two black lines but in the center of the cage she can get caught just waiting every now and then like we saw against
Alex Pereira that was the dumbest game plan I’ve ever seen in my life I’m not gonna take him down yeah what if I burst
straight forward with my chin up against potentially the most like terrifying strike we’ve ever seen in the UFC but
I’ll just chalk that one up too it wasn’t his night but for Strickland if he doesn’t I just said those three
elements are really big and very important in the Sean Strickland fight let’s just look at israelitasani really quick does he hit hard yeah he hits
really hard especially the Paolo Costa fight with just kicks he knocked out Alex prayer with one
punch and then hit him a few more times and did a crazy celebration but out of Sonya he hits quite hard we can all
agree on that he has good footwork I think that’s fair to say some of the best I’d argue we’ve ever seen in the
weight Division and does he have good cardio yeah he doesn’t really fall off a cliff at any point throughout his fights he is someone who will kick not only in
the first round but in the fourth and the fifth round two and I think that’s something that people are starting to catch on to a lot more it’s hey kickson
MMA are kind of like three-point shooting in uh the NBA it’s gonna get you a lot of wins don’t get me wrong but
it’s a lot harder to make those threes when you’re tired the fourth and third quarter same thing with kicks you do see Fighters forever and kick heavy start to
fall off and plateaued near the end of fights because it takes so much energy throwing those types of techniques but for out of Sonya he does a great job
with his own elusiveness on the back foot he can land counter shots for power especially and from different angles as
well and I don’t think this is a case of oh if Strickland can just get to the third round he can start to overcome
Israel out of Sonya so since he doesn’t have any of those three building blocks in place for him I do do you think it’s a difficult fight for Strickland to go
out there and make a game plan for because is he a better Grappler than addisonia probably you know if you’re
really counting every part of their games but out of Sonya’s really good defensive Grappler especially at this stage of his career it’s the one thing
that everyone’s tried to exploit for the longest time in his career yes John blahovich was able to take him down up
20 pounds but Sean Strickland used to fight at 170. Young blow but you have to cut off Mathis legs to make 170 pounds
Sean Strickland’s last title fight was this time 10 years ago with king of the
cage Strickland was the middleweight champion king of the cage and then he came into the UFC he spent 14 of five
since that point 170 a little bit of a problem diminishing returns the yellow Zeus zaleski De Santos fight is one that
people go back to the spinning wheel kick knockout but when you look at Strickland at uh 185 pounds look at the
last two losses Alex Pereira Jared Cannon near the split decision in the main event imovov and then of course
last time out against Abu samagamet on Matt that was Canada Day the family they were over we were watching the fireworks
and I was watching Sean Strickland absolutely decimate magamedov and we knew how
big of a striker Mega met off could be without a soggy doodle again when he fell off in the second round that was it
he was huffing and puffing for air as we were going between the rounds so if you look at Strickland a plus cardio we know
that he’s got really good durability he can continue to March forward and the majority of these fights we’ve seen a
little bit of an uptick in the volume and the aggressiveness since that horrible motorcycle accident that he had
where he lost a piece of his kneecap and hardly anybody’s targeted his legs with leg kicks Strickland does a pretty good
job of at least trying to check a lot of the leg kicks and that could dissuade a lot of people from making that a Target
but if you look at it for Strickland I mean when he’s fighting guys that maybe weren’t the best in the division but we
all remember the Jack marshman fight where he’s trying to egg him into it the Brennan Allen fight where he’s finishing him in the second round and even the
Uriah Hall fight was pretty sad it’s been an impressive performance for Sean Strickland as he’s gone along and again
he fought such names as Crusher Court McGee or didn’t taleb and Monkton New Brunswick Canada China
nobody will ever forget her Manson yes so when it does come down to this matchup Matt out of Sonya good with
striking on the outside the only thing that I’m gonna look for throughout this fight week is if people start to talk
about how to sign you moving up to 205. that’s conversation I’m picking Sean Strickland to win this fight because it
happened with uzman it happened with Sterling during the fight week before a title fight and they both lost so I
don’t want to hear that out of City kickboxing or at a signing who just turned 34 ahead of this contest but Matt
we have a look at this one out of Sonya’s pretty darn big favor we throw it out to you guys in the YouTube Community time you guys do an awesome
job at throwing out the comments and the votes for these 769 votes as of the last
couple hours 76 percent going without a Sonia some of the comments fight I’ve I think Izzy might go back to his snooze
Fest ways Sean won’t be able to find Izzy with how slowly plods around and as he might try to just drift on the
outside and play Matador five rounds side but I think likely Izzy by Boring 50 45 uh Bill Shakespeare you gotta be a
next level is he hater to pick Strickland here and Jackie or Jack Lawson saying the only downside
Strickland winning is that we won’t get to see dreikas humiliate out of Sonya so Matt when you are making a pick on this
one again it’s tough when you have a fighter who’s so big of a favorite and out of Sonya there’s definitely talking points for Strickland with the drawing
I’m sure the the press conference and everything’s going to be interesting in the build up to this one but for me I
have Israel a lot of Sonia I don’t think that’s going to be a surprise to many people do you know Jalen Brown is going to play in a big three game it’s pretty
exciting right I think is there a lot of sun is going to beat Sean Strickland and I’ll just let that Shayla brown big
three references I picked ultramine Sterling to beat Sean O’Malley so Main Events aren’t always
right title fights aren’t always right but I also did say the exact way Sean O’Malley would win that fight if he did
and it would be algerman overextending on a shot and getting hit by a counter so I do think we bring up some red flags
for the challengers even if we don’t pick them and just for strictly not bring it up the three ways he wins the majority of his fights out of sudden he
does counter all three of those uh big assets that Sean Strickland does have and I think Strickland’s gonna be around in the top 10 for a long time because
his skill set is one of those hey it’s kind of like a fraud check right like if you don’t have great cardio if you’re a
bit of a pretender and not really a contender Sean Strickland’s gonna be the guy to get to the root of a lot of your weaknesses in your MMA game but I just
don’t think his plotting forward style is going to work against that asani in this matchup hope it is a fun fight hopefully it’s not like what a few of
our commenters have said just one of those Addison you’re playing on the back foot laning a few pitter patter counter shots because if he does do that he can
definitely get the win but it’s not really going to set up any of the future opponents like the trick is duplicity fight that I know a lot of people are
excited for it will be a big time matchup in this Main Event both of us going with the last style Benner to get
the win Matt that’s Sean Strickland walk out like the saints come marching in or whatever it is it’s just one of the
worst and all of MMA but we’re looking forward to it again a lot of debuting fighters on this card there’s five of
them total there’s three second times out there’s a rematch that ended in a no contest dude on I poke between Justin
taffa and Austin Lane it’s one of the weaker pay-per-view cards you’re gonna see this year but again moving it
forward the next fight night card you’ll see Noche they’re building that one up big time there’s a title fight in the
main event the rematch between Grosso and chefchenko if anything changes throughout this fight week because it
did last week with UFC Paris you guys make sure you subscribe and you toss a like on the video so you know that we go
live and when these videos are both the drop question mark kicks should be at a relatively normal time here on Saturday
it’s always two hours before the prelims unless something changes we’re pretty early about getting those ones out so
you can always find us X and Instagram at Craig Allen FNP at madol and FNP here
for fight week keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it