UFC Noche Event Recap Grasso vs Shevchenko 2 Full Card Reaction & Breakdown

In this article, we will be recapping the UFC Noche event, specifically focusing on the fight between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. We will provide a detailed breakdown of the fight and discuss the judges’ decision. Let’s dive in!

Grasso vs Shevchenko 2: A Closer Look

The fight between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko was highly anticipated, as it was a rematch of their previous encounter. The first fight showed that Shevchenko was the better fighter, but Grasso had her moments. Going into this rematch, many were curious to see if Grasso could turn the tables and secure a victory.

Round 1: Shevchenko’s Dominance

In the first round, Shevchenko showcased her superior skills and outstruck Grasso. She landed some powerful body kicks that seemed to have an impact on Grasso. Towards the end of the round, Shevchenko secured a takedown, further solidifying her dominance in the round. It was clear that Shevchenko won round one convincingly.

Round 2: Grasso’s Moment

Round two saw a shift in momentum as Grasso landed a devastating combination that dropped Shevchenko. Shevchenko stumbled back and Grasso capitalized on the opportunity, landing uppercuts and knees in the clinch. Although Shevchenko recovered and secured a takedown, Grasso attempted an arm-in guillotine. Shevchenko escaped and maintained top control for the rest of the round. While it was a competitive round, Grasso’s momentary success gave her the edge.

Round 3: Shevchenko’s Domination

Shevchenko dominated round three, outstriking Grasso and securing a takedown. She latched onto a tight guillotine choke, which Grasso miraculously survived. Shevchenko maintained control and attempted a rear-naked choke, but the round ended before she could secure the submission. Shevchenko clearly won round three.

Round 4: Grasso’s Late Surge

In round four, Shevchenko continued to outstrike Grasso, but Grasso managed to cut her open with a visible injury. Towards the end of the round, Grasso secured a takedown and landed some significant strikes. While it was a competitive round, Grasso’s late surge gave her the round.

Round 5: Shevchenko’s Mistake

Round five was a pivotal round, with Shevchenko initially dominating the striking exchanges. However, she made a critical mistake by attempting a head and arm throw, which resulted in Grasso ending up on her back. Grasso capitalized on the opportunity and landed ground and pound strikes. Despite Shevchenko outstriking Grasso for the majority of the round, Grasso’s late surge and dominant position gave her the round.

Judges’ Decision and Controversy

The judges’ decision for the fight between Grasso and Shevchenko was a split decision in favor of Grasso. Two judges had the fight scored 3-1 in favor of Shevchenko going into the fifth round, while one judge had it 3-2 in favor of Grasso overall. This decision sparked controversy and raised questions about the scoring criteria.

It is important to note that one judge gave a 10-8 round to Grasso in round five, which many believe was an unjustified scorecard. This decision has led to accusations of a rigged scorecard and has further fueled the debate surrounding judging in MMA.


The rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko was a closely contested fight, with both fighters having their moments of dominance. While Shevchenko showcased her superior skills and controlled the majority of the fight, Grasso’s late surges and dominant positions in rounds two, four, and five ultimately swayed the judges’ decision in her favor.

The controversy surrounding the judges’ decision highlights the need for a more consistent and transparent scoring system in MMA. It is crucial for the sport to address these issues to ensure fair and accurate judging in future fights.

UFC Fight Night Noche Grasso versus Chef shenko 2 just took place and I’m gonna go through the entire card starting with
the early prelims ending with the main event giving my reaction and breakdown to every single fight on the card and my
overall event recap as well let’s start straight away with the early prelim opener of Josephine Knutson versus
marnick man so Josephine nutson can fight and manik man
can’t fight whatsoever to save her life I said this in the build up Josephine
Knutson knows like she looks like she knows what she’s doing and manic man looks absolutely awful at fighting she
had 15 minutes in a fight here and landed eight significant strikes on Josephine nutson Josephine Knudson just
beat her on the feet took her down dominated her in the grappling and just beat her up in top position with
significant strikes there was a 30-24 scorecard getting given out I don’t know if I completely agree with that but
I agree with any of the 10-8s there compared to what they gave out in the main event so is what it is Josephine nuts and wins
this was a pretty easy fight to predict she can actually fight we can move on up the card Charlie Campbell versus Alex
Reyes I said Charlie Campbell would find himself the TKO and Alex Reyes got tko’d
by Charlie Campbell very very nasty fight both guys will go in a bit tit-for-tat early on but Charlie
Campbell started to get his timing in his boxing and as soon as he got the timing down with his boxing he just
started Landing Hefty shots on Alex Reyes combo in one one two down the pipe
catching Alex Reyes at the end of it good leg kicks as well he was chopping the legs of Alex Reyes in this fight a
few times as the fight went on Reyes was doing the same with the leg kicks but you could just see that Charlie Campbell was in full control and eventually
started pressure him forward and it was just too much for Alex Reyes he started teeing off on him against the cage at
one point but Alex Reyes managed to survive and then Reyes to take a bunch of more massive shots and I was like oh
my God this guy’s chin is crazy and then boom Campbell goes in for the Finish lands a combination and uh puts away
Alex Reyes really really badly so really good job from Charlie Campbell finishing Alex Reyes Up Against the Cage good on
the mic afterwards a little bit of WWE stuff I feel like there’s going to be a lot more of that since the merger and DC obviously loves it because he’s a
man-child um but Charlie Campbell I actually think at one point he could have finished this about two
minutes into the first round but I think that loss to Chris Duncan where he had him out and finished and then Duncan
caught him with the counter shot and put him away I think that loss changed him a bit I think he could have finished this long before he did when he initially
rocked Alex Reyes but you saw him just go you know what let me take my time I’ll find a safe finish and that’s what
he did so it shows that he’s learning from his mistakes we move on up the card Tracy Cortez versus Jasmine
jasudavicious Tracy Cortez fair play to her she looked really good
she did look really good at fighting so honestly fair play to her she did really well and her share boxing was really
good and Jasmine to sudovicious just all of a sudden can’t fire it’s like a weird
women’s MMA thing where against this opponent you’re like oh my God they’re
good and then they fight this next opponent and it’s like what let’s protect our chin a bit here but
Tracy Cortez looked good in many ways her skill wise skills look good though
it actually she actually did look good um she has a massive head and I think that was a major contributor to her
Victory um a giant head absolutely enormous head
um so she just absorbed everything Jasmine just sudaficious through her earlier and then she was just catching Jasmine just do the vicious with like
little pop shot left hooks as she came in and right overhand and stuff and just clipping her on the chin with really
decent boxing for women’s MMA like it was actually decent boxing for women’s MMA and um they haven’t had a moment
where they started pointing into the ground and scrapping out in the third round Cortez did start to get a bit overwhelmed towards the end of the fight
but Jasmine just sudovicious just didn’t look like she knew what she was doing whatsoever so Tracy Cortez had the way
better boxing skill and that was the story of the fight we move on up the card Edgars vs Daniel asserted this is
controversial controversial I forgot about this um
should win that fight I don’t care what you’re telling me I know Dominic Cruz has a absolute knack for doing this on
on the commentary Dominic Cruz loves to question a referee’s decision ever since he got done over by sahudo with that TKO
that was a little bit of an early stoppage for a championship fight I mean look at Strickland out of Sanya look at Dominic Cruz to who though I mean come
on give him a bit more time ref um but either way like in hindsight like I get it Cruz but it weren’t that bad
yeah I’m saying it wasn’t that bad but Cruise has a grudge so he immediately started going after the ref you can
absolutely see why the referee stepped in I’m going to tell you what happened here
started winning okay laserta was getting put in a nasty choke
like a standing arm in Guillotine it was under the chin and before anyone says that wasn’t even a choke that wasn’t a
finishable choke tell that to laserta’s face in that joke he was literally
wincing in that choke like trying to get around to another angle hunched up against a cage Shea raise his adjusting
his grip really really tight I’m telling you la certain knew he was done and he tried to make controversy out of it I’m
telling you that’s what happened here who cares what the referee did I don’t I don’t mind the referee jumping him I
really don’t mind the referee jumping in he’s checking listen if the hand goes limp and the referee hasn’t started
checking the dutand if the hand goes limp and then the referee checks to do tand and the dude starts moving his hand
absolutely fine the referee sees his hand not moving up against a cage actually ceaseless sir to
do a mini tap to the side of Shea res with his open Palm you can go back and watch that
then as he’s checking the guy’s hand the responsible laserder to when the referee
is checking his hand to steal to see if he’s still in there is to let his hand go limp this wasn’t the hand goes limp
and then the referee checks the hand and it was like a bit of a weird one this was the referee is literally telling you
are you actually alive in there right now show me you’re alive in there because this is a nasty joke and you’re
not moving at all to increase your position or better yourself you’re not fighting hands you’re just leaving your
hand there and fake tapping on the side of Edgar res and then as the referee’s like show me
you’re in there then he goes limp armed do not blame the ref lesserta should be cut from the UFC I’m telling you that’s
what it was I’m as [ __ ] psychologist beyond belief here okay he knew he was going to lose so his last
ditch effort was to make a controversy out of it so maybe he gets a rematch maybe he’s Owen four in the UFC I think
they should have just given the win to share’s I don’t know I do not have a problem with that stoppage whatsoever
um I get it you want to see him go out cold it’s only a joke whatever but the referee starts saying let me check your
hand are you still in there and then you go limp in a response to that stupid we move on
up the card to another fight which is Roman copy love versus Josh friend another amazing performance from Roman
copy love another amazing performance now Josh friend came to fight like he weren’t there to hunch over and lose
like some of the other opponents of copy love have at times um but copy Love’s just different man it’s different viciousness with his
strikes the body kicks he was landing were so much nastier than Josh friends the low kicks he was Landing he landed
like 10 low kicks in the first 10 minutes of this fight real no the first
two minutes of this fight he landed about 10 low kicks lead leg calf kicks just over and over again chop chop chop
you could see it was affecting friend and the reason why he attacked that lead leg is because Josh REM shoots single
legs that’s all he does he shoots single legs and tries to chain them together into takedowns no lead lag no good single leg simple as
that no good single leg take down and copy love stuffed all the takedowns now friend was Landing shots but
the difference in the way they were reacting to the shots different you know copy love was composed comfortable
nodded at them like yeah good job you know I mean sting him with a jab and Friends stumbling backwards and then
boom massive right hand down the pipe friend stumbling backwards again copylob has just got that pyotian Russian boxing
style and Russian fighting style which is just a viciousness to what they do like it’s a mean fighting style when
whenever they throw something it’s with intention massively and framed just didn’t have that I’m surprised he lasted
as long as he did because he got rocked badly in round one hurt in round two as well it was the knee to the body on the
break of the clinch after a failed takedown from friend I’m telling you copy Loft broke his rib with that or
something you could see a massive amount of redness swelling and a weird mark on the right side of friend and it was
after that knee on the break from copy love he then started targeting that with kicks tried his head kick a few times
but friend just ate them like partially blocked which is really good of him he’s got a great chin but action don’t matter
left hook to the body right on the liver down goes Josh friend amazing
performance from copy love very comfortable in there very composed and he’s going to be a problem at
middleweight moving forward I really think he is and he’s got time to improve I know he’s not that young
I know he’s not that young and I’m gonna find out I think he’s 32. I do think he’s 32. he’s 32 years of age
born in May so he has a decent amount of time left to be 32 and apparently he wants to fight again later this year
so although he’s 32 he’s 12 and 2 as an MMA
fighter 12 and two and he’s only recently got some momentum together so he’s very new to the game and in 2021 he
was eight and one as a fighter eight and two after that moment in 2021 so over the past few years he’s put together
four wins four finishes all by TKO due to Menace at middleweight I think he
might take the ranking spot but he might not because these opponents they’re giving him they’re not those jumps up that he needs so qgm3 you know what I’m
saying seeing if he’s ready for gm3 I don’t know why I said CN like a Jamaican then we move on up the card Lupita
godinez versus Elise Reed no-brainer of a prediction of course Lupita godinez was going to win this
fight amazing performance amazing performance striking was better grappling was better
the grappling in the first round she just dominated the first round there was a moment in this fight as well that I’m going to talk about
diamond don’t go for arm bars and women’s MMA it don’t work arm bars just don’t work in
women’s MMA I’ve I’ve seen this before listen Rousey got a few of them but when you look at the arm bars Rousey was
getting she was getting like an Oliveira Ferguson Amber which is crazy that Ferguson never tapped to it but it’s
where you sort of like go past your body with it you know you angle it off to the side and you use like your bicep to
Crank It Like beyond the extent of where your body is you know what I mean so you’re getting that extra talk on it
that was how Rousey was finishing a lot of these arm bars straight arm bars against your chest it doesn’t seem like
they can get enough leverage to finish from there so if I was a women’s MMA trainer um
I just tell them don’t go for arm bars man we gotta try and threaten an armbar to mix into a triangle we gotta try
something else because as soon as she got in that arm bar I was like she ain’t gonna tap from this they’re too flexible women’s arms are weirdly flexible I
don’t know what it is I think it’s something to do with childbirth but either way they’re too flexible so if you weren’t
going to get the arm bar but then in round two she oh she dropped her in round one that’s right but in round two
I was so annoyed she got an amazing win by real naked choke don’t get me wrong but I swear it could have been a nasty
walk-off KO against a cage on Mark Zucker on a Elise read not Mark Zuckerberg um it could have been a nasty walk-off
KO against a cage but then she shot the takedown that vulk against the a year freaking dipped her on her head and then
boom renaked chokers in and finished amazing job by Lupita godina’s dominant performance and she’s got some momentum
now so good for her we move on up the card Kyle Nelson versus Fernando Padilla now
I don’t mind the decision but giving round one to Nelson is a
crime Saudi Yamato was the 30-27 scorecard all about what’s going on with the 30-27 scorecard
now go on I’m joking I’m just annoyed at some of these judges so they need to answer for themselves round one going to Nelson is
crazy it’s actually crazy I swear Fernando perida clearly won that round very very
strange but round two clear Kyle Nelson started Landing over hands on Padilla quite a bit rocked him at one point in
round two as well but just didn’t have the follow-up necessary it reminded me of like a Jared Gordon Paddy pimlet
situation where it’s like oh my God he’s Landing this overhand right over and over again like when is Padilla going to
address this and then in round three he has a very close round very very competitive I thought visible damage
wise it was pretty close because Nelson had a cut on his uh under his eye on his nose that happened in round one as well
so how did they give round one to padillo uh to Nelson whatever but round three very close round could have gone
either way is what it is very close decision we move on up the card Daniel is elihuber
versus Christos Gallegos another weird one because I actually said I picked zel
Huber to win this fight but I was like damn I didn’t pick any underdogs discard if there is one to win it’s probably
Giagos that was my call on this card it’s Grasso or gallagos those are the two underdogs I gave
and man giago’s nearly lived up to it in round one he cracked zelihuber with massive overhands right on the chin
multiple times in round one followed up went swinging but then after that you could see the energy started to dip on
him he’s in aging fighter he’s had his injuries he’s had his damage in the Octagon so he’s an aging fighter started
to slow down and eventually sell Huber started to get a better of him in round two Landing Big Shots rocking him on the
feet Landing good crisp punches but again the overhand was there all night figiago so if they Huber starts fighting
someone a little bit better that’s going to be something that they start exploiting in this game but zelguber eventually gets a nice a nasty anaconda
choke immediately after Giagos goes for a bad takedown to try and alleviate some pressure
and it was a wrap straight away anaconda choke locked in finito Giagos is
finished amazing win from Daniel zelihuba and he got a performance bonus for that which is very interesting a few performance bonuses were given out where
was that energy last card at 293 whatever I guess copy love got one good
fam good for him finally copylov gets one he didn’t even get one for his head kick
over ribeira whatever we move on up the card Raul roses Junior versus Terence Mitchell
Terence Mitchell is awful okay now Raul roses Jr fair play to him he actually
looked a lot better on the feet because the one problem that he’s had in his career and I even said this after his Contender series fight I was like this
dude’s striking his ass like eventually this dude’s striking is going to get him into some real trouble that was the
takeaway like he was just like I don’t like to stand up here even against Jay Perrin I was like the standout’s a bit
iffy but he’s got the grappling to fall back on but this time looks like he’s worked a lot on distance
control and it was against someone with a much longer reach than him in Terence Mitchell um so he was darting in and out he
actually looked a bit like bow nickel out there in the way he was fighting knowing that he could wrestle at any point the way he was dipping in and
throwing his lead hook and stuff like that throwing his left hook it was very wrestling heavy striking style
um so I liked it from Raul roses Jr crisp left hand faded away Landed It On Terence Mitchell I will say this though
Terence Mitchell this ain’t a school playground fight
dude you’re in the UFC here man let’s throw some shots with meaning and some
shots that are intended to land on your opponent with some level of technique he was actually going out there and
throwing shots like Juliana Pena I know was it women’s bantamweight world champion but that’s how bad it was
throwing punches like Juliana Pena head kicks that were miles off it looked like he was just like oh please give me a
flute KO please that looked like exactly what Terence Mitchell was trying to do anything please don’t let me fight this
guy oh just just please a fluke KR that’s what he was looking for in that fight and Raul roses didn’t let him have
it faded away left hook right on the chin put him down jumped on him massive big shots thought he was going to take
the back and get a re-naked choke but he ended up taking Mount and going for the ground and pound in full Mount and
Terence malnourished Mitchell folded over and got smoked by rosace Jr amazing
win from Raul Roshes Jr I wonder what they do with him next though because
at bantamweight the problem is there’s Bottom Feeders but then right above them there’s really good Fighters at
middleweight it’s like okay low level guy a low level guy I mean look at copy Love’s record he goes the chirico
Soriano Ribeiro Josh friend they’re like a few guys you can get a streak against
that just aren’t quite that top level but the problem is that bantamweight is you go from Terence Mitchell to rinion
akamura you know I’m saying there’s just a to Christian Rodriguez who he’s already lost to so maybe they do
something like him versus Chad Angelica maybe that’s a matchup they could make but then there’s like Marcus McGee right
there Damon black Sharon it’s like these are tough tests so it’d be interesting to see where they go with uh Raul roses
Jr but we’ll see we move on up the card to the co-main event Kevin Holland versus Jack Della madalena what a
performance from Jack Dylan made Elena now not dominant not the TKO I expected
if you think Kevin Holland won this fight don’t know what to tell you either 3-0
Jack Della madalena Holland was doing good and he did land more in the rounds
but the fact is this he missed so much on the guard of JDM he missed so much on
the guide of JDM and I don’t care if some of the numbers are in favor of Holland in his rounds he was just not
Landing the better shots in that fight you can talk about numbers all you want like does that say
um actually the stats say and all that type of stuff JDM landed a better shot I can’t believe
a judge gave this to to Holland after round one and three you can’t give round one or three to Holland he was Landing
like good keeps to the body now and again those were good from him but punches were few and far between to
the head of JDM very few punches to the Head low kicks often were checked by JDM and this is
where they gotta stop doing that they’re counting strikes that are checked leg kicks where jdm’s turning out his shin
some of them landed from Holland don’t get me wrong but a lot of them were like shin to shin and if you look at the two
of their shins jdm’s shins are getting the better of that exchange that’s all I’m gonna say he’s got them rugby shins
on him and he was just turning over his uh Shin checking the kicks even on the
inside as well meat and shin to shin and other than that Holland really wasn’t Landing clean the guy who was Landing
clean was the big body shots of JDM as he’s flurrying forward and finishing with double left hooks that are landing
on Holland against a cage I think JDM clearly wins this fight I I don’t know how to see it otherwise I
don’t know round one people had that Holland’s way on Twitter
well I don’t know what to say how how do you do that JDM clearly won round one in
my opinion won round two but it was close but Holland was not Landing clean a couple of times he would land a good
straight right and I’d go oh straight right Holland or he would glance with an elbow and land an elbow on the inside and it’d be a good moment but JDM was
just Landing the consistent cleaner shots that were doing more of the damage and that’s how this fight is scored it’s not Tit for Tat on the outside trying to
rob a decision you know what I’m saying it reminded me of Amy and zahabir versus
oh who’s that weird guy from the uh Ultimate Fighter that Kevin native had not Kevin native
had but you know I’m talking about aliens are hobby versus another fighter
I’m gonna find out who it is I know his name as well so it’s really annoying that I’m not able to know this
because it’s going to immediately remind me who the name is is the weird you’ve got to do what you Ricky taskios that’s
what it reminded me of Amy and zahabi Ricky tertios zahabi was trying to win he was Landing good shots he was trying
to land clean shots but tertios was like trying to rob a victory and that’s why it seemed like from Holland even if
you’re a Holland fan I’m a Holland fan I like Kevin Holland it seemed like he was trying to sneak a victory whereas JDM
was trying to lay him out in that fight that’s how it set that’s how it looked to me let me know if I’m wrong but it looked like Holland was just like little
tip for tap didn’t want to commit with anything in case he got caught on the chin because every time they ended up in the pocket JDM would go body body head
head and land a bunch of shots um it seemed like that so that’s why I gave it JDM I thought it was a clear win
30-27 we move on maybe 29-28 second round can go Holland’s way maybe we move
on great stuff from JDM no head movement um body shots on Holland he would throw
higher Holland would start backing up and making a Miss but he would throw high and then rip the body afterwards
and then he started ripping the body stepping through left hook left hook catching Holland circling away to the
power side uh for all the non-power side of JDM as he thinks but the lead hook of JDM is maybe his most powerful move so
either way great win from JDM amazing performance we’ll see what’s next for him man he’s on a run right now I mean
look at the activity of JDM that he’s had um he joined the UFC in September of 2021 on the contender series he won his
first fight in the UFC was January of 2022 beat Padre Pete Rodriguez in
January beat and leave in June beat Roberts in November February was Randy
Brown July was her Fez and September and that is now Kevin Holland and he wants
to fight again before the end of the year he’s on a rampage we move on up the card although I think he has met his
level a bit so he’s not smoking him anymore starting to have to pick a decision win you know what I’m saying but still that’s what happens we move on
up the card Alexa Grasso versus Valentina shevchenker the one that people want to hear me talk about really
I had it Grasso as a win 30 27. however I do believe in this fight
Chef shenko showed that she was better than Grasso and she showed that in the
first one and that’s why I picked chefchenko to win this fight because I was like well hold on now you know
chefchenko looked better for the majority of the fight I know that the promo didn’t show it that way at all it showed Grasso Landing a bunch of shots
but really in the first fight garato landed a couple of decent shots in round one and then Chef shenko started to take
over the fight and then in round four she gets Arena could choke against her you know what I’m saying I’m reading the stats for you here 26 to 24 in round one
this is the first fight for chefchenko Grasso catches her with a big punch though so it’s like okay
round two twelve to seven Chef shenko round three 27-15 Chef Shanker Round 4
22-13 Chef shenko she gets caught by a real naked joke and she had takedowns in control time four takedowns in those
four rounds so I was like Chef shenko’s better and in this fight she proved that she was however
moments split moments of a fight that’s what it comes down to sometimes round one
chefchenko wins round one in my opinion clear out strikes grass on the feet the
best shots of that round in my opinion were the body kicks of chefchenko and then she gets to take down towards the
end and I’m like okay she gets to Back At One Moment cool she gets that round clear 10-9 Chef shenko round one round
two obviously Grasso’s round lands a right hand or no was it a left hand
right hand left hand the left at the end of it two three two or whatever they were calling it two one two something
like that I don’t know what they were calling it but one two one Whatever catches Chef shenko drops her badly I
can’t remember the combination exactly but drops her badly it stumbles back with Chef shenko does a roly-poly over
herself and as she’s getting back up Grasso starts to land in the clinch uppercuts and knees and chefchenko’s
visibly hurt that she recovers into the fight gets herself a takedown and Grasso tries an arm in Guillotine that doesn’t
work and Chef shenko stays on top for pretty much the rest of the round not a 10-8 round this is important not a
10-8 round but the argument would be that that would be the round that it could be a 10 out
for Grasso that is round three
listen up here round three chefchenko dominates round for him
outstrikes Grasso gets the takedown starts doing really good gets a mounted
uh gets a takedown Grasso gets back up in the scramble chefchenko latches up a tight Guillotine really tight Guillotine
chat would have tapped if you know you know um but Grasso doesn’t tap I thought she was out for a second like this is in
this is an in Guillotine but respect to grasshop for surviving it Grasso is getting mounted by this Guillotine
though it’s a mounted Guillotine from chef shenko and she dominates the rest of the round stays on the back tries to renaked choke that’s not quite in
eventually towards the end there’s a weird situation where Grasso might have ended up on top but the round’s over you
know what I’m saying so round three Chef shenko wins not a 10-8 round but if any round is
gonna be it would be two or three they weren’t 10-8 rounds though but if there was ever gonna be a round that it would
be a 10 it would be one of those two very important two one Chef shenko going into the fourth round four
this is the swing round um chefchenko’s winning she’s winning the
round clearly I can’t remember if she got a takedown early or not but if she did grass or got back up they’re both
Landing but chefchenko cuts open Grasso with a cut here visible damage that round that’s big on the scorecards by
the way but at the end of the round Grasso gets a takedown and starts doing some stuff she starts Landing some shots
trying out a choke of her own Chef shenko escapes it though so it’s like okay whatever but Grasso had a big
moment at the end and it was a competitive round before that who knows who this round goes to 19 to Chef shenko
on strikes 20 to Grasso chefchenko probably landed the better strikes of the round but Grasso had a big hoorah
moment at the end so who cares give her that round two two round five
is the interesting one chevchenko outlands Alexa Grasso 23-20
Grasso is getting absolutely scored this round want to make that very clear chefchenko’s boxing is coming together
she’s timing Grasso on the chin she’s pulling away from grassos 2 and Landing a counter hook or a counter jab jab move
jab she’s Landing good shots outboxing Grasso in round four for like
three and a half minutes I want to say dominating the round clearly dominating around she fails to
take down weight in round four that’s what happened Grasso had a hoorah moment and she actually had a and I thought it
was an illegal strike because I forgot they were in Nevada and the rules are different because that makes sense doesn’t it MMA but either way
um Grasso gets her front the head block position and starts kneeing Chef shenko
in the face over and over again chefchenko’s got one arm down and she’s like well this is illegalist like and
she’s saying that to the ref and then it’s like the Weidman Musashi situation but they’re legal in Nevada they are
legal news one of them was to the back of the head though that’s how Grasso won round four but round five
as I said at boxing her getting her range going Landing her jab Landing her check hook
Grasso gets how did shevchenko throw this away for herself
goes for a head and arm throw in round five
you’re winning the round nay you are
quadrippling the strikes of Grasso in round five before the end of round five I genuinely believe the end of the round
ended at 23-20 in favor of chefchenko 10-8 round for Grasso by the way on one
of the judges scorecards can’t tell me that’s not rigged I I think Grosso can win round five by
the way it was a like she gets that round back maybe with the end of it definitely with the end of it she had a
big moment big ground and pound a lot to the back of the head but they are legal as long as the UFC likes you and wants
you to win they are legal shots if the UFC wants you to win you heard it here um and she had a really naked choke
attempt in that round as well so she wins round five chefchenko you’re schooling her why are
you going for a head and arm throw and throwing yourself on bottom position losing position and Grasso ended up on your back what are you doing you idiot
now Grasso here’s the interesting part
the judges two of them had it to Chef shenko going into the fifth 3-1 is what
they had it one judge had the fight for chefchenko which means he gave 10 9 Grasso in round five and that made it
10-9 Chef shenko so he had it three one Chef shenko going into the fifth Mike Bell had it 3-1 Chef shenko going into
the fifth another judge had it 3-2 Grasso overall which was the correct scorecard in my opinion round five
Grosso barely does enough at the end to claw the round back for herself in the
last 40 seconds of the round after being schooled before it and even at the end of the round still being outlanded on
significant strikes but because of where the strikes came from back Mount position I get it give it to Grasso she
scraped back the win for herself in that round Mike Bell gave it a 10-8
rigged pre-written scorecard no
I’ll tell you what happened I’m not sure I’m actually going to make a random hypothesis that may or may not be true
I’m playing a character by the way Mike Bell looks at his scorecard
realizes oh [ __ ] if I give this 10-9 Grasso that means chefchenko wins by Split Decision
I might as well give it a 10-8 then there is no [ __ ] explanation as to why you would give round five a ten
eight simple as that there’s no explanation other than a absolutely rigged scorecard
end of discussion UFC gets what they want now the worst
part is Grasso can win 3-2 why is there that scorecard of a 10 a.m round five
see you later goodbye toodle pip we can’t pick MMA fights right anymore
logic has left the building Chef shenko’s going for head and arm throws while she’s schooling grasshop in round
five with a minute to go see you later goodbye

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