Noche UFC: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 Post-Fight Press Conference

In this article, we will discuss the post-fight press conference of the Noche UFC event featuring the rematch between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. Both fighters put on an incredible performance, and we will delve into their thoughts and reactions after the fight. We will also explore the possibility of a trilogy fight between these two talented athletes. So let’s dive in and see what they had to say.

Does a Trilogy Need to Happen?

During the press conference, the question of whether a trilogy fight between Shevchenko and Grasso needs to happen was raised. Grasso expressed her desire to continue fighting and not stop the division. She acknowledged the hard work and dedication of other fighters in the division and stated that she would go along with whatever the UFC decides. Shevchenko also shared a similar sentiment, stating that she wouldn’t mind a trilogy fight but would also be open to fighting a new contender.

The Sense of Urgency in the ————————— Fight

Grasso emphasized the importance of not leaving the fight in the hands of the judges and expressed her desire to get the win outside of a decision. She acknowledged the championship rounds as crucial and mentioned that she trained hard to be at her best in the fourth and fifth rounds. She wanted to make it clear that those rounds were for her.

Surprised by Valentina’s Game Plan

Grasso was asked about Valentina’s game plan and whether she was surprised that Valentina wasn’t as willing to stand and strike with her. Grasso responded that she was expecting Valentina to try and take her down because she knew she could do damage with her hands. She was prepared for Valentina’s change in strategy and was not surprised by it.

Changing Game Plan after Dropping Valentina

After dropping Valentina in the first or second round, Grasso sensed a change in Valentina’s game plan. She believed that Valentina felt her power and started shooting for takedowns more frequently. Grasso acknowledged that when a fighter has a good punch, it can force the opponent to change their strategy.

Competitiveness and Surviving Submissions

Grasso spoke about the competitiveness of both fighters and how they are at the top of their division for a reason. She mentioned that she trained hard and knew Valentina did too. When asked about the tightness of the submissions she attempted, Grasso stated that they were both competitive fighters and that she was not surprised that Valentina survived them.

The Support of the Fans and Being the Main Event

Grasso expressed her gratitude for the support she received from the fans. She mentioned that it was her first main event and that she loved the challenges that the UFC presented to her. She also hoped that the event could happen every year and that there would be a special event for the Hispanic community.

Message to Dana and the Team

When asked about her message to Dana White and the UFC team , Grasso expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to fight and showcase her skills. She thanked them for believing in her and giving her the chance to be a part of such a special event. She also mentioned that she would continue to work hard and improve as a fighter.


In conclusion, the post-fight press conference provided valuable insights into the thoughts and reactions of Alexa Grasso after her rematch with Valentina Shevchenko. Grasso expressed her desire to continue fighting and not stop the division, while also acknowledging the hard work of other fighters in the division. Shevchenko also shared a similar sentiment and expressed her openness to a trilogy fight or facing a new contender. Both fighters showcased their competitiveness and determination in the Octagon, and Grasso expressed her gratitude for the support of the fans. Overall, it was an exciting event, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for these talented athletes.

the well I’m sure you’re uh still processing
everything a little bit but I guess what is the emotions right now right I mean it’s not a loss but you also didn’t get your title back tonight so what are your
feelings right now it’s kind of like um Crossing feelings from one side I uh
proud of myself because I fought I Fought the Battle till from the first
second to the very end of the fight I fought with all my heart with all my soul and from the other side it’s like
frustration because I think um three rounds I won
two rounds it maybe was her but I feel that 108 in the fifth round it’s
completely unfair it was some illegal shots like knes in the first round unfortunately it was like nothing to do
with that but I feel that it’s not it’s against my like personal rules that stop
and complain right it’s kind of like I every time was feeling hard um position
situation I trying to find the way to succeed and that’s why I didn’t stop I
broke my T in the first round and it’s like fractured now um I felt it’s kind
of like affecting my striking but in the same time I felt if I would stop um it’s
GNA be very frustrating for the whole fans who was um this night because they
was uh waiting this fight they want to see the fight and if I stop in the first
round and say I cannot continue I felt like it’s going to be um again against
my own person personal rules that’s why I continue I continue fight with my
whole heart I think I did everything to secure the Victory and unfortunately I
think because U this event it’s like Mexican Independence Day that’s why it’s
affected that decision of the judge to get to give 108 in the fifth round and
for my uh experience 108 it’s when one fighter completely cannot do nothing
it’s like running around waiting there looking for escape from the octagon it’s
like miserable but in the fifth round it was like four minutes or how many
minutes stand up and she didn’t let one punch and she only could take the back
position on the like what it was last minute minute and a half I I don’t
remember now but even there it was not damage it was not too much damage to
succeed this 108 that’s why kind of like I I’m saying it’s double feeling one
side I proud of myself and one side uh I frustrating from the judge decision and
just ask you to clarify that on the Mexican Independence Day thing are you saying that you think the judges factor that in or do you mean because it was a
pro Mexican crowd the volume was so loud the cheering was so loud that maybe the judge thinks it’s more dominant than it
really is um really I don’t know what it was um B decision from that but 108 is
108 and 108 it’s kind of like um not the what it was in the fifth round right
Denise uh how much did they affect you said you didn’t want to stop and complain or I mean how much did that
moment concern you or affect you uh it’s kind of like affected because it was knes to the Head
it it was not cut uh luckily for me but uh I was grounded opponent I had my uh
finger on the on the mat and it’s this is what you cannot do with a ground
opponent but it’s kind of like again I saying it’s not um my personal rules
it’s going to go against it if I stop and say oh my God I cannot continue because I’m the warrior I have to
continue I have to find the way to succeed anything in there that she did you talk
about the battles that you had to get through was there anything that she did that surprised you obviously you’ve got a lot of experience with there in very
close fights at this point was there anything new tonight that you weren’t expecting not this fight I expected it’s
going to be War I expected it’s going to be battle and we went to on a battle we
went like uh like best flyweights in the world we were there and I think I did uh
enough to secure the victory but because of this 108 it was a draw draw it’s not
a loss but in my case it’s not a victory last thing for me I mean obviously
you’ve got to clear up your hand and all that but I’m just curious kind of as you sit there your motivation is it like we
got to do this again because I got to get my belt back or is it like well maybe I’ll go to 35 maybe there’s other
things out there I mean as you sit there right now I know you can’t say for sure but what sounds most appealing to you um
first of all I don’t want rush I don’t want to say something that um tomorrow I
will change my mind first of all I want to see how long it’s going to heal because this is the most important if I
uh my next fight when it’s going to happen I want to perform the best way what I can I going to I don’t want to
like perform 50% I want to I want to do 100 that’s why right now um I don’t know
what is going to be next uh who is going to be next but I am here and this this
performance tonight I show that uh I have much more forward to go this is
this is kind of like no stop no uh less power what I have no less motivation
it’s kind of like no matter uh how old I am I am feeling great and um I’m happy
that martial arts is my lifestyle I happy that martial arts is the way what
I am living my life and I want to do that before I feel this motivation and
hopefully I going to feel that for a long time Valentina just on the knees do you think Alexa knew they were illegal
do you think Just In the Heat of the fight she just threw them and it was up to the referee to say hey you’re fouling right now uh right now it’s very hard
for me to say I have to rewatch that I have to exactly see the moment but I
remember my fingers was on the um mats I remember that it was on the floor and I
was kind of like um at that time I in that minute in the fight I didn’t think
to stop I didn’t think but I was kind of like uh looking to the referee and waiting to I act something but he said
continue and I continue when you found out that the fifth round was scored at 108 by one judge what was your immediate
reaction cuz it’s one it’s one thing for them to say oh there was a round that’s 108 but to know it was the fifth round
which I think not many people in here was would say that’s a 108 what was your reaction to that um I could not believe
that it’s happening that fifth round it’s 108 it was surprising for me very
surprising over here you mentioned your frustration with that 108 given to Lex on the 5th and we all know judges are
subject to criticism often in this game from a Fighter’s perspective is there something you’d like to see change in
the way judging works with these fights um I feel that um to give at
108 you have to to be very sure that is it is
108 and but it was not our case it kind of like was not even close to
108 and yeah I I hope it’s going to change but I know many fighters go
through the same frustration uh when it’s kind of like that way but you cannot do nothing the
official decision it’s official decision as I mentioned it’s a draw it’s not a
loss but in my case it’s not a victory and you also stated the crowd affecting
that result maybe that 108 if the trilogy is next and it were up to you where would you want that fight to take
place and under which circumstances um I’m the fighter who um never choose opponents never choose
place never choose the moment I just go there and I prepare myself for the full
battle this is what I was uh the way what I was growing up because um I feel
this is my character this is U representing me as a fighter because I don’t want to be the picky one like oh
my God I don’t like this I will do that I don’t go there I just like do what I
love I love to fight I love to perform and I I have to um get ready for the
fight and although the energy was not for you necessarily did you did you enjoy seeing all those fans come out and
support both of you guys uh yes definitely it was every time the fans they are supporting like Fighters it’s
something that very motivational and uh definitely but um I can say in this
fight I didn’t feel um like I mean already in the fight I didn’t I didn’t
um hear the crowd how they like was cheering my opponent or what because I
was so focusing on winning I was so focusing to go there and get my belt back that’s why I kind of like was
feeling um I have a block I have a block from the whole crowds and it uh didn’t
affect me uh anyhow thank you Valentina one question over here in the back uh
you’ve been obviously dominant for so long when you went out to the cage this time emotionally as the Challenger how
did it feel different if at all to your previous fights um first of all it felt um
amazing because I go there for a battle I go there for a war and I went there
and um for me um like Champion Challenger inside of
the Octagon you do the same you fight the same and if you are not fighting
fighting the same like no matter what um corner you are what color of corner you
are it’s kind of like um I cannot say that it’s like pure like
feeling of the fighter but uh I every time performs the best what I can can no
matter if I am Champion or if I am a challenger thank Valentina how did you
feel about the fourth round and what was going through your mind heading into the fifth round um no time to stop this is
the last five minute and I have to do everything I don’t have right to like
feel that I stop for a little bit I just like um not continue to move not
continue to strike and this is what I felt it’s like 5 minutes more and I have
to go till the end
Val uh my question just for for Valentina very quickly do you think you
won the fight how did you how did you judge a fight uh I do
I think it was a 3-2 that that’s what I feel would be the most Fair result um as
I said said this a 108 in a fifth round a 108 in of itself and a 108 in the fifth round it’s impossible I just don’t
think that that dis plays for
that and Mike Bell actually had it 108 that’s his name that’s so who who uh who scored a 108 do you think that he needs
to come out and publicly explain what happened because a lot of people are
um yeah it would be really nice to see because actually we as Fighters I mean we we fight we fight and all of you see
it is an open to the public thing you it’s there for for everybody to see now as far as the scoring that they score it
and you don’t you know cor you don’t see it it’s not it’s a private thing so yeah I would I would actually like that to to
happen some sort of
explanation and do you want a Trilogy with Alexa after this result is that what you’re looking
for [Music]
as I said I am a fighter I’m a fighter that keeps moving on and moving forward yes uh I just want to see how my fractor
thumb is it how long does it take to recover I want to be 100% coming back but I said I’m here for a long time um I
don’t feel less strong less motivated I don’t feel I don’t feel less of anything Quite Contrary I actually feel even more
so and even I mean in comparison like a couple of years ago uh as I said I want to be here for a long time and and I
want to fight that’s what I want to
do Peru uh in any point of your career would you like to actually be in a in a
um event of the UFC in Peru
I we actually love to be the main event in Peru and also in my home country of KGAN and also in Thailand I mean as you
know my Camp who was in t mu Tha and U MMA is really strong there people really want to see it so I actually we have
three countries that I would like to to be a main event in yes Valentina you did
an interview before this fight and you kind of teased that you would have an announcement maybe after a win and I’m
curious that was related to bantamweight if you would have won the fight were you going to move back up to B way try and
get the belt there um y k oh I’m
sorry um it would be like uh first of all depends of the result right and and
right now I feel it’s kind of like um I cannot say um what it’s going to be
right now the next move because of the uh fracture I have to make sure that
it’s kind of like taken care and it’s kind of like healed I don’t want to um
someone to like wait on me for a long time because they kind of like also I
feel the bandom weit they was um like already how many like few months like
waiting for the um title and to wait like 6 months more I think it’s
impossible it’s unfair and the same like um but uh I’m still here and uh whatever
happened while I’m uh healing I will be right on the top for the next one have
the weight Cuts gotten harder at all at flyweight for you just you know as time goes on people say that the older you get maybe wake Cuts get a little bit
harder how has it been for you oh my God this time it was so easy it was uh I think it’s
um for people who are saying it’s getting harder it’s because they are
getting lazier and it’s kind of like with the time with the um like life uh
lifestyle it’s getting like oh my God I maybe I won’t do diet for like months or two
and do easy cut like for the last in the last week but but it’s um discipline
that you have to follow no matter what and I feel if you have this discipline
it’s no matter how old are you older or younger it’s going to be the same easy
and I think the discipline is the rule number one thanks Valentina
uh thank you for a tremendous fight it’s also it’s always a pleasure to see you in a in such a high level and actually
giving us that that spectacle uh tonight in the fight we saw something new we saw you you know you you were knocked down
and um we wanted to know what what happened for you to recover what was the process of recovering what was said uh
between rounds that that led you to actually have such a recovery from what
um the basically um in between rounds the the the the the instruct which to P
push forward just keep on moving forward regardless of what was happening um as far as the recover is concerned is
concerned it wasn’t a problem for me because my goal my personal goal is to keep going uh hey um yeah I didn’t feel
lost at any time um in any moment I have a hard head I mean they shaking head it
doesn’t matter I mean I felt I did I didn’t feel lost or or the the strike itself it didn’t it didn’t have
the effect uh my mind was to keep pushing forward keep going
and as I said again this was a this is a great fight it was a classic war um and
again thank you for it um how does it feel to actually be in another amazing fight one that all the fans I mean if
you go on the internet regardless of the decision or anything that happened they keep supporting you and they keep saying
this was an amazing fight so another fight for your
um at the end of the day that’s what matters the most of course I would like to be here with you with uh a belt in
front of me but um it the most important thing is giving this memory to people um
it it it was it was a fight that people will remember uh I left everything I
Left My Heart in the onagon and um this what that matters a lot is actually being part of history is a great
historic fight that people will remember graas Valentina
Valentina I have two questions for you one of them what can you what do you recall about the fight about about your
your performance tonight and also uh second question what did you feel about the Mexican crowd tonight in such a
special night um
[Music] um
um I felt very I first of all I felt strong really strong as I said I had an
amazing camp at Tiger in Thailand I had training Partners excellent training
partners that kept pushing me to my limit that’s why it allows me to be so fresh and that’s how fresh I felt during
the fight um as far as um the crowd I expected it that’s what I expected them to be like that I expect that’s normal I
would expect that to happen if it was my people um but as I said uh when that happened everything that was happening
outside the Octagon I blocked that out that did never that didn’t let me in that didn’t I didn’t let that in that
didn’t that never got inside um and that allowed me to actually keep a cool head all throughout
hello look kind of a unique situation here right I mean you do still have your title but you didn’t get a victory
tonight I guess you’re still kind of processing a little but what’s what’s the emotion for you right now uh well
I’m happy with my performance you know I think I did um for me it was tre2 the second fourth and fifth were were for me
but I’m not the judge so um yeah I’m not the judge yeah um the feeling coming in
I mean everybody says oh it’s just the same it’s another fight but this was your first title defense and it was this
crazy noce UFC night so I mean what were the feelings the emotions everything was
it was it different tonight than it is in your other fights well yeah it was different you know it was my first main
main main event you know in a such amazing date um in Las Vegas I I always
wanted to fight here in this this beautiful date so um it was really cool I just I’m just happy I’m truly happy
with my per per per mon did it add any more nerves or pressure or just different than it normally feels when you get in there no I felt in home you
know I knew that a lot of people from Mexico were were here you know I I felt the love and the the power of all the
cheering all the energy and I was I was happy yeah your last fight was a battle
with her this fight was a battle with her um was there anything in there that was different this time around anything
you didn’t expect that surprised you no I expected like everything you know um
she’s very competitive I’m super competitive and I was expecting this like a war yeah did you I mean as you
guys were scoring you said is you’re not a judge it’s not your job but what did you think going into the fifth round is did you think you’re ahead I needed this
what was the feeling um well my coach has said hey let’s do this you know this fifth round we’re going to make a
statement and that’s what I do yeah how close do you think you were to finishing it there I was pretty close you know I
did an amazing knockdown I was Clos in a few positions you know to finish the fight and R and pound and I think I did
a a good good fight yeah she was frustrated because there was a 108 that made it a draw are you frustrated
because you round four right didn’t go your way with two of the judges you thought that was yours so are you
frustrated with the scoring no I’m not frustrated you know I I did an amazing job and that’s what I’m taking now uh
last thing for me I mean she did have an injured hand that she said she hurt in the first round so she doesn’t know when she’s going to fight um but what do you
think I mean does a Trilogy need to happen whether it be next or some point down the road or do you care if this
gets resolved um you know it’s an interesting question um I wouldn’t like to stop the
the division you know there’s a lot of girls fighting a lot you know to to have this opportunity like I did so I wouldn’t like to stop it but whatever
the UFC says I’m I’m in I’m in Alexa over here other side oh Alexa
you you said that in the fif or just before the fifth your coach has said hey let’s do this
the way that they was there a sense of urgency I mean obviously if they’re telling you let’s do this let’s finish
it did you feel that there was a sense of urgency to finish it and and try to get the win outside of a decision uh not
like an urgency but yeah we wanted to be clear like the fifth round was was for us you know the championship rounds are
amazing and and that’s why I trained so hard you know for the fourth and the fifth to be my best rounds always thank
you Alexa over here um Valentina a lot in the leadup she kept bringing up you
know seven time Muay Thai Champion I want to remind everyone but she was she shot for a lot of takedowns in there were you surprised that she wasn’t as
willing to stand with you and tried to make this a wrestling match I I was expecting that you know I know I I
always do damage with my hands and and it’s something I was expecting from her um so yeah I was I was prepared after
you dropped her in the first round or first or second round did you get a sense of like her game plan might have
changed because she did feel your power and it’s seems like after that she started to shoot for takedowns a lot more yes of course you know when you
have a a good punch and you of course you have to change your strategy and and I knew that she she changed for that did
you think any of those submissions that you were throwing up there were any of them tight and were you surprised that she survived them uh well we’re super
competitive you know we are in the top of the division for one reason and so yeah I I train very hard and I know she
did too so um I’m just happy that we both give you guys an amazing fight look
so over here going into this fight you received a lot of support from the fans here in town that the ceremonial WIS and
obviously at Fight Night itself how do feel to be the start of the show this week oh it’s amazing you know it’s um my
first main main event you know NOOA and such an amazing date and um I love all
the challenges that UFC are giving to me and I I just train so hard for giving
you know good results and uh after seeing this electric atmosphere inside the team mobile Arena what’s your
message to Dana and the team if you were to try and convince them to make no CH in annual occasion I hope I hope this could happen
every year and being have one in Spanish for the Hispanic
Community what is your message to all the fans that came to Las Vegas to see
you five at a
I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart I understand that takes time that takes money they have to travel uh
I know that it just that gives me so much support so much energy and when I get into the Octagon I fight for them
and just uh it’s so awesome that they continue to support so thank you thank you Alexa over here in the back uh Alexa
obviously in March you’re going out there to score a big upset over a dominant Champion tonight you get to go
out there you the favorite to a lot of people obviously the fans can you talk about emotionally and mentally what it
was like to make the walk second as the champion tonight it was amazing I remember when I’m when I did my UFC
debut it was kind of pretty similar you know a lot of people cheering my name you know sending me their vibes um when
I was walking you know I was like taking their energy touching their hands it was it was amazing you know I love that a
lot of people came to support all the Mexicans and then obviously you’re in the back getting ready but you know
Tracy loopy Daniel a lot of the Mexicans did well tonight you’re obviously aware
probably who’s winning and losing did that give you more energy or more anxiety before your fight no just
excitement you know when I saw my teammate lupy she did amazing you know she’s evolving so much I saw her um we
were together in the training camp so it was really really H I was really really happy when I saw her winning and uh all
the Mexicans you know Tracy did well to a lot of people you know I’m just happy
to see how Mexico is evolving and how the athletes are are getting better and better and we had a a date and a car
special for us so this means a lot you know about Mexico so um I’m just happy for for my country in the sport when you
tell the story about NOA UFC number one years from from now maybe your career is over what is the first thing you going
to talk about for tonight well it’s uh just going to be great memories and
that’s the goal you know to get old and just remember like oh I remember when I was doing this just good memories thank
you Alexa um it was announced on the broadcast that the UFC is going to Mexico next year are you trying to fight
on that on that card hopefully I would love to fight in Mexico again and
obviously Aaron blanchfield manano are the two contenders um would you like to
fight them next or would you like them to fight each other so that you get the winner of that or like and if you if you
do want to fight them who’s the one that you would like to fight well I’m I’m really happy they are both doing amazing
um you know I have to talk with my with my coaches with my manager and also with the UFC but definitely I would like to
fight with um a new Contender if if that’s the the next step and yeah it’s
going to be an amazing fight thank
you uh to all the kids that that you inspire what do you say to them as a
champion they want to be they want to be like
I would say that the discipline the hard work and train uh very hard and not to
let yourself astray for small Pleasures um because that’s a that that’s just
shortterm uh satisfaction I mean you you do uh do everything the few thing that
things that few people will do um it will get you great things and um
continuing to work on on everything and just it’s so rewarding when you get there finally like I did it cuz I work
so hard at it and and I I I I refrain myself from doing all the things that everyone does to get things that they
won’t ever get so it’s very
important um right now you look really happy when you get into the octagon it’s
just you’re a different person it looks like a you’re a tiger hunting well yeah that’s um that’s
something that Fighters can do you know we’re chilling outside but once you get
in the oag
and once once that door closes you’re in a war uh it’s amazing but I’m glad that
I’m able to actually uh enjoy both of these things in my
life and how are you going to celebrate now um eating
got some pizza pack our bags because we have to go to well tomorrow and that’s what I like to do I like to be with the people that that are next that are with
me and supporting and that’s it Alexa a couple in English here and
then do you think this is the last you see of Valentina or do you feel like you’re gonna come across her at some
point in the future again well I don’t know you know it all depends of the UFC they want a Trilogy let’s do this if not
I would like to give an opportunity for another girl I know how it is how it is to be fighting all the time you know to
to to wait for your sport and I wouldn’t like to stop just the division but whatever the UFC says yeah but if it was
up to you do you prefer a fresh matchup or a Trilogy with
Valentina I don’t know I don’t know I just fought I don’t want to F I don’t want to fight right now but um I don’t
know whatever the US says I’m I’m always up forever and any challenge they put on
me and and the UFC did a great job in celebrating Mexican Independence and its
Mexican Talent um but Dana White hasn’t said that this is going to be a recurring thing an annual thing um would
you like for this to be an annual thing given the success of the event and and a date that you would like to fight in in
the future as well honestly yes I would like to I would love to I mean I hope this could motivate a lot of Mexican
athletes to do their best you know to to win a spot in in this date every year
and I just hope that the UFC liked what all the Mexicans did today we heard chance of Alexa Alexa VI
Mexico and and you know we really felt the Mexican presence there um wondering
did you feel it and did you feel like um your performance was enhanced by the
crowd of course you know you like I said it’s a it’s a big energy that when
you’re listening like the cheering all and every people because it might sound
crazy but they they send you the energy and you can feel it so it’s amazing to have a lot of support in
here and how did you score the fight do we did you feel comfortable did you feel that you were going to actually get the
win I said I yes I knew it was going to be a
tough fight but uh I said
3-2 and after the first fight she actually said she made a mistake and that’s what happened in that fight after
this fight winning again uh you would say I am the best you feel comfortable saying yes I am the best and I do what I
need to do
see as I said many times I um I don’t like to talk I like to show things my
work and I will keep doing
oh that’s one we’re not trying okay so let’s let’s go with it uh congratulations on the win
uh one of the things that happened was uh from the start of the fight you were really aggressive all both of you going
at it uh did you really feel that you were there were times that you were
going together like you really had her and of course please just illustrate
everybody um yeah I I did feel that I that I that I had moments there I I I I feel very comfortable about everything
that I did I think I did really well and see
Alexa um Valentina mentioned that she actually fat her thumb in the first round did you during moments of the
fight did you feel that were able to to pick up on
um we are Fighters we are going to uh always keep going no matter what I I once in a fight actually got injured and
I don’t think anybody uh never noticed um so we’re
warriors and second what are you most proud of
um as I said the thing that I’m proud the proud the proudest is what I I said
everything that I I promised I was able to deliver I said I was going to deliver a war and and that’s what I was able to
do and I hope you enjoyed my fight Alexa over here uh I’m just
curious like when you got her on the ground and got on her back again we’re working for the choke were you having flashbacks to the first fight yeah I had
flashbacks but um like I said we are super competitive she did her job and it
was it was hard to to repeat it again definitely and you know one of the best
attributes you have of course is your boxing phenomenal stuff but uh throughout your career you’ve kind of I’ve noticed fans maybe criticize you
know lack of power and you know these things like that despite you having such great boxing but you got the knockdown
in this fight and I’m just curious like does it feel really good to maybe shut people up and show you have enough power to be able to knock down you know one of
the greatest fighters of all time who never really gets hurt striking just is it feel good to uh you know showcase
that a little bit yeah you know the plan was to finish the fight you know but I showed my power I’ve been showing like
every single fight my my Evolution um everything I’ve been working and I’m
just you know I’m just happy with everything I did in that fight congrats Jeff just one quick follow the knees in
the fourth round I know it’s happening like really fast but do you remember processing like I could tell she’s not
down she doesn’t have her hand down what did you see cuz it it happened fast I was worried they were illegal what what
did you remember no no I was pulling her up you know and the referee was was super clear we had an amazing referee in
the fight so no no I I was pulling her up Alexa
katas um I don’t know if you had the opportunity yet exchanging messages or or calls with your family what did they
say and uh what did you talk to your coaches about after the
fight you haven’t able to speak to anyone I’m still working but as soon as I get out of here I’ll speak to my

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