UFC Journey: Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko 2


In this article, we will delve into the journey of Alexa Grasso as she prepares for her rematch against Valentina Shevchenko in the UFC. Grasso is determined to prove herself as the best and retain her championship belt. Let’s take a closer look at her mindset, training, and the significance of this fight.

The Desire to Reclaim What’s Hers

For Alexa Grasso, fighting in the UFC is about more than just winning. It’s about reclaiming what she believes is rightfully hers and continuing her legacy. She wants to prove to the world that she is still the best of the best. Grasso sees this rematch as an opportunity to solidify her position as the champion and show that she deserves to hold the belt.

The Champion vs. The Challenger

Grasso acknowledges that she is now the champion, while Shevchenko is the challenger. She understands that Shevchenko will be coming after her with everything she’s got. Grasso is prepared to face the challenge head-on and give it her all to keep the belt in Mexico and win the fight once again. She knows that being the champion comes with its own set of pressures, but she remains confident in her abilities and is determined to work hard to maintain her position.

The Recognition of Doubters

One of the best things about being the champion, according to Grasso, is the recognition she receives from those who once doubted her. She takes pride in knowing that people now trust in her, cheer for her, and believe in her abilities. This recognition motivates her to continue pushing herself and proving her worth as the champion.

The Evolution of Valentina Shevchenko

Grasso acknowledges that Shevchenko has evolved as a fighter. She recognizes Shevchenko’s technical skills and improved footwork. Shevchenko’s confidence has also grown, and she is determined to reclaim her belt. Grasso knows that she will be facing a more offensive and determined Shevchenko in this rematch. She understands the need to put in extra effort and be mentally prepared to finish the fight once again.

Seizing the Opportunity

Grasso recalls how she got the opportunity to fight for the championship. Initially, she was not in line for the title shot, as she was ranked number five. However, due to an injury to the number one contender, Grasso was offered the chance to fight for the belt. She eagerly accepted the challenge, knowing that she loves testing herself and taking on new challenges. She prepared herself to be the best and shocked the world by winning the belt.

The Importance of the Title Defense

Grasso emphasizes the significance of her first title defense. She will be fighting on September 16th, which is Mexican Independence Day, a highly important date in Mexico. Grasso sees this fight as a dream come true and an opportunity to represent her country. She believes in the energy of this date and is determined to leave every drop of energy in the Octagon. Winning this fight and successfully defending her title means a lot to her and to Mexico.

Training in Thailand

Grasso chose to train in Thailand for this fight because she believes it is the best place for her to prepare. Thailand offers her the opportunity to train with the best partners and enjoy the food, people, and nature of the country. She feels good and free in Thailand, making it the perfect place for her training camp. Grasso believes that her roots are in Thailand, and she feels a strong connection to the country.

Overcoming Regret and Embracing the Champion Mentality

Grasso admits that she had regrets after her loss to Shevchenko. She questioned why she made certain decisions during the fight. However, she understands that dwelling on the past won’t change anything. As a champion, she knows the importance of having a clear mind and a champion’s mentality. Grasso describes her journey as being like mountains with ups and downs. She has successfully defended her title seven times and understands the mental and physical challenges that come with being a champion.

The Second Chance

Grasso sees this rematch as her second chance to reclaim the belt. She knows what to expect from Shevchenko and is prepared for a tough fight. She believes that Shevchenko respects her as an opponent and is training hard for their rematch. Grasso is determined to show her power, strength, and determination in the fight. She won’t give up and is confident that she will come out victorious.

The Support of Family

Grasso’s father has played a significant role in her journey as both a father and a coach. He was her first sponsor and her biggest fan. Grasso is proud to share her success with her father and knows how important he has been in her life. Her uncle also played a role in introducing her to martial arts. Grasso’s family has been instrumental in shaping her into the person and fighter she is today. She is grateful for their support and believes that they have made her a strong woman.

Being a Role Model for Girls

Grasso understands the importance of being a role model for young girls. She wants to show them that they can achieve their dreams and be successful in any field they choose. Grasso believes that Mexico has a lot of talent and hardworking girls who deserve recognition. She wants to be a proof that with determination and hard work, they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

The Similarities Between Shooting and Fighting

Grasso enjoys shooting sports and finds similarities between shooting and fighting. Both require discipline, control, and the ability to make split-second decisions. She understands the importance of treating firearms with respect and acknowledges the danger they can pose if mishandled. Grasso’s nickname, “Bullet,” was given to her by her coach, who has been with her since day one and has helped her become the best version of herself.

The Mindset of a Champion

Grasso describes her fighting style as versatile and technical. She utilizes a wide range of techniques and is known for her power and strength. She sees the tunnel to victory and is determined to go through it. Grasso believes that being a champion means dealing with obstacles and overcoming them. She embraces the struggle and enjoys the process of pushing herself to the limit.

The Biggest Mistake Shevchenko Can Make

Grasso warns Shevchenko not to underestimate her. Shevchenko’s training and preparation show that she respects Grasso as an opponent. Grasso is confident in her abilities and believes that she will be able to find the perfect moment to win the fight. She has trained hard for years and is determined to keep the belt with her.


Alexa Grasso’s journey to reclaim her championship belt is filled with determination, hard work, and a strong support system. She has faced doubts and regrets along the way, but she has learned to embrace the champion mentality and overcome any obstacles in her path. Grasso understands the evolution of her opponent, Valentina Shevchenko, and is prepared for a tough rematch. She sees this fight as her second chance to prove herself and is determined to show her power, strength, and determination in the Octagon. With the support of her family and the desire to be a role model for young girls, Grasso is ready to represent Mexico and defend her title with everything she’s got.

for me is to get back what was mine for
a long time
to continue my legacy and to prove to
the people
said I’m still the best of the best
this fight is a rematch now I’m the
Champion and she’s the Challenger she
has to be the Hunter and I’m prepared
for that I’m gonna give you everything I
have to keep this belt in Mexico and to
win this fight again
thank you
I don’t feel more pressure now that I’m
the champion because I know what I’m
capable of
I’m always confident but never
I know that I have to work super hard
and it’s never going to be easy
the best thing about being the champion
is that now I have the recognition of
everyone who once doubted me
now I know they trust in me they cheer
for me they believe in me
excellent today Alex is really technical
she’s getting better in every excellent
her movements her footwork
it’s really beautiful to watch
she’s confident right now she got that
boost but Valentina wants her bed back
definitely with this fire on her and
she’s gonna be more offensive this time
so Alexa has to put more effort than
ever with the mentality to finish
Valentina again
since my very first
fighting for the time
that I always focus on the Championships
before fighting for the championship for
the first time I was not on the line
because I was not the number one it was
in that moment the number five but the
number one Contender had a big injury so
my coach told me Alexa we had a call are
you ready to fight for the title shot
and I was like hell yeah let’s go let’s
do this I love challenges I love to test
myself so
I was ready and I took the chance and I
prepared myself to be the best
to shock the world
Valentina looking to make it eight
successive flyweight title defenses
when the fight started I felt amazing to
share the octagon with one of the most
dangerous and dominant champions in MMA
I was able to connect with a big
because you have now earned the respect
of the champion with a good shot there
what timing that was beautiful she was
able to put me on the floor but I was
never in danger I was able to get out of
every one of those positions and then
strike again
I know that she was tired I was tired
but I was with this goal that I’m gonna
finish this fight oh
took her back and I said this fight it’s
mine this is going to be over right now
and I trained so much that position my
coaches and my teammates they told me
hey you’re gonna finish her in a real
naked show and then this was the result
she’s got behind the neck that’s two
it was so damn happy I screamed
winning that belt it was for me like
winning a gold medal for Mexico
to win against someone that has done so
much for women’s MMA it’s huge for me
and it was an amazing moment in my life
being the first female Mexican Champion
for me means a lot
my uncle always says let’s write our
name in history and we did it
I’m going to fight September 16th which
is an amazing and super important date
in Mexico it’s the Independence Day
in Mexican Independence Day I’ve seen
canelo’s fight
Chavez we had big big names and now
grazo versus chefchenko means a lot to
me to dream come true
my first title defense
it’s huge for us and I believe in the
energy of this date all the Mexicans
that we’re going to fight in this card
we’re gonna leave every drop of energy
in that case
was in Kyrgyzstan in Japan and then Las
Vegas so it’s kind of like worst war in
three different places
but Thailand is a place where I know for
sure I can have the best training
they enjoy the food enjoy the people
enjoy the nature of Thailand Thailand is
a place where I feel good
a place where I feel free
I like to experience
how people in this country live
my training camp this time
we made in Thailand because I prepared
for such amazing championships here
it’s kind of like my roots I would say
it’s in here
after that loss against Alexa Grasso of
course there is Regret so much thinking
about why you did that in that moment
of course it was sad but I am here not
speaking about that emotions
you have to have your mind very clear
I am champion
my soul is soul of champion
I was born in Kyrgyzstan
in the mountains
these huge culture for martial arts
my mother she is the one who brought me
to the World of Martial Arts
when she 12 years old she already fight
with girls he won the girls who was
but Talent is one second it’s dedication
it’s more important
I describe my journey together where I
I am like mountains with ups and downs
ups and downs I successfully defended
seven times championship fights
when you know it’s gonna be super hard
and you still step in it and moving
forward this is what is championships
I was winning
in just one situation
time for the spinning back fist
got her back taken
oh Sensational job by Alexa Grosso oh my
goodness proving that MMA
you cannot commit not one error not one
miss I think she got it
you have to be the best from the
beginning to the end and the most
incredibly dominant reign in UFC Women’s
flyweight history comes come to an end
you don’t have any right to call
if you are not passing these struggles
it’s already passed
you can’t correct it
martial arts giving you one more chance
and this is what’s the most important
for me because this fight September 16
is gonna be different fight
I know what to expect from grasshop
your fighting style is definitely boxing
and I would add the lucky fight or
chance fighter whatever you want to name
like when fighter doesn’t have ability
to go and destroy the opponent
something happened
trying to use this chance
my next fight is for getting back that
this is the second chance
and I will not miss it
it’s amazing to share this success with
my dad because I know how important he
was in this journey
he was my first sponsor he was my first
I know he’s proud of everything I’m
my uncle used to used to teach her so my
dad and me we were here there was a ring
over there
punching bags when I was young I
remembered I loved to watch my dad and
my uncle training
at some point he told me like hey would
you like to try and I was like yes well
no we have nothing else to do
I fell in love with the sport and he was
so happy I remember his height you know
full of joy like oh my gosh she’s good
doing this she and she liked it and
it’s not difficult to be a father and a
coach because that’s a real work of a
father being a coach not just for the
sports of life I think she’s doing great
to be her father I’m very proud not just
because she’s the champion I’m proud of
her because she’s a human being great
human being
she’s going to represent all the Mexican
I just smile not just with my face
with myself you know
I know how hard my parents worked for me
to have a good life a better life than
them to have a better education
to have better values
to have better control of myself
so I’m super thankful with my parents
for everything they’ve done because
they’ve made me a super super strong
and so
I think that I can help this board to
grow a lot more with my determination
because I know that I can be a good role
model for a lot of girls
I just want them to see me as a proof
that you can achieve the life of your
dreams address
I know that we have a lot of talent here
in Mexico we have a lot of girls working
so hard giving their best every single
day in the gym
you know
the best way to help the sport is
winning this fight
and representing Mexico all over the
oh boy
what makes Valentina dangerous is now
she wants the belt so so bad with her I
know that she’s training different and
that says to me that she respects me
that she is training so hard because I’m
not an easy fight for anyone
Alexa is really well prepared this time
than the other and more confident
we’re gonna have a technical Alexa more
and with a bunch of power more powerful
than ever
excellent It’s really beautiful to watch
you know how good Valentina is but we
are ready for everything
I never give up I’m super tough
one Valentina to feel my power my
strength my determination and that I
won’t give up any minute of the fight
because I’m gonna win
I enjoy shooting sport practicing my
skills on the shooting range
this Sports is bring you
your ability to control the gun
you have to understand
how dangerous it can be
if you are not treating it the right way
to that period
similarity between shooting and fighting
you can be in trouble and you have just
seconds to resolve it
my nickname is a bullet
I got from my coach before my first
professional fight
is kind of like coach who can create
from any person the best version
he’s my coach from day one
when I was growing up I was competing in
all kinds of martial arts
he has the idea that his student has to
be like Universal Fighters
I put all my heart into the training
for all the 30 years he’s still singing
how to make better myself
how to add more dangerous things into my
of course it’s hard training is hard
competing is hard
many fighters just breaking from all
that pressure
bullet Valentina
its speed it’s a power
when you shoot it shoot
a dangerous woman
oh my God
two words described chefchenko ice cold
oh still the best in the world by a mile
just a different planet to the people
that are challenging her
ten do it and still the Undisputed best
in the world get her another Ruby for
the belt greatest flyweight champion in
UFC history
thank you
no matter good or bad knee
when you’re a champion
every single person like all media
saying how great you are how amazing you
are doing
with one loss it’s different
but it doesn’t change anything you’re
still the same person
I enjoy the result of the struggle five
seconds last five seconds strong
you have the obstacle in front of you
and you deal with it
my fighting style it’s
using as much techniques as I know
real bullet Valentina
it’s very powerful very strong
it’s going from the beginning to the end
I see the tunnel and this is like tonal
for the Victory and I go through that
for my victory
will see the most explosive the most
powerful the most dangerous version of
bullet Valentina
good okay take all gloves she gonna see
the worst version of bullet Valentina
I gonna go there I gonna break her and
leave the Octagon visible
being champion of UFC it’s their highest
dream of every athlete
there’s only one way for me
the biggest mistake Valentina can make
is to underestimate me I will search the
perfect moment the perfect punch the
perfect takedown to win this fight
because I’ve been training so hard for
all these years and I’m gonna keep this
belt with me
I know exactly what I gonna do
I gonna go there and break everyone
who’s in front of me
get back UC Championship belt
this time
it’s gonna be completely no mercy
I gonna go there
and Destroy her

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