Daniel Cormier reacts to HUGE scorecard CONTROVERSY in Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko rematch

In this article, we will discuss the recent rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko and the controversial scorecard that has caused quite a stir in the UFC community. Daniel Cormier, a former UFC fighter and current commentator, shared his thoughts on the fight and the questionable judging decision. Let’s dive in!

A Night of Unbelievable Success

The UFC event at the T-Mobile Arena was nothing short of spectacular. The atmosphere was electric, and the fights were top-notch. Daniel Cormier spoke to many people who attended the event and received overwhelming positive feedback. The Mexican fans, in particular, showed incredible support, making the event feel like a numbered event rather than just a regular fight night.

Valentina Shevchenko vs. Alexa Grasso: A Classic Rematch

The main event of the night featured a rematch between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. These two women fought at the top of their division, showcasing the highest level of female mixed martial arts. Valentina came into the fight with a different game plan, expressing her anger and determination to dominate. She showcased her skills with a beautiful jab and combinations, as well as her ability to control Grasso on the ground.

The Fight Breakdown

The fight was closely contested, with both fighters having their moments. In round one, Valentina won the round with her striking and a late takedown. Round two saw Grasso fight back, dropping Valentina and scoring points with her striking. Despite being taken down, the judges scored the round in favor of Grasso based on the damage and control she exhibited.

Round three saw Valentina go back to her wrestling, controlling the round with her grappling. Round four was a split decision, with two judges scoring it for Valentina and one for Grasso. Cormier himself scored the round for Grasso, impressed by her knees and ground and pound.

The Controversial Scorecard

Round five is where things got interesting. Grasso was winning the round until she got taken down with about two minutes to go. Valentina dominated the ground game, landing ground and pound and submission attempts. However, one judge, Mike Bell, scored the round 10-8 in favor of Grasso, which many found to be an absurd scorecard. The crowd reacted in disbelief, thinking that their champion had lost.

The Aftermath and the Need for a Rematch

Despite the controversial scorecard, Valentina Shevchenko retained her title, and the fight ended in a draw. Cormier expressed his disappointment with the judging, particularly with Bell’s scorecard. He also mentioned the importance of the event for Mexican fighters, as it was built around Mexican Independence Day. He believes that a rematch between Shevchenko and Grasso is necessary, as it promises to be another tremendous fight between these two talented women.

Other Notable Fights

Aside from the main event, there were several other notable fights at the UFC event. Jack Dela Madalena and Kevin Holland had a close fight, with Dela Madalena ultimately winning by split decision. Raul Rosas Jr. made a comeback after his first career loss and delivered a phenomenal performance against Terence Mitchell. Lupi Godinez and Roman Kopylov also had impressive victories, with Godinez showcasing the best performance of her career.

Tracy Cortez’s Return to Victory

Tracy Cortez’s fight against Jasmine Jasudavicius was a significant moment for her. She had faced personal and professional challenges over the past year, and her victory was a testament to her resilience and determination. Cormier commended Cortez for her perseverance and the hard road she had to overcome.

A Historical Weekend for the UFC and Mexico

The UFC event coincided with Mexican Independence Day, making it a historical weekend for both the UFC and Mexico. The atmosphere was electric, and the crowd celebrated the achievements of Mexican fighters like Cain Velasquez and Brandon Moreno. Cormier expressed his pride in seeing Velasquez become the first Mexican-born UFC champion and Moreno’s rise as a Mexican superstar.

Closing Thoughts

Daniel Cormier concluded his commentary by expressing his gratitude to the viewers and subscribers. He mentioned that his upcoming weekends would be free, but he hoped that he would be missed. He thanked everyone for their support and signed off with a message of peace.

In conclusion, the UFC event at the T-Mobile Arena was a tremendous success, with the main event between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso being a highlight. Despite the controversial scorecard, the fight showcased the incredible talent and skill of both fighters. The event also celebrated the achievements of Mexican fighters and left a lasting impact on the UFC community.

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no J UFC was a
unbelievable success what a fantastic
night from a T-Mobile Arena I spoke to
so many people just text messages over
the course of the night people were
blown away with the atmosphere it was
honestly pay-per-view level from the
fighting to the crowd it didn’t feel any
different to me I felt like
I was at a numbered event it was that
good the Mexican fans really showed out
tonight guys they had these jerseys that
say Noche UFC as the boy miles breaks it
down again I tried to get one three
times I went to the product department
they didn’t have none then all of a
sudden the product Department says we
put more out DC go up there they didn’t
want to give me none free by the time we
got up there to get one of the jerseys
they were sold out again
the pride in this building tonight was
crazy and all the Mexican Fighters felt
it guys
this fight car was built around Mexican
Independence Day and you know Alexa Ross
was from Guadalajara Jalisco Canelo
Alvarez is from there and generally one
of those big time boxers headlines this
weekend in Las Vegas and honestly
UFC feels like it should be headlining
this weekend every single year because
this place was on fire by the time we
got to the main event nuts Alexa Grosso
and Valentina sharpchenko put on an
absolute classic two women fighting at
the top of their division and really
setting the standard for what female
makes martial arts is and can be down
the line if if women aren’t proven to
this level right now I can’t wait for
what happens three five years down the
Valentina came out with a different game
plan this week all week she said
she was mad she was angry she intended
to dominate and she fought like she
thought that she could do that she
fought behind a beautiful Jab
she fall behind beautiful combination
bunching and once again she showed that
she can control Alexa Grosso on the
ground she she showed that she has that
ability to be able to not only take
Russell down but hold it down in spots
because then I think what really
dictated the fight as it went longer was
Rafa’s ability to get up once she got
taken down
we get taken down she’ll get right back
to her feet
round one I thought Valentina fought
beautifully she won the round behind her
striking she got to take down late
control the round two Alexa Grosso
fought really really well she she
dropped Valentina chefchenko
now Valentina took her down
took her down and
she was able to control her
but not do much damage so they still
scored the round for Alexa Grosso which
made me feel good about the judging
because it made me feel like they got it
right right regardless of she get her
getting taken down they put the onus on
the damage and the control that Alexa
Grosso had round two round three
Valentine goes back to the wrestling she
controls round three with the rest of
round four two judges scored it for
Valentino one scored it for Alexa Grosso
I myself had to run for Alexa Grosso why
she was able to land those good knees
gotta take down Landing some grounding
pounds now
Valentina was fighting very well to
start that round but then Alexa Grosso
fought our way back into there and only
one judge gave it to her conedra I think
her name ISRO gave the round to Alexa
Grosso round four I thought she won that
round round five is where things get a
little crazy
round five is where gets crazy
Mike Bell scores the fifth round for
Alexa Grosso let’s be honest let’s start
around five was Alexa grosso’s mom she
was winning that round
and then she gets taken down at the end
of the round but about two minutes to go
and sure she gets dominated she got
grounding pounds she’s some submission
attempts and she handily lost that round
handle it lost that round I get in the
Octagon I’m waiting to interview whoever
won because remember if I’m scoring the
fight in my mind I think that Alexa
gross was in a routine
I get something
it’s a draw anytime guys Bruce Buffer
takes a while to come back into the
Acton you should get worried because it
doesn’t take that long for the
scorecards to come in so I start to get
a little worried when it took Bruce a
while to get into the octagon it’s a
draw and it felt to me like Mike Bell I
don’t know what he could have watched to
score that fifth round attendee for
Alexa grossful now this she won the
round no doubt about it she won the
round but a 1080 is just
it is honestly one of the worst
scorecards that I’ve seen in a really
long time and think about how an event
can leave you feeling so like
especially on a night when you saw
Edgar Torres and Daniel lucerta
call the no contest or no decision
because an official uh made a call where
he jumped in a little too early and
honestly I like Chris danieli he’s a
wrestling coach and he asked me inside
the OCTA on this what did you guys think
I said in his face I said I thought you
made a mistake I said you gotta wait
because when I grabbed his arm a couple
times and the third time it kind of
dropped I go I understand everything’s
moving past you’re working in real time
but I thought he made a mistake so from
Mike Bell’s judging that 10 8 absurd
Tanya only made a mistake on that call
but it wasn’t as egregious as the Mike
Bell scorecard to score that team
literally people were astounded at that
scorecard and honestly the crowd reacted
in a way where they thought that their
Champion lost but then they announced
for and still and everything felt like
they kind of went back to celebrate
gotta run it back we gotta have these
two women fight against and I feel like
every time we match them up we are in
line for a tremendous fight between
these two in the co-main event Jack
delamat Elena part Kevin Holland and he
won a split decision it was the biggest
fight of Della madalena’s career and he
stepped up to the challenge against
Kevin Holland who fought a good fight
himself and I don’t know if anyone would
be upset regardless of who won the fight
but it doesn’t feel like anybody got
robbed with Jack Della madalena winning
the fight he was very responsible with
his defenses and he landed good shots
Kevin Allen also had his moments
Raul Ross’s Jr came back from the first
time he ever lost his career and had one
of the greatest performances he
destroyed Terence Mitchell and
it was
phenomenal to see because you never know
how a kid at 18 years old will respond
with that being said I feel like I
didn’t do them Justice by bringing up
the laws as the first question I feel
like I should have led with something
better opposed to how he got over the
adversity now for me I’ve dealt with a
ton of adversity so I want to know that
but in reality I should have been in
there to uplift Raul Wilson’s Junior I
shouldn’t have brought up his losses so
for that my bad I shouldn’t have done in
my apologies to how he fought
beautifully tonight what a tremendous
performance by that young man and it
shows that regardless of age you can get
back on the horse and correct things and
now it feels like once again it’s all
systems go for Raul Rochas Jr uh we saw
Lupi godinez as the best performance of
his career we saw Roman copulov once
again knock somebody out this guy’s not
enough poor guys out in a row in the
middleweight division
welcome back Tracy Cortez you know she
has gone through a lot over the course
of the last year personally and
professionally we spoke to her in the
fighter meeting and she was crying
because it took her it was such a hard
Road for her to get back she fought a
new war tonight against Jasmine Jazz
Division and she got the job done so
overall guys a great night of fights
from the Apex
no J UFC was a tremendous success and I
hope this becomes a yearly thing because
the UFC fans deserve it what an
atmosphere uh we got to show my boy Kane
Velasquez uh one of the UFC championship
and really becoming the first Mexican
Champion he wasn’t mexican-born but he
was the first Mexican Champion first
generation Mexican superstar Brandon
Moreno joined it was just a fantastic
night to celebrate a historical weekend
for the UFC and for Mexico
um guys that’s it for me I got a couple
weekends off I hope you miss me I hope
you miss me maybe you won’t or maybe
you’ll just be happy that I’m gone until
next time guys like subscribe hey a
million views in a week last week I
appreciate you till next time peace
thank you

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