Dawson Vs Green Predictions and Bets

In this article, we will be breaking down the full card for UFC Vegas 80, featuring the main event between Grant Dawson and Bobby Green. We will analyze each fight, provide predictions, and discuss potential betting opportunities. So let’s dive right in!

Ricky Glenn vs. Drew Dober

Ricky Glenn is a decent boxer with a Southpaw stance and a strong left hand. However, he has only fought four times in the past five years and hasn’t faced top-level competition. In his last fight, he was knocked out in the first round by Chris R. On the other hand, Drew Dober has good offensive and defensive wrestling skills, solid Southpaw boxing, and powerful kicks. He is expected to put pressure on Glenn from the beginning and land some big shots. The prediction for this fight is a knockout victory for Drew Dober.

Joe Piper vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan

Joe Piper is known for his excellent boxing skills, great nickname “Body Bags,” and KO power in his right hand. He has a long jab and a powerful left hook. However, he hasn’t faced high-level competition throughout his career and has limited experience in wrestling and BJJ. Abdul Razak Alhassan, on the other hand, is a savage with excellent boxing, a Judo black belt, and good wrestling skills. He has been training with the Elevation Fight Team and has shown improvement in his recent fights. Alhassan has KO power in both hands and head kicks, and he is known for his durability, cardio, and toughness. He has 11 first-round finishes and one second-round finish in his career. The prediction for this fight is a victory for Abdul Razak Alhassan.

Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green

Grant Dawson has looked impressive since moving down to featherweight. He has shown improved cardio, strength, and confidence in his fights. Dawson is a strong grappler with good wrestling skills and a solid ground-and-pound game. His striking has also improved, with his leg kicks and jab looking sharp. On the other hand, Bobby Green is a veteran with good boxing skills, the ability to switch stances, and a high volume of strikes. He is durable, tough, and has good cardio. Green also has decent takedown defense and offensive wrestling. However, his submission defense looked weak in his fight against Islam Makhachev. The prediction for this fight is a victory for Grant Dawson, with a submission finish in the later rounds.


UFC Vegas 80 promises to be an exciting event with several intriguing matchups. Drew Dober is predicted to secure a knockout victory over Ricky Glenn, while Abdul Razak Alhassan is expected to come out on top against Joe Piper. In the main event, Grant Dawson is favored to defeat Bobby Green by submission. As always, anything can happen in MMA, so make sure to tune in and enjoy the action-packed fights. Don’t forget to check out Face Meat Fist on Instagram for some awesome merchandise. And if you’re feeling lucky, enter the contest by leaving your best three-fight parlay with the odds for a chance to win a Face Meat Fist shirt. Let’s enjoy the fights and hopefully, we’ll see some exciting finishes and make some money along the way!

what is up everybody it’s Cody with blood Money MMA bets and I’m back with another full car breakdown this is for
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on it and that that’s the way I like it I think it’s so much easier picking vet fights then you know thinking some new dudes that have some Regional scene
fights that you can’t really can’t really tell how good or not good they are but um yeah man I think this is
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quick recap of UFC Vegas 79 which was a super tricky card I I I know a lot of
people lost on it and it was a hard card to call you had disqualifications you had so much stupid stuff weird stuff
that happened so um shout out to anybody that won money on it and even the people that lost man You’ be back uh UFC Vegas
79 though three and two for plus 1.35 units um felt good about it it could have been a
bigger night but you know crazy stuff happens three winning bets were just straight up uh moneyline bets muhamad
Usman plus two units you know it was a tough fight in the first round but we know Kier comes out uh fast and then
Fades out and that’s what happened Usman got that easy win for us Brian battle man um looked great in the second round
you know got dropped in the first but he he was a bigger better fighter and it showed in that second round plus two units on that and Miles Johns I tried to
tell the world the whole world Craig man plus 3.9 units on that yeah he had a just as is good at wrestling which was
going to be able to keep standing where he was going to be able to beat up aretta and that’s what happened aretta is still good man the kid’s tough uh
he’s going to beat most dudes that aren’t excellent wrestlers like like miles Johns that just have you know better striking two losing bets I had
Marina Rodriguez by decision and who knew she was going to come out like the Terminator and just destroy freaking
Waton like that so minus 3.3 units on that then I had the hos vers jardan over 2.5 and it was looking good you know
hamos was Landing the takedowns like I thought he had some top then boom out of nowhere gets hit with the guillotine so
um shout out to Charles jordane he’s just been proving me wrong for a long time now and I can’t do nothing but put some respect on his name definitely to
definitely a dude to watch you know he’s only 27 he was fighting very tough dudes like 24 25 so uh this this kid’s going
to be good for a long time in the UFC but yeah man three and two on Vegas 79 plus 1.35 units this is the start of
another 10we winning streak and um yeah man we’re just going to I Love The Bets I have on this card I’m telling you I’m
going to hit big this week but uh this week will be the second winning week but um that brings my overall betting record
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the layer cake patreon the layer cake Discord like I said um there’s a lot of sharp people in there we got my boy Snus
that came through with the Mohamad Usman win uh wager 250 to get 435 back
excellent win Snus appreciate all the support all the time Donovan out here killing it man Muhammad Usman got him at
minus one30 uh which was an excellent line 130 to win 100 smooth easy bet look
at everybody out here killing the O Usman OG NGM man 150 to win 250 smooth
clean easy look at Eli cleaning up with the Brundage by KO in round one 10 to
win 190 that’s amazing hit Eli Mark Frost coming through with the Brundage in round one 10 to win 150 Chad Daddy
got the plus 2,000 odds look at chatty out here killing it 10 to win 210 man um
or TN 200 excellent excellent bet Snus with another fire bet with the miles
Johns at plus 154 put 20 200 to get 500 back killed it Usman John smooth smooth
easy bets Epic King bets man hit uh same game parlay with Usman and over 1.5
rounds plus 115 that was smooth miles John’s plus 150 just hitting it straight because the the the odds were nice the
The Bookies and and certain people want to bet stuff up and tell you who the who the favorite should be and that’s just not how it should be you gotta you gotta
know who’s gonna be better in certain spots sner is Charles jordane minus 13550 to win 261 killed it OG got the uh
Brian battle man that you had some easy bets OG killed it you killed it uh Luigi
uh Tim Means by KO look at that plus 4305 to win 26 bro you killed that bet
John Carr out here Place three team parlay jordane under 2.5 Brian battle Marino Rodriguez inside the distance
that was a hell of a bet hell of a bet man um Daniel Daniel’s out here with
Muhammad Usman Brian battle and Miles John’s all in uh uh parlay I believe no
oh no all different straight bets just straight bets that’s like your style Daniel out here killing it Marina
Rodriguez in the over 1.5 just killing it killing it and uh Rocky hitting big right here with the Usman miles Johns
Charles Jordan Brian battle Bryce Mitchell matteas gamr man 250 bringing
back eight 82 88,200 Rocky you killed that static Reaper as always man Statics
always killing I’ll read these for you gamr Mitchell jordane battle Rodriguez Usman Johns means seven to win uh
927 that is crazy that is a killer hit uh static Reaper man always putting out
good stuff and craw had Usman battle Rodriguez that’s that’s smooth BET right there 695 to win 2400 excellent bet
crawl and then you had Muhammad Usman a straight up wager which was phenomenal and um two legs oh vial yeah yeah that
was that was crazy but um you that that that was an excellent excellent run by
everybody I appreciate everybody that that that hangs out in the layer cake Discord man I appreciate everybody that
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leaving a comment I really appreciate all you guys so with that being said
let’s get into this uh UFC Vegas 80 which is going to be like I said a good
card I’m really looking forward to it I have um three bets on this card that are Underdog bets I have all five of my bets
in but we got three Underdog bets and um I’m really loving them I think this is going to be a super big night so let’s
get into the first fight which is going to be Montana Delarosa vers JJ Aldridge
uh women’s flyweight you got mantana Montana Del La Rosa 12 uh eight and one
currently sitting at um she’s at plus 110 5 foot7 with the 68 inch reach versus JJ Aldridge who’s 12 and six 31
years old 55 with the 67 inch reach and she’s minus 130 right now um Montana Delarosa she’s got good wrestling she
wrestled in high school she’s a big girl she’s got really good wrestling in this division she she sticks to a game plan
which I really like she’s got good clinch good clinch takedown she’s got excellent cardio and toughness um she’s
fought some really good girls in the UFC I mean like really good Andrew Lee Vivian Ario Mo ruo Silva lipsky’s pretty
good but Macy Barber Tatiana Suarez who’s going to be the champ at 115 and 125 here in the future um Ben that’s
that’s a murderous row and to get that draw with buyo Silva is good but she’s got very improved boxing um her standups
been looking really improved she’s got really good cardio she’s got really good body lock takedowns um just good
wrestling good clinch good clinch knees she’s super tough super durable she took some big shots in that buo Silva fight
was able to fight through it um she’s got really good Jiu-Jitsu she’s heavy on top when she gets the taked down she keeps girls down like Ariana lipsky
where she beat her down at the end of the second round and um you seen JJ Aldridge wasn’t even able to do anything
to lipsky but I do like how Montana she’s only 28 years old how she’s been improving a ton she’s big girl 5 foot s
with a 68 inch reach so you see she’s gonna be two inches taller and have a half inch reach but she’s a big girl for 125 and JJ Aldridge used to fight at 115
and came up to 125 JJ Aldridge she’s got decent southpaw boxing um I’m not
impressed with anything about her game at all she’s got pretty decent Southpaw Bo boxing she’s got she don’t throw no
kicks she’s got decent takedown defense she’s got decent takedowns herself on the ground her get up game is not all
that great but um she’s durable she’s tough um she has a bad bad cardio in my
opinion she usually slows down after the first round she goes hard in the first round and then um it shows when she’s fighting these bigger girls at 125
she’ll have a good first round against them and then the second round they’ve just been wearing on her and they finish her when she fights other smaller 125s
she does good I mean if she fights Jillian Robertson Who’s down at 115 now she does good she’s able to stop the takedowns and just piece her up a little
bit on the feet but when she fights someone like blanchfield or uh uh who was it Macy Barber she had a good first
round against both them girls but them girls just keep wearing on it wearing on her wearing on her and they both finished her in the second round you see
both in the second round almost the exact same time three about what TW 15 seconds apart because she does she slows
down in that second round she’s coming this fight on short notice Macy bar or U um Montana Delarosa was supposed to
fight somebody else um I’ll look at it here in a second well she wasn’t able to get to that but JJ aers looked pretty
decent in their last fight against nalang but do not let that fool you nalang is one of the worst fighters in the history of the UFC then she got beat
up by Ariana lipsky the whole time standing up couldn’t land a takedown couldn’t do nothing got beat up for three rounds um had a good first round
against Aaron blanchfield which is causing people to lose money on her because that’s what they go back to everybody knows that JJ Aldridge isn’t
that good it’s just just there like well she had a great first round against Aaron blanchfield and and she took her down but then she folded she she looked
good against Macy Barbera in the first round too but uh she slows down she folds she’s she’s she’s good Hammer bad
nail she had lost to Sabina Mazo but like I said decent Southpaw boxing decent jab if she can get on top she’s
pretty heavy on top with decent ground and pound and a decent straight left but other than that she’s not that good I got mantana Delarosa here I’m really
high on Montana Montana delar Rosa this week I think she’s going to be bigger she pushes a pace she’s going to be able
to clinch on JJ and even if she don’t get the take Downs right away she’ll keep wearing on her wearing on her she has the Striking to stand with JJ
Aldridge JJ Aldridge is not dangerous anywhere she doesn’t she’s just not all that great um I love Montana delar Roa
here first round should be pretty close Montana’s gonna wear on her put pressure put pressure by the second round Montana delar R Roa will start Landing takedowns
and I actually think especially with JJ on short notice and she has a bad gas tank anyways I actually think that Montana can finish her in that second or
third round by submission if you look at Montana delar Rosa she has what eight eight submission wins one KO she’s
actually finished nine out of her 12 wins so I think she can finish JJ Audrey here in that second or third round just
being the bigger girl better cardio putting the pace and pressure on her and I’m getting that win next fight is in
the women’s strawweight division we got Carolina Cola Kix versus Diana Belita uh
Carolina is 15 and seven currently sitting at minus 170 she’s 37 years old 53 with a 64 inch reach Diana Belita is
15 and seven currently sitting at plus 140 27 years old 57 the 68 inch reach so
you see Belita has four inches a height and four inches a reach Carolina she’s a
veteran man she’s been fighting in the UFC forever she’s fought the best of the best lost the most of them but has a
couple decent wins in her career but um fought for the title against uh JJ back in the day she had good fights with
clauda gellia got knocked out stiff by Jessica Andra went on that five fight losing streak where she did not look
good but she was fighting good girls Gomez grao Yan pan was a terrible loss but then you know she she got a step
back competition where she got Feliz herig sylvana Gomez Warz and then Vanessa dimopulos and she looked pretty
decent in all them fights the go Warz fight was close but she has um good Muay Thai striking she comes from a Muay Thai
background she’s got pretty good wrestling um she doesn’t throw too many kicks but she’s got decent V boxing
volume and good forward pressure and um good takedowns when she gets when she gets the fight to the ground she’s good
at taking the back and she can hold the girl there for the whole uh whole round if she needs to um Diana BB she’s a
kickboxer big Long Tall kickboxer from Romania very aggressive Striker um powerful kickboxing she throws heat you
seen her drop Hannah Goldie she’s put hands on a bunch girl she was hitting Maria aloa with some real good stuff um
she’s got a really good clinch really good clinch KN she seems P pretty physically strong like I said she’s pretty big girl 5 foot s with that 68
inch reach she’s only 27 years old she’s had some ups and downs in the UFC you know Molly mccan gave her a little bit
of a beating but that’s expected Mal mccan at that point was way more well-rounded uh just been in the UFC a
lot longer lyanna jojua that was a bad loss she got the taked down on jojua and the jojua Just Hits the Armon bar from
guard which you’ll have that but um Bita probably shouldn’t have been wrestling too much anyways being you know she’s a
a Romanian kickboxing champ um Hannah Goldie she looked good in that fight against Gloria deala she came out really
strong in the first round and then she slowed down in that second and third and dalala started catching her game and
started picking her apart a little bit but I like how she looked against alivea man she she showed excellent cardio
excellent toughness she showed she was even Landing takedowns of her she got taken down early in the first run and the second was able to work up to her
feet um didn’t didn’t accept bottom position at all and threw a ton of value and put a crazy PR on and just looked
really really really good um in that fight I know this is you know it’s a crazy step from kolina to alivea but in
this fight I’m gonna take Diana Belita um if if karolina when I watched her wrestle against guas Warz she took her
down in the first round controlled her you know but in the second round she looked tired really tired and she didn’t land another take down the rest of the
fight and I thought War has kind of beat her up on the feet so I think if she does that to Belita and takes her down and Belita works up because kolina is a
Muay girl she’s not a a wrestler even though she does have good wrestling and grappling I think it wears on her more
so this is going to be a very very close fight I think that line is off where Carolina was plus 190 I wanted to bet
belb at plus 165 but um I I just didn’t get to it you know she didn’t make him the bets but I am gonna pick Bel to win
here by by decision I’m not super super confident in it but I just think that she has a good size Advantage I think
she may have a cardio advantage and um she’s going to hit harder another thing about Carolina Carolina is when she’s
been getting hit lately after since she’s got knocked out by andr she kind of gets stunned like shocked by every hit it kind of like stiffens her a
little bit so look out for that I think bel’s got that reach Advantage size advantage and I think she may have a cardio Advantage here she’s what 10
years younger so um give me Bel but you know I’m not going to be betting that but I I can’t blame anybody getting that
good plus money on her next fight is in the men’s flyweight division we got Nate Maness versus Matas mandosa uh Nate
Maness is 14 and three currently sitting at plus 220 he’s 5 foot1 with a 72 inch
reach Matas mendosa is 10 and one currently sitting at minus 270 he’s a 56
with the 71.5 inch reach so you see uh Nate Maness is gonna have a 4 inch reach
Advantage with a half inch or a 4 inch height Advantage with a half inch reach and this is going to be a super
good fight mate Maness you know this is the second attempt that uh WWE he was fighting at 135 where he was pretty tall
and skinny you know 510 135 and then somehow dropped down to 125 and his last fight you know was looking okay against
Ulen beckov got taken down and just got caught in a guillotine on on the scramble when he was trying to stand up man and Ulen beckup sent that in quick
before that he got taken down and held down by uh Umar but you’ll have that you know before that though he looked good
against Tony gravley he got sent to the shadow Realms with two seconds left in the first round barely recovers gets
into the second round comes out moving around moving around boom and hits Gravely with that that big shot puts him
out of there against Luke Sanders man he was taking a beating in that fight he got hurt in the first round bad he got beat up a little bit in the second and
then lands a big shot with that right hand which he’s got good power in was able to get Luke Sanders out of there and had a suspect win against Johnny
Munoz you know kind of a boring fight where Munoz lost a point and uh that ended up helping him get the win but
yeah man um good boxing he he’s got good boxing he’s got good power in that right hand he throws a nice onew he’s got
pretty good offensive wrestling pretty good defensive wrestling uh his his takedown defense is looking good like
graly got him down one time he got back up and uh graly couldn’t land another takedown against Muno he was able to
take him down twice hold him down but he had really good Jiu-Jitsu in that fight but uh KO power in his right hand decent
offensive wrestling and he’s really tough man and and he’s got power he’s got K real fight finishing power you see
him against gralley Sanders all them um but uh you know kind of basic just looking to box with you a little bit and
stop the takedowns Matas man this dude is a shoot box guys so you already know he’s going to be super aggressive
training with Charlie olives Daniel Santos Elvis brener what was the other dude we just seen fight manal cop that
crazy dude Santos you know so it’s um it’s a lot of lot of lot of stuff going
on there at shoot box this one of my favorite camps these days I don’t know how long these dudes are going to be able to fight for I don’t think they’re
these dudes are gonna have TW 12 year careers or nothing but it’s going to be fun while it lasts um Matas man shoot
box Muay Thai is on point powerful leg kicks excellent power in his hands you seen against Javin bashat he looked
pretty good even in a loss you know he landed some big shots he was able to take bashat down sto some of the takedowns you know he was pulling
guilotine and that’s how bosro was able to get on top in a couple of the rounds but he did look good against bosro it
was a tough fight even at the end bosot said this kid’s gonna be good really good forward pressure really good boxing
power good offensive and defensive wrestling good body lock takedowns nice powerful kicks his submissions are nice
he’s got good armar triangle choke kamur you know uh three KO three submissions
and three decision decision win the kid mixes it up he’s got a decent cardio he did slow down against bosra after about
a round and a half where he was wrestling very very heavy but um still looked uh still looked pretty good in
the third round you know kind of slowed down but I’m really high on bosra but this is going to be a really really good fight man Nate Maness with that size
Advantage really makes me look at him you know four inches height and half inch a reach but matteas mosa is just so
much more dangerous um he’s dropping down to 1252 so we have to see where these guys is Chim and cardos at here
he’s fighting at 13 before that but um give me mendosa I think that he’s going to have you know the the more
well-rounded game I think he’s going to be able to land some takedowns on menes I think he’s going to be able to box with Maness and as long as he can stay
out way out of the way of getting hit with that big right hand I think he gets the win here but I’m probably not could
be bet on that fight at all next fight is in the men’s uh bantamweight division we got Chris guti Aras versus Montel
Jackson Chris GTI AAS is 194 and2 currently sitting at plus 160 he’s 5’9
with a 67 in reach Montel Jackson’s 13-2 he’s currently sitting at minus 180 he’s 5’10 with a 75.5 inch reach so you see
Montel Jackson has one inch of height and he’s going to have uh eight and a half inches of reach which is huge
especially at 135 Chris Gutierrez he’s good fighter you know he’s got good speed good movement excellent leg kicks
as everybody knows he’s got a decent spinning back fist Den now back to Raw will agree with that um pretty good
boxing but it’s like mid at best he doesn’t use his hands all that much moving around he’s wan to kick you kick you and um not the best boxing I was
watching against Felipe corales man where corales was beating him up I kind of thought corales won that fight he landed a takedown in the third he was
putting a lot of pressure on um Chris Gutierrez but uh mid boxing pretty good takedown D good speed movement um but
yeah I I don’t really like the the small cage for him he looked good against Frankie Edgar hit that flying knee but
against Pedro Munos you know he got dropped in that first round and after that he was just low output and that’s the thing is he’s very low output all he
does is throw leg kicks and a little little bit of boxing and then just does a lot of movement you know um he’s
pretty good though he’s pretty good but Montel Jackson I really like this dude’s boxing he’s got phenomenal Southpaw
boxing it’s long it’s fast his one two is fast quick he’s got giant hands so when he hits these dudes you know they
drop a lot he’s got some of the most knockdowns at 135 I know he knocked bu down like five times knocked AR down two
times knocked ya ya down a couple times knocked ster down a couple times but uh the dude is Big um for
135 he’s got excellent wrestling he com from a wrestling background they said this kid could have made uh tried out
for the Olympics and stuff like that but went into fighting really nice wrestling really nice BJJ um is onew fast powerful
he’s got a strong clinch strong clinch knees You’ seen against arse um and then he’s just got uh he he he took off on um
on uh who was that who did I watch uh oh Felipe Karis
he fought the same dude that um that uh Gutierrez fought but he beat the hell out of Claris you know he threw like a
15 punch combo at the end of the first round cracked him with all of them uh Filipe Clara survived and it looked like
uh Montel Jackson was tired and he fought the next two rounds tired and like a Savage man landing takedowns and
just fought through it looks looks excellent I’m pretty high on Montel Jackson and and in the small cage here I
think that’s gonna help him so much because Gutierrez likes to use his speed movement um you know very low output but
trying to hit stick and move basically but in the cage you know you’re taking about in the small cage you’re going to take about 30% of his movement and
Speedway because you back him up so quick to the cage Montel Jackson using that 8 inch reach Advantage with the
excellent boxing and Chris Gutierrez doesn’t have no boxing he only has that leg kick then you add in the fact that Montel Jackson’s a southpaw so it’s
going to be a little bit harder for Gutierrez to get them kicks off on him um I think everything even the small
cage the long boxing of Jackson the phenomenal wrestling of Jackson everything favors Montel Jackson the
only thing Chris Gutierrez has is leg kicks and he’s only ever leg kicked and stopped freaking uh Vince Morales but um
he ain’t gonna get that on Montel Jackson every time he’s going to try to fire off them leg kakes Jackson going to hit him with some long punches and and
Gutierrez slows down too if you watch him um in in that fight with corales he slowed down in the third round got taken
down I actually thought he lost that fight when he got taken down but um he’s got a a weird thing about Chris
Gutierrez too is this dude has 25 professional fights and he has five split decisions in two draws so um over
30% of his fights are going to split decisions in draws it’s not because he’s having these great fights against great people it’s just he doesn’t pull away so
low output I I see Montel Jackson pulling away in this fight landed some big shots maybe even
dropping him and getting the wrestling going and better cardio I’m all I’m all over Mont Jackson here I definitely like
him next fight is in the men’s bantamweight division we got Johnny Munos Jr versus aori Q Lang Munos Jr is
12 and three currently sitting at minus 110 uh he’s 5 foot n with a 71 inch
reach uh aori Kang is 24 and 11 currently sitting at minus 110 5 foot7
with the 69.3 inch reach so you see I think that’s a lie though because they said aor Q Lang was 5 foot7 and he his
La uh let’s see not zahab but um let’s see real quick Jay parin they said that
Jay perin’s 5 foot7 they said these guys were the same size and and AQ Lang was at least two inches taller he he was a
lot bigger so I’m gonna say he’s more like five9 but um so these guys should have about the same height Munoz have
that two inches of reach Johnny Munoz decent striking um against people that don’t have good striking he looks kind
of comfortable against uh Ludovic shin and people like that that are other Grapplers that don’t have good striking
but his striking is okay but you seen against Daniel Santos he wouldn’t he was just pulling guard pulling guard he did
not want to strike at all with him you seen against Tony gralley he was hit with that uppercut when he shot in for a
shot for a takedown and got knocked out real quick but other than that he’s looked pretty decent he doesn’t have the best you know wins in the world Jamie
Simmons and and Ludovic shaan’s terrible um and then he looked bad against Santos where he just kept pulling guard he had
he’s got he’s got decent wrestling he’s got decent Jiu-Jitsu he’s got decent jiu-jitsu off his back with iron bars
and stuff like that decent kicks he throws a lot more kicks than his hands decent push kick um he’s pretty pretty
durable he’s got okay cardio but overall man other than his jiu-jitsu’s he’s a
super midf fighter like his I don’t see nothing great about his striking his wrestling ain’t overly good and his
Jiu-Jitsu ain’t like crazy good uh aor Q Lang this dude’s got pretty good boxing
seems to have pretty good offensive and defensive wrestling um hits hard man he did get knocked out for the first time
in his career his last fight but um he’s got accurate fast hands he throws a lot of a lot of volume and he’s throwing
heat when he’s throwing the volume good power in both hands left hook you know he can put guys out with that left hook
and um just pretty well rounded but it seems like he slows down in that third round like he slowed down against Molina
started getting beat up I thought he won that fight but he slowed down against Molina started getting beat up towards the end of the second round lost a
little bit in the third round same thing slowed down against deran look good against El
else and then Jay perin man he slowed way down into third at towards the end of the third and almost got finished by pin in like the last 30 seconds it was
crazy and then he got finished early by zahab um both of these guys you know they’re just mid-level Fighters I I
wouldn’t want to have my money on either one of these guys to be honest but I’m gonna take aori Q Lang I’m gonna say that he’s able to stop the wrestling and
then his boxing and stuff should be far superior but I have no confidence and it um both these guys you know aren’t that
good so to have your money on either one of them is pretty risky but give me aori Q Lang he could either um get a finish
or just get a strong decision by stopping the grappling and and stopping the trujitsu next fight is in the
women’s strawweight division we got Kaku marata versus Vanessa demopulos Morata
is 12 and two currently sitting at minus 370 she is 5 foot1 with the 62 inch reach Vanessa Demopolis is 9 and5
currently sitting at plus 280 uh 5 foot2 with the 59.5 inch reach so you see
kanaka is one in shorter m morato is one inch shorter but she has a a two and a
half inch reach Advantage Morata man she’s pretty easy to break down she’s got decent boxing decent Southpaw boxing
she comes in she’s W to throw a couple strikes she wants to body lock you she wants to slam you to the ground she’s
got excellent wrestling this girl like uh Chinese National wrestling all that
stuff she’s got phenomenal wrestling um she’s got good ground and pound she’s got good Jiu-Jitsu uh against girls that
aren’t Verna jander Roba but um she she’s got good ground and pound really sick elbows really nice chain wrestling
um volume ground and pound volume Transitions and uh she she does go for sub Mission she’s got the Von flu choke
the rear naked she’s got a really good front choke she’s got the Von flu Anaconda rear naked she she’s very
dangerous on the ground uh good cardio good toughness and um just good
transitions good sub she’s not very good on the feet but she she’s a specialist wrestler Jiu-Jitsu and punch you out um
and she’s fighting Vanessa Demopolis who’s got got pretty good stand up her stand Up’s been improving I like her aggressiveness with her hands uh decent
offensive wrestling not the best defensive wrestling at all she’s got pretty good Jiu-Jitsu definitely off her back really good arm bars you’ve seen
her hit Silva on a Gomez Warz with one of them after getting dropped and then she’s had some decent fights since then
she’s got that win over jinu fry win over Maria aloa where she was able to land some big shots uh in the air and
land some land some really good time takedowns then she had a good fight against kolina at Koval Cavit where she
wasn’t able to get a wrestling going in Koval Cav so was just a better Striker but this should be a really really
really good fight I would stay away from it because I’m taking marada to win because I do think that she can take
Vanessa monopis Demopolis down and beat her up and stay safe but um you know
with Girls fights and and you know this is going to the ground and Vanessa is a pretty high level black belt she could easily pull off an arm bar at some point
in this fight Morata was submitted by Jan Joba well she actually got her arm broke in a submission so it went down as
a TKO because she fought through it and then when she went to her corner there like the arms broke so um she kep can be
submitted but a ver Verna is very high level I’m taking marada by decision but I would not be shocked if the mopas hits
her with some armbar so I would watch putting her in parlays or betting her um
with anything you know this is another low-level suspect fight in my opinion next fight is in the men’s welterweight
division we got Alex morono versus Joo Quinn Buckley man and this is gonna be a good fight Alex the great white morono
is 23 and8 currently sitting at plus 165 He’s 33 years old 5’11 With the 72 in
reach yo Quin Buckley is 16- six currently sitting at minus 190s 29 years old 510 with the 76 inch reach so you
see morono is one inch taller but uh Buckley’s got four inches of reach Alex morono man very very well-rounded
experienced event he’s not really great great anywhere but he’s really good everywhere he’s got really good boxing
really good striking powerful leg kicks um he’s got he’s been showing a little bit of decent power in his right hand he
dropped ponan nibio two times he uh he was cracking semelsberger it’s just seberger was so durable and then um
looked pretty good against Tim Means you know hitting that Guillotine it was a pretty close fight and then he landed that big shot on Tim Means hurts him um
forced a bad shot and then he hit that Guillotine choke this dude’s been fighting in UFC forever and doing good
wins over Max Griffin Reese mcke Cerrone Zada seberger and then Tim Means and he
was on his way to beating ponan nibio if he didn’t get knocked out uh in that in that third round later in the third
round he was definitely up two nothing but just very very well-rounded good boxing he comes at weird angles he
always like darts in he’s bouncing around I mean he throws a ton of volume he’s very sneaky he’s got a sneaky jab
and um like I said very sneaky power it doesn’t seem like he’s throwing very hard he’s hitting you with you know 60%
60% for two minutes then boom 100% black belt and Jiu-Jitsu excellent
conditioning excellent toughness and super well-rounded then you got Joe Quin Buckley man this dude’s super well rounded two he’s very explosive very
physically strong fast KO power in both hands head kick everything man you seen
against uh impa Cagan the spinning back kick that that made him legendary or um
you know really really helped jump start his career made him super popular then he he was able to put out the uh Beverly Hills Ninja but after that man um had a
close fight with Rach at 185 which you know was super close but it looked good because rach’s a beast was able to get
duv out of there had a good fight with Nasser Dean and was looking good against Chris Curtis till he got knocked out
then he dropped down to 170 where he fought Andre Vio last fight and he looked pretty good you know it was a back and forth fight and then he was
able to land that head kick but he’s just very explosive South ball striking his straight left is KO power his right
hook KO power um excellent right head kick his hook combos are phenomenal and he’s usually looking to hit you in the
body too which I like that he works the body well really good speed and movement good offensive and defensive wrestling
and and this is just going to be a super good fight I think the line’s off you know I think that this fight should be
more like Buckley minus 130 so minus 165 I’m I’m gonna take morono I’m gonna say his movement and his speed and accuracy
is going to beat out Buckley’s explosion in um in in bursts you know because Buckley he he throws a lot of
volume but he only lands like 30% of his punches like if you go watch him fight anybody he’s coming in he’s like
throwing that air but when he connects it’s big um but uh he’s usually missing more and I think morono is going to just
be a little bit more bet Savvy I think he’s going to land the cleaner shots on the feet use his movement and um I don’t
think Buckley will have the wrestling Advantage but I don’t know if he’s going to want to go to the ground with morono who’s just so high level black belt so
give me morono as an underdog I did want to bet him I did not get around to betting him but I did want to bet him
like I was on my way to the casino he was in there as one of the people I wanted to bet and then he just you know
I I I picked I went another route but um still gonna be a great fight next fight is in the men’s uh light heavyweight
division we got Felipe leans versus Ian calaba leans is 17 and currently sitting
at plus 125 he’s 38 years old 62 with a 78 inch reach ion the Hulk calaba 179
And1 currently sitting at minus 150 29 years old 6’1 with a 75 inch reach
Felipe leans man I’ve been liking this dude since he dropped down to 205 I mean I liked him in the pfl he was in shape
he might have been on some of the sauce over there or something came over to the UFC fund the heavyweight Division and just did not look good you know he he
looked uh fat didn’t look like he did in the pfl then he was out for a little while you know
came back in 2022 and he is big again dropped down to 205 and he’s been looking good he had a
good tough fight with marcine Pratt now where he was able to hurt him a couple times and control the grappling then he
came back and knocked out oen St PR in 49 seconds hitting him with that straight left and then just followed him
around the ring and put him down and then had a very tough fought win against maxing gishan where he looked good he
beat gishan in the Striking landed some really big shots actually had gishan hurt hurt then he was Ling um clinch he
had the the clinch control for the whole fight he’s a very big strong guy and then he’s got good cardio and then he
started landed a takedown in the third round and really sealed that fight out for him but he’s got powerful boxing he
can switch stances he’s got powerful leg kicks power in both hands throws powerful calf kicks that was getting
Maxine gishan too um and I I like the way he can switch stances and keep power in both hands he’s very very physically
strong he can hold big dudes like gishian up against the cage and just hold there and beat him up with knees and just um hitting him with dirty
boxing all kinds of stuff um excellent cage cage clinch like I said he’s a black belt and Jiu-Jitsu so he’s got
good cardio youve seen him go three hard rounds with gishan and Pratt Meo but he’s got excellent cardio he’s a black
belt and Jiu-Jitsu he’s got really good offensive and defensive wrestling and he’s got KO Power Man the dude’s very
well-rounded and he has a ton of advantages in this fight you got Ian calaba here um which like we said I said
um so Filipe Lind has one inch of height and three inches of reach so he’s just a bigger dude he was fighting at uh at
heavyweight for a little while so you got Ian the hwk calaba this dude um very powerful very explosive in that first
round uh pretty good wrestling but he doesn’t have the Jiu-Jitsu to back it up you know he can take guys down if he can
take a guy down and pound him out in the first round like a Tanner boser which I thought that was an early stoppage or a
c Round Tree who has no grappling game whatsoever then he can get the win you know but uh when he comes out in his
wrestling doesn’t work where he comes out and gets like one two takedowns and then he already starts slowing down third takedown don’t come and now the
other dude just start beating him up man he looks for a way out he’s like the 205 pound Beverly Hills Ninja you know he’s
a great hammer great hammer terrible nail as soon as the fight starts changing it’s not in his favor he looks
for a way out if you don’t believe that he got rear naked choked in the first round by Johnny Walker Johnny Walker ain’t rear naked choked nobody in his
whole damn life he’s a striker but uh you know as soon as Johnny Walker reversed the takedown got on top calaba
didn’t want none of that smoke um took down Tanner boser you know hit him with them shots as Tanner was trying to stand
up and then the ref just called the fight off which was all well and good but Tanner boser has no grappling game
no defensive wrestling no Jiu-Jitsu none of that you know you’re you’re getting a guy here um Felipe Lind who’s goingon to
be the naturally bigger guy he’s got the wrestling to contend with ion even if ion comes out and lands a Tak down or
two on Lind Lind is gonna survive he’s a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu he’s going to survive he’s going to get back up and
each time that kilaba does that it’s going to wear on him and if he don’t take Lind down and um ground and pound
him right away which Lind has been in there with a ton of good wrestlers pfl everywhere he’s not going to get taken down and just ground and pounded out
right away by Ian calaba and as soon as he stands up a couple times and then he turns ion and he starts beating on ION
up against the cage and maybe lands a taked down of his own we’ve all seen calaba lose we’ve all seen him quit he’s
three and six in his last nine fights and them all six of them losses are finished losses you know what I mean the
dude has no heart he has no cardio he went the distance with uh with um with
Devin Clark that was the only fight he went the decision with and that’s because he beat the out of De any
he went with jacobe but that’s because he beat up Devin Clark in the first round and knocked his teeth out and then Devon Clark didn’t want to fight no more
and even though Caba had slowed down some he was able to just take him down and hold Clark down because Clark didn’t
try to get back up so that’s why that went to decision then against Dustin jakobe who’s not a major finisher yeah he finished uh in Jesu in Jesu Wu and he
finished um daun Jung but he’s not a big finisher most the time so he got dropped in the first round lost to 108 in the
first round to Caba and then just beat up Caba standing up the next two rounds because cooa laa Gass out like he always
does so um I really think that like like I honestly think Felipe lens is the
bigger man and he has him covered everywhere I think he has the offensive and defensive wrestling to hang with
calaba um he’s got BJJ black belt calaba has no Jiu-Jitsu he has no Jiu-Jitsu to
hold people down or or do anything if he can get somebody like I said c rry who Muay Thai guy he can take him down and
beat him up rry ain’t got no get up game but Felipe Lind is gonna be too big too strong for all that then he’s got a
black Bell Jiu-Jitsu I can promise you this if Ian celava takes down Felipe lens he’s getting off some ground upon p
and Felipe lens reverses him it will be over shortly after that calava will find a way out I guarantee it but um I’m high
on Lind man I’m very high on Lind I don’t know how he’s an underduck Felipe ly should be minus 180 at least in this
fight like at least you’ve seen Caba quit too many times I ain’t never putting my money on no quitter ever ever
ever man um speaking of that let’s get to the next fight in the men’s uh the men’s featherweight division Bill alio
versus Alexander herandez Bill alio 17 and seven currently sitting at minus 140
uh six foot with a 73 inch reach Alexander Hernandez 14- six uh 5 foot n
with the 72 inch reach so you see Alexander Hernandez is dropping back down to 145 again it’s so crazy man that
the UFC knows this kid has no heart no cardio he drops down to 145 the first time so they give him Billy Billy Q who
has all the heart all the cardio he gives uh Alexander Hernandez a case of the Beats he goes back up to 155 fights
Jim Miller on short notice comes back down to 145 again to change his career but he’s fighting a dude that’s uh
bigger than him at six foot and 73 inch reach with great cardio and great heart man Bill alio we’ve seen him fight he
has phenomenal toughness phenomenal heart phenomenal cardio man against Spike spike Carlile showed super super
super tough this came in um against uh Joe Anderson Brito that win was phenomenal man because I’m very very
very high on Brito and he kind of reminds me of like Alexander Hernandez where brito’s got KO power in both hands
he’s got phenomenal wrestling phenomenal Jiu-Jitsu and and uh he came out and went hard on alio in the first round Alo
survived it and just turned the whole fight around started beating up uh Brito um beat up Herbert Burns so bad that he
just finished him from exhaustion from damage you know he quit against Andre fely that was an excellent Fight Man in
the third round uh he was taken down and and fely was able to take his back and S sink in the um the uh rear or uh body
trying go you know and just hold him there but uh Alexander Hernandez does not have that level of BJJ but TJ Brown
that was a good fight you know and um TJ Brown starts slowing down a little in the second boom gets caught get choked
out um Bill alio though man really awkward kickboxing he throws a lot of front kicks a lot of push kicks he’s
really really long he’s got powerful leg kicks nice head kicks valume boxing throws an excellent jab excellent one
too um goes to war he he wears on guys that don’t have good gas man and then just breaks them you know and uh he’s a
junkyard dog I love Junkyard Dogs great to bra um he’s very slippery like when
he gets taken down and he can get taken down his takedown defense ain’t great but his get up game is world class like
his get up game should be like a Jiu-Jitsu game like he gets taken down he spins gives his back up and he gets
up and nobody can get he keeps from people from getting the hooks in excellent standard game man excellent
get up game everything Al Alexander Hernandez this dude is super tough he’s super durable or are uh super explosive
super powerful man he can put guys out you seen him catch benil darush on his first fight with that flying knee that
uh put darush out but um overall very explosive good striking he’s got some
really good body kicks uh good boxing with power left hook has KO power overhand right has KO power in it really
nice wrestling excellent top control pretty good ground and pound Jiu-Jitsu isn’t the best but he is he he is very
aggressive on top but um man you know the dude’s a great fighter but he just slows down after about seven minutes his
heart tends to slow down and give away you know when um he can’t get a guy out of there like you see he’ll get beat up
by by a decent guy and then by Thiago Moises then he comes back and gets a win over Mike Breeden he knocks him out one
minute 22 she’s like oh crap man this dude he’s got it he just had a bad fight then he comes in against moano and just
gets beat up in the second round and you know the first round he probably won the first round comes out slows down so bad gets finished in the second round Billy
Q same thing he definitely won the first round when he dropped down to 145 the first time but then Billy Q you know
took what he had to offer in the first round just brought it back and he did not have it I’m actually pretty shocked that Hernandez is coming back down to
145 to be honest and then just to be the smaller man that doesn’t have um
fighting a junkyard dog with great cardio I’m taking Bill Alo I think this is gonna be a super good fight first
round should be pretty close you know back and forth Alexander herandez May land a taked down or two lgo is going to
work back up take some pretty good shots give some pretty good shots and by the second top by the second round just like against Billy q that weight cut
everything the fighting the explosiveness of Hernandez is going to be working on him and then Bill algo is gonna start taking over I don’t know if
algo is as much of a finisher as Billy Q so I don’t know if he finishes him but he definitely wins that second and third
round so I would go like B Bill alio third round or decision seems like a good bet but I just bet him straight up
I’ve been hearing stuff all week though that the fight’s supposedly supposed to be off but I have not heard anything about that so like I haven’t seen
anything else about that so next fight is in the men’s 155 pound Division and
this is a weird one we got Drew Dober versus Ricky Glenn Drew dolber is uh 26
and 12 C sitting at minus 470s 5’8 with the 70 inch reach Ricky Glenn 22 and7 34
years old six foot with a 70.5 inch reach so you see Ricky Glenn’s gonna be four inches taller with five inches of
reach Drew Dober this dude is a Muay Tha Savage man he’s just coming at you in the Southpaw stance bobbing and weaving
throwing big shots crazy power in that straight left he’s got excellent excellent excellent leg kicks that are
super powerful he could throw that left head kick up there too his forward pressure is what’s phenomenal you know he just wears on guys and he’s extremely
durable so he’s willing to take one of yours so he can give you one one of his which usually you can’t take it didn’t
work so good against fola last time but Matt fola is a Savage man that dude hits hard he’s got really good takedown
defense and he’s got a really good get up game if he does get taken down unless he’s fighting Islam Mak Mak makach every
single strike this dude lands between a kick or a punch does major damage to his opponents and um he keeps phenomenal
cardio phenomenal toughness um works the Body Works the head he’s he’s a great fighter man um as long as his chin isn’t
gone he’s a phenomenal fighter uh I’d like to see him in provola run it back someday again Ricky Glenn man this dude
uh decent boxing decent Southpaw boxing himself he’s got a nice long jab uh okay
power in his left hand you know um but uh he’s only fought four times in five years hasn’t been over the greatest
competition uh he got beat by Kevin aguar down at 145 then he came up to 155 and got that knockout over wae Silva who
came in like a mad man and crazy and just got caught early had that decision majority decision draw with Grant Dawson
where he was beat the first two rounds and was able to get a tire Grant Dawson and uh get a 108 round on him and then
last fight was very telling he looked very slow um very long very slow and he
got left hooked to sleep one minute 35 seconds by Chris R but Ricky Glenn’s got
good offensive and defensive wrestling pretty good Southpaw boxing okay kicks and um he’s just very average and and
he’s kind of slow and I I don’t know if his Chin’s gone man he got rocked last fight with the first solid punch that
landed so um I’m going with Drew Dober here I think Drew Dober comes in here um gets in his face puts pressure on him
from the beginning lands some big shots takes a couple little shots and then lands a big shot at some point and gets that knockout so give me Drew Dober by
knockout and I think you know he’s probably the the best pick on this card next fight is the co-main event of UFC
Vegas 80 we got Joe Piper versus Abdul razak alhassan Piper is 11-2 currently
sitting at minus 380 27 years old 62 with the 75 inch reach uh alhassan is 12
and5 currently sitting at plus 310 38 years old 510 with a 73 inch reach so
you see Piper is going to be four inches taller with two inches of reach Joe Piper man this dude has really good boxing great nickname body bags but he’s
got good boxing he’s got a really nice long jab and then he’s got power and KO power in that right hand uh really nice
long jab that that he’s got a nice left hook with KO power that’s what he hit mirart with was able to get him out of
there and he looked pretty good in that fight you know but um he has not fought nobody in his whole career like he’s got
decent wrestling he’s got decent BJJ he doesn’t really sub any guys he’s only got one two submission wins over lower
level guys earlier in his career back in 2019 and 18 but um his decent wrestling
he doesn’t really use it that much he took down like uh Azie Diaz tried to get an arm triangle on the contender series he got out of it and got up and to be
honest he looked a little tired after he got up and a little slowed down but was still able to land that big shot in the
second round he put amadasi out of there in the first round which everybody does that and then like I said look pretty
decent against mirart who didn’t attempt to wrestle or anything at all on the contender series Dustin stus was able to
pick him up and slam him and that’s when he broke his elbow which was nasty and he he’s came back from that injury
strong but uh good overhand like I said and straight right that’s KO stuff he’s
got pretty good BJJ under out of Philadelphia Gracie and um six first round finishes and three second round
tko’s man uh dude’s powerful he big but uh he’s kind of a low output boxer man
that just looks for that power shot that that’s what I really seen out of his fights and he’s fought a lot of low-level guys Abdul razak alhassan this
dude’s a Savage man he’s he’s got excellent boxing he’s got Judo black belt he’s got good wrestling he’s been
training in um in Colorado at at uh training with elevation fight team with
San haen and uh gatei and all them dudes I believe gatei San Haagen and them guys
but um he’s been looking better in his last couple fights since he went up to 185 and he hasn’t been cutting all that weight he’s been looking better he’s got
really good car uh durability he’s got really good cardio and he’s got really good toughness he’s super dangerous he
has KO power in both hands he’s got KO power in his head kicks you seen against D Rico um good offensive wrestling
pretty good defensive wrestling and pretty good Judo uh very dangerous You’ seen against claudo roberio they came
out um who is very dangerous they came out and um he was throwing Big Shots big leg kicks big punches and um
Rach took all that stuff and then was able to you know survive it land some decent shots of his own and then the
second round when um rerio slowed down because he’s used to just knocking guys out in the first round uh that’s that’s
when um alhassan took over and was able to land that knockout punch he’s got uh he’s got 12 11 he’s got 12 wins 11 first
round finishes and one second round finish and then his only loss he went or his he he’s gone to decision in three
out of his four losses the only time he’s been finished was a straight right by KS Williams and that’s before we knew how hard KS Williams fights but if you
see against manir lazz who hits hard he was able to survive Buckley hits hard he had a great fight with him this is gonna
be a really good fight this is a big step up in competition for Joe Piper man and and to be honest like watching his
tape like I’m I don’t I’m not as impressed as most people are like I know um he’s fought so many low-level guys
and then he’s very low output like he’s only boxing and throwing his his jab until he can land like one big punch but
like here Abdullah razak has all the same boxing as him and I think he’s going to have the wrestling advantage
and I I I think that he’s gonna have a speed Advantage here over pyer 2 because I’ve seen pyer take some pretty decent
shots even ozie Diaz beat him I mean or uh hit him with some some pretty good shots and uh elade aladas whatever was
able to hit him with a couple decent shots but uh the stus lost man if St stus is even able to pick you up and
slam you that’s not a good look and this jovon Pati loss is terrible that was only four years ago and that dude is
terrible what’s his record now he’s probably losing eight and six but man dude um I’m taking I think this Line’s
way off at plus 310 I’m taking abdulah razak alhassan man that it’s just crazy this is going to be a super good fight
regardless either way like to be minus 400 to Rach you should be a top five or 10 guy to just say you’re gonna come out
here and Destroy This dude rach’s very durable and like I said he’s dangerous in the grappling he’s dangerous in the
in the boxing he’s dangerous in the head kick game I like man I like him I’m not as sold on Joe Piper if he can prove it
to me after this fight that he’s this dude that’s just unbeatable then I’ll go with it but he’s fighting one of the
most dangerous dudes at 185 for anybody in the game so we we’ll see how that goes down give me it Alan next fight is
the main event in the men’s lightweight division we got Grant Dawson versus Bobby green Grant Dawson is 21 and one
currently sitting at minus 395 he’s 5 foot 10 with a 72 inch reach Bob green
is 3014 And1 currently sitting at plus uh 320 he’s 5’1 with the 71 inch reach
so you see these guys are pretty much the same size uh both 510 Dawson have one inch of reach and Dawson is gonna
have eight years of H age Advantage excuse
me this fight’s gonna be awesome man it’s it’s it’s Grappler vers Striker
Grappler we got Grant Dawson man dude has looked so much better since he went down to at after his fight with uh with
Ricky RI Glenn he went down and he gassed out in that fight that’s when he got that draw he went down to at and he’s looked phenomenal since then two
third round finishes where he was usually Gass now and dead by the third round now he’s actually turning it up on
these other guys that actually have pretty good cardio too and then you’ve seen him dominate is Mula but his striking is looking a little better
since he’s down at at it’s still not great but his leg kicks look nice and his his jab is looking nice his
wrestling’s good man he doesn’t sometimes he doesn’t even set up his takedowns the best but as soon as he’s one of them dudes that’s so strong that
as soon as he gets his hands on a guy um he just grapples with him until he get into a body lock or single leg and he
just keeps grappling keeps grappling and even if he gets outg grappled at first he reverses it um just very very very
strong man uh AT&T is help at is helping this kid so much like I said with the
cardio the strength the toughness it looks he has more confidence his ground ground imp pound is pretty good but man
his back takes are phenomenal when he’s taking these dudes like Jared Gordon and Mark madson’s back is mul off he’s
holding down for the whole round every single round um his cardio is improved
he’s just looking like a great fighter I mean he’s a straightup Grappler but he is very very very good at grappling man
and like I said with his striking improving and his cardio Improvement man he’s becoming super super dangerous and
he could definitely be a force to reckon with you got Bobby Ken King Green Man he’s been in the sport forever he’s got
really good boxing he can switch stances he throws a ton of volume because he’s not really hitting you all that hard but
man he like I said good boxing good stand switching super durable super tough um pretty good offensive and
defensive wrestling in a get up game but man when I watched him fight Islam it looked like he didn’t have any Jiu-Jitsu I mean I know it’s Islam makv but like
and he took him down just held him down and uh took his back flattened him out beat him up till he quit I know it was
short notice but he did not look good in that one um against Drew Dober you know he was looking good came out hard and
then Drew Dober hit him with that big shot in the second round put him out of there Gordon fight was all right and
then he looked pretty decent against Tony Ferguson he got dropped in that first round but after that he was able to pick up the pace you know and looked
pretty good and actually got that arm triangle choke in the third round because come with that good toughness and that excellent cardio man he does
have good cardio this is a very dangerous fight for uh Grant Dawson because like I said Bobby green fast
hand tons of value pretty good takedown D pretty good offensive wrestling and pretty good Jiu-Jitsu so this is going to be a real test and this is the first
five round fight of Grant Dawson’s career so we haven’t seen him outside of three rounds now since he’s been looking
so much better in finishing guys in the third round I’m going to assume that his cardio is going to be good for the fourth and the fifth but this is going
to be a really good fight um I think it’s going to take a little bit you know for Dawson to be able to just take Bobby
green down and then control him on the ground but then again maybe in the first minute and a half he’s doing that taking him down controlling him wearing on him
and um the thing is is Bobby green doesn’t really have that one punch knockout power to SCP to like you know make me think that he has a great chance
to stop Dawson at some point I even seen um Thiago Moes go in Al Bobby green shoot the taked down pick him all the
way up and slam him down and that’s not a good look if he’s doing that very easily when you got a guy that’s a lot bigger and Grant Dawson doing it so I’m
going to take Grant Dawson in this fight I’m actually gonna say that he submits Bobby green um I know Bobby Green’s
super hard to finish but Grant Dawson just wears on guys wears on guys and Bobby green defense submission defense
and stuff look terrible against makev like I said I’m not saying Dawson’s makev but he’s on that level like he he
he’s you know there’s a lot of there’s very rare guys in this world that can do jiu-jitsu and grappling is and they’re
very strong and Grant Dawson’s one of them dudes he’s up there with them so give me Grant Dawson man I say that Grant Dawson gets it done by submission
at some point in this fight maybe in the fourth or fifth round after he just wears on Bobby because he was able to submit Mark Madson who’s a beast he was
able to submit um Jared Gordon who’s a cardio machine with the brown BT under uh D her so that’s very impressive stuff
so I really appreciate everybody checking this out man like I said please go check out this face meat fist uh on
uh Instagram he’s got so much different swag there it’s awesome some swag he’s got the face meat fist uh cups bags um
basketball jerseys everything so I really appreciate all the support you guys show me man don’t forget the
contest uh leave your um best three fight parlay with the odds at pays is for a large face beat fish shirt a fish
shirt I’ll ship them anywhere in the world so I appreciate you guys checking this out let’s get this 10f fight winst streak and let’s get this money

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