UFC Vegas 79 Event Recap Fiziev vs Gamrot

The UFC Vegas 79 event featured an intense lightweight clash between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz GamrotFiziev, coming off a tough fight against Justin Gaethje, was eager to make his mark in the division. On the other hand, Gamrot aimed to bounce back from a loss to Beneil Dariush. With both fighters hungry for victory, the stage was set for an exciting showdown.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rafael Fiziev displayed incredible balance after narrowly avoiding a takedown, showcasing his superior agility and footwork.
  • Mateusz Gamrot responded to Fiziev’s hard shots with his own punches, proving his resilience and determination.
  • The first round ended with a thrilling takedown scramble, demonstrating the high level of grappling skills possessed by both fighters.
  • In the second round, Gamrot successfully executed a takedown, showcasing his well-rounded skill set and ability to control the fight.
  • Unfortunately, Fiziev suffered a knee injury while throwing a kick, forcing the fight to be concluded via TKO victory for Gamrot.

Fiziev vs Gamrot: Fighter Backgrounds

Before their electrifying encounter at UFC Vegas 79, it is essential to understand the fighting backgrounds of Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot. Both fighters have had impressive careers leading up to this highly anticipated lightweight matchup.

Fiziev, hailing from Kyrgyzstan, brings a powerful striking game to the octagon. With a background in Muay Thai, Fiziev is known for his explosive kicks and knockout power. Before facing Gamrot, Fiziev showcased his skills against top-level competition, including a memorable bout against Justin Gaethje, in which he displayed his durability and ability to go toe-to-toe with one of the division’s best.

Gamrot, on the other hand, is a seasoned mixed martial artist from Poland. With a well-rounded skill set, Gamrot has proven himself both on the feet and on the ground. Despite a recent loss to Beneil Dariush, Gamrot quickly bounced back, demonstrating his resilience and determination. His grappling prowess and relentless pressure make him a formidable opponent for anyone in the lightweight division.

Fighter Backgrounds:

FighterCountryStyleNotable Wins
Rafael FizievKyrgyzstanMuay ThaiJustin Gaethje, Marc Diakiese
Mateusz GamrotPolandMixed Martial ArtsScott Holtzman, Jeremy Stephens

As the stage is set for Fiziev and Gamrot to clash, fans can expect a thrilling showdown between two accomplished fighters who are hungry for victory. Will Fiziev’s striking prowess prevail, or will Gamrot’s relentless pressure and grappling skills prove to be the deciding factor? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – this lightweight matchup promises to deliver fireworks.

Round 1: A Competitive Start

The opening round of the Fiziev vs Gamrot matchup showcased a fiercely competitive start, with both fighters delivering impressive strikes. Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot wasted no time in engaging each other, displaying their striking prowess and determination to secure a victory. Fiziev, known for his explosive kicks, unleashed powerful shots to the body, testing Gamrot’s resilience.

“Fiziev’s kicks are a force to be reckoned with,” remarked one commentator, highlighting the impact of Fiziev’s striking style. However, Gamrot quickly retaliated with his own striking combinations, countering Fiziev’s attacks with precision and accuracy. The crowd erupted as each fighter showcased their skill and determination, making it difficult to predict the outcome of the round.

The intense back-and-forth continued throughout the first round, with both fighters demonstrating their resilience and ability to absorb punishment. Despite a close call where Fiziev was nearly taken down, he displayed exceptional balance, managing to avoid being brought to the canvas in a remarkable display of skill. The round concluded with a takedown scramble, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next round.

FighterStrikes LandedTakedowns
Rafael Fiziev250
Mateusz Gamrot230

Quote from Rafael Fiziev:

“I knew I had to bring my A-game against Gamrot. We both came out swinging, but I feel like I had the upper hand in terms of striking.”

Round 1 Ending and Takedown Scramble

As the first round came to a close, Fiziev and Gamrot engaged in a thrilling takedown scramble that added another layer of intensity to their matchup. Both fighters were determined to gain the upper hand before the round ended, showcasing their skills and resilience.

Fiziev, known for his striking abilities, displayed impressive balance and defensive techniques as Gamrot attempted to take him down. Despite the pressure, Fiziev managed to avoid being taken to the ground, showcasing his agility and quick reflexes.

The round saw both fighters landing significant strikes. Fiziev targeted Gamrot’s body with hard shots, trying to wear down his opponent. However, Gamrot countered with his own punches, demonstrating his toughness and ability to withstand Fiziev’s offense.

This intense back-and-forth battle reached its climax with a takedown scramble. Both fighters fought relentlessly, grappling for dominant positioning. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as Fiziev and Gamrot showcased their wrestling skills, each determined to gain the upper hand before the buzzer sounded.

FighterSignificant Strikes
Rafael FizievHard body shots
Mateusz GamrotCountered with punches

The takedown scramble proved to be an exciting ending to the first round, setting the stage for the drama that would unfold in the remainder of the fight. Both Fiziev and Gamrot showed tremendous skill and determination, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next round.

Round 2: Gamrot’s Triumph

The second round saw Mateusz Gamrot seize control of the fight, ultimately leading to a triumphant outcome. Both fighters returned to the octagon with determination in their eyes, knowing that the next five minutes would be crucial. Gamrot wasted no time in pressing forward, looking to capitalize on the momentum he had gained in the first round.

With his relentless pressure and well-executed takedowns, Gamrot ensured that Fiziev was constantly on the defensive. Despite Fiziev’s best efforts to defend against the takedowns, Gamrot’s superior grappling skills proved to be a significant challenge. Each takedown further solidified Gamrot’s control over the fight, earning him valuable points on the judges’ scorecards.

In addition to his effective grappling, Gamrot displayed his striking prowess, landing crisp punches and delivering punishing ground and pound whenever the opportunity arose. Fiziev, known for his striking technique, found himself unable to mount a significant offense as Gamrot continued to dictate the pace of the fight.

Mateusz GamrotRafael Fiziev
Effective takedownsStruggling with takedown defense
Superior ground controlUnable to mount offense
Accurate strikingLimited striking opportunities


“Gamrot’s dominance in the second round was undeniable. He showcased his well-rounded skill set, blending his grappling and striking seamlessly to secure the victory,” said commentator Joe Rogan.

Unfortunately, just as the tide seemed to be turning decisively in Gamrot’s favor, a sudden turn of events brought the bout to an unexpected end. Fiziev, while attempting a powerful kick, unfortunately injured his knee, rendering him unable to continue. The referee had no choice but to declare the fight a TKO win for Mateusz Gamrot.

With this victory, Gamrot solidified his position in the lightweight division and proved himself to be a formidable force to be reckoned with. Despite the premature ending, the second round showcased Gamrot’s skills and determination, ultimately resulting in a well-deserved triumph.

Final Result
Mateusz GamrotSecond-round TKO
Rafael FizievInjured, unable to continue

Fiziev’s Injury and TKO Conclusion

Unfortunately, the exciting matchup between Fiziev and Gamrot took an unexpected turn when Fiziev sustained a debilitating knee injury, leading to a TKO finish. The fight had been evenly contested, with both fighters displaying their skills and determination in the octagon.

In the first round, Fiziev showed great balance and agility, avoiding a potential takedown from Gamrot. He landed powerful shots to the body, but Gamrot responded with his own strikes, creating an intense back-and-forth battle. As the round came to a close, a scramble for a takedown added to the excitement.

However, in the second round, tragedy struck for Fiziev. While attempting a kick, he injured his knee, causing immediate pain and rendering him unable to continue. With the unfortunate injury, the referee had no choice but to call an end to the fight, awarding Gamrot a TKO victory.

It was a disappointing conclusion to what had promised to be a thrilling contest. Both fighters had shown tremendous skill and determination, but ultimately, Fiziev’s injury proved to be the deciding factor. Gamrot walked away with the win, but the fight will forever be remembered for the sudden twist of fate that abruptly ended it.

Rafael FizievTKO (Injury)
Mateusz GamrotWin


The lightweight battle between Fiziev and Gamrot at UFC Vegas 79 showcased impressive skills and unexpected turns, making it a memorable contest for fight fans. Rafael Fiziev, coming off a tough fight against Justin Gaethje, displayed great balance and striking prowess. Meanwhile, Mateusz Gamrot rebounded from a loss to Beneil Dariush and showed resilience in the Octagon.

The first round saw both fighters landing shots and exchanging blows. Fiziev demonstrated his striking power, landing hard shots to the body, while Gamrot responded with his own punches. The round ended with a takedown scramble, showcasing the determination and grappling skills of both fighters.

In the second round, Gamrot successfully managed to take Fiziev down. However, it was during this exchange that Fiziev suffered a knee injury while throwing a kick. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue, resulting in a second-round TKO win for Gamrot. Despite the unfortunate ending, both fighters displayed incredible skill and heart throughout the contest.

The lightweight matchup between Fiziev and Gamrot was filled with excitement and had fans on the edge of their seats. It exemplified the unpredictable nature of MMA and left fans eager to see what these fighters will bring to the Octagon in their future bouts. UFC Vegas 79 was a night filled with thrilling fights, and the showdown between Fiziev and Gamrot was undoubtedly a standout moment.

ufc Fight Night Vegas 79 physio versus
gamot just took place and I’m gonna go
through the entire card starting with
the early prelims ending with the main
events giving my reaction and breakdown
to every single flat on the card and my
overall event recap as well let’s start
straight away with the early prelim
opener of Tamir es Vidal vs Montserrat
Rendon now monster at Rendon outstruck
Tamir resverdel well not really out
struck her but when Tit for Tat with her
on the feet but the main reason she won
this fight was because she kept catching
the kicks of tamires Vidal Landing
punches if she would go for them
knocking her off balance down to the
canvas and spending a lot of the end of
these rounds on top position Landing
total strikes I’ll highlight from this
one there wasn’t really much going on in
this I mean maybe uh tamira’s Vidal went
for a leg lock at one moment that
monster at Rendon escaped um I didn’t
pick this one correctly by the way
um but still uh monster at Rendon
punched tamires Vidal in the boob and
then the referee was like whoa whoa and
Tamir has like signal to the referee
like she just punched me in the chest
which is like not according to the rules
whatsoever so
why did the referee step in there and
the same referee had another moment
later on which we’ll talk about but even
still really weird that they would like
call a stop to the action from a boob
punch we’ve seen so many of them in
women’s MMA that’s not a reason to stop
the action so I thought that was a weird
situation but either way monster at
Rendon won the fight by decision by out
pointing Tamir esvadal we move on
to the next fight on the early prelims
that was mizuke in UAE versus Hannah
not much to talk about here this was an
absolute snooze absolute snooze Fest of
Mizuki in UA Staffing the takedowns of
Hannah Golding beating her on the feet
minorly should I say in like rounds one
and three and just being a little bit
busier than her in the clinch I guess
you got her own takedown and was a lot
more effective with her takedowns so I
guess that’s like a positive for her in
that regard
Hannah Goldie can’t wrestle one was
trying to wrestle the entire time
couldn’t secure a single takedown
it is what it is you know that’s just
kind of how it goes sometimes as we move
on to another fight that was on the card
which was
mooseman versus Jake Collier
mostman gonna moosman I feel like we
need to start saying but this was a
little bit more on the feet than
anticipated round three mosman wins it
but I believe getting a takedown staying
on top position Landing total strikes
round two was a very close round
um honestly a very close round I thought
round one could go to Jake Collier
unless I’m missing something I wasn’t
really paying full attention to this one
I was loading up my stream as it was
happening but
Collier had some decent shots in round
one I thought Collier could win round
one and then Usman can win the second
and third really uneventful fight it was
decent in terms of like more stand-up
than we normally uh used to seeing from
most men but again at the end of the day
it just comes down to this you’re a
morbidly obese obese man
you’re a pig
why are you fighting in the UFC
heavyweight division you’re not taking
your career seriously end of story
mosman wins by being in shape for a
fight as a UFC heavyweight
this is what it comes down to a lot of
the time I I guess Collier thought he
was going to get a quick KO and that’s
why he showed up in abysmal shape yet
again either way though good job to Jake
Collier good job to mostman it wasn’t as
bad as his other ones but that’s a
really low margin that most men has to
beat to be honest with you because
anything’s not as bad as some of his
other fights that he’s had so good win
he wins and he’s now putting together a
bit of a streak so good for him we move
on up the car Jacob malkoon versus Cody
brandage this was a sad one because I’m
going to tell you this right now
Cody brandage might be the worst Midway
on the roster I know he beat Trey Sean
Gore so I guess you can put Trey Sean
Gore below him he is absolutely awful
like he is absolutely terrible we gotta
take terrible we’ve got to take down at
one point Malcolm got right back up and
then malcoon got his own takedown and on
the feet he was winning but then on the
takedown he was just beaten up on Cody
brandage but was beating up on him
illegally is basically the story of this
fight he was beaten up on Cody brandage
illegally Landing a few back of the head
shots beforehand and then through an
elbow forearm shot that kind of landed
behind their head as well I don’t know
what that yellow Mark is it’s really
annoying me and I’m gonna get that as
soon as this is over I’ve only just
noticed it either way now you won’t be
able to not see it for the rest of this
either way
I don’t understand why are you throwing
back just be clean with the work I know
that sometimes they let Fighters throw
back into headshots but you aren’t a big
enough star for them to completely
Overlook back at a headshots and
everyone knows you’re only allowed to
throw back at a headshots when it’s part
of the finishing sequence now Cody
brandage did absolutely milk it but it
was an illegal shot so
it is what it is it’s the game you know
you’re giving him the opportunity to
absolutely milk it beyond belief because
he knows he’ll never get a win in the
UFC unless it comes in that fashion he
was about to be dominated by malcoon but
malcoon just can’t not hit him in the
back of the head apparently
which is just silly decision making for
him he needs to pick his shots a little
bit better he kind of messed up his own
career he’s now seven and three even I
think he’s one of the better
middleweights I mean he took Brendan
Allen to a very close decision that in
another world the judges could have
given him so I think malcoon really
really messed up there gonna suck for
him I’m sure he’s gonna be kicking
himself about that and brandage gets to
prolong his inevitably
soon-to-end career because he is
actually awful we move on up the card
Tim Means versus Andre fialjo I told you
Tim Means would get it done that dude’s
a dog what a performance by Tim Means
gets the third round TKO and it was a
really good performance basically what
happened was Andre fiojo started and I
was like oh God maybe I’m going to be
wrong on this one because Andre fialjo
is actually starting to look pretty
switched on early here and Tim Means
looks a little bit slow but then Tim
times him with a knee up the middle as
he’s rushing in drops him badly land
some elbows have ground and pound they
end up tried on the tied up on the
ground for quite a bit up against a cage
means he’s Landing some shots as well go
into some shots in the pocket but every
time means we’re trying to unload fiaoho
would start Landing some shots back as
well and basically the story of this
fight was after that first round when uh
means knocked him down was
Andre fiajo can’t take shots the same
way these other guys can he’s a powerful
dude he’s a dangerous dude but when he
gets hit on the chin he wobbles and that
was the story of this fight they both
would land good shots on each other and
fial ho even had a moment where it
looked like means was in trouble but
means would land like a glancing shot or
a head kick that’s partially blocked and
fiajoho would just go and start wobbling
all over the place and that was the
story of the fight means would
constantly get momentum shifts in his
way because Andre fiojo is just not
UFC chin caliber sadly enough for him
and I feel really bad for him
unfortunate his career is now probably
done as four losses in a row by KO as
well which is extra bad you know I mean
four losses is one thing
um but four in a row by KO lost to
Buckley by KO lost a means by KO lost to
Matthew’s black KO uh Muslim salakov by
KO so it’s not looking good for Andre
fiojo I reckon he’s going to get a cut
from the UF soon but he was active and
he probably made a bunch of money even
losing anyway but yeah Tim Means smoked
him in the third round landed a good
combination beating him up against a
cage going to the body with knees and
punches eventually folding fiajoho up
against a cage dropping him and
finishing him off amazing performance by
Tim Means he gets the job done we move
on up the card Dan argetta versus miles
Johns I picked Dan I’ll get her to win I
thought he’d be too big too physical be
able to out grapple miles John’s and be
too much of a bully on the feet but
story of this fight was round one is
like a close round but I lent towards
argeta because I didn’t think John’s was
Landing anything too crazy and uh I’ll
get a look like he had him with a knee
at one point at the end of round one and
he had the takedown and renaked choke
attempt wasn’t quite in but it was over
the face it was like a ish choke attempt
that he was fighting for for about three
minutes and um I’ll get a failed that
joke John’s did land some good shots in
that round close round to score I gave
it to argetta live last two rounds
though undeniable to Miles Johns winning
those rounds on damage our getter was
just basically failing takedowns on him
getting taken down in moments as well
um but just not really Landing when he
needed to and the end of the end of the
day is this Dan argetta cannot strike
whatsoever has no technical ability in
Australian and that’s what it comes down
to maybe he injured himself in round one
he did look like he buckled on his leg
at one moment so it was like okay maybe
there’s a bit of an injury here and
that’s why he looks so weird but it was
just John’s being able to throw punches
is and Dan argeta walking forward with
no setups whatsoever just swinging
Reckless overhands over and over again
and getting exposed for it so really
good job by Miles Johns gets the job
done decent performance we move on
Ricardo Ramos versus Charles Jordan
Charles Jordan gets it done Charles
Jordan gets it done with a guillotine in
the first round and arming Guillotine as
well at one moment he nearly had his
signature one arm Guillotine that he
pulled off against Landover natter where
it’s like locked in and all he has to do
is put a little bit of pressure and it’s
um but Ricardo Ramos ended up rolling
over the top getting out of the position
um switching it ended up in side control
on top of Jordan Jordan kept that
Guillotine position the entire time he
was on the ground and I was like worried
for him like dude let it go try and use
this to get back up he was doing a good
job of keeping his legs in between the
hips of Ramos and him so keeping that
distance between the two of their hips
so Ramos couldn’t settle on top position
or look to pass over kept getting his
legs in the way kept creating space did
a good job and then when he actually
when he scrambled to get back up to his
feet and locked in an arm in Guillotine
I was like please don’t pull this
Guillotine you’re not gonna get it just
get back up because I was worried like
oh my God he’s just got out from bottom
position and he’s put himself back on
bottom position but this one was really
tired mainly because
he stopped Ramos’s ability to roll over
the top and Ramos was so nearly out of
it I actually thought he was gonna get
out of it but he was so nearly out of it
and when you’re so nearly out of it and
it’s just at the top of the back of your
head in the bicep that is that’s when
it’s the tightest it reminded me of uh
Davis and figuerado versus Alex Perez he
looked like at any moment he could have
popped his head out but in that moment
that’s when the guillotine’s the
tightest because you’ve got that full
leverage so Charles Jordan gets an
arming guillotine in round one good
performance good finish I assume he’s
gonna get a performance bonus for that I
imagine a performance bonuses are going
to go straight to him Brian battle and
Marina Rodriguez I guess or maybe Tim
Means will get one to be honest with you
Tim Means deserves one I don’t think
they’ll give out fighter tonight to
fiaoho seeing as they’re going to cut
him they’re not going to pay someone
that they’re gonna cut what a weak card
this was to be honest with you but yeah
I imagine he’s gonna get a performance
bonus so 50k for Jordan on a night where
normally you might not have gotten that
so good for him we move on
to the second fight on the main card
Brian battle versus AJ Fletcher I picked
Brian battle to win he gets it done AJ
actually at a decent moment in round one
to be fair Brian battle was constantly
attacking the body with front kicks at
range that’s mainly the only thing he
had success with for the entire fight
was just front kicking the body of AJ
Fletcher and deep in the body of AJ
Fletcher and you could see the body of
AJ Fletcher reddening up not just
because he’s pale as a ghost but because
he was getting some big tips and front
kicks to the body
um but then towards the end of round one
where I thought that maybe Brian battle
was out pointing AJ Fletcher Fletcher
lands an elbow on the break from a
clinch and it’s just like oh well there
you go round to AJ Fletcher and they
didn’t even give him a knock down for
that but it basically was a knock down
he won the round one because of that
elbow that he landed that rocked bran
battle to the canvas and that took away
the round for brown battle even though
he was doing some good work round two
Fletcher tried to force the grappling a
bit more up against the cage and I’m not
joking you battle landed about 16 15
knees to the body over and over and over
again Fletcher had no answer for them
battle was just too tall for him you’re
5’8 basically you’re five nine
60 something inch reach what are you
doing at welterweight Bro you’ve got to
be a weight Billy and a frame bully
these days you ain’t vulc Lil bro that’s
all I’ve got to say about that you get a
need in a clinch can’t take him down and
eventually you just started to fold
battle started to get his own take down
ended up on top position and secured the
rear naked choke over AJ Fletcher really
good performance by Brian battle really
Surgical and again probably earned
himself a performance of the night bonus
we move on
up the card to another fight which was
Marina Rodriguez versus Michelle
Waterson Gomez I went with Marina
Rodriguez here of course she won the
last fight and dominated and it was
absolute domination now I was worried at
the start that Michelle Watson Gomez was
going to work a wrestling clinic on her
because she immediately got a takedown
and the Buddha was looking good
um but she immediately got a takedown
ended up on top position of Marina
um but then Marina worked her way back
up and then in the clinch was the entire
fight that was the entire winning of the
fight for Marina Rodriguez she got into
clinch need the body of Michelle
Waterson over and over again like I mean
there were so many of them needed a body
needed a body elbow to the Head knee to
the body cut open Michelle Waterson with
an elbow more knees to the body to look
like they hurt Michelle Waterson as well
and then just followed her down as
Michelle Waterson cowered away from
Marina Rodriguez and failed take down
attempts and beat her up badly I thought
the referee was going to step in
about five different times in round one
about five different times in round one
I thought the referee’s gonna okay
that’s enough she’s being beaten up it’s
clearly on its way to a 10-7 round ref
because I was thinking to myself
like the referees stopped Marina
Rodriguez versus Amanda Lemos because
Rodriguez got rocked and then took two
shots up against a cage whilst being
fully conscious they stopped that fight
so I was thinking oh why didn’t I
stopping this man Michelle waterson’s
getting destroyed they’re gonna stop it
at any moment hurt to the body hurt to
the Head got hurt to the body shot at
the end of round one as well but had to
get back up it was a tough fight to
watch and she brought her kids why are
you bringing your kids think things
through you’ve already been dominated by
this woman you’re only getting older
you’re probably gonna get dominated
again why put your daughter through that
terrible parenting from Michelle
Waterson Gomez to bring her kid to that
event she was crying in the front row
apparently according to some journalists
that were tweeting about it and uh
Marina Rodriguez gets a dominant win
folds Michelle up against a cage in
round two pieces are up and the
referee’s seen enough no she got a
takedown got full Mount landed a few
follow-up shots and I think the referee
stepped in early for a full Mount
stoppage because he realized that you
kind of messed up in round one not
stopping that fight basically the ref
had money on it in round two I reckon we
move on
up the card Bryce Mitchell versus Dan
this one was crazy now
I’ve given a gander at some of the
rounds and some of the moments in the
rounds because I can skip back on the
feed and I can’t do that if I go off of
the feed immediately afterwards but um
Bryce Mitchell very close fight is All
I’m gonna say I think there’s a world
where you kind of do give this to daniga
I’m gonna be completely honest with you
I know Bryce Mitchell had moments of
controlling the fight where he got his
takedown and at the end of round one
he’s got Mount but he wasn’t doing much
with that position now he did look like
he was going for stuff at the end of
round one but not much of it landed and
I was thinking okay it’s not it’s
looking good for the judges maybe they
can give it to him but he goes cut him
under the eye in that round so I reckon
round one’s going to ego very close
though could have gone to Bryce Mitchell
I guess whatever weird one right because
ige was like noticeably hurting him with
shots round two
Mitchell gets a takedown in an arm
triangle attempt at the end of the round
but he gay before that is like doing
good on the feet like you land in a
couple good shots hurt Bryce Mitchell to
the eye in round three swole up his eye
completely shut nearly cut him over the
top of his eye I mean Mitchell’s eye was
an absolute mess in that round too
absolute mess caused by ige and when ige
Landed It Mitchell winced it and started
like Panic shooting and trying to get
himself back into the fight so I thought
okay on damage ige might have won the
first two rounds could have been 1-1
though could have been one one round
three of course Bryce Mitchell gets it
done ige landed no significant strikes I
think a lot of this fight though was a
misunderstanding of the scoring between
the two of them I’m gonna get to what
Mitchell did in a second
damage you’re in top position 10 seconds
left on the clock rain down some ground
and pound here you know I mean stop
trying to keep positional control here
and not let the guy get back up get some
damage off now I don’t mind giving a
decision to Mitchell um I do think ige
won it live edging his way for the first
two rounds because of the visible damage
on Mitchell’s face compared to none on
ige’s face
but let’s get to it
Bryce Mitchell enters the cage walking
out to North men north of RIT uh rich
men north of Richmond which is based
walks out to that surprised he didn’t
come out of a tin foil hat that’s what
the chat was saying
um walks out to that gets in the cage
singing the lyrics of the song hyping
himself up
he has a Bible with him and as as the
guy is doing his announcement in the
cage Bryce Mitchell holds up the Bible
at danigay and screams Freedom as loud
as he possibly can this guy’s coming for
everything Strickland’s working for
Covington as well crazy holding up a
Bible screaming Freedom good to see
based from Bryce Mitchell and the Lord
was on his side because he got that
decision win and one of them gave a
30-27 in round two someone gave him
round two which is crazy but either way
very close fight I don’t think it was a
robbery in hindsight but it was a close
enough fight where you’re like I don’t
know who won but I’m gonna lean ige
because of the damage on Mitchell’s face
right now
um but Bryce Mitchell gets it done and
in the post-fight speech
wholesome Mitchell talking about the
Hawaii fires and how the you know Satan
shout out separators and you know we got
a power Lord on our side and while we
are together nothing much separators
power of evil there’s out there and all
this type of stuff and he’s trying to
get uh Danny gay to pray with him and
stuff and he tells Bisping to let down
ige pray
about the whole thing in Hawaii and
stuff like that he donates 5K to Hawaii
good for him
um Bisping takes away the mic doesn’t
give egade a chance to pray but I think
ige was thankful for that because I
don’t know if he would have had anything
to say I really think ige didn’t
understand I think ige was so annoyed at
losing that close decision and thought
to himself oh God oh my God what am I I
just looked on ige’s face when I saw a
guy who didn’t want to be there he loved
the Hawaii thing I’m sure but he didn’t
want the whole prayer stuff to go on I
think he was a bit uh annoyed by that
and just stuck in the moment of just
being like God I just lost please not
right now I don’t have anything to pray
about dude I just lost half my paycheck
you know I mean
um but either way wholesome moment I
guess weird moment I was really weirded
out by him asking ige to pray because I
saw ige Panic like oh don’t put that mic
in my face I don’t have anything I can’t
I don’t have anything to say I’m on the
spot you know I mean um but Mitchell
wholesome and without him ige would have
wouldn’t have even got to be in the post
fight interview so one of the highlights
of the card for sure good job Bryce
Mitchell he he gets it done in a very
close decision based on in my opinion
just visible doing good towards the end
of the rounds it’s kind of how Mitchell
we move on just suppressed a burp there
uh Raphael physio versus matteus gamrot
ah never get them my way these random
fluke moments just never go my way and
it’s absolutely sad
um fizzy F1 round one outstrat Matthias
gamerock gamro might have landed like a
few more glancing shots but fizzy have
landed all of the good shots in round
um so I gave him round one he had a good
body shot headshot combo at one point he
landed a good right hand on gamra and
gamro sort of like fell into a takedown
afterwards it landed behind his ear and
physio showed great takedown defense the
balance that he showed in round one on
one leg maybe that’s where the partial
ACL moment might have happened who knows
um but he balanced really well on one
leg got out of the takedown did good in
round one one round one in my books
round two
he was doing good again gamra hadn’t yet
landed a shot in round two went for the
takedown though didn’t get the take he
got the takedown but fizzy have worked
his way back up scrambled really well he
even had a moment where he scrambled
really dynamically at the end of round
one as well and I had a little moment on
the ground of like maybe fizzy ever
saying I couldn’t let you get that one
like at the end of the round and stuff
like that so they had a wholesome moment
there round two enthusias doing tit
shots lands I think two shots or some
like that and then throws a kick at
gamrot’s arm or body it was a body kick
attempt and gamra it hits gamroth’s
elbow and I think immediately oh my God
he’s broken his foot he goes down
immediately afterwards but you could
actually see his kneecap pop as he went
for that kick and I think he popped his
knee out of place on his left leg as he
went for that kick with his right leg
and then gamro just goes follows up few
shots wins the fights by TKO and says
yeah let’s go it’s a screaming like he’s
just Kyoto
for celebrating like that if Gamera was
flipping off physiev on the ground and
like doing the belt signals at him as
he’s on the floor whining then I’d
understand why people would be upset but
at the end of the day he’s humble
background doing it for his family
needs but double paycheck this is his
chance to get back into that title
elimination about picture now on a two
fight win streak let him have a little
bit of a celebration you know I mean I
know that you’ve got to be like oh I’m
so sorry like Curtis blades did to Tom
aspinel very very good of Curtis blades
to do that for a similar situation but
um Mateo scam right man that’s basically
let him celebrate a little bit you know
there’s a lot that goes into these fight
camps he looked like he had staff
infection so that might be why he was so
relieved to get the win as well because
he had all these bumps over his chest
and uh yeah I think he might have had
staph infections so who knows but yeah
he wins based on a weird freak incident
tough to watch really tougher Raphael
physiov don’t know what he’s going to do
next now he’s gonna have to be out for
quite some time and gamra is
back in the picture I guess after some
performances that are weird back to back
so we’ll see what happens in his future
as well like And subscribe thank you for
watching toodle pip I’ll see you later I
think I went what let me check what I
went on the card I went
Owen won one and one two and one two and
two because of the DQ even though
malcoon would have definitely won two
two three two Tim Means Underdog three
three on the prelims
for free Jordan 5-3 battle 6-3 Rodriguez
7-3 Mitchell I went seven and four
two freak incidents that cost me wins
that I probably would have gotten if not
for them you know what I’m saying so is
it what it still went positive despite
some freak accidents that went against
my picks seven and four like And
subscribe toodle pip see you later

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