Brandon Royval vs Grant Dawson Gameshow with Belal Muhammad and Jason Anik

In this episode of the RTS podcast, Belal Muhammad and Jason Anik are joined by Brandon Royval and Grant Dawson for a fun gameshow segment. The fighters test their knowledge of MMA by playing various games, including name scrambles and face mashes. They also discuss upcoming fights and the potential matchup between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic at UFC 295. Let’s dive into the highlights of this entertaining episode.

Name Scrambles and Face Mashes

The gameshow segment kicks off with a name scramble game, where the fighters have to guess the correct name of a fighter based on scrambled letters. The participants struggle with some of the names, but eventually, they manage to figure them out. It’s a lighthearted and fun competition that showcases their knowledge of the sport.

Next up is the face mash game, where two fighters’ faces are combined, and the participants have to identify both fighters. The fighters have a hard time recognizing the second fighter in some of the face mashes, but they eventually figure it out. It’s a challenging game that tests their observation skills and knowledge of fighters’ appearances.

Discussion on Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic at UFC 295

The conversation then shifts to the potential matchup between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic at UFC 295. Brandon Schaub, who recently spoke to Jon Jones, mentions that Jones is in incredible shape and ready to make his heavyweight debut. Belal Muhammad believes that Jones will have the advantage in the fight due to his athleticism, speed, and wrestling skills. He sees it as an opportunity for Jones to solidify his status as the GOAT in any division.

Eric Nicksick, on the other hand, believes that Stipe Miocic has a chance to further cement his status as the heavyweight GOAT. He points out that Miocic has been working on new techniques and strategies in his fights against Daniel Cormier, and those could be crucial in his matchup against Jones. Nicksick also mentions that he doesn’t expect the fight to be heavily focused on wrestling, but rather a striking battle.

The fighters discuss the potential outcome of the fight and the implications it would have for both fighters’ legacies. They also mention the possibility of a matchup between Jones and Francis Ngannou, which could be a massive fight if it happens.


In this episode of the RTS podcast, Belal Muhammad, Jason Anik, Brandon Royval, and Grant Dawson engage in a fun gameshow segment, testing their knowledge of MMA. They also discuss the potential matchup between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic at UFC 295. It’s an entertaining and informative episode that provides insights into the fighters’ perspectives on upcoming fights and the future of the sport.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of the RTS podcast, where fighters and experts discuss all things MMA.

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joined as always by the UFC’s number one welterweight Contender Bal remember the
name Muhammad you know I’m happy it’s Thursday I’m happy to see you I’m a little fired up today I’m I’m not gonna
lie I’m sure you’re a little fired up too we have topics to get to and I I was gonna try not to go here right off the
bat but I just can’t help myself H how are you doing I guess I’ll start there good always doing good blessed had a
good training session early in the morning uh got back got the uh got two
guests on the game show today so it’s always fun when you have two guests and uh uh yeah excited excited for the show
today yeah we’re certainly going to talk about balal Muhammad and where he fits in this welterweight division we know
exactly where he fits there’s only one place he fits but Cody marrow our producer that open which is fire we
might need to tweak that because our boy Eric Nix gonna be on here a little more regularly so shout out Eric Nixon can’t wait to see his face popping in I guess
he’s hitting pads with Puna Serano right now got a fight coming up but we’re gonna get right into the topics we got
plenty to talk about before we get to balah Muhammad because that’s all I want to talk about as yall know anyone who’s tuned in this show before we’re going to
just recap this weekend real quick and so the the main event phiv gamra and I know I say it a lot we don’t always look
back but this is part of the reason I don’t bet MMA hate seeing it end like that let’s just start there well maybe
we’ll get to the co-main event with mixi but your reaction to a main event when it ends like that I’m sure as a fighter
seeing that it’s like yeah it’s it sucks man it’s heartbreaking because you know
the goal for any fighter is to make it to to the fight once you make it to the fight you got through the camp you got through the weight cut that that’s your
prize right and then for for a guy like fiz you know coming off of a loss a big fight with gaii and you’re like all
right this is my time you’re going you’re not taking an easy fight you’re taking a tough fight with gamr I’m sure he was doing nothing but wrestling he
looked really good in the first round defending the takedown so I excited to see how it was gonna play
out freaking just bad luck you I think he tore his ACL uh stepped wrong on a
kick uh but I tell people that’s why it’s when you got guys like Jon Jones
and Habib that never lost a fight it just shows how crazy it is that that’s a
crazy stat to do because there’s so many random ways you could lose a fight there’s so many random things that could
happen to you tearing your AC out with a a kick that you throw a million of all Camp long and that happens and it
doesn’t look I don’t think it was one of those things where it was injured before the fight because he looked good the first round he was defending a couple
takedowns um gam had his leg up high a couple times and he looked smoother there he had a thing there when I saw
the kick the replay of it it looked like it just went out a little bit when he threw that bad kick and I was like God
dang it man it sucks dude and those acl’s often times especially in football or other sports are often non- contct
where they just sort of go when they’re when they’re going to go and it’s just rough to see um also rough to see I have
to say so and maybe we’ll get to the co-main event like I said with e but but so Michelle Waterson Gomez Marina
Rodriguez obviously tremendous striking um so my wife who doesn’t ingest tons of
MMA happened to just be around for that fight right so so we so I put my girls
to bed right I’m watching this fight and my my nine-year-old had just gone to bed right so we’re watching this fight and
my wife is sort of eyes up and down and then she looks up and catches this profile of Michelle Waton and I catch it
at the same time with a flat face and just smashed maybe two minutes left or a minute 45 in the round and she’s just
like what is going on right and I’m like no it wasn’t quite time then oh there he is what’s up e welcome to reg the
brilliant coach Eric nixi what’s going on man not a much just uh watching the boy spar right now and jumping on saying
hi to you guys so I was quickly talking about Michelle Waton and you were getting ready obviously to go out there
with Danny but um you know my wife and I happen to be watching this fight and so my wife sees the visual my wife wants
this thing stopped I was a little less I was she wanted it stop before I did my nine-year-old who we had just put to bed
just just happens to come down and she watches plenty of MMA because it’s in the family but she comes down at that
moment where I just didn’t want her to see Michelle Watson at that moment so anyway so my wife and I think it should
be stopped and then I hear Dom Cruz giving kudos to the ref for keeping it going so bully you can start I mean I’m
just fascinated um just but you know at the end of the fight and then I’ll let you go she’s down and she’s crying and
just like throwing the towel I me did she really need to take that beating yeah honestly it was like it was
basically how they fought the first time Marina came out super hard even the first fight she was dominator in certain spots the clinch KNE her and this fight
there was like if I’m a coach if I’m looking at her and I’m her husband in her corner and I’m seeing you know her
getting beat up like that I’m not letting her come out the second round because there was really nothing she threw out there that told me like she
has an opportunity to come back there wasn’t like she went for a couple takedowns in there and you know she
didn’t get close to them at all so like there was no I don’t think there was a backup plan where I’m looking at her like oh maybe she’ll catch her here or
here or here it was like it was she was on a long losing streak even before that so I’m looking at it like why would they
even make that matchup it didn’t make sense the first fight it was a five rounder and Marina really beat her up
for the most part for that she had to take down in the fifth round but it’s like CH still got beat up for four
rounds at first F so I don’t even know why then that rematch was even necessary yeah Eric you probably didn’t see much
of that you were in the back with your boy right I saw it we we were back there uh we had just kind of were were gauging
on what that fight was going to go uh TimeWise as far as our warm-up went and I I’m with you guys man like I I hate to
sound like you know this is like a a male female thing but I was putting myself in a scenario if that was my wife
right that was a situation where the husband’s in the corner um the mother of my children like you have to in my mind
you have to put all those aspects in play because that is actually the scenario that they’re in you know it’s
not like me corner and Casey O’Neal or just one of or Misha a friend of mine if you will um and then the daughter being
there like all these things to me just had just such a um just a warning sign
of like hey man let’s just get this stop let’s just get her out of here and live to fight another day the the the Optics
looked awful the poor girls crying the mom’s cut up she’s literally showing me nothing that she’s going to be being
able to stay in this fight um you know and I’m not trying to sound rude or disrespectful I just she just felt like
it was she was outclassed in that moment and uh lived a fight another day yeah so
we got a couple guys coming on for the game show tonight Grant Dawson Brandon Royal so e we’d love you to stick around
they may hop on any minute but Bal Mohamed let’s talk about you you know Dana was right when he said you have a
fight coming up it’s a fucking grappling match in Abu Dhabi October 20th that’s it as far as I know what the fuck man
sorry for cursing but I’m fired the fuck up man fired the fudge up I don’t know what to say man I’m in John’s house I
hope the kids are home man this is some horeshit man I like I need you to be my
manager you’re you’re hype right now got me hype right now but for me like I said
even when he says that obviously you know we’re talks with the UFC and he said it even before that like I’m a man
of Dana’s a man of his word I promise you the title fight so it’s if up to me
if I want to wait because you know Kobe and Leon they they both take forever to fight right they take over a year to
fight um with know Eric here we’ve been calling alshan Strickland uh and he said
hey that’s a title fight but you know are you’re gonna fully say at 185 to do that and stick there uh if you do fight
and these are all just like options for me my coaches and my team to look at like people are throwing out Kamar
usman’s name and for me like does it really make any sense to fight Usman at
170 because i’ like earn my 185 I mean I earn my my title fight already I be go
runs at three weeks notice and like you said Dana said hey you’re getting the next title fight but it’s up to you if
you want to wait for it that long Kobe and Leon they take forever to fight who knows what’ll happen in this fight um so
it’s just about what my team my coaches because like it is my dream to be a champion but like
this whole mission is for my whole team we’ve all been here we’ve all been on this Mission together so it’s like a team decision to decide and think of all
right what are we gonna do next so Eric as you look back if I will
and bow we could talk about you all day long I know you’ll put out there what you want to put out there but Eric as you look back a few days ago with Dan
eay um man I love everything about Dan eay I love the way he conducts himself
love the way he fights certainly Bryce Mitchell can be tough on the ground man no fun down there with that farmer um
but a good showing I thought for Dan tough fight yeah yeah tough fight um you know just a little bit more urgency on
our end and creating more scramble positions and you know credit to Bryce he was he was a good step ahead of of
Dan on some of those scrambles and was able to nullify or get like anchor down on him he’s just real sticky Grappler um
you know and looking back at it now like we watched the fight yesterday me and Dan or we came in and discussed the
fight um you know he doesn’t really remember much of round three and he actually didn’t know he got clipped in
round two and he said that he’s like man I got clipped and he’s like I didn’t remember at all like round three you
know so he was kind of on autopilot until after the fight and he was like dude I rewatched the fight and they were
like trying to prey in the middle and he’s like I don’t remember any of this no way yeah he said I don’t remember any
of that so um and that was kind of to my degree of of you know when when we’re in the third third round I was I was
getting want say frustrated with Dan but I wanted him to be more urgent in some of those tramble positions even when um
there was a spot there where it was kind of like a 5050 where you know Bryce could take his back or Dan can kind of
Pummel the right hand to the inside and get topos it was almost a stalemate but I didn’t feel like Dan was firing on all
cylinders in that moment it’s like he was kind of like on autopilot now looking back at it when having the
conversation with them and that’s why it’s important I think to debrief after their fight whether you win or lose debrief with your fighter talk to them
go over everything and then you kind of get some clarity on what happened in those positions and and that’s what
happened with us like he’s like man I don’t even remember this whole this whole sequence here you know and all
that stuff so um but credit to Bryce Mitchell man his game plan was you know he came in there and and uh you know
every time Dan touched him up the kid the kid got on the grappling and that’s that’s what out took the out took the
scorecard so as we move forward talk about some other fights so bully I’m going to give you three fights that were
announced you can pick whichever one you’re more fired up about you want to talk about but just the UFC just doesn’t stop so Rob font going to welcome
Davison figaret to the bantamweight division that’s fire December 2nd and then 296 in December your division Ian
Gary viente luk that matchup just fascinates me friends teammates um and then Patty pimpl Tony Ferguson I will
say on that one Brendan sha thinks not necessarily a bad match up maybe a winnable fight for Tony so you can pick
any of those three three great fights I think yeah I mean they’re all great for me I’m look at obviously the the 170
Pounders I think that’s a good matchup um I mean their teammates or they they were teammates I don’t know Ian Gary
gets around um but stylistically it’s interesting because you know LC’s already lost to somebody like Ian kind
of like Wonderboy like a longer Striker and I’m thinking for for luk is he gonna does he think his wrestling is good
enough they felt each other in the room his grappling felt that way in the room nobody really came in and ever tried to
wrestle Gary yet Magny fought him but Magny really didn’t have no game plan at
all uh he just got beat up for the most part but luk we know luk is tough and luk is always going to come to fight but
his last fight hit came with a strategy and he was taking a guy down like RDA who had good grappling so I wonder if
he’s gonna come with a grappling mindset to take down Ian Gary in this one I hope we get to see Wonderboy Ian Gary at some
point down the road um but that one I can’t wait for that one all right these guys are going to be on here soon one of them we got already this dude never lost
in the UFC TW oh we got both boys dude both guys huge fights coming up Grant Dawson Brandon royval welcome gentlemen
you got coach Nick tick bully B great to have you boys how are you guys good how are you good what’s up you good you can
see yeah I’m good man I’m good I just was letting him go you know uh he he’s he’s got the title fight coming up he
he’s got the right of way what Mr Main Event what are you up to bro hey man how you doing buddy it’s good to see you
again you too so you guys know each other you guys know each yeah yeah yeah for sure you
guys ever train with each other uh no I don’t think so yeah I don’t think so either we’ve been in the same room
though on a bunch of cards and I’ve seen him train a long time I’ve seen him fight before he was in the UFC um our
our Co our my old coach and his coach we’re we’re really close so yeah we we
practically know each other like we’re good yeah yeah no beef none I don’t want
beef for that dude no way Grant you’re you’re getting close man you’re looking lean how you feeling man honestly I feel
really good today was my last um going live session and uh I I felt fantastic
this this is one of those camps where I’m just like waiting for something to go wrong this is too clean too good of a
camp the weight is too low like something has to happen in the next but live is over so it looks like we we made
it in the clear so I’m super excited to get my first Main Event out of the way training for your first five round are
you like switching up your routine or are you always like a guy when I spar usually for a normal fight are you only
sparring three rounds that’s it or you’re like you know I I usually Spar 10 Rounds anyway because there’s guys differ I’m I’m a big believer in fight
Camp I Spar exactly what I’m gonna fight so if it’s a three round fight I want to spar three rounds because I I don’t want
to save energy in the first round to prepare for those last two rounds when I’m not actually going to do that in a
fight so the only thing that’s changed for me in this one is uh adding those extra two rounds and then we’re going
you know two training Partners instead of one training partner just to you know keep the the gas tank
going Brandon yeah I just tile fight out of line obviously you’re looking at a
division where these guys were doing rematch after rematch after rematch were you like nervous after how close was
like dang I’m not gonna get this title fight yeah yeah I feel like me and you are on the same point like I was like I hope this works out I feel like I should
have earned it already but I’m like I’m not really I wasn’t really sure you know so uh I was just kind of hoping and
praying and then like the last like maybe two months I I kind of knew it was mine I was just waiting on a date and so
for you this opportunity to face a guy I mean a championship opportunity and to
avenge a loss I mean what an opportunity for you I’m sure you think you’re a much different fighter than you were a couple years ago oh absolutely and I feel like
it thats like kind of poetic to my life is just I feel like I always just mess up the first try I feel like you know
that’s what makes me a fighter is uh kind of just o overcoming all these little uh mistakes that I’ve made
throughout life so it I feel like poetically and just suiting and just you know it’s ideal and just suiting towards
my life too you know you’re a guy that’s like straight chaos in the cage like do your coaches like try to like calm you
down or just tell you be like bro stop doing that or they just let you flow they love when you do what you do because your style is your style there’s
some coaches out here that are like yo you’re kicking the wrong way kick specifically like this or your coaches like want to mes their style their PL to
whatever you do yeah I feel like um in order to be a champion I have to clean up my style a lot more so I think you’re
to see a little bit of different uh looks at of me you could see a little bit in my last night it only last like a minute and a half so there wasn’t much
you could see but it was like the first time I’m like in the UFC it was the first time I just went in and just didn’t get punched at all didn’t even
get touched and it was like that was like one of those like I I know what I could do I know what I’m capable of I I
kind of like going in there and creating chaos but that being said is I can go in there and pick someone apart too you
know who’ you think won that title fight between uh Ro I mean uh Pantoja and Mareno the last one I that uh panta won
4-1 I gave Pantoja four rounds and uh four round yeah yeah I gave him four
rounds same you did 4 two yeah yeah I had I had panto I don’t
remember I don’t remember the amount of rounds I have pantos winning for sure oh man I thought it would closer maybe I
like Brandon Marino more than you guys yeah your heart gets in the way a little bit bully it’s okay to be fair
he’s my teammate so maybe mine’s getting in the way too too so but yeah I had four to one agreed with royval yeah
Grant you’re out here killing everybody right now uh now you’re gonna go against the OG and Bobby green are you like
training with specific training partners because he has a weird style right weird boxing style he has wrestling but like I
don’t you heard Islam MF brother he doesn’t have real wrestling do you have like guys that are
mimicking him right now yeah I mean to to the best of our ability um you know everybody’s pretty similar when I get
the takedown so you know the the game plan’s obviously staying the same it’s really hard to prepare for a guy like
Bobby finding somebody that’s comfortable with his hands down you know chin out and and likes to counter a lot
it’s hard to find somebody that can can mimic that we have a couple of guys that I’ve been training with that can get as
close to him as as as possible but the main thing for me when I’m going into a fight like this I think having somebody
that can scramble really really well on the ground is more realistic for me than having somebody that’s a a really good
boxer because he might have good striking he might have good boxing I think we have the the blueprint to get him to the ground and once we get him
there keeping them keeping him there is going to be uh the number one thing so just being with partners that can
scramble really well like he can which is much easier to find than partners that keep their hands down and and can
counter well I like it so we’re gonna throw these boys in the fire soon Eric you got anything before we get to the
game show with these boys no man I love both of these guys and you know I have no grant for a long long time so I’ve
won a couple bucks off of gr over the years man huge fan of his ideologies and the way that he approaches the game and
um you know been following him since uh since he was very very young Contender series time and then Roy Val man just
just we were talking about you last week man just you’re I I don’t think you’re reckless man I think you’re it’s we I
call it calculated chaos like you feel like you know what you’re doing in there but you’re doing things in ways where
it’s like you’re setting people up for your traps you know I think you have a very cohesive relationship with your
coach I like seeing that too um but he allows you to maintain your creative control man so you’re a joy to watch as
well man I’m excited for both of you guys’ fights coming up here yeah thank you congratulations on the Belt then man that was awesome aesome
weirdo thank you brother I appreciate you man thank you he’s got to be like just the worst
person to coach I can imagine he he’s actually he’s actually not bad Grant like he’s he’s actually you know the
thing with coaching him is you have to keep it minimal right you can’t load him with too much bandwidth because if you
do he just you know the internet gets run down so give him give him your key pointers here there but just try to keep
him on track the best you can other than that man he’s he’s a great guy to have in the room great teammate um you know
he’s a crazy crazy fucker but we love him all right boys we’re here for a game
show so Cody let’s get the game show [Music]
going [Music]
all right boys rules of the game really simple if you know the answer shout bully that’s really all you got to
remember bully is your buzzer shout bully when you know the answer either guy can shout bully wrong answer points
go to your opponent correct answer obviously points to you most points wins oh shit please shout bully gonna be
fun all right guys categories for today Grant you’ve been here before so you know what it is um first
category face masch so these are two fighter faces n you gotta tell me
Fighters these are nickname game everybody got a nickname gotta tell me this Fighter’s
nickname name scramble these are all fighters on the card next week so you gotta their names are scrambled up you
gotta let me know who they are and then who is he or she these are guy fighters with a girl filter you
gotta tell me who the guy is for the belt so I’ll let you pick the
first category let’s go um fuck damn
let’s go Nick for 300 the alexand panta oh bully Alexandra
panta boo okay F right off that’s my teamate too yeah yeah that’s my you know
that’s the next opponent smart man all right it’s keiths here royall you’re got
next all right let’s go nickname for 400 nickname 400
uh damn that was good oh these guys locked in these guys are in right now
let’s go all right grant you pick again uh I pick now um let’s let’s do
um uh fuck it let’s do nickname 100 nickname 100
uh oh buly
Alin see it was good good one that was a good one all right you got locked in you guys are up let’s run it let’s run it
nickname 200 oh I bully uh man all the star boy Cape
he who I think we got a good one killing me he’s killing me these are these are the opponents I gota I have to know
their names yeah that’s true one category though so you’re up oh fuck let’s go face is hard face
Mash is hard yeah I can already tell it’s going to be hard let’s go face Mas for Two fighter faces uh
bully uh sadik Yousef and um Edson
Barbosa is that wow oh wow that was D pass you got
a pass I’m not even gonna attempt the face Mash that was crazy let Let’s do let’s let’s let’s
keep it going let’s do face mask 200 bully oh Drew Dober and uh Bobby
green how the F that so fast really good friend of mine and I’m
fighting Bobby green Bobby green this is all right let’s keep it going let’s go 300 face Mash Oh’s he’s
walking through you right now rall I don’t even I can’t uh hakee
Dau and and these are boxers I’ll give you that
one oh I have no idea this weekend oh if I knew it was boxers I could have switched that up uh
are boxers gonna be like consistent through this no I Gotta Give Canelo a shout out yeah
good good good call you’re fuck let’s go wait what is the he or she oh okay
let’s go who is he or she for 100 this is a guy fighter with a girl filter
bully uh Nate Diaz [Music]
yeah Natalie uh let’s do it 200 uh 200
yeah I said it wait said it I think Brandon snuck in there it’s
it’s Cosmo [Music]
this is a game right here who is he or she for 300 bully Grant what the fuck is that uh
I kept this one in there I had to uh oh Bobby green huh Bobby green I
don’t you got what wow that was a good one oh that
was a total guess uh let’s go name scramble 100
let’s see what this is about see this one no clue oh shit uh on
guys no idea B
yeah but I think I think it’s wrong replace that replace that b you
could replace that b with an replace the B with an N that is a
just just just download the last name yeah worry about the last name focus on the last name how about you
flip oh buly Adrian yenz there we go still I still would not have got that
no way yeah was damn let’s go uh fuck let’s go who
is he or she for 400 this is a game right here bully
tailon I what I got it no that I think that one was we gotta go that was
literally a tie last close went to royville I think Grant might have got in there ah Dale
[Music] son that was a tough one this
is let’s go face mash for 400 face smash 400 uh
bully Ronda Rousey and is it two females Ronda Rousey and
let’s go how do you see another face in there I don’t even see anybody else in there
besides Rhonda see the hair three
two got it
pointen oh that was big that’s 400 400
all oh I get M oh I get points when he get oh game this is a ball game you’re
name scramble 200 I’m gonna definitely lose this one oh God
damn fights next weekend 45
get I got it yeah first name wasn’t necessarily scrambled yeah yeah yeah the
first one’s easy
fuck the fuck Darren Elkins damn it there we go good shit I
like that who’s was that mixi with a little [Laughter]
damage let’s do 300 this is big you need these points right
here oh bully uh oh I might have said too soon I was
thinking Ariana uh fuck I don’t know hey who are you thinking though I
was uh who’s who’s
Ariana I don’t know I I got nothing oh answer
[Music] sh this is another game that’s coming out to the last
last question
guys uh bully brenon damn I might have said this too soon but benil
derush and he does it he got
it wow wow that was lucky Ro I know you’re fighting for the
belt but you are the RTS Champion bigger belt than the UFC belt how does it feel
um I just want to I just want to thank my cornerman I actually want to thank Grant Dawson because I probably done I
probably answered half those questions so shout out to I did the work for you motherfucker
yeah yeah honestly yeah hey sometimes you just you know sometimes you just got to be there right place right time you know yeah I just got raw
dogged we’re gonna have you both on tourn Tournament of Champions even though Grant I think you’re 0 and two right now two oh come on Grant
that’s all right much better than I did against Max
though hey that’s all right man you just keep being undefeated in the Octagon this don’t there but both you guys this
is what it’s about this is what I got to do is to be good everything’s a
fight but hey appreciate both you guys coming on man thank you guys I hit you guys up good luck in your fights coming
up too I appreciate you guys man thank you guys for having us on Good Luck kill it see you guys thank you
boys all right gentlemen yeah keep Eric nixi right there in the Middle where I like him all right so I want to ask you
guys quickly before we get to the fourth topic so Rob font davidon figuro like to me when I see font I mean like I gotta
be licking my chops he’s faced a lot of killers I don’t mind the little guy coming up no disrespect to Davidson it’s a bully I mean how do you see that match
up yeah Manan I think the size is gonna be a huge Advantage for him and his boxing is really good it just uh for
Davidson Davidson cut a lot of weight to come down but he bullied a lot of guys because of his size at 25 so I’m trying
to see what kind of game plan he’s going to bring to 135 he’s going against a tough guy font’s been in there with the
best guys at 135 so I’m just his boxing is smooth his hands are good he looked great his last fight so I want to see
what they how he plays this one out yeah and Eric figuro obviously no one really
loves seeing him cut that weight over and over again there have been certainly times where he’s mastered it better than
others but how do you see him at one 35 yeah I think it’s a healthier weight for him especially as he starts to get a
little bit older in age but um you know I’m with you guys I think this is a huge step up in competition for him and a guy
like Rob font who has a lot to prove after his last outing against Corey sandhagen you know so if I’m the figuro
camp immediately I’m gonna go out and try to test that wrestling and see if Rob has worked on those things that maybe uh reared its head against the
Cory San Haagen fight and no en Tyson and those boys up there I know that that’s what they’re going to be working on um as far as font goes I think this
is a good fight for him kind of that comeback to you know getting on that wind column and going out and using
utilizing his boxing and his Superior footwork getting back to that real clean crisp jab that he has um and I think he
can put Davidson away pretty early if he’s on his game dang I forgot about that uh that he got out wrestled by Cory
San and yeah yeah that’s interesting I was just thinking of I thought his last fight was against Giannis and I was like oh man he knocked him out but yeah man
Cory made him look like he know have no wrestling at all yeah yeah so you know I think you something something you want
to test right away you want to see hey has you know but again Davidson hasn’t been the guy who’s been really relying
on his cardio um and that might be because of the huge weight cuts that he had at flyweight um maybe now he might
have a little bit more weight on him maybe more gas in the tank but you know I wouldn’t I wouldn’t see Davidson being
the guy to come out and try to wrestle I know if I was his Camp that’s what I would try to do and test Rob in that area right away but um you know I think
Rob and those guys are going to show that up real easy and keep it on the field so as we move to the next top next topic
it’s funny sometimes you talk about UFC 295 and I think about the two of you and October I mean Eric you know UFC 295 you
give a shit right you got you got you got some shit going on in October but we’re gonna go there we’re gonna go
there nonetheless we’ll have time to talk to you about you and enanu and what’s coming there but UFC 295 so we
had Brendan sha on our NFL podcast anex squared yesterday and he said he I don’t I think he ran into Jon Jones and just
said he is lean and just ready and mean my brothers heard Stipe is in incredible
shape too I’m going to be surprised if they don’t retire together um a lot of people talked about the shape Jones was
in in in his last appearance so bully we’ll start with you it’s remember the show um I mean I got so excited when
Brenan shop was talking to me about how lean Jon Jones was I really hope we get to see that do you think both guys retire that
night I mean I think it just comes down to like how he wins I think honestly I think joh it’s gonna be an easy fight
for Jon Jones stti really hasn’t looked great uh his last couple fights she sat
out for how long Jon Jones just way more athletic than him Jon Jones even at bigger size he’s a lot faster than a lot
of these heavyweights his wrestling is a lot different than all these guys none of these guys can deal with his speed his length is already heavyweight length
um and this like cements him as goat status and any division right because
you talk about goats and you people can say whatever they want to John about Jon Jones’s pass and things like that but
it’s like he goes up there dominates stpe who many think is the best heavyweight to to do it and uh he
finishes him and he makes it look easy like he did against Gan it’s like what else does he need to do and like there’s
not that bigger fight unless I know Francis was talking on The Joe Rogan show about like he could come back for
the Jon Jones fight and if they do something like that I don’t know if uh it’s out there but I mean obviously that
would be a humongous fight if he goes out there fights Fury then comes back and fights Jon Jones who just
dominate steep like I don’t think there a bigger fight in the world so Eric for
you obviously looking at this fight certainly when enanu comes back from beating Fury uh you know he’s going to
be competing in mixed martial arts may but probably in the professional fighters league so but when you handicap this matchup you certainly have a good
feel for both guys uh you think Stipe has a shot to further cement his status to many as the heavyweight goat
absolutely I do and you know I look at it like this you know I feel like both of the guys both of these men have been
out for over three years right I John fought for what 30 seconds in his last fight didn’t look entirely great in the
standup Department I think there’s a little bit of a panic wrestle there uh the Blue Print was laid out hey man if
gone does not sh up this wrestling it’s easy take this dude down and the submission path was there for him John’s
submission game is far superior over francis’s and he found the back quick or got in that front choke but with that
being said you know I know CP has been out ever since the Francis loss in my opinion Jon’s kind of been out that same
amount of time um so we haven’t really seen a whole lot out of JN when it comes
to the Striking department and what I saw in the two um DC fights the one the
one where DC beat CPE and then CPE ran off the two in a
row his his angles he started create new kind of nuances to striking especially
in that last DC fight and those are the things that I was able to kind of take over in our blueprint for the for our
fight with Francis was that third fight with with uh DC and and and Stipe was
doing a lot of really really good things there some switch stance stuff some lateral movement some kind of drive by
strike and go some shake steps off the cage where he was going in a couple different stances I think that stuff
will be important to make sure that your your lead leg isn’t always a sitting Target if John is going to go for a
snatch single or he’s going try to get to a fit in or a connection it’s very hard to gauge where that lead leg is at
if you’re always moving and always switching your stances so I’m going to be interested to see how this shakes out
I don’t see it being a big wrestling match I see this getting nullified and and these guys doing it from the feet
that’s where I’m most interested about this fight is because John didn’t look that comfortable in the small amount of
time that we saw him on the feet versus gone so are you guys are you guys gonna
cross paths or what bully I mean when are you guys heading out there bow you fight October 20th right yeah the in uh
Abu Dhabi right oh yeah so and then you’re gonna be in Saudi right Eric yeah I
leave for Saudi on October 10th so yeah the boys the boys all leave huh
what’s the date of the fight 28th oh how far Abu Dhabi exactly this
where I’m going a little train or something exactly take a little boat that’s what
I’m saying you watch Islam win bully and then you go find your way support your boy
niick get way down there down buddy that’s what I was trying to manifest anyway so for those of you watching hit
us up in the comments we need we need a name for this segment right I’m not the most creative guy we need a name for nixi Segment right we gotta we got to
come up with something original so shout us out Eric appreciate you being with us always add tremendous value to the program thank you Brandon Ro wall Grant
do B Muhammad before we get out of here you got anything anything you didn’t say that you want to get out here
today nothing really man I just really hope that I’m not fighting uh Eric nixi
in the opposite corner like that heart for for me I like come on Eric what we
on right now dude hey but if but if the belts
yeah Chang his uh has his mentality changed his winning the
belt he look Oh’s new photo
oh come on man don’t don’t get on my don’t be on my wall now
B I love it for those you didn’t see next week Bal asked him if I face Strickland for the middleweight title
will you Corner against me and you could be sure Eric’s like damn fucking right you
know anyway we appreciate you all being with us tonight join us every Thursday we’re going to try 3:30 Eastern if you
want to headit us up live for these two gentlemen my name is Jason an we’ll see you next Thursday appreciate you

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