Mateusz Gamrot thinks his wrestling is better than Islam Makhachev

Mateusz Gamrot, a rising star in the UFC lightweight division, is gearing up for his second main event fight. In an interview, Gamrot expressed his excitement about headlining another event and his determination to prove himself as a real deal in the UFC. He believes that his wrestling skills can overpower any striker, including his upcoming opponent, Rafael Fiziev.

Gamrot acknowledges that he still has to prove himself and earn recognition in the UFC. He believes that every fight is an opportunity to showcase his skills and improve his performance. While he is not afraid to exchange punches and kicks with Fiziev, he knows that the key to winning this fight lies in his stamina, conditioning, MMA skills, and mental strength.

When asked if he feels the need to prove himself as a striker, Gamrot emphasizes that he will take advantage of any opportunity to take Fiziev down and finish him on the ground. He is focused on his upcoming fight and advancing in the lightweight division. With a win against Fiziev, Gamrot aims to climb the rankings and eventually compete for the title.

Gamrot is confident in his abilities and believes that his wrestling skills are superior to Fiziev’s striking. He is not concerned about the matchup and trusts that his training with the Polish national team has prepared him well. He credits his coaches and training partners at American Top Team for constantly improving his skills and introducing him to new techniques.

In addition to his training, Gamrot recently underwent LASIK surgery, which has greatly improved his vision. He expresses his excitement about the surgery, as it has helped him in his daily life and training. While he hasn’t had a fight since the surgery, he looks forward to experiencing the benefits inside the cage as well.

Gamrot also mentions the support he receives from his teammate and fellow Polish fighter, Joanna Jedrzejczyk. He appreciates her presence during fight week and the positive energy she brings. Gamrot feels fortunate to have her as a source of support throughout his career.

When asked about the upcoming fight between Islam Makhachev and Charles Oliveira, Gamrot states that he is only focused on his own fight with Fiziev. However, he believes that his wrestling skills can overcome any striker, including Makhachev. He hopes to face Makhachev in the future and prove himself as the best wrestler in the lightweight division.

Reflecting on his last fight against Guram Kutateladze, Gamrot acknowledges the challenges he faced with a short notice fight and lack of preparation. However, he learned that his will to win can push him through difficult situations. With a full camp and proper preparation for his upcoming fight, Gamrot feels like a completely different fighter.

Regarding a potential matchup between Arman Tsarukyan and Beneil Dariush, two former opponents of Gamrot, he finds it to be an interesting matchup. He praises Dariush’s performance in their fight but notes that his conditioning seemed to be affected in his fight against Charles Oliveira. Gamrot is curious to see how Dariush performs in a rematch with Tsarukyan and will be watching the fight closely.

In conclusion, Mateusz Gamrot is focused on his upcoming fight with Rafael Fiziev and is determined to prove himself as a top contender in the UFC lightweight division. He believes in his superior wrestling skills and is confident in his ability to overcome any striker. With his recent LASIK surgery and full camp preparation, Gamrot is ready to showcase his improved skills and make a statement in the lightweight division. He is grateful for the support of his teammate Joanna Jedrzejczyk and the guidance of his coaches at American Top Team. Gamrot’s ultimate goal is to become the UFC champion and he is willing to put in the work to achieve that.

hey guys
welcome back uh another headliner a main
event for you does it does it add
anything for it for it to you for when
you’re in a main event
yeah exactly I am super excited that
this is my second night event to UFC I
feel uh uh that UFC appreciate my my
names I also appreciate my MMA skills
and that this time I want to prove that
I am reality real deal in UFC and I
prove that I deserve that do you feel
like that you still kind of have to
prove your name right now that maybe
that you haven’t gotten the recognition
you deserve in the UFC
always you can improve your yours
yourself you know every fight you can
show better your skills and performance
and it’s gonna be like this time very
nice another exciting fighter on the
other side of the cage and Raphael what
did you think of the matchup when they
put this together of course of course
right now my opponent is Rafa physiev
he’s really dangerous opponent high
level uh world-class Striker
but I believe in I believe I am better
or render fighter and to be honest I
don’t care because of course I have much
respect to to Rafa but my wrestling
wrestling skills
kill every Striker
I was gonna say I mean obviously it’s a
mixed martial arts fight but at its core
it does seem like Striker versus
Grappler is that kind of the way you see
it yeah yeah yeah but before before this
fight I did I did Camp Polish national
team when I improving my skills I don’t
afraid exchange punch and kicks with
with Rafa
uh but I think the key the winning this
fight will be stamina conditioning of
course MMA skills and mental strength
and I believe I have an advantage out of
this yeah is it difficult to keep that
mindset like sometimes I feel like
Fighters you know you know you’re
probably the better Grappler but maybe I
want to prove I can strike with that guy
I want to show the world I can outstrike
him well maybe that’s not the smartest
way to to approach the fight is that
hard for you to deal with this is always
50 50 you know and is dangerous but like
I say I don’t afraid exchange punch but
if I see opportunity take him down and
finish his grout of course I take it
nice you win here I mean there’s not a
lot of names up above him at the top of
the division I know you’re a respectful
guy but is it time to start calling out
the names and do you have an idea of who
you should be facing next with a big win
here of course like you said in the
lightweight division is too many
Superstar and top 10 is really dangerous
but right now my focus is fight to to
Rafa uh this is big fight to me his
number six I am number seven the winner
this fight advance to top five and
everybody know top five is tighter run
and I climbing to the top nice last
thing for me given you know kind of the
importance of this fight is just a win
here enough or does it have to be
something spectacular do you feel like
you have to kind of make a statement
uh I wanna I won’t make statement this
lightweight division
of course I am I am professionals
fighter and for me the most important is
win this fight
but I wanna I wanna show my my shape and
good performance and I wanna finish him
how does it feel uh not having glasses
on I saw that she got LASIK surgery and
how how does it feel uh feeling great I
am super excited that I did this become
this thing helped me a lot in my life
like every day you know because when I
trained I took my glasses and I feeling
good you know sometimes I feel like
Jean-Claude I didn’t see nothing but I
touched and doing but but this I think
this was great ideas and maybe the best
in my life obviously it’s gonna help you
outside the cage but Inside the Cage
will help as well like you don’t have to
worry about contacts or not being able
to see
we’ll see because this is gonna be my
first fight when I when I did surgery
and after this fight I can I can tell
you when was better
gotcha and I saw Joanna around you um
how’s it feel having her around you
during fight week and
um you know having a teammate a country
woman is it awesome yeah this is awesome
uh Joanna helped me a lot she’s big
support for me and she helped me
all the time in my life in in my Sport
and in my career I really appreciate
that and I am happy that she is here I I
feel that she give me a lot of energy
good energy
also during on the fight it’s it’s
American top team versus kill Cliff FC
yeah do you do you see it like that or
or do you not even think about that
I don’t I don’t I don’t care this do you
know because I when I I am in I ITT I
feel that I am great company I have
great coaches great spirit Partners
every time when I come to ATT uh my
skills is improving my brown is the best
coaches in the world every time he show
me new things new techniques and there’s
gonna be
this time I’m in my Arsenal is a lot
better than the last time I have new
things not only Grand and and the same
in in Striking and and I want to show
this in the Saturday night and finally
uh Islam and Charles referee next month
I just want your thoughts on that fight
does Islam beat Charles again or do we
see an upset
like like I say I don’t I don’t I don’t
care because my wrestling skills always
beat a striker and I am only interested
one guy this lightweight division he’s
he’s wrestler he is Islam and I believe
he will win with Charles Oliveira and I
hope so we meet in the future maybe next
year or two to two years so you feel
your wrestling is good enough to negate
his his uh his wrestling basically
you’re wrestling is is better than his
one more please do you think your
wrestling is better than Islam’s
I think so
we will see I have to meet him in the
octagon and fight with him and then we
get the answer who is better uh wrestler
but in myself in my opinion I am the
best wrestler in the lightweight
Division I take him down everybody and
this is no problem for me and this will
be the same time in in Saturday night
thank you thank you it’s over here last
summer you took a short notice fight
against Geralyn Turner you had to dig
deep there but you got the Gnar at the
end what are some important things you
learned about yourself in that fight
oh man my last fight was treble because
this was short notice I have a lot of
bad things before this fight with Visa
Travel and no Camp no preparation no
but this fight showed me that when I had
when I don’t have camp and don’t have
preparation I can beat the the dangerous
fighter like Jalen tournament and my
will to win pushed me forward this fight
and I get to win so right now I have
full Camp through preparation
conditioning to 10 runs and right now
really guys I am a lot different fighter
like last time
and the former opponent of yours Armin
sarukin has been pretty vocal about
wanting to fight another former opponent
of yours benildarius if those two were
to get matched up how do you see that
fight going
uh is interesting matchup
I don’t I don’t predict who who gonna
win I will be watch this fight for sure
I am only interested in how will be
performance to to to Darius because when
he fought with me his performance was
super good his conditioning was super
Ben uh but when I saw his fight with
Charles Oliveira his conditioning was
was bad because when he stand up to
first run I’ve I I think he he was super
tired and and because he he he lost so
we’ll see really interesting matchup and
I will be watched for sure
what you mentioned about the Lasik um
congratulations on that so are we gonna
see like a new mythical fighter full
vision materials camera this weekend
please one more time because we’re gonna
see a new mythical fighter a fully uh
crack Vision Mateo’s camera this weekend
yeah I wanna prove that I’m real deal
and I will be
UFC champs soon yeah I want to show my
really good performance what I what I
learned from my last uh last couple
months and really I can’t wait to step
in the octagon thank you thank you until
thank you for taking the time talk to
medium you mentioned earlier uh Polish
national team yes what was that like
what did you guys do what did you work
on just that experience of working with
such top level guys to just make you
better yeah for sure this was great
experience for me because when I got
offered to Rafa I looking for like the
best spotting partners and guide from
from striking and coaches from Polish
national team invite me to to the camp I
trained with the best guys to to to
Poland these guys is European and World
Championship I really good experience
from this
I think my striking skills is a lot
better than last time and like I say I
will be done afraid exchange punch with
Rafa is it something that you could
maybe incorporate into your camps and do
going forward or it was like a one-time
right now this was only three weeks
because I don’t have time
because the after this Camp I I moved to
Florida and and then did came to ATT
but this was great time and in the
future if I get another opportunity to
go to Polish national Kim for sure I
come because really after this time I
feeling like I be growing big grow and I
before this Camp I was good after this
game I was really super good
excellent congrats on the growth and
last for me that moved to Florida how
beneficial was it uh did you feel like
you know I should have done this sooner
or the decision to move you said to go
to Florida as far as like improving your
your Camp your career your fight IQ but
move to all the time or what because I
don’t understand when you went to
Florida right now yes how has that been
for you your Camp your career just
everything as a whole is the camera a
brand uh
maybe I don’t understand the question
but all
just to move the image in the in being
in Florida just how it’s been for him as
a fighter in his career just no yeah
yeah okay right right now all the time
when I I am in ATT
this is great time for me because always
I I get new techniques new skills
improving my skills this is great
company for me I’m feeling great
atmosphere here coaches Park Martyrs
helped me a lot show me a lot of things
and I love back to Florida and
but in Poland I have family I have kids
you know and this is difficult time for
me I really miss for my kids and and my
family but the same this is like more
motivation for me because when I I am in
ATT this is just focus no distraction I
spend time only small room trying two
three times in the day did nap
concentration and that’s it this is like
the perfect time to to did camp and
after this go go to go to show to UFC
okay thank you sir great uh can’t wait
to see it all together on Saturday good
luck thank you so much
all good thank you so much guys

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