Bellator 299: Johnny Eblen vs. Fabian Edwards - Post Show Recap

In this article, we will be recapping the exciting fights that took place at Bellator 299. The event featured some incredible knockouts and showcased the talent of top fighters in the world. From Lavon Chocolat’s potential knockout of the year to Aaron Pico’s dominant performance, there was no shortage of action. Let’s dive into the details of each fight and discuss the highlights.

Lavon Chocolat’s Spectacular Knockout

The first fight of the night was an absolute thriller, with Lavon Chocolat delivering a highlight-reel knockout. Chocolat looked fantastic throughout the fight, applying pressure and landing great combinations. However, it was his precision and timing that stole the show. With a perfectly placed kick to the chin, Chocolat secured a potential knockout of the year. Let’s take another look at this incredible finish:

[Highlight video of Lavon Chocolat’s knockout]

It’s worth mentioning that there were some scary moments during the fight, particularly for his opponent, Hamasi. However, Hamasi was able to walk out of the cage on his own, which is a positive sign. We’re glad to hear that he’s doing well.

Aaron Pico’s Dominant Performance

Next up was Aaron Pico, who put on a clinic in his fight against Pedro Carvalho. Pico showcased his boxing skills, but it was his wrestling and top pressure that made the difference. With his powerful punches and ground and pound, Pico left Carvalho feeling every inch of his strength. Pico is currently ranked number three and has his sights set on a title shot. Let’s see what he had to say after the fight:

“I want a title shot next,” Pico declared confidently.

Johnny Evelyn Retains Middleweight World Championship

The main event of the night featured Johnny Evelyn defending his middleweight world championship against Leon Edwards. The fight started off a bit slow, but both fighters eventually found their rhythm. In the third round, Evelyn came out strong, shaking off any fatigue and unleashing a flurry of punches. He was able to connect with a devastating blow, securing his victory and retaining his title. Congratulations to the champion, Johnny Evelyn.

Bellator 300: A Night of World Title Fights

Looking ahead, Bellator is gearing up for an epic night of fighting at Bellator 300. The event will feature four world title fights, including the female flyweight title and the heavyweight and lightweight titles. It’s set to be a night filled with excitement and high-stakes matchups. Make sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, October 7th, and visit for the full schedule.


Bellator 299 delivered an action-packed night of fights, with Lavon Chocolat’s knockout, Aaron Pico’s dominant performance, and Johnny Evelyn’s successful title defense. The event showcased the incredible talent and skill of these fighters , leaving fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming Bellator 300. With four world title fights on the line, it’s sure to be another unforgettable night of MMA action. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to catch all the action on October 7th. Thank you for joining us in this recap of Bellator 299.

I mean you’re here with two-time World
Champ Josh Thompson coming from our home
across the pond in Dublin Ireland at the
three Arena Josh incredible fights here
tonight let’s start with the first one
because this might be a contender for
knockout of the Year absolutely Lavon
chocolate looked fantastic tonight was
able to try to print the pressure had
the great combinations but it really
just came down to just threading the
needle that kick right up the middle up
to the chin through the nose highlight
real knockout potential knockout of the
Year absolutely incredible finish there
take one more look at this and we do
want to mention it was some scary
moments first about hamasi however he
was able to walk out of the cage on his
own and that’s what was key is making
sure that he could walk out on his own
he’s still up and about right now and
everyone’s telling that he’s actually
doing really well congratulations to
Le’Veon chocolatey our co-main event
talked about Knockouts the whole time
Aaron Pico going up against Pedro
Carvalho talk to us about what you saw
from Aaron Pico saying I want a title
shot next yeah the boxing was key and we
knew that coming into it but what it
came down to was the wrestling and the
top pressure in the ground a pound Aaron
Pico’s got bricks in his hands and he
was like in Pedro Cavallo fill every
inch of that
Aaron Pico sitting at number three and
the rankings begin saying he wants a
title shot and then we had our main
event Johnny Evelyn going up against
Leon Edwards the middleweight World
Championship 20 seconds Josh into the
third round this is what we saw happen
yeah they got a little bit of a slow
start but they started finding their
groove finding their Rhythm and Johnny
Edward came out in that third round
shaking the legs out and letting the
hands go he got touched right before
that but he made a pay congratulations
to the champion and still Johnny eblin
next up Bellator celebrates 300 with
four World title fights in one Epic
night of fighting it is all going down
Saturday October 7th the female
flyweight title on the line the
heavyweight the lightweight title also
on the line we will see you at 300 for a
full Bellator schedule just go to

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