'My Guillotine is getting REALLY GOOD!'đŸ’Ș | Aaron Pico Interview | Bellator 299

In this article, we will be discussing the post-fight interview with Aaron Pico after his victory against Pedro Carvalho at Bellator 299. Pico showcased his skills and determination in the fight, proving that he is ready to compete against top-notch fighters. Let’s dive into the details of his interview and hear what he had to say about his performance and future aspirations.

A Dominant Victory

Aaron Pico entered the fight with a vengeance, determined to prove himself against a top-notch fighter like Pedro Carvalho. He wasted no time and secured a knockout victory just 3 minutes and 5 seconds into the first round. Pico’s impressive performance showcased his growth as a fighter and his ability to execute his game plan effectively.

Acknowledging the Opponent and the Fans

During the post-fight interview, Pico expressed his gratitude towards Pedro Car valho for accepting the fight. He acknowledged Carvalho’s skills and showed respect for his opponent. Pico also took the opportunity to thank the Irish fans, who had been supportive throughout his journey. He expressed his appreciation for their enthusiasm and mentioned that fighting in Ireland was a great experience for him.

A Well-Rounded Skill Set

Pico’s victory was not only attributed to his striking power but also to his wrestling skills. He successfully executed three takedowns during the fight, showcasing his dominance on the ground. Pico mentioned that his Guillotine and Jiu-Jitsu skills have been improving, but he decided to focus on ground and pound to soften up Carvalho instead of going for a submission. This decision proved to be a good one, as it ultimately led to his victory.

Ready for the Title

Having been in the sport since the age of 17, Pico believes that he is ready to become a world champion. He expressed his desire to not only win the title but also to defend it and be a great champion. Pico called out Scott Coker, the president of Bellator, and requested the opportunity to fight for the Bellator title. He emphasized his loyalty to the organization and his determination to achieve greatness in the sport.

Future Aspirations

If the title shot doesn’t come next, Pico mentioned that he would be content spending time in his backyard, riding his horses. However, his ultimate goal is to fight for the title and prove himself as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time. Pico’s confidence and determination are evident as he looks forward to the next chapter of his career.


Aaron Pico’s victory against Pedro Carvalho at Bellator 299 showcased his growth as a fighter and his readiness to compete against top-notch opponents. In his post-fight interview, Pico expressed his gratitude towards his opponent and the Irish fans. He highlighted his well-rounded skill set, including his striking power and wrestling ability. Pico believes that he is ready to become a world champion and called out for the opportunity to fight for the Bellator title. His future aspirations include defending the title and establishing himself as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters of all time. With his confidence and determination, Pico is poised for continued success in his career.

Stay tuned for more updates on Aaron Pico’s journey in the world of MMA.

ladies and gentlemen e official time 3
minutes 5 seconds into round number one
he now has 12 victories the fighter out
of Whittier California by way of
Albuquerque New Mexico he is the winner
by knockout
Pico nice show of respect to Pedro
carvou local
you I appreciate it brother thank you we
we both got
down I watch you
yeah yes sir brother I’m always here I’m
always here we’ll get some good train
keep your head nothing like R pect bravo
carvou bravo Aaron Pico he’s going to
speak to Big
John I’m here with the winner Aaron Pico
Aaron you came out here with a Vengeance
you had something to prove you had the
fight that put your shoulder back you
were able to get that win what did you
want to prove against a top-notch
fighter like Pedro carvallo in here
tonight well to be honest with you I’ve
been wanting to fight the top guys and
it’s been very very difficult and first
of all I just want to say thank you to
Pedro for accepting the fight and I also
wanted I I want to say IR Ireland the
Irish fans you guys have been nothing
but great to me honestly I wanted to
come where the best fans were everybody
always says this is the place to fight
and I’m so happy Ireland thank you very
much I can’t wait to come in vacation
and enjoy your city thank you you landed
a beautiful right uppercut but your
wrestling was on point I think you were
three for three in the takedowns you
were taking him down at will when you
wanted but that right uppercut started
the downfall in this fight for him you
looked like you’re going to start to go
for a submission and you decided to go
to ground and pound yeah I really wanted
to my Guillotine is getting really good
my Jiu-Jitsu is uh getting a lot better
but uh I fell there was a lot of time
left in the round and I wanted to soften
him up and maybe look for it rather than
waste my energy going for a submission
soften him up and it was a good decision
so uh I’m happy with it Ain you came
into this sport as a 17-year-old boy
you’re 27y old man now and put on a
performance should this fight put you in
that position to fight for the title
100% I I believe that I’m ready to be a
world champion and not just a world
champion I want to defend my belt I want
to be a great champion Scott Mike Hogan
please give me the opportunity to fight
for the BT I’m ready I’ve been in this
organization since since I’ve been a
young boy and uh now I’m getting a
little bit older I got a beard and I’ve
come a long way and I’m so proud of me
I’m so proud of my team thank thankful
to my mom and dad and uh I’m really
happy Big John but I want to fight for
the title next if not I’ll be in my
backyard riding my horses well I know
Valentino is very proud of you brother
congratulations on a beautiful win
Ireland what do you think should our
Pico fight for the title
next Aaron Pico for the sixth
consecutive Victory utilizing some
wrestling and of course that power in
fact six straight wins now that he’s
taken all of his opponents down and he
told us that he believes in his heart he
just mentioned it again that he’s going
to be a Bellator Champion and and Amanda
he feels that when all is said and done
he will go down as one of the best
pound-for-pound fighters of all time
another pound-for-pound performance from
Aaron Pico here tonight

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