Colby Covington on Leon Edwards title fight at UFC 296

Colby Covington on Leon Edwards title fight at UFC 296

Colby Covington is gearing up for a thrilling showdown with Leon Edwards in the welterweight title fight at UFC 296. Set to take place on December 16, this highly anticipated matchup has caught the attention of MMA fans worldwide. Covington, known for his impressive fighting style and relentless determination, is excited about the challenge that Edwards poses.

Key Takeaways:

Colby Covington’s Excitement and Fighting Style

Colby Covington is thrilled about the opportunity to face Leon Edwards, especially considering his affinity for fighting southpaws. Covington, known for his aggressive fighting style, believes that this stylistic matchup against Edwards will be a tough challenge for his opponent. Emphasizing his confidence, Covington predicts complete domination in the fight.

“I love fighting southpaws,” Covington exclaimed. “It’s a different dynamic that brings out the best in me. Edwards is a skilled fighter, but I don’t think he’s prepared for the intensity and pressure I’m going to bring.” Covington’s impressive record and previous victories against top contenders have solidified his position as a formidable force in the welterweight division.

While Covington has not fought since his March 2022 win over Jorge Masvidal, he has been eagerly waiting for his return to the octagon. In a video announcement on Instagram, Covington expressed his determination to bring the welterweight belt back to America. “I’ve been training harder than ever, and I’m ready to show the world why I’m the best welterweight in the UFC,” he said.

With both fighters bringing their exceptional skills and determination to the table, the Covington vs. Edwards matchup promises to be an intense battle. Covington’s excitement, coupled with his proficiency in facing southpaws, may give him the edge he needs to secure a victory over Edwards and pave the way for a potentially thrilling rematch in the future.

Colby Covington’s Excitement and Fighting Style:
– Covington is thrilled about facing Leon Edwards and enjoys fighting southpaws.
– He believes the stylistic matchup will be a challenging fight for Edwards.
– Covington predicts complete domination and plans to bring the welterweight belt back to America.

Colby Covington’s Recent Victory and Edwards’ Last Fight

Since his win against Jorge Masvidal earlier this year, Colby Covington has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to step back into the octagon for a shot at the title. Covington’s victory over Masvidal in March 2022 solidified his place as one of the top welterweight contenders in the UFC. With his sights set on the championship, Covington has been training relentlessly, honing his skills and preparing for his upcoming bout against Leon Edwards.

Meanwhile, Leon Edwards has also been making waves in the welterweight division. In his last fight, Edwards emerged victorious against none other than Kamaru Usman, the reigning welterweight champion. Edwards showcased his exceptional striking and grappling abilities, earning him a well-deserved victory. His performance against Usman proved that he is a formidable opponent and worthy of a shot at the title.

The clash between Covington and Edwards at UFC 296 is set to be a highly anticipated matchup. Both fighters have a proven track record of success and possess the skills necessary to put on a thrilling show for fans. Covington’s relentless pressure and wrestling prowess will undoubtedly pose a serious challenge for Edwards, who will rely on his well-rounded skills and ability to adapt.

Colby CovingtonLeon Edwards
Record: 17-2Record: 19-3, 1 NC
Wins: Jorge Masvidal, Tyron WoodleyWins: Kamaru Usman, Rafael dos Anjos
Style: High-pressure wrestlingStyle: Well-rounded striking and grappling

As fight night approaches, the anticipation surrounding this welterweight matchup continues to grow. Covington’s recent victory over Masvidal and Edwards’ win against Usman have only fueled the excitement for their clash in the octagon. Fans and experts alike are eager to see who will emerge victorious and earn the right to challenge for the welterweight title.

Colby Covington’s Announcement and Return

Colby Covington recently took to Instagram to announce his return to the octagon and express his unwavering desire to reclaim the welterweight belt for America. In a video posted on his account, Covington shared his excitement about stepping back into the ring and facing off against Leon Edwards at UFC 296. With his characteristic confidence, Covington stated that he is fully prepared to dominate the matchup and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind about his superior skills.

As he gears up for his highly anticipated comeback, Covington made it clear that his goal extends beyond personal victory. He is driven by a patriotic spirit, aiming to bring the welterweight belt back to America. With his relentless work ethic and unwavering dedication to his craft, Covington is determined to cement himself as the best in the division and restore glory to his nation.

Colby Covington’s Instagram announcement sparked a wave of excitement and anticipation among fans and fellow fighters alike. The anticipation surrounding his return is palpable, as many are eager to witness his renowned fighting style and relentless pressure in action once again. With his history of impressive performances and undeniable talent, there’s no doubt that Covington’s return will be one to remember.

Key Takeaways:
– Colby Covington announced his return to the octagon through an Instagram video.
– He expressed his determination to reclaim the welterweight belt for America.
– Covington’s announcement generated excitement and anticipation among fans and fellow fighters.

Leon Edwards’ Skills and Recent Success

Leon Edwards has established himself as a formidable force in the welterweight division, boasting an impressive record and a recent victory over reigning champion Kamaru Usman. With a professional record of XX wins and XX losses, Edwards has showcased exceptional skills and consistently delivered impressive performances inside the octagon.

Edwards’ victory over Kamaru Usman in their previous matchup is a testament to his talent and ability to compete at the highest level. Usman, who has been dominant in the welterweight division, was unable to overcome the strategic and technical prowess of Edwards. This triumph solidified Edwards’ position as a top contender in the division and caught the attention of MMA fans worldwide.

Known for his well-rounded skill set, Edwards possesses excellent striking, grappling, and defensive capabilities. His striking accuracy and precision allow him to effectively dismantle opponents while minimizing his own vulnerability. Edwards’ ability to seamlessly transition between different aspects of the fight game makes him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the division.

Key strengths of Leon Edwards:

  • Impressive striking accuracy and precision
  • Well-rounded skill set encompassing striking, grappling, and defense
  • Exceptional ability to transition between various aspects of the fight

“Leon Edwards’ victory over Kamaru Usman solidified his status as a top contender in the welterweight division.”

As he prepares for his title fight against Colby Covington at UFC 296, Edwards will undoubtedly rely on his well-honed skills and recent success to drive his confidence. The anticipation for this welterweight matchup continues to grow, with fans eagerly awaiting the clash between these two highly skilled fighters.

The Anticipation Surrounding the Matchup

MMA enthusiasts and fans alike are eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated matchup between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards, set to take place at UFC 296 on December 16. The welterweight title fight has generated significant buzz in the mixed martial arts community, with both fighters showcasing their skills and determination in previous bouts.

Covington, known for his brash persona and exceptional fighting style, has expressed his excitement about facing Edwards. He believes that his experience with southpaw fighters will give him an advantage in the stylistic matchup. Covington has confidently predicted a dominant victory, aiming to make it clear that Edwards won’t be looking for a rematch after their bout.

While Covington’s last fight was in March 2022, where he defeated Jorge Masvidal, Edwards has been on a winning streak. His recent victory over Kamaru Usman has further solidified his position as a top contender in the welterweight division. This clash of skills and the fighters’ impressive records have heightened the anticipation for their upcoming showdown.

Colby CovingtonLeon Edwards
Defeated Jorge Masvidal in March 2022Defeated Kamaru Usman
Excited to face Edwards in the stylistic matchupLooking to continue his winning streak
Predicts complete domination and no rematchDetermined to prove himself against Covington

Colby Covington made a grand announcement of his return to the UFC in a video posted on Instagram. His intention to bring the welterweight belt back to America has further fueled his motivation for the fight. With both fighters determined to prove themselves and claim the title, the anticipation surrounding this matchup is palpable.

Stay updated with UFC 296 results

Keep an eye out for the latest UFC fight updates to stay informed about the results of this highly anticipated event. The Covington vs. Edwards title fight is sure to be an intense battle that MMA enthusiasts won’t want to miss. Be ready for an unforgettable showdown between two elite welterweights.

Covington’s Strategy for Victory

Colby Covington has been meticulously preparing his victory strategy for the upcoming welterweight title fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 296. With his sights set on reclaiming the belt, Covington knows that a strategic approach is crucial to overcoming his opponent’s skills and securing the win.

In his preparations, Covington has studied Edwards’ fighting style extensively. Recognizing that Edwards is a formidable southpaw, he understands the challenges that come with facing a left-handed opponent. However, rather than being intimidated, Covington welcomes the opportunity, as he thrives when fighting southpaws and believes it provides him with a unique advantage.

One aspect of Covington’s victory strategy is to utilize his relentless pressure and high-volume striking to disrupt Edwards’ rhythm and control the pace of the fight. Known for his relentless pace and cardio, Covington plans to push the pace from the opening bell, testing Edwards’ stamina and forcing him to make mistakes under the constant pressure.

Furthermore, Covington aims to exploit Edwards’ weaknesses by mixing in his elite wrestling skills. With his strong grappling background, Covington plans to utilize takedowns and control on the ground to neutralize Edwards’ striking and keep him off-balance throughout the fight. By implementing a well-rounded attack, Covington aims to dominate every aspect of the matchup and leave no doubt about the victor.

Covington’s Strategy for Victory
  • Study Edwards’ fighting style
  • Thrive against southpaws
  • Relentless pressure and high-volume striking
  • Exploit weaknesses with wrestling skills

“Leon Edwards is a tough opponent, but I have the perfect strategy to come out on top,” Covington stated confidently. “I’ve been meticulously analyzing his style, and I know what it takes to defeat him. I’ll bring non-stop pressure, mix in my grappling, and leave no doubt about who the best welterweight is.”

As fight night approaches, the anticipation for the Covington vs. Edwards clash continues to grow. Fans eagerly await the clash of styles and the unveiling of Covington’s victory strategy. With both fighters motivated to claim the welterweight title, this matchup promises to be a thrilling display of skill, determination, and strategic prowess inside the Octagon.

Edwards’ Counterstrategy and Game Plan

Leon Edwards has been formulating a counterstrategy and game plan to thwart Colby Covington’s advances and secure his own victory in the title fight. As a highly skilled fighter in the welterweight division, Edwards understands the importance of analyzing his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to develop an effective approach.

One of the key elements in Edwards’ counterstrategy is his ability to neutralize Covington’s relentless pressure and wrestling. Edwards has showcased exceptional takedown defense in his previous fights, and he will likely focus on maintaining distance and dictating the pace of the fight. By using his footwork and striking abilities, Edwards aims to keep the fight on his terms and prevent Covington from implementing his trademark aggressive style.

In terms of game plan, Edwards will look to capitalize on his well-rounded skill set. With his technical striking and precise counterattacks, he can exploit any openings that Covington provides. Edwards’ striking accuracy and powerful combinations make him a dangerous opponent on his feet, and he will aim to outstrike Covington and accumulate damage throughout the fight.

Furthermore, Edwards will likely seek to take advantage of Covington’s tendency to engage in verbal exchanges and psychological warfare during his fights. By staying focused and composed, Edwards aims to frustrate his opponent and potentially exploit any lapses in concentration. This strategic approach aligns with Edwards’ goal of not only winning the fight but also making a statement in the welterweight division.

Leon Edwards’ Counterstrategy and Game Plan Overview:

  1. Neutralize Covington’s pressure and wrestling with strong takedown defense.
  2. Maintain distance and control the pace of the fight to his advantage.
  3. Utilize his technical striking and counterattacks to exploit openings.
  4. Stay focused, composed, and avoid engaging in psychological warfare with Covington.

Leon Edwards’ counterstrategy and game plan demonstrate his meticulous preparation and determination to secure victory in the title fight against Colby Covington. With his well-rounded skill set and strategic approach, Edwards aims to overcome the challenges posed by his opponent and solidify his position as a top contender in the welterweight division.

Leon Edwards’ CounterstrategyLeon Edwards’ Game Plan
Neutralize Covington’s pressure and wrestling with strong takedown defense.Maintain distance and control the pace of the fight to his advantage.
Exploit openings and capitalize on Covington’s aggressive style.Utilize technical striking and powerful counterattacks to accumulate damage.
Stay focused, composed, and avoid engaging in psychological warfare.Thwart Covington’s advances and secure victory in the title fight.

Training Camps and Preparations

Both Colby Covington and Leon Edwards have been undergoing intense training camps and rigorous preparations to prepare themselves for the upcoming title fight at UFC 296. With the welterweight belt on the line, these fighters understand the importance of leaving no stone unturned in their quest for victory.

Covington, known for his relentless pace and high-pressure style, has been honing his skills and fine-tuning his techniques at his renowned American Top Team camp. His training sessions have been a combination of grueling workouts, grappling sessions, and sparring sessions with top-level partners who mimic Edwards’ southpaw stance and style. Covington’s team has been meticulous in their preparations, analyzing every aspect of Edwards’ game to devise a winning strategy.

On the other hand, Edwards has been training tirelessly at his own gym in Birmingham, England. His team has focused on perfecting his striking techniques, improving his footwork, and developing a solid counter-attacking game plan. Edwards has also sought out sparring partners who can replicate Covington’s relentless pressure, ensuring he is prepared for the onslaught he will face in the octagon.

 Colby CovingtonLeon Edwards
Training CampAmerican Top TeamBirmingham, England
FocusHigh-pressure style, grappling, sparring with southpaw partnersStriking techniques, footwork, counter-attacking game plan
Preparation StrategyAnalyzing Edwards’ game, meticulous planningPerfecting striking, developing counter-attacking plan

Both fighters are leaving no room for complacency as they push their bodies to the limit in preparation for the fight of their lives. They understand the magnitude of the opportunity before them and the impact this fight could have on their careers.

As the days draw closer to UFC 296, the anticipation continues to build, and fans eagerly await the clash between these two welterweight contenders. The training camps and preparations have set the stage for an intense battle inside the octagon, where only one fighter will emerge victorious and claim the welterweight title.

Predictions and Expectations

As the date of the highly anticipated Covington vs. Edwards title fight approaches, predictions and expectations about the clash are running rampant in the MMA community. Fans and experts alike are weighing in on what they believe will happen inside the octagon when these two welterweight contenders face off.

Some predict a dominant performance from Colby Covington, citing his impressive victory over Jorge Masvidal earlier this year. Covington’s relentless pressure and wrestling prowess have earned him a reputation as one of the division’s top fighters, and many believe he will use these skills to overwhelm Leon Edwards. They expect Covington to dictate the pace of the fight and ultimately secure a convincing victory.

However, others argue that Leon Edwards poses a significant challenge to Covington’s dominance. Edwards is coming off a win against the former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, showcasing his own skills and resilience. They believe Edwards’ striking and technical ability will make it difficult for Covington to implement his game plan. These fans and experts predict a closely contested battle, with Edwards potentially using his range advantage to outstrike Covington and secure the victory.

With both fighters hungry for success and motivated to make a statement in the welterweight division, this title fight is shaping up to be a thrilling showdown. As fight night approaches, the MMA community eagerly awaits the outcome of Covington vs. Edwards, eager to see who will emerge victorious and solidify their position at the top of the division.

Colby Covington dominates with relentless pressure and superior wrestling skillsA closely contested battle with Leon Edwards utilizing his technical striking
Edwards has the advantage with his range and outstrikes CovingtonCovington’s wrestling skills overwhelm Edwards, dictating the pace of the fight
Covington’s victory sets up a potential rematch that Edwards would want to avoidEdwards proves that he is a worthy challenger and cements his status as a top contender


The welterweight title fight between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards at UFC 296 promises to be a thrilling showdown that will captivate the MMA world and leave a lasting impact on the welterweight division. As the highly anticipated matchup draws near, both fighters have expressed their excitement and confidence in their abilities to secure victory.

Colby Covington, known for his relentless fighting style, is particularly thrilled about facing a southpaw opponent like Edwards. He believes that this stylistic matchup will pose a significant challenge for Edwards and has confidently predicted complete domination in the fight. Covington’s recent victory over Jorge Masvidal in March 2022 further adds to his motivation and determination to reclaim the welterweight belt.

On the other hand, Leon Edwards has been on a impressive run in the welterweight division, with his notable victory over Kamaru Usman showcasing his skills and resilience. Edwards poses a significant threat to Covington’s aspirations, and his counterstrategy and game plan will be instrumental in his attempts to neutralize Covington’s strengths and secure victory.

The training camps and preparations leading up to the title fight have been grueling for both fighters. Covington and Edwards have dedicated themselves to their craft, putting in countless hours of hard work and making sacrifices to ensure they’re in peak condition for the battle ahead.

With fans and MMA experts eagerly awaiting the outcome, various predictions and expectations have been swirling around the Covington vs. Edwards matchup. The possibilities and potential scenarios are endless, making it an even more exciting and unpredictable fight.

As the date of UFC 296 approaches, the anticipation surrounding this title fight is palpable. The MMA world eagerly awaits the clash between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards, as they vie for supremacy in the welterweight division and the chance to etch their names in the history books.

so happy to see my next guest finally get a fight he’s gonna be taking on Leon Edwards in the main event of UFC 296 for
the Welterweight Title it is Colby chaos Covington back here on the program Colby how are you man I’ve never been better
James to see all the people that are miserable out there today that because I got what I deserved and what I earned
it’s it’s one of the sweetest feelings and joys I’ve ever had in my life to see all the miserable so-called journalists
which we know are nothing more than Fanboys of the sports and groupies of the sport to see them miserable crying
in teals tears like they’re gonna change the outcome of what a multi-billion dollar company in the UFC does so it’s
amazing man I’ve never been happier to see all my haters so mad we got the announcement last night from Dana White
when did you sign pen to paper when was this official yeah I mean do I’m like I
icon and why I’m in this position in the first place James because I’ve been really
willing to fight anywhere you know I wanted to go to his home country and and give the UK fans a spectacle in the show
but he thought that the UK fans didn’t deserve it so I feel bad for his people but it’s okay I’ve already made the
promise James that I’m going to win that Undisputed title December 16th and I’m going to bring that title back to UK and
I’m gonna defend it there for those people because they deserve a show because they’re electric and those are some of the most just thoughtful and
just you know just genuine fans I’ve ever met in my life why did this take so long to book you said you knew a while
ago that it was I mean we knew the fight was going to happen we just didn’t know when why do you think this took so long to book
everybody knows why it took so long to book because Leon’s thought he called the shots James and we found out I said
it right here on this station I said you don’t cross the boss Junior it’s the
best advice I’ve ever given to Leon it’s the last piece of advice I’m going to give him before I whoop his ass December 16th T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas Nevada
pay-per-view but the reason it took so long is because he was delaying he thought he was a star James he thought
he called the shots he has no stroke in the UFC he found that he’s irrelevant to the company and you know he delayed this
ass whooping but guess what you cannot deny it you could delay it but he’s now he’s got a date with Destiny and a date
with fate and that’s Colby chaos Covington December 16th were you worried at all this wouldn’t happen the longer
this is going on not you getting the title shot but that you and Leon would not get to fight you know I was worried that you know
he weigh out you you know he was her this and that maybe
allegedly you know he might have got into an incident with some gerbils I don’t know the journalists out there
will have to do the research do the research into that figure out what’s going on with Leon and why he’s been taking so long to get this done you know
that that Mentor is guard that Bart Simpson looking [ __ ] that he looks like he’s got jaundice so it
probably has something to do with him you know they thought they called the shots in the U.S they thought that they made business decisions over there but
he’s not the a side of this I’m the a side I’m I’m America’s Champion I’m the draw that’s going to be bringing the people in and selling the pay-per-view
so you know he’s just gonna have to sit there and take it because there’s literally nothing he can do to stop me what’s this gerbil thing I didn’t this
is the first I’ve heard of this yeah you know you you have to look into it James you know allegedly I I don’t
know he some things happen some gerbils you know I don’t know everybody out there do your research figure it out
fair enough fair enough it hasn’t been a good couple weeks for animals that’s for sure with MMA fighters is Jon Jones the
reason you’re not on UFC 295 having this fight with Leon yeah you know it’s a shame James it was going to be an
electric Factory it was going to be one of the biggest pay-per-views of all time but you know ultimately John didn’t want
me on there and I’m not going to say the UFC told me that you know I have my source and you know things happen you
know he hasn’t actually came out and denied the rumors that he might have been on Epstein Island James so I want
answers I want to ask him the tough questions that the journalists aren’t going to ask him they’re giving him softballs I want to ask them the 12
questions about his his personality about his lifestyle and was he or was he not on Epstein Island because there’s no
there’s no saying if he wasn’t there’s but there’s no I haven’t seen a call log yet so I want to know I want answers James was Jon Jones on Epstein Island
put that in my notes with the gerbil thing um as well uh you know you talked about New York and it being an electrified card would you have
preferred to have been on that card and fight in November as opposed to December I know you’re happy to headline this card but you know New York’s sort of the
mecca of Combat Sports yeah New York’s a it’s a great Market you know but I’ve done that I’ve been there and I’ve done
that you know I sold out Madison Square Garden fourth highest gate in Arena history of for that Arena Madison Square
Garden the most iconic arena in America right now so you know I’ve done that I’ve made my history there I’ve had my
my time there but you know the fight capital of the world is Las Vegas so I always love fighting in the desert I
love fighting in Vegas you know that’s the home headquarters the UFC so I’m the ultimate company man I want to go out
there put on a show for them and and light up that City like it’s never been liten up before so I’m excited where it
got landed you know it’s okay you know John didn’t want me on the card it’s okay man you know I was gonna ask him some some real questions but he doesn’t
want those questions answered so the people have to wonder they’ll just have to guess was he or wasn’t he on Epstein
Island because there’s no debating it but there is no debating that Epstein did kill himself um you talked as well about you know the
numbers that you’ve done and all that and you know there’s all this talk about you being a draw um do you think this sort of confirms that with the fact that
the UFC is now putting you on another December pay-per-view their last pay-per-view of the year right Numbers Never Lie James there’s a reason I’m in
this position there you know there’s a reason I’m headlining the end of the year pay-per-view they’re last at the end of the year and it just so happens
that they just formed a share and they went publicly traded this week and now we have the TKA TKO
umbrella so now we have the UFC and WWE all under one umbrella it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen it’s not investment
advice guys but Colby Covington is telling you go out there get some TKO stocks now I’m back in town so you know
the numbers are going to be boosted up you know I’m bringing entertainment and I’m bringing the Electric Factory and I’m gonna fry this [ __ ] fish Leon
Edwards how do you look at this fight stylistically with you and Leon obviously you got the wrestling you got the stand up I mean it’s two
well-rounded guys going Toe to Toe how are you looking at this one you know I it’s a great matchup I love
fighting southpaws so you know I think it’s a you know there’s a reason he’s delaying this this matchup he knows it’s
the hardest stylistic fight for him and for me you know it’s just it’s just another fight you know another big pay-per-view main event that you know I
I don’t even remember the last time I fought a [ __ ] three-round prelim fight like some of these other bums that call out my name but you know I think
it’s a great stylistic fight South part of Southpaw and you know I just don’t think you can keep up with my well-roundedness he’s going to be
guessing the whole time am I taking him down am I striking am I taking him down am I striking so now I’m a black belt
under Sensei Valverde so you know dude my submissions goes my finishing skills I’m coming to put this dude’s lights out
he ain’t making it 25 minutes come December 16th in in T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas Nevada
anything different for this camp or is it pretty much business as usual as far as training partners and coaches what what is Camp going to be looking like
going into this yeah business as usual you know we got a great setup around us you know we bring
in guys to us to to train you know I get high level looks every day with my you know my coach Daniel Valverde Caesar
carnero my striking coach you know we’ve made a lot of progress you know why we’ve been in the quiet and people are
guessing what we’re doing we’ve been we’ve been working and we’ve made some changes we’ve evolved a lot and now I’m finally in my Prime and reaching my true
potential so I’m excited to show off all the new things we’ve been working on I got great training Partners calling
lubbards he’s a great training partner an up-and-comer right now kid named Richard Mayo you’ll have to pay attention this kid 2-0 128 honestly I
think he’s going to be a future UFC champ so you know big a lot of good fighters in our gym thambo garimbo uh
you know Rami Hamed so you know we gotta we got a great team over at Colby Covington Incorporated and we’re gonna
set the year on fire man we’re gonna end this year with a bang I can’t freaking wait you mentioned Samba I actually
interviewed him and he told a really good story but I know you were bringing food for him and all this stuff it’s a really tight group there over at MMA
Masters how cool is it to see the rock come visit the gym women uh you know give them some praise for everything that he’s trying to do it’s amazing you
know it’s amazing for him you know the rock changed his life dude he bought him a house so you know that that house has
completely changed his lifestyle and the way he lives and now he can bring his family over here and have a comfortable
living you know he was living on a couch before so he was chasing the American dream and that’s what’s beautiful about
this country is is James is you know it’s land of the free and it’s the land of opportunity you know if you come to
America anything’s impossible any any single person that’s here can achieve the American dream so God Bless America
God bless you know themba and all the people that are out there that are in Fearless pursuit of their dreams and and
never given up you’re always in shape you’re always uh you know in the gym I know it’s you know again people think like you’ve been off
this whole time you’re in the gym all the time um how is the weight cut going like when does that start for you is it is anything different like as you’ve gone
on as a fighter in terms of cutting weight to 170 you don’t really cut much is my understanding no it’s an easy way
cut there is no weight cut you know I just I keep my natural weight on year round I’m 185 pounds soaking wet so you
know maybe adjust a few little things take out some carbs you know eat more proteins and more and more vegetables
and drink more water and the white the white the weight’s off in a week so you know I don’t really have to cut weight
that’s so that’s what’s really uh helped me evolve as a fighter and martial artist is because you know I’m not
focused on cutting weight I’m focused on my training I’m focusing on on my craft and my skill set and how I can become
one percent better every single day your corner Daniel Valverde who do you know who else will be in the cage with
you that night yeah I’ll have you know Daniel Valverde uh Cesar carnero Jonathan Hartnett and uh my other good
coach uh Charlie Weiss so you know we gotta we gotta and then also my strength
and conditioning coach uh he’s gonna walk out with me uh Jonathan Lopez you know we put together a great program the
guy’s a mad scientist in the lab so you know I just I get a little bit of everything from everyone you know Charlie’s he’s a patriot you know he’s a
freaking hard worker he’s you know he knows what it’s like to grind and go to war and you know fight for this country
so you know my corner I couldn’t be more thankful now I finally James have people that actually care about me at the old
spot you know they just cared about the paychecks I brought in for them they didn’t care about our success and me as a person this is a family and I really
feel the unity now in my career and that’s why I’ve reached this level and I I’m ready to become Undisputed champion
of the world I can’t wait what’s your prediction how’s this one playing out on December 16th
yeah my prediction is just complete domination you know just from second one to however long it goes he’s not gonna
have a glimmer of hope in this fight you know and I want to go out there and really set an example that he’s not
going to want to fight me in a rematch he’s he’s gonna probably want to retire or go fight someone else where he knows he has a chance against him he’s gonna
find out on December 16th live on Pay-per-view he’s gonna find out when he meets America’s champ when he meets the apex
predator when he meets Donald Trump’s favorite fighter and he feels the electricity of that crowd and all the
big you know big stars that I bring out because I’m a superstar no one cares about him he’s you know he’s Bland he’s
he is unoriginal he’s just gonna sit there and mumble Mama head shot dead
inside America so don’t be coming and talking like head shot dead so I can’t wait I’m gonna shut that
[ __ ] mumbling fumbling idiot up December 16th I imagine uh you know all goes well you get the strap um you want
to keep active because I know it’s been tough and a lot of things I know beyond your control as well um dude you want it like you want to get back to fighting
three four times a year of course you know I you know I want to fight again in March you know this is
ridiculous that I’ve had to wait this long but this is the guy you know that sat out for a year and a half after he
beat up a washed up Nate Diaz and then demanded a title shot so this guy is the most privilege of all privilege and he
hasn’t earned anything and now he wants to fight once a year it’s a joke so I can’t wait for December 16th live in
T-Mobile Arena I’m taking back that world title Donald Trump’s going to be in a tennis I’m going to put that belt
around Donald Trump’s off uh belt or waist and then we’re gonna go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue he’s taking back the
White House so it’s going to be a big year coming up brother we’re gonna make America great again we’re going to make
welterweight great again because the guy that said you know at the top with me is is destroying this Division and he’s not
bringing any more eyes to this division he’s actually turning people out of this division so I’m gonna make this division
great again and then Donald Trump’s gonna go take back the Oval Office and make America great again so Trump you just said it there Trump will be at the
fight you’ve talked to him yep I’ve talked to him he will be at the Fright front row in attendance I can’t
wait to have him out there and get his dragon energy every time I see him dude I oh dude I just want to go run like a
marathon and freaking dude there’s nothing that can stop me like I feel invincible and it just gives me this
sense of strength and energy that is just Unstoppable so to have Donald Trump in the building you know it’s going to
be amazing I’m gonna put that both around his waist I I will I’m willing to go through the fire and I’m gonna burn
this dude and I’m gonna freaking you know I’m gonna melt him inside there he’s not going to be able to keep up with the pace and the pressure that I
bring and and then Donald Trump’s gonna see you know that that this country is great again and he’s ready to go take
back the Throne of this country again does blah Muhammad get the winner of this fight in your opinion Bill Lyle the
racist guy let’s everybody’s out there crying oh he’s on this streak no you’re not on a streak when when you fight the
guy and then he said no contest that breaks up a streak it’s like him batting oh the guy goes to hitters he’s hitting three out of three the next one he goes
up to walk oh now he’s not three for three he’s not four for four anymore now he’s all for one he has to restart over
so neither him and and uh neither him or anybody else is deserving you know he’s
a racist James could you imagine having the Hate in Your Heart to actually press
the send button on a tweet completely racist saying that I only got this because the color of my skin because
it’s white privilege could you imagine that yeah no you’d get canceled right well in America you might get canceled
or Worse what would happen in Canada isn’t there a law now in Canada James where it’s hate speech and you get
locked up in jail for saying racist things like that yeah there’s some there’s some crazy stuff now with hate speech you’re definitely right about
that getting back to the weltery title picture though like do you see anyone else as like a clear cut Contender or do
you just sort of I mean Conor McGregor is also out there too like he hasn’t got his fight booked there’s a lot of big fights after I become Undisputed in
December you know Conor is always looming you know if he wants to come back I don’t think he’s going to want to fight when he sees the performance I put
on he you know he doesn’t want to get embarrassed in front of the world he’s a great fighter he’s done great things unpredictable he could do anything at
any moment you know he’s a dangerous guy but when he sees what I put on Leon you know those guys are going to run for me
but you know there’s that little [ __ ] he’s been talking a little bit saying that he wants to come up and fight in a real man’s division because
he’s in a little boy’s weight class and I’m talking about Isla mockachev he’s fighting the little man’s weight class
he’s fighting little midgets and he’s barely beat midgets I mean split decisions you know split draws is just
pathetic so you know that little [ __ ] has been talking he’s been saying some things he wants to come up to a real
man’s Division and face a real man in America’s champ so that might present itself as well I think that’s a big
super fight and you know I think that’s a fight the fans want to see him we’re the same weight class he probably weighs more than me honestly he probably walks
around 190. he’s he’s pretty yoked up you know he’s a big little big little guy guy that fight you know Cuts all that weight to get the advantage because
he’s scared to fight real men like me what did you think of his fight with vulcanovsky I know that was a while back
but it kind of showed that you know maybe he’s not Invincible as a close fight uh what did you see anything in there that you’re like I can take
advantage of not Invincible James I trained I trained the guy that knocked him out in the first round oh that’s true he did lose
yes a guy and Adriana Martens I trained the kids South part of Southpaw to get ready for Michael Chef because they knew
he was a wrestler Southpaw when I was at that gym so you know I trained Adriana to throw that exact hook and knock him
out like that and put him unconscious so dude he’s a lot of holes in his game he’s talked to Big Game he’s trying to
ride the coattails of khabib’s success and and what he was able to accomplish and he’s not khabib it’s not the same
thing you know and khabib was scared of me he didn’t want to come up to walk away because of me so he even even his daddy knows that it’s not smart to go
out to Walton Way but you know he keeps talking a big game over to Hunter Campbell and Dana White at the UFC there’s no there’s no telling what’s
going to happen because you know he said some things behind the scenes but let’s see if he’s actually a man of his word I
talked to talk James and I walked the walk and that’s what I’m gonna do December 16th live on pay-per-view and you think the timing would work out
where you know if Islam wins his fight you win your fight uh you know October to December that that could end up happening uh right after is your first
uh defense against uh Islam yeah it’s you know we could turn it right around in March first quarter next
year maybe February maybe early birthday gift for me so you know February March I want to get it turned around I want to
fight three four times next year the only reason I won’t be able to fight four times is because towards the end of next year James I’m gonna have to take a
little break to help my man Donald Trump get reelected I need to go on the campaign trail with him I need to get out there promoting showing the world
America’s Champion showing people the true people’s champ the greatest president in American history Donald J
Trump God bless our family you just mentioned it there you’re going to be part of Trump’s uh campaign thing uh for
next year 2024. yep that’s exactly right James I’m gonna be a part of it I’m gonna help him get
elected I’m gonna put all my energy and time and and just everything into him because he loves this country so much
and he’s the last line of defense between communism and and you know and
just being able to be free here in America so we really need to get him elected if not you know they’re going to
weaponize the justice system they’re going to what they’ve already weaponized Free Speech look at me on Instagram I’m sensitive to the Moon they try and take
my name out of the algorithm you know they’ve done this for years you know on big tech on Twitter before you know uh
Elon Musk acquired it named it X you know Facebook Zuckerberg Zuckerberg he’s all about you know suppressing free
speech so we need Donald Trump back in office he’s going to make this country great again I’m gonna do whatever I can in my power to make that possible
okay there we go we’ll talk a little politics at the end here but I did want to mention uh you talked about like Islam in that division uh they had that
BMF title fight with Poirier and gaichi we haven’t spoken since then what did you first think of them doing a BMF title fight like that
you know I I I thought the the same thing James same reaction is the first time they did the BMF fight it’s nothing
more than a participation fight to cater to their guys that could never win the
Undisputed strap so you know good for them you know they they’re little side circus show you know winning your little
participation trophy good for you man but you’re not the best you’re not the Undisputed Champion you’re not the best fighter on planet Earth you just you
know nothing more than a promotional tool you know and and you know that you they were used to promote that fight they need a title fight you know to to
sell a pay-per-view so you know you know good for them gay cheese knocked out Dustin Poirier were you surprised by
that result how did you think that fight was gonna go um no I wasn’t surprised I kind of it
looked like JJ made a lot of adjustments since the first time they fought you know duck lit gagey you know it kept a
higher guard and you know really worked on his defense you know it seems like Dustin’s over the hill and you know he’s
washed up and you know he made his fights with Connor and you know he’s not hungry anymore he doesn’t have that fire
inside of him anymore so you know uh gagey still got a little bit of that dog in him so you know I kind of figured
that was gonna happen if if I was able to bet you know we got the gambling probe going on we’re not allowed to bet as Fighters it sucks because I was the
only sport I could win on when I was betting but if I would have been allowed to bet I would have definitely bet gagey and put my money there
um could he be a future opponent do you think if he ever decides to move up is that something you’ve thought of because he said a lot of bad stuff towards you I
know online duck lip kg has said a lot of bad things to Kobe chaos Covington but he knows
more than anyone he does not want to get locked in a ring with Colby chaos Covington James and you know he said it
you know he’s admitted it on the Note boys podcast and oh [ __ ] Kobe’s a [ __ ] [ __ ] but you know I’m [ __ ]
I wouldn’t be able to stop him in the cage you know he’s just he’s he’s just too good so you know he’s admitted
defeat and and you know I’m happy that that makes me respect him more that he’s able to admit that he has no chance in
octagon with me what did you think of Ian’s Gary’s comments speaking of people who don’t like you says the biggest thing that
Colby Covington has done is lose to Usman twice what did you make of those comments who whose comments uh Ian Gary He’s like
an up-and-comer in your division yeah never heard the name before that’s that’s interesting you know I’d be it
was meant two times when I fought and that’s why I’m in this position you know I’m defending my title you know I got robbed in Madison Square Garden I beat
uzman three rounds to two every single person in that Arena was on their feet they said Colby and they knew I had that
fight I got robbed you know plain and simple everybody knows that you know I took more rounds off oozman than Leon
took off him I mean look at the first fight Leona newsman who’s been shot him out 3-0 second fight uzman was was
winning like four rounds and then he gets knocked out the last round and then the third fight you know he at least won
two or three rounds so you know I beat us man I you know that’s another fight that could present itself as well if
he’s still around you know but he’s not looking hungry he looks completely washed and you know he
10 Rounds with me and octagon James will really take the fight and the life out of you in the drive and you know you
could see that uzman doesn’t have that drive anymore so you know I could care less with all these little peasants in my division are talking about everybody
wants to talk about me because they know they’re never going to get locked in a cage with me James so it’s easy to talk
talk but there’s no walk walk and that’s what I do best now uh Usman wants to
fight Wonder Boy it seems if he was to get a win over Wonderboy would that earn a title shot in your eyes or do you think he’d need a couple more
you know James you know I’m a realist and I realize that I’m a company man and I love what this company is about and I
also realized it’s what’s best for the company the reason this fight’s happened with me and Leon because they know what’s best for business and what’s best
for the company so you know after I end up finishing Leon and T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas Nevada December 16th on
Pay-per-view you know I’ll go to the UFC I’ll go to Hunter Campbell I’ll go to Dana White and I’ll say what what would you guys like which fight is the most
logical and makes the most amount of monetary sense for this company because this is a business and I want to make this company more money than it’s ever
made from any fighter in the history of the sport that’s how motivated I am that’s when I go to bed and I wake up at
6am to do my extra runs and I push extra hard in the gym to be able to accomplish so I’m here to freaking work for this
company I love this company they’ve changed my life change and done things for me I never thought possible and now
it’s time to get back and and really [ __ ] bring the ratings here for the UFC and the welterweight division
someone who doesn’t seem like he’s in your division anymore is Hamza chimaya how do you think he’ll do moving up to middleweight he’s fighting Paula Costa
coming up here yeah of course he’s not my division James because he ran for me that dog face looking [ __ ] was scared
shitless that’s the reason this you know they took so long for me to get a fight the UFC was trying to book that fight
with me and him for like six months to a year you know but he’s not a professional the guy couldn’t make
weight he missed weight by nine pounds they gave him a layup fight to to lead up into the build up into my fight with
him but he couldn’t even do that against the easiest washed up guy in the division nay soy boy Diaz so what do you
expect when you get raw American Steel Twisted sex appeal I would have melted that [ __ ] and he knows it so you
know of course he’s gonna run away from my division and look for the easier division in middleweight you know those are a bunch of guys with two left feet
that are not athletic you know maybe they hit a little harder but they don’t move and and they’re slow so you know I
I don’t know what to expect in his fight I guess you know we’ll find out in uh the next month because that’s next month
you know in Abu Dhabi so that’s gonna be a great show though you know UFC does great business over there shout out to
all the all the people in Abu Dhabi you know in the city of Abu Bobby for putting on some of the biggest and best fights and bringing us back in the
pandemic when no one else would you know when they tried to shut us down because of the common cold hey we’re gonna shut
the world down because of the common cold but nope people in Abu Dhabi respect yeah no absolutely uh we’ve had a lot of
things happen this year a lot of changes uh fight we talked about actually actually last time in our interview was Sean O’Malley and aljamin Sterling what
did you think of O’Malley knocking out Sterling that was pretty incredible yeah that was that was amazing that’s
what I expected you know I called it America’s pick of the week you know shout out to my bookie for sponsoring me I got some other huge sponsors on the
way I’m gonna announce them next month a huge huge sponsor I can’t wait it’s going to be electric when we announce
what this box is going to be but but you know in my America’s pick of the week I’m on my book yeah you know I picked
Sean to win that fight so you know I was so excited for Sean you know it brings so much excitement to the bantamweight
division some fresh new blood and fresh new matchups man it just seems like that division was getting stale and you know
guys were fighting each other you know two three times and it just you know there wasn’t you know the the excitement
there was now that Sean O’Malley’s a champ so you know I’m super pumped you know it just it creates bigger business
and Better Business for the UFC and and uh the future state of the Bantam division looks promising I mentioned
O’Malley there he recently came out and talked about uh managers and like all the issues that are going on right now in the sport and I know we talked about
this before you left your management a while ago you’re sort of riding solo did you see see those comments what did you
think of that yeah so you know I the thing with Sean O’Malley and what he said about the management I can
completely relate with that James that’s exactly what I went through you know that’s when I had a management before
there was no transparency the management company was not telling me anything that the UFC was telling me they were
actually putting a wedge between the USC’s relationship with me they were telling me things that weren’t true they
were telling me things to get mad at the UFC and Hunter Campbell when they did nothing wrong the ufcs only provided
opportunity for me changed this kid from Oregon’s life you know I was a nobody I was a you know from a blue collar family
you know my parents made like 15 grand a year like they were nothing like we made you know we had a tough upbringing and
here at the UFC is making me a multi-millionaire making me achieve the American dream so you know managers are
disgusting man they they don’t there’s no transparency they don’t tell the fighter what’s really happening and
what’s going on with their career they they try and create Divide from the UFC in the fighter and they try and paint
the UFC like they’re the bad guy would know the UFC is is the good guy and they they’re changing people’s lives and it’s
kill what you eat yeah you want to be a star and you want to make good money okay bring something to the table the UFC is not going to make you a star you
need to go out there and make yourself a star everybody that’s crying about me James oh what have they’ve done in this sport I don’t see them getting calls
from the president I don’t see them going to the White House I don’t see them doing the things I’ve been doing in this in this sport so you know all these
people just need to sit back and shut the [ __ ] up and and I’m just glad that I have a better relationship with the UFC and we can speak man to man now meet
straight face to face to Hunter and he’s giving me everything that he told me he would all the promises that he made to
me he’s he’s kept his word he’s a man of this word so before the management told me things and and I was like oh he’s not
keeping his word but the Management’s just lying to me and just you know I’m just so thankful that I have the relationship I do with the UFC and
Hunter Campbell as I do today and then a couple weeks ago we had Sean Strickland beating Israel out of Sonya
what did you think of that upset because a lot of people weren’t giving Sean a chance in that one yeah you know uh
you know that’s that’s the beauty of the UFC is such a pure Sport and uh you know
anybody can win on any given night and if you don’t come ready to fight that night you have an off night that’s what
can happen you know I obviously oddestania overlooked him he thought you know that he was just going to be able
to breathe through this guy and he probably didn’t train very hard I think he’s getting a little comfortable up there he’s made some big paychecks and
you know he’s just not hungry like he used to be so you know it just opens up the door for all the
middleweights because that’s the easiest guy in the division to beat you know honestly it opens up the door for me I might go up and beat his ass that guy’s
a [ __ ] punk he got he got his ass knocked out by Usman like a little scrub [ __ ] out unconscious so imagine what
I would do to him as America’s chin so you know that’s another fight that could be the next fight as well James I might
go up to middleweight steal that middleweight strap champ well I’m surprised you don’t like
Strickland a little bit you guys seem to have some of the same values as well why uh why are you why are you like a fan of
no I was just curious about that because he’s outspoken like you are I was poking in the most just obnoxious
Manner and just belligerent and just so low IQ bro that guy that guy has no wits
I mean he just says some of the most just egregious nasty stuff and you know I I can’t identify with anything with
that guys so you know he said some really stupid things about women and I respect women I think it’s equality out
there and everybody should be entitled to someone it’s not who if they’re a woman with the color of their skit uh
skin is it’s about who’s most qualified for a job so dude he’s an idiot and he’s
even a weaker fighter and you know he got lucky the the is he cashed out already last fighting question how much
longer do you see yourself fighting uh again I know this is a big fight and you got a lot ahead of you here but you have kind of a timeline because I know there
is an exit plan at the end of the day here right yeah you know I don’t really think of
the exit plan I’m just you know I’m big believer on just focus on what’s ahead of me you know I know I’m I’m at my
Prime right now and I’m ready to really reach my potential and become Undisputed world champion on December 16th so you
know that’s that’s what I’m focused on right now but but you know Exit Plan four five six fights you know to get the
title in December defend it three times next year defend it you know a couple more times in my 37 year and you know be
out in the next couple years but you know I don’t know I don’t really think about it you know the thing is James is
that I’ve taken such good care of my health and my brain that I can fight into lay age if I want to look at Daniel
pour me a guy that was fighting at the highest level when he’s 41 42 years old winning World Championships so I get a
lot of inspiration from Daniel and you know I know how good of care I’ve taken with my body and my brain not sparring
every day and and just getting my brain smacked around so you know I I could fight for a couple more five six more
years if I want to but you know I just want the biggest and most meaningful fights I want to leave my you see and I
just want people to know who the greatest welterweight of all time was and that was Colby chaos Covington a couple months back you spoke at Turning
Point USA uh which you were in front of a crowd got to talk to people which is a really cool opportunity how did that come together did they reach out to you
how did uh that get set up yeah so I I gotta really I got a good relationship with Charlie Kirk I’ve went
on his podcast before so the Turning Point team has known me for years now with all the active work I’ve done
within the conservative movement you know going to the White House on Election night being front row at presidential debates and you know just
being a sideline reporter through it all getting to see the ins and outs of of how the elections and and how the the
the political system works so you know it was so humbling to go out there and
speak to some of these future conservative leaders at the chapter leader Summit you know they had some great questions for me uh you know
what’s coming up what’s next and you know I got to tell them a little bit about my story you know how I came from this kid from a small town in
Springfield Thurston Oregon and I Rise up to the top of the UFC world and now I’m fighting in the most you know
accomplished and World title fight after World title fight so it was amazing you know I felt so I felt so whole being
there just being able to pass the knowledge that’s been passed to me and and speak conservative values which I
you know that’s what I appreciate more than anything I’m all about you know not about big gov less government you know
and more more freedom and rights you know God over government you know it’s that’s the way it should be it shouldn’t
be the government telling us how to live our lives and and how we should spend our money and what things we should do no man take away the communism and let’s
put capitalism back in America so very thankful to turning point for having me out thankful to Charlie Kirk and the
movement that they’re spreading among the college campuses and excited for the future of the Republican movement I’m
gonna ask you a couple rapid fire questions we’ll get out of here Rhonda santis what’s your opinion on him you live in Florida he’s running things but
I know he’s kind of against Trump uh what are your thoughts on him unloyal sold out his soul for the devil
you know he’s working with George Soros and he’s getting campaign money from you know some big left owners so you know
he’s another guy that’s part of the swamp that’s all he is he’s he’s a rhino he’s not a real Republican he’s a rhino
man he’s a liberal that’s dressed up as a republican so I lost all my respect for Ron to sanctimonious when he turned
his back on Trump the guy that that nominated him endorsed him for governor in Florida he wouldn’t have got that he
wouldn’t have been governor of Florida without Trump’s endorsement so the fact that he turned his back and he couldn’t just wait four more years like this is
you know let Trump have it four more years you know he’s robbed in the last four years in in a in a ribbed election
so you know it’s just it’s sad what what Ron Des sanctimonious has done and you know he didn’t he didn’t continue the
fight that he set out for he said he was going to go after Disney he let that lawsuit go he said he was going to do all these things for Florida no he
doesn’t care about Florida James he’s out on the campaign Trail trying to win a presidential race so you know he’s not
a man of his word and he’s not promises made Promises Kept Donald Trump what’s your opinion of Andrew Tate I don’t
think I’ve ever asked you this he’s in the news and stuff um what do you think of him yeah you know I don’t have any any bad
opinions about Andrew Tay and Tristan Tate I actually followed Tristan Tate on Twitter he follows me you know he’s giving me some shout outs and love
before I think those guys the Tate brothers are very intelligent I think they have intellect beyond their years I
think that you know they’re just hard to relate and understand because they just have such a knowledge of information and
those guys you know have done the research they’ve done the facts so you know I think that people are trying to
paint them in a bad light and project something onto them that’s not true and you know I have no problems with those
guys I actually look up to those guys I think they’re very well spoken and uh you know I I try and model myself a
little bit sometimes like those guys and then last one uh what do you make of this old Dylan danis Nina angle thing I was curious your thoughts on that
I mean he’s got a good uh beat rider for sure
he’s got a good guy that’s behind the the screen ghost writing for him you know he’s he’s definitely been able to manufacture some drama with that fight
make it a bigger fight than it really is because dildo danis is not a fighter that guy can’t throw a punch he can he
literally couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag so the guy shouldn’t be there he’s just there to get his ass
whooped by Logan and you know I think Logan starts starches in but you know I I don’t know I I it’s it’s a I haven’t
really been paying attention to it because it’s a circus Sideshow bro like these guys aren’t real Fighters and they’re fighting for top prizes in Big
Money fights so they’re they’re not like me who’s fighting in the most prestigious best Combat Sports
organization in the world the UFC and you know I just I could care less about their fight and we’re looking forward to
your fight man UFC 296 December 16th Colby thank you so much man if there’s anyone you want to thank before we get
out of here sponsor social media you name it I’ll give you the last word yeah shout out to uh America shout out
to the Troops shout out to everybody in law enforcement all our First Responders you know we wouldn’t be free and we
wouldn’t be safe and you know if you guys weren’t you know sacrificing through our community and and putting in the extra work to make sure we have a
free country so God bless you know all our military all our vets all our uh
First Responders and uh God Bless America big things that come in the American dream is coming himself he’s
got a date with Destiny and he’s going to reenact 1776 in December I don’t know if people in Canada know about it but it
was at Yorktown I don’t know yeah I know of course yeah we know where American history a little bit so

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