Belal Muhammad NEEDS Leon Edwards to fight Colby Covington

In this article, we will discuss the current situation at 170 pounds in the UFC welterweight division. It’s a strange one, where Leon Edwards seems to be stuck in a position where he can’t go back on something he said, even though no one really knows about it. This has created a frustrating situation for Belal Muhammad, who is waiting for a chance to fight for the title.

The Backstory

In March of this year, Kamara Usman and Leon Edwards fought, and it was revealed at the weigh-ins that Colby Covington was in attendance as the backup fighter. This was exciting news, as Colby could potentially step in and fight one of the two for the title. However, Leon seemed uninterested in fighting Colby and expressed his reluctance to do so.

Leon’s Campaign for Someone Else

In the following months, Leon campaigned for other fighters to get the title shot instead of Colby. He seemed adamant that he would not fight Colby and even went radio silent for a while. However, it was eventually announced that Colby would be next in line for the title shot.

The Uncertainty of the Fight Date

Since then, there has been speculation about when the fight between Leon and Colby will take place. Colby initially suggested December, but there has been no official confirmation. Leon’s manager recently stated that the fight could happen in November, December, January, or February, leaving fans and fighters like Belal Muhammad in a state of uncertainty.

Belal Muhammad’s Frustration

Belal Muhammad, who has also become a top contender in the division, finds himself in a difficult position. In order for him to get a shot at the title, Leon and Colby need to fight first. Belal has even booked a grappling match in Abu Dhabi, indicating that he is preparing for a fight. However, the lack of a confirmed date for the Leon vs. Colby fight puts Belal in a tough spot.

The Importance of the Fight Date

The fight date is crucial in any contract, and without a set date, fighters like Belal Muhammad are left in limbo. It’s frustrating for Belal to see his division, which was once the most exciting and headline-worthy, receive so little attention. If he were in their position, he would either push for a fight or consider leaving the division altogether.


The situation at 170 pounds in the UFC welterweight division is perplexing. Leon Edwards seems to be stuck in a position where he can’t go back on something he said, even though no one really knows about it. This has created frustration for fighters like Belal Muhammad, who are waiting for their chance to fight for the title. The uncertainty surrounding the Leon vs. Colby fight date only adds to the confusion. It remains to be seen when this fight will happen.

what is going on at 170 pounds I gotta
tell you this is a really weird one were
you guys ever kids and maybe your dad
told you something he said this is what
we’re gonna do
and a little bit later you circled back
you came back to maybe a couple weeks
later even a month or so and you say Hey
Dad we gotta we talk about that and your
dad goes we can’t we can’t I already
said I said this is what we’re gonna do
we have to go through with it you’re
kind of look around going yeah but that
was just you and me in the room
nobody knows that you said that which is
why I’m back here just you and me to see
if you could switch your opinion there
it’s not a matter of Saving Face this
isn’t an ego issue no one knows you said
but have you ever been in a spot like
that or something similar
where somebody I’ve already said and
they they have this this audience
that does not exist
no one’s looking at them no one’s
talking about it no one cared when they
said it then nobody cares now that they
said it that it’s a nothing
but they don’t see it that way
have you been in a spot like that
because when I look at 170 pounds and I
must fully disclosed to you I don’t know
what’s going on there
I just have guesses
and if I was to tell you what I do know
what I remember
in March of this year
Kamara uzman and Leon Edwards went and
the day before at the weigh-ins
it gets revealed that Colby Covington is
in attendance this fight took place in
that he’s trained up he shaped up he’s
licensed up
he’s on weight and he is officially the
backup fire so on Friday you find out
well I mean as much of a stretch as it
is Colby could be fighting tomorrow one
of these two guys for the title Raymond
backup party do you guys understand what
it means
but it was exciting
and Kamara had kind of done like an a no
media tour
it appeared that he really buckled down
was focused on the fight
and then Leon is just
not doing me it was a big deal that
Colby was there and you you kind of
wished his media that you would have
been told this ahead of time hey why did
we keep this a secret
we’ve been scratching inclined for
somebody to help us with this card
you’ve got the Ace of Spades right there
I mean right it was it was one of these
things so when it was done
okay just to get a Friday at Wayne’s but
when it was done Saturday night Liam put
close the book
on Leon Edwards and tomorrow it was me
just ready to
move on Dana announces that it will be
Colby Colby’s here Colby’s in shape
Kobe’s licensed Colby will be next
and Leon says no
and he didn’t really say a reason I mean
he didn’t say like I think he’s too tall
for I think that’s too hard of a fight
he didn’t say those things my
interpretation was he was annoyed with
Colby as a person it just wasn’t going
to do it for him
and that’s fine like I’m not second
guessing him for that I’m sharing with
you going back to March and having guys
it’s very tough to get a dialogue with
in the first place
this was my understanding of that and
time went on
and there was other guys within the
division Muhammad comes to mind there
was other guys within the division
trying to get that spot and Leon wanted
to give it to him
like there was a little bit of time that
went on so Marsha’s when the fight was
that that April
maybe even a little bit into May
Leon was still saying things like it’s
not going to be called me I’m not going
to do it the UFC
never budge then we find out it’s gonna
be lyanna call me right story always
ends that way but it finally gets
revealed to us which is a piece of the
of the puzzle that always has to come
into place
we never get a date
closest thing we got is around two
months ago Shmo and Helen said
Colby and Leon he’s either going to be
in October
or November
mean it was either going to go to fight
Island in Abu Dhabi
or it was going to go to Madison Square
Garden in November
so Colby came at it said now we’re going
to fight in December
they can’t put me on the same card as
Jon Jones because I will humiliate him
at press conferences which I thought was
interesting I thought okay there’s a
door here because Colby’s right like
there would actually be some drama they
might be putting them on that card but
apparently apparently New York is
shipped up and
and everything’s going just fine so it
still leaves you with that December date
if those two are even fight like that’s
one thing about it that isn’t locked
down everybody has announced that that’s
the plan
Leon’s manager came out of me just a
week ago and said yeah things are great
everything said hey we got this and so
you think he’s about to make an
and he says it’ll be November or
or January or February or Marshall like
we can just keep doing this it’ll be on
a Monday or Tuesday
or maybe a Wednesday or Thursday
or Friday or Saturday is more like it
was one of these things where you have
to you have this whole interview you
have this big reveal and the reveal is
what we started with which is we don’t
know anything more than before we
I still believe it I still think they’re
going to fight
in December
that theory gets weakened when you’re
armed with the fact that Sugar Shawn is
waiting to make an announcement
and specifically called for the December
I bring all of this to you like none of
this is new but it is a matter of the
byproducts that happen
when everybody stands around and waits
for that fight and it’s not wonderful
for Leon this is not where I want to
give Leon a hard time by the way just
because he’s fighting Colby like that’s
not what this is
it is not good when you’re the champion
of the world you’ve been out since March
and nobody’s demanding that you come
very few people are even asking that you
come back and my fear much like the
example that I led with like maybe your
dad or somebody says something and they
say I can’t go back on it
if Leon said something and maybe he did
but if Leon said something
and his worries gonna go back on it
nobody heard I just gave you the
timeline that the world does Liam wins
the fight Leon goes to press conference
Leon says I’m not going to do it
two months go by it through extremely
small media Outlets Leon campaigns for
somebody else then goes radio silence
Shmoe announces it’s all done manager
confirms it’s all done we all said like
there there is nothing else to the story
if Leon thinks there is if he said
something he won on this campaign nobody
heard it it’s the tree falls in a wood
scenario all over again don’t get locked
into that there’s a problem if you’re
the champion of the world in a perennial
division the very division that George
Saint Pierre made
the highest drawing division is worth
that very division
and nobody
is saying what are you gonna defend why
haven’t you defended are you sick are
you hurt are you angry is it the company
all the things you speculate about
so you have Muhammad who also became a
number one contender
Colby’s the number one container of the
Halls also it’s a very new time in the
sport it’s not the first time that
happened we’re doing that a couple of
times we have multiple
number one guys fair enough but but what
bahal would need to cash that in
is for those two to first fight like
before we even talked about hall or
before we do anything before we bring in
the sparring partners we booked the
hotels before we do absolutely one
single step in that direction we need
Leon and Colby to fight so it puts the
hall in a very hard spot where the
organization is going yes everything we
told you is good it’s good it shows you
that way hey man I got in our best case
I’m looking at Midway through 24. right
now yeah
that’s a separate conversation
everything we told you
is good
unless you don’t want it to be if you
want to get back in there you may end
the golden take it back
you have the power and the control we’re
letting you so you see where it gets a
little bit weird because oh God
all right it’s the same spot Michael
Chandler’s done with Conor McGregor like
to fight the numbers everything I earned
at the TV show everything’s wonderful
but we don’t have a date of the fight
the single absolute most important part
of any contract is the date
if I tell you guys I’m going to give you
a billion dollars but then you find out
that’s one dollar a year over the next
billion years right you see where that’s
a problem nothing trumps the date
all these things are going to happen
so the hall has now booked himself a
grappling match that’s in Abu Dhabi
which is great that tells me a few
things right tells me that the home
knows he needs to go through a training
tells me he knows he needs to go through
some kind of a way in the process even
if they’ve spotted him a few kilograms
tells me he knows he’s got to get in the
back he’s got to feel those nerves he’s
got to make that walk he’s got to
compete I like it
I like it a lot but it also tells me
that he does not have inside scoop as to
win those two guys
are gonna fight I don’t think blah Hall
is the number one Contender knows
anything more than the manager
100 two months of the year I don’t tease
the matter she’s a really great guy by
the way I’m just sharing for you that
I’ve never seen an interview before
about something that when you get to the
something they’re
I just haven’t seen that yeah they’re
gonna fight absolutely and I’m here to
tell you that it’s
coming up I’ve just never seen that
170 pounds very interesting very bizarre
he and Gary’s red hot gets called out by
three four five guys
doesn’t respond to any of them
they’re all ranked and beautiful names
hi guys is that not what you want to do
do you not want to fight those guys
right it’s one of these things
where it’s a little bit hard to know
exactly what’s going on for a division
that used to be king
if I was in that Division and my
division as a whole not just myself my
division as a whole got as little of
headlines as this one does I would tell
you I would kick it into gear
or I would leave
that nearly dead division

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