In this article, I will be providing my quick picks and predictions for the full card of UFC Vegas 79. I will analyze each matchup and give my thoughts on the fighters and their chances of winning. Let’s dive right in!

AJ Fletcher vs Brian Battle

AJ Fletcher is a fighter who may not look like a knockout artist, but he has proven time and time again that he can take a punch and keep going. He has a durable chin and is a capable striker and wrestler. On the other hand, Brian Battle is a relatively unknown fighter, with flashy knockouts but limited experience at the welterweight division. There are too many question marks surrounding Battle, and I believe Fletcher’s wrestling and power will be the deciding factors in this matchup. I predict a win for AJ Fletcher.

Marina Rodriguez vs Michelle Waterson

Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson will be facing off in a rematch. While Waterson may show improvement in this fight and mix in some t akedowns, Rodriguez’s striking skills make her the superior fighter. Rodriguez has proven to be a better striker and has the ability to win fights even when she’s being taken down. I expect this fight to primarily be a striking matchup, and I believe Rodriguez will come out on top once again. If you’re looking to place a bet, consider taking Rodriguez by points for better value.

Bryce Mitchell vs Dan Ige

Bryce Mitchell is known for his wrestling skills, and Ige has been outwrestled in the past. Mitchell has shown his toughness in previous fights, and while he does get hit, he has the ability to take opponents down and control the fight. However, Ige possesses power in his hands and could potentially catch Mitchell with a well-timed shot. This fight will be a test for Mitchell to prove if he’s the real deal. I believe Mitchell’s wrestling will be the key to victory, and I predict a win for him.


In this article, I provided my quick picks and predictions for the UFC Vegas 79 card. I analyzed each matchup and gave my thoughts on the fighters and their chances of winning. While these predictions are based on my analysis, anything can happen in MMA, and upsets are always possible. Make sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more content. If you’re interested in seeing all of my plays and predictions, consider becoming a premium member on wewantpicks.com. I have had a successful track record in recent weeks and have been consistently up in units. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the fights!

what’s going on guys welcome back to wee
one pigs my name is Jacob aka the
freckled salamander here to bring you my
Quick Pick video for you FC Vegas 79 but
before we get into this week’s video we
have to reflect back on my perfect car I
went perfect last week for you as
actually for Noche UFC excuse me the
absolute perfect car by the way Alexa
Grosso won round two she won round four
she won round five she won that fight
the 10-8 round wasn’t even the worst
round that guy scored it was the fourth
round she won the fight and still let’s
get right into the action UFC Vegas 79.
first up we’ve got Montserrat Rendon
versus tamiris V doll and I’m telling
you right now it doesn’t make sense to
me these odds do not I’m sitting here
just scraping clawing trying to figure
out what am I missing in this fight I
understand the toughness of Rendon I
understand the the durability the cardio
of random but she is a very a basic
fighter there’s nothing wrong with that
she’s very tactical nice and tight with
her shots but everything is just ones
and twos one one two one one two two two
I mean it is just all very basic not a
lot of kicks she excels or she’s
supposed to Excel on the ground but she
can’t get out grappled and even if she
wants to get to the fight to the ground
she will she will close the distance
with her strikes get to those body lock
positions get double under Hooks and she
still struggles to get people to the
ground of adult is a is a different
person in that right she’s not going to
be the more technical Striker but she
will throw kicks she will throw hands
everything is heavy I think she can
easily beat up the front leg of random
Rendon is very I mean heavy on that
front leg to throw those ones and twos
Videl has a very good leg kick I think
she can beat up the front leg if it gets
into a clinch position she’s gonna be
stronger if it goes to the ground she’s
gonna be better there the only thing
that I guess I’m worried about a little
bit is maybe Rendon can weather the
early storm get to the second round do a
you know kind of enough to win the
second round and then of adult maybe
fades in the third round I just don’t
get this man I think Vidal comes in and
smokes her maybe a first round finish I
know Brennan is tough I just don’t think
she has anything to offer for a Girl
Like Vidal so I am very high of a doll
you can go to wewonepics.com become a
premium member 20 10 a month to see all
the units it’s one of my heaviest bets
that I’ve made in a long time we’ll see
how it plays out maybe I’m missing
something the odds are like minus two I
think I want a minus 200 I don’t get it
I don’t get it uh whatever let’s move on
to the next one Hannah Goldie versus
Mizuki in Noe
Mizuki I think it’s Mizuki I’m gonna say
Mizuki if it’s not I apologize let’s
just get right down to the Brass tax
right Hannah Goldie the biggest question
mark for me in this fight is not her
skills because she’s not a great fighter
right she’s she’s strong she’s you know
powerful but she’s just like ah just
nice and tight with all those strikes
she can’t get out grappled she can’t get
out strike now we’ve seen she can get
finished one of the best things she had
going for was her durability now we have
Molly McCann finishing her the spinning
elbow and then the on the ground
coming down to 115th you know it’s been
a while for her to get to 115. she’s a
big physical girl I know I’ve been on
the Instagram and look at the internet
not the only fans I’m not the only fans
guy by the way I’ve been on the
Instagram though and it looks like she
is getting a little bit Slimmer but I
think that 115 cut is going to be pretty
bad for and this girl Mizuki
come on off the layoff I get it knee
injury what a year or two ago first
fight back after three years but her
last fight against Amanda lamo she
really showed not only toughness she got
dropped but handled it fine not only
toughness and resolve but I love the
pressure of fighting that she brings she
really excels on the ground but she
showed off some really nice striking
against Amanda lamos kicks punches it
was kind of bullying Lemos against the
fence that entire fight so I don’t think
Hannah Goldie is going to come in and
bully a girl like uh Mizuki in this
fight and
to get ready for this Camp she has been
with the former champ the former champ
the the chant that lost last Saturday
night Valentin to chefchenko she has
been in Thailand with Chef shanko
mizuki’s been doing her thing getting
the getting the Striking sharp but if
Hannah goalie wants to come in and
wrestle she’s probably gonna get swept
she’s probably gonna get submitted
Hannah Goldie’s a girl that is just not
this level she really is just not UFC
level she just really is not she was
getting demolished by a four and five
fighter getting balled on the ground fan
of Hail Mary armbar that’s our only UFC
win I think Mizuki comes in really lays
the pace the pressure Hannah tries to
wrestle and Mizuki handles her on the
ground so that’s my prediction I’m
pretty high Mizuki as well in this
matchup love you Hannah but
hey Collier versus Muhammad uzman and
this one is uh gonna be sloppy I mean
this one is going to be sloppy and
luckily for Muhammad uzman Jake Collier
yes he is a veteran but he’s not one of
these veterans that can weather the
early storm and then he can come on in
the second round in the third round and
win this fight he’s a guy that comes out
doesn’t really give a [ __ ] throws heavy
shots will get tired himself and
unfortunately in this matchup I think
he’s gonna get bullied a little bit
Jacob former 185er and Mohammed Usman
couldn’t make 185 if he lost both his
arms and both his legs that dude is a
big thick dude I think he comes in
throws the heavy shots gets him against
the cage and when both these guys are
tired I believe I feel like I can trust
Muhammad uzman a little bit more we saw
that in the top of a fight right both
those guys got tired but it was uzman at
least being on top in those positions
but you know I don’t trust Usman as far
as I can throw him as far as an MMA
fight he’s still just so sloppy in
everything he does with he’s gonna have
the power he’s got the strength Jake
doesn’t even have the cardio Advantage
they both basically have the same amount
of cardio so I am going to go Usman here
but as far as like betting him and stuff
I don’t know I I I haven’t decided yet
maybe when the live stream comes on
Saturday we’ll probably play the user
inside something Jake can be a tough guy
in the first round then start to fade so
maybe we had a lot of success with these
second round finishes we might do
something like that but uzman is my pick
in this matchup but it’s going to be
sloppy and if Jake Collier comes in lays
some crazy pace and pressure and get to
TKO I’m not gonna be crazy crazy this
prize so I’m going to Usman here but
let’s move on to the next one Jacob
malcol versus Cody Brundage Jacob
Malcolm wins let’s move on to the next
one I’m just I’ll just kidding but he is
probably gonna win right we’ve seen Cody
Brundage in that last fight I mean fight
IQ looked like he was quitting in that
fight versus SD the only thing that
really worries me here because Jacob
should come in and control the Striking
control the wrestling for sure because
bro Brundage is supposed to be like this
Grappler this wrestler but Jacob should
be able to handle that I mean all Jacobs
are just like a notch above everyone
else especially people named Angelo I
mean just a notch above everywhere just
a step ahead you think you’re doing
something I know what you’re doing I’m
gonna get ahead of you what does worry
me little bit is Cody Brundage let’s say
he’s a little bit embarrassed right
fighting for his UFC life he comes in
heavy-handed we have seen Jacob get hit
we have seen Jacob get dropped so there
is something in the back of my mind
that’s like you know someone sometimes
these guys coming off these bad
embarrassing losses just come in super
aggressive Jacob isn’t like the the best
striker in the world he can’t get hit he
can’t get dropped and maybe something
weird happens there but Cody if he comes
in aggressive that should be even better
for a wrestler like Jacob you know level
change be there top control all that
stuff so I am gonna go Jake up here I
don’t want to seem too worried about it
you know us Jacobs we don’t we don’t
[ __ ] [ __ ] up you know what I mean so
Jacob is the pick that’s all it needs to
be said let’s move on to the next one
The Dirty Bird Tim Means versus Andre
fiallo and uh I’m going dog here I’m
going dog here and this is simply
because of what have you done for me
lately I will admit last year The Dirty
Bird Tim Means against
um uh
uh uh
Max Griffin I have no notes I I mean
Angelo reads a script I had nothing in
front of me so against Max Griffin you
saw him get dropped early handled it
just fine but even in that fight you
thought to yourself watching that fight
okay Tim means it’s getting old right
he’s 39 years old I don’t know if he was
39 or 38 at the time of that fight but
you’re like okay he’s starting to slow
down this is the end of time means you
know these guys are gonna up and coming
guys are just gonna be a little bit too
fast for him a little bit too powerful
and then he comes in against Alex morono
this spring look fantastic I mean he
looked like a completely different
person getting some nice takedown some
nice grappling winning the Striking
exchanges Landing laying in some nice
power he was beating up Alex Morrow
completely controlling that fight until
Alex Moreno find that Hail Mary
submission by the way Alex morono is
like one of the best Grapplers in the
UFC you’ve probably never heard of it
guys like a triple black belt really
really high level so getting caught a
guillotine by him is like it is what it
is type of situation Andre fiallo we’ve
seen knockout after knockout after
knockout even in the fights he’s winning
he’s still getting clipped and I can’t
trust a guy like that I just can’t
especially against a guy like dirty bird
who has shown he has a chin he can eat
the shots and even if he is getting
touched up even if he’s getting hurt
he’s not getting put out and the best
thing that I love about the Dirty Bird
10 means is he’s got that wrestling in
his back pocket if things start going
South if yallo is touching him early if
yellow comes out and is aggressive again
because his last fight he wasn’t really
that aggressive maybe he comes out he’s
just getting his fight and getting his
face and trying to knock out the 39 year
old Tim Means can level change now fialo
can get taken down he’s really good
about getting back to his feet but at
least it kind of changes the pace of the
fight at least it kind of stifles him
and fialo as the fight goes on will lose
that power more and more so I’m going
with the veteran here the Dirty Bird I
think he comes in wins a few striking
exchanges maybe mixes in some wrestling
I like his cardio I like his endurance
and I like his durability in this fight
so a gold 30 bird here don’t let me down
baby let’s move on to the next one miles
Johns versus Dan Argueta and Miles Johns
is a guy that it seems like he just
can’t figure out what he wants to be
very talented powerful guy good wrestler
but he came into the UFC and he started
hitting this streak of just knocking
people out and he decided it seems like
he decided I’m just gonna knock everyone
out I’m I’m a powerful guy at 135 if I
land this right hand on people they’re
gonna go to sleep so I’m just gonna over
swing and knock people out and he ran
into a [ __ ] buzzsaw against John
castaneda’s sexy Mexi which was my luck
of the week that week by the way because
I knew that sexy Mexican weather the
storm and wear this guy down it seems
like miles John’s after that fight was
like okay I can’t keep doing what I’m
doing I’m gonna come in against Vince
and I’m gonna start getting takedowns
I’m gonna go back to my wrestling roots
he’s a good wrestler go back to my
wrestling roots get some takedowns and
start winning the fight start being a
little bit more smart about the way I
fight the issue was they couldn’t get
the takedown so now you have a guy that
has I don’t see he’s abandoned the power
but has realized he can’t knock everyone
out try to go back to his wrestling and
couldn’t out-rest Vince and he’s
definitely not going to be able to
outrest a guy like Dan Argo especially
early that’s what I thought was going to
happen against Ronnie Lawrence I thought
Dan argueto was going to come in and get
stable by Ronnie Lawrence and that exact
same thing or that exact
that thing that I thought was going to
happen the exact opposite thing is what
happened I’m great at the English
language so yeah Dane Argueta came in
and just smoked Ronnie Lawrence I know
that the the submission there was you
know he wasn’t really out that was so
weird I mean that was Keith Peterson
like literally grabbed his arm it’s like
you’re tapping now [ __ ] it was a very
weird situation but you saw the
intensity that Dan Argueta brings it was
just non-stop wrestling and that is a
great recipe for a guy like miles Johns
because he does slow down he slows down
he slows down and if he doesn’t have
that power early if he doesn’t hurt Dan
Argueta early which I do worry a little
bit about the entries of Dan Argueta
because he can get a little bit too
desperate he can’t get a little bit too
telegraphed with those shots you know
exactly what he wants to do if miles
Jones is in there with an uppercut or
something really nice down the pipe
maybe a knee something like that he’s a
powerful guy he’s been around he’s gonna
be ready but I think Dan arguet is just
gonna be just a little bit too
Relentless you’re gonna start seeing him
fade him being miles Jones in the second
in the third round and Dana Aguada
should be able to take this fight over
so I know what I’m getting with Dan
Argueta I know that he’s going to come
forward push the pace miles John’s is
still like it’s like he’s still trying
to figure out who he wants to be and
against Dan Argueta that’s not a good
matchup to try to figure out who you
want to be because I they had no see who
he wants to be and he wants to be he
wants to be on your back he wants to be
on top you just I want to be on top of a
lot of these women Charles Jordan versus
Ricardo hamos and I I honestly when I
first started breaking this fight down
because I I know who Charles Jordan is
right I know I think most of us know who
Charles jourdain is good Striker Super
durable really tough guy good on the
ground as well as far as like the Jiu
Jitsu his biggest red flag is it is his
ability to be taken down he can be taken
down he stays safe you know obviously
he’s been submitted before but a lot of
times it’s just the constantly being
taken down it’s like the biggest red
flag on a guy like Charles Jordan and
obviously that fight versus Chrome date
Crone Gracie was you know a weird fight
but Krone did get into some body like
positions and why I bring that up is
when I first started breaking down this
fight I watched the fight with Bill
algio and Ricardo Ramos hakano Ramos
however you want to say it and I saw the
eight takedowns and I started watching
that fight I’m like okay Ramos is going
to beat Charles Jordan because he can
take him down but that was a lot of body
lock takedowns against Bill Al Geo and
Charles ordain seemed pretty strong and
pretty ready for that stuff against
Chrome Gracie and the biggest red flag
was Ricardo Ramos yeah he got I think he
got like eight takedowns something crazy
in that fight but he was getting tired
and a lot of those takedowns were
because him and Bill were both tired and
he didn’t really keep position that well
he tried to climb on the back a few
times but that offensive rusting from
hakaro Ricardo really really wore him
down so if he comes in and is trying to
take Charles down I believe Charles can
stay safe he’s a black belt in his own
right he’s gonna be able to stay safe
and if I can trust somebody in the
second round in the third round after a
high level high Pace first round between
these two gentlemen it’s gonna be
Charles Air Jordan 10 and out of 10
times I know he’s going to be around I
know he’s going to be there I know he
can out tough the crazy striking of
Ricardo in the first round this crazy
spinning stuff Charleston could eat
those shots he can make a Miss he can
respond and he’s a durable guy and he’s
going to be there for the second and
third round so I flipped completely I
was like okay Ricardo’s gonna come in
use his wrestling control Charles maybe
get his back the control and just do
that but he gets too tired man so I
completely flip I am going Charles
Jordan in this matchup because I think
he can really start hurting and laying
pace and pressure on Ricardo in the
second in the third rounds even if he is
getting taken down or getting hit in
that first round so give me Charles Air
Jordan in this matchup let’s move on to
the next one Brian battle versus AJ
Fletcher you aren’t gonna like this I’ll
tell you right now you’re not gonna like
this breakdown let’s start with AJ
Fletcher I know a lot of people be like
oh this T-Rex arm short guy one of the
biggest turn-offs for me for AJ
Fletcher’s you guys hear me talk about
it all the time is he looks like a guy
that gets knocked out I say it all the
time I I think I’ve even said it on his
breakdown before he looks like a guy
that just absolutely he just got a knock
out look face but he doesn’t get knocked
out the only way that this guy really
loses is because he’s getting out
grappled late in fights semi the Jedi he
is steamrolling him in the first round
Angelos are having really really good
success in the first round in the
Striking starts losing some striking
changes end in the first round but then
comes through in the second round and
should have put angelosa out of that
fight comes in third round he’s tired
because he tried to finish that fight
now he’s getting out grappled comes in
against Temple garimbo smokes I’m taking
them down he’s got the mounted
Guillotine but he’s keeping the position
I know he’s kind of a guillotine guy but
he doesn’t he’s very smart about it and
the ability is to get to full Mount from
AJ Fletcher is really really incredible
his takedowns are explosive and he just
slides so well from guard to half guard
to fall mount in a full Mount he does
such a good job of keeping position but
also threatening everything he does he
makes people work on the bottom and he
saw that against semi against anji even
hurt him with the hands he’s a really
really good boxer and this guy can eat a
shot watch the shots that on that AJ
Fletcher was eating against Angeles in
like the last minute 30 last two minutes
of that first round when andra’s fresh
like it’s a really clean leather on him
the guy just eats shot he does get hit
but he just eats shots right so that’s
that’s my breakdown AJ Fletcher he’s a
capable Striker very very durable very
good wrestler and really makes people he
really punishes people once he gets on
top especially in that mount position
now Brian battle
we really don’t know I’m telling you
guys right now I I know that you see the
flashy knockout today the 30-second head
kick he had the in the 14 second
he was getting out grappled and kind of
mauled by renat in those Knockouts I
know he’s kind of found this power
because he was really never a powerful
guy and people were gonna be like oh
he’s a if he he’s Gonna Knock Out AJ
Fletcher he’s knocked out this guy he’s
knocked out this guy but we haven’t
really seen
Brian battle at 170 since his Contender
series fight in an actual fight we just
really haven’t seen it so there’s just
too many question marks in my mind to
trust a guy like Brian battle especially
at the minus 170 price point you just
don’t know what’s going to happen if he
comes in against another wrestler again
against a guy that not only can wrestle
but also has power in his hands that
seems like a durable guy and people are
going to be questioning the gas tank of
AJ Fletcher AJ Fletcher gassed once he
starts getting offensive wrestler once
he’s on his back that’s when he starts
gassing Brian battle in my mind I don’t
think is ever going to be in a top
position against this guy AJ Fletcher is
going to come in he’s going to get a
takedown he will get a takedown in the
first round he probably will slide
through to half guard maybe even a full
Mount position what’s going to happen to
Brian battle there I know he’s defensive
off his back he’s staying safe against
or not he did it he did get dropped by
Renault 2 in the third round of that
fight and we saw AJ drop and almost
finish Angelos hand so this is one of
those things where it’s like I get all
the love for Brian battle because he’s
done this flashy stuff but there’s just
too many question marks for me I still
don’t know what he’s gonna be like in an
actual fight I’ve seen him get mauled
I’ve seen him get early Knockouts put in
an actual back and forth fight I just do
not know and I know that AJ Fletcher is
going to come in he’s going to be
durable that’s probably going to jinx it
but he’s gonna be durable he’s gonna
wrestle he’s going to get top positions
and he’s got power as well so I’m going
with the dog here AJ Fletcher I know a
lot of people are giving me [ __ ] for it
but we’ll see how it plays out I fully
respect Brian battle and everything by
the way he missed weight his last fight
as well so another little factor in the
little thing to keep in the back of your
mind we don’t know how you would have
looked extended in the fight
we’ll see if he cleaned that up but I am
going AJ Fletcher in this matchup let’s
move on to the next Marina Rodriguez
versus the karate hottie Michelle
Waterson Gomez
yeah this one’s probably pretty cut and
dry watch that first fight back I know
the Michelle Michelle is going to look
better than the first fight I have no
doubt in my mind that the karate hottie
is going to come in and look better
maybe mix in the takedown or two that’s
how you beat Marina you mix in takedowns
you wrestle her but even when she’s
getting wrestled and she’s getting taken
down she still wins a lot of those
fights or she loses very very closely so
even if the karate hottie is coming in
with a heavy Wrestle game plan she still
could lose this fight and if you watch
the first fight if you watch them lately
I mean Marina’s just a better Striker
this should be a mostly striking matchup
and Marina just is a better Striker
Michelle karate hottie is cable she’s
tough as [ __ ] if you’re gonna play this
I wouldn’t even play the moneyline
Marine I just take Marina by points
that’s good that’s going to get you
better value I don’t think this is going
to finish a girl like karate hottie but
unfortunately this is just is what it is
Marina is a better Striker I’ll be
rooting for karate hottie you know I
won’t be there front row cheering not
actually front rope I’ll be front row
right here I mean so but Marina just I
mean she’s the better Striker that’s why
she won the first matchup and that’s why
she’s going to win this one so I hope
that she comes through karate hottie
does maybe gets a take down maybe get
jumps her back something weird like that
but there should be a marina play all
the way get her by points let’s move on
to the next Bryce Mitchell versus Dan
ige and I am going Bryce Mitchell in
this matchup and obviously it’s because
the wrestling we’ve seen Dan ige getting
out Russell before and I did worry a
little bit right Bryce Mitchell is now
ballooning up to like minus 200 minus
220 something to that effect he does get
hit now he showed his toughness against
Ilya right he took Ilia down by the way
a lot of people forget that he did take
Ilia down in the at the end of that
first round so if he’s taking a guy down
like Ilya he should be able to get Dan
ige to the ground but then ige by the
way I like Danny 50k Dan Eagan that used
to be my dude he’s got some power in his
hands and if he’s sitting there ready
and Bryce takes a bad shot at the bad
time or the catches you know catches the
wrong shot obviously Dan ige is gonna
have a puncher’s chance in the this
matchup and not just a puncher’s chance
let’s say he starts defending the
takedowns let’s say Bryce is starting to
Gass a little bit because he saw in that
fight he was getting touched up against
Ilya and when he’s getting touched up
and then he’s like desperate wrestling
you saw him start to fade now he says he
was sick and all this stuff this is
going to be one of those things where
we’re gonna find out in this fight if
Bryce Mitchell is real or not because
Danny is very capable he’s a good
Grappler got some holes in his takedown
defense but he knows how to stay safe on
the ground and he’s got real power in
his hands but this should be a an
obvious step down you’re fighting Ilya
you take him down you eat some shots but
you get finished this is like a pocket
Ilia in Dan IGA he doesn’t have the
wrestling doesn’t quite have the
grappling it definitely doesn’t have the
speed as uh Ilia on it with the hands so
you know I am going Bryce Mitchell here
he’s got to get the takedowns but don’t
forget Bryce has got some weird power in
his hands as well so if he comes in and
gets smoked you know that’s that’s kind
of the end of Bryce Mitchell if he is
who he’s supposed to be honestly he
should smoke Danny gay 30-27 30-26
complete control so we’ll see how it
plays out I am going Bryce Mitchell here
let’s move on to the next one is that
yeah versus gamron damn man both these
guys are my dudes if you guys have heard
me on this channel for a couple years I
I love I’ve been saying game Runners
like a future champ he’s a future I had
it versus Harmony smokes arm and a lot
of people didn’t think he smoked Army
but I hadn’t been I mean I love these
guys fizzy had the exact same way I was
like oh my God he’s gonna smoke gagey he
was winning that fight then he started
[ __ ] around he started brawling with
Justin Gage which was never a good idea
five round fight I know a lot of people
are gonna be like five rounds game runs
gonna wear them down fizzy F gets tired
he gets tired and gamrod’s gonna wear
him down get the takedowns blah blah
blah gamer gets tired too gamra gets
tired too especially when he’s getting
hit and you saw that versus Jalen
Jalen Turner was starting to touch him
up a little bit in the second round and
yeah Gamera was still able to get those
takedowns but you saw him looking at the
clock you saw him gas and you saw the
the takedowns get a little bit more
desperate and against a game a guy I
like Jayla again
against a guy like Jalen Turner who also
started fading in that fight he was able
to get the takedown so he was able to
keep control Fizz I have both these guys
by the way I believe both these guys are
going to get tired if it extends if it
gets past the second round both he’s got
here entire neither one of these guys is
a quitter camera’s not a quit fizzy Ave
is not gonna quit you saw that against
RDA people keep saying that he’s gonna
guess but forget against the fight
against RDA defended what 14 takedown
something like that got a fifth round
finish this guy has been there and done
that before his striking is absolutely
Elite and that’s what it comes down to
in this fight gamrat is not even close
to the same striking as physio but gamra
will strike he has to strike to set up
his shots and when he is doing that he
gets hit and he gets dropped a lot it is
a lot a lot and even when he’s not
getting dropped he is still getting hit
and you do not want to get hit by this
guy fizziev especially early and fizzy
Ave has shown through his UFC career he
is constantly getting better and better
and better at defending not only
defending takedowns but using his own
wrestling using his own you know Judo
when somebody tries to take him down so
yeah I understand the wrestling prowess
that gamro brings into this fight if he
gets a takedown or two I’m not gonna be
super surprised but gamer doesn’t isn’t
the best at keeping control he gets a
lot of takedowns but on Tony right now
that the Vegas judges more and more
hates that [ __ ] they hate the
holding they hate the holding against
the fence they hate the control they
want to see damage done they want to see
striking they don’t want see see people
crotch sniffing for [ __ ] five rounds
we’ve just seen them start to Lean by
the way they judge fight so long story
short Fizz AF is the way better Striker
I believe that most of this fight is
going to be striking so therefore I’m
all over physiov in this matchup not
only am I all over fizzy I’ve in this
matchup I think that he’s really gonna
hurt gamrat and hurt him early the guy
just gets hit way too much I don’t think
his takedowns are going to be as
effective as he thinks he is physiav is
super explosive super strong gets out of
those positions and immediately starts
laying Pace pressure speed and Power on
you so I think physio can finish this
dude first second round I know gamer has
never really been finished but if there
was ever a guy to finish when you’ve
been dropped you’ve been dropped you’ve
been dropped but you instantly pop back
up Fizz has a different breed man he has
a different breed not only do I think he
wins this fight but I think he wins it
handily easily sets a statement getting
a knockout in the first or second round
of this fight I love gamron he’s my dude
but this matchup is just not it for him
I’m telling you my dual physio is going
to get it done this has been my Quick
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