UFC Vegas 78 Recap | Bellator 298 | Conor McGregor | Elon vs. Zuck | Morning Kombat Ep 476

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Jed this is not the direction I’m looking to go I am here to tell you though off the top we got a great show
let’s hit it right here segment number one our weekend review
and topic number one yeah it’s UFC Vegas they were back in the Apex over the weekend in Las Vegas a welterweight five
round Main Event Vicente Luke scoring a unanimous decision over the always tough
38 year old former lightweight champion hafiel dosanjos so what did Luke overcome here Jed how about a one-year
layoff a two-fight losing skid and of course that very scary bout with the career-threatening brain bleed which
Luke did say after the fight he thanked God for essentially a miraculous recovery well did we see a new lucay or
not he wasn’t the Silent Assassin and the violent nature he was very grappling heavy so let’s start out right here Jed
michoud the new Vicente lique uh a necessary Evolution with this grinding
style or did you see a guy a bit gun shy after some legitimately scary turns
leading up to this return maybe both I mean Luke came out basically and said it afterwards like
that first round he was he was concerned which why wouldn’t you be your brain was
bleeding like that I am not a medical doctor feels like when the word is Blaine brain hemorrhage get brought in
uh something not not all that kosher is going down um so I think he certainly was a little
skittish I’m not sure that this is like a stylistic evolution of his though like really uh kind of just felt like the
fight played out that way like he he came in and wasn’t really looking to Grapple but then RDA was so intent on it
and every time RDA would initiate Luke was was being able to turn him and have success and it kind of just felt to me
at least like okay here I’m just gonna go with with the flow here this is a Way
Forward not his typical most exciting you know Vicente Luke is an action fighter Parks
Lots or whatever but uh to get back in the win column coming off a year and a serious medical scare uh I’m reserving
judgment on any grand grand statements about where Luke is in his career but solid performance I I hope he doesn’t
become Luke the grappler because he’s super fun but very very very solid win if nothing yeah
this was a decent fight it didn’t have the fireworks spectaculars that we thought and while you reserved the right to not necessarily need to give a
definitive hot take that’s also what you’re paid for Jed so believe I’m gonna tee up for a second with one but I did want to say Luke did score a career high
eight takedowns and I think it was very clear stylistically that he took advantage of the size Advantage RDA
going back to welterweight trying to reinvent himself and came in in such sick killer shape I mean who is there
anybody in this game that we should respect more than RDA I mean he is the ultimate gangster will fight anybody
anytime but I liked what Luke actually did leaning on the strengths in this particular matchup it’s just look at 31
this is this was a big hill to climb to come back into a five-roman event all that time off all the questions two
losses at the highest level so I do have to put you on the spot to make a definitive statement did Luke show you
enough to believe in what he said afterwards that he believes he’s ready to put together a run that he learned from
those two losses and that maybe I don’t want to see grapple heavy lucay this fight was good but it wasn’t great but
maybe do you think a emerge style moving forward for a guy who’s always dangerous on the ground but
loves to walk into traffic could lead him back to the top of the welterweight rankings no he is not
getting back to the top of the world rankings and that’s okay like I get it he wants to be that guy like every
fighter has those aspirations it’s just not gonna happen for him and that’s that’s not I don’t mean that as a like
to offend him or whatever but we know what he is like he’s 31 maybe he can make some late career super change but
two years ago or whatever blah Muhammad rinsed him I give the fight was not competitive and Below Muhammad is very
very good obviously I’m not sure below Muhammad is the best wrestler in this Division and if he is it’s not by a lot
like the the top of this division doesn’t match up well for him and then even against the guys that you would
think that maybe he could make hay Jeff Neal I I don’t want to say killed him because
we know what happened with the brain bleed again but I I just see no path forward for him this division is getting
younger and better he has a lot of miles on him and he already failed to to climb the mountain basically so unless
something really dramatic happens this is where he is he’s a top 10 top 15 Guy usually incredibly exciting gonna win
more than he loses but probably never going to fight for a title much less win one I’m a little surprised that the
definitive statement out of you Jed the guy’s 31 so he’s got four years before Luke Thomas drops that stat on him how
you can’t win a title at welterweight below or above 35. I don’t know if he’s mentioned that 49 times but ad nausea
would be a good hashtag to put next to that but when you look at this top 10 at welterweight we certainly have future
risers hammers that are coming from the standpoint of rachman off and obviously Muhammad’s on the doorstep of finally
having his big moment but you’ve got the older guard that could be going that way meaning a Gilbert Burns a Wonder Boy uh
you know questions about Sean Brady who’s at number nine there some solid guys in and around that Arizer and Ian
Gary could have a big moment this weekend you don’t think this stylistically adding this commitment to
wrestling could be a thing that I don’t because look what if you asked me before this in the past what was keeping
Vicente Luce from the top I would have told you that it was he’s too much in love with walking into traffic he’s too
much in love with making Wars when at the highest level that is not consistently how big fights are won I
actually liked this Evolution to his game and thought going 25 hard minutes against a a proven tough out like this
it showed me something Jed you’re not feeling that moving forward at Walter White I’m not and for two reasons the first
one is uh look Luke and his stat I’m not here to say it’s a bad stat I think it’s probably a good stat I’m less concerned
in general with fighter age than I am with with years and Luca has been fighting since he was like 16 or
whatever this is his 14th or 15th year of professional fighting and as you said
in that come forward let’s just get into war Style that that is not conducive to a long
career so being 31 like yes he is Young relative and frankly coming into this weekend I was surprised how young he was
I thought he was much older he’s got a lot of miles at least he’s got a lot of City miles on him and I don’t that makes
me very questionable and the second thing here’s a hot take for you uh Javier dos anjos is run at welterweight
is entirely fraudulent or at least like 85 percent fraudulent he was a lightweight champion
there is a very strong argument that at no point in the history of the world has
he been the best lightweight in the world considering he won the belt after Habib dominated him uh but he was a
lightweight champion got a one title defense I think and it’s a very very good top five-ish lightweight his move
up to welterweight sort of just like felt like he had to because of where he was here his welterweight wins BC
because I looked it up beforehand to make sure I wasn’t crazy when I think this it’s Tarik saffidine which at the
time like was a fine win but does anyone care about that at all Neil magni which
is still a quality win but Neil magni is not a top five top ten dude and Robbie
Lawler which I guess at the time was better than it is now but Robbie Lawler is
we we know where Robbie is and then he lost the Covington he lost to Usman he he’s a very good fighter who took
advantage of an opportunity up a weight class but we saw like you said Luke Cage is was way bigger than him and so
beating a very very good fighter in RDA RDA is a tremendous fighter but was did
he beat him because his wrestling’s better or did he beat him because he had 10 to 15 pounds and good enough
wrestling that he could just use that I don’t know uh I need to see a lot more
to think that Vicente Luke is going to have a Charles oliveira-like sure uh late career Renaissance to suddenly be
this uh and that is that would be the comp form right it’s Chucky olives it’s hey you were the super fun fighter who
lost you know a lot as well but were Dynamic and interesting and then you put it all together and now you are making a
a historic run that’s what he has to hope for I need to see more than than beating a puffed up lightweight
it’s actually a fair breakdown there is a Fool’s Gold element there in that size difference I do want to see how lucay
responds if he is back in a fire fight which you would expect inevitably he will be taking top 10 matchups but happy
for this comeback win uh hope the health can stay there believe in miracles I do
uh but that is a scary situation he’s back a good win we’ll see where he goes moving forward Jed I do see the UFC 201
poster over your shoulder Atlanta I happen to be there uh that night but uh
so it wasn’t I were you also at
oh wow look at that look at that uh were you also at the greatest night in my MMA lifetime which also happened in Atlanta
I’m talking about UFC 236 I’m talking about Gastelum arasania Fourier Holloway
too fights have ever ever been a part of
okay because sometimes I like to sometimes people make me feel like you know I’m the only one that’s trying to
tell people that Izzy gasoline was what was one of the three greatest fights in the history of the sport 100 with you
okay and I don’t I don’t know if it’s just because I was there but like I have
there are it’s unquestionably top five for me like that fight was I remember
feeling like I emotionally couldn’t couldn’t watch the main event after it like I I’m not ready to do this I’m
there with you thank you very much uh let’s keep going on this USD Vegas card that Coleman event we had and we had
some stuff happen uh Cub Swanson was back taking on Hakeem dewodu they won
three rounds two rounds to one on all three judges scorecards in the end in favor of Club
Swanson why is this an issue even Cub admitted afterwards he didn’t think he won the fight although he also hedged it
by saying he is his toughest critic we love seeing Cub Swanson there with the wife and kids and it seemed like this
could be this resurgent win for him at age 38 except the Internet kind of blew
up afterwards so look we have this debate on the show a lot Jed when it comes to decisions a lot of times in
boxing to be fair where we have to try to pull through the crap and say hey guys I know you want to yell robbery but
it was it was actually closer than you think was this a robbery was this just a bad scorecard or do does you know Combat
Sports Twitter just need things to rail against how do you weigh in on what happened here with Swanson duodu not a
robbery for two reasons but there’s an argument for it being a robbery for one so the two reasons it’s not a robbery
the first is it’s competitive fight like I think holistically a scorecard of
29.28 for Cub Swanson is not awful um I I scored it 29-28 dewaru but if you
scored it 29-28 for Swanson think that’s fine right I think that that is an
acceptable scorecard the way those scorecards happened was pretty bad I I
pretty much disagree fundamentally with with the judges scorecards that they offered here uh but ultimately it’s not
a robbery because does anyone really care like love Cub Swanson uh an
all-time great one of the most you know all-time action guy like a dude who’s not going to get the flowers he deserves
in his career but a guy who people will remember fondly when he exits the game he’s not making a title run this win and
this loss isn’t like massively substantive in any real way and the same thing with Dorado like shown some
promise but he’s probably not getting there at this point so uh If This Were a main event and a title fight I would
have a lot more scrutiny for for what went on here instead it’s just a competitive fight
and these scorecards are reasonable again I can’t believe I’m about to say this this is going to be the hottest
take I’ve ever said in my life Brian Campbell I think Sal D’Amato is probably the one who got the scorecard right if you’re
gonna go for Cub Swanson his scorecard is the appropriate one of giving uh
Dowdy the first round and then giving cubby the back too Cub clearly wins the third round I’ve seen most people seem
to think that the first round is a swing round I thought that round was very very clearly in favor of of dawadu and the
second round is the one that I’m I’m open to it I thought that would do did more but it was a competitive enough
round and that flurry at the end where it looked like Swanson at least optically was winning I’m okay with you
giving him but this isn’t a robbery because it’s fine it’s like who who’s really
upset about this other than friends and relations of Hakeem Dao do I mean that’s a fair point I hopefully it doesn’t lead
duado you know into eventually getting cut where this could have been a Difference Maker because look I scored
it two to one for duado I gave Cub the third round like you did but I do agree that first round there is a case there
for Cub it’s not ridiculous two of the three judges gave Cub rounds one and three uh yeah I think the I think the
second round there’s a much better case for Cobb I think the first round at the end of round two so you’d have to
lean heavily into that last punch basically yeah but like I I get the Optics from that like in the first round
by almost any scoring metric it seems that dowdu should have won it like particularly because Cub Cub gets busted
up at the end of that round like the visuals alone are one man is bleeding and one man isn’t they landed similar
amount of strikes but I I don’t I really don’t get scoring the first round for
Cub if you score the second round for him I’m at that’s fine I have no issues with it um scoring the first round feels bad to
me I don’t know the closest fight I thought they got it wrong not a robbery you’re
right on look does the value of it truly matter hopefully not in terms of anyone’s job employment but I kind of
like seeing that emotional Hub afterwards though talk about look I love it anytime Fighters are real about the
real life pressures that go into this game about living up to your your reputation which club talked about about
in this case you know he had his wife and beautiful young children right there uh in the at Zuck position cage side and
he basically said look you know sooner or later they’re gonna have to see this so let’s just do this and luckily in this case daddy didn’t get you know beat
up um you know you can question those parenting skills although it seems yeah doesn’t it seem like in boxing it’s more
normal tradition to to bring kids put them in the front row and just be like this is what Dad does I mean we don’t
see that as much in MMA but I did like to see even though I didn’t agree with who get the win I’d like to see I liked
seeing Club get the win and then be so emotional like you said he’s one of those underrated Warriors he does have a
fight that is in the Hall of Fame Don’t Call Him a Hall of Famer though and on my show um but yeah it was what it was I don’t
know uh I it does feel at least in my you’re the boxing guy BC I’m not a boxing guy
it does feel in my exposure to boxing that they don’t seem to have any issues bringing children to events which I
don’t we could we could delve into the moral complications there I’m not sure I have I think it’s a cultural thing in
certain cultures where boxing is literally sport number two besides be Beyond soccer it’s it’s just sort of
like part of life right yeah and I don’t I don’t disagree like it doesn’t seem
ridiculous that you couldn’t bring your child to an MMA fight like one they’re
probably not paying attention right like anywhere they’re probably not going to be super focused on it and two like this
is this is the job like you just explain to your kid what what you’re doing and can all sort of settle in uh maybe
that’s it though maybe maybe Cub bringing his family sort of suede uh I don’t was Ron McCarthy was one of the
judges maybe his his family’s presence there got him got him over with the judges and and that’s a great hack
that’s not bad good on him it’s worked many times in crowded Arenas when the more popular fighter can sometimes sway
the judge just by the crowd reaction the other Big Bang on this largely-ish I didn’t love this card top
to bottom we’ll have more and have you seen the [ __ ] in terms of the big highlights but the other big story Khalil Rountree Jr how about this at
light heavyweight four straight wins three by KO you had Chris stalkers
making a cut down to 205 pounds looking to snap a three fight losing skid instead he got snapped it was a vicious
finish on a straight left cross so here’s the real question here’s the hot question Jed is it about time we take
Khalil Rountree Jr seriously light heavyweight ooh
good question I don’t know you should take him serious if you’re fighting him because he is pretty good
at fist fighting right like he he hits real hard he doesn’t he’s not a Wilson like he’s not going to go anywhere I
don’t know if we should take him seriously as a title Contender that might be a bridge too far for me
um and it’s it’s not a it’s not a condemnation of him but what am I to
gain from watching him knock out Chris Dawkins the most expected outcome of this fight the uh I put a bet on Cleo
Rock Tree by KO at minus 140 so it was a negative number to get that that’s the
outcome we expected it frankly looked pretty similar to what we expected and I just don’t know what how much Credence
to give knocking out Chris Dawkins who has been knocked out three times in a row and was cutting down a weight to a a
harder weight class so this I don’t know how to respond to this fight basically this is what I thought
I’m still pretty in on watching Cleo Roundtree fight anytime he does it because somebody’s getting knuckle
dusted like one way or the other things are going to get going but I don’t is this fight tells me nothing about how
Khalil Roundtree will do against Anthony Smith or Jan bulhovich or whatever like I I gotta see those fights
to to take him seriously as like a title threat but as a top 10 top 12 dude we
you should have been taking him seriously a long time ago if you haven’t already well you got to take his power seriously always and obviously that was
a beautiful finish but I did like overall the Poise I think he’s coming together in terms of confidence and and
figuring out how to be the best of himself but I do agree with you although it sounds like you’re walking onto you
know anyone’s campsite and just pissing on their fire with all these hot takes you might be right here Chris Dawkins
I’m not sure with what is that four straight knockout defeats he’s in a tough spot in terms of future job employment with the UFC after this but a
nice win for Roundtree one thing he did say afterwards was like look give me a top 10 guy more importantly give me a
main event I want to test myself in five rounds let’s find out where I’m at you just said it let’s find out let’s see
him against the Anthony Smith that level of guys in the middle of this top ten to see but a big win for Khalil in terms of
a big highlight there was nice to see topic number two and as I mentioned again have you seen this [ __ ] while more
on this UFC card Bellator 298 went down in the MMA hotbed of South Dakota
another home almost opportunity here for former interim
welterweight Titleist Logan story who probably tore up South Dakota on Friday
nights do you know what I’m saying like go to the local car show at the McDonald’s that guy’s probably just just slaying left and right but here’s the
deal one side of the Super Walmart now yeah indeed indeed well right a
one-sided rematch title loss to yaroslav amisov losing 50-45 on all three
scorecards but he got the comeback when he needed here facing the the rising
Brennan Ward who we know his story recovering from the years out of the sport the Deep drug addiction and had
got that big win on CBS against sabahumasi this was an interesting fight in terms of Ward’s wrestling takedown
defense in the first round but one story was able to secure him there as you’re watching the highlights in round two the
ground and pound was delivered and referee Jason Herzog as you see right there jumping in to stop it Twitter did
blow up Brennan Ward was apoplectic as Moro said great use of that term right there but all in all here Jed
did Story show you some real Evolution here Robbie Lawler in his Corner we know
that the talent at kill Cliff that you can get in South Florida did Story show you enough Evolution to lead you to
believe he’s still in this Welterweight Title picture yes and no so I I don’t want to be a guy
who’s negative because all I’ve been doing is negative BC but that’s who you are feel your anger Anakin you know what
I mean yeah I’m not a very positive guy uh look this didn’t this didn’t make me
think he’s beating yaslov Amazon if that’s the the Crux of the question here no I saw nothing there what is good the
positive here show the killer instinct which has been a bit lacking like you look at his last like five fights or
something they’ve almost all been decisions uh some questionable that he even won those so when he got top
position and could take advantage of it we saw some like real aggression out of him which is a great thing like that’s
you need that if you are going to be in elite elite level fighter here’s the thing BC I don’t know if you know this
because I thought I was crazy I was covering this event and I don’t know if you watch this fight live if you came to
it after if you noticed this I watched every fight this weekend this morning so that that’s all you need to know okay
hey that’s way to do your homework proud of you for that so while this fight is going on in the second round when he
gets taken down I thought that it looked like he he uh Brennan Ward posed his arm out and he immediately like Winston
Payne and I was like oh he probably just jacked up his elbow and then when when stories on top Brendan Ward just starts
screaming at it him the whole time it’s like stand up you I don’t know what
words I’m allowed or not allowed to say on this channel stand up you you obscenity uh I have one freaking arm
just shouting at him before he gets finished so I I left that being like oh he hurt himself in the takedown actually
you go on Brandon Ward’s Instagram uh a message from his wife basically reveals that he ruined his elbow a couple of
weeks before the fight and just did it anyway so I don’t know how much credit to give Logan story for beating a
one-armed man uh how much credit did we give out Jermaine Sterling for beating the one-armed TJ Dillashaw or was the
that dude’s name in The Fugitive so I guess he actually lost the fight to the one arm man still I don’t know what you
give credit to for beating a one-armed man like that I will say again show a great Killer Instinct and you can only
fight the dudes who are in there with you but beating Brennan Ward does not make me
think any more about your chances against yaroslav amisov who is one of the very best welterweights in the world
I mean that’s kind of fair Ward can be a very feaster famine All or Nothing type guy he’s going to go in there and get
hit and throw bombs but I’ll say this about Ward even with one arm it was a poised almost patient attack he had good
moments with a power jab like I mentioned the takedown defense wasn’t bad in the first round he did succumb
there to that grounding pound and got finished although he certainly argued it I don’t know it was an emotional kind of
big win for story you saw that celebration I did see a turn of the corner that I needed to see from story you mentioned it in terms of the music
positive but I just saw I don’t know I saw a guy who looked a little bit more comfortable on the feet than I’m used to
even with him out striking Neiman Gracie in that five round fight I mean that was a sloppy striking battle I haven’t seen
a lot of what I loved in story when he does step up to the highest level although I really respect him I don’t know I saw a bit of that Evolution
enough to be I must love no I mean their first fight was closed and it was a one of the better fights in Bellator history
to be fair in terms of the back and forth on the ground and the reversals that wasn’t there in the rematch amislav
came back after the long layoff and showed us exactly where he’s at yeah I get what you’re saying there’s
some elements are you are you okay with the stoppage because Jason Herzog went on Twitter and was you know fighting
back at all the all the angry Bettors who who lost their their wager because of this that stoppage was kosher in your
eyes right who who was upset with that stoppage
getting laid into like that’s insane to be upset with that stoppage like I know
he complained but he’s a fighter they always do that and like that that’s insane to be upset with that one it was
very clearly a fine stop it uh indeed uh that was the main event there there was some other decent moments around the card Valentine moldovski had a nice
bounce back win there uh beating Big Steve Mowry after their their the first fight ended in a foul uh but I want to
hit some other big Bellator key headlines from the last week here they they announced the big one there
Bellator 300 it’s going to go down October 7th four title fights up top the
Marquee but before we get into that did you see that poster that that originally
showed cyborg versus zingano on it and it had a fridge what was the phrasing I gotta look it up dude what was the
phrasing that was in questionnaire uh finalists oh look it up because I
don’t remember the end of the line or something like that finally it’s over began it began to fuel the potential
Rumor Mill notion that Bellator which no you know all cards on Deck we know that Paramount the parent company preparing
company of this show is looking to sell will pfl buy it we’re not really sure John Ash Nash did go harder in the paint
on the idea that it ends here thank you to uh Long Island look to the prusa it ends here was on the poster a lot of
people said well it’s Bellator 300 the last Bellator card in history Scott Coker at the press conference shot down
John Nash and basically said no we’re already planning 301 and 302. so as it
stands right now for Bellator 300 here let me call up these matchups to give
you a uh a perfect look at this main event of course Ryan Bader defending the
heavyweight title in a rematch with Lenten visel you’ve got cyborg versus ngano for the women’s featherweight title Usman narmaga medov welcomes
former Champion Brent premise and then you’ve got Liz Carmouche defending her title against the former champion and
friend Alima lay McFarland how would you grade this given the historical nature
of this Bellator 300 card one can we just talk about how funny that poster is because the poster is
legitimate hilarious that it ends here because I can like you can squint your
eyes and see what bellator’s saying there like oh yeah they’re talking about the cyborg zinganu like long Brewing
rivalry that has hasn’t come to fruition but then you look at you’re like except for that’s the co-main event when is
anybody ever ever put the the catch law or a thing about the co-main event
that’s that’s just not how it goes so it’s it’s an incredible poster I don’t
think bellator’s done it 300 just because we’re not close enough to it to a selling deal at this juncture that
they’re gonna at least continue forward and finish out the the lightweight tournament or what the Grand Prix so
I think it’s all sort of the same but it’s been incredible like four days for Bellator in that regard
this is going to be interesting four title fights BC that is that’s a lot of
title fights I remember a few years ago when we were starting to see a couple of three title fights think Bellator did it
uh on one of their events a couple of UFC events have done it and the question is like is this going to be like those
old school days where suddenly you run late because all three go to decision adding a fourth in really really muddles
it and creates an opportunity for this to be one very long night of fights but look you’re 300 events go big do
something special do something splashy for title fights that something for a lot of people so I
I will very much be interested in this like I’ll I will absolutely be watching this one and this will probably be the
best event that weekend so that’ll be good yeah but you did tease the potential if the entertainment value doesn’t line up that we could get 20
consecutive title rounds that’s what you’re trying to say it it would be
hilarious and very Bellator for that to happen if you just look at these fights too man
like Ryan Bader Linton to sell feels extremely likely to go 25 minutes
cyborgs and ganu like Cyborg’s been pretty decision heavy uh lately so that
could I would suspect that gets finished but Usman premise I honestly have no
idea what to expect as far as a finish I’ve premise looked very good in his most recent fight and then Carmouche
McFarland very likely is going 25 so we could be in for uh what’s that 200
minutes of fighting something like that we’ll see how that play plays out a lot of the big names had just recently
appeared on that Bellator ryzen 2 SuperCard and then AJ McKee pulled out with injury we know Patricio Pitbull is
expected to be out long with injury uh so we’ll see how that plays out but I like the the effort at least putting
four title fights there to close on Bellator how about this headline light heavyweight champion Vadim nemkoff has
said publicly he’s likely going to vacate his title and move up to
heavyweight now when I ask you how do you like his chances I certainly have to hedge that with the with the notion that
Ryan Bader is currently the heavyweight champion and Vadim amkoff stopped Ryan Vader pretty decisively to win that
title but in general in Bellator nemkoff who’s arguably the best light heavyweight in the world at this moment
this is an interesting choice to do this now do you like his chances to have that
same success One Division higher I mean in ballatore for sure
one heavyweight is just a much worse division than light heavy weight which is also a bad division but if you move
up and you’re a person of means and talent you’re probably going to have a good amount of success there may be an
upper bound to it um but that’s frankly more likely in the UFC where like the top heavyweights are just extremely good
and very large so if you don’t have both you can’t compete in that realm but like
is Steve Mowry are you picking Steve Mowry to beat Vadim he just Steve Bowery
just got tackled tackle late on by Valentin moldovski for 15 minutes and that’s sort of an interesting wrinkle to
this I don’t is nemcov still attached to fate or team I don’t know if he like I know he works with ATT so I’m not really
sure if he’s still in the Fedor team or what uh how Valentin moldovsky would sort of fit into this but I would pick
nimkov to beat Brian Bader and Linton vessel and probably all like if you look at the
Bellator rankings Daniel James is is a top 10 heavyweight like I mean hey his
quickness and striking would be would be a more big big time problem up there uh but I don’t know we’ll see if Ryan Bader
holds on to that title against viscel it has been a great round I mean are you do you subscribe to that notion that nemcoff could be the best 205 around the
planet right now I think that it’s very possible I have pretty doggedly stuck with you
ibrahashka yeah um and I personally think that outside of accomplishment
Magnum and Goliath is the best 205er in the world but to me it’s a three-horse race between those two and and Fatima if
you pick any of those three I don’t have an issue with it and now I guess Alex pereiros
putting himself in the mix as well he’s there yeah those those three dudes I if
if you think any of them are are the top guy I cannot argue against you yeah you
might be right by the way you see Fedor told Ariel on your network that he wants to Box come on we don’t I don’t know
come on oh BC you’re underselling it he didn’t just say he wants the box he said
he wants to box Mike Tyson get it you got to give him the whole the whole enchilada to eat here he wants to box
Mike Tyson and I don’t know how likely that is I don’t know that Mike Tyson is trying to
box but like wouldn’t it just be very combat sportsy in 2023 to see that fight
get made I mean isn’t Jeff Monson boxing um uh Oleg tektarov coming up I mean
it’s not really happening I have no idea if that’s true that’s true or they’re fighting in some form in their 50s in
Russia but uh yeah I don’t know of course it’s in Russia Justin that’s an insane thing yeah I’m done I’m learning
I’ve said this before we had a nice C and I and the whole celebrity crossover boxing bubble is not dead in fact Jake
Paul and Nate Diaz surprised me on being that interesting at least of a fight the
little Dennis might box Logan Paul don’t say it it’s not happening okay
it’s probably not gonna happen my point is there’s still some air left in the balloon on that but in general
this whole idea of old guy fights influencer fights it was great pandemic
wise it was great when boxing couldn’t get in first gear but with where we’re at this year I’m done I’m done with this
I’m done with this you can pull me in I got pulled into Jake versus Nate it wasn’t bad I got pulled in but I don’t
need fatal and Tyson I don’t need this stuff moving forward we should okay BC what what if we what if we do Fedor
versus Anderson in boxing does that is that I mean I I was on the record for a
long time saying Bellator should have backed up a truck to Anderson to have him fight fate or for fedor’s final
fight on CBS and make it a massive thing but uh yeah um yeah all right let’s keep
it going I would watch fate or Anderson I would watch every day there are exceptions to this rule or Jake Paul
fate or Jake Paul uh moving on speaking uh by the way I one time said what about
Jake Paul boxing Nagano on uh pfl and people wanted to like throw me out of the show I I also made that joke it
would be really funny it would uh let’s go to topic number three speaking of real boxing it was a sneaky good boxing
weekend over the weekend and I did Force you for your participation on the show to sit in there and watch it Jed so
let’s talk about it Anthony Joshua was supposed to be rematching dillian white in an interesting fight that would have
potentially set up a Deontay Wilder matchup well then dillian white took every drug
that Darrell Big Baby Miller wasn’t using but how about this how about filling in
the Nordic nightmare Robert hellenius on one week notice he had just won a fight against a no hoper in Finland and Jet I
don’t know if you saw that video of that highlight but who I need to speed up a guy in the back wall in that Arena was just all Stone it was like they fought
in like a well or something it was weird anyway I’ve not seen that [ __ ] we’re back in the UK Joshua takes on helenius
and if you only watch the highlight of the seven round seventh round finish it
was a spectacular one punch knockout from Joshua who set it up beautifully with a jab and landed a looping right
hand that knocked helenius cold if you remember helenius fontiante Wilder and Wilder’s comeback over the past year and
got ko’d in round one but there is a deeper story about this performance from AJ in a second fight under trainer Derek
James there was a lot of criticism even from the announce team on the Zone leading up to the KO about AJ’s output
about his attitude about his confidence level really the sustained sort of
narratives that have come out of not only AJ’s upset loss to Andy Ruiz back in the day that he did redeem against a
fatter version of Andy in their rematch but the two losses to Alexander usick the Meltdown in the ring afterwards look
it has not been a great run publicly for AJ even with the bounce back win against Jermaine Franklin there was a lot to
pick apart in that Jed I’ve you you check this fight out can this Anthony Joshua who called out Deontay Wilder
afterwards and wants to fight him in January in Saudi Arabia for trillions of dollars is this guy back
is this guy who he once was is AJ still in play
to potentially take back over this entire division well look you’re the boxing guy you’re
gonna have to tell me if he is who who he was because this sort of just feels like who he is right like uh I’m willing
to hear the arguments that he’s he’s with with new team and was working some things out and
Lord knows the commentary team was trying to make that case while they were watching him tepidly Paul at Bobby Hill
for six rounds or whatever but this didn’t look that this didn’t look
like a guy who’s going to Captivate the masses other than walking off the bus looks great getting off the bus just
outstanding physique looks like my ideal image of a professional boxer when you
see him standing there like oh that man should be very very good at this he’s a video game heavyweight look at him I
mean he’s an Adonis it’s ridiculous yeah just carved from Stone like unbelievable
uh like the length in all the right places and then he was just pawing at it
and again not a big boxing guy so my uh large exposure to babylonious here is
him getting just sent to the shadow Realm by Deontay Wilder with a little Boop right hand like not even a full one
just a palm in the face and getting killed and so watching AJ sit here and sort of
struggle with him because he was getting touched up like he was never in danger of losing that fight but he he got
tagged once like his face was Bloody it was harder than people wanted it and maybe like the commentator team said he
was just trying to get rounds and you know work through with his new team on some stuff and the Finish was
spectacular but I come out of that fight thinking really want to see AJ Wilder like that’s
that’s been the fight wanted to see for a very long time obviously and Deontay Wilder is just gonna kill this jamoke
like he is just gonna blow his doors off uh and it’s this just sort of feels like
who AJ is he’s he is the prince that was promised but the promise was a lie like he just it’s not it’s not there for
whatever reason he doesn’t doesn’t have it all in that way and so he’s you know he’s going to be a draw people
are going to be interested I’ll I’ll continue to watch his fights I always watch him fight watch I watch all the big names you know Deontay cetera but I
don’t have any expectations that he’s getting you know to to win a belt or the unified title in any regard all right
for an unboxing guy I think he just nailed it let’s break this down I mean AJ still Stars you side effect coming out to a full stadium with that violin
player I mean AJ entrances are always Epic on a pride level I loved it the Showmanship was great it always is and
if you only watch that highlight yeah you can get fired the hell up and and be like man he’s back and let’s see him in
there against Wilder and I think they will and it will be a huge fight but to everything you just said to what Luke Thomas has believed since the beginning
I think is true AJ as it stands now is setting up to get knocked the hell out the ghost disappeared that night in in
the Madison Square Garden in 2019 against Andy Ruiz some people never that’s the best fight of all time yeah
and some people never get back that invincibility Jed when it’s gone and it got knocked out of him that night he won
the rematch against the fattest Ruiz ever but was tepid in in very careful as a box sir and since then you know I
think who nailed it Paulie malinaji I happen to catch his takeball flipping through Instagram yesterday and he
nailed it nailed it completely he basically said if the issues were physical
I I would think Joshua can turn this around but the issues here are clearly mental and I agree with that let me
break it down how I break how I see that Joshua is still in an identity crisis
about who he is as a boxer I think the USIC fight showed him wrongly trying to outbox The slickest
Boxer that the heavyweight division has seen not named Tyson Fury in the longest time and it didn’t go well for him
although he was competitive particularly in that second one he’s trying too hard to be a boxer this
was against the helenius who like you said look Helen is this feaster famine he was once a huge bright Prospect big
punch huge for the weight class as you saw there never quite saw it I mean he got knocked out by Gerald Washington
which was a huge sign had the two comeback knockout wins against kovnotsky to put him back on the map and of course
you saw what happened against Wilder it wasn’t as if helenius did bad or was was it was easy to be plentius was difficult
that’s what he does but AJ wasn’t confident he didn’t build behind that jab I didn’t love the interactions
between him and Derek James in the corner it just doesn’t look like AJ is buying into what they’re trying to do
there it doesn’t look like AJ’s having fun it doesn’t look any more like AJ truly believes in himself if AJ truly
believed in himself I believe in that rematch with USIC he would have done what he should have which is go in guns
blazing knowing you can’t out slick that former cruiserweight Undisputed Champion the Olympic gold medalist who was just
so Dynamic AJ is still in this crisis where we yeah once helenia started to
slow in this fight about round five you finally saw a busier AJ but before that
I wouldn’t call it sleepwalking he was active he was on the front foot he just wasn’t throwing punches it just sort of
like there’s a disconnect there and I’ve never liked the pairing with Derek James not for stylistic reasons not for
coaching reasons Derek James you know arguably the best trainer on the planet even with the one-sided loss in Spence
Crawford but I just don’t think AJ is buying into anything I don’t know if you saw the DX crotch chop after The
Knockout when you mix that with the really bizarre post fight interview afterwards not as bizarre as the one
after the USIC rematch where he commandeered the microphone in like a forest Griffin versus Tito Ortiz rematch
type way this was more of just him not wanting to really answer questions and sort of trying to shout down the haters
in the crowd I just think AJ right now doesn’t know who he is when he’s still
young enough and still physically able if he commits to being what he does best yeah AJ can box he’s won big fights by
boxing against the B level more limited guys but if he’s gonna beat the a guys the furies the usics who are incredible
slick boxers he’s got to be the bully he’s got to be the six foot six jacked guy who’s gonna lean on you gonna use
the fact that he can finish you with both hands that he’s a great combination puncher has a tremendous uppercut that
at times reminds you of Lennox Lewis but the rest of the game doesn’t round out and have that same Lennox Lewis reminder
because AJ is incomplete he’s always been a little bit too muscle bound but he’s made it work especially when
fighting guys who have have a gap in their skill set if they’re not technical enough he can out technical you but if
he comes into a Deontay Wilder match up with this sort of indifference in his eyes yeah he’s going to get absolutely
splattered I mean Jed it’s tough for me in my literally in my basement to be
like AJ man you’re jacked you’re a finisher we know that just go in there and bite down and try to finish guys because look it’s the heavyweight
division one punch can change anything and AJ has always had to be fair I don’t want to say a bad chin but a flashy chin
you can hurt him right dillian white did Carlos tack him to you can hurt him but still in a heavyweight fight sometimes
it’s still about let’s go in there and trade Lumber and let’s see who’s the you know who’s got the bigger punch and the
better chin in this case I love to see AJ I would love to see him use that athleticism mixed with the power and go
after people him trying to feel out be the counter puncher it’s just not gonna work man It ultimately worked against
selenius it’s not gonna work against usick or Fury and with Wilder’s power man I do fear for AJ unless he goes into
that fight with the mindset that I gotta get Deontay before Deonte gets me I mean is that fair Judd
yeah yeah so like I don’t know what to tell him as far as much of this but at a very basic level I
think most of what you said I would fundamentally agree with he’s not having fun like did uh when in
the last like X years has it looked like he has had fun he had fun when that fight was over and he delivered a KO but
the rest of it looks like a man who is absolutely petrified that something bad is going to happen that he is going to
drop the ball that he is not going to meet expectations whatever it is and just like I don’t know man like you’re
fighting a dude on short notice who is not going to beat you and no one thinks just go have fun in there like enjoy
yourself and the result is probably going to come in a much more significant meaningful way like maybe you do get
knocked out but isn’t it better to knock get knocked out having fun than to get knocked out because you are just
throwing nothing but a jab and nobody’s better when you’re actively trying to
win the fight the best way possible when you are actively going after the win and you get caught hey man you got caught
I’m getting a little sick of seeing AJ being too tentative or trying to be the boss or just thinking too much in
general he’s thinking too much yeah just go out let it all hang out just have some fun you don’t have to run recklessly in there but like you could
whatever you’re doing the treat every opponent you’re fighting as if they you are fighting me and you give them no
respect and just see what happens I thought it’ll work out a lot better you’ll have more fun that nastiness that
he’s showing now in these postified interviews like that sort of I’d like to see that in the ring I really would but
hey big knockout he’s gonna get a huge disconnect it’s a huge disconnect between the product produced and the
ring and the stuff said afterwards I do I would like to see him fight both Fury
and while there before it’s all over considering the amount of money that’s being talked about in Saudi let’s get this Wilder fight happening in in
January look if he wins it man he’d be the he’d be the the big gun to fight the winner of this inevitable Fury usick
fight that inevitably inevitably inevitably looks like Fury doesn’t want
knocks him out then it’s not even gonna happen I mean here’s well yeah okay well I mean here’s the deal if if Wilder
knocks out AJ I bet your Fury would still want to fight AJ afterwards because Fury knows the money in an AJ
fight and all that but uh man it was that was in some ways that fight was tough to watch on Saturday speaking of
Saturday in boxing though they promised a potential fight of the Year top rank did 130 pound title fight Emmanuel
navarrete defending against Oscar Valdez and Jed I think they damn near came
close in the end it goes down as a unanimous decision for the three Division champion navarrete who defended
his 130 WBO title two of the three scorecards I thought were wider than they needed to be
but these two guys absolutely went to war it was navarrete’s six inch reach
advantage and awkwardness early but I gotta give Valdez who always shows tremendous heart
props for the adjustments he made in the middle of the fight particularly in round six getting off with those short left hooks using his athleticism on the
inside to Pivot it turned into a Bomb Burner down the stretch when navarrete heard his right hand valdez’s right eye
was closing you had Marco Antonio Barrera and Eric Morales at ringside I mean the huevos were just bouncing
around the arena Jed you were forced to sit down and watch this near classic in
Arizona uh did it live up to everything I told you it could be this is awesome uh of of the many thing
you know very happy and grateful to be brought on this week uh mostly I’m really happy that you told me to watch
this fight because I watched the big fights like I will watch every big boxing match and I may throw on Showtime
boxing or something if I’m got nothing else to do and it’s on but not an avid follower of all of the various champions
in the various organizations so this is my first experience with both of these men I gotta tell you I’m a big navarate
guy now big navarate guy from this because he’s a crazy person uh I am not
a genius at striking I’m pretty sure he does everything wrong I think I’m pretty sure that nobody would ever teach you to
do half the stuff I saw him do in there and it was it was electric like I couldn’t take my eyes off watching this
dude at various points like trip over his own feet because he’s his footwork
is bad and he just sort of like fires punches as oh there’s a window so even
though my feet are crossed and I’m falling this way I’m still gonna throw this left hand and just it was
incredible to watch him like do that leaping lunging like left shovel punch
from out of nowhere that consistently found a home he’s awesome I’m so in on
this dude now so uh this fight ruled it was incredibly fun about that super tough like you said the left hook coming
down the stretch he started to really just swing that as hard as he possibly could and it landed a bunch in like a
meaningful way I think I had it eight to four seven to five on watch but so I if
the scorecard seemed fine I think um well the scorecards were like ten to two nine oh was there ten to two I I wasn’t
paying that much attention to that um I know that the their the concurrent one was eight four whatever and yeah seven
five eight four something like that the fight was just super fun and now I have a new dude who I’m gonna watch every time he fights because the guys
he literally tripped over himself throwing punches which is just incredible I mean he could throw
uppercuts from with both hands from about five feet out with that six inch reach Advantage which is incredible but
here we go he could throw him from two inches in like just a random thing like
oh but like he’s awesome he’s the best the cowboy they call him El Vaquero is
that I don’t do I don’t I don’t do any languages as I dropped a lot of genocide was Cowboy over the week uh yeah so he’s
the cowboy so here’s the deal he was the underdog coming in this is the biggest win of his career by far he had had
those two big ones over Isaac dogbay on the title level at 122 pounds he’s now at 130 and to be fair there was some
questions about which direct not which direction navarrete is going but in some ways how good or great could he be he
had that fight with Liam Wilson where he got dropped early didn’t look great he ended up rallying and stopping Wilson and a lot of people were saying hey man
maybe we need to see that again but they made this fight both guys promised the potential as I said of a fight of the a
year I think they came pretty darn close of living up to it but this was an offset win and this is an interesting
story we don’t talk about navarrete a lot we talk about him as being an action hero we talk about him as he fights all
the time he got fights fights like every three and a half months I mean he’s always fighting but it’s usually against the next guy in line there’s not a ton
of killer names across three divisions on his resume where you’re like oh yeah great win great win I’m just wondering
now beating a guy like Oscar Valdez who is you know I mean is not that far removed from knocking out Miguel Burchell and moving up in weight to win
a second title for The Knockout of the Year this is a great win I’m not ready to put navarrete on a pump for poundless
or anything but we should start really putting respect on his name not just for the warrior spirit and you know the
cowboy hat and the cool tatts and all that but dude he’s a tough out it’s it’s incredible to believe this guy ever made
122 now he is long he’s awkward he’s he’s a man in there and to have Barrera
and Morales at ringside to have Joe test on on this is very cool the broadcaster ESPN losing his mind and probably his uh
other fluids throughout the whole fight it deserved it a huge win full respect
to navarrete and by the way Shakur Stevenson who has fully moved up to 135 and did widely outclass Oscar Valdez
said hey I’ll find navarrete having to catch weight if you guys want me to but that’s more because apparently
lomachenko turned down Shakur’s request to fight I don’t know if you know Shakur well here Jed but he’s uh but if anybody
if there’s any fighter on the planet who you could say he looks like Floyd there’s some Floyd elements to him Devin
Haney at times Shakur Stevenson yes I mean this guy’s coming he’s coming okay dude he would probably again
again I’m sure that real boxing heads will be like you’re an idiot my my
actual biggest takeaway aside from the Navarette is dope and I want to watch this insane dude fight uh I think it
would be incredibly funny to to watch him box the silly limo trenko to see the
difference in footwork that those two men like I think I think I could actually
watch Vasily lomachenko completely encircle this man like actually just walk around him in a circle and it would
be great I would watch a fight I would pay a hundred dollars to watch that fight indeed indeed we also had a
Showtime championship boxing triple header over the weekend from just over the river uh from DC and Oxon Hill
Maryland Luke Thomas and Steven breadman Edwards on the undercard call that was nice uh big wins for Emmanuel Rodriguez
gaining another world title 118 pounds also Gary Antoine Russell uh taking out Ken Cruz but here was the big talk the
opener on this telecast turned out to be a monster upset via stop it so here’s
the deal Trayvon Marshall came in with a 7-0 record a big time sort of tag on him as a hot Prospect he was going in there
against Gabrielle maestre a two-time Venezuelan Olympian who only had seven
or six Pro fights coming in he was five all in one coming in yes so sell me on
Marshall because I don’t I I don’t had no idea who this was until I watched this fight like why is he so so hyped
he’s a good Prospect I’ve called some of his fights on the on the early prelims there for Showtime he’s he’s quick
confident aggressive got a good right hand all that stuff but here’s the deal he was coming in against Maestro who’s
36 but was a two-time Venezuelan Olympian and only had six Pro fights
coming in at 501 but yet they set the line here at minus 9.50 for Marshall the
betting favorite now I haven’t seen this line coming in I would have favored Marshall to win of course here but I
wouldn’t have favored him by a lot and what ended up happening Maestro turns in a second round thunderous stoppage to
score a big upset and I get what you’re saying sort of after the fact it’s it looks like man what did we ever love about Trayvon Marshall well we loved him
at a certain level taking out the guys he was expected to but I wanted to ask you because Jed I I did peep you’re in
your LinkedIn page ahead of uh later on we’re gonna have a nice fun segment getting to know Jed which you have
described as a awkward Tinder date between the two of us it says on there that you’re a former professional
Gambler hold that thought right there boxing odds makers the lines as we talk
about a lot in the show for Friday’s okay Bet boxing matches are usually a lot wider now I understand setting lines
is more about inducing betting activity than necessarily outright telling you this person is going to win by this much
but can I ask you professional Gambler X why are we so wide in boxing who could
have commissioned this fight Maya I wanted to let people know here Gabriel mastry not a household name coming in but he knocked out Diego Chavez former
World title Challenger in his second Pro fight he scored wins over a faded Devin Alexander and a good fighter in Michael
Fox he fought to a draw with unbeaten Terrace shella stuck so this guy had
done some things here as a two-time Olympian how in the hell was this minus 950 and what is going on with boxing
line making in your opinion so I can’t speak to this fight in particular uh I will also just say that
I’m gonna default to Vegas because I don’t know if you’ve been there but it’s it’s not a town of poverty yeah they
tend to win it would appear that they’re they’re doing okay in Vegas so I’m going
to assume that they know what they’re doing at least in the broad spectrum of things uh but when you said that you
know boxing lines are or not just like every line is is not to really show
maybe a hey who’s going to win or not it’s going to incentivize betting it could also
just be to disincentivize betting to hey we really don’t want to take any action on Trayvon Marshall because we think he
is going to win and so there’s just not like if if the lines are low then
everyone will just get on this and then we’re going to be in a position where we’re just paying out a bunch of winners so we’re going to disincentivize that uh
and occasionally they’re going to get hand in the cookie jar happens five or six times a year in boxing where some
plus a thousand Underdog comes through with the big KO I have no idea why they would have set this line at minus 9.50 I
haven’t watched either of these dudes fight before this one but immediately as soon as this fight started I said to
myself self that looks like a grown man fighting a child because it was 36 year old dude fighting a 22 year old
I personally have made this assessment for MMA and other things I would never trust a 22 year old child
with with a heavy responsibility for anything because I was 22 once BC I
assume at some point in time you were 22. oh would you call yourself reliable would you call yourself a good smart
person who maximized the things that you were doing I was a [ __ ] idiot so I
called myself reliable to about age 33 my wife would probably say I’m not there yet but at 22 I was an abject train
wreck yeah right I didn’t have any like I had no and sure he can be further along in that aspect of life in sport
but like he’s still a kid he might wake up one day and his Accutane like F’s up
his hormones and he’s like oh well I don’t I’m not feeling it today whatever
you just can’t do [ __ ] anymore so I have no idea why you’d ever install a 22 year old kid as a minus a thousand betting
favorite that seems like bad bad principles and I I hope that some people who are more in tune to boxing took
advantage because if I wasn’t like it wasn’t a runaway but he wasn’t winning the fight in my
estimation before he got knocked out well he’s facing a guy with extreme experience there two-time Olympian had
beaten in six Pro fights had faced some legit guys so I don’t understand that line I believe that was FanDuel who had
that line I saw Luke Thomas tweet that out but uh I I Trevon Marshall had looked good but again he’d been fighting
the kind of competition a guy who’s one and oh two and oh three and o4 no should be fighting this was a step up
and he got stepped down he did put on Instagram that he’s gonna bounce back he you know he’s going to learn from this all good on that regard but a big win
for maestre and an interesting turn of events there uh to close there Jed what
kind of professional Gambler were you well uh I was I was doing sports betting
primarily on MMA all right also again you were checking my LinkedIn so like
it’s one of those things where you put it on the resume and like the total validity of it is
a few bets at times does that make me I did in fact have my primary income come from gambling for a period of my life uh
hold that thought until we ever see it later on today let’s keep the train moving topic number four looking forward
speaking of Anthony Joshua versus helenius there in the UK sold out Stadium everybody was there including
Conor McGregor who looked like typical Conor McGregor of late a little bloated
probably drunk or more that’s just me editorializing uh he was ringside he made a lot of
noise he sat down with uh talk sports Gareth a Davis the Warlock himself to
lay out a three-fight comeback plan over the next year or so in the UFC he also
very sloppily post-fight called out KSI to a bare knuckle fight so basically Jed
this was typical Conor of late which means I’m
not sure this guy’s ever going to fight again or should but let’s go piece by piece before I get your reaction on what
we did see because you know Conor’s not in the usada pool fellas yet he thinks he’s going to fight soon let’s listen to
Connor’s three-fight plan here with the Warlock I knew you’re fighting Chandler are you
all gonna do it you have to I have to I’ve been teasing him I gotta just do that with him yet
are we gonna see you in another boxing match as well the second richest fight in history when you fought Floyd
Mayweather yeah am i k soy over here he couldn’t box it he couldn’t box eggs if he walked in a
egg boxing Factory here it’s always great our Channel Next December and then gave
you BMF and then we’ll do Nate brilliant cheers thank you
all right let’s start there Jed um and if anyone say oh BC hates Connor I love Connor that’s why I’m being so harsh
because it’s obvious this guy’s a train he this guy is me at 22 but right now so
Jed um is he ever gonna fight in the UFC again is he really fighting you notice notice
the verbiage there he said Chandler because I have to that tends that tends
that tends me to believe this disappointed Chandler I’ve ever heard in my life so uh are they gonna give him
the Brock Lesnar exception or what what’s happening here oh a thousand percent I’ve been saying this forever I
don’t I’m still not confident he is actually fighting Michael Chandler I’ve been pretty adamant that he’s not going
to fight Michael Chandler but uh I’m pretty sure that when he does come back
it will be with the Brock Lesnar exception because they can do it and it will be worth it to them monetarily and
there will be some blowback but I don’t know if you remember uh this crazy thing happened at the beginning of the year
Dana White hit his wife and we moved past that in like three weeks so I’m pretty sure that the UFC can can take
the big bag of money that Conor fighting presents and move past a bad headline or two of oh the exemption blah blah right
like the general public is going to be so freaking excited for McGregor Chandler like we were when Brock came
back that like even though Mark hunt deserves a lot of our respect Financial money a
lot more Cloud deserves a lot right now Brock took the exception popped for them an
insane amount of PEDs and looked like he was a superhero and we’re all like you know what they’ll probably just let
Conor do the same thing and you know what because membership has its privilege nobody’s going to care you’re right nobody’s going to Care why
wouldn’t they like I’ve seen some people be like oh the fighters would be pissed like sure they would why does the UFC
care do they care at all no like the fighters should have been mad when they got cut out of four Billy and they
didn’t do [ __ ] then they’re not gonna do [ __ ] because Conor gets to fight again so whatever like the uc’s just gonna do
it on whatever time on Connor wants because it’s worth a lot of money and one bad headline isn’t going to kill him so I’m really not sure he’s fighting
Chandler uh I do think the thing he outlined there is the actual like correct path forward of come back fight
Chandler assuming he wins if he can win big assumption there fighting gaichi for
the BMF belt or whatever totally reasonable and then after that uh the
Nate Trilogy has sort of just been waiting forever so I I think that makes a ton of sense on a timeline
um dude if we get to the name Trilogy if we actually get to the Nate Trilogy the
odds of Conor losing both the Chandler and gaichi fights would be huge um especially by knockout in both if it
had you know yeah could he beat Chandler of course could he be gauge it’s possible of course it’s possible but what has what over the past year has
given you any level of confidence that it’s still likely no that’s why I’m saying I love the guy but but you know
I’m kind of done dude if we get to the Nate Diaz fight though remember both of these first two fights were in 2016.
dude this is gonna look a lot like Robbie versus Nick Diaz part two it will
and that was some of the saddest grossest [ __ ] I know a lot of like hardcores are like no man that fight was great they went to war no that was some
of the saddest grossest MMA shot I’ve seen in a while since it’s not necessarily uh the heart attack match
between uh R.I.P Kimbo and dada but dude that’s it’s it’s gonna be gross like you
they Pro here’s what I’m saying they probably should just do con or Nate now why would you line up Conor to lose to
these guys your answer would be because we made them Ultimate Fighter coaches and they’re supposed to fight at the end but uh there’s
I don’t know so here’s the other part about coffee I wouldn’t agree they should do Connor Nate now but Nate’s in
disposed at the moment so do you believe by the way Nate’s manager saying he made like upwards of 20 million in that fight
yes that’s a lot of freaking money wow uh so some I’ve editorialized you know
remember when Connor got caught in the bathroom with that woman at the at the NBA Finals halftime you know and then Connor’s caught in a lot of a lot of
videos with women and people like finally people like BC and my DMs they’re like yo obviously he’s got an open marriage man stop worrying about
this guy’s personal is he married
I don’t know if they’re married I don’t know but they really portrayed him during Conor’s documentary as the
ultimate family man let’s go to the videotape here’s how Conor arrived to the fight documentary on Saturday
um yeah it looks pretty open to me Jed probably not my business to say that out loud but yeah
that’s where we’re at and then you mentioned it and a lot of people mentioned it including Luke Thomas angrily on Twitter after the fight
Anthony Joshua had gone through the robes to go celebrate outside Connor brought out one of his forged Irish
Stouts I saw all this live and it was the funniest thing in the world meanwhile AJ’s nose is still gushing
blood from that fight that’s uh that’s something right there uh what do you think happened to the rest of that beer
you think Connor chugged probably uh he didn’t throw it at anybody I don’t think so you probably
just finished it off later the the AJ thing is incredible I did not see the bus entry I missed that
um look I’m not here to judge his personal life and that’s my priority if yep not mine if he and his uh again I
don’t think they’re married if they are and if he and his wife are okay if not he and his fiancee whatever makes them
happy I’m I’m happy it can’t be that bad right I
agree who is that Sheryl Crow yes nailed it uh but yeah the forcing uh the
awful beer to age dude that’s the thing like that’s remarkable Conor is so far
past caricature right now and it kills me because dude where he was on top of the mountain
after the Eddie fight will just never be rivaled and if you want to say who cares about the second half of his career look
at the money he made against Floyd look at you know he got into the biggest fight in history against Habib look at all this stuff
yeah but the second half of his career has been not only a train wreck it’s just missed opportunity after missed
opportunity for the the biggest greatest lightning rod in the history of the sport a guy who has fueled so much so
much fandom and financial success for the company and to see him in the final years here while he still may or may not
potentially have it not using it or I mean it’s it’s it’s rough it’s been rough but I got to get over that and
move on speaking of really worthless super fights that may or may not ever
happen like Chandler versus Conor for the tough coaching Championship there’s this another one topic five that we hate
talking about and that’s Zuck versus musk the billionaire battles it’s like
Trump versus McMahon part two there from WrestleMania all those years back so here’s the latest update yesterday on
threads whatever meta-induced social platform that is at Zuck has revealed that yeah it’s time to
move on from this fight let’s go to the screen grab here from Luke Thomas’s Twitter Zuck is saying I think we all
can agree that Elon isn’t serious it’s time to move on I offered a real date Dana offered to make this legit for
charity Elon won’t confirm then he says he needs surgery now he has to do a practice round in my backyard instead
and they did share those leaked text messages somebody did if they’re real or not I don’t know online and then he says
if Elon ever gets serious about a real day he knows how to reach me otherwise time to move on I’m going to well I
don’t care where you’re going Zuck Leave Me Alone um the other updates before I get your reaction here Jed was previously Elon
Musk had tweeted out can we throw to that one that uh he doesn’t want the UFC to be invite involved at all in fact he
says this this fight would be managed by him and zuck’s Foundations the live stream would be on their platforms and
he’s referencing a comment Dana White made on the Mike Tyson hot boxing podcast where Dana White said
I had just had a meeting with the minister of culture in Italy about doing
this fight at the Roman Coliseum
well Zuck says it’s over I don’t know if I should ask you like your reaction because obviously your
reaction is like I’m glad F this but in in your in the people versus Dana
White in 2023 his Shameless like lust for this fight is it the worst part
of Dana’s public you know we’ve had wife slap power slap we’ve had a lot of bad
Dana moments this year the the Zuck versus musk charade
can we fill out good undercards and get out of the Apex here and stop worrying about this BS please
I’m fine with it from Dana on this one um it’s better than when he hit his wife so you know at least we’re not doing
that anymore it’s great uh no this is I I get this one which is why like I maybe
at some level can understand powerslap at least the idea behind it but it’s very silly and stupid idea that’s not
going to work so you should abandon it and at least not shove it down my throat but I’ve also largely like I’m not
nearly as anti-power slap as many other people in this space are I just kind of don’t care and I don’t have to engage
with it in that way I totally get this one because in the thing where he says he talked to the Minister of Italy or
Italian Commerce or whatever it was he very explicitly is like hey uh this
would be the biggest fight in the history of the planet um I think that this would do a billion dollars in revenue and well maybe that’s
high the other parts of it are all right if these two dudes ever were to fight it
would be a cultural event on of the the likes we haven’t seen in at modern times
you’re saying it would be bigger than Joe Frazier versus Muhammad Ali part one at Madison Square Garden is that what you’re saying yes yes
that’s true equality it’s not from quality obviously but more people would
watch that fight than anything other than the World Cup maybe like
legitimately because the World Cup does like a billion viewers or whatever globally outside of that like I don’t
think anything’s gonna touch what these two actually fighting would do so I get Dana’s play for the money like hey you
gotta wme’s got that got that lone note carry on then he’s trying to pay off
like that that could cover it all sure so I get it um so it’s fine with it um it’s is it Shameless and stupid of
course but this whole thing has been very dumb uh I I think it’s been very
funny I can you just think of how deranged a person you have to be to make
Mark Zuckerberg come off as like a totally chill reasonable guy like think
about the the character Zuck was like six months ago even and now like oh yeah
he’s the rational one he’s like he’s the guy I’d rather have a beer with than this insane dude who’s making the worst
jokes possible and clearly ducking the fight like he clearly doesn’t want anything to do with suck so it’s it’s
insane um when they announced it I did play Devil’s Advocate with Luke and I agree
with you if it happened it would be just a bizarre crossover have to see it the whole world would stop I guess Dana’s
shame level of lusting after this was only compared in in terms of his like I
will get Habib to get out of retirement watch and then you know 18 dinners later habib’s like no I’ve promised my late
father leave me alone I want to go get fat right so it’s like yeah I don’t know maybe I’m too deep in the in the
anti-dana weeds this year because he’s made me maybe that’s what happened okay yeah no this is this is not even close
to the worst things Dana’s done in a while this is this is fine like I I totally understand and can even
appreciate this one so there’s this thing in pro wrestling fandom sometimes Jed where you know there can be
short-lived factions in pro wrestling like you know Duos or whatever or slogans that get popular and they make a
t-shirt about it where you could say as a fan hey that’s the lamest yet I’ve ever seen but I better buy that t-shirt
now because in five years it’ll be hilarious to roll that out right like zuffa boxing t-shirt for example is
there any part of you that’s like you know I might secretly pick up one of those Zuck versus musk at the UFC shop
just so 10 years from now at like you know growing out with my boys I can pop everybody no no no no I I will do
everything in my power not to give either of those gentlemen any of my dollars uh or contribute in any way to
there they’re reading your emails right now just so you know oh and that’s fine um look they I’m sure they have a lot of
dirt on me and that’s okay I will if this thing ever did happen which it won’t I don’t it’s it’s not real it is
extremely false if by a miracle it happened I would campaign heavily to attend as a media member and and to
cover it live because why not why not be part of the circus the circus is fun sometimes uh even if it’s really really
stupid which is what this would be it’s hard for me to get all uppity and be mad because I like a lot of circus in my
combat but this is this is Extreme but hey uh yeah 52 year old 52 year old the uh Elon who I mean is
Twitter really called X I don’t know what’s happening in the world anymore let’s move on but Zuck is pretty fit and speaking of Being Fit dude musk is
afraid of him and he’s calling him a chicken it’s incredible like it’s incredible incredible it’s lame uh
before we get to know Jed a little bit better here talking about zuck’s fitbod
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that you can get your 25 off maybe you can fit back in to those medium t-shirts
Jed that’s that’s not asking too much right when you’re I mean Jed how old are you mediums how old are you a lot I mean
you’re not you’re not alive okay you so you’re still in the game right still in the game out there uh I respect
whoever wrote that copy because they’re clearly a young person that was also the part about yeah oh well then did you
never do the MapQuest because you didn’t ever print out a happen directions because I absolutely did that
all right uh without further Ado we know Jed is not quite washed but what else do we know about Jed hey if you’re if
you’re new to this guy like I recently was welcome to the party pal yeah it’s time to play getting to
know Jed michoud the second there it is right there look
at that quick graphic that they worked up right there Jed similar to what Luke has done with a Braun lately filling in
for me on vacation I’ve got seven power packed questions here for RMK
award-winning listeners to find out more about your degenerate ass are you ready
I don’t know but uh let’s do it okay topic number question number one Jed
your aforementioned LinkedIn page says you have get this Jed all right you actually apparently you did get this a
doctorate in law from Georgia State University holy [ __ ] dude I’m a College
Dropout oh my God so here’s my question Jed if congratulations first of all didn’t see this coming why the hell are
you covering cage fighting for a living dude uh it’s funny you say that I sometimes
have that exact thought when things get real dumb and you’re doing like you’re
deep into covering a Bellator card with it’s been a thousand decisions and you’re like I could be an attorney right
now why did I make this choice of my life the answer is because being an attorney largely sucks uh if anyone out there is
watching this and is an attorney I bet they agree with me because most of the attorneys I either went to law school
with or I know outside of it are like uh just a lot of the job is is really trash my personal experience of it was uh the
only fulfilling work paid like [ __ ] because you’re doing you know Public Defense or whatever which is extremely
stressful and pays like [ __ ] uh but at least you’re doing something that feels meaningful or all the things that pay
really well are morally uh questionable to say the least so I bounced pretty
quickly into my law career I was like this just isn’t for me let’s find something else but dude you did the work
if you got a dog you’re a doctor you’re a doctor Jed meshu number two that’s true technically that is true yes I do
have a doctorate I can go around most attorneys do not do so but the same
conversation I had with Luke Thomas when he revealed to me that he was formerly a Washington DC speech writer for some of
the most famous politicians over the last 20 years I’m like why are you covering Bellator from South Dakota then
um congratulations Jed I mean you’ve turned this into a very viable career you’re a full-time writer a heck of a
podcaster but uh if I should step outside of the law can you defend me
not now I can’t I let my bar by bar passage lapse uh because I wasn’t going
to use it I mean I could get it back if you like really needed me to I guess but yeah let’s see what happens with this
you want me making your case for you let’s see if I end up getting fired for
something I said I’ll were you on the defense or were you uh for the good guys where were you uh I largely did
plaintiff work okay interesting stuff there question number two on getting to know Jed which fight
is most responsible for igniting your MMA fandom
that’s a really good question so I’ve been an MMA fan for a very long time uh
I first got introduced to it pre- uh like 2002 2003 uh when I was in high
school uh just making that transition up from middle school to high school but I wasn’t like deeply ingrained in the
sport I just kind of would see some fights every now and again I think the it’s very very stupid uh the first
season of tough like did a lot to sort of make that more accessible um I think the first fight that I really
watched and was like this is very very dumb but I’m now I’m now all in was
it’s either fatore versus zulusinio because that was just hilarious and and
I watched that clip like a billion times uh I think the first pay-per-view that was ever like a really big one was uh
Matt Hughes Frank trig two um was that the slam the running slam or
was that the first one I mean they were both the same but yeah um yeah the running slam finish like that was I
think that was the first pay-per-view I ever watched with like some friends and was like oh this is very very cool and
then I started to do the Forum thing a little bit you know being an internet kid and uh then when Fedor beats losing
he was like this rules this is this is it for me I’m here now I didn’t expect
fate or Zulu Xenu but uh everybody does have a entry point uh I watched early
ufcs on Black Box pay-per-view uh the first four or five like a lot of people wow and I was in and out on fandom I
mean I watched like remember when UFC would be on Best Damn Sport show a lot they like Shamrock would be on there and
I was watching in and out then but it was really the uh the uh Chuck Liddell
getting knocked out by Rampage was the fight that that brought back on like a deep level because I was working at ESPN
and that was the first time they took it seriously that they were like there’s something in this sport you know what
I’m saying that was the that was the first fight that I probably spent like
the most time thinking about as them doing them doing that rematch and like it was so built up and I was like I
really don’t know who to pick Chuck has looked so good but like Rampage already has the win blah blah blah and then it
was over very very quickly and I was like oh I’m an idiot yeah Chuck was on the cover of ESPN the magazine at that
point which was like really big deal for cage fighting there you go indeed yeah not quite Roger Huerta on Sports
Illustrated but question number three Jed michoud what is your alcohol drink of choice
oh this is easy um I am from the south I was born and raised in the South uh I’ve functionally
lived in the South my entire life except for a brief period where I lived in Vegas doing the gambling thing uh give
me Bourbon and my we can start there and then my mixer is going to either be
ginger ale or sweet tea I could do it neat but if I’m if I’m having several I will need a mixer I’m not that manly
that’s very south of you I like that I like that extremely Southern there it is all right uh sweet tea is the drink of
the Gods as far as I’m concerned yeah I don’t think I’ve ever had that I’m not a bourbon guy you know I I mean I gotta it’ll change your life BC next time you
come to the a I’ll introduce you you’ll never go back I’m also a wild turkey is my casual bourbon of choice for those
wondering all right there we go we’re gonna but you can buy all you single ladies can buy or single men depending
on your lean Jed can buy you a drink when they see you out thank you question number four getting to know Jed better
uh as a former pre-established professional Gambler living in Las Vegas what was your most degenerate Rock
Bottom moment my most rocked bottom moment was earlier this year uh I don’t know if you were
aware of this BC um Valentina shipchenko been a pretty big supporter of her yeah and uh against
Tyler Santos I very boldly put my entire gambling bankroll on her and that was a
sweat it was a big big sweat and then I was like you know what Alexa Grosso she can’t win this fight there’s just
nothing I’ve seen her do has led me to believe that she could win this fight we ran it back and um oh boy you lost it
all dude you lost it all lost lost the entire gambling bankroll which wasn’t
fun is that more than a month’s rent it’s more than a month it’s certainly more than a month
um you know I’m not destitute because I’m not I’m smart enough not to gamble with money I don’t have to lose yes but
uh there’s a clip running around in the internet somewheres of me it was I was I
was on the MMA fighting watch party for that fight with the esteemed Mike Heck and Connor Burks and we watched it live
so you can see a live reaction too I gotta look at that to a man losing
um a substantial summer the opposite of watching Robbie Foxx celebrate uh Conor
beating Donald Cerrone from ringside with his uh laptop cam it was the opposite of that right it
it was probably wasn’t like the worst moment of my life because there are more important things that have happened out
there but like it wasn’t a good one it’s pretty bad we we got we had to recover
um but I have tried to approach it with a Rosy Outlook I might just run it back again because now my gambling bankroll
is much much smaller since I had to start over well that’s absolutely most
decent moment for sure I I’m a very limited Gambler just dabbled over the
years here and there but there was a point in my gross years in my early 20s where I was like you know what if I
don’t come up with some type of cash I’m gonna have to move back home and that would be shameful so I’m gonna drive an
hour to Foxwoods and put my entire what I’ve got left down on Like An All or
Nothing roulette 50 50 type bed and oh yeah and you know what happened I drove there and I walked in and I didn’t have
the balls to do it and then I was like okay this is good this is the end this is the end for me okay this is it this is it so I turned around and drove right
back home oh it’s very reasonable of you but the story is much better if you do it and then it comes up green uh
question number five this is more of a you know question named your boy BC but I’m curious uh Jed
in your opinion who’s the greatest strawweight in UFC history
and I don’t mean who’s your favorite igfollow you dirt hole I don’t follow any fighters on IG it’s
just it’s too hard there’s a lot of them uh I think it’s yawning and JJ I think that
I feel comfortable calling you Ani and Jay chick the best shall wait um and even though rose beat her twice
and Whaley twice are you serious yeah um you could make a very compelling
argument for us not here to say Rose is even wrong but for me when you are one
half the losing half of the worst fight in modern history
um you that that’s a big Point against you yeah Rose’s Rose’s rematch with Carlo was
awful in a way that really makes me like reevaluate her whole career
um and maybe that’s unfair but like you and I have had this argument about other Fighters and other things I put a
ton of stock in in title defenses and being at the top of the mountain and
yeah Joanna has done that more than anyone I think Wei Lee has a chance to sort of take the reins but I also think
Tatiana Suarez is she coming and I don’t know how that works out for William dude I got it Rose has got some balls moving
up to fight foreign it’s a very questionable move um I think she’s going
to do well against you she needs she says she needs things that scare her at this point in her career Esparza apparently didn’t scare her I don’t I
don’t understand that like and look if if that’s the case then okay maybe that’s no it brings me she thinks it
brings out the best in her when she’s not expected necessarily to dominate as opposed to the opposite and I do understand that we’re all human yes Jed
we’re all human okay don’t talk about my ladies like this all right yeah she should have been scared
that she wasn’t doing anything it was gonna lose her belt to Carla’s freaking Esparza Joanna is the most decorated and
absolute Savage arguably my favorite fighter ever let’s keep it going number six Jed
what was the most white trash part of your Georgia upbringing let’s be fair let’s put all the cards on the table
here because you know I I grew up eating that 7-Eleven a lot you know people know this about my raccoon past
so this is an easy one I this has never come out in any of the stuff I’ve done over the last like seven years
um but you’re gonna love this piece this is gonna be your favorite piece of information ever uh for my entire uh
youth until I was 17 years old I had a rat tail
dude that I cut that off all right come on I want to be extremely clear when I
say I had a rat tail uh we’re not talking about like a rat tail like we’re
talking about a rat tail oh I had a rat tail I’m from Savannah Georgia I swear
to God if you ask anyone relatively close to my age range from that City if
you know who Jed Mushu is they may say no like right like it’s it’s a it’s a town it’s not like small but it’s not
big but if you ask basically anyone relatively my age range you remember the kid with the rat tail they were like
sure do kid played soccer with the rat tail yep the easiest answer in my life I’ve I’ve
hidden that fact for all for the last second wait did you have a nickname did they call you like a lot of people
called me rat tail that’s a fantastic nickname because when I think rat tail I think like tough guy rat tail like Lucas
Matisse in boxing you know like no you’ve got a dirt hole right no this was this was this was yay long maybe
slightly bigger and braided first of all I need a picture for the next time you appear and second of all I’m gonna guess
you were celibate during those years uh look it didn’t I maintained strongly
that it turned me into who I am today because when I was really small I would just fight everybody who like picked on
me and nobody picked on me and then um you stopped being five or whatever and people grow at different rates and then
you start trying to punch people who make fun of you and uh you start getting your ass be eat so you can’t you can’t
pick fights anymore because it’s no longer whoever throws the first punch wins so then I just turned into me
um look it probably wasn’t the best choice it’s ever been made it just sort of happened uh it it just it happened
and then there it was and then it finally left and you are correct PC uh
upon its exit I’ve had much more success coach I’m now ready to play yes so I
from ages 18 to 20 I had an on it so I could only grow fade I still can’t grow facial hair as people can see but uh
from 18 to 20 the only place I can grow facial hair was on my chin so I had a goatee that curled under like the
grossest goatee but I was just so happy that I could finally grow something I didn’t have to shave until I was like
sorry I didn’t have to shave with shaving cream by the way until I was
like 21. so the fact that I could actually grow something in one spot I just let it go and it like it it curled
under like disgustingly by the way real quick nugget I worked at McDonald’s uh beginning in 1995 and they had a no
facial hair roll below the lip I’ve told the story before how I I had a date my senior year high school that was coming
up so and I had a good goatee going so I put a Band-Aid over it to make it look like I was injured so I could work but
they had this thing in the back in the first aid kit called the community razor and if you showed up for work with a
five o’clock shadow and hadn’t shaved it the manager would say go use the community razor which had no shaving
cream and had been used before by many people you were expected to dip it in hot water
and just shave off I mean this is you know would you be surprised that when I worked at McDonald’s they still sold
pizza and I’ve seen Pizza dropped on the floor and picked right back up and served many times I didn’t know that
McDonald’s ever sold pizzas they did but it was wonky because it took a half hour to to McDonald’s yeah well then it’s
McDonald’s on top of that uh finally number seven Jed I just found out and you and I talked about this pre-show I
had no idea and I apologize that you didn’t come onto my radar until relatively recently Jed I don’t know if
that’s a me problem or you problem I didn’t know you worked with Luke Thomas at MMA fighting in fact you guys did
some videos together through the years so here’s my question which unintentionally funny Luke Thomas
character Quirk is your favorite to laugh at I don’t know if it’s a character Quirk
but I’m not sure people recognize that Luke is just a gigantic person and it it
just thrown me off every time I have been around like Bigfoot Silva level giganticism or what
I mean not like maybe not that big but like just just a very large individual
and so like you’re like you’re a young you know whatever I was a 27 year old
kid or whatever going to meet the MMA fighting team and like uh Luke Thomas who I’ve watched for years and all this
stuff and like everybody else like Ariel helwani’s like a little taller than than average or whatever but then you’re just
getting you’re like Luke looks like three people stacked on top of each other and it’s just very off setting
given because the rest of the time you see his face in one of these boxes and it’s like oh and so that feels to me
that his General hatred for the South also was was wonderful for us on our
first first meeting as I’m extremely Southern as you can figure out by this point and he’s like yeah I know Georgia
I’m from Georgia I hated Georgia went to high school there was [ __ ] um he made fun of me for using the word
Yonder once um and just his General General dislike
of the South is also quite amusing at times I mean he just likes the north too to be fair he really only likes
Washington DC he’s disowned his home nation of India I mean he’s really just yeah yeah
all right I’ve I’ve never been to India so I can’t say whether that’s a good or a bad choice for them DC is lovely to
his his credit it is I actually I I finally was able to visit it at length on vacation with my family last year and
yeah and then we’ve covered a geronti Davis fight there earlier this year it’s it’s what it’s wonderful I love it oh my
my favorite slash hate Luke character Quirk is um I don’t know if you know this about him but on the road he orders
10 sometimes three full meals at once Waits an hour for it to get cold because
quote that’s the way I like it and then we’ll pick at like one of the meals and
then throw all three away what all the time he does this all the time kind of meals like is he eating
cold fries yes yes like he’ll get he’ll get like an actual psychopath move like
that’s serial killer [ __ ] now people know I love Luke but I’m not afraid to call out his missteps publicly and and but uh yeah that’s a that’s a big one
okay like cold pizza we can okay cold pizzas all right cold french fries you’re you no unacceptable yeah it’s not
socially acceptable behavior that doesn’t reheat it’s worse than fish I mean come on you know yeah it’s wow
that’s real I’m I’m sad to know that now um less of Luke so I had a good time in
Quebec uh by the way I drove through the the towns where my great grandparents were from people forget Jed that I’m 50
French Canadian people forget that often because they think I joke about my nationality but I was shocked at how
much I felt like At Home in Quebec like I felt like I’m shocked that you’re French Canadian even with the language
barrier I felt like people liked me they welcomed me I felt like I belonged until I I had like this mild case of food
poisoning and all the sugar and sauces basically turned me into a black liver piece of crap the first four days I was
like this is where I belong do you think I should challenge Ariel to
like a Quebec off in almost the Reverse Racism DDP Izzy type thing whereas he’s like do the 28 and me thing who’s the
real Mr Quebec I’m willing to do that I’m not going to do the Shmo challenge to a basketball game thing although I
think I could house Ariel there but do you think I could I could be the real Mr Quebec through this well look look I’m
sure I’m sure the Quebec is not it’s not a monolith right you’ve you’ve got Montreal and the city Folk and and the
sort of you know higher end people who can you know talk to talk to other
people and engage with them socially and you know I’ve watched letter Kenny I know about the the Canadian Roughnecks
and just dudes out there being being real Low Low Bottom like you so it’s
just different kinds of Quebec I don’t know I don’t know enough to know who would win in in a Quebec off but until
you’re rocking like an expo hat you’re probably at least the underdog I’m not gonna do that I’m not gonna do that
remember when Ariel forgot he was a Knicks fan when the Raptors won the championship and he was like parading around on there you know I remember
Ariel I remember that though but shout out to Ariel just the same uh let’s close with this uh Jed it’s your debut
here so you gotta you gotta sit in and do the Luke thing uh what I did when I got home from vacation last night from
visiting the beautiful lauritian mountains I think you pronounced that there outside of Montreal and Quebec I
scoured the globe Jed to find the highs and lows the good the bad the ugly and the in-between and Combat Sports some
people call this BC species I call this have you seen this [ __ ]
most exciting part oh God [Music]
let’s see if you saw any of this [ __ ] number one here’s where we start bkfc in
Albuquerque no I’m not going to show you videos of some famous tick tocker that my kids got all excited about getting
into a fight what’s that guy’s name by the way uh Bryce Hall it was trash all right it’s absolutely trash I’m here I had to
watch it I’m here to celebrate this man John Dodson who captured the inaugural
bkfc featherweight Championship with a first round TKO of J.R Ridge Jed from
the very beginning Dodson looks like he belongs in this decrepit sport dude he found it like I’m so happy for
John Dodson because he was so much fun in MMA like he came the closest to
beating DJ uh sort of at the peak of DJ’s Powers no no come on that was uh that was uh didn’t McCall fight him
through like a split decision oh I guess it’s true but uh that they went to they should have gone to a draw
um but yeah I mean Dodson dropped DJ several times like he’s he’s just always been an electric really fun fighter and
this seems to match up super well for his skill set that fight was kind of garbage he should have won like way
earlier than he did the the referees stopped it because he pushed the Dude down but he didn’t really push him down
it sort of just happened after he punched him in the eye and then homie got like five minutes to recover from
being punched in the eye which is legal it was a super weird thing and then it didn’t matter because John Dodson rules
so super happy for him him versus John lineker and bare knuckle uh would would
be my Nirvana and like just be the best thing that’s ever happened in Combat Sports but until then I’m happy to just
keep watching him do this because it it rules yeah he has embraced it and he’s got quick hands and he gets after it man
it’s really it’s it’s fun to see him just like Mike Perry who just re-signed by the way with bkfc they sent out a
press release probably to life-changing money once again it’s good to see people because there’s a lot of people that use
bkfc as the last stop on the combat Highway and that’s when it gets really sad these are people who are thriving
they’re thriving here I’m down with that you know the same thing with Lorenzo uh what’s it guys there’s been a few of
these Lorenzo Hunt is that what I’m talking about there’s been a few of these guys who have found Hector Lombard said some big ones what we needed and
what I’m the saddest thing that’s happened in MMA this month is that Derrick Lewis resigned with the UFC
because Derek Lewis and bkfc was all I ever wanted in my life and I know you would have loved that too
BC like who who didn’t want to see that and now we’ll never get it and that’s a shame uh speaking of Dodson talk about
this celebratory uh celebratory backflip and dance after getting the win it was good to see him so happy look at that
athleticism right there he’s like a human Emoji a magician yeah man is him
and Andre olowsky’s like deep and abiding friendship back in the day it was awesome because they’re just the
most different human beings possible both physically and emotionally he’s great like I love John Dodson I’m very
happy for everything that went down this past weekend I’m sure you remember when Mike Goldberg famously said so you want
to be an ultimate fighter Jed so you want to be a bkfc fighter here’s how it
usually looks for people oh no not oh yeah straight up if you told me BC like
out of context if you just told me that that is the villain like not the big bad villain but like the mid-tier villain
for some like new horror franchise I would buy like if you blocked out the people behind in the box and it was like
yeah that’s just that’s the person who’s doing a cannibalism in the woods or whatever on on this group of sidetracked
hikers yeah remember the landlord and Kingpin who did that gross thing had given me those vibes but if anybody
would have dated you with that rat tail
awkward pause awkward pause no awkward hard no a hard pass let’s keep it going
UFC Vegas from the Apex bantamweight Demond black sheer made his UFC debut and became the third person in company
history to lock up a twister sub here on Jose Johnson your thoughts
blisters are always weird because I feel like they shouldn’t happen um this one was cool and like it felt
natural um good for Devon Blackshear right and dude dude was fighting it the whole way
and trying really hard uh that just looks like it sucks so hard BC I’ve never been putting a twister nah I don’t
ever want to be put in a twister I mean I’ve consensually been in a few of these positions but you know that’s another
story right there hey you know who’s making noise in on the UFC undercards lately debuting females from Brazil
we’ve seen some big wins how about Luana Santos getting in here against Juliana Killer Miller and needing just a couple
minutes to absolutely I mean I don’t know if we have highlights of the actual uh punches thrown or just the
celebration I don’t know if you saw this I’m a big Killer Miller fan she’s got spunk she’s got Charisma but these are
two straight devastating defeats this one didn’t last long yeah she is really good at getting
knocked out um like the the uh because she’s like long and rangey and she doesn’t like
cover up and do the [ __ ] like she’s just gonna fire him back and the whole time she’s out there throwing punches
fecklessly absolutely uselessly just trying to return fire and getting lit up so it
makes this really gorgeous finishing combo from Santos and I feel really bad for Juliana she won tough BC she did an
Ultimate Fighter winner and they are having her get gassed on the curtain jerker of the worst card of the year
like man when in Tuffy what it used to be no she’s got she’s lost three of her last four overall including that loss to
a comebacking Veronica Hardy last time and uh we didn’t have I sent the wrong video in but she got pieced up to end it
right there uh somebody else got pieced up JP Bays it was bantamweight Marcus the maniac McGee face first there one
one punch Thriller here in round one nice I love love the walk-off and the
the gentlemanly walk off of this dude fell down and I don’t even like I could I could I could Hammer him out I don’t
know if we’re gonna have uh Khalil realm trees finish coming up here later no we won’t
little Roundtree did not take this very gym this step back that the McGee did
here so good for him JP Biz has been getting God a lot yeah he’s doing the extra brain damage JP bass improves to
0-4 in the UFC he’s not going to be the first uh real African Champion although
he’s from South Africa but is this loss more hurtful than Roman delizae and
Cheyenne Bays uh philismus I mean it’s pretty bad yeah it’s pretty
bad I don’t know I mean she fled the country to get out of their marriage I don’t know I’m not speaking of other people’s businesses okay but it’s a
tough break for Jay pretty bad yeah he’s having a rough go with things he is hey baby on the way though for Cheyenne you
know silver lining in every oh I guess PC way to be positive uh let’s go to Omaha hey
Terence Crawford came for the Victory Parade the city showed out but the
biggest highlight for me as as Terence drove around with a friend of his program Shakur Stevenson was Terence
showing up in the fisherman’s outfit with the giant dude he is leaning into this big fish thing so hilariously I
don’t know if you saw him on like national news shows he’s making the rounds all over dude this was awesome to
see I mean what an outfit I have not seen this [ __ ] just what a Vibe Terence
Crawford living his best life right now is it’s just so much fun to watch like
there’s not a dude who deserves it more and he now gets to just do this like yeah and hell if I had that physique I
would I would always wear an open vest I would never be wearing clothes just just the open vest let it all font you know
let everybody know dude I love that fish in that thing I mean that is just you know as I said the
probably the probably the greatest boxing Victory involving fishnet since oscar but I don’t know if you can call
that a win indeed um let’s keep it going here wow that was a real reach PC we’re
around in fact actually uh let’s go over to this Everton your food of the week Jed Everton FC over there in Liverpool
is now selling the Rocco sifredi dog your thoughts yeah look at that look at
the unit on that guy wow yeah so that’s so much better than I thought it was gonna be because all of the like food
things are always terrible uh they’re like you expected yeah yeah yeah I that’s that is a lot of meat to bun
ratio right there that is that is that is interesting right there how do you eat that in a group of of your male
friends without getting made fun of you don’t I don’t think you can do you
know I hold I still hold the Yankee Stadium record for having consumed eight consecutive hot dogs at the stand
outside before entering a 2001 Royals Yankees game in which I sat in the extreme upper deck and grossed out the
four women that were part of my party that record will not be broken eight dogs it’s so many times while
waiting in line I I I emptied my pockets of cash and consumed eight consecutive and there’s people that still talk about
that okay it was incredible about that I have recently there’s like a tick tock
thing that goes around um like the Woody rathers or whatever I’ve recently had a debate with my
friends about would you rather uh like live your life normally or get a million
dollars a year but you have to eat six hot dogs every day and apparently that’s just a Tuesday for UPC it used to be it
used to be until I got found the black liver hey let’s go to Target Center of Minneapolis it was the Zach Bryan
concert guess who showed up to sing it’s Brock Lesnar oh my God
[Applause] [Music] okay
represent Court not Bud Light represent cores and then you think after this is gonna
go home
I love everything Brock Lesnar does like he can even what he did to Mark like he
can’t do wrong in my eyes he’s he is he’s my favorite he’s my favorite person not I I don’t have that sort of
connection to him but he makes me laugh because if if Brock Lesnar got off the
couch tomorrow he’s still beating the hell out of like half of the top 15 heavyweights probably probably man dude
do you think he would win the award for most Juiced UFC fight ever like does he
did he have the most juice in him of any fighter ever for a fight at UFC 200. no
because he is also just an athletic freak so his juicing was I feel largely
supplemental like he just you know wanted to get a little bit of extra dude go back what what was Mark Kerr and Mark
Coleman we were going through their Vans at the peak of the like early
rest in peace Kevin Randleman like yeah dude there’s no chance he is he pissed
the hottest of Hots because if you could go back in time so much uh indeed hey football jersey of
the week time let’s go out to the field here Jed do you have this one in your closet
go Hokies bro what an incredible Virginia Tech
that’s honestly a great Jersey yeah props to that dude um I would not wear
that in public personally would you rather wear that in public or the side of Frank Beamer’s face
I could give me the Jersey give me the Jersey let’s keep it going here I gotta get out of here friend of the program
Giovanni Marquez the son of showtimes Raul Mark as just 22 improved a 6-0 with
this KO on Saturday at overtime boxing in Atlanta check out this finish
if I could have gone to this yeah you should have been there dude I didn’t know this was happening
um where’s the finish I’m waiting on the phone ah they stopped it on the feet there but Geo came in ripped there’s
Raul getting in the ring there’s proud papa right there 6-0 the 22 year old Geo let’s continue to match him up the ranks
and there’s the victory dance you done with that dancer I mean I I couldn’t do it that looks like something for the
children um I’m I’m past that I would blow out a knee trying to do that at this point uh
I’d blow out everything if I was this guy let’s go out to the dirt bike trail this is why I don’t roller skate this is why I don’t ski this right here oh boy
and it’s a double whammy because the first hit and then it just yeah all yeah
yeah all right all of the all of the dirt biking ones are always awful no
dirt biking accident has ever been kind to the person who happened graffiti of the week time let’s go out to the
Elevator Shaft and judge speaking of shaft
that’s so dumb and so good all right keep it going your Regional MMA KO of
the week incredible Chad I don’t know if you know about Regional MMA but anything can happen let’s go to your stoppage of
the week oh boy oh holy took his soul took his
soul right there damn yeah that’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing Knockouts I’ve actually ever seen in
Combat Sports that is incredible who is that do we know who did that we don’t know they threw a pillow in the cage I’m
being told by geff uh yeah he needs it that means that means no doubt uh Jed I don’t know if you know
this but we got a power Slap mobile video game let’s check the video tape on this you can IOS this [ __ ] anytime
you want oh wow that’s great I’m not gonna play it because why would I what possible
game mechanics can be fun here like I don’t uh Carnage maybe senseless
violence without defense but I don’t know if you know the thing I at least would get watching like if you’re just
or into senseless Carnage okay watch watch powerslap like more power to you why would I want to play a mobile game
where I’m just gonna tap this button this one button because it’s not like there there’s a combination of buttons to it I don’t get it yeah indeed well
Dana who often tells us how big powerslap is in India would like you to know that this is the biggest video game
in the world let’s listen in we launched our video game uh mobile app
video game we’re number one in all of sports we’re number four in all the video games
so when you look at the power that that game is gonna have too on the athletes
and in recruiting and getting new people to come in the video games we’re number one in all
of sports we launched it today we’re number four in all of video games we’re beating like FIFA and uh Call of Duty
and games like that so they say don’t believe everything Dana
says bloody elbows Antoine Anton labuena did the research shortly after Dana said
this and it turns out quick fact check slap did not beat Call of Duty which was top five on all free games it’s not even
in the top 200 and in sports it didn’t beat FIFA which was number nine and it’s
not number one slap at the time of this on August 10th was currently number 111
shortly after Dana made those comments so you know Jed powerslap social media
is bigger than every sport combined but you can’t believe everything Dana
tells you and finally to close maybe I’m wrong and I love this guy but
Jed is Mike Perry taking this two percent black thing too far
[Laughter] guy looks like see Thomas Howell and soul man right now but uh luckily what
we’re celebrating here is the greatest Bromance of all time him and you all Romero coming out of the Dead Sea so let
me see it I mean that’s really cool uh I would love to go to the Dead Sea uh and I’ll
just love to hang out with you over Romero that would just be electric be a fly on the wall with these two growing
out with despite the language barrier can you imagine the conversations he’s so good Yol in his
semi-broken English and Mike Perry in his semi-brokening
I just can’t even imagine what these two dudes are talking about it would be the best I would love that more than almost
anything else that’s the [ __ ] of the week I gotta bounce so why don’t I tell
you this thank you Jed michoud II for jumping in today in this MK slot Luke
Thomas on vacation throughout the rest of the week we’ll have plenty of special guests but yet it was a it was a tremendously fun debut here I had a
great time thanks for having me guys and um let me know whenever the fighters only awards are going if I’ll sit at the
table with y’all we can all you know MK family go together and win is it back to back to back best best MMA programming
is this this will be the third if we win our fans have to get out there and vote if they want to but I’ll shout out below
the links when I’m up there because that show’s great even if I don’t know the name of it okay you do one of these years one of these years
huge Mike between the links they’re correcting me there in the in the live between Long Island thank you between
the links starring Mike Heck and the incomparable voice of esterlin and E Casey lighted on the production there
Jed michoud thank you thank you to the listeners for tuning in uh be back this week to set the stage for Boston of
course UFC pay-per-view this weekend and so much more Jed we already showed your social handles below anything you want
to plug on the way out and just to remind you I’m married oh well I would have loved to plug you
but I guess that’s out of the case uh MMA finder.com it’s a great website make sure you check it out most of my stuff’s
there that’s all I need all right I’ll come back anytime be happy to fill in
for Luke uh when he’s off who takes vacations anymore that’s apparently we do every month and the fans are really
upset at us but you know what I mean like for me to I gotta you gotta keep the family happy wife happy life Jen
okay one day one day right all right uh thank you I had a late start to the game with the rat tail so yeah a couple more
years and we’ll get there indeed Showtime always the label that pays us you can get your merch at morningcombat.store all that and then
some tall pale and handsome it’s your boy BC for Jed miss you and the great staff Long Island Luke and Gaffney
Pierre thank you for watching MK out tip your waitresses and remember what Luke always says about those holes they ain’t
never loyal bro