UFC Vegas 79 Predictions: Fiziev vs Gamrot Full Card Betting Breakdown

In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming UFC Vegas 79 event and providing predictions for the fights on the card. The main event features a clash between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot, and we will analyze their styles and make a prediction for the outcome of the fight. Additionally, we will provide predictions for other notable fights on the card, including AJ Fletcher vs. Brian Battle, Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson Gomez, and Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige. Let’s dive into the breakdown and predictions for UFC Vegas 79.

AJ Fletcher vs. Brian Battle

The first fight on the card is between AJ Fletcher and Brian Battle. Fletcher is known for his grappling skills and hard-hitting strikes, but Battle is the clear favorite in this matchup. As the winner of The Ultimate Fighter, Battle has gained a fan following and has proven himself to be a formidable opponent. While Fletcher may pose a threat with his grappling, Battle’s well-rounded skills and experience give him the edge in this fight. We predict that Brian Battle will come out on top with a victory.

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson Gomez

Next up is the fight between Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson Gomez. Rodriguez is known for her solid Muay Thai skills and knockout power, while Waterson Gomez is a crafty veteran with a strong ground game. Rodriguez has had some impressive wins in her career, including a victory over Mackenzie Dern. However, Waterson Gomez is a fan favorite and has proven herself to be a tough opponent. While Waterson Gomez may have some success with takedowns, we predict that Marina Rodriguez will ultimately come out on top with a competitive win.

Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige

In the co-main event, Bryce Mitchell will face off against Dan Ige. Mitchell is known for his solid wrestling skills and submission threats, while Ige is a powerful striker with good hand speed. While Ige’s stand-up game may be better than Mitchell’s, Mitchell’s wrestling and submission skills give him the advantage in this matchup. We predict that Bryce Mitchell will win this fight by unanimous decision, utilizing his wrestling and grappling to control the fight.

Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot

The main event of the evening features a matchup between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot. Fiziev is known for his striking skills and explosive kicks, while Gamrot is a strong chain wrestler with a relentless grappling attack. While Gamrot’s wrestling may pose a threat to Fiziev, Fiziev’s takedown defense and striking prowess give him the advantage in this fight. We predict that Rafael Fiziev will secure a knockout victory in the third or fourth round.


In conclusion, UFC Vegas 79 promises to be an exciting event with several intriguing matchups. We have provided our predictions for the fights on the card, including Brian Battle defeating AJ Fletcher, Marina Rodriguez defeating Michelle Waterson Gomez, Bryce Mitchell defeating Dan Ige, and Rafael Fiziev defeating Mateusz Gamrot. These fights showcase a variety of styles and skills, making for an entertaining night of MMA action. Make sure to tune in to UFC Vegas 79 to see how these predictions play out.

UFC Vegas 79 these are the full card predictions and the betting breakdown
Main Event Rafael physia versus mataj gamrod looking forward to talking about
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let’s get into the first fight of the night ladies going after it it’s
montseret Rendon versus Tomatoes Vidal my pick is going to be to Mattis Vidal
in this fight here Rendon has strong grappling and pretty decent clinch work
and takedowns but I would say she has amateur striking it’s really mid as far
as her boxing skill set goes pretty Limited in the kicking skill set too and then on the opposite side I have timedes
Vidal who’s a pretty explosive Striker who throws really hard shots has a Muay
Thai kickboxing striking style and I feel like she’s going to be very dangerous in the stand up here with
Rendon now note that in the past Vidal’s been taken down she was losing
to Eileen Perez and then obviously got a disqualification win because of some illegal strikes so note that Vidal has
been on her back before now she does offer some Jujitsu she has you know a submission win recently looking back I
think it was what three fights ago now two fights rather over at LFA a heel hook win Rendon is a girl that needs to
be on the ground to succeed whereas Vidal can definitely strike with her I think it’s going to be competitive
enough so defensively in the grappling and rendon’s stand-up is like a massive red flag I think she has robotic
striking she has a really like slow jab and then she’ll look for these right hands it just seems like amateur boxing
would honestly be a compliment it seems lower than that it seems like she’s at you know the Fitness Boxing Club stand
up it’s extremely basic now she’s strong on the ground she’s strong in the clinch sure vdos too well-rounded she’s got
good knees up the center Nice Kicks to all levels I think Vidal should win and
I think she should add another knockout to the repertoire if it goes long it’s rendon’s toughness because she is very
well conditioned and note this too rendon’s a Mexican fighter Mexican Fighters are quite durable so I
definitely could see a decision here I feel like Vidal to win like if you’re on the betting side we’ll look at the lines
the straight money line side minus 230 that makes a lot of sense to me for Vidal here to rent on at plus 195 as a
dog I’m thinking decision or a knockout I’d like to see Vidal get the KO of
somebody who’s so limited in the stand up here it’s just more about how tough is Rendon gonna be making your debut in
the UFC at 34. not a great look only five Pro fights so if it does nine years
younger and she also comes into this fight with just a way better striking repertoire
and look at rendal has a split decision here against Brittany cloudy Granite cloudy has fought some good names and
she’s a solid Journey woman and decision there split there like she’s a decision Queen she’s never finished a
professional fight did get some finishes as an amateur I believe two amateur finishes and two amateur wins Vidal for
the win she’s gonna get it done over Rendon I’m gonna officially say a knockout but with a Mexican fighter on
the opposite side who’s in very good condition I think a decision’s not crazy so if you’re on the betting side it
wouldn’t be going nuts on the prop here for a Vidal KO but she definitely has got the knockout capabilities
second fight ladies going after it again Mizuki inue versus Hannah Goldie I like
innua to win she’s been out for a long time and a lot of fans that you know maybe are newer to the game or you know
hadn’t seen her in a long time forget that she was a favorite going into her fight against Amanda lay motion she’s a
solid mixed martial artist she has a pretty proper stand-up game I’m picking any way to win this fight I’ll make sure
to tell you guys right out the gate she’s got good boxing Style with a high guard not a lot of punching power really
but does slip with some solid hooks I will say Goldie is absolutely jacked
like suspiciously jacked but I checked you Sada because I had to make sure she has been tested I believe five times
this year so hey clean athlete but holy [ __ ] the physique on her if the fight game isn’t working out women’s
bodybuilding you might be looking at a future Miss Olympia because she’s built like an absolute freak now
kickboxing bass striking style she does have some punching power but her head sometimes is there on the center line
and she can be quite stiff at times because she’s so jacked now granted this fight is at 1 15. Note the last time we
saw Hannah Goldie she was knocked out against Molly McCann it was a while ago now it was about a year ago I feel like
inua is going to be too well-rounded I think she’s gonna have probably the better boxing technique though she is at
a disadvantage in the physicality which is you know a relative concern
because Goldie’s really strong it’s just inuit’s technical game is better note that Inuit is kind of the queen of arm
bars she has eight arm bar wins she also has one rear naked choke nine victories over 14 wins are submissions now Goldie
is not a girl that’s going to be easy to tap out as jacked as she is as strong as she is wouldn’t be crazy for her to last
the three rounds so I think anyway to win by a decision is going to be the official call but that arm bar is
something that’s popping in my head I don’t know we’ll see later in the week when they drop all the prop lines for
the betting side because I’m curious if in your way is going to be at big plus money by submission with the live threat
of the armbar especially if it’s at big plus money that could be like a good degenerate little sprinkle prop bet now
as far as the money line odds of course in UA is going to be the favorite here she’s minus 260. and then on the
opposite side Hannah Goldie is plus 220. anyway got beaten last time out cleanly
by Amanda lamo she was three years ago so she’s been out of the game for a long while and if you dig at the record real
quick you can see you know not scheduled for anything since that time coming back
after a long layoff taking on Hannah Goldie who’s a tricky physical specimen
the thing about Inuit is even with the three-year layoff she’s got 20 Pro fights and she’s only 29 so by 26 she
had 20 Pro fights this three-year layoff you could be looking at an evolved version of Nua and she could go out
there and absolutely destroy Hannah Goldie and the submission is very live here so my pick is going to be in your
way to get the win I think she beats the tough Hannah Goldie here in the second fight of the night back-to-back ladies
fights I’m riding with Nua to beat Hannah Goldie I just think she’s got way more tools she’s more technically sound
the submission threat on the ground the better grappling more defensively sound striking Goldie’s best aspect in this
fight she got some pop in her hands and she’s jacked as [ __ ] and she’s strong so let’s keep running up in the next fight
is a heavyweight matchup big boys going after it it’s Jake Collier versus Mohammed Usman
I’m gonna be picking Muhammad uzman to win I don’t love that I’m picking uzman here because he can be so sloppy from
the outside with his boxing at times but he’s fighting Jake Collier who makes a
lot of mistakes in there too has a really subpar gas tank both of these guys are pretty huge but there’s a big
difference okay Jake Collier is huge and chubby and Muhammad uzman has abs and is
[ __ ] built like a house the dude is jacked obviously if you know Muhammad
Usman the brother of Kumar Usman he was you know attempting to be a professional football player it didn’t work out MMA
was always in the back of his mind and he’s got the physicality that’s a problem he has really good strength in
the clinch he does hit with power offers takedown threats here Jake Collier is a
pretty solid kickboxer with a really good pressure attack in the first round and I’d say he’s pretty deceptively fast
but does slow down in fights second round third round you look at Jake Collier’s losses the orlovsky fight
could have gone his way fight before that Chris Barnett excuse me fight after that Chris Barnett loss he was winning
that fight gassed himself out got finished fought stupid Martin bouday Buddha is actually a really good
Prospect and losing to bidet at this point how Buddha is moving on up in the ranks that heavyweight is not a bad look
whereas Mohammed Usman beat a true technical kickboxer in junior taffa last
time out now I’m picking Muhammad uzman to win the fight I don’t think that Jake Collier under side Underdog’s side is
crazy but let me make an argument against like loving the underdog bed of Jay Collier the dude is incredibly fat
he’s way out of shape he was a shredded 85er early in his career now he’s at
heavyweight weighing in at 265. when it comes down to it uzman’s the stronger guy even though I’d say uzman has a
questionable gas tank I think he can still wrestle all night long and I expect the second and third round
uzman’s gonna find control in this fight I’m gonna say Muhammad uzman to win it on the judge’s scorecards here Collier
also doesn’t have huge punching power and something with uzman even though he gets sloppy I think he eats a decent
shot and Kali or not off offering a thud punch on the other side I don’t love The Knockout chance so I’m gonna say
Mohammed uzman by a decision in this fight now Usman to win it’s minus 139 so
we’re looking at lines that are pretty damn close Jake Collier a plus 119 Underdog he opened up as a minus 190
favorite so we saw a flip of the line early in this one that’s something really interesting to note
I think Muhammad uzman can outdog him and outwork him here lines are pretty damn close I see it as kind of like a
coin flip pickums fight I just expect uzman to be able to you know use that
motor mix in the wrestling in the second and third round and win the fight Collier makes some mistakes he doesn’t
have huge power expect him to probably come out fast against uzman but still the threat of uzman if he hits you in
the chin the dude’s heavy-handed he’s built like a [ __ ] freight train he could knock Jake Collier out here so I’m
going Muhammad Usman by a decision in this fight next fight on the card we got Jacob
malhoon versus Cody Brundage this is Mal Hoon all day the official pick I think
he is going to dog walk Cody Brundage I’ll be honest with you guys Cody Brundidge dropping three in a row the
Dumas fight which listen you know I believe he took that on relative short notice quote me if I’m wrong I’m like 90
sure of that and looking at that performance there against cedricus Dumas
he looked horrible man he got outworked on the ground by a guy who was more so known for the kickboxing and Jacob Mount
hoon is a [ __ ] embrace the grind style kind of throwback wrestling now
mahoon is fought as a boxer so he definitely has hands he’s clearly better than Cody Brundidge he’s got that
[ __ ] dog in him and even look at this loss the Brandon actually the Brandon Allen loss right thinking of it now
looking back to the fight it was close he had good moments and
Alan is a ranked guy in the top 15. a guy now looking to make a run in the middleweight Division and mount Hoon was
damn close with him after that he dominates Nick maximoff he’s gonna dominate Cody Brundage here I’m riding
with the side of Jacob malhone I think he’s gonna beat Cody Brundage pretty handily I don’t think this is this that
competitive of a fight I think malhone is better than Brundage at brundage’s best area which is wrestling and mahoon
also is the better boxer my home just doesn’t have great finishing abilities I’d love to see him
get a finish and a knockout in this fight maybe you know stun Brundage and ground and pound but I expect to embrace
the grind unanimous decision I’m gonna go with uh a malhoon win on the cards now he’s a minus 475 favorite yes he’s a
crazy wide favorite he should definitely win the fight plus 375 Brundage a
massive Underdog the way Brundage looked last time out I don’t expect him to be a popular dog with the people man malhoons
got more dog in them and I’m riding with Mal Hoon to win it and yeah he’s a nasty wide favorite but he’s gonna win the
fight he’s gonna outwork Brundage for three rounds embrace the grind Mal Hoon for the win it should be relatively
clean I’m uh not overly concerned here with this matchup I think that Mahone’s gonna do his thing in style on him I
mean he did really well against Allen and now he’s fighting Brundage this is like um you know nosedive down in competition
it’s gonna be mahoon all day next fight on the card it’s Tim Means verse this is Andrei fialu
man this one I sat on for a bit but I gotta pick Andre fialu to win by knockout because Tim Means is 39. both
guys are on three fight losing streaks so let’s just talk about fiala for a second even though he lost the Buckley
last time out let’s be real he was actually looking kind of better he was looking more patient more calculated his
guard was up more tight he wasn’t getting hit with as much stupid [ __ ] until obviously a head kick knockout and
fight before that salikov knocked him out fight before that Jake Matthews knocked him out he got caught against
Van Camp won by knockout slept Baeza I think fiala should be able to knock out the 39 year old Tim Means means is a
decent Southpaw and I mean looking at Tim Means game I feel like he does offer
some good threats with front chokes excuse me rather I would say he offers susceptibility with front choke some
[ __ ] flipping what I’m saying not that he doesn’t have a submission game but looking here on the other side with
fialu when I’m looking at the stand up fialo’s faster and more heavy-handed though the chin is a little bit
concerning he’s got a big lead hook he throws a heavy right hand he’s fighting a southpaw here in means where I can see
him catching means coming in with the hook or a right hand down the line fialo’s looking more poised and
calculated he’s 10 years younger than Tim Means which is a positive factor he’s two inches shorter with only a one
inch reach disadvantage the age difference is a real factor in this fight here man Tim Means dropping three
in a row and we can take positive things away from the max Griffin Split Decision loss I guess but I don’t know man I feel
like Tim Means could be the Kyle Nelson of this week after you know Nelson just
beat uh Padilla on Saturday definitely possible but he’s 39 fialo 29 still
improving kill Cliff FC guy he can put the hammer on Tim Means man I’m gonna go
fialu to win by a KO as far as the odds I don’t really like them here it’s two
to one for fialu he’s minus 201 Tim Means plus 171. it’s like Tim Means is
always a live dog especially in a matchup against fialo who’s riding some losses but Tim Means is not known for
huge power where fialu the way he’s losing is these KO losses but let’s be
100 real here if Tim Means fought Buckley he’s probably losing he’s probably losing a solid cough and he’s
probably losing to Jake Matthews as well now when you look here I’d say Tim Means
Pizza Van Camp Baeza that’s a different question that’s a different thing though being so basil could give two means hell
man means has been out of a win for two years but I mean the same oh I guess a year for a Van Camp so double the length
without victory for means both guys on three fight losing streaks I feel like either one of them could be
on the chopping block but I’m gonna say means loses by a knockout but the UFC still keeps them around because of his
veteran status and how long he’s been with the promotion so I’m gonna ride with the younger guy I’m gonna go feel
you to get a knockout win he’s still 29 he’s really truthfully he should be reaching his prime now so improvements
can definitely consistently be made here we’re gonna go fialu I’m gonna ride with him for the win I think he can knock out
Tim Means in this fight Andre fialu KO over the Dirty Bird Tim Means here the
39 year old dirty bird next fight on the card it brings us to
our featured prelim of the night it’s miles Johns versus Dan argetta guys I’m
picking miles John’s by knockout and when I saw he was an underdog I was actually surprised I thought he’d be a I
don’t know minus 190 favorite kind of what the lines on topology here have place for argetta I thought it would be
flip so seeing that John’s is the dog I was like damn I thought he was the favorite I was picking him to win before
I make the picks I like to [ __ ] you know avoid the betting lines for the
most part specifically in a matchup like this I think Miles Johns is so live for
a knockout he’s a good wrestler and argeta’s strength is going to be the wrestling skills but it’s not like he’s
uh you know straight Dagestan it’s not like he’s Beau nickel either yeah argeta’s got good pressure wrestling
he’s got strong takedowns he’s got a submission game from the top I mean he probably was gonna finish
Ronnie Lawrence but then the ref jumped in so it’s a really unfortunate no contest and now they throw miles Johns
who offers wrestling but also big Power in his hands miles Johns is a massive
overhand punch dangerous uppercut he’s got a light bounce in his style and he’s very explosive he keeps his high tight
guard up our get is on a look to probably engage in the wrestling here but what happens
when the wrestling isn’t effective and John’s is able to stop a lot of those takedown attempts now we got striking
between these two I’m not confident that Dan argetta can stand up for three rounds with Miles Johns I mean the
positive aspect of our geta stand up because it’s gonna be he’s fights out of that Southpaw stance but I think John’s
is putting the hammer on him I’m going miles John’s by a KO I think that John’s is like consistently forgotten about
dude he’s 13-2 he’s got a really good record and he’s got impressive wins
knockout here knock out their decision over Vince Morales who’s a good Striker this matchup how I’m seeing it it’s our
geta failing takedowns and then him getting knocked out on the feed I’m going miles John’s for a KO man as much
as I think argeta’s got a good wrestling game this type of matchup with a guy that can wrestle and a knockout puncher
it’s gonna be trouble for him so give me miles John’s for a KO I’m riding with the underdog in this fight right here
let’s look at the lines plus 143 from Miles Johns that’s that’s a wide tag man
if you want to call this fight even that’s one thing I thought John’s would be the favorite argeta is a minus 163
favorite and I get it even though it’s no contest to Ronnie Lawrence but that was like a huge performance like he was
whooping Ronnie Lawrence’s ass granny Ronnie Lawrence has said he’s not fighting anymore because he’s dealing with some you know personal issues and
injuries you know some health issues I should say I think Miles Johns is putting down our get out
I’m going with Miles John’s I’m going with knockout win I think he can beat Dan argetta in this fight here match the
wrestling and exceed the stand-up game John’s is an underdog KO win
let’s keep running up let’s jump to the main card if you guys haven’t yet make sure you
smash that like button and if you’re new to the channel make sure to subscribe it’s Charles jourdain versus hikardo
hamosh in a fight that I will tell you guys Straight Out The Gate is a coin
flip matchup I’m gonna pick Charles Jordan in this fight because I believe
he’s gonna be a little bit faster than hamosh specifically with the hands I
feel like when hamosh too you have very questionable fight IQ I remember some fights back he’s doing this behind the
lead leg kick like a side leg kick behind the lead I mean what the [ __ ] is the point of that technique now how much
can be extremely creative with the Striking and I think that he’s a fun fighter to watch and I don’t know I’ve
kind of compared him at times Charles Oliveira a little bit he kind of looks like him but just without the submission
game he’s a good fighter with a capoeira background and capoeira Fighters by
Nature are going to be very comfortable with spinning attacks but what’s crazy is I don’t know how much is even in this
fight because hamosh weighed in at 154 to fight Austin lingo previously hamosh
was a bantamweight at 135 and then he weighs in like a lightweight to fight lingo at 145 and that fight was scrapped
now he’s rebooked against Jordan which is a step up in competition
and it’s just a bigger opportunity it’s odd he’s kind of being rewarded for a weight Miss I don’t get it now I feel
like on the side of Jordan I like the Southpaw stance I like the explosiveness both guys I would say are pretty solid
in the grappling I would I would have to say hamosh might have the better takedowns but it’s not like Jordan is a
guy that’s going to be getting grinded out by homosh for three rounds I think that Jordan even if he’s down can
definitely scramble back up to his feet I think he does that fairly well he’s gonna have a little more hand speed he
definitely has better combination punches he fights out of the Southpaw stance you got two really skilled
prospects facing off looking at hamosh right a year ago is when he knocked out
Chavez and then the tahugov loss which was honestly a bad look algae Owen larone Murphy knocked him out three
years ago and then he beat garagori who got cut from the promotion almost four years ago now you look at Jordan though
four months ago he whipped cron Gracie’s ass and let’s be honest though cron Gracie there looked more limited than we
could have ever expected lost to Nathaniel wood three hard rounds I thought he could have got the win over
Shane Burgos a year ago Lando vanata submission that’s a big win beating Andre U I’m going to say Charles Jordan
gets him on the scorecards in a competitive high-level kickboxing fight
I’m excited for this matchup I think it’s fireworks and it’s a close one though I’m telling you guys out the gate
it’s a bit of a coin flip I really believe that minus 135 for Jordan is the favorite hamosh the plus 115 dog I think
the lines are right to be this close I could see them even closer as the week goes on looking at open Charles Jordan
was a plus one 45 Underdog to hamosh is a minus 165 favorite lines have
completely flipped now so if you didn’t get Jordan early you’re not getting a great line here playing them at -135
as far as the fight goes I think Jordan outworks some wins two out of the three rounds gets himself a decision over the
very creative hikardo hamosh and what I think is going to be a pretty good fight we’re going with Jordan to get the win
I’m riding with Canada over Brazil to start the main card off but I’ll guarantee you it’s fireworks in this
matchup it should be an excellent fight next fight on the card it’s Brian battle versus AJ Fletcher in a bit of a freak
Show fight I’m picking Brian battle to win let’s look at something real quick 67 inch reach for Fletcher 77 inch reach
for Brian battle that is a crazy crazy disparity crazy disparity in the reach I
feel like Brian battle his stand-up game is actually quite good at this point especially at 170. he’s a long and
ranging kickboxer with nasty high kicks does have some knockout power in his hands obviously he knocked out Gabe
green with one hook which was badass as [ __ ] you miss weight for that fight so a little bit of a concern right hopefully
he’s got everything under uh control as far as his weight cut goes also Brian battle is I got good wrestling and a
solid submission threat which I think is a very positive attribute to bring into
this fight man he uh strangled Andre Petroski on The Ultimate Fighter the
season that Brian battle won and look at petrovski’s round game at 185 petrovsky’s a dangerous [ __ ] guy on
the floor so if Brian battle can tap somebody of that caliber I can imagine him tapping an AJ Fletcher Fletcher’s a
strong kid but I will swear it up down and all around if he could get to 155 he
could do substantially better 170 he’s a jacked guy for sure but he’s got short
arms man so in the Striking he’s at a huge disadvantage of the reach and then the length of the Arms by Brian battle I
think make chokes very live for him here in this fight man I’m gonna say that
Brian battle wins this fight I’m thinking a submission win as far as the betting lines for it
battle is -170 opened up at -160 Fletcher plus 145 I think Brian battle
at -170 is a steal I think he should be a minus 250 favorite in this fight
I really think he’s gonna beat AJ Fletcher handily here I mean battles The Ultimate Fighter winner he’s on fire he
went three rounds with renat faqueradinov who killed Kevin Lee in a minute AJ Fletcher is one and two in the UFC
lost to semmelsberger lost tulusa and then he beat femba garimbo it’s Brian battle all day confident call Brian
battle for the win I’m gonna call submission but the money line if you’re on the betting side is absolutely the a
side here Brian battle to get done he’s beaten AJ Fletcher submission the official method of Victory call I think
he strangles him here battles too long too dangerous from the outside and also brings too much of a threat with the
grappling AJ Fletcher hits hard he’s athletic he’s got some nice hooks he can grapple too but this matchup is going to
be hell for him it’s Brian battle all day in this fight The Ultimate Fighter winner and I also think he’s a bit of a
fan favorite at least for me personally Brian battle for the W next fight on the card it’s Marina Rodriguez versus
Michelle Waterson Gomez two the rematch I didn’t think that we
needed I also didn’t really expect to see it but hey I won’t complain because their first fight was actually a really good five
rounds now this one is only three rounds which I feel like kind of plays into
Marina Rodriguez’s game better because Waterson Gomez was able to land takedowns in the fourth round of their
first fight that’s when she really got going with like a significant threat on the grappling I will say Waters and
Gomez does have really solid trips and Marina Rodriguez kind of has a suspect ground game but it’s kind of crazy when
you dig into it she beat Mackenzie Dern who’s a pretty strong Grappler then she had a controversial win over Yan shaolan
she didn’t win that fight she should have lost it Amanda lamos [ __ ] her up but lameless is a killer and at the end
of the day the loss after that Verna gendudobo who’s an absolute monster on the ground Michelle Watterson pinhero
split loss lamosh loss Marina Rodriguez loss and then Carlos barza got her on a
close one that was damn close Angela Hill too I’m picking Marina Rodriguez to beat her again I like Michelle Waterson
Gomez she’s a fan favorite she’s been around for so long there’s a crafty veteran but I think Rodriguez is going
to be able to work her Muay Thai game in back Waterson Gomez up a bit in rip combinations inside with her Hooks and I
also feel like there’ll be some kicks on display for Rodriguez Waterson Gomez is going to be competitive in this fight
here I can see it being a 29-28 marina Rodriguez I think will fend off Waterson
Gomez’s early takedown offense I don’t know in the first three rounds I just
don’t see takedowns being a high likelihood to land I think Rodriguez beats her in competitive fashion for a
second time I think Marina Rodriguez 2-0 now over Michelle Waterson Gomez which
is unfortunate for Watterson Gomez because she’s gonna have a four-fight losing streak I still don’t think she’s
getting cut from the UFC though I mean she’s still ranked Contender she’s still a dangerous girl at 115 pounds and at
the end of the day I feel like Marina Rodriguez has very tricky Muay Thai has knocked out power she’s a scary girl for
plenty of females at 115 pounds you know especially those girls who like to
strike the girls that give Rodriguez trouble are ones that can really mix in the grappling well even though Waterson
Gomez landed some takedowns first time out in the later rounds I don’t think she wins this one here man I’m going
with Rodriguez to keep Juarez and Gomez for the most part backing up good
pressure on the inside punches in close knees up the center elbows competitive kickboxing fight but one that Rodriguez
edges over Waterson Gomez here now as far as the odds Rodriguez is a three to
one favorite she’s minus 310 Watterson Gomez at plus 260. we don’t have the
betting line on the over two and a half yet but I think it’s going over two and a half rounds here we’re going with
Marina Rodriguez to beat Waterson Gomez for a second time here in the featured
bout of the night next fight on the card co-main event of
the evening Bryce Mitchell versus Dan ige guys I’m gonna be picking Bryce
Mitchell to win and I’ll tell you A big reason because of that is just knowing that his [ __ ] wrestling is so solid
he takes guys down consistently note that danigay was taken down nine times by moves are of lawyer now ige has tight
boxing and the dude has power in his hands 50k ige is a good nickname for him because he can definitely crack he’s got
good hand speed too his stand-up game is better than Bryce Mitchell’s there’s no argument on that my problem is this
Bryce Mitchell when he is on can put that car in drive and he can chain wrestle all night long and also offer a
submission threat on the ground I think Bryce Mitchell is going to end up winning it on the judges scorecards man
three rounds to zero I’m thinking 30-27 Mitchell’s consistently wrestling not
even giving ige much of a chance to strike and I think Bryce May is getting the win in this one here that Ed
simbarboso win will always be up here for me that was like one of the most impressive wins over Edson Barboza since
Habib whipped them Bryce Mitchell is really good and I think that a lot of people kind of lost faith in Bryce
Mitchell because of his recent loss to Ilya taporia but guys it’s Ilya toporia
Ilia toporia is the clear-cut number one Contender at 145 pounds I guess aside from Max Holloway but you get what I’m
saying you just destroyed Josh Emmett Ilia taporia beaten Bryce Mitchell in that fashion obviously Mitchell’s saying
he wasn’t 100 in that fight sure excuses like [ __ ] everybody’s [ __ ] got one so at the end of the day it’s not
like I’m taking the excuse super into consideration but it’s a forgivable loss now ige is doing his thing he’s got two
wins in a row he beat Damon Jackson which that was an impressive knockout and then he [ __ ] up Nate landware and
landwear was rolling nicely into that fight and had some momentum behind him Bryce Mitchell’s gonna get about Adam
went to take Downs man excuse me I think Bryce Mitchell unanimous decision win
I’m I’m taking them to beat Danny as much as I love Danny Gay’s boxing I really enjoy watching him rip shots
inside the wrestling the grappling the Bryce Mitchell pressure the country boy
strength it’s just too worrisome I’m going with thug nasty Bryce Mitchell by
a unanimous decision over 50k ege now as far as the odds Bryce Mitchell is -180
is the favorite and he actually opened that minus 270 so people have been attacking that Danny gay dog side ige A
Plus 155 Underdog in this spot here deserving dog because obviously the
biggest difference between these two is the grappling and that’s where Bryce Mitchell shines absolutely the brightest
we gotta go Bryce Mitchell guys he’s gonna win the fight he’s going to out wrestle ige chain wrestling attack
threatening with some submissions and I think Bryce Mitchell is your winner by unanimous decision in the co-main event
of the evening in a fight that I’m excited about man I actually am and I’ll say something else about Danny gay the
moves are lost Josh Emmett lost chance on there’s been some L’s right now ige is on a roll Bryce Mitchell’s 15-1 is a
pro and could still make a run at just 28 years of age almost 29. he’s really
just now entering his prime so give me Bryce Mitchell unanimous decision
main event of the evening if you guys haven’t yet make sure you smash that like button and if you’re new to the
channel subscribe it’s Rafael fizziev versus mataj gamrod I’m gonna be picking
Rafael fazia I think he’s gonna score a knockout in the third or fourth round now I will give strong respect to the
mataj gamroth side specifically his chain wrestling attack is extremely
annoying I mean if you’re on the opposite side of that the frustration is going to be crazy high note that physiov
has really solid takedown defense and get UPS about a 90 percent takedown defense rate for physiov he has very
good hips obviously coming from a striking background those explosive kicks they aid to your takedown defense
it does translate over well when you put a [ __ ] load of work in which fazia is definitely doing there’s an argument
that physique of won two out of the three rounds against Justin gaichi which is a major argument heading into a fight
here with mataj gamrod whereas gaichi just got the BMF belt sleeping dust and poye with a high kick fazia is still a
perennial Contender now it’s not that metage gamrod isn’t but let’s dig into gamrath’s past few okay specifically the
armaan sarukia fight which was a controversial decision win and then banil Darius beat him and was able to
stun him in that fight as well it was chain wrestling though and fazia though you know he’s prepared for the chain
wrestling attack here and then Jalen Turner Split Decision Turner did more damage but Cameron was just chain
wrestling I could have saw it going towards Turner that fight was real competitive more damage for Turner more control for
Gamera with the wrestling he’s a good chain wrestler physio obviously I just mentioned lost to the side of Justin
gaichi last time out there’s zero shame in it before that he knocked out Rafael
dosanjos but something to bring from that fight is though Sandra’s did have a bit of success in engaging the grappling
with him granted hafail dosanjos at 155 pounds is still an absolute monster I
mean the dudes overall MMA game is pretty high tier he’s the former lightweight champion I think physio
stand up is going to be the ultimate Difference Maker he’ll be able to fend off a lot of grappling attacks from
gamra now I’m not saying he won’t end up on his back I do believe gamra will be successful with some takedown attempts
here he will get on top I think physio scrambles back up to his feet pretty well his striking is going to be going
and getting comfortable flowing he’ll be finding his Target seeing his openings
on mataj gamrod and I do think as gamma brought slightly slows in the third or fourth round now it’s not that gamma has
a bad gas tank the dude can go five hard rounds as physiov can go he can go long
too faziev brings in the finishing threat in this fight he’s the more damaging fighter if you talk about who’s
gonna do more damage in the fight it’s going to be physiov and for gamra to just chain wrestle fizzy of all night
long and grind on him I just don’t think is super likely so I’m going with atamon
Rafael physiov for a third or fourth round knockout I think he gets an impressive win that skyrockets the stock
right back up and I still think physio is a contender at 155 pounds I love him
at the top of the weight class fan friendly style badass overall gamro it’s
a great chain wrestler but at the end of the day if you’re talking ticket sales the people coming out to watch Adam on
Raphael Fazil over gamrod now as far as the betting lines for this fight relatively close fazie have opened up at
-17 75 he’s currently sitting at minus 155 with gamrod as a plus 135 underdog
it’s five rounds if it was three rounds I could see gamra squeaking a decision
29-28 but the fact that we got five rounds to work that gives fazia a lot of
time to make his reads find his targets and put the ultimate hammer on for mataj
gamrod fazia’s body kicks are really dangerous too so note even though there’s a significant wrestling threat
on the other side I can still see physio getting some fast kicks through the guard maybe gamrock catching a couple back in physio Up Against the Cage maybe
tripping him physio popping right back up Landing big punches in close when you look at the Striking the way more
dangerous guy is Physio and I think that that is the ultimate Difference Maker between these two the finishing ability
way higher with physio in this match up here so we’re going for ziev by knockout he beats mataj gamrod in the main event
and he’s still a top tier perennial Contender at 155 that I can’t wait to
watch some more I’m actually really excited for this Main Event right here because I love The Clash of styles
Grappler versus striker in the purest sense of it it’s just at the end of the day physiov has good grappling defense
gamrod okay stand up for sure he’s a decent enough Striker but levels below the absolute masterful kickboxing game
of physio so we’re going Raphael automain event and let’s get them back
in the uh upper echelon at 155 pounds guys that is UFC Vegas 79 I cannot wait
for it I’m excited definitely let me know what you thought of the picks in
the comments down below I’m curious what you guys are thinking throw me some of your favorite picks on the card much
love my people make sure you guys smash the like button if you haven’t and if you’re new to the channel subscribe and turn the post notifications on don’t
just leave them on personalized put them on all so you don’t miss a video because I got daily content dropping on the
channel and you do not want to miss any of it much love everybody and also if you’re in those comments and you got
nothing to say because you enjoy the content as always drop a w in the chat to boost the algorithm for your boy much
love everybody I appreciate you all tuning in to the show and I will see you all in the next one peace guys

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