UFC Vegas 79: Fiziev vs. Gamrot Full Card Previews & Predictions


In this article, we will be previewing the upcoming UFC Vegas 79 event, specifically focusing on the main event matchup between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot. Both fighters have impressive records and bring unique skills to the octagon. We will analyze their fighting styles, past performances, and make predictions for the fight. But before we dive into the main event, let’s take a closer look at the fighters and their backgrounds.

Rafael Fiziev: The Striking Specialist

Rafael Fiziev is a highly skilled striker with an impressive kickboxing background. He boasts a record of 39 wins and 8 losses in kickboxing, making him a formidable opponent in the striking department. Fiziev trains at Tiger Muay Thai and is coached by Nick Lance at Kill Cliff FC. He is known for his powerful strikes and has a reputation for delivering exciting fights.

Mateusz Gamrot: The Well-Rounded Fighter

Mateusz Gamrot, on the other hand, is a well-rounded fighter with a background in wrestling. He has a record of 19 wins and 1 loss in MMA and has competed in promotions like KSW before making his way to the UFC. Gamrot is known for his excellent wrestling skills and scrambles, which have helped him secure victories in his previous fights.

Analyzing Past Performances

When analyzing Fiziev’s past performances, it’s important to note that he has had some struggles with his striking defense. He has been knocked down multiple times in his fights, including in his UFC debut against Magomed Mustafaev. However, Fiziev has shown resilience and the ability to bounce back from adversity, often finding a way to turn the fight in his favor.

Gamrot, on the other hand, has showcased his durability and toughness in his fights. Despite getting hurt, he has managed to stay in the fight and even come out on top. His wrestling skills have been a key factor in his victories, allowing him to control the fight on the ground and secure dominant positions.

Prediction for the Fight

In this matchup, both fighters bring unique skills to the table. Fiziev’s striking prowess and Gamrot’s wrestling ability make for an intriguing clash of styles. While Fiziev has shown vulnerability in his striking defense, he has also displayed the ability to recover and turn the fight in his favor. On the other hand, Gamrot’s durability and wrestling skills give him an advantage in controlling the fight.

Ultimately, I believe that Fiziev’s striking power and technique will be the deciding factor in this fight. If he can avoid getting caught by Gamrot’s strikes and use his own striking to his advantage, he has a good chance of securing a victory. However, Gamrot’s wrestling skills cannot be underestimated, and he could potentially find success by taking the fight to the ground and controlling Fiziev.


The main event matchup between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot at UFC Vegas 79 promises to be an exciting clash of styles. Fiziev’s striking prowess and Gamrot’s wrestling skills make for an intriguing matchup. While Fiziev has shown vulnerability in his striking defense, he has also displayed the ability to recover and turn the fight in his favor. Gamrot’s durability and wrestling ability give him an advantage in controlling the fight. Ultimately, Fiziev’s striking power and technique may be the deciding factor in this fight. However, Gamrot’s wrestling skills cannot be underestimated, and he could potentially find success by taking the fight to the ground. It will be interesting to see how these two fighters perform on fight night.

back and getting set for a big time lightweight Main Event physique taking on gamron in one of those cards that you
have to catch keep it locked in with Fight Night pixel we always say let’s get into it [Music]
and we are back with fighting apix and getting set for another Apex card it’s
physiv taking on gamron in the main event as always one half of your host you know Craig Allen Twitter and Instagram Craig Allen FNP with me to my
left it is the Boss Brian Bosworth Allen FNP you got no blonde streak like
Bosworth or Charlie I can’t believe that it maybe in your hair but when we do look at this card mod I mean it is a
very top heavy card you have six versus seven in that main event lightweight Marquee on the line physiv wasn’t able
to get it done his last time out against Justin gaichi a great fight in that one a fight of the night and for mataj
gamrod he squeaked by take on Jalen Turner Cole made event another big time fight and when we’re talking about
rankings on the line Bryce Mitchell taking on Danny gay in the featherweight Division and rounding it out with all
the ranked Fighters a rematch of a 2021 main event that one on short notice of flyweight this one’s scheduled at 1 15.
it’s Marina you guys take on Michelle Waterson Gomez mod on this card five
Fighters coming in on three fight losing streaks yeah Waterson Gomez is one of those Fighters we also have two Ultimate
Fighter winners here in Mohamed Usman as well as Brian battle on the card overall
only 11 total fights probably not one of those cards that’s gonna steal a lot of the headlines or sell a lot of tickets
but you know there are some fights that people can get up about I would liken this card to like a WWE Payback an
Unforgiven perhaps you know it’s not one of the big four pay-per-views that you should want to catch up on you know the
the Survivor series The Royal Rumbles the wrestlemanias the summerslames but there are other pay-per-view shows the
WWE right just they gotta throw a title fight at you every now and then I think this is a pretty fun Fight Night card I
know it’s a card that like you said has some Fighters it might not necessarily be in the primes of their careers anymore but look at Waterson Gomez
versus Marina Rodriguez the first timer and that wasn’t really important fight for the division and honestly like a year ago that probably would have made
invented a show for being honest and even further down the car like Tim Means Andre fiallo are they gonna fight for
the title anytime soon no problem one of them is going to get cut but the great thing about that fight is those are two guys they’re really fun styles very fan
friendly Styles and I think it’s gonna make for a phenomenal fight same thing argetta versus John just think there’s a lot of fights that are kind of buried on
this card that you might assume okay I can skip this one I’ll see what the family’s doing on Saturday we’ll check out some other things but you’re gonna
regret it okay you might not regret hanging out with your family but you might regret it in terms of the reaction
you see on social media because I think there’s gonna be a lot of great fights this week we don’t want to see you bust out like Joey Harrington did with the
Lions and your Miami Dolphins but make sure you tune in for this card if there’s any changes to the card you can
always find us here on YouTube at fightne Apex Craig Allen FNP mad Allen FNP you don’t want to keep it locked in
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taking on Brazilian tractor trattora it is timiris of Vidal when you look at it
from Montserrat Rendon mat the monster that she is oh boy what a doozy of a
record already 5-0 she’s already 34. she’s already making a UFC debut do you
sense a little bit of a trend here the UFC is bringing in a lot of bantamweets I went down through the line Jacqueline
kabukanchi saw her getting win not that long ago you also have uh Ravina Olivera
moriz she’s going to be making the debut soon and as soon as I saw that name jump off the page I thought of Bubbles and
Conkey going but Ravina she’s going to be making UFC debut you also have Daria
jelekova jealous chakova but ultimately you end up with a fight like this
timiris Vidal and going back down doing the tape study for this fight I was whelmed by both of these Fighters I’m
gonna get that out of the gate right now for Monster Rendon already 34 years old she hasn’t fought in a meaningful amount
of time she was booked in a couple of fights earlier on this year against maybe
lesser competition I think that would be fair to say a combined opponent record against monster Rendon in this young
career ten and seven it’s been pretty bad and her last time out she got a win over Brittany cloudy somebody that fight
fans recognize uh cloudy has a split decision lost to Aaron blanchfield a split decision loss to Haley Cowan who
ended up in the UFC as well and in that Cowan fight I mentioned it in her debut I thought cloudy had won two of those
rounds but going back and watching a lot of the rent don’t tape they’re gonna talk to you a lot about her Brazilian
Jitsu lineage you’re going to see that over there on her Instagram she’s coming out of Cancun Mexico vacation
destination but she’s training the martial arts there out of ECR fight Center and her husband so it seems is
her coach at that uh gym so pretty cool stuff to see there out of Eduardo Cortez but a brown belt in BJJ for Rendon she’s
gotten that over the past couple of months but Rendon when I watch her fights Matt she might be billed as a
jitsu fighter but boy I never see it never and it would be nicer if we did
see that side of our game because again if it was able to accompany the very aggressive striking that she normally does demonstrate then I I do think it
would help or at least have a solid foundation but you bring it up and it’s always something we’d normally touch on when you have these people making their
debuts who aren’t you know 24 25 younger than 29 Perhaps it is surprising
to see Rendon being signed at this stage of her career and getting an opponent like Vidal who I understand might not be
somebody who you project having the highest ceiling in the world for the bantamweight division but still Fidelis looked decent in her UFC tenure she’s a
very physically strong fighter she has good submissions I think she definitely proved that her last time out a very physical Striker was able to get into
the pocket too I said this is a weird fight to make your debut on because I know Vidal’s not a fighter who has a ton of fanfare she is very much getting her
own hype train rolling right now but for Rendon there are easier opponents out there to give you in your debut as
they’re not I don’t know I mean let’s let’s throw it on over to a clip about uh Tamara’s
Vidal from that debut well you do consider this fight and I mean it is a weird one so if we do consider it for
tamiris Vidal she comes out of Team Brothers Knight to Roy and I mean listen
you can see it from the picture Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown ball she’s competed in many many tournaments it is
her specialty and if you go down you look at her overall career Arc that is for Vidal she’s fought a varying level
of competition I think that’s a decent way to put it there definitely aren’t names that you do recognize I mean she
was 1-0 taking on nine and three Carol HOSA who is ranked in this division at
number nine right now in the UFC she loses that fight by submission that was the main event of MMA Brutus number one
in 2019 so if it all continues throughout her career and did I recognize Vidal from that fight no I
didn’t I thought geez I feel like I know this name I feel like I watched her fight and watching tape here in the last
couple of months that’s because a couple of fights ago you had Samaras Vidal take taking on Eileen Perez at Samurai fight
house number two and I showed you a picture of that fight on the screen when we were breaking down Perez versus Edgar
because they fought on like the gym mats that I have in my basement and in that fight Perez beat her Pillar To Post and
then she landed a couple of illegal needs in the third round and lost because of those illegalese so out of
that Vidal becomes the samurai fight house bantamweight champ she takes on uh Kalia briga over with LFA I thought it
was quillia the way it was spelled they pronounced it a completely different way but in that matchup it was the boxing of
Braga who actually has a true pro boxing fight coming up in the near future the boxing of Braga some of the kicks to
Vidal who obviously has a jiu jitsu and you know her for that she won that fight by heel hook but if you do watch the
nuts and bolts game of Tamaris Vidal so for Vidal going into her debut I thought
she was chop liver I thought okay she at the time was six and one she hadn’t beaten anybody that was of any Merit she
had that dick you win over Eileen Perez and in that one Perez is beating her
Pillar To Post but the illegal needs were what they were and Vidal had an earlier loss to Carol HOSA which is a
little bit forgivable and then she goes in there against Ramona Pasqual three minutes and six seconds equal to Performance to the night bonus you saw
the knee she gets to win but past Hall 103 in the UFC and didn’t have a good run so for Monster Rendon again I
mentioned earlier on she was do a couple of fights over with Invicta earlier on this year one at the time against five
and four uh Alexa Connors you know Alexa Connors and then she was supposed to Face three and two of Maria Jose Favela
who just beat lymphoma the trains over with an extreme tour and everybody says great things about Maria Jose Favela but
that just goes to show you the level competition that rendon’s been facing on the regional scene it hasn’t been all
that good and when we say she’s built this Jitsu player she is you see her competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments you
saw her without loss against Juliana Miller who ended up winning The Ultimate Fighter but Bare Bones when you look at
both these women fight for vid off really low hands oh my goodness not a lot of striking defense physically
strong for monster and I don’t really high boxing guard doesn’t move her head off the center line goes forward and
backward and straight lines chases her opponents and doesn’t win foot position battles however Rendon throws an ice jab
that she’ll double up and triple up on Rendon throws a lot more volume than Vidal although when I say throws more
volume landing and throwing aren’t the same thing that Marina morose and and for monster and Dawn one of the big
things is double jab overhand right or right straight we’ve seen her drop fighters in the past I went back you go
back you watch the fight against Brittany cloudy I thought that rendona won a close first round Claudia won the
second cloudy one the third it’s a split decision win for Monster gandon her fight that she had against Claudia
Zamora that was with UFL number one Montserrat redone history team Rampage
so that was kind of wild Frank Mir on the call a lot of Aging Legends are aesthetic cast I scored at 29-28 for
Rendon but it was a close fight against Zamora who was a much smaller opponent kind of really taking the fight to
Rendon you can go back you can watch your fights over with kambate as well or fight against Christina Pettigrew it was
a split decision win for Rendon I thought Rendon won the whole fight Pettigrew was beaten up and she
Pettigrew held her hands like this and just walked her down so my overall again
I hate to sound incredibly negative to start off video it’s a fighter 7-1 it’s a fighter who’s 5-0 they’re both made it
to the UFC something I’m never gonna do in my entire life well you’re not working towards it though you know when I’m getting down to it my this division
sucks why does it suck Craig because Chelsea Chandler came in fought at 140
beat Yoli estoyarenko got ranked abandonment lost it featherweight against Norma Dumont and mother Chelsea
Chandler’s still the 15th ranked bandwidth in the entire world this division is a dumpster fire and this is
just one of those fights that’s a part of the dumpster and I feel like that’s why they’re signing a lot more Talent just because a lot of the 135ers that we
know and recognize they’re kind of Aging out of the division it made in Nunez announced her retirement Sarah McMahon’s gone [ __ ] go hey is not around anymore
like those are a lot of recognizable names I can’t believe I just mentioned betchko I had a video
but you get the idea a lot of those top ranked Fighters are either aging out or in different organizations or whatever
they have other things going on so there is a lack of talent at 135 and you bring it up you don’t even need to win a fight
in this Division and you can still get ranked in the division imagine if that happened at like welterweight you know you think I catch weight at 170 on like
a week’s notice you somehow win and then you miraculously you’re right 14th and you fight shop caught Rock Bond off next
that’s how that would work it’s not a fun time for anybody but I gotta be honest this is one of those fights where
I’d initially looked at the odds before we started filming I was really surprised to see them at first but the more I thought about it I do understand
where they are just in terms of I do think Vidal has more ways to win this fight and I think that’s why she is such
a heavy favor I could see if it all getting walked down and then she shoots for a panic takedown and gets knocked out by Rendon who has no finishes but I
think if she gets it to the ground she will have success is the thing that’s the only thing and Vidal is one of those tricky Grapplers to where if the fight
does hit the mat and she’s in a disadvantageous position she’s going to look for a Kimora sweep she’s gonna look
for a heel hook sweep or she’s going to try and sink in those submissions while the doll’s a big favorite in this one
again performance bonus albeit against Ramona Pasquale on the debut we have a look at the topology votes Matt
surprised us they are to you I’m gonna say over under 75 percent of it all I’ll say over
[ __ ] me 680 total votes 87 Vidal 70 by
decision I I have a doll I don’t know anymore I I I I don’t know I yeah I have
Tamaris but all in this fight I think she’s gonna be the physically stronger fighter though I’ve seen really good takedown defense from Monster Rendon she
digs the underhook she gets her hands clasped behind her opponent she’s able to control a lot of the clench positions
and when rendon’s on her back she is very busy herself with the Up Kicks she’s one of those Fighters kind of like
you saw out of Grosso against chefchenko she’s gonna keep hitting off her back like Marina Rodriguez who’s upper on
this card but I will go with the doll on this one but I have zero confidence in it it’s just one of those fights where I
think Vidal’s gonna win but it’s also fair to say I don’t project an overly high ceiling for either one of these athletes like you know what sentence has
never been said by like Mike brain on the NBA broadcast this person’s 34 years old and they’re a
rookie it’s never been said by my brain he says bang he doesn’t say 34 year old
rookie I have a doll in the magic all of us going with Brazil’s tamiris vadal out of Team Brothers Nita Roy to get the win
not some big time fights in this card our guy belloi Quebec Canada’s own you got Xiao Dan taking on her Cardinal
homos you’re not going to want to miss that fight keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
foreign [Music] up this weekend straw eats bottle it out
and if I had my way mad I would just hit this [Applause] yeah guess what I can’t just say next on
this one I have to act like the top song on side A of the old MGMT Classic record
Time to Pretend because time to pretend that I’m excited about this Matt we have a mononym fighting this weekend just
like Cher or Bono or Prince It’s Mizuki and she’s making a long awaited return about three years one month in a day
away from her loss to Amanda lamosh Mizuki gonna be taking on 24K 24 Karat
magic in the air that’s what y’all trying to do when I do look at this fight though like
for Mizuki in a way she was one of those Fighters for the longest time that we had a lot of reverence for she fought for an Invicta title she was a deep
Jewels champ she was a fighter then on the Deep dive it’s one of those things where you fill up your brain over three
years that you forget more than maybe you learn but when you look at a fighter like Mizuki at 17 years old she fought a
29 year old ayaka hamasaki an all-time Legend at 18 Mizuki beat back rolling at
20 she lost a fight of the year with Invicta by split decision to Carolina kovukovich and Then followed that up
also at 20 to lose a unanimous decision to your UFC flyweight champ Alexa Grosso
in a fight of the night with Invicta Mizuki shoot fighting she had wrestling in her back pocket she had striking in
her back pocket Mizuki was one of the hottest prospects back pocket in all of
MMA from a time with Invicta and then she ended up in 2018 she fought Vina jangidoba lose the split decision for
the Invicta title comes into the UFC beats viviani Paya beats huyan on in a split decision
takes a little bit of time off fights lamosh is favored to beat him on dilemos which is crazy and then if you do
consider it Matt I had it written out I said well the last time the Mizuki fought she said a Longo Wyman MMA
algemaine Sterling was in the corner this was back in 2020 but you go back you watch the first round of that fight
she gets dropped by a right hand of lamosh and lamosh pretty well had her way and the majority of that fight though Mizuki threw a decent amount of
volume but Mizuki is one of those Fighters where if things are going well she’s winning these fights she’s
pressuring she’s throwing a lot of volume she’s mixing it up to all three levels she’s a really good Grappler I
can sell you a bit of bill of goods but she’s also been off for three years and she’s now 29 so she’s still relatively
young but she’s coming off an ACL injury after that lamosh fight and now it’s been three years so I don’t know what
we’re gonna get out of Mizuki and then for Hannah Goldie when she wins pours on the pressure lands a lot of volume Works
in her boxing if I may is it fair to say though I know it’s been a long time since we have seen in a way active in
competition in the ring but here to goalie seems to take a year and a half off in between performances so for her
it’s not like she’s been the most active getting better throughout her career in the past three years yeah Hannah Goldie lost to Jillian Robertson years ago on
the regional scene built her way up but in the UFC Goldie one and three loses the Miranda Granger loses the Canadian
Romanian Diana Bal beats you beats Emily Whitmire who was four and four at the time by submission and then it was a
first round performance of the night knockout loss to Molly McCann not this summer The Summer before that so for
Hannah Goldie long time trying to make the comeback Goldie taking on Mizuki in this one a little bit of a clash of
sauce because like I said like Hannah Goldie’s gonna try and work a lot of her boxing she throws really good combinations in tight saw that against
Diana Bal beats trying to wrestle too and when it does come down to this matchup though Matt it is a ton of
question marks and that’s why I would just say next like Jebediah Atkinson and I just kind of take a breather on this
yeah don’t put your hard-earned money on this fight it would make no sense whatsoever they would handle Goldie though the reason I brought it up is I
initially was kind of turned off by the inactivity of it away right the ACL injury it has been a long time since we’ve seen our inactive competition
maybe this is the one fight where you pick against her to see how good she looks and then you get back on the horses have a good performance I usually
do that and then I get the fight wrong I usually go with the underdog in those and then I get it wrong and it’s fair though like those are the times where
you do want to paint the underdog right but there’s so many question marks surrounding the favor but for in a way when I go back and look at the film I do
think she’s gonna have the edge and quite a few of her skill sets against Hannah Goldie and I don’t say that with any disrespect towards Goldie but again
goalie’s also been quite inactive as of lately and it’s not like Miranda Granger’s the greatest fighter in the
world and if she beat Emily Whitmire but you brought it up before I could Spitfire her record was 500 going into
that matchup like nine women have tried and five have succeeded so guess what not that hard to
do so for Hannah goalie I know she has shown a good foundation of skills she is a good fighter when she’s able to move
forward but the same thing can be safer in a way and the difference is I do think Mizuki can have success on the back foot at least in terms of Defending
takedowns being sound defensively and being able to respond with their own offense when Goldie has run out and got
gone up against the cage but for Hannah goalie I don’t know if she’s gonna have those same techniques to respond to that adversity if she is placed in those
parts and again I was really concerned about that time off for in a way but once you look at it Hannah Goldie’s had
like two fights in the same time that in a way has been off of and it’s not like she’s looked great in either one of those performance and we’ll see how
Mizuki looks again 11-2 as a teenager in kickboxing more or less and then of
course a black belt in karate and if you look at it for Mizuki as well trains quite a bit with fellow Japanese
Prospect and I’d say she’s still a prospect even though she was an Invicta Champion so when you do look at this matcha
Mizuki heavily favored here we have a look at the topology votes surprised us Sarah to you but I’m not surprised by
anything anymore I think all the fans are going with Mizuki because topology gets weird and wild I’m gonna say over
under 82 and a half percent mizuka I’ll say over son of a gun 721 total votes 89 Mizuki
87 by decision I’m Mizuki in a way as well I think the
kicks are going to be a big difference maker and I think bizuki’s wrestling can make a bit of a difference here unless the knee like if she turns into Brandon
Broly or Craig Odin all of a sudden like there are people who when they have ACL injuries they never become the same person again but like the difference is
like Aaron Rodgers and at first to his knee injury is there’s a lot of ligaments in your knee right so if you
tear your ACL you probably have an MCL issue a PCL issue a meniscus issue injury there’s other things you could
have uh mess up with you so for in a way if that knee was a major detriment to her and she’s still having issues from
it but the thing is it has been three years so it’s been three years that’s my point so she has given herself the
responsible amount of time off and hopefully she has been recovering towards this UFC return so I do have in
a way but those question marks are still there from the injury both of us going with Mizuki in a way to get the win let
us know Down Below in the comment section who you have if you get amped up for the fights guess what’s up next Muhammad uzman taking on Jake Collier
check that one out keep locked in with Fight Night picks we always say let’s get into it
[Music] nine and two Ultimate Fighter season 30
winner Muhammad the motor Usman taking on 13-9 former middleweight now 265.5
pound heavyweight it’s the Prototype Jake Collier and if I had my way Matt
[Applause] I gotta do a bid I’m sorry you know Dana White on Friday night is gonna have a if
you don’t know now you know kind of fight and guess what guys I’m here to let the cat out of the bag the if you
don’t know Naga no matchup of the weekend it’s gonna be Jake Paul IRS Mohamed Houston there’s no question in
my mind when it does come down to this fight Matt I mean this is a classic Clash of styles you look at both of these guys from Mohamed uzman I could
build him his Grappler sometimes he grapples I mean you can also go back and watch Mohamed uzman’s fights against uh
Sipe over on The Ultimate Fighter you can watch his fight that he had in the finale against Zac ponga where he plays
around on the outside he does a little bit of striking and it took him to lose the first round against panga handily on
volume which is something that Jake Collier does very well to land one big Power Shot and shut the lights out for
Zak ponga to win the title uzman and his UFC debut was last time out took on junior taffa in a bottle of control
versus damage and Matt sometimes even in the Years 2022 and 2023 control can win
fights one of the worst fights you’ll lose was able to get the win somewhat controversially over Junior tough as
last time out so now he gets to take on an established UFC veteran it’s no debuting fighter it’s Jake Collier
Collier one of the more interesting guys because we think back to his time at 185 and then his fight against Marcel
Fortuna on the way up to 265 but for Collier since he’s moved up to heavyweight they’ve given him big names
they’ve given him small names and he hasn’t been able to beat many of them and the thing about Jay Collier was for the longest time we applauded him for
being a heavyweight who fought like a middleweight right like after that Jean valante Fight it was an impressive complete performance and I really
thought hey not that I never thought Jay Cutler was going to win the title I’m not getting crazy or anything but it was
nice to see a guy who okay he might not be the most athletic guy in the world but he moves well on the feet he is very
good with his hands he can throw a high level of volume he seem to have pretty good cardio at that time but do you think the Jake Collier effect has almost
caught up with Jay Collier at this stage of his career because it is great to be that sort of undersized heavyweight if
you will I know he’s not undersized in terms of weight but again not a lot of heavyweights at any point in their life could have caught or cut down to 185 so
he is normally a chair Cannon here come back yeah exactly not like Derek Lewis would ever find a middleweight but for
Collier he did add that extra hitch to his game that I thought made him quite unique but at the age of 34 I’m a little
bit concerned that it’s almost like his age is caught up with him to wear those middleweight gifts are now gone now you’re just a heavyweight who’s not
really a natural heavyweight who doesn’t really have an X Factor every time he walks into the cage and that is a concern moving forward because I don’t
think Jake Collier has something not a lot of other heavyweights in the world too it’s a well-rounded skill set but the issue is at this stage of his career
does he have the gas tank behind says skill set and also the ability to go out there and land clean shots because for
Collier he’s never been a bad Striker by any means but he doesn’t have a hard time really hurting guys with a lot of shots on the feet he normally really has
to mix his martial arts to go out there and get wins and granted it’s been a while since he’s got those wins I disagree that he’s gonna mix his martial
arts to get wins now the one fight against Chase Sherman yeah he had a shimmy slip and then Collier ends up on
the back he ends up getting the submission by rear naked choke but you go down through the heavyweight fights for Jay Collier we’ll do a Kohl’s notes
he fights Tom hospital after about a three year layoff you know how that’s gonna go yeah he gets pieced apart but that’s fine it’s Tom ospo he takes on
Jean valante and I know that Jake Collier was cut on his nose at the end of that fight and he was bleeding a
little bit he pieced up John Volante on the outside all facets of his striking
were working out from the fight against Carlos Felipe for time I made an argument that Collier will not fight I
like Collier’s volume in it but he lose the split decision there beat Sherman the aforementioned slippy dip and then
he ends up with the submission and then the last three fights for Collier all three of them losses he’s one of five
fighters on this car to lose their last three fights takes on Andre arlovsky I’ll go to my grave saying that Jay
Collier won that fight but it’s a lost by split decision then he takes on your clarinets they’re like Craig do you love
us and you’re like no Jake call here beat Andre lonski then you’re gone well
again he nearly finished them and most people most referees would have said that’s
enough but but the other guy is enough of the tank to come back and stop you I normally disagree with somehow Burnett
came back and Collier was a little tired in the second round and then his last time out against Martin budai that big
guy he’s gonna end up in the rankings at some point and budai is one of those technical bigger heavyweights that can
not just box but wear you down in the clinch and then work in some of his takedowns if we do end up seeing it now
the big point on this fight not just with Jay Collier’s overall skill set not just with the fact that Mohamed uzman
even before ending up on The Ultimate Fighter had a loss to sales over with a pfl where he gets submitted and it was a
terrible look Brandon sales but when you look at this it was originally supposed to be Jake Collier taking on Titan FC a
heavyweight champ Walter Walker and you might go vaulter like Waluigi a little
bit Walter Walker brother of one Johnny Walker so Walker out of the matchup this
fight was announced back on July July 14th so a full camp for both of these guys for all intents and purposes uzman
training out of Colorado for this one Jake Collier back at Pat Smith The Pit close to home when we do look at the
matchup Matt uzman is slightly favored here we haven’t really touched on his skill set too much but we will we have a
look at the topology votes surprised us there to you guys lost three fights in a row hard to pick them kind of like the
Daniel laserta effect a little bit but you stole exactly what I was gonna say listen weird stuff’s gonna happen Matt
I’m gonna say over under 70 percent Congressman here under and it is it’s wild okay
though 765 total votes 89 Usman 67 by
knockout okay this is my big issue with Muhammad Usman he has a lot of chances to win
this fight just by being a lot faster and a lot stronger than Jay Collier I think for the other side he’s gonna be able to land shots if he is able to
connect but the thing about Usman is he is not an accurate puncher from the outside at all so if he is able to get
that Knock It win if he is able to stop a guy like Jake Collier I think it’s gonna take a lot of chances at the dartboard before he’s able to hit that
Bullseye and I know I said last week when Daniel assert a font I would never pick a fighter who had lost four
straight fights and especially not one who had lost four straight by stoppage
I’m gonna do the unthinkable Craig giving Jake the Prototype Collier even
though he’s on a three fight losing streak I hate what I’ve seen out of him especially in the last matchup but I agree with you I think Buddy is a much
more talented fighter than a guy like Mohamed Usman so I discredit that loss just in terms of I don’t think Muhammad
Usman can recreate that type of a performance so giving Jake Collier for being the more well-rounded fighter at
the end of the day but the thing about Usman is I know he’s 34 years old in the heavyweight Division and in Walter Wade
and featherweight and lightweight you might think hey that’s pretty old right in heavyweight they can still survive for a little while but I do worry he
doesn’t have enough experience for being at that age pull that fishing reel in let’s see what we got it’s a mackerel
it’s not very good but it is what it is when I do look at this fight for me I’ll go with Usman and the reason being it
listen they’re the same age uzman is most likely going to weigh in less than Jay Collier and yeah it’s aim big Miss
big with a lot of his strikes he he fights kind of it’s almost like Craig camper alask he gets that arm up there
the arm out and he tosses the job there to throw the right hand and Craig Kimbrel he’s got that dirty salad in the
back you ever see a picture of Craig kimbrel’s Dad no he’s got the long hair and the beard now Craig can’t ever wants
to go through a phase like this my boy is just like me but when I do look at this one if Martin budai can slow down a
game plan for three rounds I can see muhammadu has been doing the same I think the cardio advantage of being at
elevation it’s gonna pull through so give me Mohammed Usman in the matchup we’re split on the pick let us know Down
Below in the comments section who you have will it be the Prototype will it be the motor some big time fights in this
card Matt co-main event featherweight’s battling it out thug nasty taking on 50K Danny gay you’re not gonna want to miss
it keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it [Music]
coming up this weekend at middleweight Cody Brundage accepting a fight on short notice and just like Jake Collier Tim
Means Andrea feel you uh Michelle Waterson Gomez all fighters on three
fight losing streaks coming into this one Brundage looking to Buck the trend and make that eight and five a shiny
nine of five when he takes on Mamba Jacob malkoon
Mattoon a guy who likes to take the fight down to the mat and Cody Brundage one of those Fighters who’s winning
every single one of his fights until he loses it and not really is the story of Brundage since he’s come onto the
Limelight you go back to his fight on Contender series against William Knight he’s beating William Knight until he
ends up getting finished and then you look at Cody Brundage even the last five fights beats Dalton Bula in a fight
where actually he’s losing until he wins that was one of the biggest hail Mary Guillotines that you’re ever gonna see but that set a dangerous precedent if
that’s a little bit of foreshadowing he beats Trey Sean Gore where he at the end of the fight which talking about boxing
now who’s a boxer now Cody Brown just one of those guys wrestled all the way through college ends up in MMA has a
good wrestling pedigree but his boxing has gotten better at factory X Muay Thai but for Brundage his last three fights
this is where it gets bad takes on Michael Lola Shay check looks good with the takedown early like you ever want to
do with the middleweight division until we get back up we get bucked and everything goes out the window we lose
solo Jay check by finish takes on hidolfo Vieira drops him in the first round second round starts adolfo’s
pressure in a pace gets Brundage behind the black line Brundage will it worked for me when I took on Dolce ambula I’m
pulling Guillotine looks like it’s tight but it’s against the black belt Hunter and those two losses are quite
defensible but you do look at the level of competition and then brundage’s last time out against Cedric was Dumas
short notice fight against Dumas just like this short notice fight between round one and round two Mark Montoya
coach of Factory x says hey and I quote hey wake the [ __ ] up let’s go Cody
Brundage look completely lifeless throughout the entirety of that fight every time he didn’t get a takedown he looked completely demoralized and Cody
Brundage is another one of these Fighters Matt taking a short notice fight at middleweight trains out of
Factory x his management teams are idiom you hear a pattern Josh friend was the
exact same thing last week on same management body shot made me like get up and Josh Fram ended up losing so now
Cody branders takes on Jacob alcoon and for Mama malcoon Matt uh you want numbers on a page I don’t really because
they’re probably not great eight takedowns against al Haas and six against Dobbs and seven against Allen
nine against Maximo Jacob alcoon a protege like an early 2000s Mazda of
Robert Whittaker and listen you don’t need a big spoiler on a front-wheel drive car but Jacob alcoons gonna burn
the those tires off with his takedowns Evolution doesn’t always make you bigger and better though it just makes you different and for Jacob malcoon
evolution is a mystery one of the great all-time Titan Trunks and songs my point
is for malcode yes he might trade with a Robert Whittaker who is a guy who really represents being one of the best
well-rounded MMA fighters we have right if somebody uses striking uses grappling use really every component of MMA and go
out there and get wins and for malcoon he does feel like that but it very much is a work in progress and luckily he is
only 28 years old and to his credit about malcoon which I never thought I was gonna say because I was quite down on him early on in his UFC career he’s
made the improvements like his MMA grappling has been quite phenomenal and I do like the amount of takedowns he can
go out there and use and he doesn’t seem to have a good level of MMA IQ to be hey when you’re a dangerous Striker I’m
gonna work like hell to get it back down to the mat but the big issue I do have is I think Jake about who’s the more
well-rounded fighter in this match but I do think his wrestling is gonna be good enough to not only defend them I don’t think he’s more well-rounded I think he
can defend the takedowns up Brunswick my big issue issue is though the [ __ ] is going to be at a size disadvantage I
think and it’s gonna make it that much harder for him to go out there and secure some of those takedowns and I can see that being a bit of a hurdle that he
gets caught on because if he’s not able to go out there and get his own offensive taked I was like he’s going to take a lot out of the threat of his
striking and if that’s the case Cody Brundage in theory should be able to just stand in the pocket throw his own boxing combinations use this wrestling
as a defensive tool and if he’s able to just rinse and repeat that game plan I don’t think that’s gonna completely gas him right to where he’s not the fighter
he is in the first round that he is in the third round so I think Brundage does have a way to win this fight but it really does come down to the size
Advantage I think yeah now you’re playing metal gymnastics because for this fight originally I mean we’ve had
malcoon go through quite a few opponents he’s supposed to take on the black wolf there’s a lot of them in the UFC now but
Alias capacity of that fight fellow then he was supposed to take on Robert Bridge check that fight fell out Sabrina’s
taking this fight on incredibly short notice uh it was announced September 5th that this was going to be a fight and
when you look at it for malcoon I worry I mean AJ Dobson did win his last fight I’m not a big AJ Dobson guy however
malcoon slowed down the third round of that fight and Dobson was able to pick up the torch with his boxing for Brundage I know he’s on a three fight
losing streak I know two of those three are by finish was his last fight in anomaly because it was on short notice
is this short notice nature going to affect him quite a bit from alcoon his last time out MMA math tin foil hat
sent Young Nick Diaz Academy Prospect Nick Maximo of out of the UFC Happy Trails Brundage
elastic maximov so automatically Jake and malcoon wins now I thought Brundage beat Maximo but that’s neither here nor
there malcoon a big favorite in the fight we have a look at the topology boots Matt surprised us there to you I’m
gonna say over under 90 malcoon these folks are crazy they’ll be under 90 but it’ll be the thing oh my God 616 total
votes 95 malcoon 80 by decision Matt today I went to a store a store where
you need a TJ Maxx card even though we don’t have TJ Maxx in Canada that store HomeSense and I picked up a book Kobe
Bryant and the pursuit of immortality the rise Matt Mamba mentality going with Jacob malkoon
like I have three pairs of Kobe’s I loved Kobe Bryant growing up like he was I love basketball guys you understand
Jacob valku get new nickname Bud uh I have Jacob malcode in the matchup but I
don’t have like Jacob malcoon is one of those Fighters who’s very difficult to protect his sailing on right because he does do pretty much everything okay but
you worry about what’s he gonna do to go out there and win ranked fights for 15 minutes even with middleweight being as shallow as it is currently so I think
he’s gonna get the win in this matchup but I still have no idea where Jacob malcoon is in the middleweight division had a fairly competitive fight with
Brandon Allen didn’t get it done with the strikes but he just was rinse and repeat with his takedown attempts in this matchup both of us going with
Australia’s own Mamba Jacob malcoon to get the win let
us know Down Below in the comments section who you have typically a Cody Brandon just about every single one of
his fights and you can tell that hasn’t worked out for me lately it’s a big time fights in this card at the top UFC
taking on Gamera you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fight Apex we always say let’s get into it
thank you Walter wheat’s fighting for a roster spot coming up this weekend with
three fight losing streaks a piece we have the Dirty Bird Tim Means taking on Andrea felio to Portugal when you look
at it for dominance management mma’s own Andrea fiall you three straight losses all of them by naku I wish I could sign
the loser I don’t have a fight promotion but damn it if I did they would be fighting for my title if y’all you lose
is going to be Titan FC or Eagle FC and if Tim Means let me see okay in the pfl honestly he wouldn’t win the million
dollars but I think he at least do okay enough to make the playoffs yeah he had that chance before Matt he lost to Chris
Curtis and that was his pfl journey but when you look at it for Andrea fiall you he’s coming into this one on a wave of
whatever the opposite of success is bad it goes back taking on Jake Matthews Matthews was able to wobble him at the
end of the first round we get ourselves into the second round and Matthews is able to unload it was the left hook in
the first round it was a left hook in the second round and one of the greatest fighters of all time in the second into
a big time flurry and a knockout blow fialio is next time already sticking on Muslim solokov you saw fiolu he wasn’t
able to crowd with his boxing salakov was able to work in the kicks he ends up getting that spinning back kick TK will
win and then fionu’s last time out Matt went back watched the walking Buckley fight both guys are tentative Buckley
playing around on the outside with his kicks notice how I talk about kicks a lot with Andrea fiolu and then in the
second round feel you had all the defenses in the world in that one sometimes he can drop his hands in inopportune times he didn’t he kept his
hands up but by the Jeepers did he ever eat a full-blown head kick against Joaquin Buckley maybe not the fight to
applaud his defense landed one more shot just for good measure and then hopped up onto the cage and let out a noise that I
can only describe as that pyory on pre-title fight so when you do look at it Matt Andrea
fial you three fight losing streak I was over the moon hyped about Andrea you all
you’re coming into the UFC and if you look at his last two wins Cameron Van Camp that one’s a performance bonus and
Miguel Baeza also performs bonus though he did get rocked by a straight shot from Cameron Van Camp he’s taking on to
mean smart the last three fights equally as poor though he has been submitted versus knocked out he took on Kevin
Holland he worked in some of his wrestling and then he got caught in the dirt I want to say I may have said I
told you so I was gonna get that submission he took on Max Griffin in that fight I mean means working in the
kicks working in the body shots and then in Titan the first Griffin with a right it drops means but a pretty close fight
after that and then the last time out for Tim Means against Alex morono wins the first round and in the second round
they’re in tight he lands a good shot against morono and then morono pulls Guillotine and you know that morono
Guillotine especially when he readjusted and he was sitting up it was in Tim Means kind of give him too they smile
their hugging like it was a shame to see it that way but this is one of those weird fights to where Andre I feel you I
get it with spinning back kick from Muslim silica but we’ve seen his chin tested in the UFC and we saw it tested
with Bellator we saw the wrestling be a bit of an issue the Chris Curtis fight and so on you know that Stefan seklich
finish where cecloch is going for the takedown failure says no and then finishes them but by and large if you
all use a decently well-rounded fighter more boxing less kicks he throws his left hand three different ways job cut
the cage left hook uppercut in the lead but Tim Means one of those weird Fighters is a southpaw to where he works
the body to great effect in his last six fights three wins in a row three losses in a row
374 significant strikes 125 of them to the body that’s good for exactly 33
percent of Tim mean shots I just thought of the crank go ahead Tim means it’s going to bkfc he beat their King
my parents kind of a big deal right now and only in the world of bare knuckle boxing Tim Needs beat the brakes off
Mike Perry that fight was fairly one-sided and I don’t think enough people remember it because Miz is going
downhill with his combinations using the elbows in tight and let’s think about both these spiders both of them I would
say are very much positive offensive Strikers right when they are fighting the fight on their what yes well yeah
exactly let’s think like when fiallo is able to land his power strikes move out of the way in the pocket really be able
to dictate his own pace and power did I do think he is a very good fighter I could go out there and beat good
opponents too the problem is when he’s backed up he is a much lesser version of himself than when he’s the guy moving
forward because when he is moving forward he will throw much more variety than he will when he’s moving backwards people have a tendency to just kind of
you know firm up and throw that one big Power Shot and this is the thing and you might be surprised people out there
might be heartbroken I think Andre wins this fight now I can make this video 45 minutes long if you want me to because I
know a good amount of both these guys but the issue is Tim Means this stage of his career does like to crowd the
distance right get into that tie clinch and use his dirty box and use those elbows and he will find on the outside too don’t get me wrong but when the
fight is going at the dirty Bird’s way he’s using his inside fighting using his outside fighting and releasing in the
footwork too but that’s a style that means you’re gonna have to eat a couple big shots and I know means isn’t getting
put out completely in these recent fights but he’s also a fighter that 39 years of old being in the crazy fights
that Tim Means has got into for the majority of his career I don’t trust his chin necessarily even though Andre’s the
guy who is suffered TKO losses more recently this streak has been much more highlighted by them I worry the Timmy is
just gonna walk in a big shot after big shot during this matchup because he really does like that elbow range I think that’s going to make it more
susceptible to the big punch and Andre fiall you uppercut from either of his hands and he throws them to ill effect
once things get tight but the thing that fielio can struggle against we saw that when you go back through and you watch
that xmma fight against James Vick first round Vic kicking distance throwing a lot of stuff out there and feel you like
any great Champion that they say or like a Floyd Mayweather vulcanovsky taking the first round how dare you to download
the game plan and then the second round you saw you really just establishing things with that lead left hook and then
he was able to go out there and get the Finish but for Tim Means again wins in the first round against Alex morono that
tricky outside Striker a lot of lateral movement gets submitted but the thing that I don’t necessarily like about
means is yeah once things get into the phone booth as we say he leaves his hands out there and either
he is looking for that clinch or he just leaves him out there to defend and his head’s back here and we did see him get
hit by that straight shot from Max Griffin drop really good resolve second round third round again Split Decision
win for Griffin most did see not fight for Griffin and I did as well on the re-watch but even go back to the Nico
price fight I know he lost that fight I think they announced it was like an ankle injury because the way he fell from the knockdown did break his ankle
but Nico price Up Against the Cage Tim Means advancing steps off to the side lays a right hooks through the guard and
immediately crumbles to means just he is such an aggressive fighter that it does put him in the face of danger and in a
matchup like this not that I’m sold on entree anymore definitely not as the top Contender but he has the type of game plan that can make that pay I mean we’re
talking about a guy that came into the UFC in 2012 he’s 14 12 with an old contest in the U.S great run the
knockdown ratio nine four to four against performance bonuses over Diego Lima and John Howard names of yesteryear
but one still competing and one he’s a Hall of Famer one was in Creed Three Diego Lima there’s your fun fact to
bring the b-dub dubs Andrea fiagio about a two to one favorite in the matchup we have a look at the topology vote
surprise to us there to you I’m not surprised by anything anymore I’m gonna say over under 80 feel you I’ll say
under you’re gonna say under slightly 755 total votes 76 percent feel you 80
by Naco for the 24 that means 44 by decision 43 binocular with the last
means win was about two years ago over Nicholas dalby you can bump up things for both these guys in these streaks but
it does feel like the loser goes home at the end sad why are you trying to bump me out
like that correct I like both these guys I like watching them fight they’re in fun fights like and they both are in
that Daniel lucerta mode right like even when me’s or Andre loses like it’s the fight boring no they’re probably either
getting finished or finishing someone that sounded kind of dirty I don’t have Tim memes and I really wanted to it
would have made me feel a lot better as a human but I I just think he’s gonna walk into a lot of big Power shots in this matchup and at 31 years old yeah
maybe you could eat a couple of those and then ultimately get the win I just don’t think he’s gonna be able to at the stage of his career well if we see all
you like we saw him as last time out against Joaquin Buckley where he’s doing nothing absolutely but I think Andre
would knock out Tim Means in the first round too means means it’s gonna bring a lot to them so we’ll see how if y’all is
able to turn out with that I’m gonna go against my better judgment and go with Andrea fialyu in the matchup because the
more I watch the tape with the Bodywork and the kicks the Tim Means and the Southpaw nature of the fight I can see
it causing the Portuguese fighter a lot of problems so we’re both going with Portugal’s Andrea fyalu I’m very nervous
for both these two guys if you couldn’t tell some big time fights in this card Matt Cole main event of the evening
featherweight division Doug nasty taking on 50K ige keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get
into it foreign [Music]
Champs is going to be the Parkside Rangers versus the Newman Jets Premier College wrestlers and so many things in
common coming up this weekend we have Chapo miles Johns at a marathon MMA taking on the Cub Swanson Protege at a
Jackson wink it’s the determined Dan or get him for argetta he had a weird fight
his last time out I mean referee Keith Peterson was all over it it was a little bit like J Cole’s hit from yesteryear
wet dreams because there was a premature stoppage in that fight Matt Dan are getting when he’s taking on he wanted a
certain kind of neighborhood Ronnie Lawrence you had the guillotine the DARS the Anaconda and Every Witch Way Keith
Peterson in on the action the hand was there it was ready to tap it looked like it was one Phantom top and then Peterson
touched it and that was it they call him No Nonsense Craig but between you and me he’ll allow a little bit a little bit
but when you do look at this fight mod dinner get up last time out decent sized Underdog against Ronnie Lawrence in the
screen terrible standard ghetto looked very very good and when I talk about the wrestling out of both these guys for argetta two-time State qualifier in
Illinois with those Parkside Rangers for Miles Johns a very very good Kansas state champ in wrestling at what was it
Newton high school and then he went to one Newman college and Miles John’s I
mean he got injured the wrestling career he called it quits very early on to pursue a career in MMA he gets that win
over agent Giannis over with the LFA wins the belt and kind of Off to the Races beat Santiago on Contender series
and now we’ve seen this much uh you know accredited miles Johns continue to win these fights now the two losses are two
against very now hyped up fighters in their own right one against Mario Batista fairly quick loss in that one
the other loss to John Castaneda but Casita I mean
recently that was a good one and Castaneda just had a big fight booked in his own race so when you do look at this
fight mat for John since last time out almost a year ago he takes on it’s Morales
and it was uh it was bad it was like Austin Herbert Roosevelt Roberts and The
Ultimate Fighter like hey we used to be on the same team let’s Spar a little bit that’s what it looked like it wasn’t a
very good fight it wasn’t the best version of Miles John’s whereas for Dan argetta I mean I that’s another one
bring it to my deathbed one Jake Collier beat Andre arielowski two Danner get against Ricky turcios and The Ultimate
Fighter is one of the best fights that nobody’s ever seen that fight your son’s on the phone but he needs to know about
Dan argetta you’re not a vampire like why every time are you doing this like
you’re in a sarcophagus I don’t know I guess that’s just my death pose but forget a uh an awesome fight against her
she was I thought our ghetto won it but regardless argetta the the UFC debut on short noticeable weight class against
Action Jackson Damon Jackson he loses that fight but he’s had two big showings since then argeta gets the win another
short notice fight because argeto was actually supposed to fight miles John’s teammate at a time Ike dulgarian Isaac
dogarion was he gonna be the full send fighter yeah not anymore full send didn’t do it they went with Mike Malott
instead somehow even though that wasn’t the premise of that episode of looking for a fight but our geta gets that win
at 145 against Nikka Gary just north of 10 minutes control time in that one we know how good our Guetta is with this
wrestling he can just go and go and go like an Energizer Bunny this is really going to come down to defensive
wrestling of which miles Jones is definitely very good at and I have it by the numbers in this one because his
takedown defense 92 percent he stopped 13 to 14 takedown attempts in the UFC miles Jones take down accuracy in the
UFC 5 of 26 19 this is where I have a really hard time with this matchup
though because Dan argano might not have the best percentage like you bring out for his wrestling takedowns but he is a guy no no that’s miles John sorry sorry
yes offensively but that’s another point I was going to get to both guys can wrestle but I would say Argan is
wrestling is much more at the Forefront of his game if he’s gonna go out there and win especially against ranked levels of opposition he’s gonna have to use his
wrestling and his grappling a lot more than I would say miles Jones have to even though John’s does have that weapon in his back pocket I think John’s can be
able to make archetta uncomfortable though on the back foot and that’s what this fight really comes down to can he draw a poor takedown attempts from
argana because if Dan’s able to move forward and really use his volume to then set up his own takedown attempts I
think he does have a great opportunity to win this fight but if he gets the guy moving backwards who’s shooting from that half step too far away he might
need a big shot for his troubles while he is going for some of those grappling exchanges but the thing about argetta is if he is able to get it down to the mat
I think that top pressure is gonna be a really hard time for maljustice people to overcome I think John’s can be able to defend a lot of those takedowns but
who’s a good fighter who had this in his game Alexander Augusta said here’s a good example of it great takedown defense but if you’re able to breach
that damn it kind of fell apart right he didn’t have the greatest grappling off his back I think John’s gonna be able to
have a good defensive uh wrestling on the feet but if argeta is able to get on top I don’t know if John’s gonna be
really gonna be able to a threaten the submissions off his back not a huge part of his game and also just get back up
again Against the Cage do things that are going to be able to get him back up to his feet because argetta will break his base down continually and that’s
something that’s going to help him with his game as this Fight Continues well we’ll seal this one place out because for John’s takedown defense at the
Forefront you saw it in the fight against Kevin natividad push oil the takedown attempts toss that uppercut and
that was all that she wrote and John’s is one of those guys you look at both these guys and I talk so much about the wrestling very much Russell boxers not
big in terms of the kicks but for John’s a nice job it’s Zippy it tends to hit the target and a really big overhand
right and the uppercut as well for Danner geta he’ll throw a little bit more variety to his shots but this is
going to be one of those interesting fights because for John’s again Marathon MMA Trey Ogden second week where we give
him a little bit of a shine and Garrett ironfield as well a pretty darn good fighter that’s going to be able to replicate Daniel Hoover he can grapple
in the wrestling room so when it does come down to this matchup mod argetta is the slight favorite here we have a look
at the topology votes I’m sure Cole Smith’s gonna be watching this one in Canada
be a little bit closer I think this is a really close fight I really do I’m gonna say over under
67.5 our geta I’ll say over but I think it’ll be close slightly over 670 total
votes 71 percent argeta 46 by decision 43 by submission right for the 29 that
I’ve drawn 70 by decision 18 by knockout and again forget a like I look at the
two losses that he has recently one to tertios in the ultimate fighter that doesn’t count in that one first round or
get a win second round I thought her get a one the judges gave it to tertio sudden death third round and then
tertios is able to get the win with a lot of his striking and so for argetta he has that loss to Damon Jackson where
he gets his seat belt or backpacked for a lot of it and he’s just punching whack-a-mole behind him and he had some
good success with that dude but argetta wasn’t able to get the win there other than that I mean we haven’t really seen
him tested a lot and you will against miles Jones in this fight as bad or maybe not as good I guess as he looked
against Vince Morales if I can vocalize that correctly you look at the other wins that John’s has Kevin Nativity
that tough old Anderson dos Santos that guy he fought some names that’s a nice way to put it right A lot of people he
fought some names so for me Matt when it does come down to this one I do have Daniel the determined but miles John’s
up the gut I mean when he’s throwing those uppercuts and those big straight shots up the middle that really could stifle argetta especially with a good
takedown defense John’s has so I have argeta but I think it’s gonna be a controversial decision in terms of I
think John’s gonna do more damage but argetta is going to get those high levels of takedowns and control time along with some of those stadiums I
think that’s gonna be able to outweigh the damage that John’s might potentially do on the feet but if miles Jones can make her get a pay for a lot of those
takedown attempts especially early on in the matchup it’s gonna make them a lot less frequent as this Fight Continues if
that is the case John’s has more power on the feet it is not even close between these two fighters and he could lay in
that one big shot he has a very powerful red hand like I mentioned earlier so I have Arcana but there’s a great game plan for John’s to win this fight a big
time matchup in this loaded bantamweight division make sure you check out that fight the rest of the videos on the card
homosh taking on Charles Dan next in this fight both of us going with Dan the determined argeta one of these LFA
former bandaway Champs is going to get the win it will knock wood so enjoy this while it lasts some big time fights on
this card we’ve already touched on them but that main event I can’t modify for it physique taking on gamrod keep it
locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it [Music]
on paper this is an absolute Banger coming up this weekend at featherweight
we have Brazil’s hiccardo hammers taking on Beloit Quebec Canada’s own air show
dance so Matt I’m gonna start this video off in a different way for Ricardo hamosh if you were his friend and you
decided you know what we gotta sit down we got to enjoy this Autumn the colors of the trees the pumpkin spice that’s
out there you grab yourself a nice latte you sit down with your buddy hikardo and you Ponder life you put your knee up
people can’t see it but you put your knee up you’re sitting there and you go Ricardo I get a question though about
your career just just quick I want to broach the subject just throw more spinach perhaps what the [ __ ] are you
doing for Ricardo homo smart again like the Joey Harrington jersey that I decided to wear today this guy is an
absolute Electric Factory when he’s on the feet and in certain fights he’s
amazing with his takedowns but the reason why I say if you’re harmonious friend like I don’t know how you broach
the subject because it’s going to be awkward but how much is one of those guys he trained in Brazil he trained in the States but he’s back in Brazil how
much he fought on two looking for a fight episode Brazil sounds like a reality show the Minneapolis episode
that had Nick The Tooth I don’t know why I said Minneapolis like I’m from the Midwest myself but Minneapolis and then
of course the Dana White’s looking for a fight in Maine where they made the two where they made lobster rolls and there
was a knock em up uh what was it a crash derby with the cars homosh gets a win on
both of those episodes or sorry lose the first one and then he gets to win in Maine so hamosh is in the UFC for hamosh
I mean an awesome win over eamon’s a hobby the double spinning back is so nice he had an amazing performance with
his wrestling way back against Bill algo had a bunch of takedowns in that one performance bonus over Eduardo garigori
but then where it gets squirrely he lost the fight where he struggled in the grappling against zuba everybody
loved him at AKA zuba Daniel Cormier always talked about him so glowingly zuba zubair takugov and hamosh was
supposed to fight against Austin lingo earlier on this year and you might go well Craig this is a featherweight fight
Ricardo hamosh is a featherweight yeah but uh you see the graphic there he weighed 154 pounds for a featherweight
fight for a featherweight you like the Celtics right he’s Larry Naismith I like
every time you believe in him he comes up short but guess what when he sells your stock he’s gonna prove you wrong
hamosh is Young he’s no longer training A Team Alpha Male that’s fine fair to say he’s had quite a few fights
at this time 20 Pro fight so for halamosh I don’t know what to think anymore the book’s out for Charles Jordan for the Americans that are out
there again I get it but guess what you know what I brought a prop for you guys for this week Matt and Quebec Bad Monkey
popcorn is everywhere and there’s a restaurant that’s a chain and it’s only in Quebec like your Boston Pizza if
you’re an American like you’re Applebee’s or whatever it’s called La Casio Spa I know that or if you’re an
American and you read it you might go lay L.A cage auxiliary Sports yeah maybe
but guess what you know what they make they make coat of a popcorn that’s a ribs popcorn spot this fight for me it’s
a pot and pop popcorn fight that’s why I bring this in front of you today but for jolte it’s the last time you can’t draw
a lot from it because he’s taking on Chrome grass Gracie he played that well when the fight went down to the mat he
put the phone up to his ear he held it tight and he didn’t take that call he just just let it ring and Joel Dan was
able to get the decision win out there he struggled with the grappling of Shane Burgos but you look at the fights that Gerald Dan is able to win I mean the
Marquee win being I would say Andre Ewell with the kicks with the aggression at the end of it but when you look at
this one on paper it’s an awesome fight both guys are good Strikers when the ball’s in their Court they can grapple
Joel Dani would say the takedown defense is always a concern but homo she can pick on some of those fights rights the
only X Factor that I can come up with out of the back pocket is hamosh he’s already beaten a Canadian so he’s 1-0
against Canadians in his overall pro career for all to save in the UFC
against a Montreal or I know Bello is not in Montreal but it’s right there and that was the win over eamon’s a hobby so
Matt I’m gonna open up the pot and popcorn this is my big issue with the fight and also why I’m very excited for
this matchup because I do think this should be a phenomenal fight as I was worried Craig was gonna elbow me in the face trying to open that popcorn but
both guys do have that version it’s like what I always say about Michael Lola’s shade check if I’m a used car salesman I
can make you believe he is a epic Ferrari okay that runs perfectly if I’m a real honest guy though you know it’s
probably not great I could admit some faults in this car it’s probably got some body filler you know it’s not all
pristine but when Charles is able to fight a fight on his term switching between stances using the plethora of
kicks he does have at his availability and that’s something we talk about quite a bit he is a bit of a different fighter between the two stances there’s a lot
more body kicks from that Southpaw position but I think he’s the more dangerous guy on the outside in this fight at least in terms of punching
power because hamosh is a guy who does do very well up close and it was a long ranging guy but we do see that it was
some Fighters like an Ignacio Baja Mendes for instance there’s some fighters who when you look at you assume they’re really good from that long
distance but they get a lot of their solid work done from up close the Bahamas got great elbows I like his uppercuts at the middle too and I do
think that’s gonna allow him to at least mix in his own grappling a little bit more and make it more available to his skill set but the problem I have with
Joel Dan this matchup is go back to like the Cully bow fight for instance right like Joshua Khalifa is a good fighter
don’t get me wrong he’s talented but habosh I would say is in a similar category right it’s not like other guys far better than the other homosh is able
to mix his martial arts in a similar way that a Cully bow is uses wrestling and disguise it with some of his strikes and
I think that that’s a gameplay he could follow to go out there and win the fight the issue is Jordan will sometimes fight
at that very high Pace right he’s gonna go out there try to beat you in the first round and then we’ll kind of wonder what’s gonna happen after control
then pays himself enough I guess the guy who is so aggressive in homos and I think we’ve seen Joel Dan pace himself even in the losses like he he was able
to have the rally against Shane Burgos he was able to get on the uh end of the
punches against Nathaniel wood I guess that’s a nice way to say it and then the Chrome Gracie fight is what it is for homos though I keep talking about Team
Alpha Male he was in the room when Andre feely was getting ready for Charles roll down wouldn’t that be on awesome if you
were still training there with Andre feely to kind of pick up on some of that stuff out of a win that feely had it was definitely a win even though it was a
split decision if you look at this fight it is incredibly close Joel Dan is slightly
favored at the start of this one Matt we have a look at the topology votes I’m gonna let you set them because I don’t
know where they are but it feels like they’re going to be wild 65 percent shoulder I’m gonna say under and it is
yeah see 791 total votes 78 percent for shall Jolene 70 by decision for the 22
percent of homo 66 by decision I think this is another one of those close close fights and if this one takes place on
the feet it’s going to be fireworks while it lost so I do have a hard time with the pick I’m either get your thoughts on this one but for hamosh
it’s like that old Katy Perry song you’re hot and you’re cold you’re yes than your note I don’t know what we’re getting you didn’t even wrap it or down
kid’s up and he’s down frog when it’s right it’s black when it’s light we fight we break up we kiss we make up and
forever I do think he has a great chance to win this matchup don’t get me wrong I would
say both guys well she’ll did okay let me shut the heck up shoulders not the
most well-rounded fighter right he does have defensive submissions in his repertoire but he’s not going to go with her and use a lot of the offensive
wrestling trying to get on top of you and Daniel the perfect example there was against Lando vanata we talked up his
place wrestling he goes for a takedown heading to Guillotine they went Hamish though I do think his MMA game is a
little bit more well-rounded we will see the offensive wrestling a little bit more even if he’s doing well on the feet I think he’s gonna have a hard time on
the outside though I do think those light kicks of jolday are really gonna add up on a guy like hamosh and if homosh can’t get his respect being
either with the wrestling make that a big enough threat or the power shots in his own right moving forward I really do think he’s gonna struggle against some
of the bigger shots coming back his way from Jordan you look at the losses that hamosh has zubair takuga the Lost solaro
Murphy where he gets finished that loss that he had on looking for a fight where he got submitted almost doing a lot more
winning than he’s losing I do have Quebec’s Charles Dan this one Matt Bad Monkey popcorn out of Quebec they say
puran pitan mean you didn’t do that Craig you just took
them out of the bag Matt they’re telling you toss that into the oven and just make it make it a little bit a little
bit tender tender popcorn you know what you want not when it does come down to this one we’re in agreement with Quebec
Zone Donnie Brookstone Charles Roldan coming out of that big time gym with Ian McKillip Matt some big
time fights on this card that homemade event can’t get enough of it in this division Mitchell taking on ige you’re
not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it [Music]
the fight that has me the most puzzled in terms of trying to make a pick on this entire card we have The Ultimate
Fighter season 29 middleweight winner the butcher Brian battle coming at you from the Carolinas and he’s going to be
taking on Louisiana’s own the ghost AJ Fletcher coach gave him the nicknames he doesn’t tan too well and we we relate
can relate to that Matt so when you do look at this fight AJ Fletcher it feels like he’s been kind of passed over in
the overall Walter Reed Division and the reason I say that is because last time out he withstood the early barrage of
the debuting UFC fighter out of Zimbabwe by way of South Africa themba grimbo
because Fletcher finished him in that way exactly but since then grimbo’s gone on to get his own win in the UFC and he
ended up in the headlines after the fox so for Fletcher the time away since earlier on this year hasn’t necessarily
been his friend but he ends up in a big time fight against Brian battle an asterisk next to the
weigh-in for battle because he’s got that early first round stoppage over Takashi Sato off of the win over Trey
Sean Gore so a good win there you take on Takashi Sato you get him down in the first round that’s awesome it’s a bonus
and that’s great he then goes on to lose against rinat fakhra dinov in that fight
I mean [ __ ] dinov drops him in the third round with a straight shot in tight rinse and repeat with the takedowns but battles last time out we
got a fight going on in the Carolinas he’s taking on Gabe green and Gabe green did what other Fighters have tried to do
with Brian battle like Andre petrovsky and others on the amateur circuit that I’ll get to they Blitz him they try and
either take him down or they Blitz him with a strike and Gabe green ran across the cage and Gabe green ate a big time
flurry and got knocked out in 14 seconds the only reason why the only Hometown fighter on that card didn’t get a
performance bonus was because of that ostrich he showed it at 173. so you don’t like to see that at a battle from
his last fight there but when I look at both these guys Matt I’ve long said I think a lot of other people too
including Dana White after Fletcher beat damiani over on Contender series the guy looks a little bit more like a
lightweight it’s 510 I don’t know about that but he is yeah and he tends to carry himself all right as these fights
go on now you might disagree with that and I can kind of parse that one as well Fletcher out of all his fights 10 wins
nine finishes yeah six of them in the first round and you go look at the Fletcher losses the one to Matt semel’s
Burger where all right he wins the first round looks great doesn’t win the second doesn’t win the third or his fight against angelusa looks really good at
the start orange finish is really strong both those guys though French 15ers I’d say 25 to 15 for both of those guys I
think loosa looks really good I’d say they’re about 50 to 60. I’ll give you that well that’s fair when it does come
down to this fight though Matt like I said this is the fight that I have the hardest time in the entire car trying to make a pick on because battle’s a decent
Striker but he’s really long at the end of his punch several notes to your right where who is
this something I know that’s not in them who is the last Ultimate Fighter winner who really knocked her socks off and you
thought wow this is a person who not only could go on to have a successful career but get into the rankings
challenge for a title one day I’m genuinely curious ah it’s been a minute no no
is going to win this weekend and go on a run we have two-time Ultimate Fighter with her bracketono to Canada continues
to look better do you think be honest if I’m not mistaken we’re at The Ultimate Fighter 31 five ultimate
fighters ago a new Champion was crowned Nico Montano Nico Montano oh a fighter
who didn’t fight after you said you wanted to know about chance no no I asked you who you thought would go on
and have a successful future is what I asked Zach you’ve taken two longest my whole entire point my reasoning is Kurt
hollabaugh Tuesday night Contender Sirius has taken a lot of the really good Fighters that would ultimately be on shows like The Ultimate Fighter to
try to get into the UFC and I know shows like Contender series have their own issues right we talked about this quite a bit how a lot of those fights have a
huge favor that you kind of expect to get into the UFC sooner rather than later but still that is a pipeline for a
lot of entry-level talent to get their foot in the door and make it to the UFC where salesman fighter does take a little bit longer right there’s a whole
tournament format you shoot this whole reality show this is no back to Brian battle but in his UFC wins we haven’t
learned that much more about Brian battle I know the Sato one was really impressive in terms of how he was able to execute but did we learn anything new
about Brian battle not really he knocked out a guy who wasn’t really that young in his career was a beautiful finish
don’t get me wrong tree Sean Gordon settles the score against Trey Sean Gore though something that will go down to
the annals of History they finally they they settled it one and one but for battle his last time out too I think
Gabe green is the best name on his resume don’t get me wrong but he went out there and beat him so quick that I
almost not discredit the win that sounds much too disrespectful but I can’t put a lot of stock into that win just because
it’s easier to meet a guy in 14 seconds than is to beat him in 15 minutes just in terms of we know a lot more about you
after those 15 minutes and for battle you bring it up he is a good Striker at the outset of his reach but he’s able to
keep it in a long distance type of a fight but agent Fletcher’s whole style is to counteract that is to get on the inside be that ugly fighter on the
inside and for Fletcher pacing I think is going to be very important for this fight he’s going to come out it’s gonna burn hot I don’t think he’s gonna change
himself all of a sudden but can he not burn everything in the tank so he at least has enough left to go with her and
win either round two or three because then it’s gonna be a really big question mark especially in this matchup because Brian battle likes being on the back
foot he is going to chase the Finish when he is able to but if he allows the fight to come to him he is much more
comfortable doing it that way so there’s gonna be a fight where battle might need to take a little while to get comfortable but I do think he’s the more
well-rounded fighter even though I just spent the last two minutes telling you we didn’t learn a lot about it you like everything out of both of these guys I
mean maybe one guy works a little bit quicker than the other maybe battle finds himself into a fight and then tends to Rally in certain ones and if
you look at it for battle I mentioned it fought a very very high level competition before making it even as a
pro as an amateur battle he went what eight and two he fought some big time names Cody Brundage who’s on this card
it’s a little bit of a Spider-Man meme there saying and I pfl finalists coming up on pay-per-view but for battle again
it is weird I mean he does come out of Carolina combat Sports and Fitness coach over there Tom Ziegler but some good
training Partners I mean if you’ve looked at it recently five and two amateur Mr upright Udo imena and then you also have five
and one pro Jonathan Mr up right Martin and if you do consider it for Fletcher training out of Gladiators Academy he’s
at a 10 inch reach disadvantage we’ll see if Brian battle is able to use that because sometimes he can keep Fighters
at the end of his punches sometimes Brian battle instead of moving away from the cage gets backed up realize that the
cage is there and then Brian battle stuck to it like if you hit a vape pen too many times before you went to bed
been there before uh this is the thing of a prime battle though that does concern me especially in a matchup like this if he is on the back foot and he’s
not able to gain momentum at any point and every time he is trying to incorporate those combinations he’s just getting stopped not in terms of he’s
getting hit by big shots or taken down but he’s just unable to complete a lot of those combinations I think it’s gonna be a difficult night for him but this is
a fight where battle I think does have the higher ceiling in terms of where both these Fighters could go in the
future I think Brad battle at the highest level could probably be one of those Fighters who’s in that like 16 to
22 category just to where he might not make it into the rankings but he could be a difficult fight for anybody in the
rankings first for Fletcher it just comes down to who his opponent is going to be for who he’s going to be able to go out there and get those wins against
because if you’re any fighter who’s kind of at the end of their career you might have poor striking defense and you’re not as durable as you once were you
don’t want to fight AJ Fletcher and that’s a position I could see him getting himself in and Fletcher’s got good takedowns in his own right as well
so look out for that for Fletcher battle favorite in the matchup we have a look over it on topology Matt these voters
man I’m gonna say oh over under 75 battle I think it’ll be under honestly close
favorites and no no 775 total votes 93 battle 59 by knockout for the folks that
only watch the Sato fight and the fight against Gabe green for the seven percent that have fletchered 61 by decision Matt
I have a 63-47 personally MMA in 2023 this is a main card fight of a fight
night I don’t hate this fight like just in terms of entertainment value like is this fight going to be the greatest
fight of all time no but they match up well one guy needs to move forward throws big Power shots the other guy can
get hit by big Power shots and as the susceptibility of moving backwards like I just think both guys it’s gonna be a
fun fight I don’t think this will be a bad fight by any stretch of the imagination and not the battle or Fletcher gonna go on to beat like I
don’t know who’s a good fighter at the time Colby Covington one day or Gilbert Burns or whoever name your top 15 Walter
Wade but I do think Brian battle has more components to his game and I think he has more areas to win this one if he
won by decision I wouldn’t be surprised if you gotta finish I think both guys could probably win by finish don’t get me wrong but it finally got one I
wouldn’t be surprised either and even though Gabe gray we didn’t learn a lot in that performance still a good game to have on your resume I think so you can’t
discredit it completely I like battle in the fact that if he does get taken down soccer Dean off that guy’s an MF Rule
and it does come down in the grappling for Brian battle though in the majority of his fights he’s able to get out of
some of those nasty positions but when you’re handcuffing a guy with your opposite hand and then punching it’s tough to do there so for me I do
have battle in the matchup I’ve given you kind of the synopsis on both guys how one guy could win how the other guy
could lose and vice versa so you make your own approximations on this one and make sure you let us know Down Below in
the comment section we have both of us going with Brian battle to get the win it was formerly Pooh Bear and then he
opted for the butcher that’s aggressive I think Pooh Bear is way better you don’t I think Pooh Bear is fun you
always talk about how he would a walkout song would be like Janet Jackson okay calm down have some fun let the man walk
out to Pooh Bear I’d walk out to sundown by Gordon Lightfoot so you’ve changed it
that’s my whole point I just mean if a guy wants everybody has to sport devoid of fun right everybody’s just like
calling each other bad names be real Angry all the time boo bear is a fun nickname
JM Amaze where it’s at and if you watch like the Deep jewels and the horizons of the world they know how to get down and
have some fun Matt we’ll move it forward some big time fights that are left on this card you’re not going to want to
miss any of it keep locked in with Fight Night picks we always say let’s get into it [Music]
a 2021 main event at flyweight remix the 2023 at strawweight in the three rounder
Mount we have Marina Rodriguez taking on Michelle Waterson Gomez for a second time and when you go back and you watch
that original matchup a 48-47 249 46 is a good fourth round for Waterson Gomez
she was able to Midway through the round pressure the pace get the underhook just
one of them trip takedown and once she got on top of Marina Rodriguez oh boy Rodriguez was completely lost and
started to strike off her box that’s all she had Waterson Gomez didn’t have the same success in the fifth round but she
was more aggressive in that round as well so fun re-watch there but when you look at what’s happened to both these women since that fight Rodriguez goes on
to have a fight in the night against Mackenzie Dern controversially beats Young on and then it’s been two losses
since for Rodriguez she loses to Amanda Lambert out she loses to Vina janjidoba
and she got taken down rinse and repeated in that fight so Matt when it comes down to it Rodriguez the last two
fights she was tentative on the outside against lamo she couldn’t get her striking going she couldn’t do much of anything against janjidoba for Michelle
Waterson Gomez she’s fought twice not as many times so half as many she loses in
a fight and yes it was a loss against Amanda lamosh by submission but turns out other than title fights Amanda
Lambert which is pretty good other than fighting Jessica andrej and then for Waterson Gomez her last time out she
takes on Luana Pinedo Matt in that fight majority scored that fight out there not
the judges majority for Michelle Waterson Gomez round two round three and if you watch the first round peniejo
Pinedo has a lot of success but Waterson Gomez I mean the sidekick to the leg and
the sidekick to the body they took great effect against Pinedo and even in the fifth round of the fight the Waterson
Gomez had with Rodriguez the sidekick she hits a kick to the face the Rodriguez and one of the body in quick
succession I might have mixed the two up but yet a big like well to hardriguez’s
jaw and she was moving a little bit differently as that fifth round went on so I know Waterson Gomez former Adam way
Champion Victor she she had a crazy story career she’s got what 1.6 million Instagram followers she’s the a side in
this fight even in the green watch I love you close John Cena here real quick find speech you’ve really set this up
for Watterson Gomez to go out there and have this swan song of a performance store hey she’s gonna go out there and
write the wrongs of her past and have a much more complete performance I’ll tell you right now I think Marina Rodriguez
wins this fight and this is why I know you have brought out reasons how Rodriguez has lost a previous couple of
matchups against lamosh you have to be tentative against her guess what everybody has to be because she is a
one-of-one puncher in this Division and against Vena vid is really well-rounded and has great wrestling and it’s not
wrestling from a clinch position right that we see a lot in women’s MMA it’s single legs it’s double likes and chain
wrestling and the types of wrestling that don’t allow you to create that space you brought it up yourself too when Waterson Gomez is able to get
takedowns it really is a lot of those body trips and upper body takedowns and yes she is very good at those but Marina
Rodriguez does a good job of digging under hooks I know she’s not always able to complete all of her takedown defense but she can at least defend tank jams
for people who shoot more traditional uh types of wrestling attacks whereas Gomez does go for a lot more of those Judo
type throws and if she is trying to use her hands to get into clinch and not focus defensively I think she’s gonna
need a lot of shots getting into that range because Gomez does do a good job with those Sidekicks and Fred kicks at
her long distance but every time spider with a karate hottie the karate hottie her stand up so good there have been a
number of Fighters at this stage of her career that have been able to have success against her on the feet because if you crowd that distance and get rid
of not only her footwork but her ability to throw some of those longer distance push kicks from that side stance it does
eliminate a lot of the offense from the outside because yes she can throw boxing combinations don’t get me wrong but the
boxing doesn’t have a tremendous amount of power behind and if she does get into a slugfest with a fighter like hot Vegas
okay hot Vegas came up short against lameos you’ve got me my bad but I don’t think Waterson going I I know I just
mean turns to TKO I don’t think Waterson Gomez is gonna be able to throw hands with someone like Rodriguez who might
not be a TKO artist a knockout artist but she’s definitely a damaging Striker at the very least yeah I mean a fight of
the night against Mackenzie Dern as I mentioned that what was it second round that was the one that was kind of chintzy during looking for the
submission not one but by and large how did he has had some good successes of striking but for Rodriguez coming in off
Contender series yes Contender series against uh what was it what is her nickname Spider Girl old spider girl
from down in Brazil as well the no Moss knockout or TKO win when you look at it for Marina Rodriguez and and for
Michelle Waterson Gomez Rodriguez the wave of success she had the draws which are kind of odd take down defense it was
always an issue again Carlos Esparza the random Arcos fight uh Mackenzie Dern
Amanda Lambert we ended up getting a win a finished win for Michelle Waterson Gomez the last one a split decision on a
main event against Angela Hill that was a meaningful amount of time ago but for Waterson Gomez again 18 and 11 you get
there somehow some way and it’s with fights like this so when you do look at it gonna make it a rap and not a rat now
before that 2019 for Watterson Gomez against kovalevich herrig and Courtney Casey Courtney Casey who is Chad Krueger
pick in this fight Chad Kroger uh he’d take the under on the haircut just getting rid of the ramen noodles short
for the short uh Spike Matt in this one Rodriguez a pretty darn big favorite more than a favorite now than she was in
the original matchup we have a look at the topology vote surprised us there to you but no they’re not because these votes are crazy I’m gonna say over under
90 how do you guess how about that over how about that over oh this is the thing and this is why I don’t get surprised by
the votes just because every vote’s 100 one way or the other it’s not like people are safe well no it’s just it’s
not like people are saying oh I’m six D40 this way so every time somebody votes it’s just gonna be that so okay if
you just ask somebody up front who do you think’s gonna win Waterson Gomez or Rodriguez the majority of people 93 out
of 100 I’d probably say I’m gonna say Andreas you always get very surprised by the
votes where it never really surprised you you’re making it seem like I’m Steve Brule and I don’t understand what the
consequences are of a single decision so when you do look at this one Matt there’s all put by these and I I never
understand why 93 of the fans going how did he gets 85 my decision for the seven
percent that have Waters and Gomez 73 my decision I have Rodriguez in the matchup I mean backs against the wall and when
she comes out firing with her striking she can typically get the win you don’t to see a lot of boxers beat a lot of
sidewinding kickers like Michelle Waters Gomez but again the reach advantage of Rodriguez
Wonderboy find him again yeah exactly I’m gonna go with Marina how do you guys in the rematch I got Marina Hardware
guys it is no disrespect to Waterson Gomez and you might not even look at the ages and think wow they are quite similar in ages so maybe they do have a
similar amount left in the tank a supermarkets and Gomez she has spent a lot of time fighting at the highest level she looked really good against an
up-and-coming Prospect in Canada or last time out but that’s the big difference like you had a close fight that could have gone either way with an up and
coming Prospect Rodriguez thought Vina who’s really good and has been around the rankings for a very long time
basically her whole entire career and lost to lame-o she was the number one Contender like if she fought penajo she
beat the brakes off her so I think Waterson Gomez has the skills to win I just don’t know if she’s gonna be able
to go out there and enforce them so for that reason I’m hungry I guess we will see who gets the win both of us going with Brazil’s Marina Rodriguez to get it
done Matt co-main event it’s awesome could be a main event if Dan ige taking on Bryce Mitchell that’s coming up next
make sure you check that out you toss a like on the way out and keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say
let’s get into it foreign [Music]
Banger in the co-main event coming up this weekend it’s number 10 versus number 12 thug nasty Bryce Mitchell
taking on 50K DNE a resurgent Danny yay who is on a bit of a dry spell but his
last two times out finishing Action Jackson knocking him out and by goodness
by golly by Jeeps did he ever nearly finish old Nate the train landwear and a
lot of fans are landware fans and he wasn’t able to get it done in that one Matt ige looked really good in that
matchup and for Bryce Mitchell again nothing but winning since losing the bracketon on The Ultimate Fighter
two-time Ultimate Fighter winner Brad Katona Mitchell starts off by beating Tyler Diamond it’s Off to the Races and
from close fights when he entered the UFC being more or less a Grappler Bryce Mitchell adding a little bit more
striking to his back pocket training in California you see him with halfway Cordero a little bit but of course
everybody’s gonna remember dropping itson Barboza in real life with a punch in tight that really did happen for
Bryce Mitchell but his last time out when he was still at a little bit of adversity against Ilya toporia the
Little Wheel yeah but the wheels they really did fall off from a little bit of adversity though for Mitchell he was
originally supposed to take a fight not that long ago earlier on this year against JSP Jonathan Pierce and then it
was to be mobzar evoyev that one at UFC 288 the fight fellow Bryce Mitchell had
an injury and I’ll throw up a little bit of an article there from MMA junkie quoting the Instagram post from Bryce
Mitchell but seemed like he kind of referenced the disc issue in his back earlier on this year so hopefully that’s
all healed up for Mitchell because when Mitchell is on with his takedowns I mean we all remember 10 8 abound against
Charles Rosa not even getting the submission synced up the win over mat sales by twister there’s only a few of
them in the UFC Mitchell Damon black sheer and the Korean zombie who was able to beat Danny yay so I know you’re
really excited about this fight one guy is a quick timely Striker out of extreme
tour and one guy again lights out Jiu Jitsu at West Side I’m a man Arkansas what I really like about this fight is
that it’s Bryce Mitchell’s opportunity to prove that he has everything that danike has already proven that he does
have right because you bring it up he has fought a lot of the fighters in the rankings at this stage of his career and I know he hasn’t always been able to go
out there and beat everybody but he is so well-rounded at this stage of his career that hey it’s not like hey you’re
such a good wrestler you’re just gonna wash him with the grappling or you’re such a talented Striker you just completely wash him on the feet because
he does have a lot of different layers to his Gamers but Bryce Mitchell he is trying to become more than just that
Grappler like you would mentioned that was something that not only got him to the dance but had a fairly hyped up upon his entry and Rise throughout the UFC
but against Superior he did get hurt especially earlier on in that matchup and those were by primarily looping
shots which is what I am going to be watching him for with the Danny gay because ige with a lot of his more powerful strengths is a more up the
middle kind of guy so he knocked out Gavin Tucker of course that beautiful straight right earlier on in that matchup but he can throw looping shots
around the guard as well and that’s something that I think we’ll take time for him to gauge as this Fight Continues but that’s where I think this fight’s
gonna be really important if Bryce Mitchell he might have to go for a lot of takedowns to finally be able to get one right I don’t think he can outstrike
Danny gay on the outside I think he can have some success don’t get me wrong just with his jab with his longer distance Hebrews his feet quite well too
I’d say for a guy who’s primarily a Grappler I know he’s not someone who’s going to kick a lot but for a guy who shows up to the photographs wearing
kickers just well yeah you wouldn’t think he’s light on his feet probably someone like you know the dance music
starts playing he’s surprisingly light he starts doing flips I speak for Bryce Mitchell he is a little bit awkward with
his striking he’s got very upright hands holds his feet quite close together but he does a decent job moving in it when
he’s not caught up against the cage and his striking has continued to improve my real question is can he avoid the bigger
shots of danike before he is able to secure some of those takedowns because he gave some more complete fighter no doubt in my mind I think he’s the better
maybe even offensive wrestler from being honest because he does have good takeouts but I don’t think he can
defensively grapple with a guy like Bryce Mitchell and that’s why this fight is so important you guys gonna have to do a lot of work on the feet I believe
if he is getting taken down a couple of times because I think the work that Bryce Mitchell’s able to do on the mat
will be able to counteract minutes of control and success the Danny game might have on the feet if he’s not able to get knocked out you look at it for ige I’m
gonna pick four of his losses in the UFC because there’s five of them you look at the Calvin kator Main Event not once a
little bit of a loss the song The Wash the song you don’t fight where yidong or song you know I’m jumping Jeepers Chan
song Jung where the Korean zombie was able to work in the wrestling with his strike and get it done Danny gay going
out against Josh Hemet getting dropped by an overhand right early rallying through the first round having an ultimately competitive fight against
Emmett the eventual title Challenger for the interim belt against Rodriguez and gets mobs are of Loya it was a
Washington wrestling but I would Hazard a guess forget about the Diego Lopez fight I would think that if loyev would
have a competitive fight with Bryce Mitchell in fact I thought of Loya would have beaten Bryce Mitchell in their matchup if we go back earlier on to this
year when it does come down to this match I’m at ige the other loss Julio Mercy tricky boxing Southpaw and that
was in their respective view of C debuts UFC 220 in Boston when it does come down to this one you bring it up I mean the
looping shots for ige end of the first round less than 15 seconds left against Nate land where who
does that high guard walk forward big left hook all the way across the cage into the
cage and if the cage wasn’t there land where it would have been a knock down and then you look at it in the second round and there was another big left
hook and that was a knock down as well Danny a the hand speed the boxing to the head to the body not a big kicker both
these guys again we talk about heads and Barbosa wins but Bryce Mitchell did it in impressive fashion I didn’t think
Danny ate him I was at a camp watching that fight in the middle of the Wilderness and I thought jumpins I I
don’t think Danny how do you get dropped in like every round and somehow still win the decision that’s my question well
we will see what we get out of this matchup mop but again Bryce Mitchell return from injury we’ll see how it
plays out for him for Danny gay riding another wave of success ige the underdog Bryce Mitchell slight favorite minus
160. we have a look at the fan vote Matt one guy’s a massive fan favorite one guy
had a lot of Main Event spots though so he has been in the Forefront for a while
I know it’s been yeah but he’s been the B side of every Main Event spot how many have made events is Bryce Mitchell how many posters has Bryce Mitchell been on
perfect I bet there’s a lot more people in their bedroom that have Bryce Mitchell posters and it’s probably by
the Dozen not by the hundred but Matt we look at the topology votes I’m gonna say over under 70 Mitchell
uh you’re gonna say under oh look at that 850 total votes 72 Mitchell 74 by
decision for the 28 that I have Danny gave 53 of a decision 40 by knockout I said Farmers Almanac I don’t mean that
as a joke but for Bryce Mitchell this guy’s got a very interesting life outside of MMA like raising his own uh
livestock planning his own uh fruits and vegetables do you like meat the last thing you should ever do is meet a cow
because they’re surprisingly sweet they are but for Bryce Mitchell I I like watching that type of content like the
the the the naturalist Among Us the the folks that do the hunting and the fishing I like watching that I love it
every day yeah Hunting Fishing loving every day I can do a pretty good Luke Bryan impression too maybe I’ll break that one out on this episode I’ll set
you up perfectly for me with uh with Danny you get to get the
win in this matchup I think the Striking is gonna carry him to a win I think he’s a little bit quicker on the feet I made such a big inhale there that I couldn’t
let it out here’s the thing everything about me picking fights on this channel suggests that I should pick Danny gay I
do think he’s the more well-rounded fighter he has more five round experience to where not that I think that matters in this type of three round
atmosphere but just that I have confidence in his gas tank right I know he can stay well for 25 minutes I think he’s gonna get controlled on the math
though for at least two rounds and for that reason I think Brian Smith is going to have success it might look ugly on the feet while he is accepting some
shots from Danny gay but I think it’s a certain point he’s gonna be able to secure the takedown and if he gets on top of each I just don’t think he can
grapple with him you talked at two speed there maybe even 10 speed not going with Bryce Mitchell to get the win I’m gonna
be saying m-o-v-e I like the way I like the way Danny game moves on the feed I’m gonna
go with tan ige to get the win in this one with the Frog under the chat split
on the pick the Luke Bryan out of the back pocket normally that only comes we
told people 45 sec that’s the one that I don’t do on command and I did it for
thousands in attendance Matt we’re split on the pick in this one let us know who we have in the fight the main event
fizzy versus gamra Striker versus Grappler a fight going back to the first
UFC I mean Ken Shamrock taking on hoist Gracie you’re not gonna want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting picks we
always say let’s get into it [Music]
time a bit sorry main event on this card we have a Raphael faziv taking on one
metage gamerat as always one half of your host into a Craig Allen Twitter and Instagram Craig Allen FNP with me to my
left ear right respective socials Matt Allen FMP and people can get up about this fight this is a poster style type
of fight between one of the best strikers that you’re gonna find at lightweight against the guy who seems to get dropped in every fight but by golly
by gosh is he ever a good Grappler it’s a former two division ksw champ we’re talking about metouch Gamera and Matt
this is one of those fights that if you’re watching it at a bar you’re gonna need a little bit of like a
Sean McVay holder for one of your friends because one of your friends is going to get loud he’s gonna get Rowdy and somebody’s gonna have to grasp the
small of his back and hold him back so he doesn’t just upset beers and get way too excited for no good reason between
Gamera and physique Now Matt when I look at this fight physiv his last time out a
loss to eventual BMF champ Justin gaichi majority decision loss the judges were
all over the place and scoring the particular rounds for that one but was it a 10-8 in the third for gaichi well
one of the judges scored it that way and for metaus gamrod his last time out one of those classic gamron style fights the
split decision win over Jalen Turner he gets popped by a little right hand and tight in the first round so much so that
the commentary doesn’t even notice it he gets popped by that he drops down and he turns that knock down to a whoopsy doo
and then he gets a takedown off and you bring it up gamron has been hurt in a lot of his fights but I was thinking
about this earlier there was always a fighter that you wanted a potential opponent of khabib to fight on his way
of the rankings who was that opponent you wanted anybody to fight before they [ __ ] could be Tony Ferguson Kevin Lee oh
yeah Kevin Lee is going to somewhat test you on the feet right he’s a powerful Striker but somewhat incomplete with his
striking but he’s a phenomenal wrestler really good Grappler too so any potential title Challenger out there who
could you know maybe realistically fight Habib one day I always wanted them to fight Kevin Lee because it was a great
precursor before you got to that title shot matosh gamrod is my new Kevin Lee for this Division and some people might
think that’s a shot at game Rock but I do not mean it that way in the slightest because gamron does have a great wealth
of MMA not only experience but knowledge as well you break it up he is a good Grappler a great wrestler but Sally gets
a zero on the feet right he’s a powerful Striker he can get ugly when the fight needs to get ugly and he’s a good technical boxer from the outside when he
really wants to be but the thing about game Rod is they’re wrestling in the grappling along with the cardio has reached a level or just at a level now
to where any fighter who is making their way through the rankings but before they fight Islam I want them to fight matosh
just because I do think it is a great kind of here’s the Charmander to Islam’s Charizard if you will I just think it’s
a great first step if you do ever Envision a fighter potentially getting to a title well and I even in making the mistake you look at the camera out fight
against Jalen Turner Southpaw it was a short left hand that drops gamma not a right he drops down he ends up into a
takedown and good wherewithal from Turner even when he got taken out he’s trying to push himself up get back up
and gamra you know him 2014 2019 ADCC European champ continues to go with what
got him to the dance a Freestyle Wrestling background is what gamrod has he still trains with all of the big
names out of Poland you see that at the beginning of his camp but Boris mankowsky also still making the Trek
with him two American top team to get in some of that good quality training against some of the best in the world and it’s always fun to go that’s where
America’s top team is and that’s where kill Cliff FC is and they’re very very close together physiv you know the story
I mean the kickboxing lineage the alleged and I say alleged because I’m sure there’s other numbers but 39 and 8
in kickboxing but the Striking coach at Tiger Muay Thai trains out of kill Cliff FC with the one and only Nick Lance he’s
gonna be worth work in those Guillotines for old physiv in the wrestling room but when I look at this fight Matt the reason why I made the mistake with Jalen
Turner right hand left hand I went back and watched so much tape on My Touch camera to get ready for this one I said
listen let’s put the specs on and let’s get excited I got specs here somewhere there we go you know he’s the prop king
of MMA let’s put them on I put the specs on they’re self-appointed the crop on the throne he sits wow we’ll see but
when I looked at it for Gamera the reason I made the mistake I went back and watched his fight against Mansour Barney Lee and I know Mansour didn’t win
his last fight with Bellator he was thought no but he was thought to at least go out there and maybe even win
the title over with Bellator in the comeback in damn it makes he had a lot of a long time off he would do the brand
premise gamrod in that fight gamron striking was non-existent he had great
wrestling great scrambles but mansor walks him down with his hands about here throws a right hand gamot’s just there
to be hit he gets dropped he bounces back up and same as exact thing he gets himself into a scramble position and
ends up on top so going back watching the gamerat fights his knock down ratio just in the UFC is one four to four
against you remember the Hot Sauce Holtzman performance in the night bonus you remember the Jeremy Stevens finish that was done pretty quickly you
remember the fight against armin’s rookie where he gets dropped by spinning breakfast or guram katatalozzi where you get hits gets hit by an overhand Oregon
spinel Darius who once it gets in tight he eats a complete overhand left one of
the cleanest non-knocking strikes you will ever see and then gamrod’s back into it so in this matchup Matt I mean
for physiv we haven’t touched on it his loss wins he’s only got power from one side of course he is known as the Jalen
Brown oh wait sorry my sources are telling me physique can throw from both stances physiv his last win a main event
it’s a free fight out there in the UFC’s YouTube channel one of the greatest Grapplers in lightweight and somewhat welterweight
history Rafael dos anjos and in that one he was able to defend what was it 14 of
16 Los Angeles attempts walks him down at the end of that fight gets the win physique Matt I mean apart from the two
losses one in a UFC debut that most people forget about on all time spinning yeah ish I guess they say type of
fighter a coconut head before it’s been popular once again if you’re embroidery is like excuse me you take that back you
look at Joe burrow now and then you look at magaman Muslim what a bad quarterback of an Owen two teams what’s the five of
Rands so Joey B could walk but mustafai have finished this physique he wins a ton of fights in a row and the craziest
stop for fizzy that jumps off a page his last six fights all bonus worthy all
bonus worthy this is a weird way to break down this fight but maybe I’m looking too much into the knockdown
ratio that game Rod has because you bring it up he has been dropped a lot more times than he’s going out and getting The Knockouts even though I
don’t really care about the knockdowns for as much as the knockdowns against physique stays taught like if the going
gets tough I know physique is still going to be in the fight right if it gets submitted that’s a different story the fight’s over there’s nothing you can
do but unless he gets knocked out or submitted or brought to the level of exhaustion where he just can’t respond
with powerful shots I think he’s always gonna have an opportunity to win this fight like gamron has to mind his p’s
and q’s so much more than physiv does because if Raphael gets taken down a few times yes he’s going to be out of threat
not only at the ground and pound but the submissions but he’s gonna get another round and another opportunity to get back up to his feet and have that
striking advantage that I do think he’s going to have in this fight whereas gambrat has to avoid those big shots over and over and over again and if
Armin sarukian can drop you with a spinning back fist Raphael physique is one of the better in combination Strikers we have seen and I do think
cameras can be able to avoid the initial big shot but if does what he did against like Moy Conor is always a great example
because he goes head body head and the fight is over there is no second guesses from waikato if he fights like that
version to where he’s moving forward he’s confident he’s throwing in combination I don’t think camera durability can hold up against those
type of powers well and you look at it for gamron he’s not great fights in the OC don’t get me wrong again more bonuses
uh Holtzman Stevens fighting the night against gurram and Ironman zurukian but for gamrat you go back and watch those
ksw fights the three fights against Norman Park the third one he is boxing Norman Park he’s he’s I’d say he’s
boxing his ears in he’s boxing his right eye up to the point that it ends up in the third round and if I could do a
little bit of a Northern Ireland type of accent to it please do you see the doctor come in you see Norm perco off
and then it’s the end of the fight the doctor ends it his eye is swollen so bad
and gamra again from Barn owy from the early fights with ksw to beating Park in
the third fight to then a month later fighting Marin shulkowski who was the ksw lightweight champ after gamrod left
unfortunately injuries have kind of derailed jokowski now and Paul Nas has been able to carry that torch once more
but when I do look at this fight Matt again gamra even when he gets her hurt he’s not out in any of these fights and
for physiv the takedown defense has been really really good in the UFC he’s been able to defend and defend and defend
some more so when we do look at this one Matt physiv he is slightly favored in the matchup and these Main Events we
don’t throw it over to topology we throw it out to you guys and I threw it out late this afternoon I think there’s been
quite a few votes I’ll I’ll load it up a little bit more as we go along 69 going
with Raphael fasive to get the win in the comments section Matt Eric Axel’s out there every time this might be one
of the rare fights where a three rounder would be more interesting gamrod has a better gas tank will likely banking off the five rounds to win a grinding
decision Moro one of my fave upcoming fights by far you know what I’m down on some of the prelims but this is a great
Main Event I’m excited about this one I actually looked forward to doing the tape study to this versus tamiris Vidal
Montserrat Rendon that’s a real fight crazy Pato saying I have to lean towards
gamrat his chain wrestling will make physiv hesitant or hesitate with a straight breaking while his high-paced
grappling style will dream for these guys stay faster and everybody’s going to point the Bobby green fight of the gas tank evading physiv in the third
round of that one and we’ll go with one more Drew Jen saying fizzy will have no answers for game rots Matt game smart as
is the usual the commenters who are the loudest have the underdog in the matchup whereas the masses going with the other
fighter being physive but I’m eager to get your thoughts on some of those comments and what you think about the fight I’m surprised so many people do
have Gamera just because we have seen them susceptible to the big shot from Far lesser Strikers than a Raphael
physique and like if physique fought Norman Park I’m just gonna make that face I don’t
really think I need to say anything it’s quite a while ago though Nate beat him though pretty soundly is all I’m trying to say my point is for gambra he had a
lot of difficult fights before he made it to the UFC and this is a talking point for even just to get you before he made it it was hey how much of himself
did he spend before he made it to the UFC and you don’t want to say you know a lesser promotion because World Series of
fighting when gaichu was there at ksw right right now there’s good Fighters and there’s even off there are high
level professional MMA organizations but for gamrat he accepted a lot of damage on that that scene in ksw and he’s
continued to accept it on the biggest show in the UFC and he hasn’t made those adjustments even in the wins we’re still
seeing him getting clipped by shots and that’s why I bring it up this is a fight where gambra could win 24 and a half
minutes of it and that would still be a little bit worried that fazeem could land that big shot as it goes down the stretch because physiva in the RDA fight
like you bring up like I know he’s had some cardio issues in his fights but I always bring up pacing a lot more than
cardio because I believe pacing is a bigger issue for Fighters Than Just Pure Cardio is I mean a lot of professional athletes can go out there and throw just
100 significant strikes for instance in uh three five round atmosphere right like you’re a professional athlete you
get paid to do this you should probably be able to but Fighters do have a problem with burning very hot that first round but just picking a lesser version
of himself in Ram two and round three and for Ziva I think he firmly falls into that category we do have enough evidence now to where hey he’s got big
Power around three four and five I don’t think he’s gonna be a fighter that only has a few takedowns to defend before he becomes the Lesser version of himself
I’m gonna take a big deep breath to give my prediction I’ve Raphael physique I think this is a
phenomenal fight and it’s one of those great fights that I always enjoy because you wonder how many more opportunities both guys are going to get fighting guys
in that top 10 before they kind of just get resulted in hey you’re fighting guys in the up and up more than you’re trying
to fight your own way up the ranking so it’s an important fight for both Fighters I think we’re gonna get the best version of both athletes but I just
think this is a little bit more lethal with the strikes historically I picked against physiv I think of the moycano
fight and historically I picked matosh gamra to win fights I talked up gamer out on the way into the UFC with this
Eve I wasn’t sold and then I wasn’t sold against Mustafa and it just left a bad taste in my mouth and that’s just a part
of Being Human I guess but when I do look at this matchup mod for physiv the possible 10-8 I mean if I’m not
mistaken the 1080 with a lot of corn Shots by Paul Sutherland he said that was a 10-8 in the third round Colette
scored round two round three gaichi Werner scored round one round three for gaichi and Sutherland scored round one
around two for physique so kind of all over the place with the way that the rounds were scored in that matchup but for ziv again you go back ISO sanjos
over the hill I don’t know I thought he looked good against moicano and abbreviated 106 pound catch weight main event but Physique in that one again
defending 14 to 16 overall takedown attempts 60 takedown defense in the UFC so far gamerat’s the guy that’s going to
test that awesome endurance great conditioning for gamrat for physive there’s always going to be questions
there but I do ever so slightly have Raphael physiv in the matchup in this one they’re huge next right
I think you just get to carry that one forward make that fight but Matt some big time fights on the skirt some ones
you can get excited about the last three feature all six rank fighters on the card you have the debut of monster and
don’t at the start of it you got some prospects littered throat Ultimate Fighter 29 winner Ultimate Fighter 30
winner and everything in between only an 11 fight set as of Sunday night when we tape these so if there’s any changes to
it make sure you check it out here make sure you subscribe so you know that when we are about to go live we do question
mark kicks that’s typically two hours before the prelims this is a card in Vegas at the Apex those are normally at
a normal time it’s not in Australia or France or any other you know non-vegas
location if you will so the start time should be normal for that one but as a crutch always two hours before the
prelims you can find us at Craig Allen FMP I’m at all in FNP I’ve done a Luke Bryan impression I’ve eaten rib flavored
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your way out you’re going to want to keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it