Chael Sonnen Talks UFC 293, Shocking UFC Upsets, More | The MMA Hour


Chael Sonnen, former UFC fighter and current ESPN analyst, recently appeared on The MMA Hour to discuss various topics, including the upcoming UFC 293 event, shocking upsets in UFC history, and more. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the highlights from Sonnen’s interview.

Sean Strickland’s Surprising Victory

Sonnen started off by discussing Sean Strickland’s recent victory and how it was a surprise to see him perform so well. Sonnen described Strickland as a “gentleman” and a great performer. However, he noted that Strickland’s brand-building efforts and his behavior on the microphone were not what Sonnen expected from the person he knew.

Sonnen also mentioned that he had stayed in touch with Strickland and was proud of his accomplishments. He shared an incident where Strickland participated in a submission underground event and faced off against Andy Varela, a highly skilled grappler. Despite Strickland’s lack of experience in grappling, he managed to hold his own against Varela. However, in a surprising turn of events, Strickland turned his back on Varela, who then swiftly locked in a body triangle and a choke, leading to Strickland tapping out.

Sonnen acknowledged that while this upset was significant, he didn’t consider it the biggest upset in UFC or MMA history. He compared it to other notable upsets, such as Holly Holm knocking out Ronda Rousey and Matt Serra defeating Georges St-Pierre. Sonnen believed that the manner in which Strickland won, through a long drawn-out battle, made it a remarkable upset.

Valentina Shevchenko’s Rematch

Sonnen also discussed the upcoming rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. He expressed his belief that Grasso had a chance to defeat Shevchenko, especially after her submission victory in their first fight. Sonnen noted that Shevchenko’s previous performances had shown signs of decline, making the rematch an intriguing matchup.

Sonnen further highlighted the depth of the women’s flyweight division, mentioning the upcoming fights between Erin Blanchfield and Manon Fiorot. He expressed his excitement for the division and its potential for compelling matchups.

Sonnen’s Return and Missed Opportunities

Towards the end of the interview, Sonnen touched on his return to ESPN and the missed opportunity to include a mention of his return in the press release. He jokingly mentioned that he still receives inquiries about “Harold the bad guy,” a character he played in the past. Sonnen also addressed the immediate rematch debate, agreeing with the notion that a rematch could overshadow the initial victory and make it seem as though the first win never happened.

In conclusion, Chael Sonnen’s interview on The MMA Hour covered a range of topics, from surprising upsets to upcoming fights. Sonnen provided his insights and opinions on these subjects, offering readers a glimpse into his perspective as a former fighter and current analyst. His analysis of Sean Strickland’s victory and the upcoming rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko adds depth to the discussion of these fights. Sonnen’s return to ESPN and the missed opportunity to mention it in the press release also provides a lighthearted moment in the interview. Overall, Sonnen’s interview offers valuable insights and opinions for MMA fans to consider.

my old friend he’s your pal and mine one half of Ariel and the bad guy
jlp there he is hey chill how are you a little tardy you know poor Curtis Curtis came in here
he’s doing his little segment you’re doing the best he can he knows he’s got to follow Uncle chill you rushed him Errol you basically said here’s your hat
what’s your hurry and you know what you did the right thing Curtis when I show up your mouth goes silent glad to be
here partner can I it’s because there’s a few things that we need to address off the top I’m going to blow by the uh the
tardiness because it’s very unlike you but you know it’s Monday and you probably were busy let’s go I mean chill
I’m on vacation I’m trying to enjoy my time with my family and then I see like her I was gonna report your Twitter
because I thought it was an impersonator just harassing me on Twitter it’s like I don’t know where we stand are we friends
are we not friends are we like you know it’s just like a lot of yeah yeah I am aware that it is very hard to make
money and to get business discussing MMA right now I’m aware that the leadership in certain positions have gone ahead and
done everything they could do to make this one of the importance to discuss and it’s been like a five-year plan but they’re
really getting there however as I watch you hedge your bet and try to pretend that you watch basketball which there’s
no way that you do you even extended Us in the darks now there’s five people in the world that know anything about darts or want to watch so it’s not like the
world’s biggest scam but now you’re getting into soccer as though you possibly care it’s not true when you’re
on vacation to your own point you were right there on Twitter you weren’t over there watching a football game I just
called you out on it I mean it’s just it’s a it’s a tough thing you’re welcome in our community you’re loved by our community you’re 15 times I said 15 time
journalist of the year you’re going to win it a 16th time again because the people love you the darts people don’t
care and neither do the soccer people or the football people or the basketball player quit the ACT you’re our guy just
be our guy it’s not and by the way don’t be afraid to go heal the fact that there is no promoter in any promotion that has
anything of interest to discuss with us like that’s really not you and I’s fault I think that we should do a whole topic
on that MMA is around me I’m looking for other things to do I went through a Taco Bell drive through with my entire
production team filmed my order put that up and beat anything that I did MMA related by twofold okay well that is a
fascinating take are your feelings the same after Saturday
well no not from my perspective I love it I think there’s two stories coming out of Saturday number one of course is
the Sean Strickland’s the champion of the world but the number two story it Rivals at heart fabricus duplicity is
not the number one Contender will not be next for the belt and missed a massive opportunity I think that those two hand
in hand are equally a Fascination okay let’s start with Sean I actually had a
bit of deja vu watching that fight I was I was back in 2010 Oakland California UFC 117 this felt a
lot like Chael Sonnen versus Anderson Silva the fight was different right like the the actual action was different
there was a lot of wrestling and takedowns and ground upon your fight but it was like holy you just watched this thing round by round by round
unfortunately at the very last second everything it didn’t happen but I was wondering in the back of my head like are we gonna see the same thing did that
thought ever cross your mind as you were watching the fight on Saturday I had a little bit of a different experience Ariel I was at the Roseland
Theater I had just I just married I I was the I or the minister I had just married Brittany’s brother so my
brother-in-law and Miss Kimmy got married I leave that and I try to put in an appropriate amount of time you know
there’s dancing a little after Affair a race across town I got the whole family with me so I got to stop at Joe’s drive-thru I gotta get burgers and fries
for the kids I I raced them to the Roseland Theater for an amateur event of which I’m taking in and I’m hosting and
I’m also sitting there with my phone open trying to watch Sean Strickland and Izzy but the reason I give you all that
background is I really do think this is a fascinating way to go about it because Daryl I saw the knockdown in the first round I saw Sean try to swarm him there
was a rule in fighting if you go for the Finish you will not win a decision and I really did think that that was Sean is
using all of his energy and Sean is not going to be able to continue if this fight doesn’t get stopped instead he recomposed himself now I’m looking down
I got five other things going on but I’m looking down at my phone over the course of the next uh 20 minutes which constitutes four rounds they were on the
feet the whole time they never were anywhere but defeat so in my mind okay Izzy must be beating him Izzy must have
beat him four rounds to to the one I got to give him the one because he had the knockdown that’s what I thought from not watching it closely I had no idea that
Sean Not only was whipping him he was beating him at his own game that’s amazing Arrow that’s what dreams are made of right Sean would have not had
this experience he would not have had this approach he would not have this confidence had he not taken that ass
kicking from Alex Pierre as tough as that was for him to swallow in that moment it looked like a number one Contender ship lost the things that he
learned that I need to respect against the superior Striker it’s that match is what led him to be able to do that to
harassany on Saturday night can you elaborate on that what do you mean by that well Sean goes out there and you know
when I talk about Sean I talk from a very personal standpoint because I spotted this guy every single day
he keeps his hands down not where you want him he does this with his hands now you’ll see this stance a lot in boxing
you’ve only seen it twice in MMA that’s gone well Chuck Liddell and Sean Strickland guys are not supposed to hold
their hands like this unless you have a 16 ounce glove on that changes uh all the opportunities so he then puts
himself right in the fire at all times he’ll throw kicks at you at all times instead if you throw a kick you got to get offline more importantly you throw
something the kick is the last thing to go as a distraction Sean makes these little tiny mistakes because he likes it
he likes to DARE the opponent the whole time I dare you to hit me I dare you to take me down he really learned and he
fought a lot smarter fight he gained confidence as that Izzy fight went on the strategy that his coach had laid out
for him right and Coach Nixon even made this public but it was to make it dirty and that means get your get your hands
on the guy old school Randy Couture dirty boxing have your hands on him non-stop pushing him chasing him down
Sean let all of that go and even as I’m watching it I’m going back doing my life and I’m watching them come back to my
regular life I knew that Sean was getting away from the game plan I knew that somewhere in there he put him down
he liked that feeling so much he wanted to put him down one more time and I thought that he was getting careless now it turns out that I had all of that
wrong there’s a reason that you need to watch the fight or really pay close attention if you want to give an analysis since I have gone back and
rewatched the fight I gotta stick with that though Sean did throw the game plan out the window which makes it all the
more impressive right okay so let me ask you your thoughts going into the fight how did you actually think this fight would play out
well I’m gonna go back and quote Eric Nixon who was the coach and he just said this matchup is a effing nightmare for
Sean and there’s so much truth to that era like I could really brag to you about what a good wrestler that Sean is but I’d have to finish the thought which
is defensively from a wrestling standpoint he is so incredibly difficult to get down he’s so
incredibly difficult to hold down that’s what Jose Aldo did just by example Jose was an excellent wrestler but he never
used it for offense this is what uh Sean has and now you got
to look at is there a lot of sun you see that professional kickboxing wrestler record what was it it was like 29 and two it’s off the top of my head but it
was just beautiful and it was decorated he does things on his feet he does things in the stand-up which is where Sean is going to be forced to face him
it was an awful match-up it was one that when DraftKings said it was a six to one spread on Sonia’s favor I saw it the
same way okay so you thought it was a horrible match you thought Izzy would win now that the fight actually plays
out the way in which it did in your opinion was that all Sean Strickland on Saturday or I think
there’s four things that you could say I’m not saying I’m subscribing I’m still not even quite sure what the make of all of it to be honest but number one do you
subscribe to the notion that Izzy has been fighting too much fourth fight since you know July of 2022 when he
fought Jared kennedyar did he take him lightly did he just kind of look past Sean with the big fights against the
likes of Hamza Rodriguez coming up next uh did he perhaps yeah I don’t know was he distracted all week there was a lot
going on he’s tweeting a storm he’s you know he’s battling all kinds of different factors or maybe it was just the punch in the first round that
changed the course of the fight are any of those things at play here or was it just Sean and Eric nixik and the team
showing up and fighting better well all
far going to need to be built story if we’re going
like we didn’t need a six round we didn’t need a tenth round there was nothing about what you saw that screams rematch other than one of the biggest
draws in the sport just took the biggest upset of 2023. and the reason I say that
Ariel if what you said is true and it very well may be that’s all mental and you’ll
always get some jerk every 10 years that writes a mental side book think this way and retrieve your achieve your dreams
it’ll put on Amazon for 20 bucks there’s nothing about the sport that is mental if you told me this physically
physically Izzy had a bad Shin so he couldn’t throw that kick and that kick is what sets up the uppercut if it had
anything to do with physicality I would listen but the sport is all physical the judges will never look to see how did
you feel there’s no criteria for did this guy get enough sleep last night that no judges are going to sit down and
and barter back and forth on did he tweet too often this is his fourth fight since July it’s this guy’s fifth fight
since July but we’re going to leave that detail out like the whole thing gets really weird if it has anything to do with the mental game it’s fake if it has
to do with the physical game which is what the guy really should be writing a book to put on Amazon for I’ll listen I
mean everybody I take the time to make that point because history says we’re going into an immediate rematch I mean the last time somebody took a belt away
from Montesano we get them right back in there even though it meant that Izzy had lost three times uh consistently to this
guy two of them by finish whatever it took to get the belt back around Izzy so I think that we’re gonna do the rematch with Sean but you do have to be able to
answer one question what’s going to be different why are we rematching them and based on what I saw I mean Sean came out
of that ring and said I don’t think he was trying this is Sean’s quote he said I don’t even think he tried he was worse
than my bad training partners and those are the kind of things that are going to fire Israel a lot of Sonya up Izzy is
going to want this rematch he’s going to be ready to go he’s not going to use any of those excuses that other people are trying to give him but guys like you and
I if we’re going to do a rematch do have to wonder what’s going to be different this time I mean Sean fought him with the wrong game plan not the game plan
that his coach gave him fought him in his realm and beat him four rounds to one if you were Dana White Hunter
Campbell you were the decision maker are you doing the immediate rematch are you going in a different direction
I’m doing an immediate rematch for sure because hey the bigger thing lost there like getting these two back together I’m
sure they did a fine piece of business and I’m sure next time will be even better right the sequel generally does better than the original
but none of them will do what duplicity and Izzy had building I mean they had
this entire nation to the point that you were having to review interviews have you got to review interviews your fight
is going to be very hot and it just seems like that was the one to try to preserve I don’t think we have a smart
85 powder out there if you have a smart 85 pounder he’d be calling out two policies with everything that he’s got right Bo nickel is not going to get an
opportunity to fight Strickland or Izzy for the title next but he could do everything he’s got and he could get
that duplicity fight in duplicity is obviously next even if it’s next from the next it’s still got next next to it
they should all be going after him they should all see what has been lost and what opportunity there is I predict for
you they don’t do any of those things but I think in 105 is very interesting right now and no matter what happens I
mean if they go into a rematch as you buy yourself a little bit of time to Exhale and get the plans together
shamaya versus Paulo Costa just became the number one contenders match it wasn’t originally it was the number one
contenders match Fortune if Jeremiah wins and they were gonna that rug and reveal that to us right after the fight
in case Paulo Costa won but now because you got a new champion at top Strickland versus Paula works all day long
Strickland versus chimaya plus they’ve trained together it works all day long that’s going to be the number one contenders match and do polices is going
to get forgot yet again oh my God he I mean he he is truly getting screwed here do you think in retrospect and uh I may
have a chance to talk to him later in the week he’s watching that fight on Saturday and says like I screwed up do you think he will regret that decision
I think I think so that isn’t what he’s saying so far he’s saying hey you’re lucky it wasn’t me in there right he
hasn’t actually called for the fight I mean if the police he really wanted to do the smart move he calls for AutoZone
he’s not going to get out of Sonya but he calls for audacity as a way of letting the world know this is personal
between he and I all that Africa stuff that’s real no it’s not it’s all about
the belt participation points becoming a millionaire he needs to convince the world otherwise and right now is his
opportunity to do it interesting okay so if I’m if I’m reading this correctly you’re saying UFC should do Sean versus
Izzy too immediately Paulo versus Hamza winner gets the winner of that fight and then what
happens to trick is because I actually disagree with you but I just I’m curious what happens to dracus is he just
out of luck like what is he doing you curse over here are you curse over here curse up a storm you don’t like
that eh you’re not a big kid yeah that disappoints me why you I just think that you’re above it
no not anymore you’re an intelligent guy you dress nice you know you’re down there in your little your little cave
independent hilwani is no I’ve actually heard people say that
about you that you guys somebody said you’ll say the f word sometimes I said there’s no way that’s true but here I am now I’m confronted with it wow how do
you feel it we can move on well I’ll tell you this I’ll tell you this Arrow by the way one
thing I only got the I only got the curse words from watching you in the Mojo desert dropping f-bombs Galore
non-stop right it was unbelievable I was blushing half diamond is what that was called yeah well what is uh what what is
Miss Brittany and the kids say about that I mean I can’t even imagine what they said they must have been embarrassed but it actually it actually
bothered the kids they didn’t understand that and then there was a scene where I was supposed to kiss a woman I refused to do it but they read it in the screen
so in the script they thought it was coming the whole time they didn’t know that I refute and did not do it until we
watched it so that was they were relieved about that well done well done back to me enough about enough about
that and back to me Ariel sure sure I do not want my tone to sound as though I am taking a joy in uh removing duplicity
I’m just sharing the history of the sport and sometimes we need reminders I mean Sean strickler gave us one the history of the sport tells us anything
can happen in there absolutely anything everybody’s got a shot nobody is
Invincible but we need reminded of it Sean gave us that reminder but another reminder is it’s not a great idea to sit
around and wait and duplicate just need a little bit more time whatever it was that hap happened he just needed one he
knew that that one match I don’t know that he’s the number one Contender I do think that’s a beautiful fight but I’m
just sharing for you if we go and do the rematch which I’m sure that we’re going to do so we do Strickland and Izzy well
let’s say that they get it right the oddsmakers get it right and Izzy beats him are you telling me we’re not going
to go to the trilogy we’re we’re going to make it so known that we don’t want Sean as our champion we’re not even
going to hide it we’re gonna get the belt and we’re just not give an opportunity I know that I believe that so then if you do do a Trilogy I just I
just ate up the next 12 months but even if I don’t eat up those 12 months while
Jeremiah and Paula Costa is only to the hardcores likely an elimination about I
think as that fight gets closer that’s going to be revealed to the world I think we’re all going to know that’s an elimination bout and so now you really
have to quite what do you do with duplicity why are you interrupting me I feel like I’m stuttering over here
because you keep on making faces at me I don’t know what to do with duplicity I think that that’s a really hard spot I’m
not saying duplicity who once had this great attitude right he’s got the great attitude don’t put me on the undercard I’ll find anybody
Whitaker and then he did I mean do policies is awesome but he’s got to know what time it is he’s got to be looking
around he’s got to be aware he’s got to know he’s got to go after somebody else I’m being a little Coy here when I say
this but like can you explain to me the the thought process behind immediate
rematches or not like why does Izzy get the immediate rematch but algeman doesn’t
it’s draw power for sure it seems to only happen when it’s the Starlight and
as much as aljo is a good one aljo did not call for it I think that really hurt him I think history was on his side I
did the post show I remember John anik and I both were kind of trying to team up and and repair what Al Joe had not
said because historically speaking he would get the rematch but when you don’t ask for it and then you allow uh sugar
Sean to call it a guy who happens to be in the building that night named Trudeau right it’s one of those spots it’s very hard to unfry an egg I will share this
with you I mean you want to talk about bad rematches when Thug Rose stop Joanna there was nothing
competitive about that there was nothing that said we should do a rematch but we did do one it was a totally different fight but Rose won anyway when Thug rose
beat Wei Lee way Lee had not touched her the ref didn’t even bring them in and say if you if you like to shake hands
now she they never touched in the Octagon she wasn’t touching slipping chasing her down grab her nothing Rose
knocked her out there is nothing about that match that says rematch there’s no
history behind it this wasn’t a huge draw the buildings weren’t packed but there was nothing about the competition
they rematched it and Rose went out and beat her again anyway and I I just share that with you like there are times where
you get rematched and you and I can be coy but we don’t have to lie about it right when the top guy comes down he gets replaced by somebody who is not the
top guy or shows potential to match that kind of fire you do the best you can to
correct the deck and I realized that people can’t say aren’t going to come out and say that candidly but you and I know that to be true and that is the
situation here okay but let’s be honest the Babyface on Saturday was Sean
Strickland the baby face all week was Sean Strickland like he is Beloved the pop when Bruce Buffer said and new the
reaction online why do you think he is so popular and are you surprised that he is so popular all of a sudden
well it’s very hard to over bully a bully and I don’t accuse how to sign you that but but autosign is the 800 pound
elephant in the room I mean he is the greatest of all time for for uh middleweight he’s not afraid to leave
middleweight he’s not afraid to go get himself into Jon Jones’s business he doesn’t say sorry to anybody he makes no
apologies whatsoever I’m just saying when you have a guy like that it’s very hard to be the bad guy against that when
you have a guy that pops into an interview uses the n-word repeatedly to the point that Dana White that’s the
number one thing Danny gets asked about the press conference it has nothing to do with the fight it had to be words that were used I’m just sharing it’s very hard to outdo that anybody that is
willing to step to him particularly as a six to one dog is going to be looked at a baby face then anybody that can shake
the world or Inspire the world I found Sean Strickland to be inspiring now and there’s not bigger words that I think
you can put on to a guy but that of course is going to give you a little bit of shine now Sean’s going to keep on
doing Sean and he might go and he might put a little rust on those nice shiny Wheels we’ll we’ll see what happens but
as far as who you’re going to cheer for and are you going to your hat acknowledge the winner I mean Izzy himself did it is he lost with
tremendous Grace so you just said something that uh stuck with me there Izzy’s the greatest middleweight
champion of all time Not Your your long time before I understand something you put Izzy above Anderson
well you have like respect factors for a lot of reasons that I would put Anderson or that other people did but you can
never get around the fact that they fought and I think the bigger thing that frustrates me that whole thing is they
fought but then people attempt to say Anderson wasn’t in his prime neither was Izzy I mean not for another you got two
guys at the same time they fight you got to live with the result or you’re just being silly if you’re not willing to
live with the result you’ve got to start bringing in Prime and judges and this happened in a nice sleep uh you know
prior to the event like you just start to get weird they fought Head to Head here’s who won the end yeah but what
about title defenses longevity things like that like comparing the residents yeah career is very different than than
being ghost and I hear your point on that I mean whoever the greatest is in my opinion is whoever made the most money but there is something when you’re
talking about skill we’re talking about Dynamic we’re talking about who can deal with what and hey don’t forget and I really my days of putting Anderson are
long behind me that’s not what this is but don’t don’t forget Arrow there was a big piece of the Anderson story it was pulling teeth to get him in that ring I
mean it was so much back and forth I had a flight of Brazil just so Dana could meet with him the only reason I was on
that airplane and did that press conference is Dana was going to Brazil to meet with them trying to get him to do the fight thought if we were face to
face he would agree I’m just sharing when you’re somebody like honest Sonia now we’re having an argument that he’s fought too many times there’s no such
thing as too many times you have that willingness that spirit that attitude those things need to make sure you get
credit for wow so that Infamous press conference in Brazil he had yet to agree when you got on the plane
he had not agreed that fight was not happening when we got on that plane no wow and then and then how did he agree
like were you there in the room when he said yes no no we were separate and I I
asked Dan about it and he Dana did not say much he he said uh I said some nice things to him and then I said some not
so nice things to him that was all that he said that was that was it and then yeah that agreement done
and then we went to the Prescott the Press cards were still going to happen but Dana did not know if he was going to announce the fight or if he was going to
get there and say I can’t get the fight because of this guy I don’t know I don’t know what would have happened after that did you have a lot of security with you
that time yeah we had four guys but they were they were like the right looking guys you
know your private security there’s a look you know one guy’s got this scar they don’t smile much even when you make jokes I mean you could tell they were on
the clock this was serious the way you’re in traffic and their their head is never sitting still their eyes are
always looking they’re looking at the rear view mirror they’re looking who came behind them they’re looking at the speeds of people passing them they were
they were four intense individuals no
Not For a Moment I wasn’t nervous I had you know I had Miss Brittany with me so now I’ve I’ve got a job they’re there to
protect me but I’m my She’s mine I I’m there to protect her but you know we were in a bulletproof car I’ve never
been in one of those before and they gave us a breakdown before we got in you can’t really even pop the tires and talk
to us about the metal in the glass like how it became bulletproof I didn’t know any of those things I thought that was only in the movies but it did make us
feel secure they didn’t want us in traffic jams and there’s a lot of traffic in Brazil so they took us to a different place we ran out jumped in a
helicopter just so we didn’t weren’t sitting seeing Ducks as they put it in traffic yeah it was intense wow it was
it’s actually a fun story for me to tell was it was very intense and then and this is a different one but when I did
Ultimate Fighter there so that was the press conference but fast forward to when I did Ultimate Fighter there’s some kind of a move like the move’s actually
got a name where somebody pulls in front of you hits your brakes and now you have to stop and they’ve got somebody behind you it’s called like the the the
swooping the the swishing swoop or anyway we were that was happening
somebody had done all the things of this move where they then box you in run up to your car and Rob you and so our two
guys start speaking to Portuguese and uh Rodrigo pulls his gun what and Brittany
was in the back sleeping her her head’s in my lap I’m like you know rubbing her face and brushing the hair out of her
way as a way of soothing her and uh so I don’t wake her but I’m paying attention to what’s happening and whatever bravado
you think you have or that you would have in that situation when the gun comes out and two guys are now speaking
in Portuguese like things are different you will find out just how Brave you
actually are in a moment like that wow and and how are you feeling
at that time oh it was very intensive but but more I don’t have a piece like if I would add a piece and I understood
what was going on I think it would have been a little bit different cover level but my I am completely depending on them
and you know my father trained me with guns everything I mean from a 22 to Smith and Wesson revolvers all the way
up to Uzis we’ve even got the gun the preferred gun of the Russian military which knows an AK-47 we have the
preferred gun of the United States military which is known as an M16 so I am pretty good with these things but I
don’t know who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys I don’t fully understand because of the language Bearer and I’m just hoping Miss Brittany doesn’t wake
up and fortunately she never did turn down those guys were just bad drivers they weren’t they weren’t setting in us
at all oh wow what a turn of event but then they were lost the whole reason that he had to slam the brakes on a weight so another car could pass this he
had to slip over to get to the exit oh my God why would you bring Miss Brittany I don’t think you were married at the
time but why would you bring her into the eye of the storm for that press conference what was the point of that so we were gonna go out to Atlanta for
UFC it was Rashad versus Jon Jones but then there was three days there was three days and we’re already at this
part there was three days and so Dana said we’re just gonna do a vacation so I had never been anywhere with Dana he
still thought my name was kale kale sonen but I know that I’m about to get a Billionaire’s vacation and I told my
wife I’m like hey we got to do this because we were engaged we’re getting married we didn’t have a honeymoon plan I told her whatever I do on the honeymoon it won’t be as cool as this so
if I get you in on this it counts do you agree and she’s like absolutely pack my bags tonight oh my God that is
incredible by the way uh did she pack your bags for that trip too because I know she likes to do that yeah you don’t
pack your own bags right she laid this outfit out to when she saw
error like a simple show me your she ironed it or what not she she wanted to show respect to the in an hour uh does
she look at your calendar and say okay you have this going on today let me pick out the right outfit is that how it goes yes wow yes and if she doesn’t know
she’ll make a call like she’ll call Leah or she’ll she’ll send a text to Glenn or Cheyenne like yeah try to figure out
specifically what you’re supposed to do I am colorblind I mean that is why I’m also very spoiled husband but um it’s
it’s really helpful when you gotta match ties or something like this or I don’t know what they call this the Curt Chief I don’t know what they call it the
pocket square yeah yeah shoes and belts are supposed to be the same color socks can’t throw you off
like there’s rules to attire that nobody ever taught me for one and two I would have a hard time seeing anyway but yeah
she does do that back to the fight how does a rematch go in your opinion well so what do you think Hmm
what a fascinating question right because in an absolute worst case scenario this
is according to Eric Nixon but you and I know it we don’t have to be the Insiders there we have to be the head coach you
and I know Izzy’s team though everybody knows a worst possible case for Sean
Strickland is that he can’t take him down or he gets frustrated and doesn’t try either way leads you to the same
conclusion which is a 25 minute kickboxing match Sean Strickland versus Israel out of son that is the worst case
scenario there is nothing you could lay out that would be worse of a strategy or Worse design for Sean and that’s what
happened he went and did it that’s what happened he had him four rounds to one and he almost finished him in the first it seems like one of these scenarios you
know there was a boxer his last name’s Ruiz he goes over and he beats up that good looking guy guy can’t box but he’s
real handsome over in England Anthony Joshua he beats him up and so they go to
a rematch and Ruiz shows up I mean I don’t know how much more he weighed but just just seeing the picture and you’re
stunned your jaw drops look at my goodness how could he not take this opportunity seriously
Sean is a human being and I know it’s being heavily predicted that he will never fall into that but there’s going
to be a lot of people coming out he’s had a lot of vultures coming at him that look like vultures off the street now
he’s gonna have vultures coming at him wearing three-piece suits the old vultures used to drop off McDonald’s at
his door these vultures are going to take him to a five-course meal they’re all the same scumbag they just dress
differently if he falls into something like that and we all have seen that Izzy will not that is really the only thing
that could change the trajectory of this match I mean there was nothing close about it on a son you got walked down
for 25 straight minutes I think he can fix that I think that Izzy could come and stand his ground back him up do some
lateral movement give you some of those X’s and O’s but it’s it’s very tough to imagine what’s going to be different and
with that said partner it’s very tough to imagine that Sean Strickland smooshes
Israel out of Sonya twice in a row right right like they’re both very fascinating things I would love to see what the odds
of DraftKings when they come out I remember the night that Chris Weidman Pete Anderson Silva it was not competitive but the Envy was a little
goofy and Anderson had his hands down there was seven and a half minutes done but the ending was Goofy Weidman was a
two and a half to 100 they rematched it Whiteman was a two and a half to one Underdog and so you kind of tipped your
head and go what are you talking about well this time there was a six point spread with Izzy and Sean I’ll be
curious if they rematch him I think is he still gonna be a favorite maybe not that big but I’m very confident in
telling you he will be the favorite regardless of what you just saw well uh you’re actually right DraftKings didn’t
come out with the uh with the odds but I did get an email while the show was going on that as of
right now Izzy according to one sports book here is a minus 120 in Strickland’s a plus 100 so close way closer but Izzy
is the favorite for the way I talk that’s damn near even money yeah no 100 uh by the way uh when did you first meet
Sean Strickland I met Sean Strickland the year would have been 2014. I moved out to
California uh well I went training camp moved out of California to go to the Rain training center and it was the side
of the mat Sean had a very sweet young lady with him and you know there’s a lot to do to get your gear get your shin
pads and you got to wrap your hands and you gotta put your hands in a glove and there’s several minutes and this is what uh this is what time would be allotted
for conversation so I happen to be getting dressed right next to this guy Sean Strickland and we’re visiting and
he’s telling me these Whoppers of stories and the only reason I let him go is he’s got this girl with him he
obviously told her so now I need to play along but he told me that he was 21
years old he was the king of the cake champion and he had a record of 17-0 the
highest he had ever fought for was 1500 bucks and he doesn’t do any of this braggadocious by the way like it
actually came up organically the problem with telling me this I am such a fan I
am such a historian on the sport we’re the same weight class I know anybody that has ever sneezed and made it sound
like MMA I mean I watched it and I don’t know who this is not to mention you can’t get a pro license in the state of
California until you’re 18 years old he’s 21. so now he’s saying he’s had six fights a year it is so difficult to get
a fight if you don’t have a trainer or a manager but you can’t have a trainer or a manager when your biggest payday is 1500 bucks so we had to go do all of
this on his own I mean this is a Whopper then we go out and we work out together and I remember coming off the mat and
telling Miss Brittany that dude claims he’s 17-0 he might be 17-0 and she goes
yeah he looks really good well he just he just was you know when I met him at Trader mayor he just was really good he
could wrestle like a son of a gun but never offensively you didn’t have to worry that he was gonna come and try to take you down but getting him to the
ground is going to use a ton of energy and he also was a gentleman about being
a training partner he would bring it down if he saw that you were tired or something we did shark bait and in there that’s where one guy stays in and fresh
guys rotate on it’s a very hard thing to do but you’re vulnerable if the guy is coming in aren’t trustworthy or they
want to go make a clip for their Instagram like this is the time to do it he would always take care I mean I just remember he would always say hey you’re
good you can do one more come on I got you and he would push it we would work so hard but he was such a nice person I
put him in the categories gentlemen there’s not a lot of times you get a call we all want to be gentlemen he
actually was a gentleman and so then when he got a microphone on his hand he started building that brand he went in a
direction that that wasn’t the guy that I knew that was just a great performer and maybe there was a little bit of
counseling session maybe he did have some stuff in to release the pain he wanted to get it public but it was a
surprise to see and uh yeah I could tell you man he’s a world champion now I’m
not sure back in 2014 there was anybody that could beat him if he was given the opportunity I’m not sure there was
anybody that could beat him have you stayed in touch with him yeah Sean Strickland came out and did a
submission underground he do you know about this um I don’t think so he’s doing a submission underground with
Andy Varela and Sean was talking to Varela but don’t forget this is in coma
times there is nobody in the building or the floor the cameras themselves were ran on remote control so you just got
the referee there is a doctor but then you just have the two athletes so Sean’s pushing and pulling he’s doing whatever
he does he’s pushing and pulling he came out to do this whole thing because he thought he was going to fight Jack Hermanson and he wanted to work on his
grappling at some point in daring Andy Varela who is as good as they come for
like Varela is a threat for an Abu Dhabi medal Sean turns his back to him turns
his back and then he yells something to him will you just attack me you you know
he he calls him he heckles him Andy Barella jumped through the air like a
spider jumped through the air locked on locked on a body triangle and a choke all in one motion and all you see is
Shawn Stricker
he he had never done grappling before like this he must not have known who
Andy Varela was Andy Barella done all sorts of it and has been in overtime with the best of the best at any rate
and he jumped there must have been 10 feet behind between him and Andy just jumps and latches on in one motion his
legs go and his arms go and you just watch you just watch Sean like a trip
and he Tapped Out see
well I mean if he’s your friend you shouldn’t be so happy for him I mean yeah but you went you you might talk to Sean a lot like yeah Sean did that just
as a favor of me like he he didn’t he didn’t have any business with Andy or whatever he did that just as a favor to
me yes I talked to Sean and I’m very proud of Sean was that the biggest upset in UFC or MMA history
well not officially uh again it was a six to one spread this is off the top of my head but I know when Holly knocked
out Rhonda that was seven to one like you know like I’m talking about the eye test here like what you were feeling the
shock who the you know what I mean like those odds are are nonsense was that the biggest I like that I like that you said
that right we don’t have to be literal we know what we’re talking I like that you just cut me off there um Matt Sarah beating Saint Pierre was
still for me the biggest uh jaw-dropping moment it’s I think it’s very helpful to
Sean that it went to a decision if Sean would have put him down in the first round we know oh he got lucky it was a fluke right the conversation would be
very different to have a long drawn-out battle give another guy 25 minutes to get even with you and he can’t do it I
think that he won the right way and it would be the biggest upset in a decade but ever
I gotta I gotta say no I actually feel like it is and I’m I’m I’m like Mr Sarah GSP I mean I think GSP
is the greatest of all time that to me is the motion but like because it was five rounds of dominance
because of Izzy having a longer run as champion and more title defenses remember GSP was a new champion at that
time so we did we think of GSP now but he wasn’t the GSP of today or the guy who retired in 2017. he was the GSP of
2006. um it’s a different guy and Sarah had
been around the block right he had been a veteran of the sport I just think this is way more shocking no one saw this
coming Sean Strickland in a striking battle without a single takedown defense beating is yet his own
game five rounds essentially four to one you could give the first round to 10-8 he drops him with a one-two defends the
whole time I mean not a scratch on his face man I think the fact that he won five rounds
Channel makes it a bigger upset than Sarah’s stoppage of GSP I’m listening too I’m listening to
everything you’re saying you’re you’re convincing me it’s one of those hard things to know right because it’s just your own internal how did you feel how
did I feel In This Moment versus how did I feel in that moment I knew going into this that Sean could beat him I thought
he’d have to be ugly steal those words from coach Nick’s like I know we’d have to get on top really clinch him and and
do something maybe poke him in the eye a time or two but I did know that he could do it and I did not think Sarah could
beat George St-Pierre so maybe for me it was just more of that odd moment but I love what you’re saying as far as upsets
go you don’t usually see him like this where it’s a long drawn out battle where you give the guy every single
opportunity you ever could including home field advantage you give him everything and you still take his belt
away I like what you’re saying partner you’re winning me over yeah the last time I felt that way honestly was UFC
117 where I was like oh my God two rounds left one round left um it just felt like this this this
inevitability and you just couldn’t believe it as it was uh trans
transpiring and unfold One Last Thing Before I Let You Go speaking of crazy upsets we thought why
you’re you’re having fun I mean well I was enjoying myself a little bit I mean oh and you started
this whole thing by saying mean tweets that I sent to you you didn’t give any praise for the ones I don’t like for example when you misdiagnosed Rose and
told the world that she had a broken finger and I tried to correct and say it looks dislocated to me I never gave you a hard time about it in fact I never
even mentioned it well I don’t know if I said did I say broken I just said this was her hand to be honest
it might have been other people what do you think I don’t have better things to do than sit around and remember what your captions on Twitter were for I
don’t know this is I love the visual uh of this of you who who still doesn’t follow me after all these years going
searching I know how you do it you search you search for the dirt sheets and then you search for me you search and you you’re looking for the news and
all you’re getting is a steady stream of Canada basketball tweets soccer team I actually I don’t know if you’ve noticed
but I’ve now started I’ve now started to tag you just to ensure that you’re getting the tweets and the I just want
to let you know in fact someone wrote an article about this I was tagging you to get your thoughts but you’ve now decided to ignore me I’ve noticed since I’ve
done this why well I didn’t want to hurt your feelings they were not they were done in like the spirit of Hell fell well Matt like I
wasn’t really trying to put you down but also I am being serious that I know you don’t watch that crap I mean like you’re
not that boring of a guy could you imagine you go over to guys what either watching darts pro wrestling or or you know is baseball what I mean you’re like
come on man there is no way your wife would leave you your kids would would Revolt like you that would be that the
world’s nerdiest guy I’m worldly I have many layers many layers I do like this
messy character though this thing came out on mess he said that he met his wife when he was like seven years old and he
has never touched another girl won’t even do pictures with him I like that guy I didn’t realize all that that was that’s pretty cool story I thought you
were saying like you like that I’m messy because like I I swear sometimes now you mean Lionel Messi the soccer player
the soccer player I don’t know what his first name is but yes the soccer player yes the interview came out my son was
reading it my son told my wife and he was in the back of the car and he read it on his iPad says that when he when he does pictures with girls he doesn’t
touch it like makes a fist or something like this he won’t he won’t actually touch anyone but his wife respect respect uh Grasso rematch
more the same or do we get chefchenko I just I did first fight I
kill free TV free title free TV this Saturday how about that it was co-main event of Jon Jones surreal gun you
didn’t watch that or you just watched the main event these days no I did I mean I I know all about that night but
it it flip past me it kind of just slipped past me uh yeah and a rematch I mean
Valentina I don’t know that she’s ever made invented she’s she’s off of what she could have made a minister Champion
but she can’t offer the loss and I’m not doing I’m not doing my put down thing here I’m sharing with you like one thing that she could do is like get the word
out I should know there’s a world title fight oh by the way it’s on ESPN oh by the way I work for ESPN I should know
when she’s fighting I wasn’t trying to be funny to you right there no I’m clarifying I’m trying I’m trying to be a good company man and help so there is a
world title fight on free TV this Saturday Grosso versus shipshaco is that an accurate statement yes
boom now that now they’ve told at least somebody by the way I got the press release that you were back so happy to
see that uh I would say I was one of the few who supported you in your time of need I was waiting for the line in the
press release where it was like oh and the return of Aaron on the back I didn’t get like I don’t know if it didn’t make
page one I was way I saw the big but I didn’t see that line so I I wasn’t sure
if there was like a you know like a footnote or something or a page two do
you have anybody that is one of the most one of the great missed programs I think that was a missed opportunity not by you
and I either I think that was a missed opportunity I still get people that ask me about Arrow the bad guy there’s searches that are done online for Harold
the bad guy they’re still looking for they’re still hoping for they still got their fingers crossed by the way King Grosso beater you know you had made
a really great Point here and I backed I started backing it up but it’s a point that I got for me and I know you’re in a hurry by the way I will get out right
after this but Daryl you made a point and said don’t do the immediate rematch and you said don’t do the immediate rematch because if the bullet wins it
will essentially act like history will look back and it will kind you won’t see the Gap and it’ll be as though Grosso
never got it done in the first place and I really liked that argument a lack of 125 powers that are compelling a lack of
125 patterns that are willing has always kind of seemed like a problem but here we are and I mean what do you think
congresso Congress will beater I think she could do it yeah I really do um and this is a much different fight
right like she wasn’t winning the entire fight it was a submission it wasn’t a knockout usually when it’s a knockout the person who got knocked out doesn’t
win uh in the rematch uh I think it’s going to be a close fight but I think she could do it I think that that
unlocked something in Alexa Grosso confidence wise that she could beatenko and I think that there was there was
evidence to suggest yes that chefchenko was you know declining a little bit right some of her previous performances
man 125 is going to be fascinated with blanchfield coming up in manofiero I mean it’s it’s now the best division in
women’s MMA so I’m looking forward to it I’m glad you are as well you working the card for ESPN
no I no I just do the pay-per-view Mr pay-per-view well that did sound
arrogant the way I said it but there’s no other way to say it that’s the only time I get to participate is is
I’ll put in a call maybe if you want to be a part of it I’ll put in a call I appreciate it I feel like you have another guest you have something to do
you know whatever it is I want it I appreciate you thank you for having me on in other news bull cop beat tied to
Impossible but you’re you’re in a hurry you’re busy you don’t have time to talk about co-main events I understand
goodbye there he is Chill sun and everyone thanks for watching we appreciate it very much hey if you like
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