Sean Strickland Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC 293


We will be discussing the post-fight press conference of Sean Strickland after his victory at UFC 293. Strickland, known for his active fighting style, reflects on his win, addresses some controversies, and shares his thoughts on his future in the sport. Let’s dive into the highlights of the press conference.

Changes as a Champion

As the newly crowned middleweight champion, Strickland acknowledges that he may have to pull back from his usual frequency of fights. He mentions that he will be making more money now and humorously talks about his plans to upgrade his Hyundai Accent with spinners and high-end rims. However, he clarifies that his regular life won’t change much, as he humorously admits to having only a GED and struggling with writing.

Strange Conversations and Controversies

During the press conference, Strickland addresses some strange conversations and controversies that occurred during and after the fight. He recalls Israel Ades anya, his opponent, being upset with him for making fun of his dog. Strickland apologizes and acknowledges that it was a strange situation. He also mentions that Adesanya had a tattoo of his deceased dog on his neck, jokingly referencing the movie “John Wick.” Strickland clarifies that he has a strange past and shares a story about defending himself against aggressive dogs while hiking.

Strickland’s Fighting Style

When asked about his fighting strategy, Strickland emphasizes that he doesn’t focus on specific techniques or tactics during a fight. He believes in going into the octagon and fighting without overthinking. He mentions that for a 25-minute fight, he tells himself that he’s ready to die in the cage. He dismisses the idea of analyzing his opponent’s facial expressions to determine if they’re hurt or not, stating that it doesn’t matter to him.

Defending Against Kicks

Strickland clarifies a statement about defending light kicks, explaining that he made a joke about shooting a dog while hiking to defend himself against potential backlash. He emphasizes that it was self-defense and not related to his opponent’s kicks in the fight.

Future Opponents

When asked about potential future opponents, Strickland expresses that he doesn’t care who he fights next. He trusts the UFC’s decision and is open to facing anyone they choose. He mentions that he’s always ready to fight and is prepared to face any challenge that comes his way.

Reflecting on the Victory

Strickland reflects on his victory and admits that it feels good to prove people wrong. He mentions that he may have even proved himself wrong, considering how easily he defeated Adesanya. He acknowledges that he may have been underestimated due to his tendency to talk a lot, but he proves that he can back up his words with his fighting skills.

The Impact of Australian Fans

Strickland expresses his gratitude for the support he received from Australian fans during the fight. He mentions that walking out to the octagon and feeling the love from the crowd was a powerful experience. He appreciates the Australian fans for welcoming him as one of their own and giving him a great life. However, he also questions why Adesanya, who is not Australian, wore Chinese shorts during the fight. He finds it strange and raises the issue of cultural identity.

Acknowledging His Team

Strickland gives credit to his team, particularly his coach Eric Nicksick and training partner Alex Zarate. He acknowledges their support, motivation, and hard work throughout his training camp. He mentions that his team is instrumental in his success and that he wouldn’t be where he is without them.

Mixed Emotions and Moving Forward

When asked about his emotions after winning the belt, Strickland admits that he’s kind of over it now. He mentions that winning the belt was a good moment, but he’s already thinking about what’s next. He plans to go back to training and continue working hard. He acknowledges that the past is the past and it’s time to move on to the next challenge.

The Belt and Its Meaning

Although Strickland claims not to care about the belt, he acknowledges that it represents his achievement as the middleweight champion. He humorously questions the value of the belt and wonders how much it would sell for. He jokes about keeping it and mentions that it doesn’t make him happy, but he appreciates the opportunity the sport has given him.

Reflecting on His Journey

Strickland reflects on his journey and the obstacles he has overcome. He mentions that his troubled past and childhood traumas have shaped him into the person he is today. He humorously thanks his father for the years of abuse, jokingly attributing it to his success in the sport. He acknowledges that without the sport, he might have ended up committing acts of violence and expresses gratitude to the UFC for saving his life and providing him with a purpose.


In the post-fight press conference, Sean Strickland reflects on his victory, addresses controversies, and shares his thoughts on his future in the sport. He acknowledges the support of Australian fans, expresses gratitude to his team, and humorously discusses his plans for the future. Strickland’s unique personality shines through as he navigates the world of professional fighting with his own brand of humor and honesty. As he moves forward as the middleweight champion, it will be interesting to see what challenges and successes lie ahead for Sean Strickland.

the UFC’s worst nightmare oh man you
know you know Hunter and Dana
were like this
Sean first of all congratulations on
being the world champion
um did that fight play out how you
thought it was going to was the game
plan just put him on the back foot
pressure impression
you know I thought that wasn’t me lean
with a concussion but I feel relatively
fine other than a few you know bumps and
yeah I know I’m in the game plan well
the gameplay was a wrestle you guys we
did all camp we wrestled all camp but
you know when you’re a little autistic
you just kind of do what you do
lots of people saying that Israel
himself looks kind of off tonight do you
think he was off or do you think you
made him look off by your style you know
I think I’m one of the best tracks in
the world anytime anytime you’re doing
the man dance you know you’re one punch
away from being knocked out but I could
spar with any world champion boxer and
get the better room so
I don’t know man I just think I think
I’m one of the best trackers in the
you uh you didn’t had him out of there
yeah well let me just say this like you
know I watch him fight Kelvin and he was
like oh you don’t you don’t have a chin
like Kelvin you might have his cardio
but I’m like chin like Kelvin
like last time I sparred
Kelvin the coach jumped in and made a
stop like
like you have no idea like like
I’ve seen the guys you beat and you
should see me Spar the guys you’ve beat
like no idea so I was just
kind of like
I just think sometimes I run my mouth so
much that people forget that I’m not a
is that something you’re gonna change no
no you guys no they’re fun
got dick dick ring over there man like
never stopping man never stopping
did uh did you think the referee was
gonna stop it when you have to you’re
taking off on him no you know like
whenever he came to there was a moment
where I thought he was going to but once
he stood up when he came to he wasn’t
you know here’s the thing guys I don’t
hit that hard you know we all
know that I don’t hit that hard so if
I’m gonna knock somebody out you know
they gotta they gotta be ready
you uh Dana says that they’d like to do
the rematch
um is that something you’re open to I
mean there’s the thing you guys
well I’ve learned anything about the UFC
since when do you have a choice
of who you fight the UFC never comes up
here says hey Sean would you like to
fight this guy would you like to fight
this guy the UFC says hey you’re
fighting this guy fight this guy so the
day I’m the Champion so line
them up I’ll knock them down or get
knocked down
uh how do you rate your own performance
right do you think because look the game
plan was to wrestle you didn’t you had
that in the back pocket that you could
have gone to if you wanted to so that
means in the rematch do you think you
just do the same thing again or is it
you’re going to prove that actually I
can beat Israel in any way I mean I
would like to wrestle one fight just so
people know I can wrestle because I keep
telling these guys I can wrestle
but I never do it so maybe one fight
I’ll wrestle just so people like oh yeah
Sean can wrestle he does know what a
takedown is so maybe one day
how does it feel to be the world
champion I mean you said yourself in the
cage that you hadn’t having doubts when
you’re on your way out there and I’m
sure there are probably times in your
career you never thought this was going
to happen right so yeah you’d be sitting
up there with that belt tell me about it
I mean I’m pretty much over it now guys
it was exciting for like a you know a
month a minute but now it’s just I don’t
know in the day guys here’s the thing
say say mean as you fight again and say
say say the China man Clips me and then
is he sitting here he’s saying how does
it feel to be a world champion you know
has this acrylic nail so like
a lot of this is I like to
fight I like the fans I love my
job but a lot of this is
so you’re not gonna be wearing that out
to the club or anything no no I’m gonna
go probably get some room service and
wait to get the home
congratulations hey by the way bro we’ve
been riding this boy what is your name I
Oscar asking me Oscar’s been with me
since day one bro at the
Apex always in every minute let’s go
Oscar thanks buddy congrats
thank you for the lovely ah Victory guy
yeah my uh Twitter mentions are just
lovely right now after that media day oh
man well hey man I I didn’t I
didn’t shove the needle through your
kind of going off the Apex thing could
you ever go back to fighting in front of
no one now after what we experienced out
here with all these fans you guys I just
like the fight man you guys understand I
don’t fight because I fight because it
allows me to train so this is all this
does is finance my hobby
so this is the only reason why I fight
is because I have a hobby of training
and this allows me to do it and you’ve
obviously been one of if not the most
active middleweights over the last
several years but as Champion you might
have to kind of pull back from the
amount of fights you have in a short
amount of time I’m gonna make more money
now you guys I’m my Hyundai
Accent I’m gonna put some Spinners on
that I’m gonna have a 16
000 high on the accident with like a
twenty thousand dollar spinning rims I’m
gonna lift that moment that’s gonna be
great great well kind of going
off of that what in your life is going
to change now as like in your regular
life nothing man you know I only
have a GED you guys come on man
like I could barely write you
know you give me a pen and paper tell me
to write some and I can’t even
come on I’m not I’m not an
man like here’s what here’s what
they do they put a camera in our faces
they make us feel like a pretty little
and then make us feel special but
I’m a fighter bro I take my
money off and I try to kill a
man for 25 minutes like come on the
final one for me Israel came over and
was saying some stuff to you right after
they wrapped the belt around you do you
remember what he did I was
trained you guys it was strange
he was like talk I think he was mad that
I made from his dog I’m not even joking
is that what it was he was mad that I
made from his dog I’m like what the
is going on here man like are we like
are we having this conversation like
yeah it truly was mad yeah I don’t
know Izzy I’m sorry I made fun
of your dog I’m sure he’s a great fella
I think it was this dog that’s passed
away that’s tattooed on his neck oh is
that what it is gonna go John Wick on
you oh man you know I have killed the
dog once crazy sore right yeah yeah yeah
yeah do you want to clarify anything
about that because I think oh man I know
yeah like I have a weird passion guys
weird past
when I think about it
seemed like in the first round uh you
checked a kick that seemed to really get
to him I think he did a good job uh
having a good poker face but did you
notice that at all it seemed like you
checked a kick really well and that
seemed to bother him for no man I wasn’t
even thinking about it we’re just going
in there fighting doing the
thing man yeah you know like here’s the
thing for 25 minutes you just gotta tell
yourself I’m ready to die in this
you know I’m ready to die this
and like if you start
looking at a guy’s face when he’s hurt
when he’s not hurt like I don’t give a
about that
um was the defending the light kicks
though a big part of the strategy
something that you knew you’d have to do
a lot in there because he was kicking a
lot you know I’m gonna clarify that
statement because I’m gonna get my
Instagram flooded
I was hiking once I was hiking once I
had a bunch of dogs off a leash with all
my my little my little Rascals
running around
and there was like these stray
dogs you would like vicious pit
bulls and they came running out my dog I
had a gun boom plugged one so
you know the clarify it was self-defense
but anyways yeah but then there’s a
dog is he calm the down
dude oh no easy I’m sorry I’m sure
your dog’s a great fellow this is how it
starts you guys you you do this
to me Canada calm the down
yeah you didn’t even dress up
dude cockbroom’s wearing a suit
and you’re and you’re
looking like you just woke up
is the similar shirt that we did in the
interview the other day I thought it was
good luck for you yeah guys I’m tired
man I’m tired guys I’m gonna go
bad I’m tired a lot of energy today yeah
yeah what do you think Israel will say
going into the next fight because he
came in here but he didn’t talk anything
about it he just said my coach is going
to do my post fight interview for me and
he left in Eugene answered all the
questions I don’t know like you
win some you lose some just man the
up you know you win some you lose some
man the up like you know there’s a
chance I fight somebody else and I’m
in the back room bloody
up you just it’s fighting you
guys like any given Sunday man
we’re throwing four rounds gloves really
just one more um if it is someone else
and for some reason the timing doesn’t
work out for Izzy or something like that
do you think it should be Jared or
dracus I don’t care man don’t give a
whoever the UFC wants congrats man
uh Sean just over here okay no more dog
questions you guys it’s getting
awkward in here
I’ll mentioned to you on the uh at the
press conference um on Thursday about
you know the whole UFC card number being
93 and you know 193 Holly home shocking
the world and here we are sitting with
you at UFC 293 after you shocking the
world I just want to get your thoughts
and sort of what goes through your mind
knowing that you proved a lot of people
wrong tonight oh I think I might
prove myself wrong you know man you
watch Izzy going everybody up and
you walk through him pretty easily it’s
kind of weird it’s kind of weird
yeah it’s a weird day guys weird
day weird day here we are just uh one
more is you know you spoke a lot about
the Australian fans
um this week you know sort of cheering
you on how much of a an impact did that
have for you during the fight itself oh
yeah man walking out all the
love you know even the fourth round
fifth round cheering but then day man
Izzy made it easy easily he
walked out with Chinese shorts on him
like how the like how the I
know he’s not Australian but like how
the does that happen like I mean
I’m asking you guys like why did he have
Chinese shorts on I’m asking you guys
like in a day man this is a problem in
this world all he is he had to
do all these he had to do I said hey you
guys Australia New Zealand I’m sure I’m
sure Izzy spent a lot of time in
Australia where is Izzy live does he
live in New Zealand or Australia all his
he had to do you know
guys I am an immigrant to New Zealand
I’m an immigrant to this part of the
and you guys welcome me as one of your
and you guys gave me a great life and I
want to thank everybody for that and
give me this opportunity but he
didn’t he didn’t he said I am
Chinese like I don’t
know guys I mean what does one say to
what does one say to this I mean you
guys are Australian what the or New
hey Sean
um you got very animated there in the
last minute of the fight what were you
um saying to Izzy in the ring I just I
think I call him the China man I said
come on China man let’s fight you know
that’s what he is right the China man
and here’s the thing guys Izzy’s a
Legend and I don’t like to make
fun of him because he is a
but I mean he came out with like
the Chinese colors dude the
Chinese colors man like you like what
the are you thinking
I mean
I’m sorry no man I’m asking you guys
like I’m asking you guys what is the
logic coming out like to the CCP
communist party bro like does he
want to go like is he like
even now talking about I can’t even wrap
my head around that spineless
Sean just also wanted to get your
thoughts on sharing the moment with the
Eric and the team he was talking about
how much work went into this Camp
obviously and extreme Couture I just
want to shine some light on what that
meant for you to share that moment just
before with him yeah I know I mean Eric
is the leader man you know he he
always motivates me between rounds he’s
always pushing me in the gym
he’s always I’m always working
my ass off he’s always giving me
the hardest rounds like I have a great
team I have a great team and I
would not be here without my team even
Alex zarati man I’ve been with him since
I was 14 years old you know so
yeah I just have a solid
team everybody Extreme’s amazing and
Sean just one over here you said that
one of the first times you were truly
happy in your life was when you won your
first fight does this moment now winning
the belt rank is one of the happiest in
your life
I mean it was pretty good I’m kind of
over it now
I made it a day like what do we do you
know the past of the past move the
right what now
I’m gonna go back back to training
everyone’s gonna graduate me I’ll say
thank you guys and then we just move the
on I mean
this doesn’t make me happy
I actually don’t know what does make me
happy at times
Sean just down here uh I know just I did
like watching the blood splatter from
his face so that was kind of nice that
kind of made me a little happy
you say just then you know you move on
and the next day may not be that
different but
there was no hiding it throughout the
the hype up for this fight clips of you
talking about kind of what growing up
for you was like
and your your life was kind of put a
little bit on on show to go from
everything you’ve been through to now
holding that belt that says you’re the
baddest man at middleweight on the
planet what do you think about that yeah
thank God for child abuse right
yeah let’s go childhood traumas or
repressed memories you you you
really you got me to where I needed to
be man like dad you’re
awesome man all the years of abuse you
you really made me the man I had to be
I don’t know you guys I’m just
happy that this world has a
place for us you know if it wasn’t for
this man I’m sure I would have
committed some random act of violence
and been locked up for killing
somebody so Hazard UFC man thank
you for saving someone’s life
including my own
Sean is that kind of what the belt
represents maybe you don’t care about it
but that’s you know if you’re looking at
that statement that seems to be
something pretty deep yeah man it’s just
kind of weird dude like here like
whenever you talk to normal people and I
know we’re not all normal but whenever
you talk to normal people who have like
a conscience you know it’s like you guys
are strange man I can’t even
relate to most people so like
it’s amazing that you just every day I
get to go in the gym and try to murder
my friends and all the demons just
vanish away for a day so I love this
sport Tuesday you guys extreme
get ready
I’m gonna be my Dr Phil again
you said earlier as well as you know
earlier before the fight you talked
about you talk a lot and people forget
that you can fight and you yeah you
mentioned feeling maybe a little bit
underestimated do you think Israel
underestimated you tonight yeah I
mean apparently so man God damn dude I
feel like the guy didn’t even
try there’s moments where he’s throwing
punches where I’m like am I fighting an
amateur right now what the is going
but uh yeah you know I think I run my
mouth a lot and people forget I could
fight but here we are you guys you have
to talk to me for a little bit longer
sorry about that
hey Sean back right yeah
um yeah you’re a clean-cut looking
man let’s go thank you I
appreciate it I do I just like that you
take your job serious man thank you you
take your job way more seriously I take
my job I appreciate that thank you very
much and congratulations thanks man uh
your name is gonna go down you should be
drinking Coke though that’s bad for you
man what are you talking about bro you
guys are Australia way skinny here dude
uh your name will go down in the sports
history after you pulled off one of the
greatest upsets how did this ass whoever
get a belt who the let this happen
Man Hunter and Dana are probably like
this how the did we
let this retarget a belt
we up why did we agree to this
so many other options we let Sean
Strickland fight is he no hey sorry guys
man uh yeah so your name will go down
along some of the greatest upsets how
does that make you feel you know long
after your career is done that you your
name will always be brought up when
people talk about the greatest upsets in
UFC history oh man I don’t know dude I
don’t really give a about the sport
do I get to keep this do I get to keep a
belt they give me a belt what are these
sell for these days how
does that work what does anybody know
I’m gonna lift my Hyundai
just uh what was there a certain point
in the fire maybe towards the fourth or
the fifth round where it it hit you that
you you’ve won the fight and the only
way you could lose from there was being
knocked out or was it at the end there
that final 20 seconds
it sure is he wasn’t here
he’s gonna come he said okay
shoot me now Sean insulted my
dog my best friend like what the
dude ah
stay on point I’m sorry bro I literally
guys I have some brain damage
yeah here come teach me how to
speak yeah I know man guys it was good
man it was good he’s a good guy good
fight you know I gave him 110 percent
gave 110 went hard in the first second
round I felt good like the you guys
want for me man uh just finally we
switched it up every year UFC replica
belt goes for about 1700 oh that’s it oh
that dude I’m gonna keep that
well congratulations on the win anyway
1700 bucks well a man that
doesn’t make you feel like a cheap
nothing will
have a good one guys it’s been great