Let’s play UFC matchmaker

Let’s play UFC matchmaker….

In this article, we’ll dive into the complex world of matchmaking in the UFC. It’s a task that is often taken for granted, but it requires a great deal of skill and expertise. From the perspective of a fan, it may seem easy to pair up fighters based on their popularity or star power, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

The Challenges of Matchmaking

Matchmaking in the UFC is a colossally difficult task. Every Tuesday, three of the finest minds in the sport come together to determine the best matchups for upcoming events. However, even these experts sometimes struggle to agree on the perfect matchups. It’s not as simple as putting two big stars against each other and calling it a day.

The Dangers of Unrealistic Matchups

It’s common to see fans online suggesting unrealistic matchups, such as pitting Ronda Rousey against Conor McGregor. While these ideas may seem exciting, they often fail to consider the practicality and fairness of the matchups. Anyone can sell a Ferrari, but it takes skill and strategy to make the right matchups that truly showcase the fighters’ abilities and determine the rightful contenders.

The Case of Sean Strickland

One of the key factors in successful matchmaking is keeping fighters quiet until the matchups are officially announced. This is particularly important when it comes to fighters like Sean Strickland, who can potentially spoil the plans by announcing that he won’t fight a certain opponent. If the UFC plans to have Strickland’s next opponent come from a specific fight, they need to ensure that he doesn’t beat them to the market with his own announcement.

The Dilemma of Israel Adesanya

Another challenge in matchmaking arises when a fighter like Israel Adesanya is involved. Adesanya, who recently lost his title, presents a unique situation. If the UFC plans to match him up with Derek Brunson, they need to consider what they are fighting for. Adesanya’s star power and drawing ability make him a perfect fit for a main event of a pay-per-view. However, without the title on the line, the purpose of the fight becomes unclear.

The Courage of Israel Adesanya

It’s important to acknowledge the courage and willingness of fighters like Adesanya. He agreed to fight either Jared Cannonier or Sean Strickland on short notice, leaving the decision to the promoter and the fans. This level of courage should be recognized and respected, as it demonstrates the fighter’s commitment to the sport and their willingness to take on any challenge.

The Need for Clarity

When it comes to determining the number one contender, clarity is crucial. Fighters like Adesanya and Derek Brunson need to know what they are fighting for. If they are competing for the number one contender spot, it should be made clear to them and the fans. This transparency ensures that everyone understands the stakes and the importance of the matchup.

The Importance of Communication

In the world of matchmaking, communication is key. It’s essential for the UFC to effectively communicate their plans to the fighters and the fans. If they want to promote a certain matchup as a number one contender fight, they need to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This not only avoids confusion but also helps build anticipation and excitement for the fight.

The Power of Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool in the world of MMA matchmaking. Fighters can use platforms like Twitter to voice their opinions and potentially influence the matchups. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the matchmaking process, as the UFC needs to consider the fighters’ desires while also making the best decisions for the sport.

The Need for Fresh Faces

While the UFC has a roster filled with talented fighters, it’s important to bring in fresh faces and give them opportunities to shine. This can be a delicate balancing act, as the promotion needs to ensure that the established stars are still given meaningful matchups. However, by introducing new fighters and giving them a chance to prove themselves, the UFC can keep the sport exciting and unpredictable.

The Polling Game

To gauge fan interest and preferences, conducting polls can be a valuable tool for the UFC. By asking fans who they would like to see matched up against Sean Strickland or Israel Adesanya, the promotion can gather valuable insights and make more informed decisions. This not only helps in creating matchups that fans are excited about but also ensures that the fighters get the recognition they deserve.


Matchmaking in the UFC is a complex and challenging task. It requires careful consideration of various factors, including fighter popularity, rankings, and fan preferences. The UFC must navigate through these challenges to create matchups that are fair, exciting, and meaningful. By effectively communicating their plans, recognizing the courage of fighters, and embracing fresh faces, the promotion can continue to deliver thrilling fights that capt ivate fans and keep the sport of MMA thriving.

I feel like I could go into the UFC and
I could sit down in any Department
and I could play
I feel like that you guys do too right
you guys are I could be the boss if I
could be this
I really feel I feel like oh chill your
side of the PR department your side of
the marketing department you’re with ad
sales today whatever it is you want to
know would be a hard one you want to
know the job I don’t know that I want to
be assigned to is matchmaking
matchmaking is colossally difficult and
it’s something that’s taken for granted
you have three of the finest Minds in
the sport that get together every
Tuesday in a room and then they can’t
even agree oh and by the way on the wall
behind him it says Art of War like I
mean it’s a really difficult thing to do
and I always see people by the way I see
people that go online and think they’re
really smart guys and I don’t criticize
you like this is a very common thing to
do but they’re gonna put Ronda Rousey
against Conor mcgregate like I mean it
happens all the time
we’re gonna put Nick Diaz against
you bring in the two biggest stars and
you act like you’ve done something
anybody can sell a Ferrari okay get the
Volvo off the lot and then you’ve done
something then you’ve proven your worth
okay so we’re gonna do I’m looking at
185 pounds we’re gonna do chimayev Paulo
Costa we’re gonna make that our number
one contenders match fair enough this
isn’t Rockets fair enough that plan
which is only one month from being
hatched that plan works perfectly if you
can keep Sean Strickland quiet
if your plan to have Sean’s next
opponent is to come from that fight and
you’re getting ready to announce that
let’s just use an example this Saturday
after Grosso
if that’s your plan great if you get
that out in the next 24 hours you’ll win
if Sean beats you to the market it
doesn’t work if Sean beats you to the
market and says I’m not fighting husband
this is an example by the way Sean would
never do that
if Sean does that your announcement
doesn’t work and the plan doesn’t work
and the number one contenders match
doesn’t work and you keep saying oh yes
he will I’ve got a contract and Khan can
say 20 times oh no I won’t
and I’ve dug in before publicly and I
will dig in again publicly and I’m not
gonna fight again all of a sudden your
car to scratcher okay but let’s just say
right we’re playing a game of what if
but what if if you got a plan your plan
is gonna work if you can keep Sean quiet
until Saturday great right because it’s
not the same thing after the fact you
announce their number one contenders
match and then Sean announces he’s not
gonna do it it’s not the same thing
it is a massive game and a massive risk
to make sure you get to the market
before a different idea does
particularly if it’s from your Champion
now hold that thought
John’s gonna go in he’s gonna fight the
winner Apollo Costa versus Osmond
shamaya okay great what do you do with
us on you
what do you do with him where do you put
now again
you’re rolling a Ferrari off the lot and
I know your answer you’re gonna put him
with duplicity fine fair enough but this
is where it gets complicated what are
they fighting for
is Ian duplessy are gonna fight in a
main a bit of a pay-per-view there’s
nowhere else you can place autosanya
nowhere else with the money he brings in
that you can place him aside from a main
event of a pay-per-view so that’s where
you’re gonna put him in duplicity and
they get a red hot fight
they got a red hot fight but it’s a
fight that failed to happen when a world
title was on the line now it’s the exact
same fight it’s the same two guys for
the same reason the same weight class
under the same unified rules for the
same up to five minute rounds but
there’s no world championship
all right fine guys in this sport do
weird we don’t have to understand it I’m
just what are they gonna fight for
well we’re gonna have to fight for
number one Contender ship
it’s not even a question on that
they’re gonna have to make that clear
ahead of time hey guys I’m ranked number
this is Izzy talking I’m ranked number
I dropped my strap in an upset to a guy
I agreed to fight four men you brought
two of them to the building and I would
have fought either one of you brought
Jared Cannon here and Sean Strickland I
didn’t know who was gonna walk in the
ring I was gonna fight like Izzy
deserves tremendous credit for that
and I don’t I don’t think that you guys
have really looked at it from that
there seems to be this massive
understanding for Fighters about last
minute or short notice or he didn’t have
a training camper this guy split her my
girlfriend said I couldn’t do it like
whatever it is you seem to eat up those
but if you’re one of those people it’s
incumbent that you look at the other
side of the coin
there was two men in the building on
Saturday night that oddest Sonia was
gonna fight either one of them and it
wasn’t his choice
he left it to you
I don’t mean you you the fans he left it
to the promoter
you could put Jared Cannon air in the
front row or you can put him in the cage
you can put Sean Strickland in the cage
as planner you can move him to the front
row I’ll fight either one of them
that is a massive amount of courage and
he’s going to come back to you and he’s
going to say to you I don’t feel that I
should be having to fight DDP I don’t
feel like I should be having to fight
anybody particularly that I’ve got more
courage and more willingness than
anybody else on your roster as a matter
of fact Not only was I willing to fight
two guys in the building that night I
agreed to fight with it or or do Plessy
all within the last training camp in
addition to these two guys like it’s a
really powerful statement and that’s
going to gain a lot of respect if you
bring it to their attention if you don’t
bring it to their attention nobody’s
gonna know what happened
you guys watched it happen and you
didn’t know that it happened until it
just came out of my mouth right now
so then you can have duplicity you’re
gonna call him up and say hey man we got
you the fight we got that fight you want
we heard that your foot’s feeling better
so let’s go ahead and do this and do
plus he’s gonna go wait a minute where’s
the Bell
they’re gonna say well he doesn’t have
the belt anymore he’s not the champion
but what am I fighting him for
what are you talking about oh my God
there’s a battle of Africa and you guys
got this back and forth and the whole
stage is set
duplicity is gonna say yeah I understand
all of those things but that’s what I
was told when I agreed to fight Robert
Whittaker what am I fighting him for
are we crystal clear that this is the
number one yeah we are okay great
okay great like that’s not a problem I
think that we would all understand that
that’s the number one contenders match
I’m just sharing with you if you got
these golden tickets and you’re gonna
wave them around I mean if you’re not
gonna put it in somebody’s face and
you’re gonna hold them to it
you’re not gonna come to the fans and
you’re gonna hold them to it you gotta
understand if you put DDP with auto sign
which is most likely to happen like I
don’t dispute that fact and we got Paulo
costume we got him getting ready to
fight with Hazmat shamaya we got Sean
waiting the wings ready to take on
anybody what do you do with Jared Cannon
here oh by the way do you remember a guy
named Robert Whittaker now at the end of
the day you got a really hard Splash you
go man I got six really good guys
of those six really good guys two of
them people are willing to pay to see
the other four guys are purely in the
way but if I do this just right I can
get those four guys bumped down I can
move number number seven eight nine and
ten who I need I can bring these guys
over I can get the bow nickels and the
fresh faces up here but I gotta get
these other guys to agree to fight them
I meant with a juxtaposition where I
think a guy like Bo shouldn’t be
fighting the top guys at the same time I
need him to fight the top because I
gotta switch the deck
you’re putting a very interesting spot
you have your number one ranked guy who
was out of son who’s now told he’s gonna
find their number one contenders match
but he’s gonna do that against a guy in
DDP who was told that he’s the number
one Contender you have a guy that will
spoil the entire deck with one tweet
to mix up all of these old dinosaurs
right all these killer badasses that
only two of them can draw any money
named Kamara Usman
Usman announces I’m the number one guy I
don’t care if it’s at 170 pounds I’m
coming to do it here and the proof I can
do it is I’ve already beaten your
Champion you have something very
interesting to look at
meanwhile you have Muhammad who is told
that he’s a number one Contender and
he’s gonna be a number one Contender to
a title fight that isn’t even signed yet
not to mention he been sitting on ice
for a minute he’s been sitting on ice
for a minute and he’s still got to go
into an upward contentership for a time
that isn’t even signed yet Muhammad
stepping forward saying hey I got a
rightful plan to that Bell
you told me I’d be a number one
I am the number one Contender here’s my
ticket I didn’t tell you where I’m
cashing it
can’t seem to get this fight done
whatever that is with with Leon and
Colby I’m tired of waiting now we’re in
a game of hey do you want to wait while
it was the number one Contender well if
you want to fight he’ll give me the
number of container we got this game
well we’re both pointing a gun at one
another how about we do this I got heat
with Strickland Strickland’s got heat
with me
there’s very few things that are
interesting at this weight class Sean
Strickland is the hottest thing at the
weight class because he’s the newest
I got hit with him I got gym Wars with
him I got a problem with them and I got
a story to tell not to mention I got a
number one Contender ticket according to
you I’m ready to cash it in
and that’s where things would get very
and I believe if I was gonna do a poll
which by the way I’m getting ready to do
and I was to ask you the top
middleweights versus Sean Strickland and
then I throw you a curveball and I ask
you or would you rather see
Kamara oozman at 185 pounds or Oklahoma
185 pounds and it doesn’t have to be
against Sean it can be any of those top
eight two of which can draw flies
you’re gonna have a very different
answer if you match up DDP with auto
sign which makes all the sense in the
world you’ve got these other guys doing
this you got Sean sitting over here you
got you got Canada and Whitaker who I
think bought before and nobody actually
knows and what difference does it make
anyway bring up Kamara ooze man bring up
Muhammad get the old guys out bring the
new guys in gimple nickel a chance do
anything except keep those same guys in
the same position
my only ask

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