In this article, we will discuss the upcoming fight between Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa at UFC 294. This highly anticipated matchup is set to take place in Abu Dhabi and has the potential to determine the next challenger for the middleweight championship currently held by Sean Strickland. While there are other contenders in the division, such as Drakkar Klose and Israel Adesanya, the outcome of this fight could solidify Chimaev’s position as the top contender.

It’s worth noting that there has been some speculation about a potential rematch between Adesanya and Strickland. Initially, Dana White mentioned the possibility of a rematch, but he also acknowledged that there are other options to consider. This opens the door for other challengers to make their case for a title shot.

One such contender is Khamzat Chimaev, who has quickly become a massive star in the UFC with a dedicated following. If he is able to defeat Paulo Costa, it would put him in a strong position to challenge for the middleweight championship. However, there are other contenders in the division who also have a case for a title shot.

Drakkar Klose is currently the number one contender and rightfully deserves a shot at the title. Israel Adesanya is another possibility, although it may be wise for him to take a break and rest after a busy schedule. Jared Cannonier, who defeated Costa in a split decision, is also vying for the next opportunity.

In terms of the upcoming fight between Chimaev and Costa, it is expected to be a sensational matchup. Chimaev is undefeated with a record of 12-0 and has shown incredible skills both in striking and wrestling. His only challenge so far has come from Gilbert Burns. Chimaev’s move up to middleweight has been official, and he is determined to make a statement in the division.

On the other hand, Costa is a formidable opponent with a great career and notable wins. He recently defeated Luke Rockhold and has proven his ability to take a beating and keep coming forward. Costa’s anti-wrestling skills could pose a challenge for Chimaev, who is known for his wrestling prowess.

The outcome of this fight will likely determine the next challenger for the middleweight championship. If Chimaev emerges victorious, he will solidify his position as a top contender. However, it’s important to note that there are other contenders in the division who also have strong cases for a title shot.

In conclusion, the fight between Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa at UFC 294 is highly anticipated and has the potential to determine the next challenger for the middleweight championship. While Chimaev is a rising star with a dedicated following, Costa is a formidable opponent with notable wins. The outcome of this fight will have significant implications for the middleweight division and could shape the future of the title picture.

returns against Paolo Costa in the next
pay-per-view UFC 294 going down in Abu
Dhabi as I said going up against Power
lawcaster and this fight is going to be
ridiculous also the winner of this fight
if it sounds like you may have might
just be the next guy to challenge Sean
Strickland for the middleweight
championship and the reason I say that
is because we don’t know what’s going to
happen sure initially after the fight
Dynamite did say that Israel had a son
you will get the rematch because it
makes sense no I think you do the
rematch absolutely I mean the rematch is
is interesting that could be the thing
too you know when you think about you’re
going into the Pereira fight such a big
fight you know and you’ve been in there
with this guy so many times and then you
overlook strictly but then the Dana
White Tuesday night Contender series
after that he said look listen I didn’t
say 100 it’s going to happen he said
there is other options I said it makes
sense and that that kind of opens the
door for other challenges I think if you
remember that night people said well
what do you think you think it’s rematch
I said yeah the rematch sounds great and
I’ve never did I say I saw the stupid
that was written you know by all
these stupid websites
um you know never once did I say yes
we’re gonna do this rematch I said no
the rematch now you know we’ll see what
happens there’s obviously lots of
options out there and we’ll see what
happens but yes I’m still not opposed to
an Israel rematch okay and Hamza chimeev
is a massive star with this huge
following and then Abu Dhabi against
Paolo Costa it’s going to be a
sensational fight I’m telling you that
right now and if he wins I think he will
put himself next in line for the shot
now of course also we have dracus
duplessy who is the number one Contender
rightfully he should get the next shot
Israel arasania is another possibility
although I think he should take a little
bit of a break take some time off he’s
at a crazy schedule and also there’s
Jared Cannon here and Sean Strickland’s
coach he he wants the next person to be
Jared canineer who says look listen UFC
obviously whatever they’re going to do
they’re going to do but I said Jared
Cannon here for a number of reasons
number one he did beaters he did now of
course it was a split decision but on
that record we got beat and I think
there were things that we didn’t do
correctly in that fight that caused us
to lose and I called coach John Crouch
this week and I said man I was so
impressed with Jared the professionalism
at UFC 293 fight week all week long they
came prepared they came with an
opportunity in mind it’s not easy to
travel to the other side of the world if
you’re not going to be able to fight
you’re there as an alternate but you
have to stay ready I feel what Jared
canonier has done his body of work and
what he’s shown in his last few fights I
think he’s the fight you have to at
least consider him as your number one
don’t take this the wrong way if you
hear this Mr Eric Nixon it seems like
they’re trying to pick him because I
don’t know it was a split decision a lot
of people thought that Sean Strickland
won that fight right and Hamza Jimmy
have is an absolute monster drinkers
duplessy is an absolute monster and you
never know right that might be the
easiest part and that sounds important
to Jared Cannon here I’m not being
insulting what I’m saying is they know
they had a really close fight but anyway
that’s an if but what if maybes all over
the place we’re not here to talk about
that we’re here to talk about Hamza
Jimmy have versus Power Lord Costa Hamza
Jimmy have undefeated the only person to
give him any kind of a challenge was
Gilbert Burns okay undefeated 12 and all
coming up to middleweight officially
okay for the for the duration he ain’t
going back down of course he did fight
before middleweight he knocked out
Gerald mirror chart with the first punch
that he threw in 17 seconds and against
parallel Costa let’s just say these two
don’t like each other foreign
cost has been doing the same thing and I
can’t wait for this now when you look at
Costa on the other side listen the man’s
incredible he’s had a great career he’s
had some incredible wins last time out
beat my old mate you’re just an average
block you’re just an average bloke good
use of English Samurai I’m gonna come in
Luke rockhold before that was a two
fight losing streak Marvin Victoria came
in way overweight Israel a lot of sun
you got stopped in that fight in the
second round kind of got embarrassed but
this is the key performance for Paolo
Costa when you look in the at the fight
with Jimmy have
he beat yellow Romero Hamza Jimmy is an
incredible wrestler and sure the man can
bang the man’s got power in the hands
and we see him over the last few weeks
hitting the bags and he looks crazy in
shape and he looks ridiculously fast
okay but in terms of wrestling accolades
hamzatz accolades versus Joel Romeros
Joel Romero was an Olympic medalist
Hamza jimmyv was the Swedish national
I’m sure the swedes can wrestle their
asses stuff but they’re not getting
medals at the Olympics to my knowledge
anyway so when you look at that I think
Costa has the anti-restling to stop the
wrestling offense of Hamza Jimmy what
happens then well it plays out on the
feet and parallel Costa that man can
take a beating
when he fought Marvin Victoria someone
hits them they hit each other when it
was insane it was sick and it sounded
like baseball about smacking each other
in the face it was shaking it but Costa
just kept coming forward over five
rounds always in shape the man can take
a shot he can stop takedowns this is a
very difficult fight for Hamza chimer
now as I say whoever wins this demand
gets face Sean Strickland then Sean
Strickland he knows Hamza Jimmy have
very well he’s been in the same gym as
Eric Nixon and Sean Strickland there’s a
video out there Sean goes up to him he’s
like hey hey look listen Hamza be nice
you’re better than everybody
okay which is very humble of Sean to say
really was really was and he’s just
playing along a little bit but Hamza
he’s only got one speed you know what I
mean so I’m in preparation for this one
power cost is doing everything he can
because he knows he’s got a very very
tough test and he’s been out in Dubai
for quite some time already and he’s
training at the gym of
yes the goat for a lot of people I say
Jon Jones but he’s the goat for a lot of
people and regarding Palo Acosta
training get khabib Jim here is what she
may have had to say he said khabib Jim
mashallah my Muslim brother help
everybody ask him to help you maybe he
will help you but I’m still gonna smash
you palovich I don’t know why he calls
him palovich but if we look at the fight
it is going to be incredible and in the
main event is a sensational fight it’s a
rematch between Charles Oliveira going
up against Islam if you remember right
the last time Islam went out there and
went straight through uh Charles
Oliveira got the submission in the
second round but
bites Jimmy have Jimmy EV is very very
aggressive and he’s got incredible
wrestling clearly very strong composed
the man’s a killer and he’s a proper bad
guy I mean remember when he missed
weight against Kevin Holland he’s
already man he just flipped the bird to
everyone did not give a but look at
some of the performances that he has I
mean the time when he fought Lee Jing
Liang picked him up hoisted him up high
had a conversation with Danny White
before he slammed him down and then
choked him out so he’s very strong he’s
got incredible wrestling the hands are
very very good but how is the gas tank
because against Gilbert Burns by far his
toughest fire to date and who knows if
that was a five round fight you never
know maybe Gilbert Birds would have got
it done because hamzat was exhausted
okay Paolo Costo as I said before when
he thought Marvin Victoria that was five
rounds he came in way overweight there
to move the fight from 185 to 205 so
clearly he wasn’t doing everything he
should have done he wasn’t as
disciplined as what he could have been
but he still went five rounds no problem
and against Luke rockhold he went out
there he looked really really good Rocco
came back later in the fight Paula
Acosta is tried tested proven and hungry
okay Paulo Costa is the name that some
people forget about as one of the top
dogs because he hasn’t had the strongest
strength of schedule for Once in 2022
against rockhold once in 21 once in 20
once in 19 once in 18 three times in 17.
but what’s he playing at that is a
ridiculously slow schedule and if you
want to insert yourself as one of the
contenders and you want to get a shot at
the belt you need to show that as a
champion you’re going to be an active
champion and that’s one of the biggest
credits to Israel that assigned and
that’s also why I say at the top of the
video that Israel alasana should take
some rest and come back the best version
of himself because let’s be honest if
Israel and lasagna comes back too soon
gets beaten off Sean Strickland again
which there’s a very very good chance
that he will because that fight wasn’t
even close hey that’s three out of the
last four for Israel out of Sonya and I
think that you know championship fights
may start to become a thing of the past
and it will affect his confidence more
importantly but back to the man hands
that Jimmy have this guy pulls no
punches and in talking of Paolo Costa
he’s threatening to kill him
you did my
just be sure come up to the cage
beat you up send you back in the package
to Brazil but still in Brazil they don’t
want you
no countries recognize you
now you’re coming to my country
Muslims Brothers they’re coming for you
Allah so the reality is people love
Hamza chime whether it’s because he’s a
good guy a bad guy persona the heel
whatever it is because he’s
controversial who cares more importantly
they like the action inside the Octagon
the man is a badass from start to finish
he shows up and he’s decimated almost
everybody that is faced and Paulo cost
is a bad mother rapper as well so this
is going to be a sensational fight so
wrestling I give it to Hamza Jimmy have
takedown defense parlor costume can
probably stop that on the feet
I think probably power law Acosta in
terms of Jiu Jitsu I don’t know I’ve
never rolled with either of them but
they’re both competent on the ground but
in terms of momentum in terms of Badness
in terms of motivation in terms of
having the support in Abu Dhabi we gotta
go with hamzat chimmy EB all day long
it’s been a long time since Hamza
chimney I thought last time was against
Kevin Holland once again went out there
two minutes 13 submitted him with a
Dodge job but that was last September a
year ago again same as Costa strength of
schedule if Hamza can get this done okay
and he can get authorization to travel
wherever he wants in the world what do
you think if Hamza does it if hamzat
wins is he fighting for the belt next
because I’ll tell you what drink is
dupless you won’t like it Robert
Whittaker while Izzy won’t like it Jared
canonier won’t like it and Sean
Strickland he might not might not like
it either but the reality is if Hamza
Jimmy have goals out there and can do
what he does to everybody else against
Paolo Costa man there is your next
contender for the middleweight Taxi

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