ISRAEL ADESANYA vs. SEAN STRICKLAND: Can Sean Pull Off The Upset? | Henry Cejudo Breakdown


In this episode of “Tell the Tape,” I, your host Henry Cejudo, also known as Triple C, will be breaking down the upcoming fight between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. Many people are questioning whether Strickland has a chance against a fighter as skilled as Adesanya. In this article, I will analyze their strengths, weaknesses, and make my prediction for the fight. But before we dive into the details, I want to thank our sponsor, Cookie C, for their support. If you’re looking for delicious treats made with all-natural ingredients, be sure to check out Cookie C at Now, let’s get into the analysis.

Israel Adesanya: The Last Style Bender

Let’s start by discussing the strengths of Israel Adesanya, also known as “The Last Style Bender.” Adesanya’s greatest asset is his championship experience. He has become accustomed to training for five-round fights and performing under the pressure of being the best in the world. This experience gives him a certain drive and confidence that not many fighters possess. Adesanya’s striking is also a major strength. He is known for his ability to fake and feint, baiting his opponents into making mistakes. He is particularly skilled at using his legs to set traps and break his opponent’s foundation. Adesanya’s kicks are his biggest weapon, and he knows how to use them effectively whether he is in a right-handed or southpaw stance.

However, Adesanya does have weaknesses that can be exploited. His wrestling is a notable weakness, as we saw in his fight against Pereira. While he has shown the ability to get back up from takedowns, his wrestling skills are not on par with his striking abilities. Additionally, Adesanya tends to get kicked a lot, especially in fights where his opponents target his front leg. His wide stance leaves him vulnerable to leg kicks, and this is an area where Strickland could potentially capitalize.

Another weakness of Adesanya is his inability to mix everything up. While he is a skilled striker, he lacks the ability to seamlessly transition between different fighting styles. He relies heavily on his striking and does not have the versatility to mix in level changes, takedowns, or different submissions. This makes him somewhat predictable and easier to game plan against.

Sean Strickland: The Dangerous Underdog

Now let’s turn our attention to Sean Strickland, who is often underestimated by many. Strickland’s attitude and experience are his greatest strengths. He approaches every fight with a fearless mindset and gives his best effort, regardless of the odds. His experience includes fights against top middleweights like Kamaru Usman and Alex Pereira, which has helped him develop a durable and resilient fighting style.

Strickland’s boxing ability is another strength. He is confident in his boxing skills and believes that boxing is life. He has shown the ability to close distance quickly and land effective punches. His defense is also better than Adesanya’s, as he has demonstrated the ability to stuff takedowns and work off the cage.

However, Strickland does have weaknesses that Adesanya can exploit. His stance is a major issue, as he often stands too upright and lacks proper knee bend. This makes him vulnerable to strikes and limits his ability to defend against different fighting styles. Strickland relies too heavily on his striking and lacks the versatility to adapt to different opponents. He is one-dimensional in his approach, which can be a disadvantage against a well-rounded fighter like Adesanya.

Prediction: Adesanya’s Victory

In analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters, it is clear that Adesanya has the advantage. His championship experience, striking skills, and ability to set traps give him the upper hand in this matchup. While Strickland’s attitude and durability make him a dangerous underdog, his one-dimensional approach and lack of versatility will likely be his downfall.

I predict that Adesanya will not only win this fight but also stop Strickland. Adesanya’s ability to target Strickland’s legs and then capitalize with his hands will likely lead to a knockout victory. Strickland’s stance and reliance on his striking will leave him vulnerable to Adesanya’s attacks.


The upcoming fight between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland is sure to be an entertaining one. While Strickland has his strengths, including his attitude and boxing skills, Adesanya’s championship experience and striking abilities give him the edge. Strickland’s weaknesses, such as his stance and one-dimensional approach, make him susceptible to Adesanya’s attacks. Ultimately, I believe Adesanya will come out on top and secure a stoppage victory. Stay tuned for the press conference and the fight itself, as it promises to be an exciting showdown.

second is the UFC B Champion my name is
Triple C I am the greatest combat AC of
time what’s up everybody welcome to this
episode of T the tape I’m your host
Henry shudo AKA Triple C on this episode
of tell the tape I’m going over isra OS
the last style Bender versus Sean
Strickland guys why am I saying that why
am I changing my tune does Sean
Strickland really have a chance against
a guy like isra adna that has leg kicks
that’s very diverse with his striking
what probabilities does somebody like
Sean Strickland have guys I’m here to
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talk let’s take it to the big
screen okay so here we have it isra adna
versus number five sha Strickland I tell
you what good I thought Sean Strickland
had more I thought he had more losses
for whatever reason but he’s got five in
comparison to Israel that has two you
know no submission 16
Kos that that rate is pretty crazy more
you think about it to a guy like
Strickland with four submissions and 11
Kos 61 and 64 88 80 in reach advantage
76 you know the Elder
isra so this is right now right now
we’re just going over pretty much the
stats but let’s get down to the
nitty-gritty you know let’s start off
with the last style Bender
yeah his strengths and guys I know I hit
on this dude quite a bit which I
actually start you know I started
feeling bad but not really but there’s
one thing that Israel does have and it
now in his championship experience I
think as of right now it’s no longer
it’s no longer some of that other stuff
what I would put at number
one it’s just World Championship
experience when when when you get a
custom to training for five rounds when
you get accustom to the lights the
cameras everything that comes with you
being the absolute best in the world
it’s a certain drive that a lot of
people when they actually get to when
the lights are actually bright they
don’t show up but I will tell you
somebody that will always show up is
this man right
here this man right here will always
show up dud whether I believe him or not
he comes to fight and he comes to win
and all that is because of all those
five round fights that he’s had and
obviously taking losses and coming back
and actually winning that’s what makes
Israel special and number two is
striking is striking with Fakes and
faints he does a really good job
of the legs baiting people you know it’s
the same thing like it’s they all they
we all do somewhat the same thing but
different strategies same thing with
Shan Mali isra ad does a really good job
of Faking whatever it is that he has and
he’ll at times he’ll fake you come out
to get you to come in to eventually kick
you but he did a he does a really good
job and particularly his hip he’ll fake
the leg kick start bringing in the hands
he’ll wait for you to come in to
eventually start kicking you he’ll he’ll
do a really good job of connecting that
and obviously the biggest weapon that he
does have are his kicks so whether he’s
right-handed or he’s Southpaw he he I’m
sorry uh whether whether you’re Southpaw
right-handed he’s going to find a way to
break your foundation and actually reach
reach those legs you know he does a
really good job of even if you are a a
southpaw like he will like he will go
with that League leg to to eventually
kick you but the biggest thing though
now with all with his world champions
experience his striking with Fakes and
fangs his leg kicks is he does a really
good job of set traps you know does a
really good job of getting people to
move where is it that he wants to move
so he can start looking for those
certain things you know a as much as as
much as I talk crap it’s uh when it
comes to when it comes to the when it
comes to the Striking game he’s as good
as they
come but now my favorite piece everybody
that’s right I’m going over the
weaknesses we all have them guys number
one number one weakness which which
still frustrates me with all you damn
middleweights is wrestling
is wrestling we saw with Pereira I mean
it was like two like pretty much white
belts if we were to give a white bton
wrestling uh you know isra adna would
get one I’d probably give him maybe a
couple Stripes CU he does a good job at
times of getting up but his biggest
weakness is his
wrestling and the other thing too is
people don’t bring up as good as he is
to kick he also gets kicked a lot too I
saw in that fight with Jered kir I saw
with Alex Pera even though he’s a world
class tracker it doesn’t matter his
stance is too wide where I think he can
easily be exposed and nobody’s nobody’s
kicking that front leg and I was talking
to koner not too long ago because we we
both go to the same therapist Al Escobar
and he was like yeah man I wish somebody
told me to continue to keep kicking like
I fell away from it and I don’t know why
stance and at times you know what he
getss too emotional and sometimes you
wonder if that’s a thing that can kind
of you know what I’m saying if like the
whole theatrics of him coming out with
all these crazy things you wonder if you
you know you wonder where his head is at
sometimes he does a really good job of
putting that pressure on him but I know
there’s a bunch of fights like when he
fought koner when he fought Romero he
did all these Antics and then he just
didn’t show up yeah he won the fights
but it was just it was just the bunch of
it was a bunch of man to be quite
honest with you I think he knows that
you know so that’s what I mean by
he can get too emotionally involved into
fight and obviously the last thing is
his unability
his unability you said ability to mix
everything up no his unability
his unability to mix everything up his
unability to really mix whatever it is
that he wants to kind of collaborate and
put he cannot put everything together
it’s fakes kicks you enter you you get
into the fight Zone he’s going to that
hook but he doesn’t have the ability to
really mix the level changes take Downs
different submissions like really be
that one rounded guy that you don’t know
what’s going to come at you so you know
that’s that’s Israel I
son and without further Ado i’ like to
go over Sean sh isra out of side see
listen guys they don’t respect Sean
man you see my producers over here
Strickland you know they don’t dud look
at that come on man that’s disrespectful
guys you know Shan Strickland what are
Shan Strickland’s strengths I’m G tell
you guys something now that makes this
dude that makes this that makes Sean
Strickland Sean Strickland it’s his
attitude and his experience his attitude
his confidence whether he believes he’s
going to win or not he’s going to give
you his best you know and I think when
somebody has that that you know nothing
to lose everything to win that’s what
more lik is going to make this dude
dangerous and obviously with his
experience he’s fought a kamaru Usman
he’s fought Alex Pereira he’s fought a
lot of these top middleweights in the
world that man there’s experience has a
lot to do with that but also his
durability his durability to continue to
keep f in this dudes and continue to
keep strutting moving forward you’ll
never see this dude break you know
you’ll never see this dude break unless
unless you knock him the hell
out his boxing ability he loves to box
man and he’s confident in his boxing he
believed boxing is life you know and and
does he have hands yeah I saw him
against that French not too long ago um
man he was kind of getting papped up but
his boxing the ability to be able to
close distance right away and kind of
start laying hands is was is what was
able to catch Sean Strickland that
Victory semi good defense his defense is
better than Israel’s that’s for sure you
know I’ve seen him stuff take down I’ve
seen him kind of uh you know he’s got
good he’s got good work off the cage
from from what I’ve seen and I think
these are the areas where I feel like
Sean Strickland you know I think these
are the erors that makes Sean Strickland
dangerous without further Ado let’s get
to his weaknesses again Sean I
apologize I
apologize I apologize for this sorry not
sorry but respect is earned it’s not
given Sean Strickland again man my
producer’s name is Matthew far he make
sure to get
him his
weaknesses his stance that’s the number
one thing that whenever I do see a
fighter and I’m able to analyze a
fighter your stance tells you everything
your stance L tells you everything you
don’t have no knees you don’t have any
bent knees like you’re too upright it’s
almost like you see everything as a
sparring session and that’s a problem
and there’s a reason why you haven’t
reached the top of the mountain because
everything is sparring a fight is a
fight man a fight is no longer sparring
this is why you want to train as you
would fight but this is you know this is
the reason why it’s it’s gotten you in
trouble against guys like Pereira and
guys of that matter you rely too much on
your striking do you you R you rely too
much on your hands it’s too much man
this right here is just too much if if
that’s all you know and that’s all you
do it’s too much man onedimensional
fights everyone the same but when you’re
onedimensional you fight everybody the
same you don’t have the ability to
change at the game you
don’t and same thing as Israel they’re
almost kind of like the same fighter the
only problem is is Israel has more
crafts his inability to mix his fighting
styles can you mix knees can kicks
punches uh with takedowns can you defend
can you make people seem like you’re
going for a take go overhand things of
nature Y and here we have it here we
have it you know strike slided per
minute 3.94
to pretty crazy here to
5.86 strikes absorb per minute obviously
he gets hit a lot more you know striking
accuracy 41 to 50 this is where Israel’s
good takeown defense he’s got better
defense and then obviously take on
accuracy like what I’m saying here
though guys like look I continue like I
continue to keep circling more on Shan
Strickland’s side you know what I’m
saying obviously this would be
Israel but take you know what I’m saying
like like this this can Sean
Strickland surprise
everybody and not be a knucklehead and
literally get a takedown you know can
you do that and the other thing is can
you hold a guy that knows how to get up
you can you you can take down Israel but
I tell you what guys he does a hell of a
good job of getting to his feet and I
know they work that at at uh I was about
to say American kickboxing at uh what is
it what’s the name of the cityi yeah
so so who is it who’s going to take the
crown you know you know this is the
fight is this Saturday I mean guys I
think it’s a no-brainer I think it’s
going to be an entertaining fight I
think I’m looking forward to more of the
press conference that I’m actually
looking forward to this actual
fight you know what I’m saying I wish it
was uh drais
dupy you know the real African brother
but uh yeah man I just can’t man as much
as I hate on Israel he’s done some
special things and not only am I going
for Israel not only I think Israel is
actually going to win but I believe he’s
going to stop him I I believe he’s going
to stop a guy like Shan Strickland
because Shan Strickland has only been
onedimensional and has only used hands
and his stance he’s going to chew his
legs to actually bring the hands in and
pretty much knock him out so there you
have it guys thank you guys for watching
you guys just watch the episode of tell
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