Is UFC 293 Really Worth $80?


Is UFC 293 Really Worth $80?

In this article, we will discuss the upcoming UFC 293 event and whether it is worth the $80 price tag. We will analyze the fight card, the main event between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland, and the overall value of the event.

The Fight Card

The UFC 293 fight card has received mixed reviews in terms of its overall quality. Some fans argue that the card lacks star power and meaningful matchups, while others believe that the entertainment value lies in the potential for exciting finishes.

One fight that stands out is the matchup between Tyron Woodley and Alexander Volkov. Woodley, although unlikely to become a champion, has a massive following and is known for his exciting fighting style. Volkov, on the other hand, is a perennial challenger who always puts on a good show. While there are no stakes involved in this fight, it promises to be an entertaining bout.

Another intriguing matchup is between Felipe dos Santos and LFA. Dos Santos is relatively unknown with a record of 7-0, but his recent split decision win in LFA has caught some attention. While the flyweight division may not have many top contenders, Dos Santos has the potential to make a name for himself.

The Lack of Meaningful Matchups

One of the criticisms of UFC 293 is the lack of meaningful matchups outside of the main event. With the recent epic showdowns involving the champion, Israel Adesanya, fans were expecting more compelling matchups. However, the scheduling of an active champion who wants to fight frequently has resulted in a lack of suitable opponents.

The Draw of Israel Adesanya

Despite the lackluster undercard, the main draw of UFC 293 is undoubtedly the main event between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. Adesanya, the reigning champion, has become a fan favorite with his impressive performances and unique fighting style. Many fans are eagerly anticipating the press conference and the potential for a spectacular knockout.

The Hope for an Upset

While the gap between Adesanya and Strickland is vast, there is always the hope for an underdog victory. Fans often root for the underdog, hoping for a spectacular upset. The example of Alexa Grasso defeating Karolina Kowalkiewicz serves as a reminder that anything can happen in MMA.

Marketing and Promotion

The UFC has relied heavily on the star power of Adesanya and the anticipation of a thrilling press conference to sell UFC 293. However, there is a lack of other compelling narratives to engage fans. The promotion needs to find additional ways to market the event and create excitement among fans.

The Venue and Capacity

UFC 293 will take place at the Sydney Superdome and the Kudos Bank Arena, with a capacity of 21,000. While it may not reach the level of a 90,000-seat arena, the event is still expected to have a good atmosphere. Previous events in Australia, such as Adesanya’s walkout before knocking out Robert Whittaker, have been memorable and energetic.

The Price of Pay-Per-View

One of the main concerns for fans is the $80 price tag for the pay-per-view. While the main event between Adesanya and Strickland is undoubtedly the selling point, some fans question whether the rest of the card justifies the high price. However, if there are exciting finishes and knockout-filled fights throughout the event, it may be worth the investment.

The Staff Writers Meeting

In addition to discussing UFC 293, the hosts mention the staff writers meeting. This meeting allows fans to contribute ideas and provide feedback on the content produced by the staff writers. It is an opportunity for fans to have their voices heard and potentially shape the direction of future articles.


In conclusion, UFC 293 may not have the star power or meaningful matchups that some fans were hoping for. However, the main event between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland is expected to be entertaining, and there is always the possibility of an upset. The UFC needs to find additional ways to market the event and create excitement among fans. Ultimately, whether the $80 price tag is worth it depends on the individual fan’s interest in the main event and their willingness to take a gamble on the rest of the card.

sounds like a [ __ ] steal
buy that thing quick
has this always been the case though do
we look back on UFC events from the past
and go events used to be stacked from
top to bottom or are we just kind of
remembering that they used to be stacked
in hindsight and now when these kind of
events do come out and we have every
other fight there could be on a Fight
Night choose one fight there that you
can honestly hand on heart say Tom I am
[ __ ] so excited for that fight and
it’s gonna make me put down my 60
dollars how big of a star is tied two of
us I think he’s massive actually I don’t
think he’s ever going to be Champion
let’s be honest but I think he’s going
to sell an arena I think he’s got that
kind of popularity right now he’s got a
cult status behind him he’s from Sydney
as well isn’t he and the fact that he’s
gonna put on a performance no matter
what and volkov is isn’t going to take
him down and try and wrestle him it’s
going to be a good fire I think you
could put Ty up there it definitely is
an international star who loves his
chewies and everyone loves him for that
he opens a card or he’s like the third
fight he’s a co-main event and he’s
coming into this with two losses sure to
you know two of the best guys in the
division there’s no stakes in this
whatsoever you’re watching Tai because
he’s a fun personality with a big
[ __ ] punch volkov is gonna forever be
that guy that challenges everyone
there’s never gonna be a scenario where
he makes it to a title cup versus Kai
conference was okay but it definitely
wasn’t a co-headliner for a pay-per-view
is coming off a really rough Split
Decision I thought he should have won
that if I don’t get me wrong but it’s
not exactly going to mean much do we
know much about Felipe dos Santos he’s
only 7-0 he’s only fighting LFA once
yeah he just want a split decision in
LFA to be fair this is like flight
weights though so there’s only probably
so many guys there’s only 10 in the
world in there yeah exactly but this
thing is like manual cops quite up there
now you could consider him for someone
being close to title contention almost
does the card need to be stacked what if
the whole fight card is like 10 finishes
and it’s um all amazing fights I guess
that’s the chance that you take by
putting down your sixty dollars or
seventy dollars for how much the
American audience are paying Israel
adesanya is really what people are
buying the pay pay-per-view for and I
think they know that this fight is being
sold on what’s going to be a Bonkers
press conference that’s what this fight
is going to be sold on yeah I think
Sean’s probably going to get body but I
I mean that’s a good enough reason to
watch anyway is it one of those fights
as well where the Gap in between these
guys is so vast that there is a large
portion of people paying for this
pay-per-view to hope that there is going
to be some spectacular underdog win to
be fair the Grasso example people were
saying that exact thing I remember Luke
Thomas said that exact thing if you’re
going to look for a plan towards winning
where is she gonna do it on the grounds
and stand up none of that is what people
are seeing and that’s exactly what
happened with the grappling the back
take and it went from there for garage
sale it is one of those fights where you
just like in what [ __ ] realm World
which area does Sean Strickland win but
what is the story they’re kind of doing
this like Donald Cerrone or fight anyone
anywhere sort of thing with Sean and
then they play the clip of going calm
down you’ve got a broken nail and that’s
it what else are they doing to Market
this event though as well it’s just like
what else have they got in the [ __ ]
Locker to go you gotta watch this one
boys yeah imagine if something like
someone gets a injury while they’re
drilling this week and then the three
Vasa volkov Main Event it would have to
be demoted it’s not screaming
pay-per-view that’s the problem but like
Carlos alberg I’m actually over the moon
with that guy I cannot wait to see him I
think there’s a reason why he’s the last
fight of the prelims because on American
television he’ll be on ESPN which will
lead right into the pay-per-view so
maybe that’ll get some buys I mean
that’s the thing like pay-per-view is
right you want steaks you want there to
be meaning behind the fights but
currently other than the main event
there’s not a lot of meaning there is
that there’s not a lot of narratives
that you can weave out of this for the
fans where people go oh do you remember
UFC Sydney that pay-per-view that’s
going to be one of those trivia
questions in the future it’d be like
what was the co-main events
I think it’s I think it’s struggling
with two things is the fact that the
Champions just come off one of the
greatest story lines there was in Combat
Sports and two epic showdowns that ended
in finishes in both ways and then coming
back to fight a guy who was kind of
thrust into the title picture because
there’s no one else and then secondly is
is the UFC scheduling of having a really
active champion who wants to fight
everyone who wants to fight three or
four times a year and then you’re just
not having the guys it’s kind of you get
these match up sometimes which where the
card will be kind of there but it’s not
just the championship no the champion is
lacking as well but I think I think the
one draw that you have is your Champion
everyone is feeling like this is a right
or straight away here’s the thing if you
really want to see Izzy versus Sean
Strickland you’re gonna get some great
entertainment on the way up so if you
want to talk about it from a devil’s
advocate perspective as long as there’s
a a semi-decent main event the rest of
the card is definitely going to be
entertaining the the rest of that main
card is going to be Bonkers knockout
type kind of action big guys fat
Knockouts someone’s gonna go down so
it’s 79 79.99 yeah it will be entirely
entirely worth it if Sean Strickland
wins but you just have to take that
gamble as a fan to see how that’s going
to go I’m there for seeing a spectacular
knockout if that’s what Izzy pulls out
and I’m there for the upset as well it’s
like so both both propositions are
actually really interesting I I think
it’s it’s pretty nakedly it is what it
is like we’re expecting kind of a squash
and I think there’s a reason why that’s
entertaining in and of itself to
actually just see that happen if they do
not have the star power to throw into a
fight that can open the card or a
co-main event yeah put [ __ ] massive
dudes in that can throw massive overhand
rights last time Israel was in Australia
they did a huge walkout did his whole
dance routine before knocking Rob out
and then uh last time we were there we
had the amazing [ __ ] volkanovsky
walkout with a single land down under
and like chanting Aussie Aussie Aussie
and all that stuff so it will still be a
good atmosphere you would you would
think where is this taking place Sydney
Superdome and the Kudos Bank Arena
what’s the uh capacity yeah 21 000. so
it’s not going to be a 90 000 Holly
I wish the UFC would just bite the
bullet on that because what they do is
they get you a card that people really
want to go see and so they’ll be able to
mark up the prices and The Limited
availability make sure that those all
get sold but then what happens when you
have a 90 000 fan arena is all of a
sudden it’s like well these are going to
be a little harder to sell which means
we’re going to have to come off of our
prices a little bit because everybody
will just buy the cheap tickets and then
right before the event maybe get moved
up and they’ll have to do something to
get rid of the other tickets that really
didn’t sell I know is it it’s just one
of those ones where it’s just like this
is a pay-per-view that is solely being
sold by out of Sandy versus Strickland
is someone there going cannot wait for
taffeline [ __ ] finally the rematch as
long as there’s no eye pokes in this
fight holy [ __ ] we’re gonna get the
fight that we were gonna get the first
time is does that exist well to make uh
one you know quick comparison as well to
boxing the obvious thing that we haven’t
really done it’s like the truth is most
people buy those cards not knowing a
single person on there and even somebody
like me I mean I’m not a big boxing guy
I’m definitely way more in the MMA space
I remember watching Pacquiao versus
Mayweather and I could not tell you a
single fight on that card aside from
that one main event the thing that they
can say over that boxing card is we know
you guys are going to enjoy these other
fights too uh and the reality is there’s
no way to bootle like this so it’s going
to sell really well yeah yeah you have
to bust no way right shop got rid of
that a long time ago that’s true yeah
well they found that guy didn’t they
yeah they did get it they were like you
turn it on we got you we’re watching his
house we’re watching his family will you
go there Tom just two uh glasses of howl
head but for you yeah I mean I think
it’s better shared with people no yeah
definitely it is a fun share of whiskey
so there you go there you go this is a
party whiskey for sure it’s great for
when you’re watching the fights as well
so yeah if you do want to get yourself a
bottle of power head which I do
recommend you can go to larger Tescos
master of Mo or Amazon well it’s
actually really nice to have Jason here
because Jason you can talk quite a lot
about the staff writers meeting aren’t
you oh yeah yeah so uh actually uh just
after the shooting of this we’ll be
doing one today but it’s a really fun
process more and more people are showing
up every week as people sign up and it
really just helps us come up with ideas
so if you guys are really interested you
guys have an idea you can come into
these meetings literally with Tommy
myself Alex and come up with these ideas
together if you’ve ever been outraged by
some of our entries this is the
opportunity to be like no this is a big
mistake you guys so you can save us as
you did that so much better than Alex
ever has Alex is terrible