Aljamain Sterling: "I should get a rematch if Izzy does!"

Aljamain Sterling, the UFC bantamweight champion, recently shared his thoughts on the rematch between Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Sterling expressed his belief that he should get a rematch if Adesanya gets one.

Sterling acknowledged that the decision to grant Adesanya a rematch is based on business and entertainment rather than merit. He emphasized that Adesanya’s popularity and social media following make him a big draw for the UFC. However, Sterling questioned the dominance of Adesanya’s victory over Vettori and suggested that if Adesanya wins in a similar fashion, it would put the UFC in a difficult position regarding his next opponent.

Instead of an immediate rematch, Sterling proposed that Adesanya should take a break and fight someone else before getting another title shot. He compared this approach to what happened with Charles Oliveira, who took a break before his recent title win. Sterling believes that giving Adesanya a break and allowing him to fight another opponent would reinvigorate him and potentially lead to a more exciting and competitive rematch in the future.

Sterling also discussed his own plans for the rest of the year. He stated that he has no desire to fight for the remainder of 2023 unless he receives a very enticing offer, such as a fight against Sean O’Malley in December. However, even in that case, Sterling mentioned that he would only consider it if there were additional incentives, such as a significant payday. He emphasized the importance of enjoying the fruits of his labor and taking time to relax and enjoy life outside of fighting.

The bantamweight champion expressed his happiness and gratitude for his current situation. He talked about his time in Bali, training at Bali MMA, and enjoying the local restaurants and activities. Sterling mentioned that he has been able to let go of the constant pressure and mental battle of training for fights, and he is now able to fully enjoy his time with friends and family.

Sterling also touched on the physical toll that fighting takes on his body. He described the sacrifices he makes and the risks he takes every time he steps into the Octagon. He acknowledged the importance of taking care of his physical well-being and mentioned the toll that training and surgeries have taken on him. Despite the challenges, Sterling expressed his gratitude for everything he has achieved and his happiness in being able to live his dream.

I’m just saying like if we’re going to talk about giving instant rematches you give a guy who lost two fights back to back in a
Title reign the same title ring so he what he won the belt he lost beat the guy and then came back in and lost again
to another right that’s why it’s weird it’s like and then you tell me that I
don’t deserve it that’s what I’m saying right now I’m not knocking it right if they give you the title shot brother take that [ __ ] and run but what I’m
saying is how do you get it and I don’t damn your glasses you were saying I need to Pace
bro I’m a strong man bro it’s double what I have I’m a strong man
you know what they say put on the Oscar and franks hey damn I didn’t know we
were supposed to wear sunglasses for this no we don’t I mean it’s not sunglasses it’s just glasses shut the [ __ ] up
what’s up guys we are back out here in Bali Indonesia
we’re having a great time oh my God Where Do We Begin I don’t even know but it’s it’s been a great trip so far we’re
over in uluwatu right now um I’m hoping that this is still true
like we’re supposed to be going to the Lil Jon concert in a little bit so why are you hoping is there any reason
because you know I haven’t seen any Flyers ah I haven’t seen any Flyers whatsoever
yeah that’s true so it’s kind of like is it gonna be there are you sure about
that yeah he’s gonna be there bro so I hope Donnie wouldn’t bring us out I
don’t think he even like has like verified himself to be honest I think he’s kind of like oh that’s what they said so we’re gonna show up and
hopefully he’s there we’ll see um if we don’t go to Little John we’re gonna go to the club yeah we’re
doing something sure we’ll be at some value beach club tonight so I I can’t wait for that that should be a good time I almost died
um Jake almost died on this trip second day in ah I saw his life flash before his very
eyes on the scooter making a right turn yeah my man falls backwards no super slow
motion the way I saw it in my life and my my real life my point of view my POV
now you loved the fact that I almost died no no I was actually very concerned for your health and your well-being yeah
but then after but then as soon as it didn’t it took him 30 seconds to flip
out the phone and start recording me to be like yeah okay I fall back
somehow the bike doesn’t fall back on me he I’m looking I’m looking to like
behind me because he was behind me I’m waiting to see like did Al Joe see what just happened I don’t see you so I’m
like phew after I didn’t see that we’re good I’ll get back up keep driving then he pulls up and he’s like Jake what the
hell did you just do I was like that’s what he said I was like are you good I’m pretty sure I’m hungry he’s like and
then I like but I I like got up right away and I was like I’m good I’m good he’s like you’re good you’re good okay
I was really like bro he was trying not to laugh because I saw him pop up the way he
popped up I’m like I can’t laugh but I do have to wonder like yo is this guy good right now because he just popped up
like nothing happened and something definitely happened my man busted his ass oh I felt pretty good and I drove
into this like kind of like chain fence thing and then I fell back but then like right now my
ankles my ankle and achilles are like very sore yeah but he just had like a cut my on my toe I have a cut but then
like back here it’s like yeah anyway he fell back on his wrist so that was my main concern I was like I thought he
broke his wrist but the way he jumped up I’m like I guess he’s fine I guess you know nobody died he’s okay so what do
you do so I’m waiting I’m waiting like you good am I checking him out I’m like damn dude what the [ __ ]
so I’m waiting for the green light just like I’m broke what the [ __ ] was that you thought you were Tony Hawk on the
motorcycle in Bali Indonesia real quick I’m like yeah
aljo knows how dangerous the bikes are but I don’t because I’m a 22 year old boy just out here
traveling wait there’s a reason for that though because you also think you’re Invincible at your age no no let me
finish what I’m saying I’ve realized life already so so aljo with all his life wisdom thought it was a great idea
to just throw me on the bike and be like yeah follow me it’s like riding a bike
yeah yeah so he just throws me on and he’s like all right and then when I fall he like
waits for me to be okay for like 10 seconds and then he’s like he was like no it was 10 seconds it’s like two minutes and
then when my adrenaline was coursing so I was like he popped up and he was like I’m fine I’m good I was like guys I’m
sorry and then he just pulls out the phone and he’s like can I record you no no you can’t skip I asked I was like you
think we should record this it was like yeah [ __ ] it why not I was like yo all right when you hang out with like him and his
crew it’s like you learn like there are no like you can’t like process emotions everything’s just a joke
like so it’s like yeah just record it like let’s go you sure like I bet that’s it
and then he’s like yes well I’ll put the clip in but uh but yeah and the way he went up
the ramp fell backwards the good thing the bike didn’t fall on top of him nothing broke we didn’t have to go to
the ambulance his foot didn’t split in half because he was wearing sandals so I always wear sneakers but Anthony Leone
actually had an incident like that where he was on I think a motorcycle or a scooter whichever one he got clipped and
his foot actually split like maybe that like you don’t like Mr Krabs
like from SpongeBob he’s yeah you’re Mr Krabs in real life so his foot did one
of those he had to go get like sewn up out here in Bali they probably put wires in it apparently they’re like yeah
um so it’s a very fortunate situation that only his ego was bruising her in
this in this situation with the fight with the car crash so we’re all good my ego was bruised
we’re having a cool Biz he realized that he’s no longer invincible and that life is actually very short when you make
mistakes like that I don’t even know how he did that right even the the gojek guys who were like came over they ran
over so concerned a couple minutes later they’ll decide that giggling and they’re like yo These Guys these guys are just
like me like hey I’m about to come hang out with these guys let me get you guys a beer a little bintan
so I’ll just been a little bit nicer to me today not really
but anyway that was a near-dev experience so that was before we end up going to uluwatu yeah so we thought the
trip was completely just done like I was like damn we’re not going a little while because yeah like today we’re like
chamberlains make sure he’s okay today like we’re we’re in this like nice Villa like away from where we’re
actually staying just for tonight and maybe tomorrow night maybe um we don’t have we don’t have clothes
for the next day I was backing I was just talking about that I was like we don’t actually have any outfits unless we unless everyone is okay with
recycling the same outfit which I am I don’t give a [ __ ] then [ __ ] it I brought three
I literally bought just this three underwear three shirts so you’re a smarter man than me I just overdoing one
day wait can you say that again you might be a smarter man on this y’all
heard him say I’m a smarter man than him anyway because I thought we were only the same for one day I feel like people
aren’t even watching the video anymore all right so this is what they clicked on the video I don’t know what happened to Jake find no they don’t give a [ __ ]
they do I should have saved this for later in the video so uh basically the Talk of the Town in the
MMA world is like I feel like it’s like you people think
if Izzy is being given a title shot against Sean like another rematch after
just coming off a rematch so on strict land I feel like everyone’s kind of up in arms because
they think you deserve a title shot more than he does but Dana kind of wrote you off and isn’t
seemingly going to give you the title shot yeah and I get it like I get what
Israel has done and just while I’m on my phone I pulled up um on topology Israel
how to sign his run and from his debut against Robert Wilkinson he’s made a run
all the way to Polo Costa and just pretty much either decision or finish everybody and he had to want to split
decision with Marvin vittori he finished Wilkinson Marvin Victoria his second UFC fight was a split how crazy is that he
decisions the Brad uh Tavares he finishes Brunson decision silver goes to
a decision with gas along knocks out Robert Whittaker after winning the interim title against gasoline so he’s
been in title fight since one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven title fights in a row that’s
so this is the gasoline fight so he won against Gaslamp unified the bells against Whitaker so that’s one two three
four four title fight wins that he goes up away class loses to blahovich comes
back down fights for moravatory wins by decision beats Whitaker by decision
each Cannon air by decision loses to pereiro by TKA on round five
comes back smashes Pereira in round two which was kind of even until it wasn’t
like I I hate when people say oh he destroyed him he memes him I’m like guys if you look at the rest of the fight it
was a very competitive fight till it wasn’t that’s the fight game it’s not like basketball where you could win by a point it’s not like that it’s the fight
was close until it was not then there was a definitive finish then it’s like oh well he killed you and finished you
I’m like whoa yes and no like yeah that’s just one punch man made the difference in the fight but if you look
at the rest of the fight it was very tooth in it’s like a buzzer beater yeah so in a way I don’t like when people
make that notion because it kind of discredits the other guy entirely as if the rest of the fight never happened he
came out and just landed one punch and the fight was over because it definitely didn’t happen like that no but just the
fashion he did it in I think it was used stop Bender points so he comes back
after that he fights Strickland then he loses a decision in in a situation could have probably
been stopped if it was named was Al James okay wait so that’s that’s I think why people are so up in arms like people
your stoppage was pretty controversial I think the consensus was like people
thought it could have gone a little bit longer but it’s not the worst stoppage ever but it could have gone a little bit longer and I agree yeah I think that’s
pretty much everyone agrees and I think people would have liked to see it go a little longer yeah but whatever to be
like yo there’s no way you were coming back and now we kind of have like the clamoring of well he was going into a
back road position in a situation where he’s better on the ground defensively and offensively let’s let’s just
actually let’s just let’s see what would have happened if we let it play out just a little because it could have gone like
many different ways what the the the part that irks me a little bit in the comments is you were out cold and
I’m just like no I was out cold I wouldn’t be able to [ __ ] move no what are we even talking about how cold is
like your body would have stiffened no no we know what that means yes but the people who no but I’m trying to explain it to them I’m just like what is out
culture how cold like how cold is the Marlin out cold is
Jorge Ben massacre in the face that’s alcohol that was that’s out cold or
Flatline well I think it was Curtis blades getting knocked out by Francis yeah yeah that’s like when your body
like stiffens and you just go out and that’s it then yeah if my fight was out cold then what are those like what do
you even call that statue statue Han Solo in episode five when you haven’t
seen Star Wars right no no okay I kind of wanted to get into a little bit but anyway so yours your stoppage is like
pretty controversial and then Mark Goddard the same guy who stopped your fight early
Korean zombie and then Israel right so he in this Izzy
fight Izzy gets knocked down by Strickland and then Mark gives him like all the the room on
the leash in the world yeah but he gave him a thumbs up bro
I was like wait are you serious thumbs up means wait but if I give you a
thumbs up and you’re pounding my head off like I guess that means you’re now intelligently defending yourself which
it’s cool because Izzy survived like that’s there’s nothing wrong with him letting it go but why didn’t he let you
go like yeah how was yours I feel like I didn’t give the thumbs up dude if I gave the thumbs up I would have been right back in that [ __ ]
I I don’t yeah it’s silly it’s just he took it’s such a silly thing for people
I honestly think you took 20 of the damage as he took is he exaggerating crushing those positions Sean didn’t
miss bro he was like cocking back bang on the chin bang bang I don’t even know how is he survived I I’m actually
surprised I don’t think it’s actually impressive he survived I think he’s just more like gave him the time to stay in no but
didn’t actually work you could come out Danny the refers gave him the time and uh and it just worked in his favor in
the sense of he was able to stay in the fight where I had I saw some comments saying like
your head was bouncing all over the canvas and I saw some people saying like yo you would definitely early stoppage
and I agree with that because I’m like if my head was bouncing off the canvas how did I do a backward roll like I’m
not saying none of the shots landed they definitely landed one shot there was two of them that was pretty clean yeah and
it was the one that he and it was the last one he hit me with the hammer Fist and I go okay I can’t hear Mark and I think he was just like fighting and
improve so as he’s saying this I’m thinking like all right I can’t get the [ __ ] out of this position so I go
backward roll because this is what I know what I do in the gym I go backward roll let me come up to a single come on to a double as I roll and I come to all
fours Mark’s already on me and stopping the fight I’m like this is crazy because in that exact position as I backward roll Sean is
literally like if you kind of see where he was when he stopped it as I back would roll it’s either Sean needs to
take the time to spin around me or he’s right in front of me where it gives me an opportunity to at least grab the leg not saying I take him down
I’m not saying I survived not saying he doesn’t just push me back down and finishes off what he was already on to
doing but it would have been nice to have gotten the opportunity to at least fight it all the way out to be like yo
there was no way you were coming back like you were well done shish kebab
on the skewer right on the skewer I think the way the way he handled the is
he knock down proves that your fight was an early stoppage so that’s one conversation
point and then two I think it the way Dana spoke about Izzy’s fight
saying I think you do the rematch against against Strickland Dana after
hey best friend Dana and but uh but like with your fight with your fight he’s
saying you know like the UFC is probably going to go with Cheeto for the for the next title fight
yeah yeah but so like with the benefit of hindsight it’s like yeah how is like how is Izzy deserving of a rematch right
away and you’re not I’m not saying Izzy doesn’t deserve one no I’m right there with you but how would you use the record how do you not deserve one let’s
just see nothing against Izzy gasoline was a very exciting fight wait let’s start with this one yeah Tavares was a
decision fight Brunson was an exciting finish it was obviously the first round
um uh I deciding a team up pretty good uh Silva was a decision that wasn’t the
most exciting fight at all no and then going into that he then bounced back and had the gas on fight which was a barn
burner from both guys that was interim title fight right interim title he fights Robert Whittaker Whitaker rushes
in he knocks out Whitaker in the second round drops him in the first round before him that’s an exciting fight there’s a lot of good action Whitaker
fights him the same way he does Round right on the second fight and so probably not a that’s probably not a
really entertaining fight like at all yo well Romero come on guys that was for the record books yo well Romero versus
Israel to sign it was a bond burner like that was a fight that I could I cannot go back to re-watch that fight
like literally if I could watch that fight every single weekend I would because that’s how great that fight was
that’s I thought you were going in there it’s a joke guys I’m joking clearly joking Paula Casa great fight so it’s
like he he goes on this great fight not so great great fight not so great so
then he goes to blowjovich that fight was well let’s go with that fight with [ __ ] that was pray for boys
that was a sick fight Victoria fight um decision fight that
was okay it was some action inventory try to push the pace a bit where he could but at the end of the day I I
think it was it is what it is the Whitaker fight another decision the Jared can an air fight oh man that was
better than the Romero fight I was there that was a notch what was that I was there for that
sitting with marab I remember like dead ass like being sleepy dude
and am I I’m not saying this to knock on that I’m just saying if we’re talking about oh well he’s done more than you so he
deserves the rematch because he’s done more than I’m like maybe more in terms of title fight yeah like what are we talking about you’re saying like his
Reign was better than mine based on what like if I’m looking at all these things I’m giving you guys all these fights and
how they played out which one of these are like the ones that stand out to you like oh my God that was a crazy fight
aside from the guy was crazy that was a really good finish
and then the Pereira fight only because he lost and then he comes back in his second fight that was well I think it’s the
anticipation I think it’s more like in his last seven fights I think he’s four
and three yep if you if you if you include the 205 let me see one two three four five six
seven four three four and three four so in your last nine fight ten fights
you’re nine and one yeah um with a lot of people think in early stoppage
a lot early stop there’s like question marks like I think I think a clear rematch to make if there’s anyone is you
versus Sean because there’s like at least question marks about the stoppage yeah and like and I’m one round one and
I mean it wasn’t a bomb burn of round one but I got one round one I had oh I had the literally the entire deck
stacked against me coming into that fight and I put my balls on the table and said I’m gonna go out here do this
one more time roll the dice even though I know it’s probably not the best time for me to get back out there I was able
to make a mental shift to be like this is your job this is the biggest moment of my career let me try to capitalize on
it because at the end of the day this is what Fighters do we risk it for the biscuit and I came up short
showing that what he was supposed to do tonight and I’ve talked about it is even living up to the fact I go like this is his keys to Victory these are mine and I
gave him the keys I literally gave him the keys it wasn’t like he it wasn’t like he did something that set something
up like oh I kept doing this so I set him up and he was thinking this he’s like no I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on him and who knows maybe it’s
because I got back out there too soon where the thinking process was a little
bit of like I just want to get this over with that’s kind of how I felt when it was over I was just like
well at least I could go on vacation out that’s literally what I said it’s like at least I could go on vacation now I was like I won I made a lot of money I’m
going vacation and uh whatever happens it happens leave it up to the gods the god the god
martial law in no that’s not martial law um
praise God praise God um nice and easy keep it simple so yeah
I’m just like I feel like I’m not saying I’m not saying oh my God
there’s no way I don’t I mean we know why the I’m just saying like if we’re
gonna talk about giving instant rematches you give a guy who lost two fights back to back in a
Title reign the same title ring so he what he won the belt he lost beat the guy and then came back in and lost again
to another right that’s why it’s weird another title shot it’s like and then you tell me that I don’t deserve it
that’s what I’m saying right I’m not knocking it right if they give you the title shot brother take that [ __ ] and run but what I’m saying is
how do you get it and I don’t no if you could justify that not Izzy but if the
fans Dana whoever they can justify that to me and be like all right I can see your point but I don’t see the point but
I think I think it’s like I feel like the rule of thumb always is dominant Champion when they lose
unless it’s like a blowout where it’s like we don’t need the question to be answered again four to one it’s not a I
mean no no no no no I’m saying for you I’m making your case oh okay you’re a dominant Champion people are calling you
the goat of that weight class Sean the guy who just beat you is calling you the goat of that weight class before and
after the fight you should get a you should get a rematch and try to get it again I think
that’s like they did that with Camaro they did that with [ __ ] Izzy they did that with pretty
much everybody GSP when he lost he got a rematch like his next fight was a title shot right yeah it’s um with GSP no not
GSP um he hadn’t he had one fight and then the only person he lost it was um Matt Sarah the last guy to be GSP shout
out to Matt I feel like the rule of thumb is like dominant champion if when they lose if it’s a close fight
yeah I think it’s deserved the thing is earned so Izzy got his though is he got
his against Pereira and then he came back beat him so now your tidal rain resets
I’m not saying like you discredit everything else that happened I’m like well you just lost it’s like you’re a two-time yeah you came back you won
and then you fight somebody else immediately after and then you lose that one and then you get another one yeah
and I’m dominant right but it’s not about like so it’s just the fact that Dana was like
yeah we do the rematch with Izzy which of course because it’s a big fight you know and again this is I don’t want the
fans to get this misconstrued I don’t want the UFC brass to get this mystical shoot it’s a business it’s the
entertainment business it’s not the the Merit business of this number one is supposed to fight number two if it did
we wouldn’t be even having this conversation but that’s not the case this is all about the numbers Izzy has
done what he has done in the past he’s a huge figure look at his social media following versus Sean’s biggest fighter in the company
um popularity possibly I would say I would have to look at the numbers and see their followers and everything Izzy’s like the biggest active fighter
okay there maybe he is if you guys like Conor has a way bigger following but like but he’s not he’s not active but
like Sean has like three and a half million is he has like nine million you know I actually reached out to Connor after this last fight too because he
commented on something like I’m looking forward to the uh the bounce back or the or what you do next and I was like yo I’m gonna be traveling I would love to
come out to Ireland yeah as part of my trip and uh maybe we could uh show me some stuff or learn some of your
philosophies or whatever but he never wrote me back the guy never wrote me back come on Connie geez what up bloke
um um but I just wish there was a little bit more consistency so that we knew but I think the fans already kind of calling
[ __ ] like they already know what it is and I get it from a money standpoint the company’s here to make money which
they are you give Izzy the rematch but at the same time it’s like that was not very dominant and if another if he
comes back out there and dominates him like that again it’s just like now with it now what do you do with Izzy he’s in
a very rare spot versus giving him a break let him come here because he’s been I would say more active than I have
been because of all my surgeries more active than I have been more active than I think just about every single Champion next to volkonowski yeah give him a
break let him come back and fight someone and then you put them back in the title
shot if he wins and I think you have a a more reinvigorated uh Israel kind of
like Charles Oliveira yeah instead of give him the immediate rematch let the guy take a break he’s been fighting the
best of the best all these training camps and you know how they train a valetudo at shooter box they just Spar
they Spar hard and you watch some of his Clips these guys get man they get after it so that’s kind of the way I’m looking
at it but we’ll see what they do at this point they’re still 20 23. I have no
desire to fight for the rest of this year unless it was a very enticing offer like Sean in December yeah but even that
honestly it wouldn’t even be unless like there was like some in Payday incentive or something else on top of that that
could make me be like all right I’m gonna chill out on a vacation and I’m gonna stop everything I’m gonna go back
to the gym I have dude this is what this is what life is about man working hard
so you can actually enjoy the fruits of your labor man and I have not been happier I haven’t been this happy in a
very very long time because I’ve always had in the back of my mind I got this fight that these guys are putting in my
ear that I’m gonna have to get ready for this so every time I’m training I’m in or uh every time I’m out on vacation or
a small vacation or a small get up get together with my friends and family I’m still thinking like how I gotta get to
the gym tomorrow because if I don’t get to the gym I’m gonna be behind and I gotta this guy’s gonna be training he’s preparing for me and I’m behind the
eight ball I got to make sure I’m keeping up and then trying to get ahead now I gotta double down on the amount of work guys that I’m doing to try to get
ahead so is that constant mental battle now that I’m just done I’m just I’m just
like dude I’m good I’m happy friends family living the dream in
uluwatu I got to train with Brandon Lockney over at uh Bali MMA been a great
time we’ve been to so many different restaurants Bocas the taco spot uh we’ve been to shelter uh really good food
really good steak chicken dessert riding the scooters I did not crash I’m not
Jake fine um so it’s been a really good time man we’re
going on a boat on Sunday so it’s just like yeah life is life is good right now man and I I would not trade this really
for anything it would have to be really worth my while because at the end of the day it’s like why am I doing all this if I don’t get an opportunity to actually
enjoy my youth and enjoy the financial earnings that I’ve been able to acquire
using my body as a vessel day in day out and not just like oh I’m going to work
everyone uses their body for work but what I’m using my body for is literally I I hate the term but it’s blood money
man I’m using my body to make blood money I’m earning my money literally in blood oh you don’t bleed in your fights
did I bleed in the gym it’s a it’s it’s a lot of work that’s like a stupid I’m literally putting my
physical well-being on the line brain cells you guys heard Sean Strickland and he literally gives up a lot of brain
cells so it literally brings cells body surgeries it’s it’s a lot that goes
into this man but I’m not complaining I’m very happy fortunate for everything that I have the fans and everything and
I’m just glad to be able to have a little Whiskey on the rocks and be able to chill until that funk Harbor hits actually we’re going to crack the phone
call on the boat on Sunday and we got about Ace of Spades it’ll be my first time having Ace of Spades me too
I’ve never spend this kind of money on a bottle guys never but I was just like ah we’re on vacation I have just four Sean
O’Malley you’ll see 292 I think life is good I think I can afford a little Ace of space for once if you work really
hard one day maybe you can drink Ace of Spades like me
one day one day you can be an Ace of Spades Drinker like Jake fine who didn’t pay for the bottle you didn’t
pay for the bottle that’s funny yeah everything’s good man other than that man like training’s been good here Bali
MMA has been great um Donnie and his wife Mona they’ve been doing a great job of just setting
everything up so if you guys are looking for a destination gym I’m telling you go to changu well yeah what about I’m a
major trained you could get your training in at the same time have some fun have some great restaurant recommendations some great activities
that you could do outside of that go hang out with the monkeys go surfing oh we did surfing I can’t wait to post
these pictures I’ll be catching some ways bro yo like when I got up there and the Drone shot was floating over my head
and I went all the way to the shore and I was just feeling myself I was like yeah it was so good man that was almost
exciting as uh almost as exciting as winning a fight in the Octagon it really was really and I’m telling you when you
get up there there’s like no other it’s a different kind of feeling it’s like you’re getting up and you’re conquering
like mother nature almost that’s even though Mother Nature can also [ __ ] you up so bad and just have you tumbling and
eating [ __ ] um those waves yeah yeah so they have a surf instructor there as well through
volume of me so like I said come down if you guys want to go to like go away look
into going to like the Asian um type of Destination type of thing dude I don’t think there’s much of like
there’s not many better places than this no this has been so safe yeah right now we’re in uluwatu and it’s been great so
far it’s like Jamaica with MMA basically and the scooters it’s like Jamaica with MMA and scooters just be careful on the
scooters wear a helmet and they have upgraded the facility they got the hot tub they got the uh the cold plunge now they got the
sauna uh multiple showers now um the refuel station right there the weight room area so it’s it’s a good
little Vibe here man it’s it’s really nice and uh I might have been drinking and
partying way too much I literally like we literally trained in the morning I train with Brandon Lockney train with
him pfl Champion if you guys don’t know who he is pfl Champion he got shafted to get to the UFC twice the tennis series
and uh there was another situation I think the ultimate fighter didn’t get in
didn’t get in yeah but things work out right he ends up getting to the PFO makes the finals a couple
times and he wins the million dollar tournament so it was like he he won yeah they do want that’s like
the big payday so he’s hanging out now and uh he’s been on a crazy tournament run so now he’s actually getting a break
and it’s just funny how we’re both talking and explaining the same type of emotions we had with the roller coaster
of like I gotta fight but I can’t really train I can’t really hang out because if I hang out too much I’m behind the a
ball and I gotta get ready and geared up for this next fight which is in a couple of weeks it’s a lot man that mental
stress and just being done is kind of like like even for me win or lose I was going
to be on vacation no matter what right even if they say I want to strip you I’m like take the belt
I’m going on vacation here’s my number call me 2024. that’s
what I was gonna do unless you have a good offer just one of those
um this is the way I’ve been feeling but uh yeah we trained you beat the game yesterday yeah yeah train went to the
beach went to the beach got hammered got hammered I drank three large bintans beer had uh we did the shot of the uh
the rum and then somehow someway uh Anthony Leone somehow swindled me into
coming out to come train my ego got a little bit in the way it was like you know what he thinks he’s gonna get me while I’m drunk I’m gonna show that guy
and I went over there got some rolling in um wall Hammer yeah
so luckily I didn’t get choked he had me in three tight ass gay teens and I was able to sit to the side and pass this
guard I was like bro I almost one of them he caught it and I was trying to roll him over and I was stuck in slow
motion and I was like dude I was like wow that is like
you’re like that’s some crazy thing to do it is just go I’m a little bit of a psychopath Jordan comes to training like
yeah you just have to train like this is like even though you’re like don’t tempt
me with a good time yeah I’m training for fun yeah I’m not training competitively and that’s the difference is you’re like I know my friend wants to
give me right now so I have to go prove him that he can’t because Anthony so backstory guys Anthony Leone and I were
training at Team bomb squad me Leoni Donnie um Kenny Foster
um Donnie Claus uh who else um Patrick mcgrail
Jon Jones obviously he was like way back then John franchi Pat aldenwood we had
like a Killer’s Row in this freaking little rinky-dink Barnyard that we were all training in and then we all stayed
in the basement living with each other Leone and Kenny Foster came up around the same time and we were just always
super competitive because he was a 45er but he should have been a freaking 35 but pretty much his entire career but he
was such a meatball that he just loved to eat and I was like dude I don’t know how you struggle to make weight just
just diet he was just well that’s the struggle he was just like I can’t make it I can’t make it I’m like bro you can
make 135 you’re shorter than me like you can you got more fat than me like dude
you could make 135. he struggled to make it man always had a problem making a way and uh we always had these competitive
roles competitive wrestling goals competitive sparring matches even when I came to Bali MMA in 2018 we did like a
light Spar he started calf kicking the [ __ ] out of me and I was just looking at him like I don’t know if we’re fighting
right now or if we’re drilling or training like what’s going on but that’s just the competitiveness he always has like he’s he’s just always trying to get
you he says oh he’s trying to get you so I kind of was like you know what for Old Times Sake I’m gonna go roll with this
guy drunk if he guess what he gets me thankfully he didn’t get me I got him
I think we gotta go yeah we do gotta go all right guys I still got a shower thanks what what is wrong with this guy
thank you guys for tuning in I’m sorry as I’m about to shower you’re like Hey Jake let’s record a podcast damn what were you doing this whole time
spanking this monkey hey like Scrubs like subscribe watch Jake spank his
monkey yo yeah we’re not doing this right now
we’re not doing this

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