What’s Next for Sean Strickland and Israel Adesanya? Immediate Rematch?


In a surprising turn of events, Sean Strickland has become the new middleweight champion of the world. Many fans, including myself, did not see this coming. But upon analyzing the fight, it becomes clear that Israel Adesanya struggled to deal with the pressure imposed by Strickland. In this article, we will delve into the details of the fight and discuss what the future holds for both fighters.

Strickland’s Dominance

One key observation from the fight was Strickland’s ability to neutralize Adesanya’s leg kicks. By taking away this weapon, Strickland prevented Adesanya from finding his rhythm. Additionally, Adesanya seemed unable to react to Strickland’s feints, which further limited his offensive capabilities. Strickland simply walked Adesanya down, throwing straight punches and countering his opponent’s looping hooks. This strategy proved effective, as Strickland secured a dominant victory in round one and continued his success in the subsequent rounds.

Adesanya’s Struggles

It is evident that Adesanya does not handle pressure well. He struggled to move laterally and was unable to find answers to Strickland’s relentless forward movement. This is not the first time Adesanya has faced difficulties against opponents who outstrike him. In fact, two of his losses in the UFC have come from fighters who were able to exploit this weakness.

The Rematch Debate

Following the fight, there has been a debate about whether Adesanya deserves a rematch. While some argue that he should be given another chance, considering his previous accomplishments and his popularity as an entertainer, others, including Daniel Cormier, believe that a rematch is not warranted. Adesanya lost four rounds to one in this fight, and another loss to Strickland would further tarnish his legacy.

Strategic Considerations

If Adesanya decides to pursue a rematch, he needs to carefully consider his approach. It may be wise for him to take a break and allow the division to move on without him for a while. By doing so, he can raise his stock value and make fans miss him. Additionally, Adesanya should focus on improving his skills in areas where he has shown weaknesses, such as dealing with pressure and diversifying his striking techniques.

The Age Factor

Another factor to consider is Adesanya’s age. At 34 years old, he may be starting to decline skill-wise. With a background in kickboxing and a significant number of fights under his belt, it is possible that Adesanya’s best days are behind him. However, it is important not to jump to conclusions and label him as falling off a cliff just yet.

Expanding His Arsenal

To stay competitive, Adesanya should consider expanding his skill set. While he has been successful with his striking, adding new techniques and strategies to his arsenal could make him a more well-rounded fighter. This could involve seeking out new coaches and training partners to learn from and improve his game. Adesanya should not be complacent and should continue to evolve as a fighter in order to maintain his reign as the middleweight champion.

The Rematch Dilemma

If a rematch between Adesanya and Strickland were to happen, it would be a highly anticipated fight. However, based on the outcome of their first encounter, it is clear that Strickland poses a significant challenge for Adesanya. Strickland is likely to come out even more aggressive in a rematch, making it a difficult fight for Adesanya to win.

Considering the circumstances, it might be wiser for Adesanya to take a step back and let the division progress without him for a while. He could observe how other fighters, such as Hamzat and Paulo, perform against Strickland and potentially face the winner of that matchup. This would give Adesanya more time to strategize and improve his skills before potentially facing Strickland again.


In conclusion, Sean Strickland’s victory over Israel Adesanya has raised questions about Adesanya’s ability to handle pressure and adapt to opponents who outstrike him. While a rematch between the two fighters is a possibility, Adesanya should carefully consider his options and focus on improving his skills before stepping back into the octagon. By expanding his arsenal and taking the time to strategize, Adesanya can continue to be a dominant force in the middleweight division.

rolling with the Triple C imma make him
bend the knee rolling with the Triple C
don’t really count the heat so Sean
Strickland just became the middleweight
champion of the world guys
who saw this thing coming
guys I was wrong but you know what so
were all you damn fans that also you
gotta take accountability too you know
Sean Strickland
there’s there’s one thing watching that
fight that I learned in that fight you
know what it was Israel does not deal
with pressure very very well what
happened Shawn Strickland Preston Sean
Shuka took away his leg kick Sean
Strickland did not react to his face and
the simple fact that he didn’t react to
his fakes he didn’t allow Israel outside
to get to his rhythm Israel doesn’t he
doesn’t know how to necessarily move
back like laterally like everything was
pretty much like straightforward and
it’s not like Sean Strickland did
anything crazy out of the norm he
literally just walked this dude he
walked this dude down you guys know what
he did he threw straight punches as
Israel was trying to throw that limbo
hook Shawn Strickland got him against
cicadian just running things down the
middle to eventually still round one and
that’s pretty much how the rest of the
rounds pretty much went I mean does
Israel out of sight watching this fight
you know you think about it you listen
to somebody like Dana White
did I did I believe that Israel deserved
a rematch against Alex Pereira even
though he was knocked out
I could tell you yeah I really could
but after losing four rounds to one does
he deserve a rematch now and this isn’t
this isn’t Henry this is a Triple C the
the Israel the Sanya hater this is
Triple C this is this is Henderson this
he deserve a rematch
no 100 no Daniel Cormier doesn’t believe
it ciao doesn’t believe it the rest of
the whole damn world doesn’t believe it
will he get it 100 when you’re then a
wise boy when you hear his cash cow when
when you’re an Entertainer and you’ve
done special things like Israel you’ve
been able to kind of grow the sport
Dana White will give you that
opportunity now my question is for you
Israel is it smart for you to take a
fight against a guy like Sean Strickland
is Sean shooking the guy to come back
after being dominated in a five round
fight I just I didn’t see that spark in
him like it was it was a trip and the
simple fact that Sean Strickland pretty
much is round and it’s not even like
Sean sugar did anything special either
he fought him the way he fought
everybody else and he was able to win
what adjustments will God like
Israel make
this is this is why I was telling you
guys this is why I think of guys like
you know Demetrius Johnson George Saint
Pierre Jon Jones guys that when you when
you consider these guys the greats they
could mix it all if they’re losing the
Striking Department they’re going to
take you down if if you’re trying to
take them down they’re gonna strike
they’re gonna hurt you
if if something’s going on they’re going
to find a they’re going to find
different loopholes to beat you
Israel doesn’t have that the two of the
losses that he’s had in the UFC has been
to two guys who have been able to out
strike him and he hasn’t had answers for
that guys I’m not here to hate I’m here
to tell the truth you know what I’m
saying I am literally here to tell the
whole truth and nothing but the truth
um I do believe if I’m in Israel shoes I
would literally okay now it’s time to
take a break now it’s time for me to let
this division kind of move on like who
knows Israel maybe a six-month thing
maybe maybe a year if you like you you
probably could become bigger and I guess
and I’ll tell you what says Dana White
loves you so much
you know if you wait a little bit you
raise the stock value of you people want
to people want to miss you you know I
mean maybe make them miss you after a
loss remember that’s that’s two losses
in the last uh and the last I want to
say eight months and this is in this
last three fights he’s lost twice you
know yeah he had a spectacle and he he
was able to knock out Israel out of he
was able to knock out Alex Pereira but
you lose another fight like that against
against a one-dimensional fire like Sean
Strickland like that really tarnishes
your legacy now if you come back and
beat him
Kudos but you still lost to a guy like
Sean Strickland I I if I’m Israel Sonia
I’d be taking a back seat and I want to
see I want to see hamzat fight Paulo and
then I want to see maybe maybe uh do
plus C’s fight maybe the winner of that
you know or but I would I looking at
that fight now the way you were pressing
the way you were walked down
like you just there is no answer in that
sense so I think I I’m thinking now
strategically I’m not don’t think of
think of tactically and strategically
how’s it that you actually wanna fight
this fight or who is it who is it that’s
going to be more
adjustable for you is it going to be a
do plus C’s or will it be a guy like
Hamza because remember those guys are
not going to pressure those guys are not
going to walk and just throw punches it
almost seems like
you had a tougher fight against Sean
Strickland than you did with Alex
Pereira the you know the first time you
found the uh the first time you fought
him in Madison Square Garden it almost
seems like that pressure is is the
biggest difference
how much more tools could Israel have in
order for him to be to still Reign and
be that middleweight champion and maybe
start stepping on the toes of a guy like
Anderson Silva I mean there’s so many
questions to be asked
but my biggest question for Israel the
Sonya is will you tactically make a
great decision maybe to wait
or technically and technically through
the physical to the side of the sport
get better in these certain areas
what you got from me Matthew so you
mentioned that Israel’s lost two out of
his last three he’s also 34 years old
he’s had about 85 90 kickboxing fights
before his MMA career is it possible you
think he’s starting to fall off a cliff
a little bit skill wise
um um I think because he’s been able to
beat a lot of his competitors the same
way through fakes through kicking and
Kudos guys I am not complaining about
that even though I may sound like a
complainer I am not complaining the fact
that Israel arasanya is a great Striker
my biggest thing is how is it that he
can mix it so for somebody to say that
he’s kind of fallen off a clip that that
might be a that might be an over stretch
but it’s probably cool if Israel Israel
is probably motivated by that and I
think that’s something that he’s proven
uh against his last fight against
Pereira to be able to get that knockout
yeah was it a risky knocker was he on
his way to get finished 100 percent
um but I don’t think so I I this is
where I think that he should probably
you know fly leave City kickboxing and
start to explore other coaches I’m not
saying leave the team completely we’ll
go out and travel the world man go out
and learn new math is go out and learn a
few more skills because even coaches
plateau and I’m not here to blame his
coach either what I’m here to say is
start to add keep your coach keep your
team keep all of these guys but start to
add to your Arsenal because now if I’m a
middleweight watching that I’m like okay
if I take it if I press Israel take away
his leg kick I’m in a much better
position my my probability gets even
higher along if I add takedowns it could
make that fight a lot easier
and so you are a proponent you don’t
think they should have a rematch but say
they do rematch each other who do you
have winning that second if they re if
they rematch each other once again
watching what was done on this fight I
do believe Sean Stricker is going to
come out a lot more aggressive I do
believe Sean’s gonna come out a whole
lot more aggressive and I think it’s
really going to complicated for a guy
like like Israel or Sanya if if I’m in
his position like I said I would
I would see I would see how Hamza does
against uh you know Apollo and then I
would I would maybe match one of those
guys up with shot Strickland I think
that’s perfect
um and I will just wait I would take my
chances with the guy that didn’t beat me
four rounds to one even though guys even
though I can tell you right now I I
don’t feel like a lot of those judges
count the lay kicks I had a 2-2 going
into the fifth and eventually Sean
Strickland ended up winning that fight
so if these guys do fight again
Israel is going to need time him Israel
if Israel doesn’t have time he’s gonna
lose to Sean stricken again in the same