In this article, we’ll discuss the potential rematch between Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev, the lawsuit drama involving Logan Paul and Brendan Schaub, and preview some upcoming fights. But before we dive into that, let’s address some interesting points from the transcript.

Almeida’s Wrestling and Taking Down Derrick Lewis

The transcript starts with a discussion about Almeida’s wrestling skills and his chances of taking down Derrick Lewis. The speaker mentions that Almeida might have a better chance of taking down Lewis compared to Curtis Blades. However, they express skepticism about Almeida’s wrestling abilities and question how he plans on getting the fight to the ground.

Paulo Costa’s Elbow Surgery and Infection

Next, the transcript mentions Dana White’s statement about the potential jeopardy of the Kamat Shamaya versus Paulo Costa fight. Costa recently had elbow surgery, and his elbow appeared to be infected. The speaker emphasizes the importance of hygiene and criticizes fighters who don’t take proper care of themselves after training. They stress the need for everyone to shower and scrub themselves directly after training to prevent infections like staff.

Replacement for Paulo Costa

The conversation then shifts to the potential replacement for Paulo Costa if he is unable to fight. The speaker mentions that the UFC initially announced Gamr as the replacement, but later brought in Vulcanos. They speculate that the UFC wanted a bigger name and had to negotiate with Abu Dhabi to secure the replacement. The speaker emphasizes that the Sheiks in Abu Dhabi are trillionaires who prioritize putting on the best fights and are willing to pay extra for it.

Keith Peterson’s Unfortunate Incidents

The transcript then moves on to discuss Keith Peterson, a referee in the UFC. The speaker mentions that Peterson has faced criticism in the past, such as accusations of smelling like cigarettes and alcohol, as well as a controversial stoppage. They also mention a recent incident where Peterson was spat on by a fighter. The speaker jokes that if a fighter were the referee in that situation, a fight might have broken out. They also share a personal story of a fighter spitting on them during a match.

Birthday Wishes and Taco Thursday

The transcript concludes with the speakers wishing John a happy birthday. They joke about his age and appearance, teasing him about having more chins than a Chinese phone book. They also discuss their plans for John’s birthday dinner, which will be tacos. They playfully argue about whether it’s appropriate to have tacos on a Thursday, but ultimately decide to make it a thing and call it Taco Thursday.

In conclusion, the transcript covers various topics, including the potential replacement for Paulo Costa, Keith Peterson’s unfortunate incidents, and birthday celebrations. The speakers share their thoughts and personal anecdotes, providing an entertaining and lighthearted conversation for listeners.

and now weighing in out of the blue Corner Josh the Thompson 100% And on the
other mik he WS in from the Red Corner Big John
McCarthy Josh M Thompson did you say MC Thompson MC
Thompson dude fall is here and it is freezing your brain yeah you keep on
flexing it’s like two [ __ ] piano wires
Crossing what’s up everyone it’s the wi in podcast and we’re here to talk about all kinds of stuff that’s happening
because the MMA world is flipping upside down right now all kinds of things are changing and things are going it’s
awesome I love that my man how you feeling how was your how was your flight back oh my flight back was awesome but
you know what’s even better is when you land and you know how right you were that’s all that matters right now
right how long was it going to take oh you know it’s one of those uh situations
John where I just I hate being right you hate I hate being right I mean
it’s let’s let’s be honest John when it comes to well I look it let’s be honest
I’m right a lot happy I I understand why you’re happy because this does not
happen very show me with praise John keep coming it does not happen very often probably been about three times
that I can think of that you John when I’m right though I am [ __ ] right I am
right all the SP baby SP spot on but how did you know he was going to get you
know what’s funny right is that when people it’s funny when I say that the person like whether person’s going to you know fall out of the fight or um you
know Islam’s going to submit him in the first round or you know before you know round two or whatever so now you’ve brought up two of the three times in
your life you there’s plenty more but I just off the top of my head I’m reacting right now plenty more all right just got
it it’s just it’s it’s the ones it’s it’s the people that go oh man you’re
crazy you’re nuts it’s not going to happen they’re going to fight they’re you know it’s Charles going to submit
Islam then I’m like all right guys all right and just kind of just got to wait back and and just you know just when it
happens this is your moment I’m just going is your you know what yeah you got to Rel dive I’m going to do what Islam
will do I’m going to be very humble in this situation I’m not going to so we are going we we’re going to a
completely different level I’m I’m you’re going to be I’m be humble I’m I’m gonna
just oh I mean look I saw the cut I saw the cut it looks CGI so I’m just saying
I think he just pulled out oh my god look CG it looks like someone bit him in the
eye that’s what it looks like dude it looks like a head headbutt so how in the world do you get a headbutt and and I
I’m mean honest normally when you look at a cut cuts are caused by you know bone on bone and they can they’re Jagged
that’s got it’s Jagged and you look and you go how in the hell headgear stupid
yeah stupid yeah I mean that’s why you wear that’s kind of the only that’s the only like look headgear is not to
protect you from getting knocked out it’s to protect you from getting cut that and so I don’t understand when I
spent the money on that really expensive winning headgear that had the bigger cheek pads more of the frame even had
like a little kind of went down more around my chin it’s just avoid getting Cuts I mean especially when you’re
grappling and there’s a lot of opportunities and reason why people get cut more towards the end of Camp is
because they don’t fight the same way in that the end of Camp because they’re
concerned like oh next week’s the fight I’m just going chill I’m going to go through they’re not being overly aggressive so they one second behind
that leaves their head in a position that it wouldn’t normally be in they were probably just float they’re
probably just flowing and that’s what happened they were doing their last hard like hard sparing session or mediocre sparing session kind of going through
the movements and I heard it was almost like a shark tank Ah that’s but that okay but that’s even worse yeah you know
like why why are we doing a shark tank right before like I mean well you know there’s got to be obviously in shap no
matter what there’s got to be that one last one and everyone’s a little bit
different as far as when it’s going to be it you know um Dana brought up a good point though John talking about this um
Fighters no ma if you’re with the UFC and I can I’ve look and I’ve I’ve given
D Dena Dana a lot I was gonna say Dennis and Dana Dana at the same time well Den
um I’ve given him a lot of credit uh when it comes to situations like this I had a real back stic problem and some
nerve damage in my back from Frank Shamrock who Spiro with me right in my spine right before my very first fight
in the UFC and uh and I had pulled out already twice and it’s not like me to
pull out that’s why I got two kids um but it just it ju it it came down
to that no no no no you just can’t just just got just got to come over
that so uh um ah what when well that’s the
end of when Dana when Dana found out that this was like the second I think it was the second or third time I had
pulled out of a fight and I hadn’t fought yet and I had been signed by the USC for like a year already and this was
back when there’s only like seven pay-per-views a year so he was kind of like look man I got to figure out what’s going on with you you’re constantly
getting hurt and so he sent me to an to a they call him like the guru it’s like
this weird Doctor Who like kind of oh it was it was the witch doctor it was you go yeah sent me to him you go baby
helped man he actually helped and I was pretty surprised then he sent me to another doctor too so when I was in Vegas he flew me into Vegas and he sent
me to all these doctors this situation is um obviously a little bit more different where he said look I would to
sent him to a plastic surgeon there’s a video of him talking about how the fight was off and he goes look I would have sent him to a plastic surgeon they would
have stitched him from the inside done the work and they would have done this plastic surgery over the top he’s like I
would have made sure he’s like but these Knuckleheads these Fighters never call me in these situations he’s like so then
went to a doctor and it’s just sewed up on the front he goes now that’s all all it’s going to do is be scar tissue and reopen you guys if you have an
opportunity like this in this situation you need to be calling your guys’ bosses right away and going hey look we got a
nasty cut here’s pictures images and Dana does the best he can I got I got to toot his horn in this one man you got to
give him credit what credits do I know we get a lot of flack people talking about we bag on all the time but look in these type of situations he definitely
wants to make sure the fighters are taken care of and he’s done it for me this was back then when they weren’t making any [ __ ] money so this is you
know now I mean obviously he’s looking to try and take care of his guys a lot you know and I resent that comment I
resent that comment I do not bag on Dana lot I bag on Dana when I truly believe Dana’s wrong and when Dana is right I
say he’s right all the time I think what it is we have we have a lot of Back stories and so we tell sometimes stories
that you know like H this and this so it’s loading up so yeah so people just think we’re backing on him I have
nothing against him actually um you know I say he’s the best or well best he’s he
is the greatest Combat Sports promoter there’s ever been he has taken that
mantle there’s no doubt about it you can sit there and say what you want he puts on more fights two in more places with
more people and puts on Big Time Shows than anybody I mean you got to think
right Sean that what what the UFC is doing they hold is this a Dana pra section I just
want to make sure look okay look no it’s okay like the Dana situation but a lot of it goes to Lorenzo and
Frank especially Lorenzo so and and I’m not taking
anything away from what Dan’s done Dana has done a great job but but what they’ve done is they’ve created a real
sport that is like very much like the NFL where they’re all under Fighters are under contract under their promotion now
they’re going to have to start doing something I just don’t think that in terms of the fighters pay they’re gonna
have to get a bigger percentage of the pie here pretty soon I mean it’s it’s got to it’s the fighters got to learn that this is this is for the best for
them I just don’t think that they’re going to be smart enough to do it you know I it’s I don’t I don’t think so I
mean eventually you’re going to run into some politicians that are able to get their way and they’re going to start making them change it a little bit in
terms of percentage wise but outside of that the UFC is doing a great job the pi is available for the fighters to feed
them breakfast and dinner or breakfast I don’t know what breast lunch you know what I mean and so you get you get kind
of if you live that’s why a lot of Fighters live in Vegas now it’s very smart that’s right very smart lot of gyms I know Javier was talking about
opening a gym in in Vegas and the only reason why he didn’t is because khabib’s like I’m not going to train in Vegas
doesn’t matter he’s like I’m not going to train there I don’t want to be around he doesn’t he doesn’t like Vegas and
it’s smart you know it’s uh there’s a lot of distraction it just doesn’t fit doesn’t fit his doesn’t fit his
lifestyle yeah which is good for him um but you know and I see the benefits of
Javier going to a uh to Vegas and having a gym there because all those Fighters now the ones that are struggling to make
ends meet the upand comers living in [ __ ] San Jose is total [ __ ] hole and then on top of it it’s expensive
ridiculously expensive you know yeah um but I look I I I said I I got to give Dana praise praise is he takes care of
his fighters in these type of situations Fighters if you guys get hurt any type of injury I don’t give a [ __ ] if your
finger dislocated okay you need to call him right away he will take care of
whatever as he can to arrange people and then they will pick up the bill that’s the other thing don’t like he’s going to
go I don’t know what he has to pay for this you know like my S my doctor would have just sewed me up and not charged me in San Jose but I’ve been there I’ve
been going to the same guy for you know 30 years and so yeah um [ __ ] I went all
the way up until the guy who gave who who [ __ ] birthed me he [ __ ] he
[ __ ] was my doctor until he retired and then even still he was like Hey you
know would still help me out every once in a while so um but no this is man
you’re pulling some gem I am today I am today look I’m on fire bro it’s [ __ ] 5:00 a.m. we’re here doing this [ __ ] for
the people I’m here for the people what Dave give me some wrestler give me some wrestler that say he’s the people’s
champ who’s that is that The Rock [ __ ] the Rock Christian Cage is a people’s champ oh see what about the people’s
elbow but no one gives a [ __ ] about the people’s elbow [ __ ] I give a [ __ ] about the people elbow Christian Cage is
the true people’s champ and but if you’re really talking like real fighter people’s champ Kobe Covington Jesus CME
he here it comes dude look at him look at him go that’s Dave slurping
on KOB heard some slurp speaking of w speaking of WWE I had breakfast yesterday morning with Bobby Lashley and
uh my be one of my best friends R chow and uh good good dudes man good dudes so
we had some breakfast yesterday and chatted about some uh some stuff that we may be trying to work on so it’ be kind
of fun uh Big Bob’s dude dude Bobby Bobby Bobby is put
together he just just it looks like someone took clay and just made round balls and just
Bo Dave have I ever told you that that was pretty good I’ve known Bobby for a long long time since he came right out
of uh wrestling in college and then right he came right off the wrestling mat um at the US Open in Vegas and I’ve
known him for a long time he used to wrestle against Trevor pringley at Missouri Valley and Trevor’s like I can
count on [ __ ] in one hand how many times I took Bobby Lashley down and Bob and Trevor frankley was a he was a Jo
runner up and the only reason why he was a runner up he was up 62 in the finals with like a minute left and he tore his
knee out and had to Forfeit and basically injury and so he basically lost the the national championship because of that so but then um but yeah
he’s like man he’s like [ __ ] Bobby Lashley he’s like that guy he would
shoot a double leg from all the way across from from [ __ ] 5T 6 feet out from the [ __ ] m and just like he was
like a Jordan burls heavy like like a heavyweight wrestler of Jordan burls power double [ __ ] all all the way
across the mat and get it just so explosive but uh yeah he’s phenomenal
guy very soft spoken but he’s turning Hill though right are you are you paying attention to this stuff Dave I think he’s already is part of
he’s part I don’t I don’t really I don’t watch a whole lot so but I know that uh I think someone was texting me saying
that he’s turning Hill and I was like okay okay cuz I saw him do this what is it what’s his move the spear more more
money in the heeles he does the spear he he has something else as well like I think can’t if it’s called the Dominator or something but he like has him on his
shoulder and pulls him down and a DDT it’s pretty wild got it and then the the uh the spear though the spear is the
spear though he hit he hit on what’s the guy name the guy Ray the little guy Ray the guy that flies around Rio he hit
that on Ray the other night right look at that even I know that got that I got that before day I don’t I don’t you know
I watched when I was a kid man I was I was The Ultimate Warrior and Rody Piper
and iron Chic and King Kong Bundy I was that era like then once it got into like
I don’t know it kind of theer came back last when it went from WWF to WWE I kind of lost
interest that was like 2001 oh never mind that was way before that I lost interest way before
that when they stopped when they stopped making the the ice creams that had the
little uh with the granola was it not granola um no whatever sponge stuff yeah
I don’t even know if it was real food I don’t even know if it was real ice cream they were probably horrible oh [ __ ] um
but yeah so anyways let me go back to what we started on so just if you’re Fighters you’re Fighters you guys got to
keep in touch with Dana in situations like that take advantage of the situation where he can help you out the most don’t go get shitty [ __ ] Stitch
jobs he I think he saw the Stitch job and was like [ __ ] dude we could have sent you to a plastic surgeon so that’s
what he basically sounded like he said if you pull up the interview that’s kind of what he said but uh but hey but
Charles is out you know and uh me being humble I’m not going to talk about anymore about how much right how much
I’m right how right I was the whole time just say it yep just say it
vul the great the man that steps up the man with giant brass balls steps in on
11 days notice to take on Islam makev my
God you gotta admit that dude is special like little short yellow bus special or
just special he doesn’t give special are you talking [ __ ] he doesn’t he doesn’t give a [ __ ] this is a no lose situation
like the first time he fought it was a no lose situ it continues to be a no lose situation for him okay look I agree
with you I think it is no there’s no it doesn’t look and I also look at look you look at Fighters that are in a in a no
lose situation the same thing happened with Michael bisbing when he fought Luke rockold this [ __ ] can be an upset and
I’m gonna continue to say vul is going to probably be one of his toughest fights ever and the reason being because
he’s it’s the speed it’s the athleticism
it’s he’s a slippery little sucker when you get a hold of him he’s he’s a fire
plug that has no submission abilities cuz he just just guts it through
everything the the dude’s a he look he’s just a freaking yeah he’s going to be
he’s going to always continue I think he will continue to be Islam’s toughest fight because he’s just going to be he’s
just so hard and difficult to get his hands on those small compact Fighters and I said this before people were like
oh you’re just being biased because it’s Islam and no man I’ve trained with guys the the toughest guys that I’ve ever
fought um and train with ever with [ __ ] these short little stocky guys
Josh kek uh Willcox I mean these guys and anytime I Wrestled a guy that was
short and stocky I could never do anything to them it was the most frustrating thing they always had like
little T-Rex arms you know and then then [ __ ] they just walked around like this you know and trying to get elbow
control and risk control it was and they’re so strong normally you Dave you see that movement that was Josh fighting
at 45 yeah ja was it was so bad making 40 I had to make 143 when I fought kidy
Moto that was the most miserable moment I’m not talking at 45 as far as weight I’m talking 45 oh me yeah me at the old
age I thought you me the weight class hey all that skill go tell you
right now man I’m looking for that Nate Diaz be knuckle boxing fight okay yeah I want you know I’ve
always wanted I wanted to see what it was to live life ugly like you so I figured I’d take a be uncle boxing match
see what happens it’s awesome man gosh I can’t imagine man going through life like
that uh you can sit there and say what you want man you know give me your thoughts
you know cuz you see I I know I see I see how miserable it must be for you
jeez John give me your thoughts man you know this is going to be it’s
weird nobody cares what you think nobody cares you shut your mouth talking w i
mean you gotta you got to look and say odds are way against volovski in this
first off he wasn’t training second off he’s coming off of a hand surgery um you know when I say he wasn’t
training he wasn’t he didn’t he wasn’t in a camp for a fight I know he’s training but he wasn’t in a camp for a
fight uh third thing is age take a look
when you get into you get into from 185 down I think UFC fighters in world
championship fights males 2 and 30 or 2 and 35
2 and 35 I believe is the record for the guy that is uh the Challenger coming up
in weight so that’s not a good you know odds are there for a reason and and they
they kind of work out you know and so you look and everything goes against him
but it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter it’s the fact that he’s willing to take
that fight on that short notice now the one thing that I think is going to make a big difference in this fight though
Josh and this is what we talked about after the first one makach michef was
drained for that fight because of time that he was allowed to recover from the
weight cut here he’ll have a full he’ll have the full time and you’re talking an
additional anywhere between 12 to 16 hours of time that makes a world of
difference yeah that’s that’s another three Ms when you’re talking food that’s another probably at least a gallon at
least least a gallon of water of hydration yep so yeah um you know cuz they actually came in at the same weight
and I’m not talking about uh weigh in weight I’m talking about the night of the fight in Perth they were the same
weight I want to say it was like 178 okay that’s small for Islam yeah and
that is you know well he’s gonna be he’s GNA be the bigger fighter I think you’re
GNA see him in in a position where he’s feeling better and I do think the fight’s the fight’s going to be
different I’m just telling you right now it’s not going to be the same fight look I you’re right it’s not going to be the
same fight I’m more nervous for Islam based on the fact that Alex may not
fight the way he fought the first fight because he understands I’m not going to be as in good a shape as I was the first time to defend these takedowns I’m he
may just throw caution in the win because where he had success I I think he will will be throwing he’ll be
throwing fast hard shots early in that fight to try to get him out of there and
Islam’s one loss came by somebody in the very first round with a shot just yeah
that was fast straight down the middle caught him and that was it I think I think vul’s going to do a little bit of
what I want to say a little bit of what bisbing did just [ __ ] it what do I got to lose man this is my shot at winning a
title I mean another title for vulk but you know what I mean like this is my shot I’ve been given this shot I think
that he’s G to come out and he’s going to be a lot since he was so successful in being able to get himself back up
onto his feet and he knows hey I can get I can get myself and he does not believe
that makf is that strong in his mind he’s like nope I I felt him I he’s not
that strong now he might feel a little bit stronger when he’s hydrated and feeling a little better but I do think
exactly he’s going to come out and throw caution the wind and he’s going to say where’s my greatest Advantage it is my
speed I’m faster than him and I can touch him before he can touch me and I’m going to make him have to deal with that
and I agree with you I think that is going to be his game
play this fight this fight I don’t think thinks that makev can hurt him on theet fight scares me well he he sat him to
his butt I mean that says that he kind of hurt him a little bit I not saying he didn’t that didn’t have I’m telling you
I don’t think V vul looks at like yeah you can’t hurt me yeah yeah I look there’s a lot of confidence that vul can
take from the first fight fight but Kul also had a full Camp the first fight and so like I think in his mind he’s
thinking oh I’m going to have the same very similar results you can’t take me down but you were very well prepared I
got to tip my hat to him man he was extremely prepared oh but this is not the same fight but I also think dude his
work his work with Craig Jones you could see the difference I just I look at what
he can do um with the speed and we we we constantly say that speed kills we
constantly and it’s it’s an old saying because it’s [ __ ] true sticks around that true that that Saying sticks around
because it’s true is that that speed will definitely be the um Islam’s demise if they if he’s able to connect clean
with something especially early in the fight it just feels like as the fight gets moving you know you start feeling
the pace of the fight you start seeing the punches coming a little bit but early in that first two and a half
minutes Islam’s got to be extremely careful extremely careful um you know
he’s got to russle [ __ ] him to death in that first round to try to slow him down try and get the trying to get the read
on his his timing with his striking all those things um but with volkanovski
brother you got [ __ ] big balls because yeah I mean you got to give the guy credit you got to give him credit
for stepping up coming off not not a full not a camp and you know broken hand
having surgery I think you had surgery all these things and there’s a lot there’s a lot
on it that look if you lose you lose and and people wage and I got to be honest
people weage so so much on situations like this oh well he lost I’m sorry I
don’t give a [ __ ] I don’t give a [ __ ] I don’t care if volovski lost let give me another fighter in the 55b division that
if they would have called that wasn’t in Camp would have been like oh I’m not going to lose my opportunity to get a title shot you know it it is a title
shot no no I’m saying they would a lot they know I’m not going to lose my opportunity to get a title shot not having a full Camp without Camp yeah
[ __ ] Dana why don’t want to hear that [ __ ] take the [ __ ] fight and it
just it just ah it’s so frustrating extremely frustrating and so for this
vul’s Got Big Balls that Camp’s Got Big Balls his coaches got big balls all of them by saying no his Co his coaches
don’t have big balls they said no because well let’s let’s this is exactly what occurred and this is why VA
normally Josh normally if someone called you and and gave you this opportunity
what’s the first thing most Fighters say let me check with my camper let let me talk to my coaches real quick and I’ll call you right back he didn’t do that he
said yep taking it and you look and you go all right
brother yep you theand well cuz that that even look at you will get your
coaches some of them your coaches in management you don’t you don’t talk to them before they’re going to be pissed
at you and they’re like what let’s not forget man your coaches [ __ ] work for you let’s not forget that I’m I’m tired
of these guys going well you know I sat with my coaches and they we decided that no [ __ ] it’s your call you run
the show yeah you know and it’s your coach’s job to get you as well as well
prepared as they possibly can I don’t give a [ __ ] if I’m fighting King Kong your job is to get me ready [ __ ] for
that ass whooping okay for you squished exactly like you know like you better
teach me how to fall a little bit better okay or just no no no it’s not fall I’m going to teach you what to do when your
upper half of your body is of the cage lower half your body yeah I mean how do I join that [ __ ] back
together that’s what I want to know you know if you don’t have the answer I need to find someone that does uh big time
fight man um very it’s a big deal it is a big deal vul Got Big Balls I tip my
hat to him uh Islam look let’s not just skirt past the fact that we’ve talked about Islam big
hard think about this Islam you know taking a fight it’s a different style
it’s a different fighter it’s a guy that’s going to give him I believe M much more difficulty in the cage you
know his style and Charles style he matches up really well with Charles and you know we talked about that before
but just makach just taken the fight like that way to go dude yeah it’s not
easy you know both of them no it’s not easy and it doesn’t matter doesn’t matter both of them it’s not easy doesn’t matter like when rockold fought
bisbing it’s not easy for either guy you know there’s a little bit less stress or pressure on the guy who took the fight
last minute because like look I got [ __ ] nothing to lose I got everything to win I got a title I got this I will tell you that yeah I’ll will tell you
Rocko was not too stressed about that fight it showed I yeah thank you very much
because I mean I could hardly wake him up in the back he was at board yeah it was like really and his coach had Bob
cook your man looked at me and goes yeah he he’ll be ready John and I
was like oh okay you know came to fruition oh man um but this this
is big this is hard like when Aaron Pico fought uh what was the kid’s name something Hernandez right which one that
fight where the kid came in on last minute notice oh I think it was Hernandez J James
Gonzalez Gonzalez there you go gonz James Hernandez Gonzalez same [ __ ] but uh yeah it was sorry the Alley
Cat how’s that yeah but the kid end up giving him a good fight because he’s a St he came in last minute kid a St he’s
got a he’s a fire plug man comes in this is very much similar to that where you’re having to change your style a
little bit for who you’re fighting but the game for Islam is still the same the game is to try to get him to the ground
slow him down take away his speed advantage and just trap him you know like Rocky with the chicken put him in
the corner control him grab him hold him in the air show everyone that you caught him okay that kind of thing that’s kind
of what we’re looking to do I think with Islam he’s going to have to slow him down cuz in that first first round two rounds he’s going to be dangerous I
think he’ll tend to I think he’ll slow down knowing that he didn’t have a full Camp by the third round but you got to
get to the third round buddy and this guy ain’t going to be he’s not going to be circling and sticking and moving like he did in the first fight he’s going to
come out like [ __ ] it I think come after yeah [ __ ] it I got nothing I got I got my [ __ ] hands and my balls that’s
what I got and I’m going to let it go so look one and one of those things were
was just broken yeah yeah yeah so but I’m looking forward to it I’m looking forward to uh this fight and uh big it’s
a big time deal man it’s a big deal so we’ll see oh you got to you got to really give it up you know for all of
give it up for the UFC they were able to put it together because you know a lot of uh promoters would have not even gone after putting
someone like a you know another champion in this fight let me ask you this do we
see a third if his La loses absolutely really yep and where do
you where do you see it Vegas yeah you did one in one one in Australia now one
in uh Dubai is it Dubai or Saudi Arabia it’s in Dubai no so one well no it’s
United Arab it’s uh Abu Dhabi and then uh Abu Dhabi and then you’ve got um uh
Australia and now do you do the third one in Vegas you would do it in a neutral I think yeah because really it’s hard you
can’t say that the United Arab Emirates is home field for Islam but it’s as
close you can get okay yeah you’re not going to Russia right now by the way
you’re not yeah you’re not going to go next um all right well hey we spun our wheels on that but before we go off of
that though I want you to make sure you guys hit subscribe on the bottom uh button there and also hit the little bell for notifications we’re dropping
some new content as much as we possibly can and uh we’ve got a a couple special guests coming on this week so try to hit
that little bell notifications and uh before we get off this Islam and volkanovski thing John I want to hear
you say when one more time Josh you were right go ahead shower me with praise come on Mick Thompson Mick
Thompson boom what were you right about tell me baby yeah I was right you know I was right you know I was right on what
John I need you to say it you know what I was right about not saying unless I know if you were right I would say MC
Thompson you were right once again I was right that Charles Oliva would pull out of the fight tell me oh on that okay
come on John well Dave put something up on the screen I’m thinking there’s nothing you were right about here you
were right you did call that you said that fight’s not going to happen he really didn’t want but I don’t know I
yeah okay you got lucky you got lucky you got lucky you talking about ah you
got lucky I think Charles went out there and got cut on purpose okay just cuz oh come on do not come on D we know that’s
not true but I just don’t think it was a very smart idea to be sparring with no head gear that’s kind of the way the
head gear should cover right around your eyeline I mean that shit’s right it goes above his eyeline so I don’t know
anyways I wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in as soon as possible and Fighters make sure you guys
contact Dana when any injuries happen to get you guys fixed up as fast and as best as possible on their dime yeah on
their dime and Josh yeah you’re right see I want to make sure every once a
while you stop the show and you say those exact words again Josh I just did we do it again later on continue this
thing out throughout the show um look I said that I would give you guys um a
little bit more followup on the UFC from last weekend so a couple fights that I want to talk about um and give these
guys some love and some praise because I didn’t watch all the fights because I crashed out after the Bellator event but
uh let me be honest man uh wae Buckley and Morano won very I didn’t expect I
felt asleep in the first round because it was so late but Buckley and [ __ ] good fight good fight but very one-sided
well Keem Buckley he he ran away with it I think with him at 170 John 1 170 but that’s where he I
know but the thing is I don’t know what it is but Fighters as they mature they feel they they actually start realizing
how important it is to just do the work cut the weight diet Down Nutrition take
care of yourself like don’t just keep thinking oh I’m winning I’m in the UFC I all I got to do is just you know just do
what I’m doing no man you got to make sacrifices you got do that [ __ ] cardio on Thanksgiving Day you know you
can’t be there stuff in your face you got to you got to avoid those [ __ ] cookies during Christmas time God damn
but that turkey I know I get who the [ __ ] eats turkey these days Jesus it’s all about I do the big prime rib and the
yeah yep yep big brisket everything for for for Thanksgiving I don’t do that turkey [ __ ] no more H it’s too much it’s
a lot of work for something that nobody really eats you got to eat it for like three or four days afterwards just a pain in the ass
um but I I think he he put he’s got to put in the work and he did and he looked
phenomenal phenomenal I also think too with the new regulations in terms of the the rehydration giving you more time
weight Cuts you know weighs in the morning it allows him to rehydrate at
the level that he’ll need to make sure that he can perform well not the time where like last what years ago when
Fighters only had like 24 hours actually less than that to get themselves back um to full strength and even then
you weren’t at full strength so I look at this I’m thinking to myself you have a full you know let’s say 36 hours or
less you know 30 hours to really get yourself fully hydrated and it’s it’s uh it’s a good
opportunity for these Fighters not to cut more weight but to really just make sure that you can fully replenish
yourself to give a good performance guys like uh GLE and Tau and they would have
they would have loved this this would have been perfect for these guys it’s been around for a while it has
but gleon wasn’t fighting for I mean he’s got towards the end I mean yeah
because that that came about at UFC 199 did it that was the yep trust me don’t
doubt don’t doubt me that was the first time we used I know you’re getting a little old man
brain’s not as still trapped I’m not getting a little old you are old you are
um but I I thought that fight was a very one-sided fight Morano lacked the speed uh he didn’t have the output he was
letting Buckley bully him around the power of Buckley was very impressive I mean he that was that was the but that
to me I think that was the Difference Maker and that’s what caused Alex Morano to have problems he got hit with some
big shots and it was like o I can’t take a lot of those no it was the speed in which it was getting there too the power
and it was the speed that it got it there and and they were clean shots I mean he was getting hit with uppercuts he was getting hit with hooks I mean it
it was it was a great performance by W Buckley I mean I know he didn’t get him out of there and finish him but Morano’s
a tough dog man he’s a tough tough dog and so when I look at uh what Bucky was able to achieve the kicks the power the
shots he’s got to start throwing a little bit more straighter punches cuz those are getting there fast he Loops
lot of Loops um but I thought his uppercut was on point in this fight um
Drew Dober just a master class he looked phenomenal um you know Ricky Glenn
didn’t have didn’t have anything for him the the speed of Dober the the way that Dober was moving his head offline
throwing his shots um he looked fantastic he looked great well look you got you got to talk about dobber’s
footwork dobber’s footwork is really good and he did a beautiful job of drawing Ricky Glenn into the power which
ended the fight so all all those things add up and when you’re able to to
complete those little things that you know bring someone into your range into that position then draws him into the
power hey that’s all set up that’s all based upon hard work that you’re doing and Drew Dober is uh reaping the
benefits of that he looks he looks great right now yeah he he does look really good the thing is is Ricky Glenn if you
are fighting someone who’s that much shorter than you stop ducking your head down by their waist I mean it doesn’t
make any sense Keep Your Hands Up by your chin you know where they want it this is the thing that drives me crazy
about Fighters sometimes you know they want to hit you in the chin you know they want to hit you in
the face stop reaching to Parry the punch way out here let the punch come to
you there was just moments where he was all the way out like this with his hands out and the shots were just going right
through him because he was missing the Parry or he was dipping his head right into the uppercut I mean there was the
there was a shot to hit him clean but it was the uppercut that actually landed next that did a lot of the damage and
then it just was like a Snowball Effect and then he kept dipping his head even lower and lower he kept getting hit with
the same uppercut and it was like target practice for Drew do Dober when it came to the uppercut and finishing with the
bigger power he’s fast he’s explosive he’s got the and this is goes back to my original talk or my original comments
about volkanovski and Islam is fighting those little Stumpy guys thick legs big
trunks I mean [ __ ] big old ass hammer on them you know and just they’re hard well usually usually and usually those
guys those thick legs and big ass creates power yeah they’re they’re just they’re he’s explosive he’s got power
he’s you know he doesn’t have the best wrestling in the world so the rookie Glenn fight was a good fight for him but
he’s going to have problems with guys that can really really wrestle but he’s still he’s getting better he’s getting
better every time I see him in there he’s on fire right now great performance by Drew Dober gota you got to give him
some love I think that that puts him as the most knockouts in lightweight
history in the UFC that’s pretty impressive absolutely absolutely good I mean great job by him bill alio um great
performance against Aaron Alexander Hernandez Alexander um God I don’t recall him being this
slick this good I knew he was good but he looked good Al yeah I knew but I just
he he he he’s he he’s Wonderboy Thompson like yeah he he does a lot of the you
know that that karate stance and the In-N-Out and the back and forth and blading and stuff he’s good and and on
the ground he’s freaking good I I thought he looked I thought he looked phenomenal um Hernandez I don’t
know he’s just he’s in this weird position right now where I feel like he’s trying too
hard he’s there’s something something’s missing something something John I can’t put my finger on it yeah yeah
confidence that’s what’s missing I mean ever since no matter what anyone said when he had so much confidence going
into when he had that Donal fight and that fight took something away from him
and he hasn’t gotten it back since and that fight was a while ago and he’s he’s just been he’s been fighting uphill
trying to get back to having that confidence that he had going into that fight with all the fights he had you know under his belt and it’s I just
haven’t seen it it’s just not the same no I agree I agree something some but something’s missing though too it must
be with the training the the whatever it is something’s missing I can’t tell I can’t put my finger on it though uh it’s
just not there for him right now um the uh Bel fight versus how do you say this
girl’s last name is that oh you’re talking about Carolina
car co Kish the the an it’s so funny because I want to be very clear you guys
in the comments I we don’t I don’t normally listen to it with the the sound on cuz
you know with the I normally don’t listen to it with the sound on but because people were bagging on us this
last show for not pronouncing people’s names right like several people did I’m like I don’t listen to how he’s like
well they say their name a 100 times I don’t listen to it with the sound on dummy it’s so frustrating I said I don’t
know how many times I’ve said it every once in a while I’ll click I I’ll click on the sound to kind of hear what they’re saying about an exchange you
know but that’s about it I don’t listen to so I don’t they’re like why can’t you guys pronounce these guys’ names right
they say it all the time I don’t listen to them cuz there’s two many of yeah I
don’t know impossible to get the exact and look they don’t say their names right at times this guy the guy whoever
it was that was commentary he didn’t say this girl’s name right either and and then what it did was it caused the other
person who was there with them I can’t remember who it was to not say their name right I think it was uh Paul Felder
he didn’t say their name right and then the other person did say their name right because I thought it was Koval
Koval kavich kov I thought it was that and but then then because I had heard
see people I had read the comments and people were saying like you guys can’t see their names so I want to see how
they said this name well I can tell you the person on there was calling her like koala something okay koala koala Wick it
kalawi or some [ __ ] like that so I don’t want to hear about how John and I don’t [ __ ] say these people’s names right
all right because like I said I don’t listen to it without this is my little rant for the day this is it’s frustrating I’m like and not to mention
John we you and I like are responsible to remember 300 Fighters names on our [ __ ] roster for Bellator and then we
watch UFC and there’s another 600 Fighters there and I’m not supposed I’m supposed to remember everyone’s [ __ ] name you know and then no no but here
and here’s here’s the best part because you’ll sit there and it’s like you’ll have someone that’s got a very difficult
name and we actually will get a take of how to say their name right okay and now
you get this this tape and then you’ll do it like the tape but the tape wasn’t
done by the fighter it was done by their trainer who actually calls them something he doesn’t say it the right so
then the fighter will come up and say oh you actually say my name this way well then why wasn’t it on the tape that way
and it’s like you can’t never get it right and and then they’ll change it you know and then you’ll get one from Brazil
especially like carvio you know we get a lot of carvalos right and if if it’s
from Brazil it’s carv and if it’s from Portugal which is the same it’s
Portuguese CaRu and it’s like how the freak am I supposed to well let me give
you an example how do you say Neiman Gracie it’s not Neiman Gracie that’s how
you say ne it’s not Neiman it’s Ney n it’s like neyar ne ne like yeah but he
but he goes by but he he’ll go by Neiman he’ll go by n and he says it’s because it’s American that’s how Americans say
it so I just say whatever and so we spend so much time trying to say their names right and they’re like I don’t
give a [ __ ] I just go by what Michael C Williams say thank you thank you that’s
just the way to do it now the problem is if you’re in the UFC and I love buffer but he [ __ ] up people’s Nam all the
time so so you’re kind of stuck if you’re Rogan or cormet or Felder this
being is like I can’t I can’t I can’t go with one and the best best part did you ever hear did you ever hear buffer
[ __ ] announce Dan mad’s name in the beginning oh my God it was hysterical even mergal
would look at it go what was that couldn’t say his name do they even
announce referees names anymore oh yeah they do yeah any your referee her oh
that’s right that’s right you got to think back like how do they do it then okay I’m trying to think and then he’ll switch it he’s like you know
Mario Yama Su it’s like Bruce quit freaking saying his name like you’re
trying to make love to him it’s embarrassing yeah s’s a good looking dude though man um oh you have never
been up close obviously this is very true Mario very true John um the other person I want to
give some love to is uh Natha Manis great great performance phenomenal is tough he’s
good he’s good he looks slick he looked good I thought everything I thought he fought bad colored hair bad coloring in
the hair Manis didn’t have his hair color the other guy did no mandoka does
oh that’s what I was saying I said Manis didn’t have his hair color okay I was like wait wait we figh okay U I thought
he looked great I thought he looked phenomenal um great performance I mean look if you’re [ __ ] swinging for
[ __ ] ankle locks and you’re getting punched in the face 15 times let it go I just the shots he took underneath I
was like the mandoka I’m like what are you doing like as soon as you get hit one time just kick it away like just
ditch it get rid of it if you if you have any doubts on what it that position
does to you go back and watch the Frank um Mir fight against Ian Freeman like
let’s not commit to the submission so much that you get knocked the [ __ ] out
it just it was driving me crazy I was like jumping through the screen like what are you doing like let go of the
leg lock get get rid of it and he just kept doing it I got it and then but but
then I realized that he’s not very good at leg locks after watching him he had the legs crossed over he but he just
didn’t have the POS he looked like he’ already was like in in a haze I think he’s probably good at leg locks he but
you could tell he was in a haze from the shots he took because the legs were right there and he just didn’t know what
to do with it he was like the legs were he had to start putting him uh if he would have crossed one leg over the
other or if he would actually just locked into figure four on on the on mantis’s legs he just he was out of it
out of it and just the the attack wasn’t there anymore once you realize that’s where you’re at you got to just cut bait
and run man I don’t know it was it wasn’t a great performance by mandoka abandoned ship on that idea but Manis
looked good I thought he looked phenomenal great job stayed relaxed stay composed and uh great job man great job
on them all right well hey that’s going to wrap up the the talk did you have any other thing you wanted to touch on on that fight on that card you you I owe
people some at least a better explanation of what I gave them on [ __ ] Sunday so I felt like I cheaped
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at um onlyfans.com wayin all right let’s go ahead and let’s talk about this weekend’s
fights week guys fights you take a look and you go you know you got the big
pay-per-view coming so it can’t be be that great but the the main event is a solid fight as far as especially Styles
and the way that these guys fight you know Edson Barbosa taking on sodi yusf
Yousef is just man good wrestling strong fast he’s
an impressive fighter but and we all know what Edson Barbosa does Edson Barbosa is a
striking Master he’s just beautiful on the feet but if you can get him down you can uh
many times be able toh keep him on it on the the ground because you want to stay away from his standup I would say that
sadik really does want to kind of stay away from the standup a little bit but he’ll he’ll swing with him I think it’s
a great great Main Event no I think it is a really good main event I I think that sadik
is the a little bit uh he’s not as good of a technician on the feet is Edson
Barbosa but Edson Barbosa has been proven to that he can be dropped that he he can be knocked out on the feet too um
you got to be very cautious that’s it’s getting some years on him you I mean you got to look man no he is uh you know
he’s got he’s got a beard on him now too so I like that but I think the speed
of sadik is going to be just equally as matched with etson eton’s still fast he’s fast he puts the combination
together well I think that edson’s going to have a little bit more of the power and the kicks um the power in the hands
may go to sadik um but I don’t think uh Yousef can take him down and I don’t think that’s going to be I
Edson Barbosa’s whole career has been based on stuff in people’s takedowns and I want to go back to people when when
you watched him fight uh khabib khabib had a hard time a couple times getting him to the ground you know and when he
did finally start getting him there it was he came be they came really he did though he did there
was a couple times where he got in and just you know was struggling to kind of get the fight to the ground was able to dominate I understand he was able to
dominate but yeah but if you really want to go back and look and say talk about takedowns and stuff with
Ed go go back and watch his Tony Ferguson fight no that’s true he was doing very well in that fight you know
and that was the time that Tony was on a a streak of wins and doing doing Dr Tony I believe he did he dropped Tony and uh
he had a great fight like he’s a stud you know he you really want to go back and watch a fight that was just in my
opinion just balls out both guys Shane Bergos against Barbosa godamn Fight Man
great fight that just shows you what kind of you know heart that Edson Barbosa has so it’s a great Main Event
it’s going to be an exciting fight I really Shane making don’t know who’s going to win go ahead is Shane making a mistake going to 55 when he went to
pfl I think he should be at 45 I think he should be 145 I mean I know he’s huge
for the weight he’s big guy but at 45 he’s he’s got the power he’s got the
size he’s got all the things you need to be I mean this he’s kind of a weight bully a little bit like how you know
like kind of weight buet but you but here here’s the problem and I and I’m going to get the name wrong and so
people can get all mad but when you watch him in the pfl you know first off he took on oam so you know Oliver alun
morer is a big 155 anyways and so he he ended up with lost that one but his
second fight I want to say it was you know it’s the Japanese fighter and I can’t I want to I’m not sure if it’s
Nakamura but he’s a young kid he’s good he’s talented but small yeah and Bergos
Bergos couldn’t even put you know took him down but wasn’t able to put him away wasn’t able to hit him with shots that
really hurt him and stuff and then he went against Klay Collard and you’re looking you’re going look Klay can take
shots but clay was lighting him up for a lot of it now in the at the end Shane
was coming on and doing well but he’s not able to land the shots that had the
effect at lightweight that he was having when he was a feather so he might might want to take a look and go back I agree
I agree you might want to think about that um any other let’s let’s scroll down there we go you have Jennifer MAA
versus um Ro Rojo yeah good thank you let’s go on to the next one because that’s a much
better fight I’m just being H I got you I got you all right so let’s go next
fight Jonathan Martinez against Adrien Giannis that’s a that’s a good fight
both of those guys they’re standup standup skill are phenomenal Martinez is
definitely better on the ground um might be better on the feet John he I’m telling you you know what
he’s that good man he’s a he’s a dog he is fun I don’t know if he’s better on the Fe I think yanz might be just a
little bit you know a little bit Slicker a little bit smoother but that is a great match wait wait I’m sorry about
the ladies but say that again John I love doing this show with you cuz you’re always wrong so that’s what makes said
lot makes me look a lot better Adrian but that’s what I’m saying Giannis is slicker on the fee a little
bit that’s what I said you said Martinez you said you’re let me finish see you’re
right I’m not going you said is the better Striker because he’s a little bit Slicker this but I thought being a
better Striker meant you just didn’t get hit and you actually were able to knock people out that’s what Martinez does
Martin is good on the feet doesn’t you don’t have to be slick and all these
other things not as good you don’t got to be a Floyd Mayweather John Let’s clarify this you can be a Canelo and
still get the job done yeah but then when you’re Canelo and you fight Mayweather you lose not when you’re
that’s only when you’re 20 years old not just just go ahead and say I’m right again no no no John yes yes do you want
to go backa joh 20 years old I don’t care he lost every damn round just about tell me
I’m right no you’re wrong Josh Thompson was right Charles Olivera pulled out of
the phone fight MC Thompson was right about the Jonathan Martinez to me is
going to have the harder leg kicks going to have the harder leg body kicks he’s got I think he’s got more power than Giannis I think Giannis like you said
sure he’s slick he moves well but the the punching power of jannis is not going to have an effect on on
Martinez and the size it’s a great fight but it’s a great match up yeah it is this is gonna be a this is going to be
one you go that should be a barn Burger yeah it should be I think it’s going to be a a little bit of a feel process in
the first you know half of the first round and then they’re going to just start to go I just don’t I don’t think Martin I think Martinez is going to walk
him down he’s like I’m not going to get afraid of you he just going to walk you down throw big big shots he fights he’s
he’s he’s Southpaw so he fights everything a dog he’s a dog has Giannis fought since he
lost no no I don’t think so either can you click on Giannis for me yeah he hasn’t fought since he lost
yeah I mean there’s a lot of mental too the conf confidence what was his go back to that what was his win streak before
that was oh he had like an eight fight win streak I want to say yeah that’s insane even more than that maybe nine
jeez so the confidence isn’t what it was and also too he’s got that fear of man I
don’t want to lose two in a row so he may not be the same fighter and so I’m looking I’m like going okay and Martinez
is Martinez has a Lo he’s got what two losses three losses no he’s got he’s got foures I believe when was the last time
he lost four fights or five fight Grant a man that giann
beat that was a while back though okay I think but I think Mar fight win
streak right now what’s it called uh rafan STS he trains with Yannis now that he lives in Houston that Houston area so
he’s down there training with Yannis he said he’s good really good so I mean he’ll have he have the ability to work
with someone who can wrestle like uh St STS can [ __ ] wrestle and um and the
speed of STS and the way he mixes things up but Martinez just a little bit bigger little bit harder leg kicks little bit
harder body kicks and he stalks he stalks after you and makes you makes you fight a very uncomfortable fight is what
from what I can gather his last couple fights is that’s the style which I think that Yannis will succumb to Rob font
will walk you down piss piece you up that kind of stuff too on the in the boxing area when he knows you don’t you’re not you’re not trying to take him
down so that I think is going to be I agree with you John I agree with you John okay we are both we are both right
you’re start getting you’re getting smarter by the both right this is going to be a good fight we both but Josh is
right that Martinez is the better Striker okay no Josh is not right there but
that’s okay go next fight Andre Petroski taking uh a last I don’t want to say
last second but it’s very uh last uh last minute fight against Mel P taking
over for Mark Andre bario who had to pull out Petroski great grappling
game p hard to take down super explosive great athlete moving up to
middleweight because he was a huge welterweight that couldn’t make weight and that’s what happened with his Steven
Wonderboy Thompson fight but I think this is a this a great matchup this is actually a really good
fight I’m I’m kind of I just think about Joe Silva you miss
weight more than once or twice I’m going to put you at 185 or whatever the weight class is above I’m tired of I’m man I’m
going to try to get you I’m going to try to make you lose um petros’s good on the
ground he is good on the ground but he’s also got good standup he throws a lot of heat it’s not the most tactical stand up
gets tired though but both of them get tired but I think with Petroski it seems like he does he cut a lot of weight cuz
he’s pretty pretty well stacked he’s pretty stout man I me he’s so uh P
though he’s I mean he’s a big guy for 70 I don’t think he’s a big guy for 85 though so no
he’s big you think so he’s got a big frame yeah you stand next to him you look you go damn how in the world did
you make I [ __ ] stand next to anybody I [ __ ] wonder how they make it they’re all [ __ ] bigger than me
that’s the best we we’ll actually have Josh Thompson you Joe Rog you always used to say Josh Thompson’s a huge
lightweight dude I’ll we’ll stand featherweights up against him and Josh looks small and he’s weighing way more
than 155 right now and it’s like yep these [ __ ] guys I walk past Jeremy
Kennedy [ __ ] oh yeah Jeremy K I’m like you big [ __ ] beast you [ __ ] how
the does Jeremy Kennedy make the weight he’s enormous I me he’s taller than me he’s wider than me he’s he’s got a small
waistline I know but it’s like still like how the do you make the way better looking than you shut the front door get
the [ __ ] out of here you [ __ ] [ __ ] you wish you wish this is what I this is
why I love doing the show with you man you’re always wrong you’re always wrong always yeah I [ __ ] love buttons see
that’s what she love great you you like people can’t even take you serious anymore with that type of
[ __ ] [ __ ] look Jerry Kennedy is a goodl looking dude but let’s not get out
of control here buddy let’s let’s not go too far [ __ ] I
mean take a look at this take a look at this jawline it’s so hard when you’re [ __ ] Pinocchio like this you
just just you’re just all knows really who the hell is calling you at [ __ ]
6: in the morning that is a world class referee in boxing Mr Jack Reese that I
just had to say no he he must he must have something really important on his mind calling you a [ __ ] this time in
the morning yeah because he actually okay in the west coast his time right yeah he’s it’s it’s it’s 4:54 in the
morning for Jesus Jack you better get your [ __ ] man you you some you got your life together Jack you’re up early good
for you good for you all right any other fights on here you want to chat about no
think we’re good all right guys well hey uh that’s our UFC coverage let’s get into some news man let’s go right into oh no not news we got another fight to
talk about some news no we have another fight October 14th the the fight is
before we talk about that fight make sure you guys subscribe to us down below in our main Channel as well as on our Clips channel the clips channel is has a
link in the descriptions you guys can click on that and head you over to our Clips Channel subscribe to us on both channels we appreciate you guys and
thank you guys for supporting us go ahead let’s talk KSI versus Tommy Fury and Logan Paul versus I don’t know if
it’s gonna happen Dylan danis but go ahead K I’ve been talking a ton of [ __ ]
man he is all man I he he’s he is actually saying that you know what I
feel so good I’m doing so good I I would fight Canelo right now like you would
ass handed to you who the [ __ ] wouldn’t fight Canelo John we talked about this the other day you called me up if
someone called me up and said hey we want you to fight [ __ ] Canelo you know and you got a last five rounds you
know whatever it is I’m like I’m taking the [ __ ] you’re gonna pay me how much you if you paid me 500,000 I might even
do it for 250 like that’s how [ __ ] crazy I am I would [ __ ] fight his ass
like you call me up and like hey let’s fight I’ll fight you for you know [ __ ] yeah get in the I’m sorry I know it’s
going to suck for a little bit but you can say you did it I don’t know it ain’t going to suck that bad n no it’s not
because at the end of the day I’m still getting that check I’m still but KSI
versus Tommy Fury I think you’re going to see basically a repeat of Tommy Fury whooping ksi’s ass like he did uh Jake
Paul he’s he’s just gonna piece him up Tommy Fury is brilliant for this I whoever Jake Paul made him put him on
the mat now it’s going to be KSI and I wouldn’t be surprised if Tommy Fury end up fighting Logan after that too all
three of them are going to take a shot of him and he’s going to whoop all three of them all three of them unless he just
takes it for granted the only thing that I worry about with this fight with Tommy is he’s
got to lose a lot of weight I think it’s at 184 he’s a he’s he’s a big guy he he’s a
big dude SC a lot of weight and to get down to that 6’2 yeah I think he’s 6’2 he’s a big guy
when A5 is not easy man easy 6’2 what I want to know is what the rehydration is
for him like does he is he allowed to put on weight more yes there is no rehydration Clause as far as he can put
on what he wants CU with the Logan Paul one right wasn’t there one that he couldn’t go past a certain limit I thought no yes or no I don’t know we’ll
have to look into that no no no there was with
um Jake Paul against Anderson Silva and okay yeah yeah Nate I thought Nate no
Nate just fought whoever it was with Anderson Silva I think is what you were talking about Anderson Silva so funny right when the YouTubers
are trying to put stipulations on you can’t put this much weight on wait a second oh I’m sorry you know the the big
one was um was javante Davis against Ryan Garcia
ah huge rehydration Clause no somebody else had another one of those Clauses
too and was it the earol Spence no uh yes well I don’t I don’t think so
I don’t think so Spence against Crawford I don’t think so I think CU bud I think Bud Crawford made uh Bud made may talk
some [ __ ] about Dante or somebody for making that claw be put in there with
the Garcia yeah he was like yeah who the [ __ ] takes a fight and [ __ ] puts a clause on that that’s some chicken [ __ ]
that’s what Mayweather did made a career out of it so is he is you really the best
boxer verdict still out buddy man uh look KSI is gonna get his ass kicked
unless Tommy Fury didn’t take this serious unless he didn’t take it serious I think uh KSI gets his ass kicked I I
believe that Tommy Fury is gonna uh have his way for the most part he’s
fast uh he’s strong I’m not sure that he’ll get rid of KSI but I think he’s
going to dominate the fight I think there’s a good chance he drops him yeah he just doesn’t have that big a
snap compared it’s he’s not one of those guys that you go o when he hits people
and I’ll give it to Jake Paul Jake Paul’s got a good right hand he hits people they go down they go out yeah
that’s he’s got that Tommy does really doesn’t have that he talks about it all the time but he’s kind of like his
brother you know he can put you know shots on you the big one shot to put you
away is not in his repertoire I agree Logan Paul versus Dylan
danis this is the fight let’s be honest shut your mouth right right now just stop well when I say this is the fight
this is the one that has the most interest on it by people because of what
Dylan danis has done well Dylan danis has sold the [ __ ] out of this fight now
I’m not saying it’s because he he should want eyeballs on him I still think Logan Paul lights him the [ __ ] up but he’s
he’s the guy that has sold this card you know it’s not KSI and Tommy fury it’s Logan Paul and Dylan Dan
yes is that wrong no no you’re you’re you are you’re right you are right
um it just disgusts you though it’s it’s so bad John it’s so bad like we’re gonna
talk about this in a sec but if I’m Dylan danis like I I don’t know if I could fight someone that maybe Lo
because Logan Paul’s not the one suing Dylan danis but I just I I don’t I have no respect for you anymore anymore like
you you know that your girl is I don’t think Dylan danis had respect for him
anyways no but I think I think if I’m I don’t think Dylan danis respects a whole lot of people this is very
true I just I don’t know man I don’t uh it’s not a fight that I’m I’m I I
don’t even know like he Logan’s bigger than Dylan yes Logan’s got more experience
than Dylan in boxing yes Logan actually has a team that trads him
it’s just I don’t know where we’re at with this it just I know where we’re at with
this where we at John this is yeah it’s just horrible
kind of like you with Canelo yeah I’ll take it see yeah I’ll take it but hold on are
you surprised if it gets to it that Dylan danis actually shows up steps into
into the ring I’m not anymore now that he’s got a
lawsuit against him he needs to do something you know and the lawsuit’s not going to help I mean it’s not going to
help his performance um I don’t know that whole lot okay are
we going to talk about this lot yeah let’s talk about so it’s not it’s not it’s not Logan that’s suing her or suing suing her suing him it’s not Logan suing
Dylan danis it’s his girlfriend okay but you know there was a conversation oh yeah
and look it can be Logan comes out like oh it’s not I saw that go ahead Dave
pull up the uh the shop thing let’s let’s let’s go ahead and talk about this okay let me because the fight the fight
suck so let’s talk about the actual drama with it yeah so Brandon put out the post on
is by the way I will just say that Brandon had reacted to something else on
Twitter and then Logan replied to that but but Brendan expressed his um his beef with this on his his own show and
then um and then Logan had tweeted in response to something else but kind of in line with with what brandan said so
just for context um here’s what here’s what Brendon had to say about this first rule of Fight Club is we don’t Sue each
other outside of this let’s say they weren’t fighting and Dylan was doing this okay now I see defamation he’s
going after your girl your fiance that makes sense as soon as you sign the contract to [ __ ] fight you make him pay
with your fist not with your lawyers not with your money through your fist that’s why you’re F now all your the Logan Paul
fans can’t stand Dylan for doing this now you get to watch the guy that you love punch the other guy in the face dim
the rules that’s how this goes rules nobody wins when you sue nobody a judge
might say this guy wins you both lose when parents get divorced they bring in lawyers everybody loses mom loses dad
loses the kids definitely lose I don’t like that they’re going down this road in any facet all I’m saying is I
sympathize with Dylan if I’m going to sell a fight I can’t go based off his fighting credentials so what else are we
going to do to sell this thing here a good point bullseye look like you said John Dylan
danis is the one selling this fight I didn’t even know this [ __ ] card was happening until Dylan started getting on
the Internet ravaging [ __ ] Logan’s fiance I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t even
care didn’t it wasn’t even on my [ __ ] radar John but let me let me ask you a
question how was he able to as you say ravage his fiance that shit’s public dog
no but I guess apparently some of the photos who made it public apparently some of the photos were hacked and taken
and and not supposed to be out there but that’s not
don’t but it’s but it’s not something that look if
he came across him how do he supposed to know that those those photos weren’t meant to be public I mean he didn’t I
Dylan doesn’t seem like someone’s a [ __ ] hacker by the way so Dylan’s not out there hacking people’s [ __ ] somehow
someone hacked her [ __ ] and got got got made public he took it from a public platform this is all a distraction this
is all [ __ ] I think and you can already tell and look I I don’t Logan
Paul is obviously ran by his girl cuz she’s going to do what the [ __ ] she wants and and you I got just look at it
like he got he’s allowing her to already take charge I mean this kind of relationship
you want buddy like you’re getting married to this like look I don’t I don’t know her
but I’m telling you right now you have got to think to like s let me let me whoop his ass and then we’ll talk about
lawsuits after let me whoop his ass we’ll talk about the lawsuits after babe
babe trust me you got to trust me on this one I’m I’m going to make him pay okay that’s where you go and if I don’t
then we can sue him but it’s but yeah exactly go ahead but I mean it’s like
it’s not like Logan hasn’t done things towards Dylan now that you know he did things with you know Dylan’s you know
girlfriend saying oh you know my brother banged your girl your girl and stuff like that all right he’s he brought out
a cake with Dylan having a [ __ ] camel toe okay you know what what does that
mean what are you trying to say okay you know it’s you have your you’ve done your little stuff and yes it is towards Dylan
to a point other than the girlfriend thing and yes I’m not I’m not that big on someone attacking family now I guess
and she is family she’s his fi so that [ __ ] ain’t solid till the ring exactly
that’s that’s my that’s my whole point it’s not solid but by the way I never seen a ring that could plug a Hole by
the way [ __ ] excuse me could you say that
I’ve never seen a ring that could a whole bu yeah it’s like hey you know I whoever
he wants to marry and everything that’s all great and that’s your business and I will say nothing about it but you know
to everyone out there hey we all make choices in life and we decide what we
want to be and who we want to be and what we want people to see of us and when you put these things out there and
then someone uses them against you don’t cry you can’t cry let your boyfriend or
let your fiance go out and punch that person in the face it’s the greatest payback there is he gets to physically
beat him up legally and make money doing it there’s nothing better I say it all
the time the whole thing with the lawsuits and stuff it’s just it’s gone too far yeah it’s way too much where do
you guys stand with you guys have been on a record before we have an issue with like taking it as personal as this so
where do you guys stand on that side of of it where yeah the lawsuits this is where I stand on like look when Connor
attacked uh Dustin pu’s wife oh your wife is in me DMS you know or when he
was attacking uh khabib’s wife and khabib’s dad and his family that’s beyond that because you want to know why
those people are not public his girlfriend is out there publicly with multiple had multiple boyfriends the
photos are out there the history is out there and that’s okay that she said we all have we past you know I mean I mean
not checkered whatever it is we we all we all we all have a past you know and
uh some of it is is something we probably most of us don’t want to talk about but it’s it really like with her
she’s public figure honestly you’re fair game in a
very it look I didn’t like what what uh Chael did with Tito’s wife or ex-wife
with they was [ __ ] I thought it was [ __ ] I this there all he did was
post pictures pictures of which a lot of them were actually just off the internet that were
taken by Paparazzi I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do about that they’re public now the ones I don’t know which
ones were not made public or ones that were hacked apparently well there were some there were some photoshopped ones
where you know it shows like Dylan with her it’s like yeah uhhuh sure okay but
but Dylan Dylan’s been known to pull some ass being honest did okay did did Logan
did Logan Paul not hire pay bring in the guy that choked Dylan the bouncer the
joke Dylan he brings him in as his bodyguard and he says you know who I fair play
beautifully done I loved it great job hey you know whatever you both had your
little things but then I see Logan gets a little upset go ahead and read this because I don’t have my glasses on yeah
so it bums me out oh you want to do it there Dave put on the it bums me out that three weeks ago I DMD you this is
to Brendan sha Nina’s lawsuit details because of your ignorance and your
response was oh Jesus did not know that not cool then you come on here talking about Fight Club rules like you’re the
referee I don’t get that but you know it’s not what he did the Twisted promotion has gone far beyond the fight
game and you know that plus I’m not the one suing him H here’s where we get into
okay he picked a fight with an innocent woman who is standing up for herself the only
way she can by holding a predator legally a predator legally accountable
for breaking the law any person who doesn’t understand that is a delusional [ __ ] the lawsuit is her choice and I
fully support her now I get to break his face in front of yes you do in front of millions of people and rued his entire
life winwin I mean my personal opinion is if if you are anyone that’s looking to
fight Logan Paul or Jake or I wouldn’t I’m not going to put Jake in the same category is it I’m not looking to
schedule a fight with you I mean no matter what the money is because you anything I do that may upset you you’re going to run and get a lawyer to sue me
it just doesn’t make any sense like this is well he’s saying but but he’s saying it’s not him it’s his he he’s backing
her saying he’s condoning AB condoning she’s doing he has no moral compass when
it comes to this type of stuff it’s very obvious he doesn’t have a moral compass he became famous for taking pictures of people hanging in Japan you know that’s
why he’s got it that’s why he’s famous and so it’s very it’s very true he doesn’t have a moral compass in this
situation wait a second you want me to fight you so he goes and signs him and then I want you to promote the fight his
brother got mad when when Nate didn’t promote the fight was talking about suing Nate because he wasn’t promoting the fight and in one week Nate promoted
the fight More Than Jake did the whole damn time with the things that Jake with the things that Nate did in this
situation you’ve got Dylan danis promoting this fight all the way up into it and now it’s not good enough it’s
almost as if because they are promoting the fights or not promoting the fights which is bringing more attention than
both of these guys can do they were they’re upset it’s like they want to be
the ones promoting and being the stars and they don’t want the other guys to promote or not promote and get a more
attention of them it just it’s weird to me it really is you brought this guy on because you thought he could sell the
fight and it would you thought you thought it was an easy fight for you to win and get paid well guess what he’s promoting in the fight and now you’re
you’re basically tucking tail and running from your girl cuz she has a lawsuit on her hand I think it’s ridiculous I think it’s absolutely
ridiculous see I go I go the look I’m going to give you a little advice for marriage okay I’ve only been married for
39 [ __ ] years okay I’m I’m being honest here I’m going to give him some [ __ ] advice I live on the 982 rule
with my wife okay good and that 98% of the time my wife gets exactly what she
wants when she wants how she wants it whatever she says you know I want to go do this okay I want to go here okay I
need this build okay 98% and and trust me it’s even more
than that but 2% of the time I’ll say my wife will say I want I want to do
this we ain’t [ __ ] doing it okay and she
knows oh I’m not bringing it back up she knows okay he said he said no on that one and
he doesn’t say no and Logan this is the one of those moments like when your your
fiance there says I’m G to sue him you no you’re not I’m gonna punch his [ __ ] lights out and I’m gonna [ __ ]
do damage to him for you okay trust me you got to trust
me that’s the yeah you’ve got to be able to have a Comm like some sort of communication with your girl and be like
hey this is not what we’re doing you know I’m here to to bring a fight to to
the fans I’m here to make a lot of money in doing it we I mean I would imagine he’s not hurting for money and so you
know and so that’s my point my point is why why take somebody who is actually helping you promote the fight that you
asked for he’s doing his job maybe it went a little over maybe it went overboard and you knew what he was you
know what he did you knew that he really doesn’t fight but he’s on Twitter and doing all this stuff all the time he’s a
t Twitter troll okay he don’t be upset when he when he is exactly what you knew
he was I don’t get it he is what you thought he was good good luck to you
Logan as far as the fight I think you’re going to do well yeah all right next thing what do you got for us Dave all
right we have a new heavyweight fight in sou Paulo uh Dr versus Dave give me a
little bit of energy man when you say this [ __ ] come on I’m I’m up 5 a.m. to listen to you bu [ __ ] let’s go Curtis
blades had to pull out of this fight in Sal Paulo Brazil against jailton
ala and Derek Lewis has stepped up and said I will take that fight and I’m
being honest look gelon is he’s really looked
good and I I really like him and I think he’s going to be something special in the heavyweight division but he cannot
end up underneath Derrick Lewis yes he’s got a way better submission game
but as you would say it only takes a couple of punches to go from black belt
to white belt and Derek Lewis can make that in a in a shorter time than many
you know and so you got to be really careful with the black beast I I’ve always enjoyed Derek he’s fun to watch I
think Almeida is one of those hot and uh upcoming Prospect guys that is is
definitely going to make a mark in the heavyweight division but he’s got a fight this Beast being an intelligent
fighter yeah he he’s he’s got to fight it being intelligent look on the feet he I don’t think he has much of a chance on
the ground he has a chance when he’s on top if he’s on bottom I’m sorry man but
I don’t see he is just Derek Lewis has got the probably the nastiest Ground Up
pound I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve seen it inside the I’ve seen it inside the arena and just well I’ve seen it
inside the cave yeah okay stop bragging about you have better seats than me calm down okay I got a better seat than you
jeez if for any reason I ever wanted to be a ref is so I could be right there I
mean just that’s it there’d be no other reason like I have no i’ have no desire but you can’t be the ref and be the fan
I can okay it’s not about you just watching mul joh you seen I can multitask no you cannot
multitask but look being even just cage side the TV doesn’t give it justice on
how when even when he misses and he hits the [ __ ] canvas you can hear it through the the arena boom oh yeah boom
and I’m like oh my God I can’t imagine my head being between that and the canvas and so uh almeida’s gonna have to
be very careful and cautious about how he mounts his attacks if he is if he ends up trying to pull guard or if he ends up getting dropped and has to
survive from bottom because Derrick Lewis when he’s on top he’s a finisher and it’s nasty so uh but this definitely
sprues things up I think with the Curtis blades fight Curtis blades good on top good you know good submission defense
but alida’s a good level of Jiu-Jitsu that I think could have potentially subbed him on the feet Curtis blades got
a lot better on the feet Almeida though could have probably hung with him a little bit um you know athleticism those
type of things I would have been it would have been interesting to see Almeida if he would have been able to take Curtis blades down that’s my next
thing is he going to be able to take down Derrick Lewis he’s going to have to he’s going have to catch kick he’s got a
better chance he’s got a better chance of taking Derrick Lewis down than he does did of taking this is true but you
got to remember Curtis blades had a hard time taking Derrick lose down up until he got knocked the [ __ ] out so like I don’t think that I don’t
think Almeida has as good a wrestling as Curtis blades so I want to know how he plans on getting this [ __ ] fight to the ground
that’s where I’m at on that like it’s a little bit of a so all right well hey I guess we’re in
for a story in for uh a good fight there all right let’s go ahead let’s talk next one yep Dana White says the kamat
shamaya versus Pao Costa fight might also be in Jeopardy because Paulo went
and had elbow surgery what three weeks ago and it his elbow looked like it was
infected staff saw the picture of IT staff yeah and so he obviously had a lot
of nasty [ __ ] gross stuff staff like had a
staff infection disgusting exactly yeah as I like to say would you guys get staff infections bro
take a [ __ ] shower right after training go take a shower after training wash your ass okay like do something no
it’s um it is one of those things man like once it once it gets in the gym people start getting it you got to get
them out you got to get people out and just tell everyone once one person gets it tell everyone make sure any Cuts time
for Bleach any Cuts any uh pimples any of that [ __ ] you have on your body make sure you’re scrubbing yourself directly
after training yep the antibacterial soaps all that [ __ ] yep do the best you
can look and this card may fall potentially just fully fall apart you know given that Paul Casa if he ends up
falling off who they going to bring in on last minute notice supposedly they have someone it’s already been done you
know what the thing is is the UFC also said for the Charles and Islam fight that gamr was the replacement and then
they brought in vul he is the replacement but they brought in he is the replacement yeah but he is the replac I but they announced but he is
the replacement he’s the replacement now no he was the replacement before yeah and
he’s the replacement now you go on look here okay stop what
was it you knew what happened Dana went and looked and said oh [ __ ] Charles that
we’re gonna put G I’m I’m gonna call I want something different any he
went he called vulcanos I mean look it comes down to let’s be honest what this
all comes down to he called up and he called up to he
called up to uh Abu Dhabi and said hey abhi and he said yeah we kind of want someone else besides gamon he said I
want a bigger name that is exact I’m paying you a lot of like CU Danny even said in the thing I had to call the
powers to be the powers to be be Obby Doby let me call these Sheiks and say
who do you want how much can we pay them extra to come on and take this fight on last minute notice in Abu Dhabi okay
well we want volkanovski and they ran to vul and said hey we’re going to pay you an extra 2 million he said and vul said
yeah it could be more than that but I’m saying and vul goes I don’t give a [ __ ] about my hand I will let me cut this
cast off right now okay I will [ __ ] fight whoever for this money brilliant
brilliant you know um y people that don’t quite R can’t quite wrap their head around the fact that Saudi Arabia
Abu Dhabi Dubai all these these Sheiks they’re not millionaires they’re not billionaires they’re trillionaires it’s
they just they own their own Banks they’re they are trillionaires they are not people that give a [ __ ] about money
they’re smart with their money they know what is important to them but like if they have an event like
this absolutely they’re going to be like yeah whoever we want the best fighter you can find to fight him and we want
that fight now and we’re going to pay for it that’s what they did that’s what Dana did that’s why he even said I have
to call them first until [ __ ] somebody in Brazil opened up their big [ __ ] mouth he got so mad someone out
of Charles’s Camp open up their [ __ ] mouth got it out there he’s like I was trying to get I was trying to wait to
put it out there until until I talk to the powers to be you know well there’s
there’s a lot of strings to pull when those things happen and it’s like as soon as the the media finds out then
everything’s coming and now you got all these people trying to you know find out stuff and it just makes it more yeah I
know I mean I everyone recalls what happened at UFC 200 some people don’t work there anymore because of it anyways
uh what else you got for us Dave all right second to last right here uh was a
funny video I got to I got to be ready at press play here but funny video from uh this past week’s UFC um I’ll play it
for you and get your reaction here we go oh man my man Keith Peterson Mr No
Nonsense I love him look at him man he’s standing there he’s cool he’s ready to raise that hand and
Bobby’s got that look like ah [ __ ] he look at him look at him turn away and
then walk out I’m done I’m out get me the hell out of here bro I love it this guy can’t catch a break so first it was
Dom you smell like cigarettes and and alcohol bro he doesn’t drink or smoke that’s one so he’s taking heat from he
does now you know a couple weeks back he had kind of like a bad stoppage or it was something like that he had something
that went wrong I think he’s he did something that anyways let’s bypass that okay he had he had something where
something was a little controversial I can’t remember exactly what it was that was like probably like a month ago maybe a little bit longer than a month ago and
then now this getting spit on like what the [ __ ] dude when people say man
Fighters should be refs there would have probably been a fight right there that broke out if you
were a fighter and you were the referee and Bobby spit on you You’ been like dude I would have hit him I would hit
him be like bro what the [ __ ] I’ve had I’ve had a lot worse than that a lot worse I mean like I’ve been
known to blow my nose on your shoe and stuff you know during fights cuz the farmer blow is awesome yeah but
no I’ve had there was there was one fight remember do you remember Josh sammon yeah he passed
right great guy though uh he was fighting I want to say KY
maganus Kyle C A IO and uh Josh was
lighting him up and it was like the end right near the end of the second round and he was s was just having a great
fight M lenus was having a tough one and he had basically you know broken his
nose and his mouth was all bloody and stuff and it gets to the end of the
second round and and I stop it and I start to and they’re starting to have words and maganus decides I’m going to
spit on right well oh he didn’t spit on him he missed he hit me [ __ ] right it
was just long right and I put him to this corner I I go to the uh I go to the
commission I said hey he tried to spit on him I want him F right and then Bob
Bob Bennett is like all right all right all right all right all right all right right then I get done with the match because salmon ends it and walk out he
says don’t he says don’t don’t do that in the middle of the fight telling me to find someone I can’t find him right now I’m I’m not tell telling you to find him
right now yeah there you go let see if we can see this video won’t come up and
yep will it come up but man I tell you what they the commission ended up taking
like 5,000 bucks from him man for this one thing it was like it’s just John so
what you’re admitting though is that you’re a Logan Paul is that he’s he was promoting the fight you got mad
that’s Notting the fight that’s not [ __ ] Logan Paul Jesus John look how
skinny you were back I got that skinny dude I weigh like 280 right there more
muscle a see that was he missed him jeez
oh jeez yeah I probably can’t play this guy so cuz taken down everywhere El yeah
a he just turned and spit ah all look at John yelling at him jeez John
John you you know what and then you were a [ __ ] weight bully in there I remember a couple times you grabbed me
by my arm and flung me around you ain’t never going if I want you somewhere you’re going you think you’re going to
get away you [ __ ] grab I remember a couple times I got I got hit I I think one time I got hit in the nuts and like
I was like kind of just walking around and I didn’t even know where my corner was at the time and you were [ __ ]
grabbing by my arm and like yanked me to the other side I was like Jesus man I’m trying to fight here my shoulder’s going
to get dislocated [ __ ] oh you’re such but you
blow everything up I mean look at this guy wow he panicked quick bro there was no defense he just
panicked he got he got his ass kicked why oh here it is right here yeah oh
just the spray of it got on you huh just nasty oh no it got all over me man it was this guy look now he’s looking at
the camera you know he’s got the widest set of eyes of oh never mind it’s just the angle
like yeah like when you see what are those those uh lizards that can look in a chameleon remember Marty remember Marty
Feldman no Young Frankenstein I do great dude the other the eyes have pop out they stick to the
side I do he look like a he look like that guy that guy looks like he looks like a chamon the smuggle a guy all
right what else you got for us there Dave all right well the last thing I have for you guys is tomorrow is October
12th and so I have one thing to say happyday happy happy birthday
woo [ __ ] 74 [ __ ] 74
jez man can you believe that I’m 47 years old now Jesus
47 47 I’m only two years old double that [ __ ] that’s where you’re at right now jeez you got 7
chins my got more chins than a Chinese phone book this is true this is true bro
you look you look good you’ve been doing well I love it um you know happy birthday brother uh you guys you guys
got anything planned no I that I know of you didn’t use the 982
rule no God no that’s a great rule I like it it’s a hey it works works I’m
telling you man you guys get all cuz everyone gets all [ __ ] you know nitpicky about things and it’s like dude
it’s not that important not that important let her have let it you know let it be happy let her Happ okay but
there is those times you go that ain’t [ __ ] happening no and when she
doesn’t come back and well nope and this perfect yeah I I makes
your life I tend to use that little card there when it’s uh I get home from traveling yeah like I just I don’t want
to do anything I don’t want to go to a house I don’t want to go to dinner I don’t want to I just want to [ __ ] sit
in bed and or walk around the house and I want to be put my take my shoes off feet [ __ ] no socks there you go walk
around the backyard do whatever go you know maybe sit in the hot tub whatever I don’t want to do anything leave me alone
I don’t want to ask I don’t want you asking me questions I don’t want you well now you’re just being a pain in the
ass leave me alone for two seconds being just a primadonna what’s for dinard John in the tomorrow night oh oh you know
what it’s my my daughter is a culinary chef and she cooks all the time for it’s
going to be tacos dude I love wait yesterday was Tuesday bro you can’t have tacos on Thursday I can I can have taco
Thursday you call them Tacos on Thursday yeah tacos tacos tacos tacos Taco
Thursday Thursday [ __ ] it we’ll make it the thing John [ __ ] everybody we’ll make it a thing just for your birthday dude
we’re starting it up th Taco Thursday Taco Thursday um all right well I got the Ping to wrap
us up so uh let’s I just got a ping right now to wrap us up so let’s get this thing all right hey we’re going to
wrap this up go to way merch.com wayand merch.com pick up some of our apparel there it is getting cold you can see
John in a hoodie there’s a reason behind it go to weighin merch.com go to onlyfans.com wein onlyfans.com subscribe
to us for free over there and uh hit that hit that uh subscribe button on all platforms on our audio platform Spotify
SoundCloud Google play all those things iTunes hit the Subscribe button on all those platforms thank you guys so much
for subscribing to us and John take us away very well done there m Mr MC
Thompson I really enjoyed that that was a great job for everyone out there I hope you enjoyed enjoy the fights this
weekend there is a lot and if you’re crazy you’ll pay for KSI versus Tommy
Fury and all that crap but enjoy the fights the UFC’s there we will see I was right about Charles
Oliva Thomson was right for once maybe

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