UFC 294: Shocking Replacement for Paulo Costa Surpasses Expectations!

Daniel Cormier, former UFC fighter and current analyst, is back with another video discussing the upcoming UFC 294 event. In this article, we’ll dive into Cormier’s thoughts on the main event between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski, as well as a potential co-main event that could make the card even bigger.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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UFC 294: Makhachev vs. Volkanovski 2

Cormier then shifts his focus to the recent developments in the UFC 294 card. Originally, Islam Makh achev was scheduled to fight Charles Oliveira for the second time in Abu Dhabi. However, Oliveira had to pull out of the fight due to a cut sustained during sparring. Cormier, who is a teammate of Makhachev, reflects on the competitiveness of Makhachev’s previous fight with Alexander Volkanovski and his own hesitation to face Volkanovski again.

With Oliveira out, Volkanovski steps up to fight Makhachev for the championship once again. Cormier believes that Volkanovski, being the pound-for-pound number one fighter in the world, is in great shape and ready for a five-round title fight on short notice. He praises Volkanovski’s dominance in the featherweight division and expects a competitive fight between him and Makhachev.

Cormier also shares his thoughts on the first fight between Makhachev and Volkanovski. He believes that Makhachev may have overlooked Volkanovski and fought too aggressively, expecting an easy finish. However, he anticipates a more measured and patient approach from Makhachev in their rematch. Cormier is confident that Volkanovski will not suffer from taking the fight on short notice and believes that the pay-per-view has only gotten bigger with the interest in this matchup.

A No-Lose Situation for Volkanovski

Cormier discusses the advantages for Volkanovski in taking this fight on short notice. He mentions that Volkanovski already had a fight scheduled for January or February, so he was already in training mode. Taking this fight against Makhachev gives Volkanovski a bigger opportunity and a chance to make more money. Cormier sees it as a no-lose situation for Volkanovski, as even if he loses, people will attribute it to the short notice and the caliber of his opponent.

The Mindset of a Champion

Cormier emphasizes the importance of the mindset of a champion in preparing for a fight. He explains that when a fighter has a fight scheduled, they have a specific opponent to focus on and prepare for. However, when taking a fight on short notice, the mindset is different. Cormier shares a conversation he had with Volkanovski, where Volkanovski expressed his desire to fight again in the first quarter of the year. This shows that Volkanovski was already mentally prepared to compete and was staying ready. Cormier commends Volkanovski for his mindset and believes that he will bring the same mentality to his fight against Makhachev.

A Potential Co-Main Event Surprise

Cormier teases a potential surprise in the co-main event of UFC 294. He hints that Paulo Costa may be in danger of not making it to the octagon for his scheduled fight. Cormier cryptically mentions that something big may be in the works for the co-main event, which would make the card even more exciting. He expresses his excitement to be sitting next to the octagon and calling the fights, as he believes he has the best job in the world.


In conclusion, Cormier is thrilled about the upcoming UFC 294 event and the main event between Makhachev and Volkanovski. He believes that Volkanovski is well-prepared and ready to put on a competitive fight. Cormier also hints at a potential surprise in the co-main event, which would make the card even more spectacular. He expresses his gratitude for being able to be a part of the UFC and provide behind-the-scenes insights to fans.

To stay updated with Cormier’s content, he encourages viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on his journey, whether he’s on a golf course, in his office, or sitting next to the octagon. Cormier signs off, wishing everyone peace until next time.

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sports book is where is at because you
know what we got a crown Crown’s yours
go all right guys what’s going on I’m in
Florida I told you yesterday you saw me
on beautiful golf course I’m hanging out
I’m in Florida now driving between
Jacksonville and uh down south in
Jupiter I think is where we’re going or
somewhere in that area beautiful golf
courses down there going to play today
but but you know that I cannot not talk
about what happened last night for UFC
285 or UFC
294 UFC
294 Islam motv and Charles Olivera were
supposed to fight for the second time in
Abu dbby again a lot of reports have
been coming out obviously Charles wasn’t
happy to have to go back to fight Islam
and what is essentially a home game for
the second time he made
his thoughts known unfortunately last
night Charles is about to go out to Abu
Dhabi to fight Islam in sparing gets cut
has to pull out of the fight you guys
know from me as a teammate of mahv how I
know how competitive the fight with
volkanovski was and how I’ve been like I
don’t know if I want that fight again
right now well of course Alexander
volkanovski steps up and now he’s
fighting Islam for the championship
again if there’s anybody that’s going to
be in shape ready to fight a five round
title fight in 10 days it’s going to be
Alexander volkanovski he’s the
pound-for-pound number one fighter in
the world he has shown time and time
again the guys at 145 cannot compete
with him he has been as dominant the
champion we’ve seen in a really long
time and in the first fight with Islam
he had a lot of moments of
success anytime you hear a fight like
that get announced you wonder the
thoughts of the
teams obviously volkanovski is very
confident after what he did the first
one but when you hear Islam talk or you
look at his post from Instagram Islam
says thank you for taking the fight
don’t use it as an excuse I believe and
some people may think it’s an excuse but
I believe that in fight one Islam might
have overlooked the guy a little bit I
think he took him a little bit light
because he expected to be able to finish
him I thought mahat fought a little bit
too aggressively early if you know Islam
you know that that’s not the way that he
fights I thought that he had this idea
that he was going to finish him because
he was smaller and he was surprised by
how good volkanovski
is I don’t imagine that’ll happen again
this time I believe we will get a makev
that’s more
measured that is more patient especially
early in the fight I don’t anticipate
that Alexander volkanovski will suffer
because he’s taking this fight on short
notice I don’t at all I believe that the
pay-per-view actually got bigger guys I
think it actually got bigger because
there is so much interest in Islam
versus volkanovski I mean if
people would have called for
it the rematch could have happened right
now the UFC’s always been open to it
vulcanos already has gone on and beaten
someone else he’s always said that he
would be in Abu Dhabi he always said
that he would keep himself readily
available in case something happened
this is a very rare case though because
you don’t generally get the backup guy
or the guy that’s not scheduled to fight
in the
fight that’s happening for
V more measured approach from makev is
what you could
expect Alexander volkanovski as
Alexander volkanovski is what you can
expect what you can expect is a very
competitive very good fight I wish that
it wasn’t so short because there’s
training and then there’s actually
training and I believe that when you’re
actually training for a fight it’s in
the mindset the mindset the idea that
for 2 months you know who you’re
fighting you’re preparing for that guy
you’re ready to step in front of that
guy to try to become the
champ and no matter how good you are no
matter how disciplined no matter how
motivated no matter how
driven you don’t carry the championship
fight mindset into a training session
when you don’t have something on the
books Ryan Clark and I were talking
about Alexander volkanovski the other
day and he said
that first quarter of the Year vul
wanted to fight again he was going to
fight ilot Toria in either January or
February so he has a fight at least an
idea of when he was going to fight the
January or February so he has a fight at
least an idea of when he was going to
fight but it wasn’t 3 months prior he
still knew that he had at least another
month and a half to spend time with his
family be in the gym improving his
skills getting better before he had to
really hone in and start to get ready
for a competition against a guy that him
he has a bit of
a bad relationship with now he actually
gets a bigger fight against a better guy
a guy that he’s already been in there
with on a short notice chance
is he going to make a lot of money
absolutely you don’t get a guy like
volkanovski with this type of time
without lining the pockets so vul’s
going to get paid and he really is in a
no loose situation as he was in a no
loose situation in the first fight
because everybody thought Islam would
just walk right through him this is
another one of those no lose situations
he wins he is the man he beat the big
bad Islam Mev if he loses people will
just say well he took the fight on 10
days notice what can you expect when
you’re fighting the number two PM bom
fighter in the
world that’s why Islam said don’t use it
as an
excuse khabib comes out he’s in Abu
Dhabi right now those guys are all
prepping getting ready for uh next week
and abib says it doesn’t matter who it
is you’re the champion of the world you
got to just be ready so there was never
a thought to not take the fight
there was never a thought to not take
fight khabib did it against Alli aqu
quenta when he won the championship he
was supposed to fight Max Holloway who
had replaced Tony
Ferguson but he took it as his chance to
be the champ so he fought who they put
in front of him it was Alli quenta he
pitches a shut out he becomes a
lightweight champion so the mindset is
there and Islam carries the same mindset
no matter who it is I’m up to the
challenge just somebody show up in Abu
Dhabi to give me an opportunity to
defend my
belt I believe that this pay-per-view
has gotten bigger my excitement level to
go to Abu Dhabi while it was already
high is even higher I can’t wait to get
down there and watch those guys in
person the first time I went to
gymnastics with my daughter and I tell
you Islam has not let me forget about it
it’s constantly my ear like are you
going to have gymnastics for my fight
this time are you coming he said last
time I F fight this guy you not there
khabib not there no one come to support
me everybody’s going to be there this
time to watch and while I can’t openly
say I’m in there supporting him because
I I got to call the fight right up the
middle as I always do obviously he’s one
of my teammates I got that have known
for a long time but my respect level for
Alexander volkanovski continues to grow
because this dude is a phenomenal
fighter but he’s also just a great
champion and a great man he’s a really
really good man that I truly enjoy hey
let me give you a little bit of another
thing paoc Costa is in some serious
danger of not walking to that octagon
next weekend you would not be you
couldn’t even guess what may be in the
works y’all might not know but I do I
know what is possibly in the works for
the co-main event and if this co-main
event comes together if this co-main
event it comes
together UFC 294 will be even bigger
than it was when it was announced and we
already know how good the pay-per-view
was to begin
with but now it’s Islam and V 2 and if
this co-main event comes together you
guys jaw will hit the floor unbelievable
and guess who gets to be there your boy
DC sitting next to the Octagon calling
the fights I me I always say it but I
got the best job in the world and I’m so
thankful that I get to do it every
single time the UFC goes and puts on
these pay-per-views hey UFC 294 is going
to be an insane fight card it’s only
going to get better if this fight comes
together hey until next time guys I’m
going to go and play some golf this what
I’m here for a couple days away to play
golf not good at it actually I am I’m
really good at it I might be one of the
best golfers you’ve ever met in your
entire life and and it’s true because I
said it hey until next time like
subscribe tell your friend or tell a
friend that DC’s got a YouTube channel
and it don’t matter where I’m at whether
I’m on a sprinter van driving to the
golf course I can be sitting in my car
in my office right next to the Octagon I
will always give you behind the scenes
looks into the sport that we all love so
much all right until next time guys

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