UFC Vegas 81: Yusuff vs. Barboza Draft King Bets

UFC Vegas 81: Yusuff vs. Barboza Draft King Bets

In this article, we will be discussing the main event of UFC Vegas 81, which features a highly anticipated matchup between Sadiq Yusuff and Edson Barboza. This fight is expected to be a close and exciting battle, with both fighters bringing their unique skills and experience to the octagon. We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each fighter, their recent performances, and make our predictions for the outcome of the fight.

Sadiq Yusuff: A Rising Star

Sadiq Yusuff is a highly talented striker with an impressive record of 13-2. He has won four out of his last five fights, including a submission victory over Don Shanus in his most recent bout. Yusuff is known for his explosive power, incredible speed, and diverse striking arsenal. In his UFC career, he has outstruck every opponent he has faced, with the exception of his only loss to Arnold Allen. Yusuff also boasts a solid takedown defense and has shown improvements in his ground game.

Edson Barboza: The Experienced Veteran

Edson Barboza is a seasoned veteran in the UFC featherweight division. With a record of 22-10, Barboza has faced some of the toughest competition in the division. Known for his devastating leg kicks and dynamic striking, Barboza has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous strikers in the sport. He has notable wins over fighters like Dan Hooker, Anthony Pettis, and Paul Felder. Barboza is also well-rounded, with a solid ground game and submission skills.

The Matchup: Youth vs. Experience

This fight is a classic matchup between youth and experience. Sadiq Yusuff, at 28 years old, is the younger fighter with explosive speed and power. He is likely to be faster and more powerful than Barboza. On the other hand, Barboza, at 37 years old, brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the game. He has faced top-level competition throughout his career and has the ability to adapt to different styles.

Yusuff’s Keys to Victory

For Yusuff to come out victorious in this fight, he will need to utilize his speed and power advantage. He should look to beat Barboza to the punch and land significant strikes. Yusuff’s takedown defense will also be crucial in preventing Barboza from taking the fight to the ground. If he can keep the fight standing and showcase his striking skills, he has a good chance of securing a win.

Barboza’s Keys to Victory

Barboza’s experience will be his biggest asset in this fight. He should look to use his technical striking and devastating leg kicks to wear down Yusuff. Barboza’s ground game could also come into play if he can find opportunities to take the fight to the mat and utilize his submission skills. He will need to be patient and avoid getting caught in Yusuff’s power shots. If Barboza can weather the storm and impose his game plan, he has a good chance of coming out on top.

Prediction: Sadiq Yusuff

While this fight is expected to be a close battle, our prediction leans towards Sadiq Yusuff. His youth, speed, and power give him an advantage in the striking department. If he can avoid getting caught by Barboza’s devastating leg kicks and implement his game plan, he has a good chance of securing a victory. However, it’s important to note that Barboza’s experience and well-rounded skills make him a dangerous opponent. This fight could go either way, and it’s sure to be an exciting matchup for fans.


The main event of UFC Vegas 81 between Sadiq Yusuff and Edson Barboza promises to be an exciting clash between a rising star and an experienced veteran. Both fighters bring their unique skills and strengths to the octagon, making this a highly anticipated matchup. While our prediction leans towards Yusuff, it’s important to acknowledge Barboza’s dangerous striking and well-rounded game. Fans can expect a thrilling fight that could go either way.

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being a well sought after male Angela we we had a great weekend I I think right Saturday we we went to the Texas OU game
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let me tell my story we’re not there 10 15 minutes in our VIP section Angelo was
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to make the cut not with me but they wanted they I mean I’m s after man so REI Rebus if you’re hearing this
di I am sought after by the way REI in this last thing then we can I guess we
can go to the breakdown re do re’s boyfriend she’s been posting pictures
all over the place and then riding around that stupid [ __ ] slingshot by the way everyone’s like oh every everyone’s like oh my God this is oh
look at that nice car that’s why he gets 20,000 I mean they’re they are cheap but I do like them not only they are pretty
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too I mean it’s if anything it’s you you have a shot like look he’s got tattoos I got tattoos he rented a slingshot I’ll
just go [ __ ] buy one and then I’m good he he’s a professional boxer you wrestle
with your older sister your younger sister I ate one of your you punched me in the nose and I ate it remember that I
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think I was trying to do risk control and you were just like like that and I immediately looked at he was like don’t
worry my it won’t bleed my nose I’ve never had a nose bleed in my life so I was like don’t worry my nose is bleed
cuz I instantly was like oh [ __ ] I hit him way too hard like that was not the intent was supposed to be play for
cracked them eyes didn’t even [ __ ] water I’m ready for this sport man yeah you went to the bathroom for a good 20
minutes for no reason that was just cuz you got my mascara he cried it
out eyelashes $10 Super Chat from Lucky Tim Elkin lock of the week Indiana
Indiana stand up speaking of Indiana yod from Indiana here we go from
Indianapolis there you go there we go first up at UFC Vegas 81 we have Ashley
Yoder taking on Emily ducat Ashley Yoder eight and8 overall one and four in her
last five coming off a twoe break she’s taking on Emily ducate 14-8 overall
three and2 in her last five and she’s coming off backto back decision losses and this fight is
actually going to be more competitive than these odds and plus and they did collapse a bit Emily ducat opening up in
a minus 600 favorite now still a pretty big favorite but only minus 280 but the reality is Ashley od’s pretty solid she
is coming off that two-year layaway she had a couple of small injuries and she did chase some reality show dreams I
don’t know what the reality show is but my research says she was out doing a reality show so that’s what it was she
has a interesting style because she’s very tough she does have some skills but
she’s not dangerous at all she’s long she uses a jab she’s going try to keep range and when she closes that distance
she try will try to work in some takedowns and stay busy not dangerous if you take her down she will tend to
accept bottom but you can absolutely count on her to just stay crazy tough and fight her hard out to try to get
that win an over two and a half any fight that Ashley oders in is pretty solid bet she’s taking on Emily ducat
she is the former Invicta champion of the world she has got slick counter striking legitimate power in her hands
very good wrestling defense she’s durable she’s accurate she throws straight punches really well she’ll come
right down the middle she has she won her first fight in the UFC and then they just kind of threw her to the Wolves she
lost to Angela Hill who’s not the greatest but experience level you’re not going to get somebody with more experience in that division for the most
part and then lupy ginas who we know is when she wants to be is incredibly good
but the reality is that Emily kkate is tough she’s going to stay active and uh she’s better than her UFC record as well
so we have two women who I mean they did juice the line on Emily but I still don’t think she gets appreciated for how
how good she is Ashley oder certainly is not getting appreciated for how good she is especially with these odds and the
layoff doesn’t help her but the reality is I do think Emily’s going to win this fight uh I think she’s going to come
forward I think she’ll stay in her face uh I I think she’s going to fight this fight a little more aggressively than
she’s fought some other ones because she knows Ashley isn’t necessarily dangerous but Ashley oder could beat Emily ducat
the exact same way Angela Hill did but Emily still the pick uh but I’m not going to touch the minus 280 money line
what do you think Jakey boy yeah let me first off pre Prelude this Prelude it Prelude it pre pre is it
Prelude it well now you said it 11 time so I have no idea I think it’s Prelude
I’m going to Prelude this by saying I tried to warn everyone last week about Vanessa demopoulos I know a lot of
people are going to be like oh blah blah blah that was a Robbie or whatever but there was one person there to fight in
that fight to actually fight that was Vanessa Demopolis the other girl was there just to kind of get it take that just to kind of control the position and
I’ve been telling everyone for for months and months if you guys watch the live streams by the way the live streams are back this Saturday also tomorrow I
will be live for the contender series as well so a lot of live streams this week really excited get back but I’ve been telling everyone for a long time that
the Vegas judges absolutely hate when you don’t do anything you just control positions that’s what happened in that
fight with Vanessa demopoulos she was very active in the bottom I kind of see the same thing could happen in this
fight now Emily is much different than uh was it kako k kako something like
that she is much different she is she’s going to be more active in the Striking if she goes to the ground she probably is going to be more active but Ashley is
one of those girls that is non-stop I mean even in the Striking she’s not going to be the better Striker here but she’s a long rangey Striker and if
you’re just watching this fight and you’re a judge remember the judges are [ __ ] stupid when you’re watching two
Striker strike and you see Emily and Emily’s nice and tight and is very just Pitter P nice and tight three or four
punch combinations but then you see Ashley and the way that she strikes and it is long it is rangy it is lungy and
when she lands she lands heavy on the ground she is the one even off her back is going to be working for submissions
working triangles working arm balls she is going to be working very hard in these positions I could see the same
thing happening here to where Emily maybe comes in maybe doubles up the strikes maybe gets a take down or two
but Ashley looks like she’s the more active fighter and is able to steal a weird decision because Ashley as you
mentioned is probably better than her record shows she is a Grappler at her heart but she never really had the
ability to get the fight to the ground I think this 2 years off the way I mean again the Deep Dives on the Instagram
Angelo it looked like it LO like espe doing from Indianapolis too naptown
represent 317 you know what I mean but Indianapolis is called naptown it it is for obvious reasons so
um it looked like she’s been working on wrestling it looks like she’s been really working hard on the wrestling and she comes in and gets it taked down gets
top control Emily is in real trouble here so there’s going to be a few few biased picks on this card I got some
Indiana people I got some you know Adrian Yan on this card I got some people I really really like but I this
is the first leg Angelo pay attention here yeah of
the indieana parlay I’m from Indiana Ashley’s from Indiana we got another
fighter from Indiana I’m pulling him in a parlay Ashley Yoder is the pick a little bit biased but I fully believe
that she can do enough the Striking and if it goes to the ground she’s going to be the more dangerous fighter and she’s a tough girl man and she’s every fight
that she even if she’s losing a fight it’s a pretty close fight so it’s going to come down to the judges most she
she’s very tough and she’s not dangerous so she doesn’t run away with wins and she doesn’t just get absolutely
demolished in losses but she is going to lose this fight your pick is just flat out incorrect oo you going to throw in
your dra lineup I think she’s been working hard I think you’re going to see an improved Ashley I think that that
layoff was good for us she’s going to come in and uh I think it’s uh what’ you say about that I’m curious draing
6900 that’s for you I um I’m curious what the reality show was that she was
off filming I don’t know what it was I just know she was filming a reality show according to like she was filming her
own reality show I don’t know was a two-year she’s coming off the two-year layoff so I was like Googling and looking up like what the hell was the
layoff for was it injuries was it usada what was it and it was like okay a couple of small injuries and it said oh filming a reality show but I don’t know
what the show was if it was hers if it was like a dating show if I don’t know what it was dating show who knows do you
think I think that if we set up something I guarantee I might actually do that like if I invest what paully D
and Vinnie do for uh what is it they have their show or what’s uh in Along Came Paulie when he hires his own to do
his own documentary or whatever I might hire like a small little film crew to document and uh do a dating show for me
I think that would pretty it’ be pretty short documentary imagine imagine me set a lot
of outside shots of your bathroom door shut with yeah it couldn’t be just me going out finding that’s not going to
that’s going to not going to do anything right but if I was set up on a like a bachelor Style Show just to see me
sitting there on a couch just shaking just shaking as each hot girl walks up
hi what’s your what’s your name like a dog the dog that when somebody comes over just pees a little it would be [ __ ]
gold it’s like what Shane Gillis was jokes about love on the Spectrum it would that
it would be that you’re just describing fode of that’s you they hate being around
people let’s put them around people and film them if you guys haven’t seen that Shay Gill stand up it is absolutely
incredible um I’m not spending 6,900 on Ashley Yoder I will probably not spend the 9,300 on ash on Emily ducat either
if I thought she would offensively wrestle then I actually would because I think she would get the control time in because Ashley OD just
accepts bottom but she doesn’t offensively wrestle we’ve seen it pre UFC but not in the UFC in the UFC your
takedown defense has been solid but no uh no real takedown offense but if you do want to see all the bets not the
Indiana parlay that’s not a premium thing Jacob just did that for fun and shared it with you if you do want to see
all the actual bets as well as all the tools that I mentioned we wpix.com click become a member it’s freaking
$10 a month but before I move on I got a question for fight talk
only didn’t he have you pick his main event two two ago yeah that really kind
of yeah and I mentioned to you I actually screenshot it and sent it to you because it hurt my feelings so bad I picked the you had me as the main event
so he fight talk only does a great Community collaboration on Twitter you guys should follow him on Twitter he
invites all these MMA content creators he he gives him a fight to pick and then he puts it all together it’s a really
really cool thing that he does just to kind of bring the community together which we need more of that honestly and
um and occasionally I’m on there sometimes I’m not no big deal right but as you if you keep getting RI picks
right it seems like you’re moving up through the process so two weeks ago I was the main event I pick fev over
gamrot won the first round guy blows out of his knee last week I’m not on the
main card I’m not on the pre I’m just completely left off of this thing and I’ve never had my feelings hurt so bad
in my life I was like I mean I was I was there fizzy have I think we both agree with about to [ __ ] up that dude he’s
about to dominate that fight listen I’ve had it out for a fight talk only for a while and you yell to me why you being mean to people I sniffed that weasel out
I sniff that weasel out from a mile away he’s not a weasel but it it it hurt for sure no he took a he took a pay or or
somebody who hates you was like I’m not picking if you let him pick nobody hates me okay nobody hates me I don’t hate
anybody so it’s if you’re hating me it’s for no reason oh look Angel cannot grow a beard
guys he there’s there’s zero chance I’m the least physically Italian person you
see this thing the wild Italian jeans that I have like immigrant parents Italy Italian very Italian can’t grow a beard
I’m I’m pretty fair skinned now if I get sun I immediately Brown there is no red I don’t get sunburn I’m just Brown look
at this jawline with this this nice little Shadow here too I mean Jacob go
if I was a girl I mean if I was I literally if I was I would the [ __ ] out
of myself you do now wow I track everyone’s record on
that Jacob was an L well at least he stands by it well look yeah look he’s
doubling down and being a turn you see I like no I like that I like that sniffed that weasel no I like that months ago if
he if he would have started gobling and oh I kind of like him sticking to his guns there you go well
congratulations next up at UFC Vegas 81 we have Chris
Gutierrez getting rebooked to take on Haley aliang or aliang Haley Chris
Gutierrez is 19 and4 overall four- one in his last five he is coming off that lost to Pedro Muno and he was supposed
to fight Montel Jackson last week the game of new opponent they pushed to a week he’s taking on aliang Haley 16-8
overall 31- one in his last five he’s coming off the decision win over Chad and haiger a year ago so another layoff
fighter stepping up on short notice here he’s taking on Chris ceras as I mentioned this guy’s a very good
kickboxer great low kicks great cage control solid volume solid cardio he’ll keep a nice Pace he just wants to come
forward light your legs up and then come to your head his leg kicks are absolutely fantastic he used them to slow you down before chasing why are you
making those noise uh he just wants to light your legs up and then come to your
head anyway uh he’s got solid takedown defense at 74% which allows him to be
out there and fight a little loose because he trusts his takedown defense but he is coming off that loss to Pedro
Muno which he was the favorite he got dropped in that fight and just can never
get himself going and I get it Pedro Munos we know is a very good fighter but
that’s not how that was supposed to go he’s taking on aliang Haley this guy’s a technical Striker he can work in grappling if he needs to you saw that
when he took down Ryan Bena four times Den bagai three times and Chad aniger twice in his last fight the problem is
he is a technical Striker and he like waits for the perfect shot so he ends up being low volume if you get in his face
and you keep it dirty he never lets his hands go because that perfect shot doesn’t show itself Chris Gutierrez sort
of plays into that right Chris Gutierrez is kind of a technical Striker so that could give uh aliang Haley what he’s
looking for right if you move the way he expects you to move then he’s going to start to time you then he’s going to throw then he might work in some
wrestling I am squarely on the Chris Gutierrez side here and I think it’s the layoff with the short notice it’s about
a week and a half two weeks notice not yeah a week and a half not necessarily three days short notice but I do think
the short notice is going to matter here especially Strikers takes a little while to get back into that striking Rhythm uh
so I’m all over the Chris Ciera side here but I do think this line is a bit wide alang Haley is very good and this
should be a much closer fight if this was a full Camp full six weeks each I don’t know what the odds would be but
I’m assuming the short notice is factored into this I am on the goodier side but again alang Haley is much better than
these plus 205 Isles what do you think Jakey boy I don’t know if the the short notice matters I think as much I think
that’s probably why the odds are moving you know I think people are starting to realize that and be like Oh No but he seems like a guy that you know I’m going
to stay ready so I don’t have to get ready type of dude and uh this is going to come down to by the way the odds are plus 234 by now so they’re they’re
getting even wider for uh Hi aliang H hi hel aliang alang
Haley but then go to different websites are you know it’s it’s I’m I’m from
Indiana so you you really don’t have any excuses cuz you’re very cultured being from uh New York City but uh I’m from
Indiana so I I you got to really kind of work with me on this one alang in my
mind alen’s got a great opportunity in this fight listen Chris goodier is coming into his last fight he was
supposed to fight uh Montel Jackson The Montel Jackson yeah that’s appreciate that okay
thank you yeah thanks for paying attention uh and and saying I sorry I keep saying short notice he was booked
on this card a while ago he supposed to fight Ronnie Yaya and then that fight got scrap so you know technically he was
supposed to fight but that I think that was canceled like two months ago not canceled a while ago yeah but not two
weeks ago I assume it was one of those things where like listen we’re going to try and get you back on the card you know like just but you still let
yourself go a little yeah I don’t think he’s one of those guys but alang so here here this what I was going to say Chris
gueras to me against Montel that was a more favorable matchup to me than this
fight cuz Montel is a guy that can be actually not can be he is always such a
low volume off his back foot strier he will let you kind of come to him and Chris Gutierrez when he gets in that
flow State when he really is able to get that space that he needs when he is controlling the pace of a fight he is
going to beat a lot of people the reason he could not beat Pedro mudo Pedro moodles did not give him that space he
was in his face the entire time not throwing strikes necessarily but pressure forward pressure throwing
faints throwing fats and then throwing strikes and Chris Gutierrez could never get in that flow State off his back foot
and you if you watched alien halee against his last fight against Chad I know it was a year ago but if he brings
in that same type of pressure and Chad is also kind of a a power puncher he’s more of a a puncher Chris is more of a
kicker but if he brings in that same type of just very smart pressure
throwing stuff out there and keeping the distance close keeping Chris along that back fence he can easily win this fight
cuz he as you mentioned he is a very very technical Striker he is almost Pedro Muno is the way that he strikes
both of them are very very technical have decent power right because he was kind of [ __ ] up Chad at some points and we saw Pedro drop Chris goodier and
he also as you mentioned has the wrestling mixed in now he doesn’t go to the wrestling as much as you probably would like to see against Chad he waited
until the third round used it very very smartly those takedowns but if he also kind of mixes in a takedown at the end
of each round I think this is probably a decision fight if he brings a forward pressure mixes in a takedown attempt
with a minute to go in each round I think alen Hal can definitely definitely win this fight and that’s why he’s going
to be my pick but if this fight starts and Chris Gutierrez captures the middle of the octagon and it’s out at Tang Hale
kind of on that black line kind of dancing around against the fence he’s probably G to get picked apart he’s probably going to get kicked a ton and
Chris gy is going to win this fight so this is one of those situations where it’s like I’m picking alang Hale Lee
because in my mind there’s a game plan for him but if he doesn’t execute it he’s probably going to lose his fight and that’s probably why the odds are the
way they are so my official pick is alang Hale but there’s some kind of caveats to that if that makes sense well
and let’s look about who they were preparing for Chris cier preparing for an incredibly powerful explosive guy
that also has insanely high level wrestling and Haley alang Was preparing
for a 40-year-old who wants to roll around well R ya I think you need I didn’t do him any good there I didn’t
any credit there but you [ __ ] up Chris Gutierrez that’s just not a true
statement at all but um but yeah listen we’re on the opposite sides of the pick
but I said I think this fight’s a lot closer than than you do so um this fight
is newer somebody said why is this not on DraftKings yet he’s talking about the odds not the uh salaries and that’s
because it’s new there are there’s only nine fights worth of salaries on DraftKings fantasy we don’t have odds
for the Terence Ain fight that we’re going to break down this card is kind of they just dropped it they just dropped
it mine is 500 for teren right now literally is I I checked five minutes before we went live so they must Dro
just did it yeah I literally just out I just thought all right well I’m curious so it’s minus 500 right now I am curious
to see what that’ll be by the time we finish this stream all right I think- 500 he’s I think you can uh do something
with minus 500 oh boy that’s uh that’s this line this line won’t last
long it won’t anyway $99,000 for Chris ceras and
DraftKings seems like a little risky because he’s going to have to finish Haley to sort of cover that we’re not
going to see any grappling so we’re not going to see control time we’re not going to see take not out of the Chris side we’re not going to see control time
we’re not going to see takedowns so he’s going to light up his leg and potentially finish him that’s the only way he’s going to cover that 9,000
salary certainly some value on the allank side if he is going to work in wrestling and some of the other uh the
other components there what do you think Jakey boom baluts yeah and I think Chris gutierrez’s power is a little bit
overrated in the fact that I think his power comes from kind of his crazy stuff more than just like his straight
punching power straight kicking power so I think it’s a little bit overrated Ali Tang’s kind of been around he’s had a good camp um he’s at fight ready right
Henry cejudo I know they’ve kind of struggled a little bit lately but I he’s at a good camp so if he comes in I think
he we a little upset City Early here but as far as like value I don’t know chrz Chris is a
pretty tough dude as well yeah and he’s good and and well I guess we’ll find out maybe he’s getting a
little too much credit for beating uh a retired Frankie edger yeah you just were talking talking [ __ ] about Ronnie yaa
but this dude his best highlights against a 40-year-old with CTE okay oh Jesus he really took it
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members next up at UFC Vegas 81 we have love me enena Alexa taking on Melissa
Dixon Arena alas 5- one overall 4 One her
coming off a successful UFC debut I’m not going to let you
s me fo me that’s all I know unfortunately you need look out that’s the only part I know you know what song
I’m talking about though right yeah of course um and then take it on Melissa Dixon undefeated in her career making
her UFC debut Arena Alexa World SoMo Champion she just literally walks
forward Wings punches from her hips and then tries to get the grapple going she’s like a zombie she’s just going to
keep walking forward she’s going to throw that wild wild stuff look to Grapple and when you’re tied up she’s
going to do whatever she’s going to try to do to get it to the ground like most [ __ ] athletes she’s got great submissions great takedowns and she
likes to take risks many times she’ll actually get get taken down because of the risk but she doesn’t care because
that’s where she wants to be anyway she’s coming off that win over Stephanie Edgar where they were just like
grappling it was all of like 2 minutes into the fight standing and she just rolled for a standing knee bar and got
it and it’s the funny thing watching yeah who had a I’m trying Who had who
knows what’s funny about that type stuff is she got it so then it’s like oh
Russian Rhonda blah blah blah if she doesn’t get it it’s like what insanely
low fight IQ who rolls for a KNE bar that was so stupid now you’re just get I I think that rolling for leg locks is
one of the best things I think that’s one of the most high percentage plays
you can make we just saw [ __ ] Matas gets [ __ ] up trying to do that trying
to do that last week especially when you’re just holding on to it at least she like got it right away instantly
when you’re just [ __ ] just holding on to it that’s what rebot got [ __ ] up from Macy Barber too just like why you don’t let it go it’s a very highrisk
move Hammer fishing with the face you’re just like a oh God I can get it you end
up in just such an awful position when you’re chasing both both arms like this and the person just over top you just
like [ __ ] you like get the [ __ ] off yeah she ended up getting it ma’ she she ended up getting it so good
for her she taking on Melissa Dixon also know when you do your own research also known as Melissa Mullins she’s a
powerful and accurate Striker and she’s got really solid composure especially for somebody with only five fights her
striking is very clean it’s very impressive she’s going to work you to the clinch she’ll pick you apart at rain she’ll fight inside the pocket and on
top of all of that she will wrestle she’s going to Grapple her takedowns are not the best and honestly what’s
frustrating about them is she doesn’t even need them she is like picking people apart beating them in the Striking and then still insists on
clinching and working you to the cage and trying to get you to the ground I don’t fully understand that but her striking is pretty impressive like I
said for somebody for only with only five fights I think Melissa could absolutely run away with this fight her
striking is very impressive Arena leaves a lot of striking to be desired my only
real concern here is that Melissa will grapple when she doesn’t need to Grapple
she will work in the grappling she will be picking you apart and then clinch against a cage she’ll be smacking you
around lighting you up and then try to get you to the ground if she’s going to do that with Arena she could end up getting caught it doesn’t make any sense
I don’t know why she does it she shouldn’t be doing it but she does Melissa Dixon is going to be the pick
but what does concern me is the uh uh is the nonsense grappling for no
reason Jacob I would love for you to pick arena in this fight so we can bet straight up you absolute [ __ ] Muppet go
ahead uh yeah so I I did pick Arena versus Stephanie let’s bet $100 I’ll
send you a bet openly right now and one of the reasons I said that and it kind of plays for this fight as well is
Stephanie edger the best thing that she did was Judo right she’s a judo PR practitioner that was her thing is Judo
into the grappling and I said that if she gets in a clinch position versus this girl Arena she’s not going to be
able to use her Judah the way she thinks and she’s going to get [ __ ] up and that’s exactly what happened arena is a
girl that does not give a flying [ __ ] about anything she says she said before
that these girls want to fight until they want to fight I will start brawling and they will break and if you mix that
with Melissa’s last fight where you said she kept her composure right she won that fight she won it with ground and
pound but for about four minutes in that fight she was getting absolutely [ __ ]
up if that is Irena [ __ ] her up she is going to get [ __ ] up even worse and
finished and the reason why I love this pick for arena is the same thing about the Stephan fight and you mentioned as
well Melissa when she is getting hit when she is losing the Striking exchange and sometimes not even when she’s losing
striking ex changes she does love going into that clinch position she loves
backing girls up against the fence pushing him against the fence working to try to get those takedowns cuz she is
pretty good on the ground I AG I agree if this turns into a pure ju-jitsu match Melissa is going to be very live right I
think that she is just slightly ahead of arena in just Jiu-Jitsu the issue is when she works into those clinch
positions that’s where Arena want to be baby that’s where arena show you got to love me baby that’s where she wants to
be she wants you to grab her cuz she’s going to [ __ ] throw you across the yagon with her Judo with her [ __ ] and
she is going to [ __ ] [ __ ] you up and I see the same thing happening here she is going to invite she is going to engage
Melissa into a striking match Melissa is not going to enjoy the type of brawling
that Arena will put on her she’s going to try to clinch Arena’s going to grab her throw her across the [ __ ] octagon
and do whatever she wants to this girl I could not believe that Arena was an underdog in this fight Stephanie edger
is a better fighter than Melissa now Melissa’s a decent fighter right and she is tough and she does have Jiu-Jitsu so
I played it little Arena money line I’m going to hedge it a little bit with a Melissa bu submission cuz I think she’s
going to be live on the ground but I think Arena has all the tools in the bag to win this fight and even finish this
fight maybe in the second round maybe early first round arena is that girl man she don’t give a [ __ ] man she literally
doesn’t give a [ __ ] I love the good news is I just sent you a $100 bet so why
don’t you go ahead and take that put your money where your mouth is BET openly got solid odds these plus 133
odds for also why are you not talking about how good Melissa striking is her striking is
fantastic she got [ __ ] up in her last fight what are you talking about fantastic she was lucky to get that
fight to the ground she was l no you ask me about it so I’m going to [ __ ] talk about it sit there and shut the [ __ ] up she she was lucky to get that the ground
she was lucky to get that fight to the ground to get top position and get that ground and pound because she was getting absolutely [ __ ] up man she was getting
[ __ ] up Arena striking is absolute [ __ ] worse than Diana Bel who you sat in
that dumbass chair in that basement ass insisting that she was going to win that
fight too how’d that work was well that was just cuz I was [ __ ] horny as [ __ ] I just wanted to make sure I just want
to make sure and I’m definitely not horny right now I’m definitely not horny I’m definitely not horny for Irena no no
offense I mean actually the actually you know just looking back on the Instagram you know you grow that hair out we’ll
see what’s going on she was really good Arena but uh yeah that was a different different uh different pick then yeah I
I bet it was anyway take that bet openly bet I’ll be waiting I’ll be uh it’s just
been accepted so by you or somebody else uh By Me Oh Good there you go
looking forward to that looking forward to that uh so are you going to spend the $7,600 in DraftKings on your queen oh
yeah oh yeah all right there you go 8600 in Draft Kings for Melissa Dixon uh I’m
not sure I do think she wins this I striking I think she’s going to dominate this fight 8600 did I say dominate you
were acting like it and I think that it wasn’t the do I don’t know was dominate but you are very sure that she’s going to win this [ __ ] fight uh my exact
words because I do have a script that I write said Melissa should run away with this fight but I am worried about the
clinch work that’s all I said so [Music] um I don’t know if I’m going to spend
the 8600 but I am going to spend your money that you send me after I take it
in that bed openly bet guys if you don’t know what bed open spend it on how much beef probably food yeah how much [ __ ]
sandwich corn beef you should see how many points I have at Jersey miks you’re going to send
me a picture of you sitting on the couch sweating and be like these are meat sweats from your
money yeah 100% that dude I took that dude’s bed openly money in the Discord
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member next up at UFC Vegas 81 what are we laughing at
I’d keep it moving oh I see the comment we have
Terence mckin taking on Brendan marote Terence mckin uh was on this card lost
his opponent like three weeks ago it’s been a while uh but they finally slapped somebody together 12 hours ago I don’t
have the odds on the screen but what are the odds right now Jakey boy is 500 500 what plus 400 plus 350 would
they give him 385 plus 385 for Brendan marot or marote Marat Terence mckin 14-6
overall two and three in his last five he’s coming off that short notice knockout win over Mike Bren he’s taking
on Brendan morat 8-1 overall 4-1 in his last five and he is making his short notice UFC debut Terence mckin as we all
know is insanely talented he’s got good hands very good wrestling solid BJJ we’ve said this time and time again if
Terence mckin had a chin and some cardio he would be undefeated right now he is just raw talent wise one of the best
fighters at this weight class it’s incredible the tools and and what this guy can do with his speed and his
abilities the problem is I mentioned he doesn’t have much of a chin he can get cracked he does sort of gas somewhat
quickly but skill-wise he has very very I don’t want to say like super high level like he was a D1 national champ
but he’s got he’s a Jo All-American wrestler we know he has power in his hands he’s incredibly fast and right now
he’s just maturing and sort of finding his way through this game but a talented Terence mckin with the cardio with the
solid game plan is a game plan is a very very dangerous guy he’s taking on Brandon marote this guy’s a solid
Striker he does like to bounce in and out before committing and throwing power but like so many of these other
Northeast guys he is very tough he’s well-rounded he’s got no issue initiating takedowns in a grapple game
plan I did classify as as a striker I open with he is a striker because I feel
like that’s his game plan he always wants to go in there and strike and he he wants to keep a fight striking but he gets hit a lot and he gets hit often and
then he has to resort to the wrestling and to the grappling which is decent he’s not a great wrestler but he’s good
enough to get a lot of people down not a phenomenal Grappler but good enough to at least control and and work stuff from
there tough gritty Northeast guy is basically how you going to classify him he’s going to pressure forward and Chase
finishes oh the Northeast isn’t tough I’m from Bumble [ __ ] Indiana and my teeth are faked because I lost them all
when I was eight and a half because I didn’t brush him for the first eight years of my life is that what you’re about to say uh we got one guy that I’ll
put up up against anybody when it comes to toughness and he’s from Indiana so yeah I I bet he tattooed his nickname
across his chest in true Indiana fashion this is Terence mckin all day I
think there 500 odd Angel [ __ ] take your shirt off and show your tattoos you want talk about tattoos at least lift
the lift the sleeve up and let them know you want to talk about tattoos yeah ter M Kitty at minus 500 should
frankly be minus a th000 here I get it he is chinny he doesn’t have cardio those are the two these odds won’t last
scary things they’re not going to last long Brendon morroe is how you think the
I’ll wait for your breakdown brenon moroe is not the most dangerous guy here
he doesn’t have that insane one punch power Terence mckin does Terence mckin has phenomenal wrestling Terence mckin
has all the things not to mention brenon morote stepping up on short notice I think Terence runs away with this minus
500 odds that we just heard about 10 minutes ago I don’t think they’ll last long I do think those are safe we’re
going to get a one and a half line line and I would play the under what do you think Jakey boy uh yeah this is
definitely one of those situations and who is teren supposed to fight do do you remember I can’t remember but it seems
like they are trying to help out again yeah I I think they know what they have in a guy
like Terence mckeny and he got a little bit too much too soon which I don’t think is going to hurt him in long run as long as his chin kind of holds up you
know Chris Duncan he had a much harder fight well yeah a much harder fight but CH Chris Duncan is a chinny guy who can
get out wrestled I think that was a good match up for him I think even in that matchup they knew what they were doing I and I think that this is another fav
obviously a regional guy coming in and short notice against the guy as talented as Terence MCC he’s got the wrestling
he’s got the Striking he’s just got to stay away from the big shots and as you mentioned Brendan is a striker which
will default to his wrestling the thing that I do not like about Brendan most of all is why don’t you just fill out the
nipples for the tattoos I don’t is that just it just looks weird to like to S
yours all the way through it I don’t at least to the orola hold on oh my we’re
doing this huh it’s not even close no I was but just to Circle it like that I I
would get at least you know if you’re going to get to that point I think you just at least get to the areola I mean just look it would just look a little
bit cleaner to me but that’s the first thing I don’t really like about Brandon the second thing is when you get starts
getting hit against the fence he just kind of shells up man when he is back against the fence and you were shelling
up we saw Terence McKenna in his last fight he he has learned how to finish
people against the fence when he has them hurt that’s what he got in trouble with early right especially with Drew Dober he tried the flying knees he he
would hurt people he would try to chase it a little bit too hard he’ do the gas or get hurt himself and then he would
get finished you saw in his last fight boom staying safe working the body working the head being very methodical
with the way he is able to finish people and if he gets Brandon against the fence maybe panicking a little bit and Brandon
starts shelling up which I’ve seen in his Regional fights he’s going to be a world of trouble against teren because Terence will B poop maybe mixing a
takedown get a submission or just kind of tee off working body head type of situation so unfortunately you know this
is a great opportunity for Brendan if he comes in and beats a guy who is beatable I mean it’s very clear that he is a
beatable guy so you just got to find that shot or weather the storm there’s definitely a couple pass to victory for
him um it’ll be big big spot for him but you know this is Terence McKenna he is
kind of that dude for a reason I hope he kind of puts it the Gil he’s a fun dude he’s good kid fun dude yeah and he has been he’s been more
controlled so uh what was that the two fights ago that he lost to nazim sadikov
he came out a wrestle heavy game plane he came out slower wasn’t throwing like a maniac he was more controlled and that
was his plan that’s probably his plan for this fight as well considering he was fighting Chris Duncan who’s a dangerous striker so you mentioned all
you have to do is weather the early storm I I don’t I don’t even think you I think Terence could win a decision here
too like I I think he’s he’s going to be well prepared for this we’ll see I I
like I said I think minus 500 is great great won’t last long are you are you saying that
sarcastically like you really think I mean last time you said that the odds went to like minus 275 after you were
like you better get it the odds won’t last and that person won so I was correct I was wrong about the odds
but I mean if I if if we weren’t live right now I would be figuring out I SL you the [ __ ]
oh okay I literally slapped you I literally slapped you and I just [ __ ] ate that
[ __ ] you didn’t do anything about it I’m the bigger man there I mean what am IIT
a smaller man I have t of pictures to prove it I could I yeah I could have yeah I could have retaliated I could
beat the [ __ ] out of you but what I mean now now that now the entire experience for everyone there is is ruined right
our relationship is then soured so you took a cheap shot and I was the bigger man and I ate it and it was it was no
big deal I saved I literally saved this entire thing because I could have freaked out I could have lost my mind I
could have thrown one of those Joe Rogan elbows right in your face you would have been bloody you there would have been PE people just [ __ ] peeling me off of
you and all this would have been over but you took your tee shot right you tried to inflict damage nothing happened
that was the best shot you you’re probably going to ever land right I was unexpected right on the nose pop bam I
ate it no big deal the best part about it I and I’m forgetting I mean people think I like he SLA [ __ ] [ __ ] at me
I’m forgetting I’m forgetting like I think did you grab I forget what it was it was like a weird exchange and I it
wasn’t a weight to exchange I was just like so how do you do the the risk control and you were like [ __ ] you
[ __ ] no I I was like What’s your deal you were like people like you more than me and you started crying it was the
whole thing why did Li also get credit for the other no I I forget what it was
but I was like joking like like my hand could hit you in the face but you know were we drinking at that point or this
is before the waitress came uh that was about the fourth quarter that was very
late late in the day okay that makesense that was late in the day that makes sense why what I thought was a gentle
like oh your face no rage control he have no range control agree yeah you have no range control okay I’d rather hit you too hard
than not hard enough yeah I do apologize I actually felt real bad about that you did feel bad I
actually as soon as they made contact I was like [ __ ] dude I am so sorry I was like oh my God I I actually didn’t think
it was that big a deal and I I immediately was like don’t worry dude it’s not going to bleed I’ve never had a nose bleed that was my initial reaction
was like wor there would be nothing worse than if you did that on an accident then like my nose starts bleed
and then it becomes a thing you know but I was like we’re good man my eyes didn’t even
water [ __ ] nerd I [ __ ] that shot that’s
the second best shot I’ve ever eaten this the first one was in my best friend I was drunk as [ __ ] acting like I was
going to drive home and he was like you’re not going to drive home I’m like what are you going to do about it and he just [ __ ] cold cocked me in the he
hit me right on my like equilibrium like right on the side of my head and it dropped me but it didn’t not like it it
like boom I was like right in his face like what the [ __ ] would you do that again I’m a better friend didn’t retaliate I knew what he was doing at
the time understood the situation even without involved guys I’m a Amanda Tabit
the DI I’m a lover not a Fighter beat me and I won’t do a thing when no when it
comes to defending a woman to the [ __ ] death you understand me to the [ __ ] death but when it comes to
friendships I’m not one of those guys that gets drunk like Angel gets angry about things I’m I’m cool I’m calm I’m
collected I’m a good time I actually am only ever angry on these and actually somebody said you and I should fight
what when is the date that we’re fist fighting it was booked I think it just happened February 10 I think that was a
10 that was a 108 for me I believe it’s February 9th for everybody still wondering Jacob’s hoping that I will
forget which I will not after that shot I’m not worried about [ __ ] for [ __ ] [ __ ]
it let’s go we’ll do it right now drive over there right now we’ll do it right there in that [ __ ] room you kidding me that was your best shot okay oh my
God Jesus Christ I’ll wait one of these times we should do
that would be awesome if I just like like WWE both your doors just bust open
I RI my [ __ ] off it’d be even funnier if you were like doing the BR and I just all a sudden showed up behind you and
everyone’s like oh my God it turn around Angelo knock in here all right let’s go ahead and move on this going to take
forever next up at UFC Vegas 81 we have tanera Lisboa taking on Ravina ala no
draftking pricing yet for this fight is this I didn’t think this was a short notice fight but it must have been put
together somewhat recently for not to have any draftking pricing but tanera Les booa 6-2 overall 4-1 in her last
five she is riding a four fight win streak she’s taking on rava Aliva 7- one
overall 5-0 in her last five she’s got a seven fight win streak going into her UFC debut she lost her debut her
professional debut then a draw and then seven in a row taner lesbo is a striker
she’s got that Muay Thai background she likes to load up on her feet throw wild knees in the clinch she does move pretty
well she’s got some aggressive striking take down defense is solid and if she is taken down she’s got some submissions in
her back pocket she’s coming off a successful UFC debut where she showcased her power and speed but also the fact
that she’s got zero head movement whatsoever she’s taking on rava Olivera doing research on her was especially
painful she’s also known as Maria can cani Maria maras it is uh dude all and
all the Articles were like all the Articles were like Brazilian Beauty a Ravina I actually not seeing it anyway
whoa no way you’re can’t wait to hear your pick on this fight so
Ravina with multiple last names is a Muay Thai Striker as well she’s got grinding takedowns she likes to stalk
forward low hands enter the pocket she’ll throw a flurry some teep kicks and then she’ll try to clinch and work
in a takedown she’s very fast has plenty of volume she has a 100% finish rate but
doesn’t seem as dangerous watching tape as her record implies you see the record
I’m like oh this she’s going to be a bad out of hell ripping people’s heads off but the reality is just that’s not the
impression I’m getting look at you scouring through Instagram hold something can’t just [ __ ] I’m I’m deep in this right now holy [ __ ] I
forgot I go to the bathro I got to [ __ ] pee or something I got something I bet you have to pee yeah I bet something’s coming something we got a
[ __ ] Jesus all right my god dude but I don’t watching the tape she doesn’t
seem as as dangerous as she does if you only look at her record she is making her UFC debut after seven wins as I
mentioned as much as I think rava is pretty overrated I also think these
almost well more than three to one odds on the favorite side I think those are too wide the reality is rina’s got a ton
of pressure she throws a wide variety of different strikes right down the pipe she has no cardio and the potential for
takedowns which isn’t great but Lisboa doesn’t move her head she doesn’t if you
fight her at range you can light her up the only reason I am I am going to go liis booa here is because of the clinch
work Olivera spends a lot of time in the clinch Lisboa will light you up in the clinch and that’s really the reason I’m
going to lean yeah I get it I mean you were the one that was like no not really for me not really for me I didn’t the
whole all the headlines Brazilian beauty I think are you looking at it I think there’s uh I I wouldn’t have
classified that’s not what the headline would have been the headline would have been seven fight win streak it wouldn’t have been
Beauty anyway T think she wins because I love all women I love all women is it to
me now it is to you uh yeah so as you could see there I I do enjoy Oliver’s
Instagram she is a very very beautiful uh female and she does have some decent
there’s no way that just happened right I chugg this and slammed it down in little
burp was that oh was you slaming yeah I thought you [ __ ] just ripped no I
hear people do that on streams all time it actually [ __ ] gross me out no I know that’s why I was like what the
[ __ ] gross me out all right hey my bad that was my bad see see how I’m always
the the bigger person yet again uh yeah so Ola very I
mean absolutely did I say that already I mean just a beautiful beautiful female she does have good striking I I do agree
it seems weird in the way that she strikes cuz she is a powerful girl but you nail it I mean it doesn’t look like
there’s crazy power in those strikes so it’s a little bit sneaky she will get in those clinch positions she does not
really have the takedowns that she needs to get the fight to the ground but she is going to be a striker and in this matchup in a mostly striking matchup was
B was the better Striker I mean that’s just the way she’s just a Muay Tha she a Muay Thai Champion but she definitely got the Muay Thai style and you saw that
against um Jessica Rose Clark Jess Rose Clark is a is a very good Striker I mean she is a good striker and she was
[ __ ] up Jessica Rose Clark and then when Jessica Rose Clark went to the wrestling cuz that used to be the way to
beat LZ booa L booa the muai uh Striker now her grappling has started to catch
up not only just to defend the takedowns but also use her offensive grappling which you saw that against um against
Jessica Rose Clark she was taken down at some point but even off her back she was threatening that arm bar she was
threatening that triangle she was threatening those positions to stay safe Al for back work the sweeps and then eventually end up getting her own
submission in the third round so even if uh Ola comes in and is able to maybe get
a taked down or get top or top uh position I don’t know if she can do that
all three rounds right I I don’t know if she can just keep control and stay safe for all three rounds to get this fight
and then on the feet I think Liz boa is just a a much better Striker than her so I definitely get the odds I understand
the odds I’m pretty high on Liz boa in this match up I think it’s mostly striking olera doesn’t seem to have the
power like the the one punch speed and Power to kind of hurt a girl like Lisboa and lbo is a very very good Striker so I
disagree with your your head movement comment I I think she’s going to be fine in there I think she’s going to dominate this fight well we’re both on the same side
you’re just more confident than I am I do think um I I guess the reason I think
leboa wins is because rava does look for takedowns and she tries to get him from clinch and lesbo is just going to light
her up if she’s hanging out in the clinch so that’s that’s where I’m going with that uh we don’t have DraftKings
pricing just yet but this could be a sneaky under two and a half type fight I mean rava somehow all seven wins are by
stoppage and tanera Lisboa is also uh doing some work and a pretty dangerous
Striker so we’ll see what the DraftKings fantasy looks like when that drops we’ll give you our picks our predictions you
can use that you can use the DraftKings Optimizer and all the other DraftKings tools that we have available to you
that’ll help you build some winning lineups for DraftKings fantasy and if you have no idea what DraftKings fantasy is and you just thought they were a
sports book well we’ll teach you go to wpix.com click
more click Oh I thought my M my M was M how
about that click more click courses and there’s a whole beginner guide to DraftKings fantasy which will walk you
through exactly what DraftKings fantasy is and genuinely what are you doing you just bump a line what is
happening right you wipe your nose when you drool
my nose always itch I don’t know why okay um anyway DraftKings
fantasy we I got you into that and didn’t it make fights far more enjoyable it’s just fun to give a [ __ ] about
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become a member next up at UFC Vegas 81 we have
Darren Elkins taking on TJ Brown Darren Elkins 27- 11 overall three and2 in his
last five he’s coming off that decision loss to Jonathan Pierce he’s taking on downtown TJ Brown 17- 10 three and2 in
his last five he’s coming off that submission loss to Bill Alo Darren Elkins this guy’s incredibly tough
literally tattooed across his chest in case you didn’t know he’s very tough he
will take whatever you give him he will wear it as a badge of honor and he will just keep coming forward he’s always
live for a finish because he doesn’t quit because he is so tough and he’s a definition of a grinder he’s going to
come forward throw heavy close the distance try to cut off the cage work in some grappling pretty good wrestler he’s
got really really nice top pressure and he’s coming off that loss to Jonathan Pierce where basically he ran into somebody who can wrestle better than he
can he taking on TJ Brown this guy’s a high-paced fighter with solid striking very good grappling and he averages
almost four takedowns per fight his takedown accuracy is just okay at 55% but all that indicates is that he’s
going to take a shot and if he doesn’t get it he’ll back out he’ll reset he’ll take another one he’s going to shoot re-shoot just keep coming forward keep
working towards those legs and attacking for those take Downs while he can be a busy offensive wrestler his defensive
wrestling kind of sucks and it’s at 36% he has been taken down 14 times in eight
fights and that is a problem and then another problem is he’s been dropped four times as well that’s what
Mak this so interesting minus 190 2 to one favorite you would think think put that down you would think that TJ Brown
had phenomenal takedown defense and had a great chin but Darren Elkins comes out here bombs away shoots his own takedowns
Works forward so now we have Darren Elkins who is old who is a little slower I don’t think Darren Elkins is the
better fighter in this matchup but he’s 100% the tougher more gritty fighter so
then it comes down to can TJ’s defense hold up if TJ’s takedown defense holds
up and he gets his own takedowns going then TJ’s gonna win the same way that Jonathan Pierce just beat Darren Elkins
but if TJ’s takedown defense doesn’t hold up and Darren Elkins just keeps coming what are you doing that was how I for the volume was
on him on Darren Elkins uh Instagram that was Darren Elkins I bet it was anyway I am going to pick TJ Brown
here because I think he’s just going to be a little younger a little faster little fresher but Darren Elkins if he
just comes charging forward bombing away shooting his own takedowns he absolutely can win this fight I think Darren’s a
great under Underdog but I’m going with downtown TJ Brown here what do you think
Jakey boy here’s what I’ll say and I I love both these guys I I I’ve been a big
big fan of downtown TJ Brown he’s one of the the founding members of Arkansas wrestling him and Bryce Mitchell right
they they are boys and I have propped up Arkansas wrestling time and time again we just saw Bryce Mitchell representing
that Arkansas wrestling TJ Brown’s a better fighter here right Darren alkins almost 40 years old got destroyed last
fight coming off I mean I look at it right now he tore in in that last fight against Jonathan Pierce which by the way
I think Jonathan Pierce is a better fighter than TJ Brown that’s not really any disrespect to TJ brown but I just think he is a better fighter he tore his
miniscus he tore his MCL and he fractured his fibula on the first
takedown of that fight didn’t get finished I mean he is the he is the definition of [ __ ] in the and the
tough that’s how we all are that’s how we just got done talking about how tough I am eating Angela best shot his cheap
shot he tried to Jorge mass at all me punched me in the nose I ate it no problem Darren Elin the exact same thing
in this matchup I want to say right now Darren Elkins is the second leg of the Indiana parlay it’s Ashley Yoder and
Darren Elkins I’m from Indiana that’s why I got my little thing there nap down represent but let me just say this right
now this is a a bias pick but I actually do believe in Darren Elkins I said he’s older coming off major knee surgery
broken leg obviously big question marks TJ Brown is the better fighter you should probably pick TJ Brown in this
matchup you should probably stop listening to me but I’m telling you right now TJ Brown does some stupid [ __ ]
that guy is a guy that will stand in the pocket he will throw heavy shots he will leave himself exposed he will get hit he
will get drop Angel mentioned he is a guy that can get taken down he can get out wrestled Darren Elkins was a we’re
talking about Arkansas wrestling IND theana wrestling I mean this was like [ __ ] 30 years ago but he was like 10
and something like for as a as a high school wrestler he has shown that he can out wrestle people and TJ Brown also
gets tired he that’s those are three things that you do not want to have
happen against a guy like Darren Elkins because Darren Elkins even in that fight against Jonathan Pierce in the pocket
you saw him Landing those shots yeah they’re awkward but he’s going to he’s going to duck his head he’s just going to throw and those are the shots that TJ
Brown gets hit with because he leaves himself exposed he is a wrestler that sometimes thinks he’s a striker
sometimes wants to throw those big heavy shots to knock people out I’m sure there was nothing he would love more than to
finish a guy like Darren Elkins who nobody else can really finish and if he comes in and thinks this is going to be
easy and I’m just going to knock this guy out really quick he’s going to find himself in a world of [ __ ] hurt cuz
Aaron Elkins has shown he can weather the storm he can get takedowns he’s not going to get tired and that’s why I am
going with the upset pick here a little bit biased like I said I’m going with Derrik Elkins here to kind of weather the storm to I mean you you said it
yourself he gets dropped he gets out wrestled he gets tired I think Darren Elkins is going to surprise some people
here with his uh tenacity uh
oh is it my internet or his uh oh ah [ __ ] his internet’s
FR [ __ ] I’m GNA kick him and he’ll come back he’ll come back um anyway so Jakey
and I are on opposite sides of this fight I do think uh Darren elins is a live Underdog I have no idea who Jacob’s
lock of the week is um you froze come back I don’t know who Jacob’s lock of
the week is but uh I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Daren Elkin I do think that $7,400 may be worth it I
think we’re going to end up in a situation where Darren Elkins is either going to come out here somebody made the comparison in the live chat Darren
Elkins is either going to come out here looking a lot like uh who was your lock of the week two fights ago can look like
that [ __ ] what who was your lock of the week two weeks ago the one that
against yes Darren Elin may come out here looking like Tim mean staying Grady stay in his face or U we’re just going
to look old and slow and get pieced up you going to spend the $7,400 on
Elks it’s probably better spots honestly oh really yeah I mean he’s I mean yeah I
hear you I’m bi guys what happened to your internet it just did anything happen or
just well obviously it went out for a second Angelo I know but did did you notice it elsewhere did everything seem
fine on your end no it was my internet just dropped for a second right yeah we’re good baby [ __ ] loosen the [ __ ] up
are you pissed because the surgeon who did the stitches on Darren elin’s chest did a better job than the one who did
the stitches on your face listen you want to be the the guy that’s known as I mean you can laugh
about it but you you want to be the guy that’s known no it’s fine like like I said I’m always going to be the bigger
person in these situations and if you want to be the guy that’s that’s known as making cancer jokes because if you
guys don’t know I had cancer on my face you’ll see the scar here so Angelo is making fun of the fact that I am a
cancer survivor and I do have a scar representing that cancer that I went through so if you want to be known as
that guy I’m going to take the high road again and let you be that guy Angelo it must it must be nice up there
it’s got to be nice not your apartment that’s down here but like your emotional that’s got to be good for you I’m proud
of you I’m proud of you come a little nervous I’m I’m just so shook that was
touching that was good stuff uh if you guys want to become a premium member it’s $10 a month Jacob gets a good chunk
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sunscreen um we want Pixar comment is only 10 I mean when you say he’s making
fun of like that’s weird literally is what you’re doing but I know that it was
just [ __ ] and even if they didn’t carve it out of your face as aggressively they did nothing would have happened nothing you’re not just cancer
what’s gonna I mean what’s didn’t you literally ask like yeah maybe in a hundred years you would have died wasn’t it something like that cancer just
cancer yeah that’s what I thought he never killed anybody before I don’t [Laughter]
think not me. Jesus
Christ become a member it is only 10 dollars and I can make that I mean both
my both my grandparents died from cancer so I can make that joke that wasn’t just like a random joke I I literally think everybody’s grandparents died both of
mine did too oh actually no my grandmother died y there you go ovarian and pancreatic those are bad ones so I
I’m lucky to survive this first one but there if it comes back there’s no way I’m so becoming premium now so I can if you
got becoming premium now I got to get to Brazil quick guys cuz if this [ __ ] comes back it’s [ __ ] it’s not going to be
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find yourself a nice no they got a lot of they got a lot of shade n they got a lot of shade lot of trees a lot of big
ass [ __ ] trees I bet next up at UFC Vegas 81 we have
Christian Rodriguez taking on Cameron seon Christian Rodriguez 9-1 overall 4-1
in his last five he is riding a two fight win streak Sayan undefeated
Cameron samon at 9 and0 and he does have seven career stoppages Christian
Rodriguez is a slick Striker he’s got solid movement good speed he is going to bounce between 135 and 145 his only
career loss was at 145 so he’s probably going to stick around at 135 for a little while here he’s got decent
takedown defense at 66% but he has been taken down 13 times so far in the UFC
he’s coming off that underdog win over Raul Rosas Jr where he basically just conserved his energy and beat the
17-year-old he’s taking on Cameron seon 9 and0 overall undefeated so it’s always
weird breaking down some of these undefeated Fighters cuz like Jacob Jacob’s mentioned this in the past I like seeing how somebody looks in a loss
I want to see did they get the break speat off and did they quit do they have quit in them I like seeing what a loss looks like we haven’t really seen that
yet out of Cameron samon but he is a fun technical Striker he can grapple when he needs to he does a great job stepping
into combinations finishing them with leg kicks and just when you think you have a striking Cadence figured out he’s going to shoot he’s going to work in a
spinning attack he’s going to work in some takedowns and then he’ll go from there he’s got solid Jiu-Jitsu solid takedown solid striking does not have
incredible power but he is fast he is accurate he is pretty Relentless he’s coming off that first round knockout
over Terence Mitchell uh I’m going to say right now I’m on the Cameron s side I like the plus money here the reality
is I do think this is a somewhat close fight I think Cameron’s probably going to be a little bit better of a striker a
little bit better of a Grappler I think Christian Rodriguez is getting far too much credit for beating a 17-year-old
kid who gassed out rul Rosas Jr beat the piss out of Christian Rodriguez and then
got exhausted and then kept making these like basically kid mistakes like he’s 17
he was jumping guard like just making stupid mistakes hanging on to things he shouldn’t have been hanging on to
Christian did a phenomenal to his credit he won the fight I’m not taking the win away from him he did a phenomenal job
conserving his energy knowing where to explode where not to what to avoid how not to and that’s what won him to fight
but the credit he got for that win is a little a little ridiculous and then even
the announcers you go listen to the announcers in that fight they were talking like Christian Rodriguez put on a clinic he got his ass kicked in that
first round so he is a very good fighter I’m not I don’t want to pretend he’s not
a good fighter he’s a very good fighter both of these guys are good prospects I’m going to be on the Cameron Sam inside because I think he’s going to be
a tiny bit better everywhere I think Christian Rodriguez’s Line’s a little inflated because of that last fight but
I don’t necessarily think Christian won that last fight I think R Rosas Jr lost that last fight what do you think Jakey
baluts yeah there was nothing I think that surprised me more than these odds what were the opening go back real quick
what were the opening odds cuz I when I when i7 yeah so when I when I broke down this
fight I I was really just assuming that that Cameron samon was going to be the favorite I mean he’s undefeated fighter
he’s looked pretty good in all of his fights I know the Mana fight was a little bit weird in certain instances by the way I I mean I was at that fight I
you know was actually it at 285 I went I don’t know what’s so funny but I
actually went to 285 there I met uh Amanda heas and uh by the way we have some Amanda heas news um we forgot we
actually forgot to mention that so we’re just going to do it right now a little tangent here I actually tweeted at Amanda heos um I said you did not
mention me National boyfriend day was last week at some point I I I tweeted her and I was I just traded honest with
her and what I didn’t think about when I tweeted her at the time Angelo pay attention here was it was us National so
she probably didn’t even realize that it was because it’s National boyfriend day for the US which is is different so that
that’s probably why but I did tweet at her and and was like you know you didn’t tag me like what’s going on here you you
should have tagged me in National boyfriend day didn’t expect a response right because she’s got to be kind of
casual about type that type of stuff but we got a response Angelo and um here’s
the here’s the post here it says yeah it’s and it’s a little video as well the the little kid crying I said you forgot
to tag me a national boyfriend day at the Amanda and this was her response so you
read into this how you want oh she put her own gift of her kissing somebody on the cheek okay so there you go I mean
that’s not Photoshop that’s nothing so nice that’s [Laughter]
uh that’s getting pretty serious I think it’s pretty serious I think she’s
starting to send those messages like you’re wear you’re wearing her down dude wearing her down I think she saw the DI
stuff and was like I said I told Discord I was like the best way to get a girl is to move on to the next girl because then
that girl that you wanted is going to see that and they’re going to [ __ ] Oho boy so Amanda we’re excited to get
this thing rolling but uh yeah how did I get there oh the I don’t know how you
got there so the the 285 fight uh Cameron samon to me I thought he was going to be I thought he was going to be the favorite in this match how did I get
there was so jalu cuz you dally like wait how did I get I’m looking at Cameron I’m like he’s not Brazilian I’m
like what the [ __ ] the how the [ __ ] did we make this connection but Cameron s to me is is the better I don’t say overall
fighter in this matchup but what it comes down to is just like I broke down the uh uh uh what’s it was it what’s his
name the the second fight that I Against um Chris guier who’s fighting Chris goodier alang Haley yeah alien Hale um
and I said aliang Hale can win this fight but he’s got to win it in a certain way he’s got to win it with pressure Cameron Seamon can win this
fight he should win this fight but he’s got to treat this like a kickboxing match he is the faster Striker he should
be able to win basically every striking Exchange in this match If he if he keeps his distance uses those kicks use his
speed and just pick this guy apart not that Christian can’t strike but he’s more of just kind of a a a app plotting
boxing style Striker and Cameron’s got the speed he’s got the In-N-Out but if Cameron comes in and and tries to
wrestle this guy for whatever [ __ ] reason I have no idea why he would want to do that cuz Christian has shown that he can outc scramble and wear people
down even if you are winning the exchanges even if you’re winning the exchange even if you’re on top he’s going to make you work in the wrestling
and you’re going to all a sudden realize holy [ __ ] I’m a little bit tired when people get tired they want to wrestle more and then Christian is going to win
those exchanges so my PR my my pick is is Cameron seon in this matchup but the
second if he shoots one takedown oh I’m [ __ ] that’s how I feel about it is
that if he is shoot if his game plan is to try to Grapple this guy he’s [ __ ] he’s probably going to lose his fight
but if his game plan is hey I don’t want to wrestle I’m going to strike I’m going to make this kickboxing match he should
win this matchup so it’s it’s kind of like up the Cameron in my mind um how he fights so my pick is Cameron but I’m a
little bit cuz he seems like somebody that’s going to be like oh I’m going to wrestle this guy and then [ __ ] get swept and
get dominated he does seem like somebody that would come out with a stupid game plan and make some stupid mistake but
that’s why I said I honestly what worries me more about him is The Undefeated I I want to see somebody not
I don’t necessarily need to see you lose a fight but I just want to see what it looks like when things are not going your way what does that look like and
last fight you saw it a little bit the level the level of competition wasn’t really there but you saw saw him off his
back you saw him sweep off his back and what I did like here’s what I do like about what we saw in those positions was
he went I think there was one position he went for an arm bar but he used it to get back to his feet he used it to get
back into there was another one where he was threatening a GU te but he didn’t go all in he used it to get into a better
position so at least you saw a little bit there toward it’s like okay he’s not a complete idiot as far as like let me
just stay on my back and chase this wild stuff so it should be a it should be a fun
fight and I sounded very anti- Christian Rodriguez there that that wasn’t the intent the intent was more you know I I
I think he got too much credit for that last fight but he’s still a good fighter he’s still a slick Striker and to your
point great cardio and solid scramble SK I I think his boxing is under underrated
too I I think their striking is about even here I was surprised to see that most of the comments on my Quick Picks
video were that oh Cameron’s the much better Striker it’s like really I think he’s faster strike yeah strik is about
even I think he’s an overall better Striker and faster but if they just like stand and trade I think Christian is is
probably right there you know well it’ll be a it’ll be an interesting fight for f for sure but I think the uh the value
you’re going to get on Cameron’s worth it $7,800 in DraftKings anytime you get a seven in front of the number that’s a nice that’s a nice little bonus and plus
125 you got a better deal a few days ago but I still think there’s some solid value there I’m Cameron because I think
he’s a good Underdog and I think he can absolutely win this fight are you going to spend the $7 800
DraftKings I I think that if he wins he needs to be boring so I don’t yeah you don’t want him to wrestle
but so I don’t if if I’m picking him as a pick I don’t want him to score well honestly because if he starts scoring well he’s going to give himself into
some trouble if that makes any sense at all but no I get it uh I think he’ll be okay if he wrestles but I hear what
you’re saying Christian will just make it ugly then you’re going to get tired and then you’re stuck in these weird scrambles and now you’re young and
you’re tired and things are going well that a little heartburn uh no uh oh oh
no oh that’s the little dog I thought it was my God Jesus I’m not kidding I’m to
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member you went for I mean within a span of 20 minutes you were like you’re making fun of cancer and now you hate
puppies I mean that’s not a good look no it’s it is so funny I’m just saying [ __ ] that dog I literally say that all day
I’m like honestly Tiff I [ __ ] can’t stand that dog and then she has picture after picture of me just like oh you’re
the cutest little puppy like it’s just so annoying it’s just he’s actually gotten better he had only one accident
he’s gotten much much better my issue is I hate the dog when he pisses on the floorz it’s like this is and we’re
sending him to supposed to um you know I ADV I I don’t know much about but I will
say and and Amanda you know taba and Diana that you know when they say for better for worse when you’re doing your
vows for I I feel like I’m one of those people that’s like it do [ __ ] matter to me Better or For Worse like di just
lost I don’t give a [ __ ] I thought she lost beautifully I thought she lost beautifully I sat here don’t give a I lo
I sat here uh when T when when when um Reas lost I was more upset with her she
was at Disney the next day living her life I was devastated had a little bit something to do with that $2,000 parlay
I had but I was [ __ ] devastated I care for these women Angelo I know you do I know you do and
help Jacob get to Brazil only $10 a month for for 30 cents a day you can
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more I don’t even know the song be honest with you it was was well done Jacob someone said
unsub how can you [ __ ] unsub from that Richard get the [ __ ] out of here [ __ ] Richard sucks
dick got his ass next up at UFC Vegas 81
we have essentially an immediate rematch between Edgar sharez and Daniel Lera
these two guys just fought a couple of weeks ago and it ended with uh the referee stopping the fight he thought
Daniel was unconscious he wasn’t they called it a bad stoppage I’ll argue
about that a little more in a minute but Edgar sh is 10 and five overall two2 and one in his last five obviously coming
off that no contest Daniel isera 11 and five overall 0 and four 04 and one in
his last five coming off that no contest as well Edgar charz is a solid fighter
right he made it’s it’s just funny because they start I see it but it’s funny that his
name is Ed edar Edgar charz oh that’s why they’re
doing the egg I thought it was cuz I was shaped like an egg it’s not cuz they’re doing it it’s just the the funny that that you keep saying edar you know it’s
kind of the same thing so Edgar I know but it’s kind of you it sounds the same
you get Angelo they’re trying to follow along egal see that’s why I didn’t want to a
knowledge it and now here we are anyway Edgar sharez is a solid fighter he made
his short notice debut at UFC whatever the hell that was a couple of months ago against Tatsu ryra plus 600 Underdog he
did have a couple of moments of success but he also showed us that he’s willing to pull Guillotine and like jump guard
and do some crazy stuff like that but the reality is he is solid he’s a tough guy he’s going to come forward he can
piece you apart he’s going to hang tough that Mexican tough piece you apart working a singular to work in some
submission attempts and then go from there uh as I mentioned he’s coming off
that no contest with Daniel Lera I’ll talk about that very very quickly frankly I don’t think that was a bad
referee call the referee checked his arm a few times and Daniel’s AR it stayed up it stayed up and then he like checked it
again a minute later limp as hell his arm is limp as hell and that referee it just went limp it went limp
fine he didn’t the arm went limp so I’m not saying it was the greatest call in the world I just don’t think railroading
that referee makes as much sense as people think if you watch that fight and you watch that exchange it’s like yeah
the dude was in this choke his arm was limp as hell and the angle that that
referee’s at it is what it is this guy is there to protect the fighters Daniel S is limp limp why was he limp oh well
technically this choke what you don’t get the [ __ ] why was he limp when when you’re overweight causes
issues never had that issue taking on Daniel Lera probably somebody said in the
comments it’s it’s not wrong one of the best 0 and4 Fighters that you’re going to see this guy is dangerous Striker
dangerous Grappler very very aggressive on his feet he’s willing to die out there that’s why 11 and five 11 wins by
stoppage all five losses by stoppage he will go out there he will chase what he needs to chase to try to get that win
and frankly when they fought the first time he took Edgar down he beat Edgar up a little bit Edgar had that scramble I
actually had to call Jacob be like wait how did that fight go again and then I had to re-watch the fight because in my mind it was like oh well edar was going
to S him submit him no matter what anyway and then I re-watch it after talking to Jacob it’s like was he though
like let’s say that was completely [ __ ] the limp all that was [ __ ] was he cuz Daniel Lera got to take down
what he wanted to he is dangerous I do still think edar sh is going to win this fight um the odds he closed at minus 220
is last time he’s minus 270 now so they didn’t necessarily take off um I still
think edre is going to win but I I think it’s little more questionable now than it was before because we saw part of
this fight and Daniel took him down somewhat easily and could potentially do it again so edar charge is going to be
the pick as he was last time but it’s uh I don’t think railroad that referee is
necessarily correct what do you think Jakey boy uh yeah I will say that I cannot believe after that fight that the
odds got wider I I really thought that they would get closer I was actually was like oh man we’re not even going to get Lera at dog odds anymore when I left
that fight because the biggest question mark there was there was no doubt about the talent level of Dan Lera as you
talked about probably one of the best 0 and4 fighters in the UFC the guy’s Talent is unreal what he kept doing was
he would either blow his load do something stupid he went too hard too fast as you said willing to die in there
in every first round and got himself in trouble even when he was having success then he would gas and then he would run
into trouble he was willing to die in there just like we saw Grant Dawson was which is absolutely he said before the
fight I’m willing to die in there gets hit with a jab and [ __ ] just curls up in a [ __ ] ball that [ __ ] [ __ ] but
the biggest question mark for Dan Lera is can he calm down can he come into a
fight and be the same Talent level but Pace himself self and what did he do in
that Edgar fight he was pacing himself he was doing exactly what we wanted him to do he was looking good taking his
time had a nicely timed takedown with that takedown you saw oh he’s going to be able to take down Edgar whenever he
wants CU Edgar is a guy that will fight off his back he will chase those submissions he will look for those
Guillotines and Lera is a guy that knows how to stay safe on the ground yeah he got caught up in this little bit of a GU
thing situation but that was a little bit of a Hail Mary thing I don’t know if that’s going to happen again yeah it
happened in that one people call Early St whatever it is but I don’t know if that’s going to happen again the thing
that worries me the most is a couple things number one Edgar was kind of [ __ ] up his leg a little bit I mean
he was laying some nice heavy leg kicks they were kind of trading leg kicks but you could see that Edgars with a little bit heavier so that does worry me
because if Daniel is going to take his time he’s got to he’s got to have a game plan to check those leg kicks otherwise
he going to run into some issues cuz once you lose your leg you’re kind of [ __ ] so that that’s what worked me the
other thing is maybe he comes in little bit pissed off right cuz he thinks it’s an early stoppage I I I I should have
been winning that for whatever he thinks and he comes in a little bit too hot a little bit too heavy and he turns in to
the old Lera because it’s a rematch because he’s a little bit fired up he’s already fought this guy before and he
comes in and he turns that’s what that’s my biggest worry in this fight I’m picking the Daniel Lera in this match up
I picked him last time I’m picking him again cuz I think he can get the takedowns whenever he wants he is the better fighter in in my mind Edgar’s a
tough dude but I’m worried that he’s going to come in and turn into the Lera of old get emotional because it’s a
rematch and he is going to blow his load again because if it comes down to a a war and
durability I would take Edgar I I would take Edgar in that matchup so I think lra is the better fighter can get the
takedowns when he wants he is my pick but I do worry I’m surprised about the
odds I was surprised that’s why I called you but I was surprised the opposite direction I’m like wait wasn’t it like
obvious he was going to win this fight why is he not minus 400 you’re like no so then I went back and I watched I’m
like okay I can see I think I you know there are still a lot of people in the comment section that saying oh I’m more
confident now than I was and I don’t all that cu the problem is Lera has not shown us
that he like we know edar shz is tough he is tough he’s not a guy you just finished quickly he’s just not and we
know Lera doesn’t have more than a minute and a half of gas so it’s those
those are but those G those gas tank issues are when he is trying to chase a f it’s when he it’s when he is
like yeah like CJ varara he almost killed that guy right so it’s like it’s
I I’ll never blame somebody obviously it’s not all the way I mean there is probably some gas tank issues as well
but I will never blame somebody for getting tired when they’re trying to chase a finish when they’re trying to be aggressive cuz that’s what you want a
fighter to do obviously there’s smart ways to do that but you know if somebody’s just is going to get tired because like the CJ fight’s like of
course he got tired he’s [ __ ] sprinting around trying to chase this guy down you know literally chasing him
down but there should be I mean you know it it should be a fun fight I I do think charz is going to win I think he was
going to win the first time I think he’s going to win this time a lot of it because he has got that Mexican Fighting
spirit this guy is tough he’s not somebody you’re just going to get out of there super quick I think he can weather the storm you you think there might not
be a storm coming I think there probably will be and I think he’ll weather it and then he’ll you know do what he does as
long as he’s not pulling guard and doing any of this other stupid [ __ ] that we have seen him do in the past he does
have low is fight IQ he chases and that could absolutely be a problem for him
I’m going to avoid it yeah this this C I think it’s a catchweight 130 I think it’s going to help both guys
honestly well charz is how tall is this dude 57 he looks a lot taller than that
that can’t be I think he’s gonna help both guys I mean I think they they both cut a lot of weight to 125 so I think it’s going to help both guys yeah it’ll
be interesting but $9,200 in DraftKings again It’s tricky because if Daniela
loses he gets finished that’s just how this guy loses and all of a sudden Ed garz may be worth that money and
obviously uh any of your large tournament lineups you’re chasing that big payout those big gpps multi-entry
type stuff you’re going to need some exposurea little bit you’re going to need some exposure to Daniel here he’s
$7,000 and his wins are all by finished so we’ll see what happens wew want.com
click become a member it is only $10 a month and it will help Jacob get
better internet his internet bailed on us yet
again we’ll give him a second to come back let me know right now in the comments if you agree with that referee
statement I saw a few of you did support that but the reality is the referee is there only for the safety of the
fighters the safety includes enforcing the rules and includes making sure somebody doesn’t die and when you see a
Fighter’s arm Go 100% limp I feel like you just got to jump in there and and do
what you got to do I saw couple people agree and then some guy wrote an 11 page paragraph on one of the comments talking
about well it was this choke I don’t want to hear the Jiu-Jitsu nerd version don’t give me the the refere the fact
that the fact that DC and they both were like oh I knew it they were like yeah
it’s not a it went limp so just grab it again and see if he’s good that’s all
you got to do I then he stopped it just grab it again I think I have I refed
wrestling for a while I think I have more appreciation for referees than judges judges and we’ve talked about
this before they have time to think about what they’re going to write down on that paper where referees have to
react instantly and sometimes it’s just the wrong thing [ __ ] idiot he’s always sometimes it’s just the wrong
thing dude he’s always an idiot when it comes when it comes to give the one who
screwed up the Ronnie Lawrence one that wasn’t K right no that that was um uh
Keith but he he’s the one that with headbutts and the point deductions and I mean he’s [ __ ] lock in the we over so
I’m a little bit biased but I mean he is like Mr [ __ ] there’s no benefit of the doubt when it comes to f [ __ ]
Chris ton and the fact that right afterwards too they changed the ruling
but right afterwards Daniel seder’s looking at him like dude I’m I’m good and Chris ton on his high horse like no
[ __ ] I am surprised they flip that Chris Ty lonely that was your that was your got
him that was like the Chris Christie we’re GNA call Donald
Duck that he was so pumped dude like no like he’s the first person to ever think
of that like what the [ __ ] so pum it was the prepared the prepared on
Liners in the B was smk yeah next up at UFC Vegas 881 we have
Michelle paja taking on Andre Petroski we don’t have DraftKings pricing yet because Andre Petroski is stepping up on
pretty short notice he’s just stepped up the other day we heard about it on Saturday so it’ll be a one week notice
step up Michelle peda 281 overall 5 and0 in his last five and you will notice
this fight is at middleweight after the failed weight attempt against Wonder Boy
taking on Andre Petroski 10-1 in his career 5-0 in his last five coming off that Split Decision win over Gerald
mirart Michelle paja breaking him down now and breaking him down a few years ago seems a little bit different because
Michelle paja started his UFC career as a kaware fighter spinning doing kicks
flips all of the things wildly athletic wildly busy Taking Chances doing all
sorts of fun crazy stuff but lately he has been slowing it down a bit he’s more
mature he’s buttoned it up a little bit he’s not doing all the craziness and he’s actually more of a decision fighter
than he was of this like terrifying wild athlete he is a massive 170 pounder
which is why he struggles to make weight he’s going to be fighting at middleweight I don’t know if this is his permanent home or if this is a you know
a an Fu you need to do middleweight because you you screwed us at 170 more than once but this was a middleweight
fight he was supposed to fight Mark Andre barot before Andre Petroski so the middleweight was always Michelle P’s
play that’s not a favor for the new opponent he’s taking on Andre patosi as I mentioned on short notice Andre
Petroski is a very good wrestler with very good takedowns his standup is just okay but he does load up with the power
he shoots those takedowns they are fast nice clean takedowns and when he gets to the ground he’s got very good BJJ and
he’ll use that to control positions try to snatch up a submission he’s coming off that Split Decision win over Gerald
mirart where he did have two take downs and a knockdown but he was also taken down outstruck and just in general
looked like [ __ ] and that’s why this is a weird step up for Andre patosi I think
they just assumed oh we’re going to be bigger than him let’s just take him down but Michelle P’s got decent takedown
defense Michelle P is big as [ __ ] he might be the bigger fighter in this matchup even though he’s
at5 this is like when um uh Alex paa fought yam bovich Alex
was bigger he was the 85 pound who not he was bigger that might be what’s going on here so we’re going to have Andre
patosi who doesn’t have very good cardio to begin with stepping up on short notice to fight a guy who actually has
shown to have decent cardio up at weight like there there’s so many weird things going on with this fight I actually do
think Michelle P is going to win this fight I think the cardio is going to be the difference Andre may have some early
success but Michelle is very tough even if you take him down he’ll be able to survive you’re not going to submit him
you’re not going to ground and pound him your split decision ising Gerald meart I don’t think Michelle’s going to give you that kind of leeway and uh short notice
step up for a guy with no cardio I’m going to go Michelle paja here and um it
is going to be interesting what do you think Jakey boy so I am I want to say slightly
biased but I don’t think it’s too crazy of a bias I was and you you know me Angelo I was all in on this henzo Gracie
Philly team right I mean Shawn Brady pass Sab Andre patosi and if Joey T is
in here he can go [ __ ] himself because all of those people Jeremiah Wells I was
all over all of them at one point they were all undefeated they were steamrolling everybody in the UFC that is the most fraudulent [ __ ] Camp I
have ever seen in my life there has been zero absolutely zero striking
improvements from any one of those fighters in the last five six seven
years none of them have improved none of of them they all do the same crazy stuff Pat and Shawn Brady just kind of do the
pitter patter [ __ ] Jeremiah Wells and Andre patoski just do the over just overhand rights just trying to knock
everyone out Jeremiah Wells does it a little bit better than Andre Petroski Andre Petroski is a fraudulent Striker
who is trying to knock out Gerald mirart and even Gerald Gerald mirart is one of the slowest guys in the world slowest
defense in the world he’s one of the easiest guy If You’re Gonna Knock Out anyone you’re probably Gonna Knock Out J mirart J mirart was like
stepping out of the way of these wild strikes that Andre patosi was throwing
had no issues avoiding him and as you mentioned Andre patosi will slow down even if he’s wrestling even if he’s
grappling and it is short notice Michelle paa is [ __ ]
10,000 times the striker that Andre Petroski is in this matchup and I do not
believe that Andre Petroski can get the takedowns that he thinks he can get and a lot of times he doesn’t even try to
get him he thinks he’s a striker this whole Camp is they think that they can strike and they cannot strike every
single person in that camp has been exposed Jeremiah Wells finally got exposed sha Brady got exposed pass
abbatini got exposed they keep getting exposed Petroski it almost happened with J mirart it’s it’s going to [ __ ]
happen here I’m pretty high and Michelle P I’m actually excited to see him at 185
we’ll see if he
the Internet situation for Jacob is absolutely brutal obviously he’s clearly
very much on the Michelle paja side talking about how he’s excited for Michelle P there you go you’re back your
internet gave out again I was just covering the gap for you and now you’re silent this is
excellent there you go you’re good okay you’re where I where’ I leave off at do you know you’re excited to see Michelle
P at middleweight at at 185 yeah at 185 we’ll see if he if he loses a little bit
of speed but even if he loses a little bit of speed Andre Brit gr throwing those big wild shots you should be a
pick them apart and uh and honestly kind of finish this guy so Andre obviously is
going to be live the way he throws shots if he lands one of them yeah but I mean Michelle P is a much better fighter in
this matchup he’s going to fraud check this dude I mean this dude Split Decision J mirart and then it’s like I
want Bo he’s like I want Bo nickel or I want I want no he did call out Bo nickel
which is crazy shut the [ __ ] up dude I know that was a crazy call out we
don’t have DraftKings pricing just yet Andre is tough so I don’t think and and Michelle has not been dangerous lately
so I do think this probably goes to a decision but I I agree Michelle paa should win this fight obviously Andre
could be live to just wet blanket his way but we thought Grant Dawson was going to wet play get his way to a
decision his take like some per 94% yeah he is and he’s shown that even if he
gets taken that even if he gets taken down he
will scramble he will not accept it he’s got good Jiu-Jitsu he’s got good striking he’s got all the things and he
was always on this card short notice and patosi questionable cardio probably not going to help him here so Jakey and I
both on the Michelle pide in this fight we don’t have DraftKings pricing just yet when we do we’ll see maybe we get
lucky I mean – 136 plus 116 that’s not that wide maybe we’ll get lucky with
pretty close DraftKings pricing and Michelle could potentially be worth it when that drops when you if you want to see the analysis you want to see the
cheat sheet the DFS ownership all of the stuff all the bets Jacob does have a bet on this fight if you want to see all
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of that we on.com click become a
member next up at UFC Vegas 81 we have Jonathan Martinez taking on Adrien
gianis in what should be a banger Jak boy this should be a you’re gonna say you’re going to say his name right he
asked he actually asked people asked people politely yan yan yep Jonathan
that’s an actual thing too I’m not making that up no no I know you’re not being a dick about that’s why I’m taking it serious right with Jonathan Martinez
taking on Adrien yanes Jonathan Martinez 18 and4 overall 5-0 in his last five
riding a five fight win streak he’s taking on Adrien yanes 16-4 overall 4-
one in his last five he’s coming off his first loss in five years this is the
biggest line movement on this card this is some of the biggest line movement I’ve ever seen in what should be a close
fight Jonathan Martinez open at plus 250 almost a 3 to1 Underdog and now he’s the
slight favorite that and nothing has happened there was no Scandal no issue
we didn’t see weigh-ins like we don’t know why that line movement was so dramatic so quickly I think it should be
somewhere where it is now but it moved and it moved quickly but Jonathan Martinez very well-rounded gu he’s got
technical striking slick BJJ a Muay Tha striking Style with really nice kicks and he will use those to control range
he does not go to his wrestling very often but when he does he’s got some slick submissions that he can snatch up
in scrambles that he will create he is coming off that questionable win though over sagov where his takedown defense
looked good taking on to Adrien yanes and this guy’s a fun technical striking with a very high striking IQ fast hands
real power and up until his last fight a very good chin he can be a slow starter
though if you dig into his stats he basically was outstruck in the first round of almost all of his fights he’s
got seven fights in the UFC with five fight of the night bonuses and five stoppage wins I did mention his chin
didn’t hold up in that lost to Rob font where he actually looked fantastic until Rob landed a few really nice Jabs and
that forward pressure seemed to be a problem this is great matchmaking I think this is an incredible fight two
really fun guys that are only a few wins away from title talk right they’re they
both have a decent resume they both have some solid wins they both have looked very very impressive I think Jonathan
Martinez is very clearly the better overall fighter he’s got wrestling he’s
got submissions I think he’s the better overall fighter but I think the speed and the gap on the feet is a little
wider than anything else and in order for Jonathan to have success grappling he’s got to get it to the ground in
order to get it ground he’s got to close a distance on one of the fastest better boxers in this division so I do think
Adrian Janis is going to Yan is going to win this fight but I don’t
necessarily trust that enough to put money on this even though this is a great money spot odds wise but uh I’m
going to go yanes here because I think the Striking Gap is too wide but I’m not gonna bet on this fight what do you think Jakey boy uh let me first off by
saying that I like Jonathan Martinez J I was always been a fan of Jonathan martinz I think I picked him in in most
his fights he’s a fun dude really good with those kicks as you said a very well-rounded guy let me also say that
this dude Adrian yanes is my [ __ ] dude man this is one of my favorite
fighters on the roster if not at this point my favorite fighter on the roster I will always go to back for this guy I
[ __ ] love Adrian I have called him the best boxer in the UFC and I still
stand by that even after Rob F fight the person that beat the person that beat Adrien in that Rob font fight was Adrien
he he was starting to have success in that fight found a couple shots got a little bit ahead of himself got a little
bit too excited saw a little bit of red and he really kind of put himself in that bad position to get knocked out and
if there was ever somebody we hear Fighters talk about all the time right right they they’re coming off a loss
they get knocked out they get finished and they say you know what I’m going to come back even better I’m going to do this and a lot of it is just [ __ ]
[ __ ] right you see the fighters they say that it’s like blah blah blah yeah yeah I’m sure when it comes down to
Adrien I fully believe that I think the one of the best thing that happened to him was that kind of check of his I
don’t want to say his ego but check of the way that he approaches fights because he is a fighter to me that just
[ __ ] loves fighting man he really just enjoys being in that fight and sometimes that win wins you fights and
sometimes that puts you in bad positions when you’re just in there kind of brawling I think that really was able to
really reset him mentally and say listen if I want to be a guy I want to move up the rankings I want to support my family
I want to be the guy that’s making money I got of kind of tone it in I kind of kind of lock it in and I have to just
box and fight my type of fights and if he turns this in to a boxing match and
he stays technical in his boxing I don’t think there’s anybody in this division that can outbox Adrien when he is boxing
a technical fight the thing that does worry me and I’ll be completely unbiased and honest in this is that if he stays
at a kickboxing range against Jonathan and Jonathan especially early is able to
land heavy calf kicks against Adrien I’m going to be very worried about Adrien
because without that front leg being able to work off that jab being able to box he could find himself in some big
trouble if he loses his front leg early so my urge and my my advice to Adrian I
don’t know [ __ ] about the [ __ ] but you got to get the pressure you got to close that distance and once you get him
against the fence you get Jonathan back against the fence don’t let him off the hook keep him there keep Sur and keep
cutting him off and box this dude against the fence but you cannot stand out the middle you cannot stand at
kickboxing range because Jonathan is too good with those kicks and you won’t be able to find your hands at that range so
obviously my pick here is going to be my dud with Adrien Yan in this fight I think he comes in is is reset is
refocused understands what he has to do gets in that boxing range and shows off
some of the best [ __ ] boxing we have ever seen in this fight and I think he can get a finish as well cuz we’ve seen
Jonathan get dropped um and I think he I think Adrian can do that with the volume striking the volume boxing against the
fence I think this a breakout fight and Adrien shows that he still is that
[ __ ] dudee I love that dude Adrian man yeah geez you’re all over him you’re
not worried that he was worried that he was just knocked out and he’s going to be gun shy that’s the only thing that worries me about these guys coming off
fight like that no I I think I I I honestly think that that that was one of the best things that and obviously it’s
it’s stupid to say that losing is one of the best things
that we lost him again he’s saying it’s one of the best things that happened to him because he’s going to refocus him
bring him back to reality and uh not get overly cocky cuz as he mentioned he was
having a lot of success against uh you were saying that it was a good thing cuz he was having too much success got too
cocky and he won’t made that mistake again yeah I think it was that mistake was probably going to happen eventually
so it’s better to happen at at when you’re a little bit younger you still work your way up and I I think he’s going to be really refocused and I like
the way he’s he’s working the way what he’s saying and I I love Adrian man well and rob font’s a respectable loss I mean
the guy had one still one of the better guys they making fun of him for what the guy well they’re making fun of him cuz
go pillow Fist and Rob F but I mean he left himself I mean Adrien Bas was just like this anybody is going to get
knocked out in that type of position you know yeah and Rob font has put some PE Rob font started the demise of Marlon
maras it’s not as if uh you know Rob font’s nothing and his last fight he just got wrestled to death anyway I
don’t know why we’re talking about Rob font Adrian yanes both of our picks $8,200 in DraftKings this may be a must-have type
situation because I do think that this fight will end by finish I think the under two and a half is is the uh the
minus line there I think if Jonathan Martinez gets going what he wants to get going he’s going to light up some legs
make something happen if Adrien yanes gets going what he wants to get going I mean as I mentioned five fight of the
night bonuses in the UFC with five knockout wins or five stoppage wins so I think uh I think you may need to have
one of these guys in your lineup despite it being a striker vers Striker essentially should get something uh some
exposure there Jonathan’s far more than a striker but Adrien literally has a 100% takedown defense and I don’t think
that’s going to change in this fight I wouldn’t be surpris 8,200 bucks uh I
think I might honestly and I wouldn’t be surprised if if Adrien comes in and tries to mix in a taked down or two just to kind of maybe just kind close that
distance a little bit really kind of get in the in the pocket there and uh but we’ll see this is this has all the
potential in the world to be fight of the night that’s for sure I think this the people’s main event to be honest with you oh this is uh I mentioned this
a great matchmaking this a this is a great fight ton of fun and frankly you know Adrien has that one loss outside of
that he’s looked phenomenal and Jonathan Martinez you know he’s he’s what four-
one in or Five-0 in his last five he’s looked incredible so the these guys aren’t but a few wins away from a title
shot if you want to see the picks the bets the detailed data metrics the analytics the optimizer all of the
things FanDuel content daily fantasy content all of the things we onp pi.com click become a member it’s only $10 a
month next up at UFC Vegas 81 we have the co- main event of the evening we
have Jennifer Maya taking on Vivan arjo Jennifer Maya 21-9 overall 3-2 in her
last five she is riding a two fight win streak she’s taking on the always dangerous Vivian arujo 11-5 overall two
and three in her last five she is riding a two-fight skid this is an interesting
fight uh frankly well I’ll save the pick for the end but we got Jennifer well-rounded
fighter she’s got good BJJ okay wrestling underrated boxing she is a decision fighter but she does push a
pace she tries for finishes she doesn’t necessarily get them she’s incredibly tough solid everywhere great gatekeeper
for the division and she’s coming off that upset win over Casey O’Neal where Casey went 0 for four in takedown
attempts but you know that’s how that goes when you get a little step up in competitions Vivian arujo 11 and5
overall ton of experience lots of stoppage wins very dangerous very early
she’s a Grappler who’s comfortable striking as well she’s got technical boxing great low kicks but she does get
hit pretty often and she does have that negative striking differential she is athletic she is fast she is always
looking for a finish both on the feet and on the ground but conditioning is an issue for her in the later rounds
because of all that early pressure she does average almost two takedowns per fight very impressive 82% takedown
defense she’s coming up that loss to Amanda heos where she was just slow and a step behind I’m
surprised I’m surprised that she opened at minus 185 and it tightened I would
expect this to widen I do have a full unit on Jennifer Maya at 141 I think she
should be like minus 250 minus 300 I just think Vivian’s going to be dangerous for all of a couple of minutes
Jennifer Maya has all the veteran Savvy she’s got this solid boxing solid
Jiu-Jitsu solid takedown solid takedown defense I think Jennifer will just weather that store storm and just wear
on Vivy wear on Vivy and R it’s going to be a decision she’s not very dangerous but I think Jennifer Maya is going to
win this I think she’s going to win a clear 3027 potentially a 2928 if viven
has that you know that that blast in the first round a little bit of success but Jennifer May is the easy pick for me I
have a full unit on her at minus 141 that value does seem to be leaving if you are a premium member you saw that
about a week ago I don’t know if 141 was the bottom but it’s certainly the lowest that we’ve seen a little bit so become a
premium member for only $10 Jacob what do you think yeah I’m uh I was actually
a a big Vivy fan I mean coming up through the ranks I really thought that she could be somebody because she’s got
decent power in his hand she she does have some some good wrestling that she can go to and then as you saw coming up
once she started fighting some some good Fighters that she does have those cardio issues that she doesn’t seem like she’s shed up her striking she gets hit a
little bit too much and the big thing in this matchup is Viv is a tough girl I I like Vivy she’s a tough girl you saw her
weather the storm against manea she I mean she didn’t get dropped that was there at the fight you know I mean she
did get dropped but she handled it right she was on her back she survived actually almost got Amanda in an armar
at the very people forget about that first of all in the very beginning of that fight she she actually had Amanda
in a guillotine and I’ve never gasped so hard in my life the first shot that
Amanda shot like 2 minutes into the fight in a [ __ ] [ __ ] like a full guard Guillotine and I was like oh my
God but Amanda does what she does wther the storm but let’s get back to Vivi here end up almost getting her arm bar
there as well I say that because she is a tough girl she probably will be here for all three rounds Jennifer Maya isn’t
like this this crazy finisher type girl but Vivy is a girl that not only gets
tired but she gets tired even faster when she’s getting hit and she was getting hit by Amanda heas Amanda heas
is not the most tactical striker in the world she can hit girls but she’s like not the most whatever Jennifer MAA
showed off really really good striking improvements against Casey O’Neal there were was no reason in the world for her
to come in and out strike Casey O’Neal the way that she did her boxing was crisp looked very good I mean the head
movement the combination she was throwing looked very very crisp and I see her doing the exact same thing in
this matchup if she even if she wants to wrestle Vivie Vivie is a girl that also
can get out wrestle so she has wrestling but can’t get out wrestle but I see the Vivy coming in engaging in the Striking
starting get touched up trying to wrestle it’s not going to work getting touched up even more and kind of getting
worn down in this fight angel I completely agree with you when I broke down this fight I thought that Jennifer May was going to be at least minus 200
you put a bet on her I put a bet on her um and we’ll see how that plays out but you know I I think Jennifer May has been
there done that she’s only lost to people that are better Strikers than her
and especially better kind of rangy Strikers right people that can kind of out strike her at range Viv is not that
girl she just is not that girl so uh I like Jennifer Maya in this match up as well I completely agree uh and I put my
money where mouth has and you know a full unit bet for me on one person is quite the bet I had the same thing on uh
kov shavitz kolina last week so I’m feeling pretty good about this one I felt pretty good about that one as well
that was a [ __ ] robbery yeah I I bet it it was I uh $8,500 in DraftKings
though I’m going have to look a little closer and see how Jennifer scores in these wins cuz I don’t think Jennifer is going to be the one doing the grappling
because why the hell would she want to do that so I think we’re going to end up with a striking match which may not be worth the money because Jennifer is not
dangerous so I just have to take a closer look at her draftking scores historically to see maybe she’s somehow
putting up enough money uh or enough volume to be worth that money but we’ll see for now my pick Jacob’s pick we both
have bets on her we on pick.com click become a member you can unlock all those bets and so much more that we didn’t
even mention for only $10 a month you mentioned uh you never
gasped so hard with the the heos armbar situation this is a stupid story it may
not have be worth telling but we were in um years as you’re doing it try to improv and live it up a little bit all
right I’ll change some names so um naked
I’m in a fantasy football league with my buddies I don’t even play I just go the winner of The League gets to decide
where the next draft is so we end up going places right sometimes is at a casino sometimes we have to fly
somewhere it’s a whole thing but it’s a ton of fun I’ve been in that league for 15 years and I’ve never actually played
I just go I drink I hang out with my friends this year uh the kid who won said we’re going to Burlington Vermont
so I’m living in Connecticut at the time was like six years ago we all get in the car we’re going to Burlington telling
stories and we were talking about to two a bunch of them lived together previously not as adults but they lived
together previously and one of them was telling a story about all like the violent [ __ ] they would do to each other when they getting these giant blowout
fights and I’m just like laughing nothing’s really affecting me I don’t care whatever and then he was again he
cut the power cord off the TV I was like he did what like yeah he cut the power cord off the back of the TV I said you
just buy another one and he goes no it was one of the power cords that was permanently in and I went like that was
my largest gasp of all time not when I found out my daughter needed major surgery it was when I found out that
John cut the power cord to Rich his television the living room out of anger wow so that was worth
telling I [ __ ] knew it I absolutely [ __ ] knew it I [ __ ] knew
it next up at UFC Vegas 81 we have sadik yusf taking out Edson Barbosa in the
main event of the evening while this isn’t the most star powerered main event
this is a solid fight and um could matter quite a bit we’re going to find out how good sadik YF actually is he’s
13-2 overall he’s 4-1 in his last five he is coming off that submission win over Don shanus he’s taking down a tried
and trud vet in Edson Barbosa 23 and 11 overall 3-2 in his last five coming off
that bounceback win over Billy Corino sadik YF is a fantastic Striker he’s got
a ton of power incredible speed a wide variety of attacks he’s 7 and one in the UFC and he has outstruck every single
opponent including Arnold Allen in that one and only loss he’s got solid takedown defense at 70% solid enough get
up game that even if you do take him down you’re not going to ride him out and he is coming off that submission win over Don shanus but don’t think he like
took him down had a submission you know out grappled all that crap basically Don sheenus shot a taked down and sadik
sucked up a guillotine Dominic Cruz did you rewatch that doing tape Dominick Cruz was insisting it was like some
special amazing choke it’s a freaking Guillotine choke that he snatched up I just remember being like Oh that’s in he
did is stupid that’s in ladies and gentlemen that’s in ladies and gentlemen it’s
funny do Dominick Cruz used to be my favorite guy and I don’t know he’s just
maybe DC is just so good I think DC is just so good and so is Felder that it’s
made me not like the well the thing that that that honestly that ruined Dominic Cruz was his little spat with DC about
DC not watching film I mean they had that little thing cuz then DC or then Dominick Cruz had to be like had to make
it a point super technical yeah yeah like when I was watching this or when I watched this fight and if you watch this
he became like that like know-it-all type dude cuz I like I used to love the Cruz as well he was my favorite yeah
well anyway he insisted that the guillotine sadique won with was something crazy Beyond just the guillotine but he did win that fight
takeing on Edson Barbosa Edson Barbosa is maybe I don’t not going to say
journeyman right now as an insult I’m saying it as a compliment he may be the best journeyman that this weight class
has ever had he’s phenomenal He’s just never quite gotten there but he is
absolutely unbelievable he’s a great Striker he’s has amazing movement he’s fought every single person with any kind
of name in this division he’s unbelievably fast he’s insanely technical he’s not really going to
initiate a lot of takedowns but he’s so good and so sneaky on the ground he’s got plenty of submissions I am going to
make a Charles Olivera comparison here because of he’s slick on the ground
great striking like all of those things obviously he hasn’t achieved what Charles has but Edson Barbosa is
probably the the most well-rounded talented guy that’s never even had a crack at the title in this division he
is coming off that first round knockout over Billy q that sort of reminded us like oh he is very good he’s not just
old and washed up after uh hillbilly Bible boy there took him down who the
hell Bryce Mitchell took him down a bunch of times this is a great fight I think this is a super close fight I’m
surprised the odds are as wide as they are they are moving um they started at minus 200 it collapsed all the way down
to not quite even but almost and now it’s continuing to widen again the the reality is this fight is going to come
down to youth vers experience because sadik yusf is 100% going to be faster probably more powerful I don’t think
he’s more technical but he’s definitely going to be faster more powerful and beat Edson to the punch Edson has way
more experience he’s very well-rounded guy he’s got all the tools I am going to
side with sadik here I do think youth is going to matter because I don’t think we’re going to have like a complete MMA
fight I think this is a kickboxing match and yes edson’s a very very good kickboxer but with Sadiq being a half a
second ahead of him that’s going to be the difference so I’m going to go ahead and side with sadik Yousef here he’s
going to be the pick but if we’ve learned anything these last three months don’t bet on Main Events what do you
think Jakey boy um yeah I’m going to go out on a little bit of limb here and say
that sadique Yousef gets absolutely fraud checked in this matchup because I I just do not think that he is on the
level that other people think he is at he really hasn’t fought anyone and the people that he has fought he lost
against Arnold Allen and he fought Alex caceras and if you watch I would urge everyone before you put money on sadique
Yusef because I know a lot of people like oh sad is going to smoke him this and this I would urge you to watch that
Alex caceras fight and watch how uncomfortable he was against the Striking of Alex caceras Alex caceras
turned sadik yusf into like a 40-year-old Holly Holm wanting to just kind of hold him against the fence
because he didn’t like the Striking and that’s nothing against Alex CER Alex CER is a pretty good Striker he is a very
kind of awkward Striker but sadik yusf is a guy in the Striking that just kind of stands in front of you and just kind
of throws one punch and then one punch and he will just kind of stand flat footed in front of you if you’re
standing flat footed in front of Edson Barbosa with those kicks with that speed
he is going to [ __ ] your world up and yeah maybe sadik does come in with
either wrestling game plan or kind of a clinch and a hold game plan he’s able to kind of slow down Edson and win this
fight cuz this is a very tough weight cut for Edson I still have no idea when he said that he was coming to 145 it’s
like how the [ __ ] is that guy to make 145 has looked fantastic doing it even in his fights so maybe s is able to kind
of stifle the early explosion of Edson wear him down and then have some success later and maybe he’s able to find a
Knockout shot right Edson can get hurt he can get dropped sadique does possess that power but when I’m watching sadique
uses against a guy who doesn’t have the same type of striking as Edson in Alex caceras it looked like he was kind of
really worried about that striking he kind of went to plan B already and if you want to be that guy you got to out
strike Alex you got to do it you gotta be able to out strike a guy like Alex caceras who isn’t a it’s not like he’s a
powerful guy right it’s not like he’s like knocking I think he got his first knockout whatever it was the first time in like 13 years or something you got to
be able to stand in front of these guys and strike with them and show that you belong in my mind he didn’t do that
against Alex Ceres the other Striker that he faced he lost to in Arnold Allen I think Edson Barbosa has shown that he
can still be around in this division he’s always going to be an an explosive Striker I think he can avoid the one
punch power of s and really lay in some really heavy heavy leg kicks early some body kicks
early get this guy worried about it and maybe Panic a little bit so I’m going the complete opposite way here Edson
Barbosa I’m not like super confident in it but I do think that sadique gets gets kind of fraud checked here and I think
Edson is able to win this fight yeah I mean you mentioned he lost his Striker on he outstruck arold Allen he was
dropped but outside of that one little moment he outstruck Arnold Allen I don’t think he out struck maybe maybe the St
say he landed more strikes it felt like he was controlling it the Striking outs he got dropped outside of that it felt
like he was controlling the Striking for sure then he came in against Alex ceris he’s like oops Yeah no no that I that I
I I don’t disagree with that Alex is a that’s all that’s all I say before you put money on sadik watch the fight and
just see how you feel about it that’s my advice yeah out for a year yeah listen I
I’m on the sadik side but I said I’m not betting this fight a because maybe I take a break from main events for a
little bit after Grant Dawson just absolutely I’m really I’m I’m gonna die I’m willing to die in there he got
looked at weird and just fell over you hit me Saturday harder than [ __ ]
Bobby green punched him and he drops just oh and I looked you square in the
eye and I said don’t [ __ ] do that again he didn’t I said oh my God I’m so sorry you’re like I you literally said
my nose won’t bleed that was the first you said so weird I literally have never
have you had a nose bleed I’m sure you have with wrestling and stuff I literally have never had a nose bleed I’ve had nose beds yeah I’ve never had
it and I’ve been I mean like I played a lot of basketball you get the basketball you get elbows you have never had a nose bed I don’t know do you snore maybe that
shit’s just all blocked up nothing snore either no nothing that I’m good me
neither anyway we are split on this uh you seem far more confident in Edson
than I am in sadique if you’re a premium member you see all of our picks confidence levels and round line leads
my confidence level on sadik you’ll see sadik yussef for S Barbosa pick sadik
yussef confidence very low I have it listed as very low I’m not that confident in him I just think he’s going
to be a little faster and I think the speed is going to matter in this fight I mean Ed since
37 it’s going to start to catch up to him 37 with the weight cut it’s going to start to catch up to him so 37’s the new
25 yeah maybe for sitting in a chair doing a podcast not for a fist fight
well are you going to spend the 7500 on your boy uh no cuz who was it at 7,400 that I
said that I was probably going to play I can’t remember who it was but I think there’s better value there you do get five rounds here which
is a little bit helpful but I get it this should be a fun fight I’m I’m looking forward to just watching this fight um
it’s good matchmaking this the janz fight great fights yanes yanes guys that is make sure if
you haven’t already like the stream I’ll be live tomorrow for the contender Series so tune in for that and we are
finally I’m excited goes I I think my bets have been suffering I think it’s been a punishment for not going live so
I think we’re going to go live Saturday and we’re going to [ __ ] clean up man I’m excited man well I’m going to watch
it and then I have to take my oldest to she’s uh she’s not a Girl Scout what is
it when they’re younger than that I don’t know I’m glad you don’t know I’m glad you [ __ ]
pervert it’s like oh you’re talking about oh is she in Miss or whatever I’ll
be there oh I’m volunteering yeah I’ll be there I’m so glad you don’t know the
answer to that but anyway what is it let me I forget it’s like da a daisy she’s a
daisy let me send you $50 just go to go to wpix.com bets sign whoa sign up make
a deposit and I will send you 50 bucks as a thank you it’s affiliate marketing you’re going to pay me I’m going to SLI
they’re going to pay me I’m a mess I’m going to slice off some of that money and I’m going to give it right back to you make sure you use the links on the
website on the screen you can take that become a premium member that’s going to give you access to all the tools I’m
going to emphasize tools more than bets here do some of your own [ __ ] we’re going to give you all the tools we’re going to enable you you’re going to get
the line movement tracker opening odds on win probability and line movement for every single fight you’re going to get
detailed data metrics and analytics 38 Columns of them you’re also going to get
courses we will teach you about DraftKings fantasy just click on more and then courses in the menu you’re
going to get more than just me and Jakey boy running mouth MMA is three different people giving you picks bets and insight
you’re going to get artum doing these detailed breakdowns for Dana White Contender series pfl Bellator every
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an AI that will pick fights based solely off historical data and if you want to
send us something send us something we will open it on either stream or in the Quick Picks video here is the address on
the screen Jakey boy you got any last words for the people uh yeah I mean it’s
sex dolls it’s it’s whatever you want to we’re we’re going to open it live yeah
is what it is send Jacob his can’t you get male older Brides I don’t know we’ll find out they
can stuff it in there I got a small I got a small I didn’t get a medium so we’ll see if they can stuff it in there
those two T-shirts that were sent those fit wpix.com become a member do all the
things Jakey boy we’re doing this on Monday the last Monday we’re doing this because jakey’s going live Tuesday so
next week back on schedule good night

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