UFC 293 Q&A: Justin Gaethje Issues Terms For Dustin Poirier Trilogy, Wants to End Conor McGregor


In this article, we will be discussing the highlights from the UFC 293 Q&A session. The session featured top fighters Justin Gaethje, Dan Hooker, and Kai Kara-France, who answered questions from the audience. The fighters shared their thoughts on various topics, including their favorite walkout songs, dream opponents, and their admiration for each other’s skills. Let’s dive into the details!

Justin Gaethje’s Thoughts on Jack Paul Fighting MMA Fighters

During the Q&A session, one audience member asked Justin Gaethje about his thoughts on Jack Paul fighting MMA fighters. Gaethje expressed his admiration for Paul’s success and mentioned that he would like to see him compete in an MMA fight. Gaethje acknowledged that Paul has been taking advantage of MMA fighters crossing over to different sports and believes it would be interesting to see him in an MMA fight. However, Gaethje also pointed out that fighting in MMA is a different ballgame, with five-minute rounds and a wider range of skills required. He concluded by saying that if Paul decides to step into the MMA world, he would probably be in for a tough challenge.

Dan Hooker’s Comment on Dying His Hair Red

One fan complimented Dan Hooker on his badass look with red hair and asked if he had ever considered dying his hair red. Hooker jokingly replied that he couldn’t give away his secret and needed to save something for the next fight. He thanked the fan for the compliment and moved on to the next question.

Dan Hooker’s Comment on Khabib’s Concern for Islam Makhachev

Another question was directed towards Dan Hooker, referencing a comment he made in February about Khabib Nurmagomedov’s concern for Islam Makhachev’s preparation time. The fan asked if Hooker still stood by his comment. Hooker apologized if his comment had offended anyone and clarified that he was simply stating what Khabib had said. He mentioned that he had been tested multiple times since then and emphasized the importance of being prepared to fight the best in the UFC.

Kai Kara-France’s Thoughts on Facing Muhammad Mokaev

Kai Kara-France was asked about his thoughts on facing Muhammad Mokaev, who had expressed his desire to fight him. Kara-France acknowledged Mokaev as a talented young prospect and stated that he welcomes all challenges. He mentioned that he has faced undefeated Dagestani Russian wrestlers before and is not afraid to fight anyone. Kara-France believes that in the UFC, one should be ready to fight the best and not shy away from any opponent.

Dan Hooker’s Experience Fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov

A fan asked Dan Hooker about his experience fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov and how difficult it was to deal with his wrestling skills. Hooker praised Khabib as an incredibly strong fighter and acknowledged him as one of the best in the world. He mentioned that Khabib’s wrestling skills were on another level and that it was a tough challenge to face him in the Octagon. Hooker also expressed his respect for Khabib’s dominance in the lightweight division and acknowledged that he learned a lot from that fight.

Justin Gaethje’s Thoughts on Facing Khabib Nurmagomedov

Justin Gaethje was asked about his thoughts on facing Khabib Nurmagomedov and how he would approach the fight differently. Gaethje mentioned that he would have to be prepared for Khabib’s relentless wrestling and ground game. He acknowledged that Khabib’s pressure and takedowns are his biggest strengths and that he would have to find a way to neutralize them. Gaethje also mentioned that he would focus on his own strengths, such as his striking and power, and look for opportunities to capitalize on them.


The UFC 293 Q&A session provided fans with insights into the thoughts and perspectives of top fighters Justin Gaethje, Dan Hooker, and Kai Kara-France. From their admiration for each other’s skills to their thoughts on dream opponents and facing tough challenges, the fighters shared their experiences and insights with the audience. It was an engaging session that showcased the camaraderie and respect among fighters in the UFC.

there may be fans as good as you guys elsewhere in the world but there’s nobody better than Sydney Australia when
it comes to UFC fans so thank you all for that as many of you know this is the 30th anniversary of the Ultimate
Fighting Championship to that end we’ve had a lot of special q and A’s like this as we feature some of our top talents so
without further delay we’re going to bring out three Superstars for you today first fighter to the stage this man’s a
proud key we won the best flyweights in the world former interim title Challenger and top ranked Contender kaikana France
how about it [Applause]
all right next fighter to the stage long time fan favorite personal favorite of
mine as well 21 time UFC veteran two-time UFC headliner the hangman Dan
hooker [Applause]
all right our final fighter taking part in the Q a today the former UFC interim lightweight champion and now the baddest
[ __ ] on planet Earth destination foreign
[Applause] we are very appreciative that you guys
are all here we have Kai and Dan and Justin with you for about 30 minutes we have microphone set up on both sides of
the stage don’t be shy get in line now or forever hold your peace
and we I guess will begin right there yeah stage right now let’s go jeez John you’re a legend mate uh question for Dan
hookah when are you going to become the baddest [ __ ] in the world because we all know you [ __ ] ah let’s
go Australia ah thank you brother thank you brother working my way towards it
sorry my man you are next we’re just going to go over here and Ding and Dong yes sir uh my question forget you uh do
you prefer a new challenge in Islam or do you want revenge on Oliveira I mean I guess I prefer Oliveira but I really do
think uh marketev’s gonna win and I’m excited about the new challenge absolutely cheers thank you thank you
back over here a question for Kai um obviously you saw how Manuel Cape
acted yesterday what response have you got for him and how do you plan to smash his face in
yeah that was the question uh great question
Make Some Noise if you think my nail cape’s a little [ __ ]
there you go you know the thing about that all I see is insecurities you know obviously is a bit
unstable um he should be worrying about his opponent that’s in front of him don’t worry about me we’re not fighting you
know so that’s the probably worst thing you can do is overlook your opponent I know uh when I fought Cody garbrandt um
he was trying to fight Sean instead of me so similar situation focus on what you’re what’s in front of you so I feel
like that fight will happen eventually me and Manel but um for now you know I just I’m just here to support my
teammates um obviously focus on my recovery but uh I love being here in Sydney you know I’m
gonna I can’t be a part of this card but you know we’re one of the best in the world so just honored to be here and I’m
honored to represent you guys go ahead sir
hey um this question is for Justin you’ve now got the BMF Bill and you’ve
talked about how the next point forward is to play Islam marketer for the title
Alexander volkanovski has talked about going up to lightweight again for the belt who would be a big advice for you
Islam or volkanovsky I think there’s no doubt the Undisputed Championship is the biggest fight in the
world um that’s at the top of every single one of us you know up here in any fighter
that steps in there that’s that’s our goal um I think bulkanoski had his chance
um you know I think if I didn’t finish Dustin the way I did then you know he’d have a better argument because he gave
Market ship such a good fight but the fact that I knocked out Dustin Pourri the number two guy in the world got the
BMF title there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m I’m next in line for that fight awesome thank you thank you back over
here young man what do you have uh obviously after the BMF fight McGregor was running his Murphy like he
always does what do you think about that fight and yeah yeah I mean it sounds fun
um I I would be lying if I didn’t say I’ve dreamed of ending his career and making sure he was never be able to step
back in there um Chandler will now be the second guy that I’ve beat that he chose to fight and
you know I think that speaks for itself he won’t fight me plain and simple McGregor ain’t scared of nobody boy
okay but I love you I love you we’re gonna mix in a quick media
question here Mike Bond go ahead uh Justin just one for you uh Jorge mask with all has been doing some interviews
saying that if he was to come back for any fight it would like to be a unification BMF fight with you what do
you think of that sounds fun yeah um but again I have one goal that’s the
Undisputed Championship I have plenty of time after that uh after that ride to
fight those fights um I don’t think he’s ever coming back he looks like he weighs 240 pounds so
I fight at 155 pounds and I’m sure he’d want to fight at 170
um and uh Dan can you just kind of give us an update on the health and everything and when your timeline for a
return could be no I was hitting paid uh today so I’ve been wrestling I’ve been grappling I would like to get back in
before the end of the year um I Heard I heard Alex is is fighting uh early
next year and so it’s a good time if I can jump on a card with him so December uh January I’m I’m
back in there and just lastly for both of you I had a few people messaging me a
few fans they said they would love to see a fun little face off between the two of you right now he already he
already met my daughter today and we had a beer so I don’t think it’s all good
nope go ahead young man all right first of
all Dan and uh Kai can I get an up the walls
uh and from Justin uh can I ask you uh did you originally plan to throw that
head kick or is it just something that popped into your mind you just threw it uh no I honestly did not plan on it um I
don’t really have a plan when I step in there I really just trust my intuition trust my coach my coach has been Julian
that he really uh instilled that into my uh training for the physio fight and you
know I just I go in there to work you know I don’t really I obviously think about what I’m doing but I honestly
trust him to just put me through the process and get me ready to fight the opponent that’s in front of me and
trusting myself so I didn’t plan on it but [ __ ] was I happy when that thing landed that [ __ ] was awesome
thank you thank you sir oh do we have another media question I’m sorry one second yes go ahead uh
questions with Justin um Justin you mentioned after the Raphael vizia fight um that you may only have a couple left
is is that how you’re still feeling or if things changed since then no so
when I talk you know it’s uh I just I have a hard time lying to myself and
ultimately lying to you guys I think if we’re on a timeline and there’s a beginning and an end I’m certainly not
at the beginning and that’s all I was referring to is we’re getting towards the end of the career and uh you know
I’m loving every second of it to come from where I come from middle of nowhere to be up here and you guys asking me
questions is an absolute dream come true I’ve been asked many times if I get sick of uh pictures and there’s no way that I
would ever get sick of this um this was my dream as a child and I know that I will miss it when I’m gone
so I’m going to enjoy every experience every interaction and I love getting to interact with you guys out here
thank you [Applause] my questions for Dan I just wanted to
ask how your new job as a UFC event organizer is and if you have more information on the Auckland card
yeah now Auckland I can sit I can set a date oh I have to hold a press conference tomorrow and I’ll actually
set a day on the UFC Auckland card so everyone get ready everyone get ready I’ll announce it soon
my questions for Dan hooker Dan clearly the fans of Sydney love you clearly all
the fans of Australia love you I want to know from you how do you want your legacy as Dan the hangman hooker to be
remembered when it’s finally time to call it a career
um it’s just a man that loves to go out there and have a good old-fashioned fist fight at the end of the day uh sink a
few beers after and have some fun so I appreciate every second I’m in that octagon
Dan sealed his uh he’s the baddest [ __ ] after his last fight that [ __ ] was awesome uh to see to see
someone go in there that’s why we all love this [ __ ] we recognize Max effort every single time from this guy so uh
bad [ __ ] in his own go ahead Jose uh one question for Kai uh
obviously there’s a lot of like controversy surrounding your last fight and Amir al-baza he wants that title shot Brandon royville wants the title so
I’m curious as a fly away who do you think deserves the next shot at the flyweight the new FlyAway champion pantosia
um I’ll I’ll do this again Make Some Noise if you think I won my last fight yeah
I think I think the only person that thought um uh what’s his name I don’t even got his
name Amir the only person that thought that he won that fight was Amir so um for me I don’t really you know Focus
too much on on uh on that on the result I just focus on the next thing for me
right now it’s just about getting better recovering um the flow at division’s so exciting though there’s so many good fights to be
made um you know I feel like that pantosia Marina fight was probably one of the best fights of the year so
um awesome that these boys are you know putting it on the line for this Division and um people want to see us fight so hats
off to pantosia I feel like the next one in line is probably going to be that Brandon royville
um he’s probably the next in line but yeah whoever it is I know it’s going to be exciting and um I just got to take it
one fight at a time but I’ll be back I’ll be back in the title picture uh I just gotta keep my head down and get
healthy and I’ll be back thank you for the question I’m gonna go back to the fans and then I’ll Circle
back to you sir go ahead oh hello my questions for everyone on
stage uh what’s your most memorable moment from your fighting UFC career so far
my most memorable moment would be when I walked out to fight Michael Johnson that first experience walking out into that
crowd uh smelling that smell something I’ll never forget I wanted to say uh uh headlining in my
hometown UFC Auckland against Felder so we’re looking to bring her back and and do the same thing
um my one would probably be um after like a four month lockdown uh
that’s when I thought Cody garbrandt in Las Vegas and ended up winning by first round knockout so probably that fight
thank you thank you uh I’ll be honest I forgot my question
but I’ve [ __ ] love you she’s a sick [ __ ] including you John I [ __ ] love
you yeah that’s cool thank you all right we’re gonna hit this media member and
then we’ll Ding and Dawn go ahead uh firstly gaichi thank you for making the trip all the way down here uh I know
when the BMF title was kind of put on the table for you you weren’t the biggest fan of it now there’s some
distance between that performance and winning that belt has your opinion changed yeah I think my opinion changed
leading up to the fight um we all fight to create a legacy I want to be remembered forever or as long as
possible and the BMF belt does just that I mean I got the intro belt I got the
BMF belt now that Solace left is the the Undisputed Championship so once I get that
man there’s a there’s none left on the on the list and for Dan and Kai uh when there’s so
many teammates on one card what is the feeling in the gym like
oh it’s been pretty crazy it’s just full of energy like sitting here today just makes me just itching to get back in
there but I do want to say one thing we’ve got John Wayne pass sitting right there front and center
it’s here for John Wayne power baby legend legend [Applause]
hi uh I love all of you guys I met Kai in person and I was willing to meet Dan
but there was a lot of crowd over there but my question is for Justin gaichi hi Justin hey so you literally stopped
Dustin Poirier which I don’t think anyone has ever done in a recent time but like with a head kick headshot dead
headshot dead it’s amazing but he has shown willingness to fight you are you
down for a Trilogy for the belt because you’re gonna fight the winner of Charles and uh Islam Market Chef I believe you
will be those guys just show your Precision you’re gonna beat it I think in time that fight is a hundred percent
um you know he made me wait five years so the next fight is the Undisputed Championship but um you know
I’m never going to deny him that opportunity and again once I get that belt all these fights all these fights
are left yeah you’re truly the baddest [ __ ] yeah thanks man yeah appreciate it thank you back over here
sir hi hi um so I have a question for all three of you guys
um what advice would you give to aspiring fighters who want to make it to the UFC
time on the mats time on the mats don’t um though major in the miners spend a lot
of time um faffing around just get on the mats and and put the hours in
yep uh just um piggybacking off that just uh stay consistent
um and always remind yourself why you started this if that’s to you know build confidence if that’s to learn
self-defense if that’s uh you know test yourself um constantly remind yourself and that
will keep you on track to where you want to be yeah I think um the only reason I’m here
is because I from day one my parents put me in wrestling at four years old and I bought in I bought into the competition
I bought into the the one-on-one scenarios and and I’ve loved it since day one and so
you know if uh if you’re an adult I would say put your kids in it because it’s probably too late and I wouldn’t
recommend this to my enemies so don’t put your kids in it but you know um
again dream come true could have never imagined I’d make it this far in this sport I’m not sure how or why all I know
is uh you know I believed in myself the whole way and I’ve worked my ass off so I guess that’s what you got to do
thank you so much thank you Legends yeah Dan uh Justin we both know that you
both of you are some bad [ __ ] we love a good scrap are you guys ever going to face each
other the man’s in line for a title shot and uh he’s a very smart man so there would
be a very silly move right now but I’m done yeah I wouldn’t say next but again he’s he’s working his way up and as soon
as I have that belt I accept any and all Challengers and I’m sure he’ll be right there
boys Max good job here can I get a higher uh I took a I took a picture of this
fella in the line and he was sourced then say I can’t imagine him now [ __ ] yeah
the [ __ ] out I got some dance [ __ ] bones that [ __ ]
did not hurt at all [ __ ] it on Cheers boys thank you brother
foreign first of all UFC Sydney let’s go
[Music] Goliath you’re a weapon Dan you’re a beast Justin you’re a [ __ ] Savage
John annik you’re a [ __ ] Legend next of all Justin’s away Dan ate that
[ __ ] head kick and kept charging forward after you [ __ ] go and kill Islam
Market because we all [ __ ] hate him here in Australia
we challenge Dan for the BMF [ __ ] title absolutely I said any and all
takers this man is a legend he filled his he sealed his fate with his last fight in many fights before that uh I’ve
been a big fan of this guy for a long time again any and all takers that’s the name of the game that’s my [ __ ] job so that’s what I’m here for [ __ ] eyes
brother and I’m a big fan of you you’re an awkorn you’re a hero of the father in the UFC and last of all can I have your
hat I am sorry but I cannot give a second he
loves this hey usually I would a kid and I felt so [ __ ] bad telling him no but
dude my head’s so good uh UFC Sydney oh yeah
Justin was actually talking backstage about how much he loves this hat that he got in Salt Lake City so just to back
him up there go ahead young man what do you have oh I got a question for all three of you uh what inspired you to
pursue MMA I just love their fights
man it was just one fight at a time um chasing that chasing that Adrenaline
Rush um and then all of a sudden you know I win my first 18 and I’m here so
who [ __ ] knows I love it though I’m telling you uh I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s it’s what I was made for
yeah same thing I grew up playing a lot of team sports but fighting is where I felt the ultimate
like challenge that’s why I got the most out of so I was hooked from there all right thanks thank you
back over here brother what do you have oh yes this is for all three of you I’m
kind of backpacking on a question you all answered earlier but I would just like to know maybe what are your best
tips for a young amateur fighter just starting their career or wanting to get into it what would be maybe the best
routine or the best advice you could uh yeah like find a
good coach find a good gym find a good coach they can give you the skills that you need to to succeed
yeah that and holding yourself accountable I mean you are you know you can’t lie to
yourself you look at yourself in the mirror and you have to be honest and this this sport is tough it’s rough but
it’s uh the most exciting sport in the world and so if you really want to do this you create a routine and you stick
to a routine every single day yeah same thing just learn learn to love the grind just work hard don’t be lazy
get up and um yeah work towards your dreams all right thank you thank you back over here brother
yeah Dan uh one of your favorite fights or my favorite fights with you and Dustin would you run it back to venge
loss yeah uh definitely there will be a good next um that’ll be a good next match up
so uh we’ll see how it goes it’s the balls in his court
I’ll see what I can do brother thank you [Laughter]
back over here yep uh this is a question for everyone on stage what are your predictions for the main event
uh Israel KO yep pretty much the same Israel by
knockout or at least finish we love this sport because anything can
happen so I’m excited to watch it but I I do think arasani is going to knock him out every new John
I gotta call the fight brother so probably can’t make a prediction right I mean if I want to keep my job
well let’s just say I think Sean Strickland’s expecting a long fight so let’s see if he can extend Izzy a little
bit but I do think that it’s a big challenge in front of him and uh I think it’s the worst stylistic matchup for him
in the division doesn’t mean he can’t win it thank you thank you boys thank you hey we got about 15 minutes left so
if you have not lined up yet I would kindly ask you not to do so we’re going to try to clear out as many of you as
humanly possible what do you have sir yo my question so Carl I just wanted to know if you have a solid game plan of
getting a title shot and how you’re going to feel when they’re not smoking and win the Premiership
I forgot the knights are even the top eight bro they win it hey watch your
mouth bro watch your mouth hey just just just watch the real game tomorrow night Warriors and the Panthers the boys are
gonna get up they’re going to Ambush and they’re going to take out the uh the premiers so
rugby league rugby league um and your other question bro sorry uh I guess for me to get back into tidal
contention bro I just got to keep my head down um not look at not look past anyone in this division just take it one
fight at a time obviously would love the UFC to come back to Auckland my hometown maybe we me and Manuel can run it back
in Auckland the show up the nights thank you sir what do you have
first off beautiful t-shirt first off first off thank you first off afterwards uh Shout Out New
Zealand let’s [ __ ] go let’s go my questions for Dan hooker the goat uh
how’s the recovery been from the Jalen Turner war and uh how are you looking for the future yeah million bucks so
we’re back in there in no time let’s [ __ ] go
my questions for big Dan hooker we had a cracker fight with Paul Felder
a while back uh he’s expressed interest in coming back and rumors of circulator
that he’s come back into the usaider pool what do you reckon about his comeback
that is a tough water you know he I didn’t feel like he should have walked away I feel like he had a lot of tread
left on the tires so it’s good to see him back uh they’ve been talks to him saying he wants to fight Jim Miller UFC
300 and I think that that’s a perfect fight cheers mate semtex Mafia cart Mafia
let’s [ __ ] go thank you brother I uh I have two questions uh one for all
three of you uh it was a perfect world and you could choose your next opponent who would it be
I’ll say Oliveira Dustin
but now [Music] and John uh what’s your most memorable
memorable experience in the UFC you know I oftentimes say when a fighter breaks through and becomes a champion
for the first time that’s the most special thing for me whether it was Brandon Moreno doing it or Leon Edwards
doing it uh what this dude did in Salt Lake City was pretty [ __ ] special as well but for me I think most of those
instances when a man or woman breaks through and becomes the first time UFC champion I’d have to say Leon Edwards
probably Takes the Cake though thank you respect thank you John annik never retired brother voice
of the UFC we love you thank you man this is a question for the trivia and
just answer it individually so obviously you’re all legends and incredible Fighters but who is your UFC goat
Anderson Silva uh probably Israel arasania
I think Silva yeah that’s that’s when I grew up watching the sport and fell in love with it and he was so dominant [ __ ]
was exciting appreciate it thank you very much that’s a question for all three of you
Dirk and you’ll be Bradley Martin at a street fight [Applause]
could you beat Bradley Martin in a street fight ER
oh that guy [ __ ] it all you gotta do is last about 20 seconds and he’s [ __ ] so
yes but he’s 260. okay 10 seconds
thank you guys thank you this is a question for gaichi if you could fight anyone including boxing who
would you want to fight yeah
[ __ ] that oh [ __ ]
I mean dude the only thing on my radar right now is this winter of October uh makachevra Oliveira I mean I I have no
other dream fight than the winner of that fight right now thank you
back over here sir hey boys to be honest um a few of my questions got taken but um Derek and Cody’s should be on the
usada list the boys from the New Zealand Cody’s the drink yeah I heard it from
one of the boys in the crowd but they should be banned in general what it was a court case in a can yeah
that’s what they call what really is it for the boys in Australia and the girls in Australia oh we grew up drinking them the bourbon and
cokes but they’re like they were 12 percenters when we were growing up so they’re they they pinch you oh thanks
boys you’re back over here
uh Justin um welcome to Australia um I’ve got a question for you if you
ever want to have a mad feed here in Australia I would love to invite you with Jean known Punchbowl if you ever
Keen [Applause]
I love food I [ __ ] love food as you can tell
trees brother thank you back over here young man what do you have oh what do you feel about um Jack Paul fighting MMA
fighters this is for free I don’t
yeah I got that nothing but good things to say about that guy that guy’s making more money than us fighting and he
didn’t grow up doing it so Props to him um I’d like to see him fight an MMA fight yeah that’d be awesome he’s been
taking advantage of uh these MMA fighters crossing over to a different sport so it’ll be good to see him come over I know he wrestled so
in the past growing up so yeah it’d be fun do you think he’ll knock out an ideas
34. I mean in MMA I think it’s absolutely a possibility
but again I think um if you’ve never done this and you’re fighting five minute rounds and there’s some grappling
involved you’re exhausted and you can’t [ __ ] move so he would probably be in that situation thank you
thank you Justin to Dan have you ever considered dying your hair red because it looks so
[ __ ] badass and give my secret away I’ve gotta I’ve got to save something for the next fight exactly thanks boys
enjoy your time thank you my questions for Dan back in February
after volkanovsky and makachev you made a comment about um yeah
um khabib came out later and said he was worried about Islam only having 12 hours
less preparation time in Vogue with that in mind do you stand by your comment and
if you did I apologize and my next question was
if you answer affirmative is Assad are going to come around for more tests I’ve
been tested a few times since yeah I was reading that any more since like a lot more since oh there was a few there was
a few there following man before I had a few knocks on the door thanks very much please thank you
I I got the question for Akai um Muhammad Makai if he posted that he
just want to fight with you what do you think about it like
yeah who is that you don’t know um yeah I guess he’s talented young
young up-and-comer uh you know young prospects just keep winning and then I
might know who your name is what do you think he’s uh wrestling because that Pakistan people they’re just wrestling
very good they got good skills what would you think about it I thought these guys before undefeated
um Dagestan Russian wrestlers yeah and I beat them so I I welcome all the challenges I don’t
shy away from anyone like I’ve been on a sport long enough and you’re in the UFC you’re fighting the best guys in the
world so it’s not a place to pick and choose your fights if you’re here to be the best fight the best so if you’re a
prospect or up-and-comer bring it like I’m not shying away from anything
um there’s a for the gauge engaging um when you fight with the Habib
um it’s that hard to with wrestling with him what do you think like he’s
wrestling yeah I mean he’s incredibly strong um I thought you know he’s a goat he’s the
girl he was so dominant and the night that I fought him he was even better you know with uh with what he was fighting
for it was larger than life and it’s something I could feel when I was in there and it was going to take
something um that I was not capable of producing that night to be him so he was
he was great thank you back over here sir all right
so John I think you’ve you’ve seen many many exciting Fighters over your time
but you’re sitting next to three of the most exciting guys in the UFC right now where do they rank for you in terms of
exciting Fighters well I’ve been super proud of Kai’s progression right because I think there are a lot of people that
discounted him at times in the past and to see him realize an interim title shot was very special for me just as a fan
Dan [ __ ] hooker and Dustin Poirier at the UFC Apex in 2020 that’s one of the best fights I’ve ever called that second
round maybe the best round that I’ve ever called at least offensively I
introduced him as one of my favorites so I think you know how I feel about Dan and when I’ve talked about Justin gaichi
in the past I’ve introduced him as your favorite Fighter’s favorite fighter so uh I’m just dripping with buckets of
respect for these guys and obviously it’s an honor for me to be up here with them today so thank you thank you
I’ll go to a hypothetical Vibe For You Justin you versus two Mighty mouses in the Octagon who wins and and lastly Ewan
Canelo both have incredible chins and really great boxing are you guys related
we might be related I don’t know um but uh I think two Demetrius
Johnson’s would probably be uh too much to overcome he’s a [ __ ] athlete man
he fast um I don’t even think I would see his see his ass and then I’ll be getting hit
from every angle so that would be a tough one and I don’t know if we’re related but I got plenty of family down
in Mexico I’m sure if you follow or follow the tree one way or another
thank you you’re a second thanks thank you um this is a question I’ve got two
questions um if you didn’t make it to the USA what would be your career
I would probably be working in a mine or a copper mine I went to school I got went to college Human Services I would
hope that that’s the route that I would be taking and um I don’t know what I would do with that but it turns out
through fighting I get to inspire the world so it actually works it works out
perfect I get to touch touch that side of what I wanted to do up here so it’s perfect
I used to be a bouncer that was pretty fun as I wake up with my hands so probably
just a uh probably be a builder or something like that uh for me uh I didn’t even know what I’d
be doing um playing some sport professionally but yeah
and Dan hooker can you verse Max all the way and be a [ __ ] Legend fight
be a good scrap be a good scrap big pay-per-views thank you
question for Dan how did you eat that head kick from Jalen Turner and what was going through your head actually I I it
was funny I saw the kick but my arm was already broken I was expecting my arm to come up and block it so I just watched
it hit my face I was more I was more embarrassed than anything but I did like
do a 360 spoon and then I looked and there was all there was three of them standing in front of me
and I just went for the one on the left and it was the right one so I made it was probably a one out of three in their
fight and I made the right call
uh question for Justin I know you’re waiting for Islam versus Oliver a winner but who would be your dream opponent if
you put the BMF title on the line uh I mean probably McGregor at the end
of the day um like I said a chance to take him out for good would be is that the top of my
list um sure sure I like money too I fight for
money so that’s always good but no the the the chance to take him out and for
one shut all of his fans up for the rest of my life at least would be special that’s that’s better for me than the
money I wish to say thank you back over here young man uh my
question goes to Kai if you’ll fly back in June went differently do you think
you would be in tighter condition right now that’s the thing um in my career I’ve
always um you know stayed in shape outside of my camps um You Gotta Stay Ready obviously to
get the right opportunity at the right time so yeah definitely I would uh would
it would only take me a few months to get back into um I guess Peak Performance but that’s what we do as a job this is this is our
livelihood this is how we provide for our families and put food on the table so if we’re not in the gym then we’re in
the wrong career so um yeah I’m definitely you know a few fights away from the title but that’s
always that’s always the goal to be the best in the world thank you thank you
uh this one’s for John and Justin does our use of the word [ __ ] catch you guys off guard
the first time when they called me a sick [ __ ] I was like hey [ __ ] can you can you call me but now I know I
know I know it’s uh it’s a term of respect and endearment so can you say you guys are all sick [ __ ] we’d really
you guys are awesome sick [ __ ] [ __ ] thank you
sorry Mom I think it sounds better when the Aussies say it than when us Americans
try to say but that was pretty good go ahead brother so I want to put you guys want to hear
me say sitcom yes stay sit come
you’re a sick [ __ ] [ __ ] you got a question I got a question 500 I want to put a bet
on tomorrow main co-main knockout rounds what is it
predictions I’ll put it on I’ll message you afterwards yeah is the entire KO round one
[Music] anyone else I like to say uh save your money
it’s a crazy wise to be fair crazy sport you never know man I’ll go round one cheers hi
hi I’m the same as dead round one nice cheers thank you brother appreciate it cheers Legend guys
traded at ckb stop stop I thought if you remember me you watch me do my uh sparring course Dan
how did I do brother oh [ __ ] it’s beautiful you’ll be in here you’ll be in this cage in no time mate yeah
thank you brother all right all right all right so uh this one’s
actually gonna start off with J.A I know you usually like to make it about the fighters and defer and give the shine to
them but I just want to say from an audience standpoint I appreciate great commentary and I know it when I see it
so I’m talking about the Kevin harlins of the world the Al Michaels of the worlds you were going to go down as one
of the if not the most memorable voice as the most sickest [ __ ] there is
every every one of those individuals on stage they’ve had a John Annex call to a fight
ending sequence and it’s just like there’s nothing like it honestly at the end of the day
project forget you just want to say man you and
Dan honestly like the way you guys scrap I know you guys are putting it all out there for the like for yourselves and for the fans at the end of the day but
it’s just such a style that’s generous to us and I feel like it doesn’t really go appreciated enough so you know I want
to just give the flowers out there to the individuals like yourselves who are laying it all out there on the line even
even my boy even my boy kaikara you know I know you wanted this so badly man but a concussion is not something you bounce
back from so soon we understand it man at the end of the day I came out from California to see these scraps and at
the end of the day it’s all love we just want nothing but the best for you guys and the best scraps and man this is
there’s no sport like this man so at the end of the day thank you bro I appreciate it no nothing like putting on
a show and [ __ ] lighting up the world in an instant with pure energy it’s what
I’ve lived for so it can do without you guys so you know that’s the only reason we’re up here thank you thank you man
means a tremendous lot look forward to shaking your hand thank you so much for that appreciate it all right real quick guys we got like
two minutes before I get these guys out of here go ahead all right two questions quickly Dan who’s your dream fight and
Justin what’s better than watermelon and feta office here
now we’re going to my own Christian first uh this fire can get next is Dustin’s
arms sticking with it uh this is the first time I’ve ever seen feta cheese stacked on top of watermelon
[Music] I did try it was it was not bad the textures really Collide but uh it’s
funny it was good better than I expected I could tell you that thank you [ __ ] weird
go ahead brother all right this one goes out to the baddest [ __ ] on stage Justin gaichi it’s not a question it’s a
request would you put me in a rear naked choke and put me to sleep right here I would rather kick you in the leg you
want one of those I’ll take that yeah okay okay okay
I’ll take it yeah I’ll kick this road get on down here you’re about to get kicked in the leg
yes oh I’m sorry brother that’s telling me absolutely not sorry
I’ll find you on the streets this is one gentleman I do not want to piss off so sorry about that I stepped out sorry ah
I can’t choke you all right final question young man what do you have when I see you out there
come see me in line tomorrow and I’ll kick you I promise you that
um this is a question for everybody I was wondering what your favorite walkout songs of all time are that aren’t your
own it’s not ours or that’s quite tied to
evasics cannot be beaten they are the best they’re probably ties
um Shannon Knoll what about me iconic I was rocking out to Dustin’s song in
this last fight that’s a good one it’s a good walkout um yeah it’s been with him since day one
so it’s [ __ ] awesome I was loving it you know you guys are just so awesome we’re so thankful to be
here can we hear it one final time for these athletes just in case she Dan hooker Kai Kata France
sleep well ladies and gentlemen Sunday morning up the walls