UFC 293 Adesanya vs. Strickland | Full Card Breakdown, Predictions and Bets


In this article, we will be breaking down the full card for UFC 293: Adesanya vs. Strickland. We will provide predictions and analysis for each fight on the card, as well as potential betting opportunities. UFC 293 promises to be an exciting event, featuring some highly anticipated matchups in the men’s heavyweight division. Let’s dive into the details of the fights and see what we can expect from the fighters.

Justin Tafa vs. Austin Lane

One of the most anticipated fights in the men’s heavyweight division is the rematch between Justin Tafa and Austin Lane. Their previous fight was canceled just 38 seconds into the first round due to an eye poke. Now, they have the opportunity to settle the score.

Justin Tafa, with a record of 6-3, is known for his South Park kickboxing style and his devastating knockout power. He has finished all of his wins, with six of them coming by knockout. Tafa is a tough and durable fighter, known for his powerful left body kicks and forward pressure. He has knockout power in both hands and is always looking to land the big shot. Tafa’s striking defense may not be the best, but his aggressive style and powerful leg kicks make him a dangerous opponent.

On the other hand, Austin Lane, a former football player, brings explosive power and size to the octagon. Standing at 6’6″ and weighing in at 265 pounds, Lane is a force to be reckoned with. He possesses powerful body kicks and knockout power in both hands. While his striking defense may not be his strong suit, Lane’s physicality and explosiveness make him a formidable opponent.

Prediction: Justin Tafa by knockout in the first or second round. Both fighters are known for their aggressive styles and knockout power, so we can expect an exciting fight. However, Tafa’s durability and ability to finish fights give him the edge in this matchup.

Tui Tuivasa vs. Alexander Volkov

In the co-main event of the evening, Tui Tuivasa will face off against Alexander Volkov in the men’s heavyweight division. Tuivasa, known for his toughness and durability, is a Pacific Islander fighter with a record of 15-5. He possesses knockout power in both hands and is particularly dangerous with his overhand right. Tuivasa’s leg kicks are also a notable weapon in his arsenal.

Alexander Volkov, standing at 6’7″ and weighing in at 250 pounds, brings a significant size advantage to this matchup. With a record of 36-10, Volkov is a skilled kickboxer with powerful strikes. He has finished four of his five wins, with knockouts over notable opponents such as Alistair Overeem and Jairzinho Rozenstruik. Volkov’s front and push kicks to the body are particularly effective, and he possesses knockout power in his right hand.

Prediction: Alexander Volkov by knockout. While Tui Tuivasa is known for his durability and knockout power, Volkov’s size, power, and kickboxing skills give him the advantage in this matchup. Tuivasa has been knocked out in his last two fights, and Volkov’s ability to finish fights makes him the likely winner.

Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland

In the main event of the evening, Israel Adesanya will defend his middleweight title against Sean Strickland. Adesanya, with a record of 24-2, is considered one of the best kickboxers in the world. His fight IQ and striking skills are second to none. Adesanya’s leg kicks are a major weapon, and his counter-striking ability is exceptional. He has knockout power in both hands and is known for his precision and accuracy.

Sean Strickland, with a record of 27-5, is a talented boxer with excellent toughness and cardio. He has a strong jab and throws a high volume of strikes. However, Strickland’s boxing-centric style leaves him vulnerable to leg kicks and body kicks. His defensive wrestling is decent, but he has not shown much offensive wrestling in his fights.

Prediction: Israel Adesanya by knockout. Adesanya’s superior striking skills, fight IQ, and ability to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses make him the clear favorite in this matchup. Strickland’s heavy reliance on boxing leaves him open to Adesanya’s leg kicks and counter-strikes. Expect Adesanya to capitalize on these opportunities and secure a knockout victory.


UFC 293 promises to be an action-packed event, featuring exciting matchups in the men’s heavyweight division and a highly anticipated middleweight title fight. Justin Tafa vs. Austin Lane and Tui Tuivasa vs. Alexander Volkov are expected to be explosive battles, with both fighters possessing knockout power. In the main event between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland, Adesanya’s superior striking skills and fight IQ give him the edge. Overall, UFC 293 is shaping up to be an event filled with thrilling fights and potential betting opportunities.

Stay tuned for more updates and analysis as we get closer to fight night. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Patreon, and Discord for all the latest news and insights. Let’s make this year the biggest and best year yet for MMA. Thank you for your continued support.

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fights um let me get this pathology up here and then we will get this started
um first fight of the night is Kevin Josette vs Kiefer Crosby Kevin is eight
and two currently stand up minus 150 he’s fighting out of France and Australia it’s 30 years old his reaching
height aren’t available but he’s pretty tall and pretty long he’s at least five eleven with the 72 inch reach Kiefer
Crosby is 10-3 currently sitting at plus 110 33 years old 511 with the 73 inch
reach and Kevin Johnson man he’s got good kickboxing France he’s a French dude with with pretty good kickboxing
he’s got a decent jab um really nice clinch excellent clinch knees a good judo throws man I’ve seen him in a
couple of his fights be able to hit dudes with judo throws and then and really throw him off guard decent kick
game he works the legs he works the body really well he’s got good BJJ um when he can get the fight to the ground which
he’s got decent wrestling but when he gets the fight to the ground he can take the back control all from their work for the rear naked shelves it’s got really
good grounding pound uh super tough with with really good cardio um his only stop his only stoppage loss was the Jack
Della Madden Delena and that was because of a cut and I mean he was getting beat up a little bit in the second round but the first round was tough and he’s got
some decent fights in his uh fight record this precious dude was 11-1 he beat him by split that was a pretty good
win the Kiefer Crosby Big Daddy they call him if you’ve seen him man this kid has a very exciting fighting style
fighting out of Ireland he spot in uh uh Bellator a lot but he’s got really nice boxing he’s got some professional boxing
experience really good boxing his last fight he was able to knock out Alex Oliveira and the ex-ufc fighter in the
first round man them dudes really really threw it on he’s got nice powerful leg kicks he’s got good power in his right hand that’s what he was hitting the
Alabama with all over the place powerful ground upon elbows he pushes a crazy Pace um he’ll start off slow but as soon
as the first real big connection hits man it turns into just the crazy dog fights what happened with Charlie
Charlie Leary um where he had he got he was getting beat up pretty bad at the end of that round he he had Larry hurt then Leary
crown and then he got cut real bad on the eyelid so they stopped it but um he’s a tough dude he spot a lot of
people he’s very tough he’s got pretty pretty decent um wrestling when he wants to use a good grounding pound uh throws
with power in everything he does he excels in a dog fight man um I think
that this is going to be Kevin just sets fight I think he’s gonna be tough enough I’ve seen him take that Jack down the
Mata Delana beating so I think he’s going to be tough enough to um hang because Kiefer Crosby slows down man he slows down bad as the fight goes so I
think that uh that the first round is gonna be super tough Kiefer Crosby will probably win that round and then in the
second round Kevin just will start taking over as Crosby slows down the problem with like predicting a finish in
this fight which I do like the under but I believe just sets last four fights have gone um or his last fight he got a
ground in Palm but before that four of them went to decision and two of them four were split in majority so he fights
close it’s tough to call this fight and actually want to predict a winner and I know it’s got close odds I’m gonna take
Kevin just set I’m Gonna Save By finish because like I said keep Crosby slows down but I’ll probably be staying away
from that fight next fight is an immense 155 pound division we got Nazareth
heck harassed versus Landon Quinones hecbarast is 14-5 currently sitting at
minus 410 he’s 28 years old 510 with a 72 inch reach Quinones is 7-1-1
currently sitting at plus 3 20 27 years old five nine with the 72 inch reach that’s right hack for ass man he’s been
fighting in the UFC for a long time and even though he’s only 28 years old he’s got phenomenal boxing Southpaw boxing
he’s got an excellent jab he likes to work the 1-2 he’ll come over with the one three
um I just like this dude I actually won four with the hell am I saying but um he’ll he’ll he he’s just a dude I just
got all mixed up with my damn numbers nice jab nice one too sneaky left head kick too because he doesn’t really throw
too many kicks but he’s got a fast left kick to the body left kick to the Head good movement good faints he throws a
decent amount of volume um works the body well he’s not really a one punch knockout guy you see here uh
he’s got 9k I’m in the UFC because his last one two three four five fights have went to
decision and before that he got knocked out before they added one knockout and then three more decisions before this so
This dude really really goes their decision a lot like I said he’s pretty one-dimensional he’s not going to use too much offensive wrestling he’s not
going to use too much Jiu Jitsu um pretty good offensive and defensive wrestling though but he’s gonna box you
he’s gonna box you up he’s going to use movement he’s gonna use that jab and he’s gonna uh box you up over time
Landing Quinones man if you’ve seen him on the ultimate fighter that did not really show what uh what he’s about when
I go back and watch tape and he got overwhelmed by Jason Knight and then triangle choke but um it’s weird because
he had a tough fight with Muhammad who was the one that knocked out Jamie Malarkey on short notice and that dude’s
pretty tough and hits pretty hard you see and he had a split decision lost to him so don’t let that Ultimate Fighter
um fight throw you off on this kid he’s really not that bad he’s got pretty good uh Southpaw kickboxing powerful left
body kicks he’s got a good left left kick running go to the leg body your head with it he’s got a nice straight
left right down the right on the pipe he’s got good leg kicks good offensive and defensive wrestling and Jiu Jitsu
it’s weird how that Kevin Knight Jason Knight fight played out like I don’t know if nerves got to him or once or
what because uh before that he had never uh he’d never been finished in a fight he got finished like I said on the
exhibition but never been finished he’s been in there with some decent dudes man and I was finishing them he’s got uh six
finishes out of his seven wings and he’s tough he’s well-rounded he’s durable um I’m taking a nazarette hack for us
here I think he gets it done I think he gets it done by decision but um Landon’s gonna be in there fighting tough man I
think this kid’s not too bad it’s showing on the tough fighter a tough Ultimate Fighter do not let that fool
you this kid’s actually pretty decent but nazarette is still going to use that experience toughness and um just
all-around vet experience to get this win next fight is in the men’s lightweight division we got Jamie
Malarkey versus John mcdessie Jamie Malarkey is 16-6 screen instead of minus 190 actually he’s minus 250. 29 years
old uh six foot with the 74 inch reach John mcdess is 18-8 currently sitting at
about plus 238 years old five eight with the 68 entry so you see mcdust he’s nine years older and then Malarkey is going
to be four inches taller with six inches of reach uh Jamie Malarkey man he’s got pretty good
kickboxing he has really good boxing he doesn’t throw too many kicks but he does have really good boxing he throws power he
throws combination he it’s long um he’s able to uh sneak in his left hook he’s got good power in his straight
right he’s got a nice left hook he’s got a nice clinch he’s got really nice clenched knees you see me he’s able to
put um Devonte Smith out against the cage he hit him with some punches and then hit him with some knees too and I
mean he just threw a beating onto but they Smith on the cage but uh you’ve seen left hook is is good he he’s got
that with Karma worthy was able to put him out early he was able to stay safe against Francisco Prado killed a bunch
of us I’m sure against Muhammad naimov I had him in that and um he just got a little cocky but usually he’s very
durable he had a good fight with Michael Johnson um good offense in the defensive grappling pretty good wrestling um good
Jujitsu on the ground he pushes a crazy crazy Pace he’s very tough very durable
likes to get in fire fights and then just outpace you and out tough you and then he’s fighting John mcdessie this
time who’s it’s a weird fight it’s the fight nobody asked for 38 years old the dude’s got a good kickboxing
phenomenal kickboxing very low output though he’s got good leg and body kicks he’ll throw a lot of them and volume
decent boxing doesn’t really use it too too much really nice movement and faints but that’s like he’s doing that more
than throwing anything uh good counter striking because he’s not really throwing anything Stone Paints the counters trying to get you to strike and
he’s super durable with good good cardio but he’s not dangerous um he’s not really gonna beat you any
gonna beat Jamie Malarkey anywhere in this fight I expect Jamie Malarkey to hit him with more power more volume and
have the wrestling and grappling Advantage if it goes there but um give me Jamie Malarkey I’m actually going to
say by decision because John mcdess is very hard to finish unless you hit him with the spinning wheel kick like Landon
Lando vanata you know it’s very hard to get out of there so then we went out of him with the spinning wheel kick um but
yeah man I’m gonna take Jaime Malarkey here I’m actually going to say that JB Malarkey goes the distance I’m gonna say that he wins he he plays it a little
more safe after getting knocked out by going too hard last fight Mercedes plays it safe and I’m gonna say this one goes to decision next fight is in the men’s
featherweight Division and this is going to be a good one we got Shang young versus Gabriel Miranda Shane Young he’s
13 and seven 30 years old five foot eight with the 72 inch reach curtaining minus 165 Gabriel fly Miranda is 16 and
six he’s currently sitting at plus 140 33 years old 511 with the 71 entries so
you see Miranda is going to be three inches taller and then uh Shane Young’s gonna have an inch and a half up reach
Shane young man on he’s just really not all that great a fighter to be honest man he’s got forward pressure he’s got
decent boxing he’s got kind of kind of good leg kicks but they’ve all come out slow because he’s really thick and
compact dude decent jab um super durable he’s got seven losses but
only one KO loss you see there’s zero submission losses six decision uh losses he’s never been subbed in his whole
career but he’s also never fought a high level of Jiu Jitsu if you go look through his whole uh this whole um fight
history he’s never fought a high level Jiu Jitsu guy volkanowski wasn’t taking him down and looking for Subs he’s just beating him up I mean he took him down
but he wasn’t he’s not he wasn’t looking for Subs back then and stuff so um that that’s something you got to look out for
but he’s like well-rounded he’s got pretty good offensive and defensive wrestling he’s got pretty good striking
in boxing he’s got pretty good defense that’s why he doesn’t really get knocked out and he’s super durable his only knockout was that uh left head kick from
Ludovic Klein back in the day that like not even a couple years ago and that was real early into the first round but just
uh like uh uh well-rounded guy that it’s not great anywhere he’s just good everywhere and he’s pretty slow and um
that’s why he’s just been losing a ton Gabriel Miranda I’m kind of interested in this guy I mean last fight you know
he got melted by Benoit Saint Denis but that’s just that’s just what it’s is par for the course it seems like at this
point but before that if you watch he has not fought nobody good he has a very low level of uh competition but man I
kind of like this kid I kind of like this kid he’s got he’s got good wrestling he’s got phenomenal Jiu Jitsu
when he’s on the ground whether he’s on top or on bottom he’s looking for submissions he’s got good stand up he actually I mean he didn’t Rock and like
hurt but Noy but he had been wild but he cracked and while a couple times stopped him in his tracks from his forward pressure and um on the ground he tried a
couple deep submission uh Guillotines and stuff like that but he’s got pretty good striking I don’t think his cardio
he came in and fought them on short notice too so you got to take that into consideration I don’t think his cardio
is as bad as that um I watched some other fights in the regional scene where he’s getting guys out of there in the second round with submissions
um he’s he’s got excellent uh arm bars rear naked chokes he’s got really good
triangle chokes he’s just a excellent fighter and like I said his striking’s not bad um this fight is weird they got Shane
young as the favorite I don’t think he should be the favorite the only the reason I think he could be the favorite if he’s like gets takedowns and stays
safe on top because uh he might have the wrestling to keep just standing but man I’m even standing I don’t see where he’s
that much better I’m going to take Gabriel Miranda I’m going to take him by summer decision um I don’t know how it plays out but I’m
gonna take Miranda I think he’s the better fighter here I think he’s definitely the more dangerous fighter and I’m just not high on Shane Young and
I definitely would never take him as a favorite over anybody in the UFC next fight is in the men’s 170 pound division
we got blood diamond versus Charlie Chuck Buffalo ratke uh Blood Diamond man this dude is three and two Crimson at
plus 195 35 years old 5-11 with the 76 inch reach Chuck Buffalo is seven and
three currently sitting at minus 250 33 years old 510 reach not available probably about a 74 inch reach um Blood
Diamond man you know this guy dude you’ve seen him fight twice and you’ll see Jeremiah Wells and then he fought Ryan Cosi he’s got excellent kickboxing
he comes from the kickboxing background he grew up with Israel kickboxing in China and he’s good man he’s he’s got
excellent kicks a pretty good uh boxing powerful leg and body kicks with both legs man he’s got a good clinch good
clinch knees decent take down defense and decent get up game you guys may laugh at me for that but like Jeremiah
Wells uh what like One for four on takedowns he took him down and controlled him and he got submission Jeremiah was a bad dude but Ryan Cosi
was having trouble taking him down until he finally gassed out in the third round um and uh he stopped a lot of takedowns
in that and even in the second round I had cozy hurt and was looking pretty good but he slowed down and gassed out back but um yeah man decent boxing good
kick game throws uh head kicks body kicks and leg kicks with that left leg and it’s just super super durable but um
the man guesses out and he’s super one-dimensional Chuck Buffalo man um I went and watched this a lot of his
Regional scene fights I watched Justin Montalvo fight where he got dropped and finished with a body shot he’s got good
wrestling he’s got good boxing he’s got some pop in his hands his left hand he uses a lot he uses the lead left hook
and Jab a lot more than his right hand but he’s got good BJJ when he gets the fight right to the ground he’s taking the back he’s constantly looking for
Subs he’s always looking for subs from his back or on top he’s looking for a rear naked he’s looking for the guillotine he’s just constantly looking
for something’s got a nice DARS um back takes are good rear naked chokes are good and he seems pretty tough and
pretty durable he did like I said in that montavo fight kind of get overwhelmed and beat up in that second
round and he’s gotten finished like that twice this is a very weird fight I don’t know why Chuck Buffalo is such a big
favorite I mean I guess they think he’s just gonna come out here and take him down and finish him I’m not that confident he does that I am going to
pick him because he’s got decent enough striking to stay kind of safe with blood diamond and then he should have the
grappling Advantage where he should be able to get the takedowns and get a lot of control because not only does he have the wrestling but he has that Jiu Jitsu
to hold him down so give me Chuck Buffalo um I don’t know if he Subs him or not I’m not really confident in that fight
I’ll probably be staying away from that fight but give me Chuck Buffalo and um just using that grappling next fight is
in the men’s featherweight division we got Jack Jenkins versus chepe Marisol um Jack Jack is 12 and 2 kernelson and
minus two twenties 30 years old five foot seven with the 68 inch reach chepe is 14 and six currently send a plus 170.
he’s 30 years old five seven with the 69 inch reach Jack Jenkins man he’s been looking good uh that fight with uh Jamal
emmers last time was close but he still looked good in it um he’s got phenomenal kickboxing he’s got excellent leg kicks
um he supposedly broke three dudes fabulous with his uh leg kicks
he’s got nice switch dance striking his boxing is good he’s fast he cuts really good angles his softball stance when he
boxes out of South Boston he holds some power good offensive and defensive wrestling you know um in the third round
against Jamal emmers he did get taken down um and held down for a long parts of that but the kid’s tough the kid’s
durable he’s a gamer he’s got pretty good cardio he hits hard and um like I said the leg
kicks are phenomenal and he’s just he’s just well-rounded he’s gonna fight you anywhere and I do like him chepe marisk
oh man we’ve seen him last fight with Trevor Peak up away class on short notice he showed he’s a great fighter
man he’s showed he’s super super durable he’s very well-rounded he’s got a college wrestling background he’s got
powerful leg kicks his hands are super nice you’ve seen him hitting Peak with some big shots excellent counters
excellent hit tosses uh jiu jitsu’s good good grounding pound he’s got a win over Pat sabatini back in the day he’s fought
Bryce Mitchell if you look every one of his losses he’s got six losses every one of them are our UFC caliber guys except
Frank bonfontaine or bonifayne whatever that dude’s name is um but Gregor Gillespie Bryce Mitchell Joe Anderson
Brito Steve Garcia and Soriano they either were in the UFC or are in the UFC so he’s got a really really good
strength to schedule outside the UFC like I said well-rounded has excellent power excellent wrestling
it’s going to be a really really really good fight I know it’s in Australia so that’s going to have the crowd on Jack Jenkins side and it’s probably gonna um
uh put the judges on his side but I’m taking chepe man I think chepe is going to have the wrestling Advantage here
chip is super durable he’s got good leg kicks himself you’ve seen against Trevor Peak he took some big ass shots dude he
took big punches big knees to the body big leg kicks and he gave them all back he’s super game he’s super tough and at
plus 170 give me chepe mariscal I think that this is going to be a super close fight and maybe the judges screw him
over but um I can see him using that wrestling to if if Jamal emmers would have went to his wrestling earlier on
Jack Jack and Jenkins he probably could have won that fight Jack Jenkins shody can be controlled off on his back
um for large Parsons He was controlled for like three minutes in the third round in that fight but yeah man give me chepe I just think he’s a little bit
more well-rounded he’s a dog he’s game he’s been fighting you know training with Justin gaichi for years give me
chippe in that one man next fight is in the men’s light heavyweight division we got Carlos Goldberg versus Dalton John
Carlos Blackjack woolberg is eight and one currently Center minus 300 32 years
old 6 four with the 77 inch reached out um Jung is fifteen four and one
currently send that plus 220. 29 years old 6’4 with the 78.5 inch reach so you
see everything’s pretty even Darwin John has a inch and a half of a reach advantage Carlos Albury Man City kickboxing guy
phenomenal kickboxing this dude’s tall long hits hard he’s super fast he cuts
crazy angles he has excellent striking defense his left hand is murdered man his jab hurts people his left hook is
putting people out his ground and pound is phenomenal um just a just like so explosive his
left head kick both of his head kicks but his left head kick is so fast that’s the first kick that he hit uh Kennedy
and Joker with and was able to get him hurt and then he hit him with everything but the kitchen sink I don’t know how Kennedy survived that I really don’t but
the dude is super fast super powerful like I said world-class kickboxing his kicks his leg kicks are phenomenal his
leg kicks are money that’s what he was using against uh negro Manu and got him worried about that then it comes up top
with the head case or he just hits you with the like I said left jab comes over the top with the right I’m hyped up
about Carlos wilbury man this dude is really really good his movement’s really good it is defensive grappling is kind
of unknown he’s shown a decent takedown defense to find trying to take him down Fabio tried to take him down and show
decent take down defense there mostly do these dudes aren’t even trying me I don’t know if tafon actually had to
tried to attempt to take down I know uh ihor pateria he ran out across the cage with knee pads on trying to take him
down right away and oldbury shoved it off and then knocked him out but the dude is one of the best kickboxers in
the game and I just want to point out Carlos oberg’s last couple Knockouts they’re all three quick fast Knockouts
to find knock them out in one minute uh Nicole knocked him out three minutes
which that dude’s never been finished and as tough as they come and then pateria knocked him out in two minutes this dude’s a Savage man he’s accurate
fast powerful and he’s he’s a star he’s the star to watch but my girlfriend loved watching when he’s fighting she
she can just go stay back somewhere you know because dude man but uh his opponent Zhang man I
was pretty high on him when he came into the UFC just because he had that really good win over Mike Rodriguez it’s weird though
when you think back because uh car race uh ibrahimov is terrible and that dude beat up Dao and Jung for the first 12
minutes about 11 minutes of that fight to a gas down down got finished then he got that quick win over Mike Rodriguez
but then man like he had a good showing over William Knight William Knight’s William Knight he just kept Judo throwing him and then looked great
against Kennedy hit him with the invisible elbow and it made you think that this guy was a rising star and then
come to find out he don’t have no fight IQ and his chin might not be up to par Dustin Jacoby was able to hit him with
the 1-2 right cross put him out in the first round and then Devin Clark was able to out grapple him out cardio him
and just out tough him and out fight IQ him because every time the Donald jump can break away from the clinch or
reverse Devin Clark he just stayed in it and kept playing Devin Park’s game and when you played the other guy’s game
they’re gonna take over and win eventually um but he’s got really good boxing for a big dude actually is jab super sharp his
right cross has some power to it that’s what he got uh Mike Rodriguez out of there with really nice step in elbows
obviously with uh with um Kennedy and he he has some good judo throws you see me gets William Knight in some pretty
decent grounding pound but I just don’t see that we’re Happening Here I think this is going to be a striking match I think olberg’s going to be able to uh
stay out of the grappling exchanges and from there man ulberg is going to be faster with way more angles Dominion
doesn’t move his head too much and he really is kind of plotting looking to box with you and stand and strike even
seen it in his fight with uh Sam Alvey where he’s able to get hurt there and he just wasn’t even able to track Sam I’ll
be down man Carlos ulberg is going to KO this dude man his leg kicks are gonna hurt this guy he’s going to keep hitting
with the leg kicks uh downward Jones is a boxer he’s heavy on that lead leg and when he starts going um to either move
that leg or reach down to stop it Carlos solberg’s either they’re going to come outside his head with that left hand kick or he’s going to hit him with that
left hook so uh give me Carlos Goldberg and I got him buying back out in that first or second round next fight is
going to be phenomenal man men’s 125 pound division we got manao Kate versus
Felipe dos Santos manao Cape is 18-6 currently sitting at minus 400 he’s five
foot five with the 68 inch reach Felipe dosanjos uh 7-0 currently sitting at
plus 322 years old five seven reached not available but he is tall and he’s
long he’s probably got a 71 inch reach but now okay this dude is so good man his boxing is so good so fast his combos
are phenomenal if anybody’s on follows me on Twitter and you’ve seen him with his KO versus Zuma gulaf who we know is
unfinishable the dude’s got like 15 split decisions Kate was able to cop was able to put him out in the first wrong
with just a crazy flurry drop them with the one two and then hit him with the 25 piece combo Against the Cage he’s
finished 16 of his 18 wins 11 k05 sub he’s got black belt and Jiu Jitsu actually started in Jiu Jitsu but um
he’s just his strikings just come along and going out to uh uh Thailand he’s been Thai boxing for a long time Muay
Thai boxing you know um good wrestling he showed excellent wrestling and Jiu Jitsu against David Dvorak where he was
able to hit him with a Kimura and almost rip his arm off use that to get the sweep um super fast hands both hands can KO
you his flying knee is phenomenal his timing and accuracy with his hands his
flying knees and his kick are phenomenal he can be low output though but that’s just because he’s waiting for that kill
shot man his flying knee over ode Osborne was something that it was just beautiful it was just beautiful and
after he got hit with one but um you’re just a phenomenal fighter well-rounded
he’s got excellent experience throughout his career the dude is super super durable and as he showed he almost
finished the Warwick three four times in that fight great cardio because most guys are going to gas themselves out from what he did in dolor and he was
able to just keep it going man this kid is Starboy for a reason he’s phenomenal the guy he’s fighting Felipe dos Santos
this kid is a beast too 22 years old shoot-to-box guy Diego Lima training
with your boy Charlie olives training with Willie cast Santos training with Elvis Brenner and this kid fights just
like all of them non-stop forward pressure Muay Thai man fights just like him dude excellent striking straight
punches excellent front kicks kicks uh head kicks leg kicks
clinched knees are phenomenal his kicking all around the body he’s working the legs body head he does not stop
throwing me he comes forward with that forward pressure and he just puts it on you he can mix in the grappling and wrestling he doesn’t have no striking
defense like these shooter box guys don’t he just relate relies on his toughness relies on cardio and just
being a Savage he’s got decent wrestling and BJJ he’s got decent step in and
flying knees he throws a lot of flying knees I can’t explain to you man how good of a fight this is gonna be while
it lasts um though Santos is going to get his licks in that’s just how he fights he’s not going to come in here and he’s not
going to be all all nervous in this and that I promise you he’s coming in like a shoot-to-box guy and he’s going to get
some licks in him and I’ll keep him on outkate’s gonna have to fight here but the thing is is manao Cape this is a
tailor-made match for him because he’s a he’s low output most a lot of times because he’s a counter Striker and he’s
just downloading download and downloading most of the people he’s fought do not want to engage with them they want to like Matthias nikolao even
pantoji you know low output fights and them dudes well nickel out don’t but told you used to goes crazy he did not
against the cop he knew um the danger that was there I don’t think Felipe dos anchos knows that kind of stuff yet and
I think that he’s going to come in crazy and he’s going to land some shots and there’s going to be some big shots in the now cave there’s just going to be a
little more experience and a little more durable and I think he’s going to get dos Santos out of there even though dos Santos has never been finished I think
Cape cop is the guy to do it this kid is special so this I mark my words I think
that’s going to be the fight of the night on this card no questions next fight is in the men’s
205 pound division we got Tyson page Rovers Anton turkali Tyson Pedro is nine
F4 currently sitting at -130 31 years old 6-3 with a 79 inch reach Antoni is
eight and two currently sitting at my he’s minus 120 now uh Tyson Pedro’s about plus 110. uh 27 years old 6’4 with
the 78 inch reach Tyson Pedro man this guy’s good he’s got good striking pretty
good striking he’s got powerful leg kicks he’s got a good wrestling he’s got good Jiu Jitsu super dangerous he’s
finished all of his opponents nine nine fights uh nine wins four KO five submissions
um had some decent wins early in his career over Roundtree and Paul Craig was able to take take him to the ground and
get them dudes out of there in the first round and then when he you know fought dudes that wouldn’t get out of there in the first round like the leader latifi
the duzo you know wouldn’t off when he told him to off they just stayed around them guys stayed man and they
beat him he’s never want to fight outside the first round but he had he had you know decent fight with old and say Peru when he lost the Shogun rule
that was five years ago when Shogun was still like 38 years old like he lost to the old version then he had a knee injury he was out for a while came back
had the easiest wins in the history of the UFC I’d filling Away by Harry hun sucker and then lost a short notice
fight well but Modesto spokowskis came into enemy territory on short notice and he lost that fight but he does have good
wrestling he does have good Jiu Jitsu and ground and pound and he has decent striking it’s just he only has one round
of it he really only has one round of it after that I don’t know if it’s cardio or just you know he just kind of gives
up I don’t know what it is but he doesn’t have it Anton turkali man this guy is well-rounded he’s not really
great anywhere but he’s good everywhere in my opinion I watched him fight a lot of his fights um you might remember this
name IBO asan um he was able to rear naked choke him he took a tough first round and this dude was just on the
contender series got that first round knockout um emo but uh he was able to take a tough first round where ebo came
out put it on him took him down beat him up and then Anton came out second round um had IBO a little tired and was able
to reverse him finish him in that second round he had a tough fight with jail Tillman where he came in on short note to spot him at um like 220 pounds still
show had a decent showing on the ground until he was submitted but it took him almost a minute we know jailton omida’s
a Savage a heavyweight but this last fight is what I like Victor Petrino man this Victor Petrino is a Savage I expect
this kid to like go places in the UFC like he’s a Savage he’s big he’s well-rounded and he’s tough
um hits like a truck he was able to drop turkey at the end of the first round hit him with some big shots but before that
sir Cali was taking shots fine turkali survived second round he was there turkali was able to take some more big
shots but give Petrino some big shots actually hurt him was able to land some takedowns of his own took his back might
even have won that round back and forth craziness and then going into the third round they just kept going back and
forth like to Cali had his mom’s Petrino had his moments Petrino I don’t know how that big ass dude has the gas tank he
has but he’s good man he’s phenomenal and to Cali showed that he’s good and was hanging with him man and and I just
don’t think Tyson Pedro has that I think Tyson Pedro comes out in this fight uh turcali’s got a good boxing two calories got good leg kicks he’s got good
wrestling offensive end defensive and good Jujitsu I think Pedro comes out tries to get him out of here um maybe
even hurts him takes him down gets some good positions on the ground uses up his gas I don’t think I don’t think a
Petrino couldn’t uh take out turkey Pedro’s not petrino’s two three times the finisher that Pedro is to be honest
so give me Anton tercali to survive that first round um a tough first round come back in a
second you know it’s maybe a little tough and then start taking over the first time sir Cali reverses this fight
gets Pedro on his back and gets Pedro’s back he’s gonna rear naked choke him that’s just the way it’s going to go
down I got turkey at plus 125 and I’m loving that line and I really like him as an underdog on this card I guess it’s
always a favorite next fight is in the men’s heavyweight division we have
Justin top of verse Austin Lane in the rematch after Austin laying Pope Justin tafa and I and the last fight was
canceled 38 40 seconds into the first round Justin taffa is six and three
currently sitting at minus 240. he’s six foot with a 74 inch reach Austin Lane is
12-3 currently sitting at plus 195. he’s six foot six with the 80 inch reach so
you see Lane is six inches taller with a six inch reach Advantage just in top of man not much to say about him South Park
kickboxer with crazy power um KO power and his uh left uh right hook and he’s definitely got the KO
power in the left hand man you’ve seen him put Parker Porter out you’ve seen him put one Adams out uh it’s just a
super tough super explosive dude um he’s finished all of his wins six wins six
Kos um all of them one of them two of them in the second round the rest of them in the first round and uh he’s just he’s
just a um a counter Striker he puts forward pressure on you but he’s wanting you to strike so he can counter you hit you
with the big shot his right hand is KO his left hand is KO his left jab left hook dangerous man powerful left body
kick um I haven’t really seen him go to the head with that left kick but his left body kicks powerful good forward
pressure swings big hooks looking to put you out and um just a tough tough tough
durable dude as most of them um The Islander dudes are Man Austin Lane this
dude’s ex-football player very very very physically freaking huge explosive
powerful big powerful Striker man beautiful body kicks you’ve seen even in
his last fight with taffa before he poked him in the eye he landed two powerful body kicks on him but uh the dude has powerful body kicks he has
power in both hands he doesn’t have no striking defense he’s just all come forward hit you with big shots maybe a
little bit of head movement and then try to hit you with more big shots and either get you out of there or he gets out of there but on powerful leg kicks
man this kick game’s good I haven’t seen him really hit nobody in the head with it but he does he does have powerful kicks to the body to the uh leg good
boxing with good power um I’ve seen him get taken down at fights but I’ve seen him reverse them I’ve seen him when he
gets on top of guys man he can pound him out so if some way he does end up on top of Justin toppa here he could definitely
pound him out um he’s been knocked out as you see three times in his three loss he’s been knocked out three times and
they’re all in the first round uh Greg Hardy got him Frank Tate got him and then Vernon Lewis got him which aren’t
names that you’re really wanting to be getting you knocking you out they’re not known names um it’s gonna be a good fight while at Last
Man uh Austin Lane’s explosiveness and and height and size makes him very dangerous in this fight and Justin tough
has got to watch close in the distance coming in getting hit by the body kicks or stiff jab but I think eventually you
know Justin taufa comes over the top and hits him with a big left hook or the big overhand left our big right hook or a
big overhand right or left and just just puts him out man he’s very very very tough uh Austin Lane has shown more
durability issues than Justin tapa so give me Justin toppa and I think he gets him out of there and you know the first
round first or second round because both of them dudes are like when one of them gets hit they both want to just
start throwing and throwing crazy and and uh return a favor and usually goes
crazy from there and then the fight’s over next fight is the co-main event in the men’s heavyweight division this is
going to be a fun one man we got tied to avasa versus Alexander volkov tied two of us is 15-5 creamy sitting at plus 190
30 years old 6-2 with the 75 inch reach Alexander Drago volkov is 36 at 10
currently sitting at minus 225. he’s 34 years old six seven with the 80 inch
reach so you see both cost five inches taller with five inches of reach tied to a Vasa man another Pacific Islander dude
that just is tough as they come man made durability is Off the Wall
dude’s made of rocks you know KO punching power in both hands crazy powerful overhand right that’s what he’s
looking for that’s what he’s going to be looking for in this fight for sure um powerful leg kicks with both legs and
they’re actually pretty fast it’s kind of weird um his left hook his lights out too man that’s that’s what he got Greg Hardy
with when Greg Hardy thought he had him hurt and then he came in and just put him out uh he’s ko’d 14 of his 15 winch
which makes sense because when he touches dudes they get hurt man his clinch is good his clinch elbows are good he’s got that crazy elbow win over
Derek Lewis um able to knock at Gusto Sakai out early into the second round the dude’s
dangerous man he’s got really nice uh defensive and offensive wrestling like it’s better than it was when Sergey
spiebok got a hold of him so um just a real dangerous dude man he’s more of a brawler you know he’s got them
like I said good leg kicks and then he’s just going to be looking to box you and um hit you with that really big shot he’ll take one to give one it hasn’t
worked out in the last couple fights with like zero gone and Sergey pavlovic where he was knocked out but man pavlovick’s a beast he hit Pavlik a
couple good times and wasn’t able to get him out of there but um man he’s tough and he’s durable and he’s
down to have a fire fight which he’s gonna get here with Alexander volkov man Alexander volkov has phenomenal powerful
kickboxing he used to be a skinny tall skinny dude when he fought uh Curtis blades and then he come back and he put
about 25 pounds on after he got all wrestled there and since then he has been a beast he’s finished four of his
five wins um the only one was Marcin Tabora because there’s a ton of grappling in that but Walt Harris Aleister Oberyn Jaren Xena Rosen stroke
and Romanov he was able to get out of there man uh excellent front and push kicks to the body his legs are so long
that he’s hitting you right in the Solar boxes and his feet are huge he has power in them man KO power in his right hand
you’ve seen him knock out rosenstruke and Alistair Overeem with big old punches you’ve seen him but like I said
them front kicks to the body that’s what he got Walt Harris out of there with he has good forward pressure he’s pretty
good durability man if he gets hit like against Rosa stroke he got hit one good time and then he took off and
rosenstrupe was able to hurt him with the right hand and then get him out of there and he’s just been so much more aggressive since he has the size and
power I think he’s going to come out here very aggressive against Ty to abasa who’s been knocked out in his last two fights and I think that these dudes are
going to come out and as soon as one lands the first big shot they’re going to start just scrapping and from there somebody’s gonna get finished and I’m
gonna have to go with volkov getting the KO here man just his size um the weapons that he has and then his
durability has looked a lot better tied to obasa I wouldn’t mind tied to a boss and getting win here I’m not going to
bet on the fight as far as the money line I’ll be looking at over unders in that but um either one of these dudes
can finish the other dude man um volkov he’s finished a ton of his fights Ty two of us has finished 14-15 these are giant
dudes and I think that when they start hitting each other man one of these dudes is gonna fall so um give me volkov here I’m gonna take
the vocal by KO Thai to abasa has five losses four of them are KO three KO
losses one submission loss to Sergey speedbox so um give me Volcom give me volkov to get it done Main Event time we
got Israel out of Sonya vershad Strickland man Israel out of Sanya is the champion 24-2 currently sitting at
minus 634 years old six four with the 80 inch reach Shawn Strickland is 27-5
currently saying that plus 532 years old six one with the 76 inch
reach so you see Izzy has three inches of height and four inches of reach Israel out of Sonya man world class some
would say the best in the world kickboxing after his knockout win over Alex Pereira man his game is so good his
kickboxing is some of the best in the world like I said his fight IQ is you know best in the world he’s up there
with vulcanowski and now he has a really good fight IQ his leg kicks are phenomenal like you’re seeing against polacosta and they’re going to be a
major problem here as Sean Strickland’s a boxer and very heavy on his lead leg um he’s got phenomenal counter-striking
which is going to be excellent here because Sean Strickland’s constantly coming forward with his boxing and um we
see what Izzy does man when he’s able to counter his movements and faints are crazy people don’t know what to do they
don’t know if he’s throwing the kick the punch um he’s gonna faint with the punches hit you with the leg kick uh the dude is so
good he’s got power in both hands you’ve seen him here is he with the left hook which ain’t even his dominant hand you
see him put him out with the right hook body and head kicks are nuts um
the dude is so good and the fight IQ is off the chain um pretty good defensive wrestling at
185 he has no no problems defensive wrestling offensive wrestling uh look good against Robert Whittaker in the
second fight look good against fittori kandoneer everybody man Paula Costa um
he’s just so good uh Sean Strickland dude phenomenal boxing very one-dimensional one-dimensional he’s
just gonna box you he is an excellent jab he has excellent toughness he has excellent cardio he’s excellent Pace
um very accurate with the jab he throws tons of volume he’s nice pop in his right hand but he’s really not all that that crazy with you know he’s got 12
decision wins with 11 KO so obviously it’s more of a decision guy than a knockout guy
um pretty good boxing defense you know he’s able to stop the boxing and he’s super tough with good cardio the only
problem is with the boxing defense it keeps a high guard leaves you open for leg kicks leaves you open for body kicks leaves you even open
for the head kicks definitely leaves you open for the left hook like uh Alex Pereira hit him with Sean Strickland is
going to have so many problems in this fight like I said he’s very heavy on his lead leg right um he’s really uh he he
he’s really left-handed that’s our left-handed that’s what he said but he stays with the left hand forward because
he had a bad uh motorcycle accident that messed up the nerves in his leg he was on The Joe Rogan show that I listened to
a couple months ago and he said that um his leg is screwed and he can’t take leg kicks to it really
um and it’s not his lead leg it’s his back leg but Izzy’s gonna be kicking him everywhere and he’s going to kick that lead leg like when um Sean Strickland
fought Jared canonier Jared Cannon here was Landing a ton of leg kicks on him and you can see it was hurting him a little bit and um Izzy’s throws way
harder like kicks you’ve seen against polacosta and these guys Izzy’s leg kicks are phenomenal so I think that he’s going to be able to beat up that
lead leg and from there either Strickland’s gonna have to change stances or start choosing a way to try to block that with his hand or something
and just like uh the other fights I was talking about with like Carlos Uber where he’s going to come from the bottom and come up after you start blocking the
leg I think Israel Izzy’s going to come upstairs and knock Strickland out with something just like he did podcast I
think this looks a lot like that polycastify where Strickland’s just chasing him you know following him around the ring trying to get his boxing
off and Izzy’s just hitting the leg hitting the leg throwing some boxing hitting the leg and I think that just starts to add up add up add up and it’s
fight IQ so good and obviously Strickland didn’t even try to take career at all one time so we cannot count on his fight IQ
so in this fight man you got to give me Izzy you got to give me the 185 pound goat and I think that he gets it done by
KO I really appreciate everybody checking out my breakdown video um we’ve been on a hell of a run here
we’re gonna keep that momentum going the whole year we’re trying to have the biggest year in a couple years coming ever Matt
um I appreciate everybody that’s been supporting me on Twitter Instagram YouTube patreon and my Discord
everywhere man I appreciate all you guys I appreciate all the positive people I know the people that want to come and argue about stuff but the positive
people is where it’s at man I need positivity positivity to win bets so I appreciate you guys coming out checking
on my back or my