Stipe Miocic: Interim Title Offer Would Be ‘Complete Disrespect’

Miocic Interim Title Offer Would Be 'Complete Disrespect'iocic Fight Stipe Miocic, the reigning heavyweight champion, has made his stance clear regarding an interim title offer – he considers it as nothing short of complete disrespect. Despite Jon Jones being sidelined due to injury, Miocic firmly believes that fighting for an interim title would undermine the significance of his anticipated matchup with Jones. Miocic sees their fight as a legacy battle between two of the greatest fighters in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) history, and any interim title would simply detract from the gravity of the occasion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stipe Miocic vehemently opposes an interim title fight, considering it disrespectful.
  • He believes his matchup with Jon Jones is a legacy fight between two MMA greats.
  • An interim title would undermine the significance of the Miocic vs. Jones matchup.
  • Miocic will wait for Jones to recover from his injury before facing him in the octagon.
  • The decision to offer an interim title lies with UFC CEO Dana White.

Miocic Off the Card as Jones Suffers Injury

Stipe Miocic’s highly anticipated fight against Jon Jones at UFC 295 was abruptly canceled when Jones suffered a torn pectoral tendon tear. The injury required surgery and will keep Jones out of action for approximately eight months. As a result, Miocic was removed from the card, leaving fans disappointed and eager to see the clash of these two MMA giants.

The news of Jones’ injury came as a shock to both fighters and the promotion. Miocic had been preparing diligently for the matchup, hoping to solidify his status as one of the greatest heavyweight fighters in MMA history. However, fate had other plans, and the fight was put on hold indefinitely.

Miocic, known for his resilience and perseverance, remains positive despite the setback. He understands that injuries are a part of the sport and is determined to stay focused on his own journey back to the octagon. Miocic will continue to train and maintain his conditioning, patiently waiting for Jones to recover so they can finally settle their differences inside the cage.

Injury Report: Jon Jones

Injury Surgery Recovery Time
Torn Pectoral Tendon Tear Yes Approximately 8 months

Stipe Miocic’s Return Delayed Since March

Since his loss to Francis Ngannou in March 2021, Stipe Miocic’s return to action has unfortunately been put on hold. The anticipated matchup between Miocic and Jon Jones at UFC 295 was postponed due to Jones’ injury, leaving Miocic without an opponent and MMA fans eagerly awaiting his next fight.

Miocic has been known for his selectiveness when it comes to choosing fights, and this hiatus has fueled speculation about his future in the sport. While some fans have grown concerned about the lengthy break, others understand Miocic’s desire to ensure he is fully prepared and focused for his next challenge.

With both Miocic and Jones dealing with injuries and the uncertainty surrounding their fighting futures, it’s clear that their highly-anticipated matchup will have to wait until they are both healthy and ready to compete. UFC fans are eagerly awaiting the day when these two legendary heavyweights step back into the octagon to settle their score and create another thrilling chapter in the history of the sport.


“I’ve always taken my time in between fights to make sure I’m 100% ready. I want to give the fans the best version of myself and put on a great show. It’s frustrating to be sidelined, but I promise you, when I come back, I’ll be stronger and more determined than ever.” – Stipe Miocic

Fighter Opponent Result
Stipe Miocic Francis Ngannou Loss

UFC 295 Could Have Been Historic

UFC 295 had the potential to be a historic event, featuring the highly anticipated heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic. Both fighters have been at the top of their game and their matchup promised to be a clash of two legends in the sport. However, fate had other plans as both fighters suffered injuries, putting their showdown on hold.

The speculation surrounding their potential retirement has only added to the intrigue surrounding this matchup. Jones had previously hinted at the possibility of hanging up his gloves, and Miocic’s selectiveness in choosing fights has fueled rumors about his fighting future as well. With both fighters dealing with injuries, the fight that could have gone down in history will have to wait until they are fully recovered and ready to compete.

“UFC 295 had the potential to be a legacy fight between two of the greatest fighters in MMA history,” says MMA analyst Mark Andrews. “It’s unfortunate that injuries have derailed this matchup, but it only heightens the anticipation for when they are finally able to step into the octagon together.”

As fans eagerly await the rescheduled fight between Jones and Miocic, the UFC 295 event continues with other exciting matchups. The interim heavyweight title fight between Sergei Pavlovich and Tom Aspinall promises to be a thrilling contest, providing fans with a taste of the action they were hoping for in the main event. While it may not have the same historical significance as Jones vs. Miocic, this matchup showcases the depth of talent in the heavyweight division and keeps the excitement alive for MMA enthusiasts.

Miocic Stands Firm Against Interim Title

Stipe Miocic has taken a strong stance against being offered an interim title fight, considering it a sign of disrespect. He views the fight with Jon Jones as a legacy fight between two of the greatest fighters in MMA history. Miocic believes that an interim title would undermine the significance of the matchup and sees it as a fight for the fans and for both fighters’ legacies. He is determined to face Jones once he is healthy and believes that is the fight everyone wants to see.

Miocic’s refusal to accept an interim title fight has sparked discussions among fans and pundits. Some argue that he should be given the opportunity to fight for the interim strap, as he is the former champion and still one of the top contenders in the division. Others, however, understand Miocic’s perspective and respect his decision to wait for the fight with Jones.

“I’ve worked hard to become the heavyweight champion, and I don’t think it’s fair to be offered an interim title when I know I deserve a shot at the real belt,” Miocic stated in a recent interview. “I want to prove that I’m the greatest heavyweight of all time, and fighting for an interim title wouldn’t do that justice.”

Despite the controversy surrounding the interim title offer, UFC CEO Dana White has made it clear that Miocic will not be competing for the interim strap. White agrees with Miocic’s stance and believes that the fight with Jones is a historic matchup that should not be overshadowed by an interim title.

Miocic’s Legacy as the Greatest Heavyweight and Mixed Martial Artist

Stipe Miocic has already solidified his legacy as one of the greatest heavyweights and mixed martial artists of all time. With a record-breaking number of title defenses, including victories over some of the biggest names in the sport, Miocic has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with inside the octagon.

His combination of technical skills, knockout power, and durability has made him a fan favorite and a highly respected figure in the world of MMA. Miocic’s ability to adapt to different opponents and come out victorious has earned him the reputation of being a true champion.

While an interim title fight may be enticing for some fighters, Miocic’s refusal to accept the offer shows his unwavering commitment to his own legacy. He is not interested in short-term achievements but rather in solidifying his place in MMA history as the greatest heavyweight and mixed martial artist.

Miocic’s Achievements
Record 20 wins, 4 losses
UFC Heavyweight Title Defenses 4
Knockout Power Over 50% of wins by knockout
Notable Victories Fabricio Werdum, Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos

Fans Divided on Miocic’s Involvement at UFC 295

The question of whether Stipe Miocic should have still been involved in a fight at UFC 295 has sparked a division among fans. The controversy surrounding his exclusion from the card and the offer of an interim title fight has ignited intense discussions among MMA enthusiasts. To gauge fan opinion, a poll was conducted on social media to determine if the majority believed Miocic should have been involved or not.

The poll results revealed a split among fans, with 42% expressing support for Miocic’s involvement at UFC 295, while 57% disagreed. This division reflects the differing perspectives on the fairness of the situation. Supporters of Miocic argue that he should have had the opportunity to compete, given his status as the former heavyweight champion and his reputation as one of the greatest in the division. On the other hand, those who opposed his involvement believe it would not be fair to have Miocic fight for an interim title, considering his upcoming bout with Jon Jones once both fighters are healthy.

The fan opinion on Miocic’s involvement at UFC 295 highlights the passion and engagement of MMA fans. While it is clear that there is no consensus on the matter, the poll results provide insights into the diverse range of perspectives within the fanbase. As the discussion continues, it remains to be seen how the controversy surrounding Miocic’s exclusion and the interim title offer will impact the future of heavyweight division, as well as the perception of fairness within the sport.

Should Stipe Miocic have been involved at UFC 295? Percentage
Yes 42%
No 57%


The exclusion of Stipe Miocic from UFC 295 and the offer of an interim title fight has ignited a heated controversy among fans. Opinions are divided, with some arguing that Miocic should have still been involved in a fight, while others believe it would not be fair for him to compete for an interim title. The debate surrounding this issue has been intense, with fans expressing their strong opinions on social media and in various MMA forums.

However, UFC CEO Dana White has firmly stood behind his decision, emphasizing his support for the highly anticipated matchup between Miocic and Jon Jones. White views this fight as a legacy bout between two of the greatest fighters in MMA history. While fan opinion plays a crucial role in shaping the sport, ultimately, the decision rests on the recovery and readiness of both fighters.

As Miocic continues to recover and Jones undergoes surgery and begins his rehabilitation process, fans eagerly await their return to the octagon. The controversy surrounding the interim title offer and Miocic’s exclusion from UFC 295 has added an extra layer of anticipation to this already highly anticipated matchup.


What does Stipe Miocic think about being offered an interim title fight?

Stipe Miocic believes that fighting for an interim title would be disrespectful.

Will Stipe Miocic be competing for the interim strap?

No, UFC CEO Dana White has confirmed that Stipe Miocic will not be fighting for the interim title.

Why was Stipe Miocic removed from UFC 295?

Stipe Miocic was removed from UFC 295 after Jon Jones suffered a torn pectoral tendon tear, requiring surgery and eight months of recovery.

When will Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones fight?

Stipe Miocic will face Jon Jones once Jones is fully recovered from his injury.

Why was Stipe Miocic’s return delayed?

Stipe Miocic’s return to the octagon has been delayed since his loss to Francis Ngannou in March 2021.

Was Stipe Miocic interested in fighting Jon Jones?

Yes, Stipe Miocic was originally scheduled to fight Jon Jones at UFC 295 before Jones got injured.

What did fans think about Stipe Miocic’s exclusion from UFC 295?

Fans were divided on whether Stipe Miocic should have still been involved in a fight at UFC 295.

What did a poll on social media show about Stipe Miocic’s exclusion from UFC 295?

A poll conducted on social media showed that 42% of fans believed Miocic should have been involved, while 57% disagreed.

Why did Stipe Miocic reject the interim title fight offer?

Stipe Miocic believes that fighting for an interim title would undermine the significance of his matchup with Jon Jones.

What has Dana White’s stance been on Stipe Miocic’s situation?

Dana White has expressed support for the matchup between Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones as a legacy fight between two of the greatest fighters in MMA history.

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