Stipe Miocic's camp tells Daniel Cormier he's "NEVER looked better"

In this article, we will discuss some interesting quotes from Stipe Miocic regarding his upcoming fight against Jon Jones. Miocic’s camp has informed Daniel Cormier that he has “never looked better,” and there is anticipation about how Jones will perform in his first heavyweight fight. Let’s dive into the details.

Stipe Miocic’s Mindset

Miocic is known for not being very vocal or making bold claims. However, in a recent interview, he had some intriguing quotes that shed light on his mindset heading into the fight. Miocic seems to carry a chip on his shoulder when people doubt him. He said, “You guys think I’m going to lose? Good for you. Waste all your money. You’re gonna bet against me? You’re gonna lose some money. I’m sorry for that, but it’ll just be on to the next for me.”

Miocic’s attitude towards doubters has changed since his first fight against Daniel Cormier . After their initial bout, Miocic noticed a shift in the way the public perceived him. He took offense to this and now uses it as motivation. Miocic’s mindset is focused on proving his doubters wrong and showing that he is still one of the best heavyweight fighters in the world.

Weight Changes and Power

Miocic also discussed some physical changes he has made leading up to the fight. In his previous fights, Miocic had been losing weight unintentionally, but now he has made adjustments in his training camp and is back in the mid-240s range. This increase in weight is expected to benefit him in the fight against Jones.

Miocic’s power has always been a notable aspect of his fighting style. Even when he weighed less, his power remained consistent. Now that he is back to his ideal weight, Miocic believes his power will be even more formidable. He stated, “I hit a lot harder than people think.”

Anticipation for Jon Jones’ Performance

While Miocic’s physical changes and mindset are important, there is also anticipation surrounding Jon Jones’ performance in his first heavyweight fight. Jones is known for his dominance in the light heavyweight division, but it remains to be seen how he will fare against larger opponents in the heavyweight division.

Miocic and Jones are both highly skilled fighters, and their matchup is expected to be a long and grueling fight. This fight will provide insight into where Miocic stands in his career and what Jones is capable of in the heavyweight division.


The upcoming fight between Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones is highly anticipated, with both fighters bringing their unique skills and mindsets to the Octagon. Miocic’s determination to prove his doubters wrong and his physical changes, coupled with Jones’ debut in the heavyweight division, make this fight one to watch. Fans can expect a thrilling and intense battle between two of the best fighters in the world.

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going on I’m back at my house and so
happy because while Noche UFC was
tremendous while UFC in Australia was
tremendous I get a break your boy
actually gets some time to wake up in
the morning and actually chill but as
I’m chilling
I’m hanging out and I see that we’re
like Barrel barreling down the road to
UFC and New York City Madison Square
Garden the fight for the championship at
heavyweight the baddest man on the
planet will be decided in New York City
in Madison Square where you will have
two of the best fighters of all time
fighting in the world’s most famous
arena for the world’s most famous belt
the UFC heavyweight championship when
this fight was far down the line
we paid attention to it but
you start to wonder is it gonna happen
will these guys make it it seems as of
today fingers crossed that we are still
on our way to seeing Jon Jones fight
Stipe mioces for that Championship as we
start to get closer
I start to think and look at some of the
quotes hey Steve ebioches does not talk
very much he’s not a guy that you’re
gonna find a hundred articles on he’s
not a guy that you’re gonna see
constantly on television making
predictions making claims and talking
doesn’t happen he’s just not one of
those people but recently did an
and Stipe had some very interesting
and I want to make these comparisons for
because I think in these quotes it tells
you the mindset of the former two-time
heavyweight champion in the world and
what and who is considered the greatest
heavyweight fighter that we have ever
seen especially in UFC history
stated in the article and and you know
why this is interesting to me because I
remember after I beat him the first time
how some of his quotes and his attitude
started to change towards me and it was
him taking the fence to the way the
public perceived him now Steve image
isn’t a guy that lives a big life
publicly but he carries that chip when
you start to doubt him and he said you
guys think I’m going to lose good for
you waste all your money you’re gonna
bet against me you’re gonna lose some
money I’m sorry for that but it’ll just
be on to the next of me hey I remember
sitting at press conferences with miocic
and he would say these things like that
okay doubt me doubt me and he would
almost smirk he would almost smirk
he knew
what most in the public didn’t know was
the way he was trading the way he was
preparing and his intent in the fight
obviously he beat me two times back to
back when he was saying those things and
I would almost brush him off because
again you take his personality and you
almost take me out just for granted you
forget it’s one of the most dangerous
men on the planet but again
he’s carrying that chip
and when he fought Francis the last time
he had come off that trilogy with me
turned around quick for the guy he had
beaten before got knocked out Francis
was ascending and honestly it’s hard
there’s a come down period when you come
off of one of those types of rivalries
where for three years me and Stipe
fought we thought nobody else in 18 19
and 2020 for three years it was all he
thought about and when it was done he
had to go back to find a guy that he had
beaten the first time and pretty
convincingly right Francis retired he
wrote him and all that
is upset now
miocic is
disappointed that the world is
overlooking him and that’s the one thing
about Fighters they at times will find
motivation and things that the average
human being doesn’t even think twice
we latch onto those things your bulletin
board material they say all the time
you’re waiting for anything that someone
says to try to plaster it on the wall
and use it to carry you through training
camp through the fight preparation and
everything else
that’s what Stipe is doing
Stipe also went on to say this and I
think this may be the biggest factor in
this fight that people are overlooking
he said I used to be around 240 pounds
and then in the DC fights I just kept
losing weight I don’t know why I was
eating a lot but the the weight kept
falling off
we changed some things up in my Camp I’m
eating more and I’m doing the right
things I feel like I’m back in the 240
range now on the outside I thought
Stipe was losing weight by Design
because I was faster than him in fight
one the first time Stephen and I fought
he weighed 243 pounds
243 which was in line with some of the
previous weights from his fights before
when he fought at UFC 220 against
Francis he weighed 246. when he fought
Julie dos Santos at 2 11 he weighed 246.
he was always in that mid-240s range and
then him and I started fighting anyway
242 and a half but then by the next time
we fought he was 2 30 and a half and
then the third time we fought he was 230
pounds 233 sorry
it was a and you might say oh it’s only
10 12 pounds massive difference in the
heavyweight division imagine this guys
he was essentially going from a
middleweight to a welterweight by the
time him and I fought after the first
time that 12 and a half pounds obviously
it’s 15 but just take that into
he was 12 and a half pounds lighter
from the first fight to the second he
was 16 pounds lighter
between defending the belt against
Francis to the second fight against me I
thought that was by Design the speed
difference he had to make it up so he
got smaller to do that but what I will
tell you is he also said I hit a lot
harder than people think I have
experienced that he does because even at
2 30 miyota’s power did not feel much
different he felt faster but he still
hit just as hard as he did from fight
one to fight two and fight three
now he’s saying I’m back on my stuff
I’m back in my mid-240s remember
jonesway 248 for the fight against Cyril
gone when mioces lost to Francis and God
know he weighed 234 pounds Francis
weighed 265.
you got a 30 pound disadvantage I think
the best mealches is in the mid-240s and
he’s saying now that he’s back around
that weight
I spoke to someone in the military’s
camp and they told me he’s never looked
he looks huge he looks big he looks
strong now is that going to be enough I
don’t know I don’t know
I’m just giving you this information I’m
pulling the curtain back so that you
guys can understand that expect this
pipe mioches from the title run
opposed to the guy we saw later the
small guy the skinny guy remember
I remember watching people say mioces
didn’t even look like the same person by
the time him and I fought those last
couple times because he was so slim
expecting more bulky now and I believe
that that extra weight will help him
because when you look at Jones Jones is
a big dude now at heavyweight
he is not small
and with all the wrestling and all the
the length that you have to deal with
when fighting Jon Jones being heavier
will serve miocic well and I give you
this last question before I let you go
how does Jon Jones look guys when we see
him in an actual fight
I can’t imagine this fight will be as
quick as the last one so we don’t know
how he operates in the weight class as
I’m getting a text message from Stipe
mioces right now
she said I’m at the eye doctor
doing his exam he’s 2 45. 2 45. I hope
all is well
that’s from the champ himself
I had been hearing it
I didn’t know I had to get it from the
man the man texts me right and right now
getting his eye exam 245 pounds gotta be
bigger to fight Jones no doubt about it
Jones the heavyweight he took his time
sure he was away for a while sure Jones
is a heavyweight he’s a big guy you got
to be bigger miyoches is getting bigger
back to the guy that we saw on the title
run but how does my man Jones look in an
actual fight because he’ll get a fight
this time he’ll get a fight this time
he’s gonna have to go rounds now if he
doesn’t boy if this guy or if either of
these guys wipes the other one out
it would be
jaw-dropping I would be as shocked as I
was when Sean Strickland beat Israel out
of Sonya if one of these guys makes this
fight look easy my jaw would hit the
floor I would be
I don’t anticipate that though I
anticipate a long gruel and fight and I
anticipate that we will learn a lot
about both of these Fighters
on this fight night in November because
we will know where Stipe is now in his
career you also know what Jon Jones has
left because if Jon Jones can be the guy
that we have seen for so long at
heavyweight against Stipe
it would be absolutely crazy we’re at
UFC to what are we at now UFC 294 is in
Abu Dhabi UFC 295
is in New York City I believe the
biggest fight that we have seen for a
really long time because
we have the greatest heavyweight champ
of all time versus what many believe
it’s the greatest fighter to ever step
in the Octagon Jon Jones versus Stipe
mioces sick fight sick Arena I’m in the
sleepaways 245 again Jones weighs about
248 250. what if Jones comes in lighter
for me the the ideal scenario for me as
a fan because I’m a fan of this thing
the ideal scenario for me as a fan would
be miotis comes in in the mid 40s Jones
actually comes in in the 230s
little lighter look more like himself
when he was a light heavyweight because
when he was a light heavyweight I bet he
was stepping into the Octagon at about
222 pounds at the most
if he comes in a little lighter because
I thought he was a little heavy
in his heavyweight debut he comes in a
little lighter and Mio just comes in a
little heavier then I feel like we will
get the fight that we expected a long
time ago the heavyweight fighting the
guy that we knew so well on light
heavyweight so skilled so talented so
good in all areas of mixed martial arts
against the greatest heavyweight of all
it would be nuts guys look
I love breaking down these fights I love
getting excited for these fights I’m a
fan of it
but I got Uriah Fable on the phone right
now look I mean the phone’s ringing the
California kids calling that means that
I gotta check out hey I love all the
support to each and every one of you I
love you I appreciate you and I thank
you hey Abu Dhabi is going to be sick
Michael Chev Oliveira too
and then we get to miotis versus Jones
the UFC schedule is not slowing down
it’s only picking up as we head to the
end of the year so until next time guys
like subscribe tell your friend to tell
a friend that DC’s got a YouTube channel
and I’m dropping gems twice a week and
check out the volume all the podcasts
from Club Shay Shay to Richard Sherman
and everybody else the man calling call
her the Boss El Jefe go check those guys
out till next time peace thank you

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