Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 Predictions


In this article, we will be breaking down the upcoming fights in the men’s lightweight division between Daniel Zel Huer and Chrisos Giagos, as well as the main event between Kevin Holland and Jack Dela Matad Delena. We will also be discussing the highly anticipated matchup between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. Let’s dive in and analyze these fights!

Daniel Zel Huer vs Chrisos Giagos

Daniel Zel Huer, with a record of 13-1, is the favorite in this matchup. Standing at 6’1″ with a 77-inch reach, he has a three-inch height advantage over Giagos. However, Giagos, with a record of 20-10, shouldn’t be underestimated. He is 5’10” with a 71.5-inch reach.

Zel Huer has shown glimpses of greatness in his fights, but he has also had some inconsistent performances. He looked impressive on the feet in his last fight against Lando Vannata, dropping him in the first round and showcasing his technical striking and powerful leg kicks. However, he needs to work on his volume and consistency in order to truly establish himself as a top contender in the lightweight division.

Giagos, on the other hand, is a dangerous fighter with knockout power and a solid ground game. He has good wrestling and jiu-jitsu skills, as seen in his fights against Sean Soriano and Ricky Glenn. While he has had some tough losses, he remains a well-rounded and tough opponent.

This matchup has the potential to be a great fight. Zel Huer’s striking and power will be tested by Giagos’ well-rounded skill set. While Zel Huer is the favorite, it’s important not to underestimate Giagos’ ability to take the fight to the ground and control his opponent.

In my opinion, Zel Huer will come out on top in this fight, but I’m not overly confident in my prediction. Giagos has the tools to make this a difficult fight for Zel Huer, especially if he can implement his wrestling and ground game effectively. I predict Zel Huer to win by decision, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Giagos pulls off the upset.

Kevin Holland vs Jack Dela Matad Delena

The co-main event features a matchup between Kevin Holland and Jack Dela Matad Delena. Holland, with a record of 25-9, is the underdog in this fight, while Delena, with a record of 15-2, is the favorite.

Holland is known for his excellent boxing skills and knockout power. He has a height and reach advantage over Delena, standing at 6’3″ with an 81-inch reach. His striking is fast, accurate, and he possesses KO power in both his left hook and straight right.

Delena, on the other hand, is a skilled boxer with a judo background. He has good leg kicks and works the body well with hook combinations. His takedown defense may not be the best, but he has shown the ability to stop takedowns in his previous fights.

Both fighters have their strengths, but in this matchup, I believe Holland has the advantage. With his height and reach advantage, he will be able to keep Delena at a distance and utilize his striking skills. Additionally, Holland’s improved defensive wrestling will make it difficult for Delena to take him down and control the fight.

I predict that Holland will come out on top in this fight, likely by decision. However, it’s important to note that Delena is a tough opponent and anything can happen in MMA. This fight has the potential to be a banger and a must-watch for fans.

Alexa Grasso vs Valentina Shevchenko

The main event of the evening is a highly anticipated matchup between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. Grasso, with a record of 16-3, is the underdog in this fight, while Shevchenko, with a record of 23-4, is the favorite.

Grasso is known for her phenomenal boxing skills and powerful right hand. She has shown improved wrestling and BJJ in her recent fights, as well as a rear naked choke that she has used to finish her opponents. She is a well-rounded fighter who has the ability to strike and grapple effectively.

Shevchenko, on the other hand, is a seasoned veteran with excellent Muay Thai skills and offensive wrestling. She has a well-rounded skill set, with excellent transitions and submissions. However, in her recent fights, she has shown signs of aging and has not looked as dominant as she once did.

While Shevchenko is still a formidable opponent, I believe that Grasso has the tools to pull off the upset in this fight. With her improved wrestling and powerful striking, she has the ability to give Shevchenko trouble. Grasso’s rear naked choke could be a potential threat to Shevchenko if the fight goes to the ground.

In my opinion, Grasso will come out on top in this fight, likely by decision. Shevchenko’s age and recent performances suggest that she may not be at her best. Grasso, on the other hand, is in her prime and continues to improve as a fighter.

Overall, these fights have the potential to be exciting and competitive. While the favorites may have the edge, it’s important not to underestimate the underdogs. MMA is a sport where anything can happen, and upsets are always possible. So, let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy the fights!

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this uh no UFC UFC 293 was terrible for me man went one and four on my bets for
minus 8.55 units my one- winning bet was chpe mariscal uh plus 3.5 units had him
as a big Underdog I really liked hitting that first losing bet was Anton tural
man he did not he just ate all the strikes with his face and and got beat up in uh minus 2.4 units on that Bad Bet
and then my next three losing bets were all unders in every single single one of these fights had a knockdown a fight
ending sequence in the first round and it just did not follow through cap manow cap under 2.5 rounds minus 360 and I
don’t know how dos Santos took all the shots cop hit him with everything but the kitchen sink and even dropped him in
the first round and could not get that kid out of there volov under one and a 1.5 rounds man and he got him out of
there about two minutes after that but um had him hurt really bad in the first round dropped him and then almost finished him at the end of the round and
then second round you know took him to ground was well just got on top of him and ended up burning some of my clock
off and my fourth under loss was Sean Strickland versus Izzy and we see him strickling it wasn’t the way I thought
it was going to go down but drop Iz he bad and then jump on him for the Finish but just could not get it done man so uh
yeah man uh one and four for minus 8.55 units it’s my first losing week in six weeks uh I’ve won 13 out of 16 which is
3.25 uh months out of four months you know I won 13 out of 16 and that’s that’s pretty tough to do so I’m going
to get back on the winning track I already got some good bets in for this week and um we’re going to add to that
total that we’re already up still about 30 or 27 28 units something like that maybe even 30 units and then still up
well over a 100 units so we’re going to add to that this week and next week and I’ll get all of that back but now what
we’re going to do is we’re going to get into noce UFC which is going to be a
good one man it’s like I said it’s got some good fights on it’s got some uh some decent Banger especially that main
card but then it’s also got a on a low level Talent on the prelims you got a guy that hasn’t fought in six years you
got um a dude that’s 0 and four with four finish losses in the UFC and getting a fight but the first fight
we’re going to go over is in the women’s strawweight division we got Josephine Canen vers marck man uh Josephine is six
and0 currently sitting at minus 450 she’s 27 years old 5 foot3 with the 60
inch reach marck is 6 in one uh 30 years old 5 foot with the 64 in reach so you
see uh Josephine’s going to be three Ines taller but marik’s going to have four inches of reach Josephine canson
she’s got good striking man she’s got good kickboxing and Muay Thai she’s got Pro experience in both she’s got
excellent boxing man really really crisp hands um she’s got a strong clinch
strong clinch knees you seen against Isis forbeck um was able to control her in the clinch and and beat her up with
knees but you know Dana White didn’t really like that too much but she also rocked her in the first round with that head kick which was super nice but uh
she’s very active um on on on offense and defensive Andreu Jitsu if she’s on
top she’s gonna be looking for submission she really doesn’t have very many but she does have good ground and pound um I do like a lot of stuff about
her game she’s very she’s very physical she’s got excellent cardio um her
grappling B offensively and defensively wrestling and BJJ looks good and then
her striking is excellent um she does have a lot of decision when you know she’s she’s only got one finish with
five decisions but she had Isis verbeck her and she really beats girls up you know her her opponent marcm you’ve seen
her on the contender series get knocked out by Bruna Brazil but um she was getting she landed a couple takedowns
and stuff before that but she’s got decent wrestling she’s got um good ground and pounded when she can get on
top she’s got good control she’s pretty heavy on top she seems pretty physically strong too when she grabs girls she’s able to drag them to the ground um okay
power in her Southpaw boxing I did see her knockout one girl but that girl was super low level her boxing’s kind of
slow though but um she’s got a decent head and arm throw like most girls and then she’s got some decent body lock
trips and um good cardio good toughness you know unless she’s getting kicked in the head this should be a good fight
it’s basically going to be Striker versus Grappler but the striker I think has good enough grappling to keep it standing where she’s going to beat up
marck man I actually think Josephine gets a finish in this fight I I don’t I think Marik man’s striking so far behind
Joseph’s that um Josephine is going to be able to keep this this fight standing and from there I think she’s going to be able to land some big shots maybe a
spinning back fist maybe a nice left head kick like she hit Isis with but it’s gonna be a good fight but well I
think Josephine finishes it though to be honest next fight is in the women’s strawweight division we got Lupo godz
versus Elise Reed the fight nobody knew they wanted to see Lupa is 10 and three
currently sitting at minus 450 she’s uh 5 foot2 with the 61 inch reach Elise
Reed is seven and three she’s uh currently sitting at plus 340 she’s 5’3
with the 63 in reach so you see uh Reed’s going to be an inch taller with two inches of reach the godz man
excellent wrestling excellent BJJ on top good transitions You’ seen like in the fight versus AR ariani carosi where she
was just able to work all any any transition she wanted landed a lot of ground upon worked a lot of submissions
you see she was able to take lomma L boomi down a couple times and win that fight and that was a very tough fight because L’s tough she’s got that win
over Gomez which is aging really well she was able to take take Silva uh sylvana Gomez Warz down a couple times
and then armar her in the first round but she’s got pretty good uh Jiu-Jitsu you see she’s not getting very many
finishes one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 of her last 11
fights have gone to decision but she’s pretty well-rounded and their boxing looked really well really good against
uh and improved against Emily deot who has really good boxing and she was piecing her up in the boxing and didn’t even barely have to use her wrestling in
that fight um Elise Reed good techan background she’s got pretty decent um boxing she’s
got pretty decent pop in her punches she’s got decent head kicks you seen her hit Melissa Rodriguez with that um good
cardio good striking cardio anyways when she grapples that’s her Kryptonite she doesn’t have the best takedown defense and it seems like when she has to
Grapple she really slows down uh you’ve seen against um Sam Hughes Sam Hughes was able to Grapple her take her down
and then finish her by that second round that or third round sorry then you seen lomma L boomi was able to take her down
in that second round and just choke her out like shortly after she broke her nose before that so I guess that’s one
thing but um yeah man sjara Eubanks up a weight Clash came in on short notice and was taken down and beaten up and uh yeah
man I think lupy Lupita has the um striking to stand with the lease reading be just fine hit her with some big shots
possibly break her nose again and she definitely is g to have the grappling advantage and I actually think that
Lupita godz is gonna finish El Le re if you see elast Reed has three losses all three finish losses two KO one uh
submission she’s one of them good hammers in a bad nail man she’ll be talking doing all this bouncing
around when she’s winning and when she’s losing she seems to be giving up in that second or third round so give me litao
ginz I think the work that she was doing on Ariana and caral Losi would put uh at least read out I think carinal Losi
survived a lot of submissions because she has decent BJJ I don’t think Elise Reed has any BJJ coming from her
Taekwondo background for her whole life next fight is in the men’s
middleweight division we got Roman copy versus Josh FM Roman copy is 11 and2
currently s uh currently sitting at minus 280 he’s 6 foot tall with a 75
inch reach Josh FM does 11 and four currently sitting at plus 210 he’s 6’4 with the 76 inch reach so you see fr’s
going to be 4 Ines taller but only one inch of reach Roman capy love is a southpaw assassin kickboxer man his his
leg kicks are phenomenal with both legs his straight left down the pipe is freaking crazy like his left head kick
like that and he’s even got a nice lead lead head kick but you seen the head kick that he knocked out
um uh what what was the L my bad what was the last guy uh the the big dude
claudo robera hit him with that head kick early on in the second after take a couple decent punches but you’ve seen him against pun Puna Haley Sorano he was
able to stop takedowns that Puna was trying to shoot after he was beating up Puna and then Puna was trying to shoot and he’s actually got a a high school
wrestling background um and he wasn’t able to take down uh copy love at all and copy love destroyed him then he got
that knockout win over leio to chero um looked better he he he knocked down Albert duv in that fight and then was
taken down um and got beat in that one but he’s looked so much better man that’s been uh going on two years ago
and he’s just looked so much better after that fight um he’s been training in dagistan so you got this kickboxer
who’s got phenomenal kickboxing master of sport in Russia and he went to dagistan to get two improvers wrestling
I really like this kid Josh Fram on the other hand no uh combat back around
until he started fighting no wrestling or nothing like that but he’s got decent striking man he’s got decent kickboxing he’s got pretty nice leg kicks with some
power he’s got long front kicks up the middle because he’s super tall and long good boxing with some pop but he’s like
he’s a little slow he’s got decent jiujitsu pretty decent scrambles I mean his offensive Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t seem all
that great but he can definitely stay safe you see him like with against Anthony Hernandez but he did not stay
safe against Tre Shan Gore looked decent against sedric dumes which is you know whatever and then had that tough fight
with Jamie picket um Josh FM couldn’t even take Jamie picket down he reversed him a couple times but man uh he looked
bad in that fight he’s gonna get knocked out here Roman kopyov is too technical too smooth and too fast Josh FM’s decent
everywhere but he’s slow man I think that kopyov is going to take advantage of that and I think he could finish him with either a head kick a body kick or
that straight left something something’s GNA get him though but I’m I’m really really high on Roman copy love I put in
my first five unit Max bet on him and um got him at minus 260 and I really like
that bet I think that pays out pretty easy uh next fight is in the men’s
lightweight division we got Charlie Campbell versus The Return of Alex Reyes Charlie Campbell is seven and two
currently sitting at minus 400 he’s 6 foot with a 72.5 inch reach Alex Reyes
is 13 and3 currently sitting at plus 300 he’s uh 5’11 With The 73 inch reach so
you see that uh Charlie Campbell’s gonna have one inch of height and then uh Reyes will have a half an inch of reach
Charlie Campbell if you seen him on the uh Contender Series this kid’s boxing is phenomenal he throws heat he’s got
excellent left hand right hand he’s got excellent uppercuts from either hand seems to have pretty good uh offensive
wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu he’s training with Longo and Weidman MMA trains with uh Alain Sterling all the time I like
this kid’s boxing man he’s got a really really really powerful right hand uh excellent left hook excellent straight
right two left hook combo um that’s what I watched them knock out this ster dude with man he’s got phenomenal and then
them cut that he was hitting Chris Duncan with Chris Duncan just was super durable in that fight because he hit him with everything but a powerful leg and
body kicks this kid seems really well-rounded really tough really fast and really technical in the Striking and
um yeah if he would have got that win on the contender series he would have came into the UFC with some hype but he went
out out of the UFC got him another knockout win he’s coming to fight Alex Reyes who’s Dominic reyes’s brother this
kid has not fought in six years he’s 36 years old now um he’s finished all 13 of
his wins which is which is pretty nice decent um submissions and decent Knockouts uh nine K four submissions but
if you look here uh four of his last five wins were by submission so he’s getting a little better uh towards the
end towards the end of his career fights before he came back you know but I mean he has he was fighting kind of lower
level competition but he does have good striking it’s super fast he’s got good boxing throws powerful leg kicks
excellent clinch knees um he kind of got into the clinch KNE war with Mike Perry and got knocked out but he was coming up
to 170 and he’s 155 or he fought Mike Perry on short notice he’s got pretty decent offensive and defensive BJJ like
I said he had them Subs um pretty tough and and pretty good cardio man but uh this is GNA be a tough fight because he
hasn’t fought in six years and he’s gonna come back against a guy like Charlie Campbell that starts really fast and is really Technical and it’s just
gonna start putting them hands on him right away and I just think Charlie Campbell’s gonna be able to um overwhelm him and get Alex Reyes out of there and
give him another knockout loss so give me Charlie Campbell I’m gonna say even by first round knockout man I’m gonna
say these guys start going at it I’m G say Charlie Campbell goes at Alex Reyes and knocks the rust off him you know with a nice right hand maybe even that
right uppercut um next fight is in the men’s flyweight division we got Edgar charz versus Daniel Leda uh charz is 10
and five he’s currently sitting at minus 225 5 foot7 with the 72 inch reach Daniel lerta is 11 and five currently
sitting at plus 185 he’s 5 foot6 with a 70 inch reach so you see charz is going to have one inch of height and two
inches of reach Edgar charz man tough Max Mexican fighter nicknamed Pitbull he’s got really nice boxing he’s got a
really crispy jab you’ve seen that against T tatero tyara and you’ve seen against Clayton Carpenter on the contender series excellent left hook too
that’s what he dropped tyara with um powerful leg kicks powerful long front kicks to the body and to the face he’s
got really good BJJ I mean he’s got bad defensive wrestling but he’s got pretty good BJJ his only problem is he likes to
freaking um p Guard going for that Guillotine which almost worked out for me almost if he would have had 15 more
seconds he would have submitted tatsuro Tara on that third round but um really really nice lead left hook really nice
right hand um he’s just a tough fighter you know he’s not really great anywhere but he’s pretty much good everywhere
other than defensive wrestling Daniel lerta 0 and four in the UFC with four finish losses and back again and that is
because this kid’s exciting man he’s got a wild crazy style he s get CJ vergera
hit him with a couple Spinning Wheel kicks chase him around the ring for about 20 or for about like a minute and
a half just hitting him with big shots and was not able to get him out of there and that’s like the the story of his career in the UFC he could he hit Vargo
with some big shots couldn’t get him out of there gassed out hit Victor Morano dropped him hit him with some really good shots nice straight left man that
has some speed and power but just could not get him out of there and Jeff Molina took him down beat him up um won the
whole first round came out in the second round it was just a whole different fighter but this kid’s super dangerous man all his kicks are with power all his
punches are with power he’s super fast super explosive and he goes really really hard in the first round he’s just
super dangerous and that’s super dangerous guy to fight I’m going to take Edgar charz here just because I think
that he’s going to be he seems super tough super durable I would not bet this fight at all I’d bet the under but I mean I’m sure that’s juice to the gills
but um I’m G say Edgar charz is able to survive a tough first round where maybe he gets hurt maybe he gets dropped maybe
gets taken down and have to survive some tough spots but if he survives against taturo on the ground he’s going to survive against lerta and then
eventually he’s going to take over and get the Finish win I’m going to say he gets it in the second round
um before that 1.5 let’s Ser I say gets it done before the 1.5 next fight is
gonna be a re really good fight it’s in the women’s strawweight or women’s flyweight division we got Tracy Cortez
versus J jasman Jaz dericious Jasmine Jaz deicious I don’t know why I was
saying it good the other day now I’m not Tracy Cortez is 10 and one currently
sitting at she’s about minus 110 right now so a pick them she’s 5 foot five with with the 65.5 in reach Jasmine Jaz
divicious is 9-2 currently sitting at minus 110 she’s 34 she’s 5 foot7 with a
68 inch reach so you see Jasmine is gonna be two inches taller with two and a half inches of reach Tracy Cortez has
good wrestling good offensive wrestling she has really good Jiu-Jitsu really good top control really good ground impound she has improved boxing but it’s
still not that good it’s it’s slow she has slow kicks she throws leg kicks and body kicks she don’t set them up and she
gets punched right the face like her striking is not really that good at all even Melissa got was tearing her up in
the Striking Justin Kish was tearing her up in the Striking uh Edgar was just happy to go to the ground with her the
whole time so she didn’t really care sorry I’m so thirsty from being in
the heat all day at work man but yeah um Chason Cortez she’s pretty pretty pretty
good like I said Grappler she’s got good wrestling her problem is she slows down a little bit and all the fights that I
was watching in the second round she slows down against Kish she slowed down couldn’t land no takedowns and that’s why um in the second third that’s why
Kish was able to get it to a split decision against Melissa gate she slowed down in the second round gate won that
round was able to take her down a couple times controll her and then she landed the take down in a third and got the win
but I think she slows down her striking is not all that good Jasmine man is a she’s a junkyard dog for a girl to be
honest um she’s got really good wrestling she wrestled for uh Team Canada like Nationals and stuff like
that um good boxing like she’s got better boxing and strik than Tracy
Cortez in my opinion uh she looked really good against Miranda Maverick then her wrestling man is is is what’s
really going to pay dividends her wrestling and her clinch she’s got a strong clinch she can hold girls up against the cage and hit them with knees
and I think she’s going to be able to do that to uh Cortez she’s got really good defensive wrestling she’s got good fast
hips you seen against Miranda Maverick um she was able to take her down reverse her beat her up really good ground and
pound excuse me super tough and super durable even in a fight with Gabriela
Fernandez I mean Fernandez is a striker but uh Jasmine looked really tough man taking her down beating her up and
almost finished her a couple times on the ground I was really excuse me I’m sorry I was I’ve been really impressed
with these girls last or with Jasmine’s last two wins and her only loss man was the Natalia Silva which is forgivable
because natal Silva might be a champ here soon so this is going to be a really good fight I’m taking Jasmine to
win it though man I think the first round could be tough uh back and forth some grappling and stuff like that maybe Trace Cortez can win it but I don’t
think so I think jman’s going to have the outright better wrestling I think she’s going to be bigger I think she’s
going to be more physical and I think she has a better striking she may be even able to use her wrestling to keep this standing where she can beat up
Tracy Cortez Tracey Cortez is slow striking and like I said she has no striking defense she throws leg kicks
and just has her hands down and eats one twos right down the middle and stuff and I think Jasmine’s going to be the one to win it here I think and then Jasmine
maybe later on can land her own take down and get on top and beat on Cortez but I I I like Jasmine here I like her
size I like her tenacity um she’s an underdog at one point I like to get me a dog with some with an underdog with some
dog in them just like my boy chpe so I like Jasmine in that fight a lot and I
know it’s a pick them now so um should be still be a good fight next fight is
in the men’s bantamweight division we got R orosa versus Terrence Mitchell
Mitchell R Rosa Jr is seven- one currently sitting at minus 550 5 foot n
with the 67 inch reach Terrence Mitchell is 14 and three currently sitting at plus 400 he’s 5′ 10 reach not available
Rahul Rosas Jr the 18-year-old Phenom this kid has phenomenal wrestling
phenomenal Jiu-Jitsu it looks like he has decent striking but he’s just like too scared to use it or I don’t know what his deal is with that because he
just crazy chain wrestles but um excellent wrestling excellent control excellent Jiu-Jitsu really good ground
and pound and excellent Subs um we don’t really know how good his striking is
because like I said it seems like he has decent striking but he’s just scared to use it he’s a young kid he wants to go out there and run through everybody and
it just did not work in his last fight against uh Rodriguez but man I think he can come back and definitely have a good
fight here Terence Mitchell coming out of the Alaska FC fight scene um decent
striking he’s fast he actually he actually and he starts really fast actually but um his decent striking he’s
he’s hitable himself but he’ll throw some heat man got a nice head kick got got nice power in both of his punches um
decent offensive and defensive wrestling he’s got okay Jiu-Jitsu but um I don’t know if UFC quality man you you seen him
against Cameron Sam and he came out and actually landed a takedown or two right away got a little bit of control time
but he went so hard and then he gassed out within two minutes and then Simone was able to get him out of there within the next minute so I don’t know if this
guy’s UFC quality and I I definitely think that the UFC is not trying to build up Terence mistell so I’m gonna
and and his Jiu-Jitsu just look kind of bad like I said after two minutes so I’m going to take Raul Rosas Jr by first
round submission I’m going to say that um they have a little back and forth fourth because Terrence Mitchell’s strong at first for like the first two
minutes he might even um stop Rose’s takedown land a takedown of his own or land some big shots as soon as roses
gets him on the ground gets him under control he’s gonna put this kid out next
fight is in the men’s bantamweight division or I mean sorry featherweight division we got Fernando padila vers
Kyle Nelson Fernando’s 15 and four currently sitting at minus 256 foot1 with a 76 inch reach Kyle Nelson is 145
and one cently at plus 205 he’s 5’1 with a 71 inch reach so you see Padilla is
going to be 2 in taller with 5 in of reach Fernando Padilla man this kid’s
got good boxing he’s got really long arms a really really good solid jab that he just bust dude’s face UPS uh hitting
him with it um using it he from range he’s he’s really good with it he’s really good with the onew starts off as
as uh jab will start off you know a four five punch combination but he likes to start from the one two and just work from there good jab to left hook to
straight right combo really good forward pressure he’s he doesn’t have any good takedown defense or takedowns but he’s
got good Jiu-Jitsu he’s 10th Planet guy um he’s got some submissions you see he’s got eight submission win and five Kos he seems like more of a striker but
he’s actually more of a Grappler that’s just learn to strike really really well kid is super tough he’s never been
finished in his four losses um hasn’t fought the highest competition but you seen him get that knockout over uh um
Julian orosa man where he was able to just touch him a couple times hurt him bad and get him out of the in the first round his his opponent Kyle Nelson he’s
been in the UFC for a little while he’s went from fighting up at 140 or 155 and and back down to 145 and he’s gone back
up and down a bunch of times um but uh he’s a decent well-rounded fighter he’s got decent Muay Tha striking he’s got
pretty powerful leg kicks you seen against ji Herbert um strong clinch Against the Cage he was able to hold ji
Herbert up against the cage for a long time that was a pretty close fight at 155 um very physically strong if he he
he doesn’t really have good wrestling but if he can get you down then he has good ground and pound and good top control but he’s more um with most guys
just holding him against the cage land some good knees um he’s got a decent jab and he’s got good power in his right
hand uh you see him against Polo Rees when he was able to take off on him and punch him out quick but uh yeah I don’t
know he’s just I don’t I don’t I don’t know where he’s going to win it here other than just holding uh Padilla Up
Against the Cage because if he takes him down I think Padilla has a good chance to submit him man he really does have long legs and really sneaky Jiu-Jitsu if
you watch some of his Regional stuff and then he’s got the good boxing man that could make uh Kyle Nelson pressure shoot
and then him get a submission so I’m going to take Padilla um I’m gonna say third round or decision
because Kyle Nelson’s been finished in the third round a couple times I know Matt Sals got him I know that uh um
Diego Farah got him in second but Mel’s got him in a third Billy Coro got him in third so give me third round or or
decision um maybe just accumulation of of punches or just a club and Sub in that third round for Padilla next fight
is in the men’s lightweight division we got Daniel zel Huer versus chrisos Giagos Daniel zel Huer is 13-1 currently
sitting at minus 250 6′ one with the 77 inch reach Jago is 20 and 10 currently
sitting at plus 205 he’s 5 foot 10 with the 71.5 inch reach so you see right
there zah Huber’s three inches taller but he’s going to have six a five and a half inches of reach Daniel Z Huber man
it’s it’s hard to get a read on this kid like he seems really good on the Contender series he looked great against Lucas amida well he took a beating in
the first round and then came back to get that win but then comes to the UFC and fights terrible against Trey Ogden
barely puts out any any volume um and just gets leg kicked and just kind of you know stands there SES a Trey Ogden
and loses then has a good fight with Lando Vada um dropped him in the first round almost finished him uh hit him
with like 200 punches I don’t know why he didn’t gas himself out and then fought you know a pretty tough fight the rest of the fight but the kid’s good he
seems very well-rounded he’s long he’s tall T he’s got very very very technical
striking he’s got super powerful leg kicks KO power in the right hand that’s what he dropped bonata with Hur him bad
he’s got excellent flying knees too um I just I like this kid I like his front kicks I just want to see the volume and
I want to see some consistency out of here this is a pretty good matchup for him but um Giagos is dangerous man this
guy can can knock you out standing up he’s got good wrestling he’s got good Jiu-Jitsu um nice right hand you seen
him in left hook got Ricky Glenn out there with the left hook but um he’s got good Jiu-Jitsu you seen him with the son
Sean Serano he was kind of getting beat up in the stand up in that fight and then he was able to hit that Dar choke early in the second but um he’s had some
tough losses he fought Arman cukan got uh left hooked to ground ground and pound strikes suuki in’s a beast Thiago
Moes took his back and choked him out that’s usually the way to beat him he doesn’t get knocked out all that much rear necked choked out but he doesn’t
really just get tko’ed all that much but he’s a well-rounded fighter he’s got decent cardio um he’s pretty tough and
he’s a gamer this is going to be a good fight uh I’m not that I’m GNA take zel Huber I’m gonna actually take him by
decision but I’m not that confident because this could be another fight just like freaking um Bandz where we think
zah huger’s got this great takedown defense and this and that because he’s never he hasn’t really been taken down but nobody’s really tried L Vata doesn’t
have the best wrestling in the world Trey Ogden didn’t even try and Lucas amida is a a Muay Tha guy so Chrisi agos
can come out and start getting his wrestling going he can easily win this fight I mean he can take down in control
Daniel zah Huer take all his weapons away because Zu Huer is a striker man so um give me zel Huer by decision but I’m
not confident in that at all because I’m I would not want to bet him and then see giago come out and start taking him down
take his back hold him down possibly even get a submission so I don’t know man oh main event this is going to be a
banger we got Kevin Holland versus Jack Dela matad Delena Kevin Holland is 25-9
currently sitting at um Plus 120 actually 6’3 with the 81 inch reach Jack
delas 15 and two he’s currently sitting at minus 140 he’s 27 years old 5 foot 11
with a 73 inch reach so you see uh Kevin Holland’s gonna have four inches of height and eight inches of reach Kevin
holler man excellent boxing he throw some kicks but he’s more
of a boxer he’s just gonna throw heavy heavy hands he’s fast he’s very very accurate KO power in his left hook KO
power and his straight right down the pipe that’s what he hit uh yokan Buckley with he’s got a decent kick game but he
doesn’t use it all that much but he can he had threw a couple decent leg kicks against Santiago panan nibio um his
defensive wrestling is looking better especially at 170 where he’s the bigger guy look good against chza um he was
able to you know he got taken down like once twice hoop right back up was able to land a big knee on kza and then got
him in a Dar choke and um he’s just a well-rounded fighter he’s fought very very very good competition in his career
you know he’s fought jakar Souza um jaare I said jakar last time it’s jakare
I’m stupid but uh uh Darren Stewart Joe Quinn Buckley but if you even go back Brandon Allen Gerard marar he’s fought
uh Derek Brunson Marvin vitori man he’s fought a lot of really really good guys hamzat Chay Stephen Thompson he’s
well-rounded um and he’s got power at 170 he’s got superp power and he’s very
very very durable the guy’s never been knocked out and he’s took some really big shots Jack man this dude looks good
his boxing’s phenomenal he can switch stances and keep the power in both hands from each stance um throws decent
powerful leg kicks I was actually shock going back and look at a couple of his fights because I just remember the boxing but he actually does have good
leg kicks um keeps power when switching STS uh works the body well with hook combos man he’ll go two to the body and
come up to the head throw uppercuts from it everything man um boxing is phenomenal he he’s got a judo background
but his takedown defense doesn’t look the best in the world but it doesn’t doesn’t look the worst because I mean his last fight against uh Bazil basil
that dude man shot 20 takedowns and he stopped like 16 of the 20 or 17 of the 20 so that that that kind of looked like
he didn’t have that good takedown defense but man that dude half this was tough as hell man I can’t wait to see that dude fight again coming up but
basically Jack Del you know he’s a boxer and he’s gonna throw some leg kicks and he wants to go out there and outbox you
um but in this one man if you’re just going to be boxing and doing all that I’m gonna actually want to go with Kevin Holland because he’s got an 8 inch reach
he hits super hard too he’s super durable and um he was going to he’s going to have the grappling advantage in
my opinion if it does go to the ground like Jack it’s not like Jack Dell is bad on the ground it’s just that I think Kevin Holland’s black belt’s going to be
a little bit better and I like his size advantage and if this just stay striking and you got you’re going to be boxing
basically why not take the guy with the uh way more uh UFC experience and the 8 inch reach so give me Kevin Holland I
actually say he’s gonna get it done by decision man if Jack Del went to decision with Ane loose and Kevin
Holland neither one of the neither one of these guys have been knocked out I Know Jack Del has been finished but I think it was all subs right no he does
have wiko lost his first fight he got uh knocked out but other than that man this dude’s been a durable mofo so um getting
Kevin Holland not really all that confident you know it’s going to be a really good fight that might be one you can just watch as a fan but if that line
keeps going up on Holland let to take me a stab at it Main Event time Alexa grao
versus Valentina chevchenko to Alexa grao 16 and3 currently sitting at plus
135 she’s 5’5 with the 66 inch reach Valentina is 23 and4 currently sitting
at minus 160 excuse me she’s uh 5 foot five with the 66 65.5 inch reach Heights all the
same 05 inch reach for Grasso Grasso um phenomenal boxing her boxing is
phenomenal she can switch stances I didn’t notice that until I watched her do it more in the shevchenko fight but
she kept switching stances going to a Southpaw and landed some really big punches with that right hand but she’s
got a powerful right hand improved wrestling in BJJ she got toen down a couple times by shevchenko but she was
able to work her way back up um and then she showed really good Jiu-Jitsu against Joanne wood she she looked good against
Macy Barber Vivian arujo was able to strike with her for five rounds she’s got nice leg kicks um throws really good
combos three four five punch combinations power in both hands uh at least stinging stinging power she stung
chevchenko a couple times in that fight and her Jiu-Jitsu her rear naked chok’s crazy man I rewatch The Joan wood fight
she did the same thing that Joan wood that she did to shevchenko she took Woods back for four seconds put in the
rear naked choke it wasn’t even all the way in and she just squeezes so hard that dude when she let go on Joan wood
her face was all white right there too just like she did to chevchenko so this girl has a squeeze on her she’s 30 years
old she’s gonna be getting stronger going to be getting better as a champ and improving then you got Valentina
chevchenko uh 3 5 years old she’s getting older man she she’s getting older and it’s showing I don’t think
she’s as muscular as she used to be her thighs aren’t near as muscular as she was against uh if you go watch and look
at her fight Caitlyn tragan in 2020 her her shape was so much better she looked
you know like a eight pack all that stuff and she’s just getting older now she’s 35 years old she’s must be losing
some bone density or something because in her last couple fights she’s not looked the best man um she’s got phenomenal Muay Thai she’s got
phenomenal offensive wrestling she’s got excellent Jiu-Jitsu excellent transition she gets in the crucifix she pounds
girls out she’s got good submissions um excellent spinning kicks but I don’t know if she’s gonna want to do that in
this fight again after what happened last last time but she’s got really good jab she’s got a nice straight left man
their South paaul kickboxing Muay Thai is phenomenal she’s one of the most well-rounded women that’s ever fought in
the game but in her fight against Talia Santo she got out wrestled by Talia Santos for the first three rounds I
thought she lost that fight and then against Alexa Grasso and that fight I had it I had Grasso win in the first
round she stung um uh shenko in the first round then shenko in the second and third and then fourth shevchenko
couldn’t land a takedown she was slowing down wasn’t Landing the takedowns and Gro was having um
uh success with the striking right and then she she missed the spinning kick and Gro took her back with one minute
left in the round and even if she wouldn’t have submitted her she would have took the back had her in a bad spot that would have got it would have been
two two going into the fifth round um and then you know know I think that Grasso had the momentum going there she
was Landing the bigger shots and I had a bet on Chef chenko last time and like every time she got the tank take down I’m like yes and I’ve never felt that
way with shevchenko but I felt like she needed it in this fight I think like I think that Alexa grassel like I said
she’s 30 Valentina is 35 Alexa is going to be the one that’s in her prime can be getting stronger and actually improving
where shevchenko how much improving in is she getting and stronger is she getting a 35 then she’s coming in here
and I think AG Grasso is going to be able to stop the takedowns a little more and from there I think she knows her strikings better so she’s going to trust
it a lot in this fight and I think Grasso is going to win I think Grasso I think that this is going to look more like the rematch between Leon Edwards
and Usman 3 then um like a big mistake where it was Matt Sarah and George St Pierre uh two where Matt Sarah you know
got the lucky knockout in the first one and came back and took the beating like he was supposed to I don’t think I think
Alexa Gro this is like a Changing of the Guard where it’s just Chef chenko got older I think Usman was 35 years old
when this happened to him too and um they’re just getting older you know she lost the Talia Santos I thought and then
now she could be on a she could be 0 and two in her last two fights and I don’t really think she should be the favorite here so I’m gonna take Alexa Grasso I
don’t think she chokes her out this time I think that um I think she ends up getting a a decision I think it’s like a
3-2 decision you know and I’m pretty confident on Grasso I like her um think
she’s gonna be improving and getting even better where I don’t know if Chef chenko is so I appreciate everybody watching this recording I got this done
early quick um I was tired I’m tired I almost didn’t even do it tonight it’s going to be tough for a while uh doing
work and doing this and and and all the tape study and all that but I appreciate everybody that leaves the comments
that’s subscrib that’s like that’s uh that helps me out and just supports Whenever Wherever and um comes on the
live shows and talks so appreciate everybody man I’ll see you guys Thursday night with Johnny K PX and good luck