In this article, we will discuss the recent fights at UFC Apex 79 and Bellator 299, including the injury to Rafael Fiziev, the victory of Johnny Eblen over Daniel Edwards, and the drama that unfolded during the events.

Fiziev’s Injury and Gamrot’s TKO Win

During the fight, Rafael Fiziev suffered a concussion after taking a hard shot. The referee, John McCarthy, recognized the severity of the injury and decided not to allow Fiziev to continue. McCarthy disqualified Fiziev’s opponent, Kieran Clark, for the illegal shot. McCarthy explained that he didn’t want to put Fiziev at risk of further damage and believed that Clark’s kick was intentional.

“I would not have allowed that fight to continue on as the referee,” McCarthy said. “I would have ended that fight and made Kieran Clark the winner based upon a disqualification.”

Although Fiziev was unable to continue, he was fortunate to avoid further damage to his health. The incident raised questions about the role of referees in ensuring fighter safety and the need for stricter enforcement of rules in combat sports.

Johnny Eblen’s Impressive Performance

Another standout performance at UFC Apex 79 was by Johnny Eblen, who defeated Daniel Edwards. Eblen showcased his wrestling skills and dominated the fight with takedowns and control on the ground. His ability to neutralize Edwards’ offense and maintain top position earned him a unanimous decision victory.

Eblen’s performance was praised by the commentators, who noted his improvement in wrestling and his overall skill set. At just 22 years old, Eblen is considered a rising star in the sport and has a promising future ahead.

Bellator 299 Highlights

Moving on to Bellator 299, there were several notable fights worth mentioning. One of them was the matchup between Dark Kelly and Zagers. Kelly, known for his ground game, struggled to secure a submission against Zagers, who defended well. Commentators pointed out that Kelly missed opportunities to belly Zagers down and apply pressure, which could have led to a more decisive victory. Eventually, Kelly adjusted his strategy and secured a win by utilizing ground and pound.

Josh O’Connor and Mark Ewing’s Impressive Performances

Two fighters who stood out in Bellator 299 were Josh O’Connor and Mark Ewing. O’Connor displayed exceptional wrestling skills and controlled the fight with takedowns and top position. He showcased his versatility by being effective both on the feet and on the ground. Ewing, on the other hand, impressed with his striking and relaxed demeanor. He landed a beautiful spinning kick to his opponent’s face, showcasing his speed and athleticism.

The Significance of DirecTV Business Deal for Bellator

In other news, there have been discussions about a potential deal between PFL and Bellator. If the deal goes through, it would solidify PFL as the number two organization in the world, with Bellator being acquired. This merger would bring together two of the biggest promotions in the world and add around 300 fighters to PFL’s roster. The potential acquisition would also give PFL access to top-level competition and allow them to make a stronger case to networks for broadcasting their events.

Currently, organizations like PFL, Bellator, and ONE Championship have to pay for their TV time on platforms like UFC Fight Pass and ESPN. This means they have to spend money instead of making money, which makes it challenging for them to grow their brands. However, if PFL acquires Bellator, they would have more leverage to negotiate better deals with networks and potentially secure more financial support from sponsors and endorsements.

The increased exposure from being on a platform like DirecTV Business would be beneficial for Bellator. While it may not directly generate more revenue, it would put more eyeballs on their product. This exposure could lead to more fans discovering and enjoying Bellator’s entertaining fights, especially in the lighter weight classes where they have some standout fighters.

It’s important to note that the potential deal between PFL and Bellator is still speculative at this point. However, if it does happen, it would solidify PFL as the clear number two organization in the world, behind the UFC. This merger would create a powerhouse promotion with a large roster of talented fighters and the potential to attract more viewers and financial support.

In conclusion, the recent fights at UFC Apex 79 and Bellator 299 showcased some impressive performances and raised important questions about fighter safety and rule enforcement. Additionally, the potential deal between PFL and Bellator could have significant implications for the MMA landscape, solidifying PFL as the number two organization and potentially bringing more financial stability to both promotions. As fans, we can look forward to more exciting fights and developments in the world of mixed martial arts.

and getting bigger all the time if I keep eating this damn airline food I’m back from Ireland with my man Josh
Thompson we’ve got I’ve been back home now for at least I don’t know an hour
and a half what’s up dude it’s probably that’s about an hour longer than me my friend
no let’s see there you go it’s been good though I thought I thought the show was good I thought the crowd is always
amazing but the people are always amazing um it was uh everything ran really
smooth you know um it felt good if no no well yeah
you had a different experience and uh my experience was really good so I’m glad
I’m glad your experience was really good so it was uh it was good go ahead I’m
sorry I will let you speak to me it was fun to you know
they the Euro series used to be my series when I would go to Europe and you didn’t like to travel and so it kind of made it
out because they had the young guy to go ahead and do all the traveling [ __ ] you know and uh put miles on my eyes
it worked out perfectly because I loved it [ __ ] experience of calling fights cage side working with different people
and uh you can thank me now what’s that
thank you platform yeah you’re you’re you’re your wife your wife was like
thank God Josh is [ __ ] time with these guys so he could [ __ ] go oh man
um you know and it was I had flashbacks that you know doing that because I did all those shows for a long time for about two years and then Kobe hit and we
just got away from him but but [ __ ] it was fun had a lot I had a lot of good times and um and being able to qualify
us with Dave Farah and just it’s just you know and then Aiden came you know after the very first year or
show we did a new Castle you know Aiden came on board and Aiden was just been a pleasure to work with and uh Funk he was
the guy I worked with the desk and Dave Farr was a guy called the fights with at the cage side and so they had the whole
crew back together this time it’s very rare that we’re actually all on the card as well as all the American ones too
that come out so we had a great time fights were good people were nice fans were great um I even had friends that
came over um from the from the US and they were there actually for because they wanted to experience while you know
um in that Arena and um man it was great it was a blast we had a good time my little nephew was there he was there and
he was you know hitting on the ring girls he’s like all of five years old I got a bunch of pictures of him with
Louise so I thought it was great okay I want to go see my friends well if you’re gonna
hit on the ring girls pick those pick the right one the right one baby there you go she did I love it
I thought it was we had we had a very good time Dave did you get that picture I just sent you yeah you ready for it
yeah yeah well because you know Josh I know that we took Josh out we took Josh
out yeah baby take a look at that oh yeah
look at that young Josh Thompson right there and I love I love that picture
that’s a great picture actually you’re a cute kid who who is look at military and out with
the van shoes on yeah got a rock slip-on Vans checkerboard we’ve got the hemmed up pants too they’ve been hemmed a
couple times all right man it’s the hand-me-down pass man yeah yeah it’s all right that’s good stuff used to rock it man look at the
old school couches in the back with the Plaid lining oh look at that TV in the far left
corner look at that little tiny thing geez look at that thing jeez oh man
oh yeah it was but it was a good time the whole thing there was a lot of good things had a nice dinner for my birthday out there while we were out there
because the day with the day I landed there which was I think on Wednesday Thursday there it’s Thursday there so it was the 24th you took off the day before
but you landed on yourself yes it was kind of it was nice I got there and I was like oh I wasn’t expecting much just to kind of you know get some drinks
maybe with you and dinner with you and then that was it and uh everyone was kind of in on it and uh they did a nice
little thing for me on air which I loved and I appreciate that very much to start off the show uh at least it was at least at
least having to work on your birthday you knew that people cared about it did feel good it did feel good you know and
the group was real hey that’s one thing about our group man the group of people that we work with they
we just and I’ve heard I’ve heard this from other people that have worked there all the guys that we work with they all
do a ton of other sports and a ton of other shows you know they produce and direct all each other’s shows and and
you know and they commented on the shows um not just not just fighting but they do football like Amanda does she does
football she does basketball says all this baseball she said all of that and um and she’s like you know I work with a
lot of a lot of the people she’s like I can just tell you stories about how no one really gets along with each other or
people don’t really get along with each other you know or like there’s only like one or two people you get along with you here we hang out almost every single
show as a group as a group it’s like a total of we’ve got pictures of like there’s probably 15
of us you know that we’re just it’s always us the director the the producer the executive producer the the tape guy
the sound guy the audio all these things some of the camera people replay replay yeah replay guys like you know um we
just we all get along which is very rare which is very rare from what I understand they’re like no there’s actually you know people that were like
no if that producer that director or that audio guys they’re working I’m not yeah I don’t want that job I’m good I
don’t need it I’m like wow you’re turning money down because you don’t like someone that’s really strange to me like you just learn to deal with it but
no they just say no yeah but it’s um
it just feels good to to um to work with people that you you get along with
you know and from the top to the bottom and all even from the fighter Ops we got some good ones yeah the fighter Ops people are amazing as well you know you
got your cariana you got uh MJ you’ve got you know uh Jane estioca all those
they all work together they’re all great people so um good time as always great times
you guys can probably hear a little bit in our voice they seem like we’re a little tired just a little tired I
wonder why that’s good though let’s see hold on I have now been up for
going on 24 hours not me it’s all right not me I hit that plane man I hadn’t
even pushed off yet I was out I was out oh man it’s the greatest good night John
I can sleep on a flight I had a on the long plot I had uh Thiago Alves in front of me and then I had uh Destiny in front
of me and Mike Brown was I think behind me two rows but yeah we were all we were all there and uh we were just staggering
each other but I I could take a look and take a look and as we were getting I was like I looked up after I kind of woke up
about an hour and a half before the flight landed so good six and a half hours I slept good timing right there it
was awesome awesome I missed the meal going but I got the mill right before we landed it was out a nice little we got
in a whole hour early into Atlanta yeah so but I was with uh I had Amanda
uh Nordy fish and Jay were all on my flight so all of us were on the same plane so Jay actually sat right in front
of me so I just kept kicking his seat until I fell asleep yeah dude just just keep smacking me he’s great man he’s a
great guy um but yeah so yeah good stuff man good stuff uh let’s go ahead and you want to
talk about Bellator first you want to talk about the the I’m talking about the UFC first let’s go right in the UFC let’s go right
to the U.S got the UFC up there since I did watch it okay as I sat in
Chicago for four hours Let’s Go All right we got
uh gamra versus physi was the main event and uh what what number was this it was at the UFC Apex do they have a number on
it or they’re just calling it seven or nine what was it called UFC Vegas uh sorry name
79. man they’re getting up in those numbers too they started using this during uh covet 79. but uh you know what
was your take on this fight let’s be honest you didn’t get to see
what you know you expected and stuff I thought it was exactly what you know we were looking at when we were breaking it
down what was gonna happen gamma was looking for the takedown he tried tree chopping him a couple of times and uh
physique showed great technique great balance a lot of athleticism
but you saw the Gamera was actually starting to get into taking him down took him down because he you know very
uh intelligently moved himself over towards the cage used the cage to get himself back to his feet and then you
had the freak accident of you know he hurt something in his leg I still don’t
know what it is I’m not sure that they do right now either but uh he injured himself off of a kick and it was the end
of the fight the kick you know the leg landed and landed kind of on the elbow but I don’t I’m not sure that that’s
exactly what was the injury part no it was actually the other leg it was the planted leg it wasn’t the one he kicked
with so then you believe it was the name I believe it was the knee but then when I saw the replay they were massaging out
his quad it’s like did he tear his quad I don’t know I didn’t look like it but it’s
still I I look I looked to see no it didn’t look I look at his inner quadras there you saw his outer quad you know
going because normally you’ll see it it gets wadded up in there but
I I went and I looked online to see if there was you know they came up with something and nothing no there’s nothing that has officially been said about what
type of injury he received can you can you maybe take a look at it and see maybe if there’s something that came up
in the last you know 20 minutes or so or an hour uh if something came up um what what the actual injury was I mean from
what everything I read it said knee and said yeah he said his knee so uh
knee injury it reminds me of um uh uh Patrick Cote and Anderson Silva
I remember when he kind of hopped in and he was actually uh you know he’s doing well but you could actually see his pop
his knee moved and shift you could actually see it you know as the replay shown you know and a lot of times you’ll
see didn’t see anything with it and I’m not saying obviously it happened because he went down right away and it wasn’t
you know the guy has kicked everything you know there is so he knows how to kick and he kicks hard as hell he is
incredibly fast oh I love watching that guy move it wasn’t just it is just it
wasn’t just his kicks John and his punching he his takedown defense was [ __ ] super impressive dude he was
just incredible cat like reflexes I mean his flexibility he and when you look at
him you think to yourself This Guy’s not that flexible you saw Grandma try to cheetop him and he just balanced on one
foot and then he was able to turn his knee down and then get out I wonder though dude what are you talking about he’s not flexible his damn leg was
almost straight up and down that’s what I’m saying when I look at him I’m thinking to myself he’s not that flexible but then in reality set him
when he when gamer went to Treetop him he had him up on his leg he was bouncing around then he was able to turn his knee
down and kind of like give a little mule kick out I kind of Wonder though if his knee was compromised a little bit from
those takedowns he might have been there and then the second round it just finally gave way because he um very
possible yeah because he he was doing some CR insane stuff when his knee was
hiked up he was also in the scramble he was turning himself real fast explosively left and right and gamrat
was chasing the legs and uh wasn’t able to get him fully all the way down in that first round was very impressive
though I was extremely impressed but I was impressed by gamra in the way that he was attacking him as far as he
wasn’t taking ridiculous shots he was using his hands to get inside it’s one
of those fights when you look and you go all right Josh based upon what you saw who’s gonna win that fight
Oh I thought it was my camera okay yeah from what I saw I thought
Gamera was gonna win I just look is it in a five-round fight I just think that physiv was showed against Bobby green he
showed against other Fighters I will tell you exactly slow down he slows down and using all that quickness and all
that energy I was like it’s probably gonna end up starting to go cameras and it ended and but you know it’s still
could be that physique would absolutely it was it was a good fight you know it was interesting up to that point it just
happens you know guys get injured it’s a tough sport yeah I didn’t get quite enough sample size out of that fight to
get to give an honest answer on who I thought would win and uh but from what I saw the way that gamrock was able to
still keep it on the first to not get the takedown but still did some good
stuff on the feet in that first round and the way he was chasing the takedowns but not really jeopardizing his
positioning when doing it um that that led me to believe that he’s going to go ahead and be aggressive throughout the second the third and if
you take like I said the history of physique fighting Bobby green physique fighting Gage he was he fighting certain
guys right he explosive everything he does comes with a lot of power a lot of
explosiveness that means that as the fight goes on it becomes less sure
there’s they’re more explosive even later on but there becomes less output on it so less chance for you to
potentially get The Knockout in the win whereas gamra we saw him against sarukian and he was still there that
third fourth round like he’s a dog and that’s majority of those type of wrestlers are they just the grind they
call it the grind for a reason because they know that they’re probably they may not win the first round and if they do then that’s fine but then
that their whole goal is to win you who wear you down second round when you wear you down third this is a five round five
main event status baby make every round count make every round harder the next next one coming up yeah and I I think
that as this fight would have continued to play out I think gamerat would have been able to get a take down here or
there in that second round going into the third and as you get one the second comes a little bit easier the third
comes a little bit easier and uh but look you can never count for zivow like I said I didn’t get I didn’t get quite
enough sample size yet because you can see the power he possesses and his kicks his hands you know all of those things
body shots everything he does it just comes with a ton of heat so you can’t count them out but I would have leaned
towards the wrestlers to be honest yeah there was but it was turning it was it
was a competitive fight as they were going but you got to figure it’s going to start fairly slow it’s a five round
fight there’s a lot to go through and it was going through that progression and it just ended it just you know that’s
what happens well where like so this is uh physique’s second loss in a row can you click on fuziv or did he have a win
in between the gay chin no second loss no like just engaged you in a second round
um they pull up the rankings where does physique go from here and where does gam Rock go from here let’s pull up the rankings well you know
it’s it’s funny but you got to look for Z was actually ranked ahead of gamron and uh they’ve got to switch places yeah
even though it you know it was an injury based TKO win
they’ve got to switch places it’s a win yeah it’s you know part of fighting is you know you know
self and self-inflicted injury sometimes is what will end the fight this is kind of like a self-inflicted injury you know
maybe it was based on the elbow but you know that was physique hitting that elbow but you know it’s uh it’s got to
be a switch in those positions at this point well I look at like so for physique right you’re gonna probably he’s already fought
um he hasn’t fought screw King yet he’ll be out for a while though so I’m not really sure how this will all shake out
after all this no uh you know maybe maybe on a return fight maybe someone like a grant Dawson
possibly you know it depends on how long he’s going to be out but I’d imagine if he if he did tear something in his knee
he’ll be out for at least nine months I’d say at least nine months you know I mean he seems like he’s pretty strict
about his his diet nutrition the way he takes care of his body um I think he’ll be able to recover and
come back probably I don’t know how old is he what 33 32 33 physiv uh anyways
but that being said so physiv but then gamra I look at he he’s already come up short against
um he’s writing his prime which sucks for losing the year you know eight months of
your Prime no he’s he’s still young man he’s still he hasn’t even reached that Prime but when I look at if I look at
gamra he’s already got a loss against vanilla Darius but the fight really to make would be him and Michael Chandler
you think so huh oh yeah I think so I look I mean I had a
good chance to uh chat just real quick with Dustin while we’re at the airport you know and um
I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t give Dustin um a title shot
you know I think uh if after whoever fights so Charles fights this one right here right and then I think Justin’s
gonna get the next title shot there’s nothing there’s no one really there for Dustin to fight maybe you have him fight vanilla Darius but like like Dustin’s
kind of I think at the point in his career yeah he wants the big biggest fight you
could potentially give him you know and you can’t blame him Darius isn’t the biggest fight for him anymore it was
right maybe before that but Justin was actually the bigger fight that’s why he fought Justin came up short you know
maybe he fights you know Charles if Charles lose loses you know um then that puts him right
there being next in the line for another title shot I don’t know but I’m looking at as I’m looking at all this I think
you put camera I’d like to see gamra and Chandler because Chandler’s kind of in that no man’s land and you know if I’m
talking about yeah camera in Dustin they’re they’re both from ATT
I’m not saying they won’t fight yeah I I actually do but I don’t think that only Dustin would take that fight he’s like he’s not ranked high enough he hasn’t
been any big names this is his biggest name he’s beaten and it’s a rookie and I was a very close fight by the way and so
I think for Dustin he’s like nah I’m looking for the Charles and the Islam and the if I gotta run it back with
Justin again I’ll do that I don’t I don’t think I think below Darius and Chandler and those guys isn’t really I
don’t think he’s really feeling it I need a big money fight and that’s that’s why I think there there might be potential for him to possibly go up and
wait and I think if Kobe does win I could see
Dustin going you know what for the title at 170 I might go up there I might go up there and fight Colby
well it’s not like he’s afraid no he’s we know that yes that’s the that’s what the crazy
thing is how many people are going to say they’re afraid of them oh you didn’t go you’re afraid oh my God that’s Emporia is not afraid of [ __ ] anyone
Dustin poorey is not afraid of Godzilla okay if Godzilla was real and it was
[ __ ] doing Dustin’s not afraid of him okay Dustin is a [ __ ] dog Dustin is a he you talk about a guy he
came from a tough background you know he had he he did not have it easy he was in a juvenile hall for a
while and stuff because uh you know he didn’t have his [ __ ] together and fighting is what kind of set him you
know straight he’s got a great wife was his girlfriend for a long time she kind of set him straight been together since the middle through the ringer they’ve
been together since middle school yeah that’s crazy but he’s been through the ringer man you know he’s had some tough
times and he’s he’s he continuously takes a loss and comes back better and
gets win after win and you know he’s a he’s a he’s exactly what you want to
have you know representing the sport in my mind he’s just a great person yeah I
look at to go back on what we were talking about though with physiva we’ll see where the dust settles you know
after his knee injury and how long he’s actually out for but I look at gamra and I think the person that’s floating
around in there in no man’s land will be Michael Chandler because he’s already got a loss to Darius no reason to go run
that fight back it was very he got dominated in that fight you’re saying camera yeah gamer has gone along so I
look at Michael Chandler being the only one there he’s not lined up for a fight right now supposed to be Conor oh he’s lined up for a fight
that fight that fight is just not happening I mean I heard there was there was Dave
bat and stare supposed to be getting that fight to happen but oh yeah I had heard the same thing and then it then it
fell apart again we’ll see we’ll see what happens all right and the next fight the co-main event you got Bryce Mitchell versus uh Danny gay
I’ll tell you what I I really enjoyed the fight I was impressed I was uh
I was I knew that Bryce Mitchell had had a good ground game I didn’t think it was
quite you know I thought yeah when I say good I thought it was
good I didn’t think that he would actually for the most part dominate Dan
ige on the ground he got great positions and and Josh I’m going to tell you I want to say it was
the third round there was that transition from the just
the art of the takedown that he did if you watched in the takedown and how he swept the leg out from where he was at
and the way he took the back was just absolute art
it was so [ __ ] cool so beautifully done I was so impressed with his ground
and the way he did things and you know I expect Andy to hang tough I expect
danigay to not give in and he did it any near the end he was mounted yeah but you
look and you go you know but I was very impressed with uh the way that Bryce
Mitchell handled a guy that we know has got power and he he definitely cracked him a couple of times and but overall
you know Danny gay was winning the first round and then you know Bryce kind of got it back there was two judges that
gave it to Dan but then Bryce took over you know in the fight for the most part being able to just out position and do
good work wasn’t able to get the submission I didn’t think he would be able to but God damn I’ll tell you what
there was some moments in that third round I’ll tell you that that sequence from that takedown to that
backtake was absolutely beautiful you know when I looked at the fight in that
first round and I was thinking to myself Bryce Mitchell’s running into a brick wall again he’s having a hard time and I
saw the look kind of thought I saw a look on his face almost in moments like he looked like [ __ ] I might look at this guy down [ __ ] I’m working really hard
for this I’m not able to hold in there like what’s going on and I the look on his face was
I’m getting tired and then it’s then in the second round it just kind of came
together for him a little bit of almost like okay he went to his corner he got a deep breath I don’t even say it was in
the second round I think it was towards the end of the first it was when he was when he was able to change the position
and start to do some good work it was like okay okay I’m gonna be yeah but that’s
exactly what I remember what I was talking about with the um the Gamera and the physique fight was that once you get
the first one the second and the third they’re still hard but they come a
little bit easier the trans you know well the fences and there’s also there’s also if I did it once I know I can yeah
and then the person that you’re taking down is like I better stop this there’s more pressure on them to stop it and then they make a mistake or they fight a
little bit too hard in the wrong position and put themselves in a bad position whatever it is but um but yeah I agree Bryce Mitchell
though was he fought hard when he finally did get that first top position was able to control it for a while and then the round ended I believe and then
the second and third round was just uh the continuation of that you know and uh Dan had moments where he was able to get
back up to his feet and stuff but for the majority of it I mean there was moments where he was in some really deep [ __ ] you know and uh Bryce had his back
Bryce had Mount Bryce was doing transitions was Deanna was giving us back and then going back to Mount and um
but Bryce looked good I thought he looked good he’s gonna have to develop better stand-up though look I’m going to
continue this yeah we are we are past the [ __ ] being one dimensional you
cannot be in this Sport and be one-dimensional I mean we’ve seen top level world-class kickboxers top level
world-class wrestlers Ninjutsu guys all come in with just one dimension and he gets them so far but then you’ve got it
it’ll get you to that point are you in the top ten but it but it won’t get you no to that one level that you need to
get to I’ve seen guys no matter how good you are Damian Maya was probably one of them he just he was oh absolutely but
then he had to go back and get better at his striking he did yeah he did and his wrestling yeah because look if
you if you go and you watch Damien Meyer when he first went to the UFC his takedowns were atrocious yeah they
couldn’t take he he pulled guard on everybody he would pull into a deep half and then get the reverse yeah that was
his way of working his way through a ground attack and all of a sudden he started changing and I want to say it
was against jail when all he took jail lateral drop Trail dude and I was like holy [ __ ] I still
remember this to this day look at that I was in [ __ ] shot like there’s no way this guy’s gonna shut down Shell’s gonna
[ __ ] Maul this guy stuff his takedowns and beat him up on the feet I’m like I don’t understand [ __ ] he took
Trail down I was like what the [ __ ] did I just watch oh geez people don’t realize and I know they go back they’re
like oh he was a good wrestler and fight takedowns against Anderson Silva the guy’s a [ __ ] All-American in
Oregon University of Oregon who’s Olympic alternate like he was [ __ ] good Joe was good he wrestled the
University of Oregon like he was a [ __ ] stud he was a stud and then he was an Olympic ultimate and he was
[ __ ] a he was fantastic some of the best wrestling I’ve ever seen inside that cage and the way he chain wrestled
he’d hit the single run you to the devil hit the fence couldn’t get it he’d back you up off and then hit the inside trip
very hittersque I’d say but it was like for a big guy though that’s what made him so
popular or not popular that’s what made him so dangerous in there he just in the early parts of his career
he just lacked I think the confidence and he locked he liked a couple different things he left he liked I
think he like first he lacked the stand-up ability of knowing how to throw and get his head off the center line and
and how to use his feet the right way he was just throwing punches and then he got with I want to say it was uh it’s
Clayton and uh was it Clayton was I don’t want to say
it wrong but the longtime trainer great guy with uh his boxing skills and he
changed jail and gave him confidence in the stand-up and I want to say Clayton Hines
I don’t know I think so I could be wrong but I think wasn’t he was Robbie Robert phallus for a long time wasn’t he well
Robert Falls was his grappling and one of his head coaches but Trevor pringly fought both of them
clay Heise was the was the stand-up guy and he loved him and uh
absolutely changed his career yeah he just uh just to go back chill had some of the
best person in the game and the way he could put it all together and uh his Kryptonite was Jiu Jitsu
anytime he got in he’d put on him he didn’t know how to relax and fight out of it he just he panicked and put
himself in a worse position and he fake tapped quite a bit um he’d done that a couple times before
even before UFC oh yeah he had faked at and so um but no but channels is like he
was had some of the best for us Bryce Mitchell he’s got to work on he’s even got to work on his wrestling his wrestling is good but it’s not great you
put him against someone like if I was to put Bryce Mitchell and I’m just throwing another I know they’re not the same weight classes
but that guy’s never taken [ __ ] physique down you know what I mean like he’s no you
know what I mean like the explosiveness the [ __ ] the just the strength and all those things you’re never getting
that guy down you know and that’s what shocked me so much when he fought me when he fought Barboza I was like man
Barbosa’s not he’s got a lot better take down defense and he [ __ ] made Barbosa look like he didn’t know what the hell he was doing and I was on I was on the
band I was on the Bryce Mitchell bandwagon after that you know thug nasty yeah but then look at look at what happened look what happened yeah you
know I mean there was excuses oh I was missing on that whatever it was like um it is what it is the better fighter oh
absolutely absolutely uh but I’m looking forward to see what happened go ahead and pull up those rankings there for
Rice missile what are you saying because Danny gets ranked number 12 I think right now well actually you know
Mitchell’s was ranked ahead of dance so it’s not like no I get it but that’s the fight right there that I
don’t I don’t see you’re gonna think you’re gonna see much movement if any I think Bryce is going to be somewhere
in the position that he’s at at 10. yeah but it this should put him and you know and there’s a couple guys that you could
look up uh you know Josh Emmett is starting to slow down a little bit and then his
numbers are dropping as far as where he’s at you know that would be a good fight for him because he’s gonna have a
hard time getting Josh have it down yeah he would have a very hard time and Josh hits hard but that would be one that
you’re looking at that’s the kind I would put because Mitchell you’re you’re the guy you want to be on the rise
here’s a guy that’s you know quite a few spots above you let’s see if you can handle you know
Josh Emmett that’s where I would yeah you know what I do though is I actually I because he’s mainly all grappling
is I probably I probably LeapFrog and be there to a couple people I LeapFrog him maybe up to Calvin kater
and say like hey can you can you take the shots of cavalcator his style his boxing his kicking and can you get him
down which I I think that fight kind of we kind of thought where Calvin’s at right now he hasn’t been as active as of
lately you know throw him out there and get him in there with someone like Bryce Mitchell I’m not opposed to the to the
uh evolov fight either that could be a fun fight that would not it wouldn’t work for him
I don’t think but it would be interesting to see if evolov could just stop could defend his submissions and his top pressure you know and avalov
could stop his takedowns but on the feet though I mean not not that one of them are fantastic on the feet everyone was
better than devil office much technically better than Mitchell I do
know this John okay I’m just you know you’re you’re talking about no I get it oh my god dude no there’s this but you
know the fight that I would really like to see Bryce Mitchell fight and maybe I think this is too soon for him but I’d
like to see him fight Brian Ortega be an interesting fight you know I mean
Brian because Brian wouldn’t deny going to the ground with him you know Bill Luke Bryan was way better than him on
the feet and uh we’ve seen Brian can [ __ ] take some shots you know and he can deliver
it he can knock out people too so uh that would make for a fun fight this is what’s gonna happen with you know Bryce
Mitchell is you know and we talk about all the time there’s levels to this and he’s now getting
involved in those levels you take a look at his record and Dave pull it pull up Bryce Mitchell’s uh record for me please
if you can but you take a look at you know who he’s fought when he’s
fought him and everything he’s got some good wins on there and against guys that I think are good Fighters
but you know Andre feely yeah good fighter tough dude but it’s not a great
wrestler as far as stopping takedowns and everything it’s in Barbosa great fighter in the standard game but does
not uh do well stopping the takedowns or anything and
then he had you know guys like Charles Rosa tough dude Charles Rosa I mean he’s just a game fighter but
now when you’re looking at these people that Bryce Mitchell is going to be fighting this is the next level
you know and when you’re getting up into the tempurias and the egays and all of
these people now we’re talking you know Emmett or eveloff and stuff there’s no easy
no easy fights and everything that you are good at
will not work as well against those guys as it has in the past against others it’s going to be tougher to pull it off
and everything that you are not so good at exposes you to what
you know a difference level there is and what they can end up doing to you yeah they got to be more he’s got to be more
well-rounded man he’s he’s struggling he really is struggling so he’s going to struggle against that that top tier of
of Fighters and you the number is for normally for most weight classes above 170 it’s that ranked five and six
you can’t get past that if you’re not completely well-rounded it’s very rare
um in his weight class I look at it it’s like number you can you won’t even get to everlop evolve is I think better than
him at wrestling better than him on the feet eight or nine but maybe not better than him on the grappling like Jitsu was he’s I don’t think he is better than him
no he’s not I don’t think so either but I think I think he’s better than him in wrestling I think he’s better than him
on the feed so that’s that’s where you’re going to run into problems I can’t use my Jiu Jitsu if I can’t get you to the ground that’s it and so when
you’re when you’re putting him against these other fire show he can be I think he can beat Giga chikaze I think he can
beat uh Calvin kator I think you can beat those guys but then after you beat those guys guess who’s next toporea then
you got then you got Brian Ortega and then you got Max Holloway then you got you know it’s like it’s like those were
guys that because yeah I think about it okay and uh and this is no disrespect not at all in any fashion to Bryce
Mitchell but he’s not ready for someone like a Max Hollow no target practice he
I mean it would not be a pretty sight as far as you know the stand-up he would be diving for takedowns which I wouldn’t
blame him I would be doing the same things if you had that disparity but you know Max
Holloway is a guy that I think Max’s first fight in the UFC I don’t know what was it did he fight
Dustin Poirier first I think it was I might have thought doesn’t pour it that was his first fight
I think it was his first fight he was like he was like 19 20 years old they were both that agent you know and you
look and he got submitted I remember he got submitted in it but you look and you go you know take a look at him was that
his person no I was gonna scroll down more so it’s on the very beginning they were at 145 at the time
way down oh you’re like yeah his first fight in UFC oh that’s important right there yeah
yeah it was yeah first fight 143. hot feeling scroll back now I said Manor
Garcia and Justin Lawrence I haven’t heard that in him forever
tennis premieres Justin Lawrence was supposed to be the things
he’s a good guy jeez Buckley Collard look at there boom
but you take a look and you know Max has had to have that same progression
as what you know Bryce Mitchell has you know Max came in and there was areas that he was
he was deficient now he’s strong in those areas and that’s that’s just part of the fight game figuring out yeah where can I where can
I go and what can I do to fill in the gaps where people have an advantage against me yeah look at like pull up
Danny gay please what’s that I said that was a great comparison for a for a novice like me
uh put a scroll all the way down scroll down scroll so Dan so as Dan fought Calvin kater yeah he has he lost him yes
I was like yeah that was that was a tough fight what about giga chikaze yeah
no yeah I mean I feel like just to keep Dan in that mix there somewhere I mean like
there’s guys that I know that would motivate Dan’s gonna be in that mix unfortunately for Dan
he’s that guy when you look and you go man if you can beat Dan ige you’re you’re separating yourself from
yeah you know that package I don’t want to say gatekeeper because he’s not man he can the Duke can fight I love
watching him fight but it’s always when you get into that one
element where like the Calvin cater fight for Dan Cowell was just too good on the feet for
him he just took too many shots and it’s like I don’t see how ige
you know I want to be honest I don’t think he ever beats volkanovsky no okay
that’s okay and then you take a look and you go into the I don’t think Danny gay
ever beats Max Holloway yeah both guys from Hawaii but I don’t think he beats him and it’s just yeah it’s because you
know there’s just you know there’s great Fighters but they just can’t beat certain guys
no I agree I mean he’s at number 12 right now I mean he’s already had some Barbosa so he’ll stay probably exactly
where he’s at I don’t see him dropping yeah is he even still around he retired yeah
no no no no no no I haven’t seen him fight in a while let me follow like five months ago or
something like that was a while back I mean I’d like to see him and Giga get after because I know that Dan could probably get a takedown or two on them
control the top position but he’s gonna take some shots in the process he’s gonna take some shots yeah yeah that’s
exactly yeah but there’s no easy fights in that weight class man 35 and 45
exactly that’s the whole thing well everywhere in in all kinds in every
promotion I mean stack yeah 35 45s crazy yep oh no I agree I agree and we were
just with you know Brendan Lockney you know 145 are from the pfl that dude is a
stud you know what’s funny is John there’s there’s when I fought Eaves
there’s there’s uh sound footage of Rogan Josh Thompson’s the biggest lightweight I’ve ever seen
in my life I still I sit next to that 45 pounder there I told you I said hey I
want you to look and they said you were big at 150. huge man I’m like
what do you mean you fight at 45. yep that’s crazy to God it’s crazy to me
tough dude ah all right but next fight all right Marina oh man man you know we
talked about this fight and it went exactly like we talked and I I hate to say that but it’s you know Michelle
Waterson Gomez she’s a sweetheart the karate hottie I have uh adored for a
long time just because she’s such a good person and she went after it and she got right
away with the takedown and I was like that’s what we’re talking about that’s what you got to do against Marina and
she was doing good until Marina got back to her feet and from that moment on
it was a it was one-way traffic man it was not I tell you Michelle fought her
ass off she was trying she was taking some heavy shots the fact that she made it through that first round
I’ll tell you what just showed what kind of competitor and how much heart she has and when uh you know I carry Carrie
Hadley was a referee in that one and he was he was letting her go and you know you gotta let her go and a
lot of referees will you know they’ll say a lot of with women will stop it
quicker because like oh I don’t want to see you know you take too much damage he let he let her take a lot of damage she
was she was busted up and Marina was putting it on her and finally when she got mounted and there
was nowhere for her to go it was a good stoppage it was a great stoppage as far as but you know I do know that you know
she said she you know I I didn’t want to get stopped and it’s like you know your
heart goes out for because this has got to be what she’s got to have like five losses in
her last six fights yeah something like that what is it five four six six and
seven six seven five six and seven fights Angela Hill’s the only I mean and
that’s tough she had a ton of success early on and you know you run into that it’s like
you know I give her credit man she went out there and fought her ass off just Marina was just too strong
too big too strong technically good and just just literally some of the needs to
the body that she took Josh I was like oh damn you know it stick something that
needs to the face shook the body and the elbows were just like just target practice she was just holding her in place and just elbowing
her um she ran into a little bit of what I’ve seen from like guys like Kung Lee from
back in the day certain people just don’t know how to defend the Thai plum
this like the drop the shoulder roll it inside whether it’s the full yank away whether it’s the post on the face and
twist and turn there’s different ways to get out and she just there’s all kinds of ways got to figure out well that see
and this is the problem this is what I saw they have the way that works for them
this is not a way John hold on hold on I’m not talking about this they have the way stop I’m not and
this this goes all the way back to Rich Franklin when he fought Anderson Silva they have the way that works for them
and it’s like oh you know you type on me this is what I do and they stick with that one way and
they don’t they don’t have another way they’re not good with another one and you’ve got to have you know there’s all
kinds of ways there’s ways of creating space there’s ways of bringing the person to you and crushing space and you
know using you know just angles on it and you look and you go
you’ve got to have more than one way to stop a pipeline because everyone does it
a little bit different and some things will work against one wall they won’t work against the other and you’ve got to
have that those multiple you know setups ABC she did it and that’s why she ends
up you know doing exactly what you were saying and I’m like well there’s the other the other way too is like don’t always have to get out of it you’re just
going to learn how to defend from them throwing something like go ahead and let them throw the knee but then you know our hands underneath the armpits as they
throw the knee elevate a little bit and foot sweep whatever you’ve got whether you guide the knee by and then step
behind more than one way it’s like it’s not even it’s not even so much like trying to just get out just utilizing
them against them utilizing their movement against themselves see no answer man none and the Connolly
was the worst at it I mean like he didn’t know how to defend a [ __ ] need of the body once you got
him in a tie clinch he had no idea what the hell was going on just watch this fight with Anderson Silva or not and I
understand uh this [ __ ] got his face need off you know what I mean like he just it
just was one of those like he and he had no desire to learn you know I remember training and sparring with him working with him and
Javier worked with him for a long time he just never never he just thought he just could put his forearm there and
block it like how Rich Franklin did with Anderson that [ __ ] don’t work no it doesn’t work and um you know I
don’t know it just was one of those things with her she had this the size disadvantage and
Marina was so tall was able to just kind of grab her right away and push her head down and right into the knees and hold
the tie Plum and then elbow with one hand and go back to hold the tie plump elbow with one arm like she she made her
pay in every in every uh facet of that fight but I also look at Michelle Waterson she made a mistake once she got
the takedown once she got kicked out and she was on her feet you just gotta jump back in
you just gotta you just gotta jump back in the I’m just being honest because Michelle is the better Jitsu player like
take your chances on the ground take your chance like that that’s your that’s your area to win this you mean you gave
her so much space she got back to her feet and then you were done it was like oh then you try to shoot again didn’t
get it and then she shot some half-assed shots and made it even worse like once you get that first take down you do
whatever it takes to keep that person on the ground if you know that’s your way to to get in the win
and uh there was no sense of urgency okay if she gets back up I’ll go ahead and just get another one no because the
first one came so easy they didn’t come easy after that and I thought I thought Carrie highly did a great job but
um there was moments in that first round it could have been stopped John you know good you know that yeah oh no
um I liked it and I agree with you that that we’ve had several refs that we know we know personally we won’t mention any
names they have stop fights a little too early because they are females they don’t want to see females get damaged
and beat up well this is the fight business okay the entertainment business the fight business and they know what
they sign themselves up for and so um they know what they’re getting themselves into and and she goes out on
her Shield you know she’s she’s that type of person so I’m glad that he let her fight but I
wouldn’t have been mad had he stopped it there was a couple once or twice in that first round where he could have stopped
absolutely there was there was a moment where he he could have stopped and it would have been Justified there was one
I think it was about a minute left and I was like it’s like 58 seconds I think I was like how the [ __ ] is he letting this thing go and then she turned away enough
to like make enough space I was like oh [ __ ] that’s what’s more dangerous when they they’re almost finished and
then they land a shot or they’re almost finished and they defend properly for a second or something happens like the
person misses a punch and puts himself out of position and they’re able to get away you’re like [ __ ] all I gotta do is just
just get hit with one more shot and then the Ruffles thought but it’s like they do just enough to keep their reps from
stopping it the word the worst ones is when you have someone and you have that fight and the person is just starting to
dominate and they’re just blaspheming and they stop [Music] and you go what the God damn you hitting
here piss because now you can’t stop it and then they’ll start and stop
those are the ones that drive you crazy yep all right next fight
can I just say real quick before you move on yeah I don’t know if you can hear this insane hail right now but uh
between that and the Thunder if I lose power okay that’s what if I go off I’m hearing pops yeah it’s Hillstone the
size of golf balls oh I hope your house is okay all right we had Brian Brian battle
against AJ Fletcher uh Brian battle being the guy who won The Ultimate Fighter and uh no one gave
him a lot of freaking credit no one gave him a lot of respect and I’ll tell you what this guy is earning his respect because he keeps on putting on good
performances he’s very calm in the cage he got touched one time in this fight
and uh I really looked and it was you know he decided I’m just going to take
the center and let him try to come towards me and and it was working for him and he was doing fine and he was he
was the better fighter in that and Fletcher was you know moving around but Fletcher did catch him the one time and you’re looking to go
you need to you know what move a little bit sometimes he’s coming forward is a good
thing you know and so kind of changed it up and in the end as soon as he decided
it was funny because you know Fletcher’s big thing was to take this fight to the ground and when you saw battle he ends
up Up Against the Cage he turns him and from that point the knees to the body that he throws are really effective he
does a good job with that he sets it up he opens up the area then attacks it and
then when he takes you know got into the ground right away with the rear naked choke and it was like you could tell that AJ Fletcher was done
because he did he didn’t even defend a job yeah he didn’t he didn’t defend it yeah he just waited at the top his hand
was here yep he’s like yeah he’s getting on my head not yet oh wait wait wait okay oh yeah no it’s not quite had
enough yet he can’t do it yet and then when it goes right from that to to panic attack
um you know this Brian battle from in comparison to the one that left
the show the one that left the show was fought wild thought crazy didn’t fight didn’t fight smart
this was a very very well thought out getting very good he’s understanding
what it’s what works for him and that push kick and yeah I know that I was listening some of the commentary they
they were like oh that’s all he’s using that’s all you know and and but I heard Dom go
well it’s smart it’s always got to use it’s an extra version of the jab and it’s better exactly for him you know
when you’re fighting someone like AJ Fletcher who’s what 5’4 I mean he’s tiny muscle shirt a little bit dude he
reminds me of fricking you’re talking about it and the Silverbacks yeah yeah
that’s what he reminded me of so I was thinking like Wilcox and Shirk and he reminds me of that like he has that type
of like body style and so Brian battle knew that okay what’s the best way for
someone like that keep that guy there just [ __ ] piece him up push kick him dump him off now I thought he was doing
a good job of of that you know he’s just hitting up with the push kick and uh keeping him away
and uh that’s what he did and so yeah it worked out perfectly I thought you know yeah he did get clipped a little bit
there but once once the fight hit the ground he made his transitions he did a great job man I think we lost Dave there
it was it happened all night I think I think the uh the hail has destroyed Dave yeah let’s look this
up because we normally have Dave pulls up all the information for us so we’ll take a look at this uh this card here
because we have it on [Music]
why is it so hard to fight these ah get it you got it UFC Apex what was it 79
look at us look how tech savvy we are dude I’ll tell you we’re impressive yeah
all right we’re good got it who is it oh yeah Charles Jordan against Ricardo Ramos
this was uh I’ll tell you what this was a great Ground Battle and it was it was apparent
and I both of us love Jordan and the way that he fights and he’s got good stand-up
he’s got good ground and Ramos felt you know he got caught the one time and and
he moved to a Von flute joke and he had that on for a little bit Jordan fought
it off well and uh but I think that kind of gave her almost the idea that oh he’ll never be
able to get me and he kept sticking his head to the side and this the one time he put it to the wrong side
put it off to the one side and you know once that arm comes across that leg comes over the top
that Guillotine was tight and you can see right away he was like oh I’m in trouble and it was just a smart fight by
Charles jourdain who Josh we’re going to be watching Charles jourdain for a long
time you know John what it is with him which kind of threw me off was if you’re
wrong with why are you putting your head knowing that that’s really kind of the only submission he he’s got good
submissions don’t be wrong but that’s like his bread and butter he tries to hit that thing anytime you touch his
legs all the time your head is down by his his chest he’s trying to put your head in the hole and he’s going deep
with it or he’s trying to go Army and Guillotine I mean he’s he’s working it from all different ways
sure you gotta avoid that man like I don’t I’m not saying you got to keep it on the feet but I think it was that
first instance where Jordan actually tried and then he put him into the Von
flu that made him feel like okay I’ve been there he can’t get me oh you’ve been there you know we all do it
it’s like oh that guy can’t catch me with that then all of a sudden yeah yeah that’s true I mean it was just
it just seemed like he kept doing and kept doing then man when uh Jordan kind of was able to skirt free of him a
little bit then he rushed back in with his head on the side right into the guillotine position so that’s what I said Put it on the other side
come on man what do you think but but it was a really first off it was a it was a
fun fight to watch I enjoyed the way they both competed I looked enjoyed the way they went after it and I I tell you
what I’ll watch Charles Jordan fight any time he goes for the Finish he goes after his opponent you know he’s a
competitor man so like I said he’s gonna be around for a long time fine yeah he’s fun to watch I
like him he reminds me a little bit of that guy David Kellon yeah fights from Bellator I don’t know
why they both got they both have good Judo they’re both good on the feet you know I think Jordan I think Jordan’s a
little bit more um explosive you know um he does like more flashy stuff but uh but they’re both fun to watch
uh next fight well let’s we’re into the prelims now so
let’s talk about a couple of them because we got excited is there any ones that you really want to talk about miles John’s against uh Daniel good fight but
went to the decision okay yeah I’m not uh uh but Tim Means against
Mr fialo who is a friend of yours no no we talked about this and then we
knew this was one of those ones that you know what it could go either way because if you always got power but Tim
means to me he’s the dirty bird man that’s why I love him he’s a he’s a dog this fight I mean it was the dirty bird
that won him the fight is that yes fialo is comfortable with fighting guys that know
how to just stand in front of him and like let’s go back and forth and let’s see who goes down first
well Tim Means doesn’t fight that way you know he is you come in he throws the knee because he’s so tall and like you
know all those things he throws a knee up the middle when you dip your head the wrong way boom you got caught got shot to your ass then as the fight’s going on
and you want to try to fight me in a phone booth all right fine I’m gonna neon elbow you I’m gonna clinch your head I’m gonna elbow your face I’m gonna
throw knees up the gut and you’re gonna get tired because I’m hitting you with the knees I mean he had an answer for
everything that fiala was doing in the second round he got a lot of trouble Tim Means did but then yeah then if y’all
didn’t he didn’t go he didn’t chase after I’m not saying he should have chased after it but he should have there
was moments where he could have got him out of there and he didn’t get him out of there he took a step back almost to get his own breath
like he it just you got to be careful with someone like Tim Means also you know the rules you know the rules are
you you don’t want to be stuck gassed out after trying to finish him and him just knowing that he is the Dirty Bird
he’s a filthy dirty [ __ ] animal bird like he’s had no jerseys and so he just
you know he’s gonna take everything you got he’s gonna you know still be there maybe he’s still half wit it or whatever
it is but then he’s gonna still be there and he’s gonna skate in your face and just put pressure and the knees and the
elbows and all those and he was looking on point too with his stand-up and if you’re they look good sure if you’re
somebody like fialo and I know him very well it’s a confidence thing like why is this
guy this guy’s he’s not the he’s not the best looking guy he’s not you know he doesn’t have he doesn’t have the best
looking style of fighting and just the way he looks physically you’re like I
shouldn’t be losing this guy but he could fight the dirty bird can fight and he’s been
doing it for a long time against the best guys I guess a lot of the best guys he’s fought and so um all that
experience and everything it really he just he basically took fialo into the dark into the into the deep Waters and
[ __ ] then he let him come up first he had him come up for air for a couple times like okay when I’m ready I’m ready
I got him out of there I was I was I was very impressed with uh Tim Means man I fought a good fight fiallo just uh he’s
gonna he’s got great kicks he’s got good wrestling you saw it when you get the single leg dump
I’m like why aren’t you just like we’ve been telling this we’ve been telling him this for him in Abu Bakr
um habib’s cousin yeah him and abubaka used to have some of the [ __ ] biggest Wars they I don’t know what it was with
the two of them it didn’t matter they’d both come out all bloody afterwards they just stood and traded they they did
neither one of them knew how to fight smart when it was like they got he got mad at each other you hit me hard [ __ ] you I mean you are it was they came out
of there sometimes almost want to throw the gloves off just to throw more punches just throw up throw bare hands I
was like man they they went at it they were it was fun for us to watch but we had to stop them a couple times from
sparring because they just they would just wanted to kill each other yeah it was crazy it was crazy but um
but it just he just doesn’t fight smart and he’s nothing you can do to change him to say hey you’ve got explosive
kicks you’ve got great Double A’s you got good wrestling he’s not the best on the ground jiu jitsuas but I think he
knows enough to keep himself out of some solutions yeah like when you know who your competition is
first off it’s not it’s not you don’t have to worry about the submissions what you have to worry about if you’re not
that good on the ground is base and balance if you’re in the top position striking changes everything
the ability to punch and elbow someone in the head and body absolutely takes away a ton of what they
can do absolutely you just have to know and it’s just it’s a skill set like anything else you have to practice it to
be good at it you know crazy did we get Dave back yes sir there he is hello there mister
yeah we’re gonna call you the hail man we have to we have um do you guys want to see a picture of the Hill that just
yeah I’m gonna shoot over at the Mac right now okay um
right now I only have one in the garage well you park the other one underneath
the tree yeah it doesn’t get directly hit I don’t have a big enough Tree in my driveway so
this came out of nowhere literally came out nowhere it was like 95 and sunny and an hour ago
oh yeah check out this too oh [ __ ]
crazy right are those your hands Dave no that’s my neighbor’s house oh I was
like is it a guy or a girl
I’ve got an assess the damage in the morning yeah yeah that’s a good old hail right there yeah we um we’re not getting
hail warnings right now we’re getting uh tornado warnings they’re saying but it’s not it’s not by us it’s a little bit further up North about 30 minutes in
Denton and Denton which is not far from us about 30 minutes I think
well no we’ve been good so far I got off the plane today though man John it was [ __ ] 95 degrees
it was freezing on the flight and it was cold in Ireland and I get off the plane
here and I’m like holy [ __ ] I had sweater I had a thermal on and stuff I’m
like man I took that thing off right away
all right next one we got to talk about the uh Cody Brundage versus Jacob
McQueen fight what do you think should have been done
you’re you’re the fighter was he getting hit to the back of the head well he did get him to the back of the head
now like how many how many times I mean I don’t know I would probably only count
two maybe maybe maybe more now nah I mean
they kind of like rap I mean like the one that I know from he had ones that landed to the side and he had the couple
that were straight down the street when a guy’s heads there and not moving and then you hit it now it’s on you
that’s when you that’s when as the referee looking the first time and you heard what you heard Mark Smith say watch when
I hit the back of your head though your dumb ass decided to stay there you should have moved oh no I get it I understand what you’re
saying yeah um but what what should have been done
Mark Smith should have stopped the fight before he had this injury gotten them up
taken Jacob out of that dominant position put them both on their feet and
said I’m not taking a point from you but you’re going to lose the position because you’re not targeting
where you need to hit you hit the back of his head again I’m going to take you out of the position and take all right
well well let me let me let me uh go the other way go ahead why would you not take a point though
like wait you just said he hit him more than once now if you hit me twice that
means you knew you hit me once the first time and you hit me again it says I have to take a point
John hitting somebody in the back of the head we’ve seen Fighters die in boxing
are there are there are there different levels of being hit to the back yeah
with the forearm excuse me the last one and they end up disqualifying him okay that one yes but
are there different levels yes if you hit someone and it hurts them right away well then you’re not gonna
just take them out of the position but he did hit him before that and it didn’t
really do damage to Cody and that’s when you say stop get up and you you know warm all that stuff are
you gonna lose your position and I’m affecting the fight in a big way towards him because I’m
taking him out of a position where he can end up winning the fight right but I’m not taking points at that
point because I don’t want to take points out of it so I’m having that a much bigger effect on the fight but it
is the way that Mark as the referee could have done something different than just get to the point where all of a
sudden now he’s going to give a disqualification I I just I have a hard time like look if
you did something illegal if you did it once how many times did you do something else very rarely John
oh you lied to be a [ __ ] I could start bringing up things oh you were a child grabbing inside a glove my own gloves
I’m allowed to grab inside my own gloves yeah I know because you because you asked yeah I know what I’m doing I asked
I always ask when you were back there another other refs are back there I asked and I also have techniques that
now some Fighters have been using like Benson took for me I grabbed the fat part of the hand but it looks like I’m
grabbing the glove but I’m not I’m just grabbing the fat part of the hand I get I use the wrist control that way and
after I fought Benson I saw he started using that on some of his opponents and
some of the other guys that I use it against too I see that they use it because it works it’s a lot of control but uh no the best part about best part
about it is when you have this you don’t have to use that no you don’t it’s like it’s like starting an engine like you’re
trying to or a motorcycle like you’re just trying to turn it control the wrist yeah it works real well
yeah um no I just uh the the fence grab do you agree with the
disqualification then I would have just taken the point see you oh so you would have taken a
point and then we’d have a no contest yeah so you taking the point means nothing whatever
no contest so no content I love it at one point
it’s oh my God you got to take the point because you know this and that and now you’re going to take a point knowing that it’s going to happen why would it
be a no comment because he didn’t want to continue because he says he can’t continue
the doctor says well you know what we’re doing well I wouldn’t assess the point then if he could like you wouldn’t
assess the point he would see if he can continue if he can’t continue then it’d just be a no contest I wouldn’t have to worry about it so you would not you
would not have done no not no I for me though I agree with you is if you hit
him once the back of the head the second time you hit him again I stopped the action I stand you up but I
take the point because after you take after you hit him one time and I say watch the back of the head and you hit
him again I have no choice I gave you the warning that this you do have a choice I just gave you your choice
what no I don’t you understand look it everything is level I chose to take the
point so hold on I want you to think about this you’re right it is but you’re going that next level
because you have the opportunity to just warn don’t hit the back of the head
right you have the opportunity to stop the action and pull them out of the position
you have the opportunity to take a point that’s also taking him out of the
position okay so there’s you’re you’re just jumping to the most severe thing you can do other than disqualify him at
that moment yeah and if you if you grab the fence I’m gonna do the same [ __ ] I’m tired of it
I mean look I’m tired of these rooms really jeopardizing that person’s
ability to continue fighting like if I kick you if I kick you when you’re down if I knee you while you’re down
if I if I you know I do these things I hate in the back of the head it’s having an effect
because those Fighters at those moments they believe they’re in a safe position when they’re not because you’re
illegally blowing giving them causing damage to them that’s going to hinder the fight whatsoever
no matter what you think no matter what you think it does it definitely does hinder the fight yeah
and it can affect the fighter later on but this is where you got to figure out what can you do so you can make the fight go
on do something that affects them and not be that guy that’s I think altering in the
sport in the sport of MMA we’ve got to stop pretending like the person who got damaged is the bad guy
because we don’t we don’t favor them enough we got to start taking those points and then you’ll start seeing when
people start losing their purses and half their purse more of their purse or whatever it is because they’re getting dequeued or because you know they’re
getting points taken away and there was a fight they could have won but they cheated then they’ll stop doing it
it’s it’s a really shitty situation but it’s not as if we don’t know the [ __ ] rules don’t grab the fence it’s like we
don’t know the rules don’t hit the back don’t hit the back of the head how did you get all the way to now grabbing no
I’m saying but we had nothing to do one of the number one rules that this it
started in this sport was don’t hit the back of the head like that remember it used to be the
Mohawk and then they then they got rid of the Mohawk thing and they went down to the what just The Spine down the
spine right that’s pretty much it and it goes from the ear it’s all my glove makes contact with your ear am I correct
if it doesn’t go front it’s not like a headphone it’s not like this okay I can actually hit behind here yes
the back of your head medically and it’s legal and it wasn’t and with this he hit
him directly with the forearm right to the back he dropped all of his weight on it I agree and you and you you yourself
said he did way more than just one I only saw the two when they showed the replay was just the two I think well
you’re just watching replays because you watched the fight he hit up quite a few yeah but I I don’t know if it was the way that the camera angle was like did
you see him hidden but I didn’t see that it hit clean uh in terms of around the back of that but in the replay they showed just the
two he I mean bottom line is if if you hit on him if you hit him once in the back
of the head if I’m the ref if you hit him in the back of the head watch the back of the head don’t hit him again boom he hits him again stand them
up take the point I gave you your warning that means shy away from it it’s no different than like you throw the
inside leg kick and it grazes the cup and the guy looks and like points into his cup and go hey watch the cup and
then one kick later you [ __ ] kick him right in the nuts now that can be a little bit different
because the guy can dip down into it and all those things there’s all kinds of moves this guy was face down
I didn’t say you know so this was a this is like a very vulnerable position that’s one two is
I mean he did it multiple times but then this was a forearm all the way across and I’m on top and I’m putting my weight
down on you after I gave you the warning I’m taking the point and standing you up yeah but you’re you it doesn’t matter
the fight’s over because Mark Smith took too long to to take to stand him up and take the point
it’s no different than like when I and I said this I complained about this when Herb Dean when I fought Tony not like it
would have made a difference in the fight the bottom line is he grabbed the fence five or six times in like one
sweep transition how many times you want to give this guy a warning you know and I had the same problem with Herb Dean
when I fought clay Guida clay was sticking his fingers in my cut and pulling my cut open and her warned him
at least at least six or seven times never took a point
I’m like well how many times he was literally putting his fingers in and pulling my cut up and put his fingers in pulling my cut open and I just and I was
like and he just kept stop putting your fingers in the cut stop putting stop stop pulling all the cut and I was like
ah never never once took a point in all the fights that I’ve had with her but I like her as a rough I think he does a fantastic job just he sucks when he
wraps me I swear
but he just he he won’t he like with with Tony first and he slapped his hand off the cage when he had already warned
him two or three times yeah you know you gotta assess the point like I said it’s not like it would have made a difference in the fight but still
it’s annoying as a fighter that’s down there he already kind of depleted you’re like this you feel like man even the
[ __ ] ref hates me it’s a shitty situation to be in and everything seems like it’s going the
opposite way I think that there there just needs to be we got to stop pretending
or treating the ones that are being uh illegal you know having this illegal
activity against them like we tend to bag on them oh he could have kept fighting oh they could have done this or
you know all these things when it’s not it’s they’re the ones following the rules
and we’re not assessing the penalties to these people that are cheating we’re going ahead we’re allowing these people to keep cheating until they get worn
multiple times why would I stop Bob cook and I talked about this a lot at AKA
we’re like no just [ __ ] keep doing it until the ref tells you I’m gonna take a point and then you stop push the
boundaries do it guys do some guys a lot of guys do you know all right any other fights on
here you want to talk about ah no I think I’m good all right all right
I did one that’s gonna wrap up our UFC talk man we talked a long time on that jeez we did all right go to weighing in subscribe to us over there I want to thank you guys for continuing to support us on that
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subscribe to us over there thanks let’s go ahead and get into Bellator Bellator 299 We Are One away from 300
one away next no no no no no we are on 400. oh this this is show 400.
made it good we made it we made it very important very this is just epic I mean
like 400. 400 amazing I thought you’d be done in the afternoon I can’t believe
I’ve talked to you this I know I mean I just spent a bunch of time with
you like what four days four days over in another country now here we are dropping a two-hour show
gotta get away from yeah uh all right well let’s go ahead and talk let’s go Johnny Evelyn versus
Fabian Edwards ah we had the champion and Johnny Evelyn taking on
Leon Edwards younger brother Fabian who is just the bigger brother at 185 pounds
but Fabian Edwards just likely on very fast very athletic a good Striker going
up against Evelyn we kind of looked at this as Evelyn using pressure and stuff
but Damien Edwards started this fight off saying I’m going to control the center of the cage you walk right after
him went out there tried to keep it at the length that he you know was comfortable with and it could expose
Evelyn with that 79 and a half inch reach that Edwards has it it was a close
first round I thought overall Fabian didn’t throw enough volume he
just he waited he waited he went Alvin was at least throwing some Landing a little
by the end of the round probably Evelyn landed maybe two more shots you know
overall but he threw more but it was a feeling out both guys had talked a lot
there was a there was some heat going on between them things like that but uh I
had the first round going to Evelyn I know that the judges were kind of all over the place with it one had Evelyn
um no I one had Evelyn in the first round and
two had Fabian Edwards I believe so yeah I think they were on the same page I had a 1-1 going in the third and
I think I had uh I think I had Fabian winning the first okay Johnny went in a second
yeah no doubt yeah if it doesn’t end up being an
actual uh decision they don’t put it on there yeah yeah um
coming into the second I thought Johnny Evelyn was starting to do what he was supposed to do he put more pressure on
him Fabian by the end of it looked at me like he was getting a little tired now Johnny was pushing too
Evelyn was uh he was he was working hard but by the end of that round I was looking
and saying Evelyn is starting to take over Edwards is having more problems than
controlling exactly where the engagements were happening where the where his positioning in the cage was at
it was not as good he wasn’t able to control him as much and he was working harder so he got put down on his butt
uh from a shot you know came right back up but overall that was Johnny eblin’s
round and then he did land in that second round Fabian Ed Edwards landed
not a hard elbow a slicing elbow one that just grazed that you know eyebrow
area but it opened Johnny up with a big cut and I I’m not too sure Johnny Edwin
understood how bad the cut was when he walked back to his Corner oh no he didn’t understand at all
oh man um yeah in the first round um what I saw was two fighters that had
let all the trash talking kind of get to them and Fabian degree Center and Johnny going
all right well he’s taking the center I don’t want to take anything and get caught real quick let me get the feeling out process let me see how fast he is
let me see how hard he hits let me see how hard his kicks are and then towards the end of the first right he tried to
shoot a double didn’t get it kind of you know try to get it going just wasn’t able to get it what you have to remember
is that Leon Edwards fighting kamaru Usman has developed this
new way of not new way it’s not definitely not a new way but just learning how to control two hands on one
the wrist control two on one plus learning the position of how you put your back against the fence or how you
take the risk away from you and then you’re able to kind of spin inside their guard and then maybe make space or get
into double unders utilize those positions with that risk control and
Fabian did a great job in that first round and in the second round of making sure that he didn’t settle on bottom so
when his hips hit the ground he was able to pop back up and he kept that wrist control he got all the way back to his
feet and then he made Johnny pay a little bit with some of the you know the knees in there and then that elbow on
the break and that was one of my key points when I was doing the when I was doing my highlight package for for
Bellator right before they walked out was that Fabian could never settle down on his hips if he got taken down he had
to make sure he popped right back up that was one two was was any time that he was able to get back up to his feet
and they were in the clinch he had to make him pay for not getting the takedown and that’s exactly what he did
because the elbow was off the brake he caught him on on the break and Johnny backed out with his hands down and just
got clipped right there on the on the brow and that he didn’t realize how bad
it was it made the break and then you could hear Dustin Poirier after I was talking to him and also there’s a video
out of it too and he goes he’s like yeah keep your movement you’re doing good oh it’s not that bad it’s not bad he comes
over the court he’s like oh that’s that’s bad that’s bad that’s bad oh oh that’s bad that’s bad
and so funny because Johnny didn’t know how bad it was until he got back to the locker room yeah and uh he didn’t really look at it
and it was just hilarious because he looked at himself he’d have video of him looking at himself in the mirrors like holy [ __ ] and there was another guy
remember there was a couple guys there was Marvin Eastman who had the big that was filleted open that was more on the
forehead though it was like there across the forehead from from the front of the eye straight up yep so that Marvin
Easton’s was probably one of the worst I’ve ever seen then remember who was the guy that just recently his name was RoboCop um something Rodriguez
remember you could see the little vein that was like a little it looked like a little rope that you could see that had
to do the same thing with Johnny same thing with Johnny so when they fillet open Jonas and you can see it they were actually pulling it open so you can see
when they cleaned it all out you could see the vein come across the eye like that nasty but Johnny’s though it went from
his eye Brow all the way into the eye from the eyebrow but it went all the way and a little portion of it went across
the bridge of his nose so his cut actually goes almost almost towards the other side of the nose it’s
like right on that verge of starting to maybe break the threshold to go towards the other eye on the other side of the
other side of the nose and on towards the other eye just nasty nasty so I want to see it was a good answer to see what
he looks like once once he’s all stitched up and stuff you’re not gonna even be able to see it yeah we’ll see it’s amazing okay it’s
amazing when you throw it because you named off Greg Gregor Rodriguez Marvin Eastman you
can go with Kane Musa who had a huge cut I believe fighting David guyone is the one yeah who did it too you know I was
in uh Phoenix but whatever I mean you take a look at
all of those cuts the big ones for whatever reasons because they suture the inside also man
they just they just do a great job you can hardly see them you can hardly see them but they end up leaving more of the
scar tissue because they suture on the inside oh yeah it will lead Scar Tissue there’s no doubt about it but Johnny’s
you might see based upon its you know the hair of his eyebrow might be uh
affected if you might see that line but we have to yeah the Johnny stitches
[Laughter] came out in that third round though a
man possessed and you know went after him and he got the win the the you know shot that put him
down it was a good shot puts him down you see Edwards trying to defend but it
was the elbow a left elbow right to the temple and you see that it freezes
Fabian he gets hit by That Elbow it freezes him and he gets hit by a shot he’s still kind of there he hits by his
second elbow and it was he was out so what I saw though was Johnny feeling a little a little bit of the nerves in the
first round the trash talk the chirp all that second round started that was the big part
started loosening up a little bit you wanted to hurt somebody yeah but that being said though John he fought a
little bit more tense a little more tight he’s normally a lot more relaxed out there and I felt like he got a little bit of an adrenaline dump and you
you were looking at Fabian I wasn’t close enough you were sitting right at their cave side and I was probably about 15 20 feet back when I was watching from
the desk but my thoughts were I thought Fabian looked fresh I thought he looked good he
was calm relaxed but I do agree that maybe that high intense wrestling though in
that second round when there was a lot of big scramble right before the round ended that kind of made me sent him back
to the corner because you don’t realize how tired you are until you sit down you’re like oh man I’m exhausted because he came out a
little flat in the second all right sorry in the third in the third but in the in the first and the second
with Johnny he just looked a little slower than normal he looked a little like flat-footed he didn’t look as like
have as much everything he was throwing was just missing with Fabian just by enough that’s great job by Fabian
because he was good at judging the distance so Johnny threw the kick and was like just miss trying to throw the
punches you’re just outside of the range he did a great job Fabian did of that but what I notice is between rounds one
and two Johnny looked like he was breathing heavy he was hunched over a
little bit kind of in the corner you know getting his breath they were talking to him he looked a little like I don’t want to say depleted he just
didn’t look as as bright you know as as what’s the word Bry is it Bry
there you go he didn’t look at surprise he normally does and the corners talking to his Corners having a good time just
relaxed and I got concerned because I go he’s having that adrenaline dump right now and it’s happened to him not just me
I’ve seen some of my teammates in cornering them it’s happened to them also sure but look at look how he looked
between rounds two and three he’s standing up he’s bouncing up and down he’s giving a little bit of a pace
back and forth for a second it was almost the second wind almost like the lactic acid got taken out of his muscles
he felt a little bit more relaxed and I’ve had that experience as well you’re like okay between rounds like [ __ ] you
walk back like man and as you get there and you get your water and you get your mouth he’s talking not taken out
that something happens to your body you jump up you’re like couple big deep breaths and you feel
good and he came out in that third round like somebody just looked like he got his a full-blown second win and ready to
fight okay I broke a sweat I’m ready to go I’m okay I got a little grimy in that second round the wrestling got cut I see
the blood all right let’s get this [ __ ] over let’s go let’s go and that was sometimes getting hit with a big shot or
getting cut wakes you the hell up like oh I better get my [ __ ] together I’m trying to find a fight that I don’t
fight this way and Johnny doesn’t normally fight the way he fought Fabian Edwards he doesn’t normally stay on the
outside he normally gets right in your grill pushes the pace and just tries to just bulldoze over you and he did that
to tokoff he did the gay guard he something about Fabian was making him fight a little bit different
and when he stopped fighting different is when he took over the fight yep when he went back to as always
you’re right yep all right next fight big win Aaron Pico took on Pedro carvio
you know we looked at this and it was yeah I was just being honest when I thought I
didn’t see a lot of roots for victory for Pedro in this fight he’s facing a superior athlete a guy that is just
faster stronger I think just better technician when it comes to wrestling and striking
maybe not the Jiu Jitsu game but Aaron Pico went out there and just he performed and it’s the one thing if
you’re going to talk about a fighter um name me the Aaron Pico fight that he
didn’t go out there and really perform he performs he goes out and he he goes
after his opponent he throws big heavy shots he’s freaking violent with his
wrestling he’s getting big double leg takedowns you know there’s amplitude to
his takedowns he just is an impressive fighter yeah I agree he does everything
very well um he’s getting better on the ground I saw he utilized some of his kicks this fight
couple little kicks then uh there I mean he’s just becoming more of a
well-rounded fighter and I think a lot of it is he’s um he’s at that age you know it was his
birthday confidence yeah the confidence is keys but it was his birthdays maturing as a young man he’s got a baby
he’s got a son you know he understands what’s important to him he’s always understood what’s important to him in
terms of his uh wrestling you know his drilling he’s on a routine he knows those things
but you’d be surprised how fast having kids makes you know how fast it matures you
and so he’s I think he’s in that stage right now where he’s he understands what the focus is and the focus is to try to
continue to be the World Champ there was I agree with you that Pedro Cavallo is
he’s just not he’s just not the superior athlete so he would have had to have made it a very grimy dirty fight for him
to get to win he would have had to try to catch Aaron Pico with a with a punch from a from a weird angle or
out of a scramble yeah out of a scramble or a break or you know and he had to
have set it up inside leg kick come back with the right hand with a knee up to the chin something will almost something just different maybe a back elbow or an
up elbow or whatever it is you would have had to have hit Aaron Pica with something different to get that win and
um what I’ve noticed from Aaron though is that I think he’s finally understanding how good he changed his
boxing together with his wrestling but then on top of it on how effective his ground impound is
he’s good like he’s grounded pound he’s fine he’s finding his stride it’s not about as nasty yep those little inside
elbows were nice and then when he finally landed a clean one he made posture up and then through they have
your one over the top just nicely done nicely done this boxing’s on point I want to see him
utilize you know kicks a little bit more because that’ll help set up his hands a little bit more but right now I’m
splitting hairs man it’s not much I can say he’s getting so much he’s getting so much better every time we see him every
single time so I’d like to see him running back with Jeremy Kennedy before a title shot but um it’s like either one I mean
either Jeremy Kennedy or Adam or borch yeah either one I would agree either one
we’ll see hopefully we’ll see that all right next fight nope Sarah Collins Against uh Cindy
Cavanaugh just horrible just not going to talk about it just not a good fight Sarah Collins decided to be a stand-up
fighter against a stand-up fighter but she did get the win she deserved it I thought Sinead just did not throw and it
was just a bad fight in the middle of a good card so I’m just going to put it that way mads Bernal you want to say
something about it go ahead nope mads were no okay Daniel weisel and uh that was a hell of
a fight mads Burnell looked fantastic in that thing he performed just beautifully
uh vaishal trying to go to the ground at times you see he figured out right away
you know you got to take down on mads mads reverse the position beautifully you saw the you know deep half got the
elevator sweep just moved him right over um and dominated everywhere when you
looked at positioning wise faiso couldn’t get him off in the stand the weisel you know got to the point and I’m
going to give it up for Daniel weisel he has been a phenomenal professional fighter for 21 years and when we say
fought the who’s who this is a guy that fought 100 he’s 145 pound fighter he fought 170 pound guys like Paul Daly
okay I mean the dude has fought some incredible Fighters throughout his
career but at 145 pounds he’s figuring out that you know what the speed is not quite the
same because mads is not a real fast featherweight and he was still faster than Daniel weisel in this fight yeah
mads was able to just walk through the punches that Faisal through they weren’t
able to keep man’s Burnell off mads was able to just dictate everything that he
wanted to in the fight to the point where vicer was you know this is where you know when you’re doing spinning attacks without a setup it’s telling you
he’s he’s throwing everything he has at him because he can’t figure out what to do to stop it yeah I mean what I saw was
someone who decided to call it a career at the right moment I can sit and talk with him he has a
great he’s great for conversation he speaks really well um he speaks multiple languages
um uh he takes care of his his body like from from top to bottom he’s he’s always
in shape his flexibility his techniques all these things you can tell that he works with his nutritionist on on a
daily basis like he is someone that is a he’s just a professional he’s a true
professional through and through the way he talks to the media the way he carries himself the way he is with fans all of
those things but dealing with um Fighters that are younger and they’re faster and guys like
Matt’s Burnell they understand it these Fighters at this stage are 38 years old if you get in their face and you push on
them and you and you can avoid taking big shots from someone like Daniel Marshall there’s a good chance that
they’re gonna start to get tired on that second third round at 38 years old doesn’t matter how how good of shape
you’re in it’s just hard to keep a fight Pace it’s hard to hard to keep them off of you
it’s hard to fight at that real at a real fight pace of a young fighter like a masborne now just comes in walks
forward slips makes you miss a little bit and just touches you and touches you a little bit like that and that it is
touched he’s very very Nate Nick Diaz like he doesn’t throw real hard all the time and then when he just decide it’s
because he he knows a good shot so a good good game plan by masborne
um Daniel weisel congratulations on an amazing career and um you know I I gotta
tip my hat team man because that’s one of those things it’s a hard decision to make and um and you did it you did it the right
time the right time so good for him good luck in your next chapter my friend
next fight yeah absolutely Levant chocolate against Baho masi man we we
were looking forward to this fight we thought it was going to be a very good fight uh hamasi very explosive and
everything chokly threw a front kick that just absolutely
froze hamasi he goes falling down and he got hit with one shot and one shot was
one shot too many it made uh hamasi actually seized you could see he was
posturing in the cage and uh posturing means that you see his hands starting to
do things his toes curling and uh I hated seeing it because I love the guy
as a fighter he’s a good guy and but it was a great win for Lavon chokly that’s
the third ATT guy in a robe that he has gotten to win against he is becoming the
ATT Hunter if you want to say I don’t want to say killer but he’s hunting him down
and he’s getting his wins and he’s looking better and better obviously with everyone you know that
one didn’t last long that’s that’s the KO of the Year candidate right there yeah what was weird about it it didn’t
look like it hit his chin it looked like it actually hit him straight upward into his nose almost like shoving his drove
down just like that yeah no he didn’t knock him back it shoved his neck back and every time I’ve seen someone get hit
where they get hit either on the chin and it actually drives their head down and back
they go out it was it was very strange because I mean he started gushing blood
right from the get as soon as he hit boom it started coming out blood and like I said it looked like it hit
like like someone took a palm upward up into his nose like he took the ball of his foot hit him right up into the nose
and straight back like his head didn’t go back but his body his face hit like you said his his face and neck kind of
went straight back it was really weird and then he followed up and then I think that follow-up though he ended up
breaking his orbital so he’s got to stay he’s actually gonna have to stay over in Ireland for the next two weeks
so he can’t fly until they can do the surgery on him but um but yeah he’s um
that sucks I mean because Sabah he came out he hadn’t he he after talking with him this week he understood what was at
stake he understood like hey I gotta use my I gotta use all my tools rest a little bit you know use the box and use
the kickboxing and uh yeah I just didn’t have time like the fight didn’t even get a chance to develop and we he had land a
couple good shots on chokeley early but um yeah just thread of the needle right
through the middle snap the nose jumped on top followed up but it was it wasn’t just The Knockout
itself it was the the 15 minutes after that everyone like
a lot of people in the arena were in shock because they could see imposter and we have people that were working cage side
and they actually had to go outside to get to get like a fresh uh brother fresh air because they hadn’t seen somebody go
through that you know I mean he was out out I mean he was out for a good probably two minutes
then when he rolled over like he rolled over he couldn’t even still couldn’t roll over it was and well part of it is
when and you brought it up the broken orbital many times that’ll give you vertigo
because as the orbital breaks the muscle actually catches it starts to pull your
eye and you get vertigo Randy Couture when uh Rico Rodriguez beat him with
elbows broke his orbital that same little muscle he had vertigo and problems you know with his uh
balance and everything so that’s what happened ah big win for chokeley and uh just get
better uh Sabah enjoy your vacation I guess if you can I go in there for a
little bit man uh uh we had Peter quilly against Danielle Miceli did not go
20 26 seconds total it was a kick is ah Peter Quill he’s got bad luck he
would kick when he was down and it sliced the cornea of his eye and uh that was the end of the fight it was illegal
at the time because he was a down fighter they said I still have not been able to see that tape
the way I would like to to be able to see exactly his body positioning he was down I know he was on the ways up he was
down oh no he was down but I kept on trying to tell people no look it’s not his hands because they were talking
about his name he’s telling his almost on his butt I said he was on his on his leg actually folded over it’s starting
to come up off of the off of his shin and I said but I I want to see it again you know in a way that I can really look
at it but he was down they gave it as a no contest because I I don’t think he meant to
let’s see there you go again through the kick the guy was down what the [ __ ] yeah
it’s illegal DQ so yeah I would have so we know where Josh Thompson is gonna be
as he takes over Texas yes you know yeah Break The Rules you lose the fight I’m
sorry buddy I mean John one of the one of the one of
the [ __ ] first rules you cannot kick the down opponent to the [ __ ] head like I don’t care like he kicked him in
there he didn’t kick him into the head the eye sorry that’s part of the head though right
just do whatever you can to [ __ ] argue with me tonight I’m telling you man I just want to have fun it’s I just
I can’t look I’m being Dave yeah the fans got robbed the fans got robbed of a
potential good fight and uh yeah you know and I get I get some [ __ ] emotion get the better you but he was
down yeah he was there yeah he was so JJ Wilson against Mansour Barney weed
that was a phenomenal fun what a performance by a young man in J.J Wilson
because he lost that first round there was not a doubt about it he lost the first round he came back and beat a
very good Fighter for two rounds and was trying to put him away and almost had him with that arm bar that was a
beautiful arm part it was nasty it was hyper extending barnou is he’s a Savage
he won’t quit it was very uh not quite as bad as Tony Ferguson’s versus Charles
uh Oliveira but it was the same same thing and uh he put up with it got to
the decision but he lost the decision to JJ and that’s a big win and it it that one right there shows a lot of you know
JJ moving over to ATT being able to have better uh training partners and things
like that you can see it’s making a difference for him and he performed yeah really well congratulations on I told
him the best performance of your career and it was yeah yeah I thought he looked good um he literally put a little bit of muscle on
too a little bit also he’s a little thicker in the shoulders because he was trying
to you know he was up to 145 and he wanted to be there and he missed weight multiple times he never really was that
155. no he never was 155 pound fighter the whole time so uh and I expected
knowing what I expected more of though was monster with with Brandt premise he threw a lot more elbows but in this
fight he when he got in the clinch he wasn’t throwing elbows he was trying to throw the knees he did both with Brent promise but the elbows is what really
had the most effect in that fight with burnt premise I expected him to do that more because
when he got to the clinch in that first round the elbows were there against JJ he was
trying to like kind of fight for the position with the head position too the hands and the head control and Barnabas
and he was just controlling the better position he just didn’t let the elbows go so I’m gonna go back and watch that
fight um but it was an extremely good fight on the ground both of them had some Great Escapes some great submission attacks
um some great reversals I mean the one that bar we had against the fence where he was mounted and then he used the
fence to kick off and then turn him right back into guard and I was like oh walk the fence but it was just the
timing of it all was perfect it was I was standing right there like holy [ __ ] that was nice but uh it was definitely I
think one of my more favorite fights of the night um based on you know oh just the the scrambles the two
ferrets get after it man two fairies all right next fight
ah we had Gregory babine against Charlie Ward but been being a guy that you know
a lot of people don’t know who he is I’m telling you the dude is a submission he is a submission machine he goes after
people he’s older he’s 39 and a lot of people have not I started watching tape on him and I was like God damn he’s good
on the ground I mean and he he’s Relentless in chaining his attacks together he did that to Charlie Ward
Charlie ended up finally getting caught by the guillotine choke after babina put
him down with this as they stood there throwing Haymakers the left hook put uh Charlie on his butt it was all over at
that point with uh being locking in the guillotine show nice win and his father
had recently passed that was good uh Kieran Clark and um gorny I have a
question for this on this fight because there was a legal up kick that caught Karen Clark and uh rocked
him set him back illegal you know there was it was one that was legal in the first there was also an illegal John I
was getting to it okay okay I’m sorry you’re killing me right now so so there was a legal you’re just you’re in the
argumentative mode right now I think it’s the travel because I think I can’t even get to the part I’m trying to get to to say it’s the illegal part there
was the one legal one that dropped him so he’s already kind of her then the second one was he got he was on his
knees and got kicked and that one looked like completely not like it knocked him out it was right arm goes a little later
like straight out and he went face down to the canvas and he was kind of like doing this in this situation why would the ref let
him keep going I don’t know I’m gonna be honest I wouldn’t know okay thank you I know he
went on to win the fight yes but but I would I would not have done that
the way that he went down I look at I I can see that you were
absolutely no doubt hurt you’re not faking because you’re acting like someone that’s been
concussed I’m not going to put you back in the fight I’m going to disqualify that guy for that shot
and I don’t put you back in that fight based upon the fact I do think
that you just got concussed and I’m not going to put you in a position to receive more damage I said it on the
broadcast hey it’s only going to take a small shot to put him out and luckily he for him he didn’t get hit
by it he was able to get you know the choke good thing but yeah I would not have allowed that fight to continue on
as the referee I would have ended that fight and made uh Kieran Clark the winner based upon a
DQ because gorney you know he he actually had two kicks that were illegal
and that the last one was bad it was bad and and because I asked the uh the uh
the commish that we bring um sorry I asked Mozilla I’m like why did
you let this guy keep going uh it was it was a legal kick and I was like no no the one that wasn’t legal the one we let
him go on and he’s like oh I’ll have to take a look at it I’m like well it right
in the live situation like well it’s it’s a little late now this guy shouldn’t be allowed to um
continue no that’s you know and that’s a hard thing that’s yeah again it’s the same as what you’re
saying and this is when you’re sitting there saying I would DQ people I would DQ people or DQ people I would take points I would take points
you can’t it doesn’t work that way because there’s limitations of the
people you’re working with and there’s expectations of them and they can’t they’re not gonna they’re not gonna put
you in a position to be the person that’s starting to create a difference between everybody
but in this situation this is a safety factor in the fact that you can visually
point out look at him get hit look at his face look at where his arm goes he’s unable to control his body
can’t put him back in the fight and I’m not going to say that that was unintentional it was an intentional kick
he did it on purpose he is a DQ from them so
um you know poker is very good he had a great win over feraldo with the Bravo show very nicely done
tell you and then uh Hassan Margaret sharapov is a beat’s brother uh I
thought he looked really good I felt like he was a little hesitant in the beginning when the jealousy because the beginning of the fight a little bit slow
because of the power of Niger you got to be very careful with him guys just built like a brick [ __ ] house and you could
tell that he was having a hard time with you know even in the takedowns just the control you got to figure this was uh
was this a catch weight on this one or was it a featherweight
but normally Hassan has been fighting at 35. yeah yeah this one these becoming a man
though he’s 22 now well absolutely but it’s this is a step up and it went even above that
yeah he but he was he’s good man Hassan’s very good my bad sheriff off
he’s really good reminds me a lot of his brother but he just has that style it just gives people a hard time uh go
ahead and scroll down here Dave for us any other fights on here you want to talk about you know I’m going to bring up two real
quick you had the dark heli fight that you just went past but dark Kelly in that you know how many times has someone
Josh it’s one you keep doing the same thing what do they call Insanity yeah
you know doing the same thing and expecting a different result right it’s
like dark Kelly has got a good ground game he likes to pull people when he
gets the back he pulls and he sets them on top and has his back to the canvas and we kept saying hey he this his
opponent Zagers is just you know he’s defending and Kelly can’t get rid of and it was
like why do you not belly him down belly him down and put pressure on him there
throw shots make him have to react to the shots then look for your submission if you want but
it’s not all about just you know that hand fighting you’re the one creating your own problems and when he finally
all of a sudden bellies him down and throws some shots look at what happens it was I hope I hope he learned
something off of it because it’s it’s a win you have a lot to learn off of what you are creating as a problem for
yourself in the fight game when there’s opportunities for you to get out of the cage with the win much sooner much
easier much more effective you got to be a smart fighter I’m going to skip all the way down and
there’s two guys that I want to talk about and just give him some love is um Josh O’Connor there’s a young kid man
he’s phenomenal he’s a great fighter boy he looks he looks fantastic he made I tell you what his wrestling was way
better yeah he’s way better than I thought he did a great job Kenny how do you say his last name
is okay so but he he was good on the feet
he’s not bad on the ground either but just Josh O’Connor just had the answer for everything started utilizing the
wrestling got the takedowns controlled the top position just did some work great job on his end and this Mark Ewing
kid man he is good clean on the feet slick
really relaxed on the feet a good take down super athletic both those guys
and then billestini uh for a big guy man beautiful spinning kick to the face if
you guys get a chance to check that out that was [ __ ] he’s a big guy that can move he’s got speed yeah it was very nice he’s fast
yeah he was fast he was fast without spinning kick right to the chops it’s freaking nasty ah uh well that’s gonna
wrap up our Bellator taco and thank you guys so much for uh following us and listening to us and uh David do you want
to throw anything in there we went for a lot longer than we thought we were gonna go uh I’ll just let me just throw in this
one because I think it’ll be interesting to get your take on it uh when I see things a deal with um DirecTV
um and it’s the kind of focus of the the um reporting here is that it’s DirecTV
business so they’re you know looking forward to being broadcast in bars and restaurants and things like that and so
what does that do for one does it does it do massive things is it doing nothing is a is it just good to be able to say
that what do you guys think well well like I guess what channel is it like if it’s not like well it’s got
to be on a channel that those bars have like UFC business I mean like I don’t know UFC business but uh DirecTV
business like I’m sure you’re saying bars but those bars still have to purchase those channels so what channel
is it but it’s is you’re not gonna be on ESPN you’re not going to be on like what are
you going to be on and do people have to buy that package or is it does it already guarantee
you’re going to be on that whatever Network I mean these are the DirecTV I think that I I think there
is a DirecTV business Channel as far as when I say business channel it’s for
businesses like bars restaurants things like that where you have a gathering of
people that come there’s a package that they have for businesses in sports okay and I
think this is them one signing a deal to have one part of that package so that
being said now those networks though have to agree to have them on that channel
right like no no so DirecTV produces this and directs this or they bring it
they don’t no they don’t they do not produce it but they have their own platform their own channel that they can
take a sporting event and put it into that package that the business itself
can decide whether they’re going to put that on the screens or put something else like if you’re Wild Wings they’ll
put a bunch of them yeah up on there so I think it’s a good look I think it’s a good thing for one it’s not going to
make them more money it’s not going to do anything money-wise for them it’s gonna it’s what it’s gonna do is put eyeballs on their product
and that’s the real thing so uh I think they’re looking at is hey the more
eyeballs that see our product the more that are going to like it and that’s that’s a that’s a good concept to go with you know it’s uh they they have a
good product they’ve got some really entertaining fights you know especially in the lighter weight classes they’ve
got some Killers you know they just did the rotong versus super Lexus which was
all right I’ll tell you it’s super like was all cut up yeah and stuff but
whoo but uh you know I again anything that
is there to put eyeballs on your product that’s a good thing and so again this is
not going to make them any money it’s not doing anything that way and they can sit there and talk about how big it is I
think it is big in the fact that it could be you know could be ten
thousand it could be a hundred thousand it could be a million more eyeballs whichever it is it’s all good obviously
the more the better yeah I I just
we have to remember remember they were on TNT for like four shows uh during coven and then they were on
Amazon Prime they were paying for those platforms and so when I get when we talk about the
pfl and the potential of a pfl and Bellator by buyout is that what you’re
doing what what pfl would be initially doing is solidifying themselves as the number two
and one right now is struggling in that whether whether they have good Fighters or not and they have great action-packed
fights that right now you have pfl and one and all these other organizations smaller ones also all having to pay for
their TV time on whether it’s UFC Fight Pass or whether it’s on ESPN right now like pfl has to pay for their ESPN time
um one has to pay for their Amazon Prime uh their time on there their pain that’s money out on top of your production that
you have to pay instead of money instead of money in and so these are things right now I think
what’s what I like to point out is that the pfl buying if it does if it does end up going through and they buy Bellator
that will solidify them as the for sure number number two organization in the world there’s just there’s no way around
you’ve just merged two of the biggest promotions in the world now you have another 300 fighters on your roster and
potentially the argument right now is even from a lot of the media we talked to that were in the UK that amisoff and
Johnny eblin are the best two in the world at welterweight and at middleweight and so you can even
arguably say and I know some of the other guys as well uh and patchy mix and
uh Pettis and Apache mix wins it there’s gonna be a lot of talk that Apache mixes the best given the media and their
conversation and what they’ve seen in the gyms in the training amongst all the best 135 Pounders in the world and so
that that would give pfl a lot of their top level competition they need to go to a network and say hey I now have a lot
of the best fighters in the world and we can make something happen here and then they will have to pay for their time as much we can actually really really
they’ll actually get they’ll actually get money they’ll get money from the sponsors and all the other endorsement deals that the networks are able to do
and so that’s going to make them a true number two con uh contender
and so with what one’s doing right now it’s I think it’s a step in the right direction more eyeballs on them the
better um but until they can start actually making money instead of spending money they’re gonna have a hard time growing
the brand and that’s hard it’s really hard no matter what and every brand is going through that right now uh you know
and so I’m interested to see not every Brown uh it’s not every brand they just they
just recorded what six seven so first six months of their 600 900 million for their first six months 100 million
dollars a month yeah that’s insane insane all right well
hey that’s going to wrap up our uh our talk and conversation today over from our Ireland trip the uh UFC
at the Apex 79 and Bellator 299 and Bellator 300 is coming up next but go to
Wayne Wayne pick up some of our merch available though I know it’s hailing where Dave is at so
you might want to get a hard hat like hoodie from us if we can start making those but uh yeah hoodies are available
get ready for the winner and uh check us out at Wayne and also go to weighing in subscribe to us
over there for free we’ll be dropping some extra content this week from our Ireland trip and uh John take this away
bud for everyone out there I hope you uh put up with uh our yawning and our uh Maybe
it’s bubbling of some words but we tried to get this out to you as quick as we could from getting off of the plane so
we hope you had a great weekend have a great week coming up and we will see you 

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