In this episode of WEIGHING IN, Josh Thomson and John McCarthy are joined by special guest Johnny Eblen. They discuss Eblen’s upcoming fight against Fabian Edwards and his thoughts on his teammate, Sean Strickland. They also touch on the recent UFC/WWE merger and the Fight Circus event featuring Quinton Jackson and Bob Sapp.

Johnny Eblen’s Fight Against Fabian Edwards

The hosts start off by expressing their excitement for Johnny Eblen’s upcoming fight against Fabian Edwards in Dublin, Ireland. They believe it will be an incredible event with a passionate crowd. Eblen is confident in his abilities and is ready to put on a show.

Sean Strickland’s Skills

The conversation then shifts to Eblen’s teammate, Sean Strickland. Eblen speaks highly of Strickland, describing him as incredibly talented. He recalls their sparring sessions and how impressed he was with their performance. Eblen believes Strick land is the best welterweight in the world and is confident that he can beat any top lightweight or welterweight in the world. He praises Strickland’s skills and work ethic, stating that he pushes him to be better and is grateful to have him as a training partner.

The hosts also discuss how other fighters and coaches, such as Mike Brown, recognize Strickland’s talent and consider him the best welterweight in the world. They acknowledge that anything can happen in a fight, but the odds are in Strickland’s favor.

The Importance of Styles in MMA

The hosts emphasize the importance of styles in MMA and how they can make a significant difference in a fight. They mention the example of Israel Adesanya, who is known for his incredible striking skills, but was made to look bad by Sean Strickland due to his style and approach to the fight. They highlight the fact that Strickland’s style may not be flashy, but it is effective and tailored to his strengths.

They also discuss how Strickland’s defense and ability to roll with punches make it difficult for opponents to land clean shots. Despite his unorthodox style, Strickland’s approach works for him and allows him to control the fight.

Giving Credit to Fighters

The hosts admit that they sometimes underestimate fighters and fail to give them the credit they deserve. They mention that they were initially counting Strickland out in his fight against Adesanya, but were proven wrong. They acknowledge that Strickland’s style and skills can make any opponent look bad and that he deserves recognition for his abilities.

The UFC/WWE Merger

The hosts briefly touch on the recent merger between the UFC and WWE. They mention that Dana White has always been the CEO of the UFC, but the recent merger with Endeavor solidifies their ownership. They discuss the details of the ownership percentages and clarify that Vince McMahon still owns 51% of the WWE.

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Market area I’m like that’s all like Mexican food what is tequaria let’s look at Taqueria [Music] I couldn’t stop laughing John there’s a clinical area both of them Phil Maroney and pringly both I’m like a lot of South Africans are pretty damn smart I didn’t say they’re not smart but they don’t speak Spanish and that’s true that’s very true but Trevor has also a degree come on buddy come on it’s aquarium it’s Aquaria well it’s it’s the it’s the fancy it’s the fanciest I couldn’t I couldn’t I was like wait a second Aquarius talk it’s an aquarium my neighbor’s kid calls that Dairy Queen or DQ now he calls it the Quan that’s good let’s go oh man hey guys before we get started make sure you guys hit that subscribe button and uh of course every single time you guys listen to us we appreciate the support I follow you guys in the comments I read the comments I know they don’t but I’m gonna continue to say this man I read them because I like to I like to see the positive feedback you guys are killing it with the positive feedback I know we crushed last show we had to give Sean Strickland his credit we’ve got a special guest later on on the show we’re gonna introduce you guys too and um look man it’s all about what Sean Strickland did I was disgusted to continue to see like the coaches of Izzy The Dana White you know talking about it more talking about Izzy had it off now is he this no Sean Strickland won that fight and I just want to touch back on that because he won that so hold on first off they’re both I think they’re right he did have it off night Izzy had an off night but it was an off night because of Sean Strickland not because oh his biorhythms were down or oh he just wasn’t in that position where sorry my thing was on exactly it was in a position where oh you know what he was just he looks slow and look at [ __ ] he faced a guy that presented him with problems that he could not figure out that night and that’s what fighting is and look on another night maybe he’ll win but on that night Sean Strickland was the better man and that’s why Sean Strickland won and it had nothing to do with Izzy having an off night Izzy had an off night because of Sean Strickland let me give let me give people the another example of we just haven’t seen people have an off night against or struggle with someone like a strong Strickland because that style is not common in MMA but it wasn’t common also too when Machida came in with karate it wasn’t common when uh Stephen Thompson came in with his style it’s funny how they tend to make people have off nights all the time Machida made a career off of it got to the title won a title because of it have making people have off nights that that has to do with their performance and the way they fight Sean Strickland is bringing something to the table that we’re just not used to seeing and top level world-class Striker like Izzy just didn’t have the answer for it he didn’t know what to do he didn’t know how to handle the pressure and then not just the pressure but even when he did get him going backwards he didn’t have the confidence after he got dropped in that first round to keep going forward this guy hits harder than I thought this guy’s better than I thought he’s just right outside of range and he’s in and out and I can’t get to him he’s just right outside of that range John that’s dangerous because every single time I gotta reach and touch you and I can’t I Leave Myself open it’s it’s so frustrating Josh you know what it’s like people that have never fought they don’t understand what a person who is putting pressure and controlling the distance is like and they think that oh you’re both just standing there and you’re both in this position where you know you’re not both just standing there one person is controlling that range that was Sean Strickland he was the one determining when I’m coming in what are you going to do about it Izzy had the choice I can stand there and I can throw and bang with this guy but that’s not going well for me or I can try to Pedal myself out of here reset and we’ll see what happens and that’s what he was trying to do and it never worked for him because he could never figure out the range where he could land the strikes on Sean and make it to where Sean was the one missing it didn’t happen and that was because of Sean Strickland but I agree with you and I think also too what we were talking about is when someone is used to like Izzy is he’s used to utilizing his length to touch you from the outside and then get out of range before you can hit him coming back out Sean was always just right outside that range for him to hit him so he would make him Miss and then if he didn’t if he did hit him he only hit him with the shoulder he hit him with the gland he glanced the shoulder he glanced the glove he never really hit him clean and so then very few solids and I really believe and I really believe this that first round changed the way that Izzy fought the rest of the fight no doubt about it no doubt about that first right look people would sit there and say what they want he got hit with a freaking right hand that you got to give Izzy credit for being able to survive that that kind of shot because it it absolutely spun his chin I think it was Laura senko I don’t know if that was the moment she said it but I do love the spinning of the chin but spun his chin around and he then took how many left hands jackhammering him not all of them Landing but many of them landing and causing him a increased amount of damage that he at the end of that round Josh he wasn’t the same guy you know and now he had to go out and let’s do this four more rounds and each round it just got worse for him as far as trying to figure out that range it did not happen for him and every time that he tried a little bit more in getting into Sean Strickland and Landing that big shot Sean Strickland was the one winning those exchanges and putting damage on Izzy where Izzy was not putting any damage on shot what’s your take on some of the some of these people talking about a rematch not just Dana but uh you know an officer Izzy’s coach obviously wants to rematch as well but I’m talking about there’s been some other uh Fighters that have come out people that work some of the commentators have come out and stuff like yeah you know it warrants a rematch are they just regurgitating what Dana’s been saying or is it like I gotta I gotta tip my hat to to DC because he said you see there you go he said no well I don’t think it was he said it that night so he couldn’t walk away from him he shouldn’t have he shouldn’t walk away but he was right exactly he was right right you know and this is where you take a look and there’s moments where I can look at and I I said it when you know he fought Alex and lost I was like I don’t think that he should take that rematch right away I think he should take another fight but it’s warranted he’s been the champ and he’s gone through everyone and he deserves that rematch right he was winning that fight too and that’s the thing he was winning so I could understand why giving him the rematch in that one absolutely absolutely this one he didn’t win I don’t think he won one second of this whole fight yeah he won the second round I’ll give him the second round he wants to say you’re right you’re right you’re right I actually do recall back he did win the second round he did and it was just a matter of he it was a volume thing comparatively Sean didn’t throw a lot you know he started he started following and marching marching him down but wasn’t really throwing so that’s when Aaron thinks it got into his ass in the third round yes absolutely what are you doing yeah you know and so I look at it and I say you know in that situation against I totally was yeah he deserves it but if you take a look he won the title winning it back from Alex and then this was his first defense of it that’s the new title it’s the first offense and he couldn’t even get the first offense so it’s no at this at this point this is when you say I’m gonna pull you out of the equation here I’m going to put somebody else in there to see does my new Champion defend the belt or does this other person that I’m going to put and they’ve got a couple that they can decide who it’s going to be do they become the new and we’ll see where you are as far as let’s put you against a high ranking quality opponent let’s see you come back let’s see you perform the way that we’ve seen you perform all these times and then we’ll look at putting you either back in a rematch against Sean Strickland if he wins or in against the new middleweight champion if it’s not Strickland at the time that’s the way I agree with you by the way speaking of rematches though we’ve got some a rematch this weekend for the UFC and where is it at in nache or Noche or what is it it’s unless it is I think after T-Mobile there you go it’s not the T-Mobile Arena it is not at the Apex but it is UFC Noche I thought nache was like a place in New Mexico is what it sounded like from listening to Dave talk about it it’s almost like Nacho Libre but before we talk before we talk about this fight though John go to wayneandmers.com pick up some of our merch available there at wayneandmerts.com thank you guys hit that subscribe button hit that little bell notifications we’ve got some big interviews coming up this hopefully this week I’m trying to get them all locked down and if it happens they’ll be dropping shows randomly this week and this weekend and into probably early next week so make sure you guys hit that Bell and that subscribe button there and on the clips Channel I want to thank you guys so much and go ahead John man take us away for this Main Event well look we’ve got the Flyway Championship with Alexa Grasso who won that championship against the person who has been the stalwart of the division the person that everyone looked at as unbeatable in Valentina chefchenko I’m sorry I died I picked chefchenko to beat Grasso I’m not going to sit here and say I didn’t but Grasso comes up with the winch yes submission win too fantastic job and in in this situation you gotta look and say Valentina deserves an immediate rematch based upon that body of work how many defenses she had of the title this makes sense and so I agree with this being you know an immediate rematch and can Alexa Grasso do it again and and you know knowing now yes you can if she did it once she can do it again it’s just a matter of she’s got a fight her fight don’t get into what Valentina wants to do don’t let Valentin take control of the fight you fight your fight this is a great matchup this is an even fight in my opinion either lady can win this fight I don’t look at Valentina being a a huge favorite like she’s a Ben she may be in the end you know a slight favorite over the champ but it’s going to be slight if she is well she’s got four losses Valentina two of them are two Amanda Nunes Amanda Nunez I don’t know who and then one is Liz Carmouche and the other one is to Alexa Grosso there’s your four losses okay Liz Carmouche is the champion Bellator right now is fought for the UFC title uh just against that loss was based upon a cut Ian Bellator I’m sorry Chef shankos lost to Liz Carmouche was based upon it being the doctor stopped the fight based on a cut got it got it got it okay I thought you you lost me when you just jumped right to the cup I’m sorry I was talking about other fights you said cut and I’m like wait a second where’d this come in okay okay you know my brain is one it just goes One Direction okay I’m on a roll you gotta let me roll buddy uh it’s linear it’s linear Josh so but she’s got her four losses all against top level competition you know for and Alexa we didn’t see Alexa Grosso coming out the way she did she was doing really well on the feet were to wear a Valentina has had plenty of success against top level Fighters but she she was struggling a little bit with Alexa grossel’s boxing and the way she was putting the combinations together and sliding in and out of of uh of distance is where she had the advantage was on the ground but then she made the mistake looked like she got a little tired made the mistake and couldn’t recover ended up getting choked where do you see John in these changes I get I look at her as being favored and I wouldn’t say by a lot but I think it’s more than what you’re what you’re suggesting I’m thinking if I if I’m gonna put her I’m gonna say it’s gonna be a probably a minus probably 205 220 somewhere in there oh really yeah man I tell you what you know I don’t know if you’ve looked at odds because I have not no I haven’t but I I would say man she’s going to end up if she’s a minus it’s going to be a minus you know 140. really John Dave can you pull us up some odds on there buddy please but I’m I’m thinking somewhere around 205 is kind of what I was thinking really yeah I think somewhere around but yeah because I tell you what because look that’s a tough one yeah I can look back at Champions and they tend to just get bored you’ve been there for so long you’ve kind of wiped out the division Alexa Roswell I know is coming up she’s young but she hasn’t really shown you anything that’s going to make you feel like I should be threatened by her I think I think that oh maybe maybe I’m wrong oh John 170. 170. that’s right what’d you say 140. you said 140. minus one for 140 yeah I said 205 you were closer damn you not by much not by pretty much in the middle yeah yeah but I was off by five I think right I’m gonna do the math you guys figured out let me know in the comments down below it was uh but I look at her I look at Valentina potentially overlooked her potentially thought like I’m better than her on the feet she doesn’t look like she possesses a lot of power on the ground I’m probably above her I feel like I’m physically can you look at Alexa Grosso right she doesn’t seem like she’s physically strong maybe she was we know she can hit we know she can pop she got crack but I think Valentina didn’t underestimate it or did under she underestimated her ability in the clinch and also to an ability to keep her back off the fence and stuff takedowns where she made the mistake was look like she got a little tired and she tried to shoot made a mistake got to the back and choke okay let me turn this around for you now because if you did it once oh you can definitely do it again I agree and she better be highly prepared for Alexa grass so and go in there and put on one of her best performances because Alexa Grasso is gonna be a better fighter in this fight than she was in the last fight she’s now the champ and she has something to prove I mean they even have a whole belt thing that have you seen her belt now yeah yeah it’s like the yeah it’s all different colored yeah it’s all colored out and you know it looks like a colorful pinion yeah I told you got one pen told you got one also oh did he get one too yeah but I mean it’s like she knows hey how important is this fight in the career of Alexa Grasso it’s huge she gets a second win against chefchenko in the flyweight division oh the I’m telling you Josh she has basically cemented herself stolen all of what Valentina has done and created in this division since it was put out there for the UFC in the women’s she’s been the champ you know Nico Montana had at the very beginning into you know as soon as Valentina dropped out she ended up taking the title and it’s been hers if Grasso wins again first off do you do you give chefchenko another shot no you don’t she’s gotta have to go through everybody again she’s gonna fall so far behind in that Division if she ends up with the two losses against it’s kind of it’s almost like the whole what’s happened with Max Holloway and vulcanovsky take a look at that situation how good is Max Holloway he’s bought he’s lost multiple times to the champ and they don’t want to put him in a title fight they eventually they might you know but it becomes they keep on looking for who else who else who else and they just pass you by even though you’re ranked at that number one position and I have a feeling if if Alexa Grasso beats Chef Chico Chico might still be number one as the contender but she ain’t gonna get another shot woman throw a wrench in it I think when the man who is gone I think she goes up to 135. she could I think she does the only reason why she went down yeah her against Pena her against anybody that’s there at 1 35. stylistically she’s a bad matchup for all of them you know she’s a tough matchup for all of them she’s a tough she’s a bad matchup for some of them so yeah um but here’s my other question though is if Alexa Rosso doesn’t win do you give Alexa Grosso the rematch right away do you do that they made up the no I don’t I wait one and I know it’s like and this is why she didn’t defend the belt well what if it’s a split what if it’s a split decision loss that’s different yeah if it’s a close fight it’s going to be different no I I think so I mean like if she lose I think if Valentino loses she goes to 35. she tries her luck out there she’s like look I know it’ll be a while before I get a title shot anyways at 125 it’s gonna be four fights probably you got two losses in a row to the same girl female all right and it’s uh and Alexa Ross is going to be riding off into the sunset trying to make up for other Challengers unless they may end up losing it too to somebody who knows Styles make matches we all know that but when I look at this fight I look at in the first round I believe Alexa won second round I believe what round of this end in the fourth can you pull up I think I think I think uh Alexa Grosso caught her in the fourth and Chicago but she was losing the fight though up until that moment yeah so I think she won the first and then she started losing the fight after that was a four yeah it was fourth so I I don’t know man I think I think Valentina is going to be able to get it done unless it ends up being a split decision I think they’re gonna move on I agree with you I think I’ll move on but it should be a good fight I’m not I’m not counting Alexa Grosso out but I also I think that Valentina fell victim to she doesn’t seem like she has power sure her stand-up’s good but I’m better um my wrestling is probably a little better I know I can take her down controller I I don’t know she just looked I’m not gonna say she looked flat I’m gonna say I’m gonna say that she started to get tired in that fourth round she shot a takedown or ended up somewhere like on a single leg I think I believe ended up losing her losing the back position and got choked and um I I yeah I look at that I look at that I’m thinking to myself she comes in better shape she comes in a little bit more prepared she understands what Alexander do and I think she runs away with this fight we’re going to find out because you know like I said she’s she was a phenomenal champion and she did so many good things throughout her career in the UFC one fight does not uh determine who you are and you know what you are and what your standing is and so she has at least now in my it’s that whole now the target’s not on her back now she can she can look at that Target on somebody else’s name for it so that’s always a good thing I want to see the young I want to see the young female they’ll come up I do I do want to see I do want to see her I mean I don’t know she’s she’s really good John she’s real Alexa Russell is really good Valentino’s really good makes for a great fight but I was leaning towards the odd being a little bit more towards minus 200 for um Valentina split in the middle all right next fight ah we have Kevin Holland taking on Jack Dayla Magdalena that is a really cool matchup when you look at it it’s a guy in Holland who is just long lanky like you like to say he’s got good stand up I don’t think he has quite the power of madalena but Madeline you know goes through the body really well on the ground I don’t think there’s a comparison I think Kevin is way better than Jack on the ground but the the real question is what Kevin are we going to see is he going to be the smart Kevin the Kevin that goes out there and fights the smart fighter is he going to sit there and say you know what everyone says you’re really good at the stand up let’s just stand here and bang on each other and that could be Kevin so you know Della madalena is coming off of a fight that a lot of people put out that he lost he did not lose it but it was a it was a good fight against a guy that came in last second and it was a tough fight that guy made it a just a barn burner of a fight you know did a lot of grappling trying to slow down madelina in the stand-up matalana had the better striking overall but madelina has to get past that performance and now he’s in with a tougher competitor with Kevin Holland and can he deal with what could be a complete game you know the one thing Madeleine is not a great wrestler Kevin Holland’s not a great wrestler on the ground Kevin Holland has definitely got the advantage in the stand-up all right I’ll give it to Jack he’s got very good boxing he goes to the body well I love that part of him and so maybe he’s the better Striker by a little bit how do you look at it I mean I think this is Kevin Hollins fight to lose I mean I agree with you I think the speed um how hittable Jack uh madalena is [ __ ] big that’s a mouthful name that’s a tough one it’s a mouthful um just Kevin Hollins I think is definitely got the advantage on the ground I’m not sure if Kevin’s going to take this fight to the ground but if it does happen to hit the ground I mean he’s got okay how could you be his in his Corner his coach and not have it planned hey we want to take this guy to the ground how does he get it there though John he doesn’t want to wrestle how do you get it there clinch lift slam I think if he does it that way I think he’s got a good opportunity of getting right to the hooks getting right to the back and the choke whatever it is um the power is going to definitely go towards Della madalena um but can you get in in that range without getting need in the face well you know without getting control without getting you know his his front head lock position shut down and then maybe to the back and taking the back and all these things it’s Kevin Hollins fight to lose I think he is he is finally showing after the Stephen Thompson fight what has he had two fights since then Stephen Thompson he just he looks a lot better he looks like he’s willing to go ahead and fight a little bit smarter you understand like I think I think it’s there it’s there for him he understands look I’m right there I’ve had one or two good morph performances they might be talking about me getting a title shot the way I run my mouth the way I know I’m a fan favorite I mean he is I mean fans love him man and all the [ __ ] he does outside catching robbers and carjackers and all this other [ __ ] he’s awesome I mean this this guy makes everyone he makes makes everyone want to be a fan I’m I’m a damn fan you know and uh he’s got he’s talented in there he’s got a talking mouthpiece he’s learned how to dim that down a little bit while he’s fighting and focus on the fight while he’s fighting that makes a big difference in keeping your fans and uh I think it’s his fight to lose you know nothing against Dylan about Atlanta but I think I think that he’s got one shot he’s got one shot to get into the body maybe hit him dropping him with a body shot and trying to get whatever finish you can get because Della Madeline has got a good I believe Army guillotine he’ll hit he’ll try to hit that Army Guillotine I believe his guilty and army Guillotine that he was trying to hit he tried to hit it yeah he tried to hit it he’ll switch it back and forth but he’s good with it yeah but I just not I’m not sure that’s something you want to try to hit on Kevin Hall who’s a pretty damn good Grappler when he tries tries to utilize it so we’ll see I guess we’re gonna find out that’s what fight night is what are the odds on this fight there uh Dave I believe Kevin Hall is probably a plus 250 oh wow oh wow wow okay look okay look I’m taking some money on this fight okay so you got Kevin Holland at a plus 130 and you got uh Jack Della madalena at minus 155. I mean John I’m taking I’m taking them odds I’m taking those on straight up probably putting 250. down maybe I mean look if you want to go big go big but for me my limits 250 buddy my Olympus 250. Mama doesn’t even know about that no no no no this is all this is all like back transactions on my venmo [Laughter] oh man but I don’t I don’t understand this look if I if I’m someone on the outside looking in I’m going look and if the prop bets come up potential finishes I mean Kevin Holland could finish him in the first the second but with some sort of submission I think he finishes them I think he actually gets him out of there so I’m going to take Kevin Holland straight up on this bet and uh if there’s prop bets available maybe a first round or second round uh TKO or finish or whatever it is however however your prop bets fit whether you want to be a submission whether you want to be a KO if you want to just be a finish at all try to pick that up but and check and see I think that’s submission because it could happen quick in the first round with the submission or or TKO or KO yeah all right and we have Rao Rose Rojas Jr going up against Terence Mitchell Rojas coming off of his very first loss of his career we’re gonna see how he responds to that I’ve heard outstanding things coming from him training recently supposedly he’s looking very good he learned a lesson in that fight he wasn’t able to control that fight the way that he thought he could control it and things got away from him Terence Mitchell talented tough I’m not sure that he’s good enough especially on the ground to stay with Rosas Jr yeah but if he can sprawl in Brawl and keep this on the feet you know I mean he’s got a record of what 14-3 he’s got to have you he’s got the talent to keep this thing on the feet and make Rojas Jr tired shoot for the takedowns like he Rojas Junior got tired last fight he didn’t have to fix that all those shots all those chasing those submissions none of them came to fruition and it is exhausts you he had no answer he just kept going to the well he has no stand up until he fixes that he’ll be a one-dimensional fighter and that’s it and look I’m not I’m not a naysayer I think from what I’ve heard he’s looking pretty damn good in the jail okay but John looking good in the gym against guys that are working with you and doing all those things and I get it I think that he’s gonna have to change his game a little bit he’s gonna add those strikes whether it’s big shots to get in on the clinch getting it on the body lock whatever it is commit to these strikes enough to get to close that distance and get in there whether it’s on the single a double a body lock whatever it is he’s gonna have to remedy that situation I don’t think there’s been enough time between his last fight in this fight for him to have gotten any much better on the feet he needs to spend time doing that it needs to be a consistent it does it does take time and it’s something that doesn’t happen overnight but I would think that he’s going to be a huge favorite in this fight I’m going to disagreeing that I think a lot of people have him as a favor he is really good on the ground he is he’s probably a minus 500 oh let’s take a look at that there Dave I think John already saw it oh he’s a minus 700 minus 700 wow wow hey um but look it’s a minus 700 with the plus 200 points off this could be one of those bets you guys put 20 bucks down on uh Terence Mitchell you put 20 bucks down on Terence Mitchell [ __ ] it what do you got like you got you got twenty dollars to lose do it Terence Mitchell is a very good athlete I don’t think he’s gonna win how many of you guys are wishing you would have put 25 bucks down on Sean Strickland like I was like I wish I would have my number one rule if they’re that spread apart just throw 20 bucks down or 25 bucks whatever it is throw a little cash down I know it sucks if you lose it but guess what if you win it it feels good it feels really it’s really good so I wait all right next fight pull it up there Dave there we go oh Daniel zellhuber against Christos Gallegos has been a lot of fights he’s a good young man I like him known him for a long time he’s gonna have a tough one against zel Huber zel Uber is talented uh Daniel zohobrick is good everywhere Christos is good he’s got good stand up his his ground game really improved I just zel Uber is one of those man 13-1 and he is he’s an up-and-comer that’s that’s he’s that’s going to be a tough fight for Christmas can get it done and he can beat him but that’s going to be a tough one I’m not sure he can get it done John I think zel Uber is somebody that’s he’s got he’s explosive he’s got the power he’s the short he’s a little bit short and stock he got a little black or a big back like he’s he’s someone that can put it all together he doesn’t look like he gets tired and he can just grind on you and put the pace on you I think this is one of those fights where uh jagos or whatever is just gonna have to bite down on the mouthpiece and take a chance otherwise he’s just going to get bullied around that cage yeah could be honestly it could be ah Fernando Padilla against Kyle Nelson very evenly matched I’d really like Fernando Padilla fun to watch very long lanky good stand-up he’s got a good ground game the kid’s good everywhere um Kyle Nelson tough uh just never gives in on the fight so good matchup really is going to be the in my opinion the technicality of Padilla and how does he control the range and where the fight’s at against Nelson but good matchup any other fights on here you want to talk about I know there’s Roman Coppola versus uh uh Josh friend that should be like a you know Coppola I think is going to be favored in that fight Josh from tough as hell and then you’ve got uh Daniel the souvenir go ahead no the big one Tracy Cortez against Jasmine just just videos who is coming off of a huge win she had I believe it was against uh Miranda Maverick uh fantastic win in her last fight yep yep uh and she’s going up against Tracy Cortez who is he’s been out for a while just uh she has been should I think she had an injury there for a little bit uh but she is now back how long has it been since 20 May so a little while but that’s over a great match over a year there well the real question is you know man we Jasmine can wrestle Tracy she can wrestle but not like Jasmine can Tracy’s got good stand-up it’s a great matchup between the two I think that’s going to be the highlight fight of the prelims yeah it should be the highlight five of the prelims um you know I look at Tracy Cortez she’s she has all the intangibles of what you’re looking for if you’re trying to Market somebody this this time away though is it’s definitely hurt her a little bit um this the I think outside of the cage stuff kinda get her get her mind right now she’s back then after the injury as well Jasmine’s getting better fighting top level competition but Tracy’s got to come in with the mindset that she can’t she can’t be beat if she can do that she’s fun man she’s fun to watch Tracy Cortez is so and uh Jasmine’s obviously she’s a dog and not not in a negative way she’s a dog is in terms of she can [ __ ] she can get after it is this Charlie Campbell the one that fought in Bellator I believe he just got signed yes it is it is right can you click on that for me please yeah bottom right corner it is Charlie yep yep I just saw he got signed to the UFC good for him buddy I just I loved watching him in uh in Bellator he I think he was undefeated in Bellator did he lose in Bellator do you have a loss of military undefeated on defeated no I know he’s not undefeated but yeah he had a seven and two but he he came in on a on and uh he fought naino dung who is a young Hawaiian kickboxer good tough kid and actually took out a good kickboxer with leg kick yeah he ate up and I known as legs and stuff and that’s that was when we really saw hey this kid can be someone he had a couple of good fights and pills where beat Nick giulietti and that was a great fight for him and stuff you got a same thing leg kicks I was surprised we didn’t sign for the legs man I was surprised we didn’t sign him because he was fun he actually was a little bit of [ __ ] talker he came to fight uh he was active on social media kind of what you’re looking for from someone who’s kind of trying to to build their brand you’re looking for fighters to do that you know um if you’re a promotion and he was trying to build his own he I remember he came out he always came out with like his own design shirts he had a little crowd that came out I think his name is the cannibal uh it’s a chart yeah yeah so uh but congratulations to him man I’ve been a fan of his he’s a great kid too super sociable social social so sociable there you go um all right good luck to him I want to wish him the best of luck uh Dave what else you got first buddy that’s gonna wrap up our UFC talk and before we get into that make sure you guys subscribe to us hit that subscribe button also hit that little bell we got some shows and some interviews we’re gonna be doing this week they’re gonna be dropping and uh it’s gonna either drop this week right before this show or it’s gonna drop early next week but we may even have more than one there might be a couple of those coming up trying to get these all scheduled and uh locked down but hey after that go to weighing in fans go to only fans that win in fans way to go only fans.com weighing in only onlyfans.com weighing in subscribers over there it is free onlyfans.com weighing in subscribe to us over there and it is free and John what do we got man we have got a guy that we get to talk to that has been just lighting the cage on fire we’re talking a guy that is undefeated the funny part is he just trains with everyone has recently been training with Sean Strickland so he’s got a very good feeling about why Sean Strickland was so successful against Israel adesanya we have got the Bellator middleweight world champion Johnny pressure Evelyn for a nice it’s only about Johnny’s fifth or sixth uh monikers you know as far as it used to be Diamond hands uh human cheat code Soulja Boy Korean Canelo and now it is pressure well hello ladies and gentlemen and we are honored to have the man the myth the legend the World Champ we’ve got Johnny I gotta say it now it’s the new one pressure Evelyn I mean I’ve gone through Soldier Boy the Korean Canelo my favorite cream Diamond hands human cheat code and now it’s the pressure I love that dude Johnny pressure dude you change you changed nicknames more than I change suits that is [ __ ] phenomenal I love that man how you feeling brother I’m good man I’m good uh I guess I I can do what I want I’m the champ so if I want to change it there you go I like that [ __ ] what they say because because I’m there’s I’m over here wanting to give you a hard time the whole time like man please stop but the Korean Canelo was perfect I love perfectly it’s my favorite one you know uh I didn’t mind the cheese I didn’t mind the cheat code once I figured out what it was I don’t play video games so I didn’t mind that once I understood what it meant like oh you get the cheat code and you end up getting to the boss and all this other [ __ ] I didn’t I never understood that but there was some cool cool stuff we were doing with like the Matrix uh code the background and [ __ ] and like a lot of the things you can do with that that that was fun um but yeah I don’t know I’m moving on uh new nickname now I’m gonna have you guys 20. by the time I’m done driving me you’re gonna give MCW a heart attack man he’s not gonna know what to read on his little card he’s gonna be all confused so look I noticed you’re wearing these glasses but go ahead and tell people why because we and I were talking off air with John and John was kind of just listening because he has sleep apnea and we want to make sure he stays alive so but let’s go ahead and talk to me about the glasses because you’re coming up on your fight next week and um what are the last help you do yeah so usually you know after the sun goes down I put these on if I’m like doing any screen time or like you know there’s any blue light like artificial light I try to keep it out because uh helps me go to bed later on in the afternoon um yeah it’s just there’s a lot of science behind it’s blue light blockers um big big uh big change I made I think about three years ago I started doing it and you know it kind of helps me uh regulate my sleep John and I talk about this all the time John you know like we say the the level between the top two or three guys is like a half a percentage point maybe like a one percent not even that yeah sometimes it’s not even that I mean like you’re you’re splitting hairs really on what little advantages you can get there’s this new thing going around that that I actually just bought some rich Chow the um is our former Matchmaker for Bellator he got me kind of turned onto it was this uh sleep tape and you sleep with it over your mouth and you it helps you to breathe only through your nose and it’s supposed to increase your cardiovascular it’s supposed to also help with your conditioning supposed to help with all these types of things with your muscle helping you deal with your Muscle Recovery your muscle fatigue all those things getting rid of your lactic acid because you’re supposed to only breathe in through your nose your nose is meant to get rid of all the [ __ ] out of the air because you have this little filtration system there but when you breathe through your mouth that all goes right into your lungs you’re just breathing in [ __ ] it makes a lot of sense when you think about it so I’m gonna give it a try hopefully I don’t die that makes a lot of sense it makes a lot of sense because it also helps lead to a stroke because you can’t breathe let’s see we’ll see I mean I’ve been trying to I’ve been trying to get a little bit better shape so hopefully that doesn’t happen between now and the time I get this sleep tape um yeah the whole nasal breathing thing is kind of big lately uh yeah so I I want to kind of try the mouth tape as well but I I usually don’t have trouble breathing through my nose unless like I’m sick or something then then like I’ll [ __ ] breathe through my mouth and like I’m waking up with a dry mouth I’m like [ __ ] and get water and it’s just it just sucks but yeah I definitely want to brief your nose especially like when you’re training and and when you’re sleeping the history that I’ve heard though is that the Russians actually kind of were the first ones to start this was they would run sprints or run law this is with water in their mouth and you weren’t allowed to swatter them you couldn’t weren’t allowed to swallow the watch the coaches would have them run or run whatever it was and at the end of whatever they were doing they would spit the water out so that would let you know of course you breathe through your nose yeah force you to breathe through your nose so that was the way that they did their conditioning and their cardio whether it was long distance short Sprints whatever it was teaching you how to breathe through your nose but keeping the watering up and a coach was able to keep you hold you liable by saying uh accountable by spitting the water out the end let me see how much do you have left that kind of thing so yeah that’s why you had Russians drowning in the desert who brought Negative Nancy right Johnny Evelyn who brought Negative Nancy to this party well hold on hold on hold on look at it I’m gonna give it up that Johnny does a lot of new he gets into some of the new technology and I love the blue box blocker glasses I think that’s awesome and stuff but let’s be honest Johnny it’s basic hard work that has put you in the position that you are in today yeah definitely basic hard work but also you know my ability to train smart to where I’m not like [ __ ] myself up at the end of the day you know I’m making sure I’m training hard and training long hours but also taking time to recover and taking care of my body and taking care of my mental health to where I can show up every week at the gym and train hard um and obviously you gotta pick certain partners that you got to go with because some guys go a little bit too hard you know and some days you might want to get some rounds some days you might want to just work technical stuff so um I think it’s really important for fighters to understand like yeah it is hard work but you also also have to be a little bit more cerebral about it and and put yourself and set yourself up to to become successful well I don’t want to get too much you I kind of brought it up and I want to kind of we’ll get into your fight a little bit but there’s something that happened big this over the last weekend and I know you’ve spent some time training with uh Strickland and I know that there’s been um you guys trade what for two weeks ten days something like that together every time I go out we we train pretty much for like a week together um I I usually go out for like week 10 days that’s the longest I’ve ever been out there but yeah we’ll we’ll Spar we do five rounds straight up or if we’re at uh extreme we’ll we’ll split it up sometimes um we’ll go with like a couple other guys uh but yeah I mean we we train together a lot um great training partner uh really good look and we’re always supposed to be pushing each other well you and I were having this conversation through text today and I was talking to my and felt like I was talking to uh telling you like hey people didn’t give him the credit at the end they everyone Dana White came out I want to say that oh he looks slow he looked off he even even his coach came out and said oh no he was just off we had an off night it was what it is but you and I were talking and going you said look the first couple times I sparred with them the things that I normally land on people those things they just weren’t working with him like walk us through it like what what about him is makes it awkward his style is very different and you don’t really come across it very often and so when you do for the first time you’re just like what the [ __ ] like I can’t it’s hard to hit this guy he keeps Landing this damn jab and then like he’s hitting you with the most simple [ __ ] you know a cheap kick [ __ ] jab uh a right hand and a left hook for the most part that’s what he would land you know that’s what we talked about yeah he doesn’t really you know stray too far from it and I mean his style is he’s standing right in front of you and he’s still hard to hit and you know after trading with him a little bit I started figuring out a little bit more and actually made my game better to where um yeah my striking got better my wrestling got better like he’s a great training partner he’s a great look because of his awkward stuff that makes any sense so yeah I think one thousand percent Sean won that fight because he he won the fight Izzy didn’t lose the fight Sean won the fight no absolutely well you know one of the things we just we just talked about your new nickname and you are a pressure fighter Sean Strickland is a pressure fighter he puts you in a position where you’re not comfortable because he keeps on closing the distance on you putting you in the space that he wants to be in and you either have to accept it or you have to adjust with it and that is a difficult thing to do to do for you as a pressure fighter what is it when you’re facing someone like a Strickland that you think is the best thing for someone to do is it say all right I’m not going to give space you’re not going to give space we’re going to sit here and we’re going to meet in the middle or is it ah you’ve got to learn how to make those moves and get the angles to when he does step into range you get him it’s a little bit of both for me personally I have to be able to do both like pressure him back at times and move him backwards but also sometimes accept the pressure and and work off of what I can do based off him pressuring me if that makes any sense so um you don’t want to be able to only fight one way like if you can only fight forward that’s a problem you’re going to be able to fight backwards and forwards and even side to side you know I mean like you gotta you gotta be able to adapt Under Pressure like if you can only fight backwards that’s a problem you should be able to pressure people at times um so for me personally I I like to approach it to where yeah I’m gonna obviously use my my uh my pressure and and utilize my wrestling and utilize my striking and and move forward at times but also I need to be able to be slick and move back and and be able to hit and counter punch with you so um that that’s the biggest thing I think uh that that I learned how to pressure a pressure fighter with Sean did you watch that fight from beginning to end the Strickland as you fight oh yeah and so oh yeah dude I was [ __ ] on the edge of my seat the whole time give me give me the breakdown he also went out and trained with Alex as well and then he’s done a lot of work with you two uh two got one guy that’s already beaten him and yourself a champion another organization but what did you see in that fight that Izzy was having problems with when it came to Sean that you were very aware of because you’ve dealt with it Izzy couldn’t land anything like really clean and it was really bothering him even the leg kicks Sean was checking most of them are making a miss and then Sean would hit him with a jab and then constantly as he was on his back foot constantly moving back constantly moving back couldn’t land anything clean and honestly in the first round Sean dropped them so [ __ ] Izzy’s worried about his power now um you could tell in his face he’s like [ __ ] dude this guy’s a lot better than I thought I can’t hit him like I thought I could hit him you know and also uh Eric mixick’s a great cornerman and a great coach and he was telling Sean uh Izzy’s reads I was actually like kind of looking into it uh today like I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw someone post like yeah uh he’s trying to set you up for the left head kick because he went Southpaw I was throwing the straight left and then Nick sick was kind of saying hey watch out for that left high kick after the punch he’s setting it up it’s like I guess they talked afterwards uh Izzy and uh nixic and he was like yeah you were telling him all your reads you you uh you say that man’s life I don’t really think he did but like that just shows you how great of a cornerman and Coach Eric mixick is along with how good Sean is so it’s like when you put those two together I mean that’s that’s just gold what about him makes people underestimate him it’s just his Style’s so simple but he but he makes it work and it’s just like they’re not used to seeing this type of fighter you know he’s not super athletic and explosive um he doesn’t do very big movements he doesn’t he’s not cold [ __ ] and dudes putting him out like ax player but I mean the way he fights is just like years and years of like training and sparring and he developed a style that works for him and it’s just like the mainstream just doesn’t understand like man in a real fist fight this style works it’s it’s amazing when you look at his style because he does a lot of things if honestly if you’re going to look and say is that a good thing to do for most guys you’re going to say no it’s not but for him it works because he’s so good with it and he is so relaxed when he’s in that cage he there’s you can tell that he’s just comfortable and he gets into a flow and he just starts moving forward and doing the same thing over and over and over again and that just eventually gets to his opponent for you the one of the things that I’ve been super impressed with you is you started off obviously with your wrestling background Johnny because you came from the University of Missouri and you were a great wrestler in the cage and then your stand-up really just started to elevate and you got much much better but you have stayed with utilizing your wrestling at times when people do not expect you to do it please tell me you’re gonna just stay with that type of style for the rest of your career because it makes you most five dimensional and it’s the one thing that I’ll say about Sean look you can get in those positions you have one style someone can deal with that style now it becomes you don’t have that that plan B to go to it becomes much more difficult yeah yeah of course I’m going to utilize all my tools in my tool belt when it comes to a fist fight you know I mean like I’m in there to win I’m not in there to make a point or like to say hey I can outstrike this guy he thinks I’m a better Striker no I’m here to win the fight and beat this guy up so I’m gonna use every tool that I possibly can use to get that W so basically I mean and if I if something gets shut down I’m not super afraid about it either because I I train I’ve gone rounds where I haven’t taken one shot like I I do straight up kicking kickboxing rounds with like six time uh world champion kickboxer Autumn 11. like they’re like yeah yeah he’s [ __ ] great bro he helped me this whole Camp I did 65 rounds this Camp um someone were Strickland someone were Saudi Sai um some of them or most of them were with artem and uh Josh uh so D Silvera um he’s in the pfl and and Jocko um Kristoff Jocko helped me a little bit but yeah I mean I’m not it’s like I can’t take you down like and or maybe I take you on you get up I’m not worried about it man I can strike with you but I’m gonna utilize my takedowns like I will take you down it’s gonna happen it’s just a matter of like am I gonna be able to hold you down who knows like I’m I’m working on it I’m working on it being able to hold [ __ ] down punch him submit them obviously it’s part of my game plan but like if it doesn’t happen I’m not too worried about it I don’t want to get off Strickland just yet but the here wrestling is next level we’ve seen it inside the cage and I’ve seen practices of it a little bit here in small Clips there you’re wrestling’s Next Level and your teammates speak very highly of it and the way you put the two things together but in terms of with Sean his coach Eric was asking for him to threaten the takedowns after the third round or into the third round we got kind of a half half-ass body loss you know what I mean we got a half-assed body lock in the fourth and it was kind of a yeah you know and then he kind of didn’t didn’t worry about it the rest of the time how good is his wrestling you know and when you look at that when I look at the guys in his weight class no none of them are standout wrestlers you’re not talking about like a world-class wrestler in that division so no where does he stand in terms of being all the stuff guys and take them down if he needs to yeah man Sean Sean can grapple he’s not the best wrestler like when me and him wrestle I take him down like no lie but it’s hard to keep that [ __ ] down I will say that like he gets the [ __ ] up like he he realized I think after the Kamara Usman fight he told me he’s like I realize Jiu Jitsu doesn’t really work like for him you know for him he’s not like really great off his back or anything you know so he’s like yeah I just [ __ ] get up now and and make it a fist fight you know instead of like a grappling match but I’ve seen him hold down people dude like uh he he came to ATT he’s grappled with with some of the guys around here and I know how good of a Grappler they are and and he’s held some people down and uh he’s really he does really good against the cage like he can grapple he can wrestle he’s not the type of wrestler like I am obviously but his his grappling skills are are up there he’s a I mean he is a BJJ black belt now when you take a look at I am now going to go away from him to your opponent that you are going to be fighting in a guy that is very athletic Fabian Edwards has looked really good he just beat the man that you took the title from in his last fight to get the shot at you in Dublin Ireland and everyone has known that he’s been a guy that kind of lived in the beginning like his brother off of kickboxing off of being a very elusive Striker having power but he’s gotten into more of saying that he can wrestle he can grapple and he has tried to prove it multiple times now what are you doing don’t do that yet I do not see him trying to ever take you down but when you take a look at him as an athlete have you seen improvements in that area for him or no uh I think the Charlie Ward fight I think he utilized some grappling there and he did take down gay guard a couple of them were like gay guard was like off balance and I mean he did it it was like good stuff you know nothing crazy nothing nothing amazing that really popped out like oh [ __ ] this guy’s really good at wrestling um don’t get me wrong I I can see that he’s trying to work on it and I mean kudos to him I’m trying to get my striking better so I mean he’s he’s elevating the the Nick social Arts like pedigree so I mean good for him do you notice a bump in like when you guys get champions in American top team do you notice like the Jim morale kind of changes inside that gym like hey this person just won a title it’s changed you know you’ve got yourself you’ve got uh you’re also off Amazon you know uh UFC champs I’m trying to think off the top of my head but the pantos yeah so yeah that’s right [ __ ] what a [ __ ] fight [ __ ] he is such a badass man I remember watching him get ready for that fight and I thought I trained hard and I’m like dude this guy got some like Demons Inside of him like how hard he’s training like I could tell man and I I mean after I heard his story a little bit after after he won the belt like he was [ __ ] driving for Uber Eats like a few fights ago I’m like no wonder this [ __ ] was training so hard like he he’s like he’s like yes but like basically I don’t know man like all of us all of us Fighters have something wrong with us and and it’s like we tap into that when we’re training hard to like I don’t know it makes us work harder it’s it’s weird it’s like thanks trauma thank you childhood trauma for helping me become a Bellator world champion a lot of it just comes from We believe We Believe in ourselves we believe that we should be at a higher standard we try to hold ourselves at a higher standard we want more for ourselves in life we know we can do it if we just put the work in and I think you’re the same way I think pantos is the same way all those guys look at Amazon all these guys that we all have like you said something’s wrong with us there is something we’re not from the same we’re all Cut From a Different Cloth but there’s something wrong with us but it’s it ends up working out perfectly once we found this sport yeah I think it’s the right uh place to put your energy you know instead of uh other things that could get you into trouble for sure one question I have for you is and I always say that when you you’re the contender when you were coming up you know and and you you were going to fight you know uh Musashi for the title you had a Target it was I want that title your your teammate had fought him in the previous fight and it didn’t go well for him and you had watched him you knew exactly what you were going to be able to do and you know even Josh and I we were we were you know in that position we go we just we wish he had one more fight just one more fight yeah and you you basically said I don’t need one more fight that’s what you told us he goes you guys you don’t get it you have defended the title you have people now that are targeting you all the time you’re the target how is it that you motivate yourself for each of these fights as they’re coming down the line what are you doing to make it to where you are motivated for that fight and it’s not like ah okay I’ll do it but I don’t want to honestly man I’m I’m in it to become the best and I’m I’m my hardest critic like there’s literally like I’ll go five rounds with two different guys that are fresh and I’ll get tired by the end of it and I’ll be like [ __ ] those rounds weren’t as good I got hit too much Bubba and they’re like dude you did great you won every single [ __ ] round you beat up two guys today and I’m like sitting here like no I could have done this better I could have done that better it’s like I won’t think I’m almost a perfectionist I want things to [ __ ] be perfect I’m I’m always working to improve myself and like honestly I don’t know if I’m ever gonna achieve like this this um like how I picture myself in my head like how I want to be and you know what as long as I’m uh working towards that and and trying to get better all the time and I’m doing everything in my power to become better um I’ll be okay with the the end product and all my success after that after that but that’s what keeps me going man is like just my Improvement and and me wanting to be like perfect even though like I don’t even know what perfect is but like I’m trying to achieve that I’m not familiar have you fought in Dublin Ireland yet no and I only went there to watch Amazon fight and that was really what did you think of that crowd [ __ ] awesome dude I can’t wait to fight in front of that crowd now some of that crowd is going to be kind of a little bit more leaning his way possibly because they’re going to come over from the you know from uh from England UK area there so does that type of stuff doesn’t seem to bother you at all from what I’ve seen and gathered but what do you look at that mixed in with his crowd coming over and then his kind of the way he carries himself what about those things that kind of do any of those things have an effect on you no not really I just kind of think he’s he’s kind of a brat in a sense like the way he holds himself but it’s all good like once we get in that cage he’s gonna figure out man like I’m I’m built different and I’m gonna [ __ ] put him in his place man what about him though like what I’m saying when I see him when you see him in the cage what about him when you look at him go hey this guy is good here this guy is good here now we know he’s a good kickboxer we know that he’s got he’s gotten better at his takedown defense he’s extremely fast he has a tendency to sometimes kind of just flow through it a little bit kind of almost take the the foot off the gas I felt like with the Charlie Ward fight he could have potentially got him out of there but he was just cruising I think after the takedown started coming the controls started coming how do you get him out of that comfort zone where he just feels like he can just cruise through this with that [ __ ] [ __ ] pressure on him bro put that pressure on him make him be in the fire constantly make him [ __ ] be like oh [ __ ] this [ __ ] ain’t stopping like that’s that’s that’s how I fight I’m gonna constantly be pressuring you constantly be putting you in the fire constantly putting you in putting you in danger um and you don’t know if I’m gonna wrestle strike like I’m just gonna basically overwhelm him and utilize my cardio and and my technique to [ __ ] just beat his ass bro to be honest well you both fought gay guard what was your impression of his fight against Gengar and like what did you take away from that and how was that in comparison to the way you fought gay guard what did you see that was different and how do you what do you take away from his performance I steamrolled gay guard there’s not a moment in that fight where I looked like I was in trouble there was a couple moments in in his fight where he was like oh [ __ ] shit’s turning um he and I could tell he wanted to be Technical and like kind of like a point King Point kickboxing match for a little while and like didn’t really want to stay in range for very long and it makes sense like I could gay guard’s dangerous regardless of like how old he is and even though like I kind of changed his career like he didn’t look the same after fighting me um but he didn’t steamroll him like I did like that’s the difference and maybe it’s uh maybe it’s a stylistic matchup but I just think it’s a stylistic matchup in like the will like I’m willing to [ __ ] die in there I’m willing to [ __ ] try to kill you like you signed up you think you think you could beat me I think I can beat you like I’m I’m willing to die in that cage I don’t think he’s really willing to die in that cage when you when you take a look at the landscape of middleweights throughout all promotions looking you you sparred with you know you you work out with Strickland he just won the title you look at adasanya you look at guys over in the pfl is there anything in any of them that you look at and go this is a guy that I would love to fight foreign duplicity or whatever that’d be dude I want to fight that guy I want to fight Robert Whitaker I want to fight Izzy I want to fight Sean eventually maybe hopefully we don’t have to like but I mean I [ __ ] fight him for free you’re not good yeah you’re not getting anything when you go there I’m sure me and him would [ __ ] be like yeah bro we’ll fight each other whatever we’ll just make a bunch of money like it’s it’s funny like like literally when we start we’re fighting each other so it’s no different um but yeah man I I want to fight everybody in the world I want to prove them the best and when I’m done with you know a specific weight division I’ll I’ll uh probably go up and and try to fight everybody there too um I just really want to test myself and see how good I am and uh put my skill sets up to the test um when when do you leave and when do you get there I leave Friday night when I get there Saturday me Sabah my girl and then uh coaches are kind of filling in like a couple days later and then some are coming in fighting speaking of who are the ones in your corner gonna have uh Mike Brown Thiago Alves and DP he’s gonna be there again and then my boy JP Reese he actually fought for Bellator one time um he’s retired now but uh I he’s a good friend of mine we used to coach a wrestling team together and then when I first moved down here like he was like one of my first friends I used to fight for ATT and he’s been around but uh yeah King Mo’s not gonna be able to make it out this time so yeah that’s gonna be my corner King Mo man he’s he’s one of my all-time favorites man we’ve been friends for a long time he’s a great great person man he’s a great guy yeah loving to death love him man he’s he’s been great this Camp he’s he’s always awesome he’s always texting me you know he’s a fight nerd people don’t realize he is a fight nerd yeah yeah really is like not even just MMA like everything like oh yeah Kickboxing Karate boxing all of that dude if it’s combat between two people he’s watching it he’s trying to figure it out he’s trying to figure out what’s the best way to do it I love talking fights with him he’s hysterical man he’s a great guy and and this endless uh fight talk with that guy what what makes what makes your gym the American top team it seems like they went through phases you know the early days it was kind of they were they were big and there was a lot of money going into it and then the fighters just started developing themselves like not themselves the coaches and the fighters helped develop them all but it really we’ve seen other big gyms fall apart what was it black zillions first what was before block zillions was it black zillions so black zillions yeah it was ATT guys that like yeah left and they found another investor and they created it was block zillions and it went Hard Knocks right 360 and then now it’s pretty much kill Cliff which is what it is now well then then it went Samford yeah yeah so I mean yeah they kind of but the coach over there Henry hoofed is he’s a fantastic person a great coach great guy you know absolutely fantastic but what makes American Top teams so special you know Mike Brown you know you’ve got you know you’ve got the coaches there Conan you’ve got all these other coaches that have been there been there from the beginning pretty much what makes it so special though that they were able to keep their Fighters there and keep them all it seems to be happy I don’t know about it in the back room drama but and you know there’s always some but there’s always a little bit somewhere nothing man I know yeah it’s all went away since Colby left it all went away oh yeah yeah yeah Jesus oh no he was the that was probably the biggest that and uh Amanda Nunes uh that was a little bit odd how she left but I mean she she I’m a big fan of hers too I’m always looking like whenever she was fighting I was always rooting for her um but yeah she’s retired now so yeah good for her but what make what makes your gym so special honestly man it’s like the camaraderie we all we all really get behind each other um there’s no real big clicks in the gym like we do have Clicks in the gym obviously because it’s like a language a language thing we have some Russians we got some Brazilians uh Americans and we all kind of mesh in with each other at times and uh we’re kind of just like a big family man we’re always like rooting for each other it’s a giant gym and we always have you know new people popping in that help out and uh you know we’ve got the guys that live here like me there’s a bunch of guys that live here that are always training year round uh but honestly like the big thing is like Dan Lambert man like he without that guy you know staying consistent he’s like the he’s like the dad of that gym that makes any sense he keeps it together it’s always there it’s not you know moving around and like oh we gotta go here we gotta we lost this we lost that it’s like no he keeps it consistent and you and we have like I have a workplace that I can go to and and I know like it’s not going to go anywhere anytime soon and also like what he charges is like crazy like no one else would you know you’d have to be you know you’re not trying to make money off of Fighters he’s not trying to make money on Fighters he’s really trying to like help and and promote fighting so it’s like it’s crazy like so without Dan like ATT would not be what it’s like there’s no doubt about that he’s The Godfather there and he has you know he’s put up with a lot a lot of people have no idea how much has got you know happened there and what he’s gone through but he’s always been consistent and there’s one thing about Dan he just loves first off he loves Jiu Jitsu and he loves he loves MMA and Annie loves pro wrestling yeah the time I go to the gym he’s talking fantasy football I’m in fantasy football league gotta keep her league in a [ __ ] another League it’s just so funny he does have he’s got the greatest belt collection of anybody I know though yeah crazy yeah yeah he he kind of favors hori Gucci though from what I heard I heard horror Gucci is like one of his all-time favorite Fighters he he loves he loves he loves Morgan it’s so funny that’s hilarious because you would think George is up there too I mean he got a [ __ ] mural painted on him he’s the [ __ ] gym flying means damn bro I’ve been trying to get him to put up a suplex photo of me and I’m like bro Dan I’m Gonna Keep suplexing people and he put me on the [ __ ] wall let’s do flexing somebody all right right now I only got one photo it’s because I want a belt all right look um I’m gonna go back to favorites real quick and then I have my I’m gonna have one last follow-up question because I don’t want to get you in bed so you get some sleep tonight but what makes baby Edwards so dangerous and without you giving me too much I mean how do you think you can capitalize on that what makes it dangerous is he’s he’s faster than that athletic he he hits hard looks like he hits hard you know I mean um and he mixes things well together you know he’ll he’ll set traps so my my whole thing is to shut that down and stay aware of that and not allow him to set the traps on me and you know that’s basically it man like outside of that like I beat him everywhere if if I don’t fight his type of fight and I don’t fight um a specific way that enables him to take advantage of me I’m gonna beat him there’s no there’s no way I lose it’s it’s the only way I lose is if I beat myself in there John you got anything else the only thing I have to say is first off you have been absolute joy to watch grow as a fighter you have become so good so proficient and so fun because every fight that you’re in you go out there and I mean you fight and that’s what I love about watching it I just want to tell you thank you for your time Johnny eblin the pressure now excuse me Johnny it’s Johnny Johnny pressure Evelyn there we go look forward to watching you against Fabian Edwards on the 23rd from Dublin Ireland it’s gonna be an incredible crowd and I think you’re gonna put that place on fire good luck wait wait wait I can’t let you go off that I got one more question but it has to do it it has to do with your teammate y’all slap Amazon you train with them a lot you know him you you talk very highly how damn good is he how tell me how good is he bro he’s so good like like uh everybody was like we were doing rounds of uh I think before his last fight with with uh before my last fight in his last fight and we were sparring and I think Richie or Dan like tweeted out like we just watched Johnny Evelyn and Amazon Spar and it was literally the greatest greatest sparring rounds that the gym has ever seen and it’s just like I remember watching them back and I’m like bro this is crazy like some of the [ __ ] that we’re hitting some of the things that were like the way we were moving and like it’s just like I’ve never seen a fight like that you know I mean it’s it’s crazy it’s uh it’s a whole different level man um that dude is so good he pushes me in so many good ways and I mean he’s like a brother to me and I’m just super thankful that you know I cross cross paths with him and uh was able to work with them and and help him and he was able to help me and man it’s truly a blessing to be honest how do you think he matches well with the top lightweight or the top welterweights in the world he beats them all no [ __ ] question beats them all he’s the best he’s the best welterweight in the world hands down best wealthy weight in the world no [ __ ] dot in my mind bro huh I just wanted to hear it come out of your mouth because everyone we we have people on and I know like Mike Brown’s talking to me about it he’s like man he’s hands down the best filter weight we’ve ever had in the gym he’s so damn good and he’s the best of ultimate right now in the world he’s like there’s no doubt when he’s like yeah he’s like when he has time to train he takes it he’s been taking it very serious obviously uh given all the circumstances but he’s he’s like he can’t I don’t think he can be beat I mean obviously it’s a fight Anything Can Happen he’s like but that’s it man that’s it he’s the best yeah the odds are definitely in in Amazon’s favor you know when it comes to getting in a fist fight with every other Welter white in the world that’s I think literally he’s he’s just the best man no all right man well hey I want to thank you so much for coming on and I’m just going to regurgitate what John said man good luck next week in Dublin Ireland and make sure everyone you guys are listening tune in to the pressure Johnny Evelyn well that was a great talk with Johnny eblin and you got a lot of insight on what it’s like to be in there with Sean Strickland and you know this is the whole thing we’ve talked about for so long Josh is look all these guys there’s just little differences and styles make fights that can change everything we saw that a guy in Izzy that we knew is just incredible and stand up someone with Basics was able to make him look bad that night and it wasn’t because Izzy was off it was because Sean Strickland made him off and Johnny talked about how he can make anybody look that way yeah we talked about on the top of the show and um it’s frustrating to not give the fighters the credit that they that they’re due and I’ve caught myself doing that that’s why I bring this up I wanted to make sure that Sean got the credit because a lot of us even myself I was count them out I mean I went out there and put money down on Izzy thinking that he was going to get the win I was like oh you know I could see Izzy potentially getting the Finish probably between round one and three uh Sean being a little maybe over aggressive and and so on and I thought it would go that way and I was texting you back and forth you’re like yeah I’m not sure I like those like those bets but I understand what you’re thinking what my thinking was you understood but Johnny I feel like because he’s been in there so much with him he’s TR he’s not just been one Camp it’s been there several times training with him and Eric and and Coach Eric nixik and just getting the understanding of what he does he Shawn Strickland makes it difficult he stays right outside of that range and he makes you pay for it he doesn’t really have to worry about um too much movement and wasted energy and wasted movement which tends to deplete your cardio he stays tight with this defense I mean it’s it’s very difficult and it was great to hear from Johnny saying look man I spar with him the first couple times and it was difficult it was difficult to hit him because every time I threw the things that I thought would normally land oh I was in the right position he just rolled the shoulder and it just glanced off the shoulder hit him in the back or hit the glove whatever it was and his insurance Strickland style is not it’s not um it’s not utilized it’s flashy yeah it’s it’s not flashy but it’s not utilizing the sport of MMA everyone’s like oh you stand like that I’m gonna take you down but like he said well go ahead go ahead think I mean think about it Josh how many times take a look at Sean Strickland first off where where is hands well he’s got one up and one kind of down right and we talk about blading the body he doesn’t blade his body he mostly stands Square when you’re standing Square you’re more of a turn but all these things that he does that you look at and you go don’t do that don’t do that don’t do this it works for him yeah he can do it yeah when guys are familiar with their Style and what they think works best for them the key point though that I was trying to make was that even when he does get taken down he knows that his wrestling is not the best is that he doesn’t settle he doesn’t just lay down there and go okay look I’m in guard now I’m just gonna just wait for the round to get over I’m gonna keep looking at the ref going stand me up stand me up no no no he tries to make sure that he’s making you work the whole time so when I do get back to my feet the pressure that I put on you it doesn’t take a lot of energy from me but it’s going to take a lot from you because you’re on your back foot running switching stances you know changing direction I’m gonna walk you down snap my jab and when you finally stop for a split second with your back Square against the fence I’m gonna hit you with the right hand and that’s exactly what he did against Izzy caught him clean sat him to his face you know his ass and face and then hit him with the bunch of hooks couldn’t get him out of there but that’s at the temple for the rest of the fight yeah great job uh Dave you got any news for us buddy uh let me roll over I sent you a couple of things I think today you know what you sent me one and wrapped the show up on it okay um but not um any comments on the finalization of the dinner way WWE didn’t I get a CEO of USC in the Nutella but they also finalize your major as well with Endeavor wasn’t he always Dana White wasn’t he always a CEO what was he he was the president oh Jesus I know it was like whoo no what what what what what what what what change in his role is there gonna be I have a question though does Vince so Vince McMahon still owns 51 percent do you know that Dave because I noticed that it said that they own 49 percent of um of WWE when they were releasing that I don’t know if that’s like I don’t know if that’s what if that’s it if that’s true I think and I I don’t think that’s true I saw it that’s what it said it said that yeah they own they own um the majority of the UFC um which is all obviously over 50 and then they own 49 I believe of of it and it would not be in control of yeah Vince McMahon wins 19 percent no I know but I think there was another I think there was other investors that maybe came in oh I’ll have to read up more I don’t want to speak out of turn but I believe I read though they’re they’re only 49 owners now I don’t know if there was another group that bought like 23 and then Vince Vince McMahon owns or sorry 21 then Vince owns the other 19 or whatever I don’t know something along those lines but I have to look into it more before I go speaking too much Dave take a look to see if it says that endeavor is the majority owner they would be the majority owner at 49 of her if there’s three WWE no no how would they not if there was another if there was two other people involved that’s what Endeavor is no paying company those two people would be able to be if they put themselves together can outdo what that is true I don’t think Endeavor would put themselves in that position that’s true that’s true right there what’s uh that’s the stock market thing they went they went um they went public today this morning I saw DC in the back there with Triple H and uh who else everyone’s 51 oh look at that 51 I knew it there’s no oh so 49 is owner of the shareholders got it yes got it got it you’re not you’re never gonna allow allow yourself it makes sense what you’re saying but I thought I read somewhere that they had only owned the 49 and I thought there was like two other anyways all right oh what else you got for us there let’s give it up control ain’t gonna happen yep no geez this was I wanted to end the show on this John can you tell me what the hell is going on that is Quentin Jackson and Bob Sapp in the same well it’s called fight Circus the best is take a look at the poor guy who’s got a left hand going against Quinton Jackson’s right hand Queen Jackson is just hitting him with hooks and uppercuts there was a scene right here look at the uppercut look oh no go back go back go back go back a little bit can you rewind a little bit there’s a scene there’s a scene right after that first uh combination where they start to break keep your keep your eyes on um Bob Sapps left hand he actually hits Clinton right in the face it’s so great when they when they when it started nice and fury hit himself in a fight when this thing starts over it’s so good man I love it and then this guy this poor guy got just destroyed by Queen Jackson right here watch watch Bob Sass left hand watch it pink it’s quitting right there in the face oh geez I don’t know what this is called fight circus it’s hilarious though the circus you know what though it’s good to see the Quinns out there having fun same thing with Bob Sapp still doing this thing I can’t believe he’s still doing it John I can’t believe he’s still doing it this guy geez what an animal ah all right guys well hey I want to thank you guys so much for tuning in and hopefully you guys enjoyed this show and enjoyed our interview with Johnny eblin look I everyone thinks I tend to be a little bit biased I still think right now in this stage of the middleweight Division I think he’s the best middleweight in the world and we’re gonna find out next week if he can kind of prove it and uh go out there and do what he’s been doing he’s been beating everybody he’s undefeated at 13-0 and looking to make it 4-0 he’s got a dangerous opponent in front of him and Fabian Edwards fast explosive the brother of Leon Edwards that we’ve talked about this when titles come into your gym it brings that that confidence of the fighters in the gym up and Leon has that title and he’s had impressive um defenses of it and look for Fabian to start to follow track and I think that he’s gonna really try to get um Johnny Evelyn out of there so look uh tune in next week for Bellator on the 23rd correct September 23rd sorry the time the days are different here and there so um yeah September 23rd and it will be on Showtime and after that make sure you guys go to wayneinmerch.com pick up some of our sweaters our hoodies it is raining here in Texas so I’m gonna need that hoodie real soon John real soon it’s raining here in Texas it’s raining but it’s not cold it’s not cold at all John it’s not cold at all my man and uh make sure you guys go to oemfans.com weighing in onlyfans.com subscribe to us over there we’ve got some interviews dropping this week don’t miss them we got some interviews dropping this week don’t miss them hit that Bell in our notifications there make sure you get the notification from us and you guys can listen to those um interviews that are gonna be dropping this week John take this away buddy for everyone out there thank you for listening to Johnny Edwin thanks for spending the time with us brother we appreciate it and we will see you 

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