Every Fight To Make After UFC 293 Adesanya vs Strickland


In this article, we will discuss the potential next fights for the fighters after UFC 293, particularly focusing on Sean Strickland. While the rematch between Adesanya and Strickland may be a bit controversial, it is important to consider the fights that make sense for the fighters in terms of title implications and marketability. Let’s dive into the potential matchups for the fighters.

Potential Fights for Sean Strickland

  1. Strickland vs. Duplessis: Strickland’s next fight could be against Dricus Duplessis. Both fighters have been performing well and a matchup between them would be highly competitive.
  2. Strickland vs. Adesanya: If Israel Adesanya decides to take some time off, a matchup between Strickland and Adesanya could be a possibility. This fight would be a great addition to the UFC 300 card and would generate significant interest.

Potential Fights for Israel Adesanya ———————————— 1. Adesanya vs. Chimaev or Costa: If Chimaev or Costa win their upcoming fight, a matchup between them and Adesanya would be intriguing. It would add a quarter million pay-per-view buyers to a card without a title on the line. 2. Adesanya vs. Winner of Chimaev vs. Costa: If Chimaev wins his fight against Costa, a matchup between him and Adesanya would be a no-brainer. It would be a highly anticipated matchup with great build-up and trash-talking. 3. Adesanya vs. Winner of Chimaev vs. Costa: If Costa wins his fight against Chimaev, a matchup between him and Adesanya would also be a great choice. It has been a while since their last fight, and Costa’s win would show that he has improved and is back on track.

Potential Fights for Alexander Volkov

After his win over Tafa Ivasa, Volkov will need some time off to recover from the damage he took in the fight. A perfect scheduled matchup for him would be against the loser of Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs. Curtis Blaydes. If Blaydes loses, he could make a quick turnaround and face Volkov in November, possibly as the prelim headliner of UFC 300.

Potential Fights for Tafa Ivasa

After his loss to Volkov, Ivasa will also need some time off to recover. A logical matchup for him would be against someone who recently got finished and is also in need of time off. A matchup against Marcin Tybura would make sense. Both fighters are coming off losses and would be in similar positions in the rankings.

Potential Fights for Manel Kape

Kape’s win over Ode Osbourne was not a great performance, but he is looking for a matchup against Kai Kara-France. The bad blood between them makes this matchup highly anticipated. The UFC has hinted at a possible fight between Kape and Kara-France in early 2024, possibly in New Zealand. This would be a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the bad blood and make it a co-main event of a fight night card.

Potential Fights for Tyson Pedro

Pedro’s win over Antonio Carlos Junior was impressive, and he deserves a matchup against someone coming off a win. A fight against the winner of Felipe Lins vs. Ion Cutelaba would be a great choice. If Cutelaba loses to Lins, it would be an interesting test for Pedro, as Lins is a tough and powerful fighter.

Potential Fights for Carlos Ulberg

Ulberg has been matched up against fighters coming off losses, and it’s time for him to face a test. He called out Dominick Reyes, but a more suitable matchup would be against Volkan Oezdemir. Oezdemir has had some trouble with low kicks, which is one of Ulberg’s strengths. This fight would determine if Ulberg is truly a top 10 or even top 5 level fighter.

Potential Fights for Jamie Mullarkey

Mullarkey’s controversial win over John Makdessi may have raised some eyebrows, but he will need some time off to recover from the damage he took in the fight. A matchup against Nasrat Haqparast, who was also supposed to fight Mullarkey before, would make sense. Both fighters are willing to fight each other, and it would be a good matchup for both of them.

Potential Fights for Charles Jourdain

Jourdain’s post-fight speech was memorable, and it’s time for him to face a test. A matchup against Jeff Molina would be a money fight and generate a lot of interest. The bad blood between them would make it a highly anticipated grudge match. This fight would be a perfect addition to a pay-per-view card and would draw attention from fans.


In conclusion, there are several potential matchups for the fighters after UFC 293. These matchups not only make sense in terms of rankings and title implications but also generate interest and excitement among fans. From Strickland vs. Duplessis to Adesanya vs. Chimaev or Costa, there are plenty of exciting fights to look forward to. It will be interesting to see how the UFC matches up these fighters in their next bouts.

this is every single fight to make after
UFC 293 out of Sanya versus Strickland
dive all of the key fighters from that
card on the screen right now some
winners some losers and you may notice
there is an empty box next to all of
them and that’s where their next
opponent’s gonna go who I have hidden
around the perimeter of the screen I’ll
slowly reveal those opponents one by one
as the video goes on and place them
where they belong on the screen let’s
start straight away with the main event
Sean Strickland walks down Israel to
Sanya for five rounds out strikes him
makes him look a fool doesn’t shoot a
single takedown and beats him with a jab
cross and a tip that’s all he needed to
be Israel to Sanya I love this reality
that we’re in it’s the Sean era and Sean
Strickland as you can tell by the way
I’ve laid out this video is not going to
be fighting Israel de Sanya next I don’t
care what Dana White says I don’t care
what anyone says Israel is one and two
in his last three fights he does not get
infinite title rematches just because he
brings pay-per-views to the table
because he doesn’t even bring crazy
pay-per-views to the table Sean
Strickland should be taking on
dracus duplessy
simple as that it’s not difficult the
man trick is duplessier slept Whitaker
not slept in but TK owed him just a
couple of weeks ago literally just over
six weeks ago drikas duplessing walked
into the octagon with Robert Whittaker
One round one against him and then
finished him in round two
he needs a title shot you have been
making the middleweight division
go through hoops for so long and we’re
even looking down the rankins to get
Strickland to get a title shot and
there’s been other moments where
Victoria has been ranked like number
seven and somehow got himself a title
trick history Plessy beats Whitaker that
was the problem that that’s like someone
beating Holloway at featherway and then
the UFC going hmm I’m not sure I feel
like we can’t give him a title shot
right now I don’t care on the
circumstances drinkers du plessis made
Whitaker look easier that’s crazy to say
out loud but it’s true drink is
duplessier has undoubtedly earned his
title shot in the midweight division and
Sean Strickland versus trick is dupless
she should be next I’m gonna make a
whole other video about this rematch
situation for Israel to Sanya because
it’s absolutely crazy he’s one and two
in his last three fights you know what
he earned his immediate rematch after he
lost to Alex Pereira he was doing good
in that fight he hurt Herrera in the
first round he was on his way to winning
on the scorecards before Pereira landed
that shot in the fifth round and
finished him I get it and he was a
dominant Champion so give him an
immediate rematch I don’t mind that you
don’t just get immediate rematches no
matter what because you’re a champ
aljo’s not getting one
so neither should Israel to Sanya and
it’s not even like that aljo should have
arguably got one regardless of the
result of the O’Malley fight he was on
his way to Breaking the bantamweight
so Israel de Sanya does not deserve an
immediate rematch Strickland versus
duplessier simple mate you can make it
happen in December you know Sean
Strickland’s not going to be the type of
guy to sit out and wait he’s ready to go
he took no damage he took no damage in
that fight against Israel de Sanya he’s
ready to get right back in there I’m
sure January December whenever you want
to do it we need to see Sean Strickland
versus Rick as duplessing because it’s
the most deserving fight to make right
now in the middleweight division Israel
de Sanyo got schooled by Sean Strickland
it wasn’t close and I’ll tell you this
right now before I get into who’s next
for Israel lasagna
if Israel lasagna wanted to earn an
immediate rematch for losing that fire
he should have shown that in the fifth
round but guess what happened guess what
happened in the fifth round Sean
Strickland gave him a chance to say come
on make it competitive with me for a
second earn your immediate rematch if
you so badly won it walked him down with
his arms by his waist screaming in his
face trash talking him and Israel de
Sanya backed up and did nothing and
cowered away he don’t even want it
so don’t give him that immediate rematch
that is the most absolute ludicrous
nonsense I’ve ever heard in my entire
life no Israel de Sanya
I think he needs to take on the winner
of chimea versus Costa which I think
might be Ham’s actually made of
and the funny thing is do I despise
Israel to Sanya I do he’s a disgraceful
human I don’t like him
I’m not even trying to be mean or Evil
by making this match up this is the most
rightful matchup to make in the
middleweight division
simple as that this is the most rightful
matchup to make in the middleweight
division Strickland versus duplessier
Israel de Sanya versus the winner of
chimea versus Paulo Costa you’re not
going to do adesanya versus Canon here
again you’re not going to do adesanya
versus Whitaker again as contenders no
way that’s just dull adesanya beat
Canada easily it was a boring fight no
one wants to see it again he’s beaten
Whitaker twice even though the rematch
was a bit dodgy they’re only really
going to make that if it has to be done
when a title’s on the line chimea versus
Costa is the winner they should do
Whittaker versus canonier 2 the first
five of that was very competitive and
they’ve had enough time between that
fight and now to make that rematch
Strickland duplessier and adasanya
versus chimeev so if Israel to Sanya uh
Waits out take some time off we’ve got
tremea versus Costa taking place in a
month from now at UFC 294 in October in
Abu Dhabi the winner of that has got to
be looking for a quick turnaround if
they don’t take too much damage so I
think Israel lasagna shouldn’t be
looking to come back this year put him
on the UFC 300 card you know what I’m
saying I think it’s going to take place
maybe March April maybe not that late
maybe we can do him at UFC uh 299 or
something like in March or maybe 298 in
February who knows Israel de Sanya vs
Hamza chimeev is a massive matchup and
for the UFC hear me out UFC Dana White
you absolute you’ve got your new little
I don’t even want to you’ve got your new
little gift here in Israel to Sanya
haven’t you infinite immediate rematches
if you beat Strickland then loses again
to like chimeev or du plessis does he
get another immediate rematch this is
Israel de Sanya hear me out UFC
no pay-per-view share yet he probably
still brings a solid amount of
pay-per-view buyers so if logic and just
meritocracy is not going to get into
Dana White’s thick roided skull
then think about the money here you can
make pay-per-view buyers out of Israel
de Sanya without having to allocate in
pay-per-view shares
so do it Israel lasagna versus the
winner of chimea versus Costa if it’s
Costa it’s been a while since that fight
as well you know what I’m saying it has
been a little a bit of time since that
fight we are quite far removed and if
Costa beats chimeev that’s a huge win
and it will show that he’s improved and
showed that he’s now back on track and
that would be a great matchup and a
great build up with him to trash talking
each other a bit of tremev wins this is
a no-brainer match up that genuinely
would add in my opinion
I reckon adds a quarter million
pay-per-view buyers to a card without a
title on the line adasanya chimeev make
it happen especially if she may have
Beats Costa in dominant fashion good
Lord February make that match up we move
on to the co-main event let me move on
now I’ve spent seven minutes on the main
um Alexander volkov got a big win over
tattoo ivassa gonna need a little bit of
time off you know he took some damage he
checked a lot of kicks so his leg is
going to be sore and he took a lot of
leg kicks as well but he checked the
majority of him I was watching back the
fight today I don’t see how people
thought that was competitive
um but he did use a lot of energy in
that fight and he was exhausted by the
end so he’s gonna need a little bit of
time off so I think a perfect scheduled
matchup would be you can’t do him versus
gun you can’t do him versus Aspen out
again he got dominated
you kind of have to do him versus the
loser of jail tonight versus Curtis
blades and I at the moment I’m not sure
if I’m set on this prediction yet I
think the loser’s gonna be Curtis blades
so and I also think if Curtis blades
does lose it will likely be in the first
round and he’ll likely not take a crazy
amount of damage I don’t see him getting
Flatline ko’d by jail to now maida if he
loses I see him getting positionally
dominated maybe renaked choked or maybe
tko’d before unanswered strikes you know
what I’m saying and not improving this
position so I think he can make a decent
decently quick turnaround if he loses in
November we could be looking at April
maybe it’s like the prelim headliner of
ubfc 300 Alexander volkov Curtis blades
2 the first fight was very competitive
three two to Curtis blades I think
volkov has only improved since then and
I think it’d be a good look for Curtis
blades to fight a guy that he went to a
close decision with quite some time ago
to see if he actually has made
improvements since then because we’ve
always had the assumption that whenever
Curtis blades look good looks good in a
fire we go so oh you know he’s made
improvements in this fight but then when
he loses it’s like oh Curtis played same
old Curtis blade so if he wants to prove
him improvements he needs to fight
volkov in a rematch and make it more
clear than it was the first time we move
on to the co-main event tied to evasa
he lost really bad loss needs a little
bit of time off I think you should be
looking to face someone who got finished
recently that’s also going to need a
little bit of time off
marching tibura I think this is a
logical matchup to make it’s a nice
matchup for Thai to be vasra as well
it’s someone that he hasn’t fought
um and I think this is just a no-brainer
you know I’m saying both guys coming off
losses both going to be now in similar
positions in the rankings haven’t fought
each other before fresh matchup margin
Thai Bora is like a a respectable
opponent like you don’t beat him and
everyone goes oh you beat some absolute
can he’s like a decent top 15 level
heavyweight um so I think the titubaster
versus March and tibura makes all the
sense in the world also I want to go
back to volkov blades here as well I
think that they could also do if let’s
say blades beats jail to now maida you
won’t then do volkov jail to now maida
and you might not want to do blades
versus volkov because then there’s no
one for Cyril gone right so hear me out
if blades does beat Alexander volkov
I know it’s not right logically for the
rankings but Derek Lewis did beat volkov
and I think that does sell a little bit
that’s like a decently good addition to
the opener of a main card of a
pay-per-view Alexander volkov versus
Derek Lewis who is also an option but
I’d rather this one first we move on
down the card manil cap based Chef cap
got a huge win not a great performance
for himself I’m sure he’ll admit that as
um but he’s looking for the he’s look
how much of that did I say all right I
think I’m all right he’s looking for the
match-up that we know he’s looking for
and that’s against kayakara France
that’s the match-up menel cap kaikara
France make it happen the bad blood is
there and the UFC said Dan hooker let us
know known in an interview made this
known in an interview I think it was Pub
talk someone was telling me about this
on igdm’s uh manilcap versus kakara
France allegedly they’re going to New
Zealand again early 2024.
so that seems like a good timeline to do
this whether it be January February who
knows I’m assuming Dan Hook is going to
be back for that card and I think manil
cap kaikara France is a perfect Bad
Blood match up to make us like a co-main
event of that fight night card huge
matchup a lot of Bad Blood on the line I
think I don’t think people were really
interested in the first place but now
after the press conference from nelcap
and the post fight call out everyone’s
invested in that matchup at FlyAway one
of the biggest non-title fight FlyAway
matchups we’ve had in a very long time
so Manel cap kaikara France making it
happen we move on Tyson Pedro got a win
over Antonio couch so here’s what I want
to do with Tyson Pedro
how about someone coming off a win you
know what I’m saying how about someone
coming off a win dude him versus Felipe
Lins now I know what you’re gonna say
Guru Felipe Linz is fighting against
Leon kutilaba in October I’m very aware
of this okay it’s on a flight night card
very aware good matchup give him the
winner I personally think that ion
kutilabo is so tired that he’ll probably
lose to Felipe Lins because Linz is
quite hard to finish and he’s a big
powerful dude he stays composed and he’s
good across the distance of a fight so I
think if it does leave the first round
against kutilaba we could see Felipe
Lins get a win now
um but I could change my mind on that
we’ll see but either way I want Tyson
Pedro versus the winner of Felipe Linz
versus ion kutilaba because then it’d be
someone on a win streak and actually
somewhat of a test for Tyson Pedro
although Tyson Pedro’s call promotable
seems like a nice guy he’s one of the
most babied fighters in the UFC I’ve
ever seen Ek Villain waiver then he got
given that Harry hansaka then he he got
given some Asian dude on a regional
scene who was not UFC level anyway uh
then he got madessa’s pakowskus on short
notice because that dude pulled out lost
that one and now he gets Anton tercali
who’s on a two fight losing streak so
give him someone coming off a win please
for the love of God speaking of babied
and coddled contenders that the UFC’s
taking a like into Carlos alberg
enough of these matchups against people
coming off losses it’s time for a test
for Carlos alberg he’s built himself
back up he superseded Kennedy nazarchuk
who in the lost that he had to canadine
as a chick so I think it’s time for a
test he called out Dominic Reyes I’m
going to be honest with you most
pathetic call out I’ve ever heard in my
entire life you are a coward for calling
out Dominic Reyes you’re not getting
Dominic Reyes you’re getting a ranked
like heavyweight Contender by the way I
don’t mind if Albert gets ranked number
15 after this just saying
you are getting a ranked light
heavyweight Contender coming off a win
and one of them that’s coming off a win
recently by quick quick finish that’s
ready to make a turnaround possibly for
New Zealand in February and five months
is no time Vulcan owes Demir I think
that’s a great matchup I know I’ve
matched him out with another guy just a
week ago but I do like this matchup for
Carlos alberg I think this is a great
one it’s actually a test for once Carlos
ulberg vulcanoesdemere we saw that doubt
and Jung was giving him some problems
with low kicks ozdami’s got really nasty
low kicks and he’s got good takedown
defense and I think this would be a good
test if Albert can finish osdamir you
put yourself like oh this guy’s actually
top 10 level top five level so I think
Carlos alberg vulcanoes damir is the
match up to make and I think it is time
for a test for all Berg but I don’t mind
giving him some time first having him on
that New Zealand card because I’m
already seeing that New Zealand card in
my head Dan hooker versus a big name at
lightweight up the top in the Main Event
co-main Event manil cap kaikara France
big matchup feature fight Carlos orberg
versus vulcanoes Demir it’s a no-brainer
card we move on Jamie Malarkey got
gifted a decision against
um John mcdessie I didn’t like the
decision I didn’t think it was a good
decision whatsoever
um yeah not a good one but he won gonna
need some time off because he took a bit
of damage and he’s fought a lot recently
after being ko’d in his last fight
um someone else who’s gonna need a
little bit of time off that was supposed
to fight Jaime Malarkey in Australia so
again maybe we’re looking at that New
Zealand card here as well
got a big win over John Landon Quinones
and almost said John Quinones what would
you do either way Jamie malarkey
versus nasra hack prast a fight that was
supposed to happen before so we both
know they both know they’re willing to
fight each other and for the UFC as a
Matchmaker that’s like Oh Heaven these
guys want to fight each other they’re
down to fight each other let’s make that
matchup happen Jaime Malarkey Nazareth
put him against each other get it done
in New Zealand now
Charles ratkin
I had to really think about this matchup
because I wanted it to make sense
because of course that post fight
interview was crazy you know what I’m
saying so we’re gonna need to plan out
this guy’s career accordingly I want it
to make sense I wanted to draw attention
I want it to make pay-per-view Manor I
think the money fight for Charles Radke
right now not the most logical of fights
okay it might not even be in his
the most logical of fights for Charles
Radke after that post-fight speech that
he gave
I think the grudge matches him versus
Jeff Molina that’s what I think it is
okay I think this is the money fight
this is the one that people want this is
for the culture Charles Radke Jeff
Molina Bad Blood you’ve never seen
anything like it you thought Strickland
the nadasanya had blood Bad Blood you
thought that ezrael to Sanya would have
had bad blood against Rickers dupless
here not close this is the Bad Blood
Grudge Match that the UFC has been
looking for for the last decade Charles
Radke versus Jeff Molina pure animosity
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