Why No One Wants Sterling vs. Dvalishvili: The Shocking Truth Revealed!

In the world of combat sports, there is always a certain level of excitement when two fighters who have a personal connection step into the ring or cage to face each other. However, there are times when the idea of friends or teammates fighting each other doesn’t sit well with fans and even the fighters themselves. This is the case with the potential matchup between Aljamain Sterling and Merab Dvalishvili.

The Uncomfortable Idea of Friends Fighting

As a fan, I personally don’t love the idea of friends fighting each other. It’s a complex situation that depends on the nature of the friendship. For example, if two fighters are teammates who train together every day, it becomes even more difficult to support the idea of them stepping into the ring against each other.

The Misunderstanding of Past Examples

It’s important to note that there has never been a time when Sterling and Dvalishvili were offered a fight against each other. This is a point that often gets overlooked when discussing this potential matchup. While there have been instances in the past where friends or siblings have fought each other, it doesn’t mean that it’s something that should be encouraged or supported.

One example that comes to mind is the Shamrock brothers, Frank and Ken. They had a public feud and even engaged in trash talk, but the idea of them actually fighting each other didn’t sit well with fans. It felt uncomfortable and didn’t align with the values of loyalty and respect that they had previously displayed.

The Importance of Maintaining the Integrity of the Sport

In combat sports, the ultimate goal is to determine who the best fighter is. This is typically done through a competitive architecture, such as a tournament or a straight-line bracket. However, in the absence of such a structure, the belt becomes a symbol of the best fighter in the division.

When a fighter becomes a champion, they are essentially telling the world that they can beat anyone in their weight class. It’s a statement of dominance and skill. But when a champion refuses to fight someone, it creates confusion and undermines the integrity of the sport.

The Role of Promoters and the Suspension of Reality

Promoters play a crucial role in shaping the narrative of the sport. They create storylines and build up fighters as the best in the world. When a champion publicly states that they won’t fight someone, it creates a suspension of reality for the audience. They are being told that the champion is the best, but there’s someone they won’t fight.

This suspension of reality is a necessary part of the sport. It allows fans to buy into the storylines and invest emotionally in the fighters. But when a champion refuses to fight someone, it disrupts this suspension of reality and raises questions about the legitimacy of their title.

The Case of Sterling and Dvalishvili

In the case of Sterling and Dval ishvili, there has been a misunderstanding. Sterling made a statement after defeating Jose Aldo that he wouldn’t fight Dvalishvili. However, it’s important to note that Dvalishvili was never offered the fight in the first place. The fight was never suggested or discussed by the promotion.

The Code of Honor and Respect

Sterling and Dvalishvili have shown a code of honor and respect towards each other. They have made it clear that their friendship and loyalty are more important than any potential fight. This message is admirable and speaks to their character as fighters.

The Problem with the Money Mentality

However, recently there has been a statement from Dvalishvili that for enough money, he would be willing to fight Sterling. This raises concerns about the integrity of the sport and the values that have been previously displayed. It suggests that money is more important than competition, the belt, and the principles of honor and respect.

The Uncomfortable Reality

The reality is that the fight between Sterling and Dvalishvili was never offered or suggested. It’s not a fight that fans want to see, and it makes many people uncomfortable. The mentality of being willing to fight for money, regardless of the circumstances, goes against the values that the sport should uphold.


In conclusion, the potential matchup between Aljamain Sterling and Merab Dvalishvili raises questions about the uncomfortable idea of friends fighting each other. While there have been instances in the past where friends or siblings have fought, it doesn’t mean that it’s something that should be encouraged or supported. The integrity of the sport and the values of honor and respect should always be prioritized.

Mor Rob and
aljo Al Lia and
zingano I do not love the idea of
fighting right it it depends on the
friendship you can’t just go on friendly
with this guy and there’s a meaningful
difference teammates by
example that’s a very meaningful
difference if you guys are in the same
room and your teammates and it’s it’s
every single day
I don’t love the idea of them fighting
and I also can’t tell you a time where
they ever had and that’s the part that
everybody that has ever been put in this
misses they want to play it right in the
media and they want to show loyalty and
respect to their friend which I think we
all appreciate I don’t want to see two
buddies fighting I’m never pushed for
that but neither of you
guys and neither has a major
organization ation and before you think
you can come out and correct me and tell
me things you heard at press conferences
I’m telling you those bad agreements
have never gone
out George St Pierre versus Rory
McDonald was discussed up down and
sideways and even threatened you two
better get this through your head all of
those things were done but the bout
agreement and the actual offer never
place there was an
event this guy this scumbag was going to
put on sorry if he sees the piece of me
but this dirt bag was going to put on
this event and it was going to be called
love and it was going to be a whole card
a whole night of brothers fighting each
other they were going to have the
Shamrock Brothers in the main event but
they were going to have the Hughes twins
Mark and Matt on the card they were
going to have the Sarah brothers
fighting each other right
okay I want to say the Florian Brothers
I mean like like there was enough
Brothers to go around and fill up this
and it was uncomfortable that didn’t
feel right and when when when Frank and
Ken Shamrock started bickering back and
forth in the media that was good gossip
that was good interesting
drama the idea that they would actually
get in there and
fight didn’t feel right at all that was
not something that anybody was was
supporting and they started to talk
about it like yeah we think this is a
good idea and I don’t think Ken was into
that as the big brother I think Ken was
a little bit surprised when this started
happening and I only share for you like
take the Gracies they’ve had plenty of
infighting but they’ve never never even
suggested that we fight each other I
remember fedor’s brother had made the
comment that it was time for them to
fight and that was such a brave comment
when your brother is Fedor right but
there was nobody that actually supported
idea and I I bring this to you
because we we have a situation here
where there’s always a misunderstanding
and somebody is attempting to tell a
story and play a relationship in a
certain way through the
media like there was a disagreement
between Jake and Logan Paul about a
month ago and it was just a
disagreement but it it felt
like they were saying we can just box
and and and figure this
out and we did not like the world did
not like that now it got a ton of clue
clicks it had a ton of interest but
nobody actually wants to see those two
go and
fight and I’m trying to to make a
statement and I’m trying to now prove my
hypothesis to you okay by giving you
examples of I know that you hear it I
know that it’s good drama I know that
there’s great
clicks but my proof that nobody actually
wants to see is we’ve never actually
done it brotherly love as much as this
was an idea that I’m teasing today you
never got off the ground it never had
tickets on sale or any bout agreement
signed McDonald and and St Pierre sit at
the same press conference and as much as
this was talked about it was never
done however the importance and the game
that you’re
playing is for you to come out to the
media or the world and say I won’t fight
somebody you cannot be champion of the
world there’s no promoter that can put
you in a
position because the promoter is telling
the world whether it’s true or not you
can beat everybody in the world that’s
what that belt is supposed to represent
right like there used to be times in
life it was really important that your
tribe had a good fighter amongst them
and if you could get two or three or
five that was more important because if
other people came to your tribe they
would take your
life they will take your belongings they
will take your tribe they will take your
property there was time times in life
where you actually had to fight those
times don’t exist anymore and the
property in the family is no longer on
the line so somebody at some point
called a promoter threw out something
called a belt and it worked believe me
worked I dedicated my life to trying to
win that belt the same as the great
fighter of the tribe would try to defend
his food and family I I understand this
but we don’t actually know who the best
is we just have a belt we have a process
to do it like we don’t have a tournament
the only way to find out who the best is
is to have a a competitive architecture
in place where you have a tournament you
have a straight line bracket we don’t
have anything like that but once we put
that belt around somebody’s waist we’re
now telling the world a
story he’s the best and he can beat any
man amongst you if you don’t agree come
forward rise to the position get the
opportunity to take it from him that’s
the story we’re being told so if the
athlete himself says yes I am the
best but there’s a guy that I won’t
fight well all of a sudden you just
created a massive confusion within the
mind and there is a suspension of
reality to the Reon recognition of the
world champion to begin
with we we’re going to suspend reality
and we’re all going to accept and follow
this set of rules in agreement which
says whoever finds a way come hook or CR
come competitiv or politics to work
themselves into that position win the
match and get the belt is the best
amongst us I recognize it too our whole
Community recognizes it but we are
suspending reality because we also know
they didn’t go through everybody they
didn’t go through any kind of
competitive architecture that would
represent any form of everybody they
didn’t do anything that would represent
of the six billion men on the earth for
the guys that weigh my size I can beat
them all
but they did do what we said we will
follow which they found a way to get
that belt and I just suggest for you it
is of Paramount importance that you not
say I won’t fight
somebody when you become Champion when
you become top Contender behind the
scenes by all means say what you would
like don’t say it publicly and the
lesson is
there Mor Robin aljo did nothing more
than try to show each other respect and
loyalty and they try to show the world
we have a code and our code involves
respect and loyalty and hell with what
it cost either one of us you will never
break our code it I love the message I
understood the message there’s going to
be problems there’s going to be problems
getting to the top but if you wait long
enough or you Shuffle the deck or in
this situation right Al joo’s come down
as Champion is even maybe talking about
leaving the weight class like there
there’s there’s room for everybody Kane
and Daniel canot both be heavyweight
champion well they were both heavyweight
champion Dan and Daniel refused to fight
one another and only one can be Champion
well they never did fight each other and
they did find a away and they both did
hold that belt I’m just sharing like
there’s a way to do
it and there was an interview by Mor Rob
who came out today and he said well
there’s nobody else to fight there was
enough money and may maybe me and alra
would fight
and the
misunderstanding the misunderstanding
from the beginning nobody’s asked you to
fight you were never asked to fight and
I’m not I’m not positive that they’re
aware of that they were never asked
there was a statement by morab after he
beat Jose Aldo that he would not fight
Alo that was a problem now had he not
said it he wasn’t going to be offered
Alo that’s the part that he’s missing so
now there is no belt there is no main
event there is no pressure of any kind
to have the fight but a statement came
out today that for enough money we would
go into the fight so every bit of the
the honor the
respect that has been revealed to the
world that nothing will get past us it
well it turns out that money will not
competition not competitive
nature not the Bell those things are all
gone it turns out for a certain price
will fight the problem with that you
were never asked to fight you’re not
going to be asked to fight that’s not a
fight that we want to see that actually
makes us very
uncomfortable the mentality that you’re
willing to do it
publicly privately have your own deal
tell them no Fighters do it all the time
plenty of chickens in this organization
they never get
caught that seemed to be the
miss that fight was never offered that
fight was never suggested we had a
champion we had a clear number one
Contender that’s both true that fight
was never offered and that fight was
never suggested and it still

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