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we got our own song up in this piece Doug welcome to DC and RC I’m Daniel
Cormier that’s my RC what’s up man very familiar backdrop
back in Bristol the grind is about to start for my guy if you weren’t busy
man listen you know bro like I’m excited the season is here we got Monday night countdown I have DC and RC every Tuesday
still still on NFL live but like this is what we signed up for for bro a boy from
Lafayette a boy from the West Bank of Louisiana doing big things repping out State the right way bro and I’m excited
to talk about what we have on the show today you know a lot of times people start to
feel sorry for the travel and everything but we chose this and you always got to be blessed to know that you got what you
look for it comes up on the show guys we’re going to talk about Max Holloway’s big win over the Korean zombie we also look
forward to UFC 296 and try to figure out who’s going to headline one of the biggest cards of the year and as always
we tap in or we Tap Out RC little Daniel was playing Madden yesterday bro and I
saw y’all on Madden though you really did why don’t you tell me why didn’t you
tell me hey bro because it was a secret man so we couldn’t let it out until Madden actually dropped and it’s one of
those weird things they couldn’t promote the pivot so Fred Channing and myself
basically had to go into a deal as individuals and be the Madding the
Madden cast it was super cool three former football players on a game that you dreamed you dreamed of being on as a
player to now be on it as an analyst or quote unquote podcaster it’s super dope
man and the blessings just keep coming yeah absolutely happy for you guys I was
like dang that’s our seat I’m up there too like this boy everywhere man I can’t close my eyes and not see Ryan Clark
right but another guy that was front and center last weekend has lived there in
mixed martial arts Max Holloway he got that fight that he was asking for for so long against the Korean zombie and not
only did he win he delivered in resounding fashion you couldn’t have even expected Max to look any better how
impressed were you but I feel like my biggest question when it comes to Max
Holloway RC is how frustrating is it to be that good
but be just right underneath one person because he’s so clearly the second best
guy in the weight class but that he just dominates other guys like this yeah what is he we something like he’s
undefeated against the rest of the people in the featherweight division but he’s 0-3 against Champion Alexander
volkanovsky and he’s just that good when you talking about Max Holloway the way
that he’s boxed you go back to yahir Rodriguez and turning himself into a
total mixed martial artist by holding him up against the cage using his
wrestling and his grappling and so when you think about Max Holloway you think about Hall of Fame you think about one
of the best to ever do it I still have that Vision in my head of him screaming to y’all I’m the best boxer this The
Varsity like that’s who Max Holloway is this is the same dude in a championship fight against Brian Ortega was teaching
him how to block the strikes while still striking with him and so max Holloway
once again goes out against the Korean zombie and puts on an absolute show that’s finished with the overhand right
but before I pass it back to to you DC and allow the world to get your thoughts
which is really why they come here I want to give props to the Korean zombie I want to talk about a mixed martial
artist that lived up to his nickname or octagon names so much we stopped using
his real name and when he came out for the third round he came out ready to swing for the fences he came out ready
to go toe-to-toe with one of the best that has ever done it and if that’s the way we are going to see the Korean
zombie off I say this all the time if I’ma go down DC if I’ma fail if imma
lose I want to do that junk being myself and he went out totally being himself
throwing caution to the wind and standing face to face with one of the best to ever do it in the featherweight
division so salute to You Korean zombie welcome to retirement you have earned
this rest his name yeah you know it’s crazy like you said right we stopped using his name
his name is Chan song Jung right but he was so and regarded as the Korean zombie that
people didn’t call him that anymore but the reality is this Max Holloway pitched an
it was like watching a guy that’s pitching and he’s pitching a no-hitter or a one-hitter because he was doing
exactly what he intended to do inside the octagon and he was always ready one of the things that was most uh evident
to me whenever the fight started it looks stronger he looked bigger he
looked like he had put on some muscle going into this fight and he was ready for everything but when the Korean
zombie went full zombie mode Max once again proved as we have seen him do on
many many occasions how tough he is this is so why this is a Hawaiian boy that is tough and mean and
if you’re gonna fight him he’s gonna fight you he did it with Jeremy Stevens what about 10 seconds to go he’s winning
the whole fight points to the center of the outcome and says let’s go stood there just threw back and just bang with
him when he didn’t have to Korean zombie tried to do this weekend gets hit with the right hand Max Holloway
again why he is one of the greatest fighters of all time bro and I’m not saying this because we’re friends I love
Max Holloway personally but in terms of his athletic ability and his accomplishments they are Second To None
the guy’s 18-0 against the rest of the featherlies yeah only gotta can figure him out is Alexander volkonowski and
that is nothing to sneeze at because volcanovsky is great but Ryan you wanted to give the Korean zombie his flowers
you wanted to tell how impressed you were by his approach
so many times and I watched someone losing 28 or two two rounds to nothing
with around the go and they sit back almost waiting for the final Bell and it is the most frustrating thing in the
world to me Korean zombie was losing two rounds and opposed to sitting there and waiting he said man to hell with this
I’m fighting I am going to fight I’m gonna go out on my shield
the appreciation for the Korean zombie is rooted in those types of moments
where you saw him overcome adversity die on die on his
shield and just give enroll when they played his walkout song afterwards Man album started crying
being zombie because you know he got that song from The Cranberries it’s called zombie and the crowd was singing
it it’s in Singapore dude it was a crazy moment my boy Eddie child in his arms it was it was a retirement
befitting a guy that stole the hearts of the whole General mixed martial arts public
you know what it is too it’s it’s really something you have to pay respect to Max
Holloway for as well Max Holloway called for this fight Max Holloway is the
number one contender in the featherweight division but we’ve seen him fight the yair Rodriguez is the the
Brian Ortega’s the the Calvin caters we’ve seen all of this before and he’s
seen it right he’s been in the octagon with those dudes he knows that he’s better but he respected Korean zombie so
much he didn’t want his career to end that’s Max Holloway’s career and he didn’t want the Korean zombies career to
end without ever being inside the octagon with him to me that’s the utmost
respect DC yeah I’m fighting down seven slots yeah I’m fighting someone that
lost in four rounds to Alexander volkanowski but I’m okay volkanovsky but I’m okay with that I’m okay with getting
in there with somebody I respect somebody who I know is coming to fight he each and every day and that’s what
you got to respect about a guy like Max Holloway and it’s crazy Max Holloway’s
31 years old dog like he’s not one of these dudes that’s entering his 40s and
that’s out of his prime he’s already the all-time strikes leader in mixed martial arts my son Jordan is texting me and he
was like pop I don’t know what the hell Max Holloway’s face is made out of and so when you look at him now though DC
after fighting Korean zombie after seeing him dominate Arnold Allen in the
fight previously there is nobody else for him other than Alexander volkanovsky
inside of the division what’s the next step for Max where do we see him go next
DC because now it’s like your must-see TV whenever you’re on we just don’t know
who we must see you against you know it’s the craziest thing trying to figure out what’s next for Max
Halloween everything before I want to toss to some sound that Max had at the press conference Max Holloway got out the way
right he was fighting for Hawaii we know what they’re going through over there but he got out the way and allowed the
Korean zombie to have a moment he didn’t have a long post-fight interview he knew
what was happening part gave love to his homeland gave love to his his State and
he got out of there and left the Korean zombie to have his moment that was also big of Max Holloway but when you talk
about Max and where he stands in the division it is a very different place Max had this to say at the post-fight
press conference so take a listen undeniable man all week I’ve been saying
undeniable I’m not here to call nobody out uh that’s your guy’s job to figure that out that’s the fans job to do for
me so I’m just here to be undeniable I want to win the title back I want to defend it a bunch of times and after we
did that maybe even go up go up a weight or or two to get more titles so we’ll see what happens you know anything’s
possible all I got to do is uh Focus you know keep one foot in front of the other and uh keep grinding
what I’m thinking is this with Max Holloway saying I just want to be undeniable
it’s hard to deny a guy another opportunity whenever he fights in the way that he fights granted
that Alexander volkanovski has some work to do he’s gonna fight Ilya to pour you and we will see what happens there but I
think for Max Holloway if you continue to put him in there with people it seems
as though he’s going to continue to beat them which then in turns makes less Challengers for the champion Alexander
volcanovski so you find him in a really odd situation I mean like 3 100 strikes the second is Angelo
she has 1800 bro dude’s got over 1300 more strikes landed in the UFC over the
second person on the list but if he goes and fights a taporia he’s gonna be
favorite if he goes in fights Arnold Allen bye he beat him so I don’t know if
continuing to March him out there with more featherweights is the right thing to do
change at the top for Max Holloway I think the biggest thing for him is going to be change he needs
hope that taporia can get the job done against volkanoski because just like
Valentina chefchenko losing the belt it refreshes the division that’s exactly
what Max Halloween needs yeah I mean you want to say that Ilya
toporia can get in there with Alexander bovkanowski and really solve a puzzle that no one else has been able to solve
which is the puzzle of voke but I just don’t see it happening and it almost feels like Max Holloway has to be in
some sort of limbo until some met something at the top of the featherweight division changes so for me
it’s it’s Max Holloway now the super fight guy does Max Holloway try to move
up to 155 where we know that Islam is
King it’s such a difficult place for him to be because you are one of the most
exciting fighters in the entire organization you are one of the best fighters in the entire organization and
if not for one man maybe has the longest featherweight reign of all time and
that’s very difficult because I agree with you DC when we see him in there with these lesser Fighters or these
fighters who are also vying for Championship contention he’s in a different class than those dudes but if
we look to the fight or the final fight finale of the trilogy it looked like
Alexander volkanovsky was in a different class class than Max Holloway and so
those are the difficult things that the matchmakers of the UFC are going to have to deal with when you look at Max
Holloway DC and I Know It Matters on how you can gain weight how you can cut weight is he now going to be the guy
where if we have an exciting fighter that is near Max Holloway’s weight class the UFC is trying to put him inside the
octagon with them just to entertain the fans until something can shake differently in the featherweight
division you know what’s crazy RC it’s like I understand
give him the fun fights but generally you give the fun fights to the guys that kind of on their way out like he said
max is 31 bro like this dude is 31 years old it’s crazy we have watched him grow
up inside the Octagon he’s one of those guys that just a special talent and you
feel like he’s going to be around for a long time still dude Max Holloway for all the damage that he’s taking RC has
never been knocked down like Jordan said the guys Planet he cannot be hurt he’s so tough
he’s so that he’s going to be a handful for anyone it’ll be interesting to see what happens with him next because the
one time he fought at 155 he seemed a little bit small so for as big as he is at featherweight it would be like
in terms of him being a lightweight he’s not necessarily a big guy at 145. so
when you think about Max Holloway RC he’s one of the all-time greats but he’s not currently holding a championship
do I think the best fights in the UFC that don’t hold the title excluding Max
Holloway we can’t put Max on the list but who do believe three Fighters currently in the oct the
fighting and don’t hold the uh I mean honestly for me it’s going to be
Brandon Moreno Sergey pavlovich and Hamza Chimayo I think when you look at
those three men in DC I was truly trying to stay away from former Champions
because you could go to guys like Alex pajeda you could go to guys that have had the crown and then lost their Yuri
prohotska and talk about the fact that those guys should be Champions but I believe Brandon Moreno who we’ve seen in
absolute Wars in his division to me is number three Sergey pavlovich who should
be working his way up to a heavyweight title opportunity based on what happens between Stipe and Jon Jones and Hamza
shamaya if Hamza shamaya who will have to fight at 185 but he’s 12-0 we saw him
dominate during covet and after his absolute war with Gilbert Burns seems
like a dude that is Battle tested and understands how to take himself to deep water and wave until he can swim his way
out so these are three men I Look to to seeing them battle for the championship really soon and many of them if not all
of them can win it all you know what’s crazy is like you stayed away from the former Champions I think I
might have all former Champions so for me it was at number because I’m thinking the best fighter
without a belt most of them are former Champions at number three I have Charles Oliveira and Valentina
yeah Charles Oliveira in the way that he fought against banil darush looked as good as he’s ever looked inside the
Octagon obviously Valentina is who she is and I didn’t feel like the list would be complete without nor without listing
the former champion at 125. at number two I got Aaron blanchfield bro it’s a
good one the other day and I said to myself I go Aaron blanchfield is really
really good because we know how hard of a fight Tyler Santos was for Valentina
chefchenko for out there get beat up in the first round State the course and win the fight in
the way that she did and by the third round RC one land in the strikes she was the one
that wasn’t at all she was the one pressing and moving into Santos unbelievably impressive and at number
one I agree with you I think the best fighter that’s not holding the championship right now of course
this kid is going redefine what fighting is I think that
if he goes back to 170 he’s on a very short list of guys that can hold the championship I think that in the right
matchups at 1A this is a guy championship and I also believe that in
time because it’s a very young man still RC this may be the guy Conor always talked about it I think Hamza Maya may
make it a reality could hold a championship at 100 at 205
pounds as he gets older I think that with this kid’s fighting style his ability he could win it light and he
could win it heavy he is the the definition of pound for pound because I
don’t believe that that style will not translate between 205 all the way down to 170 RC
yeah when you think about where we’ve seen him fight so far in the welterweights and middleweight division
he’s absolutely been dominant over people inside the octagon and if he can
gain the weight because he is already someone that has a difficult time cutting to 170 when you look at the way
he grapples the toughness that we’ve seen him show especially in that fight versus Gilbert Burns he’s a dude that I
could see as he gets older and puts on some of that grown man way DC which is something both you and I know about have
him fight at light heavyweight and use his ability to stay close to guys when he gets his hands on you it’s hard to
get them off and it’s also hard to get up from that top pressure this is a dude that has longevity in the game and I
believe at some point may not only have one championship belt but two even three
according to the great DC DC something else that happened recently is that we found out there’s going to be a December
pay-per-view card now this car does not have a main event so I want you to take
out your Matchmaker crystal ball and if you have an opportunity to pick the
December 16th Main Event what would it be especially based off of some of the
main events we’re going to see throughout September October and November
well RC didn’t condensate I’m not in that fight card I just saw the other day he put like a poster that the fight was
done it was Conor McGregor versus Mike Chandler that’s not true Conor McGregor’s lying bro Conor McGregor
tries to wield things into existence it’s gonna happen but it’s not gonna
happen it’s not counter Mike we were hoping that it was kind of Mike but RC I think that it boils down to two things
you look at the pay-per-views we have on the docket right now makachev and Abu Dhabi which just makes sense right the
the the the the the dagestanis do really well in the Middle East then you got Izzy in Australia
which just makes sense then for the 30th anniversary card you got Jones estepe which is the biggest fight in Madison
Square Garden it just makes sense for me when I start to break everything down
Alexa gross was also fighting Valencia chefchenko on Mexican Independence Day it just makes sense so a lot of times I
see it boils down to what makes sense so in December Colby Covington will get his opportunity
against Leon Edwards that’s why those guys have not been matched up yet they’ve always kind of been holding them
off until there is no more option to to make sure we don’t need these guys in
November if Jones and steepe Fallout or fall apart because sometimes that whole
deal can be a little bit tricky and then what they’re gonna have is these two guys fighting in December and I believe
that Sean O’Malley will fight Marlon Cheeto Vera in the co-main event because
I believe that when you have these big stars that you have right now list it if
you’re gonna do a December pay-per-view which is traditionally one of the bigger ones you got a main event with not only one title fight but two so I’m going
Covington Edwards and I’m going O’Malley versus chitovera DC if that is the fight card that the
UFC could make for December 16th is going to be explosive we all know that
Leon Edwards is one of the best mixed martial artists in the entire world and he’s actually ascending we saw him get
better in London against the former Champion kamaru Usman and Kobe Covington is always game for a Throwdown always
game for a fight always shows up Immaculate cardio toughest Nails great
grappling his stand-up is getting better I’d be excited about that and who doesn’t want to see the Cheeto Vera Sean
O’Malley beef settled right these are two dudes who both think they’re better than the other guy but chitovera
actually has the win a win that Sean O’Malley does not count as a loss and so
if we can watch these two dudes go toe-to-toe on the same card with Kobe Covington and Leon Edwards we only have
one problem what fight is going to be last because if I had to guess don’t get
me wrong I know people love Kobe I know everybody understands how cold Leon is
but Sean O’Malley on any card from here it took forever if he’s defending that
championship belt that is going to be the main event it’s going to be the last fight of the night and when his walk out
song starts you will see that the crowd is pro O’Malley because after what I
heard in Boston and the way that they reacted to somebody that wasn’t even the champion as I’m sitting around watching
Timex commercials with a dude who is not the champion you already know where the
hype machine is and that height machine is behind the guy with the rainbow hair
RC very rarely does the light guy walk last if you got it usually if it’s a
lighter guy and a heavier the heavier guy makes the walk last that’s just the way it does there’s been one instance
where a championship fight was the co-main event and it was Miesha Tate versus Holly Holm they were on the
undercard when Conor McGregor fought Nate Diaz so you kind of get it but
people madly’s walking after Leon Edwards after Leon Edwards has just won
two fights over Kamara Usman that’s telling RC in regards to who Sean
O’Malley is and how he is viewed in the world and you know what you know what’s even crazier I can’t strongly disagree
with you because I do believe that that level that that dude might hit the curtain last but RC as we do every
single week my brother we gotta tap in oh we gotta Tap Out corporate Jake let’s get it all right guys Saturday night the
aforementioned Aaron blanchfield solidified herself as one of the best flyweights in the world DC tap in or tap
out this time next year Aaron is a UFC champion
because that would put me on the side of predictions and I can’t predict fights with my uh I’ve had the commentary table
I’m not willing to one of my greatest source of income to say that but I do believe that you they
should fight by this point next year I don’t know if she’s gonna win because corporate Jake as much as I love you as
much as I love ESPN y’all don’t pay me what the UFC pays me not to predict fights so I ain’t doing it
hey well listen I’ma tap in what you’ve seen from Aaron blanchfield one is
constant progression constant Ascension constantly improving and on the other
side of that she’s shown a toughness especially in these last two fights that lets you know where she is when it
pertains to some of the best in the division we’re going to see an Alexa Grosso Valentina chefchenko rematch and
I believe the winner of that fight has to see Aaron blanchfield and when they do she’s going to be good enough to come
home with the win corporate Jake I guess this Saturday in Paris Thug Rose named Eunice returns however this time at
flyweight so RC tap in or tap out the former Champion comes in the born Contender with a win in France
you know what I don’t believe that Rose number Eunice becomes a number one Contender at Flyway I don’t believe she
jumps Aaron blanchfield and I would have to think that the UFC is very weary of
the roller coaster Rose number Eunice rides with aggression rides with wanting
to compete and I believe that that would scare you all from someone who is more traditionally ready for violence every
time they step into the octagon RC that is such a great point I don’t
know how you know that at times it can be a little bit of a roller coaster ride because Rose will go off in she’ll
Garden her and Pat beef jerky bro they would make it at their house like they just sometimes kind of just chill and
when Rose wants to chill Rose wants to chill now I do feel
because if Rose does look great against monophiore she might jump her because of her star power but I believe the
hesitation would be in the fact that they don’t know if they would have Rose as readily available as she wants as
they want her to be all right guys recently MMA go Demetrius Johnson stated that it is easier to
become a champion in MMA than it is in boxing due to certain Fighters having holes in their game in mixed martial
arts TC tap in or tap out MMA is easier than boxing to become a world champion
okay so this is a bit of a layered one right I think that it’s easier in this
regard and it’s not going to stay that way for a long time because you don’t start MMA
as a kid most times you usually get a guy that comes with a specific
s everything else and as he improves in those other areas he’s good enough to become Champion me being a wrestler I
learned to strike enough to do Jiu Jitsu enough whereas in boxing these guys are fighting in that singular skill set
since they’re five six years old it doesn’t change so it’s hard to beat a guy in that One Singular skill set but
it’s like wrestling to win an NCAA title but if you go to
the UFC and everybody doesn’t wrestle it just feels a little bit easier whereas
in boxing to be world champion you got to beat that guy in that single skill set at the top of the sport to be a
World Champ so uh I I agree but also there’s like 10 champions in boxing so
maybe that is yeah I don’t know what DJ talking about yeah I was about to say there’s only one Champion per weight
class in the UFC so from that sense I believe it’s harder but the other thing that doesn’t really happen in boxing is
guys with seven losses get opportunities to fight for Championship or guys who
could be ranked sixth or seventh or fast fast track to getting an opportunity at
the championship title because of storyline I think some of those things are different and the other piece of it
is too if you are better at one specific skill than another guy he could be the
premier Striker but you’re the better Grappler the better wrestler if you can get him to fight in your style you can
also win that way whereas what we’re seeing with Bud Crawford and Errol Spence Jr if you are Elite yeah but a
step or a tier below where the other guy is it can get ugly and it could get bloody
RC you ain’t beating Terence Crawford like that’s the thing you ain’t beating Bud like guys yeah if you were here
since you were a little boy Bro think about this they said Arrow spit because he only started Arrow would brag
about starting the box at 15. but I’ve been boxing is a little boy and you can already see the difference in between
them it’s like you saw a guy that learned late opposed to a guy that learned as a little boy and it was just
a massive difference all right guys reports are circulating that Ronda Rousey is done with WWE and potentially
ready to make her return to the UFC at UFC 300. RC tap in or tap out Ronda
returning at UFC 300. only tap in if they give her a cupcake
if you give Ronda Rousey somebody who is really serious about mixed martial arts
is experience and understands it I don’t want to see it I tap all the way out on
this Ronda Rousey was a is a part of the reason a large part of the reason why
women have become so skills so skilled she became a superstar she showed what
can possibly happen if you become the UFC champion and you have Charisma you
have personality you have the look so now more women have begin to train in the disciplines that will allow you to
be a mixed martial arts Champion I don’t want to see Ronda Rousey come back and be worse than what we saw versus Holly
Holm or Amanda Nunes you know Ronda Rousey is not coming back
to fighting Ronda Rousey I know or I’ve heard wants to do stuff with her family and Rhonda doesn’t need to come back to
fighting this rumor was started by a girl that was fighting a few weeks ago because I think she was hopeful for it
Rhonda was a supernova Ryan she was exactly what remember the UFC did not want women fighting but how do you nice
Rhonda you couldn’t and she became an even bigger star than anyone could have ever imagined but I do not believe for
one second that will ever see Ronda Rousey inside the Octagon again all right guys last one Shawn O’Malley
solidified his recent title win in a way that will be with him forever a tattoo right on his forehead DC tap in or tap
out on suga’s new tattoo
tattoos like those tattoos anyway have them for the rest of your life so when you’re 70 years old
you got a sugar with a champion on the top of your eyelid so no I tap out man
look the kids kids probably love it because the kids love everything that Sean O’Malley does
but as a 45 how old am I 44 45 year old man
out on him winning that championship belt and then tattooing it on his forehead we all know who you are we know
you’re Sean O’Malley the sugar show in the champion I tap in on it
because it is that’s who he is like if you look at little Weezy we both from Louisiana has tattoo tattoos all over
his face Luigi has never or never thought about having a real job now he’s going to be on TV every Friday debating
on a sports debate show I think times have changed and yeah he’s going to look
funny when he’s 70 years old but he’s gonna be 70 years old and wrinkle like a
bad avocado anyway so it really doesn’t matter so sugar if you want to live that life get paid tell everybody that you’re
the champion go ahead and do it now what’s going to be bad is you go out there and you don’t win your next boat
and now you’re like God lead man got this tattoo for nothing
RC get a tattoo on your face and see how many of them shows you get a tattoo on that pretty face of
yours and see how many of them shows you gonna still be in here look it’s the money once again my brother I
gotta let you get back to work dog I gotta let you get back to work as I’m done I know you ain’t done guys find the
show every Tuesday on YouTube wherever you get your podcast is now on ESPN2 RC
enjoy the rest of your week my brother always fun tapping in with you my dog time guys
that’s Ryan Clark we will catch you peace