In this episode of WEIGHING IN, John McCarthy and Josh Thomson discuss various topics in the world of MMA. They start by talking about Ariel Helwani’s talent as a commentator and interviewer. John expresses his admiration for Ariel’s skills, especially when he covered basketball and other sports. He also mentions that doing backroom interviews can be challenging, but Ariel handled himself well in those situations.

The conversation then shifts to Dana White’s recent comments about Bellator and the PFL. Dana questioned why anyone would buy Bellator and mentioned that the UFC has always wanted to sign the top fighters from other organizations. John explains that when organizations like the UFC or PFL acquire another promotion, they are primarily interested in getting the top fighters in each weight class. They want to create matchups between their champions and the acquired promotion’s champions to establish themselves as the number one or number two organization in the world.

John believes that Bellator is currently the clear number two promotion, with the PFL closely behind. Bellator and the PFL: The Battle for Number Two

In this episode of WEIGHING IN, John McCarthy and Josh Thomson discuss the current landscape of MMA promotions, particularly focusing on Bellator and the PFL. They delve into the recent comments made by Dana White, the president of the UFC, regarding the potential purchase of Bellator by the PFL.

John McCarthy expresses his admiration for Ariel Helwani, a well-known MMA commentator and interviewer. He commends Ariel’s skills in covering various sports, including basketball, and mentions that conducting backroom interviews can be challenging. However, Ariel has always handled himself well in those situations.

The conversation then shifts to Dana White’s comments about Bellator and the PFL. Dana questions why anyone would buy Bellator and states that the UFC has always wanted to sign the top fighters from other organizations. John explains that when organizations like the UFC or PFL acquire another promotion, their primary goal is to secure the top fighters in each weight class. They aim to create matchups between their champions and the acquired promotion’s champions to establish themselves as the number one or number two organization in the world.

John believes that Bellator is currently the clear number two promotion, with the PFL closely behind. He acknowledges that personal preferences play a role in determining which promotion fans consider to be number two. Some fans may prefer the tournament-style format of the PFL, while others may enjoy the unique rules and exciting fighters of Bellator.

If the PFL were to acquire Bellator, John argues that it would solidify their position as the number two promotion and the top challenger to the UFC. This acquisition would provide the PFL with an opportunity to negotiate a TV deal with networks, potentially securing financial support for their product. Currently, Bellator does not pay for their TV time, as they are owned by the same company. However, if the PFL were to purchase Bellator, they would seek to negotiate deals with networks such as Fox and CBS to broadcast their events.

However, John acknowledges that there may be complications with the acquisition. Each fighter’s contract is different, and some fighters may choose not to sign with or restructure their deals with the new organization. This could potentially open up opportunities for the UFC to sign talented fighters from Bellator.

Despite the potential benefits of acquiring Bellator, John notes that Dana White and the UFC are currently facing a lawsuit that prevents them from pursuing such a purchase. Legally, it is not an option for them at the moment. However, John believes that if given the opportunity, Dana would be interested in acquiring Bellator to enhance the quality of fights and further solidify the UFC’s position as the top organization in the world.

Josh Thomson agrees with John’s assessment and praises Dana White for doing what is best for his company. He acknowledges that Dana’s job is to promote the UFC and ensure that they have the best fighters in the world. While Dana may criticize the PFL’s potential acquisition of Bellator, it is simply a strategic move to protect the UFC’s interests.

In conclusion, John and Josh discuss upcoming fights in Bellator, particularly the middleweight matchup between Johnny Eblen and Fabian Edwards. They express excitement for the fight and highlight the talent of both fighters. John even goes as far as to say that Johnny Eblen is currently the best middleweight in the world, despite some fans doubting his abilities.

The episode ends with a lighthearted discussion about Peyton Manning’s superstition of having a shot of Hennessy before every game. John and Josh find it amusing and appreciate the humor of the Manning brothers.

Overall, the episode provides insights into the MMA industry, including the motivations behind promotions acquiring other organizations, the challenges of backroom interviews, and the potential impact of the PFL acquiring Bellator. It also showcases the camaraderie and humor between John McCarthy and Josh Thomson, making for an entertaining and informative podcast.

And now, weighing in, out of the blue corner, Sean The Pong, Thompson, and on the other pike, he weighs in, from the red corner, big Sean McCartney. Oh, if we got a ton to talk about, it’s The Weighing In Podcast, and we are going to go over everything that happened at UFC 293, the huge upset by Sean Strickland taking out Izzy. That was a hell of a fight. We’ve got so many other things to talk about. There was the game bread, bare knuckle. How did the two prior UFC heavyweight champions do against each other a second time? We’ve got so much to talk about and you’re wearing a chief chief sat a the Detroit lions, baby. The D I’m now a fan. You are the saltiest son of a bitch. I think I’ve ever met. Oh my god. Oh my god. All of a sudden. It’s already there. Being a Tennessee Titans fan Vegas fan man. What fan of you or not? You’re one of those He’s a total bad you guys if you guys listen to this man. John is the Fan since I was five years you have I give that to you and you can After an embarrassing loss my team is to know it’s all I know. Oh, yeah What team is that? Volunteers. Oh, I thought you were gonna say like I thought you were gonna say you’re like Colorado Buffs football cuz now all of a sudden You like Colorado. No, but I thought hold on hard for your course, buddy. Hold on. Let’s be honest. Okay good I I want to say People can say whatever the hell they want You know you recall when Dion went to Colorado when he got that job and that little speech That he made to those young men and he said I’m coming and you better be ready Well, he’s got, I want to say, what is it? 73 new kids on that Ross. Yeah. 73. That’s amazing. Okay. But look at the two teams he played and he’s two and Oh yeah. People say whatever they want, man. I mean, he’s come Nebraska had him locked down that whole first half. I mean, his offense was sputtering and his defense came through and the week before his defense kind of it’s sputtered and his offense came through. Uh, whatever he’s saying between weeks and days and whatever it is it practices he’s getting a fire that are those young men those young men’s asses and it’s awesome man it’s it’s awesome to see because like this one I guess apparently was a little more personal personal because you know Matt Rhodes had some things about you know Deon and you know and this and that but what he did the program we did and for NCAA football and all this other stuff so he had some things to say but I I thought it was I thought it was a great performance When you’re struggling they still they still found a way to win and that first one against TCU Oh, I mean, it was a great game back and forth back and forth. I mean I Just it’s it’s it’s electric to see him and you got the two-way player Travis Hunter. He is Fantastic this young man. He’s probably the best quarterback or maybe the second best quarterback in the in college football And he might be the best receiver in college football right now I mean, I’ve you see that little movie he let he did on the Ross yesterday He cut across the center caught the ball stopped on a dime. Joop. Joop. Whoop. Whoop. It was a way I mean you talk about a repeat of a guy named Dion said yeah Pretty like this kid plays every snap Dion No, he would play receiver every once in a while, but he wouldn’t play receiver very often. It’s true He was but it’s also college, but he also ran back. Dion also ran back kicks So it’s uh, he did a little bit of sprinkles of everything and it’s very admirable what What the what these other teams are trying to do to him it mentally but it ain’t gonna get done Someone who’s mentally strong like Dion and understands he’s he’s resonating down to his younger men and just telling him like hey Look, man, I don’t lose. I don’t lose like if you’re gonna play on this team, you know, which you know what surprised me John on, was that the kids that were there at Colorado beforehand, they all transferred out. I know. I don’t scare. I know. But I didn’t get that. Like if you believed it all, if you believed it all in your talents, and maybe the other kid next to you was maybe tied a little bit higher than you or a little bit lower than you and you thought maybe he was going to favor his kid that came in from Jackson State, you stay. You stay and you learn you like you learn from someone who’s been there who is the best. I don’t get it man, but you just said it. Well, okay. Hold on. Let’s take a look at me I would have made my son. I would have made my son stay said no you have an okay I agree with you. I totally agree with you. It’s like let me prove to you Okay, everything in life is about competition Okay, I don’t care what it is and it’s your ability to work hard and prove exactly what you can do that establishes who you are in life and I look at it and I think all those kids talked to each other and all of a sudden they were putting this well you know he’s just gonna play the guys from Jackson State they come here he’s just gonna bring in new people he’s not even give us a chance and they all bought into the bullshit you what they needed to buy into was what he said I’m coming and you need to prove yourself okay I’ll prove myself but you know everyone’s got a choice. Everyone’s got a choice. The, the only one that I would have said probably that I would have been like would have been quarterback would have been tough. Yeah. That’s his son and the kid, the kid can play. Um, yeah. I mean, I was to be like, I was listening to I think the, uh, the herd show, the herd, whatever there’s a ESPN show called the herd show. Yeah. Colin herd. Yeah. And um, he, he, him and I had kind of the same assumption. I knew that his son was obviously going to be athletic. I knew he could probably rifle the ball into tight spots if he needed to. But I didn’t expect him to have the accuracy to drop it on a dime. This kid’s dropping, you know, 40 and 50 yard play. He can play. One thing I am very surprised about though, is that he doesn’t run the ball more. He stays in that drop back. He’s a drop back quarterback. Yeah, he tries to stay in that in that in that pocket and make it happen. He skirts out every once in a while on the outside, but he can drop a dime and in movement Which is a very impressive You know there was something else this weekend that was very impressive also young 19 year old Coco golf won the u.s. Open and I got I got to be honest man. I watched the whole damn match. I watched her I watched her semi-final match. I watched her quarterfinal match. She’s fucking good. She was ranked number six in the country number six in tennis, I should say and And she’s she’s you sat there. Well hell yeah, she is phenomenal man. She’s phenomenal and 19 years old John u.s. open champ impressive I mean there’s only been a couple other I want to say Monica solace was 16 saw there wasn’t a couple other Jennifer Capriotti Monica solace I don’t think out of all the Capriotti wanted though it young age what was Chris Everett Chris ever Chris ever was 15 yep but in terms of there was two other females I know Monica cells was one of them at 16 she just was never the same after the stabbing on the court. But look, you got it. I got it. I look at Cocoa Golf and man, she played lights out yesterday against Sabalenco, I think is her name. Fantastic, fantastic match, man. And I mean, Sabalenco’s not hard to look at either. So it was very nice to wonder you were watching, bro. But I’m intimidated by women that are six foot and she she’s beautiful and six foot. I’m like, ah, you’re a little bit too much. Man, I’m going to like trap you. No, but Cocoa Golf, man, she played fantastic lights out. She dropped the first set, I think, six, three, six, two, actually. And then she came back in one second set, six, three, one third set. I think six, six, two. So congratulations to her on U.S. Open Champion. And it was fun, man. It was fun to watch. I was like, man, this is you’re watching history at that moment. I know every finals and every game is history. But yeah, when you have a young 19 year old and also to I think it’s just the timing of Serena and Venus Leaving the sport and her just kind of coming right in and now probably gonna be ranked number two number three somewhere in there After winning the US Open she might be in you know that two three spot But I’ll congratulations to her man That was it was a fantastic match to watch very very like most 19 year olds would have Tucked tailed and run after the first set dropping it six six two. I think is what she dropped it six three You said six three You know, but she would have tucked out and most of them would have just tucked out man She she bit down on the mouthpiece and she fucking went after it was pretty impressive very impressive. So good for her Yeah, unfortunately, I do not watch You know what I don’t watch is that I’ll watch WMEA Okay. I’m sorry, man. Don’t watch that. Don’t watch that either. If they would lower the hoops, John. While this is someone else’s cup of tea. If they lowered the hoops. I agree. And the hips. If they lowered the hoops. Lower those hips. Oh, just like a phone book, phone booth, whatever. If they were to lower the hoops, it would make it a lot more fun. They’d see a little bit more banging down low underneath the basket, like those type of things. You don’t see it and it just kind of takes away from the sport. Okay, but would it cause Think about it. You’ve done something for so long with a normal ten-foot basket Would it not affect the shooting? I mean, are they good? Are they not? Yeah, they’re good. But I’m not I’m not saying I’m not saying they can’t handle it But it’s gonna affect the shooting for a while because you got you would have to get used to that different height No, but if they lowered it one foot, just one foot making a nine foot But it would be a completely different game because you’d have a lot of women that were able would be able to come in, you know, post up, slam dunk, all those things in an area where normally they’re, you know, shooting a layup or something like that. Well, we’re in the infant stages of the WNBA. Do it now while there’s the young talent and generations coming up. And because you know, you want to improve it in the future. Look, and the other thing too is I hate like I think even for fighting, I’ve been fighting for so long. I hate watching fighters that are friends. It’s cool to be friends. When you’re in there, stop with the hugging and the kissing and the touching the hands and all this shit. Man, I don’t mind if you just touch real quick and get ready to fight. But it just drives me nuts when someone gets hit with a clean shot and they look at each other and they start touching gloves. Man, we’re in there to fight. Go out there and fight. I think there’s moments where you have a great exchange, you’re both exhausted, you both smile at each other. Those are the moments that I like. This whole like, hey, let’s touch now. No, man, I’m trying to get you right now. I know you’re tired. Don’t break your ass. Well, in basketball that I feel like these females, they’re all friends. You know, maybe one or two don’t like each other, but they’re all friends. So like they’re, they don’t want to get in there and bang against each other. They don’t want to get in there and dunk over someone’s face. Hell no, man. That’s what’s going to make this sport more fun. There’s a little bit of that rivalry against each other. Like, no, this guy ain’t stopping this girl. Sorry. This female ain’t stopping me down low. Hell no. And then I want to see that. I want to see that, you know, dunking in the face. I want to see them jumping over these females and just slamming it I want to see that like give me an opportunity that I think that’ll make the sport a lot better. Just my two cents I mean look you take it for however you want. I don’t give a shit what you guys think I’m off. I’m off of women’s basketball and tennis now. Stop. Okay kill you killin You know Man, I love what we had an amazing. I love watching all sports We had an amazing Main event we had it actually a pretty goddamn good show overall for it for a show that everyone Basically was saying this was pretty frickin weak It turned out to be a really goddamn good well John before we even start on the main a very entertaining fight If you go, I gotta get more into some more women’s sports over here, okay, but Just kidding Before we break into the before we break into the main of that my you guys gotta hit that subscribe button though on this YouTube channel hit that subscribe button down low right there hit that little bell too for the notifications I want to thank you guys for always supporting us and John go ahead let’s talk about the main event you have Sean Strickland and is your out of sign yet go ahead John go ahead take it away buddy Corona California Sean Strickland you are the middleweight champion of the world congratulations you sick bastard you love it I thought dude I love you know what we were talking about before and I kept on wanting to say man I think he’s got a chance to win I really think he’s got a chance to win but then you looked at you go I don’t know man is he so goddamn good in the stand-up and Sean is a pressure fighter but you know we got to talk about your bets and I was like those are the ones I don’t like and I don’t like them because I think as the fight goes on I think Sean gets stronger and that’s not the area he did everything that he was supposed to do he was hard to hit he never he never really got hit with a clean shot and if he did it was one yeah and that’s the big difference is he’s got a hit with a combo and hitting in numbers which he normally does and does easily Sean Strickland looked just phenomenal and the amazing part of it to me is this we give Izzy so much credit as far as how good he is and he deserves it he’s fantastic he can do so many things he got beat by a guy Josh be honest when you watch the fight Sean Strickland boxed yeah now he threw a front teep kick and he threw that consistently and it was it was effective and that was the main kick he said he may be through three kicks to the legs throughout the fight okay he really didn’t attack the legs we threw that front teep kick and he sat there throwing a jab across and a hook yeah And that was it that was all he threw and he frickin with those three basics as basic as it gets He beat a guy that is that good in the stand-up that good of a fighter that good overall and that’s what just Being a guy that can pressure Utilize that pressure good cardio and just basics and believe in yourself yourself. Unbelievable fight by Sean Strickland. Yeah, it was absolutely unbelievable fight. I knew you were going to bring up my fucking bets. You jerk. I’m sorry. Look, look, I forgot my number one rule when someone that much of another dog always throw 25 down 50 down, whatever it is, just throw it down, like see what happens like it just I forgot my own damn rule and I didn’t do that. I thought for sure that is he was going to just walk away with this fight. I thought for sure he’d finish him before round four, only because Sean does walk in, he walks straight in. I didn’t take into account that I don’t even know what this was called again, the way he blades himself. Yeah, that felt really shoulder roll. Okay, I didn’t take into account that is he was going to have a hard time with someone that just walked him down walked forward and had just was always stayed right outside of that range. Now, John, I think this is something we completely I know we make fun of him, Sean Strickland, because he spars so much. But the simple fact of the matter is what is sparring for to get down the movement and to get down the range to understand how to deal with somebody in the speed in the range of where your range is at where you can be and not be hit. And that’s exactly what I saw last night. I saw somebody that was always just right side right outside of range and able to touch him when he needed to and also just kind of make sure that he stayed where he wanted him against with his back foot against the fence and was able to make make him move and he could land big shots off the movement or wait for him to stop and then throw straight down the pipe that one too right in the beginning of the of the fight in the in the first round that was because he threw it straight directly to the target and waited for it to stop that was his way of being fast he’s not as fast Is he he’s just not but if you throw your shots straight down the pipe they get there fast That’s what he did. I mean everything he did and you got to give it to is he going backwards? For five rounds, you know, that’s not easy. That is no three rounds. It’s just torture Do yours do yourself a favor and just walk backwards for fucking five minutes. See what it’s like Yeah, but that he had to he had to make the adjustment is he never made any adjustments He was almost like almost like he was okay with losing his title It was like he just conceded to the fat John. Oh, I know it’s I know it’s taking a little bit of a jab at him But I think somewhere in there that it was like he just conceded that man. It’s Sean’s night. It’s not my night You know what? I’m gonna get out of here without trying to get knocked out I don’t know it just every time it seemed like Sean through it looked like it kind of bothered Izzy And now that threw me off that threw me off But well, no, hold on and this is and this is where people don’t get it If you go back to that first round he got oh, yeah okay, he was hurt and then he gets back and and sometimes and I will say that there’s times when I Cannot tell you why and doctors cannot tell you why because I guarantee you they can’t because Never mind When I argue with him about this, you can get hit with a shot and it can absolutely make the neurons and everything separate and make you where you can’t control your body and everything. And you get hit with another shot right after it that actually puts you back. And you can hear Izzy when he says, you know, he comes back after the end of the first round, he doesn’t know what hit him. You know, he’s asking his quarter, hey, what hit me, you know, and they’re telling him it was a right hand. He says, okay. And then they go, how you feeling? He goes, I’m clear. And you go, you are until you get hit again. Yeah. And that’s, this is what happens in fighting is all it takes is now one more shot. Even though you’ve got all this time, you are now much easier for me to cause a problem for, and to make you have a disruption in that connection of your neurons. And that’s what happened. It seemed like throughout the fight, and it started to get worse and worse and worse as the fight went on. And that you know is he can’t do anything about that. It’s cuz he got hit with a shot that hurt date Dave pull that up for me what I just sent you Okay, I want to make sure that I want to make sure that We’re not shying away from the the the facts of this fight, and if you can pull that up first Yeah, okay. I’m getting there right there. There was something said by Dana white and And looking Dana, but maybe on his side was thinking that and and I was a kind of like man is he this is he that but I want to make sure that we’re not shying away from the whole point of this fight or not the whole point but what actually happened in this fight go ahead play it Israel look like he was in slow motion he looked like he couldn’t get off he looked like he was really stiff tonight he looked very slow do you think that could be you know you we always talk about his activity but maybe there’s something to be said that he might be over trained at this point and maybe need some time off would you think it’s just hey sometimes you have a bad night only Israel knows what’s going on I’m very curious to see what he says at this press conference tonight you know that’s good there are a million things that could go wrong I want to say all these things and in here is I’m not dissing on Dana at all I’m not dissing on anybody that I was sometimes leading myself into doing the same thing it had nothing to do with is having a bad night, had everything to do with Sean Strickland’s performance. He fought a fight that people just don’t normally fight against Israel Adesanya. And the one guy that kind of did fight that way was Alex Pahea. And look what happened. In both fights, he was on his way to winning those fights. The second one, he got clipped and just got careless a little bit in that situation. But the pressure that he put on him, the way that he stayed just right outside the range from all those sparring rounds sparring 20 rounds you know in a day or some shit whatever it is they’re saying he does some crazy amount of sparring we’ve made fun of him for doing that but it obviously is working for him whatever works for him is perfect and someone said i just saw someone too say he didn’t shoot a takedown there was one i think in the second round or no sorry the fourth round when after eric nicksick it was a half-ass shot but he got into the body lock and is zero did a good job of giving him the hip and the shoulder shrug a little over whizzer and was able to get out. Why waste all that energy when you’re judging the range so well and keeping that distance and making him move? Just remember, Strickland understands that when you’re moving, you can’t sit down on your punches and I’m keeping you pressured, your back foot against the fence, you’re stumbling with your back against the fence because you’re not used to this type of movement, this type of pressure. And every time I land, it gives you flashbacks So that first round when I clipped you and dropped you he fought a fantastic fight a almost perfect performance last night And I don’t want I don’t I still want to take it away I don’t want to take away that Israel didn’t come out and fight both. It was Sean Strickland who won that fight Dana could have his opinion and you know it you got to understand Israel is a moneymaker for the UFC’s of course Dana’s gonna You know, he’s gonna have a preference here in who his champion is because one makes big money and one Right now is not that guy. Maybe Sean will be that guy but to sit there and say he looked slow He did not look slow. He didn’t even at all. I thought he did not look slow at all He would and he showed he was faster than Sean Strickland he the guys that give Izzy problems Izzy is a fucking six foot four 185 pound fighter he’s got a very long reach but the guys that give him problems are guys that can match that as far as that he cannot basically big brother by putting his hand out which he does all the time and managing the range and deciding when the engagement is going to occur when he can do that he’s unbeatable because he’s so goddamn gifted he couldn’t do that against Alex Alex crushed that on him and gave him problems and Sean in this fight crushed that what he was unable to control that range Sean kept the pressure on he tried he was working to try to control the range and every time Sean just walked right through what was his his gauging meter of his arm and everything and just put shots on him that made him have to reset reset reset reset man you know It’s Sean Strickland. It had Izzy did not look over trained if he looked over trained He would have been much more tired because he took a ton of shots and he was moving backwards throughout He was the guy that was putting out way more energy in that fight So he was in shape. He was fast. He just got beat by a style and a guy That fought beautifully that night and then give it up for Sean Strickland Okay, so now let’s move on. Where does Izzy go from here? Because we’ve said this before countless times, once the blueprint has been laid out on how to beat you, a lot of these fighters will start picking it up. You are great when you’re imposing your will. You’re great when you’re standing at range and when you’re not being pressured. Now if I pressure you and put your back to the fence and you have to move so much, you don’t have the power to finish me. can get one through the speed all of those things possibly can get it through but if I just stayed defensive and I just walk you down and touch touch touch don’t throw anything hard a very Nick Diaz type style fight or Nate Diaz type type fight just walk you down touch touch touch and eventually one’s gonna get through and I’m gonna be able to try to finish you where it is where what happens to Izzy now because look that’s two losses in what three fights yeah I mean like I don’t see an automatic rematch happening oh I can’t I can’t see that. Dana said that, oh, Dana’s right away. Oh yeah, I think he deserves a rematch. It’s like, bullshit. I don’t, I don’t. Okay, that’s two losses in his last three fights. Okay, uh-uh. Yeah. This is time, and I thought, you know, Cormier said it. You know, I think he needs some time off. And I think Cormier is right, he does. You gotta, you know, you need to get away. Get away from it a little bit, get recharged. It’s tough when you are the guy that, you know, has that title, and we talk about it all the time, having that target on your back. But it is a matter of exactly what you said. I love how you put it, hey, guys have got a blueprint now. You know, look at Cro Cop. Cro Cop was a fantastic, he was a monster in pride. Until Phaidor showed this is how you beat him. Now it doesn’t mean that he didn’t go back and win a ton more fights. Because not everyone is able to take that blueprint and make it happen in the fight. But a lot of guys can, and everyone, everyone that fights Izzy from this point will always attempt to pressure him, put him on his back foot, make him fight with his back to the cage, and say, I’ve gotta walk through that range and length that he has to make him uncomfortable. You know, not that he’s not gonna get more wins, he will. But it’s gonna be tougher. Yeah, it’s gonna be tougher. And I look at, Alex Brehe came out last night and said, He’s like, well, I guess there goes my thoughts of going back down to 185, because they’ve trained together now, and then it’s like, why would I make the cut? I was only coming back for one man, and that was if he was to beat him. Well, and also, I’m surprised, I didn’t see the comments, but Alex is like, I told you guys that Shawn has a good chance. I was very pleased to see someone come out and say something very positive about Shawn Strickland. Not a lot of people do. I wanna say, there was Kaiba Howell, who is a damn good middleweight fighter on the ups in the UFC. I think, isn’t he in, is Bahao in the top 15? No, he’s not. I thought he would be. You know, he’s been really, you know, coming on. I wanna say, does he have one loss or something? But he was talking about the fight. I heard him and he was saying, he picked Strickland. He said, I think Strickland’s gonna win the fight. He goes, and I think he’s gonna, he goes, either TKO in the fourth round or he’ll win on points. I was like, wow, look at you. And it went exactly like he said. Very impressive. Yeah. Now where does Sean Strickland go from here? Cause you know Jared Cannoneer’s going, I’m right here. I’m right here. But you know that you can, I think it’s a great rematch because there was, you know, you look at it, Strickland and him, it was a close fight. It wasn’t a very great fight though, John. No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t, but I think it would be much better this time. I think so too. I think in a rematch, that’s going to actually be a good fight. I think do pluses has, uh, he has the right to say, I deserve that shot, you know, and I look at it, put, put, you know, it might be that I don’t know what they told cannoneer that, Hey, you, you become our backup. We’re going to give you the next shot. Could be, I’m not sure, but you know, it could be the cannoneer automatically knows, Hey, I’m going to get that next shot. Okay. Then do pluses, Either one of those guys put put those against Strickland, but with Izzy, you know, I Definitely wouldn’t give Izzy a rematch now and I would put Izzy against I think the comes out Chamea versus Paulo Costa Whoever wins that oh man, is he against that now? Well, you can well you can do you and you can do it one or two ways you can put them against the winner or you Can put them against the loser because you’re always looking the UFC likes to take two guys that have lost and put them So we get a win for one of them either way. I look at what fight would bring me the most potential money and what fight might bring me the most action. I do agree with you that cannoneer and him, now that they’ve felt each other’s power, now they understand each other on the feet. They’ll they’ll be less of a filling out process and then they’ll get after it. It’ll be a better fight. I agree with that. Yeah. But I think that the fight that makes the most sense and the most action pack will probably be him and do blesses. Yeah. Cause do plus this takes bigger, takes bigger chances. He takes bigger shots. He’s also a mountain of a man for, uh, for that weight class. He’s a big, big dude. I was very surprised. I’m like, damn it. He’s just, and so it’s going to give Sean some problems. I think for the fan being a fan, I want to see that well, but do plus this is going to have find that Sean is a lot more difficult to take down And to be on the ground with then a lot of people think I think you keep it on the feet But I think it’ll be more help I think he’s gonna underestimate how elusive Sean Strickland is even though he just witnessed what he witnessed last night He’s gonna go out there thinking man if I touch this guy he’s going to sleep You’re gonna have a hard time touching them that little little snap kick bullshit that he was doing last night But it was effective and it works effective. It works. He’s do I mean basic Yeah, it’s sometimes you just gotta put it put it up there and just say hey You know what keep the range. This is your distance. Okay, I’m gonna keep you right here I raised by that jab It’s it’s his little snap kick and then his little to his jab and both of them were money for him last night that led Right into the right hand beautifully done great performance by him I can see if they because Dana came out publicly and said he doesn’t like people that turn down fights and that’s exactly what Happened with duplusses because they asked about the plus to be annexed and he’s like, you know I feel like guys turning down fights fucking hate that shit So I there might be a little bit of that going on so you may see cannoneer and Strickland next or there might well you there might be a wait to see if if Chumayev and Paul cost ends up being a great fight you take the winner of that fight Strickland Cannoneer’s got a fight either Izzy or do plus this has got a fight Izzy for a non-title fight That could be it that sucks No As data said don’t turn down the fight. Yeah true true true true You know, you got to figure there was money. There was money that was lost. Yeah, I know they my pocket I lost my money last night They brought is he in would do pluses had his victory stuff, you know, that’s all money and everything and it kind of was wasted and so I understand the the Being a little upset, but you can’t take the fight away from the guy. He deserves to be right there I mean, we’re not gonna take it away. I’m gonna give it to you now for a non title fight, though It’s still that’s felt that same fight is still there, buddy. Just no title. You wanted that fight Well, here it is. Now. Let’s see how hard you should have taken it when the title was on the line No, I get it. Um, but congratulations Sean Strickland the new yet away champ. Can it get? Oh I don’t want no. No, I don’t want to ruin it. I don’t want to ruin what we just did we did a great job. We’ll talk. I want to remind me though to bring back this conversation with uh, with the, with the middle weights. Remind me to bring it back towards the end of the show. Okay. All right. We know where I’m going with this. Do you know where I’m going with this? Okay. I just wanted to say, I don’t want to ruin the moment right now. Yeah. We had Alexander Volkoff taking on the Shoei King tie to a Vasa and you know, man, You take a look at this, you know, it’s one of those Taito Iwasa. He’s a tough dude. I love this guy. He is so fun to watch. He comes to fight He’s he’s a lot faster than people realize as far as he’s got fast hands But he’s a brawler And when you take a brawler and you can keep a brawler at length and make him have to take big chances To break into that range that he can be effective with you know it becomes difficult and it becomes now which one’s gonna catch who who’s gonna be that one and most of the time it’s gonna be the guy who is in control of the range that’s gonna be able to catch the guy trying to jump in Alexander Volkoff did a beautiful job in controlling range throughout that fight he did a beautiful job when when the fight finally was you know taking it to the ground that the one that ended it was a nice little right hand that hit Tuya Vasa. Yeah the foot was up so he’s off balance I’m not saying it but it was still a nice little right hand that actually hit him too and you can see that after the end of the first round Tuya Vasa was confused and a little bit you know not sure about Jesus Christ. Look at what’s happening. Came out he tried to do exactly what his corner said and when Volkov was able to land that with that right hand with the leg up in the air and puts him down, you know, Tuya Vasa, as soon as he got mounted and you saw, you know, you talk about all the time, the turtle on his back and this was, this wasn’t guard, it was mount. So you got a guy that’s six foot seven with long legs, great vining you and putting a lot of hip pressure on you. And he had no ability to get out of there. He took some big shots and, uh, Volkoff ends it with an Ezekiel choke, something you don’t see all the time, but Hey, it’s effective. They trust me when you’re using your body weight and you have that hand under and you’re pressing down with that in the throat It can absolutely take your breathing away and finally to evos ahead of time moments Right when that aziki ochoku is being put on I was like Laura Senko do not save DC from this go ahead Let’s hear what he calls it. Let me hear what DC I want to know what he calls it and Laura jumped right in cuz she knew exactly what it was I was like nah, man, you’re a better female. You’re a better person than I am better. Definitely better female to me, but It was just funny I was like man TC’s gonna say something he’s not gonna She jumped in he’s in it with the but that that position and that move and that technique with no ghee it works more effective with guys that have long limbs and It’s very hard to get if you don’t have you know If you got t-rex arms and you can’t get it in there all the way, so it’s a very difficult bullet great performance I was I was a little surprised by the cornering Until it actually started happening in the second round when he uh, two bosses corner said hey, you’re killing with the lake He’s I’m like, they don’t look like they’re having that much of effect No, but then in the second round he came out and landed two really good ones right off the bat and I was like Oh wait, he is having it. There is an effect there. And so it just he he wasn’t setting him up He wasn’t moving his head offline when he was throwing them boy. Not at all and so that’s what that that’s what led to him getting hit with a nice shot and then getting dropped and then What really does surprise me and I’ve said it heavyweights are normally turtles on their back, you know, it doesn’t matter really There’s a couple of standout guys. You know, I’m sure the the young kid Almeida. I’m sure he’s not a turtle on his back You got Tom Aspinal, you know, Curtis blades will not be a turtle on his back He’s trying to you know, he’s a wrestler. They’ll figure out a way to get up. Yeah, the other scramble They’ll give up position a lot of these guys just the basics of grappling and look I’ve trained with two of the best heavyweights in the world ever ever to fight in the sport You know in Cain Velasquez in DC both of those guys. They very rarely train jujitsu It’s it’s and DC’s made it very clear. He said a couple times came he trained jujitsu Quite a bit. He just didn’t have guys really that were that were good enough at a K at the time until like a couple guys guys came in, Buchecha came in a couple of times and train, but you can’t get a lot out of 10 days. You know, you come in and train for 10 days. And we’ve also learned that a lot of the top level Jitsu guys, they’ll train twice a day, but they don’t train at the intensity of which MMA guys do. And so when they’re, when they’re in there, have to get banged, they’re getting banged on by wrestlers, like real wrestlers, you know, and in the takedowns and like guys like Kane and DC, they’re just foot sweeping them, hip tossing them, you know, dumping them, sitting them down, just kind of toying with them in the wrestling. They’re not the same people. So getting guys to come in and train with Kane and DC wasn’t the easiest thing as well That’s why I tip my hat to guys like Bucceci who came in and worked with them for you know for a couple a couple times But it’s just hard like these guys the heavyweights don’t really care to train jiu-jitsu And then you see a little bit with the with the way that they act on their back No idea how to get out of mount no idea You know from half guard just allowing them to sweep legs wide open just go ahead cut through my guard like a hot knife Blue Butter, go right ahead. Just slide right through. You know, it just was one of those you could see. And I just was like, oh, man, you can make you can make it to the third round. You can make it a third round because if he had made it to the third round, I would have won more money. So I was like, oh, but it is what it is. And, you know, but two of also to me is always in the fight when he’s on his feet. Soon as the fight hits the ground, I’m like, man, this is not going to go well. It’s not going to end well. So But anything from Volkoff you could tell though John the and I text you this I said the size of Volkoff in terms of when his leg Hits two of also you could tell the two of us like it was throwing him off balance It was giving him it was making him uneasy to throw something because it was just knocking him off balance He couldn’t get power behind anything He did because of the tree trunk that was swinging at his body And I’ve been there a couple times and it’s felt that like you’re sparring with someone was a little bit heavier And they kick you you’re like and it moves you it’s like okay This is different than just being able to check and block and and can’t hurt a little bit. That’s different This was literally moving to a Vasa Yeah The side obviously he had he had a size differential that he had to work through It created problems for him throughout the fight and it was it was one of the big things that Volkoff used as far as controlling that fight because he controlled the range he basically you know he was a sniper of you know just picking him apart and every shot started to have an effect as the fight went on and yeah I don’t I don’t take anything from to your boss and he’s just tough as hell but Volkov was just the better fighter and that’s why he’s moving up in the rankings congratulations to you think he gets it you think it’s another title shot here soon no he’s number four Now, I think he’ll be no, I think he is number four rank number four. I think no he was number seven wasn’t he? He was but he was behind to your bossa Wow, I think he was higher than to a bossa Nope, no, it’s too behind. Gee behind see All right, so he’ll move, you know at least up to number six Yeah, but he’s not good. He’s not gonna make any movement past that. Yeah Yeah, well, I mean you got to figure Steve is gonna be out here out of here soon So after after the John Jones fight, he’ll be gone. So Steve A will be gone You have Tom asked when all Curtis blades and Cyril gone. I mean, I wouldn’t mind Have Cyril gone and Volkoff fought Yes, I believe so. Can you look that up? I don’t recall that fight Yeah, 2021 gone won by decision. Okay, got it, got it, five rounds. So it was a main event. Yeah. Interesting. Okay. I don’t recall that fight at all. Like none of it. So, all right, well, hey, next fight. Oh, I tell you what, this is a great fight. Just a grab. Just said look Santos. I’ve watched him fight. He’s good You know and I watched it when he fought he fought in the LFA when I watched him and I was like damn That kid is fine. He’s throwing crazy flying knees and stuff at times, but 125 pounds you look you go man. He’s he kind of does look like a small You know Charles Olivera as far as some of the crazy things he’ll do. He’s comfortable going up against Manel Cape Who we know is super fast very talented young fighter, you know came out of rising and And, uh, just to getting better with every fight, man, they, these guys put on a performance. This was a great fight. I thought Manel at times was just looking so slick. Some of the things he, he was doing and, and the counters that he was landing and then Santos would come back and he would throw big shots and land and hurt him. You know, and I was just, just absolutely entertained throughout. It was a fantastic fight that I thought Santos proved himself, you know, over. Yeah. He got the loss as far as, you know, he’s no longer undefeated. He went up so far with this fight, the UFC is going to now look at him and put him. He’s going to get ranked I think off of this damn fight and, uh, you’re going to expect big things and he’s even better than I thought, because I thought when I saw it, I said, look, he’s good. I’ve seen him fight, but my nails just too good overall. And he’s, he’s going to probably get rid of him. Yeah. About probably by the second round, just tough as nails, man. I give that kid every, everything I can, because you go in under that kind of circumstance, he was supposed to fight on the Dana white contender series thing, right? You’re you get this opportunity. You’ve got media, you got all these things that look, you never really had to do before. It’s a different type of media too, you know, yes He did things when he was fighting and you know some of small shows of the LFA but nothing compared and you’re on this stage That takes a ton To be able to handle that and not let it affect your performance He didn’t let it affect anything. He just went out there and he performed he fought his ass off against a guy That’s really good and he walked away. I think as a winner even though yeah, it’s a loss on his record Yeah, it might be a loss on his record He he fought his ass. I mean, what was the other guy’s name that came in short notice Lopez? Remember low they called him Lopes for his last name was like Diego. Yeah, Diego Lowe. Yeah, he came out fucking fantastic fought against Evelyn. Yes Fantastic fighter. No fantastic second fight man had a fantastic performance showing. Oh unbelievable And then now I’m looking at this young man. I’m like, yeah, you’re right. He does remind me a lot of Charles Olivera, you know, a little bit of the dyed tips, you know, and then the shoot box tattoo. I mean, like he has that box tattoo on the back of his neck. But everything he did was very, very Charles Olivera ask, I should say. Had a very good push kick, kind of stood a little bit upright. I was surprised he didn’t try to get more to the clinch every once in a while, but he was doing well. He was doing well with the flying knees, doing well with the push kick, doing well with his combinations, you can tell he sort of slow down a little bit towards the speed was the number one thing. He was having a hard time with the speed of Manel and Manel Kopp is just one of those guys that just has that. He gets in, gets out. He’s got that ultra fast, I mean, it’s that sickening. What makes it even more, what makes him even more feel like you’re fighting someone who’s more fast is that he’s able to hit the corners. So when he threw every time dos Santos are the dos Santos through, he would dip out to the side and throw a little combination off of that if he was able to make you miss. And that is one of the most frustrating things because it really is like that Chris Tucker like which one of y’all motherfuckers hit me, which one of you hit me? And just, it does feel like that in there and you feel like getting hit from three or four different people. But he fought his ass off. I got it. I admire what he did last night. It was very, very inspirational. Inspirational I gotta be honest man it was fun to watch and to me this was fight of the night This was definitely fight of the night and then to hear when I to hear um I Guess Manel had said something along the lines that like hey, you know like I’m better than him everywhere Yeah, you are, but there was moments in that fight where you you got in trouble And and in realizing I think in the being of the after the first round that well this kid’s not what I thought he was going to be. He’s better than I thought he was going to be. And I’m going to be a little more cautious, which I loved in that third round. They literally were just standing toe to toe and just banging it out for the last probably 40 seconds, 30 seconds. Great fight, great performance. I know that, like you said, he came up short, but nothing to be, nothing to be upset about. You know, this, this is one of, and this is just another, another viewing for people to see, you know, when we sit there and we talk about, look, There’s so many good fighters out there guys that can step right up and can fight with anybody, you know, and they’re all now You know it and you know, oh, he would get killed in the u.s. E please this is how good the fighters are out there and you get guys like this that you never fought in the UFC and Put on a beautiful performance. Yes, he lost but he lost on a judge’s decision and man it was not an easy fight now, this was a tough-ass fight and and just incredible action back and forth. And so, you know, people should just start taking note and saying, hey man, I can’t wait to see all the people out there that I don’t know about that are so good because they’re coming as Deion Sanders is, they’re coming. I’m excited to see him fight. That division needs a little shakeup, not shakeup, it needs a little spice in there. We need to sprinkle a little spice in there. We got some spice now in there. So good for him, good for this young man. Happy for him. Next fight. Justin Taffa taken on Austin Lane for a second time, you know based upon the I poke that happened and ended the the first one and Damn, it started off with an eye poke right away. I was like I was like, oh you gotta be kidding me Yeah, right, but you know Taffa just Okay, we’re good. And I’m not gonna let this go to you know, have it another chance you do put your hand out I’m just gonna punch you in the head until you fall down down. That’s what he did. And I mean, he just put him out big time knockout by Justin. What did I send you, John? I send you a little gift of the Russian for Rocky four. I was like, this is the ref. If he dies, he dies. You let him take like two or three hundred shots. Will he hit the ground from his back? Like he was on his back getting fucking obliterated by a guy just possess so much power. I’m like, come on, ref, get in there. What are you doing? Well, then there’s there’s this canvas and there’s there there was an open area where there was no None of the the sponsorship stuff. I’m just gonna leave him. Yeah, right better Geez, I’m there’s not much to say about the fight man He the I poke kind of was like everyone gave flashbacks like man. This is gonna happen again Came out fought and then it came down to just it wasn’t It wasn’t uh, it wasn’t that it wasn’t gonna happen the KO. It was just when it was gonna happen It was one of those things, either top was going to get knocked out or, uh, top was going to do the knocking out. And I think it was definitely the ladder where top was going to do the knocking out. And so not about that now. Yeah. And there’s no doubt. And, uh, just you could tell that Austin looked a little uncomfortable on the feet as he started feeling a little shots, land of the body, the shoulder, the back, whatever it was like, Oh man, this guy hits hard. He’s got crack. And so, It’s just a matter of time and the way that the way that Both Taffas fight they fight so patient, you know, they’re not like they’re not like two of awesome man two of awesome He’s walking you down. He’s Charlie of this guys are just slowly methodically just kind of okay Okay, and then I’m gonna lunch a lot like mark hunt Remember how mark I used to be yeah in there in the middle wait for you to kind of get close Okay now now I get you it’s funny Let me pick my time and once you get into my range where I feel comfortable now I’m gonna explain a funny story out aka trevor pranglings from South Africa and One of the guys had never had great cardio. I mean, you know, he was in phenomenal shape He could do well, he’d run hard do the bike workout. Sorry. He was in phenomenal shape Something about him and his body frame or whatever was his muscle fast twitch muscle Explosive right hit hard hit hard kicked hard all of those things There’s moments though where he would get so tired He would literally sit in the corner and in the in the ring against aka and aka against other guys He put his arms up on the on the on the top ropes and his guys got closer He would just like little shots like little kicks little shots and then he would wait to explode You know, like it was like when you got too close. It was like a lion protecting her cubs. I’m gonna be like a rattlesnake Yeah, it was so funny, man we just make fun of but it reminds me of something like that with with the top of thing and Like how mark hunt was they used to just take the center because they knew that I don’t have to get pushed back I’ll just take the center and when you come to me, I’m just go ahead strike strike I’m not gonna waste too much energy. I’m gonna let the fight develop in front of me with my back not on the fence and Great performance by him great knockout on to the next one, man Let’s go next one Tyson Pedro taking on Anton Turgac man. I’ll tell you what But Tyson Pedro looked good, he took his time, he was relaxed, go ahead. I thought that, how do you say this guy’s name? I thought Anton came out looking good. I thought he looked phenomenal man, he was hitting him with some big shots, Tyson was getting clipped, I was like oh man, this kid is way better than I thought he was, way better. And then, dink dink, it was over John. I just said dude he’s out standing up and what I mean that it doesn’t mean but he has no idea where he’s at no he was just he got hit with that first combination and he was so stunned by that it was like oh you are in such trouble yeah because because of the fact that you really don’t you’re fighting because you’re fighting because you’re well trained you’re in shape and your body’s you know responding but you’re not seeing things at the same speed now and you’re in deep trouble and that that was a big-time knockout at the end he definitely put him unconscious so big win for Tyson Pedro who I thought yeah yeah I thought what I really liked is he was relaxed and calm when the guy was throwing and landing shots and he didn’t there was no panic at all there’s just a matter of okay let me get my time let me get my time. And, uh, he’s trying to enact the training that he’s getting from city boxing. And in the end, you put those tools to work and that’s how he got the knockout. So big win. When you, you sent me a text in the middle of the fight right when he got rocked and he was out on his feet and I sent you back a gift of your John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. This is what it looked like. He was like, wait, Where am I at? He just got what happened? What happened? What’s going on? What’s going on? This is what we do during the fight. During the fight. This is what John I just the whole time. Oh, man, I’m over at a friend’s house and it’s like one of my friend’s birthday. And we got kids running around, everything like that. I’m watching the fights on my iPad on from the reading some babes chicken. Have you had babes chicken? Dave, you read babes chicken? No, you have to come. You got to have it here. It’s it’s pretty damn good. But it’s a fried chicken. I’m not into fried food. I don’t really eat a whole lot of fried food. Hardly ever. How can you not be in the right there? Think about this. Fried food is the best. Yeah, not the best for your heart or anything else. No, it’s not good for your heart. I say it has healthy. Yeah, that’s God damn. Hell, you could fry a dog turd and it probably is. You go and try that, John. Let me know. I guess. Yeah, there’s a there’s a there’s a little Fried chicken place here called Tupelo honey, which I think is a chain. I’ve only been I’ve only had it here, but it’s pretty damn good, too. They do a honey dusted fried chicken and it’s a thin fried chicken. So it’s not like all crusty on the top. It has a little layer, a thin layer of crust, but it’s got that sprinkled honey dust over the top with a little bit of honey. Yeah. With a little sriracha powder over the top. A little honey. Oh, man, it’s it’s fucking melt in your mouth, man. It’s so good. So good. And they’re fried pickles. Now, I don’t need a lot of that. I don’t need a lot of that. But I’ll get tempted every once in a while. But the babes chicken is a little bit different. It’s more like a Popeye’s chicken. The babes chicken is a little bit more like that Popeye’s chicken. But it was pretty good, man. They do it in all different types of styles. So we were over there having that. And John and I are Texas shout out to babes. Yeah, well, I like their shout out to babes. I like their their green beans, too. They have those bigger, bigger fatter green beans. Californians, we have the little skinny ones all the time. Are they fried green? No, they’re not fried green beans. Come on, bro. I gotta eat something healthy. They’re corns good, too Anyways, I mean I’m gonna keep talking about is it fried corn? Alright John what what other fights on here did you want to talk about? we gotta go look at let’s be honest the the preliminary preliminary main event was Carlos Olberg against Da Woon Jung and Great performance by Olberg beautiful job at the end He gets the submission nice job that they went back and looked at it because it was Eugene Barrowman was pointing out He tapped and he’s pointing it. He tapped he tapped You can’t expect in that situation herb is looking down at the fighter He’s down he’s on the opposite side of the the where the tap happens, which is right next to the fence and stuff You can’t you can’t expect her to see that it’s the understandable why he missed it But he did tap they went back on replay and this is what replay is meant for Don’t have so much of an ego that you say no and you don’t go to it Herb did exactly what he was supposed to let me go to the replay and find out I go to the replay Mark Goddard’s on the replay. He says yes, he did tap Good. We have a finish by submission at 449 of you know the third round way to go because look at Yeah, Ulberg was gonna win anyways But Ulbrich now has a submission win that’s nice to have on his record, it makes him feel good about it. He went after it. He got that finish. You always want to have the finish and stuff and it’s the right thing for what occurred in the fight. So I thought it was a good job by everybody. Well there was some things last night that were missed. Okay, Manel Cape grabs the fence. Oh, excuse me. Hold it. Are we going to talk about the fence? Yes, we’re going to talk. All right. You want to you want to you want to show that you want to show the text I gave you about your phobias? Yeah So the I you have a phobia about fence grabbing Kate Allah. Thank you Tony Ferguson for that phobia and Herb Dean, by the way Thank you But Herb Dean no, he could have been in a better position, right? Should you be in that position when it’s face down? Shouldn’t you be more a little more towards the head so you can see both hands if you can see his face in that you’re gonna look towards his face if you can’t it’s covered up by it you want to try to look at the whole body on it but like anybody can get pulled into that you’re trying to see because you know it’s it’s close and you want to make sure that the guy goes out you’re there for him and stuff but it can’t happen with anybody and to miss that tap that you know little tiny things you know because the guy’s not yeah not making that movement totally understandable but Again, I thought it was handled the right way. That’s the reason that you have the replay official That’s the reason you have instant replay use it. Damn it. Don’t have such an ego that oh you can’t you can miss something got it next fight Oh I thought that the Mariscal versus jack jenkins is a good fight It is a nasty as far as the elbow injury and you don’t want to see it but shit happens, man You know, we’ve seen it too many times if you go and you know, you’re going down and you decide to you know take that you know and Put out that post and you’ve got that arm straight. There’s a good chance if the energy is going the right way It’s gonna dislocate that elbow and we’ve seen it too many times and that’s what happened in this one But you know, Jack Jenkins, obviously he’s a good good young fighter tough, dude You know, he’s got heavy heavy power for that weight class, but nice win by Mariscal. He’s gonna be out for a while Oh, yeah, that’s nasty. That is a nasty net like I’ve had friends that dislocated their elbow they actually wish it would just like broke or had fractured or something because the Dislocation takes longer to heal for energy and it never feels the same really after that. So Healthy recovery for him. Hopefully the best out this next fight though little controversial on my end. Maybe you agree. Maybe you don’t But I had Meg Desi win in the fight. I thought it was a good fight I thought it was a great fight. Actually, it’s probably number two. I thought it was the number two fight on there I thought the man elf cop fight versus Was a better fight. This was a great fight though to back and forth, but I had I had a Mcdesi win in this fight. I Had Mcdesi winning it too, but it was close. And so I have no problem. I have no problem at all. Yeah, it’s all right. I Looked at it. I thought Mcdesi landed the heavier shots overall in in the phone and I thought that Mcdesi controlled when those engagements for the most part Jamie kept you know lunging in and and landing and at times you know he’s defective but Mcdesi hurt him in the fight and put him down I thought overall he was the better fighter but it was a close fight I’m not gonna sit there and cry over it I thought that the the fight you know before that Hasbrat against Kenyonis I’ll give landing Kenyonis what you put on a way better performance than I expected from you I thought Hasbrat Spratt was going to basically kind of run through him and I was wrong. He put on a great fight. Yeah. He didn’t get the win and he got tired. And this is where, you know, Josh, you have all people know, man, when you get tired, fighting becomes a very, very ugly situation to be in, man. It’s, it’s, it’s not good, but if you just take and now do the things like you used to do to get to that point where, yeah, you’re going to get tired, but you recover from it and you can push through it. That’s what Landon Kenyonis needs to learn from this fight is, hey, I just need to push one more step forward and get my cardio to point where it becomes a weapon and I don’t get tired and then I’m going to get the win. You could have the best cardio in the game, but if you don’t know how to utilize it in terms of learning when to take a step back and get your breath and then coming back in after you’ve recovered, then you’re not you’re not any better than the guy who had didn’t do any cardio. Like we’ve seen it several times where guys they’re in phenomenal shape But they just they basically run that Ferrari right into the wall the whole time. They’re just I’m gonna continue to use this guy’s an example because he’s a classic case of it is Michael Chandler. He’s in phenomenal phenomenal shape There’s no way no way you can fight the way he fights and not be in phenomenal shape But he just walks forward and just fights at a pace It doesn’t matter who you are doesn’t matter how great your condition is you can’t fight at that pace and Not not for the not for the whole fight and he sometimes will do it and in this situation Kenyon is realizing he was in great shape It’s just he just kept pushing and kept pushing and the hard part about that John is knowing you’re in good shape And your opponent you see them take a step back and then you want to go and then your opponent sees that you’re tired now And then they want to go. That’s what makes fighting so Fucking amazing right is it it has to do and who can push on whose will the most Who can make someone take that step back? I can see you’re tired now I’m gonna step forward Benson Henderson brought broke it down pretty damn well when he was talking about Michael Chandler He said every time Michael Chandler takes a step back and hops up and down. He’s tired. He’s trying to recover he’s like I gotta make sure he doesn’t do that and That’s exactly what a lot of these fighters you do for his Griffin used to do it a lot Is it every once in a while he’d take a step back or he’d wait for the opponent to take a step back And he go huh, and he’s like he’d like basically push the air out of his lungs. He would he would do this Yeah, exactly. That’s exactly what he did and he would do it several times I remember I remember watching cage side watching him fight I remember being at a K watching him spar and that’s what he did It’s blowing up He’s blowing out all the dead air in the bottom of his lungs as much as he can so he can get a good fresh breath Exactly, and so I saw with Kenyon as he looked great the first round round and I’d say even round and a half But going to that third round he looked tired and at the end like the last minute of the second round the end of the third round he looked exhausted and you just you started seeing Hasbro run away with it, you know And just then what happens though during that situation John is the confidence grows for Hasbro. Oh, he’s tired Oh, he’s now he’s more like a target practice and then I just start picking up the pace. It’s so weird. You could be exhausted But if you drop somebody, all of a sudden you get this burst of energy. It’s like you’re fresh again and when you see someone’s not performing at the abilities that you know they can because they are tired, that gives you even more energy. That gives you that burst of, I can hit you, I can touch you, I can move left and right. Now I’m just messing with you and toying with you. I don’t know why or how it works that way in our brains and our bodies, but it does. And that’s when you’re talking about utilizing your cardio as a weapon. Yeah. All right. We had Charlie Ratke going up against Mike Mathia, who is blood diamond, is what he’s known by. But I think that I’m going to go off. It was a good fight. Too much crap off of the last part. was funny because DC had two times and DC is he’s in there to interview and it’s like okay I’m done based upon slurs that were said like it’s called heat of the moment people and you know people make mistakes and stuff and it doesn’t mean that they’re you know homophobic or something like that Rocky you look you go hey he’s he’s looking at all you guys that were cheering against him and he’s basically saying screw you you know you you wanted this guy to win well he didn’t win too bad it happens you know I love I do like the fact that Dana you know he sticks with the we don’t tell people what to say you know if you don’t like what he says then okay that’ll be the way it is but I’m not gonna sit here and I’m not gonna penalize him for it which I don’t think they should I’m yeah I don’t think they should only they should either I’m And like in this day and not in that situation just in this day and age freedom of speech and home all these things John just Look, let’s be so sensitive about everything. Well, let Let let what happened happens, that’s the thing if he’s gonna say it whatever the results are you gotta deal with them That’s it. Like hey, he said it. I mean he already put out around an apology came out right after I mean I saw it on social media everywhere. So good for him. What more can you do? Yeah that more can you do and but I do love you got to give it to DC it was like what okay I’m out you get put in a situation like that you don’t know what to do you know that was good he’s okay and into this interview goodbye yeah right but Gabriel Miranda looked fantastic against Shane Young came out man beautiful rear naked choke you know Shane Young’s fast explosive it got a lot of power from city kickboxing but Miranda just quickly gets the take down Gets the back figure fours the man I’ll tell you what there was a squeeze on that thing because you can see he started off with his at his face crank And he’s squeezing that and then kind of you know crushing the jaw and then it slips underneath and it was like it’s all yeah Our boy Kiefer probably man came up short You know what he started off on fire, but you got to give it to just set man. He was very calm He controlled range and everything But it’s this is the same thing that we’ve seen with Kiefer before and I love Kiefer and he can be super explosive, but Josh it was like 27 seconds left in that fight when that thing hit the ground and He looked like a grappling dummy And I mean it was like you didn’t move Every it’s it’s like chess. I can’t allow someone to take two moves To my one I fall way too far behind then I allowed him to take three moves to my one That’s basically what we saw here with this fight with Kiefer when that when he hit the ground and he’s on all fours he just stayed on all fours and you know in a basically a wrestling parterre position and You’re looking at you going. What are you doing? And it was like the brain just shut off. I Don’t know. Yeah, you know what else I noticed that he’s he’s a He’s a small welterweight. He’s not he always has. Yeah, he shouldn’t be a welterweight fighter should be a lightweight fighter. He just doesn’t. He just can’t make the he’s made the weight at 55 big legs. Yeah, he’s got big legs. He’s got, you know, the thicker up with eyes. He just you got to find a way man. You got to find a way to get to 55. I also think though, too, as he gets older, it’s just not getting me getting it further and further stressed about swatched apart. I saw him standing there next to uh, uh, fricking dude, just set was like, you looked at him. I went, yeah, he’s a big guy. He’s a big guy. Remember I was telling you, I was watching that fight. Kiefer needed to fight him in a phone booth, but without getting hit with the knees and, uh, that’s what I saw from just set when I, when I watched some of his past fights, cause I knew we were going to talk about that fight coming up. And I was like, he stays long with a good jab. He’s got a good jab. He’s got a good, he’s got a good Clint. When you get in tight, he will use the utilize take down. He’s got really good takedowns. And so I figured that Kiefer had to fight him in a phone book, in a phone book, in a phone booth, had to fight him in a phone booth. But without getting knee in the face. So I knew it was gonna be a tough fight for Kiefer, but I thought the power might be able to get through and land and take him out. But I didn’t realize how big Juset was until you see them face to face. It was huge compared to Kiefer. All right, well, hey, that’s gonna wrap up our UFC talk. ahead to go to only fans dot com slash Wayne in only fans dot com slash Wayne in you know following us over there is not I know it’s a seems like everyone talks about a little bit more of an inconvenience but everything that’s going on I think with a lot of these other paid platforms you know this is a good way to kind of have a backup in terms of a program or a page for you guys to get extra content from us and you never know these days I mean I’ve I’ve had some friends that have had their YouTube channels basically turned off. They’ve had their channels given strikes and then basically shadow banned and people can’t find us. And I’ve had people, I don’t know what it is and how we’ve been shadow banned a couple times. People sending me screenshots or whatever it is of us, of them not being able to find us. And they’re like, we’re subscribed to you and we have our notifications on. So we don’t understand why we’re not getting this stuff. And so I just, I think for a lot of people, for a lot of people that have podcasts these days, what you’re finding is that they’re distributing themselves a lot more other platforms. For us, OnlyFans is a platform that has the most people across the world on it right now in terms of, I mean, there is so many people and the number one site that spends the most money is OnlyFans, more than Amazon. More credit card swipes are done through OnlyFans than through Amazon. That’s crazy. Because I know a lot of people have wives. John’s has a wife. I’ve got one. They are. They end up spending a lot of money on there. John’s like, hold it on only fans. Yeah. No, no, no, no. Amazon. And so it’s yeah, it’s one of those things. We just this is another as we’re starting to get more into this. I’m looking at only fans is it is a good way a second tier platform for us to be on outside of our YouTube outside of our audio listens on SoundCloud, Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, all of those things. So you can find us on all those locations. Also make sure you guys subscribe to us because I know we don’t talk about enough on our audio platforms. We’re available everywhere so you can listen to us in the car. We appreciate that. We want to thank you guys so much for continuing to support us. Our subscription over to OnlyFans is free. So don’t worry about any other stuff. Just then we’ll always be. Yeah, we’ll always be free. I believe, I believe there might be a couple of little videos in there that we might put out for, for, um, donation, I think is what they call it. But, um, but yeah, it really just comes down to, uh, all the content we put on there will be for free. Just try to set up a second platform, only fans.com slash Wayne in, subscribe to us over there. All right, Dave, what else you got for us? Game bread MMA. Oh, that’s right. Yeah, we did have game bread MMA coming to you from Jacksonville, Florida Junior dos Santos taking on Fabricio over doom for a second time and Now we know exactly why Bare-knuckle boxing is Tough well guess what bare-knuckle MMA is just yes and Fabricio’s face kind of showed the Results of that both guys came in there. I thought Do said Don’t Santos did exactly what he was supposed to do stay on his feet and just pick him apart in the stand-up That was what he did. It may not have been the most exciting fight But if you were well, I’ll tell you what again if but it but if you’re junior dos Santos that fight went exactly Except for you know a second knockout of him in the first round like he got in the first fight That fight went exactly like you would you would want it to I just did my thing I took my time. I was patient. I let the fight come to me at times and I when he got within range I popped it and that’s what happened throughout it. You know, I mean he wins a really nice I don’t know who in the world the judge was that gave a round to for doom because we’re doomed. No, he won one round I’m sorry. Yeah was a Nice 3027 across the board for jr. Dos Santos. Yeah, and that like to think that there was some Verdoom had some chances on the ground too. There was one time where I believe Verdoom got dropped, I think it was in the first round. He got dropped, Junior jumped on top of him, started trying to land the big shots, couldn’t get round ended. I believe the round ended, I mean it was. Good fight. Like in terms of, exactly like what you said, he fought the fight that he needed to fight to get the win. Absolutely. I’ve already got a knockout over this guy. I don’t need to do anything else. Just keep the pace, keep in range. Every time he gets close, try to land a big shot. And Verdun is not the same as he was when they fought the first time or even before that when he was tapping everyone on the ground. It’s hard to move your body, doesn’t matter. Look, and heavyweights have never been great at jiu-jitsu. He’s one of them that has been, though. But it’s still, it’s very difficult. As I get older training jiu-jitsu, it’s hard to put my feet and my legs in positions That I just in my arms. I mean he’s don’t bend the same way I was I was just drilling a move with the guy the other day and my shoulder going above my head It’s just not the same anymore. It hurts sometimes like Like you’ll get that little like like it moved you get more than one. Yeah, sometimes especially on my back man Like I was like they’ll get they’ll get side control on me and I’ll go to roll and you’ll hear your back go You’re like, oh, what the hell was that? But like I said, the fight wasn’t the most action packed, but it wasn’t exactly the way that Junior needed to go to get the win. And he, and I gotta be, this is what I believe, this bare knuckle stuff is catching fire. I like it. I like it a lot. I don’t know what it is, John. Now I know it’s not cut wise and all these things. It’s not great for the fighters, which just brings more scar tissue, more fight down, fights down the line probably ending by cuts because of the scar tissue all of those things an accumulation later on down the line it may not be as popular because fighters gonna their careers will be short cut short because of the the damage to their face and all the cuts on their face all of those things but for the time being fuck it’s fun okay let me let me let me just reverse that for you though because i think you’re right scar tissue wise lacerations are a problem when it comes to bare-knuckle boxing, bare-knuckle MMA. But MMA allows elbows, we allow knees, shins, all these things that are hard structures that are harder than the damn hand as far as and the power that can come from them. We allow those things. The one thing that I hear from a lot of people all the time is, well, you know, you got cuts. Well, you do, but you don’t get hit as much. And what’s more important? The, if you’re Josh Thompson and you wanna look good, yeah, the lacerations are not good because they start to affect you a little bit. But what we’re talking about, a difference between lacerations or brain trauma, you’re gonna get trauma no matter what in fighting, but you’re gonna get less the less you get hit. and you’re gonna get hit less in bare-knuckle MMA or bare-knuckle boxing based upon, first off, it hurts my hand if I don’t hit it completely right, okay? So I don’t use it quite as much. And fights do get stopped a little bit quicker. They get stopped based upon cuts and things like that. So maybe it’s, you know, I’ve said it forever. I, and I, you know, when I used to go to court, you know, all this is ancient history. But, you know, I was always in court in the early days of the UFC. And I was always, you know, being put on there trying to explain the difference between boxing and MMA and why a ungloved hand was less dangerous than a gloved hand, because you’re trying to explain to people that, you know, all they know is what they see and you sit there and you say, look, and I would tell, I would, there were always, there was always an expert on the, you know, prosecution side that was trying to shut us down. And I said, you know, you’re, you’re a boxing expert there. I said, you know, I said, he’s got a boxing glove. I said, I want him to take that boxing glove and, and hit that table as hard as he can. Right. And this happened twice, you know, the other times that they didn’t put it off, but this, you know, they put a boom. When I said, now take the glove off, hit the table just as hard. Now with your bare hand, you know, they want, I’m not going to do that. Why aren’t you going to do that? They said because see the glove is not to protect someone’s face. It’s to protect someone’s hand That’s why he doesn’t want to hit you know And so it was a good point to me, but it’s the truth and it carries because it’s it’s true a Glove never it was meant to protect someone’s face. It’s meant to protect someone’s hands so they can hit more. Yeah, that’s all it is. Oh Yeah, yeah, I mean like I can’t even imagine all the court dates you had to sit in the listen these fucking idiots talk The best thing that I have going for me is all the guys that are still working, the Mark Goddard’s and the Herb Deans and a lot of them come to me and say, man, I’m so sorry. I see you with all the bullshit that you had to put up with and the things that people are coming at me with now and stuff and I say, oh really, congratulations, it’s all yours. John, when I was filing the petition for the Petriki situation with the headbutton, that type of thing, trying to get an overturned into a no contest, whatever it was, it was painful to sit in there and listen to the two things or three things that were brought up before mine and listen to these idiots talk that are on the commission board or whatever it is. I wanted to fucking jump over the desk like you dummies. You guys are so stupid. I mean, like and look, and I love Andy Foster because he wasn’t one of them. And he’s a very smart man. He’s a very smart man. He’s very reasonable. He understood like he understands what’s going on in this sport. I think he’s probably the best commissioner in the game. I haven’t met every commissioner, though. OK, I’ve met every often. But he is a good he’s a fantastic commissioner. I like him a lot. He’s easy to talk to. You can have a conversation with him about the sport, not just about the sport, but about about the rule sets and how things can be changed, how things should be for the better. I love what he’s doing right now with the license plate thing. You know, I told you, I talked to Andy all the time. Yeah. And he calls me. I’m well, you know, sometimes I call it but we’re always talking and I told him I said hey I said when you get your license plate thing, I said do me a favor get me one Yeah, I said I’m gonna I’ll put it up behind me so people can see that the hey you can you can get one of these And have this, you know, especially I’ll buy one just to buy one like oh, yeah I mean just you know, it doesn’t be active. You can just buy it, but it’s uh, oh no That’s the whole point. You know is you buy it and and a percentage of that believe goes to the it’s a great idea Yeah, it’s for fighters the fighters of retirement. So if you guys haven’t heard about that It’s a great thing that Andy Foster is setting up or set up For the fighters retirement fund in California You have to have a certain amount of fights before you get put on that and then on top of that, too They have to have been in California certain amount of fights certain amount of rounds. Yeah, everything Yeah, you know, but I might actually qualify for that I will not because it was you know, you know, yeah, we can’t go in the back Josh trying to grandfather himself into her into retirement. I like that. Hey, whatever Dave what else you got for us buddy? Oh, there was more fights on that card you watch I didn’t watch anything else but the main event just to Joe Joe Joe Bowman against Maki Patola Joe Bob and look look at Joel Belmont has become a really good fighter. He’s got great wrestling and his stand-up has become super explosive He moves all over the place. He had a beautiful TKO win over Maki and Maki’s tough, you know You’ve seen my fight forever. This is a guy man. Just a stone-cold Hawaiian brawler tough, dude And he just got picked apart He just got beat down by a better fighter in the end And so big win by him and a big win by I gave it to up for Joshua Weems put on a really good performance against Erwin Rivera. Erwin Rivera had his moments close fight as far as Each round was close, but Weems just ended up, you know Nudging him by and as the fight went on we’ve just got a little bit better and better and good fight But overall, you know, congratulations to Masvidal for putting on a really good show. I love what he’s doing, man I just hope he’s not using any of his own money. Yes. Thank you very much. All right, what else got first Dave? All right, we have a from a fantasy standpoint Bobby green has a main event fight in October on October 7th versus a grant Dawson So he’s right back into it with another fight. He’s an animal man. I agree man. Hey, yeah fighters don’t get paid unless they fight That’s right. I just doesn’t I don’t get Bobby green’s got mouths to feed Yeah, you know and so it’s it look 30 and 15 and one is Bobby green 21 and one is grant Dawson grand Dawson look fantastic his last fight very dominant very oh he did he’s really good man ever since telling you that guy has really turned a corner he is good long you know I want to say long ago a very short time ago I would have said Bobby Green’s gonna be too much for grandos yeah mm-hmm not too sure now grant Dawson is frickin good but we but we say this every single time Bobby Green Looks like he’s the easiest guy to beat and then looks like and then you get out there. He’s fast. He’s accurate with his strikes He’s hard to take down. He’s got good wrestling people. They don’t they don’t they forget really good as he stands so much they forget he’s got good wrestling and He’s good at keeping his hips away. He’s he’s good at you know getting takedowns if he wants to needs to he’s fast He’s accurate with his striking You know he does is hard to hit he’s the best person I’ve seen in MMA do the Philly roll shoulder roll. Uh he’s he’s fantastic at it man. So um I’m gonna lean towards Bobby just over the overall experience of being in there and making it a dog fight but I think that first round is gonna be hard for Bobby. That first round is gonna be difficult cuz Grant Dawson still young, still coming. He just doesn’t know what it’s like. Okay. I look at it differently. I think the first round is Bobby Greens but if he doesn’t do enough damage and he doesn’t, you know, make make Grant Dawson go, holy shit. Grant Dawson’s gonna, the train’s gonna keep rolling and it’s gonna start getting faster. And so, but it, I don’t know, it’s a great matchup. I think, I love the fight, so can’t wait to see that one. Yeah, we’re gonna see, I guess that’s what it comes down to. It’s gonna be a good fight, though. Main event, where it’s gonna be? October 7th, oh, so that’s coming up real quick. Yeah. Oh yeah. One month. Yeah, one month away. Damn. Bobby always comes in shape, man. good fight and who did Grant Dawson fight last time he had a good fight he had a great performance so he did he had a first round submission I believe right first round submission really yeah is mcgula no no it wasn’t a decision it’s just Josh Thompson is mcgula off that’s right yeah he got the right I think I think that way I think that was This is my second loss in a row. Yeah. Got it, got it. It was, it was. All right, hey, win over Mark Manson. What else you got for us there? We have Conor McGregor calling out. Conor’s calling, hold on, stop. Conor’s calling out someone, you gotta be kidding me. No way. Conor’s taking on the entire roster. I love him. Conor says about Volkonovsky, um ask my ask my bollocks that little sausage Volkanovsky is no way pound for pound number one silly that’s quick work for me 100% accuracy work readable hittable hurtable I like he has this little this title who well it’s hard to read corners three I like he has this title though I like he has this title though we should fight at some stage so So the featherweight goats will have all faced off and let there be no debate. Volk says let’s do it UFC 300. Hold on, did he say featherweight goats? Josh, I want to ask a question. Can you be the featherweight goat if you won the title but never defended it ever? No. Okay. To be the goat you have to beat the goat and he did beat the goat. Here comes Mr. interim title holder. yes yeah this is dave’s way of thinking um i’ll tell you what you could definitely say that vulcanovsky is right there as one of the featherweight goats obviously jose aldo but you know just to sit there and to say oh because connor beat aldo well everyone’s gonna lose eventually yeah you know anderson silva he lost to chris weidman if you’re gonna look and say who is the better fighter Overall throughout their career. It’s gonna be Anderson Silva, even though Chris Wyman beat him And that’s not trying to put Chris Wyman down in any way I love Chris Wyman tough, dude great fighter had his moment as the champ that he was unbelievable, but Just because you beat someone doesn’t mean that you’re the better fighter than them. Yeah for a career You’re the better fighter that night. No doubt well, I Mean they’re gonna have How the hell is Conor McGregor gonna make 45 never he’s not you got the key would get the cut off his leg So we have a one we have a one-legged man in an ass-kicking content Well, then like the only reasonable way for this to fight to happen to be at 55 So then you really wouldn’t be considered a 45. He’s not even gonna make 55. I’m saying then how could you consider yourself? Let’s see who the 45 pound goats are when neither one of you guys made wait for 45 because we know vocal fight at 55 He’ll do it and he’ll look good there I’m cotton make 55 anymore. That’s the next question and then on top of that like there’s no way he’s making 45 There’s just no way not no no chance, but he you gotta give it to him. This is the Dylan Danis I think Dylan might is that I might have actually have given some some insight Connor continues to tweet or Instagram something or do something on social media that gains attention every time and it keeps his name out there and that’s yeah still hasn’t fought you know I am supposedly he’s gonna fight if I had it my way I would choose not to give this attention but podcast Dave is enamored with with Connor McGregor it’s like his idol and so this is why Connor McGregor is on the show so much over over things like this but anyways okay let’s move on next one all right before we move on I’m gonna ask you a question who wins that fight. Oh Bulk Okay. Yeah, I think bulk if it was at 45 55 a bulk for sure at 55. Okay for sure at 55. It was a 45. Yeah Caught up in the hole if it was at 45, are we talking is that the old Connor? or the one that you Do you remember what Connor looked like on weigh-in days? Yeah back then it was when he was making 145. He looked like He was coming out of a you know, he was star looked like he was on a mountaintop with no food forever I mean he looked horrible He never gonna make 45 Impossible. No, he’ll never make it again. Um Yeah, he looked but I wasn’t sure if you were trying to say like which Connor if Connor the one that fought Jose Aldo That one are the one that and the one that fought Eddie Alvarez at 55 that one or the one that’s now Neither one neither one of those guys are are there anymore Is Connor the same fighter that he was when he beat Aldo or no I thought you were asking me in comparison if that guy if it was that guy versus no no no no not that guy now Okay, right now right now right now. No, I got both He’s a he’s a shadow of himself Conor McGregor. Yeah, not the same player So good. They’re gonna obviously fight for the the vacant 205 title Possibly All right. We next one here. We have a O’Malley saying he wants a boxing fight with Giovanna Davis Well, it says Marlon Vera reacts. Oh, yeah Yeah, Sean O’Malley said he wants a boxing match with Gervonta Davis. Yeah, that’s the biggest mistake he can make. If you want to see Sean O’Malley in a boxing match against Gervonta Davis, and because you think he can win, stop, please, stop. Gervonta Davis would annihilate Sean O’Malley in a boxing match. It would be facedown ass up and I love Sean O’Malley. Please don’t. This is not because I Sean O’Malley is a phenomenal MMA fighter. He’s not a guy that is specialized in the sport of boxing, which Javante Davis is the dumbest thing that could ever happen for sugar. No, just it’s a money grab. I mean, we’ll leave it at that. Okay. A lot of these, but a lot of these MMA guys are reaching out for the money grabs. I mean, I would have thought he would have picked somebody different though. Jesus Christ, please. Yeah. I mean, if you want to say, if, if, if you would have said, um, Ryan Garcia, okay. All right. You know, still, still he’s not going to win that. I get it. But I’m saying though, like this guy, Gervonta Davis, he’s just going to walk you down and he’s going to land his big shot and he’s going to slap you. Like he’s just going to slap rock. Yeah. Just going to be, you mean you’re going to face down as a become the sheep in a boxing ring. Now I’m not saying the same thing wouldn’t happen with Ryan Garcia, but I also think with Ryan Garcia that there’s the speed, the reach, the, you know, the, all those, I get it. I get it. But the power of Ryan Garcia still has power, but not Gervonta Davis power. Yeah. You know, just different, just different. All right. Next. That’s as much as I’m going to spend on you guys enjoying these fantasy bookings right now. You guys enjoying this? We’re gonna keep, we’re gonna keep rolling. Fadar was announced for UFC 5 the video game and Daniel Cormier obviously reposts it and then talks about it. He thinks Fadar would have beaten him in a fight. Well I mean he just says I think he would have got me so. He might have got me. Yeah. I think he’s a bit first off, first off he’s being he’s being humble which is very rare for DC exactly it’s nice to see out of DC you know he’s he’s being the bigger man say I look you know he might have gotten but he would have in their primes Fedor would have beaten him yeah he was just a much more well-rounded fighter wrestlers did not do well against Fedor big-time wrestlers you know let’s just be honest that was he was great with big time wrestlers and stuff. So I honestly believe in that, in their primes, I would have gone with fader, but you can never take it away. DC was fricking phenomenal. No, he was, he was, um, I, I, you know, it’s hard. It’s hard for me to say John and not because there’s no, no, no, not because they’re my friends. No, the thing is, is that Like, even though Kane had D.C.’s number and D.C.’s come out publicly and said that, but D.C. just was a style matchup, a difficult style matchup, I think, for a little bit more difficult than Kane would have been for Fedor. Kane, the submission game, like I said, in the beginning we didn’t have guys that had any submission for Kane to train with. And so D.C. came along and that gave him the ability to work more on his wrestling, which made Kane better, which made D.C. better. But you got to remember who who came Velasquez was training with in the beginning of his career was Mike Kyle. All stand up. No grappling. Paul Bonatello. All stand up. No grappling. Levar Johnson. All stand up. Levar had power. He had power. But I mean, the thing is like he had no one that would threaten takedowns against him. Nobody. You know, I mean, he had to use Trevor Prangley and, you know, some other top level wrestlers, you know, guys that came in that were wrestlers on our to try and take him down and just wasn’t just different levels, levels of that wrestling ability. Plus the size just didn’t help. So DC coming in and made it and made it more fun to watch their sparring and getting back with each, you know, and them going back and forth. But Kane with the pressure came with the combinations came with the kicks came with the just the intensity. A lot of how you saw Sean Strickland fight last night is how Kane approached. He just walked you down, head movement, body shot, head shot, kick, inside kick, take downs, drop you, let you get back up, push on your head. It was the most frustrating when I would when I would grapple with Cain Velasquez. And he was like, he would just float on top of you like or he would let you get up and he would just foot sweep you or he’d hold your he was literally just holding my head down. I couldn’t get up off the mat. It was so frustrating. But he did it in a very friendly way. But it was more of a you know, like, Hey, I got you buddy. Like, but he made you work. He made you feel that that pressure of that you didn’t want to think you didn’t ever want to feel that again. So what do I got to do? I’ve got to get in better shape. I’ve got to work on this. I got to work on those are things. These two made each other better. I just think that submission wise DC was like a little butterball or is like a little butterball. And for some reason, like it was a lot harder to get ahold of his neck. It was a lot harder to get ahold of his arms you know his legs he was real good at positioning himself to keep his hips away and his feet away from leg locks and when grappling with the two of them DC was better at that and I think that would have given him a little bit more of an advantage against Fedor than Kane. Kane though I just it’s hard for me to row to get root against him because of the the pressure the cardio the conditioning the the aggressiveness all those things could have been a factor that that hurt him fighting someone like fador. But who knows? I don’t know. It’s hard for me to say because they both bring different things against fador. And it’s been so long the gap from the old fador to the what I’ve seen at the end of his career. Just so much too much of a gap for me. I can’t I can’t I can’t just gonna let it go. Yeah. I’m gonna I’m gonna one thing one thing I’ll bring into here. I love the fact that Fedor is in the UFC five video game. That’s great. Ali, Tyson, Fedor, you can get them on a special thing. I don’t play video games, but whatever. But pretty good for a guy that Dana White says, I never thought he was that good. Well, you know, they they they paid him. They paid him to be in the course they pay. That’s good. Good for him, though. It’s awesome. Yeah. And good. No good for the UFC to say hey, you know, we want to put you in this game or EA sports. I’m not I’m I said it was really EA Sports, but they had to get the UFC’s approval to do it, too. So well, for them, they did like, look, Dana White will say outlandish, whatever to promote, to promote his promotion. That’s right. And that’s his job. That’s his job. Like he’s going to say whatever it is because he knows that he’s going to resonate with all the fans out there, the hardcore fans, the casual fans, all of them. Some he’s going to piss off, but that’s what he does best, you know, and some he’s going to just feed right into their fuel. And he does a great job of that and whatever it is that he needs to do to keep building his brand and putting fator in The game it just makes sense. I’m surprised though that he hasn’t maybe he has maybe I’m wrong has reached out to Frank Shamrock about putting him in the video game now. I know he reached out to him about the Hall of Fame Yeah, you know I’m putting him in the Hall of Fame, but that to me like when you put someone in the Hall of Fame It’s like look. I’m just you’re just trying to validate more of your Hall of Fame, but if you put me in the video game I don’t know, it’s more of like a, I don’t know, I can’t, I don’t know how to put it. We want you in our product kind of thing versus exposure, yeah, I guess, yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s hard. I look at them being different. Like one is to fit in. They are different, but I don’t know that being in the video game is more or more prestigious than being in the video game. It’s not but I’m saying one it seems like like the Hall of Fame seems like you’re doing it We’re putting in the Hall of Fame to let everyone know that our Hall of Fame is legit But if we put you in the video game, it’s like to still let you know that we admire what you you are legit You’re in the game. You’re this, you know, you’re and we’ll know how legit we think you That would think of you because your stats will say it this guy was he’s got a 89, you know Or 91 punch thing or take down it was it was funny because you know, you bring it up Frank Shamrock I was listening Joe Rogan was talking about Nick Diaz and he was talking about look he’s and he and I think he was right to a point where he was saying look when Nick Diaz was flight fighting he says especially in strike force he goes I think that he was one of the best fighters in the world at that time and I agree with him and he said he goes and Nick Diaz was the first guy to bring in cardio and I’m like no Joe Joe what are you What are you talking about? What happened to Frank Shamrock? Because Frank Shamrock was the guy that brought cardio in at a level that was just incredible. And he did that, especially UFC 22 against Tito Ortiz, where he just out cardio that made him work hard and just broke him. And you’re looking, you go, Joe. Yeah, yeah, you’re getting old, Joe. Fifty six years old, you’re forgetting these guys. It’s all right, though. Yeah, that was that was he was the very He’s the one that helped me, uh, along with Javier Mendez and, uh, they got their routine, um, all worked out with Marie Smith. We’re Smith, Kosaka, those guys. I mean, they had, they all had phenomenal cardio, but Frank took it to that next level of learning how to weaponize it, putting the print, putting the pressure hanging on on people, like making them, you know, giving you the take down, getting back up, never settling on bottom. His whole mentality was I never feel tired until I stopped moving. So if I don’t stop moving, I don’t have to worry about it. And there was some truth behind that man. And look, Frank and I, we’ve had a very rocky, rocky, rocky friendship relationship, training partner relationship, all this stuff. You know, and the last time I saw him and it sucks because I try to tell him like, hey, man, like all of our bullshit aside, all this other stuff I want to just let you know. like I thank you. Thank you for the beginning. I appreciate you. Thank you for the beginning stages of my career. I said, look, when I stay with AK, I stay with AK because I had a relationship with Hobb and this and that. And I stayed loyal to the gym and not just to not to you per se, but it was more to Bob and to Javier because they were my main coaches at the time when you had left and you were chasing Hollywood. And he was, he was, but I got a little bit of that kind of weird vibe like response from him and I’ll keep it to myself. But it just it let me know it let me know that. Yeah it’s not it’s not it’s not a friendship that can be mended. It’s it’s it’s you know it’s a hey it is what it is. I tried but at the end of the day when I get as I get older I start looking back at people that I just don’t buy. I didn’t vibe with when I was younger. I just I just had a rocky relationship with or whatever. And I’ll kind of, you know, kind of reach out and be like, Hey, man, I see you’re doing big things. I want to just congratulate you on that, whatever it is, and hope you’re doing well, family’s doing well, kids doing well, all those things, just to kind of because carrying those things with you, it can there’s no reason there’s no reason to and it is it is it is excess baggage. That’s just heavy for no reason. It takes a lot of energy. Yeah, takes a lot of energy. But people say, Who do you hate? I don’t hate it. Yeah, I don’t hate anyone. It’s funny, because when we were going through the aerial Hawaii thing, I was already kind of in my path of this whole thing. And I just and I had nothing that I didn’t want to say anything negative. I would just say what I had to say through, you know, photos of me on the beach, just enjoying myself relaxing. And I’m just not bothered. You know, I don’t I don’t let I can’t you pull it. You can’t let things like that bother you anymore. Speaking of Ariel, did you see his return with his MMA hour as far as the he did a rapper basically a song it was it was like the fact that he did it my props to him that he had the balls to actually sing into a microphone. The wording was actually I don’t know who wrote it. They did a good job. Good. They did a good job with the whole thing. I think he’s multi talented man the guy can do do let me just be honest doing in cage interviews to me is is I I don’t like it, but I’ll I can I can do them and I think I’m okay at them Doing the backroom interviews when it’s dead quiet It drives me crazy. Like I makes me cringe and I know look and it’s a process You got to really get better at him as you go, you know that But Ariel when he was doing basketball when he first got signed to the SPA and started doing basketball and some other stuff I was very very impressed with his talent in terms of how he handled himself You know, I know he’s done in the back with the with the fighters It’s different when you’re out there on the center court in the cage or it on the cage But in the side of the side of the court and you’ve got this guy who’s you know, six ten and you’re you’re doing this I Thought I thought he handled himself really well. I thought he did a great job You know, I was actually a fan. I was I’m still a fan. I was a fan of his when You know when he was doing the the UFC stuff and was family when he went over to ESPN You know the the hill wanted thing kind of got me a little bit and I thought I thought I always thought he’s done a Great job, and I look and I know here I think I just said I was a fan And I know that he had that thing was shop that he put out this video You said you were a fan and I think that’s what’s kind of started a lot of people going late like people are trying to Be courteous to you, and you know the hill wanted. Are you a fan? now Yeah, yeah, I don’t I don’t I don’t know haven’t heard really any of his recent stuff I don’t I don’t get outside my box now. My box is our show our box my box is my life and my family and and that I don’t get outside my box and Yeah, you don’t watch the fights like you do and I stay with I stay in my lane man Like this is what I do So there’s there I’m not trying to ruffle anyone else feathers and stuff But I haven’t seen any of his recent stuff outside of the hill wonny thing when we got on the little spat stuff But it’s just back and forth. I don’t I don’t have anything against him if it’s not that you know I mean I like I said, I’m trying to I’m trying to ease my way You know I’m trying to find I gotta just fine. Just find your way, buddy, Dave There’s something else that I put up there for you. Yeah, it’s speaking of ruffling feathers Let me get you guys out here all right roughly and heated and mad Dana way made comments this past week say I’m talking about the Bellator I was asked about the PFL by Bellator 500 million blah blah Dana says why I’m God’s green earth earth. Why ain’t God’s green? Why on God’s green? You’re getting a hard time reading it there. Yes I am. Well my screen’s like at least three feet away from me. Yeah and it’s smaller too. I swapped laptops. It’s why on God’s green fucking earth. Come on get it right Dave. Would anyone buy Bellator? Yeah. Look the same thing happened when he bought Pride. Same thing happened when he bought Strikeforce. And the same thing’s happening. The same thing’s happening though. The WFA or the WEC. The same thing’s happening when PFL’s buying Bellator is that if they are which we don’t know nobody knows by the way but the same thing look all they want they want the top three or four fighters in each weight class that’s it you know and and that every time that there’s something like that has happened they really just want to come in and they want to say hey I want their champions to come over and challenge our champions and I also want their top two or three guys and maybe a couple standouts that in the top 15 that, you know, will spark some interest in some fire. I mean, that’s kind of what these, that’s what these buyouts are. That’s what it comes down to is I want to take the top, top level fighters and mesh them together and try to really say that, Hey, we are the clear cut, you know, number two or number one challenger to the UFC. Because right now, when you’re talking about any of this stuff, right now you have what you’ve got UFC and I look at at Bell and maybe I’m biased, maybe I’m not, man, whatever it is. I look at Bell towards the clear cut number two. I think one and I think PFL are number two and number three. They can fight over it. I think they’re close with them amongst each other. Depends on what your platform and how you like it. Okay. Do you like to watch more of the tournament style? Do you like to see more, like I said, tournament styles and understanding when the fights are going to happen, who for sure they’re going to fight next, or do you like the one with the different rules and fighters that you’ve never seen before, but they’re super exciting, the elbows, the knees, the rules, all those things. What do you like? What’s your preference for the number three spot? But what this does, if PFL does buy Bellator, it puts them in that number two spot guaranteed and the number one challenger to the UFC. exactly what it does. Now, in this industry, John, what does that mean? That means that, look, right now, one is buying their time slots on Amazon and PFL is buying their time slots on ESPN, which I believe is coming to a close because I believe their timeframe to renegotiate with the ESPN has come to a close. What this does is now it gives them an opportunity to run to a network and say, hey, we have our promotion and this promotion that we just bought. We took all the the best fighters. We are the clear cut number two. Now can we talk about not all our money? Yeah, I want money. I want to get paid to be on your platform. And that right there is what I think the number one key to any of these organizations, if they’re trying to buy Bellator, that’s what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to make sure that they’re the clear cut number two and the number one challenger of the UFC and to put there and then get a TV deal. Because right now the other ones outside of strike Bellator is not paying for it. I said strike force Bell Tour is not paying for their TV time. Now they’re because they own the company. So if one of them comes in and buys it, now they’re going to go to and they’re going to try to negotiate whether it’s with Fox, whether it’s with I don’t know whatever company and whether one’s a Fox or even maybe even CBS. Maybe they turn around and say, hey, can we negotiate with you to put this on CBS or put this on whatever? It’s an opportunity to try to get money from these networks to host their plot, to put their product on their platform. That’s the way that I’m looking at it so I look at it though also that Dana’s looking at certain fighters on this on the roster and There will be there will be John, you know There will be some problems after this that happen with pride some fighters like fador said I’m not going And what do you do? Because everyone’s contract is different. Yep. Yep. And so but here’s the thing, you know He can’t He’s gonna sit there and say that’s true. Why was one God’s greener? He would based upon Dana wants all the best fighters in the world and he wants to be able to put on great fights And that’s why people like Dana Wyden why I enjoy what you know, the product that he puts out because he puts on great fights Could he put on better fights having the Bellator roster? Will say the top four people in every weight class yeah you could and so that right there would make Dana White do it but he can’t because he’s got a lawsuit yeah it’s not even this is not even something that he can you know even think about it’s like we’re not even interested in that we can’t do that because they have a lawsuit and there’s a monopoly you know that has already been you know put about that oh there they are the big monopoly and stuff they can’t do it like they did when they jumped in with strike force which at a time they people were thinking ah they better not do that they did it because they wanted the talent they wanted the talent off of the strike force roster they could get that talent plus yeah by buying bellator but it’s at a bigger price and so you know that might you know, to keep them from doing it. But yeah, he would if he could, but he can’t because legally it’s not an option for him. And so Dana is going to sit there and put anything down in that. Again, that’s his job to promote his company as why would anyone do this? Right. They’re stupid. What he’s basically doing is saying that the PFL is stupid. stupid. He’s attacking them without a car. Well, look, good job. Yeah. And like we’ve always like we to start off this conversation. What did I say? I said he he does what’s best for his company. He says what’s best for his company. That’s what he’s supposed to do. You got to tip is your hat to him because this is exactly what he’s supposed to do. Like you said, he can’t the company can’t buy them like that with the class action lawsuit and what’s going on with all that stuff. You got to just steer clear of all that. Now some of those fighters that don’t try to sign with or restructure their deal. You could have some fighters in Bellator that have a contract that does not just transfer over that the UFC would have a chance of possibly signing him and that would be a good thing that he would definitely do. Well, I guess we’re going to see how it all plays out. We’re going to see how it all plays out. But Dave, there was one more thing that I wanted you to pull up. You know how it’s going to play out, Josh? Bellator’s got a fight in Dublin coming up. Yes. September 23rd. I’m looking forward to a lot of fights. God, you’re going to be talking about. Well, let’s talk about that real quick. You got no, no, let’s not. You got Johnny Evelyn and Fabian Edwards. Oh yeah. To see who the best middleweight middleweight to you wanted me to bring up the middleweight stuff. Guess what I just did telling you, I was trying. I’m telling you, I don’t sleep on Johnny Evelyn, you guys. And don’t sleep on Fabian Edwards. These two guys are to me, I believe the two of the best, if not the best Johnny Evelyn right now to me is the best middleweight in the world. Um guys can knock me all you want. I’m sorry but what I saw, what I saw from Izzy last night and what I’ve seen. Would you not like to see Johnny Ebelin against either Strickland, Izzy. Well they’ve trained together. They’ve trained together and Johnny Ebelin and Strickland have trained together. I know. We. Yes. Yes. This I mean you guys should be hitting them up and asking them how far I went. You guys go ahead. No. It’s No, I pulled up pull up one more thing. There’s one last thing. Oh No, we have another one. No, it’s the last thing. We’re going long. No, we’re finishing on our star lunch thing I need to finish on that what we need to finish the NFL. We need to talk about the Kansas City Facing off against I’m gonna You gonna smack me come on, come on have you ever yeah, you ever kicked in the pussy hit an old man Every kicked in the pussy All right, let’s go go ahead. What says my superstition was that I need my superstition. That’s awesome He said my superstition was that I needed to have maybe a shot a shot and a half before every game The best part Peyton Manning goes a shot of what a Hennessy, of course. It’s so good Dave, can you scroll the can you play the video? Oh He looked at Peyton like, maybe a shot of Hennessy, what’s wrong with you, man? Peyton, you could just tell he was feeding into it going like, of what? He knew. Oh, yeah. Go ahead. Let me see. Listen to this. What were yours? What was your? My superstition was that I needed to have maybe a shot, a shot and a half before every game of Hennessy. I was thinking Man I love the Manning brothers. They’re both they’re great together. They’re hilarious together Their commercials are great there. They do a Monday night football Because they can laugh they’re they can laugh at themselves. They’re great, man So but that was hilarious when I saw this it’s so funny. I had to make sure we ended the show on this So hey guys, I want to thank you guys so much Make sure you guys go to only fans dot-com slash Wayne and hit the subscribe button over there Go to Wayne in merch pick up some of our gear there and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel here on YouTube We also have a clips channel with the link down below click that link subscribe to us over there hit the little bell Got some notifications coming because we got some new content coming out for you guys Specifically for you guys. Thank you guys John. Thank you so much Big things coming just like Sean Strickland being the middleweight world champion and we are done. We will see you