McCarthy [Music]
go ahead Flex you sexy beast because I was trying to sell you on the internet it didn’t work I tried I tried it is the
wing in podcast and if I can sell Josh Thompson we’re gonna do it I’m gonna do it I’m gonna be his pimp yeah there was
no high there was no high odds he came and no one came in with some big money I mean I need big money man if I’m gonna be sold you got something for some big
money I mean it’s got to be more It’s gotta be more than seven dollars people are offering
that’s gotta be life-changing money my friend life-changing what’s happening dude [ __ ] it’s Philly I feel like I
haven’t talked to you in forever it’s been a couple days yeah it’s been a
couple days I know I know we dropped this show every now like twice a week and you know we do people we’re always
talking in between I have a question for you did you did you listen to the thing that I did while you were gone in Sioux
Falls you know what you’re uh the Punk’s opinion yeah I did what’d you think
I I didn’t talk to you because you were busy that week and I didn’t want to get in your ear I know that fight week’s for
you can be a little stressful so yeah
you know what what was funny to me is that everyone’s got their opinions on
everything and and stuff and there are when you don’t when you don’t know there
are States that if you weigh in you will get whatever is that show money that is on
your contract and there are states that you know you actually have to step foot
in to that cage and be prepared to fight even if they qualified at that moment
yes you will get paid your show money because you stepped into the cage so all of them are set up a little bit
different different languages and things like that and so you know the whole thing about you know
it’s so funny because everyone everyone so will always say that I I put Dana down and then I’m putting the UFC down I
agree with Dana in this you can’t you can’t have someone like Wonder Boy in the position
he is and the amount of money he’s making because you’re talking it’s you know
High six figures yeah is his pay it’s good and to sit there and have him because he
was offered that fight against Michael uh with the three pounds and he decided
I’m not gonna take it okay and that’s his option I had nothing against Wonder boyfriend I’d do it he was offered a
second fight he said no he wasn’t going to take it and so for someone to expect that he’s gonna get his show money
that just doesn’t work you know yeah just because you made wait yes he did make weight but when you make as much
money as him I I agree that I believe any promotion should help pay that
Fighter’s training camp the amount the money that you know you could say that he spent during that time getting ready
for the fight you know help uh meet the cost of what it what what it took for him to get prepared for that but when
we’re talking about getting the show money you’re usually talking about Fighters that make you know somewhere in
the area of you know 30 30 40. you know that because that’s about what it’ll
cost for your camp you know you could say that it’s going to cost you 30 000 for your camera it’s
going to cost you forty thousand dollars for your candidate it very rarely is it gonna cost you that much especially if you’re making 30 30 like you’re someone
that’s still not normal because you’re not only bringing people in the same way no but you’re also living on the ramen
diet to get yourself through camp like that’s like that kind of money is that’s like beginners type money and they’re
still trying to figure out how to buy a house they’re still trying to figure out how to take care of their they’re not even thinking about buying the think about where you are how am I going to
buy that car yeah yeah pretty much majority of them are um I I do it’s so funny because you
brought up what I was gonna bring up was everyone’s like man you’re home ringing for Dana this and that like it’s just
you’re so biased I’m like no man I’m actually just trying to speak the truth look I’ve had experiences with Dana that
have been very positive and I actually I admire that the the guy for how he’s
been able to along with a lot of help from the fertittas obviously a ton of help from the vegetas but they’ve they’ve created something that was that
was able to be sold for 4.4 4.25 these 4.4 billion Four Points you know good
for them you know and I’m happy for I’m happy like I’m happy the growth of the sport is important to me because it
gives us a platform to talk like this and um it’s and I’ve told this to I don’t
know how many people that my life would be completely different had this sport
not come at the right time and then the Fertitta is not drug It From The Trenches and [ __ ] it made it something
like let’s just be honest man I mean like I would not you and I would never have met you and your life would be
completely different had this sport not been around my life for sure I mean I would have joined probably the military
or some sort of police officer or firefighter I would have done something like that I’m a physical person I like
to physically do activities not anymore okay but when I was younger okay I don’t want to do any Fork around the house or anything like that [ __ ] that I wanna but
you know I mean like I just I was someone that would have probably taken a job with like the forest service or something along those lines you know
something along those lines anyways this job and this this uh whole thing came about at the right time I just I agree
that when you’re talking about the amount of money that he made um you need to make there’s there’s
stipulations and they’re like hey man I’m not paying you the whole thing for not getting a fight out of it at the end of the day you signed the ballot
agreement to give me about like I deserve a fight you know and the
fact that I offered you that fight yes he was three pounds over but you’re gonna get an additional amount of money
based upon him not making weight you decided not to take it okay then I offered you another fight and you
decided not to take that one and as a promoter I need you I need you
to actually perform for me to be able to pay you that kind of money that kind of money and look that kind of money yeah
and and I totally agree you can’t just have someone say no I’m not gonna fight him yet give me my money doesn’t work
out but on the flip side I take Stephen Thompson’s side also is because he is 40 years old he doesn’t have another
opportunity to title shot unless he continues to win so I understand where he’s coming from when you when you look
at it you got to look at it from both sides I understand the promoter side and I understand the fighter side he is in a
position though like Sean Strickland came on when I posted the video he came on my post like it was [ __ ] three
pounds like just buck up and do it I’m like yeah Sean you’re 32 years old or 33 years old you got some time still son
and you’re fighting for the title right now you found your way into this position but when you hit 38 39 40 and you
realize that your your time is variable there is no more there is no more you
know chances no there’s not like they’re like you lose it’s done you know look at how long it took Glover to get back into
that situation they had no choice because he just kept winning you know and uh they made him the champ then they
gave him a run back on it because the guys behind him were losing too so okay he had to get the second shot at the
title third actually you know what I mean like those opportunities came because and then Yuri got hurt and all this other stuff but
those opportunities came given the circumstances Stephen Thompson is in a division where it’s a I feel like it’s a lot tougher
than the 85 and the 205 and those opportunities are not going to come very often and those guys in that that stage
of where he’s at ranked number four number five number six they’re [ __ ] Killers Stone Cold Killers man and
they’re gonna continue to get better all of them and they’re coming for him and he can’t afford he’s got to spend his
whole Camp getting ready for that one person and if it doesn’t go right it’s [ __ ] done like he can keep fighting
for money but he’s not somebody that I think is going to be the guy fighting for money he financially is okay I mean
he’s got great schools karate schools he developed him and his family have developed great programs it is they’re
fantastic if you ever follow them on social media the DodgeBall [ __ ] looks for real like legit he’s out just taking
kids heads off I love it but that to me is he is not a fighter that’s going to
continue to fight Beyond his Beyond his time because he’s like what am I doing it for just the money yeah but if you if
you look at and this is the this is the part that I was like I don’t know if that was the right
decision but you know and again it’s Steven’s decision but when you look at that weight class
who’s one of the weakest wrestlers there is besides Stephen Thompson in that top ten well I’m not sure paje was in the
top ten but heya is a guy that doesn’t have great wrestling and if you take a look at you
know all the guys from Camaro Usman to Colby to belong Mohammed shamayev you
know even Gilbert Burns can wrestle him but you know Thompson already fought him you got rachman off man you’re talking
about a wrestling you know stud Factory there so for
Stephen to he’s in that position he’s I was almost like I know it was three pounds but man that was a to me that was
a good fight for him I thought it was a good matchup for him I thought it was a great matchup
um the other thing though is that look giving up the three pounds we know that is a lot bigger than just that so he
struggled to make the weight I mean I would have just kept telling him like Hey make the [ __ ] wait so we can get the
fight you’re right you can’t but you should like that’s that comes that comes down to the commission says you have
this much time well when Sean once it’s over when Strickland to put on there it was just three pounds I said if it’s just three pounds then he can just
[ __ ] make the weight that’s what it comes down to if it’s just three pounds make the weight exactly but that’s my point and um and
like I said works both ways I see it from both sides I see it from the promoter side I need something for my
250 000 show money that you’re supposed yeah I’m supposed to pay you if you get in the cage but I also Dana had came out
publicly and said I’m gonna go ahead and make I’m gonna make sure that he’s taken care of you know at least camps and
stuff like he came out publicly and so that that’s that’s really I think what most Fighters if you’re not gonna get the fight which
sucks because you spent the time getting in shape and doing all the work but hey at least cover what my expenses are
and for someone like him I believe the expense is probably having a fair uh not therapist a even possibly a sports
therapist you’ve got a nutrition nutritionist you’ve got your trainers you got some Fighters have sports therapists like people that walk them
through the daily routines um but I think he is very educated and
he’s very um Smart in how he handles his his uh camps you can see he’s 40 years old still looks like he’s [ __ ] 28.
um you know he does a great job of taking care of himself and his body and but he also understands there won’t be
another shot if I lose and so I kind of leaned in the favor of the fighter of not taking the fight because I
understand where you’re at and I don’t know who they offered in the second fight and he said he said in a couple weeks he can fight again which may have
been on this card because Dana said in two weeks I’ll put you on now I don’t know if that was against again or if it
was um or if it was somebody else that’s not easy either because that’s you know
Stephen Thompson having to cut weight again getting ready for that so not easy is Ian Gary on this fight
he’s on tonight he’s he’s on this weekend right sorry yeah Gary yeah yeah Machado yeah so he yeah Ian Gary Machado
McGary um but his opponent fell off so I wonder if he was offering him him isn’t he at
170 yeah he’s a 70 pounder so I wonder because Dana said I offered him a fight
in two weeks against somebody it they just feel uh who is that Neil magni with
him yesterday or the day before yeah so I would imagine maybe it was Ian Gary now that to me shocks the [ __ ] out of me
why didn’t you take that fight if that was the fighter
like I mean being Gary’s tough he’s good but
I get what you’re saying he’s where is he ranked I get it I think he’s like in the low end if he’s even on there yet
okay 170. again Gary so he’s number 13. right but he’s right above yeah
but yeah yeah he has ranked above a hat but he is he’s also someone who’s been clipped he didn’t hurt before he’s uh he
is hittable um he’s young he has not doesn’t have anywhere near the experience he is a kind of a tall longer kid but I think it
just I don’t know I think that fight he maybe would have tried to take him down but I’ve seen what he has on the ground
he’s not fantastic on the ground yeah but you’re not sure that that was the fight no you’re right I’m I’m throwing
what else man I’m just thinking out loud I’m thinking out loud for for the people that are listening I’m thinking out loud
I’m guessing yes I am guessing I’m guessing but it’s all right but hey uh I just wanted to get your feedback on the
whole situation and scenario and I I agree with a lot of what you were saying you know it’s funny how
because you know you you came out and you were saying you know look 27 years I thought I didn’t know the rules really
now most people don’t and they don’t understand exactly you know in in every
state that’s why I say each athletic commission is kind of its own Little Kingdom
you know and they do things different and you’ve got to know exactly where you’re at for what you know uh is gonna
be allowed for a certain thing or what’s you’re entitled to for certain things you know some uh the percentages is 20
but they take 10 they give you 10 there’s all kinds of different things that go on and it’s a matter of you
gotta know you know and it’s you’re in that position like Stephen Thompson was you got to know hey
they don’t have to give you your show money yeah you know knowing where you’re fighting and stuff you got to know hey
that’s this is not something that you can you’re just gonna get you you can always say I’m I’m not going to take you
know I’m not going to fight him if he’s not making weight and that’s okay I have no problem with it it is your call
but everyone’s got this idea that oh the fighter automatically if he makes weight he gets his show money no that’s not
true just depends on where you’re at yeah yeah like I said like you you said it
it’s Fighters don’t know the rules man they don’t know what goes on like they don’t know a lot of and we’re gonna talk
like you know what we just brought up the rules and uh there was a thing they just passed and what did they just pass
they passed three new rules there was three three new rules for MMA you want to pull those up real quick Dave we’ll
talk about that and then we’re gonna jump into the UFC card and we’ll jump into a little bit of the pfl but let’s jump onto the new three rule changes
because Fighters don’t know so yeah they don’t yeah Fighters are listening to this pay attention so now you know these
are the rule changes now so John you know what this is this is your area of expertise you jump in this and you do
this buddy go right ahead well the first one is something I’ve been trying to get
past for years because it just makes sense and it’s you
know you have Fighters will end up in situations where you have a foul it’s
unintentional it can be it will say you know a clash of heads both Fighters are coming in to throw shots their heads
Clash you’ve done that multiple times I’ve missed that multiple times yeah but no I know you’ll have it to where the
fighters will clash and one of them steps away and they’ve got a cut
and you know many times the referees won’t even stop the fight he goes you got to
stop the fight you got to make sure both are okay is if you see it but you see that one fighter has been cut and we
just had Chris Curtis who was fighting and I’m trying to remember who he was fighting but you know he’s fighting and
it was a clash of heads he’s cut he’s got blood dripping in his eye and they’re sitting there and they’re
saying you know well you know can you go on he says yeah you know and he’s trying to he’s wiping blood out of his eye and then every time you know he wipes it
away it drips more in there and he ends up having to step out of a fight that he wants to stay in but they
won’t help him and you look and you go look he was he was cut by a foul if we
have a fighter that is altered by a foul gets a cut why is it
that during that break that we’re taking because of the cut we can’t bring the cut man in to close the cut as best they
can give them a certain amount of time and try to put that fighter back to as
close to you know as good as they were as you can and now let’s see if we can get him back in the fight if they had
been able to do that with Chris Curtis he would have gotten back in the fight and you know you wouldn’t have had the no contest at the point
it just makes sense it’s good for the fans it’s good for the fighters it’s good for the promotions and it got
turned down multiple times so kind of snuck it in this time and it passed so I’m kind of happy with that one because
that one is kind of the one that I was working on for a while but well John it’s a good good adjustment yeah I’ve
sat in some of these meetings not with the ABC but some of these uh commission meetings and
when you start to make too much sense like you are okay they they just can’t seem to comprehend it’s like what you’re
making too much sense no [ __ ] no that doesn’t work we can’t have that I don’t like change they don’t they don’t like to make too much sense they don’t like
to make things simple and easy for themselves it’s it’s it’s kind of classic what was the uh what was the
second one the second one is a more of it’s a
procedural codifying of the language of referee’s discretion
on separating stalled Fighters and when we talk about codifying the language
we’re talking about if a fighter is not in progression of moving themselves or
attempting to move themselves to a more dominant position or that fighter is not
in any way attempting to finish the fight or do damage that could
finish a fight or move themselves towards a submission that could finish the fight that’s what the referee is
going to be looking at and that’s when they’re going to say we’re going to separate you be it in the stand-up or on
the ground that is in the last one go ahead let’s see the last one the last one is you
know Nevada came up with trying to utilize the if you had an eye
poke uh allowing the the ringside physician to actually bring in a damp towel or
damp cloth that the fighter could actually use to help you know rub out their eye because if you’re putting some
type of fluid in it makes the eye feel a little bit better and so it’s a clarification for
everywhere to be able to utilize that damp cloth and for the ringside
physician to understand look you don’t walk in the cage and have a guy that’s just got poked in
the eye say can you see it’s the end you know we want to ask him
hey can you see me but I want to do that down the road I’m not going to sit there
and you know right away ask the fighter I can tell you back you know when I was refereeing I would you know tell the
ringside position hey right now let’s just give him time I want you to look at his eye don’t be asking him anything
right now let’s take a look at it you tell me if you see something you and I’ll talk and then we’ll go back and
talk about Kenny C and that’s because you just want to give the fighter time because there is a five minute
but it’s not the fighter that’s in control of the five minutes it’s that ringside physician and the referee
that’s in control of it and you want to try to give that fighter as much time but as soon as the doctor says oh he’s
good you got to start the fight yeah you don’t get you can’t sit there and now like oh I’ll give you more time you
don’t have that power so you want to try to manipulate things so you’re giving them enough time to where they feel
comfortable and it’s that they’re not being pushed by someone saying you know can you see and they don’t want to say
no because they know what’s going to happen so they’re sitting there trying to buy time this way
the ringside Physicians are being told don’t ask them right away about it can you see give them the damp cloth see if
that helps it’s just something to try to bring about a better result yeah the number one thing that doctors even refs
would first the question they would the first thing they would ask you can you see you’re like man I just got poked in
the eye like give me a second give me a second I mean my my go-to is always pretty much tell you guys to [ __ ] off
and then like kind of turn my back to you guys and walk away because I knew that they were coming at me and going are you okay can you see and you know
that the words no I can’t see no cannot come out of your mouth so you’re trying to pussyfoot around it and you’re a
little bit tired normally uh you know everything else is on your mind but the [ __ ] ref in your eye you’re just
trying to figure out how can I get my eye clear so I can see and it’s one of the most frustrating moments is when the
doc comes in it’s like are you able to see and you’re like give me a second just give me a second to clear it give
me a second to you know you can’t put any water in it but now apparently you can’t now you’re saying a
damp cloth can I put water and then put the damp cloth over it like pour water in my eye you cannot pour out poor water
what is the what’s the reasoning behind that because when someone puts water into the cage no matter if it’s on the
ground it can cause a problem with the matte surface because not all surfaces are canvas yeah that’s true some are
vinyl and it becomes a slippery problem or you can have it to where now the the
person has watered their body and now they become more slippery compared to their so they try to not to introduce
that type of water you’ll see that you know guys are you know they’ll sneak and they’ll pour water over the top guy’s
head and they’re saying hey dial them off right it’s always the same thing but they’re just trying not but the damp cloth it’s it’s got water you can
actually you know squeeze it a little bit and put some water in your eye but you know it’s I used to tell Fighters
all the time you know if they got poked in the eye and stuff you know I would sit there and John Dodson was a great one you know I would sit there and I
said you know yeah heck you know can you see me right and then he says yeah I said am I
good looking yeah so obviously you can’t see so I got to give you more time right you know
there’s ways of you know again manipulating you gotta you do things that kind of lighten the situation if
you can you were never that nice to me in the cage ass well you that’s because you weren’t as nice as John Dodson I
definitely was not I definitely was not I was never nice to the refs and never like I just I always felt like you guys
were against you yeah I’m so much against us just your your job was to keep the fight moving and in situations
where there was a nutshot or an eye poke or a head a clash of heads you guys were like okay come on are you feeling better
you’re like yeah you just felt the pressure though of you know
you felt like there was pressure yeah but you’re in your mind you’re like I want to fight like I want to keep going
but I really need to clear my cobwebs for a second from a headbutt or an eye poke or whatever it is um you know just give me that time give
me my space man like that like that every for me I just don’t there was one time you and I think were
we were I can’t remember what fight it was but you grabbed me by the arm for something and I was like what in the
[ __ ] is this guy doing like why are you like why are you grabbing me right now like big daddy I’m trying to think I’m
trying to think I think it was a growing shot or an eye poke something along the lines but it was it was early in my career and uh and you’d grab it probably
because you were doing your walk a walk away yeah and you would grab me and we’re telling trying to tell me to to
like hey you got everybody and I was like oh man no no I was just telling you where to stay yeah the second rule is
okay so you said it’s codifying language on referee discretion on when to separate stalling Fighters but isn’t
there something also in there that says a fighter has made a foul will not get an event advantageous position back but
we’ll stay in a disadvantaged position just say that antagis position if that was the case before the foul is that
also incorporated into this rule number two yes so like if they Clash hit or if they if I’m on top and I clash heads
with you I come down on top of you you’re gonna you’re gonna pick me back up I want you to think of it this because
you’re not gonna put me on top you know we’ve had you we used to try to say you
know and there’s always going to be something that you know makes it to where the way you can try to teach
somebody something it’s not going to work out but it’s what they remember and so you know we would say that look
if if the bottom fighter fouls okay we don’t
take them out of the position if the top fighter fouls we take them out of the position
because most of the time Josh when you think about it you know the top fighter is the person
in control of the position but we’ve had it to where you know the a fighter gets
the back of someone he ends up on his back and he’s trying he’d work for the choke and the guy you know that’s on the
top position with his back to his opponent Jason you know swings his head back and head butts right
referee stops it you know takes a point and then starts them from a standing position you go what are you doing
right he goes well he’s the top fighter I can’t put him back in the same yeah Common Sense brother but that’s where
we’re talking about with this is what benefits
the fighter that was fouled okay is it staying on the ground or is
it putting them to a stand-up position that’s what the referee should be taking
into consideration and doing if you were the fighter that was fouled
what is the best thing for me to do for you based upon the position that you’re
in puts you back in that position or is it to take you out of that position do you ask the fighter do you ask I used to
all the time oh really I would sit there and say oh absolutely if I looked at it and said hey
I should put you to the stand-up position but I know you’re a Grappler that’s you’ve
been working hard to get this person to the ground I would say hey I’m going to give you the choice I’ll let you be in a
standard position or I’ll put you back underneath it which which do you want and I would let the fighter make that
decision because they were the one that was filed that’s what I want to know like if you have someone like a Damian Maya right fighting like an Israel
I’ve worked real hard to [ __ ] pull guard so he’s like I want to be on the ball I want to be here this is where I
want to be I’m safer down here and I’m gonna be better off yes that’s what I wanted to know would you be willing to
ask and if you did ask okay you take that into consideration or you just asking absolutely yeah God okay perfect
like these are all rules that these are new rule changes now these Fighters they have been employed the damn thing
has been employed I’ve saw that a couple times now it’s everywhere okay all right look I think these are all good changes
they are they’re all good every one of them I mean every one of them I’m surprised that um I’m actually not
surprised now we’ll see if we can get rid of the 12-6 elbow that John like Lorenzo Fertitta said
just sometimes you gotta let him let it go you gotta let it go you gotta let him have their their their thing that makes
him feel like they’ve done something yeah I get it all right look we we rambled on enough but I want to make
sure that the the rules got out there Fighters you guys can just go right to that and so you guys can learn the new rules because I know you guys didn’t
know these anyways and you didn’t you probably don’t know half the other rules but there you go uh it baffles me right
when you see Fighters like they need in the face you know when they’re down or anything like that and the thing they
look up at the ref and like do I win if uh if I stay down you know and um but
anyways hey all right let’s go ahead and talk about the main event algeman Sterling Sean O’Malley let’s go right in
speaking of fouls yeah let’s pick it up all right I hope there’s no foul in this one no no I think this is I think this
is a a good matchup I think it benefits one fighter pretty well I think Al Jermaine
Sterling has a big advantage in this fight that’s you know you can sit there and say whatever you want Shawn O’Malley is
a hell of a fighter I take nothing from him he’s got a very good ground game
I’m not too sure it’s as good as uh algermains and if there’s one difference
between the two algeer main striking has never been
his Mainstay but he’s definitely adequate with it and he does a good job with guys that are good Strikers
so they’re striking if you want to say that Sean’s got a little bit of an advantage okay I’ll give it to you
you want to say on the ground submission wise they’re close but I gotta give it to
aljamin but the big difference one’s a good wrestler and one’s not a wrestler one’s got
adequate wrestling and he’s gonna have a very hard time if if aljamin comes into
him Sean’s gonna have a hard time not keeping uh aljamin from taking him down
or keeping Alchemy from taking him down but that’s the the real difference that I see in it you know Al Jermaine
Sterling if you know we can say everything you want about you know what’s been going on in the Banning
ways that we’ve talked about the bantamweights are you know just phenomenal it’s the best division in the
sport yeah as far as right now over overall Talent everything that just unbelievable
and look you know take a look at the freaking lineup that he has gone through you know and everyone’s going to give
their little thing about well yeah but you know Henry was just coming back and nope God damn it man he went you know
Corey sandhagen to get to the championship yeah I know the thing that happened with you know Peter young but then came back and had a great
performance against Peter Young he won that one wins against TJ yes TJ had the
shoulder but you know what that’s not on [ __ ] Alchemy no he went out there and did exactly what he was supposed to do he dominated that fight got the win and
then he takes on Henry sahuto and he gets the win there the dude has been outstanding
just outstanding and you could say you know who’s the best bantamweight there’s
ever been in the UFC with Dominic Cruz would be the first one that I would think of yeah but you could definitely say that Al
Jermaine Sterling might have taken that spot it’s there it’s there dude I don’t know
I don’t know I would probably have to go with the one take a look at overall wins but who replaced Dom on when he was on
his hiatus uh [ __ ] remember his name the one
Cody no Aldo’s uh no no Jose Aldo’s uh
he was [ __ ] up yeah but he was kicking everyone’s ass yeah but he was but okay
hold on hold on hold on how many that’s what I’m saying he won I want to say two
fights as the champion and then lost the dealership hmm Daddy I thought it was more than that
we have two or three that was it can you look them up
baby this is right that’s a scroll okay this is record scroll down so when we see the champion so he’s got Wings Over
Faber McDonald Wineland favorite no no McDonald didn’t
fight him for the championship I thought that was for a I thought he did fight it for the championship because McDonald’s the last minute replacement I thought
now take a take a look at the the house might have been four rounds yeah he’s got he’s got a win against
Uriah for the title probably yep that’s a battle me tail fight yeah that was bad and weight title yep so then he’s got a
win against Uriah that was probably to to win it or was so the McDonald fight
to win it remember it was a vacuum fight as well this was a title fight yeah
okay so the Uriah fight was a five round so that was to for a vacant title so he
wins that then he beats McDonald’s I’m getting bad Eddie weinland beats
Eddie Weiland for the championship you know you know I guess I don’t remember why they get a championship but okay he
beats your your eye again that’s three yeah and then he loses yeah true
true true but I mean look at who look that was his first loss in a long time yeah yeah that was I think yeah forever
since like his first fight scroll all the way down yeah look at all those wins wow
I mean I think that’s what made him so popular because at the time he was just he was so dominant he was whipping he
was he was more afraid look I’m not taking anything away from Algebra I think aljo is fantastic I
think he’s a phenomenal Fighter um I agree with you he’s got definitely got to me I think he’s got the edge on
the ground I’m not gonna rule out Sean O’Malley on the ground though either but he does have the edge in terms of wrestling and jiu jitsu
um that also being said I’m gonna go almost with their complete opposites where Sean
O’Malley has a very Stark advantage on the feet now you’re saying not as much and I think I’ll just
got good stand up I don’t think it’s bad I think he’s fast he’s explosive but the way that Sean O’Malley’s usually
utilizes his footwork and the way he’s able to use his length and his reach with the snapping of the jab it’s that’s
gonna give like with Peter yawn right you knew that they were going to be in the pocket Peter’s gonna hit you in the pocket because he’s not a big guy you
know but but John O’Malley’s not going to be there like he’s going to be push kick in he’s going to be up kicking
right to the face he’s gonna be trying to stick the long jab he’ll be hitting the uppercuts along with the left Hooks and the long jab he’s going to be mixing
up the combination switching the stances left and right now as a wrestler doesn’t matter what kind of wrestler you are
every wrestler will tell you as you start switching your stance because we’re not used to that as wrestlers
we’re not used to you switching because I like to shoot with my right leg forward I like shoot with my left leg forward okay those are things that
wrestlers have to make adjustments on and I don’t know maybe Sean has seen
how he shoots his double leg or how he shoots his his takedowns it’s like okay if I’m in this dance he shoots less or
he’s not as comfortable or his takedowns aren’t as deep off when he shoots off of this leg forward and he may fight from that direction he
can do it that’s what he’s been able to do against everyone and his fight with Peter yawn even though I thought Peter
yawn won the fight he like I said after that fight he outputted the coverage
I beyond I’d had no idea that he was going to be that good against Peter John Peter Young was [ __ ] walking through
people and making it look easy what he did to Jose Aldo and other guys I was like holy [ __ ] he’s gonna light Sean
O’Malley up Sean doesn’t even know what’s coming yet and he was impressive and the speed of which he has okay to
snap the jab the knees up the middle the height the height difference would be a little bit of it will be significant
also as he is certainly dips his head to throw his jab just to lead into the
takedowns he’s got to be very cautious of those knees man he’s uh he has his last loss has been knocked has been a
knockout but it’s a head kick slash like knee head kick I believe right yeah against Marlon rice yeah so those things
will be there now I know that aljo’s gotten a lot better A lot better he’s just fine-tuned his game he’s matured
into who he is as a fighter he is spectacular all over the mat and what he did in that second Peter yarn fight [ __ ]
I would I had I kind of ruled him out because I was like look the way you fought the first fight you think you’re gonna do that in the second fight no way
but he came in shape he came ready to fight after his next surgery he was ready to go it was like after the injury
it was a mindset of I’ve got to be in the best shape I possibly can all I can do right now you know without [ __ ]
myself up is do cardio and he did it I think he’s gonna carry that over but Sean O’Malley’s got great conditioning
and also he pushes the pace this is going to be a fun fight I think it’s gonna be a lot funner than people think
it’s me a lot closer than people think where I think that obviously if Sean keep it on the feet I
think he wins if aljo takes to the ground I think he’s able to control the position and and do his thing he may
even get a submission but where this fight gets interesting for me John is when you look back at the Peter
yawn fight you look back at some of the old fights and I saw a guy who did a video I can’t remember who did it but he had put it out on social media and I was
watching I’m like holy [ __ ] and I’ve seen actually not just one guy two other guys trying to follow suit just didn’t
do his good a job and putting the video together the video of Sean O’Malley using the fence every single time he
gets up by grabbing the fence that’s something you got to be cautious of and careful of like pay attention
because will there be points taken away Sean utilized the fence way more than I
was even paying attention to I didn’t even think on takedown defenses on ability to get
himself up from this from the knee position against the fence like actually literally turning himself to hit the uh
the like the switch on the takedown he hit the switch a couple times and he used the fence to help create the
momentum to get deeper on the switch those are all things that may potentially cost him the the a point in
a round and then eventually catch cost him the fight so those are things that we got to kind of be cautious of when I’m thinking of betting and I’m thinking
of the betting lines and how this thing I’m obviously I’m not putting money on you know a DQ from feds grabbing but I would say
that would be a bad idea yeah but I but I am thinking like that’s gonna play a factor because aljo will get in deep on
these takedowns he’s fast he’s explosive he’s got great wrestling and if Peter yawn was able to take uh aljame are able
to take um Sean O’Malley down algebra’s gonna be able to take him down also it’s how well Sean O’Malley gets back up to
his feet that’s exactly it and how does he do it does he get points taken away because he’s grabbing the fence that
will tell that will help me change when I’m looking at the betting lines on how I make my bets
what do you think uh you know the betting line on it right now what minus 258 and a plus 210.
I look at it Al Jermaine Sterling has been very impressive as the champion
he has fought well he’s fought smart and I look at it and this is the big
difference to me is the wrestling one has a huge advantage in that area I
agree with you that I think Sean O’Malley’s got a little bit I’m gonna give a little bit I’m not saying it’s you know
you know so Stark he’s not Israel out of Sanya but he’s damn good in the stand-up
and he uses his length well and he he’s the front kicks are good but Al jemain has fought on guys that are just as good
as that in the stand-up and I think he’s going to do just fine but you know I
look at it and I think algeman should be the the favorite you know and if it’s a matter of
does he get it done I don’t you know I think he did I think he does well like hey look if I’m gonna
weigh in on the odds here no pun intended actually yeah there was punited but is is if I’m waiting on these odds
and I’m looking at it right now you go aljo at minus 258 you got Shawn O’Malley at plus 210. I’m not really taking that
bet you know um I do believe that Sean’s gonna win but I’m not putting 258 down
oh you’re going with Sean no sorry not Sean I think I’ll Joe I think alja’s gonna win but I’m not putting I’m not
putting the 258 down to win that money you know there’s just I’m just not taking that chance
um but I also look at the reason why I would go more with Al Joe is this is when the fight does hit the ground one
is physically I think a lot stronger than the others I agree and when chasing submissions
like that physical strength on attacking the arm lifting the chin getting under the neck all those things the physical
strength happens it’s very important it does push to the side chokes to get in
the neck and the back front Guillotines all those things play a huge Factor when
whoever the stronger fighter is now aljo is also someone that doesn’t Chase it if it’s not there to where he blows himself
out and then all of a sudden now his arms are like lead so that’s another thing so I look I’m not gonna try I’m
not gonna rule out Sean O’Malley but I would lean definitely towards ultramaine Sterling now look if you’re going to
look to take a little bit of a bet let’s take a little bit of that the over is plus 130 on four and a half
I mean I would maybe potentially say this could go the distance based on that Sean O’Malley is good on the ground he
is somebody that could um stay away from the submission getting
submitted long enough who knows but I I think if I was to potentially take that I would probably say that
I would take the over did you take the over I think I might take the under yeah but you’re gonna you’re gonna bet them
130. I would bet sorry it’s voice it’s 166 on the under at four and a half minus 166.
yeah you know which is telling you something yeah yeah I know I
I believe the same thing though To Be Honest John I believe the same thing I think I think that Sean I think that
the strength of of aljo on the ground I’ll do is a huge Panama yeah he’s big
huge battle point now Sean is tall you know but he is he’s string being built
and that doesn’t mean that he’s weak it’s just that you can see aljamin has got strength
he he does a lot of you know movement where all of a sudden he uses that power
and you can see when he does now most of it you know it’s technique and he’s his technique is outstanding he takes the
back incredibly well yeah yeah no he’s fantastic he reminds me of patchy mix a little bit in that
area yeah very very much and uh I I just look at it
based upon everything that I’ve seen and I think Sean O’Malley’s going to be around for a long time and I think he’s
going to be the champ I just don’t think it’s going to be in this one oh really it won’t you think he’s gonna be the champ yep wow
eventually I think Sean O’Malley will be your Champion let’s get I want to while we’re still on this main event but I want to get just strictly into aljo is
he said 99 sure he’s going up to featherweight after this yeah
that is the dumbest thing why because
the reason why I’m this way is this is your opportunity to make as much money as you possibly can as the champion if
you’re not the champion your pay gets cut in half you go to 145.
and you’re you’re I think obviously you’d probably get right to a title shot or you’d be your first fight Champion versus champion
yeah and you lose that fight because you’re vacating the 35 pound title
you’re now not making what you were making being the champ 135 where you were more than able to to be pretend
potentially the rest of the crew that are behind you you know you got San Hagen chomping at the bit pretty much right there next in line I think after
that I know you got marab he’s there also but marab and him are not fighting
so I get you’re probably stepping aside to let morav have a shot at the title I think that’s partly it yeah and you got
Henry trying to make his you know his comeback and remember he’s waiting I think Henry’s waiting on murab is what I think he’s waiting on because that’s
stylus that’s a perfect matchup for him or he believes it is and I think it is too I’m not saying that it’s 100
guaranteed he’s gonna win but I think it’s a it’s a stylistic matchup that’s perfect for him
tend to be in the champ again um I just don’t think it’s a good idea by by Al Jermaine Sterling he’s got good
he’s got good momentum right now making the weight may be difficult but you know what’s even more difficult is after you
have a loss trying to get back to that top and at 145 we all know the speed tenacity the ability and the mental of
that guy sitting there volkanovsky is just something not to be [ __ ] with no you know and so I mean it’s I know he’s
I know alge was a big guy for that weight class but I mean we just saw we just saw what uh Volk did to to Islam
it was a lot bigger guy so it just like physical body frame is what I meant
um yeah I don’t know I I just want to get your thought on your thoughts on that nah I look at it I don’t know how
much you know I don’t know what it’s taking out of aljo to get to 35. you know and
if it’s and like you know one of the things I just said he’s a huge 135 pounder now he carries a lot of muscle
for 135 pound fighter who’s got not he’s not a small frame guy you know Corey
sandhagen is a large frame guy but he’s thin Sean O’Malley is a large frame guy but he’s thin
Alger means not so I don’t know how much it takes if it’s taking so much that it’s going to affect its performance I
think it’s the right thing to do to move up if he can maintain it I think he’s got the ability at 135 if
he stayed there to you know continue to ride the wave and and continue to to beat these you
know top guys in the toughest Division I think there is and submit yourself as
the the greatest bantamweight that’s the UFC’s ever had it’s not not a bad thing to do yeah yeah I agree I agree I just
look at the the amount of money he continued to make and then like he said try to work towards solidifying yourself is the best bantamweight I know he’s got
I feel I feel like he’s got a long ways to go though to get past Dom Cruz if you pull up the pull up the rankings
for me please at 135 pounds so he’s beat he’s beating uh TJ who’s
out now he’s beaten um if he beats Shawn and San
the uh Vera font song I mean now you’re looking at new guys coming up in the in
the rankings um I mean I’m looking at that I mean
outside all of them I would say Corey would I think give him a good go I know he’s beating Corey got submission
they’re both different Fighters now they’re the same Fighters but they’re they’re both respectively better you know um I agree and Corey’s gotten a
lot better on the ground I don’t know if it’s enough to stop his Jiu Jitsu and stuff but I guess I would love to see that fight again the one that obviously
and I’m just not a homer thing is um it’s not the Homer thing this is not
Homer and I’m and look and I’m actually not even saying Umar is going to win I’m saying that it makes for a very good
fight the power the power that Umar possesses now that he’s become a [ __ ] full-blown man I mean like he’s he’s got
a lot more power physically very very strong um style the style of his stand-up will
give will give him fits and his ability to stuff takedowns and his style of wrestling and stuff takedowns is
something that I’ll just gonna have a little bit of a different a hard time with I’m not saying that he’s not gonna get
him down I’m saying he’s gonna have a little bit more of a hard time getting him down because it’s a different style of takedown defense and how they defend
their takedown so but those I agree with you though those are probably the only two guys in that whole division that I
would think that would give him a hard time yeah that’s it you know um but is that enough to really get him past Dom
that’s a question all right let’s go and move on to the co-main event co-main event another championship fight
Wei Li Zhang against Amanda Lemos this is a Amanda Lemos as you know she’s had a you
know she was on fire there and she got stopped in her one fight you know against
um I’m blanking on the name I can’t say it uh andrage it was against andrage that
she lost the one I believe but uh she’s she’s the full package but Bailey Zhang
she does everything well yeah everything well she wrestles well she strikes well she’s got a good submission game
you know physically she’s strong physically she can go she’s got a great gas tank
she’s she’s a hard person to pick against Dave kick on uh sorry kick on
click on uh lamos please who was our last two was it on Josh I thought it was Andres
yep it was she was on oystering for a while ganger that was that standing Angela Hill or
triangle yes I do recall yep she just made a mistake she made a mistake
Watterson um she when I when I was reading the
thing I did I couldn’t recall if it was Jessica and Raj but I think andrage is the one that said earlier today that
that she the levels actually hits a lot harder than Whaley Zhang and I’m like oh wow she’s like yeah
Hershey cracks she’s faster than her she hits harder than her um I but I look at what Whaley has been
doing the last two fights she’s evolving her game working with Henry suhuto understanding what the when
to wrestle her wrestlings her wrestling’s got way better when to wrestle when not to wrestle when to throw Big Shots when not to throw Big
Shots game planning at a higher level and using her fight IQ instead of just
being the person that fought uh you’ll want a young J check that person is a
dog that person yeah you need to pull that person out every once in a while but if you’re gonna that’s when you need
to not not every single fight you’re right you’re you’re basically what is it called burn your burning
burning the candle of both ends both ends you know and that’s kind of what she was doing you know sure you’re winning the fights but man you’re taking
years off your life and your career by fighting that way um I look at this fight as long as she
fights a smart fight the takedowns will be there the speed of her of of Zang awali getting in on the takedowns I
think the strength might be a little bit more too in Whaley’s favor but the power and the speed of lemos’s hands I think
is going to be a factor how many times can she hit her but where we have found John with Whaley Zhang she will be there
in the fourth and fifth round she will push the pace she won those fights and whereas Joanna was the person
that always had the better cardio in the third fourth to fifth round she outworked her in that third fourth and
fifth round I haven’t seen another female in that weight class be able to do that be able to do that and now I don’t know
what lamos’s cardio will be like in the fourth to fifth round but I would almost put money down that
if I was to look on the way and then the waning on the odds and see if there was a betting line for that I’d put my money
on on Whaley Zhang outlasting her or having better rounds or winning those later rounds in four or five and three
four and five because I know she’s got the dog in her we’ve seen it we’ve seen it too many times and so let’s go ahead
and look at these uh these odds for the weighing in on the odds segment and the way these things pretty heavy
favorite three to one basically at minus 305 plus 245 for lumos you know you look
at the over which cracks me up because he over under is at 3.5 three and a half rounds so they’re giving you
you know around and a half past the norm and it’s plus 135 for the over and a
minus 175 for the under so really they’re looking at it to stop before
that and uh I don’t know I look at it it’s lamos is good
Wei Li Zhang has she’s really just the the person that gives her problems
is a person that’s got great movement someone that moves in and out and uses
lateral uh movement that tends to slow her down a little bit someone that stands in front of her which lamos will
is the kind of fight that she usually does well with yeah I’m going to go with the under I’m
going to go with Wiley I think Whaley is going to be able to physically dominate her in that clinch how she did against
Jessica and Raj and how she’s done against so many other Fighters she’s going to make it a dirty grimy fight
maybe look for submissions maybe look for the takedowns and I think once she gets to the top position she’s going to
be nasty vicious grown-up pound control all those things and she doesn’t need to
get the takedowns but she will to keep it to keep it fresh to keep Lemos thinking like damn if I throw too many
Big Shots I’m gonna get taken down if I get put on bottom I’m gonna get control I’m gonna get hit with some big shots those are all things that go through
Fighters Minds so this is one of those uh fights where I’m gonna ride with the with the champ and Wei Lee and I think
she’s gonna have a dominant performance and I’m gonna take the under on the three and a half okay minus 175 probably put about 250
down and uh and go with that and then if I was to take I would I would definitely just wouldn’t bet for her to win on the
minus 305. it’s just too much money too much money and with lemos’s power
uh nah she’s gonna have some pop in that first round round and a half and so I’d stay away from that I’d stay away from
that so just my uh my two cents on that whole that whole deal all right go ahead let’s go to the uh Coco main event I
guess you would call it now the cocoa Neil magni taking on Ian Gary or Ian
Machado Gary nobody taking this thing pretty much last uh
last minute you know it’s but he always comes in shape he’s always ready he talks about he’s always training and
he’s I don’t think he’s somebody that would take a fight unless he believed he could win he’s one of those guys I believe
I tell you right now I believe this is a very difficult fight for Ian Gary you know I have nothing but respect for Neil
magni he is a dog he’s he’s got very unorthodox uh stand up not a ton of
power as far as you know he doesn’t have that one you know crack knockout power but he’s a volume guy that puts a lot of
volume on and wears you out he’s got a very good ground game and I’ll tell you there’s not a doubt my mind is ground
game is better than Ian Gary’s right now I mean Gary I think is you know he’s going to want to keep this in the
stand-up uh he wants to keep it on the feet he wants to try to to hurt Neil in the stand-up but he’s gonna this is
where that that you know the rubber meets the road in that now you’re facing a guy
with a ton of experience who is a as we would call a wiley veteran that
has been in all kinds of different situations has had to work his way out he’s lost some of those fights he’s won
some of those fights but he’s he’s been there and done it where you
you’ve walked through a lot of guys you’re you’re a great fighter but you haven’t experienced everything and so
then all of a sudden something is just not going right for you in the fight and you don’t know how to fix it
where that’s what Neil Manny can do to you so this could be very difficult fight for Ian Gary
you know what’s funny is I look at like a Neo magni almost like a jake Shields right you throw Jake shields in there
with with these top level black belts in a jiu jitsu tournament and he makes them look average you take Neil Magnum you
put them there with the guys that are supposed to be the next biggest thing or guys that are the top five or five ranked Fighters he makes him look
average he just has a body style he has a style in which he fights just makes it
difficult for all these fighters to deal with it’s it’s the guys that have a specific
World title type of talent a guy that you know like a Gilbert Burns that is so
good on the ground yeah he he can beat Neil magni there but it takes a guy like Gilbert Burns to do
it you know or it takes a guy you know that’s got just World caliber you know
stand-up a Wonder Boy that becomes difficult for Neil magni in that
situation okay Ian Gary has not gotten to that point yet he doesn’t have a ground game like a
Gilbert Burns he doesn’t have a stand-up game as technically difficult to match
up as Stephen Thompson he’s good I’m not taking anything away from him he is a
young Talent he is gonna just get better but you can take a look right now and say
he’s a good fighter but he’s not great anywhere right now is he a great stand-up fighter I’ve seen
guys hurt him I saw he got dropped and rocked and it was good not last fight but the fight before he was in a lot of trouble is he a great wrestler no no
he’s good he can wrestle is he a great submission fighter no but he’s a good
fighter he’s well-rounded but so is the guy that he’s facing and so I’m not saying he’s not you know Ian
Gary’s not going to win but he’s gonna have a tough time beating you know there there’s a there’s a a
fine line between being confident and being cocky he’s treading that right now Ian Gary did you not see that he said he
is the only Superstar that UFC 292.
I’m the Superstar wow dude congratulations
congratulations I mean this is excuse me
look I love the confidence uh but it’s when it starts to border the Cockiness of it all you’ve got to be very cautious
because now you’re putting more pressure on yourself as a young Talent undefeated 12-0 okay there’s a lot at risk for you
right now you lose a Neil magni we’re not talking about keeping you in the rankies man we’re talking about okay
how do we get you a Wendy back on track you know and then that that’s really what the UFC’s thinking we’ve put money
we’ve started investing time into you we’re wanting you to win they’re we’re bringing you in someone who stylistically Neil’s not gonna probably
try to take him down he may threaten in here and there oh he’ll take him down but yeah he’ll take him down and then
and then I think you know on the feet though I think Neil magni with the the push kick the long jab the quick hands
it’s gonna be a problem to deal with do you have a difficult to deal with now Ian Gary’s a tall long linky kid himself
you know uh pretty well built and uh you know I hear nothing but great Praises about him at kill Cliff everyone talks
about how good he is talented you see the one that he does have he’s got power yes he does smack no he can he can but
he’s also been his Chin’s been a little checked also as of recently and so you know he can be hurt you know he’s not
just walking through everyone’s punches like they don’t affect him so there’s a lot at stake for Neil magni it’s it’s a win-win
situation I come in I get paid there’s less there’s less at risk for him I think so you know um coming in on a
short notice Ian Gary there’s a lot of stake losing your O Okay um fighting a
guy who’s a seasoned veteran but also the UFC expecting you to get through this guy you’ve got to show me you can
beat this guy before I even start talking about her thinking about putting you against against a top five guy or
top three guy or whatever it is so this is a big deal that’s a big deal for him next fight
oh Damon blacks here stepping in right away Man blaster just had an outstanding
submission Victory last week with the Twister well he’s just stepping right
back in and going against Mario Batista Mario Batista very good on the ground good with a stand-up he’s a well-rounded
fighter I look at that it’s a pretty even fight I mean they’re both interesting they
both should be in shape they both should come to fight and um well the real questions here and I look at this you know sometimes when you you feel like
well I I didn’t have to work that hard in my fight or anything it’s just that you you peek in that camp and then you
make that weight and then you get that fight and it does start to tail off and you just the the second weight cut kicks
your ass yeah that I don’t even look at it as the weight cut point of view and I I cut I
cut weight I didn’t cut a ton of weight though but I mean I was cutting in the 20 you know in the 20 pound range almost
every fight but I look at it more as the mental the
sense of relief when the fight is over you’re checked out and then now you called me to fight this guy now I gotta
check myself back in I spent six to eight weeks checking myself into that first fight I exude I used all my energy
in Camp I I did everything to focus on that one person and this is somebody who
is like you said I’m riding High I didn’t use a lot of energy I got the submission I moved on it was I’m not
banged up at all I have an opportunity to make a ton of money those fights don’t normally go well the
second one no they don’t it’s because you have mentally checked out you are
you’re you’re I got paid already I’m like I’m doing well everything is good you know what let me make this little
extra cash on the side over here what happens when you’re trying to make a little extra cash on the side those are the people that are slanging those are
the ones that think they’re just doing it on the side I’m doing it on the side guess what I get busted well you got busted because you weren’t ready for it
like you were your eyes weren’t focused on what was ahead of you and so um I’m looking at this going this is I get you
had a great performance if I was to is there odds on this Dave
we got odds on this no overrunners it’s a last-minute replacement so I
doubt they would have it no it doesn’t look no no it was right there was it oh you saw it yeah keep going keep going
keep going I was looking for the apostrophe in his name but I didn’t see it no you’re right no I didn’t I thought
it because it was right after the thing that was interesting nope but my my my thought process on this whole deal is I
would probably go with uh Batista based on the fact that you have a guy coming off of the adrenaline dump the relief
getting paid feeling good well it’s still trying to get back the mindset part of the whole reason for the camp is
you know there’s a physical side to it there’s a mental side to it and there is a there’s a Clarity that comes with
building up towards that one opponent in that fight and then it’s over and then
just jump right back in some guys can do it so we’ll see if Damon black well we’ve seen guys do it shamav he did it
we’ve seen Holland do it like these guys have done it they’ve had success that’s I mean that’s pretty much how they catapulted themselves into everyone’s
front living room and just everyone became a household name is because they did that and I admire them a lot for that but it doesn’t always work out for
everyone okay so uh okay let’s go into the next fight because this fight to me is I think is kind of flying under the radar
oh I mean most people are like they’re not even giving it what it is Marlon Vera gives Pedro Munoz Pedro Munoz
he’s lost some luster but he hasn’t lost his ability to fight first off the dude
is a phenomenal ground technician but he’s really more gone into the stand up
and uh he is heavy-handed Marlon Vera we know he is a
volume fighter but he’s got power too uh uses his kicks well he’s got a great
ground game this is a great matchup in my opinion I I tend to lean towards Cheeto you know a little bit in it just
based upon the fact that he’s just a little more you know elusive on the feet doesn’t take as many shots Pedro tends
to take a lot of shots to try to land the big heavy shot but either guy could win the fight but it’s a really great
matchup I’m gonna lean more towards Chito because Chito uses more weapons Pedro has gotten away from his wrestling
gone away from his Jiu Jitsu got away from his talking and now he’s just Central he’s just boxing and if he was
to continue to get back if he was to get back to his kicks and maybe threaten maybe threaten to take down every once
in a while I’d probably lean a little bit more towards Pedro but because Chito Vera is coming off of a loss and he
understands what it’s what’s at stake and how he needs to get back on the win track and he was so close to getting a
title shot oh he was right there he just needs to he needs to go out there and make an example out of Pedro Munoz and I
think he’s going to utilize every single tool whether it’s his knees whether it’s his elbows whether it’s you know the
calf kicks the leg kicks all of those things I think you’re going to see a very driven and motivated marlin
chitovera so I’m looking forward to that the next fight and this will probably be I mean for me this will be the last one
I probably want to talk about is the return of Chris Weidman man got to give this guy a lot of credit and love uh for
his return nothing but the best for this guy and uh I’m looking forward to he has talked about this whole camp
through his social media I didn’t just spend time trying to heal I spent time trying to get better so all the things
that I was working on before he’s like yeah I’m trying I was trying to get better I’ve mastered all those things and now I’m trying to add more tools to
my Arsenal now I don’t know how it’s going to end up going but you know with the leg and that that first couple kicks
you throw or you check or any of those things that’s in your mind buddy I know it’s in your mind oh yeah um but he’s
got he’s got a tough task against Brad Tavares but I think I think it’s a good matchup for him to return on
Brad Tavares more of a stand-up guy you know heavy hands tough dude can take big
shots so Chris needs to be in that you know uh that mindset of don’t don’t try to knock
you know this guy’s block off because that’s not easy to do let me just continue to touch him let me keep on
making him work hard and just work towards my win but yeah I think it’s good to see Chris Weidman coming back
trying to make you know you know he I look at let’s be honest he’s he’s not gonna have a title right
that’s not going to happen you know ever since his loss of the title to Luke
rockhold Chris has been on a different run and he’s had he’s had difficulties in fights but he’s still he’s a he’s a
great fighter he’s a tough dude and just to see him come back off of that injury you know my hat’s off to him I hope I
hope only the best for him damn who brought Negative Nancy over here [ __ ] okay hold on hold on let’s
take bring it bring up that that uh thing because I believe there’s only two wins yeah since uh the wrong velocity he
beat Amari and he beat Kelvin gaslin because I did that fight and uh go ahead
my thought is my thought is that he’s gonna have to get started on the wrestling if he can get to the wrestling he’s got great submissions also he just
doesn’t utilize them he fell in love a little bit with the kicking and the kickboxing and all that stuff during the
Anderson Silva camps you know and he knew that the wrestling was there and he could utilize it but I think he fell in
love with it a little bit too much and uh and it cost him against rockhold but I think if he gets back to the wrestling
because he’s he’s good at the takedowns his single leg dump is probably one of the best in the game
um and when he gets on top man he just finds ways to get to them out he finds ways to get to that top position and do
damage he has good ground a pound so if you’re gonna be if he’s gonna beat Brad Tavares that’s the way to do it yep I
agree John is there any other fights on this car that you want to chat about ah you got to give it up for uh there’s
Gerald Shard is coming back he’s going against uh Andre petrovsky that’s
actually a really good matchup because petrovsky he’s got great wrestling he likes to stand and bang he’s super
physical but Gerald Mercer if you don’t get rid of him he’s always a danger with
his submission game so and mercyhard is now fighting out of uh uh kill Cliff FC
uh so a little bit of a change he used to be with rufusport so who’s doing not training how to kill
Cliff right now who is knocked out isn’t there it’s [ __ ] crazy there’s a ton of guys the other one is Austin Hubbard
and uh Kurt hollabaugh both coming off of The Ultimate Fighter with uh McGregor
and Chandler and stuff so interesting they were teammates interesting to watch them go at it
interesting back in the UFC uh yeah for me it’s gonna be go back to that day for
me please uh Gregory Rodriguez man he’s always fun to watch remember he got that
big cut across his uh before his vein was showing that was just disgusting uh
had that thing broke it would have just been spewing out like this and they would have stopped the fight for sure
um you know and then Andrea Lee uh I love watching her fight she has she’s had some great performances KGB yep KGB
she does some great performances and she’s also had some ones where she just let herself down so I’m looking to see
um how she does coming in this one she’s up and down but she’s she seems like she’s on the incline and then uh Marina
I don’t even know you said awesome Rose moros she’s good she’s really good she just got to
believe in herself a little bit more and and Pull and pull the trigger a little bit more and physically she’s she is a
style matchup uh one of those like nightmare Style Match because she’s long
she’s tall she’s long for the weight class she’s got a good jab she can utilize her kicks good she’s good she
got good takedown defense she’s got to believe in herself a little bit more and let it all Let It All Hang Out well
that’s gonna wrap up our UFC talk and uh you guys enjoy that pay-per-view and we will be doing the recap on that shortly
after that so check us out uh before we move on go to onlyfans.com weighing in
subscribe to us over there it is free John’s on there a lot I’ve been posting a lot about you John I’ve been posting
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know there you go hey man we’re getting a lot more subscribers we’re actually hitting them pretty good we’re hitting some pretty
good numbers and um hey man uh check us out over there at onlyfans.com weighing
in let’s go ahead and jump into we got the pfl also so we’re gonna do a a recap on
a recap we’re gonna do um breakdown on this we got Maurice Green and henna Ferreira what do you think well this is
the 2023 playoffs which Joe Rogan just came out and said that that little bit
about the pfl or let me give you a little advice you don’t think it’s just an outsider get rid of the stupid point
things yeah because it doesn’t make sense but and there’s exact
evidence of it in here but I like this heavyweight matchup these both guys huge Maurice Green is a
large man Heenan Faria has big mess six foot eight this is a good matchup both
guys like to be in the stand up uh for the most part but uh fahea will take the
fight to the ground greens will try to avoid you know avoid that but this is a good heavyweight matchup and green has
been you know working out with uh Jon Jones and he feels confident after working with John that he’s uh improved
his game to the point where he can take on anyone he’s gonna have his hands full with Enon yeah I’m looking at Maurice Green if he
performs at all like he did in his last fight he ain’t getting out of the first second round it’s he I don’t know what
he was doing or I mean there was moments where he turned his back and ran away but John John’s done that a couple other Fighters have done it survival of the
fish you got to make sure that you uh you know if you’re getting on your bike get on your bike man hey you continue to fight and look it got him into this into
the playoffs no he won that fight he he lost that
fight they gave it to him as a win John he lost that fight ante Dalia won that
fight no pull it up no hold up Maurice Marie none no he lost are you very upset that
he lost yes oh that is right oh my God that’s right okay sorry the whole point
system is just freaking that’s right because he was the one acting like he
should have won and when they arrested and he was left over that’s right that’s right he got me threw me all off man
okay he even had me convince he won the fight no it just it came down he was I
remember now looking he’s like he was disappointed that he yeah oh wow he was like okay I won oh my gosh no anyways
all right well hey uh I’m looking if he performs the way he performed in that in that fight it ain’t gonna be good for
him next fight I agree Larissa Pacheco in a rematch against olena
Kohl’s Nick she’s Ukrainian
uh you know this is this is the one that they fought before I believe it’s yeah just recently I believe just recently
yeah it was last year last year yeah I think it was uh Marissa fought her to go and fight
um uh damn it I want to say it was to fight uh
um Aspen Kayla Kayla Harrison yep yeah yep was yep and so
you know look Larissa’s the real deal yeah Larissa can
fight Larissa is a tough out for anybody yes she is you know and uh
she’s gonna walk through Elena again yeah I’m sorry I agree I’ll walk through
her I agree with you um this is out of all the things the scoring system
for the pfl I’m like now you know what I can work around it we just gotta find a way to make it better there’s something
there the scoring system if you’re if you’re so adamant if the pfl is so adamant about having there we’ve got to have something to make it a little bit
better there’s got to be a way to do it that’s one two is this is the thing that I’m the most frustrated about I’ve seen
these fights that’s every season you’ve seen these
fights well the same people okay but here take it and this is the problem okay like you’re saying Larissa and
Elena just watching it was I mean it wasn’t close it was a dominant
performance by Larissa so now she’s going to fight her again okay so she fights her again and if you go just two
fights down you’ve got Marina Mo Cantina going against Amber leibrock now Amber
librock is in the playoffs she just got smoked
by Larissa Pacheco also okay and she’s in the playoffs based
upon you know her first fight she had a knockout in the first round head kick it
was beautifully done but it wasn’t against a high level fighter no and so now she’s in the class and if she beats
Marina because I’m saying I’m telling Larissa is going to be you know Elena she’s gonna end the fighter again it’s like
yeah no I get it what you want to see I know it’s not what you want to see it’s hard to make your playoffs
captivating to Captivate people’s attention when you’re I’ve seen these fights before that’s my point like think
about this it’s like okay look if we watched Earl Spence and Bud Crawford fight well that’s what we just watched him it
was a great fighting are you tuning in in five months to watch the same fight knowing that it was very one-sided one-sided I’m
up I’m not tuning in for that and that’s where we’re at right now with with you know so like if I want to make some adjustments like look does pfl have
something they’ve got something okay the smart cage thing I know people are like ah it’s stupid I actually kind of think
it’s cool whatever okay just do me a favor you are an intelligent man I love
you tell me what’s so smart about their cage well it gives up it gives it gives us stats I don’t know if they’re always
right but it gives us yes you said it doesn’t give you [ __ ] some little nerd in the truck is giving you look
I like what they’re doing they’ve got something there they just gotta find ways to tweak it and make it make it a
little bit easier for people to understand for Sean O’Connell every time he has to say the smart cage
like poor Sean gotta say oh okay there’s nothing smart about it oh I do like some
of the things they do as far as I really like you know their uh where they have
their own algorithm as far as you know who’s who’s winning the fight based upon
what they’ve seen even though you know they give like a percentage you know of something you know some of that’s cool I
don’t like the fact when they go and they do the like the speed of a kick okay and they say 17 miles per hour well
I hate to tell you guys that does not look impressive 17 miles per hour that’s not impressive when the kick is you’re
saying the fastest kick of the night when trust me when you get someone that really kicks and it hits someone hard
it’s a whole lot more than 17 miles per hour okay maybe maybe the the smart cage
isn’t really where I wanted to go then look I don’t think I will go with the
same thing you said though is I actually do enjoy when they say okay how did you have it Randy how did you have it Kenny
how do you have it it’s kind of fun they don’t they don’t go they don’t go round by round they just go fight by far yeah
you know and they and I like the fact they bring fans in they bring the fans in to say who do you know who the fans
think won Kenny you know and uh Randy and then they have the judges you know come up
with you know the only thing the issue that I have with that whole breakdown though is it really starts to CR and I
don’t know how they are with their with their Fighters look we’ve done stuff on here and Fighters have literally DM me
man you said I was gonna lose oh my God and I’m like guys I’m giving a breakdown like and [ __ ] you were supposed
to lose you got lucky I was like you know what I mean so then it becomes
it just becomes a little awkward when you’re the analyst and you’re like covert was very difficult when you’re
trying to call a fight because you’re saying something and these dudes could hear you so there was I was trying to
like kind of Mumble under my breath oh my God is that why you remember when they got
close to us I was like John man I don’t even know what to say right now John you go right ahead you talk
so but yeah okay what’s so funny is this happens all day just it just recently happened in Sioux Falls we had a fight
between Dalton Rasta and and Aaron Jeffries and you know when we we do
a uh a call that we have with all the production team and everything and we’ll
go through the fights and Josh and I’ll explain well this is you know the strong suit of this fighter
and you know it’s funny because I when I walked into uh Aaron Jeffries wins the fight he beats Dalton roster takes away
his undefeated record and first thing Aaron Jeffrey says to me you know before
I start talking he says and you thought I was gonna lose and it’s like and where did you hear
that yeah because I told everyone look this is a 50 50 fight it just depends on
where it takes place if Aaron Jeffries can put it in this realm he’s got a
great shot of winning if Dalton roster puts it in this realm he’s got the great shot at winning you know but it’s funny
because they they have that yeah it’s like well you thought I was gonna lose well John yeah it’s been very clear with
you like if you read the comments like I do that people only hear things from their perspective yeah and it’s so funny
because like I said earlier on the show is people like oh man you’re just riding on Dana’s nuts about the whole uh
payment thing I’m like
it was kind of funny because I finally I had some people in our comments go have you not listened to this show you must
be new they were like is Josh never says anything nice about I I do say things
nice about Dana just people tend to hear what they want to hear they want to hear and it’s not just Dana like there’s other you know Fighters like oh you hate
this guy like I I do say a lot of things nice things about Colby Covington but people seem to think that you and I are
Colby Covington haters I actually really really admire Colby Covington and how he’s managed to maneuver his career to
get to the highest point and look he’s doing his last and he’s still getting to dance yeah he’s pretty damn smart he
finds a way to get himself in there so you can’t knock people like that he’s doing what he does um you know Nathan Kelly is a very good
fighter against um Damien Nelson uh Nathan Kelly though to me good on the
feeds got some big Power he tends to load up tends to throw big overhand shots you know he is a good Striker but
we’ll see how we get if he can get it done or not yeah you know yeah the one down here
that blows my mind is you know you got Danilo Marquez against Satoshi ishi Satoshi ishi back in shut
up really is that the same one yeah he’s got yeah click on that go ahead no [ __ ] way yes
holy hello [ __ ] what in the hell 36 years of age now he must have been so
young when he was training at AKA holy cow yeah wow
geez he was a baby then when he was training AKA because I was like just out of the Olympics yeah I think I was like
29 28 29 when he was there he was a baby man he was with the uh he was with uh
Yoshida they came to our gym and uh worked with us on some Judo man he was a baby it was funny he
treated uh is she like like he was his young Protege which he was obviously
what I’m saying like he was making him do all the moves yeah it was pretty funny it was pretty
fun all right hey that’s gonna wrap up our pfl talk but hey make sure you guys go to onlyfans.com Wayne and subscribe
us over there it is free John and I’d love to have some conversations over there about MMA about the fight talking
about talking about a guy that goes to only fans still in Dennis is who we’re gonna talk about here we go buddy here
we go this guy lit it up this week with the with this I’ll tell you he’s tearing up Logan Paul on the internet right now
John he crushed him man he crushed I will I will give him credit for some of
the the pictures that he was putting out there he was kind of making it to where I did I think they said that uh Logan
Paul actually put in a a cease and desist something yeah something like
that he found really yeah he Files come on yeah
um also too yeah it was pretty funny to hear that I mean what what Dylan danis
had done basically what he has done now he’s taken a bunch of pictures of um Logan Paul’s fiance I don’t know
who she is or I don’t know I don’t even know what her name is um but she is apparently dated
um pull up pull up who she is Dave she’s a dated um I think Leonardo DiCaprio uh some
other people and well it looks like she’s dating [ __ ] Dylan no that’s that’s not her
oh he he imposed her face I think it’s someone if someone had posted like the
real picture of him with whoever the girl was wearing that dress but he imposed her face but apparently she’s
dated whoever she is is that her she’s dated uh Leonardo
Dicaprio and a couple other people and they are now engaged but it was pretty
funny she did a I guess several people and so yeah so now they’re engaged and
this is uh this is where it’s going this is where it’s going so Dylan danis basically took all the pictures of her
with all of her exes making out with them kissing on them hugging on them and put them all out as well as uh him you
know within him with a facial and post uh a photo of her and and Dylan Sitting
face to face kind of like that one that you saw earlier that one there oh okay the left on the left there you go yep so
that’s yeah so apparently that one’s supposed to be fake but I don’t know that’s a good fake photo
then it is apparently it is see that one there see that one right there below it there that’s the original one see uh
yeah that was that and that was Dylan’s girlfriend I believe I believe yeah I’ve seen her yeah okay okay
hey whatever man tip my hat to the guy man he’s uh he’s uh he’s out there slanging dick and you know and pulling
them so let him be gotta do I want to see if he actually gets in that kit in that cage if he gets in that ring though
that’s what I want to see I’ll tell you what this is what it’s like what
what is it Josh that makes it to where a guy Dylan Dennis has two professional fights
in his career in MMA he’s got zero boxing fights what is it that makes it
to where this guy draws so much attention he stays active people care he stays
active on his social media that’s all he stays active he’s constantly he’s constantly prodding people he’s
constantly look John you and I probably wouldn’t be friends but you know if if I continue if
I just went on this Rampage and just started like [ __ ] around with Nate and [ __ ] around with with Nick and
started [ __ ] around with Jake and be like hey you got my sloppy seconds like if you stay [ __ ] like that you’re gonna
you’re gonna get people’s attention the media is gonna pick it up I just don’t I don’t have it in need to do that type of
[ __ ] I’ve never been that person I never will be crap but these guys do it man they do it I mean I look at it too as at
the end of my whatever it is I’m doing at the end of it all of it it’s like I want also to have your children look at
you be like [ __ ] on the internet you know that they can respect you a little bit yeah a
little bit I mean I’ve done a lot of stupid [ __ ] John you and I both you know what I mean but it’s like the the right
now we we grew up in an era where there was no camera phones and [ __ ] didn’t live forever on the internet we
were blessed enough to do that you know uh we lived in the moment kind of thing but now these young kids and these guys
here that everything’s on the internet it the internet Never Never Dies it’s
gonna be there forever so whatever you’re doing whatever you’re selling yourself or your body or whatever okay it’s gonna be there man I mean
there was a it’s a very sad story but there was a mother on only fans and apparently some of the I guess some of
the kids uh had seen this kid’s mother on only fans and took the pictures and were showing them all around school and the
kid and then the kid killed himself oh that is that is where that is what
I’m talking about like you and and that’s not gonna happen every to everyone I understand that but I’m saying there’s consequences man for
whatever it is we do in life and you can’t and your kids will eventually down the road maybe potentially see it
because the internet’s gonna live on forever just remember that so yeah anyway
boxing match against Logan Paul yeah scheduled for when is this thing
supposedly going to take place October yeah October and there’s a
hundred thousand dollar clause in there that if Dylan pulls out he owes Logan Paul
a hundred thousand dollars or they can send a if he says he’s injured it has to
be verified through a doctor of their choice or something like that yeah I guess yeah
I just see you just filed bankruptcy right come on yeah I’m like
uh first off you’re not going to see the hundred thousand dollars no
okay he’s gonna pull out of the fight he pulls out of all the things that he gets you know put in there he uses it for the
the coverage and the media attention that fight’s not gonna happen yeah I
don’t think it’s gonna happen either I don’t think it’s gonna happen either but John you got Conor McGregor saying he’s willing to fight Michael Chandler in
December what are we gonna do about the usada thing and if he gets past Michael Chandler he wants to fight Justin gaichi and then Diaz the third fight will
always be there with Diaz No Matter What that fight will be there but the gaichi fight if he doesn’t get past Chandler gaichi’s not taking that fight he’s made
it very clear he wants title implications and that’s it that’s all and what are we doing about the usara
though what what are we doing if that’s happening in December what do we do about usada what’s what you’re doing is
Dana is gonna bring in Michael Channel or Michael Chandler’s managers and make
a deal let’s just be honest that’s what it’s going to be because he’s not going to be
Michael Chandler is going to have to especially based on what happened with Mark hunt Michael Chandler is going to
have to agree that oh Connor is not going to be tested for the six months before like you know Henry
sahuto had to do any of that it’s going to be an abbreviated uh
testing schedule for Connor for him to fight December let’s just be honest look it’s it’s the middle of August right now
really you got September October November December that’s four there you go that’s as much as you’re gonna get so
you take a look and say you know Michael Chandler are you going to make a lot of money here what do you think are you
okay if he’s only tested for three months Michael Chandler’s gonna go yep I’m good so I don’t think it’s you know in the
end but you’re gonna have to get Chandler to sign off on that you know because they’re not going to go
through another lawsuit like they did with what happened before so I mean but let’s
let’s look at this from a couple different ways let’s first let’s look at it from
do people the fans casual fan you need to give a [ __ ] whether Conor McGregor’s on the sauce or not you think they care
if he’s been used auto tested no nope outside of the fighter that he is
fighting and the hardcore fans that want to make a big stink about it you think they’re anyone else going to care nope
no you think the media is going to report on this nope no he’s not gonna care at all nope
I don’t think the media is going to care either No One’s Gonna Make a big deal about your side of not being involved media
will not do it because they don’t want their credentials taken away covering the UFC let’s be honest the [ __ ] still happens
no matter what any one of these [ __ ] media people say it still happens and no they will not cover it they there will
be one or two brave souls that go out there and say this is ridiculous they’ll make a story about it and then we’ll
never hear from them again okay they will just fall off into the abyss as media and no longer work for whoever
they work for and yeah you know what I mean I’m I’m poking
fun at it but they’re not they’re not going to cover it the way that they’re that you would think they would cover it for somebody who is
is apparently this promotion is pushed so hard for you saw the testing and the
media has talked about it the fans talk about it everyone talks about it and all the other promotions can’t get past the
criteria Mister yeah don’t get past that criteria and all the other promotions talk about maybe you can man they can’t
do it yeah you know like you guys don’t test you guys are all you guys are on steroids well everyone’s on stairways remember according to Nate Diaz but the
biggest thing is this is No One’s Gonna care they want to see the fight they’re
going to bend they’re gonna bend the knee to get the fight to happen and that’s what’s gonna happen so uh but hey
that’s we’re gonna find out and hopefully it does happen in December and they all get paid real quick the Shmoe and uh the Schmo yep and let’s go Shmo
and Helen Yeek congratulations on your engagement the best of luck to you guys and you guys are awesome man we love you
guys love working with you guys you guys have been amazing keep doing what you guys doing and the best of luck in your
future together awesome congratulations to both you and to the Schmo dude way to
go man playing way out of your level I like it good job uh super good guy and
the last picture that Dave has you guys can go ahead and poke some fun at it if he can pull it up I sent to him recently
uh oh oh yeah oh he’s gonna try to get it oh oh yeah yeah you sent it to me
while we were taking a break oh okay okay okay [Music] it’s coming it’s coming
this is a little throwback for you all if you guys don’t follow me on social media it’s at the realpunk on Twitter
and on Instagram and uh Big John McCarthy right Big John McCarthy also on Instagram
John McCarthy MMA sir and then I just typed oh look and it’s the Backstreet
Boys it is the Backstreet Boys a little throwback for you guys you gotta end
this oh Jesus we gotta end this show on a funny hilarious note you got me to the
far left got Cain Velasquez right there in the middle Mike’s here Justin Timberlake on the right on the far right
you got John Fitch there in between swick and cos uh [ __ ] clothing we
did a photo shoot was an awesome time we had a great time but man it’s funny you got Uriah on there you got some other
guys some other people that have commented on there uh Laura senka was on there and some other people but it was Hilary Ryan goes you got to bring it
back and look at Laura senko the drip that’s like the trip chin and Phil Davis
both on there as well so it was fun what was the name of the album there you go he’s got the Backstreet Boys Sean Brady
up in there too but it was just funny man Robin black Mike swick yeah cut through some comments on there maybe we
had a good time uh but it was fun it was fun to throw back a little a photo back in the old like kind of Dethrone
Affliction the stuff all over print God it was an ugly era when you look back
but good times we had we had a great time everywhere you can on a t-shirt that was that was what they did team AKA
right there though but uh good good memories and good times and uh check it out at the real Punk if you guys want to check it out and leave a comment so good
stuff and uh John take us away buddy hey for everyone out there I hope you uh have fun watching the fights there
should be a fantastic UFC here it’s pay-per-view so you gotta pay for it I’m apologizing to you now but so do I so
what the hell we’ll see you [Applause]
[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]
all right [Music]