Weigh Ins - Bellator 299: Eblen vs. Edwards

The official weigh-ins for the highly anticipated Bellator 299: Eblen vs. Edwards event have concluded, with fighters stepping on the scale to make their official weights. This Bellator event, held at the famous 3Arena in Dublin, promised an evening of explosive MMA fights that had fans eagerly awaiting the weigh-ins. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights from this exciting event.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most fighters successfully made weight, ensuring their participation in the event.
  • Middleweight champion Johnny Eblen and challenger Fabian Edwards both hit the mark at 184.6 and 185 pounds respectively, ready to battle it out for the title.
  • Pedro Carvalho weighed in at 145.6 pounds for his featherweight showdown against Aaron Pico, who weighed in at 145.2 pounds.
  • Unfortunately, Piotr Niedzielski missed weight for his featherweight fight against Khasan Magomedsharipov, coming in at 147.8 pounds.
  • The rest of the fighters on the card successfully made weight, ensuring an action-packed event in Dublin.

With the weigh-ins complete, the stage is set for an incredible night of MMA action at Bellator 299: Eblen vs. Edwards. Fans can expect high-stakes battles and memorable moments as these talented fighters step into the cage and showcase their skills. Stay tuned for a thrilling event that promises to deliver intense competition and unforgettable moments.

Middleweight Title Fight: Eblen vs. Edwards

The middleweight championJohnny Eblen, and his challenger, Fabian Edwards, both successfully made weight for their highly anticipated title clash, intensifying the excitement surrounding Bellator 299. Eblen tipped the scales at 184.6 pounds, while Edwards came in at the middleweight limit of 185 pounds, ensuring that this showdown will be a battle between two evenly matched fighters.

With Eblen defending his middleweight championship, this fight promises to be one of the highlights of the Bellator 299 event. Fans can expect a thrilling contest between two talented athletes vying for supremacy in the middleweight division.

As the reigning champion, Eblen enters the fight with a record of 10 wins and 0 losses, showcasing his dominance in the division. However, Edwards, with a record of 10 wins and 2 losses, poses a formidable challenge and will be determined to dethrone Eblen and claim the middleweight title for himself.

The stage is set for an epic clash between Eblen and Edwards, and fans can anticipate fireworks when these two warriors step into the cage. With both fighters making weight successfully, there are no hurdles left before they can engage in what promises to be an unforgettable battle for the middleweight championship at Bellator 299.

Table: Middleweight Title Fight – Eblen vs. Edwards

FighterWeight (lbs)
Johnny Eblen184.6
Fabian Edwards185

Featherweight Showdown: Carvalho vs. Pico

In a thrilling featherweight bout, Pedro Carvalho and Aaron Pico both successfully hit their marks on the scale, setting the stage for an explosive showdown at Bellator 299. Carvalho, known for his precision striking and relentless aggression, weighed in at 145.6 pounds. Pico, on the other hand, showcased his incredible athleticism and knockout power, weighing in at 145.2 pounds. The fighters’ dedication to making weight demonstrates their commitment to delivering a high-octane performance in the octagon.

This matchup between Carvalho and Pico has generated significant buzz within the MMA community. Carvalho, hailing from Portugal, has a formidable record of 12 wins and 5 losses. His dynamic striking and submission skills have made him a force to be reckoned with in the featherweight division. Pico, a rising star from the United States, has an equally impressive record of 9 wins and 4 losses. Known for his explosive combinations and knockout ability, Pico is eager to make a statement against Carvalho.

The clash between Carvalho and Pico is poised to be a showcase of skill, determination, and heart. Both athletes possess the drive to leave it all inside the cage and secure a victory. As the anticipation builds for Bellator 299, fans can expect a electrifying featherweight battle that will have them on the edge of their seats. The stakes are high, and the outcome of this fight could potentially catapult the winner into title contention.

Pedro Carvalho145.6 pounds
Aaron Pico145.2 pounds

Missed Weight: Niedzielski vs. Magomedsharipov

Unfortunately, featherweight fighter Piotr Niedzielski missed weight for his scheduled matchup against Khasan Magomedsharipov, raising questions about the implications for their upcoming clash. As per the official weigh-ins for the Bellator 299 event, Niedzielski weighed in at 147.8 pounds, exceeding the featherweight limit. This development has sparked concerns about his ability to perform at his optimal level and has put the fight in jeopardy.

Missing weight can have several consequences in the world of mixed martial arts. Apart from the potential impact on the fighter’s performance and conditioning, there may be financial penalties and repercussions in terms of rankings and future opportunities. It is unclear at this point whether the bout will proceed, as Magomedsharipov has the option to accept the fight at a catchweight, negotiate new terms, or cancel the matchup altogether.

“Weight cutting is an integral part of the sport, and fighters are expected to make weight for the safety and fairness of the fights,” said an official spokesperson from Bellator. “While we understand the challenges involved, it is essential for fighters to prioritize their preparation and weight management to ensure a level playing field for everyone involved.”

The missed weight by Niedzielski adds a layer of uncertainty and anticipation to the Bellator 299 event, leaving fans and experts wondering about the fate of this particular featherweight showdown. As the event draws closer, all eyes will be on the organizers and the fighters involved to see how they navigate this situation and deliver an exciting fight card in Dublin.

FighterWeight (lbs)
Piotr Niedzielski147.8
Khasan MagomedsharipovTBD

The full Bellator 299 weigh-in results included:

MAIN CARD (Showtime (4 p.m. ET)

  • Champ Johnny Eblen (184.6) vs. Fabian Edwards (185) – for middleweight title
  • Pedro Carvalho (145.6) vs. Aaron Pico (145.2)
  • Mads Burnell (144.4) vs. Daniel Weichel (145.6)
  • Sara Collins (145.3) vs. Sinead Kavanagh (145.8)
  • Levan Chokheli (169.9) vs. Sabah Homasi (170.2)


  • Daniele Miceli (170.2) vs. Peter Queally (170.2)
  • Mansour Barnaoui (155.2) vs. Jay Jay Wilson (156)
  • Gregory Babene (185.8) vs. Charlie Ward (185.8)
  • Ciaran Clarke (139.6) vs. Przemyslaw Gorny (139.2) – 140-pound contract weight
  • Roman Faraldo (170.8) vs. Luca Poclit (169.8)
  • Khasan Magomedsharipov (145.6) vs. Piotr Niedzielski (147.8)*
  • Darragh Kelly (145.2) vs. Jelle Zeegers (145.4)
  • Brian Moore (145.4) vs. Otto Rodrigues (145)
  • Davy Gallon (155.2) vs. Attila Korkmaz (155)
  • Asael Adjoudj (145.6) vs. Ibrahim Al-Faqih Hassan (146)
  • Kenny Mokhonoana (145.5) vs. Josh O’Connor (145.8)
  • Romain Debienne (171) vs. Nicolo Solli (170.6)
  • Kasim Aras (253.6) vs. Sergey Bilostenniy (246.2)
  • Mark Ewen (155) vs. Noah Gugnon (155.6)
  • Chiara Penco (115.2) vs. Mackenzie Stiller (115.8)

*Niedzielski missed the featherweight limit and will be fined a percentage of his purse.

ladies and gentlemen good afternoon and
welcome as Bellator MMA returns once again right here to Dublin Ireland
tomorrow night three Arena the site for Bellator 299. in the main event live on Showtime
tomorrow night live on Virgin Media is here in Ireland live on BBC iPlayer in
the UK in the main event it’ll be five rounds or less for the middleweight strap as the unbeatfeated champion now
known as Johnny pressure eplin defends his strap for against the Challenger in
his first ever World title fight that’s the Assassin Fabian Edwards that’s tomorrow night in the main event live on
Showtime for Bellator 299. if you’re just joining us in the live stream we welcome you to Dublin as we get set for
the oh uh the weigh-ins here uh and uh as we get things underway a quick thank
you to our sanctioning body the Mohegan tribe Department of Professional Regulation supervising on site as always
Direct after Mr Michael mazuli tomorrow night again live on Showtime in the
states your start time for the main card will be four o’clock Eastern that’s one
o’clock Pacific and that main card start time here locally in Dublin will be 9 00
p.m and you can catch that again live on Virgin medium the prelims will kick off
five hours earlier it’s a huge prelimp card five hours earlier will be the
start time the prelims as always can be seen in the States live on YouTube at Bellator MMA and Showtime sports you can
also catch all the action live as always on Pluto TV here in Ireland once again
freelance as well live on Virgin Media UK prelims also on BBC iPlayer with that
let’s get our fighters to the scale now we’ll kick it off with the prelims your
first matchup will be at 115 pounds that first matchup on the prelim card
tomorrow night it’ll be Stiller vs pencil your first fighter making her way
to the scales today please welcome Mackenzie Stiller [Music]
foreign [Music]
115.8 pounds 115. 8
and now her opponent fighting out of livono Italia Beastie Barbie Penco
115.2 pounds 115.2 for Penco
still are fighting out of Twin Lakes Wisconsin her opponent Penco out of
Italy here’s your first match up prelims tomorrow night Bellator 299 from Dublin
we get the action underway here at 115 pounds
we go now to the lightweight division for our second fight on the prelim card tomorrow night first fighter to the
scale out of the blue Corner please welcome Noah Gonza
out of speech in France four and oh undefeated as a professional
155.6 pounds 155.6 his opponent now also undefeated
at four and oh Mark Ewing
155 pounds even for the fighter out of fault Kirk
Scotland both Fighters four and oh in the second match up at lightweight
thank you second fight set we go now to the
heavyweight division the two fighters set it’ll be
first up the fighter out of the blue Corner please welcome to the scale cause
official weight 253.6 253.6 pounds
his opponent now please welcome Sarah Gabe to the Stoney
at 10-3 as a pro
246.2 pounds 246.2
heavyweight set third prelim tomorrow night Bellator 299
from here now we go to the welterweight division it’ll be the bien versus sole
your first fighter to the scale Roman
his record nine and four 170 pounds even
170 even for tabien his opponent now fighting out of Dublin please welcome
Nicolo The Monkey King solely originally from biela Italia four and one as a pro
170.6 170.6 pounds for solely
we go now to the featherweight division it’ll be O’Connor verse mokohana first
fighter to the scale from Swansea Wales The Undefeated Josh O’Connor at 5-0 as a
pro 145.8 pounds
145.8 for O’Connor
and now his opponents fighting out of Dublin Ireland Kenny Black Diamond
um he also stands as a pro at 5-0
145.5 His official weight 145.5 officially [Music]
next fight stays right here in the featherweight division first fighter to the scale Ibrahim Hassan
at four and one fighting out of Manchester
146 even 146 even for Hassan his
opponent now who’s welcome to the scale Azalea the sultan
6-1 as a pro fighting out of Dublin [Music]
145.6 pounds 145.6 for ajuge
foreign [Music]
[Music] division first fighter to the scale The
Fearless Attila cork Mass 13-7 fighting out of Berlin
155 even 155 pounds even for cork mods
his opponent now please welcome
out of Normandy France
155.2 155.2 pounds for a gallon
foreign [Music] division your first fighter to the scale
Otto Rodriguez
Brazil official weight 145 145 pounds for the fighter at 13-1
as a pro his opponent now back in the Bellator cage Brian the pike man more
out of County Wexford Ireland 16-9 overall as a pro
145.4 140 5.4 pounds for the pike man
[Music] and we’ll stay right here in the
featherweight division for your next prelim please welcome first to the scale
barbarious zagas out of tilburg the Netherlands
147.8 147.8 pounds the official weight his
opponent now please welcome The Undefeated Dara the mobile Mahler Kelly
a way of movil fighting out of Dublin at 4-0
145.6 145.6 pounds for Kelly
thank you
[Music] next up your 10th prelim will stay again featherweight division first fighter to
the scale this is piotra nichella ski
at 17-6 as a professional one
[Music] 47.8 pounds 147.8 foreign
145.6 pounds for The Undefeated Michael mid-shire Falls
[Music] welterweight set for the prelim car tomorrow night’s Bellator 299 we go now
your first fighter vicious Roman for Aldo out of Key West finding out of
Coconut Creek Florida eight and one overall as a pro 170.8 pounds
170.8 for floraldo his opponent now at nine and one as a pro please welcome
Luca poklettes out of Dublin by way of the Republic of
Moldova 169.8 169.8 pounds for Pokemon
and now we go to a contract weight fight at 140 pounds your first fighter to the
scale Schumer’s law the Polish wolf Gordon there out of Star Card Poland five and three
as a pro [Music] 139.2 pounds
139.2 his opponent now please welcome The Undefeated Kieran Clark
[Music] Ireland 7-0 as a pro
His official weight 139.6 139.6 pounds for Clark
now to the middleweight division it’ll be Ward versus about Ben your first
fighter to the scale Relentless Charlie Ward out of Mount Melnick Ireland 10 and six
is a pro 185.8 185.8 pounds for Ward
his opponent now out of Paris France please welcome Gregory blade
[Music] 22 and 11 as a pro
185.8 185.8 pounds for Babin
now back to the lightweight division it’ll be Wilson verse branawhui your
first fighter out of Auckland New Zealand nine and one as a pro JJ the Maori kid Wilson
[Music] 156 on the scale 156 pounds even for Wilson his opponent
now ranked at number nine out of Paris please welcome Monsour the Afro Samurai
Queen at 20 and five as a pro
[Music] 155.2 pounds
and now the 15th and final prelim tomorrow night Bellator 299 it’ll be
Mitchell verse quickly first stop this is danieli the cyborg give me Shelley
official wait for the well to weigh 170.2 170.2 pounds for Michelli
his opponent now fighting out of Dublin Ireland Peter the showstopper queenly
official weight 170.2 pounds for queenly 170.2
as your final prelim tomorrow night Bellator 299 from here in Dublin Ireland
[Music] and we get set now to go to our main
card the five fight main card from three Arena here in Dublin Ireland we go first
to the welterweight division it’ll be chokily vs hamasi your first to the
scale live on the Joe Kelly
Georgia 12 and 2-9 Knockouts to his credit His official weight
169.9 169.9 pounds for chocolate
his opponent now fighting out of Coconut Creek Florida USA please welcome Sabah
the Sleek chic komasi the veteran at 17 and 11. 11 Knockouts
three submissions 170.2 pounds
170.2 pounds for hamasi
and to stare him down we welcome to the stage Mr Scott Coker as we get set here
tomorrow night live on Showtime live on Virgin Media here in Ireland
live in the UK on BBC iPlayer live on Showtime throughout the states
welterweights leading us on we go now to the featherweight division
vaishal vs Burnell first to the scale the veteran Daniel Drake fight show
42 and 14 as a pro out of Frankfurt Germany
145.6 140 5.6 pounds for visual
and now we welcome the number four ranked featherweight out of Houston Denmark by way of Las Vegas
mads Bernal 17-5 is a pro
144.4 pounds for Cornell [Music]
for now with 10 stoppages seven coming by round one submission by show the
two-time title Challenger and 56 fight veteran with 28 stoppages that’s visual
we go now feather weights fight number three on the main card Collins versus
Kavanaugh first to new scale Sarah Collins undefeated at 4-0 official weight
145.3 for Collins 145.3 her opponent now ranked at number
four out of Dublin Sinead KO Kavanaugh
the former title Challenger at nine and five is a pro brings four wins by
knockout [Music] 145.8 pounds on the scale
145.8 for Kavanaugh
[Music] tomorrow night Bellator 299 and Nicole
Main Event feather weight set value versus Pico first to the scale ranked at
number five out of Dublin please welcome Pedro the game caught Ohio
Portugal 13-7 as a pro
145.6 for the game his opponent now ranked at number three please welcome
Aaron Pico 11-4 overall for the fighter out of
Albuquerque New Mexico 145.2 pounds 145.2
let’s go
[Music] and now to the main event of the evening
middleweight title on the line five rounds our last week welcome the Challenger to the scale first please
welcome the Assassin Fabian Edwards out of Birmingham England at 12-2 as a
pro 185 even on the scale
and now out of Coconut Creek USA we welcome The Undefeated now known
as Johnny pressure Evelyn the defending Bellator champ at 13-0
184.6 on the scale [Music]
[Music] from Dublin Ireland three Arena Bellator
299 Main Event middleweight gold on the line
in his first ever World title challenge he is the Challenger the Assassin Fabian
head words taking on The Undefeated middleweight champ Johnny pressure
Evelyn [Music]
the best way to wrap it up is to quote Bert we gotta fight all night long there’s your main event tomorrow night
Bellator 299 from right here in Dublin Ireland will see you live on Showtime
our start for the main card four o’clock Eastern time in the states that’s nine o’clock local here in Dublin with that
we’re all set we’ll see you tomorrow night on Virgin in uh Ireland and live on Showtime in the stage for Bellator

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