Valentina Shevchenko warns: "Up to me to PUNISH Alexa Grasso!" | Daniel Cormier at Noche UFC


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In this article, I’ll be discussing the upcoming UFC Fight Night between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. This fight has been building up with a lot of intensity, especially from Shevchenko. She has been more vocal and agitated than usual, expressing her desire to dominate and punish Grasso. This is a departure from her usual demeanor, as she has always let her actions speak for themselves. However, her recent loss of the championship and a tough fight against Tyler Santos may have fueled her frustration.

On the other hand, Grasso seems cool and composed. She has gone back to the lab and focused on what she did in their first fight to maintain her championship. It’s important to note that their first fight was not an easy one for the new champion. Shevchenko constantly took Grasso down, controlling the fight until Grasso defended a takedown in the third round and eventually secured a submission victory in the fourth round.

Despite the close fight, Shevchenko was still ahead on the judges’ scorecards. However, Grasso’s confidence has been boosted by her previous victory. She now knows that she can beat Shevchenko, and this belief will play a significant role in their upcoming rematch. Doubts may still linger for both fighters, but they are determined to prove themselves inside the Octagon.

This fight is taking place on Mexican Independence Day weekend, which adds even more significance for Grasso. It’s a huge honor for her to headline this weekend, usually reserved for legendary Mexican fighters like Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya. Grasso should take pride in her accomplishments and the fact that she defeated one of the greatest champions in UFC history.

Before I wrap up, I have some exciting news for those in Vegas or nearby. I have tickets to the fight and will be giving them away. I believe that everyone should experience the UFC in person, so I want to give you the opportunity to attend UFC Noche or Noche UFC. If you’re interested, simply like, subscribe, and comment that you want to go to the fights. I have four free tickets to give away, and I’ll even meet you to deliver them. The UFC is an incredible experience that you won’t want to miss, so don’t hesitate to enter for a chance to win.

In conclusion, the upcoming UFC Fight Night between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko is shaping up to be an intense rematch. Shevchenko is determined to dominate and reclaim her championship, while Grasso is confident in her ability to defeat the former champion once again. This fight holds even more significance as it takes place on Mexican Independence Day weekend, with Grasso headlining the event. It’s a great honor for her and a testament to her skills as a fighter. If you’re in Vegas or nearby, don’t miss the chance to attend the fight. Enter for a chance to win free tickets and experience the excitement of the UFC firsthand.

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DraftKings Sportsbook let’s get to the
what’s up guys look I’m back in Vegas
and guess where your boys at your boy’s
back at the Holiday yeah I’m back at the
pandemic Hotel because I just like I
like to be here it’s comfortable it’s
relaxing on the beat back and I’m here
for UFC Noche
Noche ufcs
it’s UFC Fight Night Lexa Grosso is
fighting against Valentina Chef Janko
guys this whole week in Bill to this
fight has been a little bit different
for valentina’s chefchenko she’s been a
little bit more agitated than would seem
she’s a little bit more
she would seem to not only win the fight
but make a point in the fight right
she’s saying things like I’m gonna
dominate I want to take my belt and go
home it’s on me now to punish Alexa
Grosso to me
that feels a little bit out of character
for the bullet because far as intense as
Valentina can be she’s never been this
she’s never been vocal about it she’s
never been one to talk about what she’s
going to do to her opponent it’s always
been her actions I’ve kind of been what
balancing is known for
but maybe I am wrong for not expecting
this because of the way she lost her
championship and not only did she lose
her Championship we got to go back to
the Tyler Santos fight it’s not like she
dominated that fight as she had been
dominating on her title run
right so maybe maybe that’s why
she’s a little bit more frustrated in
regards to how the public use her and
how she feels going into this rematch
but as you guys know we do fighter
meetings and we talk to the fighters
before they get ready to go we do our
research and we learn about these
Fighters as they get prepared for their
competitions and guys
talking to both of them while
valentina’s upset
Alexa feels like she’s cool as the other
side of the pillow that’s off to the
great Steward Scott rest in peace she’s
not worked up at all
she went back to the lab and started to
do exactly what she felt like she did in
fight number one to maintain her
Championship but we can’t act like fight
number one
was an easy fight for the new Champion
it was a tough fight
and honestly I got some words from one
of the best fighters in the world in
regards to the fight and while he may
not be as articulate as some
he gets the point right
take a listen No I said talk to me talk
about chefchenko versus Grosso anytime
somebody makes uh dominant champion
fight it’s a fun fight last fight was
entertaining this fight’s gonna be
entertaining obviously a dominant
Champion has incredible skills and so
someone someone makes them but Alexa
grossos like when someone makes I was
trying to fight and we get to see his
you know true skills to fun [ __ ]
what happened last weekend
you guys asked him you’re so crazy dog
so Justin gaichi
may not articulate it to you right and
he did take a little bit of a stab at
Israel or something but
is telling the truth
when a dominant Champion gets pushed
when a dominant Champion fights someone
that matches their level and then
exceeds it it does make the best come
out of most of them
but we got to go back to fight one if we
want to give an honest assessment of
what happens Donald either took her down
she took Alexa Grosso down time and time
again it wasn’t until around three that
Alexis Russell actually defended one of
her takedowns she was getting taken down
over and over
and controlled as the fight went on
until we got to round three and then
around four she obviously got the
submission I thought Grosso had a lot of
success in the stand up but then when
you re-watch it Valentino was doing very
well and winning a lot of the exchanges
I thought I swear when I left that night
I felt like Valentino was wrestling
because she couldn’t strike with Alexa
Grosso but on second watch it was much
more competitive now do I believe that
Alexa wasn’t one of those striking
exchanges I do I do she had moments
and in those moments she was fighting
really really well but it was a very
close fight
in a fight where on all the judges
scorecards they had the champion
volunteers Chef tank was still ahead
but we saw Alexa counter that spinning
back kick jump on that rear naked choke
and completely strangle Valentina and
that gives you confidence
so for everything else it gives you
confidence Valentina now knows that
Alexa Grosso can beat her but so does
Alexa Grosso
because no matter what you say guys no
matter what you say when you watch
somebody dominate the way that Valentina
had dominated for so long there are
there are doubts
sure you’re confident sure you work hard
sure you believe
there are little doubts in there
where you wonder
am I going to be the one that can stop
this trade
I know I’ve worked hard I know I deserve
to win but am I going to be able to put
together 25 minutes to stop this train
and you don’t know it until you do it
and while Sean Strickland last weekend
pitched him masterpiece
there were doubts and he said it himself
he goes I didn’t know if I could do this
But as time went on in the fight he was
still there
started to believe and so did Alexa
Grosso she kept believing and believing
more and believing more and now she’s
the champion of the world and she does
not believe she’s going to lose this
belt guys I sat with him the other day
and I looked through my notes and I’m
telling you as I look at Alexa Grosso
it says I feel great
I have done everything I worked on the
areas that I needed to improve on and I
feel like I want to be better inside the
Octagon this weekend and for volunteer
it’s the same I must dominate
I must show that I’m still the best she
is pissed
valentina’s pissed
that everybody’s so locked in on the
success that Alexa had and almost she
feels like we’re almost ignoring
all the success that she had inside the
Octagon when in reality it was very
Noche UFC goes down this weekend at the
T-Mobile Arena guys and it’s a fight
night but it’s not inside the Apex
it’s in front of people it’s Mexican
Independence Day and I want you guys to
understand how big a deal it is to Alexa
grossel to headline on this weekend guys
this weekend is usually reserved for
guys like Canelo Alvarez Oscar De La
Hoya and all the great Mexican fighters
from the past
this is a huge honor for Alexa Grosso
to be headlining this weekend on this
historic weekend for the Hispanic
she should take pride in that and she
should take pride in the fact that she
beat one of the greatest Champions the
UFC has ever seen listen guys before I
if you’re in Vegas or in the area and
you want to go to the fight
I got tickets for you I’ma start doing
more giveaways giving tickets a way for
people to go to these events because I
truly feel like everybody should
experience the UFC in person
you should be able to see this there are
sporting events and then there is the
USC I promise you guys it’s like nothing
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comment if you’re in Vegas that you want
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not only am I going to give you four
free tickets I’ll meet you to deliver
so if you want to go to the UFC let your
boy DC know like subscribe comment hey I
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I don’t care put it whichever one in the
comments and DC’s got tickets for you I
got four of them and if I don’t want to
just get four maybe I’ll give more I’d
have to call the boss for that but I
have to figure out if we have tickets
left like comment I want to attend UFC
Noche or Noche UFC and I got you guys
Alexa Grosso versus Valentina two goals
down this weekend from the T-Mobile
Arena and I believe it’s gonna be sick
these two women want to rip each other
apart and I cannot wait to watch a call
plus the boy Jack de la madelina fights
against the boy Kevin Holland is Jack
Della ready for this step up I guess we
find out this weekend
guys like subscribe put I want to attend
no chain UFC I want to attend UFC no
check and your boy DC’s got tickets
until next time guys I love you for all
the support that we’ve got hey over a
million views in a week I’m loving it I
love you guys I appreciate you guys
until next time peace

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