Valentina Shevchenko: 10-8 Judge Will ‘Live With That Mistake Forever’


Addressing the Illegal Knees Controversy

In the interview, Shevchenko addressed the issue of the illegal knees that occurred during her fight. She clarified that her understanding of the rules going into the fight was that only one hand needed to be down for a grounded opponent. She expressed her belief that if the rules have changed to require two hands, it should be applied consistently to all fighters. Shevchenko acknowledged the importance of referee Herb Dean’s expertise and professionalism, but stated that she would like to see equal treatment for all fighters in similar situations.

Future Plans and Choosing Opponents

When asked about her future plans, Shevchenko explained that she has never been in a position where the UFC asks her what she wants next. Usually, the UFC presents her with potential opponents and she agrees to fight them. She emphasized that she is always ready to fight and needs time to prepare and heal before her next bout.

Shevchenko admitted that it is difficult for her to predict what the UFC will offer her next. She is currently focused on healing her hand and wants to ensure that she does not hold up the division. She expressed her willingness to fight anyone and mentioned the possibility of a trilogy fight or moving up in weight class.

Fighting in Mexico and Kyrgyzstan

The interviewer asked Shevchenko if she would be open to fighting in Mexico. She responded by suggesting that it would be fair to have an event in her home country of Kyrgyzstan on its Independence Day. She believes that the government and people of Kyrgyzstan would support such an event, as they have shown their support for her in the past.

Next Contender for the Belt

The interviewer then asked Shevchenko for her opinion on who should be next for the belt if she is unable to fight due to her hand injury. Shevchenko stated that it is a difficult question and suggested that a fight between Miranda Maverick and Manon Fiorot could determine the next contender.

Custom Belt Controversy

The interviewer also asked Shevchenko about the custom belt that her opponent, Lauren Murphy, received after the fight. Shevchenko responded by saying that it is not unfair and that every champion has their own journey and obstacles to overcome. She believes that facing challenges makes a person stronger both physically and mentally.

Three Rounds Decision

Regarding the decision to have the fight go three rounds instead of five, Shevchenko expressed her confusion and questioned why the fight was not stopped earlier. She mentioned that some people scored the fight 48-47 in favor of Murphy, but she believes that it should have been a three-round victory for her.

Gratitude to Supporters and Training Partners

Before ending the interview, Shevchenko expressed her gratitude to all the people who support her and send her positive messages. She thanked her training partners and mentioned Tiger Muay Thai, Jason Andrade Muay Thai, and Smile MMA Academy for their contributions to her training camp. She also thanked her sponsor, Monster Energy, for their support.

Continuing to Build Her Legacy

Shevchenko ended the interview by reaffirming her determination to continue fighting and building her legacy in the sport. She emphasized that she still has a lot left in her and that she is not done yet. She believes that her experience and Valentina Shevchenko recently appeared on The MMA Hour to discuss her thoughts on her recent fight and her plans for the future. She addressed the controversy surrounding the illegal knees and expressed her desire for fair treatment in future fights. She also discussed her mindset when it comes to choosing her next opponent and the possibility of fighting in Mexico or her home country of Kyrgyzstan. Shevchenko emphasized the importance of healing her hand injury before making any decisions and expressed her gratitude to her supporters and training partners. She ended the interview by reaffirming her determination to continue fighting and building her legacy in the sport.

it ends in a split draw Valentina kind enough to join us on this Monday morning can’t thank her enough for that let’s
not keep her waiting any longer here she is the bullet joining us Valentina thank you so much
um I really appreciate you coming on could I ask on on this Monday less than you know 48 Hours removed from Saturday
uh the adrenaline has gone away a little bit how are you processing everything that happened on Saturday night
uh hello Ariel yes I’m feeling good now resting
um just like recovering from the small um injuries what I had and like some
small some maybe not that small but yeah it’s kind of like um moving on life is a
life is continue and I just continue to do what I love to do like healing and go
back to trainings are there levels of like the way in which you process this
meaning on this Monday are you angry are you met like on Saturday it felt like
when you met with the Press you were still processing everything and I’m wondering now two days later what the
emotion is that you would say you’re feeling oh emotions you know like um as I said
on Saturday it’s kind of like double feeling from one part I’m very proud what I did inside of the octagon and I
uh do you know exactly three rounds for certain from from five it was like my
rounds I wanted rounds and uh from other side I was like a few things in the
fight was completely unfair and yes definitely the scorecard in the
um uh final round in the fifth round and eight and like Mike Bell and he did like
um something that unexplicable things and I think the whole world would love
to hear the explanation but uh from the other sides it’s not me it’s he is gonna
leave with that mistake forever uh so I agree with everything you just said in particular the explanation is
something I’ve talked about a lot that this sport sorely needs you know we I I can reach out to you to get your side I
could reach out to Alexa I could reach out to the promoter I could reach out but the person who actually made this
call the tenant those people never speak right the judges never speak and I think that that is wrong that is backwards I
have reached out to Nevada I reached out to their commissioner Jeff mon I reached out to someone who knows Mike I reached
out to everyone to see if he would even give me a statement to explain to tell us why I have not
gotten that yet but I just want to let you know that I’ve tried to do that and I’m wondering if behind the scenes
anyone has told you the thought process the reason for this 10-8
uh no there is um there is nothing clear about that what’s the reason it was a
10-8 there is uh no one is speaking about it and I think my guess is because
there is no explanation of that and it’s kind of like um he had me on his scorecards winning
three rounds right and it looks like in the final round he was like oh my God I
cannot let that happen just I switched my mind and give 10 8 but 10 8 what does
it mean in our Sports 10 8 it’s when a fighter cannot do anything he just like
going around running around from the morning and just trying to survive and
it’s kind of like this is 10 8 but you could see in the final fifth round it’s
not even close to 10 8. it’s like in the stand up it’s completely like all the
hits what I was hitting it was hard hit and I felt that few of them they learned
it like from the job they lend it very hard to uh her and she kind of like was
a shook off because I felt it and it’s kind of like completely already not 10
8. so yeah control control doesn’t bring age control it’s nothing damage is this
and there was any damage like that in the final round have you re-watched the fight yet
no I didn’t re-watch it yet but I rewatched like few um
um the most important like like uh like the last round like the uh like a little
niece some something like that so like important things but not complete yet which rounds do you think you won
decisively so it was completely like uh uh my opinion first round and
um I would say um no I cannot say like exactly which round it was but I know exactly it was three okay uh I think
most people who scored it for you including myself thought you won uh one
three and uh four one three and four and her two and five does that make does
that feel like it’s right yes okay um what did you think what was your
feeling before they uh read the scorecards what were you thinking what were you feeling inside how did you
think it was gonna go uh I was I was thinking it’s three two in my side I was thinking it’s going to
be split decision it was a war it was a grand fight it was an amazing fight it
was like in my opinion five thousand nights I’m not saying that kind of like was uh super easy and something no I
thought there I thought I leave everything in the octagon and I know people said like oh you if you’re gonna
leave it uh your Victory you have you don’t have to leave it to the judges yes
right you can’t say that but um no one
um has right to say that if they didn’t try to fight in the octagon and that
level what we are fighting it’s not that easy to do knockout submission or
whatever with your uh finger broken and this opponent who is in the top level so
it’s kind of like I know I did try and do everything and it was enough to
secure three rounds of victory in my side there are two sayings in MMA that I
despise that I hate one is don’t leave it to the judges that’s like implying
it’s it’s an error it’s a mistake if you go the distance that’s crazy to me it shouldn’t be viewed as an error mistake
it’s just a very close fight that neither person is able to finish them so who cares the judges should be not a
punishment they should be there to determine who’s the winner and then the other one that I hate is uh to be the champion you have to beat the champion
you have to just like no you just have to win three out of the five rounds that’s it like no one should score a fight saying hmm was this the champion
was it not the champion did Challenger do enough so all that is nonsense if you ask me um you showed up to the the press
conference with your with your hand in a cast could you tell me when you injured
it when do you think you injured it and and how did it affect you throughout the fight uh so I injured my hand in the first
round and I could say it exactly it was in the first round because I hit these
um cross and it’s landed that side so it kind of like affected my thumb and I
felt it that that moment right away right now um later today I will have
um a um X-ray and like use CPI there’s thinkings reads uh more like ligaments
might involved but right now you can see they are like full like swallow and it’s
kind of this finger doesn’t move so it’s been all um like purple side and here’s the
bruises so it’s kind of like affecting it my movements right now it’s a moment but um and I felt it right away in the
first round that’s why it was the reason why I kind of like could not finish my
submission but because like this is what affected me to pull my grip right and I
I had the position when I was like behind her back on there like the position but I couldn’t I couldn’t like
even close my arm because the finger was a reason why it’s happened but again I’m
not here saying that uh trying to find excuses why that happened I’m not here
it’s kind of like uh if I would try to find excuses I would say oh my God I I I
broke my finger I cannot go and continue the fight but no I thought four more
rounds with a broken finger and people cannot say anything about it I’m not complaining here I’m here speaking the
facts why it’s happened and I cannot explain my opinion I can explain why uh
it’s happened like that right but um this is kind of like what I am uh type
of a person if I feel that I have to continue I will continue I cannot
disappoint all people who came to watch the fight I cannot disappoint the promotion who like uh puts this um like
responsibility in a good way responsibility on my shoulders that I have to go and show myself so I feel
that I have to just continue and try to do everything to the very uh like last
last minute and I did that I fought with that such a hand I fought all my heart
that I secure three rounds Victory and this is again not my fault of the
mistake of a judge and this is not I am who’s gonna live with that decision this
is he is who will like forever be remembered with that mistake and next
time when he gonna judge and I don’t know if he’s gonna be judging another fight as well he will be like looking
from the fighters corners and their teams with their big big big
um Like These Eyes of um doesn’t believe in that person
um in his professionalism do you think that you need surgery uh this is what I will see uh today
afternoon because I think like X-ray and um MRI will show what I will have to do
with the hand have you ever been in a position like that where you’ve had to fight the majority of a fight with a broken hand
uh actually no this one this was first time yes truly I mean I can’t even imagine 20
plus minutes with your power hand injured like that one of the toughest things you’ve ever had to deal with in a
fight uh one of them yes it’s kind of like all together but I think the adrenaline
would uh fight bring you like fire itself it’s also a little bit protects
you and another like um in my mindset In This Moment was like whatever happened I
will die in the fight no matter what I will die there but I will continue so it’s kind of like it’s hard to explain
for the people who don’t understand the mentality of the fighter but the fighters and people who are close to the
fight they will understand me very clear that what I felt in that moment uh you
mentioned that Mike is going to have to live with this and I understand where you’re coming from in the end though the only person that’s truly affected is
yourself right you’re not the champion on this Monday and who knows how that changes your history your legacy nothing
changes in the past but like who knows when you’re fi you know if you fight for the belt so much could happen right
um nothing is guaranteed in life and so do you feel do you feel feel like you’ve been robbed you feel like you’ve been
like you know like yes he has to deal with that inside but you’re ultimately the one that has to deal with the consequences and so I’m wondering how
that makes you feel I want to say is that um yes I am the
one who’s affected I am the one um not I am she is as well who got a
result like a draw from this fight so it was not any kind of a loss but
unfortunately the rules of the um um of the fighting words it’s the same
so if it’s a draw the belt Stave is a person who had it yes but from other
side I don’t think that it’s gonna affect my legacy because the truth is
here the whole world 20 000 people who was like watching fight live in T-Mobile
Arena they saw the result they know the truth and the truth is here it doesn’t
matter what people trying to make up after that how they score or what they
do the truth it’s the there and every time you see the fight and you feel the
truth and I know I didn’t lost I know uh old people sees it I didn’t lost and we
are not speaking about clothes because it was a draw yeah and kind of like this
is uh this is the the truth is here that’s why um it’s not affecting my
legacy okay um just curious when you’re in the back does anyone from Nevada does anyone from
you I don’t know does anyone come and talk to you about this do you get any sort of hey this is what we think happened or this is what we’re gonna do
or does anyone tell you anything uh at that moment backstage like after
the fight I was not like I I didn’t have time like to actually to process everything if there was any approach it
was approached to my manager and I definitely will like have like this week because we kind of like she’s not
bothering me is trying to like give me like sometimes to uh have a little bit rest but we definitely we’re gonna see
each other this week and see like and reflect everything what happened and what our like plans to do so yeah it’s
gonna happen in these days okay and because it’s so uh controversial have you even thought about maybe even it
doesn’t really work but I’m just curious like to appeal historically these things don’t really work but will you try to appeal the decision are you thinking
about that at all uh you know right now I don’t want to say anything like yes or no but I think
it’s there a matter of time to measure everything to see exactly how it’s gonna
work and what it’s like to re-watch the fight and see like uh maybe if uh we
will have more explanation about the situation with more evident evidence like or really take decision but right
now as I’m saying like um it’s up to uh think about it twice and like take the
right decision but uh from Another Side um kind of like I’m
um happy with my performance and this is what it counts and this is what it
matter what was your take on how Alexa fought because I thought both of you deserve
all the credit it was an incredible fight um and and uh just coming off the last I mean it was just so entertaining to
watch and the heart that you guys showed the determination was just incredible your your feelings on how she fought she
has come along you’ve been here at the top for a long time we’re now seeing her Evolution and she’s come a long way I’m
just wondering if you were at all oppressed or if there’s another word that you would use to describe the way in which he fought
uh you know I didn’t have time to see um exactly the way of her Revolution or
whatever yeah but um like if she’s there and we had such amazing files that means
like it’s kind of like top level of the fight game it’s top level of the opponents and no one can take uh credits
from Pure like being like fighter who give it all and everything before and we
fought amazingly good but I still think like um and everyone thinks the same three
rounds I won that fight and the belt’s supposed to be uh to Davis me but it
didn’t happen and this is a fact so we had a draw and unfortunately the rule
says like the belt stay with their who uh already hold it at that moment
um somewhat reminiscent of Edmonton when you fought Amanda Nunes where it was a close decision that some people thought you want did you were you feeling the
same things on Saturday that you felt no no it’s not the same way it’s it’s even
more obvious that it’s uh like kind of like um different it’s different it’s
actually like um unfairsing with the scoring and like um no it’s uh it’s it’s completely
different since okay uh you’re usually very focused and unflappable and intense but I noted like when they showed you
walking into the arena like you had a look on your face like you you were going out there to do very bad things
like you were very locked in was there any difference in the way you were approaching this coming off the loss as
opposed to your fights in the past um of course yes because it
does it affect your brain it’s uh not your brain but your performance it’s of
course definitely it’s different approach you understand that you have to fight like as a last time in your life
completely and um yeah because uh being for so many lone Champion it’s kind of
like give you that feeling of uh kind of like different it’s not a bad feeling but it’s it’s just a different feeling
but here um you kind of like uh go in um to do whatever you need to secure the
victory how would you describe the last six months for you when you’re when you’re not Champion do you feel people
treat you differently talk about like how do you compare your long time as Champion as opposed to the last six
months where you were in Champion uh you know um I didn’t feel too much
difference uh and it was more like uh people uh
was so good with me trying to motivate me trying to like gives the best what
they have and like um every time so polite so friendly so
good so nice no uh I know some people they um experience like bad experience
after they lose in the belt but I cannot say the same I felt the only amazing
things from the fans what I have and it was amazing it was like very
inspirational six months what I had in my preparation it was very dedicational
very motivational and like just like goes there and to dedicate your full
time to just uh preparing for their fight I know nothing is really like a
coincidence but you you showed up I think at the media day like you were wearing sort of like army gear uh I I
thought that was very cool uh what inspired you to do that the hat and the outfit and all that
I’m sorry something happened with my light yeah all the time blinking
uh no it’s it was just kind of like um if you watch my social media it’s you
watch my lifestyle it’s all about Outdoors it’s all about like power it’s
all about the spirit and for me like military um like closes like this color green
hockey um color it’s like one of my favorite that’s why I um I just decide
to put on me everything what I feel comfortable in and the Jeweler what I choose it’s
like reflecting their knife with a wolf hat so it’s kind of like also like very
powerful and like um yeah just like very strong and secure and
um like um the things what I feel good in and
um I think this is the most important how you feel yourself inside it’s gonna bring everything uh outside as well uh
one last thing on the fight and then I want to ask you about the future and then I’ll let you go thank you so much for the time uh you mentioned the illegal knees and I don’t know if anyone
has talked to you about this but I do believe the rule has actually changed where it has to be two hands not one do
you do you are you saying that you had two hands down or one hand because if it’s one-handed
I doubt that it was two hands uh down uh yes um if the change if the rules are
changed it’s only two hands but it lead going into the fight my understanding was one hand it’s like you’re grounded
opponent and um yeah it’s kind of like um the same what I mentioned we will
have to um go deeper in that rules see but if it was um it would if it was
illegally it’s okay like uh it’s not okay actually but if if it was legal yes
that is like maybe cannot do nothing but if it was some kind of like uh that she
not supposed to do and I what I I’m saying what I was feeling right now uh
like reflecting the fight it’s kind of like some people for illegal needs they
are losing their belt what happened with perturian and some people throwing five knees and still kind of like I’m not
asking that she has to be stripped from the belt I’m not saying that she has to
be taking points from that no I’m not saying that oh I’m saying just maybe
from the next fight when I will have the same situation and it will throw the
same five needs to the head to the grounded opponent that won’t be judged
that won’t be stopped the fight and that won’t be taken any points so I just
asked him to treat everyone the same way and I want to say exactly the same I
thought that it’s kind of like uh not supposed to happen and I want to say
that uh herbdin he was a referee on the fight and I respect him a lot I think
he’s the uh like the major professional in the game and he exactly know what
he’s doing and that’s why when I saw him it you can see it in the fight and I was
asking like why the it’s kind of like not stopped by its continue and he said
continue and I continue the fight this is what my only opinion so I’m not
saying that it was something that has to be uh deal with I’m not saying that I’m
saying again I think the herbin did uh like huge professional in what he’s
doing and I’m only saying that next time I’ll do the same don’t say that that was
illegal me don’t people dare to say that because they it has to be like equal
ways the same way if one did that then other ones has to teach it as well I
know this may be a silly question but just so we have it clear if the UFC calls you or your management up and says
what does Valentina want next what is your response
30 years I never had that kind of goal event what what Valentina what’s next usually
it’s like approach Valentina we have this is one this one for you we have this next opponent for you are you like
agreed to fight this date and I said yes I am angry I’m ready I need time to prepare I need time to heal this is what
like 30 years of my experience that’s why I’m very doubt that that’s gonna be
the call a call right that speak asking like what you want to do next usually I
am the person who is kind of like I’m ready let’s let’s go let’s do that okay
so what do you think the call will be what do you think they’ll offer you next whenever that time
it’s very hard for me to know uh to say exactly what I think it’s gonna be next
uh right now I thinking about um taking all images what I need for my
hands make sure that I will be healed for the next fight and I don’t want to
hold anyone in the division from moving forward as well right that’s why um
when I’m ready to fight I will fight anyone if people want me to see Trilogy
I’m here and I think it’s kind of like dessert as well if they want to see like
moving up I want to go move up if they want to see fight something one or
something else I want to fight like anyone because this is what this is my
mindset this is what um I’m not using my opponent I just go and fight wow so so I
I was just going to ask you would it be fair to say that if it was up to you you would choose fighting for the Belton X
Trilogy next whenever that time comes but it even sounds correct me if I’m wrong that you’re you’re not dead set on
that that you’re open to other things you know kind of like I understand that
um I I can say whatever right now the but I don’t wanna sound a little bit
like um not right and I understand that uh I
don’t know what kind of injury I have in my hand right I don’t know how long it’s gonna take to heal it and I only don’t
wanna no one to sit without the fight and just wait and I
know that uh girls they want to fight they need to fight because this is our like Fighter’s life our career this is
how we get money at the end right and this is the only things what I’m saying
I don’t want to say nothing in a rush without the uh bottom side the
circumstances how soon I can get back if I would be like a healthy 100 I would
say yes let’s go let’s do the trilogy like next three months and I am ready but I cannot say write that uh right now
that things because I don’t know the study uh like the situation of my health
of my hand right now I understood um are you open to fighting in Mexico would you be okay with that if that if that is
offered to you you know I think it would be fair and very right to have uh next event even in
Kyrgyzstan Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan and it’s gonna be very smart because it has to be equal right we
cannot do like Mexican Independence Day twice right right it’s kind of like very
fair and I think uh all the people in Kyrgyzstan all government in Kyrgyzstan
they will do everything possible in impossible to make it happen that’s why
I think if you see we want to do that they kind of like will find the way to do that and especially that uh on the
fight there was like people from the government who flew in to from Kyrgyzstan to uh United States
especially to watch and support me fighting so it’s kind of like speaks a lot about that our president uh of uh
Kyrgyzstan Sanders Japan he is very like in the sport he’s very like as a sport
person and it’s very important for me as an athlete to have this support from him
as well so it’s kind of like um yes I think it’s gonna be fair Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan in Kyrgyzstan and it’s
time to do that I think it’s very right time to do that that would be incredible by the way correct me for not knowing uh
when is Kyrgyzstan Independence Day oh it’s kind of like just passed it was
31 of August but it doesn’t matter if we can celebrate it earlier okay do and do
they have an arena like a big arena to hold an event like this indoor arena yeah okay yes do you have perfect let’s
make it happen um and by the way just curious if you have a take uh if you aren’t if you aren’t fighting if you’re gonna take
time off because of the hand who do you think blanchfield or furo do you have a take on who should be next for the bill do you have any sort of opinion on that
it’s kind of like a very hard question and um when Aaron thought I thought like
okay this is um Aaron she’s next when uh Manon thought I said like okay man on
foot but now it kind of like makes sense to make them fight to decide who is the next one okay
um by the way did it did it bother you at all that she got like a custom belt and you were a champion for so long and
you never got a custom belt um I think you would have to ask that
question to every single champion who was the champion who is the champion
it’s kind of like no not not very just asking that uh just only myself yes and
um I don’t think that unfair right it’s kind of like um
some things what is happening in the Life some person have to fight for their
rights have to fight to build their legacy have to pass through the
um fire and water and like to see the all obstacles and their way and some
people they are just like given that sinks without any like um
having trouble and difficulty This Is The Life and this is what is happening
in the life and yeah all these obstacles it’s makes you even stronger person I’m
it’s kind of like physically and mentally as well that’s why everything
what is happen it’s for your good and for Arizona and just to be clear you
said on on Saturday like oh it’s not your UFC and uh you know maybe do you feel like Mike Bell
made that decision because he was trying to favor her do you feel like that’s what happened here
uh you know from him to say otherwise I want to hear
it from him to say that that was not reason why I want to hear from them why
it was three rounds meaning like see me winning and then suddenly decide oh my
God I want I don’t want to let it happen ten eight yeah it’s good it was not ten
seven yeah that would be credible I love ten sevens but not uh in this regard and and there are some people who said 4847
Alexa what do you think of those scorecards uh you know it’s kind of like
um Split Decision in that fight it’s something that um could happen this is kind of like one
so one side one so the other side kind of like I think uh that should be three
rounds my victory to around three mile rounds to my size two rounds to her side
this should be all three scorecards but um when the fight is um so intense so
technical so much uh like non-stop action you can see any any any
um anything like um judges giving Victory to one side to another but not
that age is there anything before I let you go anything that I didn’t ask you about
that you want to say again thank you so much for the uh the time here today but is there anything else that you wanted to say Before We Say Goodbye
I really want to appreciate I appreciate uh and say thank you to every single
people who supports me who sends me like uh all these amazing wives for the fight
and I really feel it I really appreciate it all the love all the uh like support
what um I’ve been given and that’s why um every time I I’m entering to the
Octagon I like trying to do my best to pay back the love what I was giving it’s
kind of like uh Mutual things that we are like fighter in fans like um showing
to each other and yeah to just again thank you to Tiger Muay Thai for amazing
training camp what I had in Thailand for three months I want to say thank you to
all my training Partners who took a part of this amazing journey to
um um Jason Andrade Muay Thai to smile like I’m Academy from Florida again with all
my trainings Partners to my sponsor Monster Energy amazing like to give them
the power to continue and this is the most important for me to have this
support from people what I care what people from people what I um adore and I
know while they’re with me we’re gonna do incredible things in the future so
there is not no time to stop there is no time to think and to have pity for
yourself because there is no reason amazing performance amazing fight Legacy
is here it’s continue it’s never stop and just forward with the full head up
and you’re not done 30 years you’re still going strong you still have a lot left in you of course yes of course yes and it’s
kind of like uh you could see in the fight when the person is is done it’s
kind of like slowing doesn’t want to fight doesn’t have desire but you could
see in that fights a full eyes of Desire power and speed and everything like um
if you could see in my uh history of the fighting I was over fight few generation
of the fighters so I wanted like uh uh that that uh female fighters who I
fought with some of them already have like babies family forget about the fight and like don’t don’t even remember
that they are Fighters some of them said just recently like finishing their
career but I’m still I’m still here I’m still on top and now the younger generation coming and I’m still showing
that I am the best I can like fight as like as no one is full of power and
everything and this is what’s important for me to continue to be the same to be
the same person who I am uh build my legacy build uh the confidence in
another girls who just start in their Journey uh in martial arts and this is
the most important the the by the end of the day Maiden fine this is what is
number one much respect as always Valentina a great stuff congratulations on an incredible fight I’m sorry panned
out the way in which it did I’m sorry about the injury I hope you heal up soon and it’s not too serious and I can’t
wait for that Kyrgyzstan Independence Day card that is going to be incredible stuff so uh well done thank you for
coming on and good luck to you thank you Ariel thank you have a good day there she is Valentina chefchenko
what a legend and yes she is right thanks for watching we appreciate it very much hey if you like this video
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we would love you forever if you did so