UFC Vegas 81: Yusuff vs. Barboza Final Predictions

Welcome to another exciting UFC event, UFC Vegas 81: Yusuff vs. Barboza. In this article, we will break down the key matchups and provide insights to help you make informed decisions for your DraftKings lineups. We’ll discuss the potential winners, their fighting styles, and their past performances to help you build a winning lineup. Let’s dive in!

Daniel Lera vs. Edgar Sharez

In the matchup between Daniel Lera and Edgar Sharez, it’s important to consider both fighters for your tournament lineups. While Sharez is the favorite to win, Lera has shown great potential in his previous fights. Lera’s victory over CJ Varara was impressive, as the fight could have been stopped multiple times but Lera persevered. There is a world where Lera wins this fight, so it’s worth having some exposure to him in your lineups, especially at his price point. Although Sharez is durable and tough, L think Lera has the skills to potentially pull off an upset.

Michel Pereira vs. Andre Petroski

Next up is the matchup between Michel Pereira and Andre Petroski. Pereira is a talented fighter who has been putting up wins in the UFC. He is a beast of a guy, very athletic and talented. While he may not be as dangerous as he used to be, he still has the skills to win this fight. On the other hand, Petroski is a good wrestler with powerful hands. However, his striking is not as good as Pereira’s. Petroski tends to chase finishes, which could be a problem against a fighter like Pereira. Pereira has a high takedown defense, making this a tricky fight to pick. The value may be on Petroski’s side, as he has covered in every fight he’s been in. However, Pereira is my pick to win this fight.

Adrian Yanez vs. Jonathan Martinez

The matchup between Adrian Yanez and Jonathan Martinez is a must-watch fight. Both fighters have their strengths and could potentially score well in your lineups. Yanez is a phenomenal striker with laser-fast, accurate, and powerful boxing skills. He lights people up in the cage and has shown great potential in his previous fights. Martinez, on the other hand, is a more well-rounded fighter with good jiu-jitsu and takedowns. While his striking may not be as good as Yanez’s, he still has decent striking skills. This fight is likely to be a barn burner with back and forth action and grappling exchanges. Whoever wins this fight will likely score well, so pick your side and enjoy the excitement.

Viviane Araujo vs. Jennifer Maia

In the co-main event, we have Viviane Araujo taking on Jennifer Maia. Araujo is a dangerous fighter with a fast-paced fighting style. She has great cardio and is always looking for a finish, whether it’s striking or grappling. While she may slow down over time, she has an impressive takedown defense and is a well-rounded fighter. On the other hand, Maia is a confident pick for this fight. She has proven herself to be a reliable fighter with good cardio and a solid chin. While she may not have the highest scoring potential, she is a strong contender and is likely to dominate this fight. However, she will need to have a perfect fight to cover her salary. Overall, I am confident in Maia’s ability to win this fight.

Sodiq Yusuff vs. Edson Barboza

In the main event of the evening, we have a highly anticipated matchup between Sodiq Yusuff and Edson Barboza. Yusuff is a fantastic striker with a wide variety of attacks and great power. He has shown great potential in his previous fights and has only lost once in the UFC. However, he is relatively untested compared to his opponent. Barboza, on the other hand, is a seasoned veteran with a long list of impressive wins. He has been in the UFC for over a decade and has faced some of the best fighters in the world. While Yusuff may be faster and hit harder, Barboza’s experience and dangerous fighting style make him a formidable opponent. This fight is a pick your side kind of fight, and both fighters have the potential to win. Personally, I lean towards Yusuff, but it’s not a hill I’m willing to die on. It’s going to be a great fight and a close one.


UFC Vegas 81: Yusuff vs. Barboza promises to be an exciting event with some great matchups. From the Lera vs. Sharez fight to the main event between Yusuff and Barboza, there is plenty of action to look forward to.

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notice couple of put together at the last minute but we have all the salaries for all the fighters and opening up the
UFC Vegas 81 fight card is Emily ducat taking on Ashley Yoder Emily ducate is
an astonishing $9,300 that should not be in your lineup you should not be spending $9,300 on
Emily ducat I think she wins she’s a good Striker she’s got good takedown defense I think she’s going to come
forward I think she’s going to beat Ashley Yoder in the Striking I don’t see much grappling going on but even if Ashley wants to Grapple that’s not going
to matter Emily’s going to be able to defend those takedowns but if we look at her lone win in the UFC which I think
this looks like she only put up 77 points that’ll not cover the 9300 salary she is a fade if we look at Ashley Yoder
she’s going to be better than her record right one and four in the UFC well not one and four in the UFC one and four in
her last five but she is better than her record I mean she’s losing to decent Fighters Angela Hill jinu fry or her
last two losses but she’s very very tough let’s look at this decision decision decision across the board all
decisions she’s insanely tough she’s not dangerous at all which is why I do not think she’s a good Underdog because
she’s not dangerous she’s not going to get a finish yes she’s affordable but she’s going to need these takedowns to
win this fight she’s not going to win a striking match she’s going to need these takedowns and she’s not going to get these takedowns against Emily ducate
both of these women should not be in your lineup then we have Chris Gutierrez
and aliang Haley this is an interesting fight Chris cier $9,000 he typically can
be worth that price tag 104 97 seven he’s got a couple decisions with no real meaningful action here that didn’t cover
the salary but when he gets those finishes he finds those finishes he’s got great low kicks he’s a good
technical Striker he’s going to come forward he’s going to work the legs then he’s going to try to go to your head look for that finish he is coming off
this loss to Pedro Muno that was not a good look he was dropped Pedro is not an
especially dangerous guy he was dropped couldn’t find his rhythm was completely outwork there he is taking on alang
Haley alang Haley has not fought any year aliang Haley is stepping up on short notice he was originally booked
for this card against Ronnie Yaya a Grappler that fight dropped like two months ago and now he’s back on the card
so it’s hard to say if he was positive they were going to find him a fight and he was coming forward and you know they
were preparing and all of that or he lost his opponent held out hope for a few weeks didn’t happen kind of did
whatever and they said oh we got you a fight I don’t know obviously but let’s just call this short notice he is a uh
solid rounded fighter he’s a technical Striker his problem is he can be low volume he’s almost too technical for his
own good he’s waiting for perfect shots he doesn’t let his hands go but he is a technical Striker he can move forward he
will work in grappling when he needs to you’ll see he took down um four takedowns against benois benad dagar Bay
took down three times and then he just took down Chad and H lier twice in that win I think Chris Gutierrez wins this
fight literally because aliang Haley is too low volume I think he’s going to wait too long not let his hands go and
Chris will take over especially with those light kicks with that being said I don’t think I’m going to spend the money on Chris he’s very expensive and alang
Haley is a tough guy he’s not necessarily a guy you’re just going to come crack him in the legs a few times and then knock him out and as we saw
with Chris gutierrez’s pass scores he doesn’t necessarily score well without a finish all of that being said I think
Chris ceras wins this fight but I think for DraftKings aliang Haley is probably the better value he’s at
$7,200 he is a very solid fighter he’s got the skills he worked in the
wrestling against anher I mean a win over kro doesn’t mean much but the Casey Kenny loss he just couldn’t get his
rhythm going he couldn’t really find his footing there but he beat benois the bad dagay uh Bay win was a solid win yes
it’s only 70 points he’s not scoring incredibly well he needs to work in the grappling and the reason he doesn’t score that well is look just look how
low these significant strike numbers are he hasn’t broke 50 in any fight let’s just go back very quickly to Chris
Gutierrez I mean very different story here right he’s getting past that unless there’s a finish for the most part so I
think Chris Gutierrez is gonna win this fight I’m not going to spend the money I don’t see the finish and I don’t necessarily think the volume is going to
be enough to cover that salary but alang Haley you could potentially want some exposure to him in some of your lineups
then we have UFC newcomer Melissa Dixon no data here because she is a UFC newcomer my read on her is very
different than a lot of other people’s reads on her what I saw was a powerful accurate Striker I saw somebody with
composure that will come forward touch you exactly the way that she’s supposed to the way that she wants to then she
will initiate grappling exchanges I don’t know why she does that I actually think her striking is good people
disagreed with me all week that her striking is good I guess we’ll find out tomorrow the reality is I think Melissa
Dixon is composed I think she’s got solid striking we know she’s got decent grappling she is not going to be the
better Grappler in this matchup she is $8,600 not crazy expensive not
affordable either especially for an known UFC debut wrong click um she’s taking on uh Arena Alexa Arena Alexa is
a world SBO Champion she wants to get the takedowns she wants to get it to the
ground and she wants to try to work her submissions her striking sucks she’s going to wing Wild punches from her hips
she is going to walk you down like a zombie throw wild look to tie you up look to Grapple look to get you to the
ground I I think you probably need some
exposure to both of these women in your lineups and let me walk you through why I think Melissa Dixon wins this fight I
think her striking is light years ahead of Arena and she does have some grappling her grappling is hopefully
good enough to not be submitted here okay my problem with Melissa Dixon is while her striking will be light years
ahead of Arena she does clinch for no reason at all and the last time we saw Arena clinch somebody she got into that
that half a second half a second tie up with Stephanie Edgar and then just rolled for a knee bar and got it very
poor fight IQ but it worked meaning if it didn’t work she’s getting pounded on it’s stupid she lose that fight but it
did work it showed that she’s willing to take risks and that is a little worrisome if Melissa Dixon’s going to come forward and tie up but Melissa
Dixon should be light years ahead of her on the feet I could see Arena rolling around like an idiot not getting the
takedowns that she needs getting lit up on the feet giving up a ton of control time on the ground and all of a sudden
Melissa Dixon scored a ton of points because she’s on top pounding away she’s beating her up and even if it go goes to
a decision well she’s only $8,600 but she put up 100 something points because of the control time potential for
takedowns maybe even a knockdown or a finish pick your side here if you think arena is going to roll to a knee bar and
pull it off then obviously she’s going to be worth it as she was in her last fight $6,800 salary put up 97 points I
think Melissa Dixon gets it done and I I think there’s a genuine argument to be made that she could potentially be in
your lineup obviously a UFC Women’s debut couple of question marks we have Terence mckin he’s an absolute must I
get he’s $9,500 and sometimes he wins so fast he doesn’t score a ton of points but2 105 I mean a
97 would be fine I guess 127 I mean you you at least want to cover your salary
9500 you want 95 points at least I would hope for a little more to take up that big of a salary chunk the reality is
Terence mckin is one of my most confident picks on the card the the pricing reflects that the odds reflect
that this guy has incredible hands he has incredible wrestling he has a trash chin and trash cardio neither one of
those things are going to matter in this fight neither one of those things cuz it’s not going to go very long he is fighting a short notice Step Up UFC
debut Brendan morat this guy is a decent Striker he likes to bounce in and out before he’s going to like really commit
to the power he’s a Northeast guy he’s going to be very tough he’s going to have you know some well-rounded abilities he’s even going to come and
look to Grapple he is not going to be better than than Terence mckin in anything he’s not going to be a better
Grappler not going to be a better wrestler not going to have more power in his hands not going to be in better shape Terence mckin is never the better
shaped guy Brandon Rose’s not going to be in better shape here three days notice I think Terence mckin just does
exactly what he wants to do when he wants to do it and he gets it done he’s probably going to be worth it this is a weird card and Terence mckin is as close
to a guarantee as you’re going to get for a finish we’ll talk about some other people that I’m positive are going to win but may not be worth their salaries
then we have tanera Lisboa taking on Ravina ala and this is an interesting
fight because taner laboa is a big- time favorite here and I have very low confidence in her she is a striker she
has that Muay Thai background she wants to load up on her feet throw some wild knees inside the clinch she does move
well she’s got that aggressive striking takedown defense is solid and if she is taken down she does have some
submissions to take care of herself she’s coming off this UFC debut she smoked Clark just absolutely smoked
Jessica Rose Clark but we know Clark’s deal at this point she literally hates MMA and is done with the sport she is
taking on UFC newcomer Ravina Aliva if you’re doing your own research her
last name could be Ravina kudi Marina Ravina maras she’s got 17 last names she
is a Muay Tha Striker as well she does have some takedowns she use a little more often than tanera does she likes to
stalk forward she does have some low hands but she’ll enter the pocket throw a flurry of punches throw teep kicks you
know work in some clinch and some potential takedowns there if it wasn’t for the fact that Ravina worked into the
clinch I would actually pick her to win here my biggest concern for rava is she’s he’s going to clinch with tanera
and then tanera is going to light her up with the knees and tanera is phenomenal inside that clinch and Ravina likes to
go to the clinch that’s my real big concern for rava there but this is a super close fight Ravina $6,800 is
appealing but a UFC debut and this is a tough fight tanero Lisboa crazy
expensive crazy expensive for yeah you had one fight in the UFC and it was against somebody who gets finished
constantly there’s a lot of unknowns between these two women I would not touch either one of them in a cash
single entry style lineup but if you’re doing these large tournaments you’re using our Optimizer the optimizer will
build lineups for you it’s included in our premium membership we want pi.com click become a member it’s only $10 if
we’re using the optimizer I would mess with the exposure a little bit make sure you have you know a couple lineups with
rava with tanera because this fight could go any direction and all of a sudden you can get a $6,800 fighter that
ended up in optimal then we have
TJ Brown versus Darren Elkins TJ Brown $8,800 it’s actually a decent price for
him because when he wins he scores incredibly well because he puts up a whole bunch of takedowns he gets some
decent control time right only two takedowns here but almost 11 minutes of control time for 104 points six
takedowns here for 113 points two takedowns for 80 points that’s not great
wouldn’t be too happy with that but Kai kamaka was a decent fighter before he got cut listen TJ Brown is exact that
he’s exactly the stats I just walked through he’s a wrestler striking is not great it’s not great it’s okay but it’s
not great he’s a very good Grappler he’s going to come forward look for the takedowns he’s going to get into some Jiu-Jitsu scrambles try to keep that
control but he’s a Grappler that’s what he wants to do his takedown offense is great he’s averaging almost four
takedowns per fight that’s great he’s getting the takedowns he’s putting in the work his takedown defense sucks he
can’t defend the takedown it’s at 36% meaning 64% of the time that that
people want to take him down they do how about how fast I did that math by the way so TJ Brown great offensive wrestler
terrible defensive wrestler and it’s a tricky fight because he is fighting Darren Elkins who is also a grinding
come forward offensive wrestler Darren Elkins looks the part this dude is as
Jacob says Indiana tough wild tattoo across his chest that says damage and
this guy is just going to come forward take whatever beating you give him not stop try to work in some takedowns bomb
away and just try to grind out these wins he is not particularly good at anything but he is incredibly tough and
you know he’s a junkyard dog he just is you can count on him to not quit I think
if you’re building a lineup you probably need some Darren Elkins in it at $7,400 even in these losses I mean 36 points in
a decision loss is not obviously you want a winner but optimal lineup doesn’t
always have six winners that’s just not how it always works out and if we’re talking underdogs we’re talking point
per dollar value I think Daren Elkins is looking pretty good at $7,400 he comes forward he grinds those takedowns I mean
Jonathan Pierce is a very good wrestler Darren Elkins took him down twice Daren ugin took down Gori seven times
obviously TJ uh Brown’s a little bit better than that but the reality is TJ Brown has terrible takedown defense
Darren Elkins has very good takedown offense I do think TJ Brown probably wins this fight if I’m just picking a
winner but if I’m looking at the salaries I’m factoring in the upside the risk Darren Elkins at $7,400 all a son
is looking pretty good uh then we have Christian Rodriguez taking on Cameron seon this is one of
the more controversial fights a lot of people are 100% positive on one side of the other the Christian Rodriguez people
talk underrated nobody’s appreciated him this guy he’s going to dominate samon sucks the same in people this guy’s the
best he’s going to dominate like everybody nobody knows how to be a reasonable person around here you’re a th% sure one side of the other let’s be
reasonable Christian Rodriguez is actually a pretty Prett good fighter he’s a slick Striker got solid movement
good speed he does bounce between weight classes this one and only loss was at 145 lbs he was grinded out he’s now down
to 135 he’s probably going to stick around for a little bit of while a little bit of a while that makes sense idiot his takedown defense is only 66%
which is decent it’s not amazing it’s not terrible it’s decent 66% of the time people are taking down that bum downtown
TJ Brown anyway he’s coming off this win over Raul Rosas Jr I think that is the only reason the favorite here yes slight
favorite but I think that’s the only reason he’s the favorite here but if we zoom out and have some perspective he
got his ass kicked R Rosas Jr beat the breakes off him in the first round took him down did whatever he wanted to do in
the first round R Rosas Jr at the time of that fight was 17 years old got tired
and then couldn’t get it going again in the second and the third round and now here we have Christian Rodriguez an
adult man who supposed to be this phenomenal fight this great Striker everybody wants to talk about all of a sudden has all the cardio his 17 y old
opponent is gassed and Christian is is yeah he wins the fight he wins the decision but the reality is he should
have stopped him if he’s that good he should have stopped him he had a 17-year-old kid that had no cardio left
I think Christian Rodriguez gets a little I don’t want to say too much credit for the ra Rosas rul Rosas Jr win
because he beat him fair and square I’m not I’m not crying foul but I think if you look at it a
little more objectively you beat an inexperienced kid that gassed out
Christian phenomenal for him he didn’t gas out he had all the composure he could have gassed out but he fought that
fight very very smartly it wasn’t Christian’s skills that won him that fight because his skills lost him the
first round it was his cardio and his composure that won him that fight he’s fighting Cameron seon Cameron seon is
not a guy that solid cardio and composure is going to get you a win over Cameron samon is a technical Striker he
can grapple when he needs to he does a really good job stepping in lighting up combination finishing the combination
with leg kicks and circling out just when you think you have a striking Cadence figured out he’s going to Grapple you two takedowns against
Mitchell before the stoage took down Mana Martinez and people are going to talk about this fight and all I pokes
all this other the reality is Cameron samon is very good he’s very very good I think he’s the better
Striker between the two of them I think he’s the better Grappler between the two of them therefore he’s got to be the pick and he’s Underdog money $7,800 I
like Cameron seon then we have Edgar sharez Daniel
the sil or Daniel Lera or in this case Daniel Lera Silva makes these last names
is wild anyway we just saw this fight this fight was just a couple of weeks ago and it was a no contest or here ND
for no decision because Edgar charz was taken down Daniel seder took him down they got into
a scramble Edgar ends up in a guillotine or some front arm choke and uh Daniel seder’s arm just goes 100% limp his arm
is 100% limp out of nowhere and the referee stopped the fight because he thought he was unconscious he was not unconscious or at least he presented as
not being unconscious and they said that was a bad ref decision they called a no decision they’re running it back the
reality is Edgar sharez is a very very tough guy he’s not an easy guy you’re
just going to go in there beat him up and get him out he’s a tough guy who can weather a storm he’s going to work
forward take whatever beating you give him throw his own strikes throw his own shots work in a single leg taked down
and grind out a win he’s got slick submissions he’s not the most dangerous striker but he can cut you up you can
come forward and he can really make some stuff happen as I mentioned he’s fighting Daniel D Silva Lera he’s the 11
last names Daniel Lera is the most talented winless fighter in UFC history
I I I’m sure I’m forgetting about some people that I can’t think of but the reality is this dude has great striking
he has great submissions good Tak down like he is very very talented problem is
he just chases those finishes and he will put himself in the Harm’s Way which is why he gets knocked out why he gets
finished one of these was a bad I forget which one one of these was a bad stoppage I forget which one anyway he
comes in there he just he’s all out he goes all out chasing those finishes and he gets himself into a little bit of
trouble he has early success though he beat the absolute piss out of CJ varara
two two knockdowns and a takedown this is all in the first round and then he has no cardio no gas so Daniel
Lera the biggest issue here is he gets finished 100% I think Ed yourz should be
in your cash your s you know I think he should be in your lineups but you need some exposure to Daniel assera in your
tournament lineups because there is 100% a world where he wins this fight and
look what he did to CJ varara that fight could have been stopped 10 times and it wasn’t there is absolutely a world where
Daniel Lera wins this fight so some exposure in your large tournament entries uh especially at this price
point I mean he put up 46 points at a loss in a in a fight that ended in the
second round but I still think Edgar sharez will win I mentioned how durable he is how tough he is that’s what’s
going to win him this fight he will weather the early ler to storm and then come back and then get the Finish as
everybody else that has beat him has done then we have Michelle paja taking
on Andre patoski Michelle peda lost his original opponent and now Andre patoski is stepping up on short notice Michelle
B is $8,600 let’s look at his last couple fights didn’t cover it in the win over
ponzani nibio didn’t cover it in the win over fialo would have covered it in the
uh niiko price win didn’t cover it in the um Williams win I mean you could say barely covered
it in the imv win I don’t think you draft Michelle paja I do think he wins
this fight he’s the guy that was already on the card he’s a monster this fight is at 185 lbs he’s a 170 pounder doesn’t
matter I he’s going to be the the bigger fighter in this matchup he’s a beast of a guy he’s very athletic he’s very
talented he used to be dangerous he used to be dangerous pre-ufc early UFC was
dangerous he beat the out of um uh
oh what the hell is his first name he won the freaking Diego Sanchez he beat the absolute piss out of Diego Sanchez
this was a DQ cuz Diego was like oh that was an illegal shot he beat the piss at him and then he went ahead and won a
whole bunch of fight I mean the reality is he’s putting up wins I think he wins this fight as well he’s a talented guy he’s only 30 all the things
he doesn’t seem to be as dangerous as he used to be he has calm down with the craziness which is great because it
helped his cardio but terrible because all of a sudden he’s not dangerous and he’s putting up scores like 62 points 74
points I don’t want that for my $8,600 salary he’s taking on Andre Petroski Andre patosi is a very good wrestler
who’s got some powerful hands in good Jiu-Jitsu powerful hands I didn’t say good striking I said powerful hands it’s
striking kind of sucks but it is powerful he does Wing punches his issue though is he does Chase finishes as well
he’s looking for the big knockouts that’s I mean the fact that he was a close decision with the chinni guy at
middleweight Gerald mirart is a problem he was just chasing I think he’s going
to look better in this fight than he did the Gerald Mard fight because in my opinion his issue in that fight was he did get a knockdown his issue in that
fight was he knew Gerald was chinny so I think he was just chasing The Knockout in this fight we haven’t seen Michelle P
be chinny before I don’t think Andre p is going to chase The Knockout and he is stepping up on short notice which means
he might be all in on the wrestling because that’s his bread and butter that’s what he did his entire life so he may come in and just lean on what he’s
comfortable with which is diving at legs and if he does that he could potentially have success Michelle pad has a 99%
takedown defense or something absurd like that 94% takedown defense so this is definitely a tricky fight to pick um
I think the value will be on the Petroski side uh he basically at this $7,600 salary he has covered in every
single fight he’s ever been in where I just showed you at the $8,600 salary Michelle P to covered twice so you know
pick your side if you’d like it may not be a particularly high scoring fight or we can get a bunch of takedowns control
time I do think this goes to a decision patosi is tough I think Bea wins be doesn’t score that well so uh I’m not
gonna have p in my lineup but I do think he wins this fight Adrian jannis Jonathan Martinez 100% pick your side
pick your side I’m going to tell you who I think wins one of these guys should be in your lineup one of them will make optimal like whoever wins this fight is
going to score really well Adrian jannis phenomenal Striker yanes he’s got the Tilda over the end phenomenal Striker I
mean his boxing is laser fast accurate powerful all the things taked down
defense just okay A little bit of a slow starter but his striking is absolutely incredible and he lights people up he
absolutely lights him up I mean the win over Tony Kelly was impressive but even if you want to say Tony sucks the coost
to win was impressive too he lost lost that first straight up lost that first round cuz he a little too slow to get going then he put it together and really
made stuff happen in the second round Adrian yanz takes a little while to get his hands going but once they’re going he is faster and more accurate than
everybody he’s in that cage with he’s fighting Jonathan Martinez Jonathan Martinez is the better fighter in this
matchup right he’s a more well-rounded guy he’s got Jiu-Jitsu his striking is not going to be as good not not even close actually but it’s still decent
striking he’s got good Jiu-Jitsu good takedowns all the things this Naga mov the S Naga mov win it was a little
sketchy it was a control time that got it but that was without a takedown right it was a little sketchy it didn’t seem
like the greatest win he only scored 64 points but I do think this fight’s going to be a little more of a barn burner I
think there’s going to be a lot of back and forth I think there’s going to be some grappling exchanges uh you know I I think if Jonathan Martinez wins I think
he’s gonna finish Adrien janz if Gann wins I think he’s gonna finish Jonathan Martinez so frankly I think you have to
pick your side in this matchup and um you know whoever wins this fight will probably score really
well I am on the Adrien janz side but I’m not going to it’s not a hill I’m going to die on this is a great fight
and what should be a close Fun fight then we have uh where are we Vivan aruo
in the co-main event against Jennifer Maya Vivan aruo is another you know uh
first round I don’t want to say first round or bust but because she’s not finishing anybody like she’s not finishing people in the first round but
the reality is Vivan arjo does come out like a bad out of hell has phenomenal cardio very dangerous early and then fad
she’s a Grappler she is comfortable striking she got some technical boxing some good low kicks uh she does get hit
very often she’s got a negative striking differential but she’s athletic she’s fast she’s always looking for a finish
whether it’s striking or grappling but again she does slow down she wears down over time but she does have an
impressive 82% takedown defense she’s coming off this loss to Amanda heas where Amanda just brought it to her
early and she didn’t have much to offer she’s taking on Jennifer Maia Jennifer Maia is my second most confident pick on
this entire card potentially my most most confident pick right in competition with um Terence mcken I trust Jennifer
more than Terrence Terence Terence is chinny Jennifer is not chinny Terence has lack of cardio Jennifer doesn’t have a lack of cardio the problem is while I
do think Jennifer Maya is going to win this fight probably dominate a 3027 we
need a perfect fight we need it to look at least like the Casey O’Neal fight because that is the only fight where she
basically covered her salary 78 and a win that’s not enough to do it couple of losses 70 in a win that’s not enough to
do it she did get a 100 against Joanne wood because of the submission she’s not going to submit Vivy that’s not going to
happen 75 in a win 50 like she has literally only covered her salary twice once was a submission which she will not
get in this fight and the other one was just a perfectly fought fight if you think Jennifer mayia fights this fight
perfectly the same way she did against Casey O’Neal defends all the takedowns has incredible volume that’s literally the most amount of significant strikes
he landed in any fight and it’s basically I mean it’s 50% more strikes
landed than her next highest her previous highest but if we look at the trend two fights to go super busy last
fight super busy so if that continues then Jennifer May is gonna be worth the money $8,500 I I I don’t know I’m going
to go back and forth on it because what probably ends up happening and this looks like a Jessica I win where she
only puts up 70 points and I spent 85 which would be disappointing but I’m very very confident in her to win then
we have the main event of the evening this is another pick your side kind of fight sadik yusf relatively untested he
is a fantastic Striker he’s got a ton of power he’s very fast nice wide variety of attacks he is seven and one in the
UFC and frankly even in this Allen fight you could argue he won the Striking in that fight and that was his only loss
you know if we look at his level of competition Don shanus kind of sucks right he beat a a UFC newcomer whatever
and that was by guillotine because Don took a bad shot and he just sucked it up Alex caceras this is a good win but but
the reality is a lot of people talk about how he struggled in that fight he only put up 67 points he didn’t look
great in that fight but Alice ceris is like weird doing weird stuff so sadik struggled with it just a bit Andre fely
that is probably the best win that he has in his career Andre f is very very good but that was three years ago so
sadik yusf very good Striker very fast Striker powerful Striker all the things technical he beats most of these people
the problem is he is fighting Edson Barbosa this guy let’s scroll to the bottom
2010 2010 13 years ago actually almost exactly 13 years ago was his first fight
in the UFC started with four wins Terry Edam this was the Wild and can I get
credit for remembering This Guy’s first name and how this goes Terry Edam a spinning heel kick to the head that’s a
forever highlight they still show that highlight and you will see that highlight Saturday that’s from this fight in 2012 lost to Jamie Varner Jamie
I’m killing it with these names the memory on me he lost to Jamie Varner but back in the day Jamie Varner was very
good and then all of a sudden he’s putting together some wins you recognize that name he’s putting together some
very solid wins you recognize this name recognize this name recognize this name
recognize this name like he put together some very very good wins recognize this name I mean he ended up losing the
rematch to Felder but he beat Bergos remember that standing zombie knockout the way I broke this fight down
originally was sadik YF is younger faster hits harder but Barbosa I mean
look at the experience I just look at the names he beat world champions title contenders look at the names he beat and
I ran through that list that those are that is a different weight class but the reality is Edson Barbosa is phenomenal
always has been he will be until he officially looks old I think sadik yousef’s going to be faster he’s gonna
beat Edson to the punch could potentially win this fight I think Edson Barbosa is going to be far more
experienced be a very dangerous guy could absolutely win this fight if you you’re a premium member and you see all
of our picks you’ll see that I picked sadik yusf and you’ll see it says very low in the confidence very low
confidence in sadik to win this fight Edson Barbosa all the upside at $7,500 I
do not see him just getting waffle stomped instantly sadik does hit hard I mean Shad got to him sadik does hit hard
could get there but I just don’t necessarily see it I mean gagei got to him but gagei man different animal pick
your side in this fight it’s going to be a great fight it’s not the most um
name heavy card but it’s a solid card with some good fights here I’m probably gonna have Barbosa over sadik in my
lineup but we’ll see what happens when I’m playing around with those salaries guys become a premium member you’re going to unlock the cheat sheet you’re
going to unlock the detailed breakdowns of who should be in different types of lineups you’re going to unlock the best
ownership projections in the sport the $10 for premium membership these ownership projections alone are and this
is not I’m not being whatever they’re probably worth 50 bucks just these numbers on the screen probably worth 50
bucks if you go to an aoso or rmo Grinders rmo or Roto Grinders they’re charging $80 just for you access to UFC
stuff and their biggest thing is the optimizer and the ownership projections well here you go here’s your Optimizer
it’ll be pre-loaded with our projections we want pi.com only1 a month all four events in a month
we on pi.com click become a member at the top

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