UFC Vegas 81 Predictions: Yusuff vs Barboza Betting Breakdown

In this article, we will be providing a full card breakdown and predictions for UFC Vegas 81. The main event features a matchup between Sadi Yousef and Edson Barboza. We will analyze each fight on the card and provide our predictions for the winners. Let’s dive in!

Andre Petroski vs Michelle Pereira

Andre Petroski has been making waves in the middleweight division, coming off a win against Gerald Meerschaert. While Michelle Pereira has moved up to 185 pounds, I have my doubts about his striking ability in this weight class. Although he may have improved his striking and become more powerful and fluid, I believe Petroski’s grappling skills will be the deciding factor in this fight. Petroski’s wrestling and jiu-jitsu game will likely put Pereira on his back consistently, and he may even secure an arm triangle finish. I predict that Petroski will win this fight by submission.

Jonathan Martinez vs Adrien Janz

In the matchup between Jonathan Martinez and Adrien Janz, I believe Janz has the advantage. While Martinez is a skilled kickboxer, Janz has more power in his punches and can potentially hurt Martinez. Although Martinez has had some impressive wins, including victories over Andre Ewell and Marcelo Rojo, I think Janz will be able to close the distance and engage in a brawl with Martinez. Janz’s boxing skills will be on display, and I predict that he will hurt Martinez and secure a knockout victory.

Jennifer Maya vs Viviano Araujo

Jennifer Maya is expected to dominate this fight against Viviano Araujo. While Araujo has had some notable wins, including a victory over Andrea Lee, I believe Maya’s boxing skills and overall striking ability will give her the edge in this matchup. Maya has shown her capability to string together punches and has a solid grappling game as well. I predict that Maya will win this fight by unanimous decision, potentially even winning all three rounds.

Sadi Yousef vs Edson Barboza

In the main event of the evening, Sadi Yousef will face off against Edson Barboza. While Barboza is coming off a win against Billy Quarantillo, I believe Yousef has what it takes to secure the victory. Yousef has showcased his skills in previous fights, defeating the likes of Don Shainis and Andre Fili. With his fast hands and knockout power, Yousef can potentially hurt Barboza in the later rounds. Additionally, Yousef’s grappling skills could come into play, as he may be able to work some takedowns on Barboza. I predict that Yousef will win this fight, potentially by TKO in the fourth round.


In UFC Vegas 81, we can expect some exciting matchups and potential finishes. Andre Petroski is coming off a win and will likely use his grappling skills to secure a victory over Michelle Pereira. Adrien Janz has the power to hurt Jonathan Martinez and I predict he will win by knockout. Jennifer Maya’s boxing skills will give her the edge over Viviano Araujo, and I predict she will win by unanimous decision. In the main event, Sadi Yousef has the speed and knockout power to defeat Edson Barboza, potentially by TKO in the later rounds. Overall, UFC Vegas 81 promises to be an action-packed event.

Main Event sadique Yousef versus Edson Barbosa really looking forward to
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let’s get into the fights starting it off first fight of the night we got a ladies matchup here it’s tinera Lisboa
versus Rena Oliva now I’m going to be picking the side of Liz booa she already has a UFC
win and she looked pretty solid in the standup she submitted Jessica Rose Clark
had some offensive grappling moments that I liked when you look at Rona Oliva now granted there’s not a ton you can
find out there for and if you’re looking to do tape on or remember something it’s Rena kenoi which you see is the nickname
is where you’re going to find footage of her on the web uh cuz if not you’re going to be searching and you’re going to find nothing without it I think that
she’s got decent potential but like she hasn’t fought at a super high level her
standup to me looks decent with Muay Tha like striking but she brawls a bit
recklessly chin comes up a little bit high in the air and she throws a little bit sloppy punches and I think that she
uses a lot of clinch work and strength to control ladies and take them down kind of a using the muscle but when you
look at Liz boa I think she’s going to have the better technical tools the Muay Thai background the physical strength
already having a UFC win that’s a factor for me and I think she’s going to be stronger than Oliva in the clinch so I
am going to say I think Liz boa wins she won her debut by a rear naked choke I
think it’s live in this one too I can see oliv Vera in that third round being extremely fatigued and Liz booa tan off
on her Landing big strikes and a potential submission finish now it’s not impossible for azoa knockout either as
far as the odds we’re looking at minus 350 Liz booa plus 275 for oliv
Vera yes they are very wide lines between these two ladies and it’s
unfortunate because at the end of the day it’s not like Liz boa has tons of UFC experience to go off of but she beat
Jessica Rose Clark cleanly she showed that Killer Instinct and got a finish in the third round we haven’t seen Oliva at
a high level you can see 8 and5 opponent who was on a massive losing streak in boxing and MMA then a debuting girl 0
and O she hasn’t turned that corner to the high level now granted on the side of Liz boa before she got to the UFC it
wasn’t high level opposition either and she beat Jessica Rose Clark so I’m going to pick Les booa but she’s a bit wide of
a favorite for a girl who just has one UFC win oliva’s got some Regional scene victories she’s like a dual Regional
scene champ in Brazil so I don’t think she’s a bad signing or a bad fighter this is one of those coin flip fights
but I’m going to go with Liz booa because she’s already got a UFC win here riding with her and uh note that Oliva
jumping in on a little bit of short notice something to call as well next fight on the card we got Terrence mckin
versus Brendan moroi moroi coming into this fight on short notice and you know
what this matchup here not a damn easy one to start it off in your UFC career
talk about getting thrown to the Lions Den respect to him taking it but Terence mckin is going to run him over it’s
going to be a one round fight I think it’s either knockout or submission but I have a feeling submission I think
McKenna’s got an underappreciated ground game he’s got good back takes and he’s got skill from that position I mean he
was controlling nazim sadikov in that first round then last time he knocked out Mike Breeden with moroi it’s either
going to be him getting knocked out or submitted here now I respect the team New England cartel I’m a fan of the guys
out there respect to the New England Savages maro’s a tough kid with pretty good kickboxing decent overall MMA game
but unknown at a high level when we get to the UFC level we don’t know anything about him you can see a nice little win
streak for him here but none of these guys it to the level of Terence mckin his lone loss was against adly Edwards
who fought Aaron Pico and Bellator and showed you know gutsy effort but got crushed in that fight that was four
years ago too so maro’s recently got an active again I think Terence McKinny
dominates I think this is a one round Beatdown it’s knockout or submission I’ll call submission but I definitely
could see knockout I think it’s first round for the side of uh our guy
Terrence mckin and we don’t have betting lines available because this fight was just announced so I guess stay tuned for
betting lines later on in the week but I’ll just tell you guys right now I’m assuming mckin opens at 4 to one being
like a minus 400 favorite here and I think that’s a Justified tag that will probably spread all the way to minus
5600 he’s going to be a massive favorite wouldn’t be crazy if he’s minus 800 by
actual fight day so keep your eyes pure on the lines mckin should be the one getting the win he’s going to be a
massive favorite and he is going to win he’s going to destroy him he’ll come out like a bat out of hell and he’ll rip him
apart feet grappling I think he’s got them everywhere it’s McKenna’s fight here next fight
ladies Ashley Yoder versus Emily dakot I sat on this one for a little bit
and I really tried to convince myself to pick Ashley Yoder because of her height and reach Advantage but she’s just not
that good she’s eight and8 as a pro H I hate how wide the odds are for doot she
shouldn’t be this big of a f favorite against any of these girls in the UFC but I’m going to pick D even though my
early Instinct was to dog chase and go for Ashley Yoder because Yoda is a long
Southpaw with a pretty decent onew but I think the side of D cot is cleaner with
her striking she should be able to close the gap and get on the inside and land punches Yoda also hasn’t fought in two
years and she was getting beaten up by jinu FR got rocked a bit in that fight and like dakot is pretty active and I
mean beat JEA pen lost to Angela Hill lost to lupito ginz like all three of
those opponents are really solid Fighters and Ashley Yoder is eight and8 as a pro so like it’s D Cody’s fight to
lose so I am going to pick doody even though she’s got a reach disadvantage here and a height disadvantage I think
she should be the better overall fighter in win a decision but the odds for the fight are way too wide it’s – 325 it
opened up all the way at minus 600 some dog money has gone down on Ashley Yoda at plus 275 now it’s because people like
yo she got the height to reach two years inactive almost 36 by the time fight day
comes around she will be 36 so I’m going Emily D cot to beat her I think she can get a win and if D Cody lost this fight
her UFC career is probably over and like I don’t think her UFC career is done yet so give me D Cody to get it done but the
odds do suck the odds definitely suck here guys way too wide of
lines next fight on the card we got Chris Gutierrez versus elang
Haley I’m going to be picking Chris Gutierrez to win he was supposed to fight last week against Montel Jackson
in a really high stakes matchup he takes this one on short notice against a dangerous elaton heli granted only a
week later so he is going to be physically prepared for this matchup I think Gutierrez is clearly the better
technical kickboxer I think he can rip elaton hel’s legs apart and not long ago
Gutierrez was a big favorite over Pedro Munoz who’s A ranked fighter inside of the UFC’s top 10 of the bantamweight
division elaton heli is a tough Mongolian fighter and I got M respect
for the power I like the fact that he brings pressure and throws hard shots and he’s got a fun style to watch and he
backs his opponents up well but like Gutierrez is not a guy that you just back up and you’re successful you back
him up and he’s countering the out of you Chris Gutierrez is going to chop him apart now I think elaton heli is
pretty damn tough I can see Gutierrez keeping this one more in the cautious side and winning a decision I’m leaning
decision or knockout I’ll say decision officially that’s what I have written down here but it wouldn’t be crazy if
Gutierrez does rip the legs apart and find some big strikes and get a KO but elaton heli throughout the whole fight
is going to be swinging really hard total opposite type fight Gutierrez was supposed to fight a super long Montel
Jack Jackson now he’s got a slight reach advantage and a 4in height advantage over elang heli so I honestly think this
is a way more favorable matchup Chris Gutierrez is a minus 190 favorite guys
that is an undersiz line he opened up as a plus 190 dog on what planet should he
be a plus 190 dog against elang heli that makes no sense to me I mean helong
is tough but still lost to Casey Kenny draw with Gustavo there Kevin room he beat up Chad and heler real nice though
I will say he ripped Chad apart but Chris Gutierrez to Chad and heler this is a guy that fought in the rankings
against Munoz it was supposed to you know be that next guy on the come up or at the very least a still a you know
solid veteran Prospect type position because he is 32 I’m going with Gutierrez to out kickbox him all night
long Gutierrez over elaton heli dominance here I think this is oneid laton’s got dog in him he’s a pitbull
he’s going to throw hard he’s going to back up Chris as best he can but he’s going to be getting countered a ton he’s definitely slower than Chris Gutierrez
who’s just way more technically sound watch for leg kicks movement should be on point should be a one-sided
fight next fight we have enen Alexa versus Melissa Dixon I’m gonna be
picking Arena Alexa I was kind of surprised to see she was the underdog heading into this fight with
Melissa listen when Melissa Dixon last time out she took on uh Darna zalinski
kova and that girl’s an absolute stud and Melissa was getting ripped up on the
feet tough as hell got the fight to the ground and got a ground and pound TKO win though I will argue it was a bad
stoppage by the referee because there was literally two seconds left in the round and it was the first round and we
would have got to the end of it I don’t think it was the time to call the fight but regardless she got a win in that fight Melissa Dixon has got some you
know toughness for sure but she can definitely eat shots in the standup and Alexa throws with Reckless abandon at
times walks her opponent’s down hands are a little low and she is throwing Dynamite bombs here she also has a good
grappling game background and look she knee barred the hell out of Stephanie Edgar who’s a pretty good
Grappler in her own right I think submission is live in this fight for Alexa too I believe in the Russian Ronda
I’m surprised to see her as an underdog here I know Melissa Dixon has a smothering top game but I don’t think
she deals well with the Russian ronda’s pressure attack I like the style of Alexa it’s like a street fighter brawl
style she’s coming forward you hit her she hits you and I think she can do more damage on the feet and hurt Melissa
Dixon I think she can lock up a sub I think Alexa is getting the finish here so we’re going Alexa to win and she’s a
dog plus 125 and she opened as a minus 225 favorite Dixon minus 145 Arena Alexa
being slept on by many sitting at that Underdog tag I think she’s an extremely live Underdog I think she’s going to
beat Melissa Dixon I think she’s more dangerous she’s also going to be superior with her submission games the SBO background the overall mentality
that she has this is a dog that I want to pick specifically in a ladies fight Arena Alexa to get the win the Russian
Ronda I’m gonna say submission but it won’t blow my mind if she drops Melissa Dixon and is just dropping hammers on
her from top position because Alexa can bang And I Love Her Style and I became a
fan of Arena Alexa after the Stephanie fight so we’re going with Irena Alexa over Melissa Dixon in the Battle of
ladies here let’s get to the featured prelim Darren Elkins versus TJ brown
guys I’ll be honest I sat on this one for a bit too because there’s an argument that Darren Elkins has that dog
in him and can win but you flip a coin on it and the coin lands on TJ Brown reason being I like the fact that he’s
younger and more athletic if he can go out there and not below his wad early on
cuz Darren Elkins is going to shine in the later stages of this fight if TJ Brown looks to drop hammers on Elkins
early on and the durability of Elkins comes through and then Elkins will be live for a late submission so if you
thinking about Elkins winning in the later stages second and third round specifically that third round He Could
Be Live to get a finish but I think if TJ Brown can kickbox with him stop takedowns offensively grapple on his own
I think he can scrap on the inside of it make this a dirty fight Darren Elkins has slowed in recent years he’s not the
same Darren Elkins from way back when even though he still got that dog in him
took a bad loss here to Cub Swanson he beat Tristan Connelly and then Jonathan Pierce also beat him you can see losses
there to alio by sub and then he lost to shyan nordan Beck you can see though I mean he sat in there with with some
decent guys in TJ Brown specifically like beating a Kai kamak is doing good in Bellator I think that TJ Brown and
Elkins is a back and forth dog fight I’m going to pick Brown to win by decision flip a coin coin lands on brown but uh
I’m not going to town telling you to go to bet TJ Brown that’s not what I’m thinking of doing I’m uh planning to
chill on this fight right here let me stay off and just witness some violence because I really think it could go Elkin’s way depends on the TJ Brown game
plan minus 180 for TJ brown with Elkin at plus 155 if TJ Brown blows his water
Le on looking for a finish which is very possible not likely I won’t say but very
possible he will potentially get finished himself in the second or third round so I’m going to go TJ Downtown
Brown but I think the damage Darren Elkins is always live in fights I’m going to say we got three rounds of war
and TJ Brown gets it on the judges scorecards give me TJ Brown to beat
Darren Elkins the damage in a pretty damn good fight to close out the prelims
let’s jump to the main card if you guys haven’t yet make sure you smash that that like button and if you’re new to
the channel subscribe it’s Christian Rodriguez versus Cameron Simon I have
been picking or I haven’t I guess officially picked it yet but I’ve been thinking this all day long and I came to
the true conclusion of it I’m gonna go with Cameron sayaman I’m going to believe in the South Africans I like his
kickboxing game he’s got a nice light bounce to his striking style he comfortably can switch stances and he
rips nice low kicks Rodriguez in his own right is a good kickboxer was athletic he does have a nice tight striking style
pretty good takedown defense and will offer threats with uh submissions in his own right but I think I think Simon can
close the gap well on him with hooks I think he can rip some legs a bit make it a hard three round fight I know Simon’s
young at 22 and I know Christian Rodriguez beat up the young Raul Rosas but don’t forget that Rosas put him in
very bad spots on the ground in the first round Cameron siamon I think is
superior over overall the dude had an incredible run uh throughout you know nine Pro fights but also unbeaten
through the amateur ranks I think Cameron Simon’s Good Guys he’s 22 and I know he looks like a kid he’s got like
an innocent look to his face specifically in his topology picture here Christian Rodriguez is tough but I
think Simon beats him I’m gonna pick Cameron Simon to win I’ll say we go the distance and Simon gets him on the cards
in a pretty good back and forth but I think Simon can earn this Victory I’m going with the South African I believe
in him man I think this kid is bred for this game and I think he’s got a ton of potential Rodriguez is a slight favorite
at minus 125 Simon the plus 105 Underdog let’s say I’m going dog money in this
one I’m going with the king of South Africa or I guess maybe you know the uh you know the prince of South Africa I’d
say the King right now as far as the fight game goes is dupi but we’re going with Cameron siamon to win I think he
can beat Christian Rodriguez in a pretty good back and forth fight I could see him taking Christian Rodriguez down a
couple times especially in times of need and in the Striking I think he’s Landing good shots and we got three hard rounds
Simon gets it done on the cards we’re going Cameron siamon to open up the main card with the
win and granted Cameron Sion last time beating Terrence Mitchell it’s not a huge win you saw Mitchell looked last
time out but like you know he fought mono Martinez and beat him in a good scrap back and forth I got to give Simon
his respect I got him beating Christian Rodriguez next fight is a rematch it’s Edgar shz versus Daniel out of that two
their first fight was a no contest at no UFC it seemed to be a fully locked in
standing gutin choke leera’s arm goes limp the ref stops IT and Lera is
completely fine so obviously it’s a big argument of the refereeing in that fight nothing is going to change though from
my prediction I do believe Edgar chyz is live for another submission he’s an
absolute dog he did look really good in his loss to Tatsu tyara and then you
know he was on his way to beating Daniel Lera by submission here and I think that he can win this timeout the rebooking I
just I think Shy’s maybe little more cautious but like I still think he finds his spot Lera is a dangerous kickboxer
who’s a bit Reckless and hitable but he has an extremely fun style and I’d say it’s Street Fighter like because he has
these great burst but then he falls apart later in fights he was losing to chyz and he was in a bad submission it
was a no contest now he gets another chance at him but I think shz comes out and does it to him again nothing is
changing with my pick I’m going Edgar shz to win it once again and this time I don’t think it’s a no contest I think he
gets the tap or he puts him to sleep minus 270 for chyz the Silva Lera is
plus 230 as a dog I’m GNA go with the side of chz I’m gonna go with him to get the win I do think submission is live
again I’m going with submission last time it C sub potentially a KO going with sub again sure it could potentially
be a KO sub or KO live finish either way for Edgar shz I got him beating Daniel
the Satur that guys we’re going shz for the W next fight on the
card middleweight matchup Melle Pereira versus Andre
Petroski in Michelle pereira’s jump up to 185 pounds inside of the UFC if you
note Michelle Pereira he did fight at 185 previously this is in his first time
here you can see him at 185 losing to duko torvic some time ago outside of the
UFC now looking at this fight I’m picking the side of Petroski I’m going with the guy who’s been doing his thing
in the middleweight division just beat gm3 Gerald meaw yes it was a close fight
I just don’t know how I feel about Michelle Pereira at 185 pounds I mean could the Striking maybe be better and
now he’s more powerful and he’s more fluid on the feet and his speed Advantage is evident or does he just get
bullied by the bulldozzer of a Grappler in Andre Petroski my brain says the
bulldozer grappling wins I think Petroski puts Pereira on his back pretty consistently I think he’s live for an
arm triangle finish could go out there and win a hard wrestling heavy three
rounds per does weird crazy striking and I know he’s going to be in
good shape and I know he miss weight in his last fight he supposed to fight rather he didn’t miss weight but he wasn’t going to make weight against
Wonderboy which is why now he’s moving up I just think petros’s wrestling and
jiujitsu game is just a big factor in why he’s going to win the fight Michelle pereira’s got an emphatic striking style
I love watching it he’s on a roll right now in the UFC and maybe him jumping up to 185 is the best thing ever but how
I’m seeing it I think Petroski size specifically in the grappling positions where Petroski shines is going to be an
ultimate Difference Maker he should outmuscle him and he’s gonna outwork him sure in the standup yes more speed and explosion by Pereira but Petroski is
going to be dangerous with the grappling Onslaught and I think he wins and it’s not like Petroski can’t crack with his
hands too he’s got some punching power though he’s a little raw plus 115 Petroski minus 135 Michelle Pereira I’m
picking Andre Petroski to win I think that he gets it done plus 115 I’m I say
submission I’m gonna go submission wouldn’t be crazy if they end up going all three but I’m going to go submission you can look at the wins though Ponzi by
a split fialo we beat by decision Nico price he beat by a decision then we got the mirart decision Wellington Turman
decision sub Nick maximov up listen I think Michelle Pereira is getting
submitted guys I’m going Andre Petroski to win by submission I’m saying he finds it maybe an armed triangle could be a
front headlock type submission from some position Anaconda Dar
Guillotine I got petroi winning this fight Andre Petroski has an underdog to
beat Michelle Pereira who’s jumping up for the the first time in the UFC to 185
lbs I don’t think that it’s going to go the way of Michelle Pereira I really like petros’s chances here he’s a guy
that stays in shape and I think the grappling Onslaught is going to be real featured B of the night Jonathan
Martinez versus Adrien janz I’m picking Adrien janz here I think that Jonathan
Martinez has very good kickboxing but I will say when we get into straight hand
Adrien Ganz cracks harder and I think he can hurt Jonathan Martinez Martinez was
knocked out by Davey grant that I’m not trying to use MMA math because I know it was a crazy back and forth with Giannis
and Davey Grant but I think Giannis could close the gap well with punches and hurt Jonathan Martinez turning it
into a bit of a brawl now Martinez really works well from the outside with leg kicks similar style to Chris
Gutierrez obviously they train together he can pick opponent’s legs apart beautifully and listen beating s norago
medov badass beating Cub Swanson badass Vince Morales win that’s clean but I still
think Adrien gannis can win with his power like excuse me don’t write off Adrien
gannis because Rob font him up Rob font is Top Class MMA Rob font is a
high tier fighter and I think Jonathan Martinez is quite good but I also think Adrien Gan is really good and I think
he’s going to be able to close that Gap and scrap on the inside letting the hands fly I think he hurts Jonathan
Martinez and puts his lights out I’m going janz by a KO win the boxing will
get it done for him even line even line everywhere minus 110 on
both sides that makes perfect sense because it is an extremely competitive fight at open Giannis was a minus 300
favorite to Martinez is a plus 250 dog I think the opening lines were more correct I think giannis’s hands are
going to be on fire in this fight I think when he closes the distance and crowds that kicker especially in the
smaller cage punches are going to fly and Martinez is going to go unconscious so give me Adrien Ganz to get the KO I
think he’s correcting uh you know any little mistakes you saw with Rob font and granted Martinez is not to the level
of boxing of Rob font nor does he have the reach Giannis is going to rip him apart we’re going giannes by knockout
guys and I can’t wait for this fight co-main event ladies going after
it Jennifer Maya versus Viviano I’ve been thinking that Jennifer
Maya is going to dominate this fight because I feel like Vivian Aruj was on a way out lost here to Amanda heos heas is
solid you know respect to her Gro beat her respect but the Andrea Lee win okay
Caitlyn chukan got her now we’re digging back like I feel like the win against heas aro’s wrestling didn’t look the
same and now I got Jennifer MAA who can grapple but is also a lot more capable in the standup of
stringing her punches together Jennifer Maya can box better than Vivian arujo she’s also on a win streak beating Casey
O’Neil is a good Prospect beating Marina marose you see lost to man on furo no shame lost to Caitlyn chukan no shame
both of those girls are extremely highlevel contenders and they’d beat Vivian roua too I think Jennifer Maya is
going to win I think she out Striker on the feet and let’s be real if they go to the ground Jennifer May is threatening
on the floor as well like you can’t doubt Jennifer Maya anywhere this fight
goes I got her beating Vivian arou out clean I’m kind of seeing 3027 I think it
might be three rounds to zero I think Maya might look clearly better the entire time I like Maya a lot so the
odds for the fight Jennifer Maya is minus 135 opened up at minus 185 arujo
is a plus 115 Underdog I like the side of the favorite I like the side of Jennifer Maya I like the minus one 35 I
like the chances of it happening I’m saying Jennifer Maya by a unanimous decision I think she puts a clean
performance on and defeats viviani arujo and you know anybody who’s doubting the
side of Jennifer Maya you’re G to have another thing coming here because I don’t think vivana roua style plays into
her like the wrestling I think it’s going to all get stuffed the Striking even though she got okay standup I don’t
think the speed is going to be there with the hands and I think May’s going to be piecing her up with boxing now not like she’s going to absolutely Blitz her
and knock her out in 30 seconds I think it’s three hard rounds and R will have some moments she’ll shoot for some takedowns Maya will stop them they’ll be
backed up against the cage a bit they’ll be grappling inside of the clinch they’ll go to the floor a little bit I can see Maya on top and I can see her
maybe having trouble passing to real dominant position but still AC crewing control time and doing some damage from
top so I’m going to say Maya by a unanimous decision I think she’s winning this fight I feel pretty good about that
call next fight on the card is our main event of the the evening if you guys haven’t yet make sure you smash that
like button and if you’re new to the channel make sure to subscribe it’s Sadi Yousef versus Edson Barb Boza guys I
gotta go with sadik Yousef I still believe in him at 30 years of age now Barboza coming off of a win in his last
fight it was against Billy Q yes it was a sick knockout win Billy Q kind of dipped into that perfect knee and got
Flatline not saying that it wasn’t set up by Barbosa it absolutely was but when you dig back a little further loss to
Bryce Mitchell he got handed a loss there dominance beaten up bad by Giga Chad and then prior to that a Shane
Bergos win makan amirani win now we’re digging some years back Barb Bo is 37 now and he’s been in some Wars sadik
yusf looking at the past couple destroyed Don shanis who shouldn’t have been in there with him with short notice
beat Alex caceras who’s really good in my opinion that was a clean win Arnold Allen lost Arnold Allen is a high
caliber Contender you can’t doubt sadik just because of that one beat Andre fely up knocked out Gabe bonitz sadik yussef
has fast hands he does have knockout power in his punches he’s a good Striker that can also mix in grappling I think
if we get into the clinch if we entangle in the grappling positions Yousef strength will be on display I think he
could work some takedowns in on Edson Barbosa I think Barbosa could potentially be feeling this fight in the
later stages and it wouldn’t be crazy if Yousef got him out of there as we got
five rounds I think Yousef could get a submission too even though it’s not like he’s known
for his sub game if you dig into sadik yousef’s run one win by sub so if it was to be a submission I would see it more
so as one of those submissions where it’s the opponent is just so fatigued then he locks up a you know rear naked
of a gasted out Barbosa but I’m kind of leaning TKO I think Yousef might rip him with punches on the inside in the fourth
round and put his lights out I think later stoppage third fourth round I think baros is very dangerous in the
first two but Yousef will continue to work on him breaking him down working some striking but also mixing in some
grappling wearing him down and then finding success in the later stages and I really think he’s got the power to
hurt Edson Barbosa especially a 37y old Edson Barbosa I think Yousef is still a
contender on the come up that we cannot sleep on and I think Edson Barbosa is taking an all in this one so we’re going
sadik Yousef for the W Yousef is a favorite at minus 155
opened up at 2 to1 minus 200 Edson Barbosa plus 135 Underdog in this
fight I like sadik Yousef I like the athleticism I like the youth as it go
over three and a half minus 130 that’s close because I can see it being around the three and a half
mark if you’re going Yousef and you’re looking at the betting side you have to bet this main event I would lean it
towards money line I would say that the side of sadique yusf could get that knockout though I do you think he’s got
the speed with his hands if he can close that Gap and just start ripping shots on Edson make it more in the boxing range
instead of the kicking range which I do think yousef’s going to be able to do I think we might be looking at a knockout winner I’m going with sadique yusf to
beat Edson Barbosa I’m going against the extremely good kickboxer Gotta Love Edson Barbosa but there’s
vulnerabilities he got knocked out by Giga dominated by Bryce Mitchell Yousef could work some takedowns he could also
let some hands fly and kicks and everything in the standup but specifically the punches in that box range specifically the punches I think
could be a big difference maker between these two regardless of how great Edson Barbosa’s Muay Thai is he has explosive
kicks he’s dangerous with knees from the outside I think when you’re looking at hands for hands sadik is more powerful
and he’s going to be able to stop those dangerous kicks so give me sadik yusf to win guys I’m going for him to beat Edson
Barbosa this is kind of like a passing of the torch fight and I think that sadik yusf is a real fun player at 145
and beating Edson barbos is going to be massive for his career moving forward
Yousef for the win I do think he can get that finish win see he got the submission last time out that’s why I’m
thinking maybe a sub though right even though it was the first of his career he got a submission last time out maybe he looks for another submission again and
he catches Edson Barbosa slacking I think Yousef gets it done knock out the official call but sub doesn’t sound
crazy to me at all we’re going with sadique yusf for the finish in this matchup here UFC Vegas 81 bringing the
heat as did I with the full card breakdown I hope you guys enjoyed the
entire thing much love to my people watching the show make sure you guys smash that like button if you’re new to
the channel subscribe turn the post notifications on and don’t just leave them on personalized put them on all so
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anything it’s going to be Fuego it’s going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to deliver more heat for my people
let me know what you guys think in the comments and if you have nothing to say in the comments but you just enjoy the content as always start a w in the chat
to boost the algorithm for your boy thank you all for watching and I will see you all in the next one peace

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